Hello friends of The Toilet!
My last post didn’t make it. Too many hellos and not enough toilety things I guess.

First I want to welcome you, Robby, back. I sincerely hope you will recover and chuck any vices that may be bad for your heart.

Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan, try to keep a close watch on Robby, so that he does not imperil his health! Good poops are of course mandatory! Best of love to you all from Rizzo.

Jeff A., how are you getting on? My thoughts are with you....

Carmalita dear, I loved your story! Good to see you back! Give Jake, Renee and Patsy my love.

Buzzy, great crap with your buddy at the gym! Those machines certainly exercise everything including your bowels!

Kendal, dear niece, I feel sorry for ticking you off for having called Andrew a moody boy, when I then read that you were so upset because of Robby’s condition. I hope that I did not upset you more, it’s the last thing I would want to do. It was good of Andrew to be there to supply the necessary cuddles when you needed them. So you managed your first (?) poo at the school without too much embarrassment! I can already forsee loads of good stories about your trips to the school loos! Give Andrew a hug from me, and here’s yours with love from your Uncle Rizzo.

Plunging Plop Guy, the poster who compared Cullompton with the sound of a jobbie plopping into the water was One Lucky Guy (from Devon), if my memory does not deceive me. It is a pity he does not post any more.

So here’s a pee story from my past.

It was during my university time that the local football (soccer) team played for championship. The local breweries had planned free beer for all after the game, if their team won. We students living on a tight budget did not have money for tickets, so we decided to watch the game on TV, and only go there for the beer if there would be any! I myself am no great soccer fan, but I was willing to go to the stadium for free drinks! The game on TV turned out to be quite exciting, the TV cameras being placed in the best locations, and the local team did win in the end! Great! We five students got up and piled into one car which we intended to leave on a parking lot near the stadium, and then walk the 3 miles home to our digs after filling ourselves up with beer. There was plenty of traffic, but with cars leaving after the game, we immediately found a place to park. Then there were not that many people jostling for the free drinks as we had feared, because most spectators were! tired and hungry, had to drive (alkohol!) and wanted to get home as quickly as possible. We, of course tried all the brands! The beer was served from mobile trailer-bars in large paper cups capable of holding more than a pint, and with a double fold-out handle on one side. Soon the mobile beer-bars handing out the drinks started to close, so we each grabbed four (!) cups each, two to a hand by grabbing them by the handles, and started on our way, talking animatedly. We had had at least two cups each on site, so that made a total of six cups if you count the ones we carried! Soon Paul, who always said that he suffered from TB (Tiny Bladder) remarked: “Hey you guys, I need to deposit a stick of water somewhere!” We had not even left the parking lot! The public toilets at the stadium had long queues, so we all five of us walked over to the 3 foot high perimiter wall of the car park. Facing the wall in a row we each carefully placed our beer cups on top of it. Then as we unzip! ped, Paul said: “Lets see who can pee the highest!” “Don’t you dare! If you pee in my beer, I’ll pour it down your neck!!” was the answer he got. We yanked out our willies and let loose against the base of the wall in full view of anyone who happened to pass by. We heard girly giggles behind us, and a female voice said “Just look at those guys! It’s unfair that we can’t do as they do. I could do with a wee too!” “You’re welcome to join us”, Paul called out, but the girls wouldn’t hear of it and walked off in the direction of the public facilities. “Poor girls! I thank my lucky stars to be a male!”said Mike. “I don’t think so”, said Paul, “I think it could be quite exciting to be a woman. Sometimes I wanted to be one, wear dresses, but on the other hand, I like to be with girls as a man. You can’t have it both ways.” “Philosophising, eh! You could have been born a lesbian, and enjoy the best of both worlds!” “Aw come on, you know what I mean!” We didn’t quite get what he me! ant, but that was just the effect of the beer. And talking thus, one after the other finished his wee, shook off the last drops and put his willie back into its “garage” by sticking out his bum and pulling up the zipper at the same time. We gatherd up our beers, and went on our way quaffing beer as we did so, and leaving a row of large, still spreading puddles a the base of the wall. We hadn’t gone a mile, when we crossed a bridge over a railway line, and Paul remarked:”Hey you guys, see the wire netting on each side here? It is to prevent anyone throwing objects on to the trains!” “Yeah, I know, and it says: Danger: High Voltage, because of the catenary passing underneath, supplying the engines with electricity.” “When was it that I read in a newspaper that a guy had peed through the netting from such a bridge and got electrocuted?” “You mean, he got his wiener grilled?” “I suppose so. It didn’t give such details.” After that our budding electrical engineer started a discus! sion about how high a voltage was needed to jump the gap between pee droplets of a disintegrating arc of pee in mid air, if the chap on the bridge had held the rails with one hand (a heart stopper) or if the current would have had to pass through the soles of his shoes and so on and so forth. “Cut the smart talk! Let’s get a move on. I need another wee.” Then Mark said, “Look over there, in that parking lot in front of the tall building, that orange VW Beetle with the stickers all over the rear side window! That is so-and-so’s car, the nasty supervisor who nearly had me fail a test!” We all moved over to the car, and before I realized it, Paul was already watering one of the rear wheels. I proceeded to do the same with on the other side, and Mark and John doused the front wheels. “What about me!” cried Mike, already holding his dick at the ready, “There’s no wheel left!” “Either you wait, or you take the spare wheel!” Mike shuffled sideways to the back of the car, trying to! use the car body as a screen to hide his front from public view. “Not there, you numbskull! A Beetle has the spare in front under the bonnet.” So Mike continued to shuffle all the way around the car to its front end while we were busily washing the tires. There he tilted back his hips and let rip a pale watery stream which splashed on to the top of the bonnet of the car. The pee ran down both sides and formed extra puddles next to the front wheels. “What are those oval holes with the grill cover?” “Looks like the air intake for the ventilation of the interior.” “Ooh! Wouldn’t it be cool to pee into those?” “Yeah, but they are too low down! And I think they are for the horn. But that reminds me of my nasty French teacher’s car at school.” “Oh Yeah? Go on, tell us!” “Well, it had a row of slots in the car body just below the windscreen for the air intake. I used to sneak out to the teachers’ car park at school on hot summer days and lift my pee stream into those slots! The c! ar always smelled like a pissed up toilet after my special treatment! No amount of aerosol spray with pine needle aroma would cover up the smell. I once poked my head in through the side window to answer a question from the teacher, and it smelled like an urinal in the middle of a pine forest!” And on we walked laughing heartily in our befuddled beer moods, talking of pranks at school and the soccer game and drinking up the last of the beer. Suddenly Paul said, does anyone have an empty cup? I have thrown my last one away into a bin back there.” I gave him mine. To my amazement he unzipped again - we had just peed behind the shelter of a bus stop a little while ago - and proceeded to pee in the cup. “Whatever are you doing? Do you want to drink your beer a second time? It will probably taste flat after having passed through you! Ha! Ha! And be a bit too tempered!” “I want to know if I really have a tiny bladder.” He filled the cup and held it up for all to see. “Hey that’s ! not too bad! You just have a high rate of through-put!” “Possibly, but knowing this will not help much, because I always need to pee at the most embarrassing moments.” “You will have to live with that and plan carefully. From loo to loo!” “Or carry a folding paper cup at all times, ha!ha!” In this way we finally made our way home for a good night’s sleep. The car was collected the next day.

