Carmalita: Hola! Long time no hear. Here's a story for you. The other night Gary and I attended a reception for his office. Shortly after the main program started, a couple came in and sat across the table from us. The woman was a beautiful Latina girl that reminded me of you, Carmalita. Shortly before the end of the presentations, she excused herself, probably to go to the bathroom. After the main program ended, I went to the ladies room. I only needed to pee. As I came into the ladies room, I heard a huge fart. I went into a stall and heard another fart as I sat down. It was coming from an adjacent stall. As I was tinkling away, I heard a couple of hard grunts, a huge splash, and another booming fart, topped by a sigh of relief, all from the same stall. I was done, flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands as the woman next to me started to wipe. Soon after she flushed the toilet and came out. It was the same Latina woman that sat at our table and left earl! y. For a second I almost lost my sanity and was going to blurt out, "Hey Carmalita! What's up?" I just smiled and said hi. She said hi and said, "My husband works for this company." I said, "So does mine. I'm Jane, Gary's wife." She said, "I'm Carmen. Jose is my husband." We continued to talk as we made our way back to the reception. This was the first time that someone reminded me of someone on this forum.

The next day Carrie, Sara and I went shopping at the mall. For kicks, we tried on some clothes that we may have gotten a few years ago but wouldn't dare buy now, including some very short plaid skirts. It didn't take much twirling to lift the skirts high, and we all took turns. We then took turns bending over to see how far we needed to bend down before our panties were visible, which didn't take very far in our cases. However, as I bent over, I let go a huge fart that echoed throughout the dressing room. We all gasped, and I felt a great urge to poop. The ladies room was not far away and I considered bolting to the ladies room while still wearing the skirt. However, it was securely tagged. I quickly unwrapped the skirt, put back my jeans on, asked Carrie and Sara to watch my things and ran to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, pulled down my jeans and white panties and sat. I pushed out six very large bananas, farted once and was done. I wiped a couple of times, got up and saw it was Kim-like in thickness, not necessarily as long as her best jobs. It was also very smelly and lingered even as I flushed the toilet. I got back to the dressing room, and we gathered our things. I decided to buy the skirt, and Carrie and Sara thought I was crazy, saying, "Gary will never let you out of the house with that thing on, especially not for church." I said, "Who said I would leave the house if I wear it?"

Quick hello to everyone in the forum.

Hi: I have had several experience when I have to have a BM or had to have one soon or very frequently. The other day I was in a book store and had just had a big lunch, i felt a strange feeling and rumbling in my stomach and bowels. I tried to feel if I had to have BM or it was just gas, I beard down a little bit, but felt like I was soon going to have a good BM. I went to the mens room and went in the stall,took my pants off and my underpant or thong off,sat down and farted a while then I felt a nice BM dropping from my anus, it felt good,sense of relief.I evently dropped a nice dump, then reached for the toilet paper and there was not ANY at all. There was no one in there to ask for paper so I got up did not put my pants or underpants on until I had wiped my ass. So I went half nude from the toilet and opened the door and asked someone in the store for some toilet paper. So a girl walked by and yelled when she saw me standing there half nude and half erect asking for toilet ! paper. In a minute or 2 the assistant manager stopped by and came in and asked what the problem was, I told him " I need some toilet paper soon" he handed me some as I bent over to wipe my anus he said wipe clean I said yes sir, likes nude and clean anus also.So I cleaned my ass, and washed my hands and left. that was a interesting event and glad it was over. Will write more about my experiences later also thanks ,some are very interesting. russ.........

Todd & Diana
Meghan and Sarah S- Hey it is really nice to hear from you. You have had some great stories to tell. Sarah, you bring your school notes into the bathroom and read them huh? Cool! Meghan you should try bathroom reading it is soooooo relaxing and enjoyable. We can't go to the bathroom unless we are reading something. Try it for me please and let me know how it goes, I think your going to like it.

