My sister Jeannie came over for lunch & coffee today. I told her about my emergency poop in the back of our van and she almost died laughing. We both were in such a giggly mood, I decided to show her the poop video. I said, "come here, I want to show you something"- and popped the video in- and before it started I said, "can you do this?" She started watching and inhaled real deep and said, "Oh -- my gawddd" --- and started laughing uproariously. When she finally got her breath she said, "Is that really you???" and I ran the video again so she could see the birth mark on my shoulder. "Anything you can do, I can do better," she said. I said, "Yeah, but you're too prissy to put it on tape." "We will see about that," she said. "Get the camera and come on." In the bathroom we set things up exactly like before and Jeannie stripped naked like I was- and got into the tub, 3/4 back view, with her butt hanging over the outside. She sat there for a couple of minutes and! nothing happened. Finally she let go with a long stream of pee which of course went into the tub and down the drane. Then more sitting. Jeannie is no slouch. I'm not either, but she is a year younger with a firm body and really nice round behind. Finally she grunted a little bit. I checked the aim on the camera which was running the whole time. I watched the monitor- then watched Jeannie as her ass cheeks spread- her ring enlarged and a squishy sound accompained this big brown smooth loaf while it slowly squeezed out. It wobbled and curled a bit and hung for a moment- and then just before it hit the newspaper, broke off, followed rapidly by several more big long solid chunks which landed on top of it. Jeannie reached behind and wiped with her right hand and dropped a big wad of TP onto the pile and I shut the camera off. After she was done we edited the tape and erased all the non-action between my poop and hers. Then by fast forwarding we could compare. We look al! most exactly identical from behind. The only big difference is, no birthmark- and her poop, more quanity than mine, broke apart as it fell. Jeannie and I used to poop outdoors when we were kids in on the farm. It was a case of necesseity when the house was too far away. Our older brother used to do it too, and we never thought anything more of it - just one of life's necesseitys. So stuff like this don't embarass us. Wait until my husband sees this. I am going to show part 2 of the video to him-(he's out of town till tomorrow) without comment- and will post his reaction here.

jame lynn
hi yall, I am a 10/f. I really love this bored I think its cool having a bored that talking about using the bathroom, I will post some of my stories soon.

Jamie Lynn

I remember having to poop at school in the 7th grade. When I was a kid, having to poop at school, or in a public restroom was the worst thing. I was really shy about pooping.
I was in my art class when I started feeling like I was going to have to poop. I was praying to God that it would go away. The urge got worse, and soon, I was fighting to hold it in. I was hoping that nobody would notice the look on my face. One of the students asked me if I was sick. I just said "no". Every few minutes, the urge just kept coming back. Finally, I thought "I going to have to ask if I can go to the restroom". I didn't want to go between classes because I knew there would be other people in the restroom at that time. I got another strong urge to poop. I waited until it stopped so that I could get up and walk to the teacher's desk. We had a substitute teacher that day. I asked, in a trembling, voice, "can I go to the restroom?". I heard a student giggle. He must have figured out that I had to poop really bad. The teacher asked if it was an emergency. I said "yes". She said "ok". I went to the restroom and there was noboby in there. I sat on th! e toilet and let out a large load. I wanted to hurry up because if I took to long, the class would know that I was pooping. I returned to class feeling much better. The smell must have stayed in the restroom for a while. After class, I saw someone go into the restroom and yell "SOMEBODY MADE SOME DOOKIE!!!"

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I hope everyone is doing fine. Today Im keeping it short. I saw a new Bud light commercial over the past weekend. It fits right in as far as this forum.

There is a pretty black girl holding a bud light and she turns to this heavy set black guy and asks him to guard her and her Bud light while she goes into a port a pottie. He says sure. She goes into the port a pottie and hes standing outside when some of his friends show up playing some rap music.

He starts jiving to the music and in his gyrations knocks the porti potty of the platform and it slides down the hill with the girl screaming inside. Sort of like post with the loo comming apart on the golf coarse the other day. Watch for it. Its well done and funny.

Amy (Co-ed)

Wow. That was an amazing post on your part. Please post again. I want more details about the public restroom 200 girls use. Describe the experiences you've had pooping with other girls next door to you. I want more!! Please don't be a one hit wonder.

Bobby-nice story about you and matt poopin your pants in the mall Were you worried about some one seeing or something.

Matt-good story about fishing and you and your friends meessing your pants on the river Also about your story about messing yourself in boxers I have a story about that today

I remember when I was about twelve and I was cycling to my girlfriend’s house and I had to go across a rough field. As I got on my bike I knew I had to poop bad and like now. I was about halfway from home and halfway to my girlfriend’s house. I was not going to make either as it was coming out already. I was about to put my bike down and drop my shorts but it was too late the poop had pushed out and I was passed a big load into my pants. Unfortunately in those days I wore baggy boxer type underwear and my shorts were too big. I felt the poop go into my undies and then it dropped down my leg and on to the ground. It was fir. I felt much better and did not need to poo any more, so I quickly checked left leg for brown stains and there was some so I tried to wipe them off. Then I got on my bike and went to my girlfriend’s. That was the last time I wore boxers because I did not want to chance having that happen to me in public if I ever poop my pants in public.

