Meghan and Sarah S
Hi all,
Sarah and I just got in from visiting Dad in the hospital. He is weak and in pain but he still got a laugh out of us. We needed a lot of tissue, though. Sarah has a short story. Sarah- Meghan had just left and I was in such a bad mood. I was so nervous. I was worried about Dad. Well, I ordered a pizza(bad idea) and ate all of it(comfort food). Early this morning the diarrhea hit. I ran and got there just in time. Wave after wave came out of my butt. I let out enough gas to fill a car. It was horrible. I wished I was with Dad, Annie, and Meghan. I called out to mother to help me. Finally after a half hour the diarrhea let up. I wiped and wiped. My butt was SOOOOOO sore. I waddled back to the bed. This happened once more before it was all gone. I took some medicine and drove to my Dad's place. I looked like death warmed over when I appeared at the hospital. Dad whispered;"Did you eat pizza again"? HE knew. I told Meghan I am off pizza. I think that the combination of the piz! za and my nervous stomach did me in. It was awful!!.

KENDAL: Hi dear cousin!!! Meghan- it would be such a hoot to have a trumping contest with Andrew!! We have seen all of the movies you listed there and we remember the scenes. It must have been awesome to see Rachel take a dump(poo). Was she embarrassed? I was somewhat embarrassed when Annie had to help me this morning. I am trying to get over it. Sarah- both of us really enjoyed the sitting on the knees story. Meghan is 5'8" and I'm 5'5". I think we will try it tonight or tomorrow morning. We will tell you the whole story. You both are so loving and caring to each other. I bet you were a great "look out" for Andrew when he was watching Charlotte on the toilet. Wish we could have been there! Annie is calling us so take care LOTS OF LOVEXXXXXX and A HUGE HUG!!! Cousins Sarah S and Meghan

ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID): We are back! How is our manly cousin? Sarah S- We don't know how to do the knees. As Kendal described it she sits on your knees and both of you pee in the toilet. You obviously have your legs open. Do you? I know I sound awfully stupid but we want to do it the right way. Meghan is the largest. (She just whacked me). I mean the tallest! We will try it this evening because we usually have to pee close together. Don't know why that is. We will give you the whole story. Charlotte must be a pretty girl. How old is she? It was nice to have a great "look out" like Kendal was. We are slowly becoming bolder in our toilet activities. We might let a male that we trusted watch us but it hasn't happened yet. Don't worry about the Honda panties. We may try to find something that would meet with your approval. (blush, blush blush)! Take care and good luck in your studies. Lots of Love and many XXXXXXX. Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: We hope you and your wife are doing ok. Has your son left, yet? Hope you had fun. We miss your advice and your caring nature. Love, Sarah S and Meghan.

JANE: That was a BIG dump!!! Sarah has had many of those. Glad you had your friends with you. Was the dress too short for church,LOL? Love, Sarah S and Meghan.

Kristy: Sarah- Take it from me! There is no such thing as easy diarrhea. I hope you can find a way. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

ALTHEA: Thanks for your reply. Yes, we have a good time in the toilet between us. We are just coming into the idea of letting other people share our experiences. Enjoyed your story! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

TODD AND DIANA: Meghan- I should have had a good book in the toilet this morning. I was soooo backed up. Annie came in and helped me. I will take your advice from now on. Good luck on your planning the wedding. Take care, you two! Meghan and Sarah S.

ERIN: We are really glad to see you posting again. Please keep trying. We know how you feel. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi! Annie and Dad sometimes get forgetful,LOL!!
We always enjoy your stories. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

AMY(CO-ED) Great story!!! Hope you post often. We are in college, too!! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

EPHERMAL: How have you been doing? Are your studies going well? Post when you get a break. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

Special hellos: PV, Carmalita and Jake, Jeff A, DianeNY, Rachel E, LindaGS-please write, David and Niki, Tim, Kate, Jamie Lynn, Mina, Mindy, Mandy, Rjogger and Kathy-miss ya, Linda14yrs, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you are ok, and all of our other friends. Welcome to the new posters. We have to scoot! Sorry this has been so long. Sarah S and Meghan

Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,
Annie, We are really sorry to hear about Robby. Our prayers are with you always, if we can do anything for you, you name it okay. Lots of Love, Todd & Diana

Yesterday I found out that one of my co-workers who is a fairly attractive female told me that she is a bathroom reader. She also told me she hates it when she gets into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and forgets her magazine. My heart goes out to her. Diana is getting really serious about having a baby now, so I think were are going to try making a baby tonight and we'll see what happens. Opinions please! I also think that Diana is over her thing about the porta-potty. Again nothing new has happened to us lately, except for this baby thing. Well I am feeling the need to take a huge dump now so maybe this will be a good story for tomorrow. Now I need to find a magazine, damn I can't find one, I'll take one of Diana's. Well we will talk to you later, bye.

Any more bathroom readers out there? New posters does this apply to you? PLEASE let us know okay!
Lots of Love,
Todd & Diana