Sorry to mention HELLO'S TO EVERYONE!!!!
Nothing has happened lately, no good stories to tell. I have been really busy with work. I am an engineer for the BNSF Railway(Burlington Northern Santa Fe). We have had a lot to do so. Diana and I are currently planning out the wedding day by day and we are really excitied. We were thinking about getting married on the toilet, cause we have done everything else on the toilet, but a church is all right with me. Diana is also talking about having a baby, so we'll see what happens there. Well that's it for now and we'll be back later.
Lots of Love,
Todd and Diana

wazzhappenin! I am Caligula, the name of a roman emperer in this kewl movie. You get to see this babe takin a hot piss in it, and Caligula too so I call myself that! Im a male, 16 years old and I really like shittin! After school my best boys and me go to my house, because my rents dont get home til later. We fire one up and sometimes for laughs we crap our pants in front of each other. My favorite thing is we go to the celar and snake one out on the cement floor and see whos is the longest! I won today, and this babe from school, Stacy, came over with E and me and watched us. Then she took a hot piss right on the floor! It was the best and Im hopin she comes back for more, even though she tried to act like she thought me and E were disgusting, which is a crock of shit because I could see where her eyes were when I pissed through my wood up into the air!

I hope you liked my story, because I sure did! Let me know and Ill tell more as it comes down.

Good morning,all-had a busy last few days and haven't had anything to post about except my heart goes out to the folks on flt 587 with crashed about 10 miles west of my neighborhood on 11/12-god bless all 260 of them-Boy is NYC getting it this year-Some responses guys
TO JANE-yes that HH really did a number on my ????,but it wasnt' food poisoning,believe me-i would have known within 2 hours after i ate it-I think I just don't react well to that kind of stuff and the next few days after that I had losse BM's but no diahreah-no more HH for me!BTW Nice to see you eating ???? and chickin salad and nice results too!I really enjoy those kinds of BM's where you just sit down and everything just falls out nice and easy-love your stories'hon!
TO MINA-Hey,i'm sure your hubby really appreciates the video,believe me and in the end -you benefit i'm sure-funny stuff!
TO C'EST MOI-The only thing you really can do is just let it run it's course and don't mess around with enemas or esp laxatives!Sometimes it just takes time-you may have something in your system and believe me,nature will take care of it in a few days-let me know how you make out-just don't fiddle with it!
I'm just having I guess a cycle of purging cause I'm pooing 2 times a day sometimes 3 the last few days and it's been pretty loose and when it comes on,boy i'd better get to a bowl fast and the poops have been pretty quiet,with little or no gas til the very end and then it's 2-3 wet farts and i'm done-i guess it's that kind of thing right now cause i'm not eating differently-hey,who knows! Hi to all- hey RJOGGER and KATHY haven't seen you guys in a bit hope all is well along with CARMELITA,JANE and all the rest of you-say a prayer for Flight 587-BYE

Hey guys - a long time since I posted but I thought I would pop in and renew some old friendships. I had a great experience today, had a long drive home from where I was working and had had the gradual nice build up feeling in my bowels all day. I hoped I would be able to get home and spend an hour or so on the can with a good book as the torpedo would gradually slip out. Sadly the urge got just too much. I stopped at a highway service station and headed for the restrooms, it was one of these large stops where coaches, trucks and everyone stopped at so there were large restrooms with many stalls. To my delight it turned out that the ladies restrooms had sprung a major leek so the mens had become a unisex. A large number were in use and a selection of noises and grunts were to be heard. I followed an attractive blonde women into the restrooms, she was hesitant so I told her it would be there was nothing in there to shock her too much. She told me she was scared because she had ! to have a crap and she had heard that many mens restooms in these areas didn't have doors on the stalls or tp. I told her that these would be fine and she followed me in. We took adjoining stalls and chatted a little, she explained how she felt very weird in a mens restroom, I told her to relax and boy did she. A large booming fart rang out to some small chuckles and a minor round of applause. She said that was better and she could now get on with a good crapping. I in the meantime was pushing out a large torpedo, the first dived into the water with a loud plop. The women next door was having a similar sized crap by the sounds of things. We both took 20-30 minutes to finish off. I used some of her tp when mine ran out. We finished and came out of the stalls at the same time. I think we had both been waiting for each other so that we could make eye contact again. We walked out of the restroom and back to her cars, we chatted for a while and exchanged numbers as we live near eac! h other. Hopefully more torpdo pooping stories will follow.

