Mark (sarsen)
First can I offer my sympathy to our friends from New York and anyone else caught up in the latest tragedy. Your city has suffered too much already.

Carol: We all drink recyled urine, and indeed worse, thanks to the natural hydrological cycle and water treatment. It's generally understood that the water drunk by people in west London (which is taken from the Thames) has already been drunk by six people upstream since falling as rain! I love telling my students that one! I don't believe water on submarines (certainly British ones) is recycled as it is easier to desalinate sea water.

My Monday started on a great note today. As I arrived at my classroom one of my form class (14 y/o girl) said "Sir, my friend pissed herself on Friday". Now how do I find out the facts to report to you without crossing obvious teacher/student boundaries? So I asked "Which lesson was that in then?". Apparently, it wasn't in a lesson but in the street, thanks to alcohol. The girl concerned was walking down the street openly peeing.

Did anyone here see "So Graham Norton" channel 4 UK TV this weekend?
There was a rather attractive and slightly buxom lady confessing to a "toilet accident". She said she always goes for a "five o'clock dump" (her words) at the office where she works. On one occasion she went into the loo and the cleaner was busy in there. She needed to go rather a lot so she went down to the disabled toilet, and it was dark in there. So she pulled the light cord - and found it was the alarm, and a whole load of turned up to see if she was alright!
I think there might be more information on the channel 4 website.

Great picture this morning (Monday). It looks as though the lady is doing her business in earnest and enjoying every minute of it.

Carol. I have heard that unless you've got a water infection, urine is sterile. However, I would not wish to consume it nor advise anyone else to. There are, after all, much pleasanter things to drink in the world. I liked your story about the big poo you did on Saturday morning. Obviously you were well ready for it. The Itailan food obviously did it's job! My guess is you hadn't been for a motion for a day or two. Anyhow, keep your stories coming.

Scots Tony here. Adrian, you must be psychic as I intended to post and share a great toilet listening and viewing episode of today.

As readers will know I am far more interested in women and girls doing a big solid motion rather than other men but this real turn on of a few hours ago involved a man at a client's offices.

I was at this customer's premises doing an upgrade to their system, and had gone to their staff canteen for lunch. On our table was a man called Steve, about 50 or so Id guess. He is the Manager of their Logistics Department and I have dealt with him on the computer aspects of his section and found him to be a decent sort. Little did I know he was to give me a thrill this afternoon. I had finished my lunch as had Steve when we went to put our plates etc in the washing up area, the canteen of course being a cafeteria not waiter service. I heard him say to one of the girls in his department, "You start the loading sheet run as I have to go to the toilet and I will be some time" The girl gave a knowing look and of course my ears picked up this message. Was he going for an after lunch motion? This guess was confirmed when he farted and as I was standing behind him in the queue (line) I got the full aroma of a solid BM. Although I didnt need to go myself I went to the Gents Sta! ff Toilet down the corridor behind him. He entered the toilet and went into a cubicle, (stall) and bolted the door and I went into the one next to his and did likewise. I heard him undo his belt, unzip the fly of his trousers and take these and his underpants down and sit on the pan. Now Im glad to say that unlike some unsporting types he did NOT put any toilet paper down the toilet pan. I heard him peeing, a strong stream into the water of the pan then, without any straing or OO! NN! sounds PLOP! PLONK! SLOOP! I guessed some little lumps were coming out of his back passage. There was a pause then, again with no sounds of effort, PLUNK! PLONK! SCHLUMP!SCHLOMP! The sounds suggested that Steve was a bit constipated as what he was passing sounded like small balls and little turds of no great size. About ten minutes had passed and I was starting to get a bit bored as nothing else seemed to be happening in the cubicle next door when I heard his do another short wee wee then for the! first time the sounds of effort "NN!AH! there was a slight crackling sound then KUR-POOL-LOOMP-FLOOMP! Steve had dropped a whopper! I heard him give a long satisfied "AHHHHHH!" He sat for a moment, then I heard him pull some toilet paper from the roller, wipe his bum, pull up his underpants and trousers and zip up his fly then unbolt the door and leave the cubicle, wash his hands and go out of the toilet. at first it didnt dawn on me then I realised he hadnt pulled the flush! (I wonder if this was on purpose as he was proud of his efforts and wanted others to see it?). I quickly left my cubicle and went into the one he had used. In the pan there were a number of small hard balls varying in size from a walnut to a hen's egg but what caught my eye was the fat jobbie floating in the water of the pan. It wasnt the longest jobbie I have seen but it was sure fat about the size of a coke can in thickness and length, consisting of big compacted balls. I left it for others to see and ! perhaps admire.

