Good morning guys-nice pic of a black girl sitting looking like she is pooping-nice
TO MINA-hey lets see some of that video!Good stuff-sounded like you all were having a great time buddy dumping!
RJOGGER & KATHY-Hey neighbor!Cool stories from the 60's pal-I esp enjoyed the one with your friend chris' mom in the outhouse-i would have lost it sitting there with her pooing like that next to me-once again,you lucky guy!Good stuff!
TO ROSS-the only time i sit ti pee on the bowl is when I have diarreah and can't take a chance of peeing cause of a possibe accident in my pants,but your opinion does make sense in a way
TO CARMELITA-Oh honey I really enjoyed your tale with you pooing along with that girl Heather in the stall with the hole in the wall-it was so beautifully discriptive,I must say and yes I printed it to read sometime later when I have to poo and I'll enjoy reading this one! WOW!One of my fevorites!Isn't it great to poop along with the other preson unloading at the same time-I really enjoy that kind of dump myself-that's why i like to poop at the gym-great stuff senorita! EL banyo!
ROCKY MOUNTAIN LISA-hey missed ya hon where have you been?I really enjoyed your unloading of your turkey dinner-yes you and I should have done our turkey unloading together-that would have been glorious-sounded like the kind of load I did at the gym the fri after turkey day too lets' hear from you a bit more I alway enjoyed your stories,LISA,let's get together for a good buddy poop,and of course,ladies first!
For the next few days after turkey day I was doing some real good pooin'as soon as I got up i would walk briskly to the bowl along with some of the good stories that I print from the forum and sat down and read them and relax my doming anus and do some real long ropes of turkey excrememt-usually it was 2 real long turds and some pudding with a lot of farts too-I looed forward to these poops every morning cause they felt so good as i sat there dumping all this stuff out my destended rectum--I think i was going thru the internal cleansing of my system for a few days cause these were some serious poop i was unloading-then when I went away,I didn't poop for 2 days and when I did poop,it was nothing to report-then I caught a bad sinus infection and for the last 2 days I've been on anti-biotics,but so far it hasen affected my pooing yet,but i'm sure it will-i'll keep you all up to speed on what happens-great stuff all! BYE

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Gang!!
Hope everyone had a great week. We were very busy with term papers, etc. We didn't have any great adventures in the toilet this week. It was very ordinary. Our dumps are regular, too.

KENDAL: Hi, dear cousin! How was your week? We read that you had a poo run. That is what we call a poo that is done after running to the toilet. It was great that Andrew was there. Speaking of Andrew, we want you to know that Meghan let out a trump this morning that could be heard over the Tele, and probably clear across the pond. You didn't hear a sonic boom in Devon this afternoon, did you? I think it lifted Meghan off the bowl. She shit a large brick and then trumped some more. It had the most horrid smell. We don't mind that Andrew has a toilety mind. We won't encourage him, though. We know guys that have toilety minds but in a bad way. Andrew doesn't. Also, thank you for letting us know about your birthday. We wrote it down in our schedule book. We know you look ever so pretty with your dress pulled up and your pampies down sitting on the bowl. We enjoy your adventures so much. Even the mundane ones. Oh yes, We hope you are over the fear of pooping at school. It is! really nothing. We just plop down and do our business. We know you are a proper lady, though. Take care dear, dear, cousin and have a great week. Lots of Lovexxxxxx and a hug from both of us!!! Cousins Sarah S and Meghan

LAWN DOGS KID: Hi cousin Andrew!! Meghan- You better damn know that I am keeping up with you in the trump department!! I let out a trump this morning that you and Kendal could have heard over in England!! I think it shook the house. Well, I am probably exaggerating. All of the inhabitants of the house heard it! I think I could have blasted off into space. I also did a large poo! Sarah held her noise, said;"Oh shit", and ran out of the bathroom. As for our "open door policy" with you, it is still on. We always let you in to watch. That is more we can say for Dad. Sarah- Thank you for your belated birthday wish. We have your birthday on our calender now. On the subject of Dad's diet, he poos more during the day than he ever had before. We are trying to cut down on our heavy eating. Meghan wants to cut down on our beer consumption,too. I think it makes our ???? hurt. We'll see. Meghan and I are playing a as a part of a chamber music concert on Sunday night and we are ded! icating two numbers in the program to you and Kendal. No one will know who you two are but we will. Please let Kendal read this. Do you like classical music? I am getting off the subject. Hope you are studying hard. Keep on down the A levels road and also keep us informed about your trumps and poos. Also Kendal's. We love you!! Lots of Lovexxxxxxxx, Cousins Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend!! How are you and your wife? Thank you for the birthday greeting. I am 25. My car insurance will be going down!!!! We are glad you are going to be able to have money and won't have to sell the boat. Meghan is the cello player and she is used to spreading her knees. The wees-on-knees was awkward at first but once we got going it wasn't that hard. We can do it only one way. We are too big for the other way. A new toilet language is taking shape. We loved the "cullompton", Brompton, Plyomton"!!! Also "mucking". Annie uses that a lot. As we told Kendal and Andrew we are playing as a part of a chamber music concert. We are dedicating two numbers to them. In January we will give a concert with just us. We want you to know early that we are playing the Bach Air(piano and cello) and are dedicating it to you. It would be thrilling to meet your son. Of course he wouldn't know about us nor would we know about him since you use a pseudo name. As you have s! aid that is how it should be for now. Annie is still trying to hook us up with a British male. Mind you, it runs in the family so we wouldn't be adverse for a go! Also we are trying to change our diet so our poos will be a little easier. Maybe not the trumps(farts),haha! Enjoyed your story very much! Take care, our dear friend!! Lots of Lovexxx Sarah S and Meghan

CARMALITA: Dad is behaving himself! You are truly wonderful and we love you. The diet that you would have him on would sure get him to the toilet. He might as well take a thick book!!! He would have those wonderful large dumps like you have!! We know he would welcome your support staff!! The mega dump story in your post was the usual high standard!! Take care!! Love, Sarah S and Meghan

LOUISE: We are half-british so we could be at the end of the line. By-the-way, we did exaggerate a bit about the length of our peeing. We don't remember how long we do pee. Annie wants to set up a contest but we don't know. Probably so! We loved the story of Steve weeing in the sea and the mum and the girls doing their's, too! Do you still hold his dick?(deep blush)! Give Steve our best!! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

PV: Hi there! As we told Louise, we are half and half. We will try to practice for the WSPC!! Oh yes, we are finally opening our door, too! Hope everything is fine in Aussieland! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

