RJogger & Kathy: Sorry to hear both of you have been banged up. I hope you guys get well soon. I was recently given a clean bill of health by my doctor, although she said I should get tested for LI again next year. The weird thing is that pizza does not always have the effect on me that it did during Halloween, nor do dairy products or cheese, or meat or high fibers. This past month, for example, I did eat red meats more often than I usually did, but my BMs were normal for the most part. I will step up my high fiber intake in the next few days.

Buzzy: I don't always spread my legs wide when I move my bowels. Usually I assume the throne position, back upright and hands resting on my knees or between them. I may arch forward if I have stomach cramps. I only spread my legs wide to look inside, and sometimes the lighting in public restrooms does not make that possible. I may get up only if I passed something and the feeling is unusual or different from the norm. It would be interesting to sneak a peek inside the men's room like the one in your gym.

Annie: My costume for Halloween was a simple schoolgirl uniform, with a white blouse and beige skirt. It was similar to the uniform Carrie and I wore in high school, though senior year our skirts were grey. It was the office next to ours in our building that had a patriotic theme for Halloween. It turns out that three of the workers had friends and relatives lost in the WTC attack. Quick hello also to Robby.

Sarah S & Meghan: Another wonderful story about you guys pooping in tandem. I'm sure you felt much better after that. Gary and I usually don't do that, but that's OK.

Quick little story, not too exciting. Yesterday late afternoon I had an urge to poop and went into the ladies room. I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and white panties and sat. I peed first, then started to push out a very large piece of poop that plopped into the toilet. It took several minutes, but I managed to push out four more pieces of poop. I wiped a couple of times, saw my deed and flushed it away. I was washing my hands when a young woman came in. She was a dead ringer for Christine, the young intern that worked with us this past summer, from the clothes she wore to the smile. She even said hello to me. I never saw her before, so she is either a new worker somewhere in the building or just visiting. Anyway, as I was drying my hands, she went into a stall, sat and emitted a huge fart, followed by a couple of large plops. As I left, she let go another big fart.

Hello to everyone on the forum.

today I had to write an exam in math class. I was fairly nervous so half way through I really had to go to the bathroom to pee. I asked my teacher but she said no. She thought i was going to cheat. I sat down and three minutes later i couldnt hold it any more. I told her i was going. even if she didnt let me. She said she would come to supervise and make sure i wasnt cheating. I ran to the bathroom, hopped into a stall pulled down my white panties and pulled up my skirt. I squated down over the tray and let it drain. I sat for about three minutes full force and let it drip a little bit. My teacher now felt a little sorry for me because she noticed i had a little drip in my panties already too. I took some tp and wiped my vagina, let down my skirt and pulled up my panties. This was kind of a weird experience because i had never peed with my teacher watching hte whole time. I guess its ok though.

Todd & Diana
Annie & Robby- It is really nice to hear from you guys, you sound like really nice people. Thanks for your kind words about the incident that my Angel was in. She still is a little embarrassed about it and I think that she won't be going back to the course for a while. Thanks for answering our question about bathroom reading. I always hear you say the word loo, instead of toilet, are you guys from outside the states? We live in California, Los Angeles. I haven't been able to take a dump for 3 days now and I am getting worried. I am missing out on the great things in life, but at least I get to see Diana do her thing, which really turns me on. There are only two things that turn me on and they are Diana and females reading while sitting on the toilet. I wish we could find a way to email each other, cause Diana and I are really excitied to meet you. Well, Oh yes I am feeling the need to take a dump now so I have to get my magazine and go in the bathroom, I'll talk to you lat! er and it was really nice talking to you guys.
Love Todd & Diana

Steve - i have and any acident's till today so i haven't posted. you must have been real embaressed at the gym.
MATT - I realy ejoyed ur post about when u pooped ur pants 2 years ago on ur paper route and ur friend andrew noticed and said he pooped his pants a few times too....i have afriend matt that dose it too. PLEASE post more stories!!!!!!

Today i was hangin at the mall with my friend matt after school. when i said i gotta get to the bathroom, he said i thought u didn't like useing public bathrooms. i said i don't but it beet's poopin my pants and he laugh's and say ya it does. Well we were on the escalater going up to were the bathroom are on the other side of the mall when i get a cramp, i knew i was in trouble as i could feel the tip of the log resting against my briefs!!! i knew it would be real bad if i had an accident cuz i haven't pooped for 3 day's. I felt a sharp pian i thought was gas so i pushed a lil bit trying to fart...BAD IDEA!!!! as i did the warm log came out squishin into my breifs. i knew it was too late now so i just relaxed and let 2 more log's fall into my pants, i could feel warm sticky poop against the top of my legs and i felt my jeans bein pulled down a bit from the big load as there was the mild smell of poop. as we reatch the top i hear laughin i look back and see 5 kids mabey 12 ! or 13yo. i hear one of them say to one of his friends that kid just pooped his pants...did u see his jeans bulgde out? when we get to the top and get off the escalater matt's laughin his ass off and the kid's come up and ask me what happend dude you just shit ur pants? i said i had't gone in 3 day and had gas pain's so i tried to fart and dropped my load in my pants. They start crackin up and mat say's too them hey watch this he squat's alil bit and start's grunting like he's tryin to rip one then up hear crackling he trun's around and u see a big lump from in his jean's at this time me and the kid's that were there are laughin histiracly!!! one of the kid's say's that soo cool and the other's say ya it is!!! The kid's point to a bench and say dare ya to sit down so me and matt did i could feel the poop smashing in my briefs it was real warm and squishy. one of the kid's said the he pooped his pants in school yesterday when the teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom, he a! dmited that he kinda like the way it felt to poop in his pants. his friends just laughed. most of them admitted that they have had accident at school or comeing home from school cuz they would't use the nasty bathroom's. me and matt got up said we gotta go home and clean up and we headed to matt house( his mom was workin late) and cleaned up

To steve: I liked your story....i guess some guys saw you cleaning out your pants. Did some guy really take your dirty clothes?

