Hi: Still enjoy the postings of the others in this forum about there bathroom habits and adventures in having bowel movements and etc. Hope you enjoy mine also. I am going to write a couple more here tonight and hope you enjoy it also.
I was at my male doctor for a physical and he told me that he was going to give me a rectal exam(which I had never had before) and I had not expected it to happen. He had me slide to the end of the exam table and spread my legs on the table also,so the Dr. got a good view of my buttock and my anus as he spread my cheeks. He had a lubed glove on and inserted a finger in my anus slowly,then he told me it would not go in very far,he said he had felt some feces or part of a bowel movement and he asked me if I had moved my bowels recently?,I said no not since yesterday evening which was right. So he told me to use the bathroom there and move my bowels and leave a urine sample and also a stool sample for later exam. So I went to the bathroom and took off my pants and thong I was wearing, and I sat on the toilet and peed in the cup for the urine sample then,held a cloth under my anus to collect a sample for stool sample to collect. I beard down a little and a small piece of solid! feces dropped on the cloth, it took it out and places on floor then finished moving my bowels which was a pretty good long piece of feces or shit. I wiped my anus and dropped in the toilet, then I took a small slide stick and took a piece of the feces I had collected and spread on a blank slide paper for examination. It looked ok,did not see any blood anywhere,just brown particles. I put the paper in the exam box and flushed the rest down the toilet. Then went into the Dr, and gave him my urine and stool sample box, then I got on the table again and spread my ass cheeks for the rectal exam.He inserted his middle lubed finger about half way in my anus,and moved it around a little,I had the feeling I was going to move my bowels, the Dr, said that was normal,then he massaged my prostate, this felt good to me and had a good feeling in my genitals too. He removed the finger and i noticed it was still a little brown, but he did not say anything. So he told me I felt ok and he would! let me know about the samples I left. So I hope you enjoy reading of my rectal exam and collecting a stool sample also. I will post another incident of mine also. Take care fans and keep posting and keep your anus clean ok. take care. Russ.

It may interest all to know that Singapore is holding the World Toilet Summit. Part of this will be a presentation of "desirable and undesirable toilet behaviour". I did read once that in Singapore, a country where keeping things clean is enshrined in Law and where dropping a piece of paper in the street will result in a heavy fine, that a female tourist was fined for leaving as they put it "her stool unflushed in a public toilet". If she had been a resident she would have been jailed for a month. I can imagine some of the regulars of this Forum being hauled up in Court, my own wife Theresa, Moira, Carol, Nicola, Anne the Bus Driver, (whom we havent heard of for some time), and others such as Carmelita, Electra and others, and myself and George would also be in trouble. I dont suppose claiming that "it all came out in one big lump and was too big to flush away" would be accepted as an excuse.

I liked the picture of the black girl which showed a number of jobbies in the toilet pan. She looked quite proud of what she had done.

I had the pleasure of watching my friend Moira ( George my friend's wife), doing a big motion a few days ago. She had been constipated and phoned me up asking me to come round and help her by rubbing her ????. I acccompanied her to the toilet and watched her pass, with a fair amount of effort, 3 jobbies, one a big very fat knobbly dark brown log as thick as my wrist and about a foot long, a second big smooth lighter brown sausage of about the same length but a little slimmer and a short fat jobbie. The sound effects were first class. The first of her big jobbies dropped with a depth charge sound "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP", the second sausage I could hear crackling as she did it and then went "FLOOMP" and the third shorter fat turd shot out and went "KA-SPLOONK!" I have seen Moira doing a motion many times in the past and vice versa, in such matters she, George her husband and my pal since school days, and my wife Theresa are very open.

To Michelle, see a doctor without delay! With such symptoms, speed must lead, as the slogan goes. A Doctor will be able to reassure you and quick action can often result in a speedy relief from such problems.

