Hi everybody!

Great post here lately as usual!
Thanks for all the nice replies. David, I agree you have got a cool lady there, my best regards to Niki and all the lovely ladies and cool guys on this site.

Yesterday I had the probably the biggest, most relieving and most embarressing dump of my life and I thought I had to share the story with you:
I came back home on Saturday from a weeks buisness trip in Barcelona. The week was very stressfull especially in the beginning and also there were many buisness lunches and dinners I never had a quiet moment for a motion. I usually spend a little while on the toilet when I empty my bowls and I simply did not want to excuse myself for a long shit with a table full of buisness partners waiting in a restaurant...quite understandably.
So needless to say I ended up completely constipated and by the time I could have relieved myself e.g. in my hotel I was blocked.
As I said it was a stressfull week and I had other things to worry about but of course I grew a feeling of huge inconvinience as I did not go for six days! I really tried a few times but always had to give up. I am really sorry for everybody who had to smell some of the awful farts that escaped me from time to time. On the plane back I was daydreaming about the relief in my own bathroom I was so desperate for...
Unfortunately things where still not moving when I got home. I strained on the loo for over an hour on Saturday night but all I could pass where three rockhard golfballs. I drank a litre of apple juice and a few glasses of orange juice and water, hoping they would loosen things up over night but so far they only caused that I woke up two times in need for a pee.
On Sunday we had to get up early and drive to a family meeting as it was the 80th birthday of my wifes grandmother. We were running late getting the kids and everything ready and there was no chance for another try on the toilet for me.
The first part of the birthday celebration was a boat trip with a huge lunch on the ship. After lunch I finally felt a need and went to the toilet. I had a terrible time grunting out an awfully painful to pass, very knobbly, again stonehard thick log that had the size of small coke bottle. It hurt like hell and I was completely exhausted. It took me nearly the whole second part of the boat trip and my wife had sent the husband of her sister downstairs to check if I was alright. He kept me a bit of company chating about remedies for constipation while he did a big dump in the stall next to me, which seemed to be an easy to pass, very pleasurable load, I was very envious about.
When I came back I must have looked rather pale and got some sweet comforting from my wife. I soon recovered. I felt that there was more in my rectrum but I really did not fancy another session like the one I went through. After the boat trip we went for a walk with the whole bunch along the waterfront as we all needed some exercise after so much food. Suddenly I felt a BIG need for another motion that grew stronger by the minute, as squeezing out the hard stuff seemed to have opened the gates...No toilet in sight. I was getting quite desperate and really felt like squatting behind the next bush, of course I did not want to do this in front of all my wifes relatives. When we reached the car park I was very dissapointed to find the toilets there closed as it is after season. We went to our cars and a few already drove away. I was dedicated to hold it to the next toilet although it did not feel like I could. Then our kids needed a wee. The only people left on the carpark now! was our little family plus my wifes parents, her sister and her husband. They had to wait for us as we did not know the way and we were supposed to drive behind them.
We took the kids behind a little building where in the summer there is a cafe. My wife helped our daughter and I held my nearly three year old son for a wee against the wall. When I squatted to put his cloth back in order it happened: I felt a turd moving out by its own will! I tried to hold it in but could not. So I mumbled to my son to go to his mummy and could only pull my pants down as quick as possible and start shitting. My wife looked at me really surprised and the kids of course were curious. I was so embarrassed but I could not help it but sit there and let this huge pile drop in front of my family. And I mean HUGE! First came a thick long turd that was about two foot long, which was already curling on the ground while it was still sliding out. Then I had to drop about eight short fat logs and after good pee another really long thin sausage curled itself on top. You have to imagine the doings of somebody who usually passes o good load everyday, collected from a w! eek... When I started my wife asked still suprised: "Tim, what are you doing?" "Daddy needs to doo doo", came the information from my daughter. My wife grabbed the kids and took them round the corner, where she told them not to mention it in front of the others. I had to call her back to ask her for some tissue. She gave me a really strange look. Her family is very uptight and she found it probably a bit shocking I was pooping outside in front of the kids. I was so embarressed but also so relieved to be finally able to empty my bowels properly. When she came back with a tissue I apologized again and again and shortly explained my situation. She said it was ok but probably was also embarressed as her family could guess what was happening. They were still waiting in the car park. After finishing and whiping I felt A LOT better physically, as everybody can imagine, but was bright red when I came back from behind the building having to face her family. They gave me weird looks, es! pecially her mum and dad.
When we were in the car my wife was silent for a long time. After a while I said again that I was sorry but did not know what to do. Suddenly she stroke over my head and said: "No I am sorry, it's my family that's weird. It should not be such a big deal. Everybody can get caught short..." I was so glad about this!
I am still very careful she does not read this post...I hope we can raise our kids a bit more freely. It's difficult because we come from so different backgrounds in that way. Maybe this accidental situation was not so awful after all. Mind you in terms of relieve it got a ten out of ten!

Hope you all stay healthy
My best to all
from Tim

I started a post yesterday but had to go cos my young brother came in the room - did not want him to see that I had pooped at school. Although I wet my pants on the bus I got in at home without my brother seeing me - Mum was out - and sorted my clothes out. Most of the poo was stuck to the back of my shirt and it came out ok with toilet paper and I just dried my pants out on the rad and put them on again later. I have a lot more stories of me and sometimes my mate pooping and peeing and will post when I have more time

Hi all,
The girls are gone and I am feeling quite tired. Oh well, Annie called and told me she would be back Tuesday. I don't know why but I welcome it.

