Quick story. Carrie, Sara & I had planned to dress up as schoolgirls for Halloween. We each wore our "costumes" to our places of work that day and planned to meet at my house to gather some of the neighborhood kids for a little party. In my office building, another office was notorious for their employees dressing in outrageous costumes during Halloween, but they were subdued this year, opting for patriotic gear. Anyway, we had a pizza party in our office for lunch. Later that afternoon I was feeling the after-effects and had an urge to poop.

I quickly went into the ladies room and into a stall. I pulled up my beige uniform skirt and pulled down my white high-cut brief panties. I pushed out three large banana-size pieces of poop. Afterwards I pushed out a series of soft poop, coming out in chunks and globs. It came out slowly but in massive quantities. I filled up the toilet and flushed while seated. A strong poop smell began to emerge. I pushed out chunks and globs of soft poop with no let up. I filled up the toilet and flushed while seated twice more before I was done. I wiped several times in a very messy affair. I flushed a final time and left my usual poop smell and poop stains in the toilet. I washed my hands thoroughly before going back to the office. I felt much better after that. Could it be cleansing time again?

Quick hellos to everyone, especially Jeff A. Hang in there, and I still keep you and Diane from NY in my prayers for your tragic losses.

Hi. This is my first posting and I'm 20 years old. i found this site about a month ago and have read ALL of the posts from page 1 to now. I'm writing because I think I have a problem and I wonder if I'm normal. About 2 months ago, before I left for college, I was home for the summer. One night during my last week at home, I was taking a nice bath when my mom knocked and asked if she could use the bathroom. I said sure, figuring she would only pee. We have always peed in front of each other, never pooed! Well, she sat down and peed, but didn't wipe! I panicked a little. "Mom, are you done?" She replied in a straining voice, "No honey, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I needed to go..." And then she started grunting. We were both really embarrassed. She wouldn't look at me as she sat there. She closed her eyes as she grunted or stared the floor. I tried not to look but I couldn;t help it. I watched as she clenched her fists and bore down, leaning forward, her big butt straining (my ! mom is pretty fat). She tried to be as discreet as possible, grunting under her breath and trying not to rock back and forth too much. but being ony 3 feet away, I heard and saw everything. Well, after about 10 minutes she was done and she wiped and flushed, then washed her hands. "I'm sorry, but I really had to go." I assured her it was ok, and she left. Well, now that I have returned to college, watching and listening to other people is my obsession! I have been eavesdropping on my roomates and have also been more alert in public bathrooms. However, nothing seems to be able to replace my 1st experience, seeing my mom. This is worrying me. It can't be normal. I almost can't wait for Xmas break so I can go home and listen or maybe see her on the toilet again! I don't think I'm alone in this, because I have read JW's as well as other people's posts about watching their moms. Strange thing is, it never appealed to me at all before that night. I would live to hear other people's ! stories about their moms. JW, could you post some please if you're still around? Thank you everyone and looking forward to responses. Sylvia

Tim: I understand your pain. I too get that way, especially with a busy life. I'm 27. Have you ever tried glycerin suppositories?? They work wonderful, even in a busy setting. They are easy to insert and work in no time. I can even use one while showering or while others are getting ready. Give them a try buddy. Sure beats suffering, and quite honestly you have a really normal bm..not like the ones you get from any other laxative that I've found. Let me know what you think, and how you make out if you give them a try.

Have a good weekend everyone!

David and Niki
Hello everyone,
nice stories as always but also considering news

TIM: We were so annoyed about your mother in law's reaction. Is she not in her right mind? Are you saying that she is indicating that are a pervert just because you found yourself in a desperate situation. We could not believe it. Where is she living?