TO AMY-Sounds like you had a very enjoyable poop in the ladies room-nice story-more stuff
Nice pic on the masthead of a pretty blond-redhead? sitting spread legged on the bowl-nice heels too!
Had an unexpected fun dump at the gym this a.m.I had been there awhile and was doing my routines and I felt like I had to poop,but it wasn't too urgent,so i continued to work out and let it build up for a bit and I was talking to this guy I talk to a lot of time there when we were both on the treadmills and he said" Man, all this running is making my stomach go nuts"At this point i was already off the machine and i said " Are you OK?"and he said"Oh yeah,this running is making me have to get to the bathroom and I wanted to run another 10 mins,but i'll never make it" I said"i was just on my way down there myself the same thing happens to me too when i use the cardio-machines"He got off the machine and we both headed for the toilets-now I buddy pooped with this same guy here at the gym awhile ago and I talk to this guy all the time-he's a regular type guy about my age-So we went to the stalls and took ones right next to each other-I had to go pretty good,but i think he had t! o go pretty bad cause as we are in the stalls cleaning the bowls.he says"Man i gotta go,hope I don't kill you with the fallout" and we both laughed and he went to sit on the bowl as I was finishing up cleaning mine and as soon as he sat I heard the starting of crackling that seemed to go on forever-sounded like a serious rope of poop was coming out as he grunted loudly in relief saying "Oh man" and I sat on the bowl and let out a tight fart and just relaxed and I didn't poop yet as i just let eht urge build up as I listened to this guy poop away.then I heard this guy finish up the rope of poop with a wet fart and he said" sorry about that" I said "hey we should sample this and play it over the P A" and we both laughed.It was just the 2 of us in the bathroom which was kinda surprising cause uauslly at this time of day,it's pretty busy.Then I felt like I finally had to poop and pushed and let out another fart and did a nice rope of poop myself that crackled loudy into the bowl a! nd he said" hey sounds like you had to go pretty good too"and then I heard him let out another fart and then he grunted a bit and then exploded with what sounded like a lot of loose stuff at about the same time my dump got softer and I too exploded with loose poop too,but not nearly as much as he did as i thought how much fun this was as we were both pooing some good stuff at the same time and he said" boy, we're doing some serious dumping here" as he flushed and said" curtesy flush-i don't want to stink you out" and I flushed and said"Good idea'as we flushed at about the same time and then as the water in his stall filled up the bowl he farted again and did some more watery poop.I was done and started to wipe as he just sat there for awhile and I said" well.i'm done and I'm going back upstairs" and he said"I'm not sure i'm done yet,but i'll see you back on the treadmills'and as i'm getting dressed he farts again and poops some more and as i'm headed upstairs i hear him start ! to clean up.That was fun as we both pooped away-I think he enjoyed it too and I went to finish up my routines and the went to shower-it wasn't one of my better dumps but it sure sounded like it was one of his better ones and when i saw him back upstairs he said " you know it's a little less inhibiting when you can dump along with another guy esp cause i'm so noisy when i go'i said " i go here all the time and i agree with you too on that point' So I think he enjoyed the moment too-fun stuff one of the many reasons i enjoy a good gym dump! Later-BYE

Mike - Yeah I saw Graham Norton with the woman who took the 5 O'Clock dump in the disabled toilet... Some time last year he asked if anything embarrasing had happened when at a friends house and an attractive black woman kept standing.

Her story was when she was 8 years old, she took a dump at a friends house that was so big it wouldn't flush and the family spent ages trying to flush and plunge it but it wouldn't go because it was so big so in the end this 8 y/o girl had to pull it out in a plastic bag and put it in the bin!

Lemme know if u find any more information on the C4 website?



I used to think that I was alone in having accidents at my age - I am 23 years old. I have cone through all my teens having two or three wet or messy accidents a year and my brother has as well. It has never been something our parents have shouted at us for. I quite enjoy the feel of warm pee running into my underpants and sometimes if it is a good semi stiff and sticky poop I like that as well. It is good to know that it is ok to admit it. My family run a very high class gentlemens outfitting firm. We are long established and have a very well to doo customer base. We also fit out a lot of company men who need the best and who get sent to us by their firms. My brother and I are heading to take over the business and I work in our shop - appointments only - and we measure for suits, jackets and trousers ans shirts. We also stock socks - ties underwear and accessories. For the measuring my father trained me to get men to take their trousers off so that the measurements ! can be really accurate and that is what I shall deal with today.

I have all my own clients - Because of my age I deal mostly with the under 30 age group. We have mostly European and American clients. I notice that my clients are split roughly 70% wear briefs and the rest boxers. It is rare for briefs to be anything other than white and boxers are about 50% white and the rest coloured and patterned. The white boxers tend to be Lycra. The split between those who wear their underpants over their shirts and those who do not is about 50/50.

I am always surprised how many of them have stained pants and this always makes me feel better. The early morning appointments nearly always have clean pants but as the day goes on they get more stained. Most commonly it is wet stains - and some of them are wet! Some of the customers drop their trousers and their is an immediate smell of pee in the air. I think an awful lot of businessmen must spend their meetings doing discreet squirts in their briefs. The brown stains are usually clearly where men scratch their bottoms and the pants stain - some have these stains all over the backs of their pants. Some are obviously bad wipers and I have had one customer come in who had obviously pooped his boxers earlier because their was a huge thick mark in the crutch and and a slide mark down one of the legs. The ones who tuck their shirts in must have the stains on the shirt tails and I cannot get to see them unless measuring for a shirt when I ask them to take their shirts o! ff and they just stand in their underpants. I never have any trouble in pursuading men to take clothes off and I think there are some who very much enjoy being measured by a young man who, although I say it myself is quite a good looker!

That is all for this posting - I hope there is nothing the moderator will not like and I will talk some more about my job and my own poops another day. All you with good wet and messy stories keep them coming.

Sorry about posting about myself, Carrie and Sara and our fit of temporary insanity the other day. Ever since we donned schoolgirl outfits for Halloween we've been as giddy as schoolgirls.

Annie: I'm very sorry to hear about Robby. I sincerely hope he pulls through. Gary and I will keep him in our prayers, as well as you, Sarah and Meghan. Hang in there, guys.

Amy (Co-ed): Another great story of pooping in the dorms. It brings back some memories about my own experiences when I lived in the dorms for the first two years of my undergraduate college years.

Mark: Thanks for liking my stories. I don't have massive poops as often as you might think. I guess because I've chronicled them in this forum over the last few years, it might seem I poop like that all the time. As I have said quite a few times before, I've had my share of major pooping sessions during the last two years of high school and throughout my undergraduate college years. After graduating, my major poops dwindled in frequency for a while, during which I got my Master's and got married to Gary. It's been over the past year that my pooping habits became more interesting and was approaching the frequency experienced during my college years. This time it seems I would experience a "cleansing" cycle every month or so. Right now I'm winding down my latest "cleansing" cycle. I was a junk food junkie during my school days but eat more carefully now, occasionally going on a high fiber diet. But now and then I will still indulge in junk food. The problem is that! foods or combinations of foods have different effects on my system. I'm 5-7 and weigh 128 lbs, in case you were wondering and in case Buzzy forgot. I weighed 10-15 lbs more during college. By the way, I'm glad your friends were good-natured about you tacking on your dump to the end of their wedding tape.

Kendal: That picture appeared sometime over the weekend, so I don't think anyone will remember it. Yes, it is hard to comment on masthead pictures here since they change daily, but it's much better than a couple of years ago, where we would see the same girl for months at a time. I do like reading your stories and Andrew's, too.

