Sara T.
Hi all :)

what a day! I shit twice so far, I wonder if I'll do more after dinner?
The first time was early this morning, but I didn't pay much attention to color, etc. because I was in pain from needing to go so badly. The second one, however, was this afternoon. I'm on a diet, so maybe it's because I've been drinking a lot of tea, etc., as opposed to eating, but I had diarrhea. It was yellow-brown with a couple of very small chunks in it. I knew the feeling right away, I ran into the bathroom right away for fear of messing myself. Pulled down my black slacks and tan panties and whoosh... it was like a bunch of water flowing out of me.

As for peeing, people have been home a lot lately so I haven't had anywhere interesting or fun to go. I did go into the bathroom the other night though and sit on the toilet to pee, but held a small cup between my legs instead and peed into it. I underestimated how much I had to go, though, so the pee leaked over and spilled onto my hand. I forget who was just talking about the plastic device to help chicks pee while standing, but I envy them! I've been meaning to get one and it keeps slipping my mind.

I really enjoy this sight this is my first time posting. I am 16 a male in the 10th grade. I have been interested in poop for a long time.When I left for school this morning I felt a slight need to poop but I held it in all day. I don't like to poop at school unless I am despirte.So I have had this monster log in me all day as I sit here writing I can feel it working its way out lots of gas and pressure I am also nude as I like to poop in the nude I guess I like the freedom I guess it is time to let this log out. That was one good poop a very long thick log lots of hissing gas and one big boomer at the end it took about 15 minutes. Any other guys or gals like to poop in the nude. I am thinking of Steve, Ben, Cody and the other dudes my age. CBF

Hey everyone remember me? I am the 8th grade girl who pooped at school a few weeks back! Well I did it again today. Most all day long I had cramps and the need to poop really really bad. I am a cheerleader and today I had to wear my uniform because we had basketball games after school to cheer at! Finally I knew I would not be able to cheer well if I didnt poop and I knew I could'nt go home since the game was right after school. I told my friend Katy that I needed to go to the restroom really really bad and asked if she would go with me, she said yea and we both excused ourselves from class and headed off to the girls room. I have had to go with Katy in the past so I guessed she wouldnt care. I told her I had to poop really bad, she just laughed and said it's better to go with me than to be stuck in class, what a friend! We finally got to the girls room and I went into a stall while Katy sat down on the floor outside of my stall. I lifted my short skirt and pulled ! down my blue cheerleader underwear and panties, they both dropped to my ankles and I sat down on the cold seat, I'm kinda tall and skinny so my butt dropps way down and i'm like squating. It didn't take long for me to start pooping. A big poop came out, it was at least a foot long, kinda skinny. I farted a few times before some more came out. Katy laughed and said I stunk, I laughed too because it was true! I pooped 4 more pieces and finally was finished. I felt so much better afterward. Katy saw my poop before I flushed and she was surprised I could do that much, anyways I guess I am becoming a real school pooper!

CD: We have a girl or 2 or 3 that do not flush the toilet when they have a bowel movement. One of the female porters complained to me about them. I might have an idea. We had a girl who left to be a teacher. She had the most unsanitary habits. Her periods smelled when she changed her pads and tampons. We were glad to see her go. She was just downright nasty.

Carmalita: Excellent performance!

fartface: You should have been in the same house with me from girl to adulthood. I used to have some terrific episodes of diarreah. They were frightening as well as I admit pleasurable. See my earlier posts.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Welcome to the new people. The other day had a good round of posts. Carmalita you did it again. Great post! There was a lot of great desperation posts for peeing and pooping. Amazon,your post was good and peeing standing up for girls is more common then you may know. I knew of several girls when I was younger that peed standing up years ago.

Somebody asked the other day about peeing in unusual containers. I used to have an aunt that worked alot outside and she peed into the garbage can. Barbie a friends sister peed many a time into a plastic halloween pumpkin. I myself used a 5lb penut butter plastic pail.

Today Im going to continue with the rest of the bike ride with Susan and Brenda. We left the creek area and decided to ride the road that went to the back of the property we were riding on. There was a long hill so we had to walk our bikes up it. There was a couple of hoarses kept in the back fields so we went looking for them. We rode around for awhile but did not find them.

Brenda had started farting again. She was letting off alot of short loud pops. She goes Ive got to shit now!. She got off her bike and walked over into the field. There was a pile of hoarse manure on the ground so she said here is a spot so I will add to it!

She pulled her shorts and panties right off and stood over the pile of manure. Susan and I started to laugh because Brenda made a comment she had to go like a race hoarse. Brenda let out a long slow brrraaaap of a fart first. Then she pulled her cheeks apart and slowly this very tan knobby turd emerged from her rear hole. She pushed hard again. Slowly s ix inches of shit passed outward and hung in the air between her legs.

Brenda took a breather for a couple of minutes. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was alright,just that she had not gone in three days. She started pushing again. Slowly her knobby turd moved some more. This time Brenda was pushing with a audible umph. She had pushed out almost a foot. Now I look like I have a tail like a hoarse, she said as she smiled. That got Susan laughing again. Brenda pushed one more time. Her tail grew another four inches at a quicker rate of speed then dropped to the ground. She then asked me; How does my hole look? Since it was a hard poop I told her it was clean. She then peed all over the fresh turd she had produced. She put back on her panties and shorts. With a smile and a wink, now I know what the meaning of what I got to shit like a race hoarse means.

I've always been curious about what it would be like to go to the bathroom as the opposite sex.I'm a guy and always wondered what is the experience of going to the bathroom as a girl espicially in a public restroom.IF anyone could tell me how it's different than going as a guy I'd like to hear any stories you may have for me.