I'd like to hear from other women who have had to dump in mens restrooms or hear about unisex toilet situations. After experiencing sitting next to a women in an adjacent stall I want to hear more!

Hi everyone,

I had a great poo this morning. I sat down and pushed out what seemed like a mid-hard poo. I got up to inspect what I had passed and to my surprise it was fairly big. It looked like it had broken into two pieces and would have been 2 inches thick and probably 10 inches long, which I don't normally do, it usually breaks up as it comes out. To top it off I only needed to wipe once!

I was on the phone to one of my mates earlier, the one who doesn't mind taking a crap while talking to me on the phone. I can always tell when he goes into the bathroom because his voice echos slightly. He didn't hide his intentions stating he had to 'take a shit'. I said jokingly to him "Are you loose?" to which he replied "Nah, hard but now it's coming out softer". I then heard a big wet sounding fart after which he informed me he had sprayed the bowl. I think he was on there for a while after and we continued talking about other things. I've often thought of trying to get him talk about his girlfriend shitting as she is quite attractive and I would love to see her do a poo. He once told of when he walked into the bathroom after she'd done a poo and how it really stank.

I put a dead mouse in the toilet and sat down and took a poop on it. Then flush everything down the toilet. I'll bet his friends won't be coming around anytime soon.

biblical scholar

Yeah, I know, man. Just being-cute!


I write this with a shakey hand. I had to call an ambulance for Robby early this morning(Monday). He was having chest pains after he had gone to the loo for a wee and a poo. The dr. told me it was a mild heart attack. He has had 2 prior to this. He is resting comfortably in the ICCU(Intensive cardiac care unit) at the hospital. He will be moved to the regular cardiac care unit this afternoon. He is alert and talking. He told me to tell all of our friends that he isn't going away anytime soon. Meghan is driving up. Sarah S has to stay at school because of an exam. They are understandably upset. I'm sorry to sound so morose. I will let you all know what will need to be done. This forum has been so good to us and we feel that we have made many friends here. Now some short responses.

KENDAL: Uncle Robby wants you to know he will be alright. It may take awhile. You are in our thoughts. I will speak to you again probably tomorrow or Wednesday. Lots of Lovexxxxx and a squeezy hug, Aunty Annie. ANDREW: the same message is for you. Take care, and Lots of lovexxxxx, Annie.

JANE: I really enjoyed your loo story. You do some massive dumps, don't you. I do, too! Take care, Annie

PV: Good to hear from you. I try to drink alot of water when I am doing martial arts. I have to go to the loo at least twice during the class. Oh, yes, I remember that show;"Nearest and Dearest". It was a hoot. Take care, Annie

ADRIAN: Yes, I have massive poos. Robby can't believe all of that waste somes out of my small body. It takes awhile for me to grunt all of it out. Take care, Annie

JAMIE LYNN: I enjoyed your post. Hope to speak with you, soon. Welcome.

C'est Moi: You must have been in a terrible state. Are you in the care of a dr.? Please keep us informed. Take care, Annie

I have to run! Our special hellos to: Rjogger and Kathy(How are you, folks), Louise and Steve, Dear Rizzo(Hope you are ok), Scott and Kim, Ephermal, Carmalita and Jake, Erin, Nicola, David and Niki, Todd and Diana, Linda(14yrs), Tim, Mina, Jeff A, DianeNY, LindaGS, Ellie and Little Lou. Welcome to all the new posters. Annie

To Eric in Chicago: Oh i see im not the first to atempt to drink food coloring. You were right my poop has already been green and it went back to the normal colors already. I drank it on thursday at 5pm and i pooped friday night sometime. Then i skipped saturday and i pooped alot on sunday, infact i had bad stomach cramps and the beginging was green and the rest of my turds were really soft and brown. I am gonna try drinking red food coloring in the future(sometime between now and thanksgiving not sure when yet...i already bought the bottle) Im gonna mix it with oatmeal i think i wanna see if it is different when mixed with food. And will red turn my poop a yellowish/reddish black poop etc?? Oh and i had 1 1/2 green dumps. Thanks

Nothing new to report on but as i mentioned above i had stomach cramps last night. I had a big breakfast then a huge buffet style dinner and chinese yet.

