I have only recently come across this site. Although I am 45 I don't have many incidences to tell. A few years ago I was on holiday in south of england staying at a hotel. The change in routine had affected my digestion and I had not had a bowel movement for a few days. It was one of those autumn mornings that start of foggy and then get hot, so I decided to head for the beach which was about a 15 mile drive. After about 3 miles I had a desperate urge for a poo and needed to find somewhere to stop. I carried on driving clenching my cheeks together for a couple more miles and then turned into a lane and a little way down there was a gate into a field. I pulled onto the verge and grabbed and a few tissues, got out of the car and climbed over the gate. I walked a few paces to get behind the hedge. Just as I had my thumbs inside my shorts to pull them down, I heard some distant voices. I thought they must be further up the lane and I was well hidden by the hedge and a! bsolutely bursting so I would carry on. I pulled down my shorts and squatted down. I relaxed and the end just started to poke out and that was it. I just stayed there enjoying the feeling that it could come out in its own time. After about a minute I remembered the voices and pushed a little bit and the poo started to come out, slow at first until the hard end was out and then the rest easily slid out. What a relief. About eighteen inches long and two inches thick. I wiped my bottom and then did a wee over the paper to stop it blowing about. I pulled up my shorts and walked back to the gate. As I climbed back over and looked into the field there were three oldish ladies in anoraks, walking boots, backpacks etc out for a ramble. I don't know who was the most embarrassed.

Today's masthead (Saturday) is really super. It looks like the lady's been enjoying a good bedroom wee in a big old fashioned bowl, similar to the kind that in olden days tended to be used on washstands but no doubt got used for other purposes too!

missy. I would advise trying to be patient and understanding with your father. Some people don't have very strong bladders (I don't) and they have to go quite often. if the boot was on the other foot i'm sure you'd want (and expect) him to be patient with you. I assume that your father has always been 'frequent' and his need to go often hasn't just cropped up recently. Whilst I don't want to alarm you, if it's only just started to happen there may be an underlying medical cause which needs investigating.

mike r. I certainly should see a doctor as soon as possible. Going by what you've said, I think the likeliest cause of your problem is a urinary tract infection (UTI) which can be treated usually quite easily with a course of antibiotics. Of course other possibilities have to be ruled out and that's why it's important that you take medical advice. Good luck.

Also to the person with a bleeding problem, good luck for next week. You've done the right thing by seeing a doctor and having the problem investigated.

With reference to public toilets. This morning I just managed to use the public toilets in my local market town for a wee before they were closed for cleaning - by a female attendant. Luckily I wasn't desperate so it wouldn't have mattered if I'd arrived a moment too late. However, that's hardly the point. Someone else might have been! I know it's been said before but I can't understand why the local council insists on employing female attendants to clean male toilets, thus necessating their closure. Even more puzzling is why such cleaning should be undertaken at coffee time (mid morning) on the busiest market day of the week. Arrgh!

cute David
Back in the Philippines, in year 5, me and my friend decided to go to the shopping mall. We were pretty open about shitting, but still we laughed at each other when shitting. At about 10:00, we were looking around for music CDs. Then my friend said, I need to shit. He said it pretty urgently. As we were kids then, we liked seeing people holding their shit in. So I said wait Im just checking this out. He said, well c'mon well come back. So we went to the closest bathroom. The place had 3 stalls, with the two occupied. Now malls in the Philippines had pretty pathetic locks, some had locks but you wouldn't know they are locks because of their appearance. So he went in and said he couldn't lock the door. So I said, don't worry I watch you. So I held the door close while standing outside, while he shat his guts out. First, he pulled down his jeans, then his black briefs with a small piece of shit. Then he sat down while farting loudly. Then a small plop followed by two big explos! ions of shit were heard. I was laughing then. Then he asked me for water so I said Ok. So when I went to get it, I pushed the door open, so everyone standing in the sink could see him. I was laughing and he smiled and turned red. I also noticed his dick was erect. Then I suddenly felt the urge so when he stood up and flushed I told him to get some water while I immidiately pulled down my pants and sat. While I was sitting down, I slid out about 8 long logs, crackling loudly. Then I exploded with a wet fart. Then I realized I didn;t close the door. The people and the male clearner was smiling at me and I laughed followed my a fart and a plop. Then I washed my ass. And left. On the way out I realized I needed to poop more but Ill tell you the story next time. Anyone with stories with their friends

