JEFF A - Hi guy! Hey I missed your story about Barbara. I bet you
liked seeing her on the toilet and hearing everything she did like
that, didn't you? I did like reading it because she is a bit like my
friend Jackie is now, because she likes Steve watching her have a
piss and she once has had a shit for him as well, which he liked.
She looks a lot like the actress Caroline Munro if you want to know
what she looks like. I did not see that similarity until Steve said.
Jackie says it is a thrill so she likes it a lot.
I had a shit when I came home from work yesterday. I went to the
bedroom and I just took off my clothes down to my underwear. Well in
the bathroom I took off my knickers and I hovered my bum over the
toilet. I started with a nice big wee that lasted a minute. I bet
you and Steve would have liked seeing that because it was a nice
gushy strong one with a big stream. I went drip drip drip for ages
as well at the end and you would have liked watching. Well when I
was ready I pushed my shit out. It was really easy to squeeze out
and I felt my bum open up and my turd was out real quick. It was
a smooth log about 6 inches long and about 2 inches thick. I wiped
my bum and I looked at the paper and there was a brown mark there
so I ripped off a bit more paper and wiped again just to be sure
that I was clean.
Love Louise xxxx

CARMALITA - I liked your latest story and I know Steve did too.
I says he would have liked to have been with you to all your wiping
for you. He loves to wipe me, and he would have loved wiping all
of you. It made him think a bit, I could tell LOL.

RIZZO - Hi guy! I am glad you have not had to sell your boat. It must
be very dear to you. Hey, did you like my story of how I needed the
toilet when I was in the showers? I thought it may be that it would
be just your kind of thing. Love Louise xx, and I will try to keep
weeing in alleys just for you. LOL

PV - Hi girl!!! Yeah the British branch of the WSPC is getting a
lot of members, so we can not all stand at the urinal together. LOL
Yeah Annie and Meghan and Sarah S have to join us because they have
tried standing and all that. I still want to know how far they can
do it. Steve says I do seem better at weeing heavily enough to put
out fires than just weeing distances LOL. Yeah I will see on
Saturday if we can all line up and have a wee because it will be fun
if we can.
Yeah I like it better if the showers are open. We can not really
wee in the showers if another team is in there with us because we
don't know them that well, so what would they think about us if we
were all standing there pissing and they were not? LOL The last time
we shared there was a long queue for the toilet because most girls
did want to wee after showering. It was a bit unusual, that.
Yeah I think we have been lucky to see so many people weeing outdoors
in Spain. I remember a story I have not told yet, and there was a
couple there on the beach near us with two teen girls and a boy. I
bet it was one pregnancy straight after another because they all
looked real close together in age. The boy was very tall with a
small dick which looked really wrong on him. Well the two girls went
together near the sea away from the rest of them and they squatted
down looking out there. Well they were weeing because we saw they
were not shitting but we did not see their streams. Later the boy
went to near the same place and he held his dick up for a wee but
I do not know why he needed to because it was a bit small. I saw his
stream, it was easy to see. The mum went a bit later and squatted
near where the girls had been but because she was turned around
this way we could see her stream. Well I think the girls were a
bit shocked at their mum doing it like that because their brother
and their dad could see it. LOL
Yeah I think Steve wrote about the mum and daughter on the steps.
It was good because it was just so up close. Hehehe the real best
was when Steve went for a wee in the sea and there was the mum and
two daughters having a standing wee there as well. The mum was
teaching her girls how to do it. Steve came back from the sea with
a girl on either arm. LOL Steve enjoyed that holiday!



Desperate Dan: At my College many of the bathroom stalls have holes in the partitions. I guess some weird things happen there, but I've never seen them. These holes can be useful for people who are toilet fans. My favorite setup is in our Library bathroom. There are two stalls, one standard sized and the other large for the handicapped. There is a fairly large hole in the partition between the two stalls. I enjoy taking a leisurely shit there every morning. I usually take the non-handicapped stall. I naturally lean forward while shitting and my eyes are then on a level with the hole in the partition. I can therefore see other College dudes taking a shit in the other stall. The crapper in the handicapped stall is next to the far wall of the stall so you can see most of a dude while he is taking his shit. It's real interesting to study the different shitting and wiping habits of dudes. I enjoy seeing the grimaces on the faces of constipated dudes as they squeeze ou! t their logs. Some dudes are real picky and don't like to sit on the toilet seat. They then kinda hover over the crapper and you get a good view of their turds coming out their assholes. Some dudes wipe sitting and others wipe standing. I always like to see the way they reach behind to wipe and then examine the paper to see if their asshole is clean yet. So holes in partitions can be useful for those interested in toilet habits. Also, I don't mind if guys look thru and see me on the crapper.

Hiya Toileteers!
Yesterday my screen announced that this site was not accessible although I tried from different computers and through different servers. I almost feared that it was over and done with visits to “The Toilet” and all dear friends here.

OUTHOUSE SCOTT, I agree with you, diarrheia is awful. I also agree with your kind advice you gave TRICIA.
Yes, toilets on planes are designed for contortionists! Although the head compartment on my boat is only 30 inches wide when you sit on the potty, there is plenty of room all the way across to the other side of the hull for wiping and standing up to re-arrange your clothes. The door to the main saloon has to be kept closed, though. If it is opened, it bangs against your knees! I suppose that with an open door that pins you against the back of the toilet, the conditions are like on a plane!
I always like your posts! Cheers!

KENDAL, dear niece! I know you told the truth! That is precisely why I took you seriously! And thanks a million for your smooth hug!
About standing wees: even if you do not have much opportunity to practice, just having tried and being willing is enough for me to earn you my vote in your favour for continuous membership in the WSPC ;- )
Here’s your weekend hug, which is smooth at this time of the day, from your Uncle Rizzo!

JANE, thanks for your encourageing words. You are a dear person. Love from Rizzo.

RANDOM POSTER, you have really had horrible experiences! Thanks for sharing these with us, because they made a good story. I hope that by telling us you will feel better, that it may even let you smile!

