Sun Devil aka Jamie
Hello everyone!
I am sorry that I have not posted in awhile but things have been a little crazy.
CARMELITA- So glad to see that you had a wonderful time at your wedding and honeymoon. So glad to see that married life has not changed your poop production. I love the story when you went into the bathroom while Jake was in the bathtup, pooped 28 inches worth of Carmelita poop and then slipped into the tub. WHOHOO!!
The story about you crapping on the beach is a great story as well!!
Glad to have you back safely. Here is a kiss from me!
MANDY- What wonderful poop stories that have had in the last few weeks. Keep it up!! Finally buddy dumping with your boyfriend has got to be a huge rush for you. I enjoy your stories very much and am amazed at your productions as well.
KIM and SCOTT- What can I say about your pooping episodes. Incredible! Keep it up. You are very sweet to me.

To all others, happy pooping!!


Hi Jumpz! Hehe, well, if you wanted to watch me, you'd be very welcome! (Well, now that is. At that time, I was pretty embarrassed being watched!)

Louise - I loved your story of the little boy who peed onto the path. His sister was so fickle - deserting him to watch the stronger stream of her father! :)

Recently, when I've been to nightclubs in London, there's usually one or two girls in the men's toilets after about 1am. Last time I went, I was going in while this girl was coming out. She had a kind of coy smile, but I was a bit confused and hesitant - her presence actually made me double-check that I was going into the right loos!
Anyway, once inside, I used the urinals, but there were a couple more girls queueing for the cubicles. They were chatting to the guys around them, and joking around.
Whenever there's been girls in the men's toilets, they've always been quite polite and restrained (a little too restrained, in my opinion!) - staying away from the urinals, and never really staring at the men taking a piss. How does this compare to everyone else's experiences??

Take care,


ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi you two! Yeah I think watching a male having a wee
is a thing that a lot of girls like or are fascinated by but do not
want to talk about it? I always like watching Steve piss but it is
good too to see others. The boy was fun to watch and his sister looked
really interested in how his wee was squirting out but I think she
liked seeing her dad do it more because it was just on a bigger scale
you know.
LOL I liked the girls fighting for the toilet. It reminds me of when
I was little and when my sister got mad with me for trying to get of
her off the toilet when she was having a wee when I wanted to shit. I
was real young then, about 8 and my sis would be 4.
The girls are black belts? Wow I have a long way to go to get mine.
I had better watch out what I say! Love Louise xxx

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Thank you for your good luck wish for my test. I
did all right but I was real nervy before in the afternoon!

JULIE - Steve says sorry for not writing but he is still really busy.
Some of that is my fault! Yikes!

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! No Steve is not mean like that and I bet he
would not be mad at you for watching me and my friends. I mean he is
protective of me but he does tell the difference between somebody who
is being friendly and who is not. He is really good at that.
Did I not tell you I thought you were nice enough to be an approved
male in the WSPC? Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! My test was my Aikido 5th kyu and I got it!!! I did feel
good in my test. You know I should have done all this stuff years ago
when Steve said I could because I really enjoy it. I have made some new
friends as well and not just the guys and the few girls Steve trains
with. It's great! I have loads to learn but I will be trying hard and
it will take me years but I want my black belt. I will get it you know!
I thanked Steve in a special way last night!
He says he has heard of your style but not really a lot about it.
You know I had the liquid poos yesterday before my test. Steve was with
me at home then and I felt a bit like my bum would blow up but I kept
it all in until I got upstairs. I just had my bathrobe on because I
was going to have a shower, and Steve took it from me so I just hovered
my bum over the toilet. Well I just let go and there was a big pouring
of brown gloop out of my bum into the toilet. It went on for ages and
then what happened was I let out this really long gassy rude fart that
stunk. I had some solid shit to do as well, so I pushed it and the
turd was about 4 inches long and very soft. I felt like weeing and I
did, so I aimed my pussy down where there were all these nasty brown
splashes up the side and I just washed it all away with my wee. I bent
over so Steve could wipe me like a gentleman and I was a bit dirty
down there. I got in the shower while Steve got me a good energy drink
so I would not get dehydrated. I didn't wee again until later when I
came home after my test!
The boy I wrote about who was with his dad and sister is one of my
favourite male pissers from this year's holiday. It was just great
to see him just doing it like he did. You know I didn't see her do it
but I wondered if his older sister weed in front of him later. It
would not have been fair if she had not. LOL I can not wait for you to
tell us about when you go to the beach!
Yeah LOL you know all about handbags doing their own thing while you
wee as well. It is the bad thing about having to carry them LOL.



Annie(and Robby)
Morning friends,
Robby is sitting near me. He is still feeling poorly. He had a rather restless night. I slept on the day bed in his room. Early this morning I saw him get up and start walking to the loo. I asked him if he needed me. He said;"of course". We walked to the toilet and he sat down. He put his head down and groaned. He let out a large fart. I laughed and he chuckled. He weed a bit and a log started coming out of his bum. He grunted. UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! It sounded like something out of the forest. During this time I was sitting next to him, squeezing his hand, and rubbing his ????. He finally dropped the piece. It spashed into the bowl. He then dropped a few small ones; Plop, plop, plop, plop! He asked me to wipe him(He is feeling weak right now). I did and assisted him back to the bed. He kissed me before he got back under the covers.(To the present) He is mumbling behind me, now. He just said;" I'm NOT a bloody invalid"!!! Oh Robby, do hush and be a nice! old chap! He's laughing! This is not a wild story! I will have one tomorrow, I hope.

KENDAL: It is joy to hear from you. You are right. You are truly blessed. Robby and I would be honoured and excited to become your extra Uncle and Aunty. We are so pleased to join dear Rizzo and PV in your care. I KNOW Sarah and Meghan will be more than thrilled to be your adopted cousins. ANDREW: This also pertains to you, too. We will help you all we can. The girls would be also thrilled to be your adopted cousins if you agree. They will be here this weekend so they will respond to you then. I know a kiss from Kendal will help you get over your huff, haha. It does with Robby. By-the-way, Robby just asked me if a trump is a fart. I told him, yes. (right?) Take care, my dears. Lots of love and a big hug, Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie.

JANE: Good god, we don't deserve those wonderful words. We have thoroughly enjoyed your stories and this forum. We hope to be here for some time to come!! Take care, Annie and Robby (Meghan and Sarah S)

EPHERMAL: We thank you your kind words. You have been a great contributor to this forum, also. We have enjoyed your adventures, too. Look around. Possibly you can find someone that will share your toilet with you, if you are open to that. BTW, what are you studying at school? I know Sarah S and Meghan will want to respond. Take care, Annie and Robby.