RJOGGER AND KATHY: That was a wonderful story about the shit in the woods. Meghan and I remember when we had to take a dump on a camping trip and froze our butts off!!! We enjoy you and your stories, too!! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

ADELE: Thank you for your greetings. That was a wonderful story about you and your friend having your dumps. We are older than you (19 and 25),but would love to talk to you. Also, there is a poster by the name of Kendal who is 11. She is very sweet and we think she would be glad to speak to you. She has a cousin by the name of Andrew(Lawn Dogs Kid) who is 16. Have a great week! Take care, friend! Sarah S and Meghan

This post is getting long so Special greetings and welcomes:
Kim and Scott, Jane-hi there!, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, LindaGS-hope to hear from you, Linda14yrs, Buzzy, Jeff A-hope you are ok, Sara T-Hi and thanks, Amazon-welcome, Adrian, CuteDavid, Mindy, Mandy, Althea, Alana, Ephermal-where are you?, Piggy Poop-welcome, Bryian, DianeNY, Meredith, Laura, Elena, Tricia-welcome, New1-welcome, Bry-welcome, Dallas-welcome, Melanie, Tee-welcome, Upstate Dave, Diva, Plunging Plop Guy, Ellie and Little Lou-please write, and all of the others we left out.



Jamie Sun Devil
Hello everyone.
I am sorry that I have not posted in a while. Things surronding my life have been a little crazy. I hope everyone is doing well and still glad to see that everyone's poop production over the holidays is in full force. I love to read about the long and large productions after all the holiday meals.
CARMELITA- Your stories about your honeymoon all the way to the most recent are first class! Especially with your new female friends Angie and Nu. They both sound like nice girls. I see married life has not changed your spectacular turd productions - 20 inches consistantly, amazing. To answer your question, that who I thought was going to really nice? No go. Just at the most, a good friend but nothing else. Seeing you push out one of your giant craps would definitely cheer me up, with your spouse's OK of course. Thank you for the sweet words, they really mean a lot to me.
KIM and SCOTT- What can I say. The queen of extremeley large turds productions. Unbelievable. I would love to see you squeeze out one of your mammoth torpedos, especially since you are a small framed cheerleader. Take care!!
To everybody else, hope you had a great holiday and look forward to many of your gigantic poop productions.

Jamie AKA Sun Devil

Let me begin by introducing myself - I've adopted the pen name "George" as it's a popular euphemism for a bowel action, a shortened form of "George the Third", which rhymes with "turd" as many readers will know.

I like the current picture on the masthead, as I do many of them. Today we see yet another girl sitting on what is clearly the same toilet as has been featured many times, and I must say I'm impressed by the variety of ladies we have seen with their trousers and pants down using it. If it could only talk, I'm sure that toilet would have some fascinating tales to tell.

However, my main purpose in posting is to offer a suggestion to Adele, who asked for advice as to what to do about "not going". A couple of months ago, I was watching a UK TV programme called "Tricks of the Trade" when my attention was drawn to quite an attractive young lady asking "Do you have a problem going to the loo in the morning?" She went on to suggest that a useful remedy was to take some linseed and soak it in a glass of water. "Best do this the night before" she added with a slghtly coy giggle, although she left the viewer to interpret the night before "what". The idea then was to drink the water and, as the girl explained "The next morning, you'll be hitting the GO button - if you know what I mean!" (again with a slightly embarrassed giggle).

What "trade" the girl professed to practise was unclear. She appeared to be a healthy young lady and I had difficulty believing she had "a problem going to the loo in the morning" but I knew what she meant and took some pleasure in imagining her on the lavatory "hitting the GO button". The only problem I normally have with going to the loo in the morning is getting my bottom on to its seat quickly enough, so I've had no opportunity to test this remedy myself, however I'd be pleased to hear from Adele or anyone else who has tried it out.

I'm something of a toilet fan in a number of ways and will no doubt post again. Meanwhile, I'll await readers' reactions .......

Todd & Diana
Hey toilet friends,
Ross, I (Todd) like to sit down and pee (like a girl). I find it's more relaxing and enjoyable. Plus Diana really loves it too.
Sorry that we haven't wrote in a while, we have been so busy, plus Diana wrote some posts and they didn't make it in. We are doing great. Robby really glad to see that you are doing great. Annie must be a really great nurse. Well I have been taking a lot of extremely long dumps lately and I am feeling the need to take one now so I am going to grab the whole newspaper and head into the bathroom, Diana is going to say a few words so I'll talk to you all later, bye.

Hey everyone, okay now that he is out of the room I have a secret to tell you all. I am going to have twins and he dosen't know that I am going to have these babies. So what I am asking from you is that you say congrats or what ever, I want to make him stir for a while so please take part in this. Bye and talk to you later, I also have to go into the bathroom and do some reading too.
Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

kim & scott
hello all!
TO RYAN-hello. about the girl with the huge wet stain on her pants who was fighting? maybe ryan she did not have to use the bathroom to pee at all! maybe all her excitement through fighting another girl caused all that piss in her pants. you know what I mean?be well.
TO CARMALITA-hello dear. love your stories! thats great that you and jake have a happy marriage. may you live as long as you want. and never want as long as you live! be well you two.
TO ROSS-hello. my boyfriend scott pees standing up or sitting.sometimes he sits peeing even when he doesnt have to have a log. as for me I wipe after peeing but I never wipe my butt unless I push out one of my monster logs. be well.
TO BRYIAN-hello. you are right. this forum was backed up a little but we are back in great shape again!.by the way scott and I love your posts. be well.
TO KATIE-hello. I think that guy who wanted to touch your and your friends chest was rude. if you girls had to do this sorta thing for him to let you girls use his bathroom. go to the bathroom at another household. I guess you two were too far from your own bathrooms at the time? be well sweetheart and mind my words "DONT STOP AT HIS HOUSE EVER AGAIN! IT COULD BE MORE TROUBLE NEXT TIME.PLEASE BE SAFE GIRLS!!!"
TO RJOGGER AND KATHY-hello. you two are a very sweet couple. thanks for being so nice to scott and I. we love your stories so much too! keep em up. and always be well.
TO LOUISE-hello. hope you and steve are doing well? love your stories my friend. I was just curious though I know that you are a pretty tall,blonde -but do you look like anyone famous that an american girl like me would know? just curious!In case you forgotI resemble a very young cheryl ladd from charlies angels tv series or trish stratus from american pro wrestling fame. be well!
TO JOHN (VT)-hello john. thanks for liking my you always do!) I tell you john if I ever come over your place in vermont I will make sure I really let my log build up inside of me..then I would sit on your bowl and crash out a gigantic,thick brown log for you to warned though I may break your toilet bowl in doing so with the enormous bowel movements I squeeze out!!! my boyfriend scott is still taking pictures of me in various positions shitting out my enormous logs for our "shit Illustrated magazine!haha. be well john.
special hellos to robby,annie,sarah and meghan-(you guys are delightful to know.)sundevil-(hello. miss you babe.) hope that you are well. so long,kim and scott

