jamie lynn
last nigt me and my older sister both had to use the restroom so we together i had to pee. so i pulled down my shorts and undies sat down on the toilet and peed after about a min of peeing it stop i wiped my self off then got up. my sister then pulled down her pants and undies and sat down she peed for a few mins then after she got done peeing she started to doodoo she sat there for about 5 mins pushing out the doodoo after 5mins it drop into the water with a splash she then grab some paper and wipe her self off got up to pull her clothes back up and we both looked at we did it was 9 inches long kinda fat. she then pushed the button and it all went down the hole.

p.s. i will be gone to next week because going with my sis to the hbo britney concert. i will post when i get back from it.

jamie lynn

hey there jsessica cool story i like it were your sausages big and were they smelly?

Kristy: Drink less water. Drink lots of coffee

i havent posted for a while,its difficult to use the computer privatly.
hi to robbie @annie, love to discuss problems with you.
wet guy,yes i do have wetting accidents,at school, home, bed and when i am out- which do u want to know about? i wet a lot when i am constipated . untill i was 12/13 when i was very constipated i had to wear a diper to bed as i wet so much i also used to leak liquid poo as well, at school i wore plastic knickers over my knickers so i didnt get tell tale stains on my clothes.i still do wear plasti pants sometimes.
does anyone else wear these so they dont show stains when they are at school or out?

will send long post soon, at the moment ive got stomach ache,the last poo i had was on last sunday,it was massive and hard when i sat on the toilet it was sticking out of my bum hole ,my knickers were very dirty,it took me 40 minuits to push it out, all 10 inches 0f it,knobbly,and thick it made my bum sore,i havent pooed since,despite trying for an hour on monday eve i wet my bed monday night.on tues at school at break time i went to the toilet as i had stomach ache sat down and pushed but only peed. from the stall next door was a grunting sound followed by a massive splash the more straining noises and a loud fart followed by another splash and a pee. i love haering those sounds.well i wiped and left tues evening i managed to have alittle poo,i like sitting on the toilet straining ,after i got off i was in my room and had agreat urge to pee as someone else was in the toilet i wet on the floor in my room,i havent done that for ages . well got to go now,if i dont poo this e! vening or befor school tomorrow mum will keep me at home . will post at the week end and tell more,xxadelexx

further to my last post- its now thursday -i still hav not done a poo,so i had to stay at home today,my stomach ache is quite bad, i can feel all the poo inside me,i put my finger in my bum the poo is very hard ,when i push it feels like it is too fat to go through my bum hole.this happend a little while ago as well.when it came out it made a split in my bum.last night i tried to do it in my knickers cos sometimes it seems to come out easier this way,i also wet my bed again.
my knickers at the moment are dirty and damp,after ive been straining i get like liquid poo leaks out into my knickers.have to go now,mum has just told me i have to go toilet now and that she is going to stay there with me,massage my stomach,as she does this she keeps telling me to push hard,this will be for an hour or to go,will post more later.xxadelexx

To Mark: I'm a 19 year old guy also. You're not alone, going to the bathroom is a turn on for me too. I liked your stories a lot. Your story about recording yourself taking a dump is very similar to what happened to me just a few days ago, but it wasn't as embarrasing in my case.

Back in March, I videotaped myself taking a dump. Then, a month or so after that I videotaped a family event over my shitting footage, but I never actually watched the video until this past weekend. We all went over to my aunt and uncle's house, and I brought that tape with me to show to my cousin. Well we started watching it, and everything was normal. Then, all of a sudden, there was a break in the footage of the family event and a frame from my shitting video appeared. I couldn't really tell what it was at first, but then I realized that it was a shot taken underneath the toilet seat, between my legs, after I had dumped a few turds. I had completely forgotten that this video was on that same tape, and I was just shocked and horrified! But fortunately, that clip only lasted for a split second, and it went back to the family video after. Plus, that clip was pretty dark, so I don't think my cousin could tell what it was. But she did say, "What the hell was that?" I just pr! etended that I hadn't noticed it, and said "nothing." So that taught me to be more careful with stuff like that in the future, but it could have been a lot worse and more embarrassing.

You're sure right that drinking beer makes you have to shit a lot. I realized that when I was in London, England this past summer. While there, I went to a pub every night and had a few beers, cause it was the thing to do. I found that all that beer made me have much bigger and more frequent dumps... Normally, I shit once every other day, but while there I took a shit at least once a day, and it was a big load every time. Well anyway, I gotta go now. Please post more stories soon.