When I was in Year 8. I had more freedom after school. So when the bell rang for dismissal, I decided to stay a while with some friends to play some volleyball. All through from the start of the day though, I felt that sooner or later I was gonna need to take a shit. The urge wasnt there though. Anyway, as you all know, sport or any form of excercise makes you shit faster. So when all of my friends left for home, I decided to take a shit in the 1st floor toilets, because theres no one there often. So after hmmm... sneaking past people and trying to avoid contact with anyone, I finally got into the bathroom. There were 2 stalls facing the bathrooms main entrance. So, anyone standing outside the bathroom, looking straight in, would see your feet. I went to a all boys school with teachers from both sexes. It was pretty risky shitting there because my friends knew what shoes I wear and what socks. Also, the teachers lounge was about 2 metres away, and they were always busy alway! s going in and out and passing in front of the bathroom. Anyway, I got a medium sized pail of water (toilet paper is used but you have to provide your own except in hotels or other lucky places), placed on my right hand side and locked my stall. By then, I had a strong urge to shit. I pulled down my pants slowly so I won't shit myself, then my olive green briefs with a big shit skidmark. Immediately, there was a smell of piss. Then I sat down slowly, still holding in my shit though. Then when I found a comfortable sitting position, I released my shit. I came out nice and slow. The first turd came out crackling and with a few fart noises, then the second like the first. Then a few plops and some loose stuff. Then a very loud wet fart and two big logs. Then I let out a vocal aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. When I thought I was finished, I began to wash my ass with the pail of water. Then I felt another strong urge, so I sat and let out a big wet fart, some loose shit and a long piece of s! hit. Then I got worried, because I didn;t have anything to clean myself with. So I sat there for a few minutes until I saw someone come in (shadow). I looked under the partition and saw him headed to the urinals. Then when I saw his shoes, I realized it was my P.E. teacher (what a relief). We get along very good. So I asked him if I could get some water and slid the pail under the partition. He asks, Nick is that you? I said yes. Then he said, you must have taken a very good and smelly dump I said yeah. Then I said u wanna see later, he said yup. So he laughs for a while then he gives me the water. So I wash my ass, making a squeaky sound. He says, your a good shitter. I said yeah. So I finished, wiped my dick with my shirt. And I pulled my pants up. Then I let my teacher in. He said, very good.

I started to shit my pants deliberately when I was 9 years old. I come from the Philippines. Im 18 years old right now.

LOUISE -- Hi grrl! It's great to hear from you. I always love to hear about your weeing fun, that sink relief was a beauty and I agree it would be so nice to have help aiming and cleaning up! Great minds think alike -- yes, I practiced having a squatting wee on my back lawn in jeans once, and I pulled them forward to be sure of keeping them dry. I was quite surprised at the natural angle I had, I cleared them no bother. While I was down there I actually had a poo as well -- I was practicing for a possible country trip!

Yay! The netball team does us all proud again! Please convey the heartfelt applause and envy of the WSPC's founding members! Was it entirely casual, eg., just in the showers as they were getting cleaned up, or was it more formalized, such as over the floor drains, or in a line-up?

The weather still can't decide what it wants to be, it's rain for the next four days again! We passed 30 degrees celsius a few days ago, amply warm enough for the beach, but no sooner has it got warm than the weather crashes again. Never fear, the beach isn't going to run away! I have plenty of beautiful adventures from Spain to emulate and live upto! 9ANNIE & ROBBY -- this answers your question too. The target of 15 plus a poop are on hold until the weather plays the game!)

