While I was growing up, our house was always full of people. I had 5 brothers and sisters, two grandmothers, my parents, as well as the occasional cousin living in my house. And even with all those people, I never seemed to be able to get over my toilet shyness. I could pee without any problem, but as far as emptying my bowels went, well, what a nightmare. I normally waited until late in the night to find some privacy, but as you all know, this doesn’t always lead to healthy or productive bowel movements. This caused me years and years of almost constant stomach distress. All I ever wanted was a nice long, completely private shit. I finally found it one night.

I was in the seventh grade, and while I can’t condone what I did, I do have to say it was the most satisfying experience of my life. I was walking home from a church function, and it was quite late. I was about a dozen blocks from home when the urge hit. And it hit hard. Because I was always holding my bowels for extended periods, they tended to be very hard, and solid. That was the case on this particular night, as I started to feel my hole open and fill with a very hard lump of persistent poo. I knew there was no way I was going to make it home, and I couldn’t, in my wildest dream, imagine myself knocking on some strangers door and asking them for the use of their toilet. So I had to come up with another plan.

I was walking slowly past a school, when I had to stop and actually reach behind me to hold myself from filling my pants. I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk as I fought to keep my hole closed, and frantically searched for an appropriate place to relieve myself. It was very dark, and I knew I could go behind a bush or tree, but this was a residential street, and I feared someone would walk by with their dog or something, and discover me.

As I was considering this, I realized I was standing right beside the school bus, AND that the door to the bus was open. If I could sneak in there unseen, I would have the cover of the bus in the darkness, and no one would be interrupting me. I sneaked onto the bus, and immediately became very excited to have so much privacy. I realized what I was doing was wrong, but by this time it was much too late to find another solution. I went to the back of the bus, and lowered my pants and panties. I removed them completely so that I could get into a comfortable position. All this while my hole was stretching, and the poo forcing its way out of me was getting larger and larger. At long last, I squatted in the middle of the seats, and let my hole relax. I had to go so badly, that even though the shit was so hard and compacted, it shot out of me like a bullet. Ah, sweet relief. The first log was followed by a much larger log which actually coiled itself on the floor befo! re finally breaking. I was alone and pooping. It was so satisfying to be able to take my time, and make as much noise as I wanted with no fear of being found out. I relaxed a bit more as I wanted to continue with this wonderful experience. Never before had I actually WANTED to move my bowels. I must have squeezed out 3 or 4 smaller logs when I was finally empty. I stood and looked at my pile on the floor, and I was really surprised at its size. I knew I had never before produced so much at one time.

I didn’t need to wipe since the poo had been so hard. I got dressed again, and tried to figure out what to do next. I ended up doing the unthinkable. I left it there. I didn’t know what else to do. I sneaked back off the bus and walked home. I guess the first person on the bus the next day thought it was some kind of malicious vandalism, but in truth it was just a young girl in desperate need of a private poo. I still fantasize about that time, and I find it a very erotic memory. I’m not sorry I did it, but I guess I really should have cleaned it up.

Two things I want to bring up:

1) I'd like to see more young people around here! The faq says this is a site for all ages, but kids under 13-14 y.o. are extremely rare. As I devoured the myriad "Old Posts From The Toilet" pages, I did encounter a couple of brothers (Simon and Jamie) aged 11-12 or so. I found their <A HREF="">story about the girl peeing on the car seat</A> very exciting. I'm not sure if it's actually true though; I'd question the sanity of a man who lets a child urinate on the passenger seat of his car instead of on the side of the road or in a cup or something.
I'd be interested to hear more pee and poop stories from guys and gals in the 9-12 y.o. range.

2) In several the old posts, including Jamie's car seat story I mentioned above, kids and teens are described as a) deathly afraid of wetting or pooping themselves or b) terrified after they do it, because their parents will be majorly pissed off and hit or otherwise punish the unfortunate girl or boy who couldn't hold it any longer. Maybe I'm just a real softy, but I know I'd comfort my child if he or she has an accident, and try not to lower his/her self-esteem or make him/her afraid of me.
I have heard a few stories here from people who share my point of view. I wonder how many do vs. don't. I don't see the logic of all those parents who don't.

