Carmalita! All I can say about you and Jake is caliente! That was some dump you had, and the action you guys did afterwards. Gary and I don't usually do our "activity" around my toilet trips, but there have been exceptions. And how lucky for you to see Heather on the toilet again. Enjoy it while you can, for I think that problem with the hole will be fixed sooner or later.

Diana (Todd's honey): I'm very happy for you. But I think the word is out. Anyway, I liked your story about your long dump. I like to read while sitting in the toilet at home but cannot do it in public restrooms.

Prior to my debacle with the doorless stalls in the ladies room the other day, my poops since Thanksgiving had been small loads with hard pieces of poop. Especially in the morning it would take quite a bit of time to push it out. It seems I poop more often and with bigger loads on Fridays. Although I did not mind pooping in front of the lady and her daughter and the maintenance worker, I was very embarrassed that three men were waiting for me to finish pooping. It upset my digestive system, and I hadn't even had lunch yet. Later that afternoon, after I got back to my office, I had a very smelly dump. I pushed out four long thick pieces of poop and topped it off with a long booming trump of a fart. It smelled so bad I flushed the toilet while seated before starting to wipe.

I was at the mall with Gary this weekend. I stopped by the ladies room in one of the department stores. I only needed to pee. When I was in the stall I heard the sound of someone wiping. She took several wipes to clean up. I was done and was washing my hands when the woman emerged from the stall. It was Marilyn, an old college friend and a roommate in the apartment that I shared with Carrie and Sara. By far she was the best fourth roommate we had but had to move back home after just one term due to a sudden death in her family, and she had to take some time off from school. We hadn't been in touch lately, but she said she was settling in the area with her husband. Next weekend we will get together with Carrie and Sara and talk about old times.

Quick hellos to everyone.

One of the things I hate is cold bathrooms. In the building where I work, the cleaners always open the windows wide, and in cold weather it is freezing in there. One of the reasons that they do it is that some people produce the most appalling stinks, and they feel that the best way to prevent the bathroom being stunk out is to keep the windows open. But they have to close them at night, otherwise pigeons have been known to come in and crap all over the place!

But I try to avoid that, and if I need a shit on a cold day, I find another toilet on the campus where it is a bit warmer. However much you need to go, you don't get a really good turnout unless you are warm and relaxed during your bowel movement.

Does anyone know a solution to the problem of cold bathrooms?

Hi INA -- welcome! Your write very well, and your favorite activity is a joy to behold! I may have the device-free method down pat but thereare times I dribble too, and I've often considered getting the device too. Well done -- enjoy your hobby, and please keep posting!!!


Monday, December 04, 2001

diarrhea-gal, what are your poops usually like? Where do you go to the bathroom when you get diarrhea?

thanks for all the responses....i feel accepted! :) wetfan i'd LOVE to hear some of your stories....Glad you like my name PV, LazyTex, i'm from Ga, i've never tried pissing into containers actually, hmmm...i think i'll try that this week. As for how i learned to pee standing up, i learned when i was about 6yrs old, just kinda figured it out on my own. i spent most of my time outside so go figure. so how about another story?.....ok this happened tonight actually, i took my friend out looking at christmas lights, i had to pee when we got to the place but i figured i'd be ok for a few hours.....after about an hour and a half i told her we'd better leave 'cause i was about to piss in somebody's yard.....we go back to the car and i stand beside it, just had unbuttoned my pants when she told me to stop because some lil' kids were coming, after waiting a while i gave up and we left...i stopped at the local Wal-mart just down the road and we went to the bathroom, as luck would have ! it, it was full of people with kids...all the screaming kids askin' "momma why are her feet facing the wrong way" (i was standing) and hold it so long made me unable to we left and i went to McDonalds and used their bathroom...had to go so terrible by then that i couldn't even aim it, i ended up missing the toilet and peeing on the wall above and behind it, finally i just turned and aimed for the lasted about 2 minutes. i noticed that i had peed my boxers (yeah i wear mens underwear) a lil' bit when i came in....thats a first for me... when i came out my friend said "damn girl you look like you had an orgasm" i said "i think i did" *L*

i'll have another story for yall tomorrow!

my stats" 19female, Ga, 5'4 150lbs, muscular, athletic, oh and Gay..hence the nickname :) but i still love hearing desp. stories from both sexes!

I am an older male who has a fantasy about female diarrhea. I love to hear it,smell it and see it.

It has been this way since i am a kid. Anybody want to tell me how it came about? I also like to hear girls and ladies talk about their bowel movements .

Thank you.