To Dakota: I liked your's my opionion of it.. I think it is rude what those guys said while you were on the can. I don't think there is any thing wrong with shitting in the kind of bathroom? Is there a lock in that bathroom? If there is a lock i'd say it's ok i guess(i would leave it unlocked) if there isn't a lock on the door...what do those drunk guys expect to see in a public bathroom. Overall i'd say its fine what u are doing, id do it too. Thats cool about "laying cable" never heard that expression. where did you hear it from??

To Moderator: I can't seem to find the next page after this says 404 file not found.

No really good stories to report on but....Latly i've been pooping alot and having big logs like 8"-12 inches

Movie Fan
On the subject of movies with female poop scenes...I found an old posting here which mentioned a French movie called "Josepha". According to the posting, "Josepha is in the bathtub when her roomate comes in for a shit. She asks 'Do you really have to do that here?', a nod is her only reply."

Has anyone seen this movie? Can anyone add to this description of the scene? I'm particularly interested in knowing if the scene actually shows the roommate using the toilet. I'm also curious as to how the roommate communicates that she has to shit.

Another movie I've heard a lot about but have never seen is "Exterminating Angel". This is a movie where people are symbolically trapped in a room and cannot leave. I read somewhere that there is a scene where people have to go to the bathroom and they supposedly have to go in flower pots or something. I know nothing is actually shown, but if anyone has seen the movie, can you describe that scene in more detail? Specifically, do any female characters express the need to shit? If so, how do they express that need (e.g., verbally, through facial expressions, through hands on butts, etc.)?

Wetguy: Hi - I don't know about football, but I can tell you a bit about the pissing habits of baseball players. I live near a city-owned baseball field. All kind of teams play there from kids on school teams to young guys in their thirties. There are restrooms just off the field. I was often puzzled by how infrequently the players went to the restroom. I just thought that they must have superb bladder control! Just by accident, however, I discovered that each dugout has a small area off of it not visible to fans in the stands. Players often use these areas to take a piss during the game. You can see them doing it if you are in the right place at the right time! The dudes don't seem to be shy about it. It's always amusing to see them struggling with their ball protectors. Now when I see a baseball player heading for the restroom I know that he has to take a shit. There are two doorless stalls and I've seen many players of all ages take a shit there. They usually c! rap before a game or between two games in a double header. Often 2-3 go at the same time and have a lively conversation about the game while taking a dump. I don't know if the pissing near the dugout is just local or whether teams do this all over. I know, however, that it does not occur with professional baseball. To answer your other question, I don't know of baseball players ever pissing in their pants.

Wetguy - I cannot speak for footballers but I can for fishermen. Back in the summer I was staying in Scotland with my cousin and he took me fishing near the house on a private piece of a rather smart river. It was fast flowing and we got done up in high waders and all the gear. After about half an hour it was apparent to me that I was going to have to go to the toilet. I shouted to Paul what I had to do and he told me not to be silly and said he should have told me. It seems that as it takes so long to get to the bank and sufficiently unclothed to pee and poo that his family always go in their pants and clean up when they get home - its no disgrace he said.

He made his way over to me and said to put my hands on the back of his trousers and feel the weight - I did and sure enough he had plopped in his pants. He told me that as I wore briefs it would be no problem. He warned me that if I wet myself as I would - to do it slowly so that it soaks into my underwear and trousers and does not form a lake in the feet of my waders. Good advice! So I did - I did a pee of short squits and let a good heavy stiff poo out and spent the rest of the day peeing slowly and enjoying the feel of pants full of good stiff poo.

We got back in the evening and we went straight to the pool shower and cleaned up. Neither of us suffered too much damage - in my case it was mostly on the back of my shirt but Paul had not tucked his into his pants knowing that the chances were that he would mess his pants. WE went fishing most days and messed and pissed ourselves most days - as did his local friends when they came with us.

Steve - that was a good story of the gym disaster - when it all hapenned very quickly.

My most recent was last night - Tuesday - I had been out to see some friends and was going home on the bus. Unusually I was wearing boxers - I have only two pairs left. I wanted a poo but was enjoying holding it and letting nice warm farts out. I thought everything was ok until I felt it getting sticky around my balls and I realized that as I had been farting so I had been pooing and it was moist and spreading up to the waistband of my boxers as well. I stopped farting then and held off and was ok but walking home was hard and a few more blasts of wet poo followed. The rest of the family were in bed when I got back. I took my boxers down outside and put them in a bag in the bin. I carried my trousers in and showered and left my trousers in the garage until I would be able to clean them - my shirt was well coated as well!

I put them through the machine this morning before I went in to college and so I got away with it again.