This is my first post, although i've been a regular visitor to this site for a while now. I had an embarrassingaccident a while back. I was at work and had been suffering from stomach cramps all day. I thought nothing of them until I felt a full sensation in my rectum. I let out a few quiet farts, hpoing to relieve some of the pressure. This helped for about 5 min, then I got a strong urge to poop. Hoping that it would wait until my lunch break, I went on like this for another half hour or so. I let out another fart, but this time some liquid shit came out.Suddenly I felt extreme pressure on my asshole, which was starting to hurt. I knew I could'int hold it anymore, so I excused my self and went to the bathroom. Some more shit leaked out before I even opened the door and by the time I reached the toliet, my panties were filled with warm, mushy shit. I sat on the bowel, as more poop shot out of me. when I was done, I looked down and saw lots of liquid poop,along with a few no! rmal, sold pieces. I cleaned up as best as I could, threw away my panties, and flushed the toliet.Shortly after I went back to work, I started to the urge to shit some more, so I went on an early lunch and went home. When I got home, I went straight to the toliet and sat down. I beared down a little bit, and let out a fart. then some very watery poop came out. I pushed out a few more squrits of liquid, and sat for a few more minutes to make sure I was done. Then I wiped my asshole , and put a new pair of panties and pants on. When my lunch was over, I went back to work feeling much better, but feeling very embarrassed. To make matters worse, some co-workers who had been in the bathroom shortly after I was told me not to go in the bathroom because it smelled so bad. I would have died if they knew that it was me.

Sara T.
Got home late last night/early this morning and there were messages on my answering machine. I sat on my bed to listen to them and realised how bad I had to pee. I knew I wouldn't make it back from the toilet in time, because I'd miss the message and my machine is a real bitch to rewind. I looked around frantically for something to pee in. I wished I still had that old iced tea container in my closet for emergency pees. Then I remembered the potted plant!! It's an enormous plant in an equally huge pot. I just sat down on it, pulled off my purple panties and peed a huge gush. I stood up and it was all over the damn plant, dripping down the stalk of it and puddled in the soil. Got to run cause I have to pee really bad again- no food in the house so I've been drinking tons of water instead.

hi i am a 15 y/o blond girl. I had this interesting encounter when i was in yr7 [it was a girls school]. On that day there was a special event going on and we were given really nice food. They taste really nice. After 15 minutes we were having our last lesson. In the middle of a lesson one girl asked the teacher if she can go to the toilet. She looks pretty desperate. The teacher said no. Then 1 minute later my stomach was in REAL PAIN it was UNBEARABLE!! The looks on every girls' face was all the same. The teacher noticed what happend and look over to the girls toilet[It is visible outside the window]. She said there was a LONG line of girls outside the toilet. So she said that we could do it on the floor of our classroom and we can clean up afterwards. As soon as she said that one girl jumped out of her seat and lifted her skirt/pulled underpants down/squatted and let out a river of brown liquid diarrhea. The teacher ran outside the room. I really couldn't hold it so i did! the same as the girl and pooped a gallon of liquid diarrhea, wave after wave. Now all of the girls did the same and it sounds like taps were in our classroom continuously letting water. All the girls had diarrhea and it stinks to high heaven with millions of reeky farts. two less stronger girls couldn't stand the smell and threw up and both of them ended fainting on THEIR OWN[and other's] BROWN DIARRHEA!!!!! I let out about 10 minutes of continous diarrhea and my stomach felt better. At the end of day there were ambulance coming in and out. I checked the girl's room[since i had that feeling again] and it was disgusting. poop were all over the floor, sink, mirror and toilets! so i just squatted over a toilet and shot squirts of diarrhea out[with loud farts], there were two other girls loosening liquid poop too. When i got home i had the runs again and i finally felt much better at midnight and i had one last diarrhea attack in the early morning. our school was closed for 2 d! ays.

Anyone had experiences like that?!?