Hey! This is my first post and firsttome visting this site. The reason Im here now is that I just had a very wierd experience. Before I get to that let me describe myself. I am a 5'10" Brunette with long(almost to my ass) straight hair. I am 16 years ond and a Sophmore in Highschool. My face is a mix beween Angelina Jolie(sp?) and Sandra Bullock. I live in a private community so my bus drops me off this side of being legal(the leagal limit is 1 Mile to your property lin and mine is 7/8 of a mile up hill on way home)Well that will be important in my story and without farther ado lets begin.

The bathrooms in my school are horrible,no doors,smell, and useraly a peice of shit or puddle on the floor. I useraly hate using them and dont. I have my normal urges once every 2-3 days with massive loads ( typically 4-5 peices 5-10 inches long 2-3 inches wide). Typically I try to hold it till Im home. I dont always sucseed but i always atleast get off the bus :-). Well today was such a day. I got most of the way to my house but the pressure was too much and I started pooping. This is not strange for me as I start pooping before i get home about 3/4 of the time. By the time I opened my door I had one peice in my panties and another about a quarter out(once I start going in my panties I dont give any resistence). I walk to the bathroom, telling my mom I'm home but have to got to the bathroom on the way, she doesnt work so.. Anyways I get to the bathroom and take down my Leggins(black) and panties(also black) and sit down. as I am still pooping I look in my panties to see ! how much damage. Not much since they were drier then useral (I say they since I finshed the second piece on my way to the bathroom).I sorta scotch back pick up the pieces and drop them into the toilet through my legs. A third peice finshes and a forth starts. They are all dry and hard which isnt normal yet not wierd for me. The forth one starts is about 1/4 of the way out when it stops. I push and push and push but it any moving. I try rocking, boucing and even pulling but it wont come off. So since we are a open family I call my mom. I tel her the problem and she doesnt know what to do. She tells me to sit there for a couple of minutes and if it doesnt move to just pull up my pants and when I can finish to go in dirty panties since they are dirty already(she saw the marks). So I did just that but it didnt budge. So... now im sitting here at my computer with a turd partly out of my ass with my pants and panties up. Does anyone have any advice on how I might get rid of this mon! strousity?

Eeeew, my little sister is sooooooooooo gross. i am fascinated by going to the bathroom; I never go in the toilet. I always find some "creative" way to go, such as on the floor, in my pants, into a plastic bag... sometimes I take one of my baby brother's diapers, put it on, and go into that... so anyway, I'm not squeamish. But what my sister did.... yuck! See, she pooped on the floor (I didn't mind that) and then... she actually STUCK HER FINGER IN THE POOP AND WROTE "I luv dookies and poopies" ON THE WALL, IN POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so grossed out, i shouted, "Jenny you are NASTY!!!!" and ran out of the room. GROSS!!!!!

what ever happened to jennifer finishing her story about the room mate who was constipated?

Hey...I'm just asking this because I am concerned and I figured that you all could help me. I passed a poo the other night, and there was blood in it. When I wiped, the tissue paper was almost soaked with blood. What could this mean? I know I didn't tear anything down there...but I have diarreah more then the average person, and many times pain in my lower left stomach area. Please help, so I know if this is serious or not. Thanks in advance


Kristy:Eat more fruits, vegetables and protein. Drink water. Cut out pastas, rice, bread, sugar and junk food. Plums are very good, also spinach, collard, mutard and kale greens. I guarantee you will be loose.

Jessica: I was like you in 8th grade. I could count the times on three fingers I moved my bowels at school. Only, they were dire emergencies.

Amy (Co-ed): Sounds good. Just like how my classmates and I use to in college.