To Kristy, WHY????? If this is what you REALLY want any of the powerful laxatives will give you what you want, and quite probably shitty knickers as well, when you are suddenly taken short. I would warn you that laxative abuse can cause some nasty colonic problems over time and even ironically chronic constipation as the bowels require harsher and more powerful purgatives to achieve a bowel movement. If your stools are too small and hard and thus difficult to pass try drinking more fluid,(particularly fruit jucies), eat brown bread, pasta, rice etc instead of white, take more exercise, such as walking or cycling instead of driving. Metamucil and its equivalents is very good as a bulking agent, making the stools larger and easier to pass but not loose or watery.

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Everyone!

Yippee! Dad is coming home tomorrow. That is such a relief. We are glad Annie will be here to care for him. She is at school, now. We have to get back on the books, too!! The story we have is in a response. We want to thank all of our friends on the forum for your support of Dad.

Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid(Andrew)- Meghan and I had to use many tissues to wipe our eyes as we read your post. We are so touched. We sat there, held each other, and sobbed. Kendal, we know you were there holding our hands when we were alone. Of course we would have let you in, Andrew. It would have been special. Whew, can't start again. This experience is for both of you!! Meghan- we tried the sitting on the knees pee. I sat down first on the toilet. I spread my knees apart and Sarah sat down on them. We pulled our jeans and panties off completely for this. We tried to start. It was touch and go. I felt my pee coming out and then I told Sarah to relax and then I FELT her pee. She shifted and the pee went into the bowl. Oh yes, I had my arms around Sarah's waist so she wouldn't fall. We peed for at least a minute(all of that coca-cola). We sat there for a minute and both of us started giggling. Then roaring with laughter. Sarah yelled;"WE DID IT!" Well, I hope we did. We wip! ed, got on our clothes and ran downstairs to tell Annie. She laughed and said that both of you would be very pleased. Wish you had been here. That is our first experience with the knees pee. We hope we did it right. We love you both very dearly. Kendal, if Andrew is moody ignore him until he snaps out of it. Thats been our experience with moody men, especially Dad! Wait!! A kiss nearly always brings moody men around. A mega cyber hug and a huge kiss(no blushing this time) to you, both!!!! Lots of Love, Cousins Meghan and Sarah S (PS: the S stands for Susan; our mother's name)

Dear Rizzo: It is so wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for your caring words. All of us think the world of you. Annie is thinking about letting her oldest son purchase the boat and keep it in the family. The price will be nominal. I guess that the word "trump" isn't used that much in England, is it? We are trying to familiarize ourselves with the British "lingo". Annie is a big help but Dad is just lost, hahaha! As you have read Meghan trumps every morning. It is real loud, too!! If you will read the post we wrote to Kendal and Andrew, we finally tried the sitting on the knees pee. We don't know if we did it right, though. We are dreadfully sorry to hear about your job situation. We wish we could be there to give you a hug. Keep us informed. We read your sea story and it would have been a hoot to see! Take care and the best wishes to your wife. Lots of love, Meghan and Sarah S

Jane: Thanks for your words of support. We think you're special.Take care. Love, Meghan and Sarah S

Steve and Louise: Thank you so much for your post. Just a secret between you and the both of us. Sarah and I have had peeing for distance contests. We would lie on the grass and pee upward. Also standing up. That was a great story about you and your mother, Louise. Take care. Love, Meghan and Sarah S.

Todd and Diana: Thank you, both for your support. Hope your wedding plans are going along smoothly. Take care. Love, Meghan and Sarah S.

Welcome to: Monica, Michelle, Trotter, and the others we didn't name.

Special hellos and then we have to get back to the books!!!
Rjogger and Kathy, Erin, David and Niki, Mindy, Mandy, Carmalita(WELCOME BACK), Scott and Kim, Jamie Lynn(great story, Adele(glad you are here), Buzzy(thanks), PV(hi there), Linda GS(hope to talk to you, soon), Linda14yrs(please post again), Jeff A, DianeNY, Althea, Ellie and Little Lou(hope you come back) and all of the other posters!! Have a great one! Meghan and Sarah S!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone, and great to be here again!

