big c
Alana your post was great. I love hearing how the farts sounded. The braaaaaaaptt and the like. Thank you. everyone else keep up the good work

If you want fully brown liquid, I suggest a two qt enema, with a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda in the water. These will make the enema comfy, and let you hold it so it dissolves your poop. You should produce a gusher of brown liquid.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Busy weekend this past weekend. Did a lot of painting. Olive you have seperate parts for pooping and peeing too. Here is a suggestion for you. If your time to poop is on a pretty regular schedule then before the yrge for pooping comes about pee first as much as you can. Then try your fantasy. If you try post your result. Kate that was a good story with your cousins. I lived out in the country when I was younger. We had our favorite swimming spots too. Mina and Aaron sound like you two are enjoying the video making. Kate your road trip post was a good story. Ive got a busy day today but I will post a story in a day or two. Everyone have a great day.

To anyone who may be interested,
I have never heard of "the female tourist who was fined for leaving her stool unflushed in a public toilet", and I've been in Singapore all my life. I'm sure such a sensational case would have been reported and widely criticised, and everyone would have heard of it, like the infamous "Michael Fay" case? And surprise, surprise, there are still litter, pieces of paper, empty bottles and cans lying around public streets. Can anyone imagine a law that says " he who leaves feces unflushed in public toilets shall be fined"? I can't imagined being hauled behind bars for shitting too much! That would ridule the whole legal system and Singapore is a normal, developed, sensible country who is not insanely obsessed with makings laws till that stage yet. Basically, Singapore's laws is not a big joke, ok?
The "World Toilet Summit" was held today(Monday). I'll keep a lookout in the papers and write back to tell u guys if anything amusing happened ok? From a unbiased perspective.

ALANA, you really need to post more. I have enjoyed your stories. I have taken some pretty good whoppers myself. One story, I can recall is when I was I was in high school and I ate like an OX too. I used to lift weights and because of this I ate so much. One afternoon from school, I had to poop and I thought I was going to die. At the time, I didn't live too far from my high school so it was a skip and jump to my front door. This occurred after football practice. At the time I weighed around 220 lbs but I was only 5'6. In any case, I made a beeline to the washroom and left go of some huge dookie as I completely filled the pot with at least 2-3 18" pieces of dookie about 2.5-3" around in circumference and from what I remembered very very dark brown in color. Now that was a lot for me but it seems for you that would be nothing. I enjoy pooping big like that sometimes but other times I wish I wouldn't especially when the dookie is dry. When it is moist, it is like heaven. ALANA! please continue to post.


Infantry PFC
Ross- I have heard about Joan Lunden, but not about Sabrina. Keep looking you might find something.

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy with the ARMY and all of the WTC issues. I have been going to classes daily, but my weekends have been spent protecting the fine state of New York. I haven't got many adventures in dorm life( or should I say seeing girls poop)to talk about. I have found that one of the girls that lives on the floor goes to poop every time I go to. I can hear her enter, go, and flush at about the same time it takes me (8-12 minutes).
Today, I was talking online with this girl from the first floor( I live on the third floor). Her boy friend is in the Army too. She is a very attractive Hatian girl with amber skin and black-brown hair. I went to eat lunch after we got through talking. I came back to my dorm and was on my way up the stairs to my suite, when she I saw that she had her suite door open ( she and her suitemates always have it open) and the bathroom door was closed. Her room was open so I thought that she or her roomate was there. I walked in and asked if she was there. One of her suitemates looked for her when she responded from the bathroom. She said that she would be out in 2 minutes. Her suitmates where in their rooms and they were studying, so it was quiet. I heard a few silent plops and what sounded like a small fart. After about six minutes the toilet flushed and she came out and closed the bathroom door behind her. I knew that she had been pooping, but I could not get a whiff of her! now flushed creation. We talked all after noon untill I had to go to track practice. When I left the bathroom door was open and the smell was gone and their were no stains. That is all I've got for now. it is hard to see the opposite sex doing their business here at Albany State.

Eric in Chicago
Cute David: How old were you the first time you deliberately crapped your pants?

Outhouse Scott
Hey everyone.

The other day, I was at the train station to pick up my wife. There's a waiting room with restrooms, but it's only open in the morning. I really, really needed to take a dump. It didn't feel like diarhea, but the pressure was building to the point where it felt like it was just going to burst out at any moment.

