Sara T
Wetfan, i'd love to hear some of your stories!

Carmalita- congratulations, honey! sounds like the wedding nite was fun :)

Does any one ever pee or poop in their bedroom or while watching tv or on the computer?

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for overcoming my poop shyness. Unfortunately, I think I am a long way from taking the step of actually asking someone to watch me while I use the toilet! My first step is really to understand why I feel the way I do. I appreciate the comments from people who are comfortable going in front of others. I would REALLY like to hear from people who are like me -- people who get embarrassed when someone sees them pooping. Specifically, I would like to know exactly WHY you feel so embarrassed. I'm hoping if I learn why others feel embarrassed, it will help me understand my own embarassment. As I said before, intellectually, it doesn't make any sense that a person should be embarrassed if someone sees them doing something which everyone does. That's what is so confusing to me. I feel embarrased about a normal human function that everyone does. Why do I (and so many others) feel this way?

Matt-I am 16 yrs. old,m, high school junior. I also like the school stories, peeing is my thing. I have never peed my pants in high school (while in school that is), but have been very desperate many times. Sometimes there's just no time in the day to pee- i have to always hold it one more period, one more period, and then i find myself almost doing it in my pants unless i get to the bathroom real soon. I peed my pants a couple times when i was 14 (8th grade), once ehile on a class trip and another time while hanging out with my friend in my basement. If you or anyone are interested in hearing these stories, please respond.


My girlfriend has been taking methodone for several months. It's had a nasty side effect--chronic constipation. Anyway, her system has been backed up for weeks. Laxatives and enemas are not much help; she will pass some mush or rabbit turds, but nothing more. Every four days, she will vomit everything in her system (except for the log in her bowel) to the point that she passes out, and her stomach aches from all the churning. It's obvious she needs medical attention.

Does anyone know of a solution to this mess? Others in the methodone program take over-the-counter laxatives, but none that we tried seem to work. Will this require hospitalization? If so, what is the procedure like?

To somekindofchick I'm sure they clean the restrooms, because otherwise they will be unusable in only a few days. But the underpass will not, because you can see there wet spots and piles in every condition; from new to extremly dried.
More later.

hi there i had never imagined that such a forum could ever exist i am glad 'coz it takes off ahuge burden off me that has stayed with me for over a year now. i can finally confide in like-minded people
This is a true but almost unbelievable incident that happened over a year back i am a college student in india - I was 19 when this took place
my elder brother is married & has a mother-in-law about 45 years of age who lives alone in a small town in Gujarat I was part of a nature camp near her place After the camp wound up as told by my brother I went to stay with his mother-in-law for a few days She is very fond of watching movies & the only cinema-hall is within walking distance from her place so we decided to see the latest flick in town for the late night show we had a very sumptous & lovelt dinner prepared by her & boyh of us went to see the movie which was quite enjoyable But after the interval, I started getting cramps in my ???? & felt like going to the loo but decided to hold on 'coz I was too ashamed to tell my brother's mother-in-law about it But soon the feeling grew stronger & I began experiencing the 'attacks' When just 15 minutes were left for the movie to end I could no longer bear it & had to excuse myself On the way, I actually pooped a bit into my briefs but was not! very worried because I would be able to clean up without anyone knowing To my utter disgust the loos were closed because it was the last show of the day & the janitor was nowhere to be seen As i was walking back trying my best to hold it in a big semisolid turd pushed its way through I wass still hopeful because my pants were not yet messed up & in another 15 mins we would be home Just as I was thinking of how to face her, the movie ended & she asked me whether I was alright I lied to her saying that I had already gone to the looI tried my best to appear nonchalant but the walk back home seemed like an eternity as the house appeared in the distance I felt a very strong attack come over me & I started walking faster she realized that something was wrong so she asked me. i stopped to let her feel that nothing was wrong & started walking along with her That was the biggest mistake (if u all realize the faster u walk the better the chances of your poop not com! ing out with a force)
& a massive amount came out By now it had overflowed into my pants & to my alarm a big portion slid into my left shoe
by now the smell was strong but still I put on a brave front as we reached the house she told me to unlock the door as i was doing so, she actually saw what had happened & let out a gasp angrily she told me to clean myself up & said i should be totally ashamed of myself I was almost in tears but managed to clean myself up Before going to bed I shamfacedly went upto her & begged of her not to tell anyone about this accident In return i would even be her slave I told her at this she softened a bit & then did the most astounding thing she actually kissed me on my cheek & embraced me tightly In spite of the huge age gap to my surprise & discomfort I was aroused she knew it & said that all I had to do was.....I was shocked but secretly excited too The inevitable happened & i had the best sex in my life She has kept her word & after that too we have made love to each other a few times of course without me having to poop in my pants
I know this sounds unbelievable but believe me every single word is true if anyone else has had such experiences please share them on this forum please do not consider this as lewd or a sex experience or unworhty of being posted on this forum I would like to conceal identities for obvious reasons & hope to write more often - the next time i will restrict myself to accidents that i have witnessed in public especially those with women I shall sign in as Anon
Goodbye for now!!!!

Robby and Annie
Hello friends,
I just had to get off my ass and write something. I don't want to drag on about this but I've felt poorly this week. I am feeling some better. Well, with that over I will move on. Annie is out with the girls.
When Susan, the girls, and I were living in New York City, Annie came to see us. Alan couldn't come. Her Mum had just moved to New Jersey. One evening we all went to the theater. We were dressed to the brim and ready to paint the town. We ate a big dinner and went to the theater. At intermission we naturally had to go to the loo. I didn't have much of a problem getting into the gents. I just weed and zipped up. I waited for Sue and Annie. They came stumbling out of the loo laughing to beat the band. I asked what was going on. Annie sputtered out this story. They had to wait awhile and Sue said; "I really need to shit, bad"! Well, they finally got in the loo. Sue and Annie went into adjacent stalls. They sat down and suddenly farted or trumped simultaneously. She said it was like a concert. BBBBBBBBBBRRRR, BBBBBBRRRRRROOOOOW, BRRRRRRRWWWWWW! Then two other ladies went into the other stalls. They needed to poo, also. They farted and then all 4 of them dropped their logs one ! after another. PLOP,Plop,Plop,Plop. This was too funny to Sue. She started laughing and then Annie started laughing. They were laughing so hard they farted back and forth and plopped two more logs. Sue said they farted a tune. They finally wiped and staggered out of the loo. For the rest of the play they roared with laughter. The play WAS a comedy. Those two were crazy together.