DEAR RIZZO: Haven't hear from you in a few days. Hope all is well. We are thinking of you and your wife. Take, care. Love from Annie and Robby.

Jennifer: Thank you for your post. It must be hard for your roomate. The fact you are there to help if needed must make her feel a little better. Take care, Annie and Robby

PV: Well, Robby read the post from yesterday and said I could knock him flat with my karate chop! I have to find a karate group over here(U.S.) to start back with. This is part of my exercise. Hope all is well. Happy poos and wees! Annie and Robby

DIVA: It looks like you are very busy. What part are you doing in "Magic Flute"? Robby has done this opera dozens of times. It is one of his favourites. Your little bladder does pose a problem on stage. Robby has tons of those stories. Do you try to wee just before you go onstage? Take care and good luck. Robby and Annie

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Louise and Steve, Scott and Kim, Carmalita and Jake, Pat and Renee, Linda(14yrs), LindaGS, Laura, Erin, RJOGGER and Kathy, DianeNY, Jeff A, (Ellie and Little Lou,whereever you are) and all the other posters.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Outhouse Scott
To Sarah, Erin and other Men and Women who are self conscious about their BM's.

If you're really concerned about your inbility to have a bowel movement in the presence of other people, especially of the opposite sex, here's a possible therapeutic activity for you.

One time at a college party, my friends and I (three guys and two girls) decided on a whim to all pee together. We each took our turn at, or on, the toilet, and finally flushed after everyone had gone. One of the girls said she'd never peed in front of anyone--even another girl--since she was a little girl, and said it was a pleasantly liberating experience. She said (and I think we all felt) closer to each other because we realized we were comfortable enough to pee together.

I've taken a dump in front of other guys before (in high school, there were no doors on the stalls in the boys' room) and a couple of times in front of my women friends.

So here's an idea for those of you who are nervous or self conscious about your bowels.

Ask a close friend of the opposite sex (one who's fairly open minded) if they would just stand in the bathroom with you and talk to you while you poop. If that's seems like to big a step, ask a friend of the same sex, or start out by peeing in front of someone. Then ask your friend(s) to pee or poop in front of you. THIS IS IN NO WAY SEXUAL!!! This is simply a cathartic way to help your self realize that EVERYONE POOPS, everyone's poop stinks, everyone's poop is (more or less) the same color and shape and everyone farts when they poop!

Moving your bowels with someone there talking to you casually might help you to loosen up. Try it and see what happens.

Hope you're all able to comfortably crap in the vicinity of other people soon!

Take care everyone.


Hi, I was just wondering if anybody does the same morning before school thing as me. Iam 15 yrs old, i have an 8 yr. old brother and a 6 yr old sister. In the morning i am the first in the bathroom, i take my clothes off and take a poop, i never pee when i get out of bed. Then i take a shower, for some reason i can never pee for about half an hour after getting up. Anyway, i wash my hair and then at that time my sister comes and she comes in the shower, i always help her wash up and clean her hair. My sister will come in and squat down to have a pee. she never pees much. While my sister pees i also pee. I dont ever squat any more. I just spread my legs alittle and let it drain. Once we are done peeing we will spray our vaginas to clean them and get out to dry up. usually my brother is yp at this time taking his morning poop, He kind of stinks though. If im having my period i will usually insert a tampon into my vagina at this time to. It seems normal to me because i always go! through this in the morning and i was just wondering if anybody else does anyhthing similar.

Matt - I sometimes hold my dick like that if I think I'm going to get a hard on. One time I peed through the gap between the seat and the bowl and got my pants wet. Now I have an open front toilet seat so there is a lot more room and I don't have to worry about doing that again.

hey can someone describe for me what a squat toilet looks like. i know several persons have mentioned using them. a picture would be nice. (maybe one could be placed on the masthead.) also where are they mostly found? i've had some really large dumps latley, but i'm never able to get them out in one piece. they usually break after 8-10 inches or so. sometimes i will have 2 or 3 8-12 inchers in the toilet. i tried to go a while a go but couldn't and i had the urge 15 minutes before that, but since there was no place to go i held it in and now i don't have to go. oh well ... i guess i'll have to leave one for the janators another day.
to eric in chicago: great story will have to try some of those combos
to silke: cool story that must have been one dirty rest area. did they ever clean it?

Steve - u wear lucky ur older bro didn't find out, u had really bad day

Today i was sittin on my coutch playin video games and was in the middle of a game and felt the need to poop real bad.I finally reatched a level i never got to before and couldn't leave the game. I farted and my friend matt started crackin up. I felt i solid poop restin agnest my briefs and i said matt i really gotta poop!!!! He said u can't stop playin now, just go in ur pant's. I said well mom won't be home for 3 more hour so why not. I lifted my bum up and pushed and farted again then a couple log's squished into my undies I sat back down and felt the warm poop squish in my pants, matt just sat watched ang giggled. Next thing i know i hear matt fart then he lift's his bum up off the seat then i hear lot's of cracking sounds and a squeeky fart I saw wow matt ur poopin ur pants aren't u??? he like well ya why not u just did. I said thats cool we'll clean up after the game. so we both sat there with poop in ur pants and laughed. well matts 14 as so am i i think he like poo! pin his pants too.

