Hi all, sorry I have been a bit busy.

Now Lody. On the matter you have asked about, firstly drinking one's own urine. Much as this will surprise many, human urine FRESHLY passed by a HEALTHY person is quite safe to imbibe. There are some who advocate doing so and former Indian Prime Minister Moraji Dessai used to drink a wine glass of his own urine every day. There are some diseases such as Typhoid which can be transmitted in the urine of a sick person and if urine is left for any time it breaks down giving off the pissy smell we all know so well. Personally, drinking urine is NOT something I would want to do although as I understand it the water in submarines and space craft is recycled, filtered human urine.

On eating feces DONT!!!!! Unlike urine these, even your own, contain a lot of bacteria, mostly harmless and commensal but some that are harmful. Definitely NOT my scene I assure you. I wont say anymore about this as the Moderator may block my post.

Sylvia, as others have said, there is nothing weird about your being turned on by hearing another person doing a BM. Just read back through this website and you will find it is very common indeed. I let my husband Keith accompany me when I do a motion and vice versa and when my kids were growing up I let them come in with me at home when "mummy needed a jobbie" and have a look at what I had passed. Both did so until my son was about 12 or 13 then as he was growing up he decided that he wanted privacy himself and accordingly he would then bolt the toilet door and he also ceased to come in when I was using the toilet. Of course I respected his wish for privacy. My daughter had no such inhibitions and still comes in to watch me doing a big poo when she visits home and I accompany her. As long as you are not offending the other person I dont see any problem and merely listening to someone doing a motion is unlikely to upset them unless they are aware of your presence and it an! noys them. So be discrete and listen in.

I had two interesting motions this week. The first which I did on Thursday at home was after being constipated for 3 days. Now Tony, PPG and CC would have loved it! Three big fat knobbly balls which made loud "PLOONK! KUPLONK! SPLOONK! sounds then a really fat lumpy "brick" the size and shape of a British beer can which took a fair amount of "NNN and EH! efforts to pass and plunged into the pan with a depth charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" throwing up a column of water which wet my fat bum (PPG would have been in ecstasy). The 3 balls were the size of goose eggs and the big jobbie was really like a log, fat and knobbly. no taper and blunt at both ends. It took 3 flushes to get it all away.

On Saturday I did a different but equally satisfactory motion. Keith and I had been out for a meal on Friday evening. Next day after breakfast I needed a motion and could feel that unlike the hard jobbies I did on Thursday, this one would be easy. Keith came into the toilet with me, as I slipped down my black Sloggi briefs and sat on the pan. I started to do my wee wee which tinkled then this sound stopped as the first jobbie started to come out of my rectum. It was just right, smooth and easy but solid and cohesive. As this long sausage came out my wee wee ran down it so stopped tinkling. "SPLOONK! the first jobbie dropped into the pan, and as I was still peeing it tinkled again then dwindled to an end. My bowels however were not resting on the job as it where but filled my back passage with another big turd. This one slid out "FLOOMP!" followed by the final jobbie "SPLOOSH!". Finished Keith wiped my bum and I pulled up my knickers and we had a good look at my motion. It ! consisted of 3 big jobbies all sausage shaped, 2.5 inches fat and one 12 inch long, an 8 incher and a 6 incher. Now this wasnt one big turd that broke in three as it came out of me as the ends of each jobbie were smooth not ragged. I have to say this poo smelt quite strongly no doubt from the Italian meal and wine that Keith and I had eaten the previous evening. When I pulled the flush the two smaller turds went away but the big 12 inch jobbie stuck and kept sliding back down into view when I pulled the flush a further 3 times. I left it untila couple of hours later when it flushed away after 3 more flushes leaving a big brown skid mark on the bottom of the pan.

