I am a 16 year female from Florida. Last night I was at my friends house. It
was after school and my friend asked me to come over. I didn't really want to
because I had to shit, but I said yes. I figured that I would go back inside
school and take a dump, but she said lets go my mom is here. So I was like
damn, but I didn't want to say anything about having to use the bathroom. So
when we got to her house we went up to her room and on the way upstairs I let
out the biggest wettest fart. My friend then complimented me on it, but I was
embarrassed because it was a really stinky one. When we got to her room, she
opened the window and sat down on the bed and we talked for a while. Then she
said I have to go use the bathroom, do you want to come visit me. Not knowing
what else to say, I said ya I guess. She walked into the bathroom turned the
fan on and pulled her paints down. Then she dropped her underwear and walked
over and sat down on the toilet. She leaned forward so that I had a clear view
of her butt. It was so cool, other then it took her almost 30min and I really
had to do the same thing. She first let a big turd out that she grunted a lot
doing then came another one that was about the size of my fist. Then there
were a few smaller ones that floated. Then she wiped 6 times using like half
the role of toilet paper, flushed and then started grunting again. This time
it was noting but pure water. She said she was sorry, she didn't know this was
going to happen, that I could leave if I wanted to but I didn't I stayed and
watched just making sure to breath the clean air coming in the window. After
wiping 3 times flushing and wiping 2 more times she got up and I said well I
need to go if that is ok. She said do you care if I am in here while you take
your shit. I said I guess not. So I pulled down my paints placed them nicely
around my ankles and then placed my thong on top of them and sat down. If I
knew how hard it was going to be to shit, I wouldn't have told her she could
stay in there or even shit at her house. Well after some extraneous grunting I
was able to pass a log that hurt so bad, I had to look at what she was so
amazed about. It was about the size of a large cucumber. I knew that I was
not done do to the pain in my stomach so I sat back down wiped my ass twice and
shit some more. There was one more large turd that came. Then a period of
about 10min when nothing happened but passage of a lot of stinky gas. Then
came a bunch a little pieces of shit. Of what we could count there was 14 of
them. But anyway after passing all of them out I sat there for a little while
and figured I was done so I wiped about 6 times and my ass was still not clean
but I knew if I wiped more the toilet would clog up, so I reached back and
flushed. Man that was a mistake it plugged up anyway. My friend say no big
deal and went over a got a plunger. We got the toilet un-clogged and I sat
back down to finish wiping, but I farted and more shit came out. Then I wiped
once flushed, wiped 3 more times and flushed again. Pulled my paints up and
went into the bedroom with my friend fallowing me. She spayed some
airfreshiner and pulled the door closed and we headed downstairs for something
to eat. The next day my friend told me that her mom went to pee a few minutes after we finished dumping and asked her if she had smelled up the bathroom so bad and she told her mom that we both went together (how embaressing)but her mom said that was fine and she was glad to see that we are both comfortable with our body functions,so i guess it's cool.

Outhouse Scott
Hey everyone.

I crapped in my pants for the first time in about five years. The last time I did was when I was drunk at a party. Before that, just once when I was sixteen years old. I was at my bus stop on a really cold day waiting to head to school. I was having stomach cramps, and figured I'd wait until I got to school to go. I felt like I had to fart, and relaxed my butt cheeks. Big mistake. It wasn't even really diarrhea. This massive semi-soft load filled my underpants in about four seconds. I froze, and headed back to my house, which was luckily just around the corner. I went in, told my Mom I was sick and got cleaned up. Luckily, she let me stay home the rest of the day. :)

The other day, I came home from work and got into my hanging out clothes (sweat pants and a t-shirt). I was in the kitchen pouring myself a drink when I was hit with an overwhelming urge to shit. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Before I'd even gotten halfway to the bathroom, I let out this huge wet fart and diarrhea sprayed into my underwear. I managed to stop it mid stream and made it to the bathroom, where I shit the rest of it out. My underpants were a mess. I threw them away, took a shower and got re-dressed. It was gross.

Not much else to report, dump-wise.

Take care.


Last Week when my class was going to an art exhibition i had a terrible day. In the bus to the museum my stomach gurgled a bit and i farted a big one which after that i felt much better and my stomach was fine but a few of my friends heard/smelled it and laughed.

As time went by i had a great time looking at pictures but about 10 minutes later my stomach began churning so much that i put my hand on it and my face was awful. Later my friend Jodie saw me clenching onto my stomach and she asked what's wrong and i told her that i am getting sick. Then she told a teacher about me and the teacher asked me if i want to go to the bathroom and i said yes and she told Jodie to go with me.

So Jodie and I went down to the girls' bathroom and it was average size with 4 stalls. The whole bathroom was empty and i chose the 2nd one.
Jodie stand outside my stall and i went in. I quickly lifted up my miniskirts and pulled down my pink undies and i sat my butt on the toilet. Then all of a sudden a torrent of liquid diarrhea flowed out of my butt then it was just as i was peeing from my butt. Then Jodie got worried and asked me how i felt and i said very sick and suddenly i threw up and it got all on the floor. Jodie said she better tell a teacher and ran out.

Seconds later a female teacher went in and i am still 'peeing from my butt' she asked me if i am ok and i told her i felt sick. Then she rang my mother and my mother picked me up.

As soon as i got home i couldn't hold it and i squatted and let out a huge splash of liquid diarrhea on the grass and i was crying since my stomach hurt so much. afterwards i spent the whole night in the bathroom and finally felt better the next dday.

