Hi friends,
I will wrote you something about a business trip last week. I had some problems with the branch office of my company which is in France, so I had to travel to it. My boss told me, that I had to take a car, because I must transport some goods about 250 Kg to this branch. I don't like this, because by car I will need between 6-8 h depending on the traffic. So I had to leave very early (about 5 a.m.)and start my trip on the highways. After 3 h I felt the urge to shit, and I found a nice rest-area. There where not to much people and there was a big toilet building. On my way to the ladies-side I saw, that there was an underpass for the people which stopped at the other direction, and I thought I will also stop there on my way back this evening. In the building was a big room with two sinks and three stalls. The bowls were of the squatting type, but the stalls don't give you much privacy, because they begin 30 cm from the ground. Only your face was covered...hihihi. All looks (! and was) very dirty, which is normal in public toilets in France. I could see that the left stall was occupied by someone shortly before, because I could see that this woman was pulling down her jeans. I was a little bit surprised, that she didn't squat over the bowl- she squatted next to the wall, and in profile I could see that she pushed out some fat turds. I looked into the middle stall, but the bowl was unflushed and filled with turds and used tampons. So I had a look in the right one. It was also unflushed and the bowl was fileed with poop and pee, but there additional lays a slip, completly filled with shit and with a yellow spot- someone was to late ....hihihi. I took the middle stall and lifted up my skirt. Than I could see why this woman went on the ground . Her bowl was also unflushed, but there was a big pile on the footsteps of the bowl! I bent a little forward and let go my turds. I don't want to get splashed, so I didn't want to hit the center and turned my arse! out of the direction. As I looked between my legs I saw, that my turds had hit the floor and not the bowl - but nobody would remark it. While I had my shit, I heard another woman came in quickly. She looked into the free stall, and than I saw her legs moving back . I heard a zipper in front of the stalls, and a hard hissing stream hitting the floor. I heard the zipper again, and somebody was going outside. I wiped and went out. Some metres from the stalls was a big puddle flooding to the drain in the middle of the room. The other woman was still shitting, and under her stall-door a second pee stream was on its way to the drain.
I continued my trip to the branch. Unfortunalitly my meeting ends at 1 a.m. because the problems were much bigger as we thought before, but at least we succeed. At my way back I had a first quick stop for changing my business-clothes into my comfortable jeans and t-shirt at a deserted parking. On my way back I waited for my stop, because I was more than 1 h in a traffic-jam and I felt my morning dump arriving. On the rest area
were some vans arriving with me the same time. At the first van two women leave it, they went around it and opened the big door three children get out and started playing. The women started smoking. One of the boys opened his zipper and peed into the sunrise. That looks unreal. The passengers (7 men +one woman) were leaving the second van and walked to the underpass. One of the woman of the first van pointed at them and than they both went besides their van and pulled down their pants quickly. They started pissing, and after the first had finished she assists the other children to go on the grass. The other woman started her shit on the sidewalk and pushed out a big turd and some more smaller ones. The children were watching her and a second later the girl squatted besides her and started also to shit. The boys also want to shit now, and the other woman has problems to assist 3 children at their pooping at the same time! They had finished very quickly, but the woman still! pushes, but than finally she also wiped and the van drove away. The other group had stopped in front of the stairs of the underpass. They haven't seen anything of the story besides the van. They went down, and I left my car to go to the toilet building at the other side. As I went down the stairs of the underpass I heard some voices. Around the corner I saw whatís on: The men stood at the wall of the underpass, all with their dicks out and were peeing at the wall . The only woman squats next to them, facing the wall, and pushes out semi-soft poop. I thought a moment if I should squat beside her and doing my motion, but I donít wanna go in front of so many strangers of the opposite sex. So I passed them behind. The underpass must be often used as a toilet because you can see there many puddles on the ground at the walls and I have also seen some big piles and turds, diarrhoea and many tampons pads and napkins. Next to the stairs were tons of tp, so you had to search a place to! step in without standing in someone elses shit.
As I walked towards the toilet I saw two buses had stopped here, and there were long rows at the mens. In the womens side in front of every stall about 7 or 8 women wait for their dumping. I could see the women squatting in every stall and I could see them pushing out her business. My urge grows bigger and bigger. A mother with her 12 year old daughter stood in front of me and had a discussion in a foreign language (I think italien). Finally the girl shows her she couldnít wait, and the mother pointed at the drain. The girl went to it pulled down her pants and peed a long stream into it. She looked like she was embarrassed, but after she had finished her mother also squatted over it, but the pee didnít hit the hole and floods all around the floor. I was growing nervous, because there were four more women in front of me and I couldnít hold it any longer. I passed the mother who was pulling up her pants over the drain, pulled down my jeans and squatted next to the wall. The ! others thought that I also had to pee and look away. But seconds later I had to let out a loud fart, and all stared at me. It was a curios situation, but I really couldnít wait a second . I made a cool face, tried to look into another direction and pushed out my first turd. After a minute or so I looked to the waiting women, must of them were grinning, only one had a red face and tried to look not at me. My next turd slides down the wall and made a big crackling sound, but I was so relaxed it didnít cares me what the others think. First I tried to hurry up, but the situation wasnít as bad as I thought it would be for me, so I had a normal shit (10-15 min). During this time 5 women entered, one turned around and went back . A girl was so surprised, that she spread her legs and the pee was dribbeling down her pants and made a wet spot at her crotch. 2 went to the rows in front of the stalls and a girl about 17 sat on the first sink and had a diarrhoea- explosion seconds later. ! That stank horrible. I wiped and went back to my car. I had to wait some minutes at the underpass, because a family squatted there. The woman who went out, and her man were in the middle of their motion and the son has just started. They squatted in the middle of the way, so I couldnít pass them until they had finished. I went to my car and continued my trip. By the way- I got free the next day.