hello all!
TO Ross-hello. my boyfriend scott pees standing up or sitting. he does both about the even amount of time. plus when I pee and dont have to poop I usually wipe myself but not my ass. thats only when I poop.
TO CARMALITA-hello dear. thats great that you and jake have a happy marriage. may you live as long as you want. and never want as long as you live.
TO KATIE-hello. I think the boy who asked to touch you and your friends chest so you could use his bathroom was rude. you should of never done that. be safe girl! either wait till you get home to go to the bathroom or go to a known friendly house ok. what he did could of ended up worse. be safe girls. dont do that again!
TO RJOGGER AND KATHY-hello rich and kathy. love your stories and thanks for saying the nice things about scott and I.
TO JOHN (VT)-hello john. thanks for liking my posts. scott and I like yours too! and if I ever make it over your place I will make sure I store up the hugest log inside of me and bang it out in your toilet bowl so you can admire my logs enormity and thickness! I think if I did bang out a log in your toilet you would probably need a new toilet!haha. be well.
TO LOUISE-hello.all america is sorry about the loss of former beatle george harrison.american loves the beatles as much as people in great britain really!I hope steve is doing well! and I was just curious louise I know that you are a very pretty and tall blonde but do you look like anyone in particular? especially a star that an american girl like me would know? just ya!
plus special hellos to rizzo,buzzy,jane,robby,annie,sarah,meghan,lawn dogs kid and kendal,renee,patsy,jeff a,gruntly bogwell.pv,logger and all the rest.

Saturday, December 01, 2001

Hi yall, i'm a 19/f from down south who really enjoys anything related to peeing. i almost always pee standing up (my best stream was 6ft) i've taught many of my friends to pee standing as well...i have a TON of peeing/desperation stories to share with yall... i just have to get them all straight in my head first :) i love to read peeing/desp. stories, please share more.

rocky mountain lisa
Hi everyone. Been a while since my last post. Busy with work & not much interesting to tell lately.
I did have a gret day after thanksgiving crap though. I felt the need begin at about 1pm while at work. I was busy & put it off until 3pm. I started farting every few seconds & decided I couldn't wait anymore. Made a quick dash for the bathroom. I'd barely sat down when a medium sized turd fell. I got a stomache cramp & with a slight push this snake begun to slide out. To my surprise it just kept coming & coming. After nearly a minute it ended. I peed like mad for several seconds then looked at my creation. It was a record for me at 21 inches. I had a clean wipe & admired it for a couple minutes before flushing it all away.
Buzzy--awesome gym stories lately. I want a seat next to you dude.

Hi John (VT) glad your still around.

More next time. I have a couple observation stories to tell.

Caligula---dude you have the best stories. The last one in the gameroom with your buds was the best yet. You all did major loads. I'd get a kick seeing you drop a huge load then piss yourself.
this one's for you man. I was reading my emails when I got this desperate need to shit. I mean I had to go NOW! but I didn't want to stop what I was doing. I kinda got wrapped up in things & before I knew it I was pissing my pants. I let out this intense fart & the turd started out. Before I knew it I had totally crapped my pants. A decent load.
More stories from you man!

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I could not bring the site up yesterday. Naybe something crapped out! Hi Hi. Mina great idea you and yor sister had. Cant wait to find out the reaction to it. Welcome to Piggy Poop. I hope you have many stories to post. Plunging Plop Guy I have had the splash back happen many times. When I was small I sat foward on the seat so there was no splash but left many skid marks. Ill tell you one thing is that it always seemed to me the splash back would always hit right on the hole every time.(really wakes you up in the morning) Susan a girl I knew used to sit the same way when she pooped.

For Wetguy; Years ago myself and my daughter and wife went on a trip to New Hampshire. My wife fell asleep when I had to make a stop for a pee. My daughter was 3 years old and she had to go also. I stoped the car and we both got out and walked into this field with high grass and pine trees. The grass was higher than my daughter. She was wearing the coveral styled jeans so I had to help her with those. I turned around and I peed. She could see my stream. I finished but she had not started yet.

I asked her what was wrong and she told me there was nothing to sit on. I told her to squat down and go. I showed her by squating myself. She squated and peed. Then she farted and did a big poop. She finished and I helped her with her jeans and went back to the car and went on our way.

Sara T.
Hey Robby, thanks, I did make it this time without having to stop and use the plant :)

Got some things to look up online, and then I am going to go have a nice crap! I feel kind of stuffed from dinner (sausage, peppers and bread) so it'll be nice to get it all out.

Last summer i got mono. It really sucked. I had REALLY bad diahrea for about a week, I was feeling better after about five days, but still had diahrea. I figured i could start working again, so I went into the field to cut alfalfa. Purposly, i wore an old skirt and no underwear. I thought it would be easier to poop if i had to. So, with a roll of toilet paper, there i went. Every twenty minutes i would go poop, if i didnt i had horendous stomach aches. So, i would stop the tractor, grab a wad of paper lift my skirt and let it flow, there wasnt very much each time but it made me feel better. I wiped and kept going for about 20 - 30 minutes, then i would go out lift my skirt and poop. It was good i could poop so often but my ass started to hurt after a while. Im glad it is all over

A question for all of the women out there...When going for a squatting wee along a wall (like in an alleyway), do you face the wall or have your back towards the wall? (And what about next to an auto in a car park?) - I ask this question, because I've seen several women with their back towards the wall. This looks like you'd be exposing more private parts than facing the wall, where only your bum would show! Can some of the women on this board share their method and how they come about their choice. 99% of guys would face towards the wall.

yesterday i got in trouble at school because i threw a pencil at somebody. the teacher made me stand in the corner till end of class. i had to go real bad and i tried to ask the teacher a question, i said mr lawson can i, then he said be quiet and turn around till class is over. i still had 30 min till it was over. i tried to hold it and was hopping around then it came out. i had on black sweat pants so it did not show much. i made a puddle on the floor, it was carpet so it was wet around me. when class was over i got my stuff and went to recess. i dried off a little when i was out there. i felt real bad but no one noticed. thank goodness. bye

There was a fight in the girls room at my highschool and as one of the girls was leaving schoo with her mom (both were suspended) I noticed that her pants had a huge wet stain on them, in a place where it was obvious she had peed on herself. I'm guessing the fight broke out before she used the restroom and she was denied toilet use by the principal.

