Hi! I've been very busy this past week. There have been many good stories, but I have only a little time to respond. Before I forget, let me say my hellos to Carmalita, Jake, Renee, Patsy, Robby & Annie, Sarah S & Meghan, Buzzy, Jeff A., Althea, Kim & Scott, Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Ephermal, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, John(VT), Alana, and everyone else.

Carmalita: Hola and what a story about your "voyeur" experience with Heather in the ladies room. You certainly got an eyeful, earful, and noseful from her. But how were you able to differentiate between her poop smell and yours?

I had a horrible experience the other day. I was on a site visit to one of my client's offices. As my meeting was wrapping up, I had a strong urge to poop. I asked where the ladies room was. I was then told that the ladies room was out of order this morning but should be OK if the sign was taken down. I went to the ladies room and saw no signs, so I thought it was OK and rushed in.

To my horror, I saw that the stalls were doorless! There was a woman with a little girl at the sink. I would have turned around and gone to another floor, but I was desperate. I went past them and into a stall. I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I slowly pushed out a long thick piece of poop that plopped loudly in the toilet. The little girl turned around and saw me, then went to her mother and said, "Mommy, that lady is making doo-doo." The mother said, "Leave her alone." I let go a booming fart, which made the little girl laugh. Suddenly the bathroom door opens, and a female maintenance worker comes in, sees us and says behind her, "Whoa, fellows, there are people in here." She asks the mother if she saw any "Out of Order" signs on the door, and she said there were no signs. I said someone said the ladies room was out of order earlier this morning but if the signs were taken down it was OK to use again. The maintenance worker sai! d, "Are you almost finished, ma'am?" I said I just got her but could move if I really needed to. She said, "That's OK, we'll let you finish. Sorry for the inconvenience." At that point, everyone left the ladies room.

I had held in more poop, but as soon as I was alone I unleashed a series of soft poop that came out one piece after another. I flushed the toilet twice while seated before I was done. I cleaned up, washed my hands, and left the ladies room. The female maintenance worker with three others were waiting with the stall doors. She explained that the doors had to be replaced due to vandalism by a disgruntled former employee.

Unseasonably warm weather in minnesota this november made it possible to shoot hoops at the park possible until november this year I was taking advantage of the warm weather a few weeks ago. I felt a slight rumbling in my stomach but ignored it! about 10 minutes later I attempted a slam dunk now you all probably know running and jumping gives you little control of your bowels I litterally shit myself in mid air the landing forced more out! I waddeled to my car and drove home. some find pleasure in crapping their pants I got to say I am not one of them the whole experience sucked! to Jennifer: I have read your post about how you like to make videos of yourself pooping I just thought I would let you know there is this guy on the internet who will pay alot of money for videos of that nature. But that is something you probably want to keep for yourself I just thought i would let you know. I am not talking about my self this guy has sold videos of many other girls including his w! ife

Hi SARAH S & MEGAN -- glad tidings to you too, and I'm sure you would be an asset to the WSPC! Hugs to you all, Annie & Robby included!

Oh, here's a tidbit -- folks often ask if anyone has peed anywhere unusual -- for the fun of it, when showering a few days ago, I first squatted and puddled on the bathroom floor. It's one of the little tricks I used to rewire my brain to be able to go at will. I washed the puddle to the drain with the flexi-attachment on the shower head, so there's no mess or anything -- and I could make believe I was doing it in an alley or somewhere!



Meghan and Sarah S
Hi all!!
Just some short replies and its off to church!

KENDAL AND ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): Meghan- Andrew, I hope you didn't mind a little teasing about the trumps. I did a mega one this morning, too. Sarah- Well, I did one that shocked even Meghan. We ate too much last night. I pushed out 4 huge logs. It was a sight to see. Of course we let both of you in. We watched football(American). Annie can't get into the sport. She was out with a couple a school friends. Well, that is about all we have to tell. Kendal, watch those poos at school. Andrew, keep up with the trumps and also your schooling. Meghan has 2 term papers to write this week. I have a MAJOR paper to turn in, also!! Please take care. We love you, both!! Lots of Lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cousins Sarah S and Meghan.

