Monica: What kind of school do you attend with such atrocious bathroom conditions? If a stool is stuck in your rectum, manipulate your sphincter muscles to either hold in in for later evacuation or to release it immediately. At least in my school, I had my choice in toilets. Complain to the principal or dean. That is the law.

I remember a story from last summer. My 15 year old cousin(mike) and 12 year old cousin (maggie) came over to my house. We wanted to go swimming,so we went in hte dugout pool about 500 yards into the field. While we were walking there mike said he had to poop, but he said he could hold it for a while. I had my one piece bathing suit on but my cousins didnt bring theirs. They had to swim in their white underwear. we swam and played around for about half an hour when Mike had to poop really bad. I told him to not do it in the water because thats gross. Then maggie had to pee also. The pool is out in the open so we had to walk about one hundred feet to a bush. While we were walking, maggie started running because she had to go so bad. She ran ahead of us and all of a sudden we noticed her starting to pee, her wet white panties got soaked in a big yellow spot that was growing. she was so embarrased. she squatted down and pulled her panties to the side a bit. When she was done we k! ept walking toward the bush to poop. When we got there, i had to take off my one piece to poop. I did and squatted down in the weeds. Maggie also took off her panties because they were also soaked in pee. Mike pulled down his briefs and squatted before me. Before we knew it we were all squatted down in a little circle pooping. I pushed out two four inch logs. Mike had a pee and pushed three four inchers. maggie only had one five inch log and a couple litte shit balls. I didnt feel like putting my one piece back on since everyone had now seen me naked, we decided to go skinny dipping because mike and maggie only had their underwear. We ran back to the pool through the high weeds in the nude and jumped into the pool. As soon as we got into the pool we all spread our legs and rubbed our asses to clean the leftover poop that by now had squissed a little. I also spread my labia to clean the pee from my vagina. We also cleaned maggies panties in the water. We had to put our wet unde! rwear back on to walk back, It was quite a different feeling to be swimming in the nude with your cousins.

Hi everyone,I didn't really feel like any one enjoyed my company here but after reading some of the posts like my friend Jane,and Stargazer,I decided to come back for a while.Anyway I really hadn't had a good Bm in a while untill yesterday. I cannot figure out why every time I have to have a huge bowel movement I am in the shopping mall.This occasion was no different.I also cannot figure out why other ladies find it necessary to make vulgar,or snyde remarks and comments while I am moving my bowels.I really can't help the fact that I happen to have large healthy bm's.Anyway on a lighter note I was shopping to help out the economy the other day when a severe urge hit me.I felt a sharp pain and a queasy grinding feeling in my stomach that said girl it's time for you to take a serious shit! So,I went to one more store and then stopped at starbucks to get a coffee to make sure I would have a through bowel movement.Let me tell you I don't think it was necessary. After my coffee I al! most had to run to the bathroom.I got there and it was quite busy.I looked under the stalls and saw many pairs of stockings and feet and could smell some poop lingring in the air. I had to walk down to the fifth stall out of eight. I set my bags down and by now was ready to explode as I had eaten like an ox the last week. I pulled down my slacks and panties and girdle to mid thigh,and sat my 237lb.frame on the toilet seat.I wasted no time as an extremely loud snap fart came out followed by an absloutely obnoxiously loud long ripfart that any one in the vacinity could tell was accompanied by some of the foulest smelling excrement on the planet earth. And I mean a lot of it! Brrrrrrrraaaaapppppppp...tthhhhtthhhhhhrrrhhrhrhrrrrrrrhhhhaaaappppppp....The only way I could describe what was comming out of me is if you could imagine the huge construction crane we have all seen on tv uncoiling all the cable on it and trying to pack it in one toilet!I mean I sat there with my hands clas! ped together,arms across my knees pushing,and pushing,and pushing,the mor I pushed the more there was.This went on for some time and thank God I flushed down at least six good sized bowls of the stuff.On the seventh bowl I pushed out about fifteen good solid bananas,some soft serve and a deluge of golden orange three inchers.I wiped and it took almost a third of a roll of tp because the stuff was nice and mushy.greens blackeyed peas rice and gravy... love ya all ALANA!

