I have a question for the women who post here. With the exception of boyfriends, husbands or other close family members, have you ever been taking a crap when a man walked in on you accidentally and saw you sitting on the toilet? If this happened, how did you feel about it?

It happened to me once, and I was VERY embarrassed. But I've been trying to figure out why I was so embarrassed, and I can't make sense of it. The details aren't too important. I was in the bathroom pooping and had accidentally left the door unlocked. A man I knew only casually (not a boy friend or anything) opened the door and saw me. He was embarrassed, I was embarrassed, he said he was sorry and he quickly left. But he was in the room long enough to see what I was doing, and it was pretty obvious from the smell that I was pooping. I was very, very embarrassed about it, and I still am to this day (this happened about a year ago). I saw this person occassionally after that, and we never talked about it and he never said anything about it.

My question is why was I so embarrassed?

Pooping is something everyone does, so it wasn't like he discovered some deep dark secret about myself that he couldn't have known. But in fact, that's what it felt like. On some really weird level, I felt like the fact that I pooped was a secret about myself that I didn't want to reveal, especially to men, and he had discovered my secret. Ouside of my family members, I had never really talked to other people about pooping, and I had especially never talked to men about it. It was almiost like a very private and special part of me was suddenly revealed, and I felt really embarrassed about it. It's like I have been programmed since childhood to keep bathroom functions private and to never talk about them, much less actually do them in front of members of the opposite sex. But why do I feel this way? Obviously on an intellectual level, I know perfectly well that the fact that I poop isn't really a secret to anyone. Everyone who knows me knows that I poop, even if the! y don't normally think about it. So when this person opened the door and saw me pooping, he didn't think to himself "Oh my God, this person poops! I never suspected that!" Obviously, that's not what he was thinking. When he opened the door and saw me, he knew exactly what I was doing, and he knew that it was something that everybody does. But to me, it felt like I was exposing some big hidden secret about myself that this guy could not have known about. Stupid, right?

So why do I feel this way? And do others feel this way too?

So if any women have ever been in this situation where a non-family member, non-friend male has seen them crapping, please tell me how it made you feel. If you were embarrassed, what specifically was embarassing about it? Did you feel the way I felt, or were your feelings of embarrassment different?

I've always wondered if it means anything in particular when someone says they need to use the "little girls room" or the "little boys room." I have heard people refer to both, and was wondering if which room someone was going to determined what they would be doing once they got there? Thanks.

Oh my LORD, today has got to have been the most embarrassing day of my life. We went on a field trip. First we went to this museum, then Burger King for lunch, and then back to school for the last 2 hours of the day. So, at burger king I get one of those black-slurpee-turn-your-poop-green thingies. I wanted to see if it really did turn your poop green. I drank the whole thing (and afterwards had fun freaking everybody out by sticking my totally black tongue out at them - those things make your tongue jet-black, too!). Then we went back to school. I think I got some sort of poisoning from something I ate at burger king, because with an hour left of school to go, I had an uncontrollable urge to poop, and before I could do anything, my bowels exploded with diarrea. And worse than just having an accident like that in class, the diarrea was BRIGHT GREEN! Man, do those slurpee things really work! Then I started throwing up this orange puke, so colored stuff was coming out both ends! !! And on top of all that, while I was pooping uncontrollably, I lost control of my pee too, and - horrors! - I had my period! SO just imagine this scene. Elysa, sitting in her chair at her desk, retching and bringing up orange, chunky puke, with green diarrea exploding out of her rear end, and pee mixed with menstrual blood coming out too. Omigod, it was SOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSING ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

Stacy B.
Hi to Jane, Robby, and Annie, thanks for your responses. Jackie B., to answer your question, I wipe the sides of my butt cheeks up to the tip of my anus.

Hey I am a 23 yo. guy and I like to poop. I pooped out a big brown bear at school, about 10" long and 1.5" wide then I flushed it down the toilet. It twisted around before it went to the sewer. Well that's all for NOW.