Here is a business-idea: Take the turds of celebrities, such as Faith Hill, bronze them, and use them as interesting-paperweights!
What do the rest of you think about this idea? Please let me know. If it is a good-idea, what should the prices be, of these "bronzed-turds?" You would think it would be more-expensive, depending on whom it came from. Meaning, it would be more-expensive, based on which-celebrity produced-it.


Hey people.. Just had time to stop by this site and make a post. Been so busy these last few days that i totally forgot about the posting but haven't forgotten about me shits. I am still enjoying them.

story 1
Had a good nice long shit about a week ago when i went home from school. I was doing some homework at that time after a huge dinner of steak, rice, potatoes and salad. Boy i was so full after that meal. I was just starting to feel a huge log moving down my back passage and felt my ass wanting to expand so I just dropped what i was doing and walked over to the bathroom. I didn't bother to turn on the fan as for i enjoy smelling my own shits at the same time feeling it come out my sphincter. As I pulled my jeans and panties that I was wearing down, I ripped a huge brrrrrrbbbb fart which i was sure everybody outside the bathroom could have heard even though there wasn;t anybody. Sitting my ass on the seat I farted a few more loud rippers echoing them through the porcelain before feeling the turd poking its head through. IT slide out into the bowl without much effort and grunting. As i felt my anus close up, i glanced into the bowl to see half the log in the water and half o! f it out. Some was also underneath the hole too so i couldn't really determine how long it was. I gave it an estimate of about 23 inches. It was so long that i had to break it up before flushing. It left a whole load of skid marks around the hole. I only wiped once too.

story 2
Just had another huge dump about an hour ago. No i havent saved it up since my last dump. Its just the once in between were rather small. This one took about 10 minutes to relieve and boy was it good. It wasnt as gassy as the one in the story above. As i sat on the toilet seat in one of the three cubicles we have on my floor in my residence, i passed a phhhhhhht fart which was almost inaudible even to me, but i felt it. Anyways I felt the log slide out slowly. I was looking at my watch and it took my at least five minutes until i felt this log hit that water then break off. I looked at it and noticed it was about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. I then passed another silent fart and peed a good long pee for about 20 seconds before continuing. THe second piece was smaller, about 5 inches long and also 2 inches wide and that just slilpped out. I wiped 3 times then flushed leaving few skid marks in the bowl. As I was walking out to wash my hands, a senior girl, who im not ! too familiar with commented on how strong the smell was.

Ben In Iowa
To TV Fan: Thanks for the info
To the unamed poster: Yes I also like to use the bathroom nude.
To A Mean Trick: Nice story. Are you male or female?
I have a question to all you guys. What are some names of some laxatives? Or how do you make one yourself? Or what kinds of foods or drinks are as good as a laxative?

Now to the story. I was at a Wal-Mart in another town last week shopping with my dad for christmas. Well I was away from my dad looking at some video games when the large Pepsi I had for lunch caught up with me. So I went to find the bathrooms. I walked around for 10 minutes and I still couldn't find the bathrooms. Then I felt a little pee start to come out. So I quickly duck in an empty isle and I held myself. It was really embarresing. So when I had it under control I went to find it again. Well I did find the bathroom. BUT a sign said out of order. So I grabbed myself again to stop the pee. I then made a risky chance. I checked the womens and no one was in there. So I ran into a stall and sat down so no one would know I guy was in there. I then let loose with the biggest pee I've had in a while and then to my horror a girl around 13 or 14 runs in. I hear lock the stall pull down her jeans and panties down to her anckles and let loose with diarreha attack. So I looked ! at her panties and she had messed them a little. So while she was going I flushed and snuck out. That was a close call.

More Later

Hola mis amigos!

AMY (CO-ED): I loved that story of you in the stall farting and plopping your lovelies out! Mmmm-mmm! I'm with you, I also love the feeling of my butt cheeks spreading when I sit for a dump. I especially love squatting. I gotta get me one of those squat toilets!
Then your second dump was soooo beautiful! I especially loved reading about how you crackled out your stinky sausages. Boy, I know that feeling. Good stuff hon!
EPHEMERAL: Que linda! Thank you for your lovely message in espanol. I wish I could be with you, but don't worry about your tests this week, I'll bet you do fine. I can't get my computer to put in the accents like yours. Keep on studying girl, because little by little, it gets easier! Nosotros tenemos que trabajar mucho en este vida loca, ay muchacha? Here's a kiss hon.
JANE: Thanks for your note hon. Me and Jake? Si, muy caliente! I was thinking about our restroom at work, and they probably won't get around to fixing that hole for a long time since they're so understaffed. I love you and Gary's "activities". That's so cute! He must be absolutely crazy about you!
RJOGGER AND KATHY: You two are such a kick! I can just see Rick fanning your bare ass Kathy! I really love seeing you post here, and you guys always cheer me up. I just know that me and Jake are going to be just like you as we grow with each other.
LOUISE: Yeah, Jake wipes me quite a bit. I'm very spoiled. He does many, many sweet things for me. Just like Steve does for you I'll bet. He's such a gentleman. He and Jake would get along great.
That big 4" turd hurt sooooo bad! There were a few seconds when I thought I couldn't do it anymore because it hurt so bad. That's what happens when I get stopped up from holding it too long.
STEVE: Just for you hon, I'm sitting on two folded towels on our computer chair. I've had to pee so bad it's beginning to hurt. I'm wearing a pair of light blue hi cut panties and a pink stretch top that's very sheer. I go. As I'm typing, I just let go. Ohhhhhh that feels so good....I can feel the hot pee....Even my toes are tingling! I'm pulsing really hard, and my flow is spectacular. I'm sitting in it, flooding my panties. Jake's behind me rubbing my shoulders--oops! some pee is running down my leg now, Jake's getting it with another towel. Looks like another load of laundry tonight. It's been about 45 seconds. Oaahhhhhh I'm done. Ooooh that felt so good, but of course I'm soaked and better go take a bath now. Besides, I have to do a big shit too, so I'm going to go grab a magazine and do some thinkin' stinkin'. Buenas noches Steve!
ANNIE, ROBBY, SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hola mis amigos. Nurse Carmalita here. That dump I did for jake was pretty smelly all right, but I didn't make a big pile, just one HUGE, monster turd. Incidentally, it didn't flush, and Renee was furious with me! I made her a cherry pie later to make up for it. Yes, and Heather's pooping trips are beyond awesome. She's so pretty and sexy and seems to hold it for long periods of time, then around noon each day, goes into the ladies to drop a couple pounds. SARAH AND MEGHAN, I love you girls too, and you make me so happy when you write to me.