Quick hellos also to Althea, Buzzy, Jeff A, Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Kim & Scott, Carmalita, Jake, Renee & Patsy, Mindy, Ephermal, Ring Stretcher, and everyone else I may have missed.

Caligula - that's soo cool u and ur boy's crap ur pants infront of eachother PLEASE post more story's. I have two friends that i do that with and sometimes we buddy dump in the wood's!!! it's soo cool. I'm 14 as my friend matt is and justin's 13. hey Caligula E-mail

Matt -How old are you???? PLEASE post more story's....poop in your pants latley???..anymore stories about u and anthony pooping????

Here's what happend today after school. justin, matt and I went to wall mart witch is right near my house to check out some video games before we wemt to my house, cuz my mom wouldn't be home till later and we could crap our pants and clean up.Well we were in the video game section of wall mart and justin rip's one...loud and stinky!!!! we all crack up and he say he's gotta take a dump. we dared him to fill his pants right there, well just then 3 11 or 12yo's come into the isle were in just as justin farts and start's crappin his pants u could here crackling sound and here him grunt. those kid's start crackin up one's say's look u can see his jeans buldgeing. they put there shirt over there noses crackin up and walked away. matt smacked justin's ass squishin his mess and we all just start laughin.well i had to poop and matt said he did to so we decided to do it right there. it was soo awesum to just stand there in the store and fill our pants!!!!! We went to the snack bar! and sat down it was soo cool i could feel the warm poop smashin in my pants as i sat it felt soo awesum i could telll justin and matt were enjoyin it too by the expressions on there face's as they sat. we got up and went back to my house ot my basement to play some video games we all pulled ur pants down to see how had the biggest loadin there undies...justin won that time. we pulled up our jeans and sat playin video gaems for bout an hour then justin and matt went home to clean up and i did too. today was the most exciteing time i had poopin with my boy's soo far.

Hi: I like this forum a lot, and the subject matter is of interest to me also,I always had a interest in bathroom habits and using the toilet for some time. I wanted to post what happened this morning as I was getting ready to go to work this morning. I usually have a BM the first thing in the morning which I feel is from my lunch or dinner from the day before. So as I do not wear clothes to bed, I just went and sat on the toilet and had the urge to move my bowels. So I did bear down a little on my anus and soon I dropped some feces in the toilet, and for some reason still had the urge to drop somemore,so I was bearing down but it would not drop out, So since I had my shower going I got a bed pan I have and got in the shower filled the bed pan with water and bent over it, I soaped up my finger and inserted in my anus,my finger felt the feces in my rectum,so I had to bear down again a little bit,and I took my finger and eased the piece out of my rectum and anus into the bed pa! n,there were a couple other peieces I felt with my finger and also dropped them in to the pan, I massaged my prostate some to which made me feel good also. So I withdrew my finger and washed and soaped them up, and then I had to pee also,so I aimed my penis for the bed pan and also peed while in the shower. Then I dumped the bed pan in the toilet and flushed it all down. My rectum felt good and my ass was clean so I felt better then. I have done this before if I have a heavy solid BM and unable to get all the feces out of my rectum. I also pee in the shower frequently as the water makes my penis feel I need to pee and it feels pretty good to. Hope the group enjoys this posting and I will post another one soon also. take care and good BM's to everyone. Russ.

HI: Just wanted to write another experience I had as far as having a BM and using the toilet. Some times at work I get a feeling I need to have a BM or it is gas and I need to fart. The other day I was working and got this urge to have a BM and I tried to bear down a little bit and I felt like I was having a BM almost. So I closed the door quick, took my pants and underpants down quick and I had a mirror at work I used and looked at my ass and anus, I saw a small piece of feces exiting from my anus, so I had a cardboard box I covered with newspaper and I took my pants and underpants off and squatted over the box, I had to bear down a little and the feces exited from my anus into the box,(it was rather long piece of feces but solid too) after I had the BM i had to pee, so I peed in a jar I had which I stuck at the tip of my large penis and then peed. I got some paper towels and wiped my anus well but not much to show on the paper,wet somemore towels and wiped my anus again and ! it was pretty clean, just to make sure I stuck a finger in my rectum but there was no shit or feces in my rectum. So I got dressed again and covered the box and jar, and took them to the dumpster and threw the box in their and the jar. I hope this does not happen again it was a real experience for me but it did happen and I could not wait to get to a bathroom, the feces was already exiting from my rectum,so I had to get rid of it fast. Hope you enjoy this posting and will write more later. Have a good BM and be clean also. Russ.

Hi i just thought i would send in a post after reading so many good ones on here. I am 14 male living in the Uk, I don't regulary poop or pee my pants but i do on occassions, but i almost always have skidmarks in my pants and the occasional wet patch on the front of my jeans.
Recently I was at school queing for dinner with my mates and I knew i needed to use the bathroom for both a pee and poop but my mates were in a hurry to get to dinner before the que go to long so we went straight there, as we were waiting i farted a few times and i knew i had to go soon but i was almost at the front of the que, i had to pinch my self a few times as well so i didn't pee although i was in my black school trousers so it wouldn't show hardly at all, i was doing fine until i had my lunch and was carrying it over to pay and so had no hands free, jsut then i spurted some pee into my pants and i couldn't stop it as i had my hands full, it felt quite wet but i managed to get control again, but my pee had made me start to poo and as i was paying for my lunch i was pooing in my pants, i did manage to stop but a big bit broke off into my pants and my trousers were a bit tight so i was worried that somebody would see a lump in my pants as well as smell it. Anyway i sa! t down and ate my lunch and then dashed off to the toilet to finish off, the poo was pretty much stuck to my pants so i couldn't do much about that so i had to leave it there for the rest of the day and let my pants dry out, My first lesson after lunch the teacher asked me to stay behind afterwards and she asked me if i was ok, apparently she could smell somting odd and though that perhaps it was comming from me, I said i was ok and she said that she could call my mum to come and pick me up if i wanted so she must have suspected i had done it very strongly, but i said no i was fine so she let me go. I managed to get through the rest of the day pretty much ok except from a few comments from my friends.

Hello friends!