KENDAL: Hi, my dear new niece. It was so wonderful for you to ask us. I have read the stories about you and your friends. I enjoyed every one of them. I wasn't familiar with the word, trump. Sarah clued me in. I can tell you my wife Sue was a champion trumper. She was like her daughter, Meghan. She did mega trumps. You would have loved her. Annie and I will do what we can to help you. The girls said they are thrilled. They have already spoken to you, I think. I know Annie has. I just wanted to speak to you and tell you I am so proud of you. Take care, Lots of Love and a big hug, Uncle Robby and Aunt Annie

ANDREW: Hi my friend! Meghan had this idea that since they were to ask you to be their adopted cousin then I could become your adopted Uncle and Annie your Aunt. Both of us would feel blessed. Don't know what you think about it. I just know the girls are on cloud 9 about having new cousins. Well, think it over. I read your post about yourself and being small isn't bad. I am 5'7" and Annie is 5'4". Your concern and love for your cousin and all of your friends makes you a big man in my eyes. Keep me posted on your schooling toward your "A" levels and your loo adventures. Lots of Love, Robby and Annie.

RJOGGER and Kathy: Thanks for your screaming words about the story on the ocean liner. Annie and I still laugh about that. That situation wouldn't happen again in a thousand years, LOL!! Glad to hear from you folks, again. I congratulate you for 36 years of marriage. I know you are proud of your children. Loo bonding sure was an added joy for Susan and I. I miss that. Hope to hear more jogging stories and loo adventures with Kathy. Take care, Robby and Annie

DEAR RIZZO: Thank YOU for your kind words. I haven't heard anything from my test, yet. I guess no news is good news. I am sorry that your wife has had so much trouble. Did the laxatives help? I can't eat chocolate, either(BIG SOB!!) I was in such a state on Halloween with all of that candy lying around. I have a glass of wine in the evening to relax. I may have to give that up, too. We'll see. I see your poos are turning into a jog to the loo. That can be good. I also read that your eldest son is visiting. Hope you can do some sailing. Oh yes, I got a call to do a "Messiah" in December and a Brahms "Requiem" in January. I know that will be wonderful. You already know the Brahms was Susan's favourite. Take care, my dear friend. Love, Robby and Annie.

JEFF A: Thank you for your kind words. We enjoy your stories, too. Hope your health is improving. Take care, Robby and Annie

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi folks! Yes, Anne was and still is fascinated with my willie,LOL!!! I really liked the story. Do you still hold Steve's willie while he wees? I think you said you did. I don't know if Annie would have a go. Oh well. Take care, Love, Robby and Annie!

JANE: How is our champion office pooper? I read your words of kindness. You are special to us, too! Give our best to Gary. Love, Robby and Annie

RING STRETCHER: Than was a BIG poo!!! Had it been days since you had your last poo? Take care, Robby and Annie

LINDA(14yrs): Hope you are doing ok. People will talk to you, here. Please post again. Take care. Robby and Annie.

CARMALITA: Looking forward to more of your loo bonding stories. I know you are busy with Jake, hehe! Love, Robby and Annie

PV: Hi GAL! How are things down under? Annie tells me that you are doing an Aussie form of Karate. Annie could rip my face off if she wanted to. Thank God she hasn't. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care, Robby and Annie.

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Scott and Kim, DianeNY, Pat and Renee, LindaGS, Diva, Erin, Mandy, David and Niki, Mindy, Laura, Ellie and Little Lou(Hope you come back).


Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Everyone!
We are home from school. We wish we could respond during the week but it is so frantic and busy. Hope you understand. It is so great to have Annie back with us. We have a story but it will be in a response. See below! Dad is better, I think. He is so down. Meghan is worried sick about him and I try to calm her. Well, on to the responses.

KENDAL: We read your last post and WE WOULD be blessed to become your adopted cousins. It will be so much fun. We are closer to your age. Maybe we can be of some help. In the response to your question about
Meghan's trumping. I asked Annie about this and she said it is farting. We learn something eveyday. Meghan trumps everytime she has a dump. It is so loud. For example; this morning she sat down and let out a tremendous trump!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It was a killer. I think it knocked down a wall,haha! She then drops 2 small logs,plop,plop. She is tall (5'8") so she bends way over. She trumps again and again and again. It is hilarious. A large piece usually follows with a big PLOP! (Meghan)- I know I trump loudly and I'm PROUD of it!! Now, Kendal, I want to say that I am thrilled to be your cousin. Sarah and I don't have younger cousins. I think this will be so awesome. Oh yes, we got on the net and found a site for Mischa Barton. If you look like her, you are a beautiful little girl. Size doesn't mean anything. It is in your heart. ANDREW: Sarah and I want to ask you if you will be our adopted cousin, too. WE will be blessed. Now, we know how tall and ! how "small" you are for your age. It doesn't mean anything. Our mother told us that beauty is in the heart. Blond and blue, eh! We picture a nice looking guy! I have shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes(our mother's). I don't know who I look like. Sarah has light brown hair and hazel eyes(our Dad's). Well, please keep in touch. Good luck to both of you on your studies. Lots of love and hugsxxxx, Cousins Sarah S and Meghan.

RIZZO: We read your post and we are sorry that you and your wife are having to give up chocolate and wine. Dad can't eat chocolate anymore. He was a grouch on Halloween Annie told us. Dad and Annie do drink wine occasionally. We are worried about him. He has had 2 heart attacks and he is getting down about his health. We didn't want to bore you with this. We hope your wife's health improves. I know that Annie will post later. You now poo like Meghan. Quick and fast. You are a dear man! Take care. Love, Sarah S and Meghan PS: Enjoy the boat trip!!

SARAH: Meghan- I have had shyness in not letting anyone except my sister see me sitting on the toilet. I really don't like my cousin Annie watch. I know I am being ridiculous. You just have to work through it. I will be as much help as I can. Take it a little at a time. Good luck, Meghan and Sarah S.

LOUISE: Thank for your words. We count you and Steve as two of our online friends. Take care, Love Sarah S and Meghan.

ERIN: How are you doing with your bathroom shyness? We read you are try ing. Hope we can help. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

EPHERMAL: We are college students, also. What are you studying? We would love to talk to you about your experiences in and out of the toilet. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

LINDA(14 yrs)- We just want to say we will talk to you every weekend. You will not be friendless here. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

JANE: We read your wonderful words. We think you are special and really enjoy your stories. Thanks for being kind to all of us.

