We had a good time at our Halloween party for the neighborhood kids. Of course, Carrie, Sara & I wore schoolgirl uniforms (very similar to the uniforms Carrie & I work in high school). The parents were also there and some were dressed up, too, a couple in firefighter outfits and a big shirt with "FDNY". Some brought pizza for everyone. Since all of the kids on the block were at the party, we had very few trick-or-treaters. The parents contributed a basket full of candies for all of the kids.

The next day I was feeling the effects of the pizza. I had a large morning dump, having to flush the toilet twice while seated. Later in the morning, while I was at work, I had another urge to poop. I went to the ladies room. A woman with her young son was at the sink. I went into a stall, pulled down my tan pants and white panties and sat. I farted and pushed out a very long thick piece of poop that hit the water but was still coming out. It finally plopped into the toilet. I got up (something I don't usually do in the middle of a poop) and saw a huge piece of poop coiled around the bowl about three-forths of the way into making a circle. It was a Kim-esque movement. I sat down and farted again. The little boy started to laugh, and his Mom told him to be quiet. I started to push out another long piece, followed by another piece. Soon I was pushing out several long pieces of poop, one right after another. It was a continuous solid motion, and it was a little ! soft. Curiosity got the best of the little boy, whose little feet I can see under the stall as he tried to peer through the crack. His Mom yelled at him to get away from the stall. I spread my legs and looked into the toilet and saw a huge pile of poop. At that time a strong poop smell began to emerge. I flushed the toilet while seated as the woman and her son were leaving, and I heard the little boy say, "She's pooping."

I continued to push out more pieces of poop like a soft ice cream dispenser. Suddenly someone else rushed into the ladies room, took the stall next to mine and slammed it shut, quickly sat down, and immediately I heard a massive cascade of plops and splashes, intermixed with farts, grunts and moans. She peed for a minute and expelled another wave of poop. She paused for a moment, flushed the toilet while seated and began to wipe. She got up and flushed and went to wash her hands. Meanwhile, I had filled up the toilet again and flushed the toilet while seated as she dried her hands and left. I pushed out a few more pieces and continued to sit. I was apparently done, but my stomach wasn't quite settled, so I sat for a couple of minutes. Suddenly someone rushes into the ladies room again, takes the same stall next to mine as the previous visitor, sits and expels a huge explosive rush of soft chunky poop. She pushes out another wave of poop before she flushes the toil! et while seated. She pushes out two more massive waves of poop before flushing again and wiping. When she got up to flush and go to the sink, I caught a glimpse of her feet. I also saw the feet of the other visitor and determined it was the same woman. She washed and dried her hands and gave a big sigh of relief as she left. I managed to push out a couple more pieces before I was done and started wiping. When I flushed a final time, there was a lingering poop smell, but it was from the other woman's pooping session. I felt much better after that, and my poops have been normal since.

Quick hellos to Jeff A, Buzzy, Althea, Kim & Scott, Carmalita, Jake, Renee & Patsy, Robby & Annie (welcome back!), Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Sara S & Meghan, Mindy, Kendal & Andrew, Ephermal, and everyone else (sorry if I missed you). Haven't heard from Muggs & Alana in quite a while.

Violet: That shrimp was probably improperly handled by the cook. It may have been not cleaned or was contaminated by dirty hands or utensils. Or, it was not the right temperature, raw must be on ice. Cooked must be hot, red hot. I had it 16 years ago. It was minor. Now, I am better educated.


I am a 17 year-old biracial-girl. I am blond haired, and blue eyed. My color is a couple of shades darker than most "White people". People tell me, a lot, that I look like Faith Hill, w/ a better-tan. I just wanted to detail my experience pooping, the other-night. I had eaten-popcorn on Friday night. Last night, I had, @ first, pooped out a turd that was about 6 inches long, & pretty-firm. Shortly after that, it felt like there was a lot of stuff, still having to come out of me. In other words, there was a lot of crap, yet to come out of me. Well, what did I do? I stuck my middle-finger up my butt (just as D.R.E. does, the so- called "Digital Rectal Exam"), and pulled it back out, to see what the fecal-matter looked-like. What did it look like? Well, basically, it looked like undigested-popcorn. It was then that I remembered that I had eaten popcorn on Friday. When I stuck my finger back up there, it confirmed what I had just-remembered. It felt kind of loose and grit! ty. It was a wonderful-sensation, as nature took its course, from there. About 6 turds fell out, from that point. They were all helped-along by the natural-lubrication-propulsion that was created by the popcorn. It was not only, thoroughly-satisfying, while it was occurring, but hours-later, I could still feel the tingling that the popcorn caused, on its way out, just by flexing my tight-anus! Popcorn, "nature's miracle-laxative". That's all that I had to say, for now. Any of you who can bear-witness to this story, please do. One more thing, it was amazing how, relatively, little-odor there was to this popcorn-poop. Until I actually smelled my middle-finger, after sticking it in my anus and up my rectum, I did not notice much of a smell, @ all. Even then, it was mild. Simply-amazing.!


Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I hope that everyone had a nice weekend. There was a lot of great posts the other day. Hello to Sylvia,welcome to the forum. Dont worry I dont think you have an obsession. Dave Niki I enjoyed your post about you flat story. I had one like that back in the 1970s. Silkie that was an interesting stop that you made on your trip.

My story involves a rest stop. We have the Northway which runs between Albany and Montreal. I was traveling one time with my friend Tony and his dad to go visiting up north. The car started to overheat so we pulled into a rest area to cool it down. Tony and his dad tended to the car. I had to take a shit and piss so I walked down into a group of pine trees.

I got out of sight and pulled down my pants and briefs. I squated and I started to piss first. Then I stoped pissing and slowly started to push out a monster shit. My hole was as wide as it was going to go. I knew this one was going to be a slow long one. I had pushed out about eight inches of this tan knobby monster when I heard voices coming towards me.

There was nothing I could do at this point. I had eight inches hanging in the air and it was to hard to squeeze off to break it. The voices I heard appeared in front of me. There was three girls around 11 or 12 years old. They stoped dead in thier tracks when they saw me squating with a eight inch shit hanging in the air. I did not say anything to them because my shit was moving again. Slowly seven more inches came out. All three of the girls just watched with wide eyes. Then it just ended and fell with a thud to the ground. With that monster out my bladder kicked back in and I pissed like a race horse for a couple of minutes. I wiped my ass pulled up my briefs and pants.

One of the three girls spoke up and said they were sorry about watching but she had never seen somebody shit that big before. I told her it was alright and that was a little bigger then normal. I noticed her french accent and asked the girls if they were from Cannada? She said yes from Quebec. She turned around to the other girls spoke something in french to them and they sook thier heads in agreement with a laugh.

She turned back to me and said since we watched you, can you stay and watch For us? I told her it was ok with me. She also said you have tp we dont and we have gone in front of boys before. With that she walked right over where I had gone, pulled down her shorts and panties and started to piss all over my monster. Her stream splashed all overthe place. She moved her butt upward so her stream was not hitting my shit so hard to cut down the splashing. She pissed for 30seconds or so then stoped. I handed her the tp and she wiped and pulled up her panties and shorts.

She turned to the other two girls and they gave a giggle and they both pulled thier shorts down without panties and squated. The one girl pissed for 20 seconds or so and wiped and pulled her shorts back up. The other girl slowly peed and witha loud long Brrrapp farted and started to shit. She was shiting slowly like I was. Hers was not as knobby as mine. Hers was a brown color. She pushed out 6 inches and took a pause. She pushed again and more came out. It started moving faster and after four more inches it fell to the ground. She started pissing again. she peed all over her shit. She pointed to the tp roll and I gave it to her. She wiped her hole, Stood up turned towrs the rest of us spread her cheeks and went ok? We all went ok and she pulled up her shorts. The three girls left on one side of the trees and I came out the other side. I walked up to wear we were parked and Tony and his dad were just finishing up on the car and a few minutes later we took off.

Wapiya was talking about black poop and it reminded me of somethign that happened to me once.

(If you read my first post, you will see I'm not usually into poop but I'm just wondering if anyone knows what caused this)

About a year ago, I went to a party at a friend's house and there was a whole lot of drinking involved. I probably had about 12 or so cocktails and shots of spirits. And I didn't drink much water or anything.

Anyway, the next morning I went home and found I needed to poop. However, when I sat down, I pushed the poop out a little way then it just would not move at all! It was so sticky and gross and it really really stunk bad, I have to say I have never smelt anything so bad. I sat on the toilet for about 20 minutes trying to push it out but it would's move more than about a centimetre or so. So in the end I thought I'd better stop forcing it incase I did myself some damage so I just kind of wiped it. It wasn't that hard but boy was it sticky. I wiped and wiped but my butt still seemed just as dirty. I couldn't believe it. And when I looked at the paper it looked almost black, wheras my poops are usually quite light in colour.