Love and kisses to all the beautiful people on here. I have to go poop and then shower the pee off my body because I'm stinky all over! Everybody love one another.


TO KT: Hi, I am a guy who has been desperate many of times, because im to shy to shit if anyone is around. I can remember one day after school, I was a senior and with a couple of girls, i needed to crap but didnt want to tell them. I was letting out farts as quite as I could praying they couldnt hear or smell em. I had been holding it in since school and now it was about two hours after school, and I really had to shit bad. I farted and it smelled, i couldnt help it. And one of the girls said....who farted I said not me, and I had to shit so bad. My ass was sweating, and I was still to embarassed to use the bathroom with them around. I had to make up an excuse to run home, and damn was I running home as fast as I could. I can remeber running up my driveway with my hand on my ass trying to hold on. I ran into the house and finally let this turd out that had been waiting to come out all day.

Linda GS
Okay okay geez MOMENTIZE!! please take a moment and chill out. I've been busy studying cause exams are next week and well me being a lazy girl has been slacking of and well if I wanna get great grades this year i have to buckle down. Anyway I'm not dead..I'm here study..and being made fun of by my cousin when I study on the toilet. he should be glad I'm such a faithful studier. Anyway I don't have much time now..lots to say and such... and I promise next time ..fully blown sory about my titanic turkeyday poop.(Oh man..did I take a long nap after that) Anyway people keep asking for pee here..stop whining. hee hee. One day me and a couple girls stayed afterschool..i stayed cause my aunt was going to be late picking us up..and well I had to go make number 3 ( the math) and well the other girls were dying to pee. we tried to get back inside the building but we were locked out. so there we were..3 girls legs crossed, bobbing up and down trying not to hold ! ourselves.(I failed..i had one hand clamped on my tushie so tight) Finally Eva..said let's head ot the back..if we have an least no one will see. So we walked..well tried to anyway and we made it. No one around I ducked behind the water fountains ..pulled down my black uniform pampies( aunt got me some uniform bloomers and they are black)and squated and a tidal wave of pee gushed that point I didn't care if I was watched. jenny did the same too.. I guess watching and hearing me made her wanna go worse. I held my poop in..(man it wasn't easy) and well pulled up my pampies without getting cleaned that's another reason i held the poop in. Eva made fun of us and she held herself..then we dared her to pee in the water fountains. She gave us a look..then a smile..and down came the pampies( freaky orange) up came the skirt and she sat on the waterfountain and let go. We could hear it splashing and such in the water fountain. ANYONE could! have come by and seen her one drew you missed it) Anyway happy and empty(Well me half empty anyway)we went back and waited to be picked up. How's that? Kendal I've been trying to catch up with your posts that I missed..I can't believe you were pooping when your friend's dad came by to see what all the laughing was about and saw you there on the toilet?!?! but knowing would have liked it to be my naughty girl you. i would have laughed at you trying to start a coonversation with him as you went. he would have stayed a while then turned red and run of..if not elena would have killed him. (snicker dare you to have him comb your hair)

hey boy..what's up..long time no comb. hee hee. hope you are fine and doing well. i do miss our time together. LOL. be good and good things will come to you..peek..and I'll give BOXING Day a whole new in I'll put on gloves and go 12 rounds with you.

hey girls..hope you two are doing well. Maybe we can sit sometime and gossip. hee hee. Be well.

Okay elena promises to post soon as does my cousin. So everyoone take care. With everything going on right now..i hope we all stay together safe and sound.

Thank you for the warm welcome! How sweet of you.

PV: Thank you again for your nice words. I have enjoyed reading about your pee adventures for a little while already. It's so great fun, isn't it. I had a good laugh when you called it my 'hobby'. It is a great diversion. I work a lot at home at the moment, I am a designer. While working I drink a lot of tea and water. I always look forward to my fun breaks when I need to let out a stream. As mentioned I am very, very fond of the device. You get a perfect aim with it and you can let even the last dripple satisfyingly run out without the slightest mess. I could imagine that it is more stressful when you use your fingers, as I guess you mustn't let the last dribbles out. Another advantage is that you need no paper as your puss stays nice and dry and you catch the last dripples and 'whipe" them with the little shovel like ending. I sound like I am working for the company (LOL), but I am just so pleased with it. Another kick is that you can do it through the fly of your pan! ts. Even less exposure than a guy, as all there is to watch is a little plastic tube (which might be the disadvantage for some...depends on the situation).I would be very interested to hear which method you prefer, in case you order one, as you then have direct comparism, which I can't.