Hope you enjoy this story. I wanna write more about spain the next time!
Has anyone had similar situations at rest-areas?

Todd R.
Hey Toilet Friends,

To Amy(Co-Ed),
Hey I really enjoyed your story. I really liked the part where you said that you grabbed a magazine and said that you were gooing to be back later. I had a question on my post that said something like, Does anyone else like to read while sitting on the toilet and if so what kind of material do you read? So what kind of magazine was it? I didn't think that very many females read while they were on the toilet, I thought it was more of a guy thing, that rocks though. Keep me posted.

Well I have a new story to tell. Friday night I went over to Diana's house (my girlfriend for those who don't know form my last post). We were back in her bedroom and I could tell that she was acting a little strange, like she had something on her mind. We were talking and I said that I needed to go to the bathroom. So I took one of her Glamour magazines and went into her bathroom and sat the toilet and started to read. I really like her toilet because she has one of those soft toilet seats, those are my favorite kind- I could spend at least 45 minuets reading in there with that seat because your butt won't get sore. Anyway I was in there for a good ten minutes when she knocked and came in. She had her hands behind her back and I was wondering what was going on. Then she got down on one knee and asked me to marry her and I said yes. I was so happy and so was she. This has been really weird but really cool. First we meet in a porta potty, then I am in her bathroom reading w! hen she comes in and asks the question. I really love her with all my heart and I know that this is going to be a great marriage. Feel free to comment on this and I'll keep in touch. I am currently at her house and I have to go and have some bathroom reading now, see you all later, bye.

Eric in Chicago
Since I spent much of my childhood and adolescence on a quest to poop in colors other than brown, naturally I had to go to Burger King and drink a Scary Black Cherry slushie last night. It tasted real good, but that wasn't
my reason for drinking it :)

This morning after my workout I put on an old pair of underwear, squatted, pushed, and filled them up with a big army-green mess. It was so cool I took a few pictures of my shorts with the big green load in them. I'm hoping my next dump will be a brighter green.

How can stuff go in black and come out green? Well, they get the black color by using lots of blue and red food coloring. Neither of them can be absorbed by the digestive system, so they both come out in your shit. But they're not the only colors there. When you take a boring old brown dump,
the color is actually a mixture of two bile pigments (which are produced by your liver as part of the process of breaking down old red blood cells). One of them (urobilinogen) is a real strong yellow and the other (stercobilin) is a rather weak red. Now blue food coloring by itself is a real bright blue, and red food coloring is a fairly dull red, so the blue and yellow mix to give you green skidmarks in your shorts.