Most of you probably have no idea who I am or remember the only time I have posted here. I have been reading this page for what feels like forever, however have only once posted. I have an incredibly busy schedule and am so used to just reading I just never post. Also, there are alot of other reasons why I don't post but a really big one is that nothing really ever happens bathroom wise in my life that hasn't been covered here a million times or seems to compare to most of the posts here.
I'm not going to go into alot of the things I wrote about before because this is going to be a long post. You can find my other post on page 357 and it will give you alot of back ground about me.
Sorry in advance for my typing and spelling errors. I am really bad at spelling and even worse at typing so....sorry, but if it wern't for spell check i would have never graduated from college and would have been fired from my job along time ago.
When this happend last night I knew I had to take time and post it here for everyone because I couldnt believe it happened and this is really the only thing that has ever happened that I could post about.
I am going to try to give you as much detail as I can remember and try to explain everything as it happened. Of course, what was said will all be close but not exact but I'll do my best. Sorry its so long but I can't shorten it and make it make sense so I'm just going to tell you everything.
My roomate is named Kristen, she goes by Kris and is 25. She tends bar at a really popular place here in Orlando and keeps saying she is going to go back to college and finish her degree but hasn't yet. She is about 5'9" or 5'10" (I'm bad as guessing stuff like this) and is about 130lbs, her weight changes but never more than 5lbs...she and I always work out together and neither of us are obcessed about weight but are both really careful about eating and working she's in really good shape. Kris has got dark brown hair and green eyes. I'm 24, almost 25 and Kris and I have been living together since I moved to Orlnado after graduating college.
She has no idea I read this site...and she never will...and has no idea about my interest in this subject which I keep totally and completly hidden at all times. We rarely have talked about anyhting bathroom related and don't as a rule share much on this subject.
The Friday before last Kris was driving down a main road here when a guy in a Jeep ran a red light and hit her car in her driver's door. She broke her left leg and arm and has a cast on both of them and has a broken ribb and at least 1 thats cracked also. Fortunatly she is ok other than that but really really sore and bruised up. PLEASE!!!! everyone WEAR YOUR SEATBELT it SAVE her life. She's on really stong pain med called Vicoden which totally puts her in another world when she's on it.
I've been taking care of her becasue she really doesn't have anyone else right now....her family is basically dysfunctional and really messed up and its a long story but basically her parents cut her off about 2 years ago.
Last night (Monday) a friend of mine I havent seen since I graduated was here for business and we had made plans to go out to eat with another one of mine and Kris's friends here. We had planned this before Kris's car accident and I was going to cancel out because Kris is kinda ok home alone but its really hard for her to get around and I try not to leave her unless I have too for like work...but I come home at lunch.
Anyway Kris insisted that I didn't cancel and I tried to get her to come because I thought getting out would be good for her becaues she's been depressed and basically hasn't gone out since the accident but she wouldn't go and really wanted me to go. She said she wanted some time alone anyway so I went.
We went to Chilies for dinner and we drank alot....its always happy hour in the bar at Chilies.....hehehe.
Anyway, I got home about 1:30 am and was basically drunk and already thinking I was going to call in to work because there was no way I could go. I opened the door to our apratment really quitely becasue I thought Kris would be asleep and went into my bedroom. Our place is really small...its a 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom. The way its set up is that the bathroom is in between both bedrooms and has a door to the hall and a door to each bedroom, its really tiny and everyhting is cramped together because most of the space is for the doors. The sink is to the right of the hall door and the toilet and tub/ shower is on the other wall.
I went into my room and just layed down on my bed and realized I had to pee but I was really buzzed and didnt want to get up but knew I had to so I got up and was about to put my hand on the bathroom door in my room when I realized Kris was in there. I didn't say anything because I figured she'd be done in a sec so I layed back down on my bed. I fell half-asleep...I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about where you feel like you can't move but your kinda awake but not really. I got up again to go pee and realized it had been several minutes, maybe 15 I don't know how long and Kris was still in there. The fan in the bathroom has never worked since we moved in and it was really quite so I kinda listed and I could barely hear what sounded like a half grunt like nuh nuh nuh, like she would start to grunt and quickly stop, so I said "hey I'm home you ok? Kris--"uh Hi, ahh ya I'll be done in a sec ok" "K, hey I gotta pee ok" "K 2 secs"
About 5 sec later she opened the door to my room and has standing up with her weight on her 1 foor and I helped her through the other door into her bed and said "be right back"
I went in and peed...I had to go real bad. Im still buzzing but realized that she hadn't flushed before she opened the door and I looked and all I saw was my pee in the toilet, no paper even. So basically I realized what I heard was her trying to go and she hadn't gone at all.
So I washed my hands and went into her room and sat on her bed and she was laying on her right side sort of curled into a ball and crying alittle, not alot but you could tell she was crying for sure.
I asked her 4 or 5 times if she was ok and she said yes she was fine and she just wanted to go to bed and I asked her why she was crying, what was going on and finally she said "My stomach really hurts it been cramping all night I'm ok I'm fine I just want to go to bed"
I realized what was going on, she was constipated and had been trying to go. We had never talked about anyting bathroom related and she didn't come out and say it but everything added up.
I should have realized it sooner but never did and she didn't say she was having a problem. When I picked her up from the hospital they gave her a bottle with a funnel on it so she could lay in bed and pee without having to get up and a bed pan so she could poo without getting up. Her reaction was yuck, gross, no way never at first. When we got home the pain meds she was on made her really dizzy and with me working I couldnt help her up to go to the bathroom and even though she could kinda get up with a crutch it was really hard for her to get around. So she used the bottle to pee in and would just put it on the nightstand next to her bed and I would empty it and never say anything about it so she wouldnt be embarassed. I knew sometimes during the day she would get up and sit on the toilet to pee and sometimes I would help her when I was home get into the bathroom so I just assumed she was pooing during this time.
She was still crying alittle and I basicaly knew what was going on and I didn't want to embarass her but wanted to help her to and of curse at this point was realy interested.

-----I really realy hate to do this and am sooooo sorry but I can't stay up and finish this so I promise I will finsih this later and post the rest. I have to be for work in 4 hrs...night


Jeremy--most colleges have single-sex bathrooms for freshmen and upperclassmen can get suites that are about 6-10 people sharing a common area and bathroom with singles and doubles. Those can usually be co-ed.

I really should be getting to bed, so I'll just say a couple things. Okay, so today I was at work and in order to get to the bathroom my co-workers need to pass by me. I noticed one guy walked by with a magazine and went into the bathroom and came out about 20 minutes later. Then, about an hour or so later, he walked by again with the same magazine and went back into the bathroom for another half hour. I wonder how common it is for people to poop in installments. It seems quite common on here. For me, I've just been on this pooping thing lately and have been going 2-3 times a day...very strange.

Anyway, I very much go as soon as I get the urge to poop. Sometimes, I'll let the urge to pee build up, but never to a point where I'm desperate if I can help it. Anyway, yesterday I was talking to a good friend about a problem she is having at dinner and I had a class that I needed to go to. I wanted to stop for a pee before the class, but ended up talking for a very long time. Anyway, I got to the room (which is kinda like a big study hall) for the class (it's an extracurricular come as you want class and I'm actually the only one in it, so I study with an adult male). Anyway, as I was walking down the hall to class, I could feel the urge to pee change into an urge to poo desperately. So, I had already passed the womens room on the hall, so I went into the study room and put my bag and jacket down and then circled back to the restroom. As I was walking down the hall, the teacher entered the hall from the other side and saw me walk down, so it was obvious where I ! was going. As soon as I sat down, a couple long thin snakes slid out with no effort followed by a torrent of pee. I still felt like I had more poo, but no matter how hard I pushed nothing would come out. I had a diffifult task of cleaning as these freuqent, soft, urgent poos are very soft (solid and formed) and sticky to my bottom. The whole ordeal took only 5 minutes, so I wasn't too late to class, but it was awkward going back in and he was sitting there reading and just, in my opinion "knew" what I was up to. It was just awkward cause I didn't know what to say "I'm so sorry, I didn't want to (walk out in the middle of your class//shit in my pants) during the hour..."