Public Showers: I went to a self-defense school that had open toilets and showers. They were fun. I was the only kid in there. Then other kids joined in with me.The toilets were not dirty. Otherwise, you would not be using them. I used to shower and shit with mostly women in their late teens and early 20's. I was happy when my first 3 or 4 friends joined me. They were in my age range. After class we showered. This girl Valerie and I had to use the toilets. There were no stalls, just 4 bowls. 2 on one side and 2 the adjoining wall. I had to urinate only. Valerie told me she had to rest her bowels. We took off our jackets, exposing our bare undeveloped chest, pulled down our white pants and white panties. I urinated for a good minute. Valerie's bowels released with an explosion. She clutched her stomach, bent over and released a wave of chunky doo doo. She reached for toilet paper, but was in no hurry to wipe. She held a wad in her hands. I wiped myself. Then she asked me to! keep her company. I said yes and continued sitting. We were new friends. She said this was first time she used exposed toilets. I told her I was using them for 3 months. She said her stomach was hurting and she wanted it to stop. She arched her back and leaned over and 2 more waves of chunks released. I was sitting next to her. Then in the final analysis, she opened her legs a little and pushed out a thick piece of doo doo. She reached between her legs and wiped thru the front. When she stood up, her pants and briefs were at her thighs. I gave her another wad and she reached from behind and wiped hard and clean. The bowl was thick with doo doo. She did not flush. We showered together.

Hey, I'm new posting here, but I had a rather interesting experience this summer - I was doing some archaeology field work up in Vermont,
and, as is usual when I'm sleeping in the woods, I got constipated after less than three days. Every time I'd squat down in the unit I was working on, I'd feel the urge to release some chocolate hostages, but
when I finally got to a convenient spot, I couldn't push anything out besides some ripe farts. Finally, one Saturday night, I pulled out the trusty old Fleet suppositories from my pack and went out into the woods (where you can get the most privacy, really). I went a ways in, looked around carefully, and then squatted above a carpet of moss, holding onto a branch for support. My anus pooched out, and I felt my rectum spasming, but the turds were just too hard by then. I tried for another minute or so and only got a sore butt, so I brought out the little travel jar of Vaseline, scooped some on my finger, and rubbed it on my butthole. Then i dipped my fingers inside and felt the lump a few inches up, so I took out one big suppository and felt my way around my butt blindly, and when i felt the waxy tip slip inside my slick hole, i slid the whole thing home. I kept my finger in place up my butt for another minute in case my position made me force it out, then i pulled my pants! up and left. I waited patiently all night for my bowels to move, but, when I tip-toed off into the trees and hung my butt over a fallen tree, all I was rewarded with were bubbly farts. Frustrated, I went to bed. The next day, I felt no different, and the person in the tent next to mine was making eggs and coffee with his camp stove. He invited me over and, stomach rumbling, I accpeted his offer. No sooner had I finished a cup of strong coffee and a heaping pile of eggs topped with hot sauce on toast did I feel a 'turtlehead' start to poke out.
I can only imagine what it feels like to a guy to have poop massaging your prostate on the way out, but I was in heaven after so many days of being backed up, and i quickly excused myself. Trotting off into the woods with my backpack, squeezing my cheeks together the whole way, I found a good place and dropped the bag, followed by my jeans and undies. With all the movement, the turd sucked itself back into me.
Hurrying, I put a towel on a nice, dry old tree laying on the ground and sat gingerly with my butt hanging almost all the way off. Listening for anyone nearby, i heard nothing, so I began to bear down. A HUGE piece of poop started to inch its way back out my bum, and it floomped out onto the ground with a few farts. Next, I felt a wet feeling deep up in my ass, and when i pushed out, craning my head back so i could see what was coming out, i saw my anus doming out. The word that literally came to mind was 'chute,' and i watched in awe as a braided-looking turd slithered out, and I saw the remains of a waxy chunk pop out (all that was left of the Fleet). After that, i felt empty, even though I knew i couldn't be. I got dressed again and went to leave. I got about ten feet before I felt a second wave of poop rumbling out. I plopped my ass down on a stump just in time, as a rush of liquidy poop shot out, and my butt cheeks shook. I moaned a little, and pushed out involuntaril! y. I farted five or six times, and felt my face turn red, but i just couldn't help it. Then i felt the hot sauce burning my tender little asshole (more on the way out than it had on the way in!)
and i grunted as a few chunks plopped out along with the semi-solid poop. Finally, i felt done, and pulled out my personal roll of TP, wiped quite a few times, then left. That's my little ordeal.

Hola mis amigos

Me and Jake have been so busy husban' & wifin' that I haven't had a chance to write.

JANE: Wooo-hoooo girl! What a serious coincedence that that woman's name is Carmen. My name in Spanish means "little Carmen." My mother's name is Carman with an a, which brings the spelling of my name Carmalita. That was a great story of the restroom, and that farting latina. I usually don't fart very often, but when I do, it's long, zipper farts. Wow, and 6 huge banana turds from you? Honey, you are one of the coolest ladies here, that's for sure. I wish it could've been us. I'd love to meet you. You have a very loving heart that I admire so much. Together we could rock that restroom!