TODD AND DIANA: Glad you two are back. Diana, are we not supposed to talk about the (you-know-what)? Sarah- I took my people mag into the toilet this morning. It was a major dump. Take care, Love, Sarah S and Meghan

EPHERMAL: Welcome Back!!! Like you, we have been very busy with school. That was a great story about the Indian food poo! Meghan probably would have blushed deep red if she thought 2 guys were outside listening to her dump. I probably would do the same. We only let our online cousins in. Do you share an apartment or a house? Well, glad you are back and have a great week! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

GURLI: Glad to have you here. Meghan- We went to see Harry Potter also and I had to run to the toilet half-way through the show. I thought I would poop in my pants. It is the popcorn and butter that does it. We are glad to see young posters like you come in to the forum. Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR RIZZO: Just a note to wish you gentle poos and wonderful loo adventures. Lots of Love, Sarah S and Meghan

SPECIAL HELLOS AND WELCOMES: Gemma-welcome, Jacqueline-welcome, Christina, Amazon, Buzzy, David and Niki, LindaGS-please write, Linda14yrs, Mindy, Mandy, Alana, Elena, Althea, Sara T, Ring Stretcher, Rjogger and Kathy-loved the voyeur story, Kim and Scott, Jane-hi gal!, PV-take care, Laura, Jeff A, DianeNY, Louise and Steve, Nurse Carmalita and Jake!!, Pat and Renee, Tricia, Bry, Adrian, CD, Ellie and Little Lou! and all of the other wonderful posters here! Well, Dad is calling!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK, Y'ALL!!

Hi everyone,

I have been a regular reader of this site ever since I have got my own laptop and although I have not posted before, I feel like knowing so many of you as I read your posts every few days.

I am a woman and in my early thirties. I have got a special fascination with peeing. I have to admit that since I can remember I had this envy of guys who are able to pee while standing up. I can't explain it, but it it has always been a deep desire of mine to be able to do that; not only because it is sometimes more practical but also because I find it quite exciting. I also like to watch men and woman taking a piss and hearing stories about it.
When I found an internet sit with a "women's guide to pee standing up" I was therefore deeply excited. I first tried to learn the finger assisted method that is described there and some skilled women who post here seem to be able to perform it. I admire you but I got only frustrated with it as it always ended up in a mess. Now after thinking about it for over a year I finally ordered some of these devices they sell there. It's a simple little plastic tube with an extremely clever design and they are fantastic! They arrived on Friday and to my embarrassement my girlfriend brought the packet upstairs. She made some joke about a packet coming from the states but luckily did not ask what it was. I don't know if she guessed as I mentioned the site in a jokingly way to her and one could feel the tubes through the packaging. She did not like the idea at all when I mentioned it, as she is also not keen on men peeing standing in front of the loo either. So I rather did shut up.!
Anyway she went away for a trip over the weekend and I had a good chance for lots of practise. It is so easy. One just has to place this tube between the legs and and then just watch the pee coming out at the front. It took a tiny bit of practise to find the correct position but now it's so easy. What a liberating experience! I have been peeing standing in front of the loo the whole weekend and although I need to refine my aim a tiny bit it's so simple. Maybe some of the guys (or the girls?) can give me an advice; is there less splashing if you aim for the porcelain or the water? I have not figuered it out, yet.
I guess in the long run I will go back to sit down at home but what a relief not having to worry anymore now about dirty public toilets or if there aren't any. I really would like to piss against a wall or a tree now, but so far I am too scared of beeing seen. But I tell you I had good fun over the weekend.... I drank a lot to be able to practise and it was fun. I went a bit mad and had a secret pee in the dark on our roof terrass. I thought the rain would later wash it away. I just stood in the door, unzipped the fly of my jeans and placed the tube between my legs. I carefully looked round that non of the neighbousr where at the window and just started to piss. It splattered on the floor and felt quickly empty. After I finished and washed the thing out I switched the lights on and got quite excited about the wet patch I made on the terrass. I felt a bit ashamed and I will not do it again but I could not resist the temptation. I guess I had something to catch up with tha! t guys usually do when they are five or so...LOL. I even had a pee sitting on a chair doing it into a bottle. It's no problem. These things are designed for it as well. Good to know if I get caught in a traffic jam.
Well, you must all think I am a bit twisted but I had really good fun. I am looking forward to let a last stream rip before I go to bed now.

