Hi everybody I've been reading this message board for a long time and this is my first post. I used to be embarassed about my fascination with poop but now I realize it's normal. By the way today's picture the girl isn't really pooping. You can see by the way her legs shine that she still has her panties on.

Today my friend Steph and I went shopping with my mom. We're both 14 (Steph and I). I ate a lot at Thanksgiving yesterday but didn't poop. We went to Subway for lunch and I had to go, so I asked Steph if she had to go to the bathroom and she said "yes" so we both went back to the womens bathroom. I told her that I had to poop and so maybe she could go fist and she kinda chuckled and said OK. There was only one toilet in there. She pulled down her pants and panties and sat down to pee and she peed for like a minute. She said "too much Pepsi" and giggled.

When she got done she wiped and flushed and then stood up. I pulled down my pants and my panties and sat down. I peed a few drops out of habit, then I felt the turd start to work its way down. I knew it wasn't going to fall on its own so I pushed a little bit. Nothing happened. I looked at Steph and she wasn't paying attention so I grunted. It only came out a little bit. Steph laughed and I told her to shut up it wasn't funny. She said "sorry" and I grunted again. It took about five long grunts just to get the turd started, and it was BIG. I could hear it crackling as it came out! Steph was embarassed a little bit but I wasn't because I was concentrating too hard. After about 7 more hard, long grunts it finally came out. I wiped and then looked and it was a knobby turd about an inch around and about 4 inches long, that's pretty big for me!

I flushed the toilet and as the turd swirled around it left streaks on the bowl. Now I was a little embarassed because the next person in there would know what i did.

Hey people,

This is like my second time posting. First time was like months ago. I go brown hair and green eyes and am about 5'6" got a slight tan and am 18. guys i know say that im quite attractive even though i think not. Anyway i had to really go shit today and it was fantastic. had a great time in tthe school washroom farting and grunting away...

aww did i stink!! crapped a huge 14 incher in the school toilet today with the majority of the population using the washroom at the time complaining about how much i stunk. Did't really spend too long in there as for i was in a hurry for a group meeting and diddnt want to be late!! plugged up the toilet as well to my surprise but i couldn't do anything... had work to do ;)

anywayz thats all for today and hopefully will return with more stories soon enough.


Here's a funny thing I heard yesterday at McDonald's. I was waiting for my McChicken sandwitches order (they're taking more time to cook rather than usual beef ones.) and some cute lady ordered two large coke WITHOUT ice, because the ice makes her farting. She tell that without any shame. When she was waiting, she told the next girl waiting that it affect bowel movement too. That's all about that story. If you have stories about female outdoors, porta-pottie or beach peeing, I always like to hear those stories.

I took a real wierd shit yesterday.

I hadn't gone for four days but i would feel like i had to but once on the bowl i would just do a few farts and this was after a laxitve.
Then yesterday i was at the gym with my friend Gina and i started to feel like i could go so we went to the ladies room and took adjecent stalls and as i was pulling down my pants i did a couple of farts and when my butt hit the seat i didn't even have to push at all,i just felt my butt hole open up and a big snake started out but insted of it breaking into chunks like i normaly do it just kept coming out and finaly ended with a fart that made it go plop into the bowl and when i looked i was amazed at what i left it had to be three or four feet long and aroun two inches thick and it was coiled abound the toilet and when i wiped my butt it actualy was sore from the big thing coming out.

Gina who was peeing stayed and talked to me while i was shitting and when i opened the stall door i just had to show her what i had produced(we've been grossing each other out for years)she yells OH MY GOD,that didn't come out of you no way OH MY GOD.
I was just glad that no one else was in the room the way she screamed.

Ring Stretcher
DOG CATCHER: Yes, I think human waste is the nastiest, even worse than dog waste at times. Why, I don't know.

Hey, I recently heard this gun on an airline had to use the bathroom really bad but the flight attendants told him "no" but he ran past them anyways and now could be fines heavily or jailed. WHY?! Was he supposed to sit there and soil or piss himself? Why can't you use the toilet even if the plane is landing?

I had diarrhea yesterday for Thanksgiving. I drank alot of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice (half a bottle) and two hiours later had massive diarrhea that wouldn't stop. My stomach didn't cramp up, though. I really had to clean the toilet bowl, though.