In the end I gave up and washed it off in the shower. The next poop I had was quite normal and I never experienced that again. I have drunk more than that some nights and even then I haven't had anything like it.

Does anyone know what caused it? I would say the drying of the alcohol would have been a big factor, but the fact that it has never happened again is a bit strange. One would think that if it was the alcohol, then it wolud happen everytime.

new poster here. I'm a college student, 20 yrs. old, jet black hair (dye job). I'm the kind of person who can be called attractive, as I am "well-endowed," as one of my friends used to say. Basically people think I'm trying to hide melons in my shirt and a pumpkin in my pants. And, I'm severly lactose-intolerant. Anyway, so I'm leaving one of my classes, and this girl I know caught up with me. She was really annoying to me the year before, and as she is saying "hi, how are you" and all that, I'm thinking of a way to get back at her. So I decide to exploit her weakness, but I don't know about any. But unknown to me, she is thinking of the same thing! And somehow, she knew about my little problem...
She asks me, "so, do you still play basketball?" (played b-ball in my past). I say, "yeah, of course." so she says, "I've been practicing my shots too," (she was also a b-ball player). So I ask, "are you any good?" she says, "is that a challenging tone of voice I hear, Alexa?" And I say, "why do you ask?" She says, "I'm a bettin' type of person. How about this: we play to 21 tomorrow, winner gets to choose the loser's fate." She grinned while saying this. So the next day we headed off to the intramurals court, and she just happens to somehow pull off a win, 21-20. I'm thinking she's gonna choose something like I gotta buy her lunch or do her laundry. (shudder.) But she says, "how about something easy. All you have to do is chug an entire Banana Monster Milkshake." Now, to the regular college kid, that'd be kinda hard, but, to me, very hard. So I said, "okay," because a bet's a bet. But this was a dangerous bet, as I'd see in a few hours. After having chugged myself to deat! h, I went along my routine for the day, and nothing went wrong. Maybe I'd gotten over it. Boy, was I wrong...
7:00. I'd noticed some cramps in my stomach about ten minutes earlier. Although this was a sign of impending doom, I ignored it and started walking to my dorm. But, as I was about thirty feet from the building, I felt shooting pains through my stomach. In about three minutes, I was transformed from a cute college girl to a groaning ball of pain. I desperately ran to the bushes and pulled up my skirt. Then, just in time, I shed my panties and "the gates of Hades opened, and all hell broke loose." PLLOOOPPPOPPLLLLPOPOPLPOPPPPP! for another ten minutes, my browneye was at the mercy of the milkshake. Luckily, I had some tissues to clean up with. Never doing that again!

hi there,my name is adele this is my first text to these pages.i have been reading many of the letters and stories ,it is so good to know so many others have similar experiences too me and that there is a forum to discuss them.i am 15 and have enjoyed peeing and pooing for as long as i can remember,i have lots of accidents both pee and bms,some of these being deliberate.i read in an old letter about the woman who makes herself constipated on purpose,i also do this as i love to spend ages on the toilet straining as hard as i can,i often spend 1 hour or more there,i even sit on the toilet straining when i dont need to go ,it is after doing thi that i have messy poos are usually about 8-10 inches long,hard and thick. i love the feeling of my bum being streched open.when i was younger i used to both wet and poo my knickers almost every day,despite my mums best efforts to make me sit on the toilet untill i did it.this went on till i was about 12,by then i was hooked on! these things.i often here things at school from other girls about wet accidents and there are sometimes wet and dirty knickers on the floor in the toilets atschool,i always have a look at them if no one else is around.last year we were away on holiday in tenerife and i got terrible ???? ache,despite trying to poo for ages on the toilet i couldnt do a poo.we were on the beach and had been swimming and i was drying off in my bikini on the lounger and i decided to take apee there and then as the pee trickled through the lounger onto the sand i noticed the couple next to us had noticed what i was doing,they both seemed 'interested' in what i was doing.anyway we stayed there for about another hour during which time i peed again.then my mum said we should go and eat so off we went it was then disaster struck- my stomach started to cramp-i was desparate to poo,there was a fair way to walk to the nearest toilet but i thought i could hold on,my mum noticed how i was walking and holdi! ng my stomach. well to cut along story short i had two problems to contend with 1,mum going on that i should have gone poo befor and 2,when my bum hole is very sore as it was from the straining ihad done that morning and the night befor [i had tried two times the previous evening one time for about a half hour and the second time for about an hour on the toilet then again when i was alone in my room i squatted down and spent another half hour trying to strain it out into my knickers, all this achieved was a puddle of pee on the floor,one lump of rock hard poo in my knickers and the back of my knickers with a big blood stain. luckily i had packed a pair of pvc pants which i wore over the top and went to bed]i have difficulty holding on,well the inevitable happend- i compleatly filled my blue bikini bottoms,,my mum noticed me give a sigh as i strained to get it all out. i got frogmarched into the toilets which had quite a few people waiting,mum started to have a go and to make ! matters worse instead of letting me go into a stall and clean up she started to feel the poo through my bikini,commenting how hard it was and no wonder i had ???? ache etc etc and that at 14 yrs old i should not be pooing my knickers.after i had emptied the poo into the toilet i had to walk back to the hotel with my bikini bottoms on with the poo stains visible for all to see. well must go now- i will tell some of other peoples accidents i have seen soon-adele+