Question -- how long did you used to spend on the nude beach there per session? I'm usually on the beach around three hours before I need to get the return connection, but your time will give me an index of how open folks are. Sightings are very uncommon down here so far...

MALITA -- wonderful group-poop, darling! I was entranced! You still tell 'em sooo graphically you make a lass yearn to mount the potty and join in! (My poops are long but nothing like your bog-blasters!) NB: "Bog" is a British-ism for toilet!

Unusual stuff -- here in Aus we have a commercial for a new digital film (I think it's digital, looks like a chip) in which the film is adhesive... The chip has a picture of a couple of women, grinning down and to their right, and it's stuck to the wall of a men's room, over a row of urinals. A man walks in and proceeds to piss in a urinal, and realizes the picture of the women is so placed that they are looking with leering grins down at his performance! (I wonder how society would take it if it was a picture of men stuck to a cubicle wall as a woman sat down for a wee?)

I poo'd my thong today! Not intentionally -- I thought I was having a quick fart but I followed through strong! I went into the toilet at once and pulled down my leggings and white thong,. and found a squidgy brown nubbin stuck to the base of my thong vee. To make things worse, it then fell off into my leggings! Well, I fished it out with paper before it could stain, but somehow the mess got everywhere else! On my leg, my fingers, the toilet seat, my bum was very dirty... I pooped a bit more and spent ages getting cleaned up, then washed my thong by hand before tossing it in with the regular wash.

I wee'd in the sink a few times, and the yard once lately, and these days I hardly ever close the toilet door -- a big advance for a girl who was once too shy to pee at all if there was a noise!

KENDAL -- of course you don't get relegated! You're having wonderful fun, darling -- keep at it! The standing stuff will come along too -- sounds like sarah S and Meghan would like to form a line up with we British girls! GRIN!

All my best from Aus,


Good Morning,
It is Saturday morning and all through the house no one is stirring except me. The girls are still in bed. Well, Robby and his Father got up early and went to visit some mutual friends. Male bonding, they call it.

KENDAL AND ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID)- Robby read the posts early this morning so this is his post, too. He is out with his Father. I am really thrilled to see you posting again. I realize that Andrew has to have the computer for his school work. He has a big job ahead to get to the "A" levels. We went to see Harry Potter last night as a part of Sarah's birthday celebration. We read that you had already seen it. Sarah sat next to her Granddad. Half-way through the movie Meghan turned to me and said;" I have to go to the bathroom, quick!! I moved and she ran out of the movie. When she came back she told me that she had "shit out a cow pile". Sarah started giggling. Thank god Robby's Father didn't hear the exchange. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the scene in the loo with Emma Watson was heart-stopping. I think Andrew's one-track mind is ok,haha! A good lad can appreciate a pretty young lady on the toilet. Meghan said that Emma Watson reminded her of you,KENDAL. She said! that you wouldn't be that snippy, though. You are too wonderful. Emma is 11 also, I think. I am getting off toilety things. All of us had to stop by the loo on the way out of the cinema as you had to. All the girls lined up in the stalls. Meghan and Sarah just had to wee but I had to poo! I let out several logs. It had a ghastly smell. I guess it was the popcorn. Take care, you two! Lots of Lovexxxxxx and a BIG squeezy hug!! Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

DEAR RIZZO: Glad to see you back, my dear friend! I loved the football(soccer) story. I would have answered your friend's invitation! I hope your wife's diagnosis will be negative. You are in our prayers. Take care, Lots of Love, Annie and Robby

KIM AND SCOTT: Welcome back!! That was a huge log, my dear!! I bet you are a pretty cheeleader!! Please give our best to Scott! Take care, Annie and Robby.

