RJOGGER and Kathy
Hi everyone, hope all is well. We'll get right to it.
Amy (Co-ed) - That was a pretty cool story (stories) about your post thanksgiving dorm dump. But is it really healthy to hold a crap for 3 or so hours? It must have been quite uncomfortable.
Upstate Dave - You certainly have some interesting outdoor adventures. The latest one about Brenda pooping by the horse manure was really good.
Jessica - You are a very smart girl to poop in school, when you have to; and to bring a friend along is very wise. It is no fun holding in a serious poop, and because many school kids are immature about toilet habits, ie they heckle others who use the toilet, it is very smart to bring a friend or friends along. My wife Kathy and I know from experience, as both of us had to use school toilets with doorless stalls. Yes, you are becoming a real school pooper.
Buzzy - Sorry to see that you are under the weather, neighbor. It looks like the anti-biotics really pushed a monster out for you. Feel better, Buzzy, speak to you soon.
CARMALITA - Hi sweet, Senora. Kathy and I love you so much, also. I see that spicy food does numbers on your little ????. You and Nu seemed to really have a bad time of it after eating Thai food. Are you sure the food was not tainted? Kathy and I eat Thai food often, and we really like it spicy, but it does nothing more than just burn a little the next day. I hope you 2 girls are OK, we wouldn't want to see our favorite little lady feeling ill. Still, it was a good story, and it was even better, when you girls took turns wiping Jake. I know from experience that having 2 girls wipe you is a great treat. You take care, sweetie, here is a big hug and kiss (with Jake's permission, of course) from crazy Rich.
David and Niki - How are you kids, it has been some time since we spoke. Kathy and I are glad that you guys have been up to some interesting stuff, and thanks for the nice comments. What can we say about the "pickled cabbage juice" poop that you and Niki had. Isn't it just great, you are on the bowl, and your lady comes in to do the same and just lets it go in the tub? It sounds like the things that Kathy and I engage in, and it does us good to see other folks do the same. Of course, yours was out of need, but it was one hell of a good story. Take care, kids, be well we will speak to you again soon.
Annie and Robby - Oh, you folks post some great stories. Just imagine, 8 school kids dumping in a field, because of bad food (just what are "bangers and mash"), and one poor guy gets his wille stuck. Great story, it had us rolling with laughter. Take care folks, how's the ticker doing, Robbie?
Hellos also to Jane, Diane NY, Renee and Patsy, Rizzo, Mina, Muggs, Sara and Mehgan.

Hi everyone, it's Kathy. Yesterday, at work, I had to take a monster of a crap. I did not go yesterday morning with Rick, as I was a little late getting up, and he was already out running. After I got to work at 8, the 3 other people in my room and I set up the activities for our group, then went and got the children. I felt a slight urge, but nothing pressing, so I continued on with my work. I work in a hospital for abused, disabled and handicapped children, and the work is very physical and demanding. At 9:30, the kids go for physical therapy and treatment, so we get about an hour to do paper work or whatever. Yes, the ladies room gets very busy at this time. I told my friend Beatrice that I had to go, and she said that she would join me, as she pointed to her lower abdominal area. I just nodded and giggled, and we went off to the ladies room that is a little farther from our room. The main ladies room gets too crowded, and this smaller one is out of the way. It only h! as 2 toilets, so we were taking a chance, but it was empty when we got in. I took the left stall, Bea took the right. After I closed the door, I pulled my gray slacks and white panties to my knees, pressed my legs together, and assumed the ladies toilet pose. I could hear Bea lowering her pants, and then she sat and passed a low fart. "Sorry", she said, but I just giggled. Then I pressed a little forward, pushed and felt my dark ring expanding. I felt a fairly thick turd emerge, gain momentum and slide out of my butt and into the toilet. I felt about ten pounds lighter, as I grunted with relief. "That must have felt Good", I heard Bea say. "You can't imagine how good". She didn't answer, as I heard a soft crackling sound from her stall. What sounded like a large poop was crackling and sliding its way out of her butt hole, then it plopped, she farted again, and we both started to pee. "Feeling better now?", I asked. " Yes, but I am not done", was her reply. I wasn't either, a! nd after peeing, I plopped another 3 fair sized poops into the water. I heard Bea crackle out another 2 or 3 pieces, then I started to gather some toilet paper. AS I was wiping, I heard Bea unravel some paper. I finished wiping, pulled up my pants, and said "Do you want to see a monster". "OK, but only if you inspect my poop also". "OK", I giggled, so when Bea finished and came out of the stall, we looked. She had plopped a queen sized log of about 15", maybe 2" thick, and it smelled ripe. We went in the other stall, looked at my turd, and Bea put her hand over her mouth and said it did indeed look like a monster. My poop was almost 2 feet long, and was about 2 and inches thick. We both started laughing, but then we heard someone coming. "Quick, lets flush this mess", I said, so we flushed both, leaving skids in both bowls. As we went to the sinks to clean up, Janet, another co-worker came in and went into the stall I had used. "Whew, I see you girls were busy. Everyone m! ust have had to go, the other bathroom is full". We all laughed, and as Bea and I finished washing, we heard Janet fart,grunt, pause, then a loud crackler started coming out of her ass. "We'll see you later, Janet", I said. "Ennnnnhhhhh, OK, girls", PLOP, "Ennnhhh, see you later". Obviously, Janet was enjoying a satisfying bowel movement. Bea and I just giggled, I mean hear were 2 fifty something ladies inspecting each others output like school girls, and then enjoying the sound of a co-worker grunting out a big load. Some things never change.