Hello,all-been getting over this sinus infection and this morning I took a anti-biotic poo-I've been taking these pills for about 3 days and this morning I felt like I had to dump pretty bad-i was out at the market getting some food and I felt a big cramp and quickly went to the toilet in the market-i've used this one before and it's clean and there are 3 stalls and when I got thee ther was a guy in one of them just starting his dump and I walk into the stall and start cleaning the bowl and I hear this guy let out 2 loud farts and a lot of ploping and now I really have to poop and i sit down and right away the turd start opening up my anus and there was no gas at all-just the sound of Thhhhhhhhhhhiiit plop plop plop plop plop and it went on for quite a bit and this guy in the next stall says "wow and I thought I had to go bad"as I continue to pump ropes of turds into the bowl and I said "Been on some pills that do this sort of thing to me" and then I heard him fart again an! d sounded like alot of loose chunky stuff flew out of him as he grunted "Uhhhhh boy what kind of pills are they cause from what I hear,i was wondering of you were OK"I told him about my sinus problem and at that point stopped pooing and looked in the bowl and saw very light colored turds pretty much 1 consistancy spread all over the bowl-they were soft well formed long turds about 1-1/2 in thick and I'd say 4 or 5 of them were 10-12 in long and I think mthese all came out in one long turd and just broke up as it was coming out or I would have had a record breaker of a turd maybe over 2 feet long-of course it felt great coming out and the pleasure of it all was slightly interrupted by this guy talking to me,but it still was enjoyable and then I heard this guy start to wipe and as he is wiping I have to go more and again,no gas, and the same type of poop starts coming out again,but not nearly as much as before,but still 2 long turds,but thinner ploped into the bowl and I loo! ked and these were also very light in color and a bit softer than the 1st load then this guy said" hey have a good one and sounds like you lost 10 lbs and hope you feel better" and he left-just sat there for a bit and enjoyed the moment like I always do and aalso did a nice long pee and thenf wiped my butt and headed home and I DID feel 10 lbs lighter-that was fun pooing along with that guy except he really stunk up the place,i headly had any odor at all-must be the pills but boy did it feel good coming out I really had to push to get it all out too-Anti-biotic poops feel more intense and I sem to poop a lot too-great stories all! BYE

Hola mis amigos!

JANE: Hey gal, I'm happy you liked the restroom story with Heather. I've always been very aware of other people's smells, and hers I could smell over mine, it was pretty ripe actually. Her "perfume" was wafting all over, and sort of filled the room. The honey was having a good dump that day.
AMAZON: Hi! My friends and roomates Renee and Patsy are also gay. From your description, you sound sweet, petite, and a honey on the toilet seat! I'm sure Renee will want to say hello, she's just been so busy lately. I loved your pee story at Walmart and McDonalds. I would've helped aim you! I love having to pee that badly, it feels really good.
RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hi guys!!! Carmalita loves you both!
JOHN VT: Hi babe. You should've had a whiff of this morning's poop! Wooooo-hoooo! Our white bathroom walls are now tinted beige.

Last night was the "Madame Nu Crackle Concert" She took us out for Thai food, and man did it tear me apart! I was shitting my brains out for at least a half hour! So was Nu. She was such a knockout, wearing a red plaid, pleated mini-skirt and matching silk button up blouse and black boots. After I finally emerged from the bathroom, drained and defeated, Nu desperately had to unload. She went in, then came out laughing holding her nose. She said "Oh, Malita, your poop was awful!" I was lying on the loveseat face down because my ass was still burning so bad I couldn't bear to sit. So, to all of our surprise, Nu went back in, left the door wide open, then set her sweet little ass down on the pot. She smiled, and finger waved at us, her loyal audience, then dipped her head down and started huffing and wet farting. I watched her petite ???? roll with each abdominal thrust. Then--sssppppriiiiikkkkkllll-slllllpppppppsssspppprrrkllll-ssslllllppppppp It was semi-soft goo. She ra! ised her head and looked as though she were in serious pain. Nu panted breathlessly, all red faced and drained like I was. "Rrrnnnhhh," she moaned some gas and started crapping more sloppy, smelly turds. "Unnhhh....K-plop-plooop!" two heavy muffins hit the water. Patsy, Renee, Jake and Myself were all excited beyond belief. Her delicate skin so saffron and cream colored; her round ass half hidden in little girl plaid, and that beautiful asian face with silky black hair spilling upon her shoulders. Mmmmmmm...! I looked up and offered a smile. "Got the shits baby?" I asked. Nu gave a little pout, nodding slowly while soft grunting to herself. Just then, she dipped her head down between her legs, leaning so far forward that she was almost off the toilet seat. Her toes pointed inward and we heard a hard, girlish grunt "Rrrrrnnnnhhhh--" then "Spprrkkkll-slooosh-sluup-slop-cccrrrrsspprrkkll..." and her tight little ass was squirming. Jake got up and went to the bathroom door, offe! ring to wipe her. Nu shook her head no and said "I'm going to be wiping up hot chocolate on about ten pieces of butt wipe as it is." We watched Jake as he came back and whispered "Damn, it's ripe in there!" Nu seemed a little embarrassed by her aroma while she cleaned her ass. Renee asked her if she'd like the door closed for privacy and Nu said "Oh no, not unless I'm offending everybody out there." Renee, being the absolute sweetheart that she is, wetted a washcloth with hot water, and swathed Nu's face for her while she rested on the pot. Afterward, Patsy came in and started combing her hair, while Renee took over the last of the wiping and cleaned up her butt with the warm washcloth.