When I was a teenager, my father married a woman 12 years younger than himself. One early morning, I awoke to strange noises. My father had left for work, and my new stepmother was, by the sounds of it, on the toilet, peeing, with the door wide open. I stopped in my bedroom just to listen. Sure enough, she farted loudly, over and over again, and then I heard the plopping sounds. I ventured out into the hallway, and looked directly through the door at her. She was still sitting on the toilet, clad only in a t-shirt, looking right at me. After about 5 long seconds, she motioned me in, had me stand in front of her, and pulled my underpants down. I was hard as a rock. She pooped some more, and said "Do you like watching me poo?" I nodded, and she said "Would you like to wipe me?" I couldn't help myself. I just nodded. With another grunt, she pooped again. Her smell was shit-like, but sweet. She stood up, and bent over, exposing her butt and its tight little hole. I! looked in the toilet, and saw her five medium brown turds. Her hole appeared clean, but I wiped it anyway. She quickly put some panties on, told me to flush when I was done looking, and then hopped out of the bathroom. I looked at what she'd expelled into the toilet bowl for a long time, then flushed. Her poo left stains on the bottom of the bowl. I've never forgotten, and to this day, almost always ask any woman I'm with sexually if I can watch her poo. None of them have ever said yes. Sad.

Ring Stretcher
PICO TAMALE: A big thanks for liking my stories. To shit out that beer can log I ate alot of apples, candy, bread and not much liquid. I'm sure you would get a kick out of watching my hole dialate more and more until it was stretched open enough for the "brown baby" to come out! It was a toughie, indeed, and took alot of work.

When I was a teen I got so scared reading a book on haunted homes that when I heard a sudden,loud noise I dribbled pee out in my panties. The wind had blown our door shut.

Traveling Guy
SYLVIA - Welcome! I think that, like you, a lot of us got interested in elimination - being more aware of our own habits and watching and listening to others - because of some intimate moment when we heard or saw someone else on the toilet but weren't expecting to. I remember when I was a child, my mom was obsessed with staying regular. She had that unfortunate habit of taking chemical laxatives when she wasn't. More than once she showed me her awful smelling little purple pills and explained why she took them. She never had me take any, though. (She sometimes gave me a liquid laxative after I'd had a really big BM - pretty ironic!) Sometimes after my mom had a laxative BM, if I happened to need the bathroom right after her, she would apologize for the smell and explain that it was "because of the pills." Well, I guess that sort of got me hooked. I never actually watched her - she was extremely modest about that, my being a son and all - but I did sometimes evesdrop o! utside the bathroom door. Is it a problem? Well, I grew up with perfectly normal relations with my mom. I've lived a long ways from her for many years, but everything's fine between us. Yes, I'm interested in others' elimination habits, especially females (as you can see from my earlier posts) but like lots of others here, I consider myself to be a normal person, living a pretty normal life. Don't worry about it. Once I told a good friend of mine, who happens to be a psychiatrist, about my interest and he just laughed and said, "Don't worry. We all have a little of that in us, whether we admit it or not."

Please post some stories about your roommates doings in/on the john. You really read all the posts from p. 1?? Wow!

Mr. Shapiro
All that I have to say, is that my wife is my queen, and that I am lucky-enough to be able to hold her hand & worship-her, while she is on her "throne"!