First off, muchas holas to my favorito people: PV, RJOGGER AND KATHY, Rizzo, Steve and Louise, Jeff A, Megan and Sarah, Robbie and Annie, Jamie, Austin (where've you been sweetie?) Buzzy, Ring Stretcher, Diane NY, and so many more!

Well, there certainly has been lots of potty fun at our house. Remember the two friends that Tesa brought over, Angie and Nu? They really love it here, and come over a lot. Me and Angie have become fast friends. She is so cool, and makes me laugh a lot. Together we are unstoppable! Jake likes her, and so does Renee and Patsy. Nu is so busy that she dosent' get as much time to come over.
Anyway, Tuesday night Ange was over for dinner. She brought a video of herself taking some serious dumps which Jake really loved. I liked it too I have to admit. So, after the video, we were all pretty hot, and Ange proposed taking a dump for us, one that she'd been holding for awhile. She warned us that it may not be pleasant. Leaving the bathroom door open, she undid her jeans, and slid them and a pair of floral panties down to her creamy white thighs, sat on the seat, and let out a gassy fart. Then, turds began dropping like crazy K-plop-ploop-plop-plop- big fat ones too. Angie's blonde hair was parted to one side, and hung down along the sides of her face. I could see into the toilet water, and a series of logs floating on top of one another. She grunted, squeezed, and puffed gentle breath while one last plopper hit the pile. We all enjoyed watching her wipe her round ass. Looking at me, Angie flushed the toilet, then said "You're turn sweetie."
Renee laughed and said "Oh God, it's a Carmalita dump, everybody get your gas masks on!" Jake just grabbed my butt and I said "Honey, not in front of company." Anyway, I was wearing a black skirt with purple flowers, a baggy fuscia sweater and black cowboy boots. Fluffing the skirt up around my waist, I stretched my black panties down to my brown knees and sat down on the already warmed toilet seat. I could smell Angie's poop still lingering, and felt hers, and everybody else's eyes on me, watching intently. Angie said "I wanna' hear some cracklin' girl." I am a notorious crackler, I always make lots of sloppy exit noise whenever I poop. Not to mention, a wicked smell! "C'mon," Ange started, "Give us some of that lovely latina turd." I grunted a few times, crackled and spliffed, then, by accident, about a gallon of hot piss squirted out. With a fart, a long turd came out slowly, just inching its way along. Rrrnnn.....rrnnnnn...uhhh....uhhh....I strained hard. Man, it was! a big one too. I spread my legs so people could see it come out of me from the front. From behind a silky, black bush came this monster turd, maybe three inches thick just hanging out of me. Renee said "My stomach feels better just looking at that thing!" By this time, fresh Carmalita scent was filling the room. Ucky! Then,
"K-FFFFFLOPP!!" it fell. Then, two more sausages came out, a little more pee to wash them down with, and I was wiping my brown ass that was flaming from such a big turd! After I finished, Renee said she could go, and sat down with her round ???? in front. Poor thing though, she had the shits, and squirted out some wet poo that smelled horrid. She got embarrassed and flushed right away.
Patsy was gone to her class, so she missed out on the festivities. Renee's boobs are getting so big now! It's cool! We're all excited about the baby coming. She's due to arrive on January 18th.
Oh well, hasta luego mis amigos!