Annie and Robby
Hi all,
It tis late in America. We just got home from a wonderful time at a concert in which Robby, Sarah S, and her sister Meghan performed. He sang 4 songs ending with that glorious hymn to music;"An die Musik". The girls accompanied their Dad like angels. This girl was in tears. Well, this is not a music forum so I won't droll on. Robby and the girls are in the kitchen making some pasta. He assigned me the posting duties. It was a scream in the loo this afternoon. The girls told me that they didn't tell this story so I will. I was reading and had to take a dump. I walked up to the upstairs hall loo. The door was closed. I heard Sarah say;"Meghan, rub my ???? like Daddy does with Annie". Well, I was intrigued. Meghan agreed. I opened the door a little. I saw poor Sarah leaning over and Meghan vigorously rubbing her ????. She grunted like a bull moose; UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! I heard a crackling of a log. Then they looked up and saw me. Sarah and Meghan let out ! a banshee scream. Sarah's bum lifted off the toilet with that log sticking out of it. Meghan just froze with a horrid expression on her face. Both of them blushed up a storm. I said;" Come on"! I walked in and sat down beside Meghan and held Sarah's hand. Suddenly the log dropped and Sarah and Meghan started weeping. I was stunned. Sarah just held onto my hand. They couldn't talk. I just started chuckling. Then I started laughing. Don't ask me why. They looked at me like I was mad and then Sarah started laughing and let out a mega trump!! Meghan just about lost it. She was half crying and laughing at the same time. Sarah started wiping and she just was beside herself. She hugged me and Meghan hugged me. The finality of this is that I farted(trumped) loud enough to raise Robby from downstairs. Sarah was laughing so hard she fell off the toilet. This went on for 10 minutes. It was a real sight to see. Robby just looked at us, shrugged and walked on!! The girls never told me why ! they started weeping. Oh well, it was a great bonding experience!

DEAR KENDAL: Hello my dear niece! The girls said they spoke to you this morning. You said that you don't have a trumpy bottom. I let out some good trumps but only if I am laughing real hard. I don't usually on the bowl. How are you doing in school? Are you in school with your step sisters or are they at another school? It is wonderful that you have friends and family that you can share with. My favourite colour is lavender. Robby wears black most of the time (UGH!). He thinks it goes with his silver hair. He is not a morose person. Sarah and Meghan are thinking of things to do in the loo so they can share their experiences with you. They don't have friends like you that can loo bond with them. The just have each other. They love and care for you very much. Hope to hear more loo adventures in the future. Take care, my dear!! A big hug and lots of love, Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby(a bigger hug from him).

LAWN DOGS KID: Hello my dear lad. We hear you have a trumpy bottom, haha! Just joking. Sarah and Meghan are all agog about picturing you. They love their male cousins and are thrilled to add another. They will have so much jolly fun with you. Have you ever been sailing? I know Rizzo has and Robby and I love the sea. Please write when you can. Take care, Lots of love, Annie and Robby

DEAR RIZZO: How was the boat? Hope you went. The girls want to tell you about the concert. My dear, it was glorious! Hope you and your wife's health are improving and you are getting enough chocolate!! I will be able to talk longer next time. Take care, my dear friend! Love, Annie and Robby

Robby is calling me to get my bum into the kitchen. I have to go!
Quick Hellos: Rjogger and Kathy-hope you are ok. Scott and Kim, Carmalita and Jake, Pat and Renee, Louise and Steve-hope you are over the diarrhea. Jeff A - How is your health? Erin, Linda(14yrs), LindaGS-write when you can. DianeNY, David and Niki, Todd and Diana, PV- hi gal!! Sylvia, Denny, Diva, Ring Stretcher, Laura, Mindy, Mandy, Althea, Ellie and Little Lou-hope you come back. All of the others we missed.

CHEERS Annie and Robby

Sunday, November 12, 2001

biblical scholar
Remember: "It's not what goes into a man's mouth that makes him unclean, it's what comes out of his butt!".


Eric in Chicago
Lucy: Mild stomach bleeding from alcohol usually isn't serious unless it happens frequently, though it is a sign that you're really overdoing the drinking.

Tim: I hope whatever you have turns out to be easily treatable (even if it's colon cancer, the cure rate is pretty good). Hang in there. Your MIL is probably feeling awfully guilty right now because she realizes that she took what turned out to be a sign of a very serious illness and misinterpreted it as a sign of heinous criminality; anybody less rigid than a Taliban mullah would realize that that was *way* over the line. Too bad she can't apologize to you directly; it's really fear that prevents her from doing so.