Today I have to take my wife to the hospital, another lump was discovered in her breast yesterday. The ecography which had showed nothing serious was shoddily done. We consulted another doctor. He will be operate immediately. I hope it is nothing malignant. But even if it turns out to be so, it will have been removed by this evening.

Bye to all, Rizzo

I like the new masthead picture this morning (Friday). She looks like a mature middle-aged lady enjoying a good poo on a toilet which is obviously big enough to take her load. I don't think I've seen one with a bowl that big before!

Dog catcher. As someone else pointed out recently, human waste (at least the solid variety) contains a number of bacteria, some of which are benign and some of which are potentially very dangerous. For this reason it is repellent to humans and smells bad by design. That said, I don't think it's necessarily nastier or more dangerous than the waste produced by some other animals. Dog waste can cause blindness and anyone who has ever hed the misfortune to accidentally tread in a freshly produced cowpat will tell you that it isn't a pleasant experience, particularly in new or freshly cleaned shoes.

Alana. I don't think my last post paying tribute to your contributions made it somehow. Anyhow, rest assured I'm one of your fans and look forward to reading about your big bowel movements. That said, I think you'd be more comfortable and perhaps find life easier if you went a bit oftener and ate a bit less.

Annie and Robby. I hope Robby's doing well and making good progress. Has Annie, have you had any really big motions just lately that you'd like to report on?


hey movie fan in your opinion which movies have the best female pooping scenes?

I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago. My wife is a keen vegetable grower and has grown a lot of beetroot this year. We often have it (cooked and cold) with salad. We had quite a lot of beetroot within about three days, and I noticed that my turds were red. I feared the worst, blood in the stool is often serious, unless you have hemerrhoids, then I remembered about the beetroot!

Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,
Some news for you, our doctor told us that our twins will be born sometime in August. Todd hasn't been home in a while cause he is running those trains non stop. I (Diana) was in the bathroom for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon. I had to take a long dump. I flushed the toilet four times while seated and brought three magazines in there to read. I also was farting and weeing alot so it didn't smell like flowers in there after I was done. Hope your feeling better Robby! and Annie, a couple of bathroom trips will cure him up. Well that's it for now and talk you all later, bye
Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hey all of you, it is good that Robby is
going home. He must be a lot better then and it is good to hear that.
SARAH S AND MEGHAN - LOL distance contests are a lot of fun aren't they?
If I really need a good wee and I try hard, I can go about 7 feet. How far
can you two pee? I should have won the last contest we had and my mum won it
with a 17 year old who is in the same netball team as me. I really messed up
then and I did not do too well because my fingers slipped and it kind of put
me off.
Love Louise xx

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! We have not had any letters from you for a little bit.
We hope you are well. The diarrhoea I had before my test was a bit yucky for
me but some people on here liked it. I bet Steve and Jeff A will like
reading about when you have had diarrhoea because when you have a shit you
have such a lot of stuff to form big logs with.
Love Louise xx

RIZZO - Hi guy! I hope you get fixed up with a new job soon. It is really
tough that you are out of work like that. It is such a shame that you need
to sell your boat. Is there not a way it can be avoided? We will not get any
more funny stories of guys getting their willies out and getting attacked by
birds while having a piss will we?

CARMALITA - Hi girl! It is Senora Carmalita now isn't it? Well I bet you and
Jake are enjoying being married because you do not get to write letters as
much. Hehe. It is funny but I do not think I could shit for a big audience
like you can. It may be that I would find it hard to do.
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - I think my last letter did not get on because I went on about how Steve
aimed me on Monday when I had a wee in the sink.
Hehehehe I really liked what Steve said about me and mum on our backs
and weeing little fountains in Spain. It was funny just lying there and
letting rip like that and you know, I wish we did that more than once. I bet
Steve liked what he saw, and we liked teasing him. Yeah you are right and so
is Steve, because we were weeing up hill and the gravity made some wee run
down our bum cracks before we really started weeing up in streams.
Then there is that end bit when you do a lot of dribbling. We were on towels
as far down as our bums so we did not get sand sticking to us and that can
get really itchy.
I had a nice wee in the sink last night when we were getting ready for bed,
and Steve stood behind me with his arms around me and he started aiming
me, which was nice. When I finished, he washed my puss with some warm water
and then he wiped me dry with a nice warm towel. It was very nice and I
will try to get him to do it again last night because it made me feel very
close to him.
Last weekend after netball every girl on the team had a standing up wee in
the showers after.
On Saturday night I had a nice wee in the alley on our way home. I had a
little skimpy top on with some nice black tight trousers. I just took them
down with my knickers and squatted so Steve could watch me from behind.
I always hold my pants forward when I squat like that so I can not
accidentally wee on them.
I do not have any other things to talk about really, it has been a bit
quiet because Steve is so busy.



Nothing post-worthy to report, so for now I have a few replies to previous posts...

KENDAL - I finally asked my mate's mum about doing a wee outdoors at the bottom of their garden, where it was screened from view.
Her reply was "Why? There's two perfectly good toilets in the house!"
A suggestion about her "aiming me" was also turned down.
Oh well, at least there was no harm done - it didn't spoil the friendship.

SOME TEENAGER - That must have been some size of peep-hole in that old toilet in the woods if you couls see *a few* faces! I suppose one of the girls was really interested in watching a boy go to the toilet and suggested it to the others as a prank to hide their interest!
It's more fun when you "get your own back" on those people who play pranks on you - can't wait to find out how you got them back!

STEVE (back from vacation) - You had the perfect excuse there!
Just relaxing on the train toilet mid-poo when your station is announced. What choice did you have other than to do what you did? Your friend's parents would have been worried if they knew you'd be on that train but didn't get off.
I'm sure everyone would have understood and you'd have saved some embarrassment if you'd mentioned it discreetly as you first met them.

Simon :)

Gopwoller and his internal bleeding
I've been reading this forum for quite some time now, but I've never really had any stories worth reporting. Well, I've dumped in the shower, and in the garden, and given myself enemas with the shower hose, but thats pretty boring compared to a lot of the stuff that goes on here!!

I'm 16, nearly 17, white male from Congleton, Cheshire (not that far from Manchester, UK). I'm 6'7" tall, black hair, brown eyes, size 16˝ shoes (17˝ USA size). Not really important, but some background for ya.