Luckily, it's been getting dark earlier around here, and there didn't seem to be anyone around, so I walked down the tracks until I hit a spot where it was so dark I could barely see my hand in front of my face.

I made sure I was out of sight and unzipped my jeans, I pushed them and my boxer shorts down to my knees and squatted. I saw a couple of girls waiting by the opposite set of tracks, but there's no way they could see me. It took a second for me to relax, but when I did, my bowels erupted.

Several huge, thick logs shot out, each hitting the ground with a wet thud. I didn't even need to push a little. Everything in my rectum just forced its way out in a matter of seconds. It felt great, and the unlikely possibility that those girls (or anybody) could see me kind of got me excited. I stayed in my squatting position as a few wet pieces squeezed out, and let out a wet fart. My ass felt really gooey, but I had nothing to wipe with, so I figured I'd wait till I got home.

I pushed once, but nothing came out, so I stood. I pulled up my pants and underpants, kind of digging the warm, wet feeling between my cheeks. I walked back to the lit part of the tressle and waited for the train.

By the time I finally got home, I was expecting major skidmarks, but surprisingly, my boxers were clean as a whistle. It took about six wipes, though.

Anybody else like shitting outside, especially when there's the danger of being seen?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and some happy post-turkey BM's!


Ring Stretcher
LUC: Thank you for sharing your story! Betch you felt so much better after getting that out!

PICO TAMALE: I saw the Victoria's Secret show. Some prudes are complaining it should never have been on tv because it was vulgar and lewd. Ironically it got smoked in the ratings. FCC says it may have violated indecency regulations. Too many prudes in the USA.

JARED: I laughed so hard at your story of you showing a tape where you had crapped in the toilet and your friend saw a few seconds of it.

MICHELLE: You may have bled because your poop was very lare and hard. It's happened to me before. Not fun.

Has anybody ever been in a large restroom with several people pooping at once? What was it like?

I have my period and just crapped a big softball size turd that clogged the toilet. I had to break it up to get it to go down, as my hole was recovering from the big act of expulsion.


your name (Russ
Hi: I still enjoy your posting very much and learn much about peoples bathroom and toilet habits. People should write more about them and not be shy about something that we all do (using the toilet and moving our bowels) Anyway just a quick one that I just finished a few minutes ago.
I had a short bowel movement this morning but felt some stomach cramps when I was finished, Not much feces exited my anus the first time and I thought I probably have more left in my bowels, but I was late in leaving for work so I decided I would just wait until I got to work about 30 minutes away. So I put on my underpants and dressed and went to work. I had a meeting when I got to work so had to postpone my trip to the bathroom again, then I had to open my office when I was finished so I was unable to think of my bowels until late in the afternoon. When I closed my office I had to pee bad, so I just closed the door and curtain and took my pants and underpants off,I had a jar I peed into,makeing sure no drops from my penis dropped on the rug. Then I wet my finger got a mirror and bent over it and slid a finger in my anus. It only got about 1/2 a inch when I felt a hard piece of feces in my bowel ready to exit. I pushed it a little and felt it was a long extended log or pi! ece of feces in my rectum. So I took my finger out and washed it with a cloth got all signs of brown off my finger. Then I left for home, got home fast and undressed and got a mirror and peed first then bared down a little bit and the long log or extended piece of feces exited my anus, I watched in the mirror as my anus opened and it started to exit,my genital were aroused too at this point. The feces came out solid and kept coming out a long way,oh I felt so much relief as I watched my BM coming out. Finally it broke off and I slid a finger in my anus to see if there was more to exit,I did not feel any feces left but my finger was brown and some stuck to my ass cheeks as I finished. I wiped well with toilet paper and then washed my anus and ass with a wash cloth and it was very clean. So now I am still half undressed,I wanted to type this before it got late. So I kept my BM in my ass all day,not a good idea, but it was a good 6" BM and solid also. So I feel better now. Hope ! you enjoy reading of my daily bowel habits, and I do enjoy reading yours a lot. I will write more about my experience with public bathrooms and at the health club(there were toilets but not anything to shelter you from another guy using the toilet also. So I would be nude using the toilet and watching others as they would pee or have a bowel movment. More about that later, take care you great people and keep your ass clean. thanks a lot and e-mail me if you want to comment on my posting anytime. Love you all, Russ...