Carol, those were two good motions you had, a big hard load and then a few days later some easy but solid and formed sausages. Lucky Keith being able to watch as you did them, and no doubt rub your ???? ???? and encourage you to do a nice big jobbie. I have observed the phenomenon of the wee wee running down a long solid jobbie as it comes out in quite a few women. I had as a kid wondered if that was what was happening when I listened to a woman doing a motion and the tinkling of her wee wee stopped, there was the KUR-SPLOOSH! as she did her jobbie, then the tinkling started again. I actually saw it for myself when my friend Moira, (George's wife), did a big whopper outside when we were on a country walk and I saw her wee wee run down her big fat turd as it slowly emerged between her ???? buttocks and have seen the same occur with my wife Theresa.

A few days ago I unexpectedly saw a woman doing a poo outside. I was working late and had parked up in an out of town hypermarket to get some food and wine for a late evening supper with Theresa. When I came back to my car, which was parked at the far side of the area, I saw someone squat down. Intrigued, I didnt turn on the car lights or start the engine but watched. As my eyes adjusted I saw that it was a women of about 25 Id imagine. She had her skirt hitched up and her white panties down at her knees and had her back to me. As there was a moon I could see a dark runnel beneath her so guessed she was doing a wee wee, but then I saw a dark object emerge behind her and fall onto the ground. She quickly took a piece of tissue from her handbag (Purse in the USA) and wiped herself, dropped it on the ground, pulled up her panties, adjusted her skirt and left at a fast clip. Once she had gone I got out of the car to have a look with my torch. On the ground was a long fat 12 in! cher, smooth and curved. I assume this woman had needed it and didnt want to risk going back to the Ladies Toilet in the shop in case it was occupied but thought it safer to do her motion at the edge of the empty car park. Has anyone else had a luck chance sighting such as this or been the subject of one?

Finally, I loved the picture at the masthead. The lighting isnt optimum but it looks as if there is at least one if not two big solid jobbies in the pan beneath her. No wonder she has that satisfied smile on her face!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

On Saturday I had one of those shits that seem to go for ever like I've had before in the past. It was really enjoyable just sitting there on the toilet dropping turd after turd and getting splashed everywhere as they dropped but I was aware of what had happened in the past after one of these marathon shit sessions. Anyway, no soreness or great straining, but I didn't understand why I was doing so much, but when I looked down and the shit was up to the water level, nearly, and it's a 6" deep water trap, I flushed and carried on shitting.
I was now concerned I was going to get 'roids from all this, but eventually I dropped my last turd, and even though they felt good and big coming out, they were only small to medium size. I must have dropped 100 turds altogether, probably as many as I'd ever done in one session, but unfortunately, I did feel that tenderness and discomfort, and so didn't feel very active the rest of the day.
Anyone else ever have a session like that? I've no idea why I get those type of shits occasionally, but even though I've not been doing big ones since then, no problems and no discomfort.
With the colder weather, and not being too keen on drinking plain water all the time, decided to maintain my water consumption by heating it for a minute before drinking so I still maintain adequate hydration.
Back to normal again tomorrow? I hope so, and feel confident I'll be plopping like most of you!