Now, me and Nu were treated to the unusual, but highly pleasant experience of watching Jake take a huge dump. He survived the Thai food okay. After watching Nu give her performance, my poor baby had to admit that some of his parts were working a little too well, and to please excuse him. After pulling down jeans and boxers, and fidgeting with his you-know-what, he got situated on the seat that was freshly warmed by Nu. She stood there so sweetly, all pretty in her short skirt and silk top, with all of us remembering how sweet and juicy her butt was unpantied, and pretty. Jake is such a big guy, that we forget until we see him on the toilet. He's also handsome and well muscled, and I could tell that even though Nu has a penchant for women, he was pushing her buttons big time! K-PLOP! My honey crapped a big one! PLOOP-PLOP! Two more! I love to run my fingers through his hair, and across his stubbly face, especially when he's pooping. I also love the smell my man makes when! he poops. At this point, Renee and Patsy had gone to bed, so it was just the three of us. After Jake pooped, we took turns on toilet paper duty, then had a drink later.
Hey, I can't believe it's almost Christmas! Feliz Navidad to everybody here!
Talk atcha later,


Hi Oggy,
I didn't have my leather miniskirt on today (only a micro-short blue denim one with tail-slit) but I did fire one of the loudest and smelliest farts in my life!! Boy what a BOOMER! - and wow the stink was vile!
Maybe I'm lining up for the poo of the century so I'll get my leather mini ready. Maybe my black tights too!

hi guys!

just thought i'd post another story for yall to enjoy...

one night i was having those dreams where you have to pee sooooo bad and you can't find a place to go, and then when you do go you don't "feel" it.....anyway i woke up and i had to go so terrible i could barely get up, my lower stomach was completely rigid. someone was in the bathroom so i couldn't do, i tried to wait but in about 10 minutes i knew i had better find an alternative method to relieve myself..i didn't have a container or a wastebasket so i did the only thing i could think of, i raised my window and peed (Standing) through the screen. felt so good i had to shut my eyes, it lasted for a little over a minute. the funny thing is the deck begins outside my window and its slanted so by the time i was finished it looked like someone had taken a hose to it *L*

i think someone was wondering how i taught my friends to pee standing up, so heres the answer...

when i was a kid and my friends and i played in the woods, if we had to pee we did it there, i'd just tell them what i could do and then i'd show them what i did. as an adult, i teach them by letting them watch me and show them where to put their fingers. one thing i've noticed it that adult women tend to be very shy about peeing outside, it saddens me to think of how they might have been raised. Sometimes i'll offer to teach someone now and she'll get all embarrassed and won't try it.....the main reason they won't try it? they don't want to touch themselves....can we say REPRESSED!! *L*

a mean trick
One day my friend Nicole and I were having a sleep-over. My parents were away for the weekend so it was just me and my brother who was having Nicole's brother over. We'll to play a mean trick (they were older than us) They first tied our hands behind our back then took us to our shed. The worst part was that they poured laxative into our mouths and forced us to swallow. Then they left and locked the door. We didn't have any neighbors so screaming for help was useless. About a half an hour later Nicole said she had to go. We tried to get the knots untied but 5 minutes later i felt the laxative working. We desperately tried to get the knots off but we couldn't. I finally told Nicole I couldn't hold it anymore and she couldn't either so we both reluctantly let it go in our pants. It just flooded in and leaked down my pants. Sadly this happened again and again. Every ten minutes I would have to add a fresh gallon of diarrhe to my already ruined pants. Then they fina! lly let us out and took some pictures. We took turns on the toilet all night. But let me tell you they got in huge trouble.

Today I had a great pee! I had a coaching at 2.30 for an upcoming audition, and before I went, I wanted to get word-for-word translations of some of my arias done and transcribed into IPA, so I went to the library at 9.30 where I could work in peace. I was up on the 2nd floor with my music, dictionaries etc. and it took quite a while as I had 5 arias I wanted to do. I had my big water bottle with me and drank as needed so as to stay hydrated for my coaching. By about 10.30 or 11.00, I had to pee, but I told myself I wouldn't until I was done my work. I ended up sitting at the edge of my chair with my legs tightly crossed shifting around in my seat as I worked, because I really had to go. I finished my work at about 12.45, and by then I was getting desperate, but the bathrooms were on the main floor and since I had to go home anyway to warm up before the coaching, and I was late, and home was only a 20-minute drive or so, I decided to just wait until then. I got in my car and! drove a block or so, and then I got this long red light that lasts about 2 minutes, and I realized how much I had to pee and that I should have gone in the library. I was so desperate I was bouncing up and down in my seat. I'm sure the people behind me thought I had some crazy rap or thrash music on or something. As I kept driving, I began wondering if I should pull over at a gas station or something, but I told myself I could make it home. I had to put one hand down my pants and hold my crotch in order to make it, and even with that, some pee leaked out. When I finally got home, I rushed as fast as I could to the toilet and had a long, hissing, wonderful pee.

David and Niki
Hi everybody,

Thank you for all the nice replies and we are very sorry to hear that some of you nice people seem to have had serious health and other problems.

Robbiy and Annie: We are glad to hear that Robbie is feeling better and our best wishes for the future.
Thank you for your nice comments on our last post. Don’t worry, we had a good time in the old flat and the rooms that had an oven had a cosy warmth. We still enjoy the luxury of our new flat to have our very own private bathroom with a comfortable loo and a cosy bathtub for lovely bubblebaths exspecially at this time of the year. The old flat led to some fun as well though as we posted.....