Bryian: Hey! Thanks a bunch for answering my post. Yeah, that bathroom don't have no lock on the door. You're right. I'm going to continue taking a shit there if I've gotta go. Next time, I'll stick those snotty college dudes heads into the toilet! Yeah, laying cable is a term some dudes at the construction site use for taking a shit. It's been around a couple of years. I guess you know there are a bunch of others. I like the term "laying cable" because it describes good the type of dumps I have. They're usually long and thick and curled up in the crapper - just like cable. Take care!

Hey! Do any of you dudes play bathroom practical jokes on your buddies? I'm a 22-year-old dude and I room with 3 other dudes of the same age. One guy, Chris, is always giving the other guys and me a hard time about keeping the bathroom clean (he hates skid marks in the crapper or piss on the seat), so we planned a little surprise for him! One morning we're all getting ready to go to class. I headed for our bathroom to go take a shit, and as I was walking in Chris said, "Hurry up because I have to take a dump too!" So I go in there and drop the biggest load of shit I have ever seen. I swear I must have lost four pounds during that shitting. One piece of shit was the size of a beercan! Anyway, I was so proud of my shit, that I thought Chris would appreciate seeing it. I didn't wipe so there was no toilet paper covering this massive dump. Man, it was some serious shit. Anyway, I open the bathroom door and stand there washing my hands at the sink. Chris is waiting outs! ide and says: "Are you finished here yet." I was like, "No, I couldn't go. Nothing came out." So Chris walks into the bathroom and I hear him cussing - he is such a picky guy. I thought I heard him gagging and it took him 3 flushes before he could sit on the crapper. I thought it was a great prank, but it did come back to haunt me later in the day. Since I didn't wipe, the shit dried up all over my asshole and made it itch real bad the rest of the day. I had to change my briefs two different times but it was worth it! Chris did not speak to me for a couple of days after that, but our other roomies enjoyed the prank and Chris stopped bugging us about keeping the bathroom clean after that. Dudes living together need to get used to skidmarks in the bowl or even a few floaters! Any one else here have any good stories about bathroom pranks?

Diane and I were seniors in high school together, and I was hopelessly in love with her. Her beauty was stunningly sexual, and we had been very active sexually. She picked me up from my morning classes for lunch. I got in the car, and she asked if we could stop at her house. "Sure," I said. "What for?" "I have to make a stop." She began speeding, and suddenly shouted "I gotta shit so bad," and pounded the steering wheel. And then I smelled the sweet smell of a young girl's heavy fart. And I knew she would barely make it home in time. We pulled in the driveway, and ran to the door, fumbling foro keys. She was hopping from one side to the other. Finally we entered the house, and she ran to the bathroom. She didn't have time to close the door. She fumbled with her clothing, and slammed her butt on the toilet. I heard her gaseous explosion, and walked in. She was on the toilet, pooping non-stop, crackling as it came out. It smelled awful. All I could do was stand th! ere and look. She ignored me for a while, and then looked at me, I think she was peeing at that point, and said "Do you f?????g mind? I'm trying to take a shit here!" Like an idiot I said, "You look so cute on the toilet." She said "GET THE F??K OUT OF HERE!" I said "Can I see what it looks like?" "NO!" then, "You really want to see it?" "Yeah. Never really seen a girl shit before." "Ok, I guess" She slowly moved off the toilet enough to let me see what was in there. I couldn't believe it. It was one long, continuous thick, snake-like thing, in a circle around the toilet. In my wildest binge-eating, beer-drinking days, I'd never seen so much shit in one setting. I watched her wipe her butt, flush and arrange herself. It still smelled. And then we went to lunch.

Buzzy: I sit with my legs together or slightly apart. I do open my legs wide to inspect what I have evacuated.

Kate: I never had a teacher accompany me to the toilet during a test. We did have elaborate safeguards to prevent cheating. I did have a teacher go to the bathroom with me when I had the runs. See a recent post.

Steve and Bobby: I was 14 at a department store. I felt the urge to rest my bowels. I was in an elevator and I was able to let off some gas. Soon, the more I held back, the more the urge. I found the ladies room on the top floor. In I went, lifted my skirt, pulled down my white panty hose and pink/orange panties. At that point in one motion when I sat, four baked potato sized pieces of doo-doo dropped in rapid succession. What a relief! Then, a fifth evacuated with a fart. As I sat, there was a line to use the six stalls. It moved quickly. I heard the foot traffic. A woman said, "It would move faster if that girl in the first stall (me) would hurry up." I was in no hurry. I sat for a good while.