Best wishes to all
from Ina

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone!

Today, I really felt like I had a load to do down the toilet, and I was able to do it all on my favourite public toilet.
It was another of those unbelievably long-lasting ones, only small to medium sized turds, but I must have dropped getting on for a hundred again! No idea why I have these type of shits, but the sensations of feeling all these turds coming out and still wanting to do loads more was great! If I'd had the choice though, I'd rather do about 20 big loud arse-splashing turds than the number of small ones I did, but I really felt proud of my arse, and that I was probably the winner of any shit competition that may have been held in there today!

Good to hear from you again, DANIEL (UK), and interested to learn you've got such a great picture as your PC wallpaper!
I wondered about including my favourite sounds onto my PC, but I bet people are surprised when they see your picture!
I will look out for the book anyway.
I also thought about displaying my picture of the Roman soldiers using the latrines at Housesteads in the bathroom. If you know it, there's one young guy who looks really fed up as though he's unable to drop one! Apparently, the troops were issued with licorice to prevent constipation.

LAWN DOGS KID, Thanks for clarification about Michael, and yes I did see your earlier post. You obviously had an idea of his interest by his collection of films with guys on toilets! Great that he and you were able to go like that. Hope you might be able to repeat the performance together!

UPSTATE DAVE, So every time you dropped a turd it splashed you right up the hole! It must have been a very evenly made toilet pan, since I get splashed quite randomly on all the ones I've used.
I really envy my friend P. the biker who on one toilet where he used to live was frequently getting his balls splashed as well as everywhere else! Perhaps turds sometimes drop at an angle as they splash into the pan- a slow motion, side-on film taken through a glass toilet might answer these qustions!

GEORGE, I didn't see that programme in which linseed was recommended for a good BM the next day, though I have heard it has those results. As long as you drink a LOT of water with it, apparently, like most bulking foods.

KEVIN, Another brilliant toilet with a perfect view! Especially if, as you say, guys sometimes hover over the seat so you can see the turds dropping!
Someone else said he's been to one which has a raised seat on the handicapped toilet and from the next cubicle is able to see the shit dropping out of a guy's arse as he sits on the toilet seat with a 2" gap between the seat and the pan!

On that fascinating note, I've come to the end for today so wish everyone well, and Power to our sphincters! P P G

Sunday, December 02, 2001

I would like to hear more outdoor diarrhea events!:) like being sick

A pee story for the crowd:

once i was taking my best friend to a state park to go hiking...its only about a 30 minute drive but of course i got lost, SEVERAL times *L* about an hour and a half into the drive i was needing to pee pretty badly and considering going on the side of the road, but i was afraid of being caught by the cops. So i held it for about another half hour when i finally found the place...the front of the place has bathrooms but i didn't want to use them, i prefer peeing outside. So we began hiking, after about a mile (mostly uphill) i told her to hang on a sec i was about to piss myself, i walk off the trail intending to pee on a tree when an old man and his 3yr old grandson come up and start talking to us and asking friend and helped them out, but they continued to stay! i was pretty desperate by now so i started holding myself off and on with one hand while i was talking to him, he took the hint and left, i didn't even wait for him to get out of site, and i didn'! t leave the trail, just turned facing away from it, lowered my pants slightly and peed a good 4ft stream all over the tree in front of me, my friend laughed at me the whole time. i tried to get her to go too, but she's a bit shy about pissing in public. as you could guess i LOVE it!

Hey, whatever happened to 'Becca and her younger sister? Are they still around? Haven't seen any posts from them in a long time. Hope you guys are OK.

Sara T.
Hey all :)

AMAZON- Do tell some stories :) Can't wait to hear them.