A reminiscence from my friend P. who told me about this incident happening to him once.
He went into a public toilet for a shit once, and noticed a young guy at the urinals as he went into a cubicle.
He noticed the guy look at him as he went in, and as my friend sat on the toilet, the door which had no lock and wouldn't close properly was slightly pushed open by this other guy. P. pushed it shut again, and as he sat there dropping his turds, could see the shadow on the floor of the guy still standing at the door.
Every time he dropped one in the toilet, he heard a sharp intake of breath from this guy, as though he was really turned on by it, then as my friend finished and flushed and went out, the other guy had resumed his position at the urinal, and watched P leave and climb the steps.
He looked back at this point to see what the guy did next, and noticed him immediately go into the cubicle that P. had used.
Presumably to enjoy the privilege of sitting on the toilet, or, who knows, kissing the toilet seat that had just been used by a well-muscled biker dropping his loud plopping turds!

On another occasion, using a metal toilet and having a good long session of log-dropping and enjoying the spashback, as soon as he did his first plop, he could hear the guy in the next cubicle becoming "quite excited" and it wasn't left to the imagination at what he was doing and what was turning him on as P. sat there shitting his turds!
Two examples of great compliments from strangers who hear a guy on the toilet and enjoy the impressive sounds!

With the exception of the other day, it's great to be back in the world of good, healthy shitting again, so best wishes to all the rest of you, P P G

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I was at the gym yesterday. After my workout I took a nice poop. I wiped, then I went into the steam room/ I sat bareass on the white tiled bench for a while covering my breasts and vagina. I chatted with te other women, then got up to shower. What A huge brown spot i left right on the TILE ! Can you imagine my embarrasment? I acted like it was not there, but a very large Bea Arthur type woman said "Missy, you left soething behind, you'd better clean that mess !!! " I was humiliated as I had to remove my towel and wipe up my shit spot. I will not return to that gym.

jamie lynn
last nigh i got home from a concert and went to the bathroom pulled down my shorts and undies sat down on the toilet and sarted peeing after i peed for a few mins. i started to doodoo i bend back and forth some help it out after a few mins of pushing it drop into the waer with a big splash i looked between my legs at it. i was 6 inches long and hard. i then wiped my self 3times and gotup pulled my clothes up turned arund and pushed the flush sending the pee and doodoo down the drain.

jamie lynn

C'est moi
I posted yesterday about my 4 day bout with diarrhea. Well heres whats happened since. I didnt have any bm yesterday but my stomach hurt soooo bad and I felt so sick. I could hear the liquid inside me but nothing would come out. I ended up giving myself an enema last night. I waited a few minutes and I had no desire to go. I had to FORCE the liquid out of me. I got more than half out (I was so bloated) but I could't do any more. I barely got any sleep (my stomach hurt!) and I got up for work this morning. Still no desire to go. I made it through the day, came home trying to force it out didn't help so I did another enema. This time more water came out and a tiny bit of green liquid. Not much, not enough. I decided to take a bath and a few minutes into it the need struck. I rushed to the toilet (2 feet away) and barely made it. A rush of water mostly. I squeezed out a little more and got back in the tub. A minute later I had an accident. I couldn't get up fast enough and diarrh! ea ran into the tub. I scambled for the can and my ass exploded the second I sat down. After 2 waves I looked in the bowl to see nasty brownish green fluid with very little chunkage. I sat down again let go some nasty liquifarts and cleaned myself up. I finished my bath and went to make some food. I ate and immediatly afterward tryed to force myself to go. I sat backwards on the bowl and pushed. I managed two more waves of the most vile smelling diarrhea immaginable. I decided to lay down. An hour or two later I was back on the can. Explosive diarrhea this time. I could still hear liquid inside. I forced out 9 waves of liquid with a little bit of foam. I am still extremely bloated but I can't force it out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have the runs anyway I just need it to come out!

ring stretcher
Did you know a diaper commercial in America was pulled because they used the word "B.M." and that offended people? Sheesh! Americans seem so uptight about pooping. Why is this? Why is pooping such a forbidden topic in our culture? Well, make that pooping and death. We all poop and die.

No interesting pooping stories to talk about. I did have an interesting piss yesterday. I really had to go and as I was patting myself dry I noticed my urine was cloudy. Should I be concerned? I'm certain it wasn't the water that was cloudy.