Some time back I lived with a female roomate. I would always hear her pee as she went quite often but I never did get to hear her poo. One time she was in the bathroom for quite a while. After I heard the toilet flush and she came out, I immediately went in to investigate. I did smell a mild stench of poop. It was better than nothing. There were also times when I would have to poop and she would be in the next room. I figured she knew what I was doing in there considering I would be in there for a while. I would sometimes grunt and strain on purpose knowing she would hear me.

Does anyone ever try to picture certain celebrities on the toilet? We have ben blessed to see some for real such as Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut and Juliete Lewis in From Dusk Til Dawn but could you imagine others. I think I would pay a million dollars to see Brittany Spears or Jennifer Love Hewitt sitting on the toilet with their pants down around their ankles straining to push out a big turd. Anyone else have any thoughts??

DANIEL UK Shame about Nat! I did like your story about your friend Paul back in post 183. Did you share any subsequent similar experiences with Paul? Can you tell us about any of them?
MARK B Glad you liked my recent posts. I too like shitting in the woods it sort of brings you back to nature.

ERIC IN CHICAGO: wow thanks for telling me about what caused my black sticky poop that time. I hadn't taken any kind of medication at the time because I never take pain killers and stuff like that, I prefer to just have a sleep and see if it will go away or something before I take something as the very last resort. But that sounds kind of serious, blood from my stomach. I can't remember whether I ate properly before drinking, but I probably didn't because I got really drunk really quickly that night, which happens if I don't have a full stomach before I drink.

Well, I was going to tell you all about something that happened last night but I guess I'll have to leave you in suspense because I've just realised I don't have time!
Sorry guys!

Hi everybody!
First of all, thanks to all of you who enquired about my health. I am ok again. My wife is ok again too, as far as circumstances permit. Her difficulties turned out to be side effects of the oestrogen supressing drugs she has to take (she had breast cancer two and a half years ago). However, I could not keep up a chocolate-less diet, and I have had a glass of wine again for dinner yesterday. I does me no harm, does not bung up my digestive system either. Although I must admit that the poops come out a bit slower now, meaning that they don’t shoot out any more, but take a good five seconds per foot of jobbie length. That is admissible from my point of view!

KENDAL, dear niece, just a quick but loving hug to get you through the week! I hope your last weekend was not too weepy, and that Andrew had enough boxes of hankies ready for emergencies. But you know, flushing is supposed to be good for the plumbing. Love to you from your uncle Rizzo.

LAWN DOGS KID, I followed your advice and went into the net to see Mischa Barton's pictures, especially those from the film Lawn Dogs. Now I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive, because the picture of Kendal that I had conjured before my mind's eye is based on the appearance of the daughters of dear friends of ours. The girls went to school with our boys, are now in their twenties and beautiful young ladies. Both were always very bright and have university degrees. I have known them since they were about 11 and 9. And they were such lovely children too! Knowing that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and sometimes being pessimistic, I feared to find the picture of a young girl-child actress of the spoiled, overfed, pouting goldie-locks type, with curls, frilly dress, white socks, black shiny shoes….A sort of child Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show! Ouch! Was that a flying object whizzing past my head and barely missing? Wait a mo', I haven't finished yet…....!!! ! I need not have worried a bit! The pictures of Mischa Barton from Lawn Dogs match my image of Kendal so closely, that it is almost uncanny!!! Love to you from Rizzo.

UPSTATE DAVE, great story of you crapping among the pines and then tending to the three Canadian girls!

RENEE, how are you dear? Can you still see your feet? Love from Rizzo

JENNIFER, I am waiting for the continuation of your story about helping poor Kristen getting rid of backed-up poop!!

TIM, thanks for eNquiring about my health, my shoulder is almost one hundred percent ok again. About your family problem: all I can say is that we have two sons but no daughters. We were always very open when it came to seeing each other naked or on the toilet. Our boys saw their mother in the nude when they were little and later too. They never stared, and looked away if they thought that tact demanded such. We never made fun of anyone in our family if he or she would rather not show themselves. Because we spent weeks on board our boat during holidays, we all had to live very closely to each other. This life in cramped quarters but full of freedom at the same time, out at sea or close inshore or exploring up rivers, be it during the night or during the day, good weather or bad, turned out to have been a major factor in the education of our children.
We have had our niece (no, I am not referring to Kendal here) on board our boat too when she was about twelve, but then we adapted our behaviour accordingly. She had no qualms about using to the head (the boat’s toilet); she just said with a laugh: I need to go for a pump-out! The manual diaphragm pump can be heard everywhere on board! She thought it was funny. Other guests we have had on the boat have put off going until they literally had their back teeth awash! Usually the men have turned out to be more squeamish than women, when it came to have to admit that they had to go for a pee!!
From your story I gathered that you must have been out on one of the larger lakes north of the Alps; a region I know reasonably well. Yes, I believe that a conservative mother-in-law can be a pain, be she Bavarian or from anywhere else. But it is your family and your life, and your wife should be loyal to you as you are to her. And you had what can be termed as a “medical condition” which should excuse any unorthodox behaviour. Sorry for rambling on and on.
I hope that you manage to sort out your problems with your digestion. Too much fiber can also block you up, you know!!
Take care, love from Rizzo

TODD and DIANA, somebody must have played a prank by removing screws or studs that held the walls of the portable loo together! Diana, you just happened to be the victim. Cheers to you to have mastered the situation by quickly pulling up your panties!