I was wondering if any guy has had this happen to him before?? You pee and right in the middle of peeing you sneeze and it hurts then your pee stops and you have to start up agaian?? It happened to me tonight when i was at work. It did hurt a tad.

To LOGAN: Liked your story about when you were 15. I've had something like that happen once. I was in a bathroom(don't know where, i forget) and this lady opened the door looking for someone.

HighSkoolSenior and Wetteenboy-

I am a high school junior, 16, straight, and live in Massachusetts. I am also not into poop but i am certainly into peeing. A couple of times in school i have been really desperate to piss but have always just made it. I always piss myself on the beach, even if my bathing suit isnt already wet! I have not had a complete accident in public in a few years, but now and then when out and desperate to pee i wind up squirting in my pants a few times but i have never lost complete control. This usually happens when i'm with my father, i would never purposely squirt in my pants while with friends. A few weeks ago i posted a story of when i went to a basketball game with my father last Jan. and peed my jeans enough to really show in the traffic jam of people leaving the arena. It was SO embarrasing to be 16 and pee my pants right next to my father. However, it was not the only time this has happened in front of him. If you want to hear any of my stories, just let me know. I'd love ! to hear some of yours. I think we have a lot in common! Please reply!


Steve - thanks for sharein that school story for grade 8 you must have been real imbaressed.

Aboy - yup i realy did have that accident on the bus and it did make me feel better to have my friend poop his pants too.

Tonight i had another accident. I was in newbury comics and i was begining to feel my bowels moving. i told my friends that i had to crap so let's hurry up.just as i said that i riped a fart and they started laughing. I said it not funny i'm about to poop in my pants, witch allready started to happen when i farted a log was stickin out aganst my briefs.My friend matt say's to me i dare ya to poop in ur pants in here, i said no way but just as i said that my bowels let go and out came two big log's into my undies.thay all started crackin up and i did too. they ran outa the store as i kinda waddled out. i went into a bathroom in tace bell to dump out my briefs they followed me in and made me show them the lump in my undies to prove that i really did it.

Ephermal: I can relate to what you're going through, though I can't offer any insight into why you're experiencing more frequent poops. Perhaps it is the stress. I went through quite a few stretches during my college years where I would poop frequently and in mass quantities. It would be soft but very rarely runny poop. I did not deviate much from my eating habits, and it would come and go whenever I was feeling stressed. I'm sure this will eventually pass, so hang in there, Ephermal.

The picture of an Asian school girl on the toilet reminded me of a time when I was in high school. I had just gotten home late right before dinner time and rushed into the bathroom while still in uniform. I had a huge pooping session, flushing the toilet twice while seated. After I was done, my Mom told me that Carrie had called. I called her back, and Carrie told me that when she called, my Mom told her that I was moving my bowels. I asked, "She told you that? She used those exact words?" She said, "Yep, that's what she said." After we talked, I went to my Mom and asked, "Why did you tell Carrie I was in the bathroom. You even told her I was moving my bowels." She said, "Oh my, I said that? Oops, I didn't mean to say that, but I thought since it was Carrie that it was OK. Sorry, dear." I said, "I'm glad it was only Carrie. If it were anyone else, especially a guy, I would have been totally embarrassed."

Quick hello to all of the folks.

Jackie B.
Hey Buzzy, thanks for the suggestion. I just have one silly question. You said you "push out" your anus and insert the paper slightly, and you rarely get skid marks. How exactly do you "push out" your anus? Do you just exert yourself and push as though you're trying to shit some more, or do you have some way of pushing out your anus with your fingers? I've tried exerting myself real hard as I wipe, but it's very tiring -- especially if I've been exerting myself pooping. Does anyone else use this method of pushing real hard while you wipe so you can clean inside your hole?