Anyway, last week I was feeling a bit constipated and I hadn't had any motions for 2 or 3 days which I was thinking was a little odd for me, and then I started having diarrhoea and mild stomach pains. I thought it was just a stomach bug so I carried on eating and the diarrhoea didn't stop. I told my mum and she suggested that I stopped eating for 24 hours and only drank water to starve the bug out.

I did this, but only for about 12 hours and the stomach pains had gone so I thought I was in the clear. So I had breakfast, lunch, a nice big tea and I was feeling good.

But then the dirrhoea came back which was annoying. Then I noticed that when I was wiping there was blood on the toilet paper which I didn't think too much of, but then there started being more and more blood in the toilet along with my poo.

So I stopped eating again, and just drank water SERIOUSLY hoping this would go away becuase I was starting to get rather scared by it all. I wouldn't care too much if I had a large gash spewing blood on my arm cos at least I could see where the blood was coming from, but when its internal its scary!

Even though I'd stopped eating, the blood kept on. Not huge amounts, but mucous coated blood that looked partially digested, not bright red, more a kind of dark reddish brown colour that released red when it soaked in the toilet water.

I told my mum I was getting REALLY worried and she took me down to the doctors and then had to go off to work. I explained my symptoms to the doctor and he proceeded to put his finger up my rectum (rather too fast for my comfort may I add!) and there was some bright red blood on it. He also said I was tachiocaridic (fast heart beat) but that was because I was so scared I was shaking. He called up my mum and wrote me a letter to go to Macclesfield Accident and Emergency.

I got to hospital, another doctor gave me a digital rectal examination and I had to give a stool sample, which was just blood and no stools! I was admitted to the ward and given intravenous saline and glucose becuase I my blood pressure was way down from blood loss and I hadn't eaten anything so my energy was low.

I gave some blood samples for analysis and later on that night I had an endoscopocy? I know thats the wrong spelling, but anyway what the doctor had said was just going to be a tube up my rectum turned out to be more like a scaffolding pole fresh from the deep-freeze! He also had to blow some air up my rectum so he could see more clearly which made me feel like I needed to fart pretty bad. The whole thing was rather uncomfortable and he also took some biopsies of my bowel lining because he said it was inflamed, but since the lining has no nerve endings it didn't hurt too much.

I had to stay overnight for observations to make sure I didn't pass out or anything more serious happen. The next day I was discharged and allowed to go home. The comsultant said that the bleeding wasn't going to stop unless it was treated. I'm now at home (obviously) and its Friday. I've gotta go back to the hospital this Thursday for a more detailed endoscopocy which is going to be longer this time to examine more of my colon and find out where the blood is actually coming from. Then I've gotta go back again the following Tuesday when all of the results from the blood tests, biopsies and examinations has been compiled.

The doctor said its most likely to be a very nasty stomach bug or inflammatory bowel disease, not hemmoroids or polyps. Chrones disease is a remote possibility, but I really hope not. Besides, my family had no history of bowel problems.

Oh well, more being poked on Thursday (I'm dreading it!)


kim and scott
hello all! my boyfriend scott and I hoped everyone on this forum who celebrates thankgsgiving had a happy holiday! ours was just fine. sorry I was away so long. busy in college. on thanksgiving day I helped cheerlead my football team to victory. after this I went home with the family and sat down for thanksgiving dinner. we thanked god for everything we had in life as we enjoyed a meal of turkey,stuffing,sweat potatoes,peas,rice,corn,cranberries,string beans,,squash macaroni and cheese, etc. we also had pumpkin pie and chocolate pie on the side for dessert. the meal was fabulous! after dinner I felt like taking a massive shit so I headed upstairs to the bathroom. as soon as I entered I yanked my pants down and sat on the bowl. I then started to push. instantly I felt my ring and butt-cheeks quiver and expand as a log started to make its exit out of my quivering ass. I pushed harder as my ring expanded wider and my log grew bigger and bigger!I then gritted my teeth and squeez! ed real hard as my log grew to a mammoth size.this was some massive beast I was pushing out folks! each push of this rock hard monster made my body shudder in pleasure! I looked down at my log and it looked like I was pushing out a big brown baseball bat from my ass! I kept on watching my log as it grew larger and larger. I then let my log just hang in my ass and enjoyed the great tingling sensation it gave me in my anus as jolts of electric shocks zapped my ass making my ass shudder mightily."oohhh wow!' I said in pleasure as my whole body shuddered automaticaly as my log grew even larger! I then took a deep breath and pushed real hard as I felt my butthole expand real wide as I lost total control and exploded an elephant sized log into the bowl,totally overloading it with huge shit! when I looked down in the bowl I saw an immense sausage in there. half of my log was in the bowl hole while the other half went all the way up to the surface of the water with the huge log head! bouncing up and down like a top! I then got my measuring tape and measured my log at 22 inches long. 3 inches thick. I then chopped up my log with a stick,wiped my ass and flushed. I then called my boyfriend scott wishing him a happy holiday and telling him about my huge log. scott enjoyed the story about it and I hoped you all did too!

TO JEFF A and DIANE from ny -hello. scott and I are so sorry you both have lost family menbers this year, our prayers are with you!

To robby and annie-hello. get well soon robby!
To sarah and meghan s-hello girls! love your posts. scott and I think you are both beautiful with sweet personalities!

to martin-hello. enjoyed your baby sitter post.
to jane-hello. love your posts as always.
to steve and louise-hello. this is a bit off subject but what other places do you like to travel? do you go to any other hot beaches besides spain? and thanks for your sympathy for american tragedies! you are a lovely couple.
to pv-hello girl. is it summertime in australia yet? I bet you cant wait!
to rich and kathy,sundevil,logger,john (vt) and buzzy
- hi. hoped you all had a good the way rich, scott and I are fine and hope that you and your wife are fine after the accident.hate to lose you both. be well. by the way my red mustang is fine too.

to muggs-hello honey.long time no hear. hope everythings ok with you!
to renee-hello. it shouldnt be long for the baby huh? cant wait. be well

to pico-hello. instead of watching the victoria secret fashion models on tv why not turn to a special channel on tv and watch the huge log queens like carmalita,mindy,ringstretcher,electra,alana, anne the bus driver,nicola and myself sit live on toilet bowls with our panties down to our ankles as we shit our brains out together. you can watch as cameras give great close ups on our facial expressions as we bang out gigantic log after gigantic log!that would be great huh?

to janitor bill-hello. about you question a little while ago about ladies having huge logs in the toilet? well bill I usually leave my huge logs in the bowl unflushed with no paper in it so people can see how fantastic my logs are! I do this sorta thing in malls,dept stores,restaurants,carnivals,hotels,amusement parks etc. you name the toilet I do it!. I found out that many people get excited by seeing my huge logs stuck in the pan . so I just give people what they really wanna see! plus my logs are usually too large to flush so I use a stick to get em all down. be well.

to stargazer-hello. thanks for being fascinated with my stories along with other lady stories. I see that you are worried about a health risk for ladies that shit huge? I want you to know that I have seen a gastroenteroligist in the past and had exams to check up on this and I am fine. I give my doctor regular stool samples to check on my stools. once I banged out a gargantuan brown log in the hospital bowl and my doctor tested it. he found out my log was fine and healthy. the doctor was awestruck on how huge my logs was! what can I say stargazer I am just a little cheerleader who happens to push out elephant sized logs regularly. its just my system.. I keep fit and eat fruits like you do as whopping log after whopping log slam into my toilet bowls!haha. hey! I am not complaining! neither is my man scott who just loves to watch me squeeze em out! plus that was a good idea about the 3o gallon trash bags to hold logs in. I would have to double bag my logs because their so! huge and weighty and would probably drop through the bottom of the bag anyway!I dont really want to hide my logs anyway I love showing them off!by the way I usually have one or two superlogs a day. if you think thats something alana has multiple logs a day!be well stargazer I talked long enough. god bless everyone on this forum. bye now. love,kimmie and scotty!