A little adventure you might wanna hear about: Today I went to the library. I had a poop shortly before, so I felt empty. When I was finally dressed and ready to leave I felt that there was something in my bladder. I "ignored" it and left as I thought it might be good fun to find another place. I decided to take the way through the park and by the time I got there I really needed to pee a lot. First I was thinking about finding a hidden space in the bushes but then I was too scared, as I did not want to get caught and there are many dodgy guys hanging round. I did not feel like I could wait until I got to the library though. I decided to check out the public toilets in the park and luckily they were open. I never used them before and when I got in, I though "ugh", exactly the kind of place you want to be able to pee standing up in (but then I am!). There were five empty stalls all not too clean with no seats, just the plain bowls. Of course no toilet paper, nothing. I we! nt into a stall and stood in front of the bowl and unzipped. I took the tube out, which I always carry round in my zip pocket just above the knee like a 'colt' (L) and easily placed it. I relaxed and let it run. Sweet relieve. I opened the gates widely and my stream got stronger and shot with force into the bowl. The porcelain must have been really cold (outside temperature) as it literally started steaming a lot. I led my stream wander around the bowl from the little tray into the whole with the water and back up. What fun, what a relieve! I pissed a lot, then the stream died down a bit. I thought I squeeze out the last dripples but there was more and my piss gushed out again with more loud splattering noise. That's my favourite at the moment at home. When you let the stream directly hit the water with force and there is a really noisy tinkling. I finally stood there until the very last drop had run out and I felt wonderfully empty and pleased.

Wow, over here there is a big discussion if men should sit down at home. All I can say is that I do understand now, why they do not like it so much. As far as I am concerned, guys, clean up your sprinkles yourself and let it rip. And girls, give it a try, it's sooo satisfying. No acrobatics anymore over filthy public toilets. I wish this habit was widely spread, then we could have urinals at the ladies as well.

Sorry I got carried away. A quick word to Louise:
I always admired (and envied) you for being able to perform the standing up pee (device free). As I said, I really can't get satisfying results with it. I think it might have to do with my private anatomy. My inner lips are very irregularly shaped. I tried it desperately for over a year on many occasions but it always sprays and dribbles. The only time I can halfway aim is when I put up one leg. And I find it is impossible to avoid dribbling when the stream dies down. I agree with you that there is certainly much more elegance and a pretty sight to a lovely lady like you spreading her puss and let a stream gush. But as I said I find it frustrating and nothing I would want to do in an away from home situation. I would like to learn it as an extra bonus, certainly, so if you can think of any more hints, I would be interested. I tried it without my fingers and even with a strong stream it goes downwards. Thanks for offering help though. I enjoy your tales very much. I would! love to join your pee club at a urinal or a wall one day. Then we could all happily tinkle away.

Dear wishes to all and especially to sweet PV, Louise, Annie and Robby, David and Niki (I hope Santa Claus thinks about you) and an extra hello to Amazon, who seems to be a really hot lady (with an impressive stream...)

Take care, Ina

Hi, everyone! Lots of great recent posts!

Amy: I'm enjoying your recent posts. I love females that get into doing the big ones! I liked the anticipation of waiting to hear about the one you felt coming while doing your post, then getting to hear about that one, too! Good stuff... keep it coming!

Carmalita: Glad to see your regular frequent posts again... they are always superb! I liked the new beige wallpaper, but the 25-inch turd you forgot to flush... that's my latest favorite! AS with Kim, I can only TRY yo imagine!!!

Kim: Thanks for keeping up your contributions to "Shits Illustrated"
magazine (and thanks fot the photography efforts, too, Scott-lucky devil!). I want a sporty cover for this month's issue, so please forward
a clear shot of you in a baseball outfit with your brown bat over your shoulder... OK?

your name (Russ)
Hi": Sorry I have missed some postings due to some errors on my part of the postings I made. I wanted to post about what happened to me last night as I was visiting a health club with a friend, After using the shower and spraying my ass, I got this urgent feeling to pee and also to have a BM,so I left the shower fast and went to the toilets,which have no divider, just about 5 toilets in a row, I sat on one and started to pee,I felt something on my leg and realized my penis was aimed at my leg as I was peeing on myself,so I pushed my penis in the toilet and took the toilet paper and wiped up the pee on the floor in front of me. I finished peeing soon and felt some feces about to exit from my anus, I beared down a little and felt a long feeling of relief as my bowels were moving and a long straight log of feces dropped in the toilet,oh it felt so good too. I could feel a little bit just hanging on my anus ready to drop, I raised up a little and shook my ass a little and it dro! pped in the toilet. I felt better now, so I needed to wipe my ass and go back to the shower and spray my ass some more. Then I realized I had no toilet paper left,I had used it to wipe the pee off the floor, I asked the guy at the end to bring me some toilet paper,he said oh "come and get it man" so I just checked my ass and felt a little bit of feces on my anus,but I was nude already so I squeezed my ass cheeks together and walked fast in front of 3 other guys as I went for the toilet paper, careful not to cause anyone to see my ass,but it was a little embaressing since I had no underwear on. I grabbed the toilet paper and stuck some in my ass fast and walked back. When I got back I sat down and wiped my anus more and got all of the feces off and felt smooth anyway. So I flushed the toilet and ran to the shower and got the shower hand nozzle and put it between my ass cheeks and it felt so good,i knew my ass would be clean now, and I washed and dried later, I hope I dont hav! e this experience again about running out of toilet paper. Will post more later, as I write here I feel a urge to visit the bathroom here and I have pleanty of toilet paper I know. So I will wite more later and give you some urgent pee urges I had recently. Take care everyone love you all. keep your ass clean and bowel moving folks. love Russ.

Hi, I am terry. Right now i am taking a major dump.I think i am having diareah. Pppppt. oh that fart felt good .oh here comes more liquid. oH!!! oh!! Oh my good these cramps are killing me. PPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTT. OH THAT WAS A NOISY ONE WELL IM DONE SEE YOU LATER POOPERS!!