Hello all! I'm new here and I am a 15 year old girl. I have been reading through various old posts and have been relieved to find that my bathroom fetishes and embarrassments are not uncommon. One particular incident occurred a couple weeks ago and I still feel moritfied when I think of it.
I'm a freshman this year at a high school in a city that I just moved to with my family. This high school is actually a Kindergarten through 12th grade private school with small classes so a good majority of the students in my grade already knew each other along with the older students and traditions of the school of which I had no knowledge when I walked in on the first day. Anyway, in the first several weeks of school I had actually made quite a few friends and as I suppose I am relatively attractive and outgoing, I was proud to consider myself rather popular. One event changed all this.
I came to school feeling rather queasy after trying unsuccessfully to relieve my bowels at home. Midway through my first class, I felt the overwhelming desire to go to the bathroom and asked to be excused. I made my way to the nearest bathroom, but as this was already occupied by 2 other girls and I am quite shy about pooping in front of others, I attempted to make my way to the girls locker room which also had a few stalls. By the time I got there I was in danger of having a nasty accident and basically sprinted to the nearest stall, ignoring the faint noises I heard coming from behind a row of lockers. As soon as I sat on the toilet, it all came out, wave after wave of liquid poop punctuated by loud moist farts. I was beginning to fear that I might cause the toilet to overflow so I flushed and then kept releasing. By the time I was finished the air around the locker room was quite stinky and I was relieved that I saw no one else in the other stalls as it woul! d have been quite awkward. I felt much better and returned to my class.
The embarrassment would come much later when I learned that that particular locker room was the school's most popular in-school make-out place and that the rumor was spreading that while one of the hottest senior couples was in there *getting it on*, some girl had come in and "shit her brains out". Now I was slightly embarrassed but as I thought no one knew who it had been I wasnt too worried. Later in the day, however, the couple walked passed me and suddenly the girl turned around and yelled so that the whole hallway heard, "That's her, I recognize her shoes..." All day people taunted me and teased me and the next time I went to the bathroom a bunch of the popular girls followed me in so I had to poop while they were there.
Anyway, there were many more embarrassing stories involving accidents at camp etc but this post is sooo long and I'm very sorry about that, so I guess I'll share those later. Peace!

Hi everybody my name is dallas iam fifteen yeas old and i love this site. Here is my story. I was out with my friend brittany at the mall when she mentioned she needed a toilet, i did too so we made our way to the washrooms.

when we got there they were all full and we had to wait in line, ten minits passed and no further up the line, brittany started to hold her bum and squirm, crossing her legs tight, she suddenly let a fart go and started to wet her self as she did she did a big stinky poo in her panties.

Brittany started crying and i put my arm around her to comfort her. i guess i kinda lost control myself cos at that moment i felt a warm wetness running down my jeans and i realized i was peeing my pants i then grunted and did my poo as well. We both smelt and we decided to just go home. It felt weird walking with a stinky mess in my panties we were both embarassed about having wet pants on and a lot of people were pointing and laughing at us.

When we finally got home my mom said it was ok for brittany to clean up at our house, mom washed her poopy panties and jeans while she took a shower, then it was my turn.

I thought the whole expeirence was fantastic and i want to try it again (brittany says no way).

Ring Stretcher: That passenger was forbidden like all others, because take-offs and landings are the most dangerous parts of the flight. Perhaps as soon as the plane berthed at the gate, he could have used the toilet. Those are federal rules.

Who wants to know about enemas? Enema is a procedure used to relieve constipation and impacted feces. 32 ozs of warm water is placed in a rubber bag, with rubber hose and nozzle. The nozzle is inserted in the rectum. The water is released. All the water must or should empty into the intestines. When the "victim" or receiver feels extreme discomfort, then the nozzle is pulled and the victim better be one step or less from the toilet. At that point when the victim sits on the bowl, all will release, water and impacted stools. I was a victim until 8th grade and I told my mother no more. She used them on me when I was sick or constipated. I had diarreah for days after. Just immediately, I sat on the toilet for hours. They are not fun.

This is my most memorable poop experience ever. It happened when I was about 3 years old. I was recently potty trained, and my mom had me in a pair of cotton breifs and a t-shirt. I was in her bedroom, and I was suposed to be taking a nap. My mom got mad because I kept getting up to go potty, then I would sit, but not go. I really felt like I had to go, but I couldn't (I guess I was constipated). Well, she finally got mad and locked the bedroom door. I was laying down, and suddenly I felt a very strong need to go #2. I ran to the door and started pounding, but there was no response. I began to get scared and cry, because I couldn't hold it much longer. I was crying and pounding on the door, when I was suddenly surprised by the feeling of my anus beginning to spread open, and a large turd poke out. A wave of pleasure overcame me, and I immediately stopped crying, and smiled. I relaxed a little more and felt the big hard poop slowly inch out of me. I reached aroun! d behind and felt the hard lump through my pants as it projected out farther. I guess I decided there was no use in fighting it any more, so I grabed on to the door knob for support, squatted down a little and spread my legs. I grunted and pushed until I had deposited two large turds into my pants. When I was done, I crawled up unto the bed and fell asleep with the load in my drawers. Later, my mom woke me up and asked me why I didn't use the bathroom. I told her I tried, but she wouldn't let me. I think she stepped out to the bar while I was napping.

