Sarah S and Meghan
Hi all,
Just a quick post and then we're off for church and then back to school. This morning I had a real stinky dump. Meghan had to go first, of course. She sat down and did her usual boomer trump(fart). She grunted and a large log started inching out of her butt. She moaned and said;"Sarah, HELP!" I started pushing on her upper back to hold her down. She was bobbing up and down too much. I heard a loud crackling and her turd started coming out. It PLOPPED in the toilet with a loud SPLASH! She sighed with relief. As she was wiping, I felt a sharp pain in my gut. I yelled for Meghan to get off the pot. As she was getting up I was pulling down my panties and I crashed on the seat. A torrent of soft poo came running out of my butt. It REALLY stank. Meghan just made a face and said;"Sarah, what did you eat last night?" I replied that I had eaten the same thing she had(chicken kiev/rice). Well, I grunted and another wave came tumbling out. I then let out a wet trump(I like that name)! and Meghan told me that I was on my own. She ran out on me. My dump finally subsided and I grunted some small pellets. My butt really hurt. I wiped and wiped. I think I used nearly a half a roll. It was terrible. I sprayed with lysol and opened the door. Annie was walking down the hall and said;"You must have had a frightful poo." I SURE did. Meghan just now whacked me on the shoulder and told me Dad was nearly ready to leave. He is doing better. A few replies.

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW(Lawn Dogs Kid): Meghan and I want to wish you a great week and we will talk to you next weekend. Have many wonderful toilet adventures and study hard! Lots of love and hugsxxxx Cousins Sarah S and Meghan

DEAR RIZZO: We know you are on the boat(we hope). Hope you have a great time and bring back some good stories. Lots of Love, Sarah S and Meghan.

Dad is yelling for us to come on so big hellos: PV, Louise and Steve, Jane, Erin, Linda(14yrs), Carmalita and Jake, LindaGS, Ephermal. Annie wanted us to add Ellie and Little Lou(we don't know you but hi!), Sarah, Jeff A and all of the other wonderful posters. I know we will get all of your names soon. Sorry if we left you out.



This story is really-entertaining. I am a young-man, of about 30 years of age. There was a gathering of friends & family, @ my house, a few months-ago. I had stepped out, for a few-minutes, to do some work, outside. When I came back into the house, I had to go the laundry-room, and take some clothes out of the dryer. As soon as I got to the laundry-room, and opened the door, I noticed that the light in the bathroom, right-next to the laundry-room, was on. Apparently, someone was in there, doing-something. I had only been in the room for a couple of minutes, when I heard the toilet-flush. The light remained on, and the door did not open. I had finished folding the clothes, & removing them from the dryer, by now. I had then remembered that I had not taken the lint out of the lint-trap, so I proceeded to, slowly, do that. Meanwhile, whomever it was, was still in there. I then heard the toilet flush, about two more times, which was curious, due to the fact ! that the person, whomever they might be, was right next to the door, @ that time. How did I know? Oh, because of the fact that I saw the dark-shadow, that could only be cast, by them standing next to the door, right-then. I then heard the water-running, and the toilet flushed-again. I heard the sound of the doorknob being fumbled-with, and that went on for a couple of minutes. I had a feeling that this was a female in there, and not a male, by the way that they seemed to be-acting. By that time, the doorbell-rang. I went to check who it was, and it turned out to be the caterers. They told me that they had parked their car, in the driveway. Well, I went to the driveway, via the restroom, and the laundry room, right next to it, which is where I just came-from. Thinking that I would catch the person who was in the restroom, red-handed. And, I did just-that. Who did it turn out to be? It turned out to be this young-girl, whom I will call “Michelle”, who was the daughter of one of! the friends of our family. She is the kind of girl who is certain to grow into a beautiful-lady. She sure is cute, as a little-girl, and if you saw her, any of you would agree. It was entertaining to see how dazed and confused she looked, when she came out. She thought that she was going to make a clean-getaway, and it turned out, that I had foiled it, just in time. She then said something indiscernible ,apparently, trying to make-conversation, in attempt to hide what she had just done. Before she ran off, and got back into the crowd of people who were @ the house, @ the time. What I think, although I didn’t verify-this, is that she was in a catch-22 situation: She must not have used the fan, because I do not believe that I heard it running. Why? Because she did not want others to know what she was in the middle of doing, probably. Once she was done, though, she realized that she had “stunk the place out”, and was nervous about opening the door, after that, for fear of being! “discovered”. I am not-exactly sure if she was aware of my presence in the nearby laundry-room, or not. I do think that I actually smelled her crap, while the door was closed, and I was in the laundry-room, however. I hope that she is not embarrassed by what happened to her, today. If-anything, I hope that it makes her bolder, & more-daring, when it comes to her pooping. She strikes me as the kind of girl who would, probably, be too-embarrassed to use a public-restroom. You can tell those types pretty-easily, can you not? Who-knows, maybe this will turn her into the kind of woman that all of the guys on this forum dream about. You-know, one who will “perform” for her boyfriend(s), and, especially, her-husband, and would even let them wipe-her. If I had been the reason why some guy “gets-lucky”, w/ this girl willing to be open w/ that guy about her toilet-matters, then I think that that guy, whomever he turns out to be, owes me big!