Hi again. I was just remembering about how over the summer I came home from college. I was in the forest jogging once and I felt this massive urge to go #2. That could have been because of the big meal I had prior to the jog. So I looked around for a restroom, and there were none in sight. So basically I had too choices. 1: go in my jogging shorts. Not a good idea, since they were so tight. 2: find a good bush...
I spotted one right away. I walked over to it, looked around, and squatted down. Since I didn't see anyone, I thought that it was as good as any place to go. So I dropped my tight shorts, and my red panties, baring my gloriously large posterior to the warm wind. Spreading apart my rotund cheeks, I farted a few times, then grunted softly, pushing. I almost immediately felt something in the pipeline. It felt very large. Heaving a little, turning a little red. But the poop was pretty stationary. It wasn't going anywhere. And worse, I heard some leaves rustling behind me. It turned out to be a teen guy, probably fourteen or fifteen, and African American. I craned my neck around, and I knew he could see me, but he didn't know I could see him. So I decided to put on a show, since he was already watching. With a "MMMMMMMMPPHHHH!" I heaved some more. Still, the fat thing in my hole refused to move. My anus was probably opening, but not quite wide enough to accomodate my insane pac! kage. It was time for some help. I was lucky I had carried my bag with me, for some reason I am very attached to it. But I had some Vaseline in there. I grinned as I thought of something. I called out, "Dude, I know you're in the bushes behind me somewhere. If you're gonna watch, make yourself useful." A few moments later, I heard leaves crunch again, but more slowly. I heard a guy say, "What do you want me to do?" He had a slight British accent. Since I was facing away from him, he didn't see the smile spreading across my face. I just held out the Vaseline. He took it, now closer behind me. But he didn't do anything; I guess he knew what I wanted, but wasn't sure. "Stick it up there," I said nonchalantly. "You don't mind?" he asked. For some reason I didn't mind. So at this point he was probably putting some on his fingers. Then I heard him squat down. I waited, then I felt his finger inside my back passage. In and out, slowly. Then I felt it start to move. "It's coming out, ! he said. "Holy crap." It must have been the size. I felt the turd slide slowly, but surely, out of my Gates of Hades. I reached into my bag again and pulled out some Wet Ones. I just held them out to him. "You might as well finish up," I said, smiling and blushing at the same time. He took the wipes, and started to come closer. At that second, I pushed out a smaller jobbie as a surprise, to see what he would do. "Hey," he said softly, "give me a warning next time." I smiled back at him again, then peed a little on the load I'd just heaved out. I went forward onto my hands, and he wiped my hole cleanly. I pulled up my shorts and looked at my pile. There was a log about five inches across and a foot long! My mouth dropped open. "Pretty big," the dude said, grinning. I just looked over at him and smiled again. "Feel better now?" he asked. "I know I would." I giggled and said, "We should do this again sometime." His eyes got pretty wide, and then he said, "Okay." I held out my han! d. "I'm Alexa." He shook it and said, "I'm Todd. Nice to meet you, Alexa." I said, "Nice to meet you too." I reached into my bag and pulled out a piece of paper. I wrote down my home number and handed it to him. "Call me if you're bored, and I'll put on another show for ya." He said, "I'll definitely do that." Then I said, "Of course you will. With insentive like this," patting my Family Size assets, "who would refuse?"
He smiled at that one, and we went our separate ways. More to come on me and Todd...


When I was about 15 years old I was at a hotel one night down in the lobby. It was late so the only people around were the claening ladies. I suddenly felt the urge to poop. I went into the main hotel bathroom. I went into the first stall. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and sat my butt down on the seat. I farted a few times and then 2-3 logs came out of my tush. I still felt I had some more in me so I continued sitting there. The door then came open. I heard voices and it turned out it was the cleaning ladies. They both walked all the way in. At first I think they did not notice me. Then I heard their tone of voice change. One kind of giggled and the other said "oh,my we're sorry. I did'nt say anything. I still sat there. They then went about their business cleaning around me. As one walked by the stall she kind of stopped and looked through the crack of the stall dooor. I knew she was looking right at me on the toilet. I thought I would have some fun so! I started to grunt and strain loudly. Two more logs came out and splooshed down. I finally wiped my butt and walked out. Thet were still in there. They both looked at me. I washed my hands and left.

I'm interested in movies with audible female fart scenes. Some of the ones I've seen are Detroit Rock City, Tumbleweeds, Zapped, Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid, and Sweetie. Does anyone know of any other movie with AUDIBLE farts by female characters?

Also, it seems that the farting scenes are always found in comedies. Has anyone ever seen a non-comedy in which a female farts?

Yes, that woman was very rude to you. Please go back
to that gym. But next time you have to poop before you go in
the steam room you nee to take a shower. Was it on the door
that you should take a shower before you entered. And I though
most women sat on their towels.
Nothing new with my poops. Just real hard balls
lately. It's getting cold up here in Indiana so it will be
hard to do any outside poops. I once not too long ago did
a huge one out in yard behind the shed,and my mom thought a
animal did it. Hello to everyone!! Women,keep the poop stories
coming, I read them everyday.


Eric in Chicago
Kristy: The quickest way to give yourself a case of the runs is to eat a lot of stuff that contains sugar alcohols (sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, anything ending in "-itol"). They're used as sweeteners in "sugar-free" foods. They act as osmotic laxatives (they're very slow to digest and draw large amounts of water into the colon). BTW, if you're diabetic, "sugar-free" foods sweetened with sugar alcohols don't really raise your blood sugar any less than foods sweetened with sugar, though the rise may be slower; they're not "free foods."