Donna+Becca (Story for Diarrhea-gal)
I am not a regular poster, nor have I been reading these posts for a great deal of time. I seen diarrhea-gal's requests for diarrhea stories decided to grant her request, but it is not an outside diarrhea story. But first, a little about myself. I am a sixteen year old female about 5'4" with blonde hair that drops just past my shoulders, I have brown eyes. Most people tell me I'm attractive and, well, I guess I kinda am.
Myself and a friend of mine, Becca, she is 16 and going to be writing this story, she is on the pot as now, but not the shits I think. She is 5' red curly-haired cutie with blue eyes and a great smile. If I am pretty, Becca is beautiful, and a genius as well. And she's taking over now.
OK here I am and no I don't currently have the squirts, but am very lactose intolerant and am allergic to citrus fruits, so Aunt Flo frequents my house. Anyways, you prolly don't care much about background info so I'll jump right to when I get sick. Donna and I were watching a movie, I don't remember what it was. Well, about midway into the film my stomach started to ache and grugle. Not long afterwards I broke out in a cold sweat and that uncomfortable tightening overtook my stomach. I quickily whispered to Donna what was happeing and that I was going to use the toilet. I stood up and hurried down the isle(we were sitting in about the middle dang it.) After getting out of our isle I broke into a brisk walk and when I got into the hall I broke into almost a dead run. I made it to the toilet, quickily pulled my blue jeans down and sat down. Instantly I let out a resounding wet fart that I swear shook the toilet seat. Then I unleashed a wave of soft mushy poop followed by ! a horrible explosion of liquid diarrhea. The watery poop finally subsided, but before I could sigh in relief, a red hot knife cut through my bowels and I poured out a river of liquid shit. I finally finished and told Donna I needed to go home. She took me home and the first thing I did was rush to the potty for a repeat preformance of the theater. I went several more times that night, including once in my panties, but felt fine in the morining.
Well, there ya go Diarrhea-gal. I hope that quells your cravings for now.

Sarah and Meghan, thank you for your concern :) It's good to know even complete strangers are so caring about me.

Well, to continue last night's story, as you remember I wasn't feeling terribly wonderful, but rather quite full. To compensate, I drank three very full glasses of water. Needless to say, within about 40 minutes, I was gushing 3 times, each time the urine was so clear that you couldn't even tell that I had gone by looking in the toilet. This was not fun as I was trying to get into bed and to sleep at a very late hour.

Today I woke up still feeling unbelievably full and I decided to go swimming. That was really fun and relaxing, but didn't help the situation. I went to the library and did a bunch of work. Then I came home and did more work with a friend. When she left, I finally felt the urge to go. I let out a huge gush of pee and then a small nugget about 1.25 inch by 1 inch. Then 2 foul smelling solid brown ropes of 6 inches by 1/4 inch came out. I still felt like there was more but it wouldn't come out. Later tonight I was talking on the phone and got a sudden urge. Luckily I was done with the conversation and was able to yank down my gray sweat pants and white panties quickly and hit the toilet to release a 15 inch rope (that broke at some point, but I'm not sure if it did coming out or hitting the toilet). It took about 3 seconds to come out and I couldn't do any more. It was the same brown and was all coiled up at the bottom. This was followed by a huge pe! e. I usually pee before I poop but I had to go really badly and suddenly.

BTW, all the poop was really soft and sticky. It took a lot of wiping to clean up which is quite unusual for me.

All of my poop seems to sink regardless of what I eat. What about other people? Do you usually have floaters or sinkers?

Anyway, I just felt an urge before starting this post, but couldn't go, only a nice pee. I've been drinking a lot these past couple of days, so I've been peeing a lot too. It's kind of a nice break from all this studying.

FYI, I'm 20 now. Or at least will be by the time you get this message.......

To answer the questions that have been recently, I always wipe my butt after going for a pee, but that's usually more to make sure it is dry from backsplash rather than to make sure I wiped well at the last poop. I always make sure to wipe very well no matter what I've done so I don't run into problems.

Also, a lot of times the yellow stain in women's underwear is from normal female discharge rather than urine stains. I know this is the case for me, cause I've never squirted in my underwear and still get the stains. It's not a big deal though.

Adele--I always had problems dealing with constipation (read some of my earlier posts). You have an advantage over me: a friend (and the forum) to share with. I was always on my own, never wanting to admit to my mom that I still had problems and not being able to discuss that kind of thing with any of my friends. Even at college my friends don't know. My biggest suggestion to you is to go whenever and whereever you feel the urge, regardless of where you are (school, a friend's, the mall) because you never know when that urge is going to come back. The longest I ever went was about a month and let me tell you that thing was a b*****d to get out. OUCH! Enemas are definately not fun, nor are laxatives. Plus, your goal, if you are suffering from chronic constipation as you seem to be (and as I still struggle to overcome, though I've been doing really well lately for which I am grateful for) is to be able to go when you need to, not from drug induction. Only do that! in an extreme situation. And I know how unpleasant the whole thing is. You feel icky and then it hurts like h**l to come out. This is why for me when I do a nice normal poop it is a blessing and I am so thankful. I know the alternative.