Mr. Shapiro

What is the LEAST amount of toilet paper anyone here uses when they wipe themselves after pooping? I find that if I spread my cheeks out with my hands as far as I can, I can poop and only get stuff on the very surface of my anus. I usually only need two or three sheets of paper to get it reasonably clean. Most people keep their butt cheeks closed so that the poop comes out and gets the area along the crack all dirty. I think that's why some people seem to need a lot of paper to clean up. The trick is to spread your cheeks as wide as you can, to the point where it hurts. It's a great technique to use when you don't have a lot of paper, like if you're going in the woods.

I'm back everyone. Remember,I'm the 20 year old girl that likes to poop my pants at home. Well I got a different story to tell you. Today, I was on my way to the mall and I had to poop. I figured I'll use the bathroom at the mall. But I started to let out pre-pooping farts and I knew I couldn't hold it anymore. I pulled in the mall parking lot and got out. But I couldn't move another step. So I decided to try something new. I started to squat right next to my car. And I began to poop. But guess what? I still had my pants on. I was wearing my tight blue jeans (that I had pooped in before) and released three turds in them. I also had a small wet spot on the front of the pants too. No one was around and when I was done I felt the bulge with my hand back there. Since it was solid I smashed it by sitting on the pavement by my car for a minute. I knew I had a stain back there so I tied this sweater I had around my waist and walked in the mall. I didn't go in the bathroom. I did my s hopping with the shit still on me. I did smell a little because I was in line and there was people behind me saying "Whats that smell?","Something stink!", "That girl stink!" But it didn't bother me. I went home and sprayed my car and washed up.
I was a naughty girl. Well I better wash my jeans and panties so I can poop them again.

Mike (USA)

You don't have a problem, trust me. I bet you can trace the toilet fascinations of every single person who posts on this board to an experience they had watching or hearing one of their parents go to the bathroom. Anyone else agree?

Hi! This is my first time here and I thought you guys would like this story. I'm a 22-year-old dude and live in a small College town. I often hang out with a buddy at one of the bars where the College guys hang out, because that is also where the best chicks are. Because I'm often at the bar, I often take a shit there. One night me and Brad are there and and having all kinds of drinks. And since I stuffed myself with food just before I came, I had to take a dump. This bar has a tiny little bathroom, like all bars like that have. Picture this bathroom: about three by five, with a urinal here and a crapper next to it, so close together that if you were sitting on that crapper and a dude taking a leak turned sideways, you'd get swatted in the nose with his pecker! Unlike most guys, who only pissed there, I would lay cable in that crapper almost every night I went there. That night after my fast food meal and many beers, I had to take a shit as usual and headed for the ba! throom. Anyways, I clean off the seat and sit down. I'm sitting there peacefully squeezing out a large brown banana when two especially drunken fraternity dudes come in. As the one guy takes a piss, he looks down at me, and says, "Oh wow." He says, "Man, I've been coming to this bar for three years, and I've only seen two people take a shit in this bathroom, and you're BOTH of 'em." The two dudes and I had a good laugh. I waited till they had gone to wipe my butt. Anyone else ever taken a shit in that kinda bar bathroom?

when i was really little i was at a ballgame with my dad and we got our seats, i really had to go pee then because we got there real early and waitied in line. my dad said wait here so he can get some food. i was trying to hold it with my hands and people were looking at me, this was real embarrasing. then i couldnt holdit any more and i peed through the seat it dripped all over the ground .my but was soaked. i held my coat over my front then my dad came back and he didn't know i had an accident. then the game was almost over and we were cheering for the team and i forgot about my wet pants and stood up, then my dad saw i was soake and he yelled at me. i was really embarrased because i was too old to be doing that, i was 8.

How does everyone wipe their ass? Do you take the paper and start from the bottom of the crack and sort of pull the paper up along the crack, or do you take the paper and put it right on the anus and clean around the hole? I tend to go right for the hole first, and then I'll do the rest of the crack. What does everyone else do?


Hey MOVIEFAN, thanks for the info. In the movie Girl Interupted there is a scene that involves the topic of women pooping and laxatives. Also in Doc Hollywood there is a scene of a women peeing in the woods. If anyone knows of any others please get back to us.

What does it mean when someone says they have to obey a "call to nature". Does that mean they have to poop, or does it just mean generically that they have to go to the bathroom (pee or poop). It seems to me that when people talk about "nature's call" they're talking about shitting, but I'm not sure.