Dear ROBBY, I can just imagine how you hated to use a bed pan. Very humiliating to have to crap into such a thing in such circumstances and with strangers near you. I had a hearty laugh when reading about it though! It is good to see you back! About those “vices” of yours: I gather that you have a tendency to eat too much of the wrong things, eh? I know that it is difficult to eat the right things in permitted quantities when living in Texas. My son flies over there from time to time, and finds it impossible to eat the piles of food placed before him by people who only wish to do him well! He prefers a Mediterranean diet with plenty of vegetables and little meat, but lots of fish. Quite unusual for a young man. He also loves opera and classical concerts. Because it is a small world, it lies within the scope of probability that he could run into one of your daughters! Wouldn’t that be wild! Take care of your health, love to you from Rizzo!

Here’s what happened to me when in hospital.
It was quite a while ago that I had to have my appendix taken out. I remember getting a needle with a tube attached shoved in the vein of my left hand, and electrodes stuck to my chest. It must have been about eight thirty pm. Then I was told to count out loud. When I reached twelve, I thought, Ohmigod! I’m going to puke into the thingy that was being thrust down my throat! Seconds later I opened my eyes again to look into the blue eyes of a very pretty blonde nurse. I asked when I was to be operated. She laughed like a bell and said that it was over and done! It must have been 10 pm by now! Only then did I notice that the pain in my ???? was there no more, only a sensation of soreness and tenderness on the surface, where the clips and bandage were. I will leave out the procedure on the next morning except for when I felt a painful heaviness in my bladder but without the urge to pee. The pretty buxom blue eyed nurse with curly blonde hair peeking out from her white bonn! et was there when I expressed my need. She gave me a smile that seemed to light up the room and handed me a large bottle with a wide neck especially designed for the purpose. Then she went away to leave me to pee in solitude. I placed the bottle between my thighs, took my willie and shoved it into the bottle neck - aaahhh the glass was cold - and tried to go. It took me ages to be able to release a slow dribble at first, which then gained in volume to almost fill the bottle to the neck!
Later I was told that if I could not have a bowel movement (bm in short, for those who have asked) by the third day after the operation, they would take appropriate measures. Oops! That sounded like something unpleasant. I just imagined the pretty nurse with her radiant smile giving me an enema!! She was resolute, no doubt; her step demonstrated this to me clearly when she walked!
So on the second day after, I decided to try the toilet just across the corridor for a crap. There were two doors, the one on the left for ladies, the one on the right for men. I went in. Inside was a sort of narrow ante-chamber with a wash basin and another door to the toilet compartment itself. The toilet had a half window which was open, the other half of the window belonged to the ladies’ side. I lowered my pyjama bottoms and sat. A silent wee against the front of the porcelain bowl was all at first. I couldn’t bear down, because it made the stitches (clips) hurt a lot. So I just tried to relax and breathe deeply and sure enough, I felt something reluctantly beginning to move. Just then I was interrupted by a loud bang of a door being closed with a good degree of violence nearby! The sound came from the ladies’ side too! This was followed by footsteps and another bang of the toilet door. Those footsteps were all too familiar! It must be the pretty nurse!
Wow! My ears must have become all pointed and turned in the direction of the open window on my left. I must be sitting back to back with the toilet behind the wall, I thought. Sure enough, I heard the “clack” of the lifted toilet lid hitting the flush-tank. A short rustle of textiles and a thump with a little creak of the toilet seat made the rate of my heart beat reach extraordinary levels.
Now I will try to describe the sounds using some of the names of places that have been or not been mentioned.
She let loose with a sweet “Kisssssssssimeee” followed by a pause and a sigh. Then came a resounding “Cullompton..Cullompton, Brompton, Cullompton...... Brompton..... Pessssssshhhhhhhhhhshshshshshshsshshawar”!
Ooooh! My contribution to the concert was only one timid “Plympton”! But a turd is a turd is a turd!! There was no need for “appropriate measures”.

I may add some short hellos to: Carmalita, Renee, Patsy and Jake, Jeff A., Lawn Dogs Kid, PV, Steve and Louise, Kim and Scott, Alana, Ring Stretcher, Upstate Dave, dear Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan, Mina and all those who I haven’t mentioned.
Have a good weekend, Rizzo

Hi, everyone!

Kim: Great to hear from you again!! Somehow I missed your Thanksgiving
post, but I certainly enjoyed reading it ( as I ALWAYS do with yours!)
after I went back and retrieved it. Great imagery as usual- I liked the
"electrical impulses pulsating through you" and the "big brown baseball
bat emerging"... another Kim classic. I really just cannot picture a 22
inch long artistic wonder deposited in a lucky toilet... I think you ought to vacation in Vermont sometime so I could have the incredible good fortune to view your fantastic work in a receptacle first hand...
I can only imagine how flabbergasted I'd be!