Future Rock Star
Here are 2 stories:
A few weeks ago, I felt somewhat sick at my stomach, so I drank quite a bit of ginger ale that morning. Later that day, my little sister was begging me to walk through the woods with her. I said yes, and after we had been walking for a little while, I needed to piss. Still, we kept walking, until the urge got stronger. Despite the fact that the urge was strong, I kept walking, which made me need to piss even more. Finally, I thought: hmmmm, this is the woods. Nobody is around. Would my sister care if I pissed in the woods? I still kept walking. Finally, I said: "Alicia(my sister's name), would you care if I pissed in the woods?" My sister said, "No, as long as you let me piss in the woods too." I said, "Sure." Then, I went behind a bush which was covered at all angles(in case somebody happened to walk by). I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, carefully pulled them down to my ankles, squatted, and very carefully began to let the piss out. Ahhhh! It felt so good. I then wis! hed I had a container to see how much piss I let out. I wish I had something to wipe myself with, but oh well. I then pulled up my pants, buttoned and zipped them, and started walking again. It was so boring after that.

The other story is this: Last summer, I was at the Glam Slam Metal Jam. I had a backstage pass to meet Bret Michaels(since I was a BMIFC member), and I could hardly wait!! I had never met him before, and I was so excited, since this was something I had waited forever for. Anyway, I went back stage to the gates, and Bret Michaels announced that he would be right back, but he had to go to the bathroom. Oh, how I wanted to follow him in there. But of course, I didn't. I didn't want to get caught and have my pass taken away from me. He was back after a while(something like 5-10 minutes), so I KNEW he had taken a dump. I was also so temped to ask him about that, but I held my tongue. I started talking to him for a bit, and he was SO sweet to me(but it's a rock star's job to be nice to the fans). Anyway, I went home extremely happy, and since then, I've always wondered what Bret Michaels was like on the toilet. I wondered before, but my curiousity doubled since then. Also, I r! ead on a website that has dirt about rock stars that Bret likes girls to give him enemas, so I also wonder if he likes girls to see him poop.

Dog Catcher: Yes, humans do produce the nastiest dumps ever. It's because of some foods we eat. Who knows what some humans put into their mouths? Animals, on the other hand, are fed their food, which rarely has much variety and is designed for a particular animal. Therefore, most animal craps are about the same(unless the animal is sick). If animals ate the same things humans sometimes eat, you bet they would produce some nasty craps!

Some teenager: GREAT story!!! One of the best I've seen here in a while! I can't wait to see how you got them back ;o)

Scatty: Yes, inside my apartment complex, there is that layout. One time, when I was taking a shower, I heard a "UNNNNFFUUUURRRR" from up above. I immediately turned off the shower to hear the person more closely. I then heard some loud farts and a SPLASH. Then thumps. I suppose those thumps were him jumping or something to make the poop come out more(it works). I'm not sure, though. I then heard another *POP* kind of fart and a *SPLASH*, followed by some more splashes. Then, whoosh. The toilet flushed. I don't know the neighbor upstairs from me very well, but the only person I've ever seen come out of that apartment is a 20-something year old man, with spiked light brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice body(I've seen him walk out of his apartment topless). In my opinion, he's cute. Not HOT or supremely handsome, but cute. I never considered to think about what he was like on the toilet, but now I know. That was the only time I heard him on the toilet, though. I enjoyed eve! ry minute of it.

Coprologist: I usually shit once a day. It depends how much and what I eat. If you shit twice a day, it could be that you didn't let it all out the first time, but it could also be that your body has gone through another digestive cycle later that day and is ready to eliminate once again.

Dirty Public Toilets Person(who left themselves to be anonymous): A dirty public toilet is when there is dirty toilet paper on the floor, piss or shit on the seats, pee or poop on the floor, a terrible stench throughout the bathroom, and perhaps poop on the stall walls. I've been in some bathrooms like that. I didn't use them because they were too gross to pleasantly relieve myself in, but I've been around them. UGH.

If anybody has any comments, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The Lizard King
Hey, I have a question,
Do girls really care if a guy farts infront of them?
If so when is a good time to go ahead? Is it better to wait for them to fart first?

I have been reading the posts on this site for nearly a year, and up until now have never really had an experience that I felt was worth sharing. But I feel compelled to share an experience that happend to me the other day.
I went out with some girlfriends the other evening to a club. Well, before we left for the club we stopped at a mexican resteraunt to grab some dinner. Mexican food doesn't agree with me, but I love it, and I was very hungry. As you can probably imagine I really filled up on quiet a bit of spicy, greasy food. Well, after this we left for the club, and with the exception of a few hot farts, I felt OK troughout the entire evening.
The next morning I woke up and felt great, so I figured that I would get in my car and go for a ride. Well, about an hour into my drive I began to feel some cramping, and began to expell some really wet farts. It this point I realized that I was going to have real bad diahrrea, and began to look for the nearest place to relieve myself.
As I was driving down the interstate I came upon a sign for a gas station within the next three miles. At this point I could no longer expell any gas, because I would have let go all over the place. As I pulled off the exit I had another wave of cramps, and at this point realized that I would not make it. So I figured that If I could manage to release a little that I could make it to the toilet and let it go. So I let go and let's just say that things did not work out as I had hoped. When I let go of my muscles my asshole began to push out wave after wave of liquid poop, mixed with the wettest, loudest farts that I have ever heard. In no time my panties were willed to the brim with wet poop.
So, after a long trip home I managed to sneak into the back entrance of my house and made my way upstairs to clean up. I have to admit that I was embarassed at first, but after the shame had passed, I realized that in a very bizarre way I liked the feeling of having may panties filled.