Mina: My first liberating experiences were in high school. I was 16 and had my first liberating bowel movement at a male high school classmate's house and in my home with a male classmate watching. If my mother only knew. I had to come out in 10th grade with the exception of a 9th grade episode otherwise, I would have messed myself like so many unfortunate posters in this forum.

Debbie: I too had those toilets in GS camp. They were called latrines. I did not want to use them. Then, after starting to eat the lousy camp food. I had to go. One night after eating good all day, I was reading comics in the bunk. Then I felt the best urge of my life to go. I was constipated almost a week. I walked to the latrine. There was an older girl from another troop. I was 12; she was 16. Next to her was a her scout mother of about 30y/o. Their shorts and white panties were down at their ankles, so I yanked my shorts and briefs down to my shins and sat next to the 16 y/o. We said hello to each other. I let my stomach release. I urinated and evacuated my bowels at the same time. I felt three good sized pieces of doo-doo evacuate. They hit the cesspool pit with a resounding splash. The teenager and the grown woman were already stinking the place. They were talking among themselves about womanhood and their bodies. I was not even partially developed. Then the 16 y/o! broke resounding wind and the thirty year old woman evacuated a piece of doo-doo and a silent fart. They did not bat an eye. I reached for my roll of joy paper to wipe. The 30y/o said, this was the best they ever ate. The teen agreed saying, she does not eat good at home. I left them and said goodbye. We always saw each other in the mess hall. In high school, I discovered from another wing of the school we, girls could be seen in the locker room and the locker room toilet. Even so, I saw the boys in their locker room, one level below. But, we girls had prettier underwear.

your name (Russ): I am sorry you had a bad stomach bout. My kid cousin, James had an episode like that when he was 14. Same symptoms. It was stress from school.

As for me, Thanksgiving was uneventful. I am still eating a high protein, vegetable diet, drinking lots of water with pysllium, with vitamin C. Saturday morning I slept in. I felt the urge hit me in bed. So, I went to the toilet, lifted my beige nightdress and lowered my matching cotton panties. I evacuated 3 long pieces of doo-doo. They were colored black. 2 were 6 inches the third was about 10 and partially broken in the water. Do not worry. Collard greens do that to me. I am on vacation this week.

Hi! Did any of you dudes and gals take great after Thanksgiving shits? I sure did. Me and my High School buddy, Luke, spent Friday morning at the mall. Even though we were both stuffed from the holiday, we still had some grub at the food court. On the way back to Luke's house, I told him I had to take a crap real bad. I could feel a log beginning to poke out of my asshole! Luke said: "Me too, dude!" We pulled into a gas station. The restrooms opened to the outside. The men's room just had a crapper in the open (no stall) and a sink. It was real cold out and windy so we both went in and locked the door. Because my need to crap was real urgent, Luke let me go first. I was just in time and quickly dumped a real big load into the bowl. Luke just stood there talking to me. After I'd pinched off the last log, I wiped and then flushed and Luke dropped trou and briefs to his ankles and sat down on the crapper. He farted real loud and also pissed holding his dick into! the crapper. Then I heard the plops as his logs hit the water. When he was done, he stood to look at his shit. He said: "Hey man, that was one serious shit, come look!" I looked into the crapper. There were about four long logs curled around in the bowl - it was a huge shit! He seemed real proud. He wiped his butt standing. It took about 7-8 wipes before his asshole was clean and then we headed out. Me and Luke have been buddies for years and we've often taken a crap in adjacent stalls. This was the first time, I'd actually seen him take a dump and seen his load. It was a real cool after Thanksgiving shit for both of us!

joseph g
i have an embarrassing caught peeing story to share. i have these on a regular basis because i have to pee often. this weekend i was at my daughter's basketball game that was at this really small gym. i really had to pee when i got there but when i went into the building adn to the bathroom, there was a very long line because there was only one unisex bathroom open to the fans and there was a tournament going on so a lot of people were waiting to go. i was at the point where i could not stand in line and wait so i decided to try and find a place outside to go. the school was in a farm area so there was some space i was hoping to find out back to go. in order to avoid going near the parking lot where people could see me, i went around to the back of the building and was going to pee against the wall. so i rounded the corner to head to the back adn was going to pee against the left wall. so i start to unzip my pants adn spread my legs near the wall and then take one final pee! k over my shoulders to make sure no one was around. as i turn around though, i notice that there is a light on in classroom that is facing where i was stnading/ so i zip back ypup