As for that crap I took last night, it was dull lol. I flushed before I could look at it, because I wanted to avoid smelling up the bathroom, and when I wiped there was nothing on the toilet paper at all.

ross: no i do not thik most women wipe with wet tp (at least i don't) that would just leave your hole feeling weird.
to the unknown poster: i think most women squat with their buts facing the wall for balance. i guess they can lean their backs against the wall for balance. i personaly would rather someone see my bare but than my vagina.
now for a story: has anyone watched themselves poop? the other day i went into the bathroom and held up a hand mirror to watch myself poop. it was a big one too. at least 15 inches or so. when i used to get really constipated i would poop out beer can size poops i know it sounds imposible but it happens. more stories latter.
by the way do any other girls out there have problims leaking urine even if it is for no apparent reason? that happens to me a lot. hi to all the new posters and the old ones!

I am 28 years old, from France, and I was visiting New York with my boyfriend and his parents last June, before the terrible attacks. I have a story to share with you. I have always had a sensitive stomach, so if something doesn't agree with me I get diarreah attacks. Everything went fine until the last evening. We went to a philharmonic concert in the Lincoln Centre. I was thirsty, so I had some glasses of raw orange juice with ice. This must have upset my stomach. From the beginning of the concert I had a strange feeling in my stomach. I felt a strong pressure to go to the toilets. Like the beginning of diarrhee (we call it in French). This became stronger. After 30 minutes I was in agony. I felt liquid shit to come down. I tried to calm down my muscles, but in vain. I was mortified. I knew the option, either to leave the concert hall in middle of the performance or poop my panties. Five minutes later there was no choice. I whispered my boyfriend that I had to go to the to! ilet with diarrhee. Finally I stood up, waddled from the middle of the row to the door and then ran to the toilets. I barely made it. I was wearing a long skirt and dark pantyose. Quickly I pulled down everything sat on the toilet, and out came a tremendous wave of diarrhee. It lasted about five minutes, I was just pouring wet shit. Finally I was done. I went back to the concert hall, but a lady told me to sit at the side in case I had to go again. And she was right: My stomach gurgled again just 15 minutes later, and I made a second mad dash to the toilets: I let out the worst blast of diarrhee I ever had. I still don't know what caused it.

I am a 27 years old female and playing volleyball in a semi-professional team. Last night we had a game during which I came in serious trouble. It was very very cold so obviously I drank too much tea before the game. Already 10 minutes in I felt a strong urge to pee. There is no way of going to the toilet during a game. But the urge became worse and worse, and I already started to be unable to move around while risking to pee in my panties. I had no choice but going to the toilet quickly. I just ran out of the hall to the next ladies' toilet across the corridor. I ran into the next available stall, lowered my panties and shorts with one move, quickly sat and peed the longest pee of my life. It lasted exactly 3.5 minutes. I felt much more relaxed afterwards.

Hi thought I would share another of my pooping video experiences that don,t
always go the way I planned like my earlier post pooing on the camera ,this
time I thought I,ll try something . I put on a white pleated skirt and a pair of
cream colored panties and stood up outside sort of side ways on from the camera
so I wouldnt make the same mistake twice . there was a bit of a breeze blowing my little skirt was billowing in the wind filling up like a parachute , and revealing my panties .if anyone had stopped by they would have had quite a show , I slowly pulled down my cream panties and stood with my panties around my knee,s , then I started with my poo pushing slowly this time ,it slowly came out a little bit thin and curling towards me
by now you will have guessed I,m now watching the video of my self .my poo was now dangling from my butt then it dropped and landed in my panties before falling out of the
rather wide leg openings from having streched them with my legs being apart .
not what I had planned , anyone got any tips for me? or suggesions as to what I should do? please help?

I admire people who have bouts, gallons, streams of watery diarrhea because i never gets them.

Amazon-I'm a few years younger than you, 16/m. I am also into peeing and desperations. I have peed my pants on a few occasions and have been desperate and bursting on several more. I am looking forward to hearing some of your stories. If you'd like to hear any of mine, let me know

Russ-Thanks for your reply. Enjoyed your story. I look forward to any others that you happen to have.

I dont know if anyone here has ever been in a hospital after surgery. I havent, but a few years ago my friend Brian had his appendix taken out and was in the hospital for a few days. He told me that early one morning he woke up with an incredible need to pee but he couldnt make it to the bathroom by himself. The nurses weren't around and neither were his parents. So he was lying on his back bouncing around and grabbing himself while calling to see if anyone was around to help him. Well, to make a long story short, his mother finally showed up from the waiting area and helped him out if bed and into the bathroom. However, Brian told me that he was pretty embarassed because at the same time the nurses walked in and despite his efforts he had wet his pants a little, which made a patch on the front of his pants.