JANE dear, that was some super poop session you had after your Halloween party!! Youu seemed to have enjoyed it too, even if there was a curious little boy around. As he didn’t know your name, didn’t see your face, so what the heck, such an incident only adds to spice up your life!

ANDY, great story of yours in the tiny bar toilet. The way you wrote it really made me laugh out loud!

Today I had to get up earlier than usual, because of a meeting in town at about ten o’clock. After breakfast I had my usual poop and shave and left at quarter past seven for the half hour trip by car. But traffic was normal, that is “severe constipation” on the roads. The half hour trip took seventy minutes, with traffic worsening every moment. So I was still very early, but if I would have left later I would not have made it in all senses of the words! One mile short of my destination, I felt the need for another coffee induced pee developing in surges of urges! Because the marina with my boat was just abreast of me, I turned off the main road and parked the car. Got out, and with the electronic card key held out in front of me, I advanced with rapid little steps to the electrically operated door to the yacht basin. The door motor whirred opening the door ever so slowly, whilst I stood there jogging on the spot. As there were plenty of joggers about, such behaviour would ! not have attracted any attention, except that I was dressed in business suit and tie. I squeezed myself inside as soon as the opening door permitted, and hurried along the floating pontoons to my boat. Those were one hundred yards that seemed like a mile. Stepped on board, and jogging on the spot in the cockpit I had to fumble with the padlock to the cabin entrance. Dropped myself down the companionway, rushed forward to the head, and moving like a skier doing short parallels on the spot, managed to unbuckle and get my pants down. One swift about turn and thump, my bum hit the seat of the toilet. It is always like that. As soon as relief is within reach, the urge multiplies in intensity. Only that I did not need to just pee, but a second load of poo was by now leaning heavily against my back door to be let out! It took only thirty glorious seconds to deposit a heap of tan coloured soft poo into the hole at the bottom of the pan, and to cover this up with quite a sizeable pudd! le of pee. Ahhhhhh!

I wish all of you a good one too!! Rizzo

Bog Splash Man
This happened to me recently. It was two days since I had had a shit. I had gone out to the shops on a Saturday morning, and had drunk a coffee which has a kind of laxative effect. I was starting to get very farty and knew I needed the toilet and should head in that direction. As I was walking through the shopping centre I did another fart but a big poo unexpectedly started to push out of my buttocks at the same time. I squeezed my hole really tight and managed to stop it but part of it was in my briefs.
I went towards the toilets as quickly as possible. All the cubicles were engaged so I had to hang on but was getting cramps and feeling pretty uncomfortable. I felt I needed to fart again but daren’t as I knew that if I did I would fill my pants at the same time.
Eventually a cubicle became free and I went in. I pulled my trousers and pants down just below the crotch and was standing in front of the toilet to get the piece of poo out of my pants and tip it into the toilet. While I was doing this I just had to let go at the back. I just crouched a bit so my arse was over the toilet and a huge turd squeezed out and was hanging out of my arse. I could see it from the front by looking between my legs. Eventually it fell in one piece into the bog and made a really big splash. Cool! It was long and the top was out of the water lying against the side of the bowl.
I sat down and started to pee and did two more smaller turds. The toilet was just full of my poo! I needed to wipe a lot as my arse was dirty and I used quite lot of paper, but I could still see the top of the big turd in the bowl sticking above the paper.
The big turd stretching my arse had got me really excited and I had to do something about that. Afterwards, when I flushed, the water started to fill up to the top of the bowl and I thought I had blocked the toilet, but it suddenly all flowed away in a big rush. There were good skidmarks left on the toilet, and some in my underpants.

Last night my boyfriend had been out drinking with his friend, and when he came home he was slightly the worse for wear... I took him to the toilet before bed, he did his little wee and cleaned his teeth then we went to bed. Then he said 'Oh I'm sorry, but I'm feeling very trumpy'. I told him not to worry, just let it go, and he said 'I can't, I feel too full'.

He burped a few times and I could tell he was uncomfortable. I told him to get up onto his hands and knees, which he did. I reached under him and massaged his ????, it was rumbling terribly. I stroked his back and his bottom, felt him relax, then a big long trump blew out of his arse. He sighed with relief. He lay down on his side with his knees drawn up and pushed another fart out. 'That's good baby, get rid of it', I told him. I carried on rubbing his ???? and his back, and trump after trump bubbled out of his anus. There wasn't very much smell, just a bit stale, but I didn't mind.

'Need a poo.' he said. I went to the bathroom with him, he was very wobbly and tired (and a little drunk). He sat on the pot and let out some more gas, then pushed softly and sloppy poo started plopping out of him. He pushed hard and leaned forward and I took a peek behind and ribbons and ribbons of crap cascaded out of his arse. The poor boy. When he'd done, I sponged him with some cool water. His ring was on fire, he'd had a kebab on the way home.

Beer and kebabs. What a combination. When I looked into the bowl it was full of dark brown slop. It took four flushes to clean it properly, and the air was thick with spicy poo smell. I made sure his bottom was clean, then took him back to bed and stroked him till he went to sleep. I do love taking care of him.