I did poop again last night when I got home. Today I didn't feel the urge until after 9 pm and I was in my friend's room (who lives on a hall...yea for public bathrooms) so I went there, again, quick enough to be a pee. It was harder to start peeing after I pooped than it was for the poop to come out in the first place.

So, I just went upstairs to brush my teeth and being the well-trained "child" that I am, I know to sit on the toilet and try to pee before going to bed even if I don't feel the urge. So, I sat down, night shirt up under my arms and boobs, white underpants down to my ankles. I bent over so my stomach rested on my thighs to put pressure on my bladder (it's easier to start this way I find) and after a minute, a steady stream (average, not weak, not strong) began for 10 seconds. Then I felt really empty, so I wiped while still seated, stood up and pulled up my underpants, flushed while letting my nightshirt fall back down to my knees and washed my hands. Then I came back to my room and posted for you and that's all.

I had just filled my car with gas when I felt the urge
to go doodie. So I go to the toilet and sit down and
a big turd starts to hang out my butt when this guy
bangs on the door. He says hey dude hurry up and I';m
all like uh no. The poop is 1/2 way out and its just
hanging there when he bangs some more and says Hurry
up. I push harder and then I hear a big thud. I look
in the bowl and there is a turd 11" long and 3" wide.
So then he starts banging really hard and I decide to
leave him my "present" a big stinky banana.

Hey folks! So many great posts, and so many new posters. Does that make me an old-timer?

Carmalita! Hola! Que pasa? Glad to hear you and Jake had a fabulous wedding and honeymoon. And great poop stories to boot, especially the one in the ladies room with the two giggling girls. I loved the way you blew off that guy coming on to you. Welcome back to you and Jake, and hello also to Renee (how much longer until the baby arrives?) and Patsy.

Sarah: When I was growing up, I was embarrassed to poop in public restrooms with anyone, male or female, around, especially in school. Eventually I realized that everyone does it, so there was no reason to be embarrassed. I had my "coming of age" on this aspect during the summer I worked in my Mom's office before my senior year in high school. I posted once about the time I was in the ladies room pooping when I felt a strange presence that later turned out to be a male peeper. Another time, when I was in my last year as an undergrad in college, I was at a pizza place. I was in the bathroom in the midst of one of my major poops when I discovered the lock was defective. I was pushing out a major wave when suddenly someone opened the door and a guy, who was a freshman, walked in. His mouth opened at the sight of me sitting with my jeans down and white panties around my knees, he turned pale white, said sorry and left. My friend Sara (what a coincidence) happened to be! around and was almost knocked over by the freshman. She came in and made sure the door was locked. Sara said there were only signs that distinguished men's and ladies' rooms and the guy picked the wrong door. That time, the guy was way more embarrassed than I was. Don't get me wrong, Sarah. Generally, I would be embarrassed if I was seen by a male stranger on the toilet.

Sara S, Meghan, Robby & Annie: You guys have been great additions to the forum. I love all of your stories. You are all special people, and I hope you continue to share your stories with us.

Amy (Co-ed): Welcome to the forum. I have a special fondness of stories from the college folks. It's been over ten years since I was an undergrad, but that was an especially active period for me, toilet-wise. I can certainly relate to your living in the dorms. I'm sure there will be more stories.

Todd R: Love at first shit? Now that's a novel concept. And then you get engaged while you are in the potty? Another novel concept, and so romantic. Best wishes to you and Diana. By the way, I do like to read while sitting on the toilet at home. Mostly magazines, TV Guide, sometimes the newspaper. There's another posted named Buzzy that prints out stories on this forum and reads it while on the toilet.

Mindy: That was a great story of you and Brian pooping. I do enjoy your stories about pooping in the school restrooms. Are you looking forward to going to college? I can tell you will enjoy the whole experience, including more toilet stories.

There are so many other great posts, but I don't have time to respond, so forgive me. Quick hellos to Rizzo, Althea, Buzzy, Kim & Scott, Ephermal, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, RJogger & Kathy, and to everyone else, including all of the new posters.

Hi, thanks for the welcome. Vince, what do you do in music? My singing career is going quite well. I'm doing Magic Flute which is in rehearsal right now, and of course some Christmas Messiahs coming up, and next year I am booked for West Side Story, and of course I have a pile of auditions coming up. I am thinking of going back to school for my Masters' in Opera though, and I will probably apply for the fall of 2003 when I can get some cash together.
Singing can be pretty hard on a small bladder, especially drinking all the extra water, especially in an unfamiliar dry climate. In opera or musical theatre it's not so bad because you usually get time offstage to go between entrances and when you're on stage, you're moving around a lot and there's so much acting to do it takes your mind of it. The worst is oratorio or concert work where you sit on stage the whole time with a little glass of water and you can feel like you have to pee but you can kind of press your bladder into the hard chair and relieve the pressure or even cross your legs subtly under your long gown, then you stand up to sing and you can feel it, but you have to stand perfectly still and all you can think about is "I have to PEEEEE". Of course there's no way you can leave the stage, even in rehearsal. I also had waiting for an audition and having to go. I know some singers use diapers or pads, and I have tried that but I didn't really like the feeling of! it so I try to manage without on most ocassions. Luckily I've never had to poop really bad in performance, I don't know what I'd do.

MATT-I think the reason some guys hold their dicks down while pissing, while sitting on the toilet, depends on how they physically "hang". Some guys hang straight down, while others actually point out from their body. Those who point outward are more likely to need to push down to keep urine from spraying outwards. I found this out when I was talking with a buddy of mine and he mentioned how he hates when he's taking a crap and a leak at the same time and how sometimes his underwear gets wet. I've seen him naked so I know he points outward. I "hang" down so It isn't a problem for me.