hi I once made a video of myself
having a poo in the garden it was fun but didnt quite go as I had planned
but still got it on tape I set up the camera and had afew practice run throughs before
I did the real thing I decided to wear a short tartan skirt and my favourite top
and white socks and my white panties I stood with my back to the camera
and bent over putting my hands on my knees I got a few good shots of my white panties
up my skirt which I didnt have to lift I then decided to do it I reached up and pulled my panties down to my knees putting my hands on my knees again , I started to grunt, I felt my poo coming and it felt quite hard so I pushed real hard and my poo came out real quick and it went so far from me it landed on the lens of the camera so I got a perfectly framed shot of my poo heading for the lens , not quite what I intended maybe I shouldnt have had the camera so low down , will post more when I have had another go

Mina: You're right. I is an old fashioned chamber pot. I grew up seeing them in the West Indies. I was fortunate to have indoor plumbing

Some Teenager: I went to Girl Scout Camp. I was never in such a position. Only one night a female state trooper found me in an outhouse. I shitting out apple juice from the previous days breakfast. She asked me if I was alright and put her flashlight on me. I told her yes and that was it. See my earlier posts.

Just wanna wish all the american posters a happy thanksgiving and a post thanksgiving dump :)

I stumbled across this site last week and I LOVE it! I've always been interested in hearing other people's pee and crap stories, especially from females. When I was a little kid I had a female friend who had several accidents and wasn't shy about sharing them with me. Sorry, I haven't had an accident since I was too little to remember, but I have some stories about other people (here's one from about six months ago).

I was coming back after a weekend vacation with my girlfriend and her family. I was riding in the back seat of the car (I can't drive—I'm 15 now, at the time I was only 14) with my 12-year-old girlfriend. This was late in the evening, earlier that day she drank what seemed to me like gallons of water and juice, and she hadn't gone to the bathroom since around lunchtime.
We were sitting in the car, just talking, and she started to squirm. Being the self-confident and highly expresive person she is, she wasn't embarassed to tell me she had to go bad, and that I might have guessed that from her squirming. The rest of her body isn't very strong, so I didn't think her bladder muscles were well-toned either. It was a rather long drive back to her house, so my first thought was, of course, "can she hold it?"
Though I was excited about the prospect of seeing her wet herself, I felt sorry that she was so uncomfortable. I asked her if she wanted to go by the side of the highway. She said no, she'd try and hold it. For the next several minutes, she squirmed more and more vigorously. She made a really desparate face, then grinned at me.
About ten minutes after she had said she had to go, she was obviously straining as hard as she could. I asked her, "Are you sure you don't want to go by the side of the road?" But a split second after I asked, she said through her clenched teeth, "I can't hold it any longer!!" She relieved herself in the seat, spilling urine through her underwear and denim shorts, down her legs, and all over the seat. She uncontrolably emptied herself out. For a relatively small girl, I was amazed at how much was in her bladder.
She apologized several times and said she must have been temporarily insane for not doing it on the side of the road. Her cheeks were flushed but she didn't cry. Of course she was embarassed, so I told her not to worry about it, it was an accident, and I understand completely. Her parents luckily had the sense to keep their mouths shut and not to embarass their daughter even more. My girlfriend quickly regained her usual high spirits and we engaged in conversation totaly unrelated to her accident.

Sorry if that was a bit long but it was one of the best times I had with my girlfriend (by the way, we're still together) and I felt like going into detail.

I'm new here, I've read the posts for ages, but not posted. I thought I'd say about some of the accidents (or near accidents) I've seen. I remember one time I was in a fish and chip shop, it was busy, and there was a door from the shop part through to a back room. A little boy, about 5, came out from the back and told the woman serving behind the counter "Tina pooed her pants". The woman told him not to be silly. Then I looked in the back room, and there was a girl, about 9 or 10, with only a shirt and panties on. She was facing me, but she looked embarrassed when she heard her brother tell on her. The boy repeated the "Tina pooed her pants" to the woman, and was told off again, but from the look on the girl's face, I was convinced the boy was right. My order came about then, so I had to leave, I would have loved to have seen the aftermath.
Another accident I will always recall was at high school. It was just after P.E. class, and we were getting changed. In our school, the changing rooms for the gym were the same as the ones for the swimming pool, and that day there was a primary school using the pool for their swimming sports. Well we were getting changed in the boys room and this seven or eight year old girl came in with a huge bulge in the bottom of her swimming togs. She came in a little way, then noticed it was the boys room, turned red and walked out.
And a third memorable near accident. A friend of ours had two children, both preschool, and she was talking to someone. I saw her youngest daughter come up and try to say something, her mother said wait. Well this girl just went over onto the grass, pulled down her panties and peed. Boy was her mother embarrassed.
Anyone else seen people have accidents in public?