I saw this article in today's Ann Landers:

"DEAR ANN; You recently printed a letter about a woman who steals the bathroom tissue from her sister's home.
My mother-in-law has a similar problem. In fact, she is so obsessd with her toilet paper that she has a little sign above the dispenser telling people how many sheets they are permitted to use.
At first this was amusing, but now it is disturbing. She can afford as much toilet paper as she needs.
Should we ignore this as a harmless quirk, or is it a sign of something more serious?

DEAR W.C.; Go along with the "joke," and say nothing. The woman sounds as if she's a few sheets short of a full roll."

I showed this to a few friends at the office this morning and we all thought it was hilarious!! Every family has their oddball relative, but until I read this I never dreamed there were people out there swiping toilet rolls or 'counting sheets'!
One wonders how those 'sheet counters' verify if you've obeyed their directives - Closed ciruit TV? Numbered sheets? A specially engineered tolet roll 'spin counter'???

Does the article remind you of anybody in your family perhaps?

We're back home now and I read the posts that Renee saved for me. Thank you everyone for your lovely wishes and beautiful words.

My heart is heavy and sad for two members of our beautiful family.
DIANE IN NEW YORK and JEFF A: I am so dreadfully sorry to hear about your losses. Words alone cannot express what I'm feeling right now. I will burn a candle in honor of your loved ones passed.

Well the wedding was beautiful! What a sight too, all those latina lovelies with their white gowns and shiny black hair. It was a traditional Mexican wedding and I wore my mother's wedding dress. She cried, and my Popi held me after and said "You'll always be my little seniorita, my always little girl." I lost tears on that one. The children were so cute, I just wanted to grab them all up and hug them! The food was wonderful and man did it ever cause Renee and Patsy to poop up a storm later! Tesa was there, and some of my friends from the center where the reception was held. Some of the girls were giggling in Spanish about how Renee and Patsy were stinking up the ladies room. I guess I'll have to skip the events of the wedding night, though it was electric!!!

The morning after dump was extrordinary. All that rich Mexicana food. My man was in the tub soaking when I came in. I explained my predicament and he wanted very much to watch. Needing no further encouragement and wearing only my white lilyette panties and matching bra, I slipped the undies down to my thighs and squatted down on the toilet seat. My boobs were pushed up by the white lace which looked neon next to my dark skin. I had to grunt a few times and felt some gas. Then, a real slow wet fart happened. I looked over at him, and he was staring at me, his eyes melting. Knowing what he wanted, I leaned forward, resting my elbows on the ends of my knees. It all started with a bit of noise. "Ssppffffffffff.....crkk...crkkklll...spfff...then a long, long crackling sound which announced the birth of a super fat turd slowly inching out of my latina ass. Jake could see the crescent of my double cheeks as I leaned forward. The more the turd inched, the farther forward I leaned.! The smell, was surprisingly light with just a faint odor of Carmalita. My turd finally crashed into the toilet after hanging 12" out of me. Another one came quickly, about 16" long, followed by two shorties. After I wiped, showing Jake each wad smeared with rich, dark chocolate, I studied the logs that came out of me. "Ooooh, hon, you should check these out," I said, "The big one's got hard, nobbie things in it, and the other one's stuck to the toilet." It left shit stains all over the bowl. Afterward, I slid into the tub with Jake, and of course, the rest is censored.

Poop number two! Our third night, we were on the beach with a big fire and a bottle of wine. I knew I had to poop, but didn't want to spoil the mood by going back to the room. Jake however, could tell, and asked me to pull my pants down and squat for him. In the background heard I heard the steady rush of the ocean and the soft slappings of waves tickling the shore. The night was chilled, with stars spread across the sky like jewels on black velvet. Next to me and my man was a roaring fire he'd built with loving care. The popping and crackling of driftwood and burning twigs was a sweet sound along with that delicious scent of woodsmoke. Having my insides warmed with wine, I felt a little braver than normal. In my ????, I felt a big turd wanting to slide out of my butt. By the firelight, I did as Jake asked and pulled down my sweat pants and purple panties. I didn't have any pee in me, just a rather long rope of turd that wanted to come out desperately. Suddenly, a burni! ng branch sizzled with a loud pop, and sent sparks spiraling into the night. Jake rubbed my butt with his big hand and whispered "C'mon honey, do it for me." It was then that I felt my ass opening and a massive, hard log slowly squeezing out. Jake put his hand under my butt and I slowly crapped out a fat one that coiled in his palm. I had to grunt and push really hard to get it all out, but it felt so good. It was a huge log too. Part of it broke, and plopped into the sand.