Dear Rizzo: I am so glad you are better. Thank you for sharing your history on this site with me. I really enjoy talking and sharing with you in this forum. I have read several posts that Heather wrote and the sorrow of her passing. I was affected as we all were by DianeNY's terrible loss and Jeff A's. We share the joys and sorrows of each of our cyberfriends. I stumbled onto the forum by accident. I am sure glad I did. There are so many wonderful people here. Annie will be back on tuesday. I go to the dr. tomorrow(Monday). Just a checkup. Kendal's life is like a greek tragedy. She has been through more than most of us will. Annie and I would like to be part of the background chorus(yes, you spelled it right) if we could be permitted. I hope your wife's tests come back in the negative. BTW, I know the Beethoven sounded glorious! Take care my friend. Love from Robby(and Annie)

Louise: That was a cracking good story about the little boy and his sister. Well, I guess little girls have a fascination of how the other species goes to the loo. Annie did! Take care! Give Steve my best! Love from Robby

Senora Carmalita: WELCOME BACK!! Reading about your wedding gave me a picture of a ravishing bride. As usual, I enjoyed your toilet adventures. I want to wish you and Jake a long, happy marriage and bathroom adventures. Take care! Love from Robby(and Annie)

Diva: Welcome to the forum. I sang opera for 25 years before semi-retiring to teach and write. I had numerous experiences with fellow singers and myself in distress. One stands out in my mind. I was singing the Count in the "Marriage of Figaro". In one performance the countess came close to me and whispered;"I have to shit real bad". Well, I didn't know what to do. She was on stage for awhile. Well, the minute we came off stage she bolted to the dressing rooms. My area was next to hers. I her loo slammed shut and the loudest howl I had ever heard emitted forth. She moaned, she cursed, and she finally flushed. She knocked on my door and said;"That was a monster! Next time I WILL go before I get my costume on". It was rather hilarious. If you have more stories. Please tell them. This is a toilet forum not just a pooing forum. Again I welcome you! Take care, Robby.

Mindy: That was a great story! I really enjoyed it! Take care, Robby

Kendal and Andrew: Dear Annie will be back, soon. I bet she will have some stories to bring back. Hope you have a great week and many happy loo adventures! Lots of love and a hug, Robby(and Annie)

Welcome to the new posters including Amy(coed)!
Special hellos to: RJOGGER and Kathy, PV, Jane, DianeNY, Jeff A, Erin, Linda, LindaGS, Pat and Renee, Laura and David and Niki!

Jane--thanks for the encouragement. You're such a sweetie :o)
I'm not overly concerned; it's just that I'm always suffering the opposite effects: severe constipation (i've posted several times about this) and have for all my life. I'm not used to this several times a day thing. But if that's how it's going to be, then sobeit, I'm sure it's much healthier. So far I've only had the urge in a compromising situation once: I was having lucnh with my friends and had to go NOW! But I was close to the bathroom and just left without saying anything. I'm sure they realized I went to the bathroom, and honestly, I'm not one to announce it so much unless I'm at someone's house and I'm like "Is it okay to use your bathroom?" or "I'm using your bathroom" or something. Plus, that one time it was so so quick that it could have just been a pee (literally, about 10 seconds max).

Sarah--I don't know why you feel so embarassed, but I probably would to. Luckily something like that has never happened to me. The only "male" who has seen me recently has been my dog and a 3 month old I was babysitting (both for a pee, not at the same time). Good luck!

To "always wondered" I think "little girls room" and "little boys room" just refer to the gender of the speaker...

Elysa--I hope you're feeling better. That is such a horrible experience, but I'm sure people understood how sick you are. As far as having your period with it, it's like Sarah said: you didn't surprise anyone that you get it. Realize it's HEALTHY to get it and that it's not a big deal. But it's true that only a few close friends are priviledged (at least in my case) to know *when* you get it (and for me it's limited to 'I've got such bad cramps and I feel like crap') I'm sure people were so disgusted by your output (NOT YOU!) that they weren't looking. Hope you are feeling better.

Robby--Thank you for the special hello. I always enjoy reading about the antics of your family. It's so sweet how close all of you are. I'm also a college student like your daughters, though I live about 10 hours from home. I also have never had a similar relationship with anyone I know. Only on here...

Louise--good luck with your test! I've been doing a bit of tai chi lately...but not for testing or anything, just for strss-relief.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. My books are calling, yea college...

Hi LOUISE! Hey, lovely little story from Spain about the family having those uninhibited wees above the beach. Reminds me of the kids I saw last year doing it at the water's edge. I'm not positive, but so far in Aus folks have been a great deal less open on the days I've been there. I'd really like to see some lack of inhibition from folks besides myself! It's not warm enough yet, we've got lots of cloud and showers going through day by day, but a long warm spell can't be too far in the future, then it's off for fun!

I really grinned when I read that you find precisely the same things happen with your handbag as I find with mine! They weren't designed to hang just-so on a woman adopting a stance such as is required for a nice wee, were they? Hahahahahaha!!! Yet there's something delightfully feminine about one's bag over one's shoulder, and reaching into it for a tissue to dry off!