Prune juice contains lots of sorbitol, which accounts for its well-known properties. Drinking a quart of prune juice should give you cramps after about one hour and make you blow mud after about two hours.

You mention "eating lots." It's one thing to give yourself diarrhea just for kicks; it's something else (not good) if you're doing it to purge yourself after binge eating.

Bryian: I've never been able to turn my poop really red; one time I drank two bottles of red food coloring and though it plainly came out in my shit (there were red streaks on the TP), the turd itself was just a dark brown. I think the color is too close to one of the colors that's already present.

To Ben in Iowa: Hey. I haven't posted in a while cause there wasn't anything really interesting to post about. But I've still been lurking and reading the posts. Well I hope you like your new house. I'm looking forward to hearing your stories. Have you pooped at school or had any accidents lately?

To caligula: Hey man, you sound really cool. It's great to see more young dudes on this forum. btw, I'm 13. The thing that you and your buddies do in your cellar sounds like a lot of fun... I wish my friends would do that with me, that would be awesome! Hope to hear more from you soon. Later.

Future Rock Star
Hiya!! This is not my first post, but since I mentioned nothing about who I was on my first post, I'm gonna add it on this. I'm 15, a girl, and from the Southern East Coast. I have a band which I am the guitarist in, called ??????????????. We just formed a week ago, so we don't have much going yet. I have blonde hair, blue-green eyes, 5'5", 125 lbs, and toned. Alright, that is enough about me. This is the TOILET forum, not the about me forum.
Moving on...

GUESS WHAT EVERYONE!!! Two days ago, I drank some Metamucil, and drank another glass yesterday. This morning, I finally felt a big urge to shit and I could hardly wait!! So, I went inside the bathroom, shut the door, pulled down my pants, and sat. Pretty soon, some noisy poop just slid out! It was a great feeling, as I have been constipated for about a week now, and even when I am not constipated, my poops have never been THIS great!!
The feeling was not the only marvelous thing about my poop this morning, the other great thing is that it was BIG!! And I NEVER do big poops!! Altogether, I pooped around five poops, all around five inches long. That makes a total of 25 inches! Now I know to take metamucil every day =)

I have one more question: Does anybody know any movies with MALE poop scenes?

Here are some comments:

Kristy - If you want easy diarreah, overdose on a laxative. Metamucil probably don't produce it for you, so try it with Milk of Magnesia. Drink a LARGE amount of Milk of Magnesia, and you should have diarreah. I hope that helps some.

Public Showers - Occassionally, I pee in the shower. Before I take a shower, I always pee in the toilet, but if a little pee is still left in me during a shower, I pee there.

Mindy - Pooping and then sex sounds AWESOME to me!! That reminds me, I wish I could find a guy who is as aroused by the bodily functions as I am. All the guys I have been with have never brought up that subject. I don't know anybody who would want to poop(or even pee for that matter) in front of me and then have me poop(or pee) in front of them. I didn't even know anybody shared my thoughts on such matters until I discovered this website.

JC - I saw that episode. Poop happens quite often on that show, so keep your eye open!!

Travelling Guy - So true! For instance, a few minutes ago, they were running commercials on TV. One commercial for Immodium ID came on, and they said "relieves your diarreah" or something close to that. I don't know why people got on the diaper commercial about saying "B.M." As some other posters on here stated, what is America's problem? Bodily functions should NOT be a controversial issue, we ALL poop.

Russ - LOL!! I got a kick out of "Yes, sir, I like nude and clean anus also". That must have been quite embarrassing.

caligula - sounds like Stacy is really turned on by bodily functions!! It seems like you and your friends are, so why doesn't she just admit? I'd admit if I knew the people around me were as turned on by these things as I am.

I will say more next time =)

Hi!My nama is Alica and today I was with my boy at me.So here now I get this f?????g farts.And I donīt want to let it out.So I go on toilet and I was silent fart.There I come to my boy and I farted again but soo loudly.And the shit I let out also.

This post is in reply to the post by "Future Rock Star". To make your poops come out easier, you should eat more fiber. Whole wheat cerial contains lots of fiber. Fruits and vegetables will help too. Also drink lots of water. Also, I have found that when I eat lots of peanuts or popcorn, my turds are large. All of these things help to increase the size of your turds and help them come out easier.