Some Guy
scatty- no. I have heard what sounds like people peeing sometimes, but then again, I don't live below very attractive people and my interest in hearing them is little anyway. My roommates and I have heard *other* things from apartmentmates though. ;-)

Best wishes to everyone on the forum during the Thanksgiving holiday. Special hello to Carmalita, Jake, Patsy, Renee, Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Kim & Scott, Robby & Annie, Sarah S & Meghan, Jeff A, Buzzy, Ring Stretcher, Ephermal, Alana, Althea, Mindy, Amy (Co-ed), Mark, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, and everyone else.

Gary and I, along with my Mom, are traveling to my older sister Beth's place for Thanksgiving, and we are going to spend the weekend at Gary's parents house. We got to the airport well ahead of our flight time, and we really did need all that time to go. Better to have gone now than Wednesday, which will be more crowded. While we were passing all of the gates and checkpoints, I was developing an urge to poop. It was probably the result of my high fiber diet mixed with junk food from the day before and being a little nervous about flying, the first time since Sept. 11, though I had been a frequent flyer. We were also so early at the airport that I didn't have a chance to do my usual morning poop. I decided I could hold it until we got to Beth's place. Unfortunately, as the plane was taking off for the one-hour flight, my urge intensified, and I thought that was the longest takeoff ever. As soon as the pilot indicated we can get out of our seats, I bolted for the l! avatory. I went in, pulled down my jeans and white panties, and sat. I pushed out a few long thick pieces of poop, then let go a massive wave of chunky soft poop. Being well aware of the sucking action of airplane toilets, I resisted the temptation to flush the toilet while seated. By then, the poop smell was strong, and I was almost embarrassed that it may penetrate outside. I continued with a steady solid motion of long thick soft pieces of poop, one right after another. I felt a stomach cramp and pushed out an especially nasty wave of soft poop. I pushed out a few more pieces, then sat for a couple more minutes until I was finally done. I wiped several times and got up and saw the biggest mound of poop I have ever seen. It was an Alana-type pile with a couple of Kim-like pieces. I flushed the toilet and saw everything go down, washed away with heavily-treated water. It almost completely got rid of the smell. When I came out, my Mom was waiting. She said I was! the first one in and that there were ten people in line ahead of her. When I got back to my seat, Gary asked if I was all right. I said I felt much better, and Gary made me realize that I was gone for a good half hour. After my Mom sat down, it was time for everyone to sit down until the plane landed.

I used Beth's computer to check on my e-mail and to sneak a peak here. I will not be back until after the long weekend. Take care everyone.

Hola mis amigos!

Happy Turkey day one and all!
ROBBY: Hon, nurse Carmalita still wants to show you what a nice, healthy, cleanising, and quite perfumy bowel movement looks like. You are the sweetest man, and I am just crazy about you! You take care now, and listen to your doctor young man, or Nurse Carmalita will be very upset!
JOHN VT: I've really missed you! talk to me, okay?!
MEGHAN AND SARAH: I have really enjoyed everything you two gals have posted! How wonderful your family is and I feel like I really know you. Big kisses to all!
RJOGGER AND KATHY: I am so sorry to hear about your auto accident! I guess I really have missed a lot here. You got hit by a drunk driver?! So did I. If you remember when I got hit on my bike, that jerkoff was drunk too. Great story, especially about Noreen! Hmmm, hot body, huh? And Kathy taping the whole thing? Now, I know Kathy has a hot body too, so it had to be interesting! It sounds like you all have the same kind of fun that we have around here. The story of the camp toilets, and the drawing of straws and the who-gets-to-wipe-first adventures are all the kinds of things we do. That's the way it should be too. Keep it young, exciting, and never ending! Anyway, I printed it out and read it twice, once on the pot while I dropped muchos turds. I wish you guys could come over for our poop contests.

Last night, Angie and Nu came over to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We got some pizzas, ice cream and other goodies. Tesa is off visiting her brother in Spokane, and Renee and Patsy wanted to go out to dinner and a movie. So, it was just me and Jake, and Anj and Nu. Jake fixed us some drinks, and after two, Angie whispered to me that she needed to go potty. I said “Can I come in with you?” She nodded her okay, while Jake and Nu were talking in the living room.