Hi Tim! It's too bad that your in-laws and wife were not more understanding when you had to take a shit in a public place. I think, however, that it is better to avoid pissing or dumping in front of your daughter. I'm a 32-year-old dude. I'm married with two sons, Matt (aged 12) and Jason (aged 10). I also have a daughter, Laura (aged 7). I've always been pretty open about pissing or taking a dump and my two sons have a similar attitude. We only have one bathroom in our apartment. Me, Matt and Jason are often in the bathroom at the same time in the mornings - one of us in the shower, one using the sink and one taking a shit. I guess my daughter Laura must get envious of this, because a year ago she started to want to join the guys in the bathroom. I did not see any harm in it. She was real curious about seeing me, Matt or Jason naked, pissing or taking a shit. Once when Jason was on the crapper she nagged until Jason actually got off the pot to show her his turds. ! When my wife found out about me allowing Laura to come into the bathroom with us guys, she hit the roof! She thought it was real unhealthy and I apologized and admitted that I made a mistake. Now we guys still use the bathroom together in the mornings, but no matter how much Laura nags, she does not get to see any of us naked, pissing or dumping any more.

Steve Wetpants asks if others have trouble when they are prevented from getting to the toilet, particularly at work.

I once had a freelasnce writing job which required travelling quite a distance by motorways in England. They are notorious for hold-ups.

One day I really went badly in my business suit and it it really worried me. Supposing I had done it infront of my colleagues.

The answer was to buy incontinence underpants from Boots the Chemist. I wear these now when I am travelling and if I need to go I just do it. They are very absorbent and are easily changed.

Violet. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty but not surprised. Shellfish are a common cause of stomach upsets and best avoided if you're away from home. From choice, I avoid them full stop.

Sylvia. It's perfectly natural to be interested, at least to some extent, in other people needing to go. Be careful though and don't let your curiosity lead you into trouble. Some people are more broad minded than others when it comes to bodily functions but not all will appreciate your interest. The best thing I can say is enjoy but be discreet.

Today I went out out to a luncheon in a local pub and had a couple of pints of a certain brand of bitter. Coupled with the chilly November weather it proved to be quite an effective diuretic and I had to go and pee three times.

Hi, me again. I've been posting everyday, cuz i'm having holidays, so I'm logging on everyday! That is, till I can find a vacation job. And I'm kinda long-winded, I realised, sorry!

Silke: I'm really sorry if what I said offended you, I never meant for it to. I have this tendency to go into dramatics sometimes, and it was uncalled for.
Mark: Yea, I'm totally with you there. But, as a regular reader of this site, we also read of accidents, and ya, we can't help it sometimes. But if possible, cleaning it up a little, if we hit the walls or floors, would be kinda nice.
Wapiya: Hey pal, how's life? Actually, i think the "not so accidental" would include a fair share of females as well, but they are juz coming out of their shell? of how some "orthodox" fun can be a real thrill? i think. guys are willing to take more risk to have fun, girls seem to think more before acting, and when u dwell too much on some things, the fun goes away.

Nietzsche: Oooh, exams coming ;)? So you are in NUS? What course? Law, Arts? My exams were horrible, killer! I certainly hope yours will be much better, but as with all pre-exam attitude, you are almost certain your paper is gonna be tough. hee. My sister is about to go mad worrying abt finishing her revisions (she's in Arts, yr 3), so I can't gloat. Aww..hehe! No offence. Take care, don't fret, you will be ok.

Lastly, to SLYVIA, NO! You are not abnormal, and you are not alone. Funny, I asked the same qn when I 1st posted. I read somewhere before, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, or break any law, it's not un-normal. I've definitely become more aware in public restrooms, after joining this site, it makes life a little more interesting! Juz be careful! I remember this horrible incident, I lurked outside my house bathroom once, when my mom was inside, and my elder sis appeared suddenly, and I was caught! And at that moment, all I thought was, "she knows, she knows what I'm doing", over and over again. I would love to see my own face expression, caught red-handed! I'm extremely grateful though, that she chose not to comment about it, I would die of embarrassment n guilt, since I have no idea how to explain! That incident reduced my 'voyeur' interest drastically. But I still keep an ear out when I'm in public toilets. Relax gal, you are okay. Take care!

Regards to all regulars like Robby and Annie, Steve, Steve & Louise, JeffA, PlungingPlop, everyone whom I never said hi to b4, and Buzzy(I like all you guys' posts)!

Jeff A
Hi all,

Louise: Hey, I absolutely LOVED your diarhea story! You have enchanted me before, but never like that! Once, I saw this video of a girl on the toilet with diarhea and I never forgot it. It was exciting in some strange way that I still don’t understand. I also really like your pee stories as well. Especially when they are either emergencies, or followed by a healthy expelling of something brown. I hate to sound like a broken record that keeps repeating ‘lucky Steve, lucky Steve’, but it’s true! He is so lucky to have you. Anytime your ???? rumbles, I want to hear about it, ok?
Also, my heart smiled so big when I heard about your successful Aikido test. Of course, I knew you’d pass, but didn’t want to say it prematurely in case it would make you nervous. I know you’re a beautiful woman Louise, because it’s the heart that makes a person that way. You shine in this forum.

Steve: I admire you more than I can say, and think of you often, if not daily. Life on my end has been a bit hectic, but I’m now taking the time to slow down and re-assess my life. Aikido and Wing Chun. Of all the things a person could know, or do, those are two of the most beautiful arts of all!