I love the stories here of people helping their friends with their toilet needs. I think it's the loveliest thing you can do for someone.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

On the freeway going home from a dinner party I had to shit. I couldn't hold it in anymore so my husband stopped the van along the side of the road and we went into the back and while he held something over the back window for privacy from traffic, I took a big dump into a bath towel. Later he said he found the experience enjoyable. Since then, I have indulged him twice by letting him watch while I empty my bowels. I sit inside the bathtub with my buns hanging over the outside and slowly squeeze a loaf from between my cheeks onto a folded newspaper. Last time we did it, he videotaped it. My turd was huge and it made contact with the paper on the floor before it broke loose from my butt hole. We have watched the video a couple of times afterwards and enjoy it. My husband tryed to post about this, but it got scratched. Time to go now, for another command performance BM and then a hot shower and to bed.

Eric in Chicago
Lucy: Blackish, sticky and smelly poop after a lot of drinking sounds to me like the alcohol might have irritated your stomach lining enough to cause some minor bleeding. When the blood gets digested in the intestines, it turns black and very sticky. If there's a lot of digested blood, the poop has an appearance that's been described as looking like coffee grounds and/or tar. The technical term for this is "melena." Had you been taking any aspirin or things like that around the time? Or had you been taking Pepto-Bismol or a generic equivalent? That will turn the poop black by a completely different mechanism, but it shouldn't turn it sticky. As for why it happened only once, it may have had to do with things like whether you had eaten before drinking (drinking on an empty stomach is more likely to cause bleeding).

RJOGGER and Kathy
Kathy and I have both been laid up with assorted injuries, and except for the occasional early morning potty time, there has been nothing of real interest to report. We will just send some replies, then go back to licking our wounds.
Ring Stretcher - Wow, you really must have strained to pass a turd that was as thick as a beer can. That was quite an interesting story, although you seem to suffer a lot.
Jeff A - Jeff, Kathy and I are so glad to see that you are writing again, especially after all that you have through. It sure is fun to "inspect" the toilet after a female visitor has used the toilet, and it is more fun to listen to a couple of ladies dump their brains out. Those little tidbits that you wrote were great. Take care, my friend, we hope to speak to you more often.
Rizzo - So, you have gotten into the high fiber, quick morning poop routine also? Doesn't it feel great to be able to dump massive amounts in almost no time at all, and feel really good afterward? Here's hoping that you and the wife keep on enjoying this routine!
Annie and Robby - Sorry to see that Robby was not feeling well. We hope that he is better soon, and that you guys write some more of your dandy stories.
Jane - We just loved your story, about your post Halloween dump at work. Aren't little boys in the Ladies room a real pain? I know from experience, because I was just such a little monster many years ago. Every time my mom went shopping, I couldn't wait for her to go onto the ladies room, so that I could explore the stalls. I see that this little guy also made his little comments. Now about your output: Very impressive, but are you sure that you are not LI? And those other women: Whoa, they really dumped their brains out also. Jane, this seemed like another interrupted episode in your poop routine, but these adventures of yours are sure interesting. Take care.
David and Niki - We really enjoyed your story about the cold water flat. What a way to go, if you know what I mean. You 2 kids have a very open and enjoyable relationship, and it is nice to see that.
Way back, earlier this year, Kathy and I posted a story about how we got into watching each other use the head. Both of us were brought up to be open about toilet habits; and we both share an interest in the toilet habits of the opposite sex, so it was just a matter of time before we indulged ourselves. It also helps that many of our friends share the same interest in bodily functions, so we are surrounded by people with a common interest.

Again, Hellos to Carmalita and Jake, Renee and Patsy, Kim and Scott, Buzzy, Diane NY and Muggs

We hope to speak to everyone again soon. Have a great week.

Bob (Northern California)
A long time ago I saw this poem on a bathroom wall that I found rather amusing. Hopefully, the monitors of this site will post this. I think it's rather "tame" compared to other things I've seen written on bathroom walls! Well, here it is...

Here I sit, squirting poo,

Thinking of that tasty brew.

Coffee, that is, nectar of the Gods.

'Cuz it helps you stay unclogged!

Well, as Mick Foley (a.k.a. Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love...Wrestling fans will know who this is.) would say, "Have a great day!!"

Take Care - Bob from Northern CA

Mark B
Hi Toilet Friends

Davie - I liked your posts about watching your friend do a poo when you were young, and also about you doing a poo in the woods.
I had completely forgotten until now, but when I was about 13 or 14 (a long time ago) I often used to go into some woods next to where I lived then (they were usually completely deserted) and used to poo there. I found it much more exiting than going in the toilet at home and used to save it up when I knew that I would have time on my own after school, and would be able to go into the woods. I often sat on a very big, hollow tree stump and pooed into the hollow centre. I used to wipe my arse with leaves. It makes me a bit excited just thinking about it again.

hey everyone this is ma first time writing....

well one day me and ma girlfriend were walking from dinner to home when she said she had to meet someone somewhere.

i volunteered to take her there but she said it was ok.

i slowly got curious and i followed her in secret.

she went thru a park and went behind a rock.

there i saw her pull down her miniskirt and pink panties.

this was the first time i saw her pussy.

she first took a short whiz then pushed out a giant log from her cute little ass.

then i knew she was embaressed of pooping in front o me.

after sh was done she stuck some leaves up her ass, i think this was to clean her ass.

this was so invigorating.

now i told her about it and she is now not embaressed to poop in front of me.