UNCLE RIZZO: I was so very sorry to read you have lost your job. And I do respect Andrew's space. Andrew sent a post the other day, before the last update of the site which didn't get on again ! In it he said that he was grateful to you for taking his side, and I admit that maybe I deserved my telling off ! But I was only telling the truth ! Anyway, Andrew and I have not been posting as often lately so that he gets more time to work. And we have never seen each other as sibling rivals ! We hardly ever argue, and never have done since I moved in with Andrew and his Mum and Dad. You see, its because we really understand each other and know how each other is feeling, often without talking. So we just don't get on each other's nerves ! Thank you for your boat story, and the story about the trumping contest with your wife. That was very funny ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

AUNTY PV: Oh dear, I've been very neglectful ! I haven't done a stand-up wee in ages. Does that mean I get relegated from the WSPC ?! Truth is I've been enjoying having Andrew watch me on the toilet ever so much recently, and especially when we've weed together sitting on knees ! Standing up to do it has taken a bit of a back seat. But never mind. I have a feeling that Emily will soon get me back into the habit when we see her and Kate again ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

SARSEN: Dear Mark, you are obviously a very kind teacher as well. I wish you were teaching in my school ! Mind you, that wouldn't mean I'd take advantage and ask to be excused every lesson. Only when I really needed to go, like I did the other day ! Love from Kendal x

MARIA: Fancy your little sister writing on the wall using her poo. That does sound very gross ! But there seem to be other people happy to handle their poo. We haven't heard from Kim and Scott recently. But she uses a tape measure to measure how big her poo is. I presume she gets it out the toilet to do it !! Love from Kendal.

RING STRETCHER: I hope your bottom has recovered from that very big act of expulsion you told us about the other day !! Love from Kendal x

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: CULLOMPTON ! Yes, that is so brilliant ! Charlotte does poos that sound exactly like CULLOMPTON !! Andrew and I thought that was so funny, because we don't exactly live very far away from Cullompton, and now we won't be able to go past it without laughing !! Trumpington was also very good, especially to me, becuase I like to use that word. And especially to Andrew because he's a right Trumpington !! And Whoplode ? Does that refer to whoping a load into the toilet ? I still need to wipe my eyes about CULLOMPTON ! Love from Kendal x

ELENA: I needed another hankie when I read your post. In fact I cried so much, I thought I was going to make Drew (heh) cry as well. We are both so glad that Linda is coming home ! Lots of love to you and Cousin and the baby girls xxxxxxxx

LINDA GS: Welcome home my dearest on-line sister. I hope you've been able to catch up with some of the posts. I've got a new Aunty and Uncle with Robby and Annie and new Cousins with Sarah S and Meghan. That means that you have too ! Andrew and I have never forgotten you ! How was life with your Aunty ? Did you get to have anymore loo-bonding sessions with her ? Well I think the first thing we should do is go and shut ourselves in the bathroom, and have a jolly good chin wag about what we've both been up to, whilst having a tushie stretching poop each ! And Andrew's not allowed !! Well not until you're ready for your thanksgiving poop. I think he's been rather hoping for an invite to that one !! So you'll have to change into your best dress for that, then he won't be able to see anything that he shouldn't ! Have a wonderful thanksgiving ! Lots of love and big hugs from Kendal xxxxxxxxx (and XOSXOS and smoochies from Drew (heh)!

SARAH S & MEGHAN & UNCLE ROBBY & AUNT ANNIE: Andrew and I are so very pleased to hear that Robby is now home safe and sound. And that he would have been able to join in your thanksgiving festivities ! I've already said to Uncle Rizzo that Andrew's last post didn't make it, and it seems that Uncle Robby and Aunt Annie have suffered the same. So more talk about poos and wees and less about how much Andrew and I love you all ( because we do ! ). Andrew and I went to see Harry Potter as well, last weekend. There was one little boy, about five years old who must have gone to the toilet about five times during the film. But then it was a long film ! There is a bit in the film where Emma Watson is in the girl's toilets. When we got to the end of that scene after the troll was knocked out and all the toilets had been broken, Andrew leaned over to me and said "They might have started the scene with Emma on the toilet. I bet she'd look so cute sat on the loo". Honest! ly that boy has got a one track, toilet mind !! I enjoyed teasing him though about how much I needed to wee near the end, and that he wouldn't be able to watch because we were at the cinema, Ha ! Andrew and I were also very pleased to read about your sit on knees wee. You obviously didn't need any instructions. Well, I suppose there aren't any really. Every one does it the way that is most comfortable to them, and that they feel happiest with. Andrew and I do it two different ways. The first is when I sit on his knee and wee between his open legs while he cuddles me with his arms around my ????. Sometimes he squeezes my ???? with his arms to help me get started ! We learned about this from an old friend called Kate who used to post here regularly. She told us how she had a sit on knees wee with one of her brothers, so Andrew and I copied ! The other way is when we sit facing each other. We can just about manage to do this on our toilet. It depends on how much space ther! e is behind and to the side of the toilet for my knees to go into. The best toilet was in my old house for that, because there was plenty of room behind, and Andrew and I could really cuddle together for our wees then ! Now, we learned about that from Dear Ellie and Little Lou. One night Little Lou was very tired and her big brother Kev carried her to bed. Of course she needed to wee, so he just carried her into the bathroom and she sat on his knee facing him to do it as she was all floppy and tired, and I suppose it was easier to support her that way. Apparantly she fell asleep doing it ! Andrew has been very red ever since he read about him being the only boy allowed in with Sarah and Meghan, that they trust !! Mind you don't make Linda GS jealous !! She's had him all to herself on this site upto now !!! You asked about Rachel. No Rachel wasn't embarrassed at all. As I've said before, all four sisters just go in front of one another without any problem. So I was just re! garded as like another sister. And no, Andrew hasn't seen Rachel on the toilet. He's never even met her yet ! Have a really wonderful thanksgiving. Lots of love from Kendal ( and Andrew ) xxxxxxx
PS: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Sarah...... Happy birthday to you !!!!!!!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone, in or on the toilet!