To Ben in Iowa: Cool new bathroom...sounds like fun trying to peak!

To caligula: I liked that story

To CC: I liked both of your stories about your huge log and the one about your friend shitting while your talking to him, that must be cool

To Plunging Plop Guy: I liked your story about your friend pooping in public and that other guy seemed really excited. cool

gotta run, time to go to work

Has anyone had someone else bend over for you to see the poop coming out?

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all: First of all to Annie;Sorry to hear about Robby. With Gods speed Im sure he will be back in good health. Welcome to Jessica. Kristy eating bran will make you go. Branflakes or bran muffins. Laxitives are to harsh in my opinion.

My story for today deals with a baseball game. This happened when I was 11 years old. Two friends of mine played baseball on a little league team. Charlie pitched and his brother Rick played catched. So one day I went and saw one of thier games. We all piled into thier moms car and went to the game.

We got there and Charlie and Rick went out on the field and thier mom,myself and thier sister Patty sat in the stands. Before the game started Patty wanted to go to the snack stand and get something to drink and eat. Her mom gave her some money and the two of us walked over to get our stuff. Patty was 9 years old. We got back to our seats and the game started.

Three innings had now been played and Charlie was pitching a great game. His team had the lead 4-0. His brother Rick had hit adouble the last time up. Patty and I talked while we watched the game. She was kind of squirming around a bit at this point. I asked her if she was ok. She told me she had to pee real bad but did not know where they were. I told her I would help her look.

We got up and went over by the snack shack. there was no bathrooms there. I asked someone there where the bathrooms were located. There was none! They were planning to build them but had not started them yet. I told Patty. She said ok well just have to find a spot. I suggested over by the car. Good idea. Lets go.

We quickly walked over to the car. Patty went to the front and told me to stand to the open side and stand so I would block her from being seen.You have seen me go before so you can watch. Thats true Ive seen her go many times. I have known the family for a long time. She quickly pulled down her blue shorts downto her ankles. She did not get down to squat as her pee shot out from her vagina. Her stream was narrow but quite hard. There was enough force that it shot well over her shorts and hit the ground three feet in front of her. She stayed that way because if she squated her stream would change direction and she might get her shorts wet.

She peed that way foor a good 45 seconds. then she stoped it quickly. She then squated and started peeing some more. The ground was very hard from not having rain for quite awhile. So there was a large pee puddle from the first time. She made a second one from the second burst of pee. She finished and pulled her shorts back up. She thanked me for standing guard. I thanked her back and we went back over to watch the game. Thats it for now but there is more to tell that happened later.

I always found it interesting the way guys feet would move while taking a crap. I saw this good looking, 20ish guy go into a stall, so of course, I went into the adjacent one. He dropped his jeans all the way to the floor and then pulled his grey briefs down. Hanes, I think. He immediately got on his toes, slowly inching them up higher and higher, until I heard a plop. He seemed to rest a second and then started inching them higher and higher again until I heard a second plop. He did that a few times, until he finished. He pulled paper off the roll and when he started to wipe, it looked like he spread his knees wide and had only the outside edge of his shoes touching the ground. He must have been wiping from the front. Every wipe made him spread his knees each time. Then he stood up and faced the dispenser and wiped from behind. He lifted the heel of his right foot each time he wiped. It was pretty cool to watch. Then he pulled up his underwear, making a snap as the waistband ! hit his waist, and pulled up his jeans.