i have to ask does anyone have any pics if they do email them to me


I posted earlier with my condolsences, but since its been so long I forgot the rules here. Here goes, Saturday morning I cooked breakfast for wookie and Mia ( she is almost two now and such a scamp)and me,and just as we sat down I felt the need to poop urgently and headed towards the bathroom,just as I closed the door and pulled my panties down wookie opened it and asked whats was wrong since I had left so abruptly, it was funny because I was starled with my butt stuck up in the air and my fart which couldn't wait, he said oh, I see or should i say I smell,I laughed and asked if he was staying and he said of course! I sat and felt a larger than usual turd push out followed by another couple of sputtering farts and I was finished,then I peed a spurt or two and wookie asked if I minded his wiping me,I didn't but I kissed him first and whispered that I loved him and he took some Tp and wipped my cunny and when I turned he took some more Tp and wiped my butthole clean, we flus! hed , washed and went back to breakfast which I had to rehest.
Wookie and I feel so sad about your loss Jeff A. we can only say God Bless and to others the same.
Nyad, Wookie and Mia
To Jeff A. Hi love I guess because I forgot about

To thor: I liked your old were you went you got to watch your stepmom on the toilet. Why did you pull your pants down? or did she pull them down, and why??

To Andy: Cool story....loved it

To wetguy: I liked your story about your friend brad really having to take a

To Matt: Cool story...i liked it about that boy pooping his pants on the bus...did any one make fun of him??

Bobby-where are you????

I had to write and tell what happened to me at the gym the other day. I had eaten a very large lunch and then another large dinner. I had eaten out with friends on both occasion and had really made a pig of myself. I went to the school gym to work out like I sometimes do. In our gym, the weight room is located on the third floor. Kind of tucked away in the rafters of an old building and the bathrooms are all on the first floor. I was working out and could feel the first urges that a poop was coming on but I wasn't too worried about it. I continued working out and planned to wait until I was finished. The urges were getting stronger quickly, so I decided to head on down to the bathroom. Honestly, I never made it! I got about half way down the stairs and poop just started coming out of me. I could feel it pushing on my briefs. It wasn’t stopping it just kept coming. I had on baggy Nike shorts over my Tommy Hilfiger briefs so I don't think anyone in the stairs or hallways cou! ld see the bulge in my undies. When I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet I was sure wishing they had doors on the stalls. Two guys I'm sure could see me trying to clean out my briefs. I finally gave it up and tossed them across the room and headed to the shower. The water running on the floor was totally brown. I'm not sure why, but I seen some high school kid take my poop filled briefs with him. I wonder what he did with them they were totaled. The next day one of the guys mentioned seeing me clean out my shorts I laughed about it but I was really horrified and told him that I was wearing depends today as a joke. When he pulled down his shorts to change, I don't think he shit his pants but I don't think he wipes very good because the seat of his white briefs were totally brown.

Andy, Yeah, I've taken a shit in that kind of bar bathroom and some experiences I had there were not as good as yours. I'm a 22-year-old dude. I'm a construction worker in a small College town. I hang out and drink beer with my buddies most nights at a local bar. About half of the customers are local rubes (like me) and the others are College dudes and gals. I'm the kinda dude who can and does take a shit if needed in any place legal. Well, this bar has a small bathroom for guys similar to yours. It has a crapper out in the open (no stall) with a urinal right alongside it and real close to it and a sink. There ain't no lock on the door. At nights after some fast food and a few beers, I've just gotta lay some cable. It's no problem for me to take a shit at the bar bathroom even with some dude taking a leak alongside me. I'm just not a shy kinda dude. The local guys are real cool about it. I know them all and they just say howdy or talk to me while I'm shitting and ! I do the same for them if they're laying cable. The College guys, who are usually wasted, seem to think it is real disgusting when they come in for a piss and see me on the crapper. The other night 3 drunk fraternity-type guys come in while I'm on the crapper peacefully pinching a loaf. One holds his nose. Another who is pissing alongside me looks down at me and says to the others that it's real disgusting how these f???ing hillbillys just pull down their pants and shit anywhere. The three of them just stood there laughing at me. My question is is there anything wrong about taking a shit in a bar toilet that's kinda open like that? I'm the kinda dude who goes when he's gotta go, but I don't like being put down by these College dudes. Sure would appreciate your opinion and that of others at this site. You all seems like real experts on pooping.

Once again, i am 16/male and live in central Massachusetts.

AMY, ADELE- Welcome! Either of you have any peeing stories? That's my thing and i'd love to hear some of them if you have any.

I was recently wondering about football players and what they do when they have to pee during a game. It must be awful tough to undo all that stringing and equipment to pee and plus they dont have much time to do so. I have seen some pictures of NFL players who have apparently just pissed their pants during the course of the game. They probably do this a squirt at a time so it doesnt show too much, but it still does. I am associated with my high school's football team, and i have never seen anyone clearly wet themselves (although i would like to because even though i'm straight i like male desp. and wetting just as much as female). So does anyone have any personal accounts or experiences with this or know for a fact what football players do? It seems interesting that a pro athlete (baseball players too!) would just wet his pants in the middle of the game for all to see.

Anyway, that's all for today b/c I seriously have had to pee bad while typing this (not making it up) and i'm starting to leak into my boxers. I cant run to pee b/c i'd be embarrased if someone else here knew i went to this site. So I gotta end this!