Hi I just found this forum. This looks pretty cool!
Anyway, I'm a 27 year old guy from the U.S.
I'm wondering how big of logs/sausages the women on this forum can produce when you shit? Can any women shit sausages over 12 inches in length? Also, how good do you feel afterwards? Thanks

I have been reading this board for the last week, and have found it to be very interesting. Anyways, I have found this girl that I can scare the crap out of. There's this young girl that works at a postal facility that my company is currently doing business with, for the time anyways. Anyways, this girl that I've recently been working with always wears short skirts and pantyhose to work. I've noticed that she bends over a lot, and I had always wondered what she'd do if frightened. So I came to work yesterday wearing a Freddy Krueger sweater, a ghost-face mask from the the movie "Scream", a Freddy Krueger glove on one hand, and a boney-finger glove on the other hand. I had two cap-guns in my pockets. As my temporary co-workder bent over with her short skirt and pantyhose, I snuck up behind her with my costume and fired the cap-guns into the air. She got so scared that she took the biggest crap into her pantyhose. It was awesome. I think she is just glad that my comp! any's contract with her is temporary, because she is pretty embarrassed around me now. I couldn't believe that I saw her there, with a big plop of poop inside her pantyhose underneath her skirt.

when I was little it continue to teenage years, I had a lot of accidents and near miss. Once during preschool a teacher discovered I pooped in my pants,and I was very embarrased I was cleaned up and I had to stay in school,back then kids brought second change clothes to school because if any accident happpen the teacher could change them. During 3rd grade,I was sitting on my desk doing my schoolwork,when I felt an urged to poop but when I ask the teacher she told me the pass was out I had to wait for five minuted,I need to poop big time,the five minute that girl came back with the pass and I got up I didnt make to the toilet poop in the hall,one of the hall monitor took me back to my class and told the teacher I had poop in my pants,I was send to the nurse office with hall monitor, when I arrived to the nurse office, there runny poop running down my legs,the nurse took my clothes away,and made me sit on the potty so I wouldnt poop on the floor,and then I was taking to the s! hower and I was giving bath back then u were given bath every time u poop in your pants,but the part came when I was change to the clothes I had brought from home,I had forgot to bring an underwear,and I was put on a diaper for the rest of the day. Its was very embarrasing!!!!!!
Once in fourth grade,I ask to go to the potty but I didnt make it in time,and I was send back to the nurse office and the memory of third grade came back to my mine,but the nurse was nicer and sent me home with mom.
I had another accident in sixth grade,and this time was pretty bad. I was sitting in my desk,and I felt big urge to poop but I didnt want to go to the toilet because school toilet were pretty nasty. I sat in my desk and I began felt big bulge form in my underwear. I remember one of the kid scream Alex poop in his pants!!! I was very embarrased to be clean for accidents in sixth grade,I was sent to the nurse office who took my clothes off,and clean me off,and put on me the clothes I brought from home. I remember I had couple miss accidents in seventh and eight grade,but manage to make it to the toilet on time. My last accident was in 9th grade,which I went to the potty but I didnt want to pull down my undies in the school toilet,so I decided to go potty on my undies,pretty bad decision,because there was pretty bad smell when I enter class,when I was doing classwork,the teacher call me to her desk and she ask me if I had poop in my pants? and I answer yes I was sent to the! nurse office,my accident undies was shown to my class,and the nurse clean me I was put on a girl panties cuz I hadnt brought my own underwears. I had couple misses and accidents since then.

Hadn't had any big dumps after this big thanksgiving meal...All i had were 2 small dumps and they were small hard balls. In fact i feel really stopped up today(a bit consitpated..even though i went twice in 2 days).Or if no urge is developing i might have some gas. Today i had to work and during break i went to poop and they were small hard balls.

To bigd: I liked your must have had a good view!

To steve: I liked your story about messing your pants

To Gopwoller and his internal bleeding: I liked your story...sorry to hear things aren't well..Hope your back to normal soon :)

To Russ: I liked your story...It's cool that your friend filmed you while having a BM. You should have offered to film him.

