For Diarrhea Gal:

Here a few stories that may interest you. When I attended college, I frequently studied in the library, near the women's restroom. I frequently heard women relieving themselves through walls and door. One time I saw a foreign student rushing to the restroom. I heard her flush the toilet three times, but each time immediately after flushing, I could hear her fart as if she had blown out water. A few minutes later I heard what sounded like a pitcher of water being poured in the toilet followed by five second fart. She must have been in the restroom for at least 15 minutes. After she finished wiping and left, I saw her walking as if she was dehyrated. Unlike the women who spoke ill to Redneck, I'd never to do that someone, especially if they appeared sick. Another time I saw an attractive blonde enter the restroom real quick. After hearing the stall slam, books drop, and clothes being rustled, she farted and sounded like a gusher. She then paused to pee for a while; then another fart and gush of diarrhea. She wasn't in as long as the first woman. A third instance was in a classroom part of the library that was served by a unisex facility. One evening I saw a library worker go to the restroom. I heard her the door slam and lock and her clothes being unfastened. Immidiately I heard was sounded like diarrhea with small chunks falling in the toilet. After about 30 seconds, she let out a LOUD spluttering 20 second fart. Even though my hearing is above normal, I'm sure people in the hallway could hear her from the restroom (located in another hallway from the main hall). A final instance occurred about a year ago at work. As I was about to use the unisex restroom down the hall, I saw, from the stair rail, a young woman quickly enter. By the time I made it to other end and hoping she'd be finished, I kept hearing what sounded like a perpetual pee. This went on NON-STOP for about 6 minutes. I thought this would set a record for desperation. After a the sound stopped, I then her pee (higher pitched sound). At first I thought she resumed but then she tore off 8 pieces of toilet paper. By this time, I'd started walking to find another restroom as I had to go. As I started to turn the corner, the toilet flushed, and I saw her leave and enter an office across the hall. I went back to the unisex facilty and saw where she put the toilet cover down. When I raised it, I saw the water discolored, as if she'd had diarrhea. She left a faint odor behind, probably the result of near liquid diarrhea.

For anyone who doesn't remember me, I postsed for the first time about a week ago, about having a bad diarraha expeirence. In case anybody's wondering, I'm an 18 y/o high school senior, with medium length golden brown hair and a medium build. I was holding in farts all day at school today, and by the time I got home, I had an urge to poop. I came home, sat on the toliet, and let out a nice, long hissing piss. I didin't go all day at school- I HATE the bathrooms there. After I finished my pee, I let out a small fart. I pushed a little bit, but nothing came out. After a few minutes of pushing and grunting, I got off the bowel, grabbed some TP and spread it out on the floor, I thought maybe squating would help. I pushed down agian, This time a small turd ( About 2 inches long and 1 inch wide) emerged from my anus. I pushed and grunted for about 5 min, and decided I was finished. I sat down at my computer, and a half hour later started letting out some more farts. My rectum was! starting to feel full agian, so I headed off to the bathroom. I squatted agian, this time over a plastic bag, and pushed with all my might. I felt a firm turd poking at my anus, but it didin't seem to want to come out. I grabbed on to the sink and pressed my hands down on it's surface. This helped. Still pushing very hard, The turd started to make it's way out. It picked up speed and slid out of my hole, along with a few tiny pebbles. This one was a little bigger, about 2 1\2 inches long and 2 inches wide. It was a dark tan color, and bumpy looking. When nothing else came out, I wiped, and flushed my turd. I was surprised at the small size, it felt like I had a fairly good sized turd in my rectum. my rectum still feels like it might still have a little something in it, so there might be more to come.

CARMALITA - Hi girl! Yeah, Jake is a gentleman too. I bet he and
Steve would get on very well. Thank you as well for writing about
how you were having a pee for him. I know he will like that very