Another time in HS gym, I was lifting weights. I felt a strong urge. It was my usual time in the morning. I was not waiting. But, I wanted to finish the repetition set. I did and I ran out of the weight room, holding myself tense. I got to the girls room and slid down my blue gym shorts and white panties to my ankles. Two eight inch pieces of doo-doo plopped into the toilet like rocks. They were thick as bricks. Then, three more soft pieces slid out of my stomach. They too were long. The bathroom stinked good. A girl entered the room and called my name. I told her I was alright. She said, "Gee, you really had to go!"

Dakota: I too, like that "laying cable".

My prayers go to all who have lost their dearest in the WTC, Pentagon and Pennsylvania attacks.

I like that pic...nice view of her turds

To Kate: Your teacher actully watched you take a piss? I can't belive that one....I think if i were you id tell someone and get her fired. What about the rest of the class, wasn't she worried they might cheat while she was gone??

To Bobby: Coool story...i really enjoy your stories!! I liked the part where the kids dared you and matt to sit on a bench and sit in your warm poop.. that probably feels good!

Rizzo: Your boating stories remind me of the time I went sailing as a teenager. One friend was below using the head as the boat 'went about'. The look on his face was priceless as he emerged, somewhat damp, his world quite literally having been turned upside down. Anyway great stories, keep them coming please.

Dakota: Nothing wrong with using that bathroom, that's what it's there for. Those college guys are just showing their immaturity, if they don't like it they can wait outside until you've finished!

Tim: I feel sorry for you having to endure your mother-in-law's prejudiced opinions. I've met people like that and wish I hadn't. As for you helping your daughter in the bathroom, I don't think there is anything you should feel concerned about. You are doing the job of a father. When she was first learning to use the loo; my sister used to open the toilet door, bend over (showing hear bare behind to all) and ask to be wiped! I really feel that those who shout 'abuse', when they hear of male parents seeing their daughters naked (or the other way round), must have pretty twisted minds themselves.

OK, a quick story from my university days. I was in a club with some friends one night and one of the girlsneeded a pee. As usual the queues for the toilets were huge so she was hopping around asking for help. She wanted an empty pint glass. All we could find was an empty half-pint, which she quickly accpeted. So there, in the middle of the club, with us all around her she dropped her trousers, held th glass to herself and filled it! That was some special night.

Anyway, best wishes to everyone. I love readin your stories.

Rjogger and Kathy, whatever happened to you? I hope you recover speedily. Yes, I do eat plenty of fibre in the form of fruit and vegetables. I love dried figs which are available here now. These have an accelerating effect on the digestive system, to say the least. See my last post, where I just made it to my boats toilet, because that was the nearest when the urge to pee became really serious. The urge to poop kicked in as soon as I had the toilet bowl right in front of me. Take care you two, love from Rizzo

Hi.fellow poopers-some responses
TO NYAD-Cute story with you and "wookie"Sounds like it was fun-he must have enjoyed that one!
TO SUSAN-very nice story with you helping out your boyfriend on the bowl-wish I had a lady to do that for me-that's so unselfish of you and you are a rare breed-I hope your boyfriend knows how lucky he really is!
TO BIG SPLASH MAN-I myself have done the exact thing every once in awhile when I have to poop badly and it is fun to do and watch as your poop slides out into the bowl while you are still standing and like you have to do something about it after you poop,too-cool story-sounded like one of my gym dumps!
Speaking of gym dumps,I had a very enjoyable one this a.m.As soon as I got up I headed for the gym and I knew I was going to have to poop cause I had a rare thing happen whisn was i had skiped a day-i didn't go all day the day before-i poop 90% of the time every day,but not yestesday,so I got to the gym and started my routines and after about 20 mins I had to poop pretty good and I still held it for a bit as i had to wait for a stall to open up cause it was busy this a.m. with a lot of guys dumping.Half the fun is standing there waiting for a stall as you can hear all kinds of dumping going on as your own urge gets stronger and finally a stall opens up and I go in and as i'm cleaning of the bowl another guys comes in the next stall with flip flops on and sits on the bowl and lets out a loud fart and 2 splashes and he quickly gets up and leaves as i'm starting to sit on the bowl and I thought"hmmm that's strange-he didn't even wipe and just as i'm thinking this he comes ba! ck to the same stall and closes the door and starts to clean the bowl and by this time i really had to poo and let out and long dry fart and a few balls fell out my butt and splashed into the bowl splasing my butt and then I saw him sit down and I heard a hissing fart and then a bunch of soft stuff start splashing into the toilet and it sounded like quite a bit of loose poop and then he said "Geez I thought I was done but nooo' and he sounded a but pissed of and a bit apoligetic and then he said "sorry about that" I said "hey don't worry about it-that's why I have to take my time or that would happen to me to" and we both laughed and then I went back to the task at hand and let out another fart and started to push out and long,firm turd and stretched into the bowl as it was still coming out and the a small fart squzzed out the side as the turd was coming out and it sped up and splashed into the bowl quietly and I looked in the bowl and saw a long kielbasa of a poop wrapped aro! und the bowl and I heard this guy in the next stall let loose with some more loose stuff with a lot of gas along with it and then i felt part 2 of my poop working it's way down and I pushed slightly and another hissing fart flew out and then I got a really strong cramp and I had to push but nothing came out and I felt pressure but nothing was coming out,so I took a breather and stiil had these cramps so i waited till they came againand as i'm waiting another guy entered the stall across from me and as he was sitting down I could hear gas coming out and as soon as he hit the bowl he exploded with a bunch of soft stuff as he groaned in relief and then I felt another strong cramp and this time when I pushed,my anus opened up and the poop started out slowly at first and as another cramp hit me,the turd sped up and fot softer and then I exploded into the bowl.Boy that was a big relief as the poop just fell out like a soft ice cream machine ending with 2 long farts and this guys a! cross from me let out another barrage too.It was fun and you know I think other guys here seem to enjoy the same things I do cause just about everyone who comes in here is totally ininhibited about pooing,it's just a feeling I have.Anyway,i still sat there pushing out some small amount of mush and then peed a bucket full and "enjoyed and moment" and wiped and had to flush 2X cause it was a big dump,i'll say went to the shower to clean up,but I sometimes really enjoy when I skip a day cause I really have a great dump the following day and when i poop at the gym it's double the fun-Yes JANE,I think you would enjoy sneaking a peek here at the gym-you would really enjoy it!Now I fell great and ready for my day-Happy pooing to all-BYE