My karate style is Go Kan Ryu, which is a style established here in Australia. It's related to original Ryukuan karate, but is very derivative. It can be powerful, there have been lots of GKR winners in national open tournaments, but the style is not, I felt, perhaps as satisfying as longer-established forms... Good luck on your first Wing Chun exam -- GO GRRL! Do womanhood proud!

I loved your alley wall performance, and I guessed you'd planned it well in advance. There's something so ... it's hard to describe, but a urinating woman is an incredibly beautiful spectacle. And to see a mighty arc emerging from the delicately-sculpted loins of the female body is literally a work of nature's art. I hope our respected moderator will allow those comments through, they are most sincerely meant and not at all in a sexual context, but in one of appreciation for what simply is. I'm sure your line-up was a magnificent sight, and that you'll be repeating it many times to come!

Wishing I could join you,


PS: Welcome back, SENORA Malita -- you gem of the Americas, you producer of aromatic turds, you pooper-in-the-hand of a lucky man! C'mere for a HUG!

I have recently found this forum and find it very interesting.
When I was a child I was really interested in seeing other people have a poo.
When I reached puberty however, and discovered sexual feelings, my interest in people having a crap was eclipsed.
I am still quite excited about watching people on the toilet. Although I am married, my preference is to watch other males. Is this very unusual?

Sarah S and Meghan
Good morning all,
We wanted to post before we went to church. Then we are driving back to school. Annie is getting in earlier than expected. Dad isn't feeling well so I don't know if he will post today. This morning we got up and went to the toilet. Of course Meghan went first. She sat down and blew a mega fart! It drove me out of the bathroom. We were laughing so hard. Then she pushed and a log came out of her. She was grunting and moaning. I can't describe the sounds. She is tall (5'8") so she has to really hunch over. She finally pushed out 2 more pieces and then some soft stuff. She wiped at least 6 times and said;"next". I pulled off my panties and sat down. As usual I have a time getting started. I bent over and grunted big time! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! At that Meghan started laughing. I peed some and then a large piece as big as a bat came our slowly. I was huffing and puffing. Meghan just stood there gawking! The log came out,PLOP! Then 3 little balls rushed out behind it! . I wiped and we looked at the presentation. Meghan said we have to start eating less. Well, we are off so have a great week and we might post next weekend. Take care to all! Sarah S and Meghan.

Dear Rizzo: We didn't take offense at your comments. We knew that you were in pain. Dad does that sometimes. Thank you for your support. Oh yes, since you obviously are a caring person, I wanted to let you know that Dad is having a cat scan on his chest tomorrow. Meghan is so nervous because our mother's cancer started in her lungs and moved to her brain. That is still devastating to both of us. Well, enough of that. Cousin Annie is coming back earlier because of this. We read your post how you came to this forum and your support of Kendal If Dad doesn't post, we just wanted to tell you that He and Annie will assist you in Kendal's care if you want them to. Also, we hope your wife's health will improve. Love and a hug, Sarah S and Meghan.

CARMALITA: You don't know us but we have heard a lot about you. We have read your stories and we think they are wild. We read about your marriage and other things and we are glad you are back. Our father should respond, soon. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan(Robby's daughters)

KENDAL AND ANDREW(Lawn Dogs kid, is that right?) We just wanted to say HI! We have to go back to school, too! Love and a hug, Sarah S and Meghan.

Lawn Dogs Kid
O.K, O.K !! I'm writing now because I'll never hear the last of it from Kendal if I don't tell Uncle Rizzo about the other incident with Kate !! I've shuffled her away now to get a bit of peace to prepare my prose ! Don't worry, she can come back when I've finished to edit it for me !

LOUISE: Are you kidding ?! The only thing I'd be afraid of is your Steve's reaction if you and your friends were to treat me to such a wonderful show !!

LINDA GS: Hi babe ! How did you enjoy Kendal's description of accompanying me to the toilet ? Hope I didn't make you go too red ! And sorry for the smell I made as well ! Love you babe, XOSXOS.
PS When can I bring my comb with me next ? Presumably the next time you're wearing your uniform skirt which you can smooth down your lap and dare me to see anything again ?! XOSXOS.

SARAH S & MEGHAN: Next time I speak to Kate, I'll see if she knows if those "in your face" blue coloured panties are available in adult sizes. Kendal doesn't know where she got them from. But knowing them, it was probably from some rather nice shop in Keswick, Cumbria UK. I don't know if I should tell you what I look like ! I should hate to disappoint you both by not being what you expect. Oh well, I am what I am !! I'm quite small as males go, just 5ft 6in now, although I might have a growth spurt some time ! I weigh about 125lb. I'm blonde and blue, still haven't had had to shave yet, but that will not last for much longer if Kendal continues to call me "bum fluff face" ! I was 16 last May, and I've now embarked on the two years of study which will lead to A levels, from whence I will be able to go to university. By the way, your Dad was right about Kendal. She is the absolute spitting image of Mischa Barton, especially when she appeared in the film Lawn Dogs. Ho! wever, you don't need to rent the movie ( although it was a good one !) because you can easily find pictures of Mischa on the net now. Of course, Mischa is about 15 now, so concentrate on any pictures you can find of her from Lawn Dogs ! Kendal is quite small for her age, just like me, about 4ft 5in. Don't know how much she weighs ( you don't ask a lady those sorts of questions !! ), but I can easily sweep her off her feet ! She is petite I suppose. Completely in proportion with her height you would say. She's ... well, she's just my beautiful princess !! Look forward to hearing from you two again some time. Oh, and Meghan, don't be worried about not wanting others to see you on the toilet. It is each to their own, and not everyone's cup of tea. You might one day decide you like it, like Kendal's step sister Kate. And also Kendal's friend Kirsty, who was so thingy about people seeing or even hearing, she wouldn't even let her sister see, and she would always flush to hide t! he sounds she made until her Dad made her stop for wasting water. Then she used to wait until no one else was upstairs ! Now look at her. She's even had a sit on knees wee with me !! But she was a long time coming round. There are no time limits you know !! And there should never ever be any pressure either ! You just enjoy those lovely bonding sessions with your sister ! Take care, and love to both of you from Kendal and me. xx