Tim--exactly, I believe I helped kids (male) as old as 4-5 in the bathroom. I do babysit for a 4 year old sometimes who doesn't need help at all, but I still bathe him. It's dangerous to leave a child that young alone. But then again, it is also very different for me, a responsible adult (almost 20) to be with a child than a child to be with me. Always always always safety first. And I agree, it's silly to wake your wife. After all, you changed your daughters diapers and not much has changed since then. It's more the her being with you when she starts to gain awareness than you being with her.

Not much new with me...

Some good stuff on here today-some responses-
TO MARKUS-welcome to the party,palBTW I don't think any photo store will develop that poop pic you did-try a polaroid camera or digital camera-in some states you could get in trouble for that-be careful!
TO THOR-Cool story with your mother in law pooing and asking you to come in to wipe her,boy wish that could have happened to me when i was a kid -funny story!
TO UPSTATE DAVE-Wow,that must have been fun with those ladies out in the woods peeing and pooing along with you-nice stuff
TO JANE-Nice halloween-pizza poop-sometimes when I eat pizza although i'm not L.I.It makes me poop similar to your poop with a lot of long soft turds that require quite a lot of pushing to get out even though the BM is soft-don't know why that is-must have been fun sitting there pooing as thes other women came in and exploded into the toilet-I know i find it quite fun myself when I poop at the gym,but the kid thing I too would find verey annoying as i'm trying to poo and i've had that happen to me once or twice and I find that a real drag and BYW I,like you when I poop i always spread my cheeks slightly when i sit down for the same reason you do and wiping is a breeze cause all you have to wipe is your anus and yes i especially do that out in the woods cause most of the time i squat and wiping is so easy that way-boy I wish you and I could do a nice buddy poop out in the wild when we both really gotta go bad-that would be fun-the "call of nature" thing at least to me alw! ays meant either poo or pee I guess cause it's the natural thing to do and I think that's why I really enjoy peeing and pooing out in the woods cause it's all part of "nature'-I guess that's where the term came from( at least that's just my view on the subject)you sound like you poo just like me in a few parts-i poop in 2-3 parts as i sit there-it seems like it takes awhile for my bowels to empty-some people just sit down and boom! it over and they get up,but not me cause it takes some time-when I was kid I hated haveing to sit ther waiting to finish up but at this point in my life,i just sit and enjoy the feeling of pooing and it sounds like you do too-i really emjoy your stories and a few times i print your stories and it's like we poop together when i take it to the toilet and read as i poo along with your story-good stuff,Jane Have to get to work later all BYE

Hi everyone. Sorry haven't posted for a while and apologies in advance that this is only short.

SYLVIA: Hi there! I can understand where you are coming from about watching you Mum on the toilet. I'm still fairly new to the whole concept of sharing my toilet habbits as well. However, a little while ago after discussing this site with my Mum, we started to go to the toilet together. It's not weird and just feels like doing anything else together. WE usually have quite a laugh. REad some of my earlier posts.

Nothing new is happening to me at the minute. Just a mundane round of work, work and more work. Those who follow my posts will recall a client by the name of Judy who I have shared my toilet habits with. Again it's just one of those things which started and now seems natural. I had a meeting with her yesterday in her offices. We had a couple of cups of coffee and I felt the urge to have a wee. We both went into the ladies. As her office is quite a way from the rest of the staff no one else frequents the toilets nearby.

I went into a stall and quickly lifted my black skirt and pulled down my tan coloured tights and lilac knickers to my knees. I sat down and started to wee. It seemed to go on for ages. Meanwhile, Judy was sitting on the basins opposite and we carried on chatting about various things. My wee finally finished and I wiped before pulling up my knickers and tights and flushing. I straightened my skirt and made way for Judy who had now jumped down. I rinsed my hands and then turned to watch Judy.

I suppose some would say it is quite odd going to the toilet with a client. After all we are supposed to have a so called "professional" relationship. Well I think we do. At the end of the day everyone has to go to the toilet. Why be shy about it? Anyway, Judy pulled up her long grey skirt and held it bunched up round her waist as she lowered her white knickers and sat down. She obviosuly wasnt as desperate as me as it took her a while to get going. Finally she had a wee although it wasnt much. A quick wipe and she was done.

more later.
Love Julie.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to everyone!

I'm continuing to have the best shits I've had for a LONG while!
like in my last post; it's that perfect medium between being urgent and constipated so I can literally take as long as I want sitting on the toilet and dropping satisfying turds with some very good plops!
On Sunday, having just finished breakfast, and getting the feeling of a shit coming on, I decided to visit the public toilet I lke and have my shit there. I could have sat there all day if I'd wanted as it was, as usual, not by any means urgent and not uncomfortable waiting, but I really wanted company when I dropped my load.
After a while, a guy went into the cubicle on my left and did nothing apart from just sit there so I knew I had a captive audience!
When all was quiet, I started to shit; small large and medium size turds with some great plops, and as I didn't need to grunt them out, thought I'd add some vocal pushing sounds as well, and some great sounds of satisfaction after each loud plop.
I doubt whether it did anything for him, but it made me feel great to be heard in action so well. I called out to him to ask what the time was, not that I needed to know, but to give him a chance to comment if he wanted. He didn't apart from answering my question, but I felt good to sound so uninhibited about calling out while I was on the toilet with a dirty arse, and having done a good load that he'd heard.
The next day I used the same toilet with more gratifying plops which were overheard, and today, at home on my toilet plopping well and getting some splashes on my buttocks, Brilliant!!
What I especially enjoyed about using the public toilet, was that I'd gone there with jeans on, but no underpants on.
On one of my biker friend's sessions on tape, he has a really good shit dropping some big arsehole stretching turds that take a fair bit of working out, and after, describes how great he feels wiping his arsecrack and feeling all the water that got splashed up all over his buttocks and on his balls where it was all hanging down the toilet through the seat while he's sitting there dropping these big hard turds.
Then he pulls his jeans up over the muscles of his arse where it got splashed and knows when he goes out there's nothing between his fit muscly arse and his tight jeans!
He's said before, he sometimes doesn't wear underpants when it's warm, and so I thought I'd do the same, knowing my shits are much cleaner these days, so less chance of getting skidmarks, and I got quite a kick out of just pulling my jeans down to sit on the toilet.
Does anyone else, I wonder, not wear underpants in the warmer weather? I certainly didn't feel a lack of support for my tackle, nor any chafing, but it was really cool! (And not cold!)