We have to go!!! HI to: Jeff A, Rich and Kathy, Todd and Diana, LindaGS, PV! We know we missed some and are sorry. We are new.

bobby-I liked your story and I do think your friend matt does like to poop his pants.

Today it was cool outside. I had blue jeans and a thick shirt on. I was waiting for mom to pick me up from night school. We live in the woods 8 miles from the nearest school. I had not eaten anything the day before so I ate a lot that day. When she got I had an urge to poop a little so I walked to the bathroom and went. Then got in the car to go home. Got around 4-6 miles from the house when I got the urge to poop. It was not to bad until we got down this long dirt road that was not very smooth. I was holding back but the poop was coming out in my briefs. But when we made it to the driveway. More come out in my briefs causing a bulge. I was trying to hide the bulge with my shirt so my mom did not see it. She knew I had to poop very bad but I was trying not to poop my pants in front of her. I got out of the car and ran to the front door more poop came out but I stopped there was no hiding it by the time she got to the door to unlock it the poop came out with a force and mak! ing a lot of farting noise right in front of her. At first I tried to hold back but it was hopeless. She said it would be all right go change.

Ring Stretcher
jeez, I had a fat turd slowly come out of me today. When the urge hit it felt like a train pushing against my closed hole, so I quickly dropped my pink panties and sat on the toilet. After some tinkling I pushed har and this fat, and I mean fat, turd pushed it's way out of my domed anus. I moaned loudly because my ring was stretching wider and wider to accomodate this beast! I honestly felt like it was going to split. Then my turd got stuck for several seconds as I grunted, strained and moaned to get things over with! My body was quivering with effort; I gripped the toilet seat and said "ohmygod" as my ring stretched so freaking wide. I couldn't take it anymore and just wanted it to come out. Finally I heard crackling after I switched my posture. It must have been moving at 2 mph coming out of my stretched hole. When it started tapering off I felt relief, followed by a loud splash in the toilet.
It had taken ten minutes to pass it, it was 6-8 inches long and I swear it was as thick as a beer can.
My hole remained opened for several seconds more; once it closed I wiped but there was nothing to wipe. I felt 10 lbs lighter, too.


Jeff A
Hi all,

Thank you everybody for your kind hearted thoughts and wishes. I've tried replying several times, but they don't go. I hope there's nothing wrong with my computer.
Special thanks to Plunging Plop Guy for a beautiful message, and also to Steph, for coming out of retirement. It was very good to hear from you dear!
Louise: Good luck on that test, I know you'll do well. I've been reading, keeping up with all of your stories from weeks and weeks ago. I thank you dearly for the special ones you sent to me.
Rizzo: I hope you're okay! I must've missed what happened to you, did you have surgery or something? You and RJOGGER & Kathy are two of my best cyber-buds here! I hate to think of anything bad happening to you.
Robby, Annie, Sarah and Meagan: What a wonderful addition you all are! I love reading your stories.
Jane: How are you doing? Again, I love all your visits to the ladies room, you paint a very vivid picture.
Carmalita: Oh, Senora! Congratulations!Grab all the happiness that you deserve en este vida loca, ok?

We had a friend visiting the house, who's about 40 I guess. She's tall, brunette, good figure. Anyway, she'd used the bathroom, been in there for nearly fifteen minutes. When she came out, I investigated to find a very strong aroma, and several swirling brown stains in the bowl. I'd always wondered what she'd be like on the toilet, and lately it's nice to have such distractions.
On an even happier note, I was out of town the other day, and was hiking and passed a restroom and stopped in for a quick pee. I heard two girls go into the next room, and could hear them through the vent. It was classic! They were laughing and carrying on. One kept going "Rrrnnnnnn" to make the other laugh. I think listening was better than seeing! Then, I heard one girl say "Pewwwwy!" and the second girl half grunted and said "I know. It's a big one too." Listening as carefully as I could, most of it was garbled, but I did manage to hear a nice, healthy PLOP! Then, about two more just like it and more giggling. Then a toilet flushed, and after a few minutes I heard a sound like wet, loose poop coming out quickly. From the sound, it was the other girl's turn. There was more giggling, and complaints of "pewy" smells. When they finally left, I saw them. They were young and cute.
It was very fun.

Take care everyone

Happy halloween,fellow goblins-Some wild stories here lately-
TO OUTHOUSE SCOTT-I argee with you about the buddy pooing,but one must be careful about who you choose-God forbid you get someone who is really not into it and boy you are in trouble(It's happened to me once or twice and boy is it mortifying)There really aren't that many open minded people out there-So be careful!
I noticed a few folks talking about dumping out in the woods-all I can say is it's a great thing to do and if you read my posts you can see I do it often( Ive done it so much i consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject),but you really should take off your pants totally or it could get messy and if you are going to poo standing,you should bend over slightly and you won't make a mess on yourself,but the best way to poo is squatting down cause you seem to poop more that way-it's the best position to poop and it's feels the best too
Had one of those dumps this a.m. when i felt like I had to go but no big deal til I sat on the bowl and started to dump and it kept coming out and coming out,but it didn't feel like a big one til I let out my 1st pre-poop fart and boy did it start an avalanche of soft, well formed poop and it stayed that way the whole time and when i finally felt done I looked in the bowl and saw 3 8-10 inch smooth logs and a bunch of 4-5 inchers that looked like they broke up as they came out,man it looked like 3 feet of poop if it was one piece that came out,but as i was pushing it out I just felt the urge still strong and i felt like i just had to keep pushing-I rarely do those kind of dumps and boy what a surprise as i looked in the bowl and it was some load,but didn't feel like much-anyone else have these kinds of dumps-that was a big surprise- literally!!Must be my system purging itself,i guess,but it felt good- later BYE