Somebody asked about other ways to poop in color. For the reasons mentioned above, green is the easiest color to get. Anything with blue food coloring (FD&C Blue 1 or Blue 2) will come out green, so blue raspberry anything will do it if you eat or drink enough (some people have speculated that that's why kids like blue raspberry so much). So will grape soda, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, etc. because the purple color has a lot of blue in it. But grape juice itself won't do it; the pigments are either absorbed or turned colorless during digestion, so you need artificially colored stuff. KIds' cereals are another way to do it; eat a whole box of Froot Loops, Trix, Kaboom, All Berries, Fruity Pebbles or, especially, Booberry (if you can find it) and you'll plop green.

If you consume a *lot* of blue food coloring, the blue will overpower the yellow and you'll crap blue. I did it once by making a milkshake colored with 5 little jars of blue cake decorating paste.

FD&C Yellow 6, which is orange, will make you poop orange if you drink enough of it. I've tried to poop yellow with yellow food coloring (Yellow 5) but apparently it's so close in color to urobilinogen that all it does is make your poop a lighter brown. One time I got yellow stains in my shorts by drinking a whole bunch of yellow food coloring and then making myself get the runs, but all my attempts to make solid or muddy yellow poop have failed.

I also haven't been able to get red, apparently because the red is the same color as stercobilin. If I drink a bottle of red food coloring (Red 40), the next day I get red stains on the toilet paper and red skids in my shorts, but the poop itself is just real dark brown. I'm going to try the red cake decorating paste sometime and see if it will work, since plenty of kids have posted elsewhere about making red poop after drinking red punch. I did get maroon poop after eating a large serving of fresh beets (I also got pinkish pee, but not everybody does; it depends on your genetics). I noticed that Kool_Aid Blastin' Berry Cherry uses beet juice solids for the coloring, so some day I'm going to try drinking a whole bunch of it and seeing what it does to my poop.

One time I got faintly purple poop by drinking a lot of red food coloring and a little blue coloring; it left nice purple skids but the turds themselves were just faintly purple.

Pepto-Bismol turns my poop black, and I would imagine you could also get black poop by taking a lot of activated charcoal (the kind sold as a supplement, not the kind sold as a poison antidote, since the latter contains a laxative and you'll get the runs). One side effect of taking activated charcoal is that you'd be able to say in all honesty that your shit doesn't stink; activated charcoal has an enormous surface area and small molecules like the ones the produce odors get electrostatically stuck to it and can't get into the air.

I know that barium solution swallowed for an upper-GI X-ray will turn your poop white, but I can't think of anything easily available that does; normally white poop is a sign that you've got liver or gallbladder problems, since it's caused by an absence of the bile pigments.

I'd like to hear everybody else's poop color stories. Maybe someone got a color that I didn't.

For everyone's information, this will be my permenant posting name so i dont have to keep putting in my age and sex (its at the end of wetfan for those who cant figure that out)

Diva- Welcome and great story. No need to aplogize about the length-it made your story more exciting! I am also into peeing and hate the fact that this board is dominated by poop stories. Gross! I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Kara M.-how old were you at the time? I also hate it when the toilet is backed up and i dont know about it. My mother never wants us to pee into an already backed up toilet (it makes the sight even more gross for whoever fixes it) Many times i've ran to the bathroom completely desperate only to find that the toilet doesnt work. So then i have to run clutching myself and almost peeing my pants to the other bathroom in my house. One of these times, i'm probably going to wait to long and have an accident. I hope not though! Anyway, i liked your story.

Mindy-do you have any peeing stories/experiences of you or your boyfriend that you would like to share with those of us who are into peeing more than pooping?

That's all for now


Hi! I'm a 16-year old dude. I often hang out with other dudes of my age at school and after school. I often get to see my buddies take a dump in the stalls at school (there are no doors on them). I always see my buddies kinda hold their dicks into the bowl with one hand while they take a shit. I don't do this myself cause my dick and balls always hang into the bowl behind the seat so that there is no chance of my piss spraying around while I take a crap. Do any of you experts here know why guys hold their dicks into the bowl when their dicks could just kinda hang there and they could piss at the same time as crapping without holding their dicks?