Tim: How are you, dear? We hope everything is fine. You haven’t posted in a while but so did we. Hopefully you are just busy as well.

Rizzo: We were so relieved to read things are fine again with your wife. Hopefully things will get better with your job situation.
We saw a magazine for boat owners the other day and were thinking about you. Niki especially loves your peeing stories.

Rjogger and Kathy: Also glad to hear you seem to be better. You two seem to be a really nice couple. We very much liked the story about your nice poop when you went for a walk. We had a good experience last weekend as well.

We have been very busy recentl y as I entered an architectural competition next to my regular office work and Niki had an important hand in for university as well; she is studying fine art. So we worked like mad during nights and weekends. We are so glad to find some time now the deadlines are over, to sleep and do some other things in live. The last few weeks it was just work, not much to eat even less sleep and occasionaly a short relaxing poop.
Even that became rare after a while as with all the stress and no proper food we both became quite constipated after a while. One night we were both awfully farting in bed and complaining to each other about not being able to poop. Next day I went out to buy some model making stuff and passed a health food shop were I got a bottle of ‘pickled cabbage juice" (yes very German, I know, but it works...) We both had some and were hoping for later results. Niki went to the library in the afternoon and I worked at home. After a few hours I felt an urge and sat on the loo. After a lot of farting and a little while a big, fat turd started very slowly to come out. I did not have to push that hard but it took it’s time and I wanted to take the time as well. Very pleasurable and relaxing. I was just getting a bit into a kind of pooping trance, maybe due to lack of sleep as well, were I just feel like total relaxation and the admitted pleasure of the fat, long turd massaging my prost! rate and rectum. Suddenly with a big banging of doors Niki rushed in and stormed into the bathroom. She was already in the middle of pulling her jeans down and froze in shock when she realized the toilet was occupied. She had been cycling and and looked rather cold and sweaty at the same time. She danced in desperation and asked if I could quickly let her go as she very badly needed to piss "oh and stink up the bathroom even worse than you...". I said I was so sorry, but did not know what to do. I lifted my but a bit to prove my situation and showed her the turd that was dangling from my whole. It was as thick as a big cucumber and about half the size by now. It definitely felt like the other half was still inside. Niki went:"Wow, impressive piece of artwork, sweetheart, but what do I do? I need to go NOW! She did not wait for an answer but sat down on the rim of the bathtub and let a waterfall of piss rip into the tub. We are not so fuzzy with things like that due to forme! r conditions in a flat with no loo...She turned round and said "sorry, I could not wait". "Nothing to be sorry for. Excellent idea", I said. Honestly, what a moment of pleasure. Having a really good dump plus getting a good show from my darling at the same time. What else could a guy ask for... Niki farted while her piss was still running with force and I could see the first turd emerging. Yes, it happened: Her turd was hanigng half way out and the piss ran down the turd. Wow, I especially like that. Niki’s "Aaaahhs" and moans sounded like she sounds on other occasions (only a bit more quiet). I also dropped my whopper with a big "Aaaahh" and Niki started laughing and commented that it is always nice to ‘come’ together. We both burst out laughing. I just garnished my turd with a few, little, soft, thin snakes and was finished. No chance of a finishing pee, you know why...I stayed seated and watched in awe how Niki continued to drop light and orange brown, fat, short sausages! out of her ivory coulered, sexy bum. They fell with thuds and flumps onto the bottom of the tub and made a good pile there as well. When there were no more sausage to come out she let out a bit more piss and asked to be whiped. She turned round and grinned at me and refering to my obvious sign of excitement she asked if I had good fun. You bet. I first whiped myself and then her. She came over and admired my production which actually looked like a brown, rather knobby cucumber. Niki said:"Very impressive, another proof of my man that not only woman can do XXL logs."
We felt rather cheekyand left our stinkers in there for a little while and had just a a little bit more time to relax even more in another room.... Afterwards I needed to piss big time. I let a strong stream rip onto Niki’s pile while Niki watched with pleasure. She handed me some kitchen paper and cleaning fluid and twinked me an eye and said she was quickly going to prepare some dinner. "Ok?", she asked, "Ok." I replied. She gave me a kiss and said she was so happy to live with such a gentleman. I cleaned up the bath and opened the windows widely. After a quick dinner it was back to hard work but we both were silently grinning away while working that evening.

Hope you liked our experience. I first wanted to post about our walk on Sunday, which was also something to write about (maybe not home). I will do that next time.

Special greeting to Sarah and Meghan (thanks to always say Hello to us), Ina (nice story, you are not twisted, maybe you will even someday find someone to share your fun with. Niki wants one of these tubes as well now...I posted the request to Santa Clause...), Buzzy and all the others, who keep sending their cool letters. Hopefully we did not forget somebody who wrote to us.

Have a good season

And, please, stay (or get) healthy

Best wishes from David and Niki

Jane--thank you for all the hellos. I skimmed through some recent posts I've missed lately.

So, I have very good bladder muscles. I didn't have a chance to go before my hour and a half long class and didn't want to get up during the class unless it was an absolute and dire emergency, so I sat through class and then dashed out, thankful the women's room is the next room over. There are two stalls and one was occupied with a woman doing a huge and loud gushing pee. I went in, pulled down my blue jeans and white underwear (that's all I own) and sat on the toilet. I relaxed but nothing happened. My bladder and ???? were really hurting cause I was so desperate at this point, but I just couldn't open up. Finally, I forced it out, squirt by squirt until the pressure was finally relieved enough to flow on its own. Has that ever happened to anyone else? It happens all the time to me.