RIZZO: O.k Mr. The big story.. but first (!!), Kendal and I would like to send our love to your good lady, and our hope that the echo(thingy) will not produce bad news. We are also glad that your arm is now back to almost full health, especially Kendal who is pleased to have her Uncle able to sweep her off her feet again for one of his scratchy hugs !! Its ironic you should choose to mention that weekend now,just after the Terrorist attack when Kendal wanted to stay in her own home. Mum and Dad have finally found a buyer. Its a cash transaction which means it will happen very quickly. So next weekend, from when we come home from school on the friday to when we go back to school again on the Monday, Kendal wants to move back in for the very last time, and my kind parents have agreed to it with me staying with her. It is sure to be very emotional as you can imagine, the last link with her Dad other than her wonderful and fond memories. Enough of that. No more stalling ! ! The other story about Kate !!

The night after Kate and Emily arrived is not one easily forgotten. Neither was the afternoon of their arrival with the wees and the blue panties ! But the night was even more interesting to me, and I'm sure Kate ! It began at around 1.30am when we were all tucked up in bed fast asleep ( including my Mum and Dad ). Except for Kate, who lay in bed, heart thumping, ???? aching for a poo which she longed to save for me to see, but which she knew she would have in her panties if she tried to save it until morning after my Mum and Dad had gone to work. The first I knew about it was being woken by a whisper in my ear. It was dark, and never even thinking that it was anyone other than Kendal who had woken me, I pulled my duvet back and tugged her arm to get in with me ! Although I was surprised at the hesitancy ( Kendal often doesn't wait to be invited, she just gets in and cuddles up especially if she's really upset about something in the night ) I still didn't know it wasn'! t Kendal at that point. So I got out to sit on the edge of the bed, and I wrapped my arm around "Kendal" and pulled her onto my knee, at which point my heart missed a beat, as this person clearly wasn't Kendal. There was a long silence before Kate said "Its Kate" ! I nearly died ! I whispered so many apologies to her ! But then after that, there came the burning question. What did she want ? She explained the whole thing to me, and basically, if I was going to see her poo at all, it would have to be NOW !

So many things skipped through my mind. Mainly what if Mum and Dad caught us ! We spoke a little about this, but Kate couldn't see the problem. "The door will be locked. So no one can get in, and I'll make sure the coast is clear before you follow me out" ! My God, she had it all planned. There was no doubting I was facing a kind of now or never scenario ! The bathroom is round the corner from my bedroom. Before we went in, I listened outside Mum and Dad's door. There was the very steady and lengthy breathing of two people quite clearly fast asleep. I decided to risk it ! I pulled there bedroom door closed, to minimise any noise reaching them to disturb them. And then followed Kate into the bathroom. God this was one heck of a buzz ! My heart beat felt like it had trebled ! Once the light had been switched on and the door was securely locked, ( we both of us had to keep our eyes closed for a few seconds while they became accustomed to the sudden brightness). I was th! e first to open fully, and stood looking at Kate, wearing a plain white night shirt. When she finally opened her eyes, I reiterated that we must only speak by whispering directly into each others ears to minimise noise other than bathroom noise ! I then suggested that I might wee first, if that was ok. She nodded, and then leant forward and whispered "Hurry up though".

I moved to the toilet, lifted the seat, and then knelt in front of it. From that height, I could make sure that none of my wee went directly into the water, and minimise noise further ! Unfortunately, in my "state", I couldn't get going, and decided it would be easier if I was to sit down and do it instead. Putting the seat back down, I whispered what I was going to do, and got on with it, dropping my PJ trousers to my ankles. It was still a little while, but eventually my wee began, and there was no way at its current trajectory that any would land directly in the water ! Kate watched resolutely until she was reminded suddenly of her impending need, and her face contorted, and she shot her hand round to hold over her bottom. My wee shot to a sudden stop. One which I thought I'd better hold, and I quickly got up, grabbing a couple of pieces of toilet roll to dab on the end of my willie to catch any last drops, and Kate's face said it all. An expression of thanks ! She q! uickly replaced me on the toilet seat. The blue panties thrust down to her knees from under her nightshirt, and the bending down to sit on the toilet was achieved in one very quick and seemless movement. Once sat, she leaned forward, resting her elbows heavily along her legs, and her hands clasped together on top of her panties.