Hi everybody. Interesting website! I've been reading some of the posts and I think I have a couple of stories that will interest some of you.

One time, some friends of mine and I were on a road trip. We all had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped at a rest area in a rural part of the highway. The rest area was a couple of picnic tables and two shacks labeled "men" and "women". Well, there were three guys and two girls, so we all went to the proper one. The girls shouted "Ugh!" The women's room was full of flies and roaches. It was gross. We peeked in the men's room, expecting the same, but it was actually clean. There was a trough for peeing and three toilets --with no stalls or anything seperating them from each other or the rest of the room.

One girl said she didn't care if we all went at the same time, she really had to go. I said I had to take a shit, and the other girl said she did too. I said fine. We went in and all did our business together. I sat on one toilet and the two girls sat on the other two. One peed and was finished quickly. The other girl and I both took some time to start pooping, but finally managed to. We talked to each other the whole time, too, which was kind of cool. The other two guys finished and left, so it was just me and her. She finished first, and wiped (she didn't look at the paper, which I thought was weird) and pulled up her pants. She went outside and joined the others. I wiped and pulled up my pants and was the last one out. Luckily we had wet naps because there was no soap and water.

Another time, this woman friend of mine, came out of the bathroom in my apoartment white as a sheet. She asked me to come in the bathroom, she thought something was wrong. She told me to look in the toilet. It was full of what looked like bloody poop. She was shaking, she was so scared. I took her to the hospital, and she went into the emergency room. She was in there for an hour or so, then she came out. She looked really embarrassed. I asked her what was wrong. She had been eating these red licorice sticks and the dye had made her BM soft and had colored it red. It looked like she was bleeding internally. She said the first thing the doctor asked was if she'd eaten anything red. She was so embarrassed that I'd seen her poop in the toilet. It took about two weeks before she could look me in the eye!

That's about all the interesting bathroom stories I have. Some really wild stories in here though! I like this site.


Rachel E
Hi all its me again I haven't posted here for so long cuase well two reasons one I haven't really had anything interesting happen and two I have gone to New Zealand for a working holiday and have been sooo busy...

where shall I start... ohh yeah my pooping habits! well I didn't used to feel comfortable about pooping in front of my boyfriend but we discussed it and after he put in a natural light I guess I'm alright doing it in front of him. I think the story below might be where my prudish views stemmed from
I normally go when I feel the urge but on a regular basis at least once a day I eat normally mainly pasta and chicken dishes.

generally I've got what he calls "the plops" as thats all the noise I seem to make when taking a crap it never sticks together and almost never has a soft end its always either solid or verrryyy verry very liquid. (when I get the runs its like the world falling out of my ass)