Special hellos to:

heather k.
when i was in high school, the bathrooms were always nasty. i would pee in them only because if i peed my panties, everyone would see. i would only poop in them if the only alternative was to poop in my panties at school. there were many times i pooped my panties while walking home from school. this one time in particular i remember i was in the last class of the day. i had to go so bad, my stomach started cramping. finally the bell rang and i started walking home. i felt the strong urge to poop, but i barely managed to hold it in. a few minutes later, it came back-with a vengance. in a desperate attempt, i sucked in my stomach to try to hold it in, but to no avail. i thought "this is it. i'm pooping my pants". i kept walking normally so the traffic passing by wouldn't be able to tell. i helplessly stopped fighting it and i could feel poop filling my sexy pink bikini panties. i sat on a bench at a bus stop to smash it down so there wouldnt be a big bulge on my butt.! i got home, took of my jeans and put them on the bathroom floor. next, i removed my poopy panties and started using tp to take all the poop out of them. it went right through them and got all over my sexy little butt and inner thighs. i then got in the shower, rinsed my panties and cleaned myself up.

When my husband got home from his trip I told him I used the try pod and got another video of myself having a poop over the edge of the tub. He got all excited and wanted to see it so I showed it to him. With predictable results. Several hours later I told him it was Jeannie, not me. He wouldn't believe it and used this as an excuse to watch it several more times. He insists he can see a birthmak on her shoulder, and that it's me not her in the video. He's wrong. But I don't know if it is worth the trouble to try to prove it or not.
He asked me if I would make a third video. I already had a good big shit this morning but I tried again, sitting in the usual position. After about 10 mins I managed to squeeze out one little poo, about an inch wide and 3 inches long. My poor little distended ring is visible on the screen for several minutes before the production starts. After a couple of false starts, retractions, and considerable straining and groaning and then peeing all over my bare feet, I finally got it out. --The things we have to do to please our husbands.

I love this forum. I think more people should be open about pooping and peeing.

I've never had an 'accident' but I have had a few near-misses. One was in the middle of a bike ride - I suddenly felt the urge to shit. I got off the bike, ran into some bushes (thank god for bushes!), pulled down my shorts and boxers and dropped a couple of soft logs. There wasn't anything to clean up with, so I got back on the bike and had an uncomfortable ride home. I threw away the boxers, but the shorts were ok. Needless to say, it took a while to clean myself up.

Here are some things I've found useful: coffee really helps things along when you're bunged up. Don't put it off - go as soon as you feel the urge. If you're embarrassed about people hearing you, leave a tap running and put a layer of TP in the toilet. If you're struggling to push out a big load, try biting down on a towel as you push. If you want to make sure you're really clean, use a wet cloth or flannel to wipe around your anus and inside it. Eat plenty of fruit and drink plenty of water and you won't get constipated as much. If you often leave a smell in the bathroom, try lighting a match after you poop - it really works.

In the UK, the commonest words for pooping are: having a dump, going for a number 2, pooing and having a crap. Also, some people say 'I'm just going to spend a penny'. That can be either pee or poop.

Happy pooping!

Haven't had any good stories but would like to respond to Dakota concening the college kids in the bar bathroom making snide comments about you shitting. My response to them would be to tell them to f*** themselves or to bite me. Depends on my mood. I might make a smart ass comment to the effect that they think they are above shitting that their shit smells like daisies but then I would say to them that their shit stinks as bad.

Some Guy
So I saw "Rat Race" where Jon Lovitz forces his daughter to poop with her butt hanging out the car window because he doesn't want to stop the car. It was wasn't sexy as his daughter was very young, but it was funny.

Interesting picture on Friday of the blonde girl with the white shirt sitting on the toilet. She has her hair up and pulled back. I wear my hair the same way most of the time. My husband Gary likes my hair pulled back with the back of my neck showing.