Hello everybody!
I am so happy to of found a site that involves going to the bathroom. I am a 19 year old male. Ever since I can remember going to the bathroom or watching somebody else has turned me on for some reason. Some people that I have talked to think that it is really weird.
I have a friend who got married a while back which I recorded on the camera. They never got around to asking me for a copy of it so I decided to use what was left on the tape for my own personal use, which just happened to be me recording my self taking a dump on some toilet paper. Well months went by and I forgot that I put it on that tape of the wedding. one day I was over at that friends house and they asked me if I still had that wedding tape I said yes and I would let them borrow it ofcourse forgetting about some other footage that was on the tape. When I went to go pick up the tape I thought nothing unusal with them untill I looked at the tape on my camera and so what other footage was on it. I thought to my self that hopefully they had not seen it. They said nothing. The next day I went over to their house again and they asked me about my dumping experience and everybody had a laugh. I was a bit embarreses but they told me that everybody does something weird and the! y would erase it. I thought that it was a funny experience afterall

Yesterday I ate very good ecsepcially my dinner is was one of those all you can eat buffets. After that I met a few of my friends for a couple of beers. Drinking beer always seems to give a big dump in the morning. Well the next morning I had to take a dump right away. I got into the bathroom pulled my pants and boxers to my knees. The turd imeditally came out it was very long feeling it was followd my a small one. When I got up to wipe I looked in the bowl and saw a long smooth 10-12 poo with a 3 in poo next to it. About one hour late I felt like I had to go again which was at my school I went into my faviort bathroom were I always take my morning dump and took a 10 minute gassy dump with a buch of small turds filling the small hole in the bottom of the toilet. I felt much better after that. Around 4pm I had another urge this dump consited of a few 6 in turds but very skinney. I love it how beer makes you have to poo a lot.

Hey Jane: I love your stories you always are taking such huge dumps. I have never had to flush the toilt while still taking a crap. Do you eat a lot or have you just to big dumps all your life?

Sorry I havn't posted in while. Things have been pretty much the same the past couple weeks. When I need to go poop at school I'll usually hold it and try to go when I get home, usually with no avail. Today I needed to go bad so I decided to just excuse myself from class. I did it but I was nervous and tried to do it as quick as possible. The facilities in our school are pretty well kept and I sometimes use them to pee. Nobody came in their while I was so it wasn't as bad as I though it would be. And, oh, did I feel better.

biblical scholar:In the words of my late grandmother: "Eat big, shit big."

C'est moi: Get to a doctor. That is unusual. It sounds like a parasitic virus.

Daniella: It happens. Your sweat was mingled with your fecal-recto residue. Wipe thoroughly and use the towels when you sit down.

heather k.: I was blessed to work on the AV squad and had keys thru out the school. So, I could use unused toilets. But, the our toilets were clean. Only, we had a shortage of toilet paper. The City of New York was cheap. In ninth grade, I had to duck into a pizzeria toilet to pee. I was desparate. A girl travelling home with me teased me about asking the store owner for using his toilet. I wonder how many girls in my high school shit themselves. I did have a few 9th grade bowel movements. I waited until dismissal, then had the girls toilet all to myself. I had to otherwise, I would have messed myself. In 10th grade, I decided it made no sense. The first time I sat on the girls gym toilet to move my bowel, I decided it was not so bad. The rest is history. I always put paper on the toilet seat when I sat.