IBS Girl
As it states in my name I have IBS. I am constipated 90 percent of the time however I have had a 4 day bout with diarrhea. I had the worst stomach ache today and I could't seem to do anything so heres what happened. I had to get rid of the stomach ache somehow so I took the nozzle off the shower and I gave myself an enema. I feel much better now (still have a slight stomachace) and I recommend this to anyone who needs relief. :)

Jamie Lynn, we would like to hear some of your stories. What are your poops usuallylike?

lody ?
hi to all
i want to ask alll of you one thing if some one drink his piss or eat some of his shit did he die?is human waste are poison which cause death?pls tell me i want to know?

Good mornin'all.Woke up early this a.m.cause i had these intense cramps cause last nite I ate this stuff called hamberger helper-I hadn't had it in years and I wanted to fix something quick to eat and it was pretty good and I was hungry and ate quite a bit of it,so I woke up and had these bad cramps and I just wanted to sit on the bowl,but I didn't have to poop yet.I wanted to get dressed and go to the gym to work out and do this poop there,but the cramps were too intense so I just sat on the bowl with the morning paper pushing to see if I could get things started but nothing was happening.Then after about 15 mins of sitting on the bowl,i puhhed and started to let out tremendous amounts of gas,I mean 10 sec long farts and I thought it would relieve things a bit,but it did very little.So i got up and just walked around for a bit and then I felt a good cramp and then felt my rectum start to fill up with hamburger helper and went back to the bowl and as soon as I sat down I let o! ut another big fart that smelled like the dinner i ate last nite and my anus domed out and out came my dinner and it came out in many soft chunks as I was leaning foreward cause of the cramps and then things sped up and my asshole exploded as soft,creamy stuff splashed onto the back of the bowl as I audibly let out an "ahhhhhh" of relief and the cramps went away and I sat upright for a few mins and let out a few wet farts and did some more mush.Then I looked in the bowl and saw 1 pretty long turd that was kinda knobby at one end and sort of like shredded wheat on the other with a bunch of pudding along the back of the bowl and splashed onto the back.It was a mass,so I wiped just enough to get up and get and flush and get a toilet brush and clean the bowl.God I hate to do that sort of thing-don't know why but it just skeeves me to clean a toilet-yes even mine!Anyway,just as I'm cleaning the bowl I feel another urge to poop and I sit down and fast and again I do a bunch of mush ! sort of like what beef stew looks like and it smelled just like what I ate-yup-hamburger helper-well no more of that stuff for this boy,i'll tell you.Then I wiped and jumped into the shower and got on the forum to tell you guys about it and as i sit here typing this I still feel like i could go more- one word of advice gang-no hamburger helper-I normally eat sensable,but once in awhile like i'm sure s lot of us,i eat some jumk and I paid for it-i didn't get food poisoning,but this stuff had to get out quick!well now i'm going to head out for the gym and I may just sit on the bowl one more time before I leave( I still feel like i'm not done-you all know the feeling i'm talking about) just to make sure OK guys I'm outta here -BYE

C'est Moi
It all begins Tuesday of this week. I woke up with the sickest feeling in my stomach. I had the washing machine effect, whole nine yards. I got out of bed, fed my cats made some coffee, and then went into the bathroom. I had to sit there for a minute and push (I knew I had to get whatever was in me out, pronto) and a tiny dribble of diarrhea escaped. Then the pressure started to build, I thought I would explode. Then a huge wave of diarrhea ran into the toilet. I still felt full. I leaned on my arm and pushed and 2 more waves came. Finally I felt better. All the pain and discomfort was gone. I figured it was something I ate and I went about my day. Fast forward to Wed morning. I got up made my coffee and something in my head said "go to the bathroom." I didn't feel sick, I didn't "feel the urge" but when I sat down I proceded to pee out the wrong hole. I never once felt anything. I finished and again, went about my day. Fast forward again to Thursday afternoon. I didn't go in ! the morning and I figured my diarrhea was gone so I was bound up a bit. I ran some errands and came home only to have a huge wave of nasty chunky diarrhea again. I still felt nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up this morning, had diarrhea yet again, and went to work like usual. An hour into work I got the worst stomach ache ever. I actually left an hour early. I figured maybe I was hungry. I came home ate layed down for a while and finally took a shower. Halfway through the shower I started to hurt again. I also started to get that very distinguisable <sp?> sick feeling. I have yet to go and I still feel crappy, pun intended. I'm making some coffee now in hopes of moving things along. I'll post again tomorrow and fill everyone in.