Outhouse Scott: I enjoyed your post about how to share the experience of taking a shit with friends of both sexes. I've always enjoyed taking a dump with friends to keep me company. I think, however, if you ask a friend to come into the bathroom with you they will think you are real weird. This applies to people of the same and certainly of the opposite sex. What I try to do is to set up situations where this happens naturally without actually saying anything, but you can only do this with people of the same sex. To give you an example, me and my College room mate, Scott, sometimes drive to our hometown to spend weekends with our folks. It is about 120 miles from the campus. We usually leave early on Saturdays and have a fast food breakfast on the road. A few weeks ago after breakast, I told Scott that I had to visit the restroom and he said: "Me too." The restroom turned out to be one of those small one room affairs with a crapper in the open and a sink. We went in ! and I locked the door. Scott told me to go first and he looked surprised when he saw me pull down my jeans and briefs to my ankles and sit on the crapper. He said that he would wait outside, but I told him to wait there because I would not be long. He seemed a bit embarrassed and looked away from me, but we kept up a conversation about classes, etc. Then I farted and said:"Excuse me!" and we both started laughing and this broke the ice. Scott relaxed and made eye contact with me. I grunted a bit and there were loud plops as my turds hit the water. After dropping about 4 logs, I wiped my butt. We continued talking while I wiped and looked at the TP after each wipe. By this time, Scott was completely unembarrassed and just kinda stood there as if it were completely natural.
It turned out that he only wanted to take a leak and I washed my hands while he did this. It was nice having him around while I took a dump, but I don't think I could have asked him to accompany me. The sitation just worked out right!

Jeff B
It was the mid 1980’s; video arcades were the place to go after school (during school for us hardcore gamers). I loved a game called Reactor, but there was always the same kid playing it – he was good. He would play for about an hour on one quarter. He drew large numbers of onlookers about 3 deep all the way around -- you couldn’t even see the game. He had a stack of quarters sitting on the console just to monopolize the game.

This really pissed me off, so one day was just getting over a stomach bug or something and I had really really bad and wet gas—it was putrid and rancid. The smell made me gag as if to vomit. I arrived at the arcade in the mall and as usual, there was a crowd at the Reactor game. I decided that I have had enough of that. So I patiently waited, all the time knowing that a fart was brewing and festering in my bowels, finally it was ready—I carefully let it leak out, making as little noise as possible. It was absolutely sickening – the crowd quickly dispersed leaving only the inconsiderate gamer. I watched from a distance and soon the stench became too much and he grabbed his stack of quarters, shouted obscenities, and grudgingly left the game unattended. I finally was able to play Reactor. Farts are one of God’s greatest gifts.

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- Yes, martial arts are good exercise, if you can keep the injuries at bay. Still, keeping hydrated (with all the sweating) can lead to some major bladder-action afterward!

LOUISE -- CONGRATS on your Aikido 5th Kyu! Wonderful! I'm proud of you! It makes me want to have another go myself, and Aikido is a style I'm interested in adopting! Unfortunately I've strained a muscle in my left arm that leaves my elbow stiff, and the arm is not very strong at the moment. I think I lifted some shopping bags awkwardly last week. It'll be a while... Well, those runny evacuations are a sure sign you're eminently human! We stress out, we gush forth! It shouldn't hit so bad in future, you have experience and a positive result. Steve was every bit the gentleman to clean you up like that. Yes, it's fun to use your urine like a scouring hose -- I blasted some blobby shit on the back of the bowl last week, and decided to turn around and wee it all away!

RIZZO -- "Pee Queen" -- me?! I swoon to the compliment! Well, my target is 15 wees on the beach this year in a single session, and a great big dump if I can manage it too! I've been thinking I might try doing a sort-of Louise -- stand at the edge of the sea and wee straight forward while staring off at the horizon, like it's no big deal...



PS: I posted about two nights ago but I don't see it here -- lemme check...

Hi guys!
An interesting thing is going on for me at the moment.
I've been a bit sick for about the last week so I went to the doctor and he put me on antibiotics.

Well, I haven't noticed many side-effects other than they make me feel a little queasy sometimes. But I have noticed this: since I've been taking them whenever I have to pee, the urge just kind of hits me and I find myself having to pull back really hard on my muscles to prevent myself from weeing right then and there. And that's the first sign that I need to pee. It's really bizarre because usually I feel a slight urge at one time but it usually just gradually builds up over a couple of hours before I need to make a conscious effort to hold on.

Usually this strange initial desperation goes away after a couple of minutes if I hold it in, and I can hold it for quite a while before making a trip to the loo. However, it has resulted in a few quirts escaping into my panties before I could make it.

Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of reaction with medications which are not meant to be diuretics?


David and Niki
Sorry, it's of course Louise and Steve and also PV. My appologies...David

Matt: Saw your question about why dudes hold their dick down with one hand while taking a dump. At School, our boy's bathroom has stalls without doors. I usually take a shit there in the mornings. It's real busy there during break with a bunch of guys pissing and shitting. I'm still at that age when I get a hard on unexpectedly. I hold my dick down so if I get a hard on the other dudes can't see it and make fun of me. Also when I am shitting out my turds, I often get a sudden flow of piss without intending to piss. If I hold my dick down, the piss goes into the bowl and does not get over my legs. Also shitting a large turd is a weird feeling (kinda of a mixture of pain and pleasure) and holding my dick down kinda helps deal with the sensation. Take care dude!

has any one ever shit themselves with out realising they even needed to go. this happened to me a while back, I was sitting looking on the net with a friend and laughing at this one site when all of a sudden I just started to fill my pants. This was no little squirt I can tell you it seemed to go on for ages me shitting myself and my friend just staring in disbelief. By the time I was done it was pretty much around my balls and up my back. I went to clean myself up and when I came back my friend was pretty cool although he had a good laugh he has never told any body about it.
By the way I am 24 years old.

Movie Fan
Logan, you asked about movies with female poop scenes. Here are some that have been discussed here:

Senseless (poop sounds heard and dialogue references pooping)

Patch of Blue (no sounds, but context indicates girl has diarrhea; also book the movie was based on indicates she has the runs)

Caged Heat (poop sounds heard, plus girl is reading book on toilet)

Labyrinth of Passion (poop sounds heard as girl goes in her pants; also poop is visible on floor by her feet)

Twenty-One (no sounds, but girl is on toilet long time and wipes butt)

Car Wash (no sounds, but comment made about the smell after girl leaves bathroom)

AI - Artifical Intelligence (no sounds, but woman is reading book on toilet, which implies she was pooping)

Something Wild (no sounds, but woman wipes both front and back)

Homage (no sounds, but dialogue clearly indicates woman is pooping)

The Shooting (no sounds, but reference is made to woman "soiling herself" - also the book on which the movie is based indicates she is pooping)

Once Upon a Time in America (dialogue indicates girl is pooping)

Indecent proposal (no sounds, but woman is reading paper while on toilet, which probably indicates pooping)

Scary Movie 2 (girl apologizes to cat for pooping in his litter box; poop is shown)

In addition to the above, the following scenes are ambiguous as to whether or not pooping occurs:

Detroit Rock City (girl is heard peeing and farting, but nothing actually indicates she poops)

The Drifter - (woman is sitting on toilet when another person enters, but there is no indication of what she was doing)

Groove Tube - same comment as above

Kindergarten Cop (woman rushes into building in distress to find bathroom; diarrhea is implied but it could just be nausea)

Can anyone add to this list? I am particularly interested in newer movies that just came out in the past year or so. It seems movie makers are getting a lot more liberal about bathroom scenes involving women. Pee scenes are now very common. Can anyone add to this list of female poop scenes?