INA - Hi! You said when you try standing peeing without your
fingers aiming. So can you tell me if I am right when I think your
stream goes straight down vertical?
If you do that then it will be the angle of your urethra that
points straight down. Without using fingers, there is not just one
angle that we pee at. A lot of us pee at a bit of an angle like I
do. Some do it a bit more forward, and there are girls like you who
just do it straight down. We are all different. It may be that your
inner lips are a problem or they may not be. How far apart are your
feet when you stand. If they are not far apart then try it standing
with them wide apart. I bet there are a lot of things you can try
yet. I mean if keeping your legs straight does not work very well
then try bending them just a little bit. Be careful you do not slip
though if you try doing it in the bath. I ask as well do you open
your lips up enough when you try it?
I hope you have lots of luck. Happy weeing!
Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Hi guy! Oh I know what you mean, we are careful about who
we wee with in the showers LOL That team we had a wee with are a
bit like us, but there are other teams who are not really that way!
It is good you liked my last story. It was a bit wild and there are
lots of things like that I can tell you. Hehe once some of the
girls squatted over the bucket that the floor gets washed with and
weed in it. It was about half full with wee, and one of us poured
it all down the toilet.
I have not had a lot of stories from the last two or three weeks to
write and tell you about because we have not really been going out
much at night. Steve is working some really stupidly long hours
just now and then he has his classes to take at least two nights a
week as well. He is very tired and needs time to rest up, so I have
to leave him alone a bit just now. Please keep reading my letters
because yeah, I will keep weeing where I shouldn't! I have not
turned into a good girl yet! LOL
Love Louise xxxxx

ROBBY - Hey guy! Why do you need to cover the patio when Annie,
Sarah S and Meghan have a distance contest. I bet you could just
hose the wee away down the drain after. Bet you will have a lot of
fun doing it.
Love Louise xx


I'm a 15 year old male and this is about my best friend Jason, also 15.

A couple of weekends ago, he and I were at a local pizza place and after we ate, we had to go to the bathroom. We went in and it had a toilet, sink, and hand dryer. There was no urinal and the toilet was open next to the sink.

Jason told me I could go first. I told him thanks and I stood by the toilet and peed. After I finished, I figured he would do the same as I did, just stand there and pee.

However, Jason pulled his jeans and boxers down, put the toilet seat down, and sat there. I told him I didn't know you had to poo and I would wait outside. He told me no big deal and just asked me to make sure the door was locked so no one would walk in.

I went over to check the lock and then just stood there, trying not to look at Jason. He told me he was my friend and we have the same "equipment" and not to worry about watching him do his business.

We both chilled out as he farted, peed, and pooed into the toilet. This took a few minutes and then he got up and wiped himself a couple of times. The bathroom smelled by then, but not too bad.

I'm not gay or nothing like that, but I was really turned on by the experience.

I like reading all of the stories about friends going to the bathroom together. I never gave it much thought until this time. This is something I will remember for a long time.

Just a quick note.

Annie & Robby--What is brags and mash? Thanks for the Happy Bday wish. I'll celebrate late...after I'm done with finals et al. Finals and all always stress me out and my lifestyle isn't exactly the most condusive to regularity in any way, shape or form. Eating on the run, not sleeping and just spending way too many hours on the go and busy. No time to relax whatsoever. I'm grateful right now I haven't gotten the runs which has been my previous experience with this much work and stress. It's almost as if my body was saying "you've got to take a break, even if it's doubled over the toilet in pain peeing out of your butt" I'm not really constipated right now (in fact, I just had an 8 inch by 1.5 inch log that came out nice and easy and clean after some initial pushing), I just am very cautious and careful because I've been dealing with chronic constipation since I was a little kid. In fact, for me, the opposite of what Kendal's aunty is saying happened to me: ! after I had my period for a couple of years (9th, 10th grade), things started getting better. I still wouldn't say I'm "cured" though.
That's actually something I'm kind of curious about: how do you women who go to the bathroom with others (both women and men) deal with your period in company? How do men view this? I personally find it to be a gross and icky time...physically, emotionally, mentally...I just want to hide in my bed for a week. Sorry Kendal, dear, not trying to scare's not so bad, it means that you are healthy and eventually will be able to have kids.

Back to writing papers so maybe I can get some sleep over the weekend.

Dookey Boy
Hey. I have a recent awesome bathrooom story. In Gym, there was this kid who's booty always hung out of his underwear( you can see his butt even with pants on. That's how big it was) Anyway, he say's to me " I gotta' take a dookey." So I said "So?" He then says" Wanna' hear some turds hit da' water?" I say " Okay" So I wait outside and he's in the bathroom. At first it was quiet, then I hear "GLUMP" and he says "ahhhh!!!" He then leaves without flushing so I went to have a looksie an I see this log the size of a football!! I got a buzz from seeing it though if it was a woman it would be better!!!!!

ms boy
hi there well my name is elricus and i'm always passing big logs my logs as always hard but i have to strain cuz my turds are 12 inches long and sometimes 2.5 thick,but i really want to know is there any younger ladies that lets out big whoppers cuz it turns me on. well anyway i had a good dump this week i let out two six inch logs and 2.5 thick but sometimes they are thicker. when i poop sometimes it don't smell that bad. well got to go i will post another story on here when i got to take a dump peace

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