I remember once when I was about fifteen I got really ill at college and got sent home, I had a huge fever and an almost burning sensation in my stomach I got home and thought I'd go straight to the toilet to throwup as thats what had caused me to go home in the first place (threw up in lecture). Anyway after a stint both on the bowl and off (Neither producing any results) I went to the front room to lie on the sofa. As my legs by this stage were very wobbly and just managed to get there before they gave out, I realised I was too weak to go up to my room and so took a snooze on the couch hoping to sleep off whatever I'd gotten....
I woke up about four hours later to see my mother walk in from work she one look at me and asked if I was alright I found two things wrong one my hearing was distorted and two my vision was very blurry I weakly tried to tell her what was wrong when all of a sudden I got the urge and the strongest I'd ever felt in my stomach that told me to get to a toilet. But my legs were still too weak All I could do is lie there and started whimpering, my mother all the while asking what was wrong!! When with a loud wet fart I lost all bodily control and proceeded to shit myself aswell as piss myself, my jeans, and the sofa on which I was lying on, I felt hot liquid shit spurt between my clenched cheeks straight into my panties with a liquid slopping noise my mother seeing this instantly froze then ran to the kitchen to get the sick bowl whilst I started crying half out of desperation, half out of embarrassment with the pains in my stomach fading so did the wave of poop that flowed (an! d I mean literally) out of me. My mother came rushing back with the sick bowl even though it was too late and realising this she asked if I was able to walk I weakly shook my head, still crying and she soothed me and said not to worry went upstairs and came down with a nightie, a bowl of soapy water, a sponge, and a couple of towels.
I managed to stand with her support and she undressed me, the mess was horrifying I had completely covered my panties in piss and shit my jeans back was light brown and green from the inside with liquid runs dribbling down my legs my mum proceeded to strip me she then had me leaning on the sofa proceeded to clean up I changed into the nightie and she then went off to call the doctor dropping my jeans into the washer on the way, she left me the sick bowl with instructions that if I needed to go just to use that as it was pointless me trying to dash to the toilet in my condition I agreed I had no sooner crashed back down to the sofa when I felt the urge to shit again reaching for the bowl I managed to just get my butt over it when It started all over again a hot wet stream of shit pissing out my ass it smelt foul and to look at it filling the bowl the stuff was a liquid grey coloured brackish water with green a brown semi solid bits of crap in it I managed to do this until m! y dad and sister came in they saw me shitting and in a shivering pitiful state I realised that it was pointless leaving the bowl as I'd only shit again when when my dad saw this he instantly went to see my mum, my sister who's younger then me said gross pinched her nose and walked off... I didn't care!

The doctor came by in about 30 mins after my mom called by this time I was stripped naked having taken the nightie off and sitting on this makeshift pottie that was nearly full to the brim with shit and piss the doctor took one look at me asked me to open my legs observed the color (aswell as the smell nodoubt) and promptly announced I had a form of gastric flu recommended some prescription drugs and left I would have been embarrassed as to the situation but for the fact I was half dilerious with fever and too weak to think about my dignity.

Here was me sitting in the middle of my lounge stark f?????g naked crapping my guts out for my entire family to see aswell as a total stranger and I got prudish over my boyfriend watching me go!?! theres a logic in there somewhere(Not!)

Has anyone else had this virus please tell as even the doctor said it was quite a severe case (quite an understatement in my view) anyone else ever had the shits like that I would be intrested in finding out more about it?

Hi Rizzo,
hi Mike
thank you so much for your kind words and some advice on my request about being open in front of our kids.
It must seem a bit strange that I am so insecure about these things. I guess it is cause I did not grow up in 'normal' family conditions myself. My father died when I was three and my mother could not cope with three kids on her own after his death. So she stayed with my younger brother in England while my older sister and me where taken to my grandparents, who had a farm in in the south of Germany. They are good people and we had a good home but, being busy with the farm work, they had not much time for educating kids. So we were raised more or less by my uncle's kids and the neighbour's children of whom some were older than us. Of course growing up in the countryside and being surrounded by other kids the whole day peeing and pooping was a really natural thing. When we were outside we just followed our needs behind the bushes or wherever it was suitable. I was helped by older kids when I was younger and helped the younger children when I grew up. So I grew up being rathe! r open about your natural needs. I kept that attitude during my young adult life as you may realize from some of the stories I posted about my student life (remember my fun with Debbie?).
When I met my wife I knew it's the big love. Unfortunately she grew up completely uptight, as mentioned. She tries to be open about these things but it's hard to beat the shame that has been inserted as a child, especially with her family still interfering nowadays... I have to admit that I let myself be intimidated quite easily as well, as although I have my views I can not tell from experience how the 'normal' family would handle the matter. So I am very thankful for advice from people who seem to have found an unshameful way of dealing with it.
So thanks again