Inside the bathroom, I sat on the edge of the bathtub, only inches away from Anj while she pulled her brown cords and purple panties down to her knees and sat down on the toilet. Angie has the greatest ass ever. It’s like two perfectly shaped honeydew melons. With her saffron hair, and ???? little titties, she’s a genuine hottie. If anybody remembers, Anj has a tattoo above her pubic hair that says "good stuff". (I don't doubt it for a minute!) So, Angie leans forward, elbows on her knees, clasps her hands together and smiles at me whilst emitting a tiny little grunt “uhh...” She was wearing a white T shirt, and I could see her nipples growing, pressing against the fabric. It wasn’t cold in our bathroom, so there was definitely another reason! She whispered quietly “Malita, I should’ve pooped before I came over, this one’s gonna stink.” “Don’t sweat it hon, I don’t smell like Victoria’s Secret myself y’know,” I answered. Angie smiled again, looked downward for a momen! t, then puffed another soft grunt. I heard her turd crackling softly and slowly. “Ssssppppffffffffffffffffffff...ohhh....uhh.....uhh....” Then, I could smell it! Woo-hoo did it ever stink like she promised! It was a very evil crap, definitely not for sissies! (Actually, it was as bad as one of my dumps!) Being only inches away from her, I was aware of my black hair touching her white thighs, tickling her flesh. She then pulled her cords and panties farther down to her calves so she could spread her legs more. Doing so, I had a close up view of her sage colored vagina, and from between it and her legs, in the dark abyss of the toilet bowl, I saw a fat rope of turd hanging out of her. “Crr--kkk--krrk--sprrkkkll--pffftttt--S-LOOOOMPP!” Down inside the bowl, this huge brown pipe floated, bent and thick, with fine bits of turd floating around it like crumbs. “Aaaaaahhhhhh......that was a big one.” she whispered. Angie is such a lovely young girl-next-door type with a hot ass, t! hat this poop session was very inspiring. The smell was pretty bad, very, very poopy, but she looked so sweet. She clenched her teeth through pink gums and I could smell her minty breath, even over the poop as she grunted out more. Plop.........ssspppppfffffff.....plooop.....this went on for nearly ten minutes. I lost track of how many turds she dropped. Then, she sat upright, looked down at her pussy, and let out a stream of hot piss that splashed good and loud. She began her first wipe when Nu knocked at the door. “It stinks like hell in here,” Angie warned, but said she could come in anyway. Nu said “Is it okay if Jake comes in too?” Anj looked at me as I nodded permission. I appreciate her thoughtfullness about allowing my husband to come in and watch her on the toilet. But I’m cool with that. “Yeah, he can come in,” Angie then replied. It was cool, when she wiped, her round bottom wiggled like jello with every scrub. When Angie stood to pull her pants up, the toilet ! was filled with turds, I mean heaping! One turd was even stuck to the porcelain, and when she flushed, it left streaks of poop stain on the bowl.
Without hesitation whatsoever, Nu undid her belt, and slid her pants and undies down to her knees, then set her delicious little plum ass down on the toilet. Yes, Jake’s eyes did bug a bit! Nu assumed a similar position as Angie did, then pulled her shiny black hair back behind her ears. Her gorgeous Vietnames features were quite stunning, especially when she winked at me from the toilet. We all began to talk a bit, when we were interrupted by a very long zipper fart “Sssssssspppppppllllllttttttttttttttttttttt,” Nu put her face in her hands and giggled. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I’ve got bad gas.” We listened as two more similar farts came out, making us all laugh. Nu was very embarrassed, but couldn’t stop her gas. Then, wet, loose and sloppy turds began slurping from her ass, one after another, plopping into the water. “Sssloop-sluuuuppp-slop-plop-ploop-pluuup-sllllooop” etc. She must have craped a good twenty turds! “Ohhhhhh....Goddddd...” she moaned, wrapping b! oth arms around her ????. Then another wave “Sllluup-slllp-sluup-sluuuppp” and so on. Nu’s aroma was a bit ripe too. She had to wipe her ass about 10 times. Each time, she studied the paper for chocolate smears. Poor Jake, he was fully aroused with no interest in a movie whatsoever. He looked at me and said “Honey, surely you have something that needs to come out too.” How could I say no to him? We all decided to go have another drink while the bathroom aired out. I opened the window. After about twenty minutes, I knew I could lay a nice turd for my man. So, again, we all went into the bathroom. I was wearing khaki cargoes with white platform Skechers and my U of O sweatshirt. As I sat on the toilet, Jake asked me to lean way forward so everyone could see a famous Carmalita turd come out. And man, did it ever come out too! That turd was super fat, so much that it hurt! It was rock hard, with corn in it, about 20” long and dark brown in color. Angie said “Malita! that turd ! is bigger than you are! Whussup with that?!” I was straining, pushing, and grunting too hard to answer. When it fell, water splashed my little round latina ass. Then, another started out, smaller, about 10” long, with more corn. It was lighter in color, and also had little bits of used green chillies in it. It burned like hell too! Man, that last turd was painful. It hurt so bad I couldn’t bear to wipe for several minutes. I stood up to look at my pile, and when I did, so did Nu and Angie. Part of my big log had bits of pepper stems and chillies sticking out. Groooossss! The smell was just disgusting. Jake wetted a wash cloth with luke warm water, and slowly started cleaning my butt while I leaned on the sink counter. It was nice, but I hate burning shits!!! The girls said later that they loved watching me getting my ass washed and wondered what they had to do to get a nice butt washing too.