Oh well, that's our little story, Rick and I are flying to Pittsburgh on Friday, as friends of his invited us to the Steelers Jets game this weekend (Rick and I are diehard Steeler fans). Be well everyone, happy pooping to all.

Hi all!

I've been away in the country to stay with friends. The only thing toilety that happened was the result of overeating on guinea fowl - much tastier than chicken - and vegetables from their own kitchen garden. Broccoli, cabbages, beetroot, fennel, potaotes, lettuce and herbs. Prepared the right way these are delicious and result in trumps galore announcing the oncome of bowl filling turds!! It is a good thing our friends' bathrooms are equipped with six inch diametre sewage piping! Anything less would be asking for trouble!
There are some fantastic stories to read since I last posted!

RJOGGER and Kathy, I bet that I too would have found the preliminaries to the game much more entertaining! A sixfold buddy dump in the swamp! Wow!

Dear LOUISE, yes, your shower wee story was a corker! It would be awkward if your team weed in the shower with the other team looking! They might be discusted and complain, not wanting to use the showers any more. So please take care, I do not wish to miss your wees in those showers. Your wees in urinals, alleys and Spanish beaches are really entertaining too!! Steve must be enjoying life with you! Cheers to you and Steve from Rizzo!

CARMALITA, thanks dear for your flattering words and of course for your most wonderful additions to the Carmalita Collection, the story of you watching Heather in the next stall and Nu followed by Jake for a glorious poop!
I sure would have enjoyed you as a nurse! But I bet you too are resolute and would not tolerate any nonsense from a patient! Love to you and Jake and Patsy and Renee (Malita Jean included) and Angie and Nu and Tesa and...., no I think I've got you all, from Rizzo

Dear SARAH S. and dear MEGHAN, I am very touched that you are planning to dedicate the Bach Air (BWV ???) to me. You have no idea how much I would love to listen to the two of you! Not only playing Bach! Ooops, am I being rude? Or did that sonic boom that rattled my window the other day originate from your toilet? And I find it very sweet of you to dedicate pieces of music to Andrew and Kendal. I have no idea if they have had the opportunity to learn to appreciate classical music. So far the classical sounds I have heard from their direction were resounding trumps, plops and gushers!
Take care you two, love from Rizzo.

Dear ANNIE, I liked your poo in the stables! I have often wondered how often stables get peed or even pooed into - I mean by people, not horses! Over here in Europe riding is much a girly thing. I suppose that it is one of the few things girls can do without parents interfering too much or wondering what their precious daughters are up to! Ha, ha! Peeing in the straw (?), feeling the saddle in a sensitive place, plus the heady excitement of riding a horse! I enjoyed the latter, but got my balls squashed a few times when I was a beginner at the tender age of ten. However, I never witnessed a girl peeing in the straw. Only horses. What a pity! Take care, and see to it that Robby doesn't cheat on his diet!!! Love to you from Rizzo.