First of all, Best wishes to ROBBY, and I wish you a speedy recovery. There has been such a lot of bad news on this forum lately, so I hope things will improve for everyone and that that we all have safe and healthy times ahead.

TONY, That was a whopper that Steve dropped in the toilet! Was it really the diameter of a Coke can? Glad you were able to hear him drop it and enjoy seeing it after.

CAROL, Hope you enjoyed thar "Column of water" that splasahed your arse! Can I ask about your toilet pan, dimensions etc! It's a mystery to me what the magic ingredient is that allows the water to splash so well in some toilets.
I know that the older type are usually the best, but is it the depth of the water in the trap, the distance between the seat and the water, or the incline, shape of the water trap itself?
I think the water traps that are fairly long and quite narrow can be really good for a wet splash.
Perhaps I should do a PhD course in the subject! Imagine the fun I'd have doing the research!

JARED, Glad you had a lucky escape from a potentially very embarrassing situation when that video film you played had a brief reminder of your shitting performance!
When I've been listening to my friend's tapes, and my own recording some time ago,I was always VERY careful to keep them separate from my other tapes, and put them back after listening to them. I often listen when I'm on the toilet myself and it's great to have a tape recorder in the bathroom for listening and for recording on.
One experience that really worried me once was when I came home and found the cupboard door open where I kept them, and all the tapes strewn over the floor! There had been a break-in and a small amount of loose change stolen, but fortunately, I don't think any of the tapes had been taken. The thought that someone might have been listening to them made me very nervous and I made sure I kept them in a much more private place.

ZIP, Unfortunately, the toilets I usually use have had the gaps under the partitions closed up with pieces of sheet steel, so I no longer get the chance of seeing other guys feet and their trousers/jeans down as they sit on the toilet. There are gaps under the doors and so I can keep tabs of who's going where, but at least, since the gaps under the walls were filled in, I don't get any hassle from men who want to bother me.
I've never noticed guys moving their toes when shitting their turds before, although several people have mentioned it here.
Keep watching and listening!!

Some time ago, someone said on this forum that the name of Cullompton in Devon sounds a brilliant onamatopeaic word for the sound of a large turd plopping into the toilet, and the water spalshing up and back down the pan again. I think that's a brilliant name, but I've found a place in Cambridgeshire called Trumpington, (whichspeaks for itself), and in the fenlands near Spalding there's a place called Whoplode. (That should describe a large amount that's been done in the toilet)!
My apologies to inhabitants of these places, No disrespect is intended, it's just the names that suggest toilet-related correlations!

On Thursday, I felt the urge to use the toilet and I was in the vicinity of my favourite toilet, so as I got in there, andknowing I really had a good load to do( It was one of those where you feel pleasantly full and that there's a LOT to shit),I found the cleaner in there mopping the floor and Iasked if I couild use the toilet but he said he'd got all the floor to clean first.
As I knew I could hang on, and would rather use the toilet when he'd finished anyway, I waited outside for about 5 minutes.
I decided that was long enough so went in again, and said was it OK now? He said yes if I really wanted to, and I can't imagine anyone denying someone access to a toilet if the actual toilet itself wasn't being cleaned, so I went into the cubicle and sat there and had the most PLEASURABLE shit I could imagine! I just sat there dropping turd after turd with ease and comfort, and they all felt big as they came out and every time I dropped one, there was no let up in the amount remaining. I felt as though I'd filled the toilet, let alone the water trap, but when Ilooked down, the water trap was almost full and the last few turds were floating on the surface and stinking a bit but I was just amazed to have not only done so much, but that it wasn't urgent, and Icould easily wait to use it.
Not only was it a great shit, but after I finished and continued on my way, I felt euphoric! Like I felt empty, comfortable and energetic.
I've heard of people feeling like that after a colonic irrigation, but I felt fantastic from just a very good shit.