G-d be with the families of the recent terrors in Israel. When will this come to an end? We are one people, we are one world.

Two poop stories today courtesy of sister Jeannie. (Wow, the blonde on the pot looks like Jeannie and me, in the body. Can't you just see a wonderul poop emerging from her, while she's fetchingly seated like that? ) Jeannie and I wanted to go christmas shopping today so I stayed at her apt last night because Ron is out of town, and she lives downtown, where we can walk to stores. This morning when we got up Jeannie had a migraine. I had a fine, big, relaxing poop and while I was showering she came in to have her morning poop, but when I was finished she was still sitting on the pot looking pretty sick and unable to "go". I offered to call off the shopping trip but she said no, I'll be okay. We got downtown about 930. After looking around for about an hour we got some things for one of our brothers and kids, and for our dad. Mom's gifts will have to wait another time. We went into the lunch counter at 11 for a McBreakfast, and while we were eating Jeannie said, "After! we leave here I have GOT to go find a place to shit. I guess the walking loosened my bowels." We finished our hash browns and coffee and went out into the main part of the store. On the way across the floor Jeannie stopped to look at some things at the jewelry counter. Then she looked at me kind of funny and said, "OHhh, I really feel sick, and headed straight for the women's lav. I followed her. We left our goods with the lady at the perfume counter nearby. When we got inside the lav there was only one available stall and Jeannie motioned for me to come in with her. It was rather spacious , almost as big as a handicap room. She unbuttoned her jeans and thumbed her panties down and sat with a thud. She looked like she was going to faint - her eyes were glazed and she held her head in her hands and said, "The migrain is getting worse instead of better, and it feels like a needle right thru my brain". I went over and put my arms around her shoulders and held her and! said quietly, "its alrght, just close your eyes and relax". All was still for a minute and then I felt her tremble and could see, behind her, that her poop was emerging, isuing silently into the water, and then a stream of pee. My god, that poor girl must have pooped for a full minute,long, smooth turds in several segment and then some mushy stuff, with her body trembling the whole time. When she seemed finished I said, "are you ok??" She looked up at me and said, " give me a minute." Which I did, but still held onto her. She sat motionless with eyes closed and that big load of poo underneath. We could hear a lady in the next stall grunting away. She evidently knew the person in the stall next down from her because thye were talking about their diffcult bowel movements. Finally Jeannie let loose another short, fat poop, and reached for the toilet paper. She tried to sit up to wipe but quickly sat back down. So I took the wipe from her hand, and gently bent her forw! ard and wiped her buthole, she had kind of messed herself and got it on her cheeks and it took quite a bit of paper to clean her up, and then did her tushie for her. I helped her stand up and get her pants pulled up and buttoned and said, "look, -- no wonder you didnt feel good". Her poops literally displaced the place where water normally filled the bowl, and several big round thick chunks were sticking up, even above the TP. Jeannie laughed weakly. She kind of shook herself off and said, "let's go" - and we exited but she really wasn't up to any more shopping. Yes, I flushed it was one of those direct flushers and miraculously it all wend down. So I carried her stuff out, and took her home and helped her into bed. She just called me on the phone now at 11 at night and said she is okay and the headache is gone, and thanked me for helping her. Story 2 is one she told me last night. I asked her what her first experience was having a BM in front of a guy friend. She s! aid it was when she was in college and was in drama class and this guy she had been out on a few dates with, was in a play with her. She went to his studio apartment so they could study their lines (yeah right) and studied for a couple hours and went out to lunch - she says she can still remember, it was a big subway sandwich. When they got back to his apt he put on coffeepot of strong cof. and they drank it and studied another hour and she suddenly realized she had to shit, but she held it for almost another hour because he took a bathroom break to pee and she realized his toilet was in an alcove or half wall right behind the cooking area. It was a real small studio apartment-- and she was embarassed. Finally she realized she couldn't fake it any longer. She told the guy she needed to use the bathroom and he said, "well go ahed, its over there..." There was an awkward moment of silence and he chivalrously said. "it is not very private,- I could leave the apt for a few mi! nutes if you would like". Wanting to appear brave, she said she told him, no, its your apartment, just excuse me. So she went in and sat on the toilet and then her inhibitions took over and she couldn't go excpt to pee a little, and flush. Of course when she got up and came back out it wasn't long until the urge to poop came back with a vengance. She excused herself - - she didnt have the nerve to say anything more this time, and went back and sat down again, and results were immediately forthcoming. She said fortunately she didnt have a lot of gas, but you could plainly hear her big bomby turds drop in the water. When she flushed and washed and came out, she apologized for stinking up his apartment. She said he was real sweet about it and told her he didn't mind at all, everyone has to shit, and that he was sorry if it was awkward and in the future he would leave and let her have privacy. She was so taken by how nice he was that she replied to him that would not be! necessary, and they actually got into a conversation about pooping and stuff. Let me see, how can I put this to get by the modereator? She said that was the beginning of a very pleasant relationship, and that a couple days later the scene was repeated with her inviting him to come in and continue whatever it was they were talking about, as she had a good BM. She said he watched but tried not to let on, and one of his remarks (as oposed to what he said earlier) was that he had no idea women could produce a load like that, and seemed impressed. They continued dating for almost a year but broke up because of religious disagreements that just kept dividing them farther and farther apart. (He turned out to be kind of a prude, I think, and quite self-righteous). All for now . +++ Meen