Immediately there was the crackling and the pfft, pffft, pft noises coming from her bottom as her urgent poo curled out of her at double quick speed. Crackle, crackle, pffft, crackle, flop, crackle pfffft, flop, flump, crackle crackle, pfffft, flip,flop, pft, crackle flop.... plop.. ????..plop ! Kate put a hand over her mouth to stiffle an embarrassed giggle at the loudness of the last two plops, and all the noise in general, although, it really wasn't that loud. It just seemed so in the glaring silence of the moment around us. As the not too terrible aroma of her production encircled our noses, the silence was broken again, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS tinkle, tinkle tinkle, drip ! She beckoned me to her and whispered in my ear as I knelt over her "my wee's too loud" ! I whispered back "try doing like Kendal, and sit right forward on the seat". Kate shuffled her legs and her bottom forwards as far as she dared, and then perched right on the edge of the seat, she continued her wee.! SSSSSSSSS.... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, drip, drip, drip... SSSSSS.. drip, drip. I marvelled at her ability to keep switching off mid-flow ! Finally she was done.

I turned my back to let her wipe in private, then when I heard her bottom lift off the seat, and those blue panties being pulled back up, I turned and whispered that it was probably best not to flush right then, but to wait, so I could go and open Mum and Dad's bedroom door again before flushing. There was a danger the flush might wake them, and then they would wonder why their door was shut ! Kate nodded her agreement. She washed her hands, and then we went to the door. I unlocked it, and then told her to flick the light out as she escaped back to Kendal's room. Before she left though, I gave her a little kiss. She pushed me away, then blushed, pulled me to her to whisper "Alright, alright ! I know you're grateful !". All I could do was stand and grin, at which point she gave me a quick kiss back. She then closed her eyes and whispered "I'm not closing them for my first passionate kiss ! Its just so I'll be able to see in the dark better after I shut the light off" (gr! in)! About ten seconds passed with her standing, eyes closed in front of me and then with a swift turn, and a leap, she was away from the bathroom. The light clicked off, and the sound of her soft little footsteps back to Kendal's room seemed accentuated in the blinding darkness that had now descended on me in the bathroom. The trick had obviously worked for Kate. For me, "seeing" took some while longer, but being used to every nook and cranny of the house, I made my way silently to Mum and Dad's room. Listening carefully, the same long deep breathing continued. I opened the door back to its usual position, and then headed back to the bathroom. Now ready to finish off my wee, I snapped the light back on again, and went to the unflushed toilet. Again I knelt over the bowl and took pleasure at completing my wee over the top of Kate's poos and toilet paper. There was quite a mound in that toilet. All long lengths of thin poo.

Kendal and Emily grinned like cheshire cats all the next morning. They hadn't heard a thing themselves being fast asleep, but Kate had filled them in with every detail the next morning they woke, including the confusion in my bedroom !!

Take care my friend, Love Andrew.

PS Kendal says she wouldn't want you to peep at her, she'd have you right there, knelt in front of her, holding her hand !

ROBBY & ANNIE: Hope you enjoyed the above story, although it wasn't about Kendal ! Its wonderful to have "met" Sarah and Meghan now, and your memory serves you well. Kendal does look like Mischa Barton ! But then I've said that to Sarah and Meghan earlier in this post. Take care, and not long now until Annie's return. What a wonderful thing to look forward to ! Love from Andrew.

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: I hope you both come back to this forum on occasions and might read this. There are so many wonderful and nice people on this site now, people with more experience than Kendal and myself who might help you with any fresh family problems. Hopefully you are both ok, along with Courtney, and Kev. Kendal, and I will not forget the kindness of you both during our troubles. And I particularly will never forget my Little Kendal Substitute, Lou, and her teddy, to make me feel better. We miss you very much. Love from Andrew ( and Kendal ).

Diva. I liked your story a lot, although it was quite long. On balance I think it would have been wiser for you to have given way and just let the inevitable accident happen sooner rather than hunt endlessly - and without too much success - for bathrooms. Once in a while it won't harm you but I wouldn't recommend holding your water for longer than is really necessary.

Amy. Hi and welcome! I can well believe that you poo big time if you only have a motion two or three times a week. My guess is that you're probably prone to constipation rather. Do you have a good appetite? It sounds as though you eat plenty with your output being so massive. I know that women can often outdo men when it comes to the size and quantity of motions but it's not something that's widely acknowledged. In some circles it's still common for the myth to be perpetuated that women only ever go to pee or, worse still, don't have natural functions at all. I like to see that kind of mythology debunked for what it is.

Carmalita. Glad your wedding went well. It sounds as though you had some good honeymoon dumps. I've often wondered what it must be like for couples the morning after the reception - a reception at which they've probably eaten rather more than they would ordinarily.

Jackie B. I wouldn't advise wiping inside. It could be harmfu. Just wipe the opening of your backside. It's better to use moist wipes instead of TP so long as they don'y irritate you. Miostened TP is probably best.

Just a quick post - have been coming to this site for a while and enjoy the tales. I am 17 - I enjoy some of the school stories. On Friday I was doing pottery. I had been holding back a long time and it was getting a bit much. I sneezed - did a long squirt of piss and dropped a siff lump in my white briefs. With 5 minutes to go I held on but wet myself some more and had stains down my trouser legs. As I left the room I dropped the rest in my briefs and made a dash for home before my mates knew what I had done. I wet myself completely on the bus.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to all my toilet friends!

First of all, My sincere condolences to you JEFF A. I am only glad that you are able to share your sad news with all of us here, whom you've never met, but that you feel that we are your friends and so I wish you, your family and other friends all best wishes.

RIZZO, Hope your pain is gradually going- it doesn't seem to matter where we are suffering, it really seizes the mind's attention, and keeps reminding us how awkward it is with our temporary disabilities!
Hope you're soon fully able again! Getting dressed and undressed are certainly a challenge with an arm out of action.