Yesterday i went to this brand new department store to do some shopping. The first thing i did when i got there was find the bathrooms(i'd never been there before). I go in an sit(i had to poop) and i wanted to hold it till some people came in. Some guys came in and i dropped my load then i sat a while longer to see if i could push any more out and i really wanted to see if any other guys come in to poop. Then i see this guy come in wearing a blue secqurity shirt and hes at the sink then he comes to the stalls and theres like 5 in there and he started to take the one to the right of me then he decided to take the one to the left of me and he sat down and began pooping. He was pretty quiet..I wondering if by any chance he was intrested in me cause he sat next to me. Then while he was still pooping i wiped and flushed and i came out and washed my hands(took my time) then i saw him come out so i'd say he was a few years older then me. It was a cool expriece, but it would have bee! n cooler if he didn't work for the dept store, i saw him go in the back of the store.
When i was in that store i really didn't have an urge to go

i did poop this morning and both times my dumps have been softer then normal.

Thats it gotta run

I pooped in my pantyhose and boy did it stink

euro hiker
France 2001, Part 5

This is the final toilet story from this year's visit to France. It took place at a French mountain refuge hut, the Refuge des Sarradets (2587m, 8487 ft). The toilet facilities are fairly basic, being a small outdoor tin shed at the side of the hut with one unisex ' la Turque' (squat) type toilette with a stainless steel cuvette (bowl).

I was standing near two French women outside the front of the hut when one got a purple toilet roll out of her backpack, unrolled a few sheets and put them into her pocket. "O tu vas" said her friend, meaning, "I know where you are going". "Je vais exploder" (I am going to explode) said 'Purple TP'. "Moi aussi" (me too) said her friend and off they went to the toilette. 'Purple TP' went in first while her friend waited outside and I was third in the queue. I didn't hear any explosions. 'Purple TP' came out, filled the flushing bucket from the tap provided and tipped it into the cuvette. She then went away and her friend went in.

The toilette cabin was raised about 6 inches above the ground and there was a gap of about 4 inches under the door. This looked promising but there was a step up to the cuvette inside and there wasn't much light inside so you couldn't really see the occupant squatting from outside without bending right down and being really conspicuous. I wished I had eyes in my boots or in my backpack! Standing right outside the door, I did hear her pee tinkling onto the metal cuvette followed by a fart and a couple of exploding poops hitting the metal.

Then it was my turn. There was a notice in French, Spanish and English asking users to put their TP in a bin provided not down the cuvette. There was a white kleenex with brown stains on top of a purple piece that obviously only been used for a female pee so I guess 'Purple TP' decided that she didn't need to exploder after all.


If it is recognizable as blood it must be coming from your rectum. The more it looks like blood, the less it is mixed into the poop, the closer it likely is to your anus. I see it in mine when an extremely hard, large movement tears a small hemorhoid just inside the opening. The blood could also possibly be from a polyp, (small growth), in the rectum. If this continues, especially if it is regular, you should have it checked out. It is likely harmless, but it is nice to have that confirmed.
As for the pain and diarrhea, do an online search for 'irritable bowel syndrome'. Ignore the sites that want to sell you something. Many are from medical sources. There are other good ones from support groups and bulletin boards by those that have the problem. See if any of it answers your questions.
Maybe some of the others that post here who have medical training and/or IBS experience will include their thoughts.

Hi Oggy. With reference to your posting, I once wore a very short brown denim miniskirt with a little slit up the back. I farted and dropped a little brown sausage in my knickers and because my mini was so short you could see my little poo hanging down below (thankfully my knicks stopped it dropping out!). It was a pretty hard one and quite small (about 6 inches long). With the slit in my skirt flapping as I walked you could see this bulge appearing now and again! It looked quite cute really!! It didn't smell but my mini smelt a bit farty when I took it off! Let's have some other girls comments!!

Bob from NJ
Michelle: any rectal bleeding should be checked
by a might or might not be serious but if unchecked... well?