I used to hate when there was no toilet paper and I had to hold it in. I was very uncomfortable. Many days, my friends and I could not wait to get home. We used to whisper to each other in class how we had to make and there was no paper. I had to bring home a girl regularly because she would would not last a longer bus ride than me. I had a stronger constitution. I let Patricia use the toilet at my house. We both went into the bathroom as buddies. She lifted her navy skirt, white slip and pulled down her white panty hose and navy blue panties and sat. Her stomach quickly evacuated a continuous wave of chunky doo-doo. She sighed and groaned with relief. The smell quickly filled up the bathroom. Then she let out a loud buzzing fart. Patricia said she was sorry for the smell and the noise. I told her it was alright. Then, she said she was going to pee and she urinated for 30 seconds. She reached for the paper and wipped herself front and back good. When she stood up, I saw fo! amy dark brown chunks of doo-doo. She flushed. Then it was my turn.

I had already reached under my navy skirt and loosened my white slip, hose and pink panties. I sat on the bowl and pressed out 5 good pieces of doo-doo the size of baked potatoes. The smell did not matter. Patricia overpowered the place. The plops were spaced apart. After the fifth, a small piece of doo-doo plopped out with a trumpet fart and I urinated. Patricia and I laughed at my wicked sounds. We were a pair of 14 y/o ninth graders having a good time. We spent almost 40 minutes talking and laughing.

I used to hear girls in high school having wicked bowel movements. One time a big girl named Amy in the school bathroom. I did not know it was her. I was on the toilet peeing. I finished. This girl was breathing heavy with every plop/fart. I heard 7 of them. As I was adjusting my dress, slip and panties she was wiping and pulling up her white printed panties and jeans from her ankles. When she stepped out she was shocked to see me.

I like this girl on the masthead. That is how I like to be at home, top up, bottom garment and panties off and legs spread.

One day, I was driving in mountains to take some pictures of a waterfall. I kept feeling like I was going to have to poop. By the time I got to the area where the waterfall was and parked my car, the urge was strong and I knew I would have to find a place to poop. I got some klenex out of my glove compartment and found some bushes. I pulled down my pants and let out a large pile of turds. I was done, and I wiped. Unfortunately, my pager was on my belt and when I pulled my pants up, the pager fell off and into the pile of turds. I had to clean the poop off of my pager. It still worked, but it was a shitty pager anyway.

Andrew's post about our weekend together in my old home didn't get on. It probably had too much other information beside the toilety bits. He's not going to write it again (moody boy!), so its been left to me just to say that we watched each other at the toilet the whole weekend with no one else being there, so that was fun. The best time was the first night when we went together in the dark. Firstly we had a sit on knees wee, then Andrew needed a poo, so I stayed on his knee while he did that. Then after he got off the toilet, I sat back down on it and had a poo on top of his ! There, the short version, which hopefully will now make it. I'm just sorry we can't tell everyone what a wonderful time we had together !

In his post, Andrew said I would continue my series of commentaries on film toilet scenes. So.....

ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOLS: Quite a disappointing scene really, because you really don't get to see very much, nor are there any sound effects. Liv Tyler arrives home from work, and is followed into the bathroom by Matt Dillon. They are chatting the whole time. She takes off her coat, and then from her arm actions and a slight view of her hip area, she is clearly pulling down her panties, and then she sits. The camara then pans downwards so that you can see her from her exceedingly glamerous bussom upwards. There is a reaching out of an arm, presumably to get toilet paper, but you don't actually see that. The scene keeps cutting to Matt Dillon when its his turn to talk, and eventually it goes back to Liv, who is getting up and pulling her panties back up again, out of view below the camera. You then hear the toilet flush, and she washes her hands. Altogether, not that spectacular really. But I'm sure all toilet loving/Liv Tyler fans will enjoy it !!