Hi:One other experience is when a friend of mine and I took a trip to New York one evening,it was late and my friend said he had to take a shit, I said I feel like I do too, and also pee bad, it was dark and no lights on the road,I had a flashlight we could use together, so I pulled the car to the side of the road and stopped. We got out and I turned on the flash light,lit up showing my penis as I peed,he made a comment i had a lot of pee and how big my penis was. I finished peeing and directed the light on my friend as he pulled his pants and underpants down, and kneeled down spreading his legs and ass cheeks, the flashlight was on his ass,he had very little hair back there, I have shaved all my anal hair,looks good too, no hair in the way when having a BM, and also wipeing.
My friend moaned a little and I saw some big long turds coming from his ass and fall on the dirt by the road, another one came out and he said he felt better, I got a wet cloth and moved over and wiped his anus,he said that felt good,so I stuck a finger in his ass and it felt good and warm too,and no feces either. After watching him I needed to move my bowels so he held the light on my anus, and I beared down a little and a thin stick like log came out of my anus, I moaned a little and a bigger piece came out, and some stuck to my ass I felt it sticking, my friend got some wet towels and wiped my ass and anus for me too, and I told him to check me,so he inserted a finger in my ass,it felt good and no feces in me either. then we gotup and put our pants on, left our underpants off, it felt better that way. So then we went on to New York.Hope u enjoyed my posting as I enjoy reading all of yours, love the posting and this forum is great. love you all,so stay regular and keep ! your ass and anus clean, love. Russ.

I think this is the crazyist/funny picture let. I wasn't exepecting to see some gal relive her self in a huge coffee cup/bowl.

To Edward: Your story reminds me of something that happened a few months ago while on vacation. I found this bathroom with 2 stalls and the one stall had a hole in the wall and i was spying on the person in the next stall. It was fun though

To Ben In Iowa: I like that dare your friend did, cool

To Kate: I liked your story about you and all your cousins pooping and swimming

To Woody: Yeah that was funny that the staff asked how you felt and you thought they ment after having a BM when they ment after beening seen by the doctor and stuff.

To Caligula: Glad you like my stories and think im kool...i liked that last story of yours about pooping behind the school with your boy

To Ross and every one: Glad you brought up about farting...that reminds me i know you asked about the reality shows but i don't watch them so i don't know if any one has farted(girls) on there. I did watch Malcolm In the Middle on Fox last night and right as it came on the family was at the dinner table and dewey(5 y.o or 6) farted not once but twice. I couldn't belive that. It was cool though Any one else catch that???

To Russ: Good story about your exam you had...When the doctor "fingered" you and felt your fecees and then he asked you to move your bowels, did you have an urge? or did it just come on when he fingered you??

I haven't had to poop today but yesterday afternoon i had a slight urge to go and i went and it was really softer then normal
gotta go

What's up, everyone?
No more new stories. I do have a fetish about girls pooping, too. I love to watch movies with female poop scenes. In fact, I know one in the first Dr. Doolittle. The girl (forgot her name) goes into the bathroom to chase the hamster, and an angry woman yells. Just her feet are shown under the stall door, actually.
Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

RJOGGER and Kathy
Before we depart for our Thanksgiving holiday, Rick and I finally got to read the great posts that appeared today. We are just about back to normal health wise, and we are looking forward to a large family gathering at Rick's Mom's place in upstate NY. So we just have time for a few comments and hellos.

Mina - Hi, it's Kathy. That was a nice story you wrote, about having your husband film your poop as you sat on the tub. Rick and I tried that a few times, but we didn't film the episodes. You really can't blame your husband for wanting to see your sister. My husband is the same way with my girlfriends sometimes, I am beginning to believe, after all these years, that it is just a guy thing.

To the poster who dumped in the trash can - Good one line story, it does sound like fun. Rich & Kathy.