What's up, everyone?
I don't have any new stories as of now. I'm still pooping out pebbles and nuggets, which I don't know if that's good, bad, or okay.
Anyway, all I can think of is an anecdote that happened this summer after a mission trip. I got home from this week-long trip, in which I only pooped once. Later in the afternoon after the day I got back, I felt a pain in the stomach and rushed to the toilet. I sat down and pooped out a python. It pretty much coiled up in the toilet. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't know if it would get developed.
I AM a new poster, by the way, and every so often, I do read the posts on this site.
So, Buzzy, Jane, Upstate Dave, Outhouse Scott, Billy and Kevin L., and anyone else who I may have missed (no offense!), nice to meet you.

Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,
We have an amazing story to tell you. It happened on Friday afternoon. Todd and I were at the golf course playing in a tournament for couples. Well we were at the half way on the course that would be the 9th hole. And at the course the half way point there is alot of holes that come together in one area. On that day with there being a tournament there were alot of people there. Well after the ninth hole I said to Todd that I needed to take a dump. He said "okay I'll take you over to the porta potties". So we went over to the porta potties and I got out of the cart and went into the porta potty. I locked the door and began to pull down my shorts and my panties and then sat on the toilet. I began to take a nice long wee when all of a sudden the four plastic walls of the porta potty fell backwards in direction, and all that was left was me sitting on the toilet in front of hundreds of people. Everybody saw me, even some of the golfers out on the course. People were laughing h! ard and they couldn't stop. The only one who wasn't laughing was my honey. I was so embarrassed, it seemed like a nightmare, but it was really happening. I pulled my panties and my shorts up and got back into the golf cart and we drove off and went to the next hole. Later int that day on the 17th hole which is a par 3, Todd got a hole-in-one. It had been a long day and I wanted to get home. Finally we got home and Todd and I went into the bathroom and we finished what I started. Well Todd and I right now have to go and sit on our toilets and have bathroom reading time now so, if you ever want to email us here is his address: , but please no junk mail or porn. We trust all of you and we love you with all of our hearts and will be looking forward to some responses about bathroom reading or this experience or anything in general so bye for now and talk to you later.
Todd & Diana

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the caring thougts and advice.

Ephermal: Thank you so much for your nice words. I agree with you that the age makes a difference and of course I will never try to embarrass my little ones. But I also think that it is my task as well to take care of them. For example last week my daughter came into my study while I was working late, She said she needed a doo doo and of course I helped her and cleaned her afterwards. Should I have woken up my wife? I agree with you as they grow older they wonít need help anymore and with the gained independence will develope a natural need for privacy. I guess if things arenít stirred up they way they were in our family recently it just develops by itself, hopefully.

Jumpz: I would just like to say that I did not delibertely use the toilet naked in front of my little daughter. We just do not lock the doors at home, so for example when we use the shower the kids can come in if they need to. Ithe situation was that I got up very early in the morning and needed to urinate before I went into the shower. My daughter just walked in half asleep; she probably woke up because she needed a wee. I usually do not use the toilet in front of the kids but if the situation occurs as it did then, I have not given it much thought before. To answer your question: My kids are not shocked to see me naked because they have before as I did not think that there is something wrong with it considering they are still quite young. My girl has seen my pee before and is just curious, the same way she likes to watch her little brother. So far I never considered it as a problem and quite natural and far less embarrassing than pooping in front of everybody but I mi! ght be more considerate in the future.

I definately agree and am very aware of the fact that my wife is in a difficult situation. This is the only reason I am taking up with all this nonsense that her mother is giving us. It was an embarrassing situation but I am a grown up man and I think it is quite a cheek to interfere with our private family buisness.

My mother in law seems to have a special taste for bringing up situations like this. I am one of her favourite Ďvictims". She is convinced I am a something like a pervert as my best friend, I know since my childhood, is gay. I guess if she would find out about some of the stuff I have posted on this site I would be a dead man. I am still annoyed about her embarrassing my mate when she ask him if he had an HIV test while he took our daughter on his lap on our sonís christianing...
I am so sorry because of my wife but if it was for me I would break up the contact. I know I canít, but what rights does this woman think she has?
Anyway, I do not want to go into it too much but I thank you for you consideration. I hope you do understand that I will not directly give my wife your regards as coming out with my postings on this site now is probably not the best moment in time. ...I am trying to make sure to her however that I do understand her situation as well and let her know how thankful I am of her support,