Any way i still have that slight urge to dump, it's been around all day.
I've been wondering something....What ever Happened to Billy and Kevin L. ??? If you out there post a story soon!

Greg K
To Missy:

Don't worry about your father's peeing habits.
Just pay attention to your own, for if you stop
and think about it, you pee and shit like anyone
else. You're too high and mighty about others!

Bob from NJ
Mike R:I was peeing a lot
and allways thirsty shortly before I was inhospital with diabetic coma.If you're thirsty,tired,and
nauseas freqently please see a doctor asap!
I still pee often but its
much better since i'm on
as to whether humans have
the smelliest shit
mine is much less so since
I stopped drinking and cut down meateating.
catshit is pretty bad smelling.I'll post astory

Hi, everyone! I'm still here reading the ever-changing fascinating posts
fairly regularly, but haven't had much interesting to post myself... kind of quiet here , compared to the excitement of many of these posters!

I DO have one fairly tame story that happened a couple of weeks ago...
Long-time posters may remember my wife's friend Zelda. She's a single mom with no steady guy at the moment, so asked me to accompany her to a cousin's wedding. Since my wife was working anyway and I had no other plans, I agreed. After a fun day of eating, drinking, and dancing, we stopped off at her apartment to relax and plan our evening. As she was
using her bathroom, she called to me, "I think you might be in luck!"
I was thrilled since I guessed what she meant. She was nice enough to
leave the toilet unflushed (she is one of the FEW real life people who knows of my interest), and I was treated to the sight of a gorgeous 14
or 15 inch coiled turd in an artistic semi-circle in her bowl... that's MY excitement for the year!

Carmalita: (speaking of EXCITEMENT!!!) I'm touched you requested that I
write to you! You're SO busy with your new husband and your dazzling array of fans here, I figured I'd content myself with reading your consistently adventurous posts! But your Thanksgiving post was definitely right up my alley. THREE women on the toilet, lots of wonderful aromas, and a 20 INCH CONTRIBUTION from Carmalita! WOW!!!
I would have been in heaven to have been there! (Does Jake know how lucky he REALLY IS!??) Thanks for this and all of your other great REAL
stories, happy holidays to you and your whole gang, and I'll try to touch base at least occasionally...

I just had my Thanksgiving Dump! It was huge. I had like a 12 inch log and it was 2-3 inches thick followed by a few smaller pieces...Wiped like 10 times. Went down in all one flush, now the urge is gone and i feel better!

For a name that sounds like a lump of shit dropping
into the toilet, how about BLUNKETT ?

Jeff A
Hi all,

Diane from New York: Thank you for your special thoughts. My daughter Lindy, was twenty -two. It’s weird, but I haven’t until now, been able to say her name out loud. I’m doing okay though. She was my daughter from a previous relationship. I can’t even imagine your own losses, especially the loss of a husband. You have my most endearng thoughts and wishes for your own good life. So you’re a bodyguard huh? Are you also into martial arts like some folks here?

Jane: I loved that airplane tale! A huge mound huh? Personally, I would have really enjoyed your special fragrance, and seeing your product. As usual, you sound wonderful! A half an hour huh? I know that you're very pretty from your descriptions, so guys were probably thinking "She must be taking a big one in there." Oh, how lucky your husband Gary!

Kim and Scott: Kim it was great to see your name again. I like that idea of the live television pooping broadcast! Will it happen soon? Should I get cable now?

Carmalita: That session with Angie and Nu was super-dynamic! Now that was some old fashioned Carmalita story telling! How I have missed that! I have to admit, I was particularly taken with Angie’s “honeydew melon ass” and though her poop was noteworthy, I still felt that yours was very wonderful! You have a way of bringing it to us all, which is incredible. Used green chillies! I can just see it and smell it. I also loved the butt washing!