Hello everyone!
Diva: I am a percussionist, though not by career. I mostly play with the pit orchestra at a local theater on weekends, nothing major. I haven't been lucky enough to make a career of it yet. Glad things are going well for you.
I know of the perils a long show schedule on the bladder! I remember once we were doing back to back shows, with only a 1 hour break in between. One of my drumheads broke during the performance, so I had to change it out between shows. To top it off, when the lighting was being adjusted for the next show, a circuit blew so I had to help get that fixed (a wiring nightmare). Anyway, needless to say, I did not get to the bathroom between shows.
This resulted in my being desperate throughout the second show, not a good thing when you're trying to concentrate on playing! By the time the show was over, it had been about 9 hours since I had gone. I had to run to the bathroom, and the very long pee that ensued was great relief.
Have a great day everybody!

Hi every1, how's life?

I juz finished my papers! hooray, suddenly life's so much brighter. Though I only heard of it mentioned before, but never experienced myself, hunch tells me I had a case of stomach flu on tuesday. Definitely not a memorable experience, i went to the toilet like every hour, with the feeling of a full "load", but nothing happens, oh except mounting frustration. Then I feel this big fatigue, from totally nowhere, and I juz wanna lie down the whole day, and your appetite goes off too. You juz feel so agonisingly full whole day. What makes it worse was I had a paper on thursday, which I counted on studying on tuesday. but, praise the lord, i was ok on wednesday, and my paper today though it came at a cost(financially), is fine and over! Problems regarding bm are never fun, and i have decided to start running, to see if it does provide for a better bowel habit. i have this wild theory, does eating well and shitting well bring a nice trim figure? Wouldn't we all like that? ;! )
With regards to what i read around this site, do guys tend to have more accidents or are girls too shy to write and talk about their embarrassing moments, and prefer to bury it a hundred feet under ground? Personally, I feel sharing it out helps u to become more at ease with the incident, and most important, if u can see the amusement, u can laugh at yourself, and u wont feel so embarrassed?

Silke: I'm glad u manage to relieve yourself in time, and keep your cool! I personally would never be able to even glance at the other women in the queue if i were there, then. Here, i can't help but comment on your contribution, it's very thought-provoking. NO OFFENCE TO les francaises, OR ANYONE AT ALL, but it's a little hard for me to accept this particular aspect of France. How can any1 fill tunnels, corridors or any public place with turds? It's not the woods, it's solid pavement. And to shit in the middle of public place? Since when has shitting been elevated to a socially accepted level? I thought it was at best, a small, private thrill? Even the toilet is a mess, and I thought females are supposed to be the "civilised" clan here, u know with all the male miss-aims and all (sorry guys), but Every cubicle is messed up with accidents, even used tampons and slips, IN the toilet bowl? Where has education gone to? What good has it done us? Perhaps the French janitors qui! t, and I don't blame them at all.
Here's a question. What comes to your mind immediately when u accidentally mess up a public toilet? I'm incredibly embarrassed how I'm going to leave the cubicle, and face females outside, where any1 can see the mess, and when I can't flush the toilet! I really sympathise with janitors sometimes, they are paid peanuts, given little respect (how do U react, if u discover your friend's dad or mum is a janitor? frankly? afterall, janitors are around, and they have to be some probably normal, great, handsome kid's dad/mum), and expected to clear up our mess? I admit taking janitors for granted way too much. When's the last time we thanked a janitor sincerely, or said a hello? Or perhaps I'm the ungrateful one. Frankly, I feel these toilet heroes are SO underappreciated in Singapore. No thank yous, not even a smile, and humans are supposed to be warm-blooded, with feelings. Now, where has that disappeared to? I wonder if you agree with me Nietzsche? Where the hell are you ! anyway? Are you ok?
Sorry if i made the forum a hundred times more dull with my contribution, I swear I'm not a politics major! Take care mes amis!

somekindofchick - There are all kinds of squat toilets around the world, some are just holes in the floor some are flat porcelain jobs with "footprints" where you place your feet while squatting with your holes over their hole. The jap ones look like a guy's urinal mounted in the floor and flush like a regular toilet. People raised with squat toilets sometimes prefer them but if you're raised with comfy toilet seats on a toilet bowl you will detest them. Regular American type toilets are becoming more popular with the Japanese I hear as well as other parts of the world. Some people think squatting down makes it easier to shit and I can understand their point, especially if a person has a tendency toward constipation, but I have no problem and am happy with my big comfy commercial openfront seat.

Eric in Chicago
Dookey Boy: From the description of your dump (very hard to poop out and almost black) it sounds like you may be letting yourself get dehydrated. Not a good thing. Either that or you had been ignoring the urge for a long time, which is also not a good thing.

Kara: The black color in the Burger King slushies is really a mixture of red and blue dyes (verified by poor man's paper chromatography; I got a few drops of it on my napkin and it separated into a red spot with a blue halo). It's really a very dark purple that looks like black. It's not a matter of the dyes being "powerful"; it's just a matter of them being inert and not getting absorbed into the body or having their color changed by digestion. That means the effect is completely harmless; the dyes are just passing through you like, say, fiber would.

DAVIE: No, I never did see Nat take a dump, but I think if he hadn't gone away for his year abroad and we'd continued our Thiursday lunches, he might well have done it eventually. Once he did invite me in there just after he'd flushed and he was buckling his bet back up. I could see just the end of his turd disappearing down the toilet and his smell was very heavy in the air. He wanted to comment on a funny picture in my bathroom (involving peeing to a great height) He thought it was wicked and wanted to know how I'd found it.

Several times I kept the door open while I took a dump and Nat was in the front room--he didn't seem to mind that either. He's just very cool about everything, the "boy-next-door" type.