Rizzo, I glad to hear you and your wife feel better and was very sorry to learn that your wife has been so sick. My very best wishes for the future.
Unfortunately my problems seem to be a bit more severe than haemorrhoids. I went to see my doctor on tuesday. I first wanted to postpone it as I had an important buisness meeting on tuesday afternoon.
But as my pains have become worse and I started having bloody diarrhoea. So I went in the morning. I had to completle empty out (you know what I mean) for the examination and then I had to have some gas blown into my bowels. After a rather inconvenient and embarrassing rectal examination I was told that there is a small tumour in bowels. I guess your comment about my puplic poop being due to "medical condition" was an unexpected hit. It seems as my recent severe digestion problems have been caused by this, as I usually don't have such problems. I have big hopes and try to be absolutely positive that it is not cancer although I have to admit that I am a bit emotional about he fact that my son is the same age now as I was when my father died. We have to wait for the biopsy but it has to be operated in any case. It's all very unpleasant and I feel quite awful but I try to keep calm and busy with other thoughts. The only (cold) comfort: As could have been expected, my mother! in law has apologized after she heard I have to go to hospital (not to me but to my wife). As if this had anything to do with it! I did not want to stirr it up as things are difficult enough for my wife at the moment, but I was thinking that her mom can kiss my sore bum.
By the way, the buisness meeting on tuesday afternoon was quite a nightmare as I still had a lot of gas in my bowels from the examination. It was very painful to control it and I had to excuse myself a few times to the gents where I could relieve myself and fart big time. After the meeting I had a private conversation with my boss, who is a very nice older guy. I apologized about the interuption and indicated that it was due to my appointment in the morning, as I had to ask him about time off for the hospital stay anyway. He was sorry to hear about it, but told me to take all the time I needed to get fit again. I said that I hoped not to have embarrassed him in front of his buisness partner. He said not to worry, they were both older guys and knew the ups and downs in life. He added with a smile:" We assumed you had diarrhoea, as we thought you were to young for prostrate problems...". Embarrassing but in an ok way.

I have to go; I am really exhausted. I try to keep my mind occupied until the hospitl stay. Strange but very educating lessons this week about where the real worries are.

Very good wishes to everybody
stay healthy (or get better soon...)
Yours Tim

Sorry I havent posted for a while but things have been hectic at the health club and gym which I manage and partly own.

The hotel we are attached to was doing well, therefore the club was busy but recent falls in tourism have caused problems. We have survived but had to let our admin assistant go and I have had to fall back on my accountancy and administrative experience to run the show, thus I have been very busy.

I have to agree with Moira about leaving big solid jobbies behind for others to see. I have done this since schooldays. As she also says often the turds are so big that they wont go away in any event.

If "Janitor" had been the janitor in my school he would have seen many such big, fat , knobbly torpedos and panbusters in the toilet pans of the Girls Toilets. I did a fair few there and so did many of my classmates. One time I was talking to him and he said that cleaning the toilets was the bit of the work he didnt like. I said, "well the Boys toilets must be bad with the nasty pissy smell from the urinals and the spillage around them" He agreed that this was a problem but that it was the Girls Toilets that gave him most hassle. I asked him why as the Girls toilets were cleaner but he said that while this was true they were more often blocked up. When I asked if this was due to sanitary towels and tampons flushed down the pan rather than put into the bins provided he replied that this did occur but that it was "the sheer size and solidity of some of the turds you young ladies drop, like big elephant turds and torpedos they are!" He said that the boys didnt seem to produce! such whoppers that often, but that most days he would find a huge poo stuck in at least one of the pans in the Girls Toilets and that "I must have seen them myself" He stopped short of saying I did some of these panbusters but Im sure he knew I was one of the girls responsible.

I can echo the experience of the fisherman who had to do a poo in his underpants as it would have been too much trouble to get out of the water and undress. When I went scuba diving I was told by my instructor that, should we need to perform a "natural function" when underwater just to do it in our wetsuits as these were of course rinsed out and cleaned after use. Sure enough one time diving I needed a motion and did a big solid jobbie in my wetsuit. It felt funny as I did it standing on the seabed, (it was shallow diving), a few seconds of the warmth of the wee wee then the feeling as a big fat jobbie emerged from my back passage. As usual for me it was a whopper, long, fat and firm. I felt the increasing resistance as it pushed against the seat of my wetsuit, buckled and squashed up. Although it would not have been a difficult motion had I done it in the normal manner into the toilet, this felt like being really constipated with the difficulty of passing it into the rubb! er trousers. Once done I continued with my dive and back on dry land merely stripped off, showered, and cleaned my wetsuit. Other divers merely said that this was a normal occurance and inevitable as one would risk the bends if one tried to quickly ascend. Nobody gave this a second thought. Has anone else had to do the toilet, especially a BM in their kit or sports clothing when unable to go to the toilet as normal?