TODD and DIANA, what do my eyes behold? That you are going to have twins! Well here are my best wishes to the four of you!! I hope all goes well! I did not quite understand if this should be kept secret, but your posting the news here makes it accessible to all! Love to you from Rizzo!

ALEXA, great story of your poop behind the bushes in front of Todd!

To DAVID and NIKI, thanks for your kind words. Your pee stories are good to read too! And the story of Niki barging into the bathroom pulling down her pants in desperation while you were sitting and occupying the toilet, turd half out, was just great! Cheers and good health to you both from Rizzo!

DONNA + BECCA, that was a good diarrhea story by you Becca! I see in you a potential for excellent and entertaining stories! Please post again!

INA, the next grade of achievement will be peeing your name in the snow or in the sand! Ina shouldn't be too difficult a name to pee! Have fun perfecting your peeing skills! Read what I wrote to Ross about aiming when peeing standing into the toilet bowl.

EPHEMERAL, a very Happy Birthday to you from Rizzo! I wish you success with retraining your bowels to be able to produce easy to pass jobbies on a regular basis! You went one month wthout a bm? I believe that if I went that long without a poo, my remains could only be used as manure.
I am a regular daily pooper. Sometimes I go twice. Rarely do I skip a day. It has happened that I did not go for three days, but that may occur once in a decade!

Dear SILKE, I liked your story about that family relieving themselves on the beach in the belief that they were completely alone! Then you went on to remark that Dani could pee twice the distance of the boys! If you read PV's posts, you will discover that she can pee a good two metres distance when standing. So the fact that Dani can pee twice as far as a man is not unusual. The woman you saw pooping over the side of a boat must have been uncomfortably seated. Normally boat decks make such an undertaking rather difficult. I enjoy your stories very much, and I am looking forward to your next one! Cheers to you from Rizzo!

AMAZON, those are great pee desperation stories of yours! Even getting to the point of missing the bowl altogether! Keep them up!

PIGGY POOP, Wow, what a desperation story about your friend and her family, where she and her mother finally managed to find a secluded place in a church of all places! A pee and a poo in a pew! Great story!

LAWN DOGS KID, I've just read about Kendal barely making it to the loo, so that she had to use the down stairs one! Yes, you are quite right, when the plops come before the wee, it is a case of utmost urgency (it even rhymes!). And yes, it was a pity that I missed the action when I came across the puddles during my bike ride. I missed another action last week. Driving past the marina I parked the car and went to check up on the boat. You know, flush the toilet, check the battery charger, check the mooring lines, that sort of thing. On the way out I passed the container with the toilets which is right next to the entrance gate. Outside the fence, and also next to the gate was a fresh large puddle of pee still seeping into the sand next to the path. Two footprints from jogging shoes forming a V with the heels together and the puddle between the toes and farther in front let me identify this one as a female pee puddle! Right between the footprints the sand had been washed a! way to almost an inch of depth by a broad jet of pee. She must have peed with her back to the fence and hence with her back to the toilet container! Ten feet away from the ladies! But she of course did not have the electronic key to the electric door. If I would have been there when she was just about to lower her pants, that is, when her need would have been obvious, I would have let her be my guest to use the marina loos. Yes, it has been frustrating! You get to see more action!! I envy you!!!! Give Kendal a big, big hug from me, scratchy or not depending on the state of your face, and love to you Andrew, from Rizzo.

And finally to ROSS, I often sit to pee in order to avoid spraying urine all over the place. That is, I sit to pee at home when I go in the dark (the bathroom door is always open, and the light would blind me and could wake up others), and I always sit or kneel to pee when using the toilet on board my boat. By day I admit that I often stand even at home, because it is easier just to open the fly of my trousers instead of baring my bottom. But then I can carefully aim at the side of the bowl and not let it splash into the water, so that no droplets rebound into the air, walls or floor. The trick is to keep the stream hitting the porcelain at small angle, as far from a rectangle as possible, so that the urine hardly glances off but follows the contour of the surface.