People in our western situation seem to take the possibility to always be able to relieve yourself in private on a toilet so much for granted. We can tell you from experience that you do not even have to travel as far as India to find flats without toilets. Until a few years ago Niki and I had a flat in Berlin with a coal oven and no toilet inside. The toilet was two stairs down in the outside corridor. This is stil very common in the former east. Otherwise it was a lovely huge flat. It had a shower in the corner of a huge kitchen, very funny, but otherwise it was at least in the summer very nice.
Before Niki moved in I was living with another guy in the flat and it was an unspoken law that it was okay to pee into the shower at night time instead of having to go downstairs. Once we had a party with only guys and we were sitting and drinking in the kitchen. When we were all drunk enough no one would go outside anymore but everyone just went into the "bathroom corner" and pissed into our shower and then let it run for a few second for rinsing. It was pretty funny that night and pretty gross when we thought about it the next morning. I just told Niki the story after we moved out cause she still had to use the shower. When I told her she first hit me for fun because I did not tell her earlier. Later she was sorry she missed the sight in a way and asked me in detail about who was there and if there was something interesting to mention about the guys she knew...
When Niki stayed over night in the beginning, we soon changed the use of one of the buckets I used to put the ashes from the coal oven in. This way she could pee at night without the risk of being walked in by my flatmate. It was a metal bucket with a lid and in the winter mornings I first emptied out my sweethearts pee in the downstairs loo and rinsed it before I got more coal from the cellar in the same bucket. We kept it in the far away corner of the room and it was definately a relief to do a quick wee with your bum next to a warm coal oven rather than on the freezing cold loo downstairs. We soon figured out that I loved it to see and hear her tinkling a gusher in the bucket. She also made sure pretty soon that she liked a closer view of me peeing either in the bucket or sometimes the shower. I guess a lot of people might be disgusted now but believe me, you soon change your views when the alternative is to get dressed in the middle of the night and walk downstairs to ! a loo that had literaly freezing outside temperatures in winter; there was of course no heating.
One time Niki was really sick with a bad cold and I took care of her in my place. One night she was whimmering cause she needed to poop badly but it was minus degrees and, as said, an arctic cold on the downstairs loo. She had fever and I insisted that she relieved herself in the bucket rather than going out. She was hesitating but too tired and sick and desperate to argue. I took the bucket next to the bed and helped her take her pyjama pants and underwear off. Then my sweet girl squatted over the bucket in thick wolly socks, a thick sweatshirt and with a thick scarf aroung her neck. With her blocked nose and runny eyes she asked if I would mind watching that she did not miss the bucket. Of course I did not... I always was interested in especially woman pooping but this was the first time I have seen it so close up and I will never forget it!
I sat on the edge of the bed and stroke her back while she leaned forward and grunted. Soon a big, fat jobbie emerged from her hole. Wow, I was really turned on, I have to admit. It slowly moved out and plopped into the bucket. Soon another turd followed. While it slid out pee started gushing out as well and after the turd had fallen to the ground the tinkling of the pee got company from a big fart. Niki apologized and started coughing. I stroke and slightly padded her back in order to help her stop. When she was again able she took a deep breath and finished in with huge final of a consistend row of turds dropping in quick succession. Although she had been sick and not eaten much, she made a big pile as there was still a bit in her system from before. I offered to whipe her after a finishing pee, so she would not have to go and wash her hands. She agreed and pointed her bum out so I could whipe her properly. When I brought the heavy pile to the loo I had a visible sign ! giving away my excitement. I was just hoping not to meet anybody on my way, but the cold outside quickly helped...
When Niki was better a few days later she mentioned that she noticed me being excited about it. I first was really embarrassed but then we got into talking while cuddling in bed and we figured out we both liked it. What an exciting dicovery!

Rjogger and Kathy: Thank you for your nice words. You two are lovely. Did you ever post here how you found out that you like to watch each other? We were thinking that you might have a few words for Tim as you already brought up your kids. We think its awful that some people think it's wrong to be open about your natural needs.
Best wishes epecially to Kathy for her well being.

Tim, again, good luck that things will calm down soon.

Our best wishes to all
and special ones to Rizzo (hope you are getting better as well), Buzzy, Robby and Annie and everybody who sent us nice hellos and we shamefully have forgotten at the moment. Thanks also to Steve and PV for their awsome stories.

Stay well

and David

Many years ago, when my sister was right around 10 years old, we were both outside when I guess nature called, and she decided to do her business right there behind a log. What she hadn't thought about, though, is that she would need toilet paper. So, at her request I fetched a roll for her.