Anyway, hope that wasnt too lame. Anyone have a similar experience?

That's all for now.


Piggy Poop
SILKE: Perhaps you are right, but I like to poop in water (of course not into the pool - except one, desperate case, maybe I write it later...). In Hungary there is a quite big (about 70 sqkm) lake, called Balaton, and I poop in it regularly in summertime, but I look to not disturb the other bathers (not so than the woman in your story...), because this is really disgusting. I hope, I (and other poopers) don't pollute the water too much.

I have an other, more bizarre story, told me one of my girlfriend. She was in a town in Poland or in former Czechoslovakia, I don't remember it exactly, with her family (her father, mother and brother), and they had to go to toilet very desperately. They searched for a suitable place for nearly an hour, but they didn't find any. No restaurant, no public toilet, no park, even no secluded place, i.e. doorway or something. Finally, they spotted a public toilet near a church. They rushed there - but it was closed! They couldn't control themselves forth. The two males pee to the wall of the toilet, but the two females were disturbed by some passerby. They went to the church and it was open. They went in, and the church was completly desolate and dark. They had to do their business so much, that they hadn' another choice: they did it right there, whether it is appropriate or not. My friend's mother and she sat down in a bank, in a dark corner. Her mother pulled up her skirts, ! and pulled down her panties, my friends pulled down her jeans and her undies. Then they kneeled down, and push apart their legs, and started to pee deliberately. They peed more than a minutes, when my girlfriend said her mother, that she had to poo very much too. Fortunately they have some newspaper with them, and the mother put it under her daughter bum. She felt very ashamed herself, but she must go. She pressed hard, and she pushed out a thick 10 inches turd, then two smaller ones. Fortunately the incense scent suppress the smell of the shit. When she finished, they wrapped the turds into the paper. They put a bigger sum into the collecting box, and they left. They put the packet into the nearest dustbin. They felt ashamed the event ever since, but they had no other choice: either made a mess in their pants, or do their business nastyly in the church. Had anyone similar desperate story?

I haven't actually wet my pants since I was a child, but it's a pretty common occurence for me to dribble or let out a few spurts. Actually, it's pretty much a daily thing. I don't like using public restrooms, especially the ones at school, so I usually just hold it until I get home. I don't really pay attention to how much I drink during the day which would probably help minimize my dribbling, but I'm not too bothered by it. I've gotten pretty used to it. Usually I don't have any problems until after lunch (I drink at lunch)so pee starts leaking out during my last period classes. Most of the time, it doesn't even soak through the crotch of my pants - my panties are just wet and yellow in the crotch. I think a lot of people are like me about this. I was once sitting across from my friend on her bed. She was wearing a skirt and laying down so I could see the crotch of her underwear. It was strange because right when I was glancing at the crotch of her white panties she let! a bit of pee out because I watched her croth go from white to yellow. It didn't phase her though so I figure she does it every now and then also.
A few more drips and spurts come out on the bus ride home, and the walk from the bus stop to my house but I always make it without any real problem. I remember one time when I had been holding it since the night before; I made it to my yard and i dropped my purse. So without think i bent over to pick it up, and put a lot of pressure on my bladder and a big spurt came out and made a spot on my pants. But that's as close as I've come to peeing my pants.

hi.i was formally new1 but i changed my name.i hope you liked my story.a few days ago,i was at my tuition with my finished at 12.30pm.(not in my house.)at around 11.45,i had serious stomach cramps and felt a big turd pushing it's way out.i let out a few SBds but the more i farted, the more the turd came out.i did not want to use the tuition teacher's toilet or my freinds would laugh at when no one was looking,i stuck my hand up my butt and pushed the turd back was'nt so bad until i got home.i rushed to the toilet pulled my pants and panties all the way down and exploded.
this morning,i had a tennis tournament at 8.oo so i went to poop at 7.15.the first part of my poop was extremely hard then the rest was all mushy.i wiped and got ready.but when i came home to bathe,i found that i had not wiped properly and had some skidv marks on my panties so i just threw them into the wash to avoid himuliation from my family.
Jim:i'm also 10 and went to watch harry potter too.i ate one whole tub of popcorn and poop started coming out but harry potter was so interesting i pushed the poop back in and for the rest of the movie i felt ok.
keep the storys about pooping inyour pants especially females.glad to see that so many people have the same interset as me.