Carmalita: Thank you for caring about me, and saying a prayer on dias de los muertos. As of lately, I’ve done much studying about that particular holiday. It’s very fascinating! So are you, so let’s hear about that second round of wild girl pooping okay?

Jane: Always good to hear from you, and thank you for your special thoughts. I think I need to hear about you, and one of your wonderful trips to the potty.

On a more diarhetic note, this is a story from my past about an old girlfriend named Kyra. When I first began posting here, I talked about her a lot. Kyra was a very gorgeous, and well built girl who wasn’t shy about going to the bathroom in front of me. I remember one time in particular, when she’d hurried into the bathroom. She swung the door shut, but it didn’t latch. There was a visible crack about an inch wide. So, I tiptoed up to the door, and peeked in. She’d pulled her jeans down to her knees, and I could see white panties all rolled up on her thighs. She was wearing a striped T shirt and had her arms folded across her stomach. Watching her face go through a series of painful contortions I heard the first sloppy wave of semi-liquid droppings come shooting out of her. She grimaced hard, and emitted a soft “rrrrruuunnhhhhh”. Her butt was so round, and soft, and it was indeed very exciting to watch her. Within seconds, the smell wafted toward me. It was powerful too. ! She sat for a few more seconds, then I heard “Oaaannnrrrrrrrruuunnnhhhh” and a sound like someone pouring a kettle of old soup into the toilet. She was red faced from straining, and panting heavily. Probably from all the painful gas that comes with diarhea.
She started wiping, and I watched the event joyfully. Then, I retreated to the living room, and as she came back in she smiled and said “All better!” She saw a tremendous bulge in my pants, and I couldn’t believe this, but she said “Have you been spying on me again taking a shit?” I was shocked, but that was the day she confessed that she knew I’d been peeking at her many times.
The next night, we were in bed, and she said that she had to take a dump. She said to me “Do you wanna see it come out?” At that time, I had an apt. with a bathroom off the main bedroom which was highly visible from the bed. I watched her wander in, lift her long T shirt that she slept in, and sit down on the toilet. She smiled at me and said “Heeere it comes...” Kyra then leaned over to one side, and I saw a huge turd that looked to be as big around as her forearm slide out, and plop heavily into the water. She returned her cute butt to the seat, sighed, then smiled again and said “Aaaaahhhh....that was a big one.”

Well, that was certainly a journey into my past. I hope you all liked it. I'm sending special hellos to Kim and Scott, RJOGGER and KATHY, John VT (I hope you're alright, haven't heard from you in awhile), Renee and Patsy, PV, Austin, Plunging Plop Guy, Robby, Annie, Sarah &n Megan and Gruntly Bogwell if you're still out there.

Sylvia, Weather you want to hear this or not, seeing you mother have a bowel movement may be a turning point in your life. I think the THING here is the realization that Mom, after all is VERY human. Not only does she poop, she grunts and strains and struggles just like an animal would to get her poop out. Its an eye opening event at any age! I'm sure you never pictured your Mother, on the toilet "as she clenched her fists and bore down, leaning forward, her big butt straining...grunting under her breath and trying not to rock back and forth too much." Its not exactly the picture we have of motherhood. It may take you some time to adjust to the new picture you now have. All I can say is don't be asshamed, love her all the more for her humanness. Maybe even get herto open up a little and talk about it. Tell here that several of your BM's at college were really difficult and if there anything you can do about it. That might lead to discussing something about what you ! how difficult it was for her.-- JW

matt-I liked the stories about your friend andrew and your brother.

I have an accident story from the past. It was on my 13th birthday. I have always hated going to the bathroom at school because they were really gross, so I would always hold it until I got home. It wasn’t a long walk form school probably about 15 minutes, this is before I moved out into the country, but I had been holding my poop in for quite some time almost all day at school. I debated going at school before walking home but my friends were waiting for me so I left, figuring I'd make it. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince them to walk fast enough. I lived the farthest away and always finished (luckily) the walk on my own. Too much time had passed though because when I was 2 minutes from my house, I felt the urge of poop that had getting stronger...I tried to run the rest of the way. Big mistake. As soon as I took my first running stride I felt my briefs fill with solid poop. I could feel the butt of my pants was bulging out. Somehow I managed to hide it from my parents ! who were waiting to wish me a happy birthday. I sped off to the bathroom and washed up nothing was ever said of my accident.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY I am now posting as Davie. The Chinese student was in a desperate need to shit, and therefore, don't think he paid much notice to the hole or me. His turds were a bit on the loose side and came out very quickly, with lots of accompanying grunts. I think the hole had been put there for what you describe as 'other purposes'in spite of its positioning. I don't think he knew I was watching. The hole was big enough for me to see it all without getting too close. If he had been that bothered he could have covered it up with TP. I have been back, but they have renovated this toilet and now there are 2 cubicles but spaced apart with one urinal between them. So no more opportunities there. I really like your posts too.

BRYIAN - yes it was a good experience. I only recalled it after seeing this site recently. I really enjoy the stories I read, and am so pleased to know that I am not alone in my special interests.