Stargazer: Welcome and thank you for your thoughtful and detailed analysis of my pooping habits and those of Alana. Let me assure you that I am in good health and also mindful of any possible illness. I almost never miss a day of pooping. Also, although it may seem that I have massive pooping sessions almost every day, that is certainly not the case. As you mentioned, it seems to be occurring in a cyclical pattern every month or so. I feel discomfort only in the minutes or hours leading to pooping and feel greatly relieved right after. Rarely does the discomfort persist beyond the immediate pooping session. If I should become concerned about my colon, of course I will seek medical attention promptly.

Buzzy: That was a nasty poop session you had after eating Hamburger Helper. It must have been a bad batch of HH or possibly something in the meat itself. I hope you don't have food poisoning, so get well soon.

Sarah S & Meghan: Another great story of you, Meghan, with you pooping side by side with your friend. I had a few such run-ins with my best friends Carrie and Sara in the campus restrooms.

Robby and Annie: I hope you're feeling better, Robby. As for the Christine look-alike, I was surprised but not concerned when she walked into the bathroom. I haven't seen her around since, so she must have been just a visitor.

I've been on a v??????? binge lately, with a huge chicken salad and a ???? fest with steamed broccoli, carrots and spinach for the last two lunches, respectively. Later in the afternoon I was beginning to feel the urge to poop. After a while it became a big more urgent, though it wasn't accompanied by the usual stomach ache. I decided to relieve myself and go to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, lifted my beige skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I pushed out a thin but long log and followed with a single solid motion with long thick pieces breaking off as it falls into the water. It went on for a few minutes with no let up. I was very comfortable as I sat there moving my bowels. Soon the bowl was filled and a poop smell began to emerge. I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out a couple more pieces before I was done. I wiped several times, flushed a final time and saw I didn't leave any poop stains nor much of a poop smell. Of course, I felt much better afterwards.

Hello also to Kim & Scott, Althea, Jeff A., Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, Ephermal, Amy (Co-ed), and everyone else I may have missed.

Eric in Chicago
Bryian: You should be shitting green by the time you read this. I first tried it when I was 13, and I've done it plenty more times over the years. It always takes at least 8 hours before the green comes out, and it goes through you faster if your stomach is empty. One bottle will usually give me two or three bright green dumps, then an army-green one and then it turns brown again. Sometimes I make camo shit the first time, which is really cool. If you drink more than one bottle, you'll get blueish green or even blue. Besides drinking it straight out of the bottle, I've put it in beer, milkshakes, smoothies, and pop. Green poop rules, dude!

Lody: Drinking your own piss isn't dangerous, as long as you haven't let it sit around for a long time. Some people even claim it has health benefits, but they've never been substantiated as far as I know. One thing, though: some medications are partially excreted unchanged, so if you're taking them, drinking your piss might effectively increase your dosage. Also, if you're in a situation where dehydration is possible (like long camping trips), you cannot completely make up your water losses by drinking your own piss. Eating your own shit wouldn't kill you, but I can't recommend it because bacteria that are harmless in one part of your body can be harmful in other parts. Eating someone else's shit is much riskier, as you can easily pick up bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Meghan and Sarah S
We are writing our last post early because Sunday mornings are always hectic at our place especially in the bathroom. We want to wish all the posters a great week in and out of the toilet!! A few short responses.

KENDAL: Dear cousin!! Meghan- I want to tell you that Sarah had a real trumpy bottom this morning. She let out trump after trump. It was really amazing. I didn't think she could match me. Her poo was very light and easy. Must have been those nachos we had after the pasta and sauce. I had my usual loud trump and easy poo! Hope your poos have been the easy kind. Has Andrew helped you in the toilet lately? How far is your village in Devon from Manchester? I know we sound like we're asking 20 questions. We will stop. Sarah- We live just 50 miles from our home. It is very convenient to come home on weekends. Write us when you can and we will talk to you next weekend!! We wish you many great adventures in the toilet and out this week. Be safe and take care, Lots of love and a BIG hugxxxxxxx Cousins Meghan and Sarah S.