ME: I thing your advice is very useful, I watch my diet very carefully at the moment as I seem to have built up some hemoroids after all the awful stuff from the previous week. I also make sure I follow every slight urge after I have been costipated again and getting it out was brutaly painful. It felt like shitting out a concrete turd that had broken glass mixed in it. At the moment I can pass my motions relativly well. As due to the new diet the stool is softer but it still hurts like hell and there is quite a lot of blood. I even have pains when I am not on the toilet. I carefully mentioned it to my wife an she said she has experiences with some remedy similar to the one you describe. She told me she had problems with constipation and hemoroids during pregnancy. She never mentioned it at the time, which made me sorry I could not comfort her then, as itís a great inconvinience. I hope your problem is solved at the moment. I have made a doctors appointment for next week! as my pains are quite bad but I will ask him about the stuff you recommended. Thanks again for your nice advice. All I can add is that I am eating a lot off salad, fruit and whole wheat products at the moment and drink litres of liquid. I had to excuse myself three times last week during an afternoon conference as I needed to urinate desperately again and again. I got strange looks but with all this pain I am going through I could not care less. I also try to ignore the embarrassment and go the toilet whenever I feel a need no matter what else is on my plan. You might be suprised that in the end there is a spare minute. Take this time, my friend, I am trying to learn that as well. Ití s important for our health. I know I will forget again as soon as my pains are disappearing but I guess a quiet moment in order to follow a call of nature should not be too much to ask for, even in our busy buisnesses. Especially at your age; I am about ten years older then you and I had no clu! e that pooping could be so painful when I was 27. My very best wishes to you!

I am sorry this post got so long. I guess it;s such a relief to be able to share this embarrassing problems with some caring people who are not digusted but understanding.

Some quick thanks also to David and Niki! You two are so nice. I am so glad for you for the liberty you got with each other. Cool story! I also live in Germany but not in Berlin but in the south; as you might guess my wifeís family comes from a ultra conservative Baverian village.

Greetings to Rizzo. I hope you are better.

I would still like to hear some parentís views on how open you can or should be with your kids if anybody would like to share their opinion.

Apologies again for the lenght of the letter. So many things on my mind.

My very best wishes to all.

Hey everybody!!!!! I am finally making what is turning out to be my weekly post. I hope to get better in the future! Special hellos to everyone who has said hello to me lately! You all are sooo sweet!

To Jane: I CAN'T wait until college!!!! Just a few more months and I will get to explore all of the benefits of college life. My boyfriend Brian, my friend April, her boyfriend Alex, and me are all accepted to go to the same school, life should be a blast!!! PS - I really enjoyed your school girl halloween story!!!

Hello Rizzo, Ring Stretcher, and everyone else, I can't wait until I learn everybody's name!!!

My week has been pretty much normal, just the typical "daily dump" at school. I have had unusually big turds lately, my poor little butt is hurting! On Wednesday at school, I spent 30 minutes pushing out 3 poops that were at least two inches wide, they were each about 5 or 6 inches long. My most notable dump this week came earlier today. Brian, my boyfriend, was over at my house today and we had a chance to "keep each other company again" I told him that I had to go poop if he wanted to watch, of course he did! My parents were gone until afternoon so I felt like he deserved a good show, my "natural" timing could not have been better. We went into my bathroom and locked the door just to be safe. I removed my very short shorts and panties and had a seat on my toilet. Brian sat down on the floor in front of me. It was kinda embarassing for us both but we soon overcame it. I had to go really bad today, the kind of poop you know is going to be long and good. As it t! urned out, my poop was softer today and smaller. I opened wide to give Brian a view of the action. With little effort I had 6 turds slide out of me. Each was 5 inches long and about an inch wide. Each one came out after about a minute. I did not have to push or grunt, it was so good. I may have to have Brian's "help" more often! My show excited Brian alot and we ended up playing "boyfriend and girlfriend" in my bedroom after I was done. I love buddy dumps!

Back before my wife and I were married, she had to have a test done called a lower G.I. She was instructed to purge her bowels of everything the night before, and had to drink, down pills, and even use a suppository to make it happened. The night before I woke up just about everytime she got up to use the bathroom, and from then on I've called that the "Night of a 1,000 flushes."

I had to drive up to visit her, and I brought with me a single rose and a roll of toilet paper.

The morning of, I helped her with the suppository. She had to insert it in and then resist the urge to poop for 5 minutes. Let me tell you, those were the longest 5 minutes ever!

Finally, we went to the doctor's for the test and everything went smoothly from there on. We even ate at McDonald's for lunch.