Another time was in a ladies room when, on the toilet, I shot forth a gallon of hot, yellow piss into the toilet, followed by a succession of sticky sounding plops. About 10, or 12 turds in a row with lots of grunts and sighs. These were real ornery logs. Some just hung out of my ass sending naughty fumes up to my nose from between my legs. Then, I heard two teenage girls come in. They took the next two stalls, and after a few minutes I heard some pretty hefty plops. Then they began giggling, and one girl kept going "Eeeww! Jeez, it stinks!"
This was their conversation:
"Oh god! Ewwww, it's horrible!"
"Well, tell the whole f------ world why dont'cha!"
"The whole f------ world can smell it!"
"No way."
"Hey everyone, Debbie's takin' a big shit, not me!"
Then there was more giggling. The smell wasn't that bad. I've done much worse.

There's more, but I'll save it for another time. However, I was standing, looking at the breakers at Depoe Bay when this guy came up to me and said "I just wanted you to know that you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I know you're gonna say you're married." I wiggled my ring finger at him, smiled and said "Just married in fact, but thank you just the same." He kept staring at me and smiling right up until we left. I didn't tell Jake until we got back to our room.

Tonight, Tesa, Nu, and Angie are coming over for another pooping party. Angie in particular, wants Jake to watch her in the worst way! I think it'll be a great gift for him too. These 2 girls are awfully hot. Anyway, that's it for now.

To my two special friends: I will honor your losses on dias de los muertos, the Mexican holiday that honors the dead. Please accept my love and best wishes.

Marisol Carmalita

Does anyone have any stories about female celebrity poop accidents?


This happened when I was about 15 years old. I was at a department store one night when I had to poop. There were 2 stalls in the bathroom and I went into the nearest one. As I was sitting there with my pants and underwear down to my ankles, I heard the door open. I then heard a female voice. She was appearantly looking for her son. She called his name but I was the only one sitting there. She then walked out. After I got done wiping my butt and getting dressed I walked out of the bathroom. There was the female standing right outside the door. She gave me this look like she knew it was me she saw with my pants pulled down. She didn't say anything but gave me a smile. I have to admit that turned me on knowing that a lady saw my pants down around my ankles like that and knew that I was pooping.

I remember one time when I was about 14 years old being at the town public library. AS I was sitting there reading I suddenly had the urge to poop. On the first floor was the regular kind of bathroom with stalls, ect. On the second floor which I was on they had the bathroom which was just a one person bathroom with just one toilet. I went into that one. As I sat there with my pants and underwear down to my ankles, I quietly strained as about 3-4 turds came out of my tush.The door suddenly came open. I could have sworn I locked it. The librarian was standing there right in front of me. She loked at me for a split second and then said, "I'm sorry." and walked out. I felt embarrased at first. I quickly wiped my butt and pulled my pants back up. I walked out of the bathroom. The librarian was sitting at her desk. AS I walked by I looked at her and said ,"It's empty." She looked at me and said, "Sorry about that." I said no problem. I loved the thought that she saw me on the to! ilet, with my pants pulled all the way down like that, knowing that I was going poop.