GODWELLER: Thank God, you got to a dr. We hope your tests will reveal the source so you can get some help. We will keep you in our thoughts. Annie and Robby

CARMALITA: HOLA! Robby asked me to tell you that he wants you as his personal nurse during his recovery. Your story was a doozy. The usual fine mega dump!! Say hello to Jake, and Pat and Renee!! Love, Annie and Robby

ADRIAN: Thanks for your nice words. This post is getting a mite long so I will have a large dump story on Monday. Take care, Annie and Robby

TOO EMBARRASSED: You might use a pseudo name or part of your real name as Robby and I do. You need not be embarrassed here! Take care, Annie and Robby

DIANENY: So glad to see you back!! We are glad that you finally had a great meal and that Tina and Alex were there! Take care, Annie and Robby.

DIVA: Great story!! Robby was touring with Texas Opera Theater back in the 70's and he knows the feeling of roadside pees and poos! Keep posting. Take care, Annie and Robby

LOUISE: Glad to see you posting again, dear!! Give our love to Steve. Take care. Love, Annie and Robby

The girls are up; GOT TO RUN!

SPECIAL HELLOS AND WELCOMES TO: Kate(welcome), Joanne, Meredith, Nancy(welcome), Bryian, Roger(welcome), Ring Stretcher(so sorry), Jane(Great dump story,Gal), David(welcome), Buzzy(great story), Adele(great story), Mina, Mindy, Mandy, Ephermal, Rjogger and Kathy, Erin, LindaGS, Linda14yrs, Elena, Misty, Alana, Althea, Upstate Dave, Ellie and Little Lou, Todd and Diane, David and Niki, and to all of the other wonderful posters! CHEERS, ANNIE AND ROBBY

Sarah S, Meghan and Annie
Hi all,
Annie is afraid her post didn't get in the queque so she is sharing with us just in case. Grandpa and Dad are taking a nap.

KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID(ANDREW): Sarah- I had to use several tissues when I read the happy birthday message to me! You are too good to me. Kendal, isn't your birthday in January? When is yours, Andrew? As for the knees wees, the way we did it is the only way we can. Thank you for giving us some ideas, though. We haven't tried it again since. We will, soon. Hope Ellie and Little Lou return, soon. Andrew, Meghan would be the first one to be red if you watched us do our pee and poos. She would then start giggling like a schoolgirl! She just punched me!
Meghan- we went to dinner and to the "Harry Potter" movie last night. In your post you said that you and Andrew had seen it, too. It was awesome. In the middle of it, I suddenly had to poo, bigtime. I guess it was the combination of the restaurant food and the popcorn. I ran to the toilet and plopped down on the seat. A rush of poo came out and then some lumps. Then a whopper started out and crashed into the bowl. I was really sweating. When I got back to my seat I told Annie that it looked like a great big cowpile. Sarah started giggling. Annie hushed her. The loo scene was good. I thought of you, Kendal. Emma Watson is also 11, isn't she? I know her character isn't like you, though. You are not that snippy. When the film was over we had to go to the toilet. Annie grunted , trumped, and dropped a load of poo. It smelled horrid. She said it might have been the popcorn and butter. Annie- Cullompton!! That is funny!! I will have to tell Robby. Meghan again- You discussed ! sibling rivalry in your post. We have our arguments but we make up very quickly. It is good you love each other so much. That is why Sarah and I can live together. Also, we wouldn't dream of making LindaGS jealous. There is enough of Andrew for all of us,hahaha! Uncle Robby sends his love. We love you very much. We will talk to you next weekend! Have to return to school, you know!! Take care and be safe. Lots of Lovexxxxxxx and a big hug,Cousins Meghan, Sarah S, Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

DEAR RIZZO: We are so glad you are back. Dad is fine. We are watching over him. Annie will take the burden of making sure. The soccer story was a scream. Annie- I would have given in to your mate's invitation, hahaha! I can see all of your willies peeing up a storm!! Hope your wife's tests come back negative. Our prayers are with you. Lots of Love, Meghan, Sarah S, Robby and Annie