A while ago, someone mentioned that he was in Vietnam where the bathrooms were cleaned by Asian women who came in as they pleased with
guys sitting on the toilets.

I, too, spent a year in Viet Nam. Our unit also had several large bathrooms. Each had about twenty or so toilets lined up in rows
with no doors, but we did have small stalls separating us. Similarly,
we had cleaning women who came in whenever they felt like it, all
(I suppose) Vietnamese, some old, some as young as their twenties.
Sometimes there would be as many as three at a time doing the cleaning
because the bathroom was probably 30 feet by 30 feet or so.

Our commander indicated that this was unavoidable and for us to keep
our underwear and fatigues up to mid-thigh so our genitals wouldn't
be exposed to the women...only a row of white butts! The women would
clean and mop all around while you had a hanging turd slowly slipping
out. There was about a five foot space from the toilet to the wall
which separated the three rows of johns. I remember one day this not
unattractive women was mopping behind the toilet where my penis and
balls were in clear sight as a turd slipped out. The smell and the views
didn't seem to affect least I never caught one looking, but
that would be hard to do with no eyes in the back of your head!
At first, it was very embarrassing and I tried to hold it until they
went to the other end of the room. After a while, I got used to it.
I don't recall ever being asked to lift my legs for mopping while on the
pot, but I do remember the rows of white butts pushing back while the
seemingly oblivious ladies went about their tasks!

Marge-do you have any pee desperation/accident stories to share with us? I'd really like to hear some and maybe we can exchange stories or talk about the topic.

I am 16/m. It's sure been a while since the board has been updated. I dont even remember if i have a post waiting to be posted since the last update. Anyway, i have time to post a story today (finally). This happened while at baseball practice a few years ago, when i was 14 i think. The field where we have practice is very open and really doesnt provide any cover at all if someone needs to go to the bathroom. So this practice was 3 hours long, and in the last 45 minutes or so we were doing batting practice. While one person batted, the rest of us stood and shagged in the outfield. During the middle of this session one outgoing kid named Brad, my age, really started shifting around and crossing his legs back and forth. This went on for about 5 minutes when he announced to about 3 of us that he had to pee really bad. However, as he noticed, there was absoultely nowhere with cover for him to run to. He tried holding it 'til the end of practice by running around, shifting his ! legs and even holding himself when he thought no one was looking. After another 10 minutes or so Brad looked ready to wet himself if he hadnt already started. He was so frantic to pee that to by utter shock he ran out to the center field fence, opened up and just peed right there in the open. He must have gone for a minute! About 10 sec after he finished a lady came walking by, but luckily for Brad he had just finished. He obviously looked much better but i thought i could see a dime sized wet spot on the front of his pants. He probably squirted once before realizing he couldnt hold it any longer. That practice went on so long that by the end, when the coach was talking to us, i had to pee quite urgently as well. Not nearly as bad as Brad had (ha) but bad enough that i had to sit with my legs crossed and strain my muscles. But i managed to make it home just in time before i wet myself.

Hope you liked it. By the way, i thought i'd say what kind pee stories interest me the most. I love to hear stories of mother/daughter or father/son or these reversed. But i like to hear stories of when these pairs are out together and one or both is really desperate to pee and maybe they wet themselves. I'ts even better when the kid is 15-18, since im 16. Of course, true stories are the best. If anyone has any stories like this, please post them in good detail. I only have a couple (not that great either) and i will post them if someone out there posts theirs. Hope you guys can oblige somehow!

That's all for today.


I once watched a senior school boy do a poo in his pants. We were going home on the school bus - it was full and he was standing talking to a mate and his back was to me. He farted several times in the first 10 minutes and turned round and apologised! Then after a few more miles I noticed a smell and a giveaway bulge in the back of his trousers that grew quickly. He ran his hand round the bulge and shifted it about and the poo must have dropped down between the top of his legs and then another bulge appeared. He turned round again and said he was sorry but he had messed in his briefs. He got off at the next stop. I never told anyone but we often laughed about it. Hw was coming up to go on to university and I was about 15. The boy he was talking to laughed as well.

Hey, Laura (pre-church pooper):

Where are you? It has been a couple of weeks since you last-posted. What happened? I noticed, that after the person who described your pooping as sounding like you were giving birth posted, you no longer posted? What's up w/ that? You weren't scared/embarrassed-off by that comment, were you? I sure hope-not!
Would love to hear another one of your stories. I am sure that you had another one today. After-all, it's Sunday, right?


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