Just thought I'd share, and I'll share more later if I can think of anything of interest to the forum.


hi all,thought you might like to share some thing that happened at school yesterday[27/11]sorry it goes on a bit.anyway i was in lessons sat next to my best friend layla,i had had a slight stomach ache for the last two days due to my period.well it started to get worse,i thought it might be that i needed to poo as i hadnt befor school that morning. so i told layla that at breaktime i was going to toilet to try to poo,she said she would come too as she needed to try to poo we went into the toilets i noticed i door was shut but you could see a pair af shoes,well the sole of a pair under the gap of about6inch between door & floor,someone was kneeling there.layla and i went into cubicals next to each other two cubicals down from the occupied one.i lifted my skirt,pulled down my knickers and sat down and listened,i heard layla straining she sort of goes MMMMMMMMMMAAAAH,she kept doing this,i started to push,then straining hard,making little noises but not as much as ! layla,suddently there was the unmistakeable sound of someone throwing up and at the same time a loud wet farting sound,followed by more throwing up and more farting. i called to layla -was that you?NO she replied,i want to shit,not chuck,icarried on straining for about 10 mins more as did layla.i did the odd fart but nothing else except a pee,all this time there was rustling sounds and low moans from the other cubical.i said layla-i am getting off now and layla says -come in here with i pulled up my knickers and joined layla-she told me her poo was stuck just inside her bum and did a long hard strain to prove it.well break was nearly over she said she would try again later,took some paper and wiped and said in a low voice-my piles are big again,asked if i had a spare st which i gave to her.she opened her bag and took out a tube of creme, put some on her bum and some on the pad,held the pad in place with one hand and pulled up her knickers with the other,after she moved! i took a peek in the bowl there were a few rabbit dropping sise pieces in the water and one piece of paper. well as we left the other cubical was empty looking in there was sick all over the bowl and a huge mound of soft looking poo and diarreha on the floor next to that was a pair of dirty knickers. layla was washing her hands so i moved the knickers with my foot--turns out they were the thong sort,explains the mess on the floor.never did find out who the unwell girl was.layla is coming to my house soon-hope to find out more of her toilet habits,she is starting to talk to me more now and she did fill in the toilet survey a little while ago.must go now as i need to try to make myself poo or i will get constipated again. can i ask a question of the experts here at the post--what do other girs my age[15] do when you get where you havent done a poo,you know you need to poo or you get do nothing,,strain untill you force yourself to poo,,take laxitives[thats somet! hing ive never done]etc etc??
a big hi to annie,robby,sarah s,meghan and all the other i would particularly like to here from girls 11-14 as between those ages i lots of problems with pooing. bye for now xx adele xx


JOHN VT: Oh, how good to hear from you! I'm happy about your Zelda experience. However, I'd be happy to show you much more. As for me, my turds seem to be getting fatter these days. I'm not, but my poop is. I did a real nasty one the other day. It had to have been about 4 pounds worth of used, smelly tostadas. (I'm giggling). It sure made lots of poopy-crackly-squishy noise coming out too. I sure missed you John.
JEFF A: You are another man I've been missing and deeply concerned about. How are you doing there buddy? How lucky for you to have a wife who dosen't get jealous, and a generous friend of hers who's willing to share her pooping with you. She will do it for you again, I can tell by the story that she was diggin' the hell out of it! You do know of course, I'd be very happy to do the same for you. I love to have men wipe me after. Your story made me a bit warm I have to admit. Renee and Patsy are here with me now and say hi. Renee sends her love and says she'll drop you a note soon, ok? Here's a kiss hon.
RIZZO: Hi hon! How are you feeling these days? Thank you for your always lovely words to me. You make me blush. It's hard to see under my chocolate skin, but I do blush! You're such a sweet man.
ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH AND MEGAN: Hola, hola, como estan? Robby I wish I could be your nurse. I'd be very happy to put you on a moderate Mexican diet, full of protein, refried beans, cabbage, and cheese and you would poop healthy and big for your nurse Carmalita. Of course, I'd have to be there, to watch closely, making sure everything was sliding out gently. Then, a very concentrated session of wiping would have to follow. Then, as I needed a break, the rest of my medical staff would be on call: Tesa, Angie, Nu, Patsy and Renee. Here's a kiss for you sweetie.
RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hot woodland dump mis amigos! Hmmm, Rick, so you're a bomber huh? I was absolute delighted over your "freezing balls". You are such a honey. And Kathy, nice output from you two gal! So, ya' stunk him out, huh? Good job! A good dump just isn't anything without a little bonus! Take care you two, I love you both.
JAMIE SUN DEVIL: Where are you sweetie? How's that new honey treating you?