LAWN DOGS KID: Hi cuz! Meghan- That's southern U.S talk. As we told Kendal, this morning Sarah could match you and I in trumping!! I was laughing so hard. It sounded like a brass band,hahah!! There was much percussions between them!! We need a young man to join us in our bathroom adventures. However, we are still trying to get over the shyness. This is still very new to us. Have you seen your friends Katy or Emily in the toilet recently? Write us when you can. We will talk to you next weekend. Be careful and take care, Lots of love and (quit blushing Meghan!) a kiss. Sarah S and Meghan.

RIZZO: Meghan and I wanted to tell you that our concert with Dad went very well. The last number was "An die Musik". I flubbed up a little. Dad sang so beautifully. Annie started crying and Meghan and I nearly lost it, too. We came home and had pasta and sauce. That is why I had a real trumpy bottom this morning. I had a very quick poo, though! That made me happy and Meghan was jealous!! She was falling on the floor laughing!! Annie and Daddy came up to see what the heck was going on! We welcome your advice. Please be careful. Have a great week! Love, Sarah S and Meghan.

HELLOS to: Louise and Steve(Have a great time), Buzzy, Erin, Linda-14yrs, Linda GS, Rjogger and Kathy, Jane- thanks!, Sylvia, Mindy, Mandy, Carmalita and Jake, PV(miss you), Jeff A(hope you are ok), David and Niki, Todd and Diana, Ellie and Little Lou(take care), and all of the other friends we have in this forum!!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK Y'ALL!! Sarah S and Meghan

Hi everyone,

Sorry if it seems like I fell off the edge of the world -- but my last two posts didn't make it to the board. I wasn't being saucy, promise! I'm pretty sure they simply failed the stick-to-the-point rule, I think it's a ten percent off-topic maximum rule, isn't it? I seem to recall I was sending all kinds of hugs to my dearest niece KENDAL, and having a word with ANNIE about the way that keeping hydrated to do martial arts can lead to bladder action in the process!

I've got plenty to chat about here, so I'll re-submit some (trimmed) comments from previous messages in the hope they'll pass the percentage test okay this time:

LOUISE -- CONGRATS on your Aikido 5th Kyu! Wonderful! I'm proud of you! It makes me want to have another go myself, and Aikido is a style I'm interested in adopting! Well, those runny evacuations are a sure sign you're eminently human! We stress out, we gush forth! It shouldn't hit so bad in future, you have experience and a positive result. Steve was every bit the gentleman to clean you up like that. Yes, it's fun to use your urine like a scouring hose -- I blasted some blobby shit on the back of the bowl last week, and decided to turn around and wee it all away!

RIZZO -- "Pee Queen" -- me?! I swoon to the compliment! Well, my target is 15 wees on the beach this year in a single session, and a great big dump if I can manage it too! I've been thinking I might try doing a sort-of Louise -- stand at the edge of the sea and wee straight forward while staring off at the horizon, like it's no big deal...

And onto new stuff!

A while back I promised to post some weeing-in-the-face excerpts from TV -- here they are!

STEVE, LOUISE and other folks in the UK might remember a genuinely hilarious 1960s B&W sitcom, "Nearest and Dearest," starring Hylda Baker and Jimmy Jewel as middle-aged sister and brother Nellie and Eli Pledge, owners of a pickle factory in Manchester... In one classic episode they were accidentally locked in the basement of the factory on the Friday night before a long weekend, thus the gags revolved around their attempts to get out... The basement had one of those old-fashioned iron-barred windows at ground level looking into the yard. At one point a dog wandered into the yard and Eli whistled him over, and kept him occupied while Nellie wrote a quick message to be tucked into the dog's collar. But long before they could try it, with Eli reaching up through the bars, a strong, hefty stream of canine urine appeared from out-of-picture, straight into his face! I remember how agonizingly, paralyzingly funny it was at the time, his frozen expression, followed by mopping! his face with a handkerchief. It was outrageous, but typically "northern-style" earthy comedy.