That's it for now, have healthy poos everyone! Rizzo

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, everyone,

Continuing to enjoy great times on the toilet, I realise how much I was missing out on the wonderful sensations of dropping good firm turds, and each time I do one, I think that's how most people will be doing it!

KENDAL, Another very good word you used- a Plympton! I bet they're not plymptons in that good old toilet at your Gran's with that long drop!

COPROLOGIST, I suppose the answer to the problem of a cold bathroom at home is to keep the window closed, and matches at the ready to strike if you make a stink.(Not to produce heat, of course but to kill the smell).
I've very rarely felt wary of sitting on a cold toilet seat although for some, it's quite a shock although one's body heat warms the seat within seconds.
There are various warm seat covers on the market, made of foam, and one I know of and have used is a seat that seems to be a vynil coated cushion seat. As you sit on it you hear and feel it deflate and as it's smaller than conventional seats, I hate it as I can't tuck my tackle under properly so weeing whilst sitting can be awkward.
As for heating bathroom, there are electric heaters specially made for bathrooms, but airbricks and even overflow outlets can often be the cause of a draughty bathroom.
I have stayed with people where the toilet is separate from the bathroom, and has its own radiator alongside the toilet. That can be very cosy. My own arrangements are a gas heater close to the toilet so that can be very comfortable.

LANCS LAD, Welcome to our forum to someone from a county I know very well!
Interested to see that you have a shit usually twice a week. I used to go every two or three days myself in my teens with no difficulties due to the time lapses between going. Many people find that their turds are quite hard and large by that time, but for a long time, I've rarely passed anything that's both hard and large at the same time.
The last time that happened to me was a few months ago when I'd been constipated for several days and at last knew I was really going to get myself cleared out at last.
I sat on the toilet really wanting to do it but had to put a lot of effort into it, and sat there about half an hour during which time I dropped some hard whoppers that gave me a really tough time to get done.
What a sense of achievement and pride when I looked down the toilet and admired these brown beauties, and sense of feeling cleared out at last and with a well-splashed bum!
Usually when I drop big ones, they're soft or smooth so don't need much effort to do.
I'd be interested to know what you produce and whether you enjoy pushing out big firm ones, and what sort of food you eat. It's obviously your natural pattern to go every few days, so I hope you feel comfortable with your toilet sessions.
I hope you use the type of toilet that gives you good loud plops if you enjoy that as much as I do!

A few years ago, I lived in a town where there was an old-fashioned public toilet that looked rather like a Tudor cottage. Perhaps that's why gay men refer to toilets as cottages, as many were built in that style years ago.
This particular one was in the centre of town, and I sometimes used to go and use it for a shit, and I liked the fact that between two of the cubicles there was a large hole in the tiled partition so that if you leaned back you could see the back of the guy's arse on the next toilet if there was anyone sitting there.
What I found off-putting was that often when I was walking towards it, I would see an old man who would turn round if he'd been walking the other way, and follow me into the toilets.
For all I know, perhaps he was interested in hearing me shit, but the idea he may have other sexual motives annoyed me although he never made any advances, and what he wants to fantasize about isn't my business. I think the problem for me was that I might want to wait and listen to someone, and he'd be thinking I was there for non-shitting purposes.
I just wish that on these type of occasions that I could really do a loud plopping stinking shit so no-one's in any doubt as to what I'm doing there!
It's surprised me how many men possibly into their 70s hang around public toilets, and that they may be very lonely, and for all I know desperate to see younger guys on the toilet.
I can remember an old man in the cubicle next to me saying he'd like to see me sitting on the toilet, although I forget how either of us had broached the subject. I said he could look at me over the partition if he liked, but he tried to stand on the toilet but wasn't agile enough and I didn't want to open my door for him to look as he'd need to be quick enough to move away if anyone came into the building, and he was rather frail.
I once heard a young guy on the toilet next to me talking to his mate, when he caught sight of an old man looking over the partition at him. They told him him what they thought of him, and he foolishly opened his door to leave, but the young guy's friend thumped him as he ran away pleading with him not to hurt him.
The young guys both laughed and enjoyed the fact he'd
"deserved it" as he was "probably looking at young boys".
Hearing the old man running out frustated, insulted and physically assaulted made me realise there must be some desperately lonely people out there with little chance of intimate companionship.
The two friends had asserted the right to privacy, but whether they realised how cruel was their attitude, who knows.
I hope the old man was able to have some satisfaction in his life.