This Tuesday I had to baby-sit for this little boy who's 6 months old, and after about an hour I reeeeeaaally had to go to the bathroom. So I strapped the baby into this little chair he has, so he wouldn't get into anything he wasn't supposed to get into, and went to the bathroom, which is right next to the room the baby was in. While I was in the bathroom, I heard him grunting and whimpering, and I figured it was just because he didn't like being strapped up in the chair. but when i finished using the bathroom, I came back into the room the baby was in and he was squirming in this chair, and bloody diarrhea was dripping out of his diaper!!! After reading all the old posts on this forum when I first came, and reading what had happened to that girl named Melissa, I freaked. I called my dad and told him, and he drove me and the baby to the hospital. I kept thinking, well maybe I'm overreacting, maybe taking him to the hospital is a bit extreme... but I didn't want to take any ! chances! Well, as it turns out, it was nothing serious, so I took him back to his house and changed his diaper, which was sooooooo unbelievably gross! It was this mushy brown, foul-smelling poop with blood streaked all over it. It smelled so bad I was gagging and had to hold my nose while changing him with the other hand. And let me tell you, it is NOT easy to change a squirming, wiggling, crying 6-month-old one-handed!!!!!!! I finally got the job done, and brought the baby back to the room we'd been in before. There was bloody poop on the chair he'd been in, and the smell had just taken over the room. I couldn't stand the smell! Before I could do anything, I let out an enormous retch, heaved, and threw up all over the place! Needless to say, the room was a disaster area, and I was not looking forward to cleaning it up. Luckily, just then his parents came home, and they cleaned it up after I told them what happened! Phew!

i will tell you a story about last chrstmas when i was 9, i went to the mall with my friend and his little brother. my friend was 10 and his brother was 7. his dad took us and dropped us off, he trusted us by ourselfes his dad is cool. we were going to see santa, i still dont think he is real but we had to stand in this long line to wait and we all had to pee we were all holding ourselfes and my friends brother had an accident he went all over then i couldnt hold it and i peed a little i didnt let it all out. my friend said i will be back and ran to the bathrooms. he came back with a wet spot i guess he didnt make it. we sat on santas lap and got our pictures with our wet pants. we all had jeans on it was embasing because our moms wanted to see the poictures when we got home. but before we got home we had to pay for the pictures and i had the money in my pocket and it got all wet and the lady just said thats ok you dont have to pay and she gave us it free. i guess she felt s! orry for us. santa was cool to because he saw us being wet and didnt say anything. my friends dad picked us up and asked why we were all wet and we said we got into a water fight. he didnt believe us and we got in trouble. his little brother had pooped his pants to and we started to smell it when we got in the car, his dad was real mad because we didnt take care of him. bye

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. My Internet connection was screwed up. I haven't forgotten about y'all! My last post didn't make it (why? I have no clue), so here's another.
KENDAL: I'm glad you enjoyed my first post and you agreed with me on my second. To clear up any confusion they're both from the same guy.
In my first post I mentioned a friend that I had when I was younger. I was 8 years old, and I was over at my friend's house. She was 7, she lived right behind me and we were really good friends so I was at her house a lot. We were playing hide and seek in her house, and I was hiding behind the curtain in the bathtub. She yelled, "Time out! I have to go to the bathroom!" and I just stayed where I was and opened the curtain a little. She didn't know I was there, and she sat down on the can and let a stream of pee flow out from between her legs. I was excited as that was the first time I had seen a girl urinate.
Just to see her reaction, I stepped out of the tub while she was in mid-stream and stood in front of her, watching her relieve herself. She told me she wasn't embarassed, just a little surprised.

ALANA - That was a very interesting story. I almost died laughing because it was so funny. It is truly amazing that some people have the ability to eat like the way you do. You must be a very large woman but I am not sure how big. Maybe you have posted before and wrote about your size. As I had explained before I am about 5'10 and weigh 235 lbs, and I could never eat that much. I have a pretty good constitution myself (The most I have eaten was about 3 plates full of southern cooking at the Picadilly in Atlanta (Roswell, GA) and I was simply stuffed beyond belief. I had roast, pork, chitlins (around Thanksgiving),black eyed peas, green beans, mashed potatoes, chili, and a salad for starters (3 full plates of this stuff). I was with some buddies and we all had contest to see who could eat the most food.) I only dropped about 2 turds (each looked like they were well past the 12 inch mark but they were so thick (around 3 inches in circumference) the next day in my Mom's commode! . It of course plugged up the bowl so I had to get the trusty plunger to clean up the muck. However, as a word of caution for you ALANA, I hope you do not eat like the way you do everyday. You may be doing irreparable damage to your visceral organs if you continue like this especially your kidney, gall bladder, and liver. As I have said before in the other post, your stories are simply the best. Please continue to post.

Scott and Kim: You have some very interesting stories as well. I simply cannot understand how a woman body builder can break world records out the booty. Unbelievable. You have some great stories as well. Continue to post.

My most recent story involving defecation was just yesterday where I had to poop outdoors near a Prometric testing center (taking a Cisco certification test) in an alley. I had to go so bad so I dropped my fubu underwear let a fart rip and dropped about 3 solid turds on the concrete. A lady went by the window but did not look out at me. I feel so fortunate. I didn't wipe so I had a small stain in my shorts. You couldn't really see it because my Fubu underwear was black but it sho nuff stank. I threw the turd laced drawers in the hamper and washed them later that day.