CARMALITA: Dad wants you to be his personal nurse as he recovers. Your story was brilliant!! You sure can squeeze it out!! Give our love to Jake, Pat and Renee. Meghan, Sarah S, Robby and Annie

KIM AND SCOTT: Annie- great to see you back. I bet you are a pretty cheerleader. Sarah- I don't have dumps that big! Congratulations! Great story. Say hello to Scott! Sarah S and Meghan

TOO EMBARRASSED: Welcome to the forum. Don't be embarrassed to tell us your name. You may use part of it or think up a catchy name that is not yours. You will have friends, here. Take care, Sarah S, Meghan, Robby and Annie

JANE: What a story! Thanks, Love, Sarah S, Meghan, Robby and Annie
LOUISE: Thanks for your post. Dad is fine. We don't know how far we pee. Maybe 10 to 12 feet. We don't remember. Where we are living isn't conducive for peeing contests. You and your mother are great. Say hi to Steve! Take care, Love, Meghan, Sarah S, Robby and Annie

DIANENY: Welcome back. We are glad you had your friends with you at thanksgiving. Take care, Meghan, Sarah S, Robby and Annie.

WELCOMES: Kate14yrs, David15yrs, Roger, Nancy

HELLOS: Rjogger and Kathy, Diva, Godweller, Adrian, Buzzy, Meredith, Alana, Althea, Erin, Joanne, Ring Stretcher, Bryian, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Mindy, Mandy, Upstate Dave, Adele, LindaGS-talk to you, soon, Linda14years, Laura, PV-HI, Ephermal-please post, Elena, Jeff A, Ellie and Little Lou and all the others we didn't name.


Hi everyone sorry for not posting sooner.
I liked all ur stories and i rnted the movies w/ the scenes.
well i wuz in wisconsin in the countryside.
i stayed @ a bed and breakfast w/ ma girl
wile she wuz gone shoping i stayed to take a shower.
i don like showers so i mostly take lon baths with the covers over me
the maid came in thinking tht noone wuz there so i saw her through the open bathroom door, she started doin her work fixing the beds and stuff like tht
when she was done she started to undress and she was running around.
then she entered the bathroom and did the most disgusting thing
she stood on the hamper and blew giant chunks of diahrea aiminf fer the toilet.
after she wuz done she opened her asshole and went for the tuub which i wuz in
she saw me and screamed and out of tht fright squeezed out two humongo logs
she said sorry and cleaned up her mess and left and left me feeling very horny.
If u liked ma experience plse post back
and if u have any pictures email them to me at

Ssup guyz and babz! My last post didn't make it, which is a pisser, but I took a look at the rules and maybe there was some shit in it that wasnt kewl for this place, so Ill try again without some of the detales.

Last week after school me and my boy Markky were over at our boy Es place, chillin in the gameroom watching tube. E raised his ass off the chair real cazul and blew this mega fart! Then he does another one and starts pushing, and you can see a wet spot grow on the front of his jeans, and they started to bulge out in back while me and Markky can hear the crackle of a major nuke! Markky was like Oh my god dude, but then I could tell my man was getting into what he was seeing and smelling cause he raised his ass up too and goes all red in the face, its f????n hilarious and I could tell he was consentrating hard as hell and he lets out this long, slow fart like BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAWWWWWWPPPPP all mufled at the end cause it was pushin something awesome. Then the back of his camos start to bulge out rad time, and he wasnt pissing like E did but his beest was way bigger cause I could see it curl around and across his ass. I had to drop a pretty major one myself, so I figured wha! t the ???? and I tried to just let the snake crawl out the cave real cool without moving but it made my hole hurt too much, so I had to raise up, and I didnt even fart it just crackled partway out, but I had to stop and breath then push some more then breath again and it went this way, start and stop like five times because this was a mega missil and it burned like fire as it stretched my asshole wider and wider! E was finished and sitting on his own mountain having a smoke and watching, and Markky was finished up too and looking at me. Finally after forever my hole slammed shut and the snake was in my shreds, curled around like 4 times. We hung out for a little while and had a beer, but I was afraid Es rents were going to show, and it would be so uncool to get busted with no exit in site, so I split pretty soon.