To SOME TEENAGER, I really enjoyed, and envied that account of yours where you were watched sitting on the toilet seat by those girls, who were able to see your big thick turds dropping with loud plops!
I don't understand how they saw all the action if you were sitting on the seat, and you said the can was missing but they all splashed in the water, but it sounded great and I wish it was me being watched, heard and smelled! Great too, that they said you'd got a nice butt, I bet you felt really great being complimented by those who had seen it in action so well!
I look forward to your next post, and hope you enjoyed being seen and heard again.
Great to grow up knowing that from early teenage years, you really know how to make the most of sitting on a toilet.
Those girls were certainly very quiet as you performed!

SCATTY, It's a while since I heard of anyone mentioning being able to hear their neighbours on the toilet, so I'd be very interested to learn more from you.
Are you aware of the identity of the particular person you can hear plopping in the toilet? I would think it really good if you knew who it was and could look forward to a particular time when you could be sure of hearing someone in action that you really want to hear.
Are you also able to hear the bathroom in the floor below?
If so, I suppose it's possible to hear from above and below at the same time as you're on your own toilet!
In Britain a lot of houses and flats built at various periods have the problem (or otherwise) of every sound being heard from the neighbours, and I'm sure there must be a lot of people who have quite an intimate knowledge of their neighbours' bowel habits and can tell who is on the toilet at the time either by their personal sounds or having just heard or seen the person arrive home or whatever.
I don't think builders or architects appreciate how much we know of other people's intimate lives due to the lack of sound insulation.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you hear, and let's know how well you can hear all the quieter sounds of farts, grunts and wiping.
Someone in Britain interviwed about hearing their upstairs neighbours said she could hear each plop.
I think there's a lot of us here who'd like to spend some time in such an environment!

As for myself, every day this week has been great for my own shit sessions, with lots of loud plops, a few splashes on my toilet bits, but most noticeable is the way I really feel aware of my ring tightening on each turd as it gets dropped, almost as if they're getting shot out with greater force than when my turds were too soft and there was no real sensation of each turd being an individual.
Now, I know my shit-bombs are are well-formed, easy and require slight effort with no straining, and I know when I've done, and I'm clean after!
I've probably said all this before, but I so enjoy sharing with you how good I feel!!

One thing I've noticed is how on a very windy day, the water level of my toilet goes down. Sometimes about an inch, and I can see it moving during strong gusts.
I've not noticed it elsewhere, and can't remember it where I lived before and assume it to be due to either low air pressure causing a slight suction in the waste pipe, although I can't think how, or wind blowing down from the air vent of the waste pipe sucking it down.
Anyone else noticed this?

On a visit to Scotland, I had a wee in a public toilet, and used the toilet pan. I noticed the water in the pan was already rather yellow, so assumed it was someone else's piss in the pan.
After I had my wee, I flushed the toilet and noticed the water was just as yellow. I realised the supply in the area was naturally that colour, (consistent with whisky in colour, as urine can of course vary) due to peat getting washed down into the watercourses.
Therefore, for those in such parts of scotland, and perhaps other areas, who conscientiously flush the toilet after weeing; there's no point, as no-one will know whether it's been flushed or if it's urine!

I know it's contoversial with some whether a man should have the right to NOT use a urinal and many would rather the privacy of a cubicle to wee in a public place.
I personally only use urinals if I don't have to have someone standing next to me, and often would choose a cubicle so as to assess the toilet, and I may hear someone next door. Also, I have when taking laxatives, almost got caught out as when I started to piss, my bowels did also, and I had to get in the toilet very quickly.
Often I have no problem standing at a urinal and it's not an issue with me, but I remember my first day at school at the age of 5.
At morning break, or "Playtime" ,the other boys and myself went to the boys' toilets, where I stood and weed into the toilet lke I did at home. One of the other boys told me I shouldn't use the toilet, that I should wee into the urinals, which I'd never seen before and so I merely used the first recognisable means I saw.
Interesting macho indoctrination at such an early age!
I had done it wrong by not weeing in the proper male way, so it semed!
The problems I do have about men weeing in toilets when urinals are available, and no-one else is standing there, is that someone might be desperate for a shit and might have to wait, some men wee all over the seat, and if I'm hoping to hear some shitting, it's disappointing if I just hear some tinkling, and more water is wasted flushing, drowning out further sounds I might be hearing!
Having said all that, I have no problem with the existence of urinals, but I suport a guy's right to use a cubicle, if he prefers, and no-one should feel threatened by peer pressure to have to stand there trying to wee if he'd rather not, or can't.

Good toileting to everyone, P P G

Meghan and Sarah S

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Our granddad, Robby's father, is here. Annie's mother had her day on the east coast with her two grandsons, Annie's boys. We had waaaaaaaaay too much to eat. I think Dad ate sensibly. His father was staring him in the eye. Our story is again in a response.

KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID(ANDREW): Greetings, Cousins!! We don't know what National Holiday you celebrate in November. We hope you had a great week. Here is the situation; Our granddad is here and he is VERY conservative in his views on everything. He is 90 years old but in pretty good health. This morning Sarah and I were in the toilet. I was doing my usual trumps and dump. Since we ate so much yesterday there was a lot to get out!! I strained and strained. The first piece slid out nicely but I had trouble with the second one. It was stuck!! Sarah started rubbing my ????. I was in real pain. All at once the door opened and there stood Dad's father. We just froze!! I was bent way over and Sarah had her hand on my ????. He said;" What in the world are you two doing?" Sarah stammered out; "Meghan was in trouble and I wanted to help her". He just got red in the face and stormed out! Sarah started to cry. We were so embarrased. I pushed out several more poos, wiped, got u! p. Then Sarah sat down. The door opened and Annie came in. She told us that she would assist until Granddad went home. I left and Sarah told me later that she had a mega poo. ANDREW, you would have been proud of her. She is smiling beside me. She said she pushed out 7 pieces and had several good trumps. Dad told his father that we are sisters and we are both women so we can help each other. We love our Grandpa to pieces. He doesn't understand nor does he know about our or Dad's and Annie's adventures. He never will. We are off to dinner and the movie. All of us are going. Even grandpa! By-the-way, KENDAL, Dad got that simple kiss you sent to him. We delivered it personally. His thanks to you never made it to the forum. Hope to hear from you, soon! Lots of Lovexxxx and a huge hug to both of you!!! Cousins Meghan and Sarah S

MINA: Those are great adventures you have with your husband. We wish we had a man we could trust in our toilet. Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

ALANA: We really enjoy your stories. Stay with us! Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

DEAR RIZZO: We haven't heard from you in awhile. We hope your job situation is getting better. We really enjoy you and are concerned. Please write when you can. Lots of Love, Meghan and Sarah S