To Jumpz You don't need to be philosophic to know what was the reason for that dirty rest area. In the building : You were not able to flush, because the water was off. And they haven't installed any waste-bags inside the stalls, you know that it's very important for women. And if the first looks dirty, the next women don't want to get in contact with it, and misses the bowl. It only takes some hours, if the beginning has done, to change a clean restroom into a gaint mess. The women lost all shame, because they had no alternatives- no bushes or trees outside, they only could squat besides the car. That is not without any problems for all, the wall of the building gave a little privacy , the men didn't see them. And the tunnel is no public place outside a town. I have often seen them used as a toilet (and smell it) , mostly in france or spain, but also in germany. I've often peed there, if they were deserted and I couldn't hold it,and friends also did it very often.
I'm sorryfor the cleaning-teams, but what schould we do- mess our pants? Once I have such a teem using a water-hose, I think that's not to bad for them. Enjoy your life, and don't see problems everywhere Jumpz .
By for now.

For Wetguy: I am also 16, in high school but a girl with a shy bladder. I can't pee in school even if I have time. Tell us some of your stories of holding your pee--how long? what happened when you didn't get to go all day? the longest you ever peed, and anything else. I would like to hear about your pee adventures. As I have posted before, I hold my pee for all day, about 8 hours. When I get home, I pee for about 2 minutes. I have done as much as a quart. Fortunately I have a very large bladder. But by the end of the day I am in pain. I am working on my problem of being pee shy. Are you pee shy?

To Kyle: Loved your story about you and your friend going to you hometown and your friend stood in the bathroom while you crapped....would have been cool he had to crap too, wouldn't have it?

To Davie: Cool story..really liked that one about you asking your friend to watch him poop. That must have been really exciting!

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)
Hey, guys:

It is I, Pico, once-again. I've been quietly-lurking here, since last the last post that I did. First of all, I want to know where our friends Roger and DRE have been, lately. Dudes, if you're out-there, post! Secondly, to Ring Stretcher, girl, if this thing was as big-around as a beer-can, and, apparently, as long as one, I think that you did poop out a beer-can! I would love to have been there, for that birth! What the heck did you do, for something like that, to have been created in you. Would/could that be called "gestation"? Also, can you refresh our memories, by giving us a physical-description of yourself?



matt-I like your story about 2 years ago, too bad your friend found out.

I am just sending this post before I go to bed. On Friday I was running late for school and I was going to the bathroom when my mom said that if I don't go now I would miss the bus, and I was in the bathroom just starting to poop and I stopped wiped. Then I pulled up my briefs and pants and ran out to the bus, I had done some poop but there was still more to come but I thought I would be ok until I got home because the urge to go went away. After lunch at school I could feel that I needed to poop again but didn't want to go at school so I tried holding it in. Near the end of my 1st afternoon class i was starting to fidget as the poop was almost touching my briefs. My teacher asked me if I was ok to which I said yes. Then about 5 minutes later I couldn't hold it anymore, it started to come out again and it all come out. My briefs were so full with poop that I was worried that someone might see my pants bulging outward. A few people round me made some remarks about who had f! arted. I said I didnít know. A lie. At the end of day we were all leaving and the teacher stopped me and when everybody had gone she said are you sure everything it ok and I said yes and off I went although I think she suspected something. After school I had to walk home. Halfway I felt another urge to go which was odd because I normally donít go that often. I had to fart so I tried to fart but it was wrong thing to do because the poop came out into my already once filled briefs. Thank god I wear briefs because boxers would not have contained it all. When I got in my room I changed my shorts so nobody could see my poop filled briefs. I put on a clean pair of briefs and threw out the dirty ones.