And now for something completely different - my most embarrassing poo experience.
When I lived at home in my late teens, my parents gave me a bedroom on the ground floor of their large Victorian house in SW London. If I was caught short in the night (which often happened if I had been out drinking) I didn't want to go up 3 flights of stairs to the tolilet or out through the kitchen to the outside loo which had no light and was freezing cold. So I kep a pint beer mug in my bedside cabinet and peed in that. I would then secret it back in the cabinet and empty it on the flowerbeds the next morning. Sometimes the pint capacity was barely enough. Then one night I had a great urge to have a crap. I didn't want to use the toilets for the reasons above, but also at about 2am I didn't want to wake the house with the noise of flushing the old Victorian toilet cistern. So I got a newspaper and crapped on that. It was an enormouse turd - about 10 inches long. I wrapped it all up and put it in a trunk in my room. I would dispose of it in the morning. But I forgot al! l about it. About 2 weeks later I got home and when I sat down for my tea my Mum said. "We (meaning the home help and her) put your electric blanket on your bed today" "Oh thanks" "It was in the trunk" "Oh yes"...then I thought "OH SHIT". "Do you know what we found there?......we couldn't understand where the smell was coming from...."
I just couldn't say anything I was just too mortified by the indignity of it all. Mum was not too pleased, but no one ever said anything about it again. I bet the home help told all her friends and family though.


you are not alone I enjoy listing in where and when i can i guess iam adicted to the sounds of pooping my advice to you is be discrete

Can anyone tell me where the post by a lady named melissa is? she was constipated on a trip and was in a no door two stall restroom, and some girls were watching her. thanks.

Sylvia, just read through the Old Posts, especially from Scots Tony, CC of Australia, my husband George and Fat Woman to see that you are certainly NOT weird.

When I was a kid, my family were quite open about such matters. I often watched my young brother doing a motion and he watched me. It didnt bother me. On a few occasions an incident similar to that you describe occurred when I was in the bath. In my case however no embarassment was felt by either person, I was about 16 at the time as I recall. I got on with my bath, she did a nice big jobbie with a bit of "NNN and OO!" efforts and a resounding KUR-SPLOOMP! when it fell into the pan. Finished she simply said "OH that's better Moira, Ive been a bit constipated" She simply wiped her bum, pulled up her big white cotton briefs, fixed her skirt and went out. I finished my bath, then got out and had a look down the pan. Her big panbuster jobbie had stuck. It was as big as I did at that age and still do. A fat knobbly turd like a big naval gun shell about 12 inches long and 2.5 thick. I felt the need to go myself and buddy dumped a similar sized jobbie on top of hers. It took 6 f! lushes to get it all to go away. So Sylvia, dont worry, taking care not to offend the other party, enjoy it!

I think it was Janitor who asked about women leaving huge jobbies unflushed in the toilet pans. As has been written before many of us find passing a large solid turd very pleasureable and also get a buzz from leaving it for others to see as many are likewise turned on by seeing some other person's big, solid, well formed poo. I certainly am, as is my husband George, and our friends Tony and Theresa, and Donna and her partner Lauren. It also has to be said that many public and other toilets with weak flushes and small pans just cant cope with a solid jobbie longer than 9 inches and fatter than 1.5. Such larger turds will stick in the pan and in my opinion it it better to leave it there for the cleaner who is equiped for such matters to deal with than to try to forcibly remove it oneself and just make a worse mess. Above all dont try to hide it with a raft of toilet paper as this will REALLY clog the toilet. If I do such a panbuster in someone elses toilet I will leave it an! d politely tell them in private "Excuse me, but I couldnt get your toilet to flush properly" most people will accept this with a good grace and deal with the matter later. Of course, most of my friends are of a similar attitude to myself and far from minding are delighted if I leave them a big fat jobbie to admire and some, like those mentioned above, I will even allow in with me and vice versa when I have a motion.

Janitor, the big knobbly jobbie you described is very like the ones I often do. As many others have written here over the years women tend to do bigger turds than men and have wider more elastic rectums, and often get a little bit constipated, then passing the accumulated solid faecal mass out of their back passage as a single fat lumpy jobbie.

I do have to say that if one makes a mess in a toilet, either by peeing all over the seat or worse still having a loose and explosive stool and splattering it all over the seat and pan, then one really must clean up if one can as courtesy to the next user and the janitor.

In conclusion however I will often leave a good solid jobbie unflushed, sometimes I dont have the choice as it is too big to flush away . Likewise I would only put a piece of toilet paper down the pan if I had the runs or loose stools which thankfully doesnt happen very often to me, nor do I give a "courtesy flush" as I am only too happy to let others hear the "KUR-SPLOONKS" should my jobbies make them, sometimes they are too long to make any sound. I also never flush until I have finished as I like to see what I have done.

All the best and nice big ones to all.


Marge-Thanks for your response. No, i am not pee shy, i can pee in a school bathroom, i just never seem to have time to do so. A few times i have gotten up late in the morning and have to rush out without peeing in order to arrive at school on time. This sometimes results in me not peeing from 11pm the previous night until 2:30pm. By this time i am obviously very desperate to pee, but only a couple times have i almost wet my pants. Strangely though, I usually dont pee for very long at all, 15-20 secs. This time of year on weekdays, i am usually gone from home from 7am-6pm and usually only pee once during this time. I have a strong bladder in that i dont have to go too often, but when i need to, it cant wait too long. This has resulted in a few incidents in which i have wet my pants. I'll post one of these specific stories in my next post.