Hello to all-hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving-I went over to some friends place and had a great dinner-i do this about every year cause most of my family is eigher out of state or passed away so it's a nice place to go-anyway-some responses-been away the last few days,so i'll try to catch up
TO CARMELITA-Loved your little get together and all of you pooping away-I printed that one to read in the toilet as i poop-great one!
TO RJOGGER & KATHY-Happy turkey,neighber-nice sotry with you guys dumping your turkey dinner out in the wild,but man it sounded cold-I can't poop outdoors when it gets that cold-sounded like a good amount of poop came out everyones butt-good story,as always i enjoy them!More stuff!
TO DEAPARATE DAN-Yes,i've seen those holes in the stall walls of the public toilets and yes they are a turn-off to me too esp when I read the other post from RUSS explaining that they are called "glory holes"hey, later for that for me anyway-when I see those holes,i exit the stall and go elsewhere-sometimes i don't care if another guy descretely watches me poop and it's happened a few times to me,but,no other stuff for me-later for that unless it's a woman peering thru the hole!!
BTW-really nice pic on the masthead today of a pretty black woman( or possibly latina) sitting spread legged on the bowl-very nice stuff,moderators!
I enjoyed reeading some of the post thanksgiving poop stories,so here's mine,and it was fun too!Just like everyone else, I ate like a condemed man on turkey day and got up fri morning feeling bloated and got dressed and headed for the gym and when I got ther it was about 9 am and I didn't have to go yet so I wnet to the cardio-machines and started my routines and after about 25 mins or so I felt the turkey dinner start to make it's way down my cescending colon,so down to the toilets I went and when i got there it was pretty busy,but there were a few stalls open and I took one and started to clean of the bowl and I can hear other guys unloading their turkey dinner which made me have to poop more-then as i'm sitting down on the bowl I hear a guy across from me let out a groan and then he exploded a lot of loose stuff into the bowl for about 20 seconds-now that's a long time to keep pooping like that it was pretty unbelievable to say the least!Then I sat down and let out a! nice long pre-poop fart as I felt my anus start to open up,i resisted the urge to push and just let the turd come out on it's own and as it's coming out slowly,small farts were coming out along with it and alot of crackling too as it made it's way into the water below and stiil exiting my wide open anus,i'm listening to all these other guys farting,groaning and dumping and I noticed this morning was a bit different then a usual morning in the fact was today everyone was in the stalls for quite a long while-I let my 1st turd hang there for quite a bit as i just sat back against the toilet tank and enjoyed the sounds around the room and then I felt another cramp and this rope of poop fell silently into the bowl and right away I farted again pretty loud and another smoothe turd started to come out and this one came out pretty fast and it too felt like another long one and as it got to the end of that turd it got real soft and my asshole then exploded with the rest of my thanks! giving dinner.Then I looked in the bowl as I peeed up a storm and saw 2 really long turda the 1st one was a bit knobby and it was about a foot long.the second one was really smooth and it was even longer than the 1st one-i'd say about 14-16 inches and a small pile of pudding poo with some splatterd against the back of the bowl-it was my good thanksgiving dump!Then I just sat there for a bit hearing other guys doing what sounded like even more poop than me! some guys sat down and for the next 2-3 mins they pooed just about continously-then I felt another urge and pushed and let out an small wet fart followed by a bunch of squgglies and along rope of mucus that I had to wipe away cause I couldn't push it all out.Then I finally felt done as I wiped my anus which felt swelled up as i wiped it and was relieved in every way and went to the showers to claen up,but that was a goood dump-then for the next few days i did some good pooin'which i'll tell you guys another time- say hey ! to all the regulars(RJOGGER<JANE CARMELITA KIM & SCOTT and all the rest! have to run! Later! BYE

Lawn Dogs Kid
PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Funny how you remembered that incident with my old best friend Michael ! Well, to answer your questions, I had known for some time about his similar interests re-the toilet. I knew because he has this collection of tapes with toilet scenes on them. Hence how I'm accumulating some as well !! However, the time we watched each other was completely out of the blue. No hints or signs leading up to him asking me if I'd like to see him have a shit. The girl you spoke about, Chloe, was actually my girlfriend at the time !! I suppose that I would have let Michael watch me after he had finished, but the fact that he did watch me was entirely down to Chloe conducting the proceedings ! Then she sat down and went herself, in front of my mate !! Only a wee though, try as she did, she couldn't manage a poo while Michael was there. This occasion was the one and only time Michael and I had a shit together. It would have been only a week later that Chloe dumped me for! him ! So we kind of fell out for a while. We are friends again now, but not like we used to be then. And Chloe and he are still going out together even now, over a year later ! She was completely gorgeous on the toilet ! Now, you've set me thinking. Perhaps I might just go round to Michael's house and see if he'd like to watch me shit again ! Then he'd go after me.. and then I might get to see Chloe go again for old times sake !! Perhaps not !!!! Actually, Mr. PPG, if you (or anyone else) want to read again about Michael and I having a shit together, its on old posts page 445.

ROBBIE & ANNIE & SARAH S & MEGHAN: Hopefully this post will make it. My last two haven't ! Glad to see you've enjoyed yourselves over thanksgiving. We don't have such a celebration over here, preferring to celebrate Christmas more. So hopefully Kendal and I will be able to tell some wonderful stories about our Christmas trips to the loo ! Meghan, hope your keeping up with the pace ! I went to the loo alone this morning because Kendal was wanting to see something on the tele. However, the fart I made before pooing was so damned loud today that Kendal was able to hear it downstairs in the living room over the sound of the tv !!! Oh and Sarah, happy belated birthday ! And Robby and Annie.. a strict diet hey ? Well that should make for some interesting adventures for you both !! Love from Andrew xxxx

RIZZO: My dear friend, I'm grateful to have someone fight my corner on occasions ! But honestly, Kendal and I are fine. Harmonious living ! Great story about the pee puddles everywhere. Pity you arrived too late to see the action !! Take care, and I passed on your hug to Kendal ( a sort of scratchy one, had my first shave about six days ago, but nothing has grown back very much yet ! ). Love from Andrew.

LINDA GS: How's my Babe ? You must write soon. I'm dying to find out whether I was allowed to watch the thanksgiving poop !! Kendal says I have to tell you about her poo yesterday, performed in your honour ! She was so desperate to go I became quite alarmed that she might actually poo her pampies before we could get home, but she did make it, just ! There was no going upstairs for it as normal. It was key in the door, school bag dumped to the floor from a great height, flings open the door to the downstairs toilet. Up came the school skirt, down came the pampies, and ... PLOP,PLop,plop. And then with a wicked grin on her face, that skirt was smoothed carefully down her legs as far as it would go, enough to hide her pampies away. Once smoothed, she resumed concentration, and began to wee as well. Kendal definitely needed that poo very urgently. She never poos before her wee ! And her wee was punctuated with a series of plops, at least another six or seven much smalle! r ones ! I then had to go and get a comb while she continued to pretend to be you ! Altogether, I'd say I enjoyed the experience very much, thank you ! ( or should I be thanking Kendal ?! I'm confused now !) Take care babe, and I hope you are happy now you're home again with Cousin and Elena and the girls. Love you loads, XOSXOS and smoochies ! From Drew.