Sarah and Meghan--Yes, I share a house with 4 other girls, one bathroom. I've only been caught doing the pee dance in the kitchen first thing in the morning a couple of times...but have always made it safely. Like I said, I've got a strong tends to be the starting after holding it that's the problem.

Malita--quiero que tú irías conmigo porqué hay muchos trabajos y examens esta semana. Yo lo estudiaba seulemente para una semestre, y es muy difficle.

RJOGGER and Kathy
Hello to everyone at Dump Central. It just seems that more and more people are posting and some of the stories are really good. Kathy and I had a somewhat unusual experience yesterday and we will post it after some replies and hellos.

Buzzy - Hello Neighbor, how have you been? We have been reading your latest adventures intently, as they have been quite interesting. Kathy thinks that you are quite an interesting guy, and she loves the descriptions of your pooping adventures. SO glad you liked the old tidbits, things like that stay with you for life. Talk to again soon, Buzzy, take care.
Sarah S and Meghan - Hi girls, how are you? Kathy and I have been enjoying your stories, and really like the stuff that you write. Yes we did freeze a little, when we shit in the woods, the day after Thanksgiving, but it was fun. We're glad that you enjoyed it and we look forward to your next story.
Kim and Scott - Hi Kim, how's the Lady Logger Supreme? We're sure that school and whatever has you busy, but we are looking forward to your next story. Until then, you and Scott take good care.
Robbie and Annie - Hello folks, we hope that all is well and that Robbie is healing rapidly. Here's hoping that you will write another of your dandies soon.
Jane - You poor kid, it always seems that you have to poop just when something is out of order or some child is around to comment. Your last post was incredible, Kathy and I enjoyed it very much.
Carmalita - Hello, Senora, how are you sweetie? So you liked our woodland dump, did you? The only person missing was you, dear, it would have been something else to have another hot little lady like you with us. Yes, my male privates did get a little chilled, but it was worth it, as I got to see Kathy put on a great show. Hi Carmalita, it's Kathy. I guess you could say that giving your guy a little stink (a bonus as you called it) is a way of letting him know how lucky he is. I gave Rick a taste of what was to come, when I gassed him in bed on Thanksgiving Night. It was a real silent bomb, and he, being the actor that he is, made like he was choking on the gas, coughing and waving his hands in the air. Then, the big lug opens the windows to let in cold, fresh air, pulls the bed covers down, lowers my drawers and fans my bare ass with the covers. By this time we were laughing like crazy, I just thought that you would like to know.
Anyway, we have just read your latest 2 adventures, the spying on Heather and your show for Jake, and they just confirm that you are without a doubt the best. We just can't get enough of your adventures. Take good care Carmalita, Rick and I send our love, please say hello to the gang for us.
Hellos also go out to Rizzo, Diane NY, Mina, Muggs (are you out there, young fella?), Jeff A and anyone we may have missed.

OK yesterday, Kathy and I, our older son Brian and his 2 daughters met about 2 dozen other people for a tailgate party before an NFL Game. We met in the parking lot at about 9:30 and got the fires going. We had a feast that included steak, shrimp, ribs, chicken, salad, garlic bread, beer, soda and 3 quarts of frozen raspberries that Kathy and I brought from our large winter supply. Needless to say, that by the time we cleaned up at 11:45, we were full and otherwise. My buddy Ken, who I work with 3 days a week was there with his wife and twin nieces, and he sauntered over and whispered "Hey Richie (he is one of the few people that can call me that and get away with it), I gotta dump, wanna go in the swamp and blow a load?". I had felt an urge so I nodded, Kathy noticed, came over and asked what was up. I told her and she said that she would go. Ken's wife Jean tugged his jacket and pointed to the swamp, apparently she had to go and no one wanted to use the disgusting port! a-a-potties. Ken's twin nieces, Jan and Eileen indicated they were going also, so a party of six was about to stink out the swamp. Ken's wife Jean, is about 40, medium build, dark hair and medium complexion and build. His nieces, well they are something else. These twin 20 year old beauties are college juniors, both are about 5' 7", slender, light orange hair and freckles, bodies that kill, and they are teases. Now a word on Ken: He sits diagonally behind me at work, and behind Trish, the little administrative assistant, who has since moved down the hall with her boss. One cold winter afternoon, about 3 years ago, Ken comes back from the Men's room, says "Watch this" to me, gets Trish's attention and says: "Hey Trish, I just laid 2 large logs in the back Men's room, one floated, one sunk, why?". With that, Trish turned red (remember, she is the one who was always goofing on people's toilet habits, as I wrote in an earlier post), Dina, the other consultant who sits behind me ! started roaring with laughter as did Ken and I, and Trish turned around and loudly said "Oh Ken, that is SO GROSS"! Later, we found out from Al, who was in charge of the building, that Trish had asked him to inspect the head, and sure enough, Ken had left just what he told Trish what he had.
OK, so back to this Sunday , there are now 6 of us walking into the very tall, about 8 feet high, vegetation, and we find a small clearing surrounded by higher cattails. We line up with Jean across from Kathy, Ken across from me and Eileen to Ken's left and Jan to my right. Kathy, Ken and I just lowered our drawers, Jean, looked a little sheepish at first, but did the same, and the twins did so without hesitation. What a sight, 3 facing 3, all squatting and ready to poop their brains. It didn't take me long, as I had done a modest shit that AM, so a long fairly thick snake crackled out and landed with a thud. As I was doing this, I watched as my wife pushed 3 7" or so chunks that made some noise and piled on each other. Ken, who can produce some giant logs was watching the ground as he started passing a log, and Jean was pooping soft stuff that was making quite a bit of noise. The twins were taking this in with a grin, and as I peed, Jan looked behind me and said "That's! quite a load for an old man", laughed, moved a little forward, and crapped a pretty good sized torpedo from her pink little butt hole. Her sister meanwhile was laughing and between burst of laughter, she pooped a pretty good sized log herself. "Hey Ken, just what have you been teaching these girls anyway"?, I said ,but before he could answer, Jan said "It's what we teach him". Ken then informed me that the twins are very open about toilet habits, and it is not unusual for either one to poop with the door open and carry on a conversation, with their uncle, boyfriend, or whoever. I should have known, I guess what runs in my family and Kathy's, also runs in Ken's.
By this time, there were 6 steaming piles of shit on the ground, although it was not very cold out, so the steaming effect was not that great. I got a good glimpse of Jan and Kathy wiping their butts, and stole a glance at Eileen and Jean as they did theirs. I must admit that I did enjoy watching 4 ladies wipe, 2 from the back and 2 from the front. It sure beat the watching the game, which was a bore.
Oh well, the pre game swamp dump was worth the trip. Until next time, Kathy and I want to wish everyone well, take care folks.