Hello, been crazy busy with school work and everything. Two more weeks of hell and a month to relax......

Tonight I went out for Indian food and it was sooooooo good. But uhg I feel so bloated and stuffed right now. I also have not had a good shit yesterday or today. Prior to that I've been actually fairly regular and everything has been coming out nicely with no straining, nothing. Just urge, hit the pot, let it poops have been extra sticky lately and I'm not sure why cause my diet hasn't changed at all.

Anyway, usually around this time of year I get so stressed that I get a very upset stomach and get the runs, but so far so good.

So back to tonight. I felt like I had to shit before my friends picked me up for dinner and I tried but could only produce a few small plips of small balls. I could feel with my finger more poop, but it just wouldn't come out no matter what, so I gave up. I had this wonderful dinner of Indian food (all vegetarian, in case you are wondering) and lots of water. It was incredible and after we left the restaurant I felt so full and bloated, but no urge to shit. A bit ago, I did get an urge, but again all that came out were little pieces. I feel horribly bloated and constipated right now and just wish this huge dinner would come out. I'm drinking a lot of water to try to help things along, but I'm just feeling blah and I've got a ton of work to do.

And I'm not really so constipated as I did have a nice and decent size poo on Thursday. That was kinda funny cause my housemate's 2 male friends came over and so I was like "hi guys" and then slammed the bathroom door (which is across from our front entrance) in their faces. I had a lovely pee then and a nice poop and they were all standing around talking in the kitchen, I'm sure in wasn't exactly a quick poop either, so I'm sure they could guess what I was up to.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been around, I'll try to drop a note so you don't worry, Robby and Annie. I just have so much reading and writing and studying to do that I don't have much time to read through this let alone post. Hugs to all.


Where down south are you? I am an 18 year old white male from Houston, TX. Do you enjoy peeing into containers? I do this all the time. If so, what kind of containers do you use for peeing?


AMAZON -- welcome to the board! Love your handle, BTW! Yes please, love to hear your standing pee adventures and desperation stories -- and I know there are lots of folks here who'll enjoy them very much. When did you learn to pee standing up? Were you taught by another or did you discover it for yourself? Please fill in the details for us, we're always fascinated to know!



Ross: I pee sitting down at home and i piss at urinals.

Not much hapining lately just some medium sized poops.

Where are you Billy and Kevin L?


Hey this is my first posting but I have had some great experiences lately. Every Saturday I go night-clubbing with a couple of friends of mine. We party hard and usually the end of the evening comes and we go and empty our bladders and bowels in the club toilets before leaving. Last Saturday 2a.m came and we decide to do the usual, to our dismay the toilets had been closed as someone had thrown up all over them so we left. I told the girls I really had to shit as it would be at least an hour before I could get home. My friend Aj and Debbie agreed they also needed to unload. We found an alleyway near the club and decided that two of us could go first and one could keep watch. I kept watch as Debbie and AJ went into the alley. I watched as both hitched up their short skirts and pulled their knickers down to their ankles. Debbie farted which made us giggle then both proceeded to pee and long stream out. Then both went quiet as they squeezed out some good looking sized turds. By! this stage I was bursting and told them to hurry up, they both said they had a lot to go. I couldn't wait any longer so pulled my skirt up and squatted, I wasn't wearing knickers which made it easier. I pushed out three large long turds. AJ and Gemma asked me if I had any TP as they had made a mess, I said only enough for me but we can try and share. They walked up to where I was squatting and squatted and shared my TP. There wasn't really enough to go round and we had to clean up properly when we got back to mine. By the time we left the alley there we three impressive piles of shit sitting there ready to be admired by the next visitor.