I've just tried a website I read about for people wanting to convert their toilets to the French squat type.
I can't give the URL but if anyone is interested, I suppose using the word toilet on a search engine would find it.
It was unavailable when I tried so I can't give any comments about it.

Good times to all, Enjoy your toilets! P P G

Hi all!
I couldn't resist the urge to post. I am sitting here thinking of ideas for a new script. My long time collaborator Barbara is perched next to me. She is laughing like hell at some of the posts! This is her first time to read these. This past Sunday all of us went to the chamber music concert that Sarah S and Meghan played in. After it was over we were backstage and Meghan was nowhere to be found. Sarah said;" she is in the ladies room grossing out everyone". Well, it seems while they were playing Meghan had a strong urge to wee and shit. The music took a long time and she had no time to go to the loo(this was in the second half after the interval(intermission). Sarah said Meghan was letting out little farts that were deadly. The group could hardly stand it. She wanted to hold her nose with one hand and play the piano with the other. I did see Meghan squirming a bit in her chair. She plays the cello. Well, Meghan finally came out and told us that she had one of the bigge! st dumps she had ever had. She said;" I trumped and dumped and trumped and dumped!" She said she dropped 10 pieces and pushed out some soft poo. There were other women coming out of the ladies loo and many of them gave the poor girl a dirty look. I told her not to worry. Those ladies probably stunk up the joint just as bad as she did. Oh my, Barbara just fell on the sofa dying with laughter. I have to stop for a moment!! There! She has gone to the loo,hahaha! I won't follow. She is game for anything but is a happily married woman. BTW, the concert went very well.
Some quick hellos:

DEAR KENDAL: How is my favourite niece? As you read in the above story, Meghan trumped, brompted, and REALLY cullompted!! No plyompting was evident. They are into finals at school. I am staying on my food plan and am gaining strength. Your and Andrew's words help considerably. I read about Andrew's loud trump! That got Annie and I laughing! Meghan sure can let them rip, too! I'm sure your friend Kirsty's wee was strong if those girls called it a horse wee. Annie and the girls have done some horse wees themselves. It is not so ladylike. Oh, my dear friend and assistant Barbara would like to say hi! (Barbara)- Hi Kendal. I have heard a lot about you and Andrew. This is the first time I've been on here. Take care, Barbara. Uncle Robby- She is a sweet girl! Now you take care and give a huge hello and hug to dear Andrew for us. He is your rock and protector! Lots of kisses and squeezy hugs from Uncle Robby and (Aunty Annie).

NURSE CARMALITA: HOLA DEAR! That was a major dump story you told. Chinese and Thai food always does it for me and also the girls. Give our love to the rest of your crazy crew,LOL!! Love, Robby

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Great to hear from you folks. That adventure at the tail-gate party surpasses anything Annie and I have ever told. My assistant just about lost it when she read it! Annie will, too!! Take care, Robby and (Annie)

LOUISE: Hi Gal! When I can figure out a way to get a cover over the patio maybe Annie and the girls can have a weeing for distance contest. Give our love to Steve! Robby and (Annie)

DAVID AND NIKI: Great to hear from you two! You write great stories! You both are obviously very comfortable together in the loo. That is marvelous. Take care, Love, Robby and (Annie)

TODD AND DIANA: Congrats on the impending event!! Annie and I wish you all of the joys!! I read "Harry Potter" in the toilet. Very easy! Love, Robby and (Annie)