hey,cool pic on the masthead of what looks like a rather tallish woman who just got done doing her morning load-looks like somehting is in the bowl,but can't really see it too well-she looks relieved or waiting for more to come-
Had a nice dump this a.m after having a big ceasar salad last nite-i had been up for about 20 mins and had some OJ and felt some cramps and some stuff moving down my decending colon,so I went to the bowl and decided to get my trusty mirror to go the scenic route,so i put the mirror in the front of the bowl and positioned it so that when I sat on the bowl spread legged with my cheeks spread,i had a clear view of my anus and then I waited for the urge to get stronger-as I sat there,i let out a few hissing farts and then I looked and I could see my anus start to dome out and open up and I decided to just relax and not push and the turd started to come out and right away I could see bits of lettuce and stuff in the poop as it slowly pushed out my anus even more and it felt great-there's something really nice about holding back a big BM and I watched this turd grow as it exited my swollen anus and it get to be about 8-10 in long and still coming out and then part of it fell int! o the bowl and then the rest of it came out with a splash,as i looked in the bowl and saw 2 5-7- in sausages in the bowl and I looked back and saw my anus was still domed and looked kinda wide open as I kept it open as I waited for another urge-I haden't done the mirror thing in quite a bit and it is fun to do once in awhile-i really enjoy seeing myself poo like this-it's kinda cool to see a good,long turd come out looking at the mirror and it's a turn-on in a way-.I have a hairless anus that really domes out when I poop,so wiping is pretty easy most of the time.then afetr about 5 mins I had to go some more and I looked at my open anus as i let out another hissing fart and then all this soft stuff started coming out with large bits of lettuce and some tomato skins along with it-this time i pushed a bit and my anus opened up and all this pudding came out with farts in between-it was great as i looked in the bowl to see a pile of pudding in the middle of the bowl and I got anoth! er cramp and the real long squgglie snaked out and in the middle of it out came this squeaky sounding fart and sounded like "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppp'and the squgglie fell into the bowl followed by this really big piece of lettuce and mucus that I really had to push to get out as my anus swelled to what looked like a big anthill.then It finally fell out and I let out 2 wet farts as I could see I was done cause My anus was now looking normal and closed,but it was an easy wipe,but it was a load in the bowl of all kinds of stuff and a lot of lettuce leaves and tomato skins and pudding poop-Ceasar salad really make me go,i'll tell you,what a relief that was-that was a fun BM-you guys should try the mirror thing-(esp the ladies)-it's really fun to see yourself poop(At least for me-different strokes for -well you know)Hope you all enjoyed it-More stuff all- BYE

Joe B.
Future Rock Star

I find that taking the maximum recommended dosage of Metamucial for several days results in wonderfully huge poops. Enjoy.

Hey, everyone:

Mindy, I enjoy your post, immensely. You hit the nail right on the head, when you described pooping, as "intimate". As a matter of fact, I believe, as do most of the people on this board, probably, that that is the most-intimate thing that a person can do. It is far more-intimate, than sex. As me and my wife know-well. It is exceptionally more-rewarding, when you have someone who can share it w/ you, and is willing to! Brian is one lucky-man! I have often heard that animals' (just-mammals'?) scent-glands are located in the anal-region. That that is where the naturally-occurring "pheremones" are. Do any of you suppose that that is where our infatuation w/ this subject comes from? The fact that the person (usually, of the opposite-sex, or the same, if you are homo), is, actually, using the part of their body, where the scent-glands are located? Do you think why a lot of us like to smell the crap of the person dumping, if we are attracted/turned on by them, i! s because, in addition to the smell of the poop, are the hidden-smells (or not so hidden?) smells of the pheremones? Just a thought. Would love to know if this has a leg to stand on, from any of you who would be more-familiar w/ this subject, than me. Also, Mindy, can you give us a physical-description of yourself? I.E.: Blonde/Brunette, short/tall, long/short-hair, etc.

Awaiting any replies from any of you who care to do-so,


Amy, your posts are always the greatest! Tell me, why do you take off your bottom half of clothes all the way? Is it too confining for you to have them around your knees?

Nice picture on the masthead this morning (Thursday). She looks like a very confident, sophisticated lady who, judgung by the way she's sat, has either just enjoyed or is about to enjoy a good wee wee.

Kristy. If you're bunged up, what you need is a gentle laxative, not something that is likely to give you the runs. Figs and dates are ideal and so is fresh fruit. That's what I'd advise.

Public Shower. I've never done it myself but I suspect some people wee in the shower because it saves water and time - particularly if time is at a premium. To be honest I don't think your experience is necessarily a comment on the state of the toilets available unless there was something fairly obvious wrong with them.

Annie. I'm so sorry to hear of Robby's illness. No doubt it must be a very worrying time for you both, particularly if he has a history of heart problems. It sounds to me as though it's as well you were there for him at the time. I hope he's soon better and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Give Robby my best wishes when you next see him. Thanks for the information about your motions. Clearly now is not an appropriate time as you have other things to occupy your mind, but it would be good to hear sometime of any specific ones that have been particularly memorable for you.

Tony of Scotland. Hi! It's great to see you back. I enjoyed your posting. It sounds as though you've certainly had some interesting experiences. Give my regards to Theresa.

Best wishes,


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