ALMOST FAMOUS: I thought this scene was very funny ! Patrick Fugit is sitting in the bath tub, writing notes for his journalistic story when Kate Hudson walks nonchalently into the bathroom having told her girl friends that she has to go pee. She walks slowly up to the toilet with Patrick watching, turns, and then pulls down her jeans and panties together. The pulling down part is cut before you get to see anything, and continues from a side angle where you can see her sitting, and the look on Patrick's face. He is quite clearly in love with this girl, and he gets a sudden attack of the jitters, leaping out of the bathtub and explaining that he should go because this isn't how it works. He expected to get to know her a little better first, perhaps go out on a few dates or something, and then he'd get to see her pee ! Or that was how he saw it ! She smiled at how sweet he was, before telling him that he was now regarded as one of them (the gang of girls ?!). You get t! o see a fairly long distance shot of Kate sitting on the toilet, view from the front, with her jeans pulled about half way down her legs. So you can see some thigh, and her hips ! Unfortunately there's no wee noise. And just as she has engaged him in further conversation, where he returns and sits on the edge of the bath at the side of her, the door flies open, and the other three girls come rushing in and drag him away to "deflower" him, whatever that means ! I liked this scene very much. It just needed a little wee sound to make it absolutely perfect !

LEAVING LAS VEGAS: In this scene, a very ill looking Nicholas Cage ( Andrew told me he was ill through drink, he didn't let me watch this film because it was an 18, just the toilet scene !) is sitting talking to a prostitute (I'm told), Elisabeth Shue. Eventually she gets up and walks behind him to a bathroom situated off from the living room. She turns to him and speaks some more while unfastening her trousers, and then she walks into the bathroom with her thumbs poised inside her trousers ready to pull them down. You don't get to see the full pull-down, because Nicholas wags his head in front of the camera just at the critical moment, but you hear the noise of her bottom sitting heavily down onto the toilet seat, and she then leans forward with her head in her hands and her elbows resting on her knees. You then hear what sounds like a wonderful tinkle noise. However, disappointingly, it turns out to be Nicholas pouring himself another Scotch !! You do get to see some m! ore of the scene, much more of a close-up in the bathroom, where you can see she has pulled her trousers down only a little way down her legs, a side view. Then she pulls off some toilet paper, wipes down between her legs, and then she reaches inside her trousers and finds her panties which she proceeds to pull up as she stands. The camera goes up with her so you don't see anything !

There we are. I hope those were informative for people ! Andrew says he is sourcing a couple more films with toilet scenes, but won't say what they are. He has promised me faithfully that he will let me see them as well, if he can, so I can tell you all about it !!

SARAH & MEGHAN: Andrew said in his deleted post (blushing) that he enjoyed the kiss, thanks, and (double blushing) that he could always rely on his little cousin to say for him exactly what he thought himself, that is that he would love a side by side toilet experience with Meghan to see who could trump the most, the longest, and the loudest !!! He also says that our village in Devon is over 200 miles from Manchester. Also, we don't see Kate and Emily that often because they live in the Lake District, which is North of Manchester. Typically, Andrew forgot to ask Kate where she got the blue panties from (boys always forget the important stuff don't they !!). However, I asked myself, and she got them from a shop in Keswick, but she says they weren't in adult sizes. Sorry ! However, Andrew says go to the Honda website and look up the honda super blackbird. Then you'll be able to see the exact shade of blue, and perhaps be on the look out for some whenever you are shop! ping. He says he looks forward to the day when he hears that you're wearing some !! Finally, I spent yesterday at my friend Charlotte's house. I finally got to see Rachel, her next youngest sister, have a poo. She stared straight at me while she had it, and it was just a single, good plop ! Andrew was even luckier. Charlotte came with me when her Dad drove me back home again, and she told him he'd have to come in the house because she needed a poo, very badly, once we got back home. So he came in and Aunty made him a cup of tea while I took Charlotte to the upstairs toilet. Andrew was in his room, and he was able to peep round the corner and watch Charlotte on the toilet having her big fat poos while I held the bathroom door open for him to see ( with Charlotte's permission of course ! ). That way if anyone started to come up stairs, I could close the door for her, Andrew would dive back in his bedroom, and no one would be any the wiser !! Gosh, we are getting a bit bold in! our old age !! Take care. Lots of love from Kendal xxx