To steve: Good story...Did you miss the bus?? That reminds me of when i was in elementary school and i was in 5th grade i guess and this friend/neighbor kid was in like 2nd or 3rd grade and i remember him saying to me once or twice that he missed the bus cause he was "sitting on the pot"(on the toilet). That was intresting.

To Matt: I like all of your stories so far, they are cool

No new stories to report on but i have a question. I think it's been talked about here reciently...About food coloring changing the color of your bowels. Im thinking about putting green food coloring in my food one day just for the heck of it to see if it works. Will it change my bowels green or a diffrent color? Any one have info about food coloring and changing colors of the bowels??? Thanks

I must make this a fairly quick post !

UNCLE RIZZO: Andrew pulled a face when he read your post ! He said "How small does Rizzo think I am, if twirling you round would cause your foot to hit my nose" ! So I said in your defence "You don't know how fast Uncle Rizzo was twirling me. Perhaps it was so fast that I was stretched out horizontal, then maybe it would hit your nose "!! Then I saw him grinning like a cheshire cat and realised he was pulling my leg !! The naughty boy. I promise that next time I wear my sky blue dress, I will also wear my Honda blue panties, and sit and have a wee just for you and tell you all about it !! How's that ?! Lots of love from Kendal xxx
PS, You needn't have worried about whether going back to my old house was a good idea or not. I'm very pleased I did. I think Andrew will write and tell you what happened. I don't have time right now.

RING STRETCHER: My ! That was a very big poo you had ! You will have to swap stories with my dear on-line sister LINDA GS, who has the odd very fat poo as well, that makes her tushie all sore ! And you weighed 10 pounds less after you did it ?!!! It must have been bigger than Kim does !! Love Kendal x

AUNTY PV: What have you and Louise been planning ?! Making Andrew an approved male member of the WSPC indeed. Well that receives my vote obviously !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

AUNTY ANNIE & UNCLE ROBBY: I am so very happy that you are now my Aunty and Uncle as well. I'm getting such an enormous family !! I liked the story about Aunty Annie and susan making music in the toilets. No doubt the poos were the purcussion !!! Lots of love from Kendal xx
PS: Andrew is secretly thrilled to be asked to be a nephew as well. But being a grown-up boy, I think he would prefer not to have to refer to you as Aunty and Uncle ! Just like he calls Uncle Rizzo, Rizzo ( who he also thinks of as a dear Uncle !!! ) Hope that will be ok, because I think he'll be embarrassed to say so himself !

SARAH & MEGHAN: I'm also very glad to have you as my older cousins ! And pleased that you have taken time to discover what I look like. Now you can picture me all the time ! I'm not particularly a trumpy bottom. Unlike Andrew ! Now, Meghan, if you had side by side toilets, you and Andrew would have wonderful competitions together !! And then maybe Sarah and I could complete the show !! I know Andrew is thrilled to bits about having new cousins, especially as you are girls ! He likes his girl cousins. Just ask LINDA GS !!!! Lots of love from Kendal xx

LUCY: I was sorry to hear you've been poorly. I've never experienced a sudden need to wee when I've been on medicines, only when I've drunk too much juice. Orange juice especially can cause me to almost wee my panties ! Love from Kendal x

LINDA GS: I hope it won't be long before you're able to visit here again. Just look at how many nice new friends have come along ! Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie always remember you in their posts. And just look what fun we might now have with new older cousins Sarah & Meghan !! A huge hug from me to you, and one for Cousin, Elena, Lynda and Kendal as well. Oh and not forgetting the usual XOSXOS from our mutual hairdresser !!! Lots of love from Kendal xx

Annie(and Robby)
Good Morning all,
I just have time to get some replies out. The girls and I are going to the mall to shop. Robby was so relieved when I told him I would buy everything on my credit card.

KENDAL: How is my dear niece? When I got out of bed this morning the first noise I heard was Meghan trumping, hahaha! You can hear it all over the house. We kid her but she is a real jewel. Since you have told us what you both look like, I will describe Robby and I for you. I am 5'4" and am in good condition for my height. My hair is short and dark brown to black. I have large dark brown eyes. Robby says they are piercing. Robby is 5'7" and 200lbs. He now has silver grey to white hair and hazel eyes. I hope this helps you visually. I am looking forward to more of your loo bonding adventures. I will have a story especially for you and Andrew, soon. Take care!! Lots of lovexxx and a big squeeze of a hug from Aunt Annie.

ANDREW: Hope you are doing well my dear young man. With all this rubbish about height and size, I do agree with Rizzo. You have a few years to grow. I know you will. If you don't you will still be the same loving person. That is more important! I remember my education through the British system and I remember how involved it all was. I will support you all the way to your A-levels!! Take care and Lots of Love, Annie.