Yesterday at work, I felt like such a voyeur! First of all, we had a major computer crash, so I decided to go take shit. Mine was a very long one, about 10 minutes with a good pile of turds. We have a girl named Heather whom I don't know very well. She works many doors down the hall. She's always very casual and wears jeans and sweatshirts and stuff. I'm not sure what she does, she might even be a temp. Anyway, there is a hole in the stall wall that's about a 1/4" thick. I think it's where a screw fell out from the TP dispenser. I saw Heather enter the stall (there's only two), undo her jeans, then sit on the toilet leaning forward with her elbows on her knees and hands clasped together. I don't know how to describe what came over me. It was like this tremendous rush of excitement. Seeing the lace on her white panties rolled against her creamy thighs with little brown sprouts of pubic hair from between her legs made me lightheaded! Heather is so pretty, with pale, alib! aster skin and long brown hair. She has brown eyes, a turned up nose, frail wire rimmed glasses and a dimple in her chin. She also has a very round ass and big boobs! If anybody knows who the actress Ione Skye is, she looks a lot like her! Watching, I saw Heather's face slowly begin to take on a look of dire concentration. As she concentrated, I felt my own ass open, and a very long log slid out, hard and crackly at first, then fell loudly with a heavy "fflffllummp!" My view of her was mostly from the side, but I could see both legs, and a bit of sweet vagina. I spied on this girl, watching her face for any signs of reaction to my own pooping. I felt another turd, big, loose, and fat. "RRnnnnhhh" I pushed and "P-loooop". Still, no reaction. Heather was busy concentrating on her own dump.
Then, I heard some of her turds falling. "sspllttsspluuck....sssss-lluummp....pluuup-pluuup....." They sounded moist and a bit loose. Afterward came the stink. Actually, Heather's smell was pretty interesting. It was like a warm poop smell, I can't describe it any better than that. I also cannot truly describe my feelings. I was literally shaking all over from excitement. This was incredible! Even after all the fun and games we've had at our house with the new girls, this Heather, oh, what an angel! From that tiny little screw hole, I could see the entire stall where she was sitting. At one point she sat upright and pressed on her ???? as if coaxing more turds out. Her vagina is covered with thick, light brown hair, untrimmed like my own. Sitting up, her legs were spread a bit, warm and milky white, with tender thighs and white panties rolled up with jeans. After some poop urging, Heather leaned forward again and slowly closed her eyes. I watched her mouth open and ! whisper her effort. A few little "uh....uh....unnh's" followed by a pretty robust dropping of about 6 more wet poops "ssppluuckk-plllooop-pluck-sslllluuup--" The smell was very strong by now, creeping under the partition. This gal had a nasty shit stored up inside of her! So did I. Without being able to control it, about 4 healthy turds slid out of my brown bottom and into the bowl. From between my legs I could see one huge log laying on top of others. I returned my gaze to the screw hole. Still leaning forward, Heather rested her chin in one hand, then began mindlessly rubbing her thigh with her finger tips as a few more little plops fell out. I watched, and I watched, but nothing. Heather just sat there staring at the stall door. No sound, no little puffs of "uh" or anything. Then, her face contorted just a little, and out came anohter "sssploooop," and she blew through her lips. I could tell by watching her face that she was plenty aware of her own stink. She frowned at ! the smell, then began taking breaths through her mouth, blowing out through her lips, then taking in a deep breath. After a second, or two, she covered her nose with both hands, elbows on her knees and did a real, slow sloppy wet fart followed a series of tiny droplets. I felt like I couldn't quit watching her. So, as I'm staring, I watch her pull of yards of TP. She lifted her round ass off the seat and wiped the gooey crevice between her two wiggling cheeks, studying the paper before dropping it in. 6 wipes altogether. Finally, she washed up at the sink and was gone. I was thinking about her all day at work, and I'd see her pass by my desk a few times. One time she even looked over and smiled a cordial grin, not knowing that I'd watched her in the ladies room. I wonder what she'd do if she knew I saw her like that. Man, that honey really took a beautiful shit! It's funny, but I could even remember her smell slowly drifting into my secluded little space. Today I'm going to! introduce myself! I told Jake about it when I got home, and he insisted on a re-enactment. It was fun too because I pinched off 3 nice logs while he spied on me from behind the shower curtain.


I do something that I think is unusual for a man. When I am urinating in a toilet (as opposed to a urinal in a public men's room), I always pee sitting down, as a woman would. I do it this way even if I don't have to poo. Part of the reason I do this is to minimize splashing and to eliminate the problem of accidentally peeing on the side of the bowl or on the floor. But there is also another reason. After I am done peeing, I always take some toilet paper and gently squeeze the end of my penis to get out any remaining urine. I then take the now slightly damp tp and reach behind and wipe my butt, just in case there is any poo residue from whenever was the last time I took a crap. It's amazing how often I will get brown stuff on the tp when I do this.

Question for the men: how many of you pee sitting down as I do? I am guessing a majority only pee sitting down if they are also making poo.

Question for the women: when you wipe yourself after peeing and you haven't made poo, do you take the wet paper and then wipe your butt as I do? If you do this, how often do you see brown stuff on the tp?

Hey im 13 and i still have accidents bad bowls not nowing when i have to go some timesand i have to wear diaper till the day i die.
One day I went to the store wich was next to me well any way I sat down
down after buying my stuff and more diapers then pee came out then
abounch of poop with diarrhea ran home cause my didnt trust me by my
self cause her and her friend went on vaction.
Then the girl said i stink i said i had an accident then she said
go to your room then i did.I was so bad embarrass
When i got to my room poop came out more when i was just bout
to change my mom Knew i had bad medical peeing and pooping problems.

Hi you all!!,I have missed a couple days,due to some computer problems of some kind, unable to connect to this great forum. I have enjoyed reading the past few postings, and the pictures also. Yesterdays looks like she is sitting on a bidet,which are common in Europe but not too common in the USA. Most are used by women after using the toilet, I used one once in Europe and it did wash my rectum and anus well after having a good bowel movment. It did feel good and would like to use them again someday soon also. I am sure some women have some experience with bidet's and the good feeling of having their genitals and anus cleaned with the mild water provided by the bidet.
Wetguy: I have a event to mention to you, I was taking a long trip recently in my car and a girl in the car who was about 15 and she mentioned she had too urinate soon her bladder felt full, Since we were in the country there were no gas stations to stop at so I told her I had a big jar that was empty if she wanted to use that, she said she would and had a funnel she had bought recently which enabled her to pee while standing up. So I pulled over to the side of the road and she got out and walked behind a bush,she told me to let her know if someone was coming along and might see her. I noticed she took her skirt off, and pulled her panties down to her ankles, then she spread her legs and put this plastic funnel next to her urethra and peed into the jar standing up not kneeling at all. She filled the jar then I gave her some paper towels to wipe her vagina of any loose urine. I have seen her naked before so she was not shy about doing this in front of me. After she was fi! nished she pulled her panties up and put her skirt back on also.
I took the urine and poured it on a ditch not far up the road.
So Wetboy,hope you enjoyed this posting and maybe there will be some more posted here. take care, and will post another incident with me later on. Love this forum and hope we get thousands to post of their events on moving their bowels or urinating. Take care friends, and keep your bottom clean and anus fresh. Russ.

this is my first time posting.i've got a few stories to tell.last time ,i was having dinner with my family and some of my dad's freinds.after dinner, we were walking back to the carpark when 1 of the women stuck her bum out and said that she needed to go to the toilet.i think she was quite urgent because she ran to the toilet.

I see this website is back up...any one else have trouble getting here for 2 days?