BRYIAN, Yes, it can hurt to sneeze when having a piss, I've noticed that, also sneezing when I get out of bed with an erection. You really feel as though the foreskin is being pulled by the force of the sneeze!

SICK BOY, Interested to hear you had a very loud shit. Was it a whopper or just one of those that seem to be propelled with great force as it plops out? And, excuse my particular interest, did the water splash up all over your arse? I hope so, providing you enjoy that wonderful sensation!
Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with haemorrhoids. That's something I've been having off and on for a long time, but only ever as a result of several days' straining on the toilet.
I've not heard of anyone being told to go to the toilet at the same time every day,as you say, it's not always possible. What I've always understood is the importance of avoiding straining by increasing fibre in the diet or just enough to make the shit easy enough to pass.
I'm having psyllium husks and lots of water which has helped, so think about what you eat and drink rather than regular toilet visits.

LOGAN, I too would love to have been seen as you were on those occasions by those women when you were on the toilet dropping one, and to know when you met them later, they recognised you as the guy sitting on the toilet! to walk past them in a pair of tight trousers or jeans or better still- in shorts would really remind them of what my arse looks like, and that they saw me when it was in action!

STEVE, You said you are very embarrassed about people hearing you on the toilet as your turds drop in the water and so you put TP down the pan for your turds to land on quietly.
You also complain that when you finish, the bathroom stinks.
OF COURSE IT DOES! Your turds didn't get drowned in the water, but are semi-submerged and so giving off their smells into the room!
Try not to be embarrassed about the sound your shit makes when it drops, most of us enjoy it anyway and we all drop the stuff. The only slightly anti-social thing you're doing is stinking up the toilet, so let it plop in the water, enjoy the sounds, which also tells others you're having a perfectly natural healthy function in the right place, and leave the toilet comparitively pleasant for the next person.
Many people have found it difficult to plop with others around, and have benefitted and gained confidence by gradually allowing themselves to use public toilets and shit when someone else is there, and realise others make the same sort of sounds with no inhibitions.
Many guys have had to shit with others able to see them due to there being no doors or sometimes not even a stall divider! Many have no problem at all about that, and some of us would love the opportunity of shitting with others, so just try to feel more at ease about it by being proud to plop, rather than ashamed!

To the unnamed guy who posted about helping his constipated friend to shit, and found it a very intimate experience.
You mentioned the fact that neither you, nor your friend are gay, but that you felt much closer to each other as a consequence of helping him, and that your friendship was strengthened.
I honestly don't know where the lines are drawn between closeness, friendship, male bonding, or gay behaviour, nor do I think it matters. Who can determine how close it is acceptable to be intimate with others, and as going to the toilet is about as intimate and personal as it's possible to be, and that in the majority of relationships, the subject is rarely mentioned, I think what you described is wonderful, but I wouldn't be able to give it a behavioural category.
He is your friend, he was having difficulties performing his natural functions, you helped him, you both felt very close and respectful, and your friendship is stronger and you've lost any inhibitions. That sounds absolutely great!
Many people have said the same, and I fully agree: Being close to a someone having a shit on the toilet is more deeply meaningful and intimate than what is often done between people in the bedroom.
Being WITH, rather than doing TO, is the way I see the sublimity and bonding of two people sharing the most intimate side of themselves.

JUMPZ, I'm doing much better at the moment, thanks. No pain or discomfort for several days now, though a bit itchy sometimes after a BM, doing quite big ones, apart from today when they were quite small,loud and splashed me well, but I'm not sitting around for ages on a soft chair like I was!
It's hard to believe the difference from how I was feeling a week ago and how I feel now!

KENDAL, Glad you weren't disappointed with another of Andrew's superb plopping sessions! He really seems to produce a lot, dare I ask him if he enjoys getting his bum well-splashed on that toilet?!
You all have such a great time in that household, you and Andrew seem so life-affirming and mature. Sorry, does that sound patronising?
All best wishes to you and your friends and relations who use that toilet!

DANIEL (UK), Hi! If you're still there; haven't heard from you lately, I always enjoy reading your posts and about the friends you enjoy hearing on the toilet.

That's my lot for today, Wishing everyone here the best of health, enjoyable times in the toilet, intimate friendships, and the comfort of inner strength and Peace to those recently bereaved. P P G

Some years back when I worked in London, I was visiting one of the universities.
I went to their mens' toilets in the basement. There were two cubicles (stalls) with a huge hole in the partition.
While I was having my crap, a Chinese student came into the adjoining cubicle.
He pulled down his trousers and pants, and instead of sitting on the toilet, he got up and squatted on it so that his bum was about a foot above the toilet bowl. It gave me a perfect view of the turds coming out of his arsehole. He made a lot of grunting sounds and of course loud splashes. He then wiped his bum and went.
A perfect grandstand view I'd say.

Monday, October 29, 2001

Kara M
There was only one bathroom in the house I used to live in. One day the toilet just broke for no reason, and the timing couldn't have been worse because I really had to pee. My mom had forbiden me to go to the toilet until after the toilet was fixed and I asked why because I only had to pee. She said she didn't want the toilet to stink when the plumber got there. Well, the plumber wasn't scheduled to come for another few hours and couldn't fathom holding that much longer. So I I took a shower and peed there. It was an extra long piss and was a tremendous relief to pass.