Another awful plane crash in NY. My thoughts are with those who have lost friends and family members.
Otherwise I have had very little time for this site, because the company I work for is closing down operations, which means that my fortunes are changing for the more difficult, financially.

TIM, you see, I only wanted to give you an argument in your favour, for you or your wife to use when talking to your mother in law, when I called your mishap - your grand shit outside in front of your wife and children - a result of a medical condition. Little did I know how true it turned out to be. I do sincerely hope that what was found can be treated with good results. I know how you feel, I have had the opportunity to experience similar emotions. I also think that you should try to come to terms with your mother in law. She will probably be feeling sorry for her attitude and be worrying too, but older people can be rather inflexible and afraid to take the first step. But who am I to criticise the older generation? I’m well into my fifties! Take care, love to you from Rizzo.

Dear SARAH S. and MEGHAN, the story of the two of you in the bathroom when Annie came in, leaving you in tears and laughing at the same time, was quite unique! It seems that the visits to this site are taking effect by relieving stress and bonding your family together. According to Annie your family concert must have been very moving. It made me wonder if Robby’s check up really did not turn out to be a cause for worry. Take care you two and love from Rizzo.
PS. I wrote the above before I knew about your dad’s condition. I sincerely hope he recovers soon.

Dear ANNIE and dear ROBBY, so you love the sea. Annie, it is a pity you may have to sell your boat, but I see that you cannot just leave it in storage for ever, even if there are memories of - was it Robby?- falling off the loo pan in a lumpy sea! As far as I know, Lawn Dogs Kid has not yet had the opportunity of going for a sail in a small boat, not yet tried to poo with the toilet bowl angled at some twenty degrees from the horizontal and moving jerkily up and down at the same time! Sailing is not all pleasure, as we know. What is a pleasure for me can be pure hell for others, puking their guts out and wishing they could die! That is why I invite friends for a quiet sail in protected waters first, away from the open sea, to avoid possible discomfort. Even so the boat-potty issue supplies amusing material for stories. Take care you two, especially Robby, and love from Rizzo, and thanks for wishing my wife well!

PV dear, 15 planned wees for your beach excursion! Wow! And a poo! You will need somebody to help you carry the refills, er, I mean the drinks! Plenty of water, and a thermos with good coffee to keep your kidneys in top gear! What an adventure! Hugs to you from Rizzo!

KENDAL, dear niece, I have just scrapped the message I had written to you, because your post answered all my questions about your stay in your old home. I needn't have worried. I laughed at Charlotte’s poo with Andrew peeping, when her dad drove you back home! I just hope that you keep on your toes and not let yourselves get caught! About your trumps: I have always used the term fart, but my language is sort of slightly east of Mid-Atlantic anyway. The word “trump” lets me imagine a sound like the one emitted by a frightened elephant, a dissonant shriek! Last weekend my wife made whole-meal bread in her bread baking machine. We had it fresh and still warm for supper with a “cup-a-soup”, French leek! A true fart-o-genetic combination! I think that later in the evening I almost broke my own record in farting. It was awsome. After every third breath or so, I could let out a boomer. My wife laughed at me until she too started to do the same! So we had a fart contest! Holding! them in for, lets say, 15 minutes, gave stupendous results. She blew a fart on a rising note, glissando, right through an octave!! Our peals of laughter released another barrage from my bum. Lying down in bed provoked a further set of trumps due to the change of position for our gurgling insides. To be able to fall asleep eventually, I had to relax my bottom holding muscles to produce silent hissers. Good thing there were no solids to interfere! So much for today, I know how Andrew feels, having a post pulled after all the effort. This site is not ideal for non-toilety communications. So, my dear, thanks for your elaborate film critics concerning toilet scenes! A big hug to you, scratchy this time without any doubt, from your Uncle Rizzo.

MARK, I had a really good laugh reading your story of filming yourself on the toilet and using the same tape that you had used for a wedding. And then forgetting about it and giving the tape to the newly weds to see!!

ERIN, cheers to you for managing to use the school bathrooms for a number two!!!

Keep healthy everybody, Rizzo

As if the people of America, especially those in New York, had not suffered enough, the last thing needed was another air crash. I'd just like to say that from me and on behalf of my fiancee, Louise, that our thoughts are with you all at this time.

To Robby, Annie, and family,
Yet again one our regular posters and friends has been unfortunate enough to suffer a medical emergency. I'm very glad to read that Robby is, as you put it, alert and talking. That is a very good sign, and I hope very much that he makes a speedy recovery.

To Julie,
Are you still out there? Perhaps you have pulled again, I don't know! Anyway, if you have time to read it, there is a story below that you will probably enjoy. Hopefully I will have time to write again soon. In the meantime, keep wearing your nice clothes for me, and as always I will be there in spirit with you when you go for a wee.
Take care, sweetheart. From your toilet guard, Steve.

To PV,
I believe Louise might have aready said I don't really remember the show 'Nearest and Dearest'. It was definitely before my time - I have a feeling that you may see British television some years after they are broadcast at home. I understand the Aussie daytime soaps are approximately 2 years behind in Britain. I can't really say I have seen much in the way of scenes you've described, with the dog squirting a stream through the window etc. I'm sure it must have been worth a laugh though. I do remember the animal programme Louise mentioned - I think it was perhaps a baboon swinging on a large vehicle tyre hanging by a rope from a tree branch. I have to wonder whether my resident pee-queen would be able to outperform the said monkey for distance. From what I recall, there was a huge arc! On the same programme, I remember there was footage of more than one chimpanzee just sitting on the ground quite happily. Then suddenly, whoosh! A great arc (fountain?) of urine sprang from o! ne of them. He did look quite proud of his performance!
I do have time to write up another little experiment Louise and her mother tried in spain. Read below, you may like it, though whether you would want to try this yourself is another matter!
Take care until we speak next, and have a hug from me.