Sara T.
Humdinger- It won't require hospitalization as far as I've ever seen, and my mom's been on methadone for 17 years. She too has the chronic constipation problem. She never really poops. So I don't have a solution for your gf, but it's not serious, so you needn't worry :)

I have been holding my poo for a couple of days now
so i can poop in my knickers Ive wanted to do it for some time now
so I decided today I would do it ,so I needed to put on another pair of knickers as
the one,s I was wearing a yellow thong I didnt think was a good idea so I had
look in my sisters knicker draw for another pair after a quick rummage I settled for
a light green pair of french knicker,s which I thought would go very nicely with the
green skirt I was wearing I quickly slipped my thong off and put the french one,s on
they felt pretty comfortable I then went down stairs I didnt know wether to go outside or stay indoors so I went out the backyard and sat on the swing I decided that I would
wait until the urge to poop returned rather than stand and huff and puff going red in the face I kept lifting my butt off the swing to give a little push now and again I got up
and walked around a bit then I could feel the urge to poop coming on so with out
thinking I started to run back to the house I got to the back door when I felt I couldnt hold on any longer I stood with my feet apart slightly I could feel my poo slowly coming out
and I thought to myself Im pooing in my knicker,s and it feels quite good it was a bit hard to start off but as it slipped out it got easier I could feel a large bulge in my knickers
I gave another push and heard it crackle a bit as a lot of soft poo filled my knickers
making it feel warm allround my butt I then went to the toilet and emptied my knickers
which were not all that messed up but my butt was I washed the knickers out in the bath and put them in the wash I will be trying it again soon

Kara M
You never get true black from a healthy poop. Some vegetables, like spinach, will get your close but it is just a very dark green. Iron, usually as a supplement in vitamins will probably get you the closest. True black, often feels slick coming out, takes many wipes to get clean, is not a good thing to see. It is an indicator of a potential G.I. bleed and is what happens to blood after it has gone through your digestive system.

Trinh remained a good friend and we shared a number of classes together till she got her Registered Nurse license, then she returned to Vietman. As to your question about males vs. females and accidents; I suspect from what I've observed over the years that for true accidents males and females are about equal. However, for those "not so accident" situations that are described here, they do seem to be a mostly guy thing. I'll likely take some flak for this, but there is a lot of data to support this viewpoint.

Some Guy
In response to the farting on TV (Fart fan) there is a video clip I have seen of Italy's version of Big Brother, where everyone is sitting in the living room and this girl lets out this giant fart, causing everyone to move out of the room. It was funny.

A while ago some other guy asked if any guys get wood when dumping like he did. I find myself to be quite the opposite. No matter what state "Little Some Guy" is in, he will go limp when it's time to take a dump.

Hey whats ^? Well I go to the Library to take a dump. It's interesting to take a dump there. You can just sit there and listen to the fartin and pooing! I got stitches today fell off my bike and 6 stitches in the chin 2 staples in my scalp.


Eric in Chicago
Sam: How old were you when you shit your pants without realizing you were going to?

Wetfan: I'd like to hear your eighth-grade peeing stories.

Humdinger: Your girlfriend really needs to see a doctor about this problem. She shouldn't need to be hospitalized unless she's severely impacted. There are some prescription laxatives that might work. Or she may need enemas periodically. Severe constipation from opiates is a very common problem, so doctors generally know how to treat it.

Not much going on here. I was watching TV last night for the first time in ages and Jay Leno had some guy going around being annoying in a hardware store. They had him "drinking" paint thinner and this one old man asked why. So the cam-man said because it cures his constipation. The old guy started going on about fiber supplaments and stuff.
Then the Camera guy was also trying to "sell" toilets. Although some people gave him strange looks, this one guy sat down on the toilet so the two of them were sitting on the toilet and the cam guy suddenly stood up and pulled his pants down (he was wearing boxers) and said I wanted to see how it feels on my legs. So the cam guy asked "are you going to use it for one or two" and this just went on and on with different people. The guy sitting on the toilet said his wife holds it and waits until she gets home at night. It was funny.

Tim--you poor thing. Your daughter is still a baby. By the time she starts kindergarten next year, it probably wouldn't be as good of an idea for her to go with you (and she'll probably be able to go by herself at that time too), but she's really too young now to know anything.

Jane and Ring Strecher--Thanks for the special hellos, keep you fabulous stories coming.