To Diva:
Welcome! I enjoyed your story. Nice detail; I think we don't see as much detail here as we should. You say you have more stories to tell. I'd love to hear them!

Being a musician myself, I can appreciate your situation. Hope your career is going well!

Have a great day everyone!

DIVA - Your story about peeing was wonderful!!!!

We need more peeing stories - Tell us more.

I had the same problem one time. Women sometimes think it is easier for a man to find a place to pee, but it's really not. Once you start doing it, anybody looking at you from any angle, including from the back, can tell what you're doing. I was in a US city where I didn't know my way around. I had to pee so bad, I cannot describe it. I tried pressing my hand on my penis the way little boys do, and it did help temporarily, but the problem is really still there of course. I finally found a deserted stairwell in a parking lot, and I pulled my penis out and tried to start peeing. I was so nervous that somebody would come by, and I had to go so badly, that it wouldn't start. Men have this problem sometimes. When we have held it for a very long time and there is so much pressure, it doesn't want to start. This has nothing to do with prostate problems; it is just a fact of life. Then when it does start, it wants to come out slowly. A woman is just the opposite; once ! she starts, it usually gushes out. So here I was in this stairwell with my penis out and the pee just coming out very slowly. Time just seemed to stop. The pee kept coming out, but I could still feel the pain in my bladder. I finally got enough out that the major pain was gone. I was still far from empty, but I made myself stop out of fear of getting caught. Most cities will arrest a man for urinating in public. If they have such stupid laws, why don't the have public restrooms? Anyway, just as I zipped up my pants, a woman opened the door right behind where I was. She came in, and I went out. I don't know if she saw the puddle I made or not. I just wanted to leave. I still had to go since I had only emptied half way, but at least I could survive a little longer. I finally found a restaurant and ordered a cup of coffee (just what I didn't want since it was more liquid); however, they did have a restroom, and I did then finish emptying out. It was so good the secon! d time to just stand in front of the urinal with it being okay for my penis to hang out, and to just pee and pee for as long as I needed.

By the way, I have found that Starbucks, McDonalds, Wendys, and places like that do always have public restrooms.


To Mindy: I really enjoyed your story about your boy friend wanting to buddy dump. What color were his logs? and what color were your logs? Ever thought about showing your boyfriend this website if he is into this type of stuff??

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. First I would like to welcome Diva to the forum,nice story. Amy(co-ed) your first post was great.A big welcome back to the newlyweds,Carmalita and Jake. From your post it sounds like you guys had a graet time. To Todd R it sounds like a good start for you and your new lady friend. Sid your post shows that you have a good heart inside thats what really counts.

Boy yesterday was quite a Sunday. I had my breakfast and was reading the posts here having my coffee. I felt the urge to take a shit. I went upstairs to the bathroom and quickly let out an eight incher dark brown and very chunky in appearence. It was about three inches in diameter also.

Later in the afternoon I got some gas type cramps and started farting theese low long farts. I could feel the need to shit again. Upstairs I went. This time I produced two four inchers along with a two inch piece. It was alighter brown in color and smoother in texture.

My third and final for the day was while I was doing kp (kitchen police)
. Back upstairs for the last time and I sat down. I let out a loud rumbler of a fart. That took the preasure off I was feeling below. A single smooth brown turd splashed into the bowl. That last one looked like a solid seven inches. Least there was not any loose stuff in any of the three times that I went. Take care all.