I do something that I think is unusual for a man. When I am urinating in a toilet (as opposed to a urinal in a public men's room), I always pee sitting down, as a woman would. I do it this way even if I don't have to poo. Part of the reason I do this is to minimize splashing and to eliminate the problem of accidentally peeing on the side of the bowl or on the floor. But there is also another reason. After I am done peeing, I always take some toilet paper and gently squeeze the end of my penis to get out any remaining urine. I then take the now slightly damp tp and reach behind and wipe my butt, just in case there is any poo residue from whenever was the last time I took a crap. It's amazing how often I will get brown stuff on the tp when I do this.

Question for the men: how many of you pee sitting down as I do? I am guessing a majority only pee sitting down if they are also making poo.

Question for the women: when you wipe yourself after peeing and you haven't made poo, do you take the wet paper and then wipe your butt as I do? If you do this, how often do you see brown stuff on the tp?

BRY: I have a photo of the actor Stephen Dorff sitting on the toilet. I wonder if that's the pic you're referring to in the book "Men before 10 a.m.". The photo looks completely genuine and he got his face ever so slightly scrunched up like he's pushing a little or he feels it about to come. One hand is visible and it's obviously holding his penis down into the bowl. I even worked up the nerve for awhile to use this pic as my computer wallpaper! It sure did elicit some strange comments from friends ("eewww, strange" or "hmmm, bet yours is the only computer with a guy taking a dump as wallpaper", etc). But people know me as a pretty ou-of-the-ordinary guy anyway, so no big deal....By the way I agree with the person who said in an earlier post that there should be pics of guys using the toilet on the front page here too. But I don't think the moderator is in favour of that. There are loads of pics of guys out there, believe me. Ciao, Daniel (UK)

Thursday, November 29, 2001

'Ron is out of town all week end until late tonite. Yesterday sister Jeannie came over and we were laughing it up about how he pretends to disagree about it being her in the early video. So we decided to have a buddy dump for him. Our hairdos are different so we both tied out hair in pony tails and using some mascara I drew a birthmark on her shoulder same place as mine. Then we stripped and each hung our butts over the tub with newspaper on the floor,with vid camera on tripoid aimed so our faces not visible, just our backs and our asses hanging over the side. Right away I could tell by the sounds Jeannie was making that a nice big one was exiting her hole. She peed a good stream and then I started to pee and it drowned out the crunching noise of her turds being expelled but I hear a couple of splats, at which time I could feel my load start to work its way out. My ring expanded and quite suddenly this long rope started tumbling out. We both sat motionless for another m! inute or two, going "ngh - umph" with our bellys pulsing as we squeezed out the last little bit and then wiped. Caamera was on 'sound' so we didn't talk. I slid sideways out of camera range and went around and shut it off, then we wiped ourselves real good and cleaned up, sliding our poops off into the toilet and burning the newspapers in stove. Jeannie left 3 big round sausages about 2 inch around and each about six inch long, and some residue on top. Mine was one long one curled up like soft ice cream and a dollop on top. Both about the same quanity but Jeannie obviously had some corn the night before. The video turned out great, even the sound of each of our productions swushing out and plopping. Frm the back I would say it is impossible to tell which of us is which. And that's the idea for Mr smarty pants when he gets home, he will get his wish, at least on video, but wont know who is who. I will let everyone here know his reaction. Love you all xxx Meenie!

Piggy Poop
Hi Everbody! It's a great site! I read it for long, but I posted first time. I'm a Hungarian girl, that explain my poor English...

SILKE (and others)! I don't understand, why you and your company peed and pooped in a dirty toilet or in a shower house, when you were beside the sea. Why didn't you go and poop in the sea, its much more comfortable and hygienic, I think. I always do my jobbies in the water, when I can, because its a very good sense. You can do your jobbies more easily when in outside.

I know i've already asked this, but i figured i'd throw it out there again since there seem to be some newcomers: Does anyone have any parent/child stories of being out somewhere when one or both had to PEE really bad and what happened? Preferably teenagers since i'm 16/m. These stories interest me a lot for some reason. Please respond if you can. Again, sorry if this is a repeat question to some of you.


BMT Texas dude
I'm a student at Lamar University in Texas and I saw the largest turd i have ever seen in my life. I've seen it a couple of times before in the psychology building men's room. and yesterday I saw it again in the library toilet. This time they were 2 HUGE logs, not very long but VERY big. I'd venture a guess to say that in diameter they were about 3 inches thick (about the diameter of a beer can). I kid you not, it was so big part of it was sticking out of the water and stunk really bad.
So, I just want to it humanly possible all be it a remote possibility for a person to shit out a turd that big?


What actually took place was the guy got up from his seat and went to the front of the plane to use the bathroom. But what was not said, is that there is a rule now enforced that says if a flight takes less than 35 minutes you cannot use the bathroom. The plane takes off, and is in the air for a bit then lands. In this case it was enroute to Regan National Airport in Washington DC. The guy got up and 2 skymarshalls told him to sit down, and when he didnt they actually tackled him and held him until they landed in an emergency mode and had him arrested.
Never did hear much about it afterwards, a lot of people are aware of this rule that has been around for some time and now really enforced due to the Sept 11 disaster.

A few times on a long long flight I had to get up and go and pee. I went into the little bathroom by the galley up front. How anyone can sit and shit in there is beyond me as the room is so small its hard to get you pants unziped let alone sit down. That metal flapper in the bottom of the toilet makes you nervous alone. Like your piss is going to splash back up on you. So you take your pee and get the hell out fast!
Ive seen several people doing the pee pee hold it dance at one of those toilets as they had been drinkin on the plane and hadda drain off some booze.
So the rule is, 35 min or less on a flight, no get up. I dont know if thats well known or not. This flight I think was from Pittsburgh to Washington DC on that date......