Hi, I'm new here, and peeing is my thing (too many poop stories!) I am an aspiring female opera singer, 27 years,of Chinese and Black descent with some Portuguese blood. I have very long, not quite black curly hair, dark brown eyes, olive complexion, slim build and petite in height. Two years ago I was at a performance in Minneapolis - it was my first oratorio performance. I was having a blast getting to know the other soloists, choir members, orchestra etc. After the dress rehearsal a bunch of us had dinner at the hotel where the soloists were staying. As a singer I have to keep my vocal cords hydrated so I had several glasses of ice water. I also needed to go buy a humidifier and I knew Target sold them, so I asked a native of the city where the closest one was and he gave me directions. I was crushing on the tenor soloist and he offered to come with me. However as we were about to leave our waiter came to him with a phone message from home. He asked me if I could wait but! I wanted to get back early and watch a movie that was going to be on TV so I went by myself. Just as I was going up into the hotel skywalk I had the thought "I drank a lot of water, and I am notorious for my small bladder - maybe I should go to the bathroom" but I had been told that Target was really close and I didn't feel like I had to go that bad so I decided to just get to Target quickly and come back. Well, big mistake. Pretty soon I figured out that I was lost. I was walking around this strange city and soon after that, I began deeling the urge to urinate. After a while when I was hopelessly lost, I decided to find somewhere to pee and ask there for directions. The first place I came to was a restaurant. I walked in and immediately a waiter said "Can I help you?" I said I just wanted to use the bathroom. He said I could only do so if I ordered. I didn't have to go THAT bad yet, having just eaten a big meal, although I was getting uncomfortable, so I just left. I had to ! walk a while before I found anything that was open. The next place I came to was a movie theatre, vbut to get to the bathrooms I had to buy a movie ticket. I saw that and said to myself "forget it" and left. By now I was starting to have to go pretty bad. My next stop was the YMCA. At home the Y has bathrooms outside before you pay to go in and I was so relieved to see it. But here, you had to pay to go in. At this point,I was willing to do anything so I went to pay to get in, but THEY WERE CLOSED! I did ask the lady for directions. She said there was no Target around. I walked outside and decided to just head back to my hotel and pee. But of course I couldn't find it either and was still disoriented and bursting to pee. Then I saw a hotel. I figured there HAD to be a bathroom there. I went in, couldn't find one in the lobby, went up to the second floor, and saw TWO SECURITY GUARDS standing outside the womens' bathroom next to a big sign "for guests only." I freaked out and st! arted to go int he opposite direction, through the skywalk. By now I was desperate and could feel the pee wanting to come out in my pants, so I began walking by crossing one leg over the other and squeezing with each step. I saw the door to a parkade and ducked in there, thinking I could just pee on the ground. But there were security cameras everywhere and I got scared that I might get caught and wreck my singing career. So I came back out and kept walking through the skywalk, not knowing what to do as I knew I would wet my pants soon. I went down the next staircase and foud myself in a mall with a sign saying restrooms. But the restrooms were locked with a key! And it was only about 9.30 pm or so! I saw a customer information booth that was still open so I went there to see if they had anywhere I could go, and the man working asked if he could help me. Just as I opened my mouth, I saw a sign "Restrooms are for cstaff use only" or something. But as the guy had seen jme I had ! to say something, so I asked for directions to my hotel. As I stood there shifting from foot to foot, I felt some urine leak into my pants. To stop it, I had to cross my legs tight and kind of wiggle downwards (luckily there was a counter between us so I don't know how much he saw.) He kept talking and of course he didn't hear a word I said. I ran back up to the skywalk having managed to stop the urine with my little trick. But as I was walking, some more urine came out. I had to stop and cross my legs and wiggle around. A man in a suit walked by and saw me and gave me a funny look. I considered dropping my pants right there, but the ground was carpeted and I felt too gross. Then I saw an elevator. I ducked in thinking I could just squat on the ground, when I saw more security cameras. So I pushed a random button.By now I was so desperate I just couldn't hold it and I began to pee myself again. Since noone was around, I grabbed my crotch and held it and crossed my legs tight. ! I again managed to stop it. (Boy was I glad that tenor wasn't there!) The elevator opened and I ran out, then thought I should have stayed in the elevator and finished peeing my pants. But, a miracle! I saw an unguarded, open, womens' bathroom. I ran in and on my way to the toilet, I wet my pants a little more. When I got to the toilet I squirmed around holding myself trying to get my clothes off quickly, still leaking. When I sat down, even though my panties were very wet, I had a huge, hissing, gushing pee oof almost two minutes. It felt SO good! I sat there long enough to get all the extra trickles that happen when you really have to go and hold it for a while. When I was done I rinsed out my underwear and dried them under the drier (I was really nervous that someone would see) luckily my skirt had stayed pretty dry. Then I went outside and without the stress of my bladder, found my hotel easily. (Sorry this was long. I have lots more!)