Today I went there again, with no urgency and not the same quantity to get done, but as I sat on the toilet controlling and dropping my smaller turds with satisfying plops and enjoying every second as they got done, I was in Toilet Heaven again!

I wish the same pleasure, satisfaction and healthy BMs to every one here! P P G

RJOGGER and Kathy
It has been awhile since our last post. Kathy and I were in a car crash, nothing very serious, just some drunk hit us from behind. We were both injured somewhat, but nothing serious, so we have been resting and recovering.
We are both feeling pretty good now, and have resumed normal activities, which of course, includes one of our favorite activities.
We want to describe what we did over the last weekend, but first here are some hellos.

Annie - Kathy and I were very sorry to hear that Robbie had a mild heart attack. We both hope that he is OK, and want to wish him a speedy recovery.
Jane - You are truly one of the most entertaining people out here. You write great stories, and each one is a unique adventure.
Carmalita - Welcome back, Senora, I see that married life is agreeing with you. Kathy and I hope that you and Jake are very happy and that you enjoy many wonderful years. It seems that your pooping adventures have picked up where you left off, that is you did not miss a beat. Be well dear, Kathy and I send our love.
Rizzo - Thanks for your concern, Rizzo, Kathy and I are OK, having suffered only minor neck and back, and some burns from the air bags. We hope everything is well with you and the wife. Oh yes, we enjoyed your latest "boat" story. Take care.
Hellos also to Kim and Scott (Hope you kids are OK), Buzzy, Muggs, Diane NY, Renee and Patsy (Long time no hear, Ladies) and Jeff A (Hope you are OK).