LOUISE: I am so glad your test went well!! I am sorry to read you were feeling poorly. Glad you got over that dreadful diarrhea. I read Robby's post and I would hold his willie as he peed if he needed it. He hasn't, yet!
Give my love to Steve! Love, Annie

PV: HI dear! I read your recent post and I see you are still trying for the beach wee record! YOU HAVE A GO! Also, take a chance on the poo at the beach. You said you wanted to do that! HAVE FUN!! Take care, Annie

RJOGGER and Kathy: Thank you so much for the response to the ocean liner story. I have to admit that while I was laughing I was also quite embarrased with my turd swinging about! It was quite a situation, LOL! Hope you both are tip top!! Also, it is so wonderful you have been married for so long. Take care, love, Annie

JANE: Just read your post! What costume were you wearing? It must have been quite patriotic. The story was the usual fine standard! That must have been a monster dump!! Take care and give our best to Gary! Love, Annie

DEAR RIZZO: How are you doing, my dear friend? Robby told me you had to give up chocolate and wine because of your wife's change of diet. Robby was quite beastly to me on Halloween. He wanted some candy and I wouldn't give it to him. He acted like such a big baby, haha!! He got into a big sulk! He is glaring at me right now. I just told him to shuffle off!! We try to have a drink of wine(4oz) every evening. I read your post and I know you will have a grand time with your son. Hope you get to go sailing. Take and give my(and Robby's) love to your dear wife. Love, Annie(and Robby)

DAVID AND NIKI: That must have been a dreadful situation staying in the cold flat in Berlin. I know Niki was grateful to have had someone like you to assist her when she was so ill. It was a touching story. Robby and I have children in their teens and twenties. Raising children is a daunting task but a blessed one. Keep posting. We enjoy your contribution. Take care, Annie and (Robby)

JEFF A: Thank you for your kind words. We always keep you in our thoughts. Hope your health is better. I loved the story about the two girls giggling in the loo. Take care, my friend. Love, Annie(and Robby)

Welcome to: Sylvia and Violet.
SPECIAL HI TO: Scott and Kim, Carmalita and Jake, Ephermal, Todd and Diana, Erin, Linda(14yrs.), LindaGS, Ring Stretcher, Buzzy, Sarah, Mindy, Mandy, Diva, Pat and Renee, Ellie and Little Lou, and all of the other posters!

Have to go!! The girls are standing at the door being real sulky!

EPHERMAL - Yeah, it was good having Steve with me to help me wipe and
get clean. I did not feel so good for a few minutes really but it was
not a bug or anything like that. It was the nerves that made me have
my diarrhoea because I was going to do my test in front of the chief
instructor, Steve and his best friend who is a 3rd dan black belt too.
It just sort of hit me that it would do Steve a lot of good as well if
I did well so I felt responsible. Oh boy though, it was a really bad
shit because I felt so drained after.

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Oh yeah I like to hold Steve's willy for him when
he wees. I do like that, I drew a heart in the sand in Spain once when
I held it for him when nobody was looking. I know it was silly but then
that is me. Love Louise xx

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi! I did laugh how Meghan farts loud farts while
shitting. I am not like that. If I have gas then it is just normally
a hissing fart that I do just before my log comes out. If I do a lot
of pebbles instead of a big log then I do not find I am gassy. Oh
well we are all different. Love Louise xxx

JEFF A - I had a nice shit on Saturday lunchtime. Steve and I just got
out of bed not very long before and I went for my morning wee with
Steve. I stood nude over the toilet and weed into it and I did not aim
with my hands. Well at the end I got a bit further down in a horse
stance at the end and it was a fun way to finish. Steve wiped me, then
I held his dick and pointed it in the toilet while he had his wee.
When I was doing that I had a big feeling in my bum. I knew my turd
had arrived that I had been saving up since Tuesday night. It felt big,
and I just hovered my bum over the toilet. Steve looked up from by
te side of the toilet and I pushed hard. Well I felt my turd opening
me up and Steve said my bumhole was stretching. Then my turd moved out
quick really even if it was a thick one for me but it was quite easy.
It felt like there was a lot of it and I saw it was about a foot long
and nearly 3 inches thick. Smooth too not knobbly. Well it was a big
one, and it was not easy to flush away at all.
I hope you liked that one, Jeff. Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl! Steve said he too was very proud of me on Tuesday. I really
see what he gets out of it, I should have done it years ago when he
said. New friends and everything. You should do it when your arm is
better. It is like Steve says, 'it is good for neutralising aggression'.
I hope I do not get the shits like that again next time! LOL
I bet you have not seen the running and weeing letter so here it is
When we were in Spain, near one of the beaches there was this shower
set up where you could wash off sand stuck to you.
Well my mum dared me that I could not run and wee at the same time
and I thought I could. So I dared mum that she could not do it. We
drank a lot of water so we would both be bursting to go. It was early
in the day and the beach was still nearly empty. Steve was with us too
but he did not want to wee yet. Well I walked away about 40 feet and
I stood and I was really really needing to go, so I let rip and when
I got a stream and a lot more when running down my legs I jogged towards
Steve and my mum, still weeing hard. I did giggle a lot because Steve
it was like a big storm of yellow raindrops running towards him. I
got my legs really wet and my pussy and my bum were just soaking wet
with wee! It was a lot of fun though. When I was running I kept stopping
and then starting again and it was very hard to do. When I reached Steve
and mum, I just stood in a wide horse stance and finished a real
feelgood wee.
Well my mum had been sitting down watching me and when she got up she
pissed a quick squirt of wee by accident. She went where I had stood
and she lost her control before she was ready and started pissing
herself. Well she did the running and it was funny to watch her because
it was like Steve said it was, there was all her wee splashing about in
big drops around her legs. When she arrived at us she didn't do what I
did but she stood with her legs tight together so she had a lot of wee
going down her legs but there was a little sprinkle as well at the
front. I bet Kendal's friend Emily's sister Kate would think we were
really rude! You know it was really hard to do because I kept feeling like
I wanted to hold it in while I ran but I think we did well really.
It was a real giggle for us. Well, we wanted to wash the wee off our
legs, so Steve went with us to where this shower thing was.