He's now back in a very prestigious drama college and I have no doubt he has a great acting career ahead of him.

TYLER: I go camping quite a lot and I've always either leaned back against a tree and let go, or, like you, I removed my trousers and underwear and just squatted right down. I have even squatted and dumped simply taking my trou and undies all the way down but not off, but you really have to stick your butt out and hold your clothes forward to prevent shit from getting on them!
Bye for now, Daniel (UK)

Looks like that lady is gonna pee or poop in the bucket...Hey Maybe while posting a message here LOL!

To Bobby: Loved your was cool. Thats good your friend was really open about you poopin your pants then he does it too cuz he had to go and couldn't hold it. Its also good he's open about pooping his pants..Cool

To Tyler: Cool story..really enjoyed hearing about dumping in the outdoors and with a buddy.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. It was a quiet Halloween around here last night.I have a response to who asked about males holding their penis while sitting. Some times when I wake up Ill have an erection so I have to point it down and wait before Ill piss. This keeps from having a unwanted mess.

Somekindofchick you asked about the squat toilets. There has been pictures here on past pages. They are used widely in the Asian countries. You can find pictures here on the web. Search for squat toilets and you should find out what they look like. Everyone take care and we will catch you later.Upstate Dave

RJOGGER and Kathy
The last week and a half has been busy, so say the least, so we just have time for some replies and hellos. Robbie and Annie - Oh My! (LOL) What a story! The 4 folks in a tub, then the girls shitting, and Annie's "wig wag" (swinging) turd, and the steward gaping……. (Explosive Laughter!!!!!!). Robbie: this is one of the best stories that Kathy and I have ever read, not to mention one of the funniest. I am still laughing very hard, as is Kathy, and it is somewhat hard to write a reply, because we both almost fell off of our chairs laughing. What a beaut, we would have loved to have seen this happen. You folks take good care, wow, I can't (LOL!) stop laughing!
Buzzy - Neighbor, every opportunity that I get to share a poop session with Kathy, I take advantage of. That is the main reason that we had the twin commodes installed, so that we could share time together in the head. We liked your story, Buzzy, keep on posting these beauts.
Rizzo - I see that you slipped and got hurt. Are you OK, friend? Kathy and I hope that you are well and not feeling any bad effects. We enjoyed your latest "boat" story very much. Take good care.
David and Niki - You guys are right, Kathy and I are "somewhat" older than you, as we have 3 adult children that are in your age bracket. We have known each other 37 and ½ years, been married for almost 36, and we have enjoyed watching each other poop, almost from the beginning of our relationship. I' m sure that you and Niki will enjoy a long and healthy relationship also. Here's hoping that you 2 will post more adventures, as they occur.
Carmalita - Congratulations, Carmalita and Jake, the Newlyweds! It sounds like you two youngsters had a terrific wedding, not to mention the 3 great poop stories you just wrote. Again, Kathy and I just want to send our best wishes and we hope to hear form you soon.

Hearty HELLOS! also go to Kim and Scott; Renee; Patsy, Jane, Diane NY, Jeff A, Rizzo, Adrian and Muggs.
We will speak to you folks later in the week.

somekindofchick, the second woman from the right on the bottom of the background in the masthead above is using a Japanese squat.

Fart fan
Has anyone ever heard a woman fart on TV (other than Jenny McCarthy, of course, who did it on purpose)? I read an old posting here where someone said Joan Lunden once farted on Good Morning America, but I couldn't find any verification on that.

Hello to all you friends of this forum!

Because my wife has been constipated lately and her liver values (whatever these are) were somewhat out of normal range, we changed our diet slightly by cutting out the chocolate (sob), reducing our wine intake from a glass or two every other day to zero (sigh) and increasing our vegetable and fruit intake (hmhm). I felt the results first. After breakfast the need to poop now hits with a vengeance, and I don’t even get to shave first, but see that I get to the bathroom quickly, get those pants down in time and slam my butt on to the seat or the poop hits the textiles instead of the water enclosed within the porcelain!! It is usually softish, mahogony brown tinged with orange (all those carrots!!), comes out at an apparent rate of feet per second at one and a half inches thickness, and hardly smells at all! Just a simple ffffffffffthththththhthhthhrrrrlOOMP, and it’s over! Two wipes, a warm wash on the bidet, and I feel pounds lighter. Wow! There is no time to weigh myself ! “before” in order to calculate the length of the coiled and piled up jobbie from the difference to the weight “after”!

CARMALITA, dear, I’m glad to see that you are back, happily married! Your story of the poop by the fire on the beach is really romantic. Jake did the opposite of eating out of your hand too! He let you poop into his! If that isn’t love, I wonder what is. I wish you and Jake and all the rest of your fabulous family all the best. Love to all of you from Rizzo.

DIVA, Wow, just reading your story of desperation made me need to pee! I hope to hear you sing some day! Please post again! Take care of your vocal chords by watering them well (grin), love from Rizzo!

PV dear, it is the first time I am looking forward to a beach season! The difference is that I am here in Europe looking forward to the beach season in southern Australia!!!! And why should that be??? Because my favourite Pee Queen, you my dear, is preparing some more of those superbly entertaining and adventurous beach wees!!!!! I can’t wait for the fun to start!! Best of love from your ally on the opposite side (more or less) of the planet, Rizzo!

MINDY, good for you to have your relationship spiced up by that fantastic, glorious buddy dump! Hugs!

TIM, great story of a dump of a weeks worth of turds you found so embarrassing. I would have been just as embarrassed as you, although my wife’s parents – especially my father in law - are not that uptight. Take care, cheers!

ELYSA, you poor thing, puking orange up top and leaking yellow/red/green down below! Although it might not have seemed at all funny to you, the way you wrote it made me laugh all the same! I hope you are able to smile too, when you re-read your story! Cheer up!

SID, great story of your dinner at the restaurant and the subsequent blockage of your toilet by Carrie! The way you described her behaviour towards you and her embarrassment after her mishap, gives me the impression that she is rather fond of you, even if it doesn’t seem that way to you! When you comforted her and put your hand on hers, it must have taken some effort on her part not to melt in your arms!! That’s the way I see it. I may be wrong of course. Cheers from Rizzo!

TODD, hey man, this is the first time I read of a girl proposing marriage to her beloved, while he is sitting on the potty taking a relaxed dump!!!! A situation very fitting to this forum! This must be the start of a most wonderful life for you two! I wish you all the best! Love to both of you from Rizzo.