This is my first contribution. I am a middle-aged single male. I want to say thanks to all the people who make this forum possible. I have followed these pages with great interest for at least a couple of years, but not on a daily basis. (My system was down for several months.) I have skimmed all of these pages looking for interesting confessions from the ladies, as I have fantasized ever since I was a little kid about watching an attractive female take a good, healthy shit. (My first girlfriend--I was four,she was three--sat down on the toilet in front of me once, and I could see little brown turdlets falling out of her and splashing into the bowl. I remember it vividly.) I used to consider this fascination a dark, dirty secret, but I see now that many people (including many of the ladies I have read here) seem to agree that this might be normal and we need to be more candid about it, at least to our "significant others."

Having said that, I want to say thanks to Jane for her remarkable stories. You are an excellent writer, Jane, and your husband is a lucky man.

And to Alana: I was amazed by your stories on pages 603 and 609, and I would love to witness something like what you describe. You and your friend have a right to feel proud; but at the same time, with regard to your question about doctors, if you haven't done anything yet, I suggest that you type "gastroenterology" and "colon" and "hydrotherapy" on your web browser, and then read very carefully as much as you can. You definitely should see a gastroenterologist, because I'm afraid that you may be in some danger. I admire your shitting style immensely--but I certainly wouldn't want you to become ill. I did quite a bit of reading of these websites as well; they are very educational.

For myself, I am very active physically and I eat mostly grains and fruits, so I usually shit at least twice a day, and often more. (The French Roast coffee I love contributes to this, of course!)

But my fascination with the likes of Jane and Alana (as well as Carmalita, Kim, and a few others) makes me see that I'm in a moral dilemma: I enjoy women who take super-shits, but if one of them should become my wife, there would be a point where this could mean an unhealthy colon, whereupon I would need to insist upon calling in a doctor. I would love to witness a future mate's big healthy BM, but at what point is this pattern of pooping NOT healthy?

I hope there is a happy medium, and perhaps Jane has found it with her periodic "cleansing cycles." If anyone can offer fresh ideas about the above, I would love to read them.

Alana and her friend's problem with filling up entire toilets gave me an idea that could save mega-poopers much embarrassment in public places: Collect together a few large black 30-gallon trash bags, make a habit of keeping them on your person, and DON'T EVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM! One or two should be enough for most emergencies, but for added security, you might want to make them double--in which case you would need four. These bags don't break easily, by the way: I tested one of them with two 15-pould dumbells. But just one garbage bag laden with wet poop could leak a little.

The idea is, if you feel a mega-poop emergency coming on and you're nowhere near home, go into a public stall, open your bag over the toilet bowl and push it down onto the water. Then, feel free to cut loose. Now, if you're so busy shitting that you can't flush and you make a pile up to the rim (as Alana describes), you can pull the bag out of the toilet by the edges, twist it shut, tie it off, set it aside and then continue with an unclogged toilet beneath you! Hopefully this will buy enough time to slow your rectal contractions enough so that you can begin flushing and get it all down. Later, you can dump the bag in a nearby trash bin or you can leave it discreetly in the back of the stall. Or if there is time, you can pour the shit out gradually and flush it all down. Much less embarrassing for everyone this way, and if you're careful, it's likely that no one will ever know. In extreme cases such as Alana's, you would need two of these bags, but still--the basic! arrangement is the same.