To Zip: I liked your story about the stall with out a door at Kmart. I wish mine didn't have a door

To Random Poster: Liked your story..that must have been embarssing when you suddenly had to poop at school and you dropped your turds on the floor. If you had you panties on atleast you might be able to sorta hide the fact that you were pooping

To jim: Liked your story about the wetting acident....that sucks you got punished

To The unamed poster: What is your name....any way Re: My big log. It was hard to push out last week after thanksgiving. I did make a few grunting noises cause i knew i had alot up me. After having that log 4 hrs later i pooped again

To kakadu: I never been next to any famous guys in the bathroom. Cool fansays about Johnathan taylor Thomas and Leo....they would be cool to be seen in the bathroom :)

To Robby: Thanks for mentioning my thanksgiving dump

Latly i've been having really soft and loose dumps. not much else to say gotta go to work bye

PIGGY POOP I often have pooped into the water, but I dont't go into the water only for pooping . Then I do it at a place were I can stay dry and have some privacy. I have nothing against pooping into the sea, but I think it's not more hygienic. Years ago I swam behind a woman in her 40's, she didn't see me, and after a second she pulls down her bikini and starts to push out a fat turd. It was was not a sinker, and so after two minutes she had a group of 3 turds swimming behind her. She pulled up her bikini and swam in a big bow back to the beach. She remarked me, but she wasn't embarassed. I swam during her pooping-session out of the "line of fire", so it was not real nasty for me, but do you think that it is more hygienic than pooping on a dirty toilet or in a shower house? I've often seen swimming turds on crowded public beaches- have anyone else seen such things?

RIZZO I like your story about the family at the deserted beach you've seen from your boat. I've seen something similar last holiday. We have found a secluded place for tanning nude half high the cliffs at a deserted beach. It was a platform with a wall of stones around it, so we weren't seen from the small sandy beach. After 45 minutes we heard some voices of a family. I looked through a hole in the wall and saw 5 peoples: The father, a mother, 2 daughters (one must be about 15, and the other 10) and a son about 12. I saw their car parking one kilometre at the side of the beaten track at the top of the cliff. . The younger girl asked why they wouldn’t stay here, but the mother wanted to look around the corner, because: ”I don’t want some strange viewers!” she said. They looked around the corner and it seemed that they are alone, they couldn’t see us, because we were well hidden behind the stones. They stopped, and the father was the first who took out his willy and start! ed to pee into the sand. The boy did the same. And the younger girl pushed up her skirt, bend forward and peed in full view of the whole family. The older girl looked around and looked a little shy. The mother also pulled up her skirt, spread her legs, bend forward, and started a big gusher. The shy girl asked her mother were she could go, because she “has to go gross”, she said loud. The mother told her, that she also could do it here, because she will also start…in this moment I saw a long turd coming out of her backside and falling into the sand. The shy girl pulled down her one piece bathing suite and also bend forward. It was a nice picture, to see this family doing their business. I think that’s better to do it open, than hiding from each other in a dark corner like you have seen, Rizzo.
The girl also started to push out some logs. As the “peer’s” had finished,
they waited for the “poopers” and were talking to them while watching. The mother moaned very loud while pushing and farted from time to time. The girl also farted but you could only hear her crackling sound. The “peer’s” waited about 15 minutes for the others, but they still hadn’t finished. The mother said, that she hadn’t done her gross for three days, and that she will push out some more turds. The pile behind her was really big, and she let out one turd after the other, only paused by short gushers. Our husbands had smelled the shit, and were now looking with us. The girl had finished and wiped with some Kleenex. Than she changed her tampon, and pulled up her bathing suite. The mother was still pushing and told them, that they could go to the car, because her “gross will take some more time”. The other went slowly into the direction of the car. A sailboat arrived around the corner and the crew had a full view of the woman. They do like they hadn’t remarked her and l! ooked into another direction. The woman wasn’t disturbed by the boat und pushed out some more turds before she pulled up her pants after wiping, ripped down her skirt and went after the others. As she was out of viewing, a female sailor hang her bum over board and dropped some turds into the sea. We continued our tanning, but before we went away, we all peed into the sea side by side. You will not believe, but Dani reaches the double wide with her stream than the boys, if they do it standing up. It was a loud splashing sound when all four streams hit the water. We looked at the stinky piles and puddles in the sand, I must tell you I’ve never seen such a big one produced by the woman. It looks like we all four had produced it together.
If I have more time; I will write you what I’ve seen at a open-air (The last one this year) some weeks ago.

Kathy & RJ - Relaxing, and pooping over tub edges without shitting yourself can be impossible if the tub don't have the right design. Ours is older and higher and allows the feet to spread enough, inside, to give balance without being uncomfortable. I agree with you about the liberating exzilaration (sp?) both of an unhurried outdoor poop, either in private or especially loosing your "poop virginity" with a good trusted friend,or the same experience in a bathroom. also, I hate to have to hurry and empty my bowels & butt, don't you?. I looked back thru the posts on here and only a few of them seemed to be women like us who really loved those special firstliberating poop experiences. You can tell what a incredible experience it was for them by their posts. Too bad there are not more of them. +++
Now for my report on the poo video with sister Jeannie. Aaron (Ron) came home late. I was already asleep, but got up and got a sandwich ready for my sweety while he showered. After he ate we spent some quite time talking-he has been gone for several days, then I popped the video in and pretended to read a magazine while he watched. When he got to the last installment with the "twins" having a double poo, his eyes bugged out and he grabbed the remote and watched everything about 4 more times. There are 5 poop sessions on there but the video part of each is only one to two minuts, so it dont take long. Then he shut the TV off and we will now skip to this morning. During breakfast he looked up at me and said, "That was Jeannie on the left and you on the right-"And I was wrong, that was Jeannie and not you in the other video." Surprised I asked how he knew. He said, "You have an Outie and Jeannie has an Innie". At first I thought he was talking about belly buttons! and dumbly argued both hers and mine were innies. He said,"I am not talking about BBs, I am talking about your cute little bum holes. "I looked at your rear views in the video enough times til it dawned on me. When you poop,sweety, your ring puckers out. Jeannies hole just opens up and her stuff comes pouring out." We laughed and I told him about the mascara and we laughed some more. Then it was time for him to to work again, he needed his morning shit, so I went in after him and as he was seating I asked him to scrunch back, and quick removed lower garments so we could have our own buddy dump. Except it wouldnt work seated like that: he had to get up and let me in back, and I watched his buns of steel open as his spincter enlarged and released its load. He was able to go first, probably because I was so enamored watching him. So,my round brownish keel basa ended up on top of his rather coiled up bunch of frankfurters. Both of our stools were soft and easily flushed! . After he left I took a quick look at the vids and he is SO right, truth will out, Jeannie is an innie and I am an "outie." Love, Meen

hey my name is katie 2 days ago i was walking down the street with my friend kylie. I was a normal girl walking down the street when suddenly my bra strap broke. that was the day i wore a white tank top. after that happened we kept on walking then another bad thing happened this time more serious.because this time i really needed to go to the toilet very,very,very badly. it was as if my bladder was about to explode. kylie and i were attractive. even though i was in alot of pain we kept on walking we came up to this guy sitting on his front steps and we went up to him and asked him if i could use his toilet. he said yes only if i can touch your tits and your friends as well. we only said okay because i was about to explode. i then went to the toilet. he touched our tits and we left. when he finished touching my tits my bra fell off. so where ever i walked every one could see them. bye for now.