Hello folks. Our family had a very good Thanksgiving, though it was very different with my Dad no longer with us. At each of the major dinners at my folks and Gary's folks we said prayers for those that were lost on 9/11 (including lost ones of Jeff A. and Diane NY (Althea, Lindy is Jeff's daughter, not Diane's)). Poopwise, for me the highlight was the pre-Thanksgiving dump on the plane. RJogger, I don't remember what I ate the day before, though I was eating lots of high fiber foods like green vegetables and bran cereal recently. I think that may have been partly nerves as well that contributed to my massive bowel movement, the first time I ever felt that way about flying though I was a frequent flyer. Otherwise, my dumps were relatively small and a bit hard over the weekend, probably because I wasn't eating as much high fiber. I will increase my high fiber intake this week and see if it will loosen me up.

Carmalita: Hola! Another great story with you and your friends. Say hi to Jake, Renee and Patsy.

Rizzo: I'm very confident that you will find a job soon. Someone with your talents and creativity, as demonstrated here, should not be unemployed for long.

Robby: Glad to see you doing better. Very nice of you to share some memories of Susan with us. Hello also to Annie, Sarah & Meghan.

Kendal: Thanks for enjoying my story. Someone mentioned you remind him of Emma Watson. I can also picture you hanging out with Harry Potter on his adventures. I'm sure you will grow up to be a lovely young woman with many opportunites for success.

Not much time today, so hello to everyone else.

Outhouse Scott

Took a trip across country for Thanksgiving and took dumps in a variety of public bathrooms and on the plane. For some reason, traveling almost always sends my bowels reeling, be it constipation or diarhea. We got to the West Coast, and I'd had a pleasant, solid crap on the plane. I was okay until a few days later, when the runs kicked in.

We went to the beach one day and I had to take a major dump. I hurried into a public restroom, and it was gross even by my standards, which are pretty low. Two rusty urinals and two toilets, seperated by two shoulder high stalls with no doors. I had no choice but to pick the less crud covered toilet and go. I quickly put some paper down on the seat, pulled my pants and boxers down past my butt and sat. Chunky liquid shit exploded out of my ass like a cannon. It was really loud, but there wasn't anyone else in the restroom. It felt like about a gallon of shit. When I was done I wiped with the thinnest, roughest toilet paper in existence, pulled up my pants and flushed. My friends waiting outside asked if I was okay, and I said I felt five pounds lighter.

On the trip home, I had another bout of the runs on the plane. I made it to the bathroom just in time. It was a tiny little cubicle and I could barely sit. I started shitting even before my ass hit the seat. Pretty much the same as the beach BM. I was in there for at least ten minutes. When I was finished, it was like doing yoga to wipe my ass. I did the best I could, then flushed and went back to my seat.

My bowels have slowly reverted to normal over the last couple of days. I don't mind a liquidy dump when it's induced with an enema, but I hate diarhea. Bleah.

TRISHA: That really sucks that you were seen--and made fun of--by a bunch of morons while you were shitting your guts out. You'd think people could have a little sympathy, or at least the decorum to not let you know they could see you. I had a similar experience at a junior high picnic when this jerk talked a group of girls into bringing me a roll of paper towels into a latrine that had no doors or anything. There was no paper and I had asked him if he could get me some. So there I was, on the toilet, liquid shit exploding out of my ass, and these girls come strolling in. It was mortifying, but I made the best of it, by pointing out that, although they were apparently grossed out by watching me shit, they weren't leaving either. They ended up being more embarrassed than me. I wiped while they were still there, pulled up my pants and walked out. Whe I told my friends about it, they all started laughing and pointing at the jokester and the girls.

My point is, don't let your admittedly embarrassing experience with those guys stop you from going to that camp. Nothing would be cooler than to go right back next summer and have fun. If anyone says "hey, didn't I see you taking a shit in the bushes", say, "yeah, maybe you did", and leave it at that. Everyone shits, ocassionally (whether on purpose or not) in front of other people. It's okay to be embarrassed, but don't let it spoil your time. Look at the funny side of it. It's a story you can tell people at college, and they'll think it's cool that you had the guts to go back.

Don't make too big a deal of it. We all get embarrassed now and then.


At the local KMart, one of the doors was taken off a stall. It looked broken. After Thanksgiving, I went to the store and went in to use the toilet. All three stalls were occupied, the one with no door had a KMart employee on the can. As I walked past his stall, I saw him sitting there with his jeans and boxers around his thighs. He was in mid-wipe as I walked by. He was a real cute Latino guy, skinny, with bushy eyebrows, probably 20 or so. He was leaning way forward to wipe and seemed to be cleaning himself up pretty good. I waited for him to finish and took my place on the seat after he left. It was still warm and had a skidmark in the bowl. I made sure to check out at his register. He didn't seem to remember me though!

DESPERATE DAN-I've seen some of those holes in partitions that you are talking about and they don't really bother me much. If someone wants to catch a peek of me taking a dump, that's cool. As long as they aren't sticking anything through the hole! Most guys who are uncomfortable about it will cover the hole with paper.

i wll finish my camp story now.
the second day i did not have any accidents. i felt good. but on the last day of camp i had a big one. i did not poop the whole time we were there. when i got up in the morning i pulled on some clothes. all i had left was a pair of white biker shorts and a white t-shirt. the cabin was smeling a little becasue some other kids peed to and we had our dirty clothes in there. well i went to breakfast and ate then we had to go on another hike. the hike was really long and i really had to poop now. i had to stop and hold my but with one hand along the way and one of the other kids asked what i was doing and i said i had an itch. well the hike was over and we were going back i had to stop again and hold my but and the kid behind me said you have to poop dont you. and i said yes. then it started coming out. my short were real tight becase they are that strechy stuff material. the poop was real big it made a big bump on my but and the kid was laughing. i told him not to tell and h! e didnt because he had a little wet spot on his pants. i guess he peed. i must have pooped three logs that mashed all together. my but was so big and everyone would see it. we stopped to rest in the trail on the way back and i sat down on it to mash it and that was a mistake. when i got up the leader came around and saw my but. it was all brown now. i was in big trouble. he made me walk in front and i had to pee real bad now and i was holding it and the leader saw and said why are you walking slow now you are holding up the line. then i started walking faster and peed while i walked. i looked down and could see the pee running all down my white legs. i wasnt wearing anything to saok it so it just went in my shoes and on the ground. one of the kids behind me said i was peeing but no one listened. when we got back the leader washed me and i had no more clean clothes so i had to put the short back on. they were all wet. then we had to leave and got on the van and i had to pee ! halfway home again but when we stopped to go i did not go. i thought i would just pee my pants again since they were wet. but that sucked because we had to take more people in the van and i had to sit on another kids lap. i tried real hard to hold it and the kid said are you gonna pee. i peed on him and he could not move. at first he started yelling then he stopped and said he might as well pee to so he went in his pants anyway.
camp was fun in between the accidents.