Some good posts today to respond to--
TO TIM-Boy,that must have bee s bit embassasing to have your wife and the kids catch you at that moment of pooing-I would have been mortified!glad to see your wife came around and was understanding about it later-funny stuff
TO INDIANA TA-Good to throw your 2 cents in-Godd suggestions! Isn't it great to poo outdoors-I'm going to miss it till the weather comes around for it in the spring
TO YVONNE-Hey,honey-when you gotta go-you gotta go-what else can you do,but a lot of folks really do get discusted when they see someone pooing or peeing out in the open-hey i pooout in the woods a lot and one time this summer a woman saw me from about 30 fett away and she took of and it looked like she was going to get a cop or something-some people-well what can you do,hey I would have been an appreciative audience!!
TO SILKE-Cool story with you and the rest area although I for one probably would have gotten sick from the smell,but the visual would have been great-nice story-- I printed it and I'm going to read it as i do my morning dump which wil be very soon as I sit here feeling my rectum fill up--good stuff!
Lately I've noticed something when i'm at the men's room at the gym-I noticed that guys who are in their late 40's to 60'seem to really enjoy dumping cause they are so loud vocally as they poop.the younger guys are mostly silent except for the farts and the crackling of poop,but the older guys really let it all hang out as they fart,dump and grunt and groan loudly like they are totally alone and the stalls are uaually full and they don't seem to care who is around,but when I think about it cause as i get older the sensation of pleasure while pooing does seem to get stronger-Any feeedback on this,guys?Have to run to work-good stuff all! BYE

Indiana TA: Hi - thanks for the useful tips about taking a crap outdoors! I'm a 22-year-old College student and I often go camping with my buddies during summer weekends. Like you, I enjoy taking a shit in the outdoors, but finding the correct way to do it is not always easy. I've tried your standing method, but a couple of times when my shit was loose it got over my thighs - how do you avoid this? Do you stand straight or do you bend over a bit so that your butt protrudes? I've also tried backing up against a tree. I am always kinda constipated, however, and I find that my thigh muscles get kinda tired when taking a long shit in this position. One method that seems to work for me is removing my pants and boxers and just squatting (like a baseball catcher) with my thighs spread wide apart. You can then see the turds coming out. Like you, I usually crap alone. A couple of times me and a buddy have taken a shit together. It's kinda cool shitting out in the open with a! buddy beside you and sharing good conversation and the toilet roll! I'd sure be grateful for your tips about crapping outdoors and also hearing any interesting experiences you've had doing it.

Janitor Bill - Yeah, I work as a janitor in a community college. I took the job just so I could clean the restrooms. Most of the time I just sit around the office, answering the phone, do shipping & receiving & ordering stuff. We have a new facility with big, luxurious restrooms, and the kids spend a lot of time in there. The toilet seats are large contoured jobs with a small opening and the girls get shit on them which I have to clean off, but I don't mind. A lot of their piss ends up on the underside of the seat. I find large turds like you do and tampons and stuff. Sometimes they leave their pee in the toilet. I start cleaning the bathrooms at 3 PM and there are still a few kids on campus and they use the bathroom while I'm in there. I like to listen to all the different tinkling noises and plopping sounds, giggling and conversation.

Well, yesterday (Monday) I didn't go to school, because I wasn't throwing up anymore but still felt kind of sick. But today I went, and as soon as I walked into homeroom, people started laughing at me, and snickering, and just generally making fun of me. I also noticed that the people who sat next to me edged their chairs away from me. One turned to me, gave me this really fake smile, and said, "If you don't mind, I don't want you puking on me again. Do you realize how long it took me to get your disgusting puke out of my hair?" Then other people joined in, like, "And why were you pooping green? THat's so gross!" and "Ew, and you had your period too. Like we really wanted to see that?" I was just gritting my teeth, thinking, "Geez, it wasn't my fault!" It was one of the worst days in school ever (after, of course, the day I actually had the accident). And about sueing burger king, well i dont know. I might find a lawyer, maybe.

Matt-I liked the story about when you were working on pottery and had to go tto the bathroom I would like to here stories about you and your mates.

My last accident happened this morning.I woke up to find a little ball of poop forming in my briefs. This was to first time this ever happen in bed before I woke. I had to go so bad. So tried moving but a little more leaked out. But I was not going to lie there and poop my briefs so I got up slowly so no more would come out. As I started to walk Ii felt my pants get a little heavier. I quickly grabbed me briefs and stood there. It worked for the time. But I still was not at the bathroom. I walked some more an as before some came out. My briefs were getting pretty filled so said to myself no more standing around just as I said that me briefs and pants got warm. So I ran to the bathroom. But I was too late by the time I got there I completely pooped my briefs. Did not know what to then. So I took my underwear off and put on some clean ones.

To SanD: Cool story about that mother looking for her son..I like those kind of stories i think.

Nice picture...gotta run bye

Today I was in an English review session for a test ans this fat girl next to me got up and farted by accident. It was really funny, and smelled really bad as she was leaving. I liked it though.

The other day, my wife and I were eating out at a restaurant. After we had finished eating, my wife had to use the Ladies Room. She was in there a long while. There were six stalls in this Ladies Room. She was doing her business, when she noticed some blood on the tissue after wiping herself. She thought she was all done with her periods. She didn't have any supplies with her. She asked some of the other ladies, that were in the stalls, if they had any pads or tampons. They all said no. However, one lady said, there is a feminine dispenser in this stall. The lady said she was finished, and that my wife could use this stall. That stall was the handicapped stall. So, my wife came out of the stall, that she did her business in, and went in the handicapped stall. Now, she looked in her purse to find a quarter for the machine. Lo and behold, she didn't find a quarter. So, she had to come out of the stall, and come out to the lobby, to ask me for a quarter for the machine. I gave h! er a quarter, and she went back in the Ladies Room. She had to wait a moment to get back in the handicapped stall. When she finally got into the handicapped stall, she put the quarter in the machine and bought a tampon. Then, of course, she had to pull down her panties again, and insert the tampon. Then, when she was finished, she came out of the stall, and back out to the lobby. She was finally ready to leave the restaurant. She says most feminine vending machines are on the wall, or alongside the outside of a stall. However, both of us were glad that this feminine vending machine was there, and that it worked.

hi im *blank* just the other day i hade a sleep over with one of my friends any way whn i woke up she was in the bath room (it was around 6 a.m. i had to go bu not really bad so i went to sleep about an hour and a half later i awoke to the sound of laghter as i sat up wondering wat it was i saw that my blanket was soild at least 2 ft. in diamiter and my new panties were soked with pee as i relized what was going on my friend started to laugh harder and harder and all of the sudden her nighty was soaked alsothen we both started laghing but she stoped and rememberd it was he older sisters nighty takeing it off and rincing it i dont think she relized she didnt have a top embarressd she shit he self ans i laghed even harder (but i rushed to the tolet to relive my self) the end

Traveling Guy
SILKE - Good to see you posting again. What an amazing story about the French rest stop. So much peeing and pooping action by both sexes and all ages. I just love the European's openness about these things, and I think the French and the Italians are especially open. Yes, please tell us about Spain, too.