First, I like Mon 12/3's pic of the gal on the toilet. She is cute :) and looks pretty young(age 20). I would love to ask her out ;) but I know that is not possible due to the rules on cofidentiality here at this site.

Now, for Diarrhea-Gal, a few stories on diarrhea. One time, I had Korean food for lunch and then stopped at the computer shop. While I was there, I had the sudden urge to take a massive shit with the rumblings. I left and headed for school where I take my grad classes. I headed for the bathroom once I got there and was in there for a while. Besides the squirts, there was a lot of noise. Another time, I went into that same bathroom and an aquaintence was in there with a diarrhea attack as well. Last spring, I was on my way home from work, I got out early. I had the stomach rumblings and knew I had to go real quickly. I got to school, parked my jeep and made a bee line to the bathroom in the student center. I was there for 15 minutes. When I got out, a girl at the desk gave me a dirty look and told me that I was disgusting and mentioned that she could hear me from the girls room (which shared the wall in between). There is more behind that dirty look. She is a rich girl th! at has an attitude. I told her to f*** off and told her to kiss my smelly ass.

i really like to read about guys in desprate write on here about that!!!

To the man who was asking do women have a wee squatting
with our backs to the wall, yeah that is how I do it
most times. I mean I like Steve to see everything and
he likes it too. Well I have been seen by accident by
other guys too and it gives me a giggle to think about
it now. I face the wall if I stand but not if I squat
because where we live there are these attacks on girls.
Not peeing girls I mean, but just walking down the street.
So it is safer to have your back to the wall.

AMAZON - Hi girl! You will have to be in the WSPC, the
Women's Standing Pee Club. You worked it all out when
you were 6 so you have got to be in with us.
Hey I liked when you did the 4 foot stream on the tree. I
like doing that as well, it is fun watching my piss go
bouncing off a tree trunk or a wall too.
You know what I do when I stand over a toilet when I am
really really really bursting? I stand over it with my feet
wide apart over the bowl so my puss is very low down then
I just let rip with a big gusher. LOL

CARMALITA - Yeah, that letter was exciting and Steve liked
reading it. I really like it when he wipes me after I have
had a shit. I bet you would like it too! I hope Jake does
that for you now.
Steve will like the big pee you had in your last letter.
What a shit as well. I do not think I could ever have a
turd that was getting near 4 inches thick. My bumhole is
not big enough.
Love Louise xx

INA - Hi! Hey so you did not do too well with standing just
using your fingers to aim! I bet you will be able to do it
without these tube things if you practice. My fiance Steve
is always telling me to practice and persevere with my
martial arts, and you will be able to get it right if you
practice a lot. Have you tried it without using fingers?
Like, do you do a strong stream? It can be hard to get
right if you do not wee strong. I can help you with it.

CHRISTINA - LOL my whole netball team were bursting for a
piss once and after the game we all let rip in the showers!
Hehe I know what you went through!

GEMMA - Hi. I liked your story about you and your two
friends having a wee *and* a shit in an alley after
clubbing. I have had a shit in an alley during a night out
but with me it is usually that I just have a wee. My fiance
Steve likes watching, and sometimes now my two best friends
come for a wee with us as well. They like being daring and
letting Steve watch.

MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hi! Oh I do not think you have to be
at the end of the line in the British WSPC, there is room
for you anywhere you want to be. LOL maybe we should stand
in order of how far we can pee! Oh yeah, I still do like
to hold Steve's dick for him when he has a wee. It is good
to do because I have to ease his foreskin back a little
bit, because if I do not, he wees a bit untidy and to the
right. I like it at the end as well, because I squeeze the
last drips of wee out of his foreskin. It is fun.
It would be very good if you do have a peeing contest with
Annie. See if you can wee further than the mighty Louise!

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hey you two, I hope you are still getting
better, Robby. Well, Annie I hope you and Meghan and
Sarah S see how far you can wee standing. PV says the
physics are with us!