I realized that i haven't pooped in several days..i lost count i say it's been about a good 4 or 5 days. I was feeling gasy at work(sorta like the feeling an urge is brewing...and when it does it will be a big one). I sorta lost that feeling, maybe it will come back. It sorta was feeling like that big after thanksgiving dump i had.

Kim P
Hey. i just love this pissing thing

I would like to share something that happened Monday. I'm 22 and work at a Big K-mart from 8a.m. to 3p.m.I work right at the customer service desk at the front door so I see a whole lot of people. Anyway, Monday around 11a.m. I was at the customer service desk (bored as usual) and then this pretty girl came waddling in store crying. She was white, had long blonde hair, had on a white blouse, tight blue jeans(with a wet stain in the front) and black platform shoes. She look like she was no older than 16. She waddled to the desk with tears in her eyes and asked me where was the restroom. And as I was telling her,I noticed a foul stench in the air. Plus, just about every second, she would like tap her butt. After I told her, she waddled off towards it crying and when I looked at her butt, the back of her jeans had a poop stain that was the size of Texas. And then the smell went away. I thought the poor girl only pissed her pants. But as she waddled away the poop stain and the s! mell told me why she was waddling. I couldn't believe a beautiful girl like that would shit on herself. But I guess anyone can have an accident. I didn't even she her leave the store. But she was wearing those tight poopy blue jeans just right.

do you ever wanted just go to your panties on purpose?
tell your stories!

hi to all
LANCS LAD i am 15.i do it in my knickers a couple of times a week,thats if i am wearing any.i also sometimes wear plastic ones.its usually after i have been on the toilet a long time without doing it.

KENDAL,layla is not unwell,she has piles-they bleed when she has a poo.
yes i had a poo,it was a very difficult one-i didnt do it untill tuesday evening-then there were 2 huge lots-my bum is still sore.tell me about yourself

for those interested who read my last post mum made me sit on the toilet for an hour befor school monday,and most of the time stood there telling me to push,my bum got so sore it hurtwhen i wiped.when it was time to go she brought me this pair of old navy school knickers to wear[i hadnt intended to wear any]saying-they are good for containing it if i had an the last lesson i was leaning over the table and tried to squeeze out a fart to ease my stomach,afteri let a little one go i felt some movement so i pushed a little to see if it was worth excusing myself from the class,my poo came out about 2 inches and stopped i gave another little push--it was stuck so i squeesed my bum but it wouldnt go back up-i ended up sitting forwards with this poo sticking out,pressing on my knickers-i tried to sit on it but that was painfull asit was very hard.i walked home with layla,as i walked i kept pushing,layla went to her house,walking to mine i pushed hard, it came out som! e more.i stopped and squatted down, pretending to adjust my trainers i strained so hard i went dizzy but it just stuck there,my bum was hurting and throbbing.i could feel my knickers getting wet,as i turned into my street i checked no one would see and put my hand under my skirt at the back and felt, there was quite a bulge and damp.looking at my fingers they had blood on them.i dribbled some pee aswell.i went into the kitchen where mum was -she could smell what i had done-she said --adele youve done it in your knickers--i said just a little.she lifted my skirt and felt what was in my knickers and said -this will help you to finish off on the toilet,bent me over a chair and spanked me hard on both cheeks.the fact i was bursting for apee,this caused me to totally loose it--over the kitchen floor.i got sent straight tothe toilet,pulled my dirty knickers down to my knees,the poo was still stuck in my bum although squashed,i strained very hard and it started to move slowly,this ! piece of poo about 8 inches long broke off.eventually there were 4 poos in the water,mum came in ,had a look,said thats not much for 4 days and said i had to do more befor bed. i did more befor bed aswell,and did some poo in my knickers during the night and wet my bed.mum thinks i am going back to how i used to be-witholding my poo,so i now have to go every morning and evening.ifi dont go in the morning i have to wear knickers and/or plastic pants,in the evening its smacks and back to the toilet untill i poo, also plastic pants and pads to bed-cos i keep wetting it.
xx adele xx

IBS Girl
This is actually not a story about me. This one's about my boyfriend. Theres a nasty stomach bug going around right now and he seems to have caught it. I came home from work last night to find him curled up in a blanket on the couch looking pretty ill. Thats when he told me about his day... He was on lunch break from class and he was feeling pretty hungry. He got a sandwich and some cookies and sat down to eat. Once he took a bite though he completely lost his appetite. He forced himself to eat a half of a sandwich and gave the rest away to the other guys. Five minutes later his stomach started to hurt really bad and he felt really sick. He sprinted to the bathroom and barely made it. He was stuck on the toilet for 20 minutes while wave after wave of explosive diarrhea came out. He felt like he was going to die. After he was finished cleaning up he felt relief from having gone and decided to go back to class. His stomach still hurt but he didn't need to "go" anymore. During ! break he decided to get a bottle of water so that he would dehydrate. Within minutes of drinking the water he was back on the toilet with more explosive diarrhea. By this point he figured he might as well sit through the rest of the day rather than give up a vacation day so he managed to sit through class. As soon as class ended he sprinted to the bathroom for round 3. He cleaned himself up drove the 45 minutes home and rushed to our bathroom for yet another round. This time there was nothing left to "pass" so the discomfort was really bad. He kept letting go wet farts and his stomach was trying to get rid of more. He figured he was going to go anyway so he made himself eat some pasta. Of course within minutes he was on the can for 30 minutes while wave after wave exploded out of his bum. He cleaned up went about his night with no more attacks. He still didnt feel well when we went to bed but he slept through the night. In the morning when he was dressing for work he said he! was "probably gonna have the squirts again but the pain is gone." And he went off to work. If the virus progresses like it does with everyone else he'll have it coming out both ends this afternoon. I'll post again once he calls me with an update. Hope you liked the story diarrhea gal.