I was traveling on one of our US Interstate highways recently and stopped to pee at a rest area. There was one entrance to the foyer of the building, then seperate doors inside for the women's and men's side. While I was still outside, walking towards the building, a very attractive woman of about 25, wearing a midriff-type shirt and long pants with her naval exposed and a ball cap on her cute head, came walking very quickly - almost running - towards the outside door. As she approached it, she started to unbuckle her belt and open the top button of her pants. She stopped just short of unzipping them. It was obvious that she was really desperate, so, naturally, I let her go ahead of me through the door.

Once on the inside, I found that the doors to both toilet rooms were propped open. (But they were designed in such a way that nothing but a few wash sinks were vsible.) I had to pee pretty badly myself, so I went into the men's. When I came out, I stopped to check a map that was posted on the wall between the two doors. Of course, I had my own map in the car; it was just an excuse to wait for the attractive young woman to come out. Soon enough, she did, but she didn't glance at me. There was quite a lot of good-looking female traffic at that moment, but I didn't linger. Unlike your French experience, there was nothing to see and the only sound to be heard from the women's side was that of flushing. Oh well. Here in the US we have to use a lot of imagination.

ALL - For those interested in movie pee scenes, I saw a trailer the other night with a quick shot of a woman using the urinal in a men's room. A partial stall covered her from the side, so only her backside was showing. A man was using another urinal two stalls down. Sorry - it flashed so quickly that I didn't catch the name of the film and didn't want to ask the company I was with to rewind. But it was a preview on the head of the Bjork film "Dancer in the Dark." It looked like the trailers on that video had never been updated - films that were all several years old.

SARAH S & MEGHAN: Andrew isn't very big, and doesn't look his age. But then that is perhaps why he is so good with my friends, and why they all love him so much. If there was such an apparant age difference, he's at least four years older than all of them, then maybe it would be difficult for him and them to get up to the things we do !! Glad you two are still enjoying toilet adventures together. Does Meghan always trump when she starts her poo ? It reminds me of another friend I made here (also called Kate) who had explosive poos. She would make a huge trump and her poo would come out with such a force it would splatter all over the inside of the toilet bowl. She was always having to get out the toilet brush after some of her poos !! Hope you find some photos of Mischa Barton, then you'll know really what I look like, and can picture me whenever you think about your adoptive cousin ! ( Andrew says he thinks I should have Annie and Robby as an extra Aunty and Uncle, w! hich would make you my cousins !! ) Lots of love from Kendal xx

LINDA: You haven't written again since your little story about a gassy poo at school. Andrew and I really will be your friends if you'd like us to be. Love from Kendal xx

LUCY: I'm sorry you don't have any friends into toilety things. I'm so very lucky, and I wish I could really share my friends with you. There'd be a huge queue for that urinal then in the girls toilets ! And plenty of watch keepers ! I wish I could keep watch for you too. But then maybe not, because I'd want to be able to watch you go as well !!! I liked your two stories this time. Perhaps that lady might have been a homeless person. I suppose homeless people have to perhaps get used to pooing outside in the open, so they don't care where they do it. I think, like you though, that I would still want to use toilets if they were available. Now, as for your friend's big wee, she sounded just like my dear friend LINDA GS, who also has enormous wees ! Love from Kendal x

UNCLE RIZZO: I have to say that after reading Andrew's account of what happened with Kate that night, I am feeling so jealous. Andrew and I never go together when his Mum and Dad are in ! But then that is with good reason. That way we will never get caught, and we can always do it together then. I see Andrew has told you that we are going to have a last weekend in my old house. I'm sure to cry loads, and I shall be wanting so many hugs from Andrew, we might as well become siamese twins for the whole weekend ! We'll have sit on knees wees as well to keep cuddling. And just to make up for the other night with Kate, we're going to try and need the toilet together right in the middle of the night and go together in my house, because we can never do that at Andrew's. I still think he was so brave the other night, and I laughed 'till I nearly weed my panties when I heard how he tried to get Kate in bed with him thinking it was me ! Poor Kate told me later that she nearly poo! ed in her panties there and then when he pulled back the duvet and pulled her arm to him ! But she enjoyed it when he got out and sat her on his knee !! Hehehe ! Anyway, Andrew is waiting to do homework, so I'll go now. Hope your wife is feeling better, and are you ready with both your arms.. here I come.. big leap into my Uncle's arms for a scratchy hug !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

ROBBY & ANNIE: So glad Annie will be back soon. Is Andrew right ? Would you like to be my Uncle and Aunty as well and join my Uncle Rizzo and my dear AUNTY PV ( I don't seem to have spoken to you much recently. Lots of hugs and kisses instead to Aunty PV xxxxxxxx ) I'm already a blessed little girl, but you can't imagine how much more of a blessing I shall have if you do become my Uncle and Aunty as well. For a start, I shall inherit two wonderful cousins with Sarah and Meghan ! Its quite amazing really. Only a year and a half ago, the only family I had was Mum and Dad and then Andrew and his Mum and Dad. Oh and not forgetting Grannie and Grandad ( with the furry toilet seat ! ). Now I have real step sisters with Kate and Emily, and a step Dad with Steve, although he and Mum never actually married, and a half brother Thomas, who Mum had with Steve. And on this site I've got wonderful Auntys and Uncles and Cousins, and never forgetting my dear on-line sister LINDA GS! ( xxxxxxx ). A girl couldn't want for more, ever ! So, what do you say ? Lots of love from Kendal xxxx
PS: I won't be upset if you don't want to be.

I'm taking too long. Andrew is frowning ! He'll soon stop that when I give him a kiss thankyou !!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Andrew does do plenty of plops, but they never seem to splash his bum. I suppose its because his poos are thin snakey things that slip in the water. Unlike my friend Charlotte, who has these short and very fats poos that drop in the water like a big stone in a pond, and splash her bum all the time !! Love from kendal x
PS Of course you weren't patronising ! We wouldn't think that anyway !


I'm gone !

Annie(and Robby)
Hello and G'day,

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! It is wonderful to be back in the forum. I have missed it. I arrived from New Jersey this morning. I stopped off to visit mum for a few days. Robby is feeling rather poorly today. He is resting from his test yesterday. I am concerned about him. Well, I have a story to tell. Last week I was getting the business straightened up at the home we have near Manchester,UK. My two daughters were there with me. We have two loos. One morning I got up and started to do my usual wee and poo. The loo is next to my bedroom. The girls use the other one downstairs. I was sitting on the seat when I heard this tremedous slam of a door and the screaming of the two girls. They were fighting. I pulled my knickers up and ran down the stairs. There in the loo the girls were trying to pull each other off the seat. They were screaming;"NO ME", NO ME" GET YOUR ARSE OFF THAT SEAT!" I HAVE TO GO MORE THAN YOU". Mind you, these "ladies" are in their twenties. When I came around the! corner there they were both seated on the bowl, with their heads down and farting to beat the band. It was like a duet. They started dropping log after log. They looked up and saw me. They had the most miserable looks on their faces. They grunted and kept dropping logs. I counted at least 15 splashes. They started to wee and wipe. They must have wiped 5 times. Their arses were very dirty. They got up and we looked at the production. It was astounding. It took a dozen flushes to get all of the mess down. I told them that it was such rubbish to fight over a loo!!! After their shower, I sat them down and told them more stories about Robby and I. They started laughing and I joined in. I went back upstairs and finished my wee and poo! I grunted and dropped 5 small pieces. It was a sight to see those girls throwing each other off that toilet!
I think Robby has welcomed all of the new posters. I join in.