Some time ago, I decided to buy a toilet that was for sale at a second-hand market. Nothing special about it but it looked as though it would have good "plopability" if ever the need should arise to replace the one where I used to live.
Rather than keep referring to "my biker friend", I'll say I was expecting a visit from P and told him I'd got a spare toilet and that perhaps we could shit together in the bathroom when he came.
If anyone so inclined should consider doing the same to shit with someone using an unplumbed-in toilet, be warned, as Archimedes discovered, and I'd overlooked, with the right amount of water in the pan, as each turd dropped in, an equal volume (or mass?) of water was displaced and spilled on the floor from the outlet; the toilet being insecure almost fell as P altered his position on it, and to hold it over the proper toilet and try to empty its contents is heavy, awkward, almost impossible to do properly, and rather a silly adventure!
Either make sure the extra toilet is properly installed, or get a bucket for the secondary user!

One memory of when I was 16 and worked in a rather old building, was that the toilet was a very old one and had a very old-fashioned seat. Made of wood but instead of the outer edge being curved to correspond with the inner edge; the sides were straight, and so when sitting on the toilet, you had a straight paralel edge either side of you, which aparently was the style in Victorian times.
I didn't like that as I like to obscure the seat if possible by my arse and thigh muscle!

All the best to everyone, Cheers, P P G

Robby and Annie
Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Annie's and the girl's latest posts haven't made it in, yet. Maybe tomorrow. We decided to post together so our posts won't appear so often. Annie made it into the loo first this morning. (Annie)- I sat down on the bowl and I started to wee. I let out a strong stream for about a minute. Then I bent over and started the job of doing my poos. I grunted UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and a loud trump resounded out of my arse. I then felt a large piece start coming out of my bum. It really started to hurt. I didn't have any help because Robby was still asleep. I strained and the log finally inched out. It must have weighed a ton. A series of soft balls dropped out. I knew there was more and I was right. I strained and a wave of soft poo came running out. It really stunk in there! I took the tissue and started to wipe. It took awhile. I wiped my brow and looked back into the bowl. It looked like a frightful cow pile. I flushed twice to get it all d! own. I felt soooooo much better.

JANE: What a wonderful story. The party must have been wonderful. We really enjoyed the episode in the toilet. Pizza does the job for the girls, too! You MUST have felt better! You know, children can be brutally honest. Take care, Robby and Annie

DEAR KENDAL AND DEAR ANDREW(Lawn Dogs Kid)- Hope you both had a great weekend. Did you have anymore loo bonding experiences with Kate, Emily, or Charlotte? We know you(Kendal) look wonderful in those Honda pampies! The girls wanted to wish both of you a wonderful week at school and in the loo. (Annie)- I have to go school in about an hour. I am starting up again. Our story for you will appear in our next post. Robby and I wish you the safest of weeks and many joys. Lots of Love and a big hug, Aunt Annie and Uncle Robby

AMY: Welcome to the forum. That was a wonderful story! We don't do D.R.E.s but we know that popcorn really works as a laxative for us! Take care, Robby and Annie.

ALEXA: Welcome to the forum. We're sorry you had to go through that experience. There are many medicines out there for lactose intolerant people. Have you tried one of these. Take care and keep posting. Robby and Annie

ADELE: Welcome to the forum. Enjoyed your story. Many posters, here, have had simular experiences. Take care, Robby and Annie

TODD and DIANA: Hi folks! We haven't had an experience like that but both of us play golf and are very familiar with the porta-loos. I guess this situation wouldn't happen again in a hundred years. We are sorry it happened to you, Diana. (Annie)- When I know I am going to have a long dump I take a paperback book in with me to read. (Robby)- I take a magazine, usually "Sports Illustrated" or an entertainment trade paper. BTW, congratulations on the hole-in-one, Todd!!
Love, Robby and Annie

Welcome back to: STEPHANIE and welcome to ANDY!
SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Rizzo, Louise and Steve, RJOGGER(Rich) and Kathy, Scott and Kim, Carmalita and Jake, Pat and Renee, Mindy, Sylvia, PV, Ring Stretcher, Jeff A, DianeNY, Laura, Erin, Linda(14yrs), LindaGS, David and Niki, Mandy, Althea, Outhouse Dave, Sarah S and Meghan, and all of the other posters!

WE must go! Robby is off for work and I am becoming a student again!!
CHEERS, Robby and Annie!

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

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