PV: We are not a wonderful family. We are just ordinary. Thanks for the compliment, though. We hope you can find someone that shares your love for toilet adventures. We can see us lined up with you in a standup pee.(deep blushing)!! We really enjoy you! Take care, Meghan and Sarah S

RJOGGER AND KATHY: Hi there! We heard about your accident and are extemely sorry. Hope you are healing. Kathy, we eat mostly ???? during the week. Alot of pasta, greens and fruits. That is why my dumps(Meghan) are very easy in the morning. We do eat meat, though. Take care, Love, Meghan and Sarah S

WELCOME: Edward, Some teenager.
Have to go!! Hellos: Steve and Louise-HI!, Jane-thinking about you, Todd and Diana-hope you are fine, David and Niki, Mindy, Mandy, Buzzy, Upstate Dave, Carmalita and Jake-you are so nice, Pat and Renee, Elena-welcome back, LindaGS-glad the bridge is open, Linda14yrs-please write, Erin, DianeNY, Jeff A-hope you are ok, Olive-hi and thanks, Scott and Kim, Ellie and Little Lou-Hi!! and all of the other posters we grieviously have omitted. We enjoy you all!!


your name (Russ)
Hi: Hey gang,how is everybody tonight, happy thanksgiving to everyone even if not in the USA. Hope you eat lots of turkey and have a good BM afterwards. Oh the picture today is crazy!,the girl had to go so bad that she took her BM in the kitchen on some papers.She does not look surprised and hope she did wipe her anus after making that mess on the newspapers. She needs more than newspaper to clean up however, So anyway last night a friend came to visit me and had a video camera he wanted to use, i suggested he film me having a BM,(thinking I had read about someone else do this) he was a little surprised but I said it would be fun and I would love to see it when it was developed. So he said ok, I took my pants off,i did not wear any underwear today,just felt lazy and it feels good some days. Then I got a small table i could straddle with my legs and I got the bedpan and filled with some cold water too. My friend got his camera ready and was in front of me as I straddled the ! table and just a few inches above the bed pad,I did not want to sit on it or my friend could not film my BM very well. I had to pee bad too,but I was so excited about all of this I was erect so unable to pee in the bedpan. I told my friend to hold my pee jar in front of me and I would pee in that until I was not erect anymore. So I managed to pee some then I was above the bed pan, I let out a small fart first ,said I was sorry, then I beared down on my anus some and a long firm log of feces dropped from my anus into the bedpad, oh it must have been 6 or 7 inches for sure. My friend said"Oh my you really have a big bowel movement" i said yes it feels good coming out,get behind me and get a good shot of my anus with the BM coming out now. So he moved quick and a second smaller piece came out too. Then I took my hands and spread my ass cheeks so he got a good shot of my anus, I beared down again but nothing else came out. My friend gave me some toilet paper and then he filmed m! e wipeing my anus also. Then I peed some more in the bed pan as my penis was not erect anymore. Then I got off and dumped the contents in the toilet. My friend was surprised and feeling good at what he saw of my ass and BM's last night. He cant wait to develop the video and come back to show me.
So hope you enjoyed my posting, I enjoyed this event for sure, Hope you all post some good ones too,I really enjoy reading them. So everybody take care and keep those BM's coming, keep your ass clean and anus too.
all my love, Russ.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Dog catcher
Is it just me, or do people produce some of the nastiest-sh!!t on the planet? Nastier (much-nastier) than dogs, even?


Some Teenager
Hey I'm new here!I'm male with dark-brown hair,white,and I'm almost 16. This forum is very interesting.I love these stories you post!Well I have one.

A good ol Summer Camp story.Well when I was a about 13 I stayed at this camp.We all had groups.It was just our group outside and our counselor was taking a nap while we played sports,but sometimes he got up to play. There's a wooden shack in the woods,that they call a bathroom. I NEVER take a dump in there at all,but that day I felt I really had to go,and I guess it was better to use that than go in my shorts.So I walked in the woods.I looked to the side and saw a few girls looking at me giggling.They always tried to get on my nerves,but they're really just playing.

I walked in the bathroom and was shocked.The comode seemed to have been recenty knocked over.It was just the seat.I knew it was nasty just to leave my turds there,but I had to go.Before I sat down I noticed a black section in the wall right behind the toilet seat with a few loose nails in it.It seemed to be something covering what used to be a hole.i thought little of it when the urge hit.

I pulled my short jeans and boxers down and sat on the toilet.I started letting out tons of farts making *ssssss brrrr* noises.During my farting I could've sworn I heard a noise,but that quickly left my mind when I felt something starting to poke out my hole.I leaned forward resting my arms on my knees.I pushed and pushed as this thick turd started to push.My turds aren't very long but they are thick and sometimes hard.I grunted as a fat turd started edging out and fell with a loud splash.Almost immediately I let out a long hissing farT(SSSSSS). I grunted and some turdballs shot out into the bowl with loud "plops" I rested a bit letting out some gas,and my butthole spread as a WIDE turd poked out.I pushed and pushed trying to get this thing out,but it just wouldn't come.I leaned all the way foward and crunched up my stomach a little and pushed with all my might with little to no groaning though. My turd started crackling ALOT and fell with a loud splash.

I breathed a little sigh of relief and pushed some more.I felt there was a little more in there.(sssssssssss)hissing farts started as I pushed out a round turd.It fell out with a splash.I shot out a few more turdballs with alot of farting in between.I pushed and a small turd eased out.It hanged at the end though.I shook my butt up and down up and down for a while until it finally fell with a small "plop".I stood up and reluctantly reached out my arms and grabbed some paper towels. I started wiping my butt when I noticed the cover wasn't there,but a few faces.They were the girls I saw before and they were laughing."hi there!
That was a great show!You stink!Those are some fat turds"I was so surprised I let out a loud bellowing fart that made them wave around their noses and laugh."I'm gonna get you!"was all I could say,but they ran off laughing saying "Nice butt!Wipe it clean" I couldn't believe it,but I was kind of excited they were watching too.I finished wiping, washed my hands,and walked out.

They always laughed at me whenever they saw me for the rest of the week making comments about what they saw,but I did get them back.I'll post that later.

I like Tuesdays picture...a side view

To Ring Stretcher: Just wanna say Hi back

To Russ: I liked your stories about being at working and holding your BM all day and the story about going to New York with a friend and both of you had to poop and you wiped each other. How cool !!

I haven't had to poop in several days(umm 2 days to be exact) Last time i went it was really soft, any way last night i went to bed thinking about not having to poop in 2 days and i started dreaming about work and there were all these teenage guys there and there was a mensroom there with a door and you could kinda see through...I walked in and there was 2 toilets in there with no stalls. Then i didn't lock the door and then the door opens(which i was hoping would) and this boy about 16 came in and he was taking a dump right next to me. In my dream i knew that older guys could come in but this 16. y.o. guy came in. It was an exciting dream!!