I was at the Chiropractors office today for an adjustment. I had an 8:00 appointment that usually lasts 20 minutes. Halfway though the adjustment I could fell the imfamous urge to have a BM. The office is very small and the bathroom is right off the waiting area. When I was done I told the doctor (a women) I needed to use the restroom while she did the paperwork. There was a young girl about 20 years old waiting for the next appointment sitting right outside the bathroom door. I proceeded into the small bathroom and pulled down my pants and underwear and peed right away then a couple of huge logs splashed into the water quite loudly. I know the young girl and the doctor could hear everything, I wiped then went out to pay my bill. By that time the 20 year old girl was in the exam room and I was paying the doctor, (she is about 35 years old and attractive), she asked if I felt better and I said I really had to go very bad and she said" I didn't mean about using the bathroom I me! ant your lower back". We both laughed and she said quite a few people have a BM after having an adjustment and a massage it really relaxes people and gets things moving. I did enjoy taking that BM knowing the girl and the doctor could hear everything.

Thanks for all the answers to my story. You guyz are kewl and I will tell you more. today after school my boy E and me decided to do our dump behind the school. So we went back where the loading doorz,ha ha ha! to the cafetera are and E dropped trou and did a torpedo man! It was a footlong and he moved along while he did it so it laid out like some cable! I did mine but I staid put and it crackled out of my rosebud and curled on itself like a brown snake! Then I did my piss all over it and the loading doorz and all and these two girls I think sophmores came along and one says real loud ewww you are soo sick! so I turned around and shot them the dragon! Then me and E fired up a stick but not right by there because it smelled a little green.

You guyz are right about Stacy man! I know that babe is turned on she was wet before her piss I bet! her eyes never left my snake and I was sure showing! Especally as I watched her river run!

To Bobby and Bryan and future rock star and Jordan and any of you kewl folks I forgot, thanks! I like your storys too. E and my other dump boy Jace never read these storys but Im going to get them all turned onto reading about it, since they already like doing it, beleive me!

Hey Bobby man, I would like to give you my email but I don't know if Im allowed to here. I will try but I would like to ask the peeps who run this board that if I am not allowed to give my address, could you please just delete it and not my whole post? i will put it at the bottom here, so if I am not allowed you can just cut it off without deleting my whole story, k?

Michelle: Get to a doctor. That is serious.

ROBBY: Oh sweetie!!! I' m so sorry, I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to keep up with the forum lately. I had no idea you were in the hospital. I want you to take special care of yourself, I'm with you in spirit. I wish I could be the naughty nurse who has to show you how to use a bedpan mi amigo. You take care of yourself. You and your lovely family who is such a treasure to this forum. We all just love you all!
This quick note is from all of us, Me, Jake, Renee and Patsy.


It seems we have two marks here, so I've gne back to my earlier name (sarsen). Anyway, my server appears to be several days behind so I've just caught up with most of this weeks messages.

Annie, Meghan and Sarah, I'm sorry to hear about Robbie. I do hope he is feeling better and that he is able to come home to you all soon.

Rizzo, sorry to hear you've lost your job. I wish you the best of luck finding another one.

Future rock star, hello. You never know, some of those guys may be as interested in peeing and pooping as you are but just don't know how to suggest it. It's not one of the easiest things to bring up, I was lucky as my ex-fiancee used to be very open about toilet habits. In fact she phoned me from her toilet after our first date! Imagine my excitement as I was talking to her listening to the psssst sound. But even I pretended to be shocked so as not to appear too interested fering she would think I was weird. Later in our relationship I was lucky enough to be with her on many occasions when she peed in the toilet, shower, outside and even in a bucket in our tent (but more of that some other time). As she suffered IBS, I also used to join her in the toilet and comfort her when she was constipated.

Kendal, I'm so glad your class mates didn't laugh at you after your urgent poo. Although children can be cruel sometimes I guess everyone in the room has been in your position sometime. In my own classes, I rarely find anyone make fun of students who have to use the toilet during lessons. While we try to discourage it (see my earlier discussions) most of us, like your maths teacher, can tell when a student really needs to go to the toilet in lesson time.

Best wishes everyone, Mark.

cute david
Hi. I am a 19 year old guy. I have two stories to tell you.
When I was in year 6. I needed to go to the toilet badly. I felt like it was diarreah. So at lunch, I tried to go but someone I knew talked to me on the way. I didnt want him to know so I waited untl I was alone. Then when I sat, it exploded all over the toilet bowl. It stank alot.