Some Guy
Doc- A week. Those camp bathrooms will make you want to hold it.

Hi LOUISE -- Hey, wonderful story about how you used the loo in the dressing room after the match, and I LOVED how you had a wee in the floor drain on the way back! And I can just see in my mind's eye as your team mates casually released their water in the showers from time to time. I look forward eagerly to an account if you can organize a line-up whizz next week -- that's the WSPC in full voice! (Yes, ANNIE can join us, can't she? With Megan and Sarah S too?)

Yes, it's so good to relax and let it go, no angst, no stress... I look forward to the chance to do it the same way as you! I did wee in a gym shower several years ago, but it was a cubicle-type shower, no doors but solid partitions, so there was no element of sharing.

I think the frequency of sightings in Spain must be partly because you were there so often and partly because people are genuinely more willing to go openly. I've yet to see any open demonstration here, though I have seen men squatting in semi-cover with paper on about two occasions...

Hey, I remember that incident on the steps from '99 -- that was in one of the earliest messages you posted, I think! You know, I have nearly 100 of your postings, and about 60 of Steves?

Good health and mighty wees!

Your friend in the south,


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone!

Condolences to JEFF A. I wish you well and that time can start to heal the loss of your daughter.

RIZZO, Great to hear the good news about your wife, that it wasn't as serious as it might have been, so I wish her well.

That pipe you mentioned sounds great with its acoustic abilities!

So does that one where you used to live, TONY. And to have a secondary cascade of plops and water to hear when the toilets discharge into that section of pipes in your own bathroom!
There's certainly some great plumbing arrangements if you know where to go. Sorry that building was demolished though.

On the same theme, I really enjoyed hearing about your flat, FUTURE ROCK STAR, and you hearing that young guy with spiky hair plopping above you. Don't know why he stamped on the floor while trying to shit, but when I had a young guy lodging with me some years ago and I listened to him plopping on the toilet, I couldn't understand the banging sounds I heard.
It turned out to be that there was one of the little supports missing from the toilet seat, so that as he got "excited" and rocked about on the seat, one side of the seat kept banging the toilet pan!
Hope you hear your neighbour quite a lot now. It would be great if you were on speaking terms with him, and had that extra dimension of knowing more about him than he thought!
He might also hear you shitting too. You could try to arrange to go when he does, until he realised it might be intentional!

GOPWOLLER, That sounded horrible, what you've been going through, with all those tests as well as the discomfort, worry and losing blood. How are things now and have you had it diagnosed?
Let's know soon and hope you're soon well again.

KENDAL, Glad you enjoy using those names!
A fiend with whom I swopped tapes of myself on the toilet told me I was a "Great Plonker"! No, he didn't mean it as an insult as the word plonker usually means; just the right word to describe the sound of a big turd dropping in the toilet, or the person doing it.
To be accurate, I suppose the sound of a big one dropping isn't so much "Ker-plonk" as "Plonk-ker" hence plonker.
In Essex there's a vilage called Mucking. That would have to be for when someone does it in an inconvenient place. (Sorry, inhabitants of Mucking, I'm sure you're all very clean!)

LAWN DOGS KID, some time ago you told about how a male friend once asked whether you could watch each other on the toilet, and that you both did and that his girl friend arrived and joined in.
I'd be fascinated to know, in retrospect, was he making hints for a while before he plucked up courage to suggest it or was it fairly spontaneous? Did you think afterwards there were clues as to his interest and did either of you see each other again on the toilet?

Something that's hardly been mentioned here as far as I remember, is when people graduate from using potties to sitting on the toilet. I can't remember a specific time when I started to sit on the toilet, or whether I was afraid of falling in when I would have been small enough to sit without touching the sides of the seat.
From what I hear in public toilets, children seem to be upset at the idea of using them, presumably for the same reason.
What I do remember was the first time I noticed getting my arse splashed when I dropped one.
It must have happened before, but I was about 10 years old when I thought it something I didn't want to happen, and stood up when I dropped the next one but still got a splashed bum!
I very soon got used to it, and was quite happy about it, and came to really enjoy it! To me, it's the best part of all!
What's the usual age to start using a toilet, and does everyone feel a great sense of growing up and enjoying doing it like their older peers? Good toilet health and enjoyment, Everyone! P P G

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I have been away for four days for the thanksgiving holiday. I had a good time. I hope everyone else did. Welcome to Renee. Tee that was a good story. Mike R. go have your surgar level checked. Diabeties can have other effects that can be very serious. Sara T. I got a chuckle from your post about watering the plants. Many years ago I knew a girl who used to water some plants the same way. I went and had my after thanksgiving dump also. Apple pie seems to trigger it for me. I went three times on Friday. Ive got work to do today so catch everyone later.

Does any one have any interesting containers they go to the bathroom in?

To Tee: I liked your story about sneeking onto a bus to poop

To Dallas: Loved your story about your friend messing her pants and you doing it too.

To Dave: I liked your story...that must have felt good. How old are you?? see im a little surprised someone remembers stuff from that age(i don't).