RJOGGER and Kathy
It is a totally lousy day here in the Metro NY area, cold, raining, gray, YUCK! Since I do not have anything to really write about, I will present some old tidbits, some mini "blasts from the past". First some comments, from someone who can't get enough of this site.
Mina - Wow!, you and your sister sure had a nice little tub poop, and on camera no less. I think what you did to fool "Mr. Smarty Pants" was pretty cool. I also like that fact that you 2 girls are a couple of pranksters, it does me good to see that. Girls, Kathy and I hope that you will have more adventures like this.
Jane - Yeah, I guess being nervous about flying could translate into a massive, nervous poop. Just as long as you are alright, that's all that matters. Take care Jane, Kathy and I will speak to soon.
Tricia - You poor thing, getting caught in an emergency like that is no fun, and those guys should not have laughed at you. If they had any class, they would have just walked away after coming upon you. I know that I have seen many women pooping outdoors, as I have encountered them unexpectedly, but you just try to stay out of the way, and never try to embarrass them.
No name (El Salvador?) - Thanks for your concern. Maybe the State of New York is somewhat lenient on drunk drivers, but the woman who hit us was so drunk, she could barely stand. Needless to say, she was arrested, she will lose her license, and our attorneys have hit her with a major lawsuit. So she will get hers.
Rizzo - Kathy and I do try to maintain a diet rich in fiber, as we feel that it promotes a healthy life style. It also helps contribute to our fun and games, with the crazies that we hang out with. We hope that all is well with our favorite boatman, and we send our love to you and your wife. Sail on, my friend!
Robby - Hello Robby, we are glad to see that you are well and writing again. Kathy and I just want to let you know that you and Annie do write some of the most entertaining and funny stories; and we very much enjoy them. We hope that you guys will have many more to write about. Take care.

Hellos also go to the lovely Camalita (how is our favorite little lady doing?) and her handsome husband Jake; Renee and Patsy, one of our favorite couples; the beautiful Kim (Lady Logger Supreme!) and her good looking guy Scott; SARAH and MEGHAN, two of our favorite mischief makers; the lovely Diane NY, Buzzy (How are you Neighbor?), and Muggs ( where are you, young fella, hope everything is OK).

Some months ago, I wrote about my summer 1960 experience in the Adirondacks, with Karen and Jen. Here are some more stories from that same summer, as I was approaching "manhood" (HA!).

While still on vacation, my friend Chris's parents had a large lunch barbeque at their cabin. My family, my dad's friend's family, along with Karen and Jen were all there. After eating, I felt a post lunch dump coming, so I walked to the cedar wood privy. It was another 2 seater, a no door no stalls affair that faced the woods, so I walked to the right most seat and lowered my trunks. I started taking a very satisfying crap, and no one interrupted me. As I was finishing, I heard Chris's mom talking. Her voice kept getting louder, and sure enough, she appeared in front of the privy. "Oh, hi honey, I don't mean to interrupt, but I need to go", she said, as she patted me on the head. Chris's mom was about 35, blonde, a little ???? but extremely pretty. She went to my left, and began to lower her shorts and panties, as I stole a glance at her ass. She sat, folded her arms across her lap, looked at the floor, and softly grunted. That must have got things moving, as a fast mo! ving turd crackled softly, stopped and fell into the bin. A popping fart followed, as did two more cracklers, then Chris's mom started peeing. With that she turned to me, and said, "That is much better" and she giggled. Little did she now that I was enjoying every minute of this, and as she began to wipe, I looked at her ass and got a fleeting glimpse of her rosy pink anus. When she finished and left, I quickly wiped, then I took the little flashlight that I always had and looked down the hole. Chris's mom had plopped a long snake and 2 smaller ones on top, an impressive load. Later, while Chris and I were climbing down the hill to his cabin, we noticed that Karen and Jen's aunt was seated on the privy. She was rocking back and forth, grimacing a bit, and grunting loudly. We didn't want to linger, so we walked back up the trial, to keep out of harm's way.
OK same summer, I am back from vacation, hanging out at my friend Bill's house. His older sister Laura was home, and she was something else. She was 16, orange hair, freckles, very pretty, and she dressed to make guys notice. She also thought that she was hot shit, because she had been given permission to smoke, and she could be a little snooty. Anyway, after lunch, Bill and I are in his room, upstairs. There was a bathroom nearby, and we had a clear view of it, not that we were expecting anything. Then about 15 minutes later, Laura walks by, apparently not noticing us, or not caring that we were there. She was wearing a yellow tie top and light blue shorts, and looked incredible. She entered the bathroom, and started to wash her hands. "Her afternoon crap routine, you have to see this", Bill said. "Yeah?", I wondered out loud. I don't know if Laura heard me, but she made no attempt to close the bathroom door, as she walked over to the toilet. She began to lower her blue! shorts and white panties, all the while pressing her legs together, then she sat on the toilet, leaned forward, and wiggled her butt a little. I couldn't take my eyes off her, and I felt my pants tightening. Then Laura raised up and stretched her arms behind her, like she was exercising. "She's shitting now", Bill said. "No way", I replied. "Wanna bet?", "No, I got no money". After about 30 seconds of sitting with her arms raised, Laura went back to leaning forward, and Bill and I heard the most incredible pissing sound. It continued for some time, and as it slowed to a tinkle, Laura removed several sheets of toilet paper, folded it over and sat up a little straighter. Sure enough, she reached around to the back and wiped her shapely ass. Another length of TP, another wipe of her ass, then she peeled off some more, spread her legs, exposing her flaming orange pubes, and wiped her vagina. I was really gaping and Bill elbowed me and snickered. Laura got up, pulled up her shor! ts, and went to the sink to wash. She then left the head without flushing, and a few minutes later Bill and I went to look, There was a 15" or so light brown turd, about 1.5 " thick, smooth and well formed, sticking up like a midget's walking stick. "Wow, she really did carp, does she do this a lot", I asked. "Yeah, she does this a lot", Bill replied. He flushed the toilet and we went outside. Later, as we were watching some TV, Laura walked by, her head in the air. But as she passed, I could see a smile that said she new she had been watched and didn't mind. I just wanted to jump up and grab her pretty butt, but of course I did not.