Well, I finally have something new to report. We had a friend visiting, a friend of my wife’s actually. She’s about 42, very attractive, business type. Anyway, she came over while my wife was gone shopping. I asked her if she wanted coffee, and she said yes. After about a half hour, she asked to use the bathroom. After she left, I noticed that I didn’t hear the door close. So, I quietly tiptoed down the hall, and noticed that the door was wide open. Curiously, I slowly came around to the doorway, only to find her sitting on the toilet, her skirt up around her waist, panties and hose around her thighs, and staring at the floor. She looked up at me, smiled and said “Hi there.” “Hi there.” I answered. And without skipping a beat, I could hear her peeing. I was dumbfounded to say the least as she looked back down at the floor in concentration as if I wasn’t even there. Just then, I heard three very healthy plops into the water. The turds sounded hard and made very distinct! ive “ploooomp!” sounds. She smiled sweetly and said “Oh we go.” I heard another heavy plop as she smiled and said “That, was a big one. It feels good to have a mid-morning dosen’t it?” By now I was totally shocked. I knew I wasn’t dreaming. The smell in the room was about medium. I could tell that she was taking a dump, even without the sounds, but it wasn’t a strong smell. She then pulled off toilet paper and tipped her butt up and began wiping, dropping the used paper into the water. 4 wipes altogether.
She looked up at me again and said “We talked, and Denise said this would probably cheer you up.” (Denise is my wife). I was flabbergasted as she stood up, stretched her undies and pantyhose over a thick patch of reddish-brown pubic hair, then straightened her skirt. Before she flushed, she allowed me to look into the bowl. Mixed in with wads of wet, used toilet paper were a pile of turds. One looked like a potatoe, very thick. The smell got a little stronger when she flushed it all. She wiggled her fingers and said “Bye-byyyye!” as they swirled down the hole. We then retired to the kitchen for more coffee. She explained that my wife Denise told her of my interests. I guess this woman has no pooping inhibiitons, and offered to do this and my wife thought it would be nice. Me too. It was nice because it wasn’t about sex or anything. She wasn’t trying to seduce, only trying to do me a specialized favor that only a woman can do. After her poop, we just talked about everyth! ing, and I got to know her better until my wife came home. Denise dosen’t care for this topic, but says her friend would be happy to do it again for me. Denise also told me that she dosen’t mind if I watch. This woman’s name is Barbara, and told my wife “If he can take it, so can I!” Anyway, if Barbara decides to entertain me further, I’ll post if for everyone.

Rjogger and Kathy: I really loved that story about the pooping while your friend held the video camera. I really enjoy your stories so much because you’re both so vibrant and full of life. Right now, it’s good to be around people who are full of life. Kathy: I’m envious of Rick because you must be a very beautiful woman. I love it whenever he describes your “Mohawk stare”. I can just picture how lovely you are with your Native American features. With Rick’s permission, I will say that you have “Wowed” me more than once here!

Robbie , Annie, Sarah, and Megan: What a wonderful group you all are! I’m so happy you all are posting here. I feel like I know you in a way. Robby, you take very good care of yourself now. I’m exercising a lot myself, but taking it in moderation. You have lovely, caring and loving daughters, and I love it when they post here. You all are the very best, so enjoy life!

Steve and Louise: How are you both? Steve: Louise’s stories don’t need any toning down. She’s just a natural woman. Her and PV together are both that way, and I love them for it. I’m happy and proud of Louise’s Aikido promotion.

Renee: How is your baby doing? When is she due? I haven’t talked to you for so long, I’ve lost track of you and everybody in your lovingly wild household.

Take care everyone.

This afternoon I took our little dog for a walk in the near gardens. As I walked past one of the ponds with goldfish and a little fountain, I became aware of two ladies, one of them elderly, and two children, a boy of about seven and a girl of maybe five years of age. The tinkling sound of water from the fountain must have triggered the little boy’s behaviour. He started to dance around the chatting two ladies, probably mother and grandmother, chanting the following: “I want to go for a wee, I want to go for a wee, I want to go for big big wee, I want to go for a wee!” The two ladies were engrossed in their conversation and paid no attention at first. But soon heads of other people started to turn. The little boy just went on and on circling the ladies with his chant, and after the fifth or sixth repetition they did take notice. I overheard one of them say, “Where’s the next loo?” “Follow me, it’s just behind those trees over there.” And off the party went.
That’s the right way for little children to catch the attention of gossiping grown-ups, I thought.
And some good news: The lump taken out of my wife’s breast was benign.
Peace to all, Rizzo

Diane- New York
Hello All. Well this is a story to hear.

Today when I first woke up, Alex and Tina were ready to induce me with an enema. Oh Jesus, I had no idea it was supposed to be this bad. Jeez! They shove a tube up my muscular ass with hot, hot, extremely hot water. What the hell is this supposed to be I said? Tina said " well Diane dear, this is how its done".