To Zach: I took a great dump after thangsgiving...It was huge. I think i was backed up...Ever since i've been pooping alot like 1-3 times a day and it's much softer then normal. I loved your story, did luke see you dump? and see your logs?? I had a 12 inch log after thanksgving thet curled around the bowl

To cute David: I liked your stories about being at the mall and you and your friend had to shit and being at school after school was over and having to shit and seeing your teacher. I really enjoyed it :)

Hi! I'm a 16 y/o girl and this is my first post. I 've been looking around this site and its seems like the perfect place to relate an embarrassing story that happened to me this summer.
I was at sleep-away camp for a week and one of the activities was capture the flag. It is quite an elaborate version of the game; the two large teams spread out over a wide area of forest land surrounding our cabins. Anyway, many people hide behind boulders, trees, etc in order to splash a player from the other team with water balloons, sending them to their team's jail.
When we had begun the game, I had felt fine, but i suddenly began to feel not so good and knew that i had to find a toilet soon or I would mess up my pants. I searched all around, but there were no port-a-potties and the cabins were now too far away to reach in time. So I decided to drop my pants in a specific area that was intended to be no-man's land where no one was allowed to hide. I pulled down my shorts and panties and, grunting, let out a few bellowing farts and proceeded to let out 2 solid turds then a long stream of diarrhea. While I was wiping with a tissue I happened to have in my pocket, I suddenly began to hear tittering leading to full-out guffaws from a group of campers who had,against the rules, hidden in the trees all around where I pooped. So, about 15 campers, sixteen and seventeen y/o guys no less, had all seen me naked from the bottom down having one of the worst bouts of diarrhea I had ever had. I ran away crying and called my mom who pic! ked me up that day. I never went back to that camp again.

new 1
hey!i'm new here.last ti e when i was about 8 years old,i went swimming at a club.when i was about to leave, i saw this man tel his son:you neeedded to go to the toilet?
his son said:no need already.
thn he got out of the pool and i saw all this lumps at his butt.

another story was when i was in pre school.the school brought us to this road safety place. we did surveys and stufff then it was time to play.then these two boys steped on my freinds stomach and she peed all over the floor.
i'll post some more next time. ilke reading stories about diarhea(or however you spell it,)

Random Poster
So here's the story. One day I went to school and leaked out quite a bit of pee when sitting in class. I was wearing a skirt, but it was rather long so I took off my soaking panties, unconcerned with flashing my classmates. Later in the day my english teacher called me and my crush up to the front of the room to read aloud from a play we were reading. Suddenly I farter quite loudly. Very red in the face, I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I think she was half-deaf for she refused my begging and instructed me to continue reading. I whimpered and before I could read another line, my bowels failed me and I farted, only this time much more came out. First a little turd popped out, but since I didn't have any panties on it landed on the floor, much to my horror. Unable to control myself, I let out 3 more long turds which all squelched onto the floor. (One even landed partially on my crush's shoe!!!) All this time I was farting and, as is a! n uncontrollable part of my pooping, I let out a long stream of pee before letting out another small turd. There was now a rather large pile on the floor under me. I ran out the room crying in horror with the whole class, inculding the teacher, laughing uncontrollably.
i changed schools after this only to be faced with another humilating experience. I was goalie for my school's field hockey team and I had come to the game not feeling well, but I wanted to play because my new boyfriend was finally coming to my game. I had successfully held in what felt like a big load so far, but when I stretched to block a shot a huge stream of diarrhea escaped, oozing out the sides of the black spandex shorts I wore underneath my short plaid skirt. THe whole crowd saw.
You would think that was the end of my troubles, but no. Later that year, I was riding home in my boyfriend's car along with 2 of his friends when I suddenly felt the incredible urge to poo. I asked if he could pull over, but he didnt as he had an extremely cruel streak as I would soon find out. I told him that if he didnt stop I would poo all over his car seats but he said, laughing, that I had jeans on so it probly wouldnt even touch the seats.Crying now I begged him once again but midway throuch my sentence I lost control. I let out a smelly fart then lifted my butt off the seat and let out a thick solid turd, then another. My bf laughed as he finally pulled to the side of the road. I jumped out of the car and, having nowhere to run, pulled down my pants in front of him (no longer caring) and let out another few turds, attempting unsuccessfully to clean out my pants. I climbed back into the car and sat down, squising the remaining bits of poo in my jeans. T! he whole ride home I continued to let out farts, but now Iwas glad to make my bf suffer.
unsuprisingly, i am now extremely shy with my pooping.

I've been a lurker on this site for a while but this is my first post. I think its a turn on for someone of the opposite sex to watch me take a dump, but there aren't too many girls my age (20) that interested. But today I saw this book at Borders called "Men Before 10 a.m." which is like a big coffee table size book of photos of men taken by this female photographer and one of them was of this good looking young actor sitting on the toilet! You should check it out!

Diane from New York: I am sorry on the loss of your young daughter Lindy. It seems all the young people are checking out early. I will pray for her. I went to funeral for a boy I taught in Sunday School, 22y/o. I like the idea of a toilet and sink in the garage. When the urge hits you, GO! Do not wait. Holding it in will cause slow internal poisoning.

Renee: In 10th grade, I felt funny one morning. I was breaking wind like it was last day on earth. After 12 noon, I left the AV room for an unused girls toilet. I had keys for the place. I rushed in pulled the stall door shut, lowered my black wool trousers and beige nylon panties to my knees. A wave of soft-doo evacuated. The cramps started in and they were murder. I sat with my arms clutching my ???? and another soft wave evacuated. Then another which was frightening and violent. I was glad to be alone. I did not want my classmates to hear. I felt so horrible after I wiped. I then got an early excuse and went home.

Melanie: In second grade, my friend Carolyn did not feel well. After lunch she went to the bathroom and was gone a long time. The teacher sent me to look for her. I found Carolyn on a stall toilet letting her bowels loose. I would not tell the teacher what she was doing. Carolyn was relly scared to tears. We returned to class for dismissal. While on line, I was up front. She was in the back, a bigger girl. The kids called out Carolyn threw up. She was crying as she choked out vomit. Her mother was waiting outside. We got her downstairs. I walked with them home. Carolyn rushed to the bowl sat on the toilet, loosing her bowels and choking out more vomit. I bent her head over, a trick I later employed on myself, months later. Carolyn's mother thanked me and I went home. Carolyn stayed out for a week. She was a sickly kid.