Hi Oggy.
I think everyone else is ignoring us!
I always wear short miniskirts but I've only pooped in them once! I'll wear my leather one next time and tell you what it was like (as long as it's not a runny poop!). I was posting a letter when it happened last time so not many people were around and it wasn't a LOUD fart either - more of a medium volumed 'brrrUP'. My little sausage bounced against the back of my legs all the way home (and felt LOVELY!).
Will post again when I'm wearing my leather mini and feel the urge to drop another.

refering to my last post,well layla came to my house and told me she still hadnt done her poo,we were in my room listening to cds after about 1/2 an hour she said she might need to poo.i went into the toilet with her,she lifted her mini skirt and took her knickers right off and sat down,she lent forward arms folded across her stomach and started to strain she let out a loud,not smelly fart then a couple of little plops splashed into the this time i was curious as to what was happening back there.well our toilet is well positioned,to one side a box like unit that the pipes run through,this is used as a shelf,it has a couple of my magazines and some of my young sisters colour books and crayons on it,tp etc,to the other side is a large gap where the shower was untill a separate shower room made.i said to layla --did she mind if i watched[ive never seen someone my age actually doing a poo on the toilet,only in knickers and on the floor] she reservedly agreed,i took up m! y position just in time to see the start of a big hard log emerging from her very swollen bum hole,she was straining very hard but it only came slowly.after 10 mins about 8 inches of solid poo splashed down it was 2 inch across.she proceeded to push again and i noticed then her bum had like bulges or lumps around it and sticking out of it.she kept pushing and another log emerged this time only 6 inches but as thick as befor,this one had red streaks on it and after it dropped there was blood dripping from her bum.i told her this and she said--it always does. and procceded to strain hard again after a couple of little boulders some softer poo and bright red blood.totally unphazed she kept on straining untill all that came out was like a thick browny jelly like stuff,she wiped,looked at the tp which was brown and red and said,just another few minuits.she kept straining and farting and spraying this jelly like stuff into the bowl,she then wiped again looked at the paper,although! she got all the poo of the blood kept coming out so she folded tp into a pad put it between her cheeks,put her knickers back on,pulled them up,flushed and said lets go to the club,whilst i got ready she said her bum was very sore,we then went out,layla went to the toilets several times to check her bum and renew the tp,eventually she said it had stopped bleeding.on the way home i wet my knickers,walking along i couldnt hold it and it kept coming out in little spurts.layla went straight to her house and i went to mine,i walked in dripping,mum noticed,as she knew i was constipated and was cross that i didnt go befor i went out i had to go then,as i didnt do it,and as i usually wet the bed alot when i am like that i had to wear plastic knickers and a pad to bed,tomorrow [mon3/12]will be the third day i havnt done a poo so befor school i will have another try for about an hour.more on that next post.
hi to alexa-will try the vasaline in the morning.
george-ive not done that /didnt see prog either.
hi to sarah s and meghan [i live in brighton sussex],would love to talk to kendal-so a big hi to kendal and lawn dogs kid,[how]
gotta go now xx adele xx

also hi to gurlie--i poo in my knickers quite often,sometimes by accident but usually on purpose,when i get a sore bum it doesent seem to hurt as much doing it in your knickers,and i enjoy doing it also.if i plan to do it i either wear plastic knickers,sometimes over my knickers or sometimes on their own,or iwear either my rubber dress or pvc mini if its just my nylon or cotton knickers-- hides the stains.also ive had messy and wet accidents when ive had no knickers on.will post about this soon xx adele xx

Jacqueline: Orange juice has a lots of Vitamin C(ascorbic acid). It will irritate the lining of your stomach when it is empty. You probably drank on an empty stomach. It happens to me some time.

diarrhea-gal: diarrhea is not fun sometime, if you are stuck without a toilet. But, it is a relief when you have a toilet and diarrhea rids your body of bad food, water, germs, etc. See my earlier posts. I've had some good episodes.