Another -- in Season Four or so of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," hero-Herc discovers to his amazement he has a son, Evander, by his childhood sweetheart, the demi-goddess Nemesis. The baby boy is the episode's bone of contention, and in one really heavy scene Herc is speaking softly to the baby, talking really to his own heart, when -- you guessed it. This tiny, perfect fountain appears out of the bottom of the picture, straight into Herc's face. Again, he does the "stoneface" routine as it happens, and if it was planned then how he kept a straight face during the emotive dialogue beforehand I'll never know!

A third example -- here in Australia we recently had a character named Russell Coit who does a sendup/parody of the "Outback Adventurer" genre, which is a legend Down Under. Every macho thing he tries to do goes hideously wrong, usually in physical pratfalls. In one episode he dismounts to inspect his mare's rear offside hoof, and bends to look at her foot. He holds up her foot, start in on his dialogue, then a hosepipe-force stream of mare's urine blasts straight into his face from above...

A fourth -- not in the face this time, but a documentary about orangutans featured a baby orang who started to pee while he was being held. We even got a close-up of his teensy simian dicky in full-pee!

Sigh! What else? Movie stuff. I recently saw Philip Kaufman's classic "The Right Stuff," which has probably been talked about here before but is worth noting again. The build-up to Alan Shepherd's flight in Mercury 3 -- his wife mentioned he "must have had four cups of coffee before he went to work this morning." I guess he had every right to be nervous. Still, as a 15-minute flight they hadn't provided a urinal collector in the space suit, and one delay after another left him lying on his back for four hours... Eventually he was given permission to pee his space suit. This is historic fact, too!

Scott Glen had heaps of fun with the part of Alan Shepherd, but also got "paid out" for his, shall we call it jubilance?, during a lower-gastrointestinal X-ray series, the conclusion of which was actually shown on screen. He and another astronaut, Scott Carpenter I think (I could be wrong) were undergoing tests in the hospital and following the series they had to go two floors up in the elevator to evacuate the radio-opaque material they had been filled with. So with enema bags in one hand and balloon inflation releases in the other, and hosepipes disappearing into their rears through the backs of their surgical gowns, they were marched through the hospital by a 7-foot Mexican orderly... I never know exactly what to make of that scene!

One other bit, test pilot Chuck Yeager is looking at the cover of Life, showing a portrait of Ham, the first "astrochimp" who flew in Mercury 2, and he says: "You think he's the sort to put do-do in the capsule?"

I wish I had some fabulous adventures to relate, but things have been quiet, cool and rainy here. I peed in the sink once or twice, that's about the limit of adventures -- and nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary in the way of dumps either... Still, tomorrow's another day!

Hoping this one makes it, and hello to all my wonderful friends-- Steve & Louise, Kim & Scott, Annie & Robbie, Kendal & Co., Jeff A, Rizzo & Mrs Rizzo, and absolutely everyone else!



Biblical scholar. If you look up the reference properly I think you'll find it's really about about what comes out of a person's mouth - not their rear end!

IBS Girl. I too suffer from IBS to a mild extent, so I've some idea of what you're going through. I think the best thing would be to try and find out if you're intolerant to a certain food or range of foods. If you are, it may be compounding your problem. Your doctor may be able to advise you about intolerance testing. After all, anything that might help to control IBS as it can be very nasty, is worth doing.

Tim. I'm sorry to hear about your health problem. You were right to see the doctor though. It must be a very worrying time and I will do my best to remember you in my prayers. Hope all goes well with your operation. Good luck.

Nicola. Glad to see you back after a long absence. I enjoyed your story. Have you done any really big panpusters lately?

Annie. I liked your account of buddy dumping with Robblie. Have you ever done a really massive poo in your own right?

It would be great to have a post from Tony (Scotland) and also Anne (former bus driver) sometime. No doubt you've both got some good big motions to report on.

About a week ago I decided to try and loose some weight so I cut sweet things (puddings, cakes etc) out of my diet. I've lost a couple of pounds since but I've been ever so constipated. I think the sweet things kept me regular. Anyone else tried to diet and ended up constipated as a result?

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