AUNT ANNIE & UNCLE ROBBY: I can't say I never trump, because I do. Just not very much when I'm pooing, or certainly not loud ones anyway. If I do trump they usually just hiss or make a puff sound ! If Sarah and Meghan are trying to think up new ideas for when they are at the toilet together, suggest to them the sit on knees wee. Its really good ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: Hope you and your lovely wife are keeping well. I'm sorry Andrew's post got pulled, because I think he probably told it to you. Anyway, I was fine, with lots of cuddles from Andrew, even on the toilet together !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

AUNTY PV: Thanks for the hugs and cuddles you told me about. Maybe the moderator is having a ban on too much hugging and cuddling. Anyway, glad you managed to be posted at last. Lots of love from Kendal xx

JANE: I wished I had seen the picture on the mast head that you said looked like you. Problem is, because they change it so often now, its difficult to make any comments that people will understand or remember. I'm glad you were comfortable while you had your big poo ! Lots of love from Kendal x

LINDA GS: Hope you're keeping well, my dear on-line sister. Andrew wants to know when you'll let him go with you again while you wear your uniform skirt, so he can comb your hair, without you fearing that he might see something that he shouldn't !! Lots of love to Cousin, and Elena and Kendal and Lynda as well. Love from Kendal xxxxx

JAMIE LYNN: Its very nice to have someone nearer my age on the site (I'm 11, nearly 12, in January). I enjoyed your story ! Have you ever let anyone watch you go, or watched someone else yourself ? Love from Kendal x

RING STRETCHER: I remember seeing an advert on our tele in England showing very graphically how these particular diapers specialised in catching liquid poo, by tipping brown liquid into them. I wonder how that would go down in America ?!! Love from Kendal x

LODY -- Seconding Carol's information re "coprophagy." I meant to add a few comments to you last night but didn't get the chance. Yes, it's perfectly safe to drink fresh urine. The concentration of dissolved salts and nitrates is too low to do harm when they are being diluted by an influx of fresh water in other liquids drunk. The danger comes when there is nothing else to drink *but* urine. You can do it -- in an emergency you can prevent dehydration by recycling your urine, BUT according to the British SAS Survival Manual, seven times is the limit. At that point, without influx of fresh water from other sources, the concentrations of nitrogenous wastes will have reachd toxicity level, probably inducing renal failure. Your kidneys work harder and harder to do their job as your blood becomes more and more impure.

On consuming excrement, while there are those who claim to, or who infact do so, the bacteria contained in our hindguts is inimical to the health of the foregut. This is one reason excrement is repellent to humans -- it's dangerous. Escherischia coli is a common intestinal bacterium, and there are more of them in one gram of faeces than there are stars in this galaxy. They are, I believe, directly responsible for dysintery in humans -- the common soldiers' condition caused through living in filth.

Be smart -- don't.



Pico Tamale (Mariposa)
Yo, Daniella:

Don't sweat the small-stuff, babe! I, for one, would have been more than happy to hold your hand, while you dumped your load, and would have been even-happier, to clean up the "chocolate", that you left-behind, in the steam-room. W/ my bare-hand, if you wanted me to! Why shouldn't you go back to that gym? Who cares what those people there think. Do you, honestly, think that they have never left "skid-marks" in their underwear? Girl, please, it's okay, really!


ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAHS AND MEGHAN - Hi!!! We had a great time at the
weekend but we did not get up to anything much with the toilet.
My diarrhoea before my Aikido test happened because I got very nervy.
I did not have a ???? bug and I do not get upset by dairy products LOL.
No I am not lactose intolerant, I just had the shits because of my
nerves. LOL Doesn't happen a lot!

PV - Hehehehe no I do not remember Nearest and Dearest, I am too young.
Steve says he now remembers what the show was but he too is too young
to really remember about it. We do not remember when it was last on
British television. It must have been funny.
Hey did I tell you about the programme we saw a few months ago called
World's Funniest Animals or something like that? Well there was this
monkey swinging from side to side on this tyre, swinging away in this
big arc. Well there was suddenly this other big arc of piss that
shot out from him. There he was just pissing away and swinging from
side to side. It was something I did not think wold happen and it
was a really funny surprise. LOL


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