Since the accident, Kathy and I have done very little in the way of exercise. We have been nursing a great deal of soreness, so we just recently started to get back into our routine. With time on our hands, we decided to go up state last Saturday, the 10th. We invited Anne and Mike and Noreen and Larry to come along. Most of you probably know that Kathy and I are avid rail fans, and this trip of ours was to a huge railroad yard complex just a little Southwest of Albany. It turns out that Noreen's grandfather worked for the same railroad that 3 of my uncles did, so she is another train watcher, as is her husband. As for Anne and Mike, they just wanted an excuse to get out of the house. Anyway, the Friday before, Kathy invited everyone to have dinner at our house, and to spend the night, yeah, a little fifty-something sleep over. We barbequed Cajun chicken and shrimp and ate that along with Kathy's homemade whole grain pasta, fra diavolo sauce, salad and garlic bread. We pol! ished off a large bowl of fruit salad for dessert, then we got ready to retire for the night. We offered our bed to our guests, but the other couples each decided to use the hideaway beds in the living room and the den. "We wouldn't want to deny you two love birds your nest", Noreen cracked with a smile. She is a character, and along with Anne and Kathy, the guys had their hands full. Before bed, I took powdered fiber, which I use occasionally. I left it on the counter, and as I was locking up, I noticed that the girls were also taking it. I guess everyone wanted to ensure a good dump before our trip.
Saturday morning, I got up and noticed that Kathy was already up. I heard voices in the kitchen, so I assumed she was getting breakfast. I went into the head, dropped my shorts and sat on the bowl. My butt hole was feeling pressure from the food and fiber and without much effort, my hole stretched and a long wide one exited, and burned as it did. Oh, those Cajun spices! I started peeing, and Noreen entered. "Mind if I join you Rick?", she said. "No, almost finished", I replied. Well, this lovely red head, proceeded to remove her robe, then she sat buck naked on the other commode. I have described Noreen before, and I have seen her legs and buttocks many times. But to see her sitting there naked and peeing a stream was something else. She is built like a brick shit house, and I was getting aroused. "You're making it hard to wipe", I said and she replied "Just look up", and I noticed Kathy and Anne recording the whole thing. The girls laughed, I turned red and laughed, th! en after Noreen wiped her vaginal area, she wiped me. That was nice, and the wet ones felt good on my burning asshole. As I got up, Kathy came over to inspect the load, and we all stared at the 2 foot plus long, 2 plus inch wide log. "How you do that almost daily is beyond me", Anne said. "What do you mean almost? I do this everyday", I jokingly protested.
After flushing and washing, we all went and had breakfast. The six of us ate like horses, and while the girls cleaned up, Larry, Mike and I closed the other two bathrooms, and went and got the 3 camp toilets, their stands, and three buckets. We set them up in the master bath, with water in the buckets and a joyroll next to each. I went and got the video cam, and the three of us waited. Sure enough, the girls came towards the master bath, wondering why the other heads were locked. Were they surprised to see the set up in the master head. At first, they wanted to use the toilets, but we explained our little gag, and they went along with it. "Why not, we'll probably have to use the woods later", Kathy said. To our surprise, the three girls stripped naked, then each took a seat. The three guys got behind the girls, and what a view we had. Anne was to the left, Noreen in the middle and Kathy to the right. We had the greatest view of their privates, and with anticipation, Mike s! aid "Anytime, Girls", with that Huck Finn grin of his. Kathy gave him that half Mohawk stare half grin and Anne just shook her head. With that, the girls held hands, and as if on queue, all three started to shit. Larry did the honors with the camera, and Mike and I watched as three female butt holes opened slightly, domed outward and then allowed some massive logs to exit. The poop hit the water in the buckets in succession, Ploop, Ploop, Ploop! Anne then started to pee, as Kathy and Noreen were each passing more poop. Once they finished, they also peed, and Anne's anus pooched out twice, then she also passed several more poops. There was a slight pause, then all three girls passed some smaller poop. The smell was ripe, but not really gross. Kathy said she was finished, the other girls were also done, so no it was time to wipe. The guys had drawn straws, to see who we were going to wipe. The rule was it could not be our own spouse. Larry drew first, he got Anne, so that mean! t Mike would wipe Kathy and I would wipe Noreen. I took the camera from Larry and recorded as he wiped Anne's soiled anus. He did a good job, as I got several great angles. Mike then took the camera and recorded as I wiped Noreen. She is the largest of the three ladies, and she has a great ass. I needed 4 wipes to clean her pink butt hole, then I washed up, and took the camera from Mike. He gently wiped Kathy's dark anus, and again I got some great shots. The girls then got off the bowls, and I filmed some tremendous piles of shit. Each of the ladies had dropped turds that were close to two feet long, with smaller companions. I shot each bowl, closed the camera, and the three guys disposed of the product. After showering and dressing, we drove the 90 minutes to Selkirk Yard and enjoyed a day of great train watching. There were 2 trips to the woods for peeing , and after we got home, we enjoyed the video from the morning's bathroom adventure. It drew a lot of laughs and comment! s.

Well, that's it for now, be well everyone, enjoy the weekend. Bye.
Rich and Kathy

ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN -- My deepest sympathies and all my prayers that ROBBY is healthy and home safe again as soon as humanly possible. It doesn't seem fair that folks should go through as much as they do in this community -- but if we're a reasonable cross-section of the world then it must be all part of living. Annie -- that was so sweet of you to help Meghan when she was constipated, and wipe her afterwards. I really regret having never experienced the simple closeness of such sharing. You're a wonderful family!

RIZZO -- Hey, amazing experience with that family on the shore who didn't notice you on the boat! You're right, a boat is a fairly large thing to miss, even in the twilight! I came acros some really hilarious nautical reading matter recently, and will be posting an extract concerning the marine head! Yup, I have a busy schedule at the beach to train for -- unfortunately there's no one to carry the supplies for me, and I'll be lugging bottled water, a heavily filled rectum and a desperate bladder by the time I get there. I'll pace myself and let you all know how it goes!