Angie and Nu stayed overnight, and will be with us tonight for Thanksgiving. They slept in the new guest room. They were so cute, like two little bugs cuddled up together.

Happy Thanksgiving a mis amigos!
Marisol Carmalita

Diane New York USA
Hey all. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. I sure as hell didn’t. Had to work for my 2nd job as a bodyguard and chauffeur. Well I just upgraded my house with all marble flooring, new tubs, and a brand new central air and boiler. Bud when I get home at 2:15 am (hey I drove to South Carolina and back and loaded up on more coffee than I would like. I had 15cups and no sleep in sight, but the pay is awesome), I am surprised, Alex and Tina prepare thanksgiving dinner. AWESOME.

Well when I got in the house I was very excited. A huge feast in the morning. I am definitely going to sleep well. Well oh well, a 30lb turkey, 15lb ham, 3 baking dishes full of macaroni, 2 dishes of yams I thought I had died and went to heaven. Well I over indulged, and by the time I was done, I couldn’t move. Tina and Alex both excused themselves to go to the bathroom. They both shared the toilet. I could hear them as I was drinking my 3rd glass of eggnog (alcoholic). Oh boy I was feeling stupid. I tipped into the bathroom and sat on the tub talking. I was so drunk I had no idea what I was saying. But I remember them farting like hell. I heard splash after splash after splash. I started telling these George Carlin types of jokes. I was cracking them both up like mad. Well when they were finished their load, I looked into the toilet and saw it was full. I told them to flush it. Then I went out and circled around my block 5 times to walk off the drunkenn! ess. I worked. With a clear head, I went back inside my house, and talked to Tina and Alex when they entered my bedroom. I was wondering what it would be like if my family wasn’t destroyed by those damned terrorists. Well when they left, I watched some late night car stuff on tv, but before I went to sleep, Tina came in to ask me something, “when was the last time I used the bathroom?” I told her Its been a while, she said she would give me an enema if I wanted one in the morning. I said ”make it so” and went off to bed. I’m damned if I do, and I’m damned if I don’t.

Jeff A- I’m so, so, so sorry about the loss of your daughter. I don’t know what to say. Its must be awful for a father to lose his daughter. Once again, I am sorry.

I’m sorry I can’t reply to anyone else now but I’ll be back on Sunday night, I promise.
Peace and happiness to everybody.