Dear ROBBY, you are too kind! Thanks for your words of support, they warmed my heart! I sincerely hope and pray that your medical check-up will show that there is nothing seriously wrong with your health! Give my love to Annie! Ah yes, you are quite right, the concerto was glorious! Enough said. Take care, love from Rizzo

Dear SARAH S. and dear Meghan, thank you for you kind words of encouragement. So now we are getting to know each other more! Poopwise too! Isn’t it a hoot? Next week I’ll have less time on my hands for the forum, our elder son is coming home for some days, and, if the weather holds, we’ll be on the boat. There’s no computer linked to the net there. So take care you two, love from Rizzo.

PlUNGING PLOP GUY, thanks for enquiring about my health. My shoulder has healed incredibly quickly thanks to anti-inflammatory enzymes on a vegetable basis. Super stuff! Took away the aches and pains in only a few days. Love to you from Rizzo

LAWN DOGS KID, you are a dear, giving me such a treat with that most fabulous story of you and Kate on the loo in the dead of night. The conspiracy of it all and the closeness to each other must have been soooo exciting for the two of you! And the little confusion when you thought Kate was Kendal was really endearing, because it showed me just how much you shower Kendal with love, which I have always found extremely important, as you know! Yes, and now I finally know what you look like too, but funnily enough, the image I had of you in my mind matches your description quite well! You need not worry about your size. I think that you will grow a bit more, about two more inches, I’d wager. Perhaps more. There are advantages you know! You won’t bang your head as often as I do (my wife says that I should wear a hard hat at all times!), and the seats of cars are more comfortable because they are not too small for your back. Yes, and it could be easier to find a fitting bike that! will not leave you doubled over causing back ache!!! The same applies to furniture. Your feet will never need to hang over the end of a bed; and you will easily find clothes that fit!!
So your parents have found a buyer with the necessary cash for Kendal’s old home. It will be a definite good-bye then. I’m still not sure if it’s the right thing you are doing, going over there to spend the nights, but with you there Kendal should be all right. I just hope that the new owners are good people. It helps.
Thank you for wishing my wife well; I had a good look at the written results of the echo-graph, and there has been no visible change since the last one at the beginning of the year. That’s a big relief. She was bunged up too, couldn’t poo for days, even after having soaked prunes for breakfast, dried figs in the evening after supper, and eating loads of fruit and ????. I had already prepared a rather ominous looking enema aparatus, based on the model I had once described for use on the boat, but much bigger! The sight of the contraption must have literally scared her insides shitless, because she could suddenly go every day without the aid of intestinal dynamite (laxatives)!
OK, I won’t bother you with more details, take care of yourself, keep up a steady good effort for those A-level exams seemingly so far away in the future, but upon you in no time at all, love from Rizzo

Now to my dear niece KENDAL!! You made me go very pink in the face, quite a colour contrast to my white side burns, but grinning from ear to ear at my computer screen, by letting me know, that I would be welcome to kneel before you - like before a true princess - and hold your hand with you enthroned on the porcelain in full action!! How could I ever resist? Of course you would have to wear your favourite sky blue dress and those lurid blue undies!!
I will follow Andrew’s advice and go to the internet and find Mischa Barton’s picture when she was your age, and see if she is any match for the image of you I have in mind! She might come close, but you are the one who deserves my love, and that makes all the difference!
So here’s my hug for you, it implies being swept to the level of “eye to eye” - no, not quite as far as the stratosphere - and a twirl to let your feet be lifted by centrifugal force, (Andrew, please step back a little or her heels will make painful contact with your nose) then a scratchy cuddle before you are returned to stand on solid ground again. There you are! Love from your Uncle Rizzo.

I wonder what has happened to ALANA?

And TEENAGED GIRL, are you still reading? Have you reached your twenties?

Hellos to Steve and Louise, Jane, Rich and Kathy, Lucy, Jeff A., Austin, Upstate Dave, Silke, Carol, Julie, Althea, Penny, Moira and all I have failed to mention...
Bye to all,

Hi Buzzy,

I am glad you found that story funny, I tell you it created a little scandal around here...

My wife got a ring from her mom, who was indicating that I should not be left alone with our kids anymore! I was so outraged and hurt. I mean what an unfair reaction. Yes, it was embarrassing to have to let your pants down in front of the family. But would it not have been as bad if I would have shat my pants in front of everybody? There really was no other spot to go and I could not have asked them to leave as my daughter had not finished her wee, yet.
I was so embarrassed, outraged and upset that I even cried when my wife told me, what she said. I love my family and I find it the biggest offense of all to indicate I could harm my kids! Thank god my wife is on my side and is totally comforting. She has a big argument with her mom because of that. I told her how sorry I was for all of this, but she said that she thinks they are being completely unreasonable. She even told me a story where she was caught short, in order to make me feel better. I won't talk about it here but in a strange way it is a bit liberating, as it seems to bring us together more closely. We normaly do not mind if one of us is on the loo and the other one walks in but we never talk about things like this.
My sister in law's husband rang me yesterday and ask laughingly, he heard I got rid of my constipation. I told him what our mother in law had said and how upset I was. He was furious about that stupid reaction. He rang her and told her that she was getting over the top. We even had to laugh when he told us later how the conversation ended: He had said that he could not believe what she was indicating and he hopes that she never gets in a desperate situation because "we all know, even you poop sometimes..."-She just hung up. I am so thankful to Martin, as I could not have talked about it with her.
This morning I was standing in front of the toilet naked and peed before getting into the shower. My daughter came in and watched like she sometimes does, she is only four, and after I finished I put the seat down for her and she also did her wee. I always felt there was nothing wrong with things like that, but today I was getting really uncomfortable. I told my wife and she shook her head and said she is tired of this nonsense. I am getting strangely insecure at the moment. Could somebody tell my there thoughts?
Through all this fuzz I am building up another constipation as well. I guess, you fine people on this site are one of the few I can tell this.

What on embarrassment to start a family war by following an urgent call of nature!