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: DEAR RIZZO-hope you are ok,my friend!!, Jane-Hi gal!, Scott and Kim, PV-hello there,in Aus!, Ephermal-one loo and 4 girls; good luck,LOL!, Amy(co-ed)-welcome back,great story. Jessica-welcome back, Lancs Lad-welcome, Mina, Mindy, Mandy, LindaGS-come back, Adele, Amazon, Diva, Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Althea, Laura, Gurli, Sarah T, Jeff A-hope you are ok, too!, DianeNY, Bryian, Adrian, Ina, Meredith, CD,Tricia, Bry, Ring Stretcher, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou- hope to meet you, soon! and all of the other friends on this forum. CHEERS, Robby and (Annie)

To Buzzy: I enjoyed your story about poooping at the market and had a conversation with that guy

To Coprologist: I agree with you....i hate cold bathrooms too. I can't stand to have a shit in one. Every time i go in one im like i hope i don't have to poop. peeing is ok

Mornin' poopers-some responses
TO DAVID & NIKI-Yes, David i know what you mean-thre is nothing like pooing along with your lady at the same time-used to do it alot with my ol' nurse friend-used to get up a few times a week and drive to her place first thing in the a.m. and we would both have some breakfast and after some Oj and coffee,we both had to dump pretty good and sometimes we would dump at the smae time or i would let her go first in a bedpan with her nurse uniform on as i would sit on the bowl and we would have a great old time!-nothing like it,David-good story!
TO CARMELITA-Wooah-nice story with NU-I just would love to see an oriental woman poop-never saw that-yes,daer I also printed that one for the bowl myself-sounded like she did quite a load -i'll have to save that story for when I have to go pretty bad myself to read and enjoy as I unload my poop!Love your stuff honey!
TO AMY(co-ed) impressive story of your post-turkey unloading!Yes, isn't it good to tell your poop stories on this forum as you type and feel your rectum fill up and you have to poop-i do that myself quite often-I liked your poop there too-must have been relieving! 1 question-are you a big girl(tall)?Sounds like you are my kind of pooper,AMY!Good stuff!
Had another good dump yerterday a.m. at the gym-by the time I got to the gym i already had to go pretty good and rushed to the toilets which were busy with the sounds of guys doing what sounded like coffee dumps-a lot of farts and loose dumps and groaning too-as i'm calening the bowl, the sounds are really good this that morning and as sit down and again,no gas at all and the turds start coming out right away and they are like really light brown chocolate moose-very airy type turds with a bit of hissing gas coming out at the same time as I kinda groaned myself with relief and at the same time a guy across from me sits down and lets out a hugh,loud fart and a lot of crackling as my turds are coming out my domed anus at the same time.It was great.Then I felt done,so I just sat there and let out my morning pee which was quite a bit and toward the end of my peeing,i pushed out some soft squgglies at the same time which was nice.Then I looked in the bowl and saw 3 8-10 inch ! smooth light sausages wrapped around the bowl and again it looked like it would ahve been 1 real long one that broke up as it came out and it looked just like chocolate moose too and real light in color-then I wiped an it was a clean wipe too and went to the shower and went up to do my routines-I really enjoy these kind of dumps-even though the poop is soft,i have to push a bit to get it all out and it flet nice too-good stuff all ! BYE

Althea - Does that girl (or do those ladies) ever leave behind evidence that they have at least tried to wipe themselves? Does it seem to be a chronic thing with her/them? Are the results of her/their actions (or perhaps more correctly, inactions) still wafting in the wind every time they walk past??

Not being a gynecologist (or a woman for that matter) I'm obviously not an expert in this field, but it is my understanding that chronically smelly periods can sometimes represent an underlying medical problem. Do you think this could possibly have been the case or was it just one thing on a whole list of gross things that 'teacher' did?
Lets hope she cleans up her act before she gets close to a classroom. It won't take a kid a micorsecond to realize that something isn't right with such a woman.

(Y'know... On second thought it might be a good thing if she starts teaching pre-school or kindergarden. Children of that age have a great habbit of being brutally honest with their statements.)