Hi, folks-hope you all had a good weekend-some responses
TO DAVE-As far as pooing in the woods,i've tried all kinds of positions,but the best way for me is finding a large log and sitting on it or sometimes squatting on top and doing my loads-it seems I poop more when I squat down,but I remember the 1st time i pooped in the woods and it was a bit hard to do at first,but now I look forward to doing it often-you should try it-Glad you like my stories- as far as the E-mail address,i think it's taboo here,which is understandable,so just wait for my next batch and try the woods dump thing,i highly recommend it!
TO JACKIE B-To answer your quandry-when you poop your anus is relaxed and slightly destended and open when you first get done pooing and that's when I just push out my anus a bit like i'm pooing more but not too hard as to get winded and when you wipe,you can feel your anus pushed out and just wipe and you're clean,but the key is to be relaxed like you are when you are pooing and it will work and it;s easy to insert your finger slightly as you wipe and i find it works great-try it and let me know how it works out!
TO TODD R- yes that truelly is an amazing story out on the golf course-wish that happened to me,you lucky guy you!as far as reading while pooing,I do it a lot cause I poo in 2-3 parts so sometimes it takes a while.When i'm home or at the gym i always read and when I poop out in the woods,sometimes i do and sometimes i don't cause I really enjoy the morning air as I poop and I just sit there and look around as I dump and this year a had a few buddy pooing experiences and I didn't read then as I just enjoyed the experience of pooing along with someone else-good stuff with your female friend in the porta potty!
yesterday.a.m I had a quick gym poop-had to go pretty bad after doing my routines for about an hour,so I went downstairs and it was quiet and took a stall and as soons as I sat down,I exploded with a bunch of soft stuff and gas and it felt great as I was holding it for quite awhile and as i was doing the tail end with a lot of farts,another guy took the stall next to me and sat down and for a few seconds nothing was happening as i was farting and doing some pudding and it was like this guy was listening to me poo and all of a sudden,i heard the start of his poo which was the sound of slow crackling and then all hell broke loose and this guy i swear let out a load of poop for i'd say about 10-15 seconds straight and it was pretty unbelievable the pooing this guy was doing and when it finally ended he let out a long fart and a groan of relief and then he said" sorry about that,i couldn't help it" and laughed nervously and I said" hey. that's why we're here,but i was wonder! ing if you were OK-I thought you may be sick" and he said" No i'm Ok thanks,just ate too much last nite and i'm a bit lactose intolarent and had some milk with my coffee which I sould have never done" and then i let out some more soft stuff as he was talking to me,but he was done with this one massive pooop in one pop and he was wiping and it sounded like it was quite messy and then i atarted to wipe and he flushed and said"Sorry again,have a good one"I said"Hope you fell better see ya"and he strolled away,but that was some dump this guy took-I'm sure it was enjoyable for both of us-I don't think i ever pooed as much as this guy did and I have done some really good loads myself,but his guy put me to shame and when he walked by my stall i could see he was quite a bit overweight so I guess this guy does that kind of BM a lot,but it was fun as i pooed along with him-happy pooing to all!BYE


Here are some movies that make bathroom refrences and scenes of women on the toilet.

Fun with Dick and Jane: There is a scene that shows Jane Fonda sitting on the toilet going pee.

The Stoned Age: A great movie that has a scene with a guy and girl sitting on the couch getting high. The pretty girl looks at the guy and says "I have to take a dump." and gets up and goes. It does not show her or anthing like that but it just sounds good.

Slums of Beverly Hills: A very pretty young girl is seen sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles going pee.

The Big Hit; A very beautifull Asian girl that is being held captive tells her kidnapper she has to pee. He helps her to the toilet, pulls her panties down and she is seen siting down going.

Where the Heart Is: Natalie Portman is seen going to the bathroom at Walmart. You can see her feet underneath the stall as she expresses relief.

Almost Famous: The beautiful Kate Hudson tells her friends she has to pee. She is then seen walking in the bathroom. She has tight jeans on and pulls them down and sits on the toilet.

If anyone else knows of any other good scenes like this especialy those with women pooping please let me know.


What was the reaction of the class? How are you handling the embarassment? I felt so bad for you that I couldn't even get turned on like I usually do with people's accidents. If there is any way you could prove that your accident was from the food from Burger King, I WOULD SUE!!! How did your parents react? Are you still sick? What happened next?

I thought you might have been sick because of your period, there are somethings I can't eat when I am on mine, especially greasy fast food. But when you started throwing up that was a different story.

I know that people say that American has become "sue happy," but I think that you deserve some sort of compensation. And for all of you wondering; no, I am not a lawyer, so there is no way I could make any money off of this. If it was food poisoning then it was Burger King's fault. Think about all of what you just went through for something that could be THEIR FAULT!!!!!

And so what if you would have to relay the whole story in court? Would that be anymore embarassing than what you just went through. If I were you, I would talk to a lawyer.