Speaking aboout work i had to clean bathrooms today and i went and did the mens room first and some guy i work with(an older guy) was on the crapper with the door ajar(no locks) i could have peeked if i wanted since i was cleaning but i knew it wouldn't be exciting cause this guy was most likely older then me. Thats it for today

Someone posted about the girl squatting on the bowl. I think that is an old fashioned chamber pot, not a bowl. Does anyone else think so? I'm married now, (haveposted about pooping over the side of the tub so my husband could video it.)

KATHY: did you have trouble when squatting over the tub-edge, with the product not clearing your butt cheeks? I have trouble with that, it's the one thing about doing that which is not too pleasant.

Do any of the other ladies on here have a liberating first poop experience like this one? I'll tell a story about 10 years ago when I was single. I had been dating Mr X for several months and had been private about lavatory habits. We went on a trip through the desert of New Mex. and - -traveling changes bowel schedules - on the morning of the second day, try as I might, I could not have a BM before leaving our motel. So we started down the highway, stopping for breakfast, and again often to look at things. We were going along on the open road when my filling rectum told me I was in trouble. I asked my friend if he could pull off the road onto a desert side road-which he did. A short distance later he stopped and said he needed to take a leak. The ground was completely flat. No other cars or people and dead quiet. He got out of the car and walked to a cactus and with his back to me, relieved himself. No big deal- but I didnt know what to do so I got out of the car ! and walked around it and realized there was noplace private where he couldnt see or hear me. And I told him so. He replied that he would walk a distance away and I could go behind the car. At that moment reality took hold and I said, "you don't need to do that. Just sit in the car and wait until I am done. He did, and I went behind the back bumper and produced a "bumper crop" of pee and most obviously a mountain of steaming poop. When I was done and he turned the car around, there it sat in the middle of the road. I commented that I might just as well have done it in front of him. He replied that he wondered just what the big deal was about doing that anyway. I asked him would he care to poop with someone watching. He replied that he had done it often with his brothers and sisters and friends when they were small, and that it was natural and nothing to be embarrssed or ashamed of. That took me aback and started me thinking. Late that evening in our motel in Albuquerq! ue, he went into the bathroom and had a good BM with the door open- talking to me the whole time, or I should say continuing a conversation started earler. I found the whole thing mildly exciting and felt this urge to respond the same way, so when he was done I went in,left the door open, took down my pants and sat down and had another poo of somewhat minor proportions compared to the earlier one. And still continuing the conversation. After that we were open with our bowel habits, in fact a couple of days after when returning thru desert we had a buddy dump (I asked him to stop and when I got out and squatted I was surprised to have him quietly get out and squat beside me. We talked and laughed and shared the roll of TP and commented that doing it this way, it was not possible for either of us to accuse the other of being stinky). I went thru several more boyfriends before marriage, and as a result of that liberating experience, I deliberately would arrange to have an ! occasional good shit in front of them. None of them ever objected or did not seem to like it. BUT---. I once was having a much- needed outside poo, with my ass hanging over a log and a big pile of poo in the process of being deposisted under, when a stranger came along and caught me. He couldnt help taking a good look, and though he was polite and kept going, I did not like that at all, and was very uncomfortable over it. Mina

Last sunday my girlfriend and I had went over a friends house to hang out and watch the NFL games. We stayed for both the one and 4 o clock games and didnt get back home until about 8 o clock. Soon as we got home she said I have to go to the bathroom. She is still real shy and private about taking a shit, so I figured she had to shit real bad. So I took a listen by the door, and sure enough heard a couple farts and some crackling.

how many of you who live in appartments have experienced this??
my toilet and the toilet of folks who live above are on the same line
so I can hear my neighbours shitting farting and flushing

How many times per day do the readers of this page do their business? I ask, because I have spells when I shit twice per day and spells when I only shit once per day. I have never been able to find out why this difference occurs, except that I think I probably don't spend enough time doing it the first time.

Russ: Keep on posting, I enjoy your posts.

OUTHOUSE SCOTT -- Hi! Your story about being caught short at the train station reminded me of an occasion or two this past winter. I found myself on a fairly lonely station on one of the outer-metro/inner-country lines as the day was ending, sometimes with rain. Not a very nice place to be when it's cold, and you need a wee! Several times I used the wall of the under-track tunnel, I told all about that at the time -- but I remember several times being the only person in sight and entertaining the idea of openeing my pants and weeing off the platform onto the tracks. I never did, and it would have been fairly tricky for a woman to do that anyway, no matter how skillful, especially with the added necessity of doing it quickly -- a train might come by, or other passengers might arrive at any moment. Still, on dim and drizzly evenings the thought helped pass boring minutes for my connection!


I'm back from vacation

Bobby-I liked your story on Thurs. about you matt and Justin pooping your pants at wal mart. Were you worried about getting caught by some one you know?

Matt- I liked the story about you messing your pants at lunch in school

I had to tell you about me being caught by my mom because I had a poop accident. It was after school and I had been out with some friends. I was wearing my white shiny shorts and I told my friends that I had to go home, this was because I needed to go poop, on the way home after trying to hold it in but I farted and all poop went right into my briefs and I made a wet patch on the front of my shorts from peeing my pants too. Because when I poop I also pee. When I walked into the house I went to go up stairs to my room to change but when I walked into my room my mom was there and she noticed the wet patch on the front of my shorts and she yelled at me for wetting myself and sent me to the bathroom to change. She said that I must go to the bathroom before I go out in future, luckily she didn't notice I had pooped a whole load in my undies too. So I quickly emptied my pants into the toilet

On vacation I went to stay with some friends out of town who I met on vacation a couple of years ago and have kept in touch with. I was allowed to go on my own, my mom took me to the train station. Before I got there I had to go poop but when I got to the train station the urge went away so I forgot about the urge to go. On the train I needed a pee so I went in the bathroom and I peed and as I did I realized that my urge to go was coming back, so I sat down and started to do it when I heard my stop over the speaker so I quickly pulled up my pants and jeans and left the bathroom to get off at my stop but I hadn’t finished pooping yet and I could feel the poop still was coming out. As I stepped off the train a lump of solid poop started to come out into my briefs but there was nothing I could do so I just let it come out. As soon as I got out of the train my friend and his parents were there waiting for me, they took me back to there house where we had dinner. I had to sit d! own in the car so the poo has squashed in my briefs thank god it didn’t smell to bad although my friend asked if I farted. I told him that I thought he farted. When I was getting ready for bed my friend told me that my briefs looked like they had been pooped in. He told his mom and she told me that she would wash them for me. I thought this was embarrassing.