Louise--Congrats! Sorry you weren't feeling well :( You're so lucky to have Steve there to help comfort you.

Annie and Robby--Thanks for the compliment, I'm not actively looking for anyone to share with me, but if it happens, maybe I'll try to be open to it. I'm a history major, btw.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Sam I think that most people mess their pants sometimes when they do not know they need to go. With me it is when I do what I know as a wet fart. It usually happens if I have to a piss really bad and as I am pissing suddenly I do an uncontrollable fart that is accompanied by poo that is usually runny with little stiff bitsd in and it really makes a mess in the back of my pants and shirt. I was with my mate Andrew one day when he did one like that and it really messed his pants badly and the stain showed through the back of his trousers. My brother one day dropped his total load in his pants when he farted and I really laughed because he gave me a hard time once when he caught me out in the bathroom changing my briefs after pooing my pants on the way home from school. I think that a lot of posters would say that they have these accidents.

Hi guys, me again.
TIM: I feel really sorry about what your mother-in-law said. It was utterly horrible and unreasonable! If your wife could understand, why does she still kick up the fuss? As for daughter, I realise she is young, but to pee, naked in front of her, seems a bit weird, cuz she is of the opposite sex. How come she doesn't find looking at her father's penis uncomfortable? As for your wife, I think she is caught in a really tight position now, so I juz wanna send my regards to her as well. ok, take care, hope this nasty mess clears soon. There is nothing wrong with pooping!

Jumpz: I can believe Silke's experience of Frence rest stops, my own experience seems to back this up (see posting of a few days ago). Although I've never found anything as bad, the squat style toilets (in buildings away from the restaurants etc. which are obviously designed to be washed out withe hoses)can be pretty revolting. My then girlfriend told me that the women's were worse than the gents', probably because the men had urinals as well. While in rest stops, I have seen people make use of the car parks and grass areas.

Like yourself, I don't think its either smart or cool to mess on the floor or a toilet or anywhere else. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you can't make it to a toilet but there are better places to go. If there is somewhere outside (bushes, the gutter etc.), where smell wont be a problem and the rain/biodegradation will take care of the mess, has to be better.

As you say, someone has to clean up after you. The person who shits on the floor may think it's a great laugh but I bet they would be pissed if someone did it on their floor! Even if the toilet is a mess already, it's almost certainly not the cleaner's fault. It will be the fault of some inconsiderate person who hasn't flushed or made a mess etc.

I once worked for a company which had public toilets. One evening I had to clean up where somebody had gone into a clean and working cubicle, squatted then peed and pooped on the floor in front of the toilet.

So, a plea to you all. Like everyone (I hope) on here, I enjoy pee and poo fun. Pee is more my thing but I'm also getting hooked on the poo stuff. However, as we are well aware, not everyone is as enlightened as us. Therefore we must not, ever, force our interest on others. We may like to find a big pile of poo in the bowl/on the floor/in the woods but many people will be disgusted by this. Respect them please, flush/clean up/cover up after yourself.

Sarah: Obviously I don't know your background but I suggest your poop shyness may have something to do with the social pressure to treat bathroom habits as dirty, personal and something you don't share with others. In part I suspect your embarassment has nothing to do with other people knowing what you are doing in the toilet (it's a pretty safe bet they already know) but probably has more to do with a subconscious conditioning which tells you pooping isn't something you share with others.

Toilets just totally suck in Singapore. I mean Singapore is supposed to have a relatively high per-capita GDP and we have a good airport and low crime rate, blah blah blah, all indications of a relatively nice country to live in. And yet, back in June I went to KL, and I swear the public toilets in JB and KL are both alot better than the ones here.
Oh yeah, my exams start in a week's time.
Well jumpz i hope your exams turn out better than mine are likely to turn out!.