I remember the main accident I had in my pants from elementary school very clearly. This happened about halfway through the Forth grade year. We had a student teacher with the class to get experience teaching little kids, and after lunch one day she took us out of our classroom, across the school and into the art room, where we were to get to try making clay models. At the time, I was really shy about asking to go to the toilet, because I got embarrassed and thought I'd sound stupid. We'd just finished a big lunch, and I was quite full. We sat on long benches facing in towards the worktable, and I was next to the teacher. About 10 minutes into the lesson, I felt I started to need to do a poop - I thought I'd be able to hold on 'til recess anyway, as I usually could. I kept modeling the clay, but I felt the need to go getting worse and worse. After about 20 minutes more, I was really desperate, and ready to start thinking about asking the teacher if I could go, but I realized! I didn't know where the toilet was in this bit of the school, and I thought I'd sound totally stupid if I had to ask. I kept holding on, and the urge alternatively eased off and then came back stronger, again and again. I started to feel a pain near my waist, and I was really only concentrating on holding in the poop - playing with clay only made me need to go more. I should have realized the pain meant I was never going to hold it in, but I just couldn't bring myself to ask, and I still thought the urge would pass and I'd make it to break - there was about 30-40 minutes left, and I hadn't needed it 20 minutes before, but I didn't realize this - the time just seemed to pass so slowly. I was sitting on the bench, just holding onto my poop and getting up to the courage to ask to leave, when suddenly I just let go, and I felt soft, warm poop oozing out all over my undies (white briefs as I recall). I didn't try to lever myself off the bench or anything, it just kept coming out! whilst I sat there - I was a bit shocked, and I didn't know what to do. Eventually I managed to control it again, but I was sitting in an unbelievable pile of poop. The teacher soon noticed the smell, and said 'Do you need to go to the toilet? I said yes and asked where to go. There was a single cubicle, so I went in and took down my pants. They were coated on every surface with semi-liquid, brown poop. I sat down and did lots more into the toilet, and then (automatically) wiped a bit with shiny toilet roll, which came away absolutely orange. I never thought to do anything about my pants, 'cos the mess was so big there wasn't much I could do. I went back to the class and kept making clay stuff 'til the break, and the teacher didn't say anything. I'd got over the shock, and decided that the poop was OK, 'cos I had been uncomfortable on the hard bench, and now it felt like I had a warm cushion. At break, I told some friends what had happened, and they were just interested be! cause similar things had happened to them. Over the whole of break I'd started feeling I needed to poop again, so at the end I was feeling desperate again and I went to the toilet. However, as I was standing in the entrance, I suddenly realized that if I was going to get into trouble for pooping my pants, I'd get into less trouble if I'd made a worse mess, as it would look more like I couldn't control it - I was very worried about what my parents were going to say. I also thought it'd be nice to have even more warm, soft pooh to sit in the next lesson - so I just let it all out. None of it came out of my pants, but it was coating everything from the small of my back right round to the front of my stomach, and it squished around as I walked. I then spent the last lesson feeling comfortable, and I explained to my friends why I thought it had been logical to just mess myself again. Again, if the teacher knew what had happened, she didn't say - she knew how shy I was. At the end! of the day, after I got home I was sitting on the settee, when my Mom smelt the poop and asked if I'd had an accident at school. I said I had, so she took me off to clean and change - She wasn't cross with me. A day that had started to go badly wrong ended up turning out OK. After this, I realized how often people in class had accidents, and how worried they were, and they trusted me to tell if they had had an accident, as I'd help them out, as much as a 11 year-old could.

Can more people try and post about how they remember having accidents when they were at grade School?

From Oraldude on

I only found this site a short time ago and frankly doubt it is real.
Reason -- so many girls in the 14-23 age range willing to talk about their bathroom experiences. Are you all real?? If so, wow!!

I'd like to share an experience I had a few years ago. I was in a mall and had to take a leak. I went to the men's room and did my thing. The bathrooms in this mall were down a long corridor and were well away from the shopping area. It was real quiet back there. There were no doors on either the men's or women's john -- you simply went in around a corner to the stalls. The walls and floor were all tiled so any noise was clearly heard outside.

As I was on my way out, a gorgeous redhead with big blue eyes and a great figure hurried past me and around the corner. I'd guess she was about 16-17. I stopped at the drinking fountain. As soon as I heard the stall door close and latch, there was a rustle of clothing and then a huge hissing sound as she peed. She must have been really full. I thought that was it and started to leave when I heard a grunt and a plop. That rooted me to the spot. Many more grunts and plops followed. She really had to poop too and probably just made it there. What a sound experience.

Keep telling your stories. I love them.


LoS: It's short for Carlos. I'm not any of the people that have written here so far, although I've been reading this site ever since it only had about 30 pages. I promised myself that I would wait until I caught up reading ALL THE PAGES , LOL, but thats IMPOSSIBLE, right now, I've only gotten as far as page 167. By the way, page 167, a story by Andre in the middle of this page, IS THE GREATEST STORY IVE EVER READ!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. ALEX, JODIE, STEPH, BLAKE, these are just names that have always popped into my mind when I've read this site. I could almost say these people have been with this site so long, they can be considered the FOUNDERS ^.^ THANK YOU FOR BEING SO LOYAL.