Upstate Dave - So peeing on a girl's butt hole to help her pass a hard turd seems to work? That sounds like an interesting idea. So was the story, it sure was different, but very interesting. Rich and Kathy.
Edward - That was a cool story about watching that gal pee in the public toilet. You had the best view in the house. Here's hoping that you have some more stories like that to post. Rich
Ron (Aaron R). - Oh my, you also had great view of a lady doing her business. Isn't great to get a view of a lady peeing / pooping , and she doesn't even know that she is being watched? I have stumbled over a number of lady runners pooping in the woods, over the years, and not one even suspected that they were being watched. I must admit that it is quite a turn on. Great story. Rich
Kate - That was a good story about the three of you pooping in the woods.
euro hiker - Good story, I wish that there were toilets like that in the US.
Olive - Hi, it's Kathy. If you want to increase the size and volume of your poop, try increasing the amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water will also help. Try this for a few days, and see if it works. Oh, to answer your question about morning activity in a large restroom: the ladies room at work is very busy between 8 AM ( start time ) and 10 AM, especially between 8:30 and 9:30. There always seems to be several poopers at that time, and at least one of them is noisy, either farting, plopping, or passing a noisy turd.
Sarah S and Meghan - You two girls sound like a pair of dare devils. Good for you, we liked your story, and thanks for saying hello.

Hellos also to Carmalita and Jake; Renee and Patsy; Jane, Diane NY, Buzzy, Rizzo, Muggs and anyone we may have forgotten.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. Bye.

Rich and Kathy

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Ive got a little free time. So I will post a story. Well I was working in a friends yard in the morning and Mike had to leave to got to a practice for football. Brenda and Susan his sisters stayed while Mike and his dad took off. I got done putting the boxws of paper in the storage shed so my work was done.

It was a nice August day so I sat down at the picnic table and drank some spring water that I had brought with me. Brenda and Susan came out and asked if I wanted swing with them on the swing set. I said alright. We went over and sat down and started to swing while talking. Things were ok with them. They wanted to go bike riding having enough of the swings. I left a note for their dad,grabed the bikes and went for the ride.

We rode around on the nieghbors property because he owned a lot of land with a lot of roads he built on it. We were riding on a side road wich there was a creek and woods along it. Susan says stop. Ive got to pee and I wont make it back to the house. So we got off the bikes and went into the woods along the creek.

No sooner we were in the woods Susan had her shorts down and panties, squated and her golden yellow stream came shooting out. Even though she was a couple of feet from the water the force of her stream shot outward enough to land in the water with a splash. She continued that way for a good half minute. When it syarted to slow she stoped it briefly so she would not get her cloths wet. Then she started again. She peed fra nother 10 seconds and then finished. Brenda and I said boy you really went and just made it in time. Susan said back; You dont know how close that was.

I had to go also from that spring water that I had drank earlier. So I unzipped and pulled out my penis and started to pee. My stream was hitting some rocks so it was splashing all over. It took me about 45 seconds to empty my bladder. I felt just as good as Susan did after she finished.

My turn Brenda replied. She was wearig a one oeice bathing suit under a pair of shorts. She took the shorts right off and pulled the suit right down around her ankles. She was about the same distance from the creek so she said; Let me see if I can reach the water. She squated down. As soon as she was in position her stream came gushing outward. Her stream at first hit the rocks on the shore splashing all over them and the water. With a little bit of a push her stream then splashed into the water but nite quite as far as Susans. Brenda peed for a half minute then stoped. She still was squating and let out a loud Brrapp of a fart. She stayed that way for acouple more minutes but nothing else happened. She pulled up her bathing suit and shorts and said; Maybe later for nuber two. We went back to riding again. More later.

Monday, November 19, 2001

I would be grinning too if I had left a heap of turds in the toilet like the girl in the picture did. Actually, I did leave a heap of poo's that looked just about like that, on a newspaper when Aaron my husband did another video shoot this evening. I needed to have a good shit ever since about 3 o clock when I felt something rather large begin to slide into place back there, but saved it till after dinner --so by that time, the whole production went pretty fast. Aaron asked me to sit in the usual position, with my nice firm round buttocks hanging outside the tub. I stripped down to just a bra, and had no more than sat in that position when I couldnt hold it any longer and out she came, just two big long solid jobbies that really spread my little ring wide oooooopen. It felt warm and wonderful as it forced its way out my rectal bottom so fast I didn't even get a chance to pee first, but afterward my bladder opened wide and took care of that too. About the footage of my ! sister Jeannie - She was over this weekend and removed her blouse (that's all) so Aaron could see she had no birthmark on her shoulder like I do. He still insists that's me and not her in the video. I know what he is up to - he's trying to get her have a poop in front of him to prove it. Or maybe he would like us to do a double poop for him, I'm not sure. She told me she didnt mind making the video, that was a giggle, but there's no way she'll have a bowel movement or expose herself in person in front of him. and I kind of appreciate that. Anyway, after my good big pooping session tonight, we slid the poop into the toilet off the paper and flushed it down, then burned the paper in our wood stove where we already had a nice bed of coals.