STEVE -- Hey, that was a stunner that Louise and her mom did! I've seen it done in photos many times, and wondered how it goes -- I wouldn't want the first or last parts to get my towel wet... And the sand in Aus is white-hot, much too hot to touch with unprotected skin. You had the best seat in the house, two stupendous fountains! Heck, it would be fun to try! I'll let you know!

KENDAL -- How's my favourite niece? I hope everything is okay and you're loving life. How's your standing technique? We have some walls to wash, niece and aunty together, along with probably a fair few other members of the WSPC!

Nothing much happening this end -- I weed in the sink last night, which was fun, and it's a warm, still evening, so I'll probably have my last wee before bed out in the yard. I did a nice couple of big dumps in the last few days, hefty lengths totalling nearly 30 inches one day. I had two big helpings of delicious casserole the previous evening, and "trumped" all the next day, each and every one smelling exactly like the caserole!

All my best to all my friends,


Michelle. In the light of your symptoms I think you need to make a priority of seeing your doctor as soon as possible. He or she will almost certainly need to know whether the blood you passed was bright red or dark red in order to help determine whether the source of it is internal or external. Also the doctor will need to know if there have been any changes in your usual bowel habit, ie how often you go and whether or not your motions have changed in consistency. These are all things you should take note of. It may be considered necessary for you to have a physical examination but this is nothing to worry about. It may involve a small amount of short lived discomfort but it shouldn't be painful. In most cases the cause of bleeding isn't serious and may need little or no treatment. Only in very rare cases is it something more serious and,even then, providing the problem is identified at an early stage it can often be treated fairly easily. However, it is nevertheless! important for you to see the doctor as soon as possible so that all possibilities can be investigated properly. Good luck!

adele. I don't think your problems are particularly serious in the sense that there are no obvious indications of a life threatening disorder. However, your quality of life is being badly affected by them. For this reason I would recommend seeing your doctor or, if you don't want to go on your own, get your mum to take you.

Annie. I'm glad to hear that Robby is resting and presumably comfortable. I hope he's soon well enough to return home. If he has to modify his diet though it could well change his output. I'm thinking about you both.

Best wishes

Did any UK posters see the re-run of "The Madness of King George" on Channel 4 last night? I didn't get to see much of the original when it was first shown so it was quite an education. It was about a mental illness suffered by King George III but there were plenty of lavatorial references and scenes. There were some interesting scenes which I think some posters here would have liked.

Quite early in the play the King was constipated and there was a bedroom scene where he tried to fart (without success) to alleviate his discomfort. His physician subsequently prescribed him some Senna to relieve the problem. Rather unwisely the King drank two cups of the stuff instead of the recommened dose of three spoonfuls and he berated his physician because he'd ended up having fourteen motions and in his own words "could have manured the parish!"

When his mental illness deveolped, the King's doctors carried out a study of his urine (and motions) to see if they yielded up any clues as to the causes of his mental illness, so chamber pots put in a frequent appearance throughout the film. Remember this was the 18th century and medicine was still very primitive then.

There was one very funny scene where servants were emptying chamber pots into an oudoor lake. All in all, it was very funny!

I shat today-it was gorgeous;quite hard & very slow and made my arsehole just tingle with loveliness!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Everyone!
We have to drive back to school soon,UGH! Dad is doing pretty well. We are all trying to help him. (Meghan)- I got up and did my usual pee and dump. I was real drowsy and nearly missed the toilet bowl. I sat down and peed enough to fill a bucket. Then I trumped a real good one and hunkered down to do my grunts. I strained and the first log eased out of my butt. It was a long one. Then 2 more smaller ones plopped out one after another. I was so relieved. Sarah heard me and got up. She didn't need the toilet, yet so there wasn't a duet.