KENDAL: First off, thank you for welcoming Robby's daughters. They count you now as one of their special friends. I am so proud of them. I read your recent posts and am glad that you finally got those Honda knickers. Andrew must have been entranced. That was some time you had at your friend Charlotte's home. It was loo bonding at its best! Thank you for the story. My other daughter's name is Eleanore, Ellie, or El as her boyfriend calls her. She told me that she and her sister wee in the shower a lot. I hope you are getting the hang of it. Well, I am glad I'm back. Take care, my dear! Lots of love, Annie and(Robby)

ANDREW: I want to thank you, also, for welcoming and being a friend to Robby's daughters. I know they will want to respond. I told them I wanted them to meet some fine British lads. Robby said I was getting too posh, haha! I read your recent post and you must be a handsome chap. I chastised Robby for revealing Sarah's and Meghan's weight. I gave him a good swat! Kendal is small but like a china doll. Delicate and ladylike! Your story detailing the unveiling of the Honda blues was a ripper. A lot a sniggering going on from the other girls, hehe! I enjoyed the story that was printed today. You are such a gentleman to let Kate have a seat straight away! I wish you all the best in the journey to your "A" levels! Let me know how it goes. Take care my dear. Lots of love, Annie and(Robby)

RIZZO: I was dismayed to learn that you hurt yourself. I am so glad you are better. What of your dear wife? Is she better, also? Please keep us abreast of any news. Thank you for being kind to my dear cousins, Robby's daughters. They are really enjoying this forum and consider you a "father confessor". I read the sea story that Robby wrote about us and it is a scream. I still have the boat in a storage dock. I feel so attached to it but know I will have to sell it sometime. I still love the sea. Take care, my dear friend! Love to you, Annie and (Robby)

LOUISE: Enjoyed your story from Spain. It was a cracker. Give a hug to Steve! Love, Annie and (Robby)

PV: HI GAL, What is Go Kan Ryu? How is it different from traditional karate? I am studying karate. My daughters are black belts. Their boyfriends know to be careful around them, haha! They are stand up wee girls, too, they told me. Take care and happy wees and poos ahead! Love, Annie(Robby).


I must go. Robby is moving toward the loo. I have to attend to the poor dear.

Take care to all of our friends: Scott and Kim, Erin, Linda(14yrs), LindaGS, Jeff A, DianeNY, Emphermal, Rich(RJOGGER)and Kathy. Laura, and all of the other posters.

I have been absolutely mesmerised since I discovered this site. I have already posted as David and Dave, but think Davie is more unique. I have spent so much time reading the old posts and amazed that there are so many with the special similar interests we all share. I just wish we could all get together to share our toilet experiences for real.
I recently decided to go out and have a poo in the woods. There are some woods near where I work. I took plenty of TP with me. I found a place amongst the trees and undergrowth. It was a bit wet and muddy underfoot. I had to take off my jacket and hang in on a branch. Then I undid my trousers and pulled them and my pants down. I then squatted down and had a very soft smelly poo, which smelt quite good. I wiped my bum with the TP and pulled up my pants and trousers. Several days later I went back to look for my poo. It had changed colour a bit from mid brown to dark brown and was quite dried up. The TP, smeared with poo wipings had started to disolve. I felt I had left my very own mark in that isolated part of the woods. I look forward to hearing of similar experiences. Did Daniel UK ever see his friend Nathan have a crap?

Mark (formerly sarsen)
Silke, your great story reminds me of my experience in a French motorway rest stop last year. I managed to use the squat toilet successfully to pee and poo but was caught out by the 'flush'. This was just a pipe, squashed flat at the end, which pointed from the back of the bowl to the front. I pressed the button and a jet of high pressure water shot out of the pipe, 'bounced' out of the bowl but managed to collect the TP, and almost soaked me. I just avoided a total soaking by throwing myself out of the door.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Hey guys! How's life?
Sarah: Nah, I havent had any guys walk in on me while on the toilet before, though I thought sometimes it might not be that nightmarish. So I was wrong? u r still embarrassed about it? I read somewhere that some people, especially those a little on the shy side, feel most vulnerable when they r pooping, cuz if somebody were to walk in on u then, u would be so shocked u r literally feet rooted to the ground, since u can't juz run after him, when ur pants r down, u r partically naked where it matters the most, and u haven't even wiped! I wonder if that guy who walked in, got aroused by the incident?

Wapiya: Hey, how's it going? Thanx for sharing your story, so anything more happened between you and the girl? ;)

To the nick-less guy who shared his story of helping his constipated friend: hey, i thought that was a great contribution. It certainly broke down a lot of barriers between u guys right? I read of gals who were open about their bathroom habits with their female friends, but i think u guys r the 1st pair of male. Do tell us more of u guys' friendship?

Okay, better get back to my revision. I can't for Thursday, for my exams to end! I waited v.hard for this new load of contributions! Take care everybody!

Thank you guys and girls for making Linda, the 14 y/o welcome. I know what is like to be rejected in life.

Sick boy: Eat a good diet of fiber, protein and water. That will start you. As soon as you feel the first urge, go evacuate your bowels immediately. Do not wait. Also, do not sit on the toilet to read. That is bad. Just go, evacuate and get out. Also, take hot baths with your legs open, letting hot water and then apply witch hazel to the affected area.

Kara M: See my earlier posts. I once at 10 plums and I was shitting red, purple and green. The smell, oh the smell.

Stacy B: I have held my best conversations in the women's toilet at work and school. See my earlier posts.

Jackie B: I wipe myself thoroughly. I look at the paper and I use other wads and push them into my anal opening. My underwear stays cleaner. I like this girl on the masthead. It reminds me of two toilets I grew up with. One was a water closet at a family friend's house and the other was a women's room at a local dentist located above a store where I first worked. This girl looks like me in my jr. and sr. years of high school. he must be stinking the room good. Some days on my way to work or home, I would pass the store and look up and see the dentist's nurse with her backside to the window sitting on the bowl. No one knew from the street what was going on.