CARMALITA - Hi! You know I got so tangled up in my Aikido that I
forgot all about you being back. I hope you had a really nice
honeymoon. Will Steve still be able to write to you and hear all about
your stinky poos and your yellow pees or is Jake going to keep you
all to himself?

As some people have stated before, I too never thought such a forum existed on the 'net, and I am so delighted to have discovered it! I have always been aroused by watching or hearing people urinate and/or deficate, provided they are attractive. Due to the latter statement, it would be my paradise to watch Bret Michaels alleviate himself. By the way, I thoroughly enjoy reading everybody's stories, have been a lurker here for quite some time now, and decided it is now time for me to post.

Here is my latest public bathroom lookout story:
First of all, I really wish I could hide somewhere inside the men's bathroom and peep in on them, as I am primarily straight and more attracted to them. But in any case, if I can't see men doing their business, seeing women do it is the next best thing. (What other choice do I really have?) I hope I will provide you with a somewhat satisfactory story. Anyway, as I was urinating into the toilet of the public bathroom of the mall, I saw a very attractive woman of about 21 dash in. So, I decided I would stay in the stall and peep in at her through the crack. (Inside this stall, there was a seperation of air between the stall door and the wall, which gave me a clear view of the person next to me). She had silky, dark brown hair, brown eyes(I think they were brown, I'm not sure), she was caucasian, but had a decent tan. I suppose she was somewhere near 5'6", and she had a great figure - thin, but with very nice curves, a good waist-to-hips ratio and a firm behind. I'm not sure ! how much she weighed, but if I were to guess, I would say somewhere around 115. Moving on, she dashed in, pulled down her leather(or maybe faux leather) pants and took a seat. She let out one short, but loud fart, followed by around 3 seconds of pee, another fart, which was softer, and then plop, followed by 5 more plops, all in a continous sequence. Then, I saw her moving back and forth, and after that, she started semi-jumping while on the can. Then, she sat still, and said, "Ahhhhh", as I heard another plop. After that, I heard 2 more plops, with pee gushing out during each one. As a proceeding act, she started wiping herself very daintly, using a very large amount of toilet paper. She flushed, exited the stall, washed her hands, and walked out.

If anybody has a comment or two, I would love to see them! Thanks.

Here are some of my comments towards people:
Marge: Being pee-shy must be a terrible experience! My suggestion to you is that when you need to pee, just briskly walk in the bathroom, pee as quickly as possible, and briskly walk out. Nobody will really notice you that way. Holding your bladder for long periods of time just isn't healthy.

Leo: (In response to what's up)Not much here, and yourself? Yes, it is very interesting to take a dump in public toilets, provided there is a good circulation volume. For instance, the mall ALWAYS has people peeing and pooping, not a dull moment. On the other hand, the library in my area does not. Hardly anyone uses those bathrooms, so I don't lurk there. It would be a waste of my time. I really do wish more people used the library bathrooms around here.

I have a question for you bathroom experts: What should you eat to produce bigger feces? I am always dissatisfied with my bowel movements, as they are usually no more than 8 inches long altogether. So, if anybody has any answers, I would really appreciate it if they would kindly share.

To Jeff A,
I'm very glad you are okay. I don't know if you received my message of condolence - I posted it as soon as I could after Louise told me what you had said. I wish there were something I could do or say that would relieve the pain of your loss. There have always been people in the world who have killed innocents just because they have different belief systems and attitudes, but it disturbs me to see the scale of atrocity that some are prepared to resort to.
On a happier note...
You will be pleased to know Louise did very well on her first test - she has an aptitude for it, and has quickly grasped the techniques. When I started her out on Wing Chun, at first I did not want to complicate things by adding Aikido too. Of course with Wing Chun, the results are in the long term, but with Aikido, she's become adept at the immobilisations I've taught her. I can tell you, I have to watch it from now on!
Back on topic, but related to the previous paragraph, watching Louise's behaviour at home before the test took me all the way back to when I took my first test. Certainly for me, the 5th kyu and my 1st degree black belt were the two worst times for inspiring the dreaded gurgling guts and toilet occupation. She was quite restless on Tuesday through the morning and afternoon, not eating very much at all. In the early evening, her nervousness culminated in quite spectacular fashion. Throwing her bathrobe at me, she rushed to take a horse stance over the toilet bowl and released a considerable amount of liquid brown muck. It must have been quite a relief for her because she was groaning throughout the eruption, sounding as if she felt ill. She said she felt much better for having finally vented her bowel contents. I think there was a solid turd to end the performance if I remember rightly. Anyway, despite her nerves, during the test itself, I thought she performed very gracefu! lly - and she looks GREAT in a gi!
A formal bow to you!