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! We hope you are doing well too! We are
still laughing at your log sticking out of your ass and
looking like a big brown baseball bat. LOL
Yeah I know what you will look like. Cheryl Ladd is very
attractive isn't she? I know who Trish Stratus is now, and
she is very very pretty too. She is more muscly than me,
but she has copied my hair! It's a lot like mine.
You must be lovely because both of those ladies pass
the 'Steve test'. LOL
Well I am 5 feet 9, so I am taller than they are. Steve is
very sweet because he once told me I look like Caprice but
a bit more English looking than her.
Well I have seen pictures of her and sometimes I think I do
look a quite a bit like she does. My face is the same shape
and I think I look a bit more like her some times than at
other times but I see what he means. I think my bust is a
bit bigger than hers. I wonder if she wees as much as me!
Love Louise xx

JEFF A - I am thinking about you a lot and every time I
have a shit I think about you. Tonight I came home and I
needed a shit. Steve has missed me doing it every time
for about a week now I think, because every time I seem
to need to shit every time I come home from work.
Well, I came home and I just took off my knickers and
left them on the stairs. Little white ones. I went in the
bathroom and lifted my skirt up and I hovered my bum over
the toilet. I had set two mirrors up so I could see my
bum while I was shitting. Really quick I pushed and it felt
like a big turd. Well it was easy to push out but I felt my
bum opening up. My hole opened and I saw the tip of a large
brown turd appearing. Well I kept pushing and the turd
squeezed out about 10 to 12 inches long and about 2 inches
thick. It fell in the water and splashed. I watched myself
have a quick wee as well with a rear view LOL. Still
waiting to know if you like me squatting or standing, Jeff.
Well, I wiped my bum but there was nothing on the paper,
so it was a nice clean shit. I felt like there was another
turd on the way, so I hovered again and pushed but nothing
came. But I gave you another look at my bumhole didn't I?
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl! This morning just quickly I read your letter
about squatting and weeing in the shower. When I had a
shower I did something a bit like it. I imagined I was
having a shower with a big audience. I thought should I
be like I am on TV or with a live audience?
Well I thought why not both? So I had my shower and I
pretended I was being watched, and then when I was finished
I just said "OK, would you like to watch me have a wee?"
I mean it was first thing in the morning and I really
needed to go. "Guys, I said I need a piss. Do you want to
watch? OK, just for you!".
So I squatted and I pretended I was being watched by lots.
"OK, are you looking? Here it comes!" Well I let rip on
the shower floor with a big yellow geyser that lasted ages.
It felt really good too. I washed it away with the shower
head. It was a bit silly really but I enjoyed doing it, it
was fun.
Steve will think I have gone nutty when he reads about it
I did not get everybody lined up in the showers at the
weekend. There was this other team in the showers with us,
but guess what? Some of that team just squatted and weed
over the drain, so I did too and so then so did most girls
on my team. LOL some girls missed the drain so there was
a bit of yellow around the grid. LOL



Hi all. I've posted before but under a different name. I am a 17 year old male and I'm from Lancashire, England (hence the name - Lancs is short for Lancashire).
I do have a few stories which I will post pretty soon.

How often does everyone poo? I can manage to go a whole week without having one, but the most times I can go in a week is 2.
I don't know why I don't need it very often, but when I do I always do a fairly big load.

ADELE: I liked your story. How old are you and since when have you been pooing in your knickers? D you do it in your knickers more often than doing it on the toilet?

I'll post some of my pee and poo stories soon!

To steve: Good story about your friend having an accident in his pants..liked it

To jim: I liked your old are you? that must be really embarssing having to be cleaned up by your mom in the ladies room and then spanked

I like that pic on monday..that gal is really young probably my age.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Now that is another good name ! Mucking ! However, I don't think it will out do Cullompton, especially with that place being close by us ! Love from Kendal

COUSINS SARAH S & MEGHAN: That was funny ! I don't think we heard a sonic boom, but I know it must have been one hell of a trump. I just couldn't believe that Andrew had done one so loud that I could hear it down stairs over the tv. But as for hearing yours in the states...well, Andrew would find it hard to beat that ! By the way, its not that I'm afraid of pooing at school. If I have to, I have to. Its just nicer doing it at home, especially when you know who is around to keep me company as well !! He'll go so red when he reads about you two letting him in with you ! No real stories to tell today, not even a mundane one ! Maybe next time !! Lots of love from Kendal xxxxxx

KATIE: I thought your story was very scary. Fancy that man saying you could only use his toilet if you and your friend would let him feel you like that. I think I would quite simply have weed my panties there and then !! Mind you, I suppose if I had felt brave enough, I might have tried to negotiate with him, like "No, I won't let you do that. But I'll let you watch me go instead" ! He might have gone for that ! Love from Kendal

ADELE: Of course I'll talk to you if you'd like me to. I'm sure Andrew would as well. I've enjoyed reading your stories, especially the one where you went to the school toilet with Layla and there was someone else in there being sick. And then to find discarded panties full of poo as well ! Yuck !! But your last story about watching Layla on the toilet having a poo was even better. Very descriptive ! But I hope that the blood she was pooing as well doesn't mean she is poorly. I haven't spoken to you before because I didn't know what to say to you about your constipation. I don't get constipation. Mind you, my Aunty tells me that things could change where that is concerned once I start to get my periods. Andrew and I have talked about it. I think he's quite excited about the thought of longer toilet sessions with me through constipation when I do start. But I'm quite happy as I am at the moment ! Hope you've managed to have a poo by now, otherwise you're going to blo! ck the toilet, I bet !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

GURLIE: I liked your story about your friend's birthday party. Fancy all having baths together ! But I really liked your description of your friends wee. piiiiiiisssssshhhhhhhhhhhh really does sound like someone having a very fast and urgent wee ! Love from Kendal x