So knowing me, I go to the garage to get working on performance upgrades for my dead husbands car. (As you'll learn later on, I'm luck to have a bathroom with a sink and toilet in my garage, so smart of me to have it installed). I have a supercharger, and exhaust upgrade to fit on. Well as I'm working out in a nice brisk day in my garage, Tina comes in and starts to ask me where my fascination of cars began. I tell her I inherited it from my dad. And as we're making chit-chat, my stomach starts to rumble but nothing that I can't handle. So as I'm installing a new K&N air filter on the caddy, it hits me, get to the toilet now!

So I take a few steps into the bathroom, Tina comes in and Tina paged Alex to come into the garage. Well I pulled down my shorts, sat on the toilet. And whoosh! The rush and force all that crap came out of my ass was like being passed by a SRP/P900 car in the grandstand. And another rush of water and shit came out of my ass. And another and when my last wave came out, An extremely long turd came out. I stood and looked at what I did to my poor toilet.

Brown water galore, smelt like her, inhospitable for any living thing. I farted and it was extremely wet. I farted again and felt something in there. So I sat back down and kept farting and was having extremely loose shit. I farted approximately 52 times by Tina's count. To top it off, I had a long satisfy piss that lasted the better part of 2 minutes. I flushed, and it all went down easily. (I love this new flush valve, that's why I have it installed on all of my toilets). Then Tina unbuckled her belt and slid down her pants and panties and plopped silly but cute self down on the toilet and complemented me for leaving the toilet warm. (Do I really need to be complimented for leaving the toilet warm)?

She let loose with a load of mush. Then she made low-pitch bass sounding farts that reverberated through the toilet and the walls and set the alarm on the car off. (It was like there was a microphone in the toilet, but this was her own supernatural farting power with a built in subwoofer in her ass) She pushed and there was another wave of mush. I forgot to turn on the fan! Now why didn't think to turn it on? I guess I was pre-occupied on the installation of the performance parts.

Well she pushed and another wave came out. She then spent like 5 minutes farting high and low pitched farts. Then she has two more waves and 3 more wet farts. Then she tops it off with a long piss on top. Wow! Anymore mush and It would've been touching her ass. She flushed and there were major skidmarks.

Now comes Alex. Out of the three of us she had a real dump. Alex undid her belt slid her jeans and panties down and was about to sit down when her Nike slipped on a puddle on the floor and sent her tumbling to the ground hitting her head. I was worried and checked to see if she was all right. She just started laughing crazily. I guess hitting your head can do some funny things to you. I extended my right arm and lifted her up easily. Wow! She was a lot lighter than I thought.

Now as she placed her great ass down she let out a dry fart that didn't smell at all. Then she grunted and started her concentration. He eyes were stuck on the floor as I take a look and I see something huge emerging from her ass. She pushed and we started to hear cracking. The monstrosity of a log was stuck. She started to wiggle her ass to see if she could shake the evil thing lose. And then she bore down once again and then it came out with relative ease. Wow! A good 25 inches long and a good 2.5-3in. in diameter. Sie Gut! Then she took a deep breath and resumed her element of concentration.

There was a long dry fart and the emergence of another log. Wow a wider turd started to work its way down. She paused to regain her composure for a few minutes. Then she started to bore down once again. It came out very slowly. Then she wiggled her ass and was able to shake lose the log. The log was a good 15-in. long and 3.5in diameter. Wow but she still wasn't done.

She pushed and another 10incher flew out with speed. She was officially done. She then sat there releasing dry farts for a couple of minutes. She then had long piss then she wiped her ass. Wow! It's a damn good thing that I upgraded every toilet. This would overwhelm a regular toilet. She flushed and it all went down without a hitch.

Then Alex and Tina start to lecture me how unhealthy how infrequently I used the bathroom. I told them I don't need to be using the bathroom. I've trained myself properly. This comes in handy when rest stops are far and few between. Those two are still worried about my habits and me. I told them, this is normal If you try it, you can do it too. They told me in the long run, its going to hurt me. What do you guys think? Do I need to go more frequently?

Carmalita- Enjoyed your story with you and your friends having those massive loads. I pictured it in my head and I your toilet like mine got a real workout. I sorry you had to have a burning dump. I could only imagine the pain. Hope your ok. Take care.

RJOGGER- I sorry you got into an auto accident. Damn I had drunken drivers they have no idea what they are doing. I lost my dad to a drunk driver when I was very young. I hope you're ok.

Well I'm tired and I'll think I'll log off now.
Talk to you soon.
Peace and Happiness and all the best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

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