Amy (Co-ed): In college, I had heavy bowel movements. I had a boyfriend who did not believe girls had to move their bowels. See my earlier posts.

Dookey Boy
Hey, I'm new here. I took this dump today I thought would never end. I was sittin' on the toilet and tried to push out my log. So I sat there for a 1/2 an hour and this turd about 6" long and 3" in diameter came out. It hurted so bad! I was a brick, black, hard turd!

I heard about co-ed bathrooms in colleges in the USA (where I live). This makes me really excited because i am gonna be in college in less than 2 years. Does anybody know if this is really true, and does anybody have stories about these co-ed bathrooms? If so, tell me what college it is at so I can apply there! (I am half-joking...)

LOGAN- I had a similar experience with a mom looking for her young son. I was also in the stall closest to the door, with my pants and underwear around my ankles, when this lady opens the door, calling out to her son. He was actually in the stall next to mine. Since he was sorta young, his feet were barely visible, dangling off the toilet as he sat there. She asked him where he was, and he said, right here. She asked "where?" and so I knew that she was looking under the stalls for her kids' feet. I moved my feet and started to clean up. I washed my hands and left the bathroom. I saw this lady outside the restroom, waiting for her son. She just looked at me for a second and then looked away. It was kinda exciting knowing that this lady knew I was taking a dump, and even knew what color my briefs were under my pants.

Hello everyone! Ive not posted for a while, however i have
enjoyed reading many of your postings. My part time job,
soon to be full time is cleaning the third floor of a very
large dept store in a affluent suburb. Part of my job is the
cleaning of the womans bathroom on my floor. Since this is
my first janitorial job, I had no idea what I was in for.

I guess like many men I had no idea that woman could pass
such large turds, I now know, WOW. I told of the time a
young lady with a child went in and left the biggist
turd Ive ever seen, not all that long maybe six or seven
inches in length but very very thick. After reading past
post I have heard such turds discribed as being as big
around as beer can's thats about right. After being on the
job for a while I now know that alot of you ladies leave
your loads unflushed for whatever reason for all to view.

Because the womans bathroom is in the woman dept it get's
alot of traffic. I get to see some very pretty ladies
going in. The other day late afternoon I had two ladies
very pretty maybe mid forties go in, they seemed to be
together like business woman on break. I walked back to the
area as if to get a drink of water. I could hear them talking
but not very clear. After about ten minutes I heard only one
toilet flush, but I heard both hand dryers going. After they
exited I quickly went in. Just as I suspected, one lady
did'not flush and left a very large poop very fat and chucky.
I also found she left a little shopping bag from another
store in the stall. As I was about to retrieve her bag, she
returned. As was standing there looking at her creation
she walked in asking if I found her bag. I quickly handed it
to her and she left without a thanks. I now know she was
the one that left that creation. I would like to know
how many of you ladies leave you turds in dept store or mall
bathrooms and for what reasons? Are they to big to flush?
If I had to discribe this ladies turd I would say maybe the
size of a bakers rolling pin, very thick the whole length
with like large marble size chuncks compacted, very little
taper. She really did'not use
alot of toilet paper. Any other janitors out there? Love to
hear your stories.


AT one of my old jobs, I used to work with this one girl whom I was just friends with. She was atractive but we were just friends. One day we were the only ones there and we were sitting around talking. As we were sitting there she told me she needed to use the bathroom. I jokingly said "pee or poo?' She told me she had to take a dump. I also had a slight urge to go too. She said let's just go together. So we both went into the ladies room. We went into the stalls side by side. I pulled down my pants and underwear to my ankles. She had hers down to her knees. I then heard about 2-3 splashes coming from her side. I then strained since I really did not have to go that bad. I grunted as 2 turds came out of my butt. There we were sitting side by side pooping.

Kara M
Elysa: that's really horrible what happened to you. Those are obviously some super powerful dyes they put in those things but you'd think they would turn your poop black not green. Does anybody know why that is and whether black poop is even possible?

When I was a little kid I didn't poop that much for some reason. I was only twice a week or so and usually didn't have much trouble holding through school and would usually plan to go after school. I've found that as I've gotten older I've also become more frequent. I usually poop every other day now and I find the urge to go more urgent now than it was before. I can still hold for a while if I need to but not as comfortably. Has anybody else noticed a change in their bowel habits as they got older?

Hi everyone!

Kendall, you asked if I had any good friends who culd keep watch while I peed in one of the urinals at school. Well, none of my friends at school know about my fascination with peeing and that kind of stuff so I don't feel like I could ask them. But then again, maybe they think the same as me. I wish you could be there to keep guard for me!!

Diva - I enjoyed your story about your desperate to pee situation. There should be more stories like that here!!

I saw something a bit strange today. I catch the train home from school from a station in a really bad area, full of nasty kinds of people. Well, today the escalators were broken so as I was walkign down the stairs I could smell something in the air that smelt like shit. Now I thought to myself that smells like human shit rather than animal... (there is often dog poo and stuff around there)
So as I got to this landing on the stairs I saw a person in the corner with their pants down, wiping their backside. I was very shocked! It was gross and it smelt so bad! I didn't want to stare because I thought it might make them angry and they might come after me or something, but from what I saw I think it was a female. She was pretty chubby, and I think her face might have looked like she was slightly mentally retarded. I was very shocked and felt sorry for her if she did have some disability. But if she didn't have any disability, I think it was disgusting and I can't believe anyone would do that when there are toilets in the station. Even though the toilets are dirty, it would be better even if she went on the floor in there rather than out in the open.

Also, the other night, I went to the movies with my friend. She drank a large coke and about halfway through the movie I noticed she was fidgeting and moving in her seat. I asked her if she was OK but she just said yes because she is a bit embarrassed about talking about that kind of thing. At the end of the movie, she said she had to go to the bathroom and she looked pretty desperate. We went there but there was a fairly long line so we had to wait a few minutes and she kept shifting from foot to foot and a couple of times she tried to cross her legs hard and bed over discretely without me or anyone noticing btu it was pretty obvious. I asked her again if she was OK because I wanted her to admit she was desperate but she wouldn't.
When she went into the cubicle I heard her yank down her pants and panties quickly and start up straight away with a loud HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... it seemed to go on forever! She was in there for quite a while and when she came out she gave what I interpreted as a sheepish little smile...
so I can't help wondering if maybe she had a small accident and had to fix it up or maybe she was just so relieved so had to sit there for a while to gather her energ y (that happens to me sometimes).

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