That's our little contribution for today. We hope that everyone has a nice weekend. As always, it is a pleasure to speak with all of you fine folks out here. Take care, everyone.

cute David
I remember when I was in year 9 one morning. I normally shit when I wake up. When I woke up, my mom said she''l go out for a long walk. So when she left. I went to watch TV. After the show, I felt a very strong urge to take a shit. So, I went to the toilet and instead of sitting down, I tried to pee first because I was having an erection. So when I pulled my dick out, I began shitting my pants. It was very warm. zI was wearing briefs then so it was OK. THen I shat about 10 long large logs!!! Then I felt there was some more so I sat on the toilet with my briefs on and shit 5 large logs!!! All my shit could be at least half a kilo!!

Annie and Robby
Hello fellow toileteers!

It is COLD in Central Texas!! This weather reminds us of an incident that happened some years ago. Annie- I was staying with Robby and the girls after my husband Alan's passing. At that time they lived on 15 acres. Robby was breeding horses for racing and equestrian events. It was November and the weather was rather cold. One evening we went out to check on the animals and get them into the stables. I had needed to poo for some time. Well, this was the point of no return. I had to squat, now! Robby told me just do it in the hay. I pulled off my trousers and knickers and squatted. A large log bulged out of my bum. Mind you, I was shaking like hell. The horses got "wind" of this and turned their attention to my perfomance. I strained and the log finally came out. It had to be close to 2 feet long. Robby was just aghast. I farted a big one and then proceeded to drop several smaller pieces. It looked like a large horse-pat! I had to wee, too. Robby found a piece of cloth for! me to wipe with. I was waiting for the horses to start applauding. I felt so much better!! No, Robby didn't need to go at that time, darn it!! BTW, all of our children are excellent riders and Robby's girls still ride when they get a chance.
Now, some hellos;

JANE: Glad you and Gary had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for your kind words. I think that more fiber will loosen everything up and you will be back to your regular big dumps! I have been on a ???? and fruit plan for the last few days. Also I am adding more fiber in the morning. It has helped my movements. I have 3 or 4 a-day rather than the one or two I used to have. Give Gary our best. Take care, Robby and Annie

MINA: That was a marvelous buddy dump. We look forward to hearing reaction of your husband! You and your sister must have a great bond! Keep it up! Take care, Robby and Annie

TRICIA: That was a beastly thing those people did to you. All you can do is hold your head high and do your grunts. Also do go to camp. Those people have to go to the loo, too!! Oh, yes, welcome to the forum. Take care, Annie and Robby

PV: Hi Gal! I would be honoured to be included in the WSPC! I have to tell you I did wee in the shower yesterday. I was too lazy to get out and use and toilet. Spain must be a great place to have sightings! Keep those wees relaxed and fee! Take care, WAY down South, Annie and Robby

LOUISE: Hi!! I didn't know that Sarah and Meghan could wee that far. I think they might be exaggerating a bit. I might have to ask them to have a go sometime. I could measure! As I told PV, I wish to be included in the stand-up wee lineup,the WSPC. I will talk to Sarah and Meghan about it. Take care and give our love to Steve. Annie and Robby

RJOGGER(RICK) and KATHY: What a wonderful story. You both must have been freezing your bums off. Well, your balls, too, Rick! I don't know whether I could have done it without falling down. Annie squatted outside the horse stables(see story at the top). Glad you had a marvelous Thanksgiving. Please keep on the mend. I am doing fine! Take care, Robby and Annie

DEAR RIZZO: Annie and I are bike riders. There is a special track near our home. We haven't seen any signs of weeing or pooping. It is too cold right now, anyway. I am on a fiber(pasta), fruit, and vegetable food plan. It makes for more trips to the loo. I am up to 4 times a day. My poos come out much easier. I can still have a glass of wine(white) 3 times a week. Also, I can drink an occasional glass of port. I am glad you are financially stable now. That is a help when a job can be a topper! The girls will speak to you tomorrow. Oh, yes, Meghan is the cello player. I wasn't privy to the wees-on-knees so they will have to fill you in. Give our best to your wife. Take care, my dear friend! Lots of Love, Robby and Annie

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): Hi to our dear niece and (secret)nephew!! I asked Sarah if they were going to do the wee-on-knees again. She just stood there with a pouty expression and said;"OH DAD"!!! I guess it is not cool to ask your children when they are going to wee. The girl is going to be a lawyer or barrister in a few months for goodness sake. Please forgive. I am not being sulky about it. I just read Plunging Plop Guy's post and he has a new loo name. It is mucking. Now my Mum said; "you mucked up" or "lets muck in" but I haven't heard it used in that vein. Please read his post. It is interesting. We don't have much to tell you. I am gaining strength day-by-day. My poos are more regular and easy. We are anticipating the return of LindaGS and Ellie and Little Lou. By the way, are you going to Charlotte's this weekend? The girls will be here tomorrow. Take care and be careful!! Lots of Lovexxxxxxxx, Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Mucking!! That is an interesting terminology for it. Hmmmmmmmm. Lets add it to the loo language. "They are mucking about again"!! It should be jolly fun. Robby and Annie

WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! Sorry for the long post!!

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matt and bobby- where r u guys

Recently I my parents were away and I was forced to stay with my grandmother for 2 days, which really isn't that bad. She isn't strict at all and I can do whatever I want pretty much. She loves to read and she spends most of her time during the evenings sitting at the kitchen bar just reading some book. I hadn't gone to the bathroom in 2 days and usually I go everyday, so I knew that if I had to go it would be big. I went outside to play then the urge to go got very strong so I sat down to stop the urge and after a minute it did so I started to the house to go in. I let a few silent farts out and began feeling the need to go again. My grandma was in the bathroom so I got worried I asked to please get out she said she was taking a bath and that she wasn’t coming out for 10 minutes. I tried farting to relieve the pressure but I just relaxed too much I could feel it was getting closer and closer. I was wearing light blue briefs, and a pair of khaki colored cargo shorts on t! op. The poop was beginning to come out a little, almost touching my undies. So I told her that I had to go bad. Just then the warm poop began to fill my briefs. The smell was beginning to be noticeable. Just then my grandmother came out of the bathroom and she must have seen bulge in my pants, because then she calmly asked me if I had an accident. I said yeah kinda. She told me it was fine, just go take a shower and clean up.

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