Cindy Crawford was on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno last week. Describing the birth of her second child she said it was "like pooping out a watermelon". Jay laughed and said "wait a minute while I fix that image in my mind". No doubt, Jay. No doubt.

Hola mis amigos,

It's me, the pooping Mexicana! Hey, I love that pic of that sweet, catbox honey!
AMAZON: Hi babe, welcome! I'm excited to hear some of your pee stories! I'll bet you're a southern belle! Mmmm, tell me more!
ALEXA: Thanks hon for the compliment. I love your name, it's so beautiful. I'll bet you are too. How lucky for Todd to see what was hidden under that denim skirt! Isn't it great to poop outdoors? I really love it.
RIZZO: Hi my friend! You sure described your surgery so accurately! Been there, done that! I also loved your relating the story of the next stall. Very inventive and funny! Pessssshawar! That's classic hon! That nurse sounded hot. However, if I were your nurse, I'd have asked you if you needed personal assistance. I love your "willie" , that's a great name for such a wonderful device! I also really loved the clack of the toilet lid, the rustling of textiles and the creak of the seat. And you say I'm a good writer! I think you need to author your own "Uncle Rizzo's toiletime classics." Here's a kiss because you're such a sweetie!
LOUISE: Hiya sweet thing! I wouldn't mind a bit if a handsome gentleman like Steve wanted to wipe my little brown tush. We often have group wipings when we do that, and it feels very nice to have different hands tending you. Especially Nu, because her skin is so silky smooth.
JOHN VT: Hi babe! Hey, it's good for you to be driven absolutely nuts by a female. It keeps your blood circulating. I forgot that you enjoyed female poopy smells. I do too in a way. Heather's smell was indeed very rich. I don't know why my poop is so big. I'm not eating any more than usual. My morning dump in the bathroom while Jake was shaving was pretty hot. I did 4 turds, one had to be 18" long and as fat as my wrist. I then did 3 more plops about 8" and very thick! My ass was stingin' afterward! The smell was a bit mild at first, then really began to stink. I sat there on the toilet with my white panties rolled up high on my dark thighs smelling up the room! It smelled like a combo of fresh poop and used taquitos. I could actually smell traces of salsa verde in it. Wish I could send you a whiff hon! Take care.
SARAH S AND MEGHAN: It's good that your dad is behaving himself. My nursing staff is ready and willing. I love you all too.
BUZZY: You flatter me too much, taking my stories to the bathroom with you. I don't poop at the gym, I'm too embarrassed because I'm a stinky girl. I don't always smell bad, but I never know when it will, or won't.
JAMIE: Ah, my lovely friend. Como estas mi amigo? Lo siento mucho sobre su novia. Te quiero mucho y espero eres muy alegre, OK? (Translated, it basically means: I'm very sorry about your girlfriend. I love you very much and hope you are very happy, OK?) You're too sweet of a guy not to have the very best. Jake sends his permission for you to watch me anytime. He's cool with that, just as long as it's limited to watching. LOL! Maybe I can help cheer you by telling you about my turds this morning. I usually start off with a long one, this morning no exception. I'm also very noisy, and make lots of noise when I poop. My turd began with a very audible "sspppppffffffffff-kkrrkkklll-spfff-ssspppfffff-crrkklllkkllll-" and by that time, it was hanging out of my butt by a few inches. Also, whenever my turds are extra large, I lean forward a bit more, putting pressure on my abdomen which helps push it out. I watched my reflection in the mirror and it looked like a big hunk of br! ownish-tan rope slowly pinching out of my ass. Unfortunaltely hon, it was very stinky. When it finally fell, it went "K-PLLLOOOPP!", and Jake said while shaving "What the hell was that? It sounded like a bowling ball falling into the water!" It was funny. Hey, I love you Jamie, take care!

I had another chance to spy on Heather on the toilet. Ohhhh, heaven! She came in with a rolled up magazine, dropped her drawers and began reading. Through the little spy hole I watched her face. "Plop, mmmhhhhhh..." She studied an aricle. Then, "Plooop, uhhh..." This went on for about five minutes. No crackles, or grunts, just a series of concentrative plops. She must have launched 10 turds altogether. Toward the end, she giggled at something in the magazine. It must have been funny too, because she had this huge grin on her face as she tipped up her well proportioned ass and wiped thoroughly. It stunk again too. So far she hasn't seemed to have noticed the hole.