What do you people consider dirty public toilets? I consider a dirty public toilet to have bugs flying around it. I usually just sit down when i have to go, in school, in the mall, McDonalds, wherever, but if there are bugs flying around forget it i'm leaving.

hey Kristy good post!!

I am actually in to diarrhea too but i really want a FULLY brown liquid diarrhea.

Anyone knows how to do one? [I am not LI and i don't want laxatives]


I took a dump in my trash can yesterday. It was fun.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Welcome to Trotter and Monica. You guys wil enjoy the forum. Alexa that was a great post,very descriptive. Looks like you got Todds interest in more than one way. Carmilita sounds like you and Jake are enjoying life and still having a lot of fun with friends. Ok on to the second part of the baseball game story.

Patty and I continued to watch her brothers play. Charlie had the game still in control. The other team had scored one run. So the score now was 4 to 1. Pattys mom was not sitting with us she was over talking to some friends of hers. It was now the 7th inning streach so we both got up and walked around. Patty goes I need to go back by the car again lets go.

So we walked back to the car and went up in front like we were the first time we were there.Patty lets out a sqeaky long fart. This time Ive got to poop. Do you still have any napkins left from the snack bar? I told her yes I did. With that she pulled her shorts down and stooped down.

PHHHTTT! more gas came out.Her anus domed out ward and this knobby little tan tip appeared. It slowly moved a little more with a crackle. She had pushed out 4 inches at this point. Patty pushed again and her poop slowly moved. Two more inches had passed. Boy this thing is hard she said. I told her is was getting quite fat in size. Well maybe thats why its going so slow she replied back to me.

I told her that I had to pee. She said go but can you splash a little on my butt that might help make it come out a little easier. So I went behind her and shot my stream at the point of where her poopwas hanging out of her rear hole. I did this for a few seconds. Then I stoped peeing. Hows that? Patty said she will know in a moment. Come around fromnt and I will help you finish.

So I walked up to the front of her and she held me as I peed. I finished and she started again. Slowly but steadily her turd moved. She pushed out 4more inches and then with a hard thud on the ground it landed. She lowered herself down and peed all over it. She asked for a napkin and first wiped her rear. She turned around and asked ,clea? I told her looks fine. Then she wiped her front and pulled up her shorts. As we left she said that peeing on her rear seemed to help and felt kind of good. We will have to do that again if needed. We both laughed and went back for the rest of the game. Our team did win.

About two years ago, I was about thirteen, I went on a trip with my mom and sister. We had to travel about 200 km. To pick up two dogs we had bought. We left early in the morning and I did not pee because I didnít have to. We were driving and driving there seemed to be no end. Then we saw a restarea, we stopped there because my mom had to go to the bathroom. We all walked towards the toilets and when we got there we saw that the ladies door was locked. We were there to early I guess, it was about 7:00. Then we tried the mens room, it was open. We all walked in and saw urinals that were full of pee and the garbage was overflowing with towels. We looked at the doorless toilet stalls. They were all extremely disgusting. My mom had to go fairly bad so she said she would go behind the shack in the bush. She grabbed a wad of toilet paper and walked out. We followed her to behind the shack where she pulled down her stockings and panties and lifted her dress to squat down and pee. S! he said we should pee too if we had too. My sister didnít have too so she just waited. I walked towards my mom and lifted my skirt and pushed down my panties. I squatted beside my mom to pee. I peed for about thirty seconds while my mom let out some farts and pooped a big pile in her puddle. I didnít have to poop yet. We wiped and lifted our panties and let down our skirts and walked back to the van. It took us about another hour and thiry minutes to get to hour destination, Now we had two dogs in the back so we couldnít stop again. On the way back my sister now really had to go to the bathroom and I had to poop really bad. My stomach was already hurting. My mom said we couldnít stop so she said if I couldnít hold it I should go in a pail we had in the back. My sister also had to go really bad. It would be hard to squat down in the back of a van, so I helped my sister take off her panties so they wouldnít be in the way. While my sister climbed over the seat I took off my own p! anties. I then also climbed over the seat and helped hold my sister over the pail. She only had to pee so it didnít take too long. I wiped her with a towel we had and she climbed over the seat again to get buckled up. I then lifted my skirt and right away started pooping. My butt crackled a bit, then farted, and then two long logs splashed into my sisters pee. It felt weird doing it in the back off our van. I peed while I was pooping so I took the towel and wiped my vagina clean and took most of the poop of my butt. I felt very relieved after this. I hoped our pee wouldnít splash out of the pail. When we got home we threw out the pee and poop and got rid of the pail.