To Ross: I've wiped my self too after i've had to pee..just like to make sure im clean down there

To steve: I liked your story about your acident you had...Luckly your grandmother was cool about it

I think yesterday someone posted about K-mart...any way i had a dream that i was at my Kmart and i went to the stall and saw someone pooped and didn't flush and there were undigested green peppers in there

Today i was at work and it was almost time to go and i go to the mens room to pee(single bathroom) and the ladies is right behind the mens and i hear someone open the door to the ladies room and go in(its single as well) and someone was peeing. It sounded like a guy, i came out and washed my hands and i see it was indeed a guy in the ladies room. He told me he was really desperate and couldn't hold it any longer. Gotta run bye

Ben In Iowa
Man I got a story to tell you guys. I was reading the post tonight 11/30. And I really had to take a crap. But I was still tryin to catch up on all the posts. My parents and brother weren't home so I made a decision. I decided to go in my gray briefs. So when I couldn't hold it anymore I let it out and kept on reading. Then I went in the bathroom cleaned my very messy briefs and took a shower. It was a big load for the people who want to know how big.

To eveyone: I also couldn't get on here for 2 days also

More later

Does anyone know of any good movies with female poop scenes?

hey!i'm back.i'm kind of allergic to papayas.last time i went to my freinds house and was forced to eat papaya.after that,we went to my friends room to play. i excused my self to go to the bathroom.i was very urgent!i pulled down my pants and white panties till my knees and exploded on the kinda went like this:BRAAT PLOP PLOP POW!'the pow was when i exploded.some went on to my panties.i cleaned them up and put a peice of TP on the seat of them incase i exploded again.

another story was when i was class went to the computer lab and i needed to poop.i did some SBD'sthen i let out this juicy wet fart and a peice of rock hard nugget came out into my panties.back in class,i threw the nugget out and said it was a leaf that flew into my panties because it was squashed up!
more later.....cya

when i was at my friends birthday party,3 of us were i n the toilet bathing.1 freind was sitting down waiting for me and mindy to bathe because we were close friends.i shampood myself when mindy said:i need to pee!
i rinsed my hair
me:me too.
i started soaping myself.mindy stil had shampoo all over.
mindy:hurry Up!nhhhhh!it's coming out!
i stepped out of the shower and went to pee.what a releif.mindy hopped out of the shower grabbed her towel and on to the toilet seet."piiiiisssssssssshhhhhh"A powerful stream of urine came out and she used her towel to wipe.

Nick (Canada)
It's been ages since I've posted and quite awhile between reading the post as well due to computer problems. But after a couple days, I'm all caught up.
Ross - Like you, I sit down to pee. It started simply to keep the toilet cleaner longer and to avoid occasionally missing. But after breaking my leg badly a few months ago, I now find it much easier on my leg to sit. I also have a raised seat, padded, which I find much more comfortable as well.
Todd & Diana - I loved your story. I hope you guys have many years of happiness together. In answer to your question, I am also a bathroom reader. I keep a book in there. And if I don't have a book on the go, I'll grab a magazine or newsletter. I don't really care for reading newspapers on the toilet simply because they are so awkward to hold. Although the tabloid size are just perfect for toilet reading.
Doc- You asked how long someone has gone without having a BM. For me, it was a week. I had a crap before going to work (where I broke my leg) and didn't have another one until a week later. The main reason being I was on so many painkillers they constipated me. I still pop painkillers quite often but now have Sensonet (to help loosen up the waste) to pop to counteract the constipating effect of Tylenol 3 and Delaudid.
Some have posted movies showing guys sitting on the toilet. One I haven't seen posted is "Warm Summer Rain" where we see Barry Tubb reading on the toilet and later getting up and pulling his boxers and pants up. It's one of those straight to video ones from about 1990 with Kelly Lynch.
I'll try to contribute more often. Happy pooping and peeing to everyone.