Hi everybody!!!! I am finally glad to be posting more often! My poop week was rather routine until yesterday. All week long I had just had my typical lunch time dumps at school until my boyfriend Brian asked me yesterday to wait if I could, he wanted to "try something different" after school. Despite my begging for more info he wouldn't tell me anything. So I waited. I really need to go but I was wanted to know what he had in store. My need actually subsided somewhat throughout the rest of the day. Finally just before our last class ended he told me to come over to his house after school, since I usually do this anyway, it was no surprise. He told me to call my parents and tell them I was going to the mall with my friend April and that I would be home later. I did this, still curious as to what he had up his sleeve. Anyway after school I drove to Brian's and discovered that only he was home, usually his mom and little sister are home as well. When I went in, Brian! greeted me with a very good kiss and told me surprise! I said what surprise. He told me his parents and little sister were out of town until tomorrow and the house was ours. I must admit I kinda liked this news, but we had never had any trouble being alone when his parents were home, so I knew he had other plans. Sure enough he did. Brian asked me if I still needed to poop, I said "yes, I guess," I knew that I needed to go even though the urge was not with me at that very moment. He grinned and said me too and that he wanted us to "buddy dump" I couldn't believe it, he was finally open about doing it in front of each other! My smile and laugh was his answer. I ran past him up the stairs to his room. He ran up behind me and tackled me on his bed, after a few minutes of making out I pushed out a fart to signal my need to go. I asked Brian just exactly how he proposed we do this, me watch him and then he watch me or what? He said that he wanted both of us to try to s! it on his toilet at the same time. My heart raced with the thought of this. His toilet is elongated and looked like it could work. Brian quickly pulled his shoes and jeans off. I laughed again and took my shoes and shorts off. I could tell he was getting "excited" I must admit so was I. Brian went over, pulled his underwear off and sat down. He farted really loud into the bowl, obviously to pay me back! I slowly took my panties off and went over. He spread his legs wide to make room for me and I sat down. I had just enough room to allow for my butt hole to be over the toilet seat hole. Brian put his arms around me like we were riding a bike. It was a very hard dump to take since pooping was not the first thing on my mind. Being half naked with my boyfriend alone in his parents house kinda scared me. After a few minutes of hearing Brian steadly plop out logs, I began pushing my load out. After a few grunts I dropped 3 medium sized turds and finally I slowly push! ed out a long final piece that felt like it would not quit. Brian was already done by the time I finished. We both stood up and looked at our work. It was kinda scary! That poor toilet was full of turds! My big piece was the biggest, it was at least a foot long. Brian dropped about 8 pieces all 5-6 inches long. We could tell them apart because our color was different. We flushed first, it took 3 times for it to all go down! Finally we took turns wiping and that was that. I looked at Brian and new that our relationship had been greatly expanded over the last 15 minutes. He must have thought the same thing because we raced each other back into his room for some after poop fun. It is a good thing his parents and sister were gone because my squeels of delight would have been hard to explain!

Amy (Co-ed)
Hi everybody, this is my first post to this very fun forum. I have been reading all of the posts for a long time but finally feel like I want to join in! I am a college junior, 20 years old with brown hair(shoulder length or pony-tail)blue eyes and a slight tan. I am not fat but I am not thin either, I guess the term is "full figured" whatever that might mean! I am 5'8" and weigh about 145 if that helps? I have always been told by friends and boyfriends I am attractive and that my butt was made for tight jeans. I really like reading about and talking about and listening to anything realted to dumping. It is probably my favorite pastime! Being in college the opportunity to take part in this pastime is almost endless. I live in a large female dorm at my university. Our floor shares two restrooms, each has 15 toilets, I probably do most of my poops in either of these restrooms but I also go, if I need to, after class sometimes in my classroom buildings. I have always t! aken very large dumps, and it takes me quite a while to shit when I have to go. Unlike alot of people, I do not go everyday. I probably go 2-3 times per week so I have plenty to do when the time comes! In case you are wondering, girls really do poop. Alot. Listening to my male friends talk about the subject they seem to think when girls go to the restroom we always pee and go on, one day my boyfriend asked my why it took me so long to pee. I told him I didn't pee, I had to shit. He got this puzzled look on his face like it was not possible for me to actually be shitting. Sharing a restroom with a few hundred other girls will certainly allow anyone to discover that we poop and poop often, and many of us poop alot!!!!! I took my first dump since Wednesday about 2 hours ago. I used the restroom down the hall from our room. My roommate Kirsten and me had been playing tennis earlier in the day and had come back to our room where we were watching TV when I felt the rumbli! ngs of a big one. I told her that I would be back later and grabbed a magazine, she laughed and said don't run everyone out! She was referring to my ability to really stink the restroom up! I was still wearing my short tennis skirt which barely covered my butt. When I went in there was about 6 stalls occupied, it smelt like a mixture of poop and purfume, obviously somebody trying to cover up a big one! I picked a middle stall and locked the door. I reached under my skirt and pulled my blue panties completly off and hung them on the hook on the stall door. Our toilets are really low so you are all but squatting when you sit down, it is a really good feeling, that helps in getting big loads out. I sat my ample butt down on the comfortable seat which allowed my crack to pull open for my hole to do its thing. I usually sit with my legs fully open so I can see my accomplishments. My stomach cramped a little after I sat down which I made better by ripping the loudest fart ! you have ever heard! When I shit I am like a soft serve machine. Turds SLOWLY move out of my butt and break off after about 4 or 5 inches. My poop is usually 1 or so inches thick, although like everybody I do have the "butt splitters" every so often. Today I probably pooped about 10 turds, all soft but firm. I farted a few times along the way which added to the aroma building in the restroom. I was not alone however, at least two other girls were doing there part. It took me about 25 minutes, I felt much better afterwards. I hope to go again soon, and can't wait to share it with everybody. Later everybody!!!

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