To Jeff A,
Thanks for your kind words, Jeff, Louise and I do very much appreciate them. We have a very high regard for you too. I think Louise has melted your heart, hasn't she? Ha ha, I can't blame you for that. I know how she enjoys writing to you, and though a little exercise may be good for your heart generally, let me know if her toilet stories need toning down a little. Her stories have been enough to raise my own blood pressure! She has a beautiful bum to match the rest of her, and I can understand how you see her episode of diarrhoea as particularly noteworthy. As far as I can recall, Louise is the only girl I have actually witnessed having diarrhoea, and just as it is delightful to see her produce a substantial log, or a rapid fire series of pebbles, there is a certain charm to the loose stuff. Not that I would ever wish to see her in discomfort, but when we discussed it some time later, I commented that even in such an act she still looked stunning. Her response was somethi! ng like, "How can I look nice when I'm such a shitty mess?", but I assured her that she did still look gorgeous. So eventually she did see that on a rare occasion, I might like to see her in all her glory.
All my Best Wishes for your health, and I hope we can speak again soon! Cheers!

To finish tonight's post, this is another short tale from Spain. As usual, it involves Louise and her mother, and it is about how they both experimented with urination while they lay flat on their backs.
It started when we were sunbathing. Louise commented that she wanted a wee, and that made me pay attention. I looked at her, and she lay on her back, spreading her legs and bending them at the knees a little. Her mother and I figured out what she was about to attempt when her hand reached down to her genitals, the fingers in the inverted V to direct a urine stream. Well, Louise's mother suggested she waited until she too needed to go. Smirking conspiratorially, Louise agreed, and with a chuckle she shut her eyes again and brought her legs together.
Some time later, both women needed to urinate, and in order to have the best view, I stood by their feet. Looking down, Louise was on my left with her mother to the right. They both spread their legs apart and bent them at the knees to raise and fully expose their genitals. Aiming with their hands, there was a countdown.
"5...4...3...2..1..GO!", said Louise.
Louise, with her mother a second or two behind, then made a very good imitation of a pair of geysers. Two hot yellow fountains of urine gushed steeply skywards, and as gravity always wins, they did not achieve great distances from the ground, but they were reaching the sand either side of the spot I was standing on.
When they were finished, I carefully wiped them both with a towel. It is probably not a good idea to urinate in that fashion on a regular basis, as there is obviously more chance of urine getting into the entrance of the vagina with subsequent infection risks etc. Just for once, there was no harm, and it did give them something to giggle at.

Hopefully I will soon get around to writing about the 'toilet party'!


Lawn Dogs Kid
ANNIE: Kendal and I have just read your latest post. She is completely beside herself with worry about her Uncle Robby. Hope I don't make too many errors with my typing because I am having to do it with Kendal sitting on my knee. She is sat facing me, and all she wants to do now is cuddle, so I'm trying to type one handed looking over her shoulder while using my other arm to cuddle her ! Slow process ! In the cold light of day, Robby is obviously in the right place, in hospital, where he can get all the treatment he needs to ensure he comes back to us safe and sound. Kendal and I pray for him, and for you too. We know you will pass on all the messages that are bound to flood this site. But just make sure he gets Kendal's special message, which is just a simple, gentle kiss better. With lots of love from Andrew and Kendal.

SARAH & MEGHAN: You two must also be so worried about your father. Kendal is well used to my hugs better when she is unhappy. So she says that I must send you both a cyber hug. She now says she wants to write something to you. Just a mo, while she turns round !...


I'm so very sorry to hear about your Daddy being poorly. And all the more so that Sarah has had to stay behind and only Meghan could come home at the moment. That means you are both split up and probably lonely with your upset while I'm so lucky to be with Andrew. It also means you can't go to the toilet together for the moment. So just remember, if you feel lonely in the toilet, just imagine that I'm there to hold your hands, trying to make you feel better. And so would Andrew (provided he's allowed in the bathroom of course). We love you very much. Lots of love from Kendal, and Andrew.

JESSICA: It was so funny to read your post, because I had almost the same experience as you today in school. I was in a maths lesson, and I just knew that I really needed to poo, like RIGHT AWAY. Fortunately I have a very kind teacher who let me go. Unfortuantely, it was dead quiet in the class, so everyone could hear me ask him to be excused. Before he let me go, he asked if I could wait, or whether it was urgent. So I had to say urgent. Then some of the class sniggered. They all knew what I was desperate for ! The toilets are not far from the classroom, but as I ran to them, another girl came from the other direction and followed me in. I dived for the first available cubicle, while she went in one further down the row. I lifted my school skirt and pulled my panties down my legs, and sat down. My poo was so urgent, that I didn't have to push for it to come out. Normally my poos are floppers. But the first two pieces of this poo made very loud plops ! I knew the other g! irl must be listening, but I also knew that if I didn't want to be sniggered at by the class on my return, that I should have to be quick, otherwise they'd know I'd definitely been for a poo ! So realising there was still some more poo in my ????, I pushed very hard, and was so embarrassed when I made this huge trump. It was so loud I just couldn't help but laugh. Then I heard the other girl laugh as well. Then she said "don't worry, I'm sure I'll be blowing off very soon as well". I made three more pieces of poo which weren't too loud on the plopometer, and wiped and washed my hands, but just before I left, there was a very good trump noise from the other girl. She then laughed and said "Told yer" ! I said "Happy plopping, I'm off". She said "Thanks, I'm busting for this shit, but it's going to take a while" ! When I got back to the class, no-one stirred or seemed to even notice my return, thank goodness ! Love from Kendal.

LINDA GS: I wonder why I thought about you all the time I was talking to that girl ?! I suppose it was the struggle she was having with her poo. I imagined that it was a huge fat tushie-stretcher like you have ! The only difference was that if that girl had been you, I'd have been inside that cubicle with you encouraging you along !! Lots of love my dear on-line sister xxxxxxxx
PS There's some boy whose knee I'm sitting on saying don't forget his XOSXOS for you !!
PPS: Because I had to have my poo at school today, Andrew's missed out. He was wondering if another girl with a smoothed down uniform skirt over her legs might be able to oblige instead ?!!!

Hi everybody,

Here’s another boat story for your weekend.