Now, for all of you fans of my big poo-poos, yesterday's dump was epic! I was dressed up for a celebration at the community center. It was another children's art show for the benefit of the Latino Literacy Coalition. Jake bought a watercolor/crayon peice from a little latina girl who was too cute to resist. She was so proud because he paid $50 for it! Anyway, I was wearing a black patterned suit with a front slitted slim skirt, white top, and black heels which brought me up to 5'4"! I wore my hair parted to one side and pulled back, held together in a gold clasp. Many of the men couldn't resist my brown latina skin against that black suit, and greeted me with several "Oh, hola seniorita!" "Senora," I corrected, wiggling my ring finger at them. We'd stopped for breakfast earlier, I had blueberry waffles, too many in fact, and I had a serious need to take a very healthy shit. I greeted several people, shook hands, kissed cheeks, and struggled to keep the huge sausages in! side of me. For two hours I suffered, struggling not to fart, or have a turd touch my panties. I didn't want to use the ladies room for fear of really stinking it up bad.
On the way home, I said to Jake, "I'm sorry baby, but--" I then tilted my mini-skirted ass, and ripped a serious fart that reeked, causing him to roll down the window. "Ohhhh, I have to shit soooo bad!" I whined. He then quickly rolled the window back up and said "Actually, I like the smell of that fart." We were almost home when the dire urge to shit was slowly passing. I felt ok again. We came in, scouted the house for Renee and Patsy, but there was no sign of them. Jake had that look on his face, then said to me "I thought you had to shit so bad." "I still do," I answered, then he took my hand and escorted me into the big bathroom. "Do me a favor," Jake began, "Pretend like I'm not here at all. Just do it naturally." I shrugged and said "Sure," knowing he wanted to spy. So, still dressed up, my heels clicked a feminine rythmn across the tiled floor to my awaiting throne. I lifted my skirt, then pulled my pantyhose and panties down to my knees. I sat upright at first, ! revealing a neatly trimmed vagina, feeling a desperate pee coming on. Oh man, the water felt good coming out! Very warm, and splashing loudly. I never realized how badly I needed to pee until it was pulsating out of me. My mouth opened, my eyes closed and I "ahhhhhhhed" whilst squirting a half gallon of hot piss. Then, leaning farther forward and clasping my hands together, I felt the turd wanting to come out. I'd held it in too long. Now, it was mucho grande inside of me! The reflection in the door mirror was interesting too. A dark Mexican girl seated on the toilet, her black skirt bunched up around her waist, with thick bands of pantyhose, and twisted white Lilyette panties around her thighs. First came an SBD, straight from my ass, funelling up through my thighs and directly to my nose. Yyyyuckkk! I grinned at Jake through my red painted lips and said in a little girl voice "Oooooh, 'tinky muffins!" Now it was serious. The turd was hard and thick, and it hurt. I leaned! farther forward gritting my teeth. Even my tits jiggled, then firmed at my concentrated efforts. RRRRNNNNNNhhhhhhh--plink-plink! Two hard little pebbles hit the water. Then came more stink, very rich and very toxic. The turd was coming now. It stretched my anus. My ass ached, my face was showing signs of pain, I know, I could feel it. Sppppppppffffffffffff...krrkkk.kkkkkllllsspffff...It was big! I leaned forward raising my ass off the seat, looking into the mirror. How thick was it? I'm going to say at least 4"! Hard and knobby like a mountain bike tire. It came slowly, hurting, stretching. I grunted but it was so hard it got stuck. I clutched my panties for something to hold on to, kneading the lace with my thumbs. "Ohh-h-h-h-h-h," I wimpered, pushing. The smell was disgusting and the turd was huge. 6 inches of it was now out of my ass. Thankfully, it was getting softer. Another inch....oh-h-h-another inch...some wet crackle....more stink....oh-h-h-h pleeeeassse come out..! .Oh, halfway out now, tapering, getting softer....Ohhhhhhh, the pain was fading. I looked up at Jake whose eyes were bugging out of his head. I bit my lower lip, grunted, pushed and finally "K-SLLLUUUUMPP!" I gave birth to a five pounder full of smell. More pee came out and I exhaled, fanning the smell out from between my legs. After my butt quit stinging, I smiled at my man and said "Come look at this one baby, it's a big one." I stood up, pulled my panthose and undies down to my ankles, then stepped out of my shoes while he stared into the water. I continued to undress until I was completely naked.
In the toilet, half submerged in a pool of yellow piss, was a monster turd, maybe 25" long and incredibly thick. Half of it lay on the white porcelain out of the water. I came up to Jake and said "Mmmm, smells good, huh baby?"
I really shouldn't be any more explicit than that except to say that we went into our room and made love like animals for two hours. In our excitement, we completely forgot to flush the toilet. When Renee and Pat came home, I heard a shriek and Renee's voice screaming "Oh, Carmalita!!! That is just gross!!!" I hoped you all liked it. We laid in bed giggling.
Adios mis amigos!