Another singer -pee story. About 5 years ago or so my college opera ensemble toured Europe with our production of the Magic Flute. Myself (I played Pamina), the girl who played Queen of the Night, the girl who played Second Lady and an alto from the chorus were all good friends before the trip, and all 4 of us discovered on the trip that we often had to pee really bad, while the rest of the group hardly ever seemed to need to go outside of morning, meal times and bed time. We had 5 minibuses of about 20 people each (soloists, chorus, professors, orchestra) that we drove in from location to location. Queen of the Night's husband, Tamino (my love interest on stage) was one of the busdrivers. We usually all tried to ride in the buses with our good friends and little cliques that you have in college, and me, the other 3 peeing girls, Tamino and a couple of others always rode together. Me, Queen, Lady and alto tried to stick together because we had made a verbal contract that we! would all make sure the rest of the group stopped for us when we had to pee (three voices carrying more weight than one.) The buses did not have bathrooms, and there was a lot of driving. The first few days of the tour, there were no problems because the buses stopped every couple of hours with no one having to ask and though several times some of us 4 would be quite desperate, we made it to the bathrooms fine. Then one day we were driving from Germany into Italy and we had been on the road for over 5 hours. All 4 of us had mentioned to one another that we had to go to the bathroom, but Tamino told us that our director did not want to stop unless he had to, so we were holding it, thinking that we would be stopping pretty soon. I was starting to feel like I was bursting and had to sit with my legs tightly crossed, and Lady, next to me, was doing the same. Alto said she had to go but wasn't showing any signs. I couldn't see what Queen was doing because she was up front with h! er husband. Then she said "Tamino, I have to go pee right now, pull over." Unfortunately, we were the last bus in the convoy. He tried honking the other buses but come on, this is Europe and there were so many crazy drivers honking their horns, they didn't turn around, so he said she would have to wait. A little later, I began feeling like I was going to wet myself and began squirming and shifting in my seat. Lady was still crossing her legs and looking really uncomfortable. I suggested to Tamino that we write on a piece of paper that we needed to stop and show it to the bus in front. Someone used a bright red pencil for marking scores and wrote on the back of a photocopied piece of music "We have to go pee! Pull over ASAP!" Queen made Tamino tailgate the bus in front until they turned around and then flash the sign at them. He was grumbling and complaining but she told him "Do it or I'm gonna pee my pants!" So he did, and finally the message was passed from bus to bus, but! of course we couldn't tell if this was happening, and then they had to find a place to pull over. So of course all this took time and we were getting more and more desperate. Lady and I were by now really restless and squirming constantly, bouncing in our seats, and Alto had now started crossing her legs, and I could see Queen was moving around, so the rest of the bus was laughing at us. I felt a spurt of pee go into my panties and I knew I had to do something. I took my rain jacket and put it on my lap and helf my crotch underneath with one hand. It felt better, but I knew I couldn't do it forever. Lady saw me and whispered "that's a good idea", grabbed her sweater, and did the same. Suddenly Queen said "That's it, I can't hold it anymore. Pull over, Tamino." He said he couldn't because he didn't know the way and the buses were not supposed to get separated so we'd just have to hold it. She said "Fine then, does anyone have one of those water bottles with the wide mouths?"! Of course, being a group of singers, a lot of people did. She said "Pass it up here." Someone did, and she said "Can I dump the water out of the window?" It was obvious she was going to pee in it. I said "Pass me one, too." One of our guy friends groaned and said "You're not gonna do that in here, are you?" I said "We are whether it's in the bottles or not." Queen was dumping the bottle out of the window when we saw the bus in front of us signal to turn. There was a sign for restrooms. Queen said "Lucky for you" and gave the bottle back. I was desperately crossing my legs and holding myself as we pulled up in front of the ladies' room. Queen shot out of the bus first with the rest of us right behind her. There was only one stall in the bathroom and I was last in line. As I stood there, not hiding the fact that I was crossing my legs and scrunching down, Queen groaned out "Oh, no!" At first I thought she'd peed before she got her pants down, but then she said "This bathroom ! is a hole in the floor and it's DISGUSTING." We heard swearing, groaning and a long pee (which made me struggle even harder to hold mine.) There was a flushing noise and then she asked if anyone had kleenex as there was no toilet paper. Alto passed her some. She and Lady were also beginning to look restless. Finally Queen came out. We were all curious to see the bathroom and went to look. It was a toilet seat cut out of the floor with foot holes (we later realized this is normal for public bathrooms for women in Italy and France) but people had missed and crapped and pissed all over the seat and floor. Queen was embarassed at having peed there, but she said she was so desperate, she had to. Lady said "Me, too" and went in. I looked at Alto and said "There is NO way." She said, "Let's go." Queen was staring at us and said "You guys will never hold it." I was thinking the same thing, but Alto said, "Let's go in those woods back there." We went in to the woods behind the rest a! rea(I lost another squirt of pee on the way and felt so full it hurt to walk) and found some trees. I had on a long, full skirt and suddenly knew I was going to lose it. I stopped, reached down and pulled my thong panties to one side. My stream of pee let lose onto the ground between my legs while I was standing up. Alto said "wow" as she took more time to squat and pee. My pee splashed onto the grass for probably almost 2 minutes. Alto was done and I was still peeing. She said "That sounds cool and looks even cooler." I agreed. When I was done, I felt SO good and oly one corner of my panties was a little dry. We dripped dry, wiped and walked back to the buses where everyone was impatiently waiting.
(I have more opera stories from that trip.)

matt-nice story about you and your friend pooing your pants at a football game.