It had been a glorious sail out to sea for the day, and we were on our way back towards our berth in the marina. Because the last of the ebb tide was still running against us, we held course close inshore to make use of a counter current usually found there. We were ghosting along a stretch where a railway line followed the shore, the embankment being made up of large boulders to protect the trains from spray of breaking waves in winter. Because of the low state of the tide, a strip of sandy beach below the boulders had become exposed. Our boat was now less than fifty yards from the shore when I, alone at the helm with my wife down below on the head (the boat’s toilet), saw a family of three, father, mother and a maybe nine year old son walking along this stretch of beach, each of them in Sunday clothes and carrying their shoes in their hands. They were the only people visible, and they must have come from a car parking lot next to the road a little distance down stream. T! he boy was lagging behind, sometimes walking in tight little circles, when he suddenly stopped and held his bottom! He looked over to where his parents were and rushed behind a low boulder, where he started to frantically work his shorts and underpants down his legs. I could just see his pale bare bottom with something dark poking out at the back, when he squatted out of sight. I could still plainly see his head and shoulders as he craned his neck to look how far his parents had advanced along the beach. The woman stopped, turned round and called; the boy shouted something back, but as he must have been out of sight of his parents, the woman pointed and gave the man a shove in the direction. Obviously he was to go back and investigate. He slowly walked back. As soon as he was a few yards away, the woman turned and backed herself into a space between two waist-high boulders, thereby facing out to sea, where I was just drifting slowly past in the lightest of breezes. She seemed ! to look to see if her husband was continuing on his way to the boy, when she suddenly placed her high heeled sandals on the rock next to her and, with knees together but feet apart, started to pull up her gray short skirt all the way to above her waist. Then down came her pale blue panties to above her knees, giving me a glimpse of a thick black triangle of pubic hair as she squatted all the way down, so that her bottom came to rest on her heels. She pulled her knees up to her shoulders and let loose a jet of pee from between her thighs as if she were aiming it at me! I could distinctly see where the hard pee stream tore up the sand a good bit in front of her, so that droplets ricochetted into the air. She must have been bearing down hard to finish as quickly as possible, before the rest of her family decided to come back, because she was always anxiously looking in their direction, lifting her curly shoulder length black hair away from her face with the back of her hand! She ! did not seem to realise that there was a sail boat right in front of her, with me at the helm looking right up to the point of exit of her pee stream! And I can say that our boat is an eye catcher! I held my breath, not daring to use the binoculars, in case she would notice the movement of my arm! Meanwhile her husband had come up level with the boy, who called out something and started to pull up his pants and shorts. I had missed his wiping his bum or not, because the lady’s actions had riveted my attention! The man stopped in his tracks, turned his head to look back, and seeing nobody, opened the fly of his trousers and started to pee against the nearest boulder. Where his stream hit the dry rocky face, this turned dark, almost black. Finally he and his son had finished and rearranged their clothes, and started on their way back to where the woman now could be seen standing. She had already pulled up her panties and was now pulling the lower seam of her white blouse down u! nder her skirt, thereby pushing out her bosom, before smoothing her skirt down to cover her thighs. Picking up her shoes she stepped out on to the sand to wait for the others as if nothing had happened. Only then did the boy point towards our boat. He waved, I waved back, then the man and the woman gave me a reluctant wave, which I answered with enthusiasm. They must have been a prudish family, each trying to conceal from the other the need to go to the bathroom! The need which must have been their reason to go for a walk along this deserted stretch of beach in the first place!

Dear KENDAL, when you mentioned that Andrew’s post had not made it, you called him a moody boy, because he was loathe to re-write it. I feel that I should defend Andrew here. Him sometimes seeming to be moody to you is natural. It is part of the process of adaptation to the new circumstances in your aunt’s and uncle’s household. Until recently Andrew was alone with his parents, and could retreat to his room, his sanctuary, the same as you could in your old home. You two got on well with each other, but you were never rival siblings who have had to learn to share everything, from a bar of chocolate to the love and attention of parents. So you see, I can imagine that Andrew wants to be alone with his thoughts from time to time. Then his school work will be far more demanding than it was in the past. You, on the other hand, turn to him for affection, for attention and for entertainment. This is where I know your daring bathroom activities come to play! And if you want to talk! to us here, you have to go to Andrew’s room to use the computer for that as well! I can imagine that this can get on his nerves, and that he would hate to have to admit it. I know it is hard for you, but all of you, Aunty and Uncle included, will have to learn to cope with your new situation and to respect each other. Sorry for rambling on like this, but I have to stop, or the percentage of toilety things of this post will drop to an inadmissible level. Love and hugs to you from your Uncle Rizzo, who will try to keep posting to you even after losing his job.

Have a good weekend everybody, Rizzo

Hi Everyone,

Robby had a angioplasty this morning. He is resting fine. The doctor gave him a stern lecture about his vices. That is good. Meghan has helped me with hospital duties and Sarah S is coming in this afternoon. Meghan had a mega poo this morning. She called me to the loo and said;"I'm all constipated". Well, I knew what to do. I sat on the floor and started rubbing her ????. She bent over and strained. She let out one of her mega trumps(farts). She started laughing. I told her to keep pushing. She grunted like a wildebeast. A log started coming out. It was a whopper. We talked about intimate things and also she asked me questions about Robby and I. She finally dropped that monster with a PLOP! She then proceeded to drop 4 more logs and some soft poo. I said;"let Annie wipe you". She just nodded and got red in the face. She hugged me and said;"You are so much like mother." That was so sweet. She felt sooooooo much better too!! Some replies.

KENDAL: It is wonderful to hear from you again, my dear niece. I wish you had gotten those posts in. I know you do very ladylike trumps and poos. I read your note to Sarah and Meghan. I am glad you two are getting bolder. It makes for more fun. I really enjoyed the story of you and Andrew doing knee wees and your poos together. Isn't it a wonderful experience!! That is why Robby and I still enjoy our adventures in the loo together. Was Rachel embarrassed while you watched her poo? The girls still get embarrassed when Robby, myself, or anyone else walks in while they are weeing or pooing. They are getting better, though. Well, I have to get back to the hospital. Uncle Robby is still very weak but he is doing fine. He sends his lovexxxxx! By-the-way, I bought Robby the first "Harry Potter" book to read. Have you read the series? Take care, my dear! Lots of love and a cuddly hug! Aunty Annie