Stay well

Todd and Diana
Hey Everyone,
Well in case your courious about what we look like, we will tell you. I, Todd am 21 years of age and I am a heavier set man. I have awesome blue eyes and brown hair and I also stand six feet, two inches. I, Diana am also 21 years of age and have a traditional female build. I also have beautiful blue eyes and I stand six feet even. I have blonde hair too.
Well here is another story. Yesterday we were watching a movie and we were all cuddled up when Diana told me that she had to take a poo. I said alright no big deal and I will follow you in there. She grabbed one of her Glamour magazines and we went into the bathroom. She was sitting ont the toilet when she said to me, "Will you come over here and rub my vagina?" I said, "Okay Honey". As I am sitting there doing this she tells me that this is going to be a huge one, and naturally I got all excitied. Then she stars to rip seven ten second long farts. She said that she was in alot of pain and I felt so bad for her, I wish I could have been in her shoes cause she doesn't deserve that kind of pain. I told her that to keep focus on the magazine and try to push. Then I started to rub her legs, boy are they smooth. She was concentraiting on her reading material and that's when I told her to push. So she started to push. I said "push, push, that a girl, come on push get that thing ! out of there, good girl", and by me saying that and praising her she managed to get out a HUGE log I don't know how big is was exactly but it was a giant. After that was all over she sat there and weed for tewnty seconds. I told her how pround I was of her and she said that I would be rewarded later. Then I said that I had to take a wee. When I take a wee it is different. Granted I am a male, but "I love to pee like a girl" and Diana really, really loves it too. Well that's it for now and again a SPECIAL THANKS for those who responded to our posts, we greatly enjoy your thoughts and we love you all with our hearts.
Todd and Diana

RJOGGER and Kathy
The last week and a half has been busy, so say the least, so we just have time for some replies and hellos. Robbie and Annie - Oh My! (LOL) What a story! The 4 folks in a tub, then the girls shitting, and Annie's "wig wag" (swinging) turd, and the steward gaping……. (Explosive Laughter!!!!!!). Robbie: this is one of the best stories that Kathy and I have ever read, not to mention one of the funniest. I am still laughing very hard, as is Kathy, and it is somewhat hard to write a reply, because we both almost fell off of our chairs laughing. What a beaut, we would have loved to have seen this happen. You folks take good care, wow, I can't (LOL!) stop laughing!
Buzzy - Neighbor, every opportunity that I get to share a poop session with Kathy, I take advantage of. That is the main reason that we had the twin commodes installed, so that we could share time together in the head. We liked your story, Buzzy, keep on posting these beauts.
Rizzo - I see that you slipped and got hurt. Are you OK, friend? Kathy and I hope that you are well and not feeling any bad effects. We enjoyed your latest "boat" story very much. Take good care.
David and Niki - You guys are right, Kathy and I are "somewhat" older than you, as we have 3 adult children that are in your age bracket. We have known each other 37 and ½ years, been married for almost 36, and we have enjoyed watching each other poop, almost from the beginning of our relationship. I' m sure that you and Niki will enjoy a long and healthy relationship also. Here's hoping that you 2 will post more adventures, as they occur.
Carmalita - Congratulations, Carmalita and Jake, the Newlyweds! It sounds like you two youngsters had a terrific wedding, not to mention the 3 great poop stories you just wrote. Again, Kathy and I just want to send our best wishes and we hope to hear form you soon.

Hearty HELLOS! also go to Kim and Scott; Renee; Patsy, Jane, Diane NY, Jeff A, Rizzo, Adrian and Muggs.
We will speak to you folks later in the week.

your name (optionalMatt)
About 2 years ago I had a paper delivery round and I had an accident one morning. My Mum and dad work shifts and they were on mornings and my brother had another round. I thought I would enjoy hanging on and got to the shop and sorted the papers. I think I realized that there was no way I would get back home without doing a dump but I decided to try. About half way around I felt the poo touching the back of my pants. Slowly the first lump slipped in and dropped heavy into the crutch of my briefs. It was stiff but sticky. Then over the next few minutes the rest fell in and rolled around between the top of my legs as I walked. I felt it smearing me and knew I would be a mess. I met my mate Andrew at the end of the round and he co8ld tell what I had done and I owned up and he told me that he had done a few poops in his pants and had gone in his pants on the way home from school about a week before. We both went back to my house and I got cleaned up before my brother got! back. I don't think my brother is into pooing but I do know that his underwear id often pee stained and I think he enjoys doing that but we do not talk to each other about it. My mate Andrew have had a couple of poops together and will tell you about them another time.

Todd & Diana
Hey Toilet Friends,
A SPECIAL THANKS for the responses that we have received. It is really nice to know that there is such a great site for this kind of thing. When I asked the question about toilet reading I thought I would get more quy responses, but that is not true. We really want to know form the feamles and males too is what kind of material do you read in the bathroom? I love to read Newsweek, Trains and also the Newspaper. In addtion to our engagement we have decided to put another toilet in my house so we can do our bathroom time together(Have two toilets side by side in the bathroom with soft toilet seats). Diana wants to inform that she likes to read Glamour, Redbook, and the Newspaper. She is the most beautiful person in the whole world and I am so lucky to be marrying her. She also wants to put magazine racks in the bathroom and I think that is a great idea. She would also like to say hi to everyone. I wish we all could meet somewhere and talk about our stories, like a class reun! ion. Anybody got any ideas how we could do this? The wedding is planned for June 13th, 2002. Well we have to go and have bathroom time now, so bye for right now and we love you all with our hearts.

Here is a poo story from my early teens.
I had a very good friend, Tony, who was in my class at school. I often used to go round to his house after school. When we were about 13, I once asked him if I could watch him having a poo on the toilet. He thought about this and said 'why not when the moment is right". Some weeks went by and we were round his house. His parents were out. All of a sudden he said "Do you still want to see me have a crap? Because I really want to go now." I was really excited. We went into the toilet. Tony undid his belt and dropped his trousers and underpants and sat on the toilet. He leaned forward so that there was a gap between his bum and the edge of the toilet, so that I has a clear view of his bum. I stood right behind him to watch. He went quite quiet and was straining hard. Quite slowly there was that lovely soft crackling sound and a log started to appear from his arsehole. Then gradually it slid out more and more - it was huge. Tony said "Can you see anything?" See anything! there! was so much to see, it went on and on. It was quite a dark colour brown and didn't smell that strong. I put the index finger and middle finger of my left had on either side of his arsehole and the poo and it slid warmly past. It was so long it didn't make any noise as it slipped into the water. He even let me wipe his bum for him. It was a long time ago, but I am shaking with excitement with the memory of that experience. Why don't I have those experiences today? I wish I could!

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