So thats my before thanksgiving story, sorry it took so long to get to you. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I think all your storys are getting kewler all the time, especialy the babes. Special ssup Bryan and Jordan and all of you who like my adventures in dumping! Do some good ones!

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Speaking of trains...a little off topic but it was funny as hell. I was on a train in eastern Canada looking out the window of the dining car. As I was eating, this kid in a yard along the tracks turned around and dropped his pants, bent over, and spread his cheeks wide to give everybody in the train a good view of his butthole. Little pervert.

hi i am a teenager and often get embarrassed by my father who has to pee a lot. he is very open about peeing and can be really embarassing. like sometimes i will pick up the phone downstairs and be talking in a room near the bathroom and he will just start peeing with the door open so that i can hear him as i talk. and i play soccer and softball and he is always asking where the bathrooms are and has been seen coming out of woods at some tournaments with limited bathroom facilties. i want to approach my father about how his bathroom habits embarrass me, but i don't know how to because i know he can't help that he goes so much. i would really appracite any advice on this.

mike r
I realized this weekend i may have a urination problem. i have to pee about every hour when i am home or at work. and i pee a pretty heavy volume every time i go. do you think i have a problem and should get checked out. is this too often to pee every day?

I am not very educated on poops,what is an enema?

too embarrested to say
this is my fist post. i am a 26 y.o. women londe hair and pretty skinny. i have 2 stories that are imbarrising and very true. here it is: I was at a beach in the Bahamas and was staying with my friend brooke. when i woke up in the morning brooke said that we were going to the beach "great" i said i had to go to the bathroom before we left but i thought i could wait anyway when i was at the beach i really really had to gowe had been there for about 3& a half hours. the restrooms were on the other side of the beach this made me very mad there were lots of children around so i didn't know what to do. i went into the ocean and started swimming to the restrooms i really really really had to go and couldn't wait another minute. i knew i would get there faster by running so i ran out of ocean and when the water was in the middle of my knees and ankles i stopped and anccidentally pooped in my bikini bottom i ran back into the ocean so nobody cold see my half blue and half brown ! bikini bottom so i swam (still pooping) to the restrooms and ran in there was 2 stalls one was occupied i waddled in the other one took off my bikini bottom sat on the toilet, yuck there was poop on the toilet, isat up and started cleaning my butt. i wiped myself 2 times and iran out of toilet paper, the person was gone from the other stall now, "YEESSS" i said. there s toilet paper there about half a roll i grabbed the toilet paper and scurried out of the stall half naked went into the other stall and cleaned myself up. then i cleaned my bikini up it only helped a little. it still had poop smeared all over the inside but you could barely notice after that i ran back to our hotel with only 1 person noticing i had an accident (i think) it was a little girl probably about 6,7, or8 y.o.

Hi Mina,

Just read your post about your dump in the New Mexico dezert. loved your story. before I read it I had to take a dump. it came out fast and was about 1 1/2 inches wide and over a foot long. when I flushed it left skid marks on the toilit. I have to flush again to get rid of the skid marks.

sometimes I like to take a dump outside in a large coffee can outside to the side of our house where nobody can see me. don't do this often but like to do it.

Yup,I remember those old summer camp toilets.

Ours had four toliet seats on this long bench and i too held in my poop not wanting to use that stinky place except for a quick pee.

I was able to hold out a full five days and when i finaly had to do it it was alot,i remember a long fart and then hearing my shit droping out while a friend of mine did the same thing and did we ever stink the place up since my friend was real gassy and she did a lot of farts.

And since the boys were allways trying to see the girls on the pot or in the shower one of us would allways stand guard by the door so they couldn't peek.

We both finished up at the same time and looked at each others load and you wouldn't think that two fourtten year olds could do that much but we did.

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