Sorry for your embarassment. I know that kids are going to be cruel for a while, and the way some teachers are now days, they might give you a hard time too. Your real friends will realize you were uncontrolably sick and get over it. Good ones will even stick up for you.

bobby-I was embarised but i got over it. Nice story.

I had a bad day yesterday. I pooped my pants twice. First time I shit my pants was while waiting for my older brother to come out of the auto-repair shop. I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for him a when an intense urge to poop came upon me. So I tried farting and as I lifted myself off the seat to fart, solid poop came out into to my white briefs. So there was nothing I could do but sit down and hope I would not smell. It didn't to bad. When my brother came out we left and went home. While we were driving he asked if I farted. I said that I thought he did and it was left at that. When we got home I cleaned my briefs out and put on a clean pair. At around 3 I went to a local gym. I was a bit in a hurry since it closes around at 6 p.m. I forgot to use the bathroom before I left though. I rode a bike to the gym because it was kind of close. I was feeling a slight urge to piss when I left for the gym but I didn't care because it wasn't a bad urge. I started my workout ! on the leg lift, sweated quite heavily and some small dark stains appeared all over my tank top and pants when they absorbed the sweat. I also drank a lot of water during the exercise. As I was doing my final bench presses I felt the urge to piss becoming stronger, I was doing my last set and the final pushes when I believe I concentrated a bit too hard on pushing the weights since I lost control for a second and squirted pee into my briefs. I thought oh shit, if it absorbs through my pants, it will show a dark stain in my crotch. From previous experience I recalled that the best thing to do is to pay absolutely no special attention to my crotch whatsoever and no one else won't do either. After I had stood up, looking at the mirror I noticed that, yes, I did have a wet stain of about 5 inches in my crotch but, to my relief, one could hardly notice it if I didn't spread my legs. When I thought it was about time to leave I went up to the dressing rooms, I decided not to take a s! hower and wait until I was at home. I just packed my things, took my bike and started riding home. I felt that my bladder was still full. I started the bike ride home, which was mostly downhill. So, while riding my bike, my urge to go came back and I couldn't control it so it let loose. I still felt that I was in for some more action. I had more spasms for what I though was more piss but soon realized that it was poop urges that I was feeling. The poop started pushing its way out. So I started to drive faster toward home. As I rode it pushed its way out, it felt this solid coming out forcefully into my briefs. Within about 5 minute I made it home. Luckily the load was hard so it was easy to clean out of my briefs.

Today I had a rather interesting experience. In my local library, in the men's room, I found a pair of soiled panties on the ground, which I think a little girl had soiled. By the way, I am a 14y male.


The other night I was flicking through the channels on pay TV and I watched 5 minutes of a movie called "Kiss Me, Guido". It had a poo scene in it, I'm not sure if this movie has been mentioned here before.

Anyway, some straight guy stays with a gay guy for a night. You see him take a shower while the gay guy is watching TV in another room. Moments later they show him putting toilet paper on the seat and he takes his undies down (the only thing he was wearing) and sits on the toilet. You see this from the side so his wedding tackle isn't exposed. They show him sitting on the loo for a few seconds and at first I thought they were going to stay with him and have plopping sounds but they cut to the gay guy watching TV. I'm sure many people here would enjoy this scene! (If only they showed this with a woman).

Last night I went to a concert which was at a university here in Adelaide. I stood at the side where there weren't as many people and at one stage a guy walked over to a nearby corner and started to piss. I could only see this out of the corner of my eye and since it was dark in that area not many people would have noticed (the concert was outside BTW!). I was hoping that a girl would do the same but that was asking a bit much I suppose. I didn't end up going to the toilets there but I remember my brother saying to me once that one of the uni's here had some unisex toilets. Naturally, I'm very interested to find out!

Have a good one!