Annie and Robby
Hi Everyone!
Well, Our last 2 posts didn't get in. I guess I was thanking too many people and not enough toilety things. Ok. Annie will repeat the bedpan story. Annie- Robby had to use the bedpan for a couple of days. He hated it. The nurses sat him on the thing and I was there to assist, of course. He strained and a large log started inching out of his bum. The dr. told him not to strain too much. I rubbed his ???? and he started mumbling and complaining. I told him to just to shut up and keep going. He did a loud trump and while that was going on we started arguing. He was in the Cardiac Care Unit so everyone could hear it. Two nurses came in to see what the trouble was. Robby yelled;"I can't get this turd out of my bum sitting on this bloody pan"!!!! Well, the nurses just had the most incredulous looks on their faces. I started laughing and then Robby laughed and the big turd finally dropped. Then some small ones plopped out. I fell into the chair and there was Robby sitting there ! stinking up the place screaming with laughter. I finally got control and wiped the poor dear. The next time he ordered me to get him out of bed. It was something. Hope this makes it to the forum

Rjogger and Kathy: We were so sorry to hear of your accident. Hope you are recovering quickly. The story of your buddy dump with your friends was excellent. Have a great Thanksgiving in upstate NY. Talk with you, soon. Love, Annie and Robby

Carmalita: Robby- Sweetheart, if you were the nurse, I would have wanted you to give a demonstration on the bedpan before I started. I don't know if it would have held all of the mega dump you do. I know I would have recovered soon and danced out of the hospital. Thanks to you, Jake, Pat and Renee for your love and concern. I am fine. Love, Robby and Annie

PV: Hi Gal, thank you for the sweet words. Our family is actually a cross from "Dad's Army" and The Addams's Family". Where are the 15 wees you were going to do on the beach? Keep at it!! Robby and I read the girls post and found they have had peeing contests. WOW! Take care, Annie and Robby

Elena: Glad to see you back! Glad that LindaGS will be returning. We are looking forward to it. Take care, Robby and Annie

Alana: Keep those stories coming! The last one was great! Take care, Robby and Annie.

KENDAL: Just a short post to you. Our others didn't get in. We love you so dearly. We wish we were there to hold your hand. I am doing ok. We hope your poos are soft and Andrew is always there. My father is here and we are writing this in secret. He wouldn't understand our fun. Take care, dear niece. Lots of Love and a BIG squeezy hug, Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie. ANDREW: The girls are itching to get back to tell you if they did the knees wees again. They will be back tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We love you very much! We will talk again probably friday or saturday. Take care! Lots of Love, Robby and Annie.

SPECIAL HELLOS AND THANKS TO: Jane, Steve and Louise, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Buzzy, Adrian, Upstate dave, Kate, Sarsen, Olive(many thanks), Erin, Dear Rizzo, LindaGS(glad you will be back), Linda14yrs, Jeff A, DianeNY, Laura, Mindy, Mandy, Rachel E, Ellie and Little Lou, and all of the other posters on this forum. Welcome to: Edward, Steve15yrs.


I went with my mate Andy to football at the weekend - to watch - my folks were at work on evenings and he was coming back to my house after. The ground was really crowded and we were right at the front. The seats are plastic and fixed. Near half time Andy began to look very uneasy and I looked down and saw that his trousers had turned form light to dark blue and a little river of water was running from the waterfall that was falling from the back of his seat. Andy let a fart out as half time was called - he stood up and told me he was sorry but he refused to go to the toilets at the ground and he would have to poo in his briefs. I told him not to bother about that as we could clean up at home later. He noticed I said we and he asked me if I had messed but I said no but I will do - I said I was enjoying holding it back. I began by peeing - I waited for the end of the match and stayed sitting and really let it go - it came out so fast it bubbled outside my jeans and ran t! hrough my fingers and then I stood up and farted and pood. Rich and sticky - it filled my briefs which had been clean out of the packet that morning. Not many people noticed what we had done and we walked home with our concealed parcels of poo tucked away. We were both really messy - trousers - shirts and underpants. We had a good bit of cleaning to do but we did it without disturbance and thanks to a washing machine - spin drier - radiators - we were back in the same clothes very quickly.

your name (Russ)
Hi: Just another note and posting about a experience I had with a enema recently. I had a friend over for dinner and I was not eating very well,my friend asked me why I was not eating well?I told him I had been constipated lately and not had a bowel movement lately. He said maybe I should try a enema and see if it helps. I said ok if he would give it too me,he said fine. So I got undressed and lay on my bathroom floor with my ass up in the air. He filled the enema bag with medium temperture in it, he put some lube on his finger and lubed my anus and the enema tube tip also. He slowly inserted the tube in my anus and let the water flow quickly. Oh I could feel it flowing and I had some stomach cramps,so my friend rubbed my stomach and abdomen, the water was flowing in and after a few minutes I moaned and said "Oh please turn the water off".He did and slowly pulled the tube out of my anus, I felt I was going to release the water right away,I told my friend hold my ass cheeks clo! sed until I make it to the toilet. He held my cheeks tightly and I bounced to the toilet and beared down a little. Slowly the water poured out of my anus but not much feces that I could see,but the water was brown anyway. I told my friend to give me one more enema and he did, this time a real hard hard piece of feces dropped out of my anus and a lot of feces was after it,a load in the toilet. Oh I felt so good and my bowels were empty as I checked it with my finger. So I felt better guys,hope you enjoyed my posting. I love you all, so keep your bowels empty and your anus clean. take care Love, Russ.

Hi: Oh another good posting day yesterday and enjoyed reading the other posting and hope you enjoyed mine. I liked the pictures lately,todays looks like the girl is holding the toilet paper and either getting ready to use some of the paper to wipe or she finished and is putting the paper back.The other one from last week with the toilet showing her bowel movments and she is standing up was good, she is smiling must be feeling better after her BM,and I thought she probably was not wearing any panties either but they covered her ass so it was hard to tell. Also I wondered if she wiped her ass after her BM or was getting ready to wash something so she would do it standing up maybe. There was not a sign of any toilet paper in the toilet and she had to have some feces left on her anus to wipe after her good BM.
Anyway Bryian!!To answer your question about my Dr's rectal exam. When I went to see the Dr, I had not had a BM but did not think he was going to give me a rectal exam either. So when he "fingered" my anus and felt some feces in my rectum I did have a slight urge to move my bowels but he took his finger out after he determined his finger was not going very far in my rectum.He asked me to use the bathroom and move my bowels which I did and I knew there was something to empty from my rectum. When I was finished I was on the exam table again and he lubed his finger and inserted it in my anus again,I told him as the finger went further in,"Oh I have a urge to bear down and move my bowels" he said it is ok my rectum is clean and nothing to empty. I did notice some brown spots on his finger when he was finished but I had wiped my anus well with a wet cloth after my BM earlier. So hope that answers your question. Any other questions please ask,I enjoy this forum so much and love! you all. I will write more later about a enema experience I had a while ago. Just to let you know,I just had a good BM and it was solid but not as good as yesterday's. So my bowels are in good shape so far. So will write more soon, take care and keep your anus clean, Russ.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

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