Promised another Lexie and Todd story, so here goes. It was the weekend after I had met Todd, and he'd called me up to see me again. So I decided to prepare a good show for him. The day before, I ate a lot of food with fiber in it, and I think I may have overeaten a little, because when I got to the clearing where we met and were meeting up with each other, it was all I could do to hold my anus closed. But I managed, with my short jean skirt that could barely cover anything in back, and so I saw him come up, and he said, in that gorgeous British accent, "Hello, Alexa." I said, "Hi Todd." We started up a conversation, but my poor rectal muscles were straining to hold in my load. He noticed me fidgeting and asked, "Do you need to relieve yourself?" Just like that, not "do you need to take a major crap?" But I would have answered yes to either, so I said yes. I took his arm and pulled him behind a couple of trees and bushes. He asked, "Am I going to watch you go again?" with a ! sly smile on his face. I smiled back wickedly and said, "Uh-huh." I pulled up the skirt and down went the silk panties. I squatted down a bit and leaned forward a lot. I could feel my anus grow wider and wider as the giant poop started to crackle out. "Wow, your bumhole's getting big," Todd said. I sighed as the huge log slid out of my anal passage, slowly but surely, which is how I like it. The feeling of relief was beautiful. I farted a bit, weed a stream for about ten seconds while pushing out a smaller group of pieces, then got out the toilet paper (came prepared this time). I turned and held it out to Todd. He smiled and bent down, wiping me with seven strokes. I pulled up the silkies and pulled down my skirt. Then I stood back to behold my creation. There was a big fat brown monster, which was so big I couldn't even believe I'd done it, and some smaller ones alongside. Then Todd said, "That was great, especially when you had the big one coming out and it got moving and! you sort of went, 'Ahhhhhhhhhhh,'" and I giggled while blushing a little like a schoolgirl. Then as we were leaving, another couple, kind of older, like in late forties, came walking along. We left, and I wondered about the looks on their faces if they ever decided to just walk behind those bushes!

CARMALITA: Liked your Heather story! Keep on goin', girl! Sure you probably looked pretty sexy on that pot.

ADELE: With me, if I'm constipated, I just eat lots of fiber stuff like green leafy vegetables, or I use Vaseline to ease the job. I usually don't have problems with constipation since I'm LI, but hey, everyone has one of those days...

LOL, everyone!

To whoever asked about women peeing outside Ė what position they use?
I think most would pee with their back to the wall or car or whatever. I think the main reason is because you feel very vulnerable squatting with your knickers down and you want to see who or what may be approaching. Also you donít necessarily expose more by facing outwards because if youíre wearing tights or trousers and you only push them down a little they tend to block the view of your private parts; the most anyone might see is a quick glimpse of pubic hair. On the other hand if you face the wall your bum is well and truly on show.
I tend to pee outside quite a bit Ė but I donít tend where trousers or hose Ė just a skirt or dress with just panties and they arenít really enough to block the view. Iíd still rather face out though even if a few passers by get to see my vagina Ė itís better than squatting and not knowing whatís behind you.

Hi Tailwagger,
Wow that sounded like a really cute little poo! You must have had a VERY short miniskirt on if you could see your sausage-filled knicks dangling down below. Good job it wasn't a soft one! Were you out when you dropped it and did anyone see you? Bet you had to walk carefully in case it fell out.

Hey everyone,
I LOVED the way Tailwagger described her little sausage as 'cute'! What's the 'cutest' little poo you've ever dropped?

Hi, everyone! Interesting picture on the masthead today(Sat.) The woman has deposed her cat from its box! Too bad we can't see anything she's done yet...

Rocky Mountain Lisa: A warm hello back to you, too, and glad to see YOU'RE still around! Congratulations on your new record 21-incher!
WOW!! I would have LOVED to have seen it!

Mina: I've really enjoyed your recent posts starring you and your sister
hanging off the bathtub. That's one video I'd LOVE to see! (Their IS a
real market for them, too, since they're not real common...). Off hand,
I'd say your husband's a very lucky guy!

Carmalita: You just continue to drive me nuts! (You KNOW that, too, don't you?) HOw can your turds just continue to be getting bigger and fatter? They were ALREADY INCREDIBLE!! Very entertaining story about Heather... keep us all posted about your further adventures after you introduce yourself. Maybe you can include her into your intimate circle!
I caught a cute tidbit from your account of her project... you described it as one beautiful shit, I believe, while SHE obviously thought it was AWFUL, since she wouldn't even breathe through her nose at the end! I thought that was an interesting comparison!

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