I have a real problem with the thought of other people hearing me, so I always put a layer of paper in the toilet, above the water, kind of resting on the sides. It ensures a nice soft landing! Also, when wiping I always use loads of paper. Sometimes, to feel extra clean, I use a wet cloth to clean all around and partly inside my anus. I find that I often leave a really unpleasant smell in the bathroom after a poo - not just the normal bad smell, a really horrible, lingering smell. I find it embarrasing, and try to avoid going when I'm out of the house. Does anyone have any ideas about making my poo less smelly? It's a serious problem.

p.s. I love this forum - it's kind of liberating.

Mr Stinky Pinky
Heres one for celebrity poop fans to watch. VH1 has a show called storytellers. On it different bands play their songs and tell about writing them. On the show featuring No Doubt, the bass player tells how he wrote a song for Gwen Stefani while she was in the bathroom "taking care of business." He tells how she was in there for a very long time because she was not "feeling very well", which probally means diahrea. Gwen just smiles knowingly and blushes while he tells the story. Oh to listen to Gwens toilet, and the stories it could tell......

Here I was looking through the freezer to find something for dinner for Lucy and myself, when Lucy comes in and tells me not to make anything because we are going out to dinner with her friend, Carrie, this girl who has been handed the world on a silver platter, and is quite attractive with shoulder length black hair that is in one of those slick back styles, dresses extravagantly, but since her attitude is rather b**chy, especially toward me, I find her less appealing, along with her idiotic boyfriend. "Great," I mumbled under my breath,"can't wait to have such grand time. "I heard that sarcastic remark," Lucy stated, "and you better act cool tonight." "Okay, I'll be cool, the silent cool type, because if I say anything to your friends, they usually don't understand anyway."

Lucy dresses in a solid black, fairly short dress that is pretty nice, which looks striking on her petite frame with her softly bleached hair, and I have to wonder where we are going. She tells me to dress a bit nicer than normal because we are going to some fanciful restaurant. Just great, I get to waste money on some food that is supposed to be exquisite because some magazine deems it so. Then I ask who chose the place, and of course, it was Carrie and dork. So I dress in black slacks, shirt, and black CK jacket. Yippee, let the fun begin.

Here we are at this place, and of course, Carrie has to start in with the insults. "Hey, Sid, your hair looks greenish tonight, and when are you going to cut it, you look like you want to be some new-wave British rock singer." It is actually bleached whiteish and hangs jaggedly around my eyes, but I simply smile and don't say a word. Her dorkfriend, I mean her boyfriend, is like, "Hey, dude, what's happening?" like he is is best friend or something, and I simply lift my head a bit, barely acknowledging him. We all sit down, start looking at menus, and all I notice are the high prices. "I hope you can afford this place, Sid," Carrie quips. I smile, hold my menu in front of my face, and silently mouth, b**ch, and of course Lucy sees this and kicks me under the table.

After we order, which seems like everything on the menu, I watch Lucy and Carrie engage in some conversation, and doofus fumbling with his napkin, all the while wishing the wine would get here quickly so I could douse myself in it and become painfree. It arrove, and I gulped a quick glass and poured a second as Carrie said, "You know you are supposed to sip it, not shoot it." I responded, "Why thank you, Carrie, you have enlightened me tonight. What have I been doing all this time?" "That's a good question. Not much since you still look like you did several years ago in highschool. Are you ever going to grow up, Sid?" Carrie asked in her ever so pompous voice. I retorted, "And be like you? Gee, that would be swell." Anyway the girls excused themselves to the ladies room, and I muttered that I hope Carrie pees all over herself. Following the excruciating dinner, I am informed that Carrie is coming to our place for a while, and thankfully her boyfriend wasn't as he ! had something else he had to do(go find a real girlfriend if he was smart).