On having a pair of soiled underpants or knickers taken by someone else I have had a similar experience when I was at school. I was about 16 and had foolishly not gone for a motion in the Girls Toilet at the end of school that day but had decided to hold it in till I got home. I made it half way when the feeling of urgency became stronger. I didnt have diarrhea or loose stools but it was one of those big soft smooth but formed jobbies which once it comes down into your back passage you have to attend to straight away. I knew there was a piece of waste ground nearby so tried to make it there where I could go behind some bushes but I didnt make it and the big turd came out into the seat of the pair of navy blue cotton school knickers, (Montfort Briefs) I was wearing, and I also wet them. When it had all come out, I now got to the bushes and with nobody around as far as I could then see, I gingerly stepped out of the heavily laden and soiled knickers. The poo had been an easy! one, soft but not mushy or loose and if I had done it either down the pan or had made it to the safety of the bushes and onto the ground it would have been a big fat sausage. As it was it had squashed up in the seat of my knickers. My knee length pleated grey skirt had escaped any soiling so I wiped my bum with some tissue and left the soiled knicks on the ground. As I made for the road to continue home I saw a man walking across the wasteland towards where I had left my poo filled knickers. Now when I got home and showered and changed into a clean white pair of briefs I thought, "dont be silly Nicky, those knickers are expensive, take a plastic carrier bag, go and retrieve them and bring them back to wash" as there was nobody else at home I could have easily done this although my mum would not have given me any grief as her opinion was "accidents happen". I walked back down the road, bag in hand but when I got there, only about half an hour after the event, my soiled knicker! s had gone, although the used toilet paper was still there. As this was wasteground it wasnt a steetsweeper who had cleaned up, and the dirty tissue was still there. I have often wondered if the man I saw had taken my soiled poo filled knickers?

Finally, to Sylvia, as others have said, dont worry, just enjoy it. My mum and I often buddy dumped. Recently, I was visiting mum and I we both needed a poo after lunch at home. Mum said, "you go first Nicky then Ill do mine" It was no surprise to me and no problem when she came in to the toilet with me. I sat on the pan with my brown corduroy trousers and pink Sloggi maxi briefs at my knees, did a wee wee then with an "UH! NN! OH! started to pass a nice big, fat jobbie, as it slowly came out mum gently rubbed and pushed my ???? as she did when I was a kid. FLOOMP! the turd dropped into the pan. I got up and we both had a look at the big 14 inch, slightly curved , mid brown jobbie. Mum then hitched up her skirt and pulled her white Sloggi briefs down and sat on the pan. She peed, then with an OH! AH! passed an equally big jobbie which fell on top of mine with a slight thud. When we looked we saw two big fat turds in the pan. Mine mid brown, knobbly at the start and smooth! er towards the end, mum's similar but a darker brown. Both jobbies were 2.5 inches thick. "Well said mum, I bet we both feel a lot better for dropping those two big jobs. I see there is nothing wrong with your bowels young lady!" Anyone else have a direct buddy dump like this with their mum, aunt, sister or brother?


I did have a few more experiences being in the bathroom with Paul while he took a dump. I wrote about one more of those experiences when we were about 15, but I can't find it in the old pages! I posted it fairly soon after I posted about our first time. The last time I saw Paul poop, we were both seniors in high school, about to turn 18. He's married now with two adorable little kids! Ciao, Daniel

Annie and Robby
Good morning,
(Annie)- I have finally started school. I have met my doctoral committee and my major professor. It will be interesting and HARD. Robby and I had a wonderful wee and poo together. I walked into the master loo and he was sitting on the bowl. He saw me and said;"please rub my ????, god, I'm bunged up". I sat on the bidet and started helping the old man. He grunted and strained. He let up a huge trump and let out some soft poo. He then weed a bit and strained some more. A large, brown "thing" started inching out of his bum. It rapidly excited his arse after another huge grunt;AAAAAAAAHHHHHWWWWWWNNNNN. He sat there for a moment and 2 more logs plopped out. I took some tissue and wiped him. He got up and I pulled off my knickers. I did several small trumps and let some small logs fall out and then some soft poo. He was sitting there giving me that wonderful, caring, look. Then I wiped and we went off to our respective showers to get ready for the day. You see, two old goats ca! n still have a little fun, teehee!

RIZZO: Glad to hear from you. I am glad you are on the chocolate and wine again. (Robby)- I am a tad envious of the chocolate but I can still have a sip of wine every evening. You made it just in time for your emergency wee and poo. I know you were glad you were near the boat!! Great story. Glad your wife is much better. Have a great week on the boat. Love from Robby and Annie.

Todd and Diana:(Robby)- Thank you for your kind words. I live in Texas and am half English. Annie is a full blood. She a true Brit! That is why you see words like loo, trump, knickers, etc. from us and others. My daughters, Sarah S and Meghan, don't use the English "lingo". Annie is living with me and studying for her doctorate. She will be here at least 2-3 years. Hope to speak to you often! Love, Robby and Annie.