hi there i had never imagined that such a forum could ever exist i am glad 'coz it takes off ahuge burden off me that has stayed with me for over a year now. i can finally confide in like-minded people
This is a true but almost unbelievable incident that happened over a year back i am a college student in india - I was 19 when this took place
my elder brother is married & has a mother-in-law about 45 years of age who lives alone in a small town in Gujarat I was part of a nature camp near her place After the camp wound up as told by my brother I went to stay with his mother-in-law for a few days She is very fond of watching movies & the only cinema-hall is within walking distance from her place so we decided to see the latest flick in town for the late night show we had a very sumptous & lovelt dinner prepared by her & boyh of us went to see the movie which was quite enjoyable But after the interval, I started getting cramps in my ???? & felt like going to the loo but decided to hold on 'coz I was too ashamed to tell my brother's mother-in-law about it But soon the feeling grew stronger & I began experiencing the 'attacks' When just 15 minutes were left for the movie to end I could no longer bear it & had to excuse myself On the way, I actually pooped a bit into my briefs but was not! very worried because I would be able to clean up without anyone knowing To my utter disgust the loos were closed because it was the last show of the day & the janitor was nowhere to be seen As i was walking back trying my best to hold it in a big semisolid turd pushed its way through I wass still hopeful because my pants were not yet messed up & in another 15 mins we would be home Just as I was thinking of how to face her, the movie ended & she asked me whether I was alright I lied to her saying that I had already gone to the looI tried my best to appear nonchalant but the walk back home seemed like an eternity as the house appeared in the distance I felt a very strong attack come over me & I started walking faster she realized that something was wrong so she asked me. i stopped to let her feel that nothing was wrong & started walking along with her That was the biggest mistake (if u all realize the faster u walk the better the chances of your poop not com! ing out with a force)
& a massive amount came out By now it had overflowed into my pants & to my alarm a big portion slid into my left shoe
by now the smell was strong but still I put on a brave front as we reached the house she told me to unlock the door as i was doing so, she actually saw what had happened & let out a gasp angrily she told me to clean myself up & said i should be totally ashamed of myself I was almost in tears but managed to clean myself up Before going to bed I shamfacedly went upto her & begged of her not to tell anyone about this accident In return i would even be her slave I told her at this she softened a bit & then did the most astounding thing she actually kissed me on my cheek & embraced me tightly In spite of the huge age gap to my surprise & discomfort I was aroused she knew it & said that all I had to do was.....I was shocked but secretly excited too The inevitable happened & i had the best sex in my life She has kept her word & after that too we have made love to each other a few times of course without me having to poop in my pants
I know this sounds unbelievable but believe me every single word is true if anyone else has had such experiences please share them on this forum please do not consider this as lewd or a sex experience or unworhty of being posted on this forum I would like to conceal identities for obvious reasons & hope to write more often - the next time i will restrict myself to accidents that i have witnessed in public especially those with women I shall sign in as Anon
Goodbye for now!!!!

JEFF A - Hi guy. I am sorry I do not have more time now but I will
write to you again in the next fiew days. I do not know if you liked my
story about my stinky horrible diarrhoea on Tuesday before my test
but I have not had any shits at all since then. I bet my next one
will be a big one and I will write to tell you all about it.
I hope you are proud of me for passing my test!
Steve has been upset for you because he remembers all the support you
gave him wen he had his 3rd dan test and I know it was important to him.
Love Louise xxxxx

MARTIN - Yeah, the girl was more interested in looking at her dad
than her brother but I thought the little boy was funny to watch. When
he finished weeing he tried to hide his dick. I think when he saw me
and my mum, it started standing up!
Hey, I have seen girls go in the gents and like, 'raid' them. I have
done it more than once but there have never been guys in at the time.
There were so many of my friends that the stals were full and I
weed in a urinal. Then other girls went to do it, but they tried to wee
backwards into the urinals but most of the piss went on the floor.
they should have done it forward like me.
Hey when you have been in the gents and girls have come in, have they
stood next to you to watch? My fiance had that happen to him and
he said a woman just came in and watched him having his piss.

PV - Hey do you think Martin has some stories that maybe we will like?


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to all my toilet friends!

JAKE, Interested to read about your toilets at school without doors and that you sometimes drop big turds. Hopefully it's a friendly, easy-going environment, so are there comments made when there's a loud plop when you or any other guy drops one? I'd love to know what is said, and that guys are proud of the turds they drop and the sounds etc.
All details of communal shitting amongst young guys in a relaxed atmosphere I find fascinating!