To Julie,
Hello, sweetheart. How nice of you to wear your short blue skirt and white lace knickers. Very nice! I was of course with you in spirit on those occasions you went to the toilet dressed like that. As you say, it would be a delight to assist you with the important task of pulling your knickers down once in the stall. Then I would guard you, watching carefully, because to look away would be to be sloppy with my duties, wouldn't it?
Yes, of course if you were needing your toilet guard in the evening, I could be the one to shield you from view. All part of the service. Louise is a satisfied customer of mine, as are her two friends, who pretty much commanded me to help them with pulling down their knickers prior to urinating. I have to endure such things, you know <snicker>. Anyway, I'm glad the account of that evening made you laugh; it certainly gave me plenty to chuckle at.
I do believe I have said before that if Louise is not with me, with her permission you could indeed assist me while I go. She thinks you would not be brave enough to do it, but I wouldn't mind. I reckon you would think it was fun.
I have a little story from Tuesday that I think you will enjoy - read it below.
Have a hug from me. From your toilet guard, Steve.

To Robby and Annie,
I've been enjoying reading your stories, but I have not had very much time at all to comment. Even so, I just thought I'd take time to say hello. Hearing about the girls, it sounds like you have another family of female standing pissers there.
Cheers, both!

To Lawn Dogs Kid,
Hello there!
On the subject of Louise's challenge to you on whether you would be brave enough for her and her friends give you a special toilet show - if you think Kendal and her friends are bad, beware of Louise, Jackie and Emma. When you are outnumbered, they tend to gang up on you.
Be afraid, be very afraid <snicker>.

To PV,
Hi! I think you would have appreciated the alley performance at least as much as I did! You are quite right, watching the three of them in action, 'wall painting', was a beautiful delight. Louise has two gorgeous friends in Jackie and Emma, and it baffles me how they have both been single for such a long time. In fact, they are like you - I wonder how you can still be single for such a time, as you obviously have a lot of love to give to someone.
Interesting little discussion you and Louise have had regarding handbags. Of course, when she visits a ladies' room, she always wants to take her bag with her so she can use the contents to check herself out in the mirror etc etc. In the alley or somewhere similar outdoors, she does like to off-load it onto me <snicker>. Can you picture me, standing there with armfulls of handbags while the women all stand peeing at the wall?
I really must make time to write up the story of that toilet party - I try to make time to do it and then something else comes up to fill the gap.
Louise did well in her test on Tuesday. Below is a little story of something we saw on the way home.
Bye for now, sweetheart. We'll talk again soon, and have a hug from me.

The evening of Louise's test was followed by a very mild celebration at a bar. It was quite uneventful, really - just a quiet, civilised drink with a few people from Louise's class.
Well, when we left the bar and walked a couple of streets away, we saw a girl walking along in front of us who looked more than a little intoxicated. Walking quite slowly, and not in such a straight line, we were rapidly catching up to her. She was obviously unaware of our presence, and when we were only around 50 feet behind her, she went to stand between two parked cars at the side of the road. My suspicions were correct - she was clearly dropping her knickers and squatting for a wee. Louise and I were just passing, and we quickly glanced at her and saw that she was pressure washing the road between the cars. Her genitals were not in view as the street lighting cast shadows, but a sparkling stream squirted forth.
"Oh excuse me, mate", she said, slurring her words a little. "Have you paper to wipe with?" she enquired.
I suppose I must look as if I carry a toilet roll around with me.
I did offer a tissue and she waited until she was finished until she took it from me, wiping herself with several vertical swipes, then tossing the tissue away.
She could have said a word of thanks, but from that point on it was as if Louise and I were not there. Ingoring us, she simply stood, revealing a dark triangle down below and pulling her knickers back up again before staggering past us.
It always amazes me how lone women continue to walk home alone that way with such little regard for personal safety. Of course they _should_ be able to, but there is always the "it can't happen to me" type of thinking... oh well.

Bye for now,


Monday, November 05, 2001

Last summer I was at holidays at my parent's place with my younger daughter (14 years old) and obviously got food poisoning. The last night we had some shrimps. When I woke up in the morning I felt a strange feeling in my stomach, but nothing special happened. Then I was facing a three hours drive home. After about one hour's drive I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. Suddenly I felt if something had kicked my bowels, then they started to roll and I started passing gas. Some minutes later I felt a stronge urge to poop. The urge got every minute stronger, and I felt that I would have to empty my bowels very soon. I was still driving but looking for some gas station to shit, while I was fighting against my stomach. Meanwhile I felt loads of poop coming down to my bowels and waiting for their way to come out. My daughter must have noticed my pale face and asked me if I was alright. I told her that I felt I'd have diarreah very soon. I felt liquid poop coming down my bowels. F! inally I had no other choice: I pulled over the car at a riverside, ran down the slope, sqatted down and let out a tremendous amount of nasty wet diarreah. My daughter came over and asked if she could help me. I was ashamed that she saw me squatting and leaving out torrents of diarreah. I told her that I was sick with diarreah. While squatting and shitting out torrents of diarreah I always thought about those damned shrimps. I shitted for about 15 minutes. My daughter brought me some kleenex from the car to wipe my butt. Finally we continued our trip. After another 15 minutes I felt the urge to shit again. I couldn't hold it any longer so I pulled over at the next gas station, made a mad dash to the ladies' room and pooped out diarreah for another 15 minutes. My daughter came in to pee and asked me again if I was alright. Finally I was done and we continued our drive. Before getting home I felt the urge to shit again. With my last strength I could avoid pooping my panties. I t! old my daughter that I had to use the toilet immediately, and as soon as I parked the car I ran to the toilet to have another attack of diarreah. Finally I had the runs every 15 minutes that evening and even during the night. The next day I felt better. Next time I won't eat shrimps anymore.

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