Jamie aka Sun Devil
Hello everyone.
CARMELITA- Mi senora bonita! Thank you for your sweet and kind words, they really mean a great deal during this period of my life. As for your 25 inch turd. Damn girl!! Married life surely has improved the length of your turds. I would have loved to have been there while you pushed that beast out. You know what it is, its all that wild love making you are doing right now. =) Your crapping stories sure know how to put a smile on my face. The thing with my ex-fiance right now is really taking a toll on me and I will go in greater detail at a later time. I love the story about your poo when you had the Thai food. It sure burns you crap that food out huh. Anyways, I wanted to say that I love you too and thank you for being such a great and wonderful friend.
KIM and SCOTT- Hope everything is well and keep pushing out those tremendous logs, it wouldnt surprise me one day to see 1 30inch turd come out of you. Keep safe and take care!
Everyone else, have a great rest of the week and happy pooping to all.


kim and scott
hello all! recently after our college classes were over scott and I hopped into my red sportscar and took off for my house. I had to squeeze out a massive bowel movement and my boyfriend scott wanted to watch,(scott and I go to a four year college together. we drive there every morning) when we arrived at my place the house was empty because my parents were still at work. so scott and I quickly went upstairs to my bathroom. inside the bathroom I let my pants fall down to my toes as I sat my ass on the bowl. I then started to push as my pink butt quivered excitedly as a brown log emerged from my ass.I then pushed harder as my ring stretched wider and my log grew bigger and bigger!"oh boy! did I have to take a shit folks! as I gritted my teeth and pushed real hard as my once big log grew into a gigantic log. my boyfriend watched fascinated as my titanic turd was coming out of my ass."wow! kimmie look at the size of that thing!" scott said excitedly as my super brown missile gr! ew still larger! I then took a deep breath and stared my baby blue eyes right into scotts eyes and pushed really hard. my body instantly went into a massive shudder "ooohhhh baby !here comes the big one!"I moaned in pleasure as I exploded a mammoth torpedo into the bowl. I then looked down in the bowl with scott and saw a huge sausage in there. half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half went all the way past the bowls water up the bowls porcelain! scott then got the measuring tape and measured my log at 23 1/2 inches long. 3.5 inches thick.boy! did that log feel great coming out of my ass! scott then chopped my log up with a stick. after this I wiped myself and flushed the toilet. scott and I then studied for awhile before I drove scott home.hoped you liked the story all! be well and happy holidays!
TO RJOGGER AND KATHY-hello. thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too. you are a nice couple and we hope that you are doing well!
TO LOUISE-hello there. thanks for answering my question on what you look like! I knew you were pretty anyway but I was just curious thats all. love your posts dear. be well.
TO JESSICCA-hello your posts. I am a cheerleader also. be well all!

yesterday i was watching this show called the hotel .one of the staff drank coffee with milk and she was lactose intolerant .at a meeting for the hotel,she was sitting beside her sister who also worked in the hotel,she had to go poop during the meeting. they showed her crossing and un crossing her legs and stand up to push the poop back in then her sister would pull her shoulder back down so she would sit and then she'll stand up again,poop her panties and run to the toilet.

Lancs Lad. If having a bowel movement once or twice a week is what's normal for you, it should be alright. However, I would not advise going without a motion for any longer. It wouldn't be healthy and dangerous toxins could seep through your bowel into your system. Unless I'm constipated I try to have a motion at least once and sometimes twice a day. I don't like hanging on to it any longer than I have to.

Annie. I liked your story a great deal. It was wonderful. I'm surprised though that bangers and mash should make you want to go though - unless the bangers were cooked in a tomato or onion sauce that didn't agree with you. At least you know what to eat if you need a good clear out!

Thursday, December 06, 2001

hi.sorry i'm posting so much.i really like this forum.when i was at this restaurant last time,i had the urge to do poop.i went to the toilet and exploded in in it.extremely mushy poop about this size @@(two of those)were floating on the water.after that my bum was really pain ful.