Hi i am 19 years and female old andhope to learn a lot from this forum. Will tell some stories later glad to see there are people out here who like to talk about diahhrea

Moderator can some picturesof guys please be posted?? Its not fair that guys can have pics of ladies but not vice versa.

Monica: Maybe you should put some vaseline in you ass so it will come out easier. Another way is to eat more white rice and meats and drink less water.

Look, Michelle, sometimes rectal bleeding is a benign self-limiting event due to a tear or fissure, or even an internal hemorrhoid, but other times it's far more serious. See if it repeats and report it to your doctor regardless. If it's bright red blood and on the paper, then it could be some sort of tear in the anal area. I am assuming this is in no way related to your period. My best guess is it's a hemorrhoid, but since you didn't give any other symptoms, it's not easy to tell. As I've said here before, drink lots and lots of water during the day to limit intra-abdominal pressure when you are on the toilet.
Did you say something about lower left quadrant abdominal pain? Could be diverticulitis. See, you need to see a gastroenterologist or internist asap...and good luck!

heh glad you finally did what you had to at school and not being heard. heh I've got a story of where I wasn't so lucky..maybe hearing it will help ya think a bit less.(Sure mock my pain..kidding)one day back in High School I was in class trying to hold back a couple days worth of poop and I was losing. I tried very hard to keep my bottom closed and I even winced so bad, my eyes shut tight as I fought to keep it in. I know people around me were wondering what's up with this girl? Then I felt the dry raspy tip start to froce it's way out. After a loud grunt and forced it back in. No two ways about it.I had to use the toilet.. at school.(insert empending doom music here) I asked to go to the bathroom.. luckily my science teacher was a nice guy...(and cute by the way) so he let me go. I had to stop a couple times to keep it from coming out. I almost lost it as I saw a girl and a couple of guys running from the area where the girl's bathroom was. I didn't think much of it as I! went in..I swore I heard someone in there but I had my mind on othe rhtings. I checked just in case and saw no feet under the stall. I took the middle stall whipped down my jeans and slipped down my underwears just far enought o expose my bottom and slammed on the toilet. I sighed and stopped fighting. I looked under the stall to make sure no one was around.I sighed as with a LOT of crackling it came out with no pushing at all(I felt your pain kendal..i really did) I sighed as 3 LOUD splashes echoed through the empty bathroom. Man did i feel good..then I had a long pee. I sat there for a while and reflected. (Don't laugh I'm sure a lot of you do too) then I got cleane dup and got dressed and flushed. As i was heading towards the sink to wahs my hands I heard a voice call my name. it was Miguel, my husband (well not at the time mind you) I screamed and pummeled him(Yes I beat him) he explained in between hits that a gruop of kids took his backpack and a girl had taken it into ! the girl's bathroom. When he refused to get it. they threw him in and blocked the door. he went to get his backpack when he heard someone scream(me when the kids ran past me) and he hid in a stall..unlucky me I picked the one next to him. He heard everything. I helped him sneak out but it was weeks before I talked to him again. even after that he avoided me. I know he didn't peek..he was too terrified too.. but well things turned out well. next time you're faced with going at school Erin. Remember this story and thnak god how lucky you are. LOL

Kendal and Drew(heh)
Linda's coming over this Thanskgiving.. the bridge is suppsoe to be reopened this week so she'll be back for good again.