hi everyone i am new here.i live in alabama where many larger women are not afraid to relieve themselves rather loudly in public places. we just got a super target built here a few months ago. i was shopping one day when i felt the urge to relieve myself. i had been rather constipated and could tell that i would have diarrah. i parked my cart and headed rather briskly for the ladies room. once i arrived there i undressed campletely and plopped down on the tiolet bowl. now i am 16 and relatively skinny with size DD boobs. i was bearing down to get the liquid shit moving when the door swung open and a huge women came barging in the bathrrom she entered the stall next to mine. i peeked under the stall. there was about one foot from the floor to the beginning of the stall door and the tiolet were rather low so i could clearly see her whole body but she could not see me. she quickly took off a pair of stretch pants and ripped her thongs off she threw these things on the floor! and i could she her pubic area she was very hairy and there were rolls of fat everywhere. she then preceeded to climb on the tiolet in a squatting position i heard this huge grunt and a wave of shit came out of her now huge butthole. once she realized she was going to have diarrah she quickly plopped down on the seat and began saying rather loudly please come on please she began rocking and kept saying please come on . at that time i could not hold my shit any longer so i pushed out like 6 pounds of shit and whipped and left as i walked out the door i heard her say please and a grunt was heard. thanks a lot guys. i will share more later

Hi everybody,espically Jane,Stargazer,Annie&Robbie,Sarah and Meghan,Carmalita,and everyone else.Well I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for my Thanksgiving poopoo.So have I.I went to my moms house and my grandmothers for dinner. I ate like a horse at my moms house including eating the entire contents of oyster stuffing inside the turkey,then she had a tray and I ate most of that!I also had a huge portion of macroni and five different kinds of cheese,turkey,tons of cranberries,okra,red beans,and rice,green beans,mashed potatoes,and gravy, two different types of sweet potatoes,pumpkin pie,sweet potato pie and cherry cobbler.I sat and ate untill I could literally not move for an hour and a half.then we went to my grandmothers and the three hour trip gave me time to let all that food I had just eaten digest.By the time we arrived my appetite was back strong as ever.I ate a truckload,my garandmother taught my mom how to make that stuffing I described earlier exep! t gram has it down to a science full of celery and oysters mmmmmmm....Well a long week has gone by and finally yesterday I had a huge breakfeast of pancakes sausage eggs ham toast and grits,and later drank a quart of egg nog and was on my way to McDonalds for lunch because they the two quater pounder special going on.I went inside ordered four quaterpounders and fries sat down and began to eat.When I got to the fourth hamburger it hit me.It must have been the egg nog,at any rate my stomach began doing cartwheels."Ummmmmhhh..I said to myself as I got up to find the washroom. The churning sensation inside me was unberable,I hardly made it to the stall.Once inside I undid my jeans slid them down to above my knees,pulled my satin panties to mid thigh sat down sighed "ummph!" and with that a loud long fart came out along with some of the biggest ell sized turds I can ever remember passing.Then the pace picked up the stuff was now comming out under extreme pressure,has anyone ever! had this happen? You know when long snakes are comming out with a lot of farting and you feel you are there only for the ride because you no longer have any control.well after a few minutes of this I just have to see what I've done so I get up and look into the toilet.There is a huge thick shit snake coiled three times around the bowl with a whole family of huge thick ells on top of it.The color is magnificant,a bright rich goldish orange,and the consistency is some of the CREAMIEST shit I have ever seen. So much for admiring art work, I flushed this huge mess down luckly the toilet was one of those comercial jobs and took it all down but there were skid marks all over it. Well I wasted no time,sat back down and pushed out some more monsterous Ice cream vending machine snakes followed by about twelve bananas and then I got up again to look at it but had to sit right back down as a deluge of hot creamy alternating chain and rope shit began to literally pour out of my anal sp! inchiture.wave after wave began to pour out of me finally it stopped and it took about a quater roll of tp to clean up back there.I came out of the washroom rubbing my ???? and just thinking whew!what a load.Love ya all ALANA

Have I got a story for you that happened to a friend of mine two years ago. Please respond and let me know if you like it.
My friend was driving back with his date in his truck when he felt the mexican food they ate earlier start to turn his stomach around. Not wanting to draw embarrasment on himself be stopping to shit, he accelerated and headed for home. Ten minutes outside of his date's residence, Jermaine could no longer hold it. He told me he let out a silent "head for the hills, shit's gushing out" attack that left him beet red. and soiled to his seat. His date did not immendiatley notice anything so he tried to play it off by rolling the window down and saying "man this air is good". His date then turns to him and says "does it smell like shit"?, to which he says "yeah, probably coming from outside". She then turned to him and just looked at him, to which he confessed and said, "sorry, I shit my pants. It was the mexican food". He said she just dropped her jaw with disbelief. The worst part about it was when it rains, it pours, and shortly before he dropped her off, he was hit with a! nouther attack that left him so embarrassed that he did not even say goodbye to her when she ran from the truck. Needless to say, his date never, ever, called him again. P.S. This is a true story.