LAWN DOGS KID: Hello, Andrew, my dear friend! I wish your post had gotten in. Please try again. As I told Kendal I really enjoyed your knees wee and poo story. I will talk to Meghan and Sarah about trying it. I think they will be open to it. Maybe Robby and I will try it, too. We'll see. I know you enjoyed watching Charlotte do her poos. Kendal is such a help, isn't she. As I told Kendal; "BE BOLD"! I haven't rented "Almost Famous" but it is supposed to appear on the Showtime Movie Network this month. Thanks for alerting us. Meghan just told me that she and Sarah will talk to you this evening. Well, take care and be careful!! Lots of Love, Annie

RIZZO: Hope everything is ok. Post when you can. Both of us miss you!
Love, Annie

Kristy: There is NO WAY to have easy diarrhea! Just ask Louise and C'est Moi! Take care, Annie and Robby

JESSICA: You shouldn't be embarrassed. Just relax. Take care, Annie

DANIELLA: That lady was absolutely beastly to you. I'm sorry you had that experience. Take care, Annie and Robby

AMY(CO_ED): I really enjoyed your story. Keep posting. Annie and Robby

JANE: What a dump story!!!! Gal, you are one of the best!! Love, Annie and Robby

ERIN: Glad to see you back. Just take it one step at a time. Take care, Annie and Robby

LOUISE: Sorry we got you mixed up with someone else. Old age blocks the memory,LOL!! Since Robby will need assistance when he gets home, I might help him hold his willie while he wees. I will let you know. Hello to Steve! Love, Annie and Robby
WELCOME BACK: Tony(Scots). QUICK HELLOS TO: Rjogger and Kathy(hi, folks), Scott and Kim, Carmalita and Jake, Pat and Renee, PV(go for the pee record,girl), Mindy, Mandy, Buzzy, LindaGS, Linda(14yrs), Althea, Julie, Todd and Diana, David and Niki, Tim, Adrian, Jamie Lynn, Jeff A, DianeNY, Ephermal, C'est Moi, Laura, Ellie and Little Lou, and all of the other wonderful posters here. Also we want to send our sympathies to the people in Queens, New York. Our prayers are with you. Cheers Annie and Robby!

Thursday, November 15, 2001

hi all.
I have been producing hard and small logs recently but i ate lots. I want a method that will give people diarrhea[I am not LI].

if you know how to get an easy diarrhea please tell me. thanx

Future Rock Star
Hey, everyone! I am so glad to have found such a forum on the net. I too am turned on by the acts of urinating and deficating, but that is the last thing I will say about that, for I don't want the operators to withold my post.

Moving on, I have some questions which I believe you bathroom experts might be able to answer. First of all, I have been constipated for the past few days. What should I eat to make the poops come out nice and easy? Second, what should I eat to produce bigger poops? I am dissatisfied with my poop size and would like it to be bigger, like some of the poops you all describe on here. If anybody could kindly answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

This is a way cool site! I am a blonde 14 year old 8th grade girl and like everybody I know I can talk for days about going to the restroom! Its real cool I found this site because I can share a story about today at school. I was sitting in class this morning when I all of a sudden had to shit real bad. The teacher excused me and I went to the girls room. I don't go at school to often but I do when I have to and today I really had to!! This other girl I know was in there washing her hands and said hello to me as I went into a stall, not being rude I said hello back. I guess she had to go to the restroom to because she went into a stall like me. I dropped my jeans and panties and sat down on the toilet. It was hard to concentrate knowing that the other girl was there and she would probably hear me or worse smell me, it was really quite for a long time until I heard her fart a few times and could hear her drop some poo. I pushed kinda hard hoping she wouldn't hear me g! runt but then I farted sooo loud that anyone could have heard me. I sat there so embarased until finally I couldn't hold it anymore and dropped 2 pretty big sausages into the water along with several poop balls. I wiped washed and left as quick as I could to save myself from more embarassment, only realizing I forget to flush just as I got back to class!

Dookey Boy
Brandon: Your story was cool. Big as a beer can?It must've hurted comin' out! I take dumps like that every once in a while, but I admire your large turds.Keep postin' man!!!

Amy (Co-ed)
Hey everybody, I am finally making another post! I promised myself that when I made my second post I wanted it to be better and "different" I don't know how better or different this will be but here goes! I just came from having the most fantastic dump! It is almost 4:40pm and I have spent the last 30 minutes in the girls restroom on my floor. I wanted to post right after shitting hoping to remember all of the details. (In case ya'll have forget me, I am a college junior that lives in the dorm.) I don't have to dump but about 2 or 3 times per week and today was the first time since last Thursday I had to poop. I knew earlier today after my classes ended that I would need to dump, bad! My last class ended at 3, so I went by the cafeteria and had a late lunch. The walk back to my dorm was across campus and took about 20 minutes. It was kinda cold today so I had worn a pair of jeans, this particular pair was very tight and the long walk had only made my need to poop gro! w. When I finally got back to my room, my roommate was in bed taking a nap. I changed out of my jeans into a pair of boxer shorts and put on my favorite t-shirt. I felt very bloated and uncomfortable, I knew I would need to have a huge dump today. My roommate woke up after I had changed and asked how my day went. I told her that it was good but fixing to get better. She asked what I meant, I told her I was fixing to go shit. She laughed and said she too had went earlier. As I walked out of the door she told me not to fall in! I finally made it to the restroom. With 15 toilets, there is hardly ever any wait. Only 1 or 2 were occupied so I selected a stall near the end that had more room than the others. It has been a while since I had to poop like today. I took my boxers off and hung them on the door to my stall, next came my tight silky blue panties that had become wedged deep in my butt crack, I hung them on the door too. I sat my ???? butt down on the cold se! at and instantly ripped a huge fart, followed by five more smaller rips. I could feel the pressure building in my butt hole. I moved forward on the seat and spread my legs as far as I could, leaning forward at the same time. I began pushing kinda hard, followed by a few slight grunts. Finally a small turd splashed loudly in the water. I grunted a few more times followed by another loud splash. This turd was 4 inches long and an inch wide. Another strain resulted in another loud fart. Finally I pushed again. I grunted out loud again several more times and was rewarded with a poop explosion. Six small turds splashed loudly into the bowl one after another, I sighed in relief. A few seconds later I felt another urge to push, I did. I know it sounded like I was having an orgasm to the other girls with all of my grunting and straining but my splashing turds should have prooven what I was doing! I gritted my teeth as a huge poop came out. It was 8 inches long and pretty! thick, it too dropped with a loud splash. I sat for a few minutes thinking I was done when another barrage of farts echoed throughout the restroom. I pushed again and 4 more smaller pieces of shit dropped from my ass. I wiped several times and flushed. Man did I feel better. I redressed and exited my stall and headed over to wash my hands before going back to my room to write this to everyone. Hope you enjoy. Amy!!!