JANE: I also enjoyed your story about having to poo using a doorless stall. And how embarrassing having a little girl stand watching you and providing a running commentary on what you were doing ! Love from Kendal x

UNCLE RIZZO: I had a "Plympton" the day before yesterday. I'd finished the main poos, but I could feel that there was still a little bit attached to my bottom. So I bounced up and down a bit and it fell off into the water, saying Plympton !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE ROBBY & AUNTY ANNIE: I haven't been to Charlotte's for a little while. I think they're busy with Christmas shopping and things ! But we've been having wees together at school lunch, along with Kirsty ! In fact, talking of Kirsty, the wee she had yesterday was very much like Gurlie's friend. In fact she made such a noise, we heard a couple of older girls make a comment about it, something about a horse ! Hope Uncle Robby is now getting much better. Lots of kisses and hugs, from Kendal xxx

LINDA GS: I'm a patient girl. A very patient girl ! A very, very patient girl !! SO WHERE ARE YOU !!! (just kidding !). I'm starting to worry about you now. There hasn't been another crash into that bridge has there ? Elena and Cousin have been very nice to me and Andrew, keeping us in touch with what you are up to. So I hope they will let us know again if there is some reason why you haven't posted. OTHERWISE GET YOUR BOTTOM TO THE COMPUTER !! I'm crying now, because Andrew has just sat down and been reading what I am writing as I'm doing it. Not crying sad, crying funny ! He just said to me he thought he might enjoy it better if you got your bottom to the toilet rather than the computer, the naughty boy ! So I just said how is he going to know if you did if you don't write and tell us !! I love you my dear friend, and lots of love to Cousin and Elena and Kendal and Lynda as well. xxxxxxxxxxxxx ( XOSXOS from 'im as well ! Make sure you've smoothed down your s! kirt so he can't see your bottom !!)

AUNTY PV: Lots of hugs and kisses to you too !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: It'll be Christmas soon. So hope you two might come back again in the holidays ! We've missed your stories. Hope Courtney is still happy as well. Lots of love from Kendal xx

Annie and Robby
Top to the week to you all!

The girls have gone back to school. All is quiet here! Annie- this is a story from the past. Robby and I were attending what Americans call Middle School. We had been to a cricket match and were walking home. The lunch that day was bangers and mash(Robby has a wonderful memory). The bangers were starting to rumble in our ????. We thought we could make it to the house but alas, we didn't!! I told Robby I had to poo and poo NOW!! We ran to a small field. I lifted my school dress, yanked down my knickers and squatted. Robby had ripped down his trousers and was squatting a few feet from me. I let out a torrent of soft poo. Robby farted and started pushing out a huge log!! He was grunting up a storm. All of a sudden one of Robby's mates came running towards us. I was mortified! He reached us, dropped his trousers and started pooing in waves. All in all 8 school mates were using that field at the same time. It smelled horrible. We heard this lad yell;"My willie's stuck, my ! willie's stuck"!!! We never did find out how! I dropped 3 more pieces and Robby 4. We wiped and ran home. We both had to go to the loo many more times that evening. Since then bangers and mash has not been a favourite food combination.

JANE: Hi dear! That was a bad experience for you. They should have put the signs where ladies could see them. Hope you and Gary are fine! Take care, Annie and Robby

PV: Annie- I can wee anywhere! The beach, the loo, the fields, the alleys! Robby is giving me his"Oh brother" look! Glad you included Sarah and Meghan into the WSPC! Take care, Annie and Robby

EPHERMAL: Glad you are back! We understand the trials and tribulations of school! Hope you can get the rest of the food out! We agree with you about laxative and other inducments. If you are just turning 20 then you must have had a birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you!! Take care and hope you can have regular poos again! Annie and Robby

INA: Welcome to you! There are many women in this forum who stand to pee. PV, Louise, Kendal, Sarah S, Meghan and myself. They will guide you. Take care, Annie and Robby

NURSE CARMALITA: HOLA!! Heather must have tremendous dumps. We know she is pretty,too! Speaking of huge dumps, that dump you had in front of Jake was outstanding. SOOOO Descriptive! We're glad you didn't light a match,LOL! It must have been a big pile to gross out Pat and Renee!! Robby- I am doing fine and having regular dumps. Give our love to Jake, Pat and Renee! Love, Annie and Robby

MINA: Another wonderful story! Keep 'em coming! Take care, Robby and Annie

ADELE: Annie- Brighton is a wonderful city! I have a home in Manchester. Up north! Robby and I went to school in Bath. Kendal will fill you in where she lives. Another wonderful story! Take care, Robby and Annie

KENDAL: Hi to our dear niece!! How was your weekend? Did you see Charlotte or your other friends? As you can read in the proceeding reply. Adele is from Brighton, Sussex! I think she said she is 11. Say hello if you wish. Not much to report here. Uncle Robby is getting along fine. My poos are mundane and regular! The girls might try the wees-on-knees this week, again. They will be VERY busy with school. Take care my dear! Lots of Lovexxxxxx and a big squeezy hug!! Past this on to dear Andrew!! Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

We have to get going!! SPECIAL HELLOS: Louise and Steve, Rjogger and Kathy, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Amazon, Alana, Althea, Dear Rizzo, Bryian, Jeff A, DianeNY, CD, Diva, Adrian, Buzzy, Melanie, Dallas, Bella, Tee, Meredith, LindaGS, Linda14yrs, Scott and Kim, Nancy, Tricia, Gurli, Bry, Upstate Dave, Mandy, Mindy, Elena, Ellie, Little Lou, and all of the other wonderful posters!


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