My name is Edward I have been reading this site for a few months now and can't get enough. my interest in toilet activities started many years ago when I was 15 I was out on my bike one day when I felt the need for a crap, I knew there was some public toilets not far away so I headed for them they were only small with an outdoor urinal and one toilet on the gents side and as it turned out two toilets on the ladies.
I dropped my trousers and underpants and was enjoying a good crap when I heard a car pull up outside I then heard the door in the ladies next door bang and immediately after I felt a draft on my bare thigh I looked down and for the first time saw a hole in the wall I quickly got off the seat and squatted down and looked through the hole just in time to see a a skirt being hitched up followed by a pair of white knickers being pulled down then the occupant bent over and stuck her bottom over the toilet and I saw a big hairy slit for the very first time as I watched her slit opened and a trickle of pee came out, after a few seconds her slit opened wide and her pee gushed out in a thick stream she must have pee'd for about a minute then it slowed to a trickle and my eye was caught by a movement just behind her slit and saw her large anal slit opening and closing as she strained to get rid of the last few drops. at first I thought she was going to crap but she didn't she just p! ulled her knickers up flushed and went out. I sat back on the seat not being able to believe my luck. after I had wiped I examined the wall between the ladies and gents and found that there was low level holes behind and just above the toilets in the two cubicals next door and higher level holes through which you would be able to see who was coming into the toilet. I waited for about1/2 hour but no more women came into the toilets and I had to leave when some bloke started knocking on the door. that may have been all for that day but I assure you there are lots more stories to relate.

Ron (Aaron R).
The boss (Auto repair shop) sent me to a big auto junkyard to get a Toyota radiator. We have to remove the parts ourselves. The driver or courier came with me to help carry things, a girl maybe 22. She is friendly but not overly friendly. The job took quite a bit of bending - standing up and then bending over and squatting. We had been at it maybe ten minutes when she took off her shop jacket and hung it from a antenna stub and said, just a minute I have to take a walk. She walked away tying the tails of her blouse together above her midriff which was a giveaway what she had to do. Only about 20 feet and she turned the bend around a row of wrecked cars. I looked across the row of vehicles from where I was at and could see her in the rear view mirror of a truck sitting kitty corner, as she walked down where whe thought she was out of sight. She kicked off one shoe, took one leg completely out of her pants and undies, and kneeled down. I had a side view and saw a strea! m of pee come out and then saw a long dark poop tumble out from her bum hole and fall on the ground, and then several others. I could see a grimace on her face as she pushed them out. She wiped with a bit of kleenex and stood up and put her leg back into the pants, stepped back into the shoe and started walking back. When she rounded the bend I had my head deep inside the toyota and pretended to know nothing. Nothing more was said about it but I know it will be a long time before I can see her at work and can think of something besides that long turd snaking out from below her fine white behind as she squatted and did her duty.

Ben In Iowa
Heres one of my stories.Me and Ashly were at the park one day when Ashly said she needed to poop really bad.So we found the port-a-pottie and she went in and told me to follow.When we got in there we found a pair of pooped panties.They looked like a little girls pair judeging by the size and design. So I asked her if she wanted to do a dare. She said yes. So I said poop your pants. Then she thought about it and she said yes. So she stood there and a bulge began to apear.She looked embarassed but kept going. When she finished there was a huge bulge in her tight pants.She then took off her pants and I saw her really messed panties. She took those off and set them next to the other pair. She then asked me to wipe her and i did.Then we left.

More Later

This is my first time posting, my name is Steve I am 15 years old. I just got a job at this pizza place called ?????'s pizza. My task is simple all I do is clean the tables and restromms. sometimes I work till 10:00 p.m and I have to clean the restrooms

Last night I was working till 10:00 and I had to check the ladies room, so I knocked on the door and I heard a voice that said "just a minute", so I left to clean tables but kinda waited to see who it was. A couple minutes later she left, I'd say she was about in her forties about 5'3 or 5'4 and kinda ????, she had short blondish hair and glasses. I went in to clean, I could tell which stall she was in because the toilet was still making that afterflush noise, when I went in the stall she was in it smelled really bad, but the smell didn't spread over the whole bathroom, also there were tons of large skidmarks the color of #381. After I cleaned I saw the lady leaving, I said you have a good night, she seemed really nice and polite and said thank you she even struck of some conversation. She probably never knew what I knew though.

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