KYLE, That was a great experience when you watched your friend drop a huge turd in the toilet and you were privileged to be able to put your hand so near to all that action. Certainly a memory to hold on to and I hope you get another opportunity like that again.

DAVE, That hole in the partition when you saw that young Chinese guy squat on the toilet and drop that big plunging turd was obviously designed for such a viewing! I often wonder how guys who make these holes are equipped with regard to to whatever they use to cut out the hole in the partition, and whether their intentions are as much to see a guy sitting on the toilet and perhaps the shit dropping, or for "other purposes".
I've found holes in formica, wood, brickwork and even metal partitions of varying sizes, but assumed them to have been made for sexual purposes rather than watching men on the toilet, but who knows ?
If the hole is towards the back and in line with the backs of the toilets, I'd assume that to be made by a guy interested in seeing someone's arse on the seat, but I've only rarely found that sort. Uually they are in line with the front of the seat and are most likely intended for looking at other guy's tackle, passing messages through, or putting other things through,(without being too descriptive).
He must have been aware he was on show, so great to think he wasn't bothered, and hopefully, he was happy to let it "All hang out" and splash loudly in the pan.
I've never squatted on a pan myself, but if the seat's been dirty or if I've been aware of being watched, I've hovered over the toilet and made a really good plop. Will you go there again?

For the last week, I've had the best shits I've had in a long while! How many adjectives can I use? Controllable, firm, loud plopping, arse and buttock-splashing, stimulating, and VERY pleasurable with no soreness, itchiness, or loads of wiping up after. I'm actually looking forward to going to the toilet again, rather than hoping it may be comfortable, and sitting on a public toilet yesterday, had the most intensely enjoyable shit as I sat there with the feeling I wanted to go but with no urgency, and just gently pushed as I dropped my satisfying medium, large and small turds with good healthy plops, and thought " this is how it should be, and how most of the guys I've noticed today will be shitting at some time today!"
Then after that great shit and not much wiping, I was able to walk perfectly happily with no discomfort and felt absolutely terrific!
Only those of you here who share the intense enjoyment of a good shit, and know the bad times've been having in this department with the frustration and despair as my health has alternated from day to day but with often pain/discomfort/ intense itching/piles/ etc, etc over a long time, can appreciate the way I'm feeling at the moment!
Some days, like today, I had to use a bit more effort, and other days less, but it seems I'm no longer constipated and yet having a great time gently pushing them out. The delicate balance between too difficult and too urgent has been achieved.
Perhaps at last, I'm over this and if it's due to this psyllium husks I'm taking or that the gut has been reeducated, or my avoidance of cheese is having an efect, I don't know yet. What I do kno is how well I feel and how well I've been going to the toilet.
Many thanks to all those who have wished me well and ofered advice.

Best wishes to JEFF A. and to RIZZO, and everyone else. P P G

TO SARAH: I am the same way Sarah, and I am a guy. I think it has somthing to do with the home you were in, if everyone is open about it. I must say also, that it kinda excites me to think of a female holding it in due to being shy, does it excite you at all thinking of a guy in that situation? Hopr you can give me some insight. Thanks

steve wetpants
Good to see this site where we can share experiences, it doesn't seem quite so embarrassing when you know it happens to so many others as well. I have a weak bladder, not really a medical problem, but I often have to go really bad. As I drive on motorways a lot and attend many meetings, also have to go out on site as part of my job, it is oftendifficult finding somewhere to pee. In fact, I have got to the stage that if I am going to be visiting sites all morning where there are no toilets, I wear a pair of black trousers that really do not show up the wet. It is so good to just stand there and go in my trouser leg, without having to search for somewhere. I did this the other day, by the time I got to the office I was virtually dry. I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has a job where they cannot just get up to go to the toilet whenever they want to, and how theycope with this. If you peed or pooped yourself, have coleagues realised, were they OK about it?

Anyway, must go now,


Friday, November 02, 2001

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