On Saturday my boyfriend and I were booked to go to the theatre. I made us some tea early to allow time for us to travel into London, but after weíd eaten we were running a bit late. I usually have a poo after Iíve eaten a meal but there wasnít time so we set off. I hoped that I would be able to have my poo at the theatre. We drove to the station and then set off on what was quite a long ride on the tube. As the journey progressed I realised that I was not going to be able to hold on until we got to the theatre. As we pulled into a station I realised I was on the verge of doing it in my knickers and grabbed Jason and said ďWeíll have to get off here. Iím desperate to poo.Ē Of course there was no loo in the station; pulling Jason behind me I ran through to the station and I could feel my poo virtually emerging. I desperately didnít want to mess my clothes which would have meant missing the theatre trip. I saw a drain on the side of the street between two parked cars, ran and ! squatted over it lifting up my skirt and pulling down my knickers. Just in time the first large soft log dropped down the drain almost immediately followed by four more. It wasnít many minutes before Iíd evacuated my bowels; fortunately I had some tissues in my bag and so I cleaned myself pushing them down the drain too. The area quite busy; I was hidden to some extent by the parked cars but quite a few people saw me. There was no doubting what I was doing; the poo was quite visible dropping from my body. The reactions varied between disgust, astonishment, and ignoral. Disgust was the most common though. I just kept my head down and carried on doing what I had to do. Nobody actually came up to me.

Sara Ė I was interested in your post. It doesnít really embarrass me when people see me poo but what makes it uncomfortable is other peopleís embarassed and indignant reactions. This wasnít the first time Iíve had to poo in public. I donít understand why people can live with the site of a dog or a horse evacuating itís bowels in the street but itís unacceptable for me to. As you say itís a natural thing and we all do it. Obviously itís important not to leave a steaming pile of shit for people to tread in but I take care not to do that. Also I use what coverís available. I donít usually close the door when I use the bathroom at home and so Iíve been caught in the act a few times by strangers and friends who I didnít realise were in the house. Again I only get embarassed if they do.

Diva Ė if Iíd been in your position I would definitely just have found somewhere to pee on the ground rather than risk messing my clothes. Even if thereís a camera around it barely takes a minute or to to pee so even if youíre seen on camera you

Indiana TA
Dave, you asked Buzzy about the best way to take a dump in the woods, and I thought I'd throw in my $.02. I'm a male, 20s, grad student/teaching assistant, and I love to poop outside whenever I get the chance. With a bud is great, but 99% of the time, alas, it's alone.

The simplest and best way, if you are in a secluded enough area, is to simply take off your pants/shorts/underwear or whatever, spread your legs, and let it fly standing up! Feels great! Easier in the summer if you're wearing shorts, cause you can get them off without removing your hiking boots or sneaks or whatever; not always the case if you're wearing jeans or other long pants.

Of course, if you can't take your pants off, the straddle method won't work, unless you want to fill your pants from 2 feet above 'em! If I have to leave my pants around my ankles, I like the leaning-against-tree method. Your back against a large tree if one's available (watch for poison ivy vines, even dormant leafless ones in the winter!), your knees bent, like you're sitting on an invisible toilet. I'd recommend taking a standing piss first, so you don't have to worry about wetting the back of your pants as you sit on the "invisible toilet."

Don't forget the toilet paper!

Hi, im new around here, my name is chris, and im just jinxed!Accidents are my middle name!i have accidents on purpose sometimes!but ahh well, its all in good fun. well im gonna tell all of ya's one of my poop stories!
it goes like this
I was at camp, and we were playing hide and seek, the girls VS the boyz, i was the last one, i was hiding in these bushes behind the cabins, this was at 9PM, curfew, was at 10:05Pm, so they wanted to finish this game early, and satrt another one. at about (;10, sumthin like that, i could feel my bowels and bladder beginning to ache, and i really needed to go. becoz as i sed, i am accident prone. so i could see they were looking near the hall, so i got up, and tryed to sneak my way to the toilets. then, they turned around and saw me, i began to run, they saw i was heading for the toilets, and beat me there, they blocked the door, so i pushed one of them and ran into the girls toilets. and then i couldnt hold it any longer, i opened the door, and down my legs ran warm pee, and in my underpants, i could feel soft, slimy, sticky, smelly, mushy poo smudging against my pants, i could feel the poop, the i walked out, and a teacher asked me to goto her office, she said it was ok, ! and accidents are bound to happen, fortunately, her daughter was on this trip, and has a incontinent problem, so she ended up diapering me and her daughter and sending us off to bed in a small 4bed cabin where we both had to sleep.

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