The above idea came to me in part because I once worked as a janitor for a few months, and I know what they go through. Personally, it is fascinating to see a huge (female) turd in the bottom of a toilet, but cleaning toilets when they are clogged is never much fun.

I had to shit into a PAPER sack myself, once. I was in the middle of a 50-mile bicycle ride. I decided to stop at a public park to eat a snack, and had done so and was relaxing--when suddenly I felt the "urge" come on. I knew I had to do something fast. It was very late, the only restroom was locked, and there were no convenient bushes nearby, either. But it was dark, the place was deserted, so what the hey--I just reused my old lunch bag, right out in the open. I squatted low in the deep shadow of the restroom wall, opened the bag and released into it a little puddle of nice soft shit and then wiped with some TP that I always carry on long rides. Then I threw the bag, neatly folded, into a trash barrel. Very soon I was back on my ride, feeling very carefree!

Cheers to all!

One time my girlfriend and I were in a bar and we went into the men's room together. She goes up to one of the urinals and she's like: "How do you use this thing?" So I pulled down her shorts and underwear and pulled up her vagina and she fired away for about five minutes.

I like that pic again looks like she just finished(or is about) to do something on the paper

To Dennis: I liked that story about being really desperate to go in school.

To Dakota: Glad you liked my ideas! How old are you? I take it you might be "college age" I am too, but don't attend college

To Brandon: Cool bathroom prank...I liked it. Thats a bummer that you were itching because you didn't wipe. In fact last night i took a pretty good sized dump and i wiped and i got online and i started itching cause i knew i didn't wipe well.

Last night i went to the grocery store and i bought a bottle of green food coloring, then i went to an arbys restaurant and went in to the restroom and drank the bottle down. Then i ate dinner...therefore im hoping to have a green poop any day now. Any one ever do this?
After dinner i did poop(as i mentioned earlier) but it wasn't green. It was the normal brown and it was big. I wiped then before bed i had to wipe more cause i was itching down there.
Gotta run -Bryian

No new accident stories I am post to say that all next week i will be on vacation. I will be back Monday the 19th keep those posts coming though

Sarah S and Meghan
Hope everyone had a great week! We were busy as usual. Meghan is finally loosening up about this toilet sharing. She has a little story.
Meghan- I was at school and needed to shit. I walked into the bathroom, entered a stall and sat down. Needless to say I let out a huge fart(trump). I thought people could hear it down the hall. I bend over and started grunting. About that time another girl came in and entered the stall next to mine. I was grunting so loud that I'm sure she wondered what was going on. I started dropping short logs; plop,plop,plop,plop! The girl next to me suddenly said;"My God, is that you, Meghan?" I just about died. It was Carol, one of my friends. She just grunted and farted 3 short pfffs. Both of us dropped at least 6 pieces apiece and it really stunk in there. Then we wiped, flushed, and stepped out of the stalls. We washed up and started giggling about it on the way to class. I told Sarah and she just about had a stroke! She thought it was so funny. Yes, I am finally seeing the fun in this. That is my experience for the week! A few replies.

KENDAL:Sarah- Hi, cousin!! We read your post and we think it would be a hoot to bond with you in the toilet. Meghan can just picture her and Andrew sitting on adjacent toilets and have a trumping contest! (Roaring with laughter)!! I can see you and I standing waiting to have our turn! You would need to wear your nice dress and Honda panties. Meghan and I want to have a pair!! We treasure you! Also we saw you alerted your online sister, Linda GS, to the new developments. We would be thrilled to add her on. Well, we know you are busy with your studies and friends. Please write us and tell us more about Kate, Emily, and Charlotte. We understand you have a baby brother. We bet he is cute. Take care, Many hugs and Love, Cousins Sarah S and Meghan