There is one person that I consider THE GREATEST STORY TELLER IN THIS SITE EVER (Well at least up until page 165 he he) is ***linda***, cute linda and her cousin. She gave life to this site in my eyes, and I would want her autograph over any celebrity autograph that you could think of. Her stories were more than just daily ocurrences, they were A Insight into her feelings and her life. I've gotten a sense of her growing up, through these stories, as if I were watching the wonder years, and I love her. linda i love you, your relationship with your cousin is a treasure that not many people have. Take care of yourself ok? ^.^

Now for my contribution:

Im 22 years old. About a year ago, I commuted to college in New Jersey. Commuting to college, when you live 45 minutes away, is a real drag, by the way. In any case, I stopped by at a store that was about 10 minutes away from the college, and as I was getting out of the car, I felt that funny little kind of tingling sensation along with pressure from right below your belly button all the way down to that last little bone in your spine near your "deirie ere", which was a sign to me that I would have to think about using the bathroom soon, but I pride myself knowing that I have a LOT OF CONTROL over my body and I knew nothing was really gonna happen if I waited till I got to school. Well I started to look at some comic books in the store, and that feeling just wouldn't go away no matter how much I tried to put it out of my mind, which meant it passed through my mind enough to make me look up and around sometimes to notice if there WERE indeed any facilities around, jus! t out of curiosity of course, not that I really needed to go ^>^ While reading the magazines, what escaped me was that the sensation was getting gradually stronger and stronger which brought me to the point that I couldn't enjoy my reading any more, and I thought, "I guess it's about time to leave anyway." When I sat down in the car, the warm seat somehow comforted me so that it felt better, and so I decided that I would start looking for some good music stations to listen to before I pulled off. While I did that, I was also looking at people walking by, and I happened to notice some pretty good looking girls with really nice bodies walking around. You could say I was procastinating a lot since I didn't really want to go to school so I sat there and really started thinking about those girls to the point that it started my blood racing just a little bit (among other things he he.) Well, the only mistake there was that I didn't realize that whenever I have to go number ! 2, and I happen to think about anything even partly arousing, the sensation almost acts like a laxative if you can believe it, and very soon I froze because the feeling in my belly and around my colon had gotten so intense that I was motionless for just a minute. Then came the dreaded sensation that makes you really want to "push" even without your control and my butt was about to push believe me it was almost at that point. I almost panicked in disbelief, put the shift on drive and got out of there in the meanwhile, telling myself, "this is not gonna happen, this is not gonna happen, this is NOT gonna happen. Just relax, just relax, just concentrate...."

And doesn't it seem like whenever you really need to get somewhere, traffic seems to go just a little slower than usual, and there seems to be just a little too many turns in the road? My agony started in those ten minutes that it would take me to get to school, because I could picture that last turn into the college, and I knew there were so many turns and streets I needed to pass through first before I could get there, like I wanted to with an unbelievable desperation. 10 minutes seemed like ten hours, and at times I felt like there was a battle for every inch that my motion was inching down further and further before it would inevitably start to open up my ring. I think it was about two more cramps away from starting to open and I was still five minutes away from campus. I started to breath heavily, I started to hold myself and drive with just one hand, and I prayed that there werent going to be any unexpected delays. I had the music on, but I couldn't hear it, I! could see the road, but yet I couldnt see it, because all I could see was an empty stall where I would like to be. I was two minutes away from campus and my ring/anus began to quiver, as I was quivering with my slippery hold on control. The movement was definitely there, all I had to do is loose control by a hair, and.. and it would be in my pants I realized with horror because the tip was quivering out, and i was quivering to hold it in. Driving into the campus, there were times when my battle with my quivering anus was going down, I was sweating, and I was already thinking ahead about just driving back with messy pants. Somehow, by some miracle, i got the motion to stop trying to move as I parked the car, but still the dilema here was how I was going to get out of my car and walk all the way to a building, to get inside a stall. I told myself i would do it slowly and go quicker by every step, so I slowly opened my car door, and got out, and everything seemed to be a! lright. I started walking in pain, and at least my bowels were not trying to fight override me at this point, although my ring was definitely open. The only reason why I didn't run is because I knew that I would have lost it right there if I had run, so since I was walking I tried to make it look as if nothing was wrong with me, although everything was wrong, I could play a very good role of indifference.

When I walked into the building, somehow the smell of the indoors trigered my bowels to start moving again, and since my ring was already open, had i not keept such a tight control of my butcheeks and muscles, it would have all come out before I could think, but as it was now, the bathroom was at the second floor, there were people walking around the first floor, I had a hairspan of control left, and I was starting to panic. Now I started half way running up the stairs three stairs at a time hoping that my leg movements would somehow help me hinder what was oviously decided to give an all out effort to come out right there and then. If anybody would have tried to talk to me or stop me right there and then, I swear I would have just walked all over them. all I could see was the stall, and my poor little anus was now loosing the battle, slowly streching further and I was finally in the bathroom then. Now I started moaning as I crossed the stall, locked it, and starte! d unbuttoning my pants. I don't know how my pants didn't get messy even just a little bit, but I laughed as I sat down, rejoicing and moaning, and with one last breath, now sitting naked from the waist down, I let it all go with a sigh of moaning relief..

It came out at the speed of light to looooong sausages like torpedoes, PLOP , PLOP, almost like bullets, plus some gas, which was probably pushing it all along from behind, but I wasn't thinking of that, all I was thinking was of catching my breath, and of the big smile on my face. I must have sat there for 15 minutes, sometiemes going, sometimes just pondering life, because those moments make you wanna ponder life, I don't know why LOL

Now I know that whenever I feel the urge, I don't even want to think about anything sexual, I learned my lesson well.

Yours Truly,


To TAILWAGGER. I also enjoy pooping whilst wearing my leather skirt. I especially like pooping in public toilets and then not flushing. I "christened" my newest leather skirt with a fantastic 7 log poo.

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