Amy (Co-ed)
Hello everyone, I am finally getting around to making another post. I have been swamped with school stuff, finals are coming up soon so wish me luck!!!!! I have an interesting poop story to share from a week ago. As everyone knows, Thanksgiving invites a time to stuff oneself as much as possible. Like most other college students I journeyed home for the holiday and returned to school on Sunday afternoon. I live about 3 hours away from my university and before I left home at about 1pm I had a need for my second "Thanksgiving dump" but I decided to hold it until getting back to school. I say it was my second dump because I took a very big shit on Friday after Thanksgiving. My little sister and me went to the mall for the traditional shopping day and we both had to take a big one before the shopping day was done. I hope the janitor was able to get the toilet to flush (sorry!!!) Anyway, I finally got back to school and unpacked when the need was getting serious, I was f! eeling bloated and walking funny by the time I made it into my floor's restroom. When I entered there was a very bad poop smell and I noticed about 5 stalls were occupied by poopers, I guess I was not alone in the after Thanksgiving dump department! I entered a stall but the toilet was full of a MONSTER dump, the smell of the other girls was very bad by now so I decided to go down one floor to another restroom. This was better luck, it was empty except for a girl fixing her makeup. I picked a stall in the middle and locked the door. I dropped my jeans and tight white panties to my ankles and sat down on the comfortable seat. My ample butt sank deep down into the bowl with the seat pulling my cheeks gently apart, GOD I LOVE THAT FEELING! I released a bunch of stinky farts that echoed throughout the restroom. It wasn't long before a steady PLOP...PLOP...PLOP...PLOP could be heard as I dropped several knobby poops about 3 inches long each. I grunted a little to get th! e next piece going which turned out to be a pretty big turd, about 2 inches thick and 8 inches long, I sighed as it dropped from my asshole. I farted a few more times and dropped two more small knobby pieces followed by a 6 incher. I only wiped twice and flushed my load away leaving many skid marks in the bowl. It's kinda funny but as I sit here on Monday night (12-3) writing this I need to go poop kinda bad! I have only shit 2 or 3 times since the above post so it should be a big one. I am going to go shit right now and will be back in a little while to make another post, fresh from the toilet! Love, Amy

Whew! It's about 20 minutes after my last post and I am back from a very nice dump! I was very very gassy tonight. I went down to the restroom and locked myself in a stall. Everyone might like to know 3 other girls were shitting as well although I was the only farter tonight. I am wearing a pair of short gym shorts and some silky purple panties. I dropped both to my ankles and sat down. I immediately pushed out a loud ripping fart followed by three more smaller farts. I grunted a little to get my load moving, with little effort four smaller turds slid out and collected in the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl, they were each about 3 inches long and an inch wide. I farted again five more times and felt my big log start to move out. I sat and relaxed, tried to hear what the other girls were doing, just a few splashes about every 30 seconds or so. Between the four of us it was beginning to stink, I feel I was to blame for most of it though! I could hear my hole c! rackle open as my sausage worked its way out. It felt sooo very good coming out. My ass opened wider and wider as it slowly squeezed out until finally it dropped. I looked down between my legs to see it floating in the water, it was 2 inches wide and 12 inches long. I strained a little more and got out 2 more smaller pieces 4 inches long and an inch wide. I sat a little while longer to allow my anus to close back! I waited until one of the other girls wiped before I did the same. It took me 7 wipes and two flushes to get everything down but I feel the relief! Hope everyone has a good week with many good dumps! Amy

TV Fan
On last night's "Absolutely Fabulous" (shown here in the US on Comedy Central), the main character, Edina, farted. On last week's episode, her best friend Patsy was shown using the toilet. Edina interrupted her and made her hide in the shower because she had a man in the room. Patsy said "I'm not quite done" so Edina handed her a roll of tp and a washcloth. It was pretty funny. AbFab is one of the few comedy series shown in the US where there have been references to the main characters (both women) using the toilet.

Anyone know of any other US TV shows from the new season where women are shown farting or using the toilet?

Today as I was waiting in line at this chinese place there were two young girls maybe twenty years old in front of me. And one of them must have farted cause I smelled a strong fart. Five minutes later one of them left to go to the bathroom. Wow was she pretty, what a thought ....her letting a big turd out of her butt.

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