To wetguy: I liked your story about your friend needing help to get up to pee while in the hospital.

To Leo: I also asked about Billy and Kevin L a few days still wondering what happened to them.

To Ben In Iowa: Cool it dude

To kim & scott: Thanks..I like your posts too sometimes, especialy when you and your bf have to poop together!

To Ring Stretcher: Thanks for liking my posts...oh so that was you who posted that message. I wouldn't mind having kim sized logs. It would be cool but alot of the time my logs aren't that big and they are really soft

Hello one & all!,

Before my daily commute to work I occasionally print out a few pages from this site as reading material along the way. It provides an enjoying diversion from the rather depressing news we've all had over the last few months. But I digress...
One old story really caught my attention last week. The poster reported that every so often in the office bog she runs into this other woman. They don't talk or anything and I don't even know if she knows this other worker's name. What makes this other lady so unusual (& totally grosses-out the message poster) is that this lady never wipes herself or washes her hands! Regardless of how messy her BM might have been (and there was at least 1 that undoubtedly was), all the message poster has ever heard is this other lady pulling her panties back up & then the click-click of her high heels as she leaves the bathroom!
One can only wonder how many panties & nylons that lady must buy as the skid marks eventually stain them permanently. Further, what does that lady do when she has her period??

Does anyone else also have such an unsanitary person in their workplace? Has it become an 'issue' with the management or is it still something most people just seem to tolerate?

Sadly, the washrooms in the office where I work are very well sound-proofed. Although the mens & ladies toilets are on the opposite sides of the same wall, I've have never heard a thing from the ladies - save the occasional toilet flush... Some days when I'm in the mens taking a dump, I often find myself thinking "Geeze. I'd give ANYTHING to hear what was happing just a foot or two behind me..."

Ben in Iowa-good story

My friend managed to keep his accident a secret for a whole day. It was my birthday about 2 months and my parents were taking me and Matt my friend to Cedar Pointe in Ohio as a birthday treat and peter was staying over the night. Anyway when we got back from the amusement park it was late so me and Matt decided to go to bed, as Matt was getting changed he let out a loud fart which of course made me look across in his direction, as I did so I saw a massive brown stain running down the outside of his briefs which he was wearing, I didn't say anything about it so not to embarrass him, but then I think he suddenly remembered about his accident and must have realized I had seen the stains, as he started to explain what had happened. He said when we got to the amusement park, which was a two hour drive from my home, he needed to poop but was to embarrassed to say and just hoped we would pass a bathroom on the way to our first ride, the first ride we went on was a roller coaste! r and he didn't see any bathrooms on the way, while we were in the line apparently he started going then and by the time we got to the ride he had finished, but this meant he had to sit in it, it was fortunate for him is was solid, or appeared that way. He went round with it all day in his briefs and nobody noticed. He said he would change them when he got home the next day when he got home. It is quite amazing what you can get away with, I have been caught with a load in my pants either only twice in 16 years. Once when I was 9 a friend caught me with heavily skid marked pair of briefs on when I was staying at his house, but it was nothing unusual at that age everybody had them.

i like this site i am so glad i got this computer so i can talk to someone this is cool. i had an accident again when i was at the mall. my mom wanted to go christmas shopping and wanted me to show her stuff so we went to all the stores. then she said ok i am going to go off and get some things so you can hang around these stores. one was the toy store so i went in to look at toys. i had to pee bad by now and i had to hold it a few times when i was with mom and i was looking at the toys a little kid came in and was looking next to me and he had to pee to, he was hlding it just like me then i coulnt hold it anymore and he saw me wet. i was wearing red jeans and red t-shirt. when he kid saw me going he didnt hold it any more and went to. he had on blue shorts and a white tshirt. i guess he was like 6 or 7. we talked a little then his mom came and saw both of us. she was mad and said where is your parents and i said i am by myself. she said you are a little baby wetting your pa! nts and she said the same thing to her boy. they left and i didnt want to see my mom because she would spank me again. i went to the next store and it was a computer store. i got to play games and stuff i had fun. my mom was gone long and my pants were drying up. and i had to poop now. i left the store to find the bathroom, i didnt now where they are and i was going in my pants there was like a big bump on my but now. i hate poop it sucks. my mom came to get me and we walked out she was holding my hand and she smelled me and said did you poop. i said yes because i didnt find the toilet and i couldnt hold it. then she stopped walking and looked closer and saw i was wet to. she was real mad because i am to old for doing this stuff. she took me to the womens bathroom in the mall. i was embarased because i am a boy in the girls bathroom. she pulled my pants down and wiped off my but and put my poop in the toilet. it was a big ball all mashed up. it was pretty hard though. she pu! lled my pants up and zip em and then she put me over her nee and spanked my butt. i was crying a little everyone in the bathroom herd us. i never want to go there again. bye

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