JANE: (Annie)- you must have looked cute in that school uniform. That story in the loo(toilet) was a good one. Did the fact that the new girl looked like Christine make you a little nervous? Love, Annie and Robby

KENDAL: (Robby)- Hi my dear niece! This story is for you and also for ANDREW(Lawn Dogs Kid). Annie and I were still living in Bath. I was 15 and she was 16. We had eaten a big dinner and were sitting around the parlor. Her parents were out for the evening. She stated that she had to have a big poo. We went to the loo and she pulled down her favourite pampies(lavender). She was still wearing her school uniform. She let out a loud trump and we both laughed. I sat on the floor and rubbed her legs. She bent over and strained a bit and then a long log came tumbling out with a loud SPLASH! She grabbed my hand and held it tightly. She weed out a torrent. Another 4 logs excited her bum. All this time she held my hand and I was riveted. She had her arse raised up and I could see her poo. She finally grabbed the tissue and started wiping. She pulled up her knickers and hugged me and gave me a big kiss. She said;"I love you my dear cousin and nothing will tear us apart". That was so ! dear and sweet. Mind you, we have had our rows. Now, we didn't have other friends to share our bonding with like you two do. Well, Annie's story about me will come later. Hope some stories from you are forthcoming!! Take care, both of you! Lots of love and a big hug! Uncle Robby and Aunt Annie

Quick hellos to: Rich and Kathy, PV, Louise and Steve, Mandy, Mindy, Erin, Linda(14yrs.), LindaGS, Carmalita and Jake, Scott and Kim, DianeNY, Jeff A, Ephermal, Pat and Renee, Laura, Diva, Amy, Ellie and Little Lou and to all the ones we missed!!

CHEERS, Annie and Robby

Just a few notes. Robby is at work. I just went back through the past posts and found my and the girls' missing posts. Thank you, Mr. Moderator. Also some quick replies.

KENDAL: I just read your recent post. We are thrilled as you are. We will have such jolly fun. We understand Andrew's position on calling us Uncle and Aunty. When Robby was 16 he thought he was grownup enough, too. That is fine. Tell him there is no need to be embarrassed about it. The girls called and asked about you and Andrew. By-the-way, Andrew told them that Katy is trying to find those Honda blues in older sizes. The girls are very intrigued. Take care my dear niece! Lots of love and a big hug!! Aunty Annie(and Uncle Robby).

LOUISE: Just read your past post and that is a good idea about holding Robby's willie while he wees. Never done it before. I know his late wife, Susan, did. I'm open to nearly anything. We were glad to hear your health is better. Do you take any medicine so you can eat or drink dairy products? BTW, a big congratulations on passing your test!! STEVE: That was a ripper of a story about the girl asking you for toilet tissue. Did she fall on the ground? Take care, you, two! Love, Annie(and Robby)

DAVID and NIKI: Enjoyed the post!! Keep them coming! Take care, Annie(and Robby)
Sorry we posted twice in one day but I just found the "missing" posts. Hope this gets in. Take care to all of the posters(We forgot Julie this morning). Cheers, Annie!!

JEFF A - Well thank you for all the nice things you said about me!
When I was having my diarrhoea I did not feel like I must look very
attractive at all with all my liquid shit dropping out LOL. Hey if you
liked it then it may be that there was something good about it. If
I have diarrhoea again then I will write you a letter and tell you
about it. I like it better when I have a proper shit. I hope you liked
the one I had last weekend.
The worst mess I have ever made was when I had diarrhoea when I was 15.
I could only just hold it in. Well I took all my clothes off and I
went to bend over the toilet and it was just like all the pressure
made my bum explode. I got little blobs of shit all over the toilet.
I did not really like cleaning it all up but I bet you know that! LOL
I was a bit nervy about my Aikido test and it made me do all that
shit, but I really liked doing the test itself. It is a lot of fun,
I have learned how to fall and all sorts of things. Before I did not
know how Steve could fall and just roll like that and not get hurt.
I want to do well!
Hehehe I had another good shit when I was 15. I was away on holiday
with my mum and my sister and I wanted a huge dump when we were on
the beach. I just had a small bikini on and I went into the sea up
to my knees. Well it was not like it was a busy beach or anything
but looking towards the beach I took my bikini thong down and I pushed
out a big turd that went splash in the sea. I do not know how big it
was but it felt big and my bum felt clean after so I could just pull
my thong back up again. I know it was a bit rude that I did that but it
would be more rude to shit myself with a thong on. LOL
Oh I am always having pee emergencies, so I will be keeping you reading
my letters! LOL I bet you liked when I was with my friends peeing at
the wall in the alley while Steve kept our bags for us. He did!
I do hope I make Steve feel a lucky man. I feel real lucky to have
got him because he is lovely. I will tell him you have written. I know
it will make him pleased.
Please look after your health, Jeff and I hope you liked my stories.
Love Louise xxxxx

Steve is taking me away for the weekend so we will not be writing for
about 4 days. He needs a rest I think.



Thursday, November 08, 2001

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