KENDAL: Hi there, dear little cousin!! Meghan- my trump was especially loud this morning. It sounded a little like a foghorn. My poo was an easy one. Just enough straining to get it all out. I remembered you said you did dainty poos. Well, Sarah and I don't fall into that category. Dad said he wished he would have been there when we did our knees pee. He was right; we would have been too embarrased. Andrew, on the other hand, would have been welcome. We trust him. Your Uncle Robby will be just fine. Please be of good cheer!! Annie is here to keep him in line. If you would ask him to do right then I know he would. It is a shame you can't see Katy or Emily on a regular basis. Did you visit Charlotte this weekend? Sarah just left for a minute. I want to tell you that her birthday is this friday the 23rd of November. She will be 25 yrs. old. An old lady, huh!! Dad's mother and Sarah have the same birthday. We are sorry she isn't here to share it. Well, Sarah is coming back. We! always feel you holding our hands and Andrew assisting when we are in the toilet. Take care and have a great week!! Lots of Lovexxxxx and a BIG cyber hug!! Cousins Meghan and Sarah S

LAWN DOGS KID: Hi cousin! You are such a marvelous young man. Sarah- I get to talk now. Meghan did a mega trump this morning. I even heard it. You would have been proud of her!! Our Dad will be fine. I want to ask you to encourage him to stay on his diet and recovery plan. He will be in a terrible state for the next week, I'm sure. He has to be careful what he eats. The doctor gave him permission to go hog wild on Thursday and Friday. Annie will probably have to lower the boom the rest of the time. Have you seen Rachel, Charlotte's sister on the toilet, yet. When you saw Charlotte on the bowl, that must have been a great experience. I just saw that Meghan told Kendal about my birthday. Well, I will be 25 but definately NOT an old woman! Dad is taking all of us to the new "Harry Potter" movie and out to dinner for the celebration. Wish both of you were coming with us. He already has the tickets. OOPS, its time for my afternoon dump(poo). I will leave the door open for you a! nd Kendal. Sorry I rambled on! Take care and have a great week!! Lots of Lovexxxxx and a hug, Sarah S and Meghan

RIZZO: We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers this week. We hope everything turns out ok. Lots of Love, Sarah S and Meghan

Special Hellos to: Rjogger and Kathy, Jane, Steve and Louise, Scott and Kim, Carmalita, Mindy, Mandy, Erin, Todd and Diana-I took a magazine in for that morning dump, Jamie, Jamie Lynn, Mindy, Mandy,Upstate Dave, Buzzy, Adrian, Althea, Adele, Linda GS- write us when you can, Linda14yrs, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you are ok, David and Niki and all of the ones we were dreadful in missing. Have a great week!! Sarah S and Meghan

My local railway station has a car park that is sporadically invaded by 'travellers'. They breach the barriers and set up camp in caravans (trailers). They have large families, pick up trucks, brand new cars and several dogs. They make an awful mess of the place with builders spoil and rubbish. In my way to the station I walk through another disued part of the car park that is overgrown with weeds and large bushes. I noticed a lot of large sized turds that I thought looked too big to be dogs'. I concluded that the travellers were using the area as an al fresco toilet. One cold bright morning I had my suspicions confirmed. I saw a burly bloke with thick curly hair wearing a t shirt and grubby grey track suit bottoms go over a bank and dissapear behinf the bushes. I was able to follow him and hide in the bushes with a good view of him. Sure enough, he pulled the front of his track suit pants down and proceeded to let fly with a stream of piss, which, because the morning was fros! ty and the sun was low came out steaming. This splattered on the ground for about half a minute, then he gave a quick shake as the last of the wee dribbled out. I though 'well that's it', and was about to go when he shoved the track suit bottoms down to his ankles. He wasn't wearing any underpants. He squatted down, and after a brief moment I saw this huge poo come sliding out of his hairy bum. He then got up, pulled up his track suit without wiping his arse and made his way past me (out of his view) back to the caravans. When he was gone I slipped out and took a look at his product. It lay glistening in the early sunlight with light wisps of steam melting into the morning light and giving off a subtle earthy shitty aroma. The next day the travellers had ben evicted, just leaving their building waste and human trademarks on the land.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

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