Tee: So that is what happens on laid-up school buses at night. My cousin wasa bus driver and he told me of his finds in the morning. If push came to shove, I would go to the toilet after I could not take it any longer. When I was 12 and 13, I had to go at school and church on occasion. But, I had a strong constitution, so I could last.

Bella: By time I was a high school junior and then through college, the girls knew me for my toilet habits. It was daily ritual, sometimes twice daily. In college, I was in a three stall womens room. My dress was hanging on the stall door while I was evacuating my bowels. My black slip was bunched around my waist, with my gray nylon panties at my ankles. I was dropping piece after piece. There were eight baked potato stools. I was breaking wind on the last five pieces. A girl was in the next stall urinating and changing her pad and quickly left. After I cleaned up, flushed and straightened my clothes, I returned to class. A girl said she thought it was me. She knew me from cheerleader squad. She said she knew my toilet habits and my sounds. Another girl in another class said how she hears this girl(me) having these loud and long bowel movements. But, she did not know who it was. They said, even the team coaches I lived on the toilet.

CD: I have evacuated as much as sixteen inches long 1-1/2 inches thick. It was murder to release. But, good to be have it out. Sometimes, I slides out easy.

The girl on the masthead should take off the skirt and jacket and be comfortable. That is what I do. I can not sit on the toilet constricted by clothes.

this is really embarasing. i went to see harry potter and we had to wait in line ouside for forever. i got thirsty and my mom went inside and got me a big coke. finaly we were able to get in and sit down. i drank the whole coke before the movie started and i sorta needed to pee but i thought i could wait til the end. well i didnt now at that time the movie was 2and a half hours. so the movie starts and about 30min into it i have to go. i am holdig the front of my pants pretty hard trying not to leak in my pants. i am like when is this movie gonna end. i did not want to leave or tell my mom because you just dont tell you mom you have to pee whenyou are ten. i am holding really hard now with both hands. the thaetre was dark so no one saw me. i was a seat away from mom becuse i wanted to have space. i start to bounce up and down but not enough for mom to see then i am thinking of getting up to go but my mom would ask where i was going. well it was too late, rght as i was thin! king of getting up i peed. it ran through my fingers i could not stop it any more so i let go. it gushed out and my but is all wet now. my front was real wet too. the bad thing is i was wearing some shorts that were light tan. i had on a light blue tshirt to and the bottom was a little wet now. i didnt no what to do so i sat there till the movie was over. the coke i had was really big. when the movie was over i had to go again kinda bad and the ligts came on and my mom said lets go. i waited a second then got up sahe saw me and said what did you do. i told hr i didnt want to leave and i tried to hold it. she said i cant beleve you did that you are to old for that. we were walking down the isle to leave. it was a big croud and it was moving slow. i had to pee again. i was holding my front with both hands again. i cant beleve i had to go so much. now that i was standing it seems i had to go worse and i couldnt hold it. we were just going through the door and into the lobby wh! en i went again. it ran down my legs and was driping on the floor like a streem .my mom was in front so she did not see. everyone was looking and pointing the floor was tile and it was getting all wet from me. i stopped for a secong behind a big croud of people and let it al out, big puddle uner me. when i saw a little kid. he was 5 looking between two people right at me. i ran to my mom and we got to the car. she looked at me again and said wow you are soaked it did not look that bad before. i said it was bacause it was dark. while we were going home i had to poop to. it came on real strong and i said well i peed so why not. i let it out in my pants. my mom smelled it and said did you poop too. i said yes. she spanked me when we got home and put me in the bath i got grounded for a week with no tv. that sucks.

your name (Russ)
Hi: I had a nice thanksgiving and hope that all the other posters also had a good one. I like the picture of todays screen, she appears to be Japanese maybe and had nice panties also, must have had a short skirt or taken it off before sitting on the toilet. I missed a couple days posting and sorry about that. Look forward to the future posting for this week.My feelings and posting are here to follow, love you all.
To "Desperate Dan"
As far as the hole in the stall wall,it is not unusual to see in mens bathrooms, I have seen many at parks, and picnic areas that have small mens rooms. The gay men call the holes "Glory Holes" and to be frank about it and be not gross about it, the holes are used for oral and anal sex with men and I have witnessed some activity of men using these holes and some are interesting and some are not. I have also watched other men get undressed before using the stall toilet for BM's and to urinate also. You can imagine what goes on in the mens rooms that have the "Glory Holes" and most of it concerns gay sex.
To: Bryian:
Glad you enjoyed my posting on the filming by my friend of seeing me have a BM, I am planning on asking him to let me film him when he shows me the developed video of myself having the good BM. He has a nice trim body and good shaped hips and buttock so sure filming him on the toilet will be great and look forward to doing it soon.

I had a good thanksgiving meal and the food sure filled by rectum well, I was a little constipated for a day afterwards, I used a stool softner and also examined my rectum with my finger and felt lots of feces deep in my rectum and ready to exit soon I hope. After a day or so I was able to have a good BM and also gave myself a good enema which felt well and able to clean my rectum well and I love the feeling of enema's and the water flowing into your rectum also. I have watched some video's of other people having them and they are very interesting to me also and watching there facial expression as they feel the pressure build in there bowels and the urge to expel the water. Oh I love the feeling and wonder are there others that post that have a slight interest in enema's and their use.
Also I enjoyed the posting of the man and a guest who did not close the bathroom door as she was using the toilet. I never close my bathroom door and several frends have seen and heard me using the toilet for urinating and having a bowel movement also. I am not shy and willing to let things happen in the open and wish others would feel that way also. I have seen men and women on the toilet and will post some facts about them later. I congragulate the women for not being shy and being able to finish her bowel movement and show it to the man who she was conversing with. Hope to read more of these kind of postings and enjoy all the posting from all the others, take care friends and keep posting all the great adventures and real stories that are very interesting.
Love you all Russ......


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