I was alone at my house once when I decided to deliberately shit my pants. SO I did. About 9 pieces of shit came out. It felt warm and squishy. It was hard to wipe though. ANyone hear who has stories of going to public toilets. Pleases tell me.

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

The Victoria's Secret "fashion-show" was so boring! That wat not what I consider sexy, @ all. What I consider to be sexy, is the thought of all of those models lined up on toilet-bowls, w/ their panties around their ankles, shi!!ing their brains-out! That's what I'm talking-about. That is the sexiest thing that I can think of: A hot woman having a loud, smelly, BM, w/ all of the associated facial-expressions! All in favor of this, say you agree w/ me!


Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

Real pretty black girl on the masthead with a good load in the bowl-nice pic-more stuff like this-very nice!
TO FUTURE ROCK STAR-Yes, metameucil works great every time,but you MUST drink plenty of water or you'll have major problems pooing-I myself took the fiber thing this summer and had some amazing dumps-big,long soft poops that were easy to push out-keep up the fiber thing-check out RJOGGER and KATHY"S posts-they are the experts on fiber!
TO KRISTY-I don't know why anyone would want diahriah,but you could try that green stuff in the supermarkets(citrate of magniesia?)I used to know this friends of mine mom took it when we were kids and she said it was real powerful stuff cause she had an accident the next day after taking the stuff-i never tried it and I wouldn't-i'm always regular-thank god but seriously,all that laxative stuff is bad for you-just eat lots of fruits and ???? and you'll be fine-oh yes drinks lots of water!
TO JARED-funny stuff about that poop-video-be careful.pal-some people won't react well to seeing that tape,but i myself would get a few laughs over it-funny stuff
It's supposed to be a real indian summer day here in the N.E so i'm going to try and do one last woods dump,but so far I don't have to poop yet-well we'll see=if anything happens,( maybe i'll have some coffee-I rarely drink it cause that really makes me go,but it makes things really loose)i'm post about it-have a good weekend! BYE

That gal in the pic had a huge dump it looks!

To Alexa: I liked your story about dumping in the woods and spotting that boy. Did you ever see him poop in the woods? And have the 2 of you ever met again after that experience??

To LOGAN : I liked that story about being in the hotel and the cleaning ladies came in to clean. Im suprised they didn't leave and come back later and apoligize

To Bobby: Cool story...sounds like you had fun and really enjoyed poooping your pants with the other boys. You should have buddy dumped in the wal-mart bathroom. That would probably be fun and enjoyable too! Ever done that before?

No new stories to report to run bye
To matt: I liked your story about peeing and pooping your pants at school. I bet that food at school really has to make you poop alot? how often do you poop?

This story is dedicated to JANE, RING STRETCHER, BUZZY, CARMALMALITA and all of you who share your NO.2 stories here and who were a help to me in time of need. Read on.

Last week I took the train to Washington DC for a day of meetings. Just after lunch while the meetings were in progress I began to feel the urge to do a big job, but it was not a good time to excuse myself. So I hung on and the urge passed. But the urge returned as I got up to leave. I began to think where I could find a WC, and if I would have time before I caught the Metroliner back to NY. In then end I wound up getting on the train feeling very uncomfortable. I waited for the train to get between DC and Baltimore and went to the WC. They are all unisex on this train. It was not gross but not great. After cleaning off the seat as much as possible, I sat and to my surprise could feel the stainless steel making an inner ring under my ass. This was a total turn off. Nevertheless I was tired of feeling so uncomfortable and strained and grunted. My efforts produced an enormouse series of dry farts, and I did immediately feel better, but I could not get that log to move out. I! gave up and went back to my seat.

When I finally got home, I knew I had to do something before I went to bed. I got online, lit up my pipe (which I always find helps me relax and often, maybe the nicotien?, gets the bowels moving) and read the posts from my virtual friends on this site. So, after perusing the postings from many of you, including those above, I finally got that urge, got to the toilet, dropped my pants and Hanes and just tried to let it out naturally without straining too much.