LAWN DOGS KID: Hi, Andrew!! We also consider you our cousin. Kendal told us that you like female cousins, hehehe! Well, we are thrilled to have a good looking guy like you. Meghan- Kendal also told us you have a trumpy bottom. I KNOW I do. I trump very loudly before my first poo!! Oh, please, don't get angry at little Kendal. She is proud and very forthright!! A perfect little lady! I can just see us trumping together!(More laughter). Sarah - I can picture all of us in the toilet just having a great time. Please call Daddy and Annie, just Robby and Annie. There is no need for the Uncle and Aunt stuff. We have 3 great-aunts. We haven't called them Aunty in years. They don't seem to mind. We love them just as much and Dad and Annie will love you just as much. Hope you are doing well in your studies. Meghan and I are so tired every night when we get back to the apartment. I know I will finally graduate in a few months(Yea!!!!). Are studying for A-levels like the final 2 yea! rs of highschool? Take care, Lots of love and a kiss(blush), Sarah and Meghan.

DEAR RIZZO: Have you been on the boat? We hope so. We are so glad to become Kendal and Andrew's new cousins. We know you love and care about them. We hope we can help. Oh, yes, we are accompaning Dad(singing) as a part of a community concert tonight. Meghan will be on the cello and I will be on the piano. We are soooooo nervous. Take care, dear friend, Love, Sarah and Meghan.

MINA: What a story!!! Meghan and I haven't had a competition like that but we compete with each other! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

TIM: We are sorry that you had a restricted childhood and your wife wasn't open to this. Robby's parents were very closed. It wasn't we didn't love them but it was very puritan. This is how we were brought up in our younger years. Meghan and I are still nervous about sitting on the toilet in front of our father or any adult male. We are trying to loosen up. We know it is hard to throw away the rules that you were brought up with. We never knew about Annie and Dad or mother and Dad(Toilet bonding). We can speak from a young persons point of view. Raise your children to not be bothered or embarrassed about your toilet habits. Meghan and I have talked about this and decided that we won't impose restrictions on our children. At least not in the toilet. I know Dad will be a little upset when he reads this but he knows how we feel, now. Hope we can help. We will tell Dad to speak to you the next time he posts. They post as Robby and Annie. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

LOUISE: We are sorry you were sick. We know diarrhea is a real pain in the butt. We are glad that you did great on your test!! We read your and Annie's post and we can't see Annie holding dad's dick or willie in any situation. Knowing how crazy she can get, we won't be surprized!! We enjoy you and Steve! Take care, Love, Sarah S and Meghan.

JANE: That was a real party you had. It was so nice that you helped those children. We went to a charity party and Meghan was dressed in full leather(oops) and I was in a little girl dress and curls(haha). The proceeds went to the United Way. We had a couple of BIG bathroom dumps while we were there. Real stinky! Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

TODD and DIANA: Sarah and I play golf, too. That was a cruel joke, if it was. We have to admit to laughing a little about it. When I take a dump I just fart and drop my logs. No reading. Sarah, on the other hand, takes in her school notes or some dribble. I think people magazine. It takes her a while to finish. Take care, Meghan and Sarah S.

RACHEL E: That was a bad situation. I remember when Meghan and I got sick at the same time and the toilet, the shower, the wastebaskets, EVERYTHING was soiled!! Glad you are back. Sarah S and Meghan.

LINDA GS: If you read this, we would be glad for you to be our online cousin. We could have such a great time. Hope to speak to you, soon. Take care, Love, Sarah S and Meghan.

Quick Hellos to: RJogger and Kathy, Scott and Kim, Carmalita and Jake, David and Niki, Linda-14yrs(hope you come back), Mandy, Mindy, Erin(how are you doing?), PV(how is the beach?), Althea, Ellie and Little Lou(we have heard so much about you) and all of the posters we missed. Also, welcome to Denny. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan

Sorry this post has been so long. We only do this once a week! Thanks!

Hi Buzzy: Great story about your dump in the gym. Tried taking a dump outdoors a few times, the only way I seem to be able to go is holding on to a tree in front of me. Anymore outdoor dump stories? I always like your posts.

MATT, JUSTIN - Thanks for your replies to my question. I found both of your posts very interesting and informative in their own way.

BRYIAN - Glad you liked the story. I appreciate the response and will have more to come soon.

No time for anything else right now. Hope to have time for a story or at least something more interesting in my next post (day or so).


Friday, November 09, 2001

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