Hello to all my friends!!! Not too much to report from the restroom for me, just the same ole dumps everyday, had another big one today at school. I dropped 3 very big logs and actually feel like I can go again after dinner, that's odd for me! Brian and me have had a few more afterschool "encounters" since my last post. I hope everybody doesn't think I am loose, since I do have sex often with Brian. It just feels so right to release ourselves in that way after we have shared such an intimate moment as pooping. Of course the sex is intimate too! It's kinda funny but as I sit here at my desk writing this I can hear my sister in the restroom (our bedrooms share a bathroom, kinda like the Brady Bunch) and yes, she is shitting! She is dropping quite a few, since I hear a bunch of splashes. I guess I will now and let her finish pooping in peace, later everybody!

Ben in Iowa
Hi i'm currently using my parents computer because my internet isn't hooked up yet.(we just moved to a new house). Well anyway its great to be back. I'll post my stories when I get some time.
To Jordan: Your just like me. We don't post much anymore.
To aboy:Ilike hearing about your accident stories.

Our new house has 2 bathrooms but it has a catch. It has doors like on a closet. It has slits you can see throu.(I hope to catch the girl i like using it). But u can see them while your using it. Thats the problem. Oh well I guess I'll find out next week when I have 2 days offf for Thanksgiving break. Well I haven't deserted u yet.

More Later

Hello to Jane: Your bowel habits are at optimum. Enjoy daily.

Sarah S and Meghan: It is so nice you two pal out in the toilet. I did with many of my friends. See my upcoming post and earliers. My friends and I used to stink the girls toilet in high school and at home. I had cousins in my high school classes. I one time in 11th grade had a wicked bowel movement at school. I used to evacuate twice at school and then once at home in the evening. This one afternoon my girlfriend Patricia accompanied to the girls toilet. We knew each other's intentions. We took separate stalls. As we entered, she unzipped her slacks and I lifted my light blue skirt, white slip and pulled my white panties. I could see her beaver hair in her panties. Pat lowered her slacks and stuffed her white panties into the inseam. We sat and had a good time. We did not make much noise, just I evacuated 3 banana sized pieces of doo-doo. They were 8 inches long. I asked Pat how she was doing. She said, "Girl, I am used to having things in my rectum. But, this is somethin! g." She said, "This is 16 inches easy!" I heard her press a little, then she sighed with relief. She asked me how I did and I told her. She said if she cut it off I would stay in her and she wanted it out. As we talked she asked me about our cute sophmore distant cousin. We then reached for our toilet roll and wiped ourselves, pulled up our clothes and flushed.

Tim: I am sorry too, your wife is not open. I was an only child, with cousins, lots of boys. So, we too would pal out. We grew close and are close to this day.

last night i had an interesting encounter. I share a room with my 6 year old sister. we sleep downstairs and our bathroom is upstairs. Anyway, my sister has a bedpan by her bed. She uses it usually once through teh night. She will lift up her night gown and squat over it to pee so she doesnt have to go upstairs. Last night i was sleepin and got woken up by my stomach rumbling lots, i could feel something different so i pinched my asshole closed a bit more. I dozed off again and later felt a bit of poop oozing out of my ass. it scared me because i didnt want to get my bed dirty. I maneuvered out of bed without touching my bare ass on the covers,then i jumped over to my sisters bed, squatted over her bed pan and let the oozing diahrea flow. I was lucky i dont wear panties in bed, (ionly wear a night shirt) If i would be wearing panties i would have messed them and my bed. All of this action off course woke my sister. She peeked over her bed and saw me pooping. She asked what was! going on. I told her while i took some paper and wiped most of teh poop off my bum, I also peed in her bedpan while i was sitting so i also had to wipe my vagina. I asked my sister if she still needed to go before i cleaned the pan. She said yes so she squatted over it and peed some out of her vagina. It is cool to see someone else peeing. Once she was done i let her wipe her vagina and i took the pan upstairs to clean it. I went back to bed after i cleaned my vagina, ass and thighs thoroughly. I dont have diahrea anymore so i dont have to worry about this happening tonight.

Public Showers
I was in the public showers today. there were about ten toilets without dividers and about 10 shower heads. I normaly took off my clothes and went to poop and pee in the toilets, there was nobody else using the toilets , only girls showering. When i was done i didnt bother wiping because i was about to shower. I flushed and walked to an empty shower and started to clean myself. I now figured out why nobody was using the toilets. All the girls squatted on the ground above the drain to pee. I was wondering then if the toilets were really dirty or someting. Iwas not used to peeing in the shower. Has anybody else experienced this??

anyone heard about or seen an episode of MTV's JACKASS involving taking a dump from a ladder & trying to land th load in a tiolet several feet below?

Anyone know any American TV shows with female poop scenes?

Traveling Guy
Ring Stretcher - That's news to me about the diaper commercial that got pulled for mentioning "B.M." The ironic thing is that many TV commercials say "diarrhea," "constipation" and "irregularity" all the time. In fact, the first two are mentioned in the "possible side effects" list of practically every prescription drug spot these days. But just let it be about something normal and natural and we start to squirm. Why? Not sure, though I have some thoughts on that. I think some of us just have to be pioneers and help us all get over our silly cultural embarrassment. Remember the animated TV spot that ran a couple of years ago (in the eastern US, at least) where the gf farted as she got into the car with her bf and then realized that another couple was in the back seat? How can that pass muster and saying "B.M." not. (Sigh) You tell me.

Daniella - All of us here, I'm sure, can appreciate your embarrassment over what happened at the gym. But it's the fat lady's attitude that puts me off. She could just as easily have taken you aside and told you about the problem in a quiet, sympathetic way. People like that never think about how it would feel if the same thing had happened to them. Worse yet, they usually think it never could. Do go back there if you like the facilities at that place. You haven't done anything that couldn't happen to anyone else.

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