After an initial push, I felt the massive fat, lumpy, firm log move out past my anal ring. Ahhhhh what relief! It slid slowly and majestically down into the water with just the whisper of a was soo long. I am not a fan of anal retention, and under different circumstances I would have pushed this one out when I first felt it. But I begin to understand why some folks hold it in deliberately. Nevertheless I'm not sure it's a healthy thing overall.

Hey everyone, how's your poop today? I'm a regular in this forum, I really like posts about poop, esp from guys. Btw, I'm a 19 y o female. I juz read the posts for yesterday and today, and there are some good ones!
Buzzy: I love your posts the most! esp the ones abt your wood dumps, and at the gym.
Rizzo: Neat story about the family u spotted from your boat!
I also enjoyed Jamie, Bobby, and Russ's posts.
Robby: I really hope u get well soon, can't wait to have u back!
Tim: How are you? You havent been posting and I'm curious. I hope good news is on the way.
DianeNY and JeffA: How are you both?

I have some questions for you guys, especially females. 1)Is it really true that public toilets in the morning are busy with people pooping, and u can actually hear all kinds of sounds? Even in female toilets? I'm in college, and I'm currently staying at home quite a lot for the vacation, so I'm curious about mornings in public toilets. 2) I read of a few others who have good pooping sessions after a gym workout. Does working out help to push the turds down? My BMs are always short, and soft, and the quantity is pathetic. What do u guys eat to have "good dumps"? Firm, big, long, satisfying turds? Girls can do big BM too right, without beer? 4) Lastly, any females who poop without peeing at all? I really wanna try just laying newspapers on the floor, in front of a mirror, to see when my anus opens up, turd comes out, u noe, the whole pooping process? This is a little voyeur fantasy of mine, but I always pee and wet the papers before my BM comes out which spoils everything. ! I mean, guys pee and poop from separate "parts", but I can't seem to poop and not pee. Err, does it make sense?

Kristy, whatever you do DON'T overdose on laxatives, as someone suggested. That could lead to a dependency on them , and you don't want that. I would suggest drinking a lot of prune juice and apple juice. That should give you the runs, but it won't mess up your system as a laxative would.

Michelle, please get to a doctor ASAP about your bloody poop. Everyone gets blood on the tp every now and then from hemmorhoids or wiping too hard, but if the tp is "soaked" with blood and you're getting stomach pains, please see a doctor as soon as possible. Normally, a little bit of bright red blood is normal and harmless, but if you're getting large amounts of blood or blood that is very dark in color, then please see a professional today.

For Ty, I think Margo Hemingway farted in a movie once -- I think it was called "Personal Best", and she did the old "pull my finger" trick.

Interestingly, there have been a couple of female farts on TV shows. I think Sabrina had an episode where she farted, and there was an episode of "Hype" where a person playing Britney Spears both farted and crapped audibly. It's been mentioned here that a female farted on "Third Rock", but I did not see it. There was an episode of "Roseanne" where the older daughter farted, but it was just referred to and not shown. It has been mentioned here that Joan Lunden once farted on "Good Morning America", but I've never seen confirmation of that anywhere.

Does anyone know if an audible female fart has ever been heard on any of the "reality" shows or on the "Home Videos" show? I know about the girl farting on "Chains of Love" while in the pool, but that was under water and wasn't audible. There was a video shown on the old "Bloopers and Practical Jokes" show where a man farted (the sound was bleeped out), but I have never seen any vodeos on any of those shows with a female farting. Has anyone?


This might embbarass you(you female)You might be having your period(told ya ya might be embarassed)

I was somewhat embarrassed at work the other day when a male colleague asked me (discretely), "What's up Jill - one in the departure lounge?" Now this is an expression around these parts which means "needing a dump". As it happens, I did need a poo, but I was waiting to get a report finished before going to the loo. I asked him what gave him that idea and he pointed out that it was after two o'clock, and I always go for a poo about that time - and also that my legs were fidgeting as if I needed the loo. The embarrassing thing is that someone else had noticed this, and my body language and habits were apparantly obvious to other people. I denied it of course, but ten minutes later when I had finished my report, I went to the loo and gave him a big smile as I left the office. When I returned, a while later, he asked how I was, so I said "a whole load better thanks!" I am keeping and eye on him, so that I can pay him back.

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