Today I went out for lunch. I ate alot of food for lunch then me and my friends went walking around. After about a half mile I felt the urge to go poop. So I said to my friends I have to go poop. Matt one of my friends said why don't you poop your pants. Your mom won't be home when you get there so you don't have to worry. I said no. Just as I said that I farted and my friends laughed. I said it isn't funny because I might poop my pants. There was a log already pushing it way into my briefs. Then my friends said poop your pants. Again I said no. That was when I let loose with loud crackling farts and groaning sound. In my pants there was a growing bulge that got huge because I had not gone in 2 days. My friends heard the crackling sounds and saw the bulge grow in my pants when that happened they started to laugh. Two of my friends laughed so hard that they peed their pants. The other Friend was not laughing but had a funny look on his face. I said what is wrong he said h! e messed his pants an hour ago and didn't want to tell anyone because he didn't want to be laughed at but since I messed my pants and my friends peed theirs thea it would be ok. I said lets go back to my house and clean up and we did.

hi everyone,my last post did not get posted,well i got over my recent constipation-when it finally moved i couldnt believe how much i could poo.i had been off school thurs day and friday cos it was so bad,on the friday mum was getting angry with me cos i kept dirtying my knickers and wetting myself.she tried to massage my stomach whilst i sat on the toilet straining-i even got smacked on my bum cos she thought i was not pushing hard enough,well when i woke up on saturday i had a real bad urge to push,very strong cramps so i sat on the toilet and pushed along with the cramps, after a little while a huge log started to emerge,it took about 15 minuits befor it splashed into the was 8 or 9 inches long and about 3 inches across,my bum was sore and felt like there was more so i pushed again and farted loud followed by 2 more pieces, each as fat but much shorter.i kept straining for 10 mins more but only farted so i wiped-not much poo as it was hard but a lot o! f blood.i flushed, pulled my knickers up and went downstairs.told mum that i had done it but i still had stomach ache,and my bum hurt bad,she said she would take a look,i pulled down my knickers which were stained in blood,mum parted my bum cheeks and said i had a little split,well ive had them befor so it didnt worry me. i put on clean knickers and a pad and went into town with mum.mum bought me this pair of shiny black pvc jeans,skin tight.well my stomach was starting to rumble and cramp again and as we were ready to go back to the car to go home i said i would wait[the public toilets that were near were closed]till at home.i got a bad cramp that doubled me up,but not nearly as much as mums next comment--dont hold it adele,do it in your knickers now-- without further delay i obliged feeling greatly was quite a load,and unusual for me it was soft and mushy.we got to the car and mum lifted my skirt and felt it through my knickers,got a plastic bag from the boot a! nd told me to sit on that.i lifted my skirt up round my waist as i sat down,the poo squidged out through the leg holes of my knickers,quite a home mum went in first and got a pair of plastic knickers which i pulled up to stop my poo falling out onto the floor.i removed them both stood in the bath-they were both so messy i put them both in a bag to go in the bin,i showered clean and got dressed again.later that day i had another load,this time in the toilet.i went to play pool with my friends that evening wearing my new pvc jeans,i didnt wear any knickers underthem,i could feel my very sore bum pressing against them .well i didnt poo in them but i did wet in them--we were outside,and i needed to pee , asit was dark i took my shoes off,stood over a grating and let go,it felt funny as it flowed down my legs and trickled into the grating,i just carried on talking to my friends,i dont think they even noticed,good idea i thought ,better than joining the queue. well got to ! go now,hope this one gets posted.xx adele xx

Some responseTO DOG CATCHER-I don't know-dogs are pretty nasty when it comes to pooing cause they are true meateaters and it really is pretty bad,but I think it depends on the person-if you eat fast food and garbage,you'll be worse than most dogs!If you are vegitarian,it will be considerily less stinky,but good point anyway!
TO SCATTY -Interesting point,but i have lived in apartments and never had that pleasure esp with a pretty neighbor!It must be pretty cool to hear all that as you are sitting on the toilet-funny stuff
TO COPROLOGIST-Im a lot like you pretty much and go once and sometimes twice a day and yes,if I hurry thru a BM,i'll have to come back an hour later and finish up,but in the summer,i'll dump 2-3 times a day and each one is a pretty good load,but in the cold weather,i'll only poop once,but i'm sure on thanksgiving ill dump the next morning 2-3 times as i'm sure you will too!
TO ANNIE & ROBBY-Truelly funny story about Rob on the bedpan-I had to use a pan in the hospital when I was 11 and had an eye operation and it wasn't too fun cause I was binded up,but the nurse helped me out and had gloves on and as i pushed,she reached in and pulled it out till i could go on my own and she really helped me to poop and I thanked her-I stiil can't believe she did that to this day!-,maybe that's why i like nurses! Funny stuff,but every now and then I poo in the bedpan for the fun of it but somtimes i poo so much that I have to empty it in mid poop and tha is not too fun,but you guys should try it for fun at home-good stuff,kids! to all-HAPPY TURKEY AND GOD BLESS-boy is fri morning going to be a busy one on all our toilets or what!BYE

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