After stopping for icecream, we finally arrive at our place, and I decide to go put a DVD on, American Beauty, and the ladies hang in the living room. A while later I go get a drink, and I notice Carrie isn't in there as Lucy is browsing a magazine, and I ask if the witch has left. Lucy tells me she is in the bathroom and been there a while. I get my drink and go back to movie. Later, Lucy comes in to get me and informs me there is a problem in the bathroom. "What do you mean?" I asked. She tells me the toilet is backed up and overflowing. I get up and head directly to the bathroom where I see water overflowing from the toilet and rushing to the door. I tell lucy to hurry and get some towels to hold back the water, and I ask her what happened. She tells me that when Carrie was done using the bathroom, she flushed and the toilet clogged up. I immediately start laughing, and Lucy slaps me telling me that it's not funny, and how Carrie is extremely emabarrassed. Oh! , poor Carrie, I thought with devilish delight. Here is my opportunity to make fun of Carrie the snob for all eternity, I couldn't wait. I go to the other bathroom to get the plunger, smiling, and then back to take care of the problem. Unbelievable! I saw one of the most incredibly largest poops I had ever seen in all my life, along with several other large pieces, and other softer pieces. If this wasn't the cause of the blockage, then it was definitely all the toilet paper in the toilet. "This girl needs to learn flush multiple times with a load like this, and did she use the whole freaking roll of toilet paper to wipe her ass, man, it seemed to be everywhere. So I begin plunging away, breaking up all this poop, flushing, reflushing, plunging, realizing some of this paper was going to have to be removed, so I ventured to the kitchen for a trash bag and rubber gloves, which I should have made Lucy use since this was her friend, but I didn't. While walking for the kitch! en, I think to myself that I now have the chance to get my sweet revenge on Carrie for all the insults she has hurled at me like daggers. Oh, what fun I was going to have for the rest of my life. I get in there and Carrie is sitting on the couch with a glass of water, and just as I am about to say something to exact my revenge, I notice as she is staring at the glass, I see tears streaming down her face. I simply sigh, and actually felt sorry for her at that moment. She looked up at me, and I could see how upset, embarrassed, and distressed she was. "I'm sorry," she said, "I'm really sorry." Oh, how I wanted to blast her, but I couldn't. I actually sat down beside her, put my hand on hers, and said, "It's okay, Carrie. These things happen." She sobbed, "Not to me, but I couldn't help it. I'm sorry." "Carrie, it's okay." "But, I'm so embarrassed." "Don't be, all you did was do what we all do, use the bathroom and relieve yourself. And besides, that is a weak toilet! . We have had problems with it before(not really, but that was what I told her). Hey, and what has happened here tonight, don't worry about it, I'm not going to ever mention it to you or anything like that, and your doofus boyfriend who doesn't know how lay his napkin on his lap properly, will never know." She laughed a bit at that remark and said, "He is kind of a doofus at times, isn't he?" I just smiled as I got up and went to finish the job, and after a couple of steps, Carrie said, "Sid, thank you." "You're welcome, Carrie."

I like to hold in my load as long as i can, for 3-4 days usually then when i think i am full of poop i give myself a pleasure enema and sit on toilet first out comes excess water, then runny poop, then i set there for a while longer and out shoots some hard ones, like missels out of my anus.
I EAT TO POOP, i think pooping is entertaining as watching sports on TV, never know what feeling i will get.


I can't believe I just pooped my panties this afternoon. I was
out shopping after I had just ate some Chinese food and I was going
back to the car when it happened. I just froze by the car door
and then felt this huge poop squeeze out of mu tight hairless anus
into the seat of my new panties that I had just put on in the morning.
It was also real stinky so I just sat down in the car and drove home. I then got ing the house, took off my jeans and put them in
the hamper, put my poop filled panties in the trashcan, and took
a shower. It as all over the crack of my buttocks and on the back
of my legs but I got it washed off down the drain.
The poop before that one had been so hard that I though that
I would hurt myself trying to get it out.
Well, that's my most recent story. Looking forward to hearing
from the other women and everybody else. After my shower I took a
Pepto and put in a tampon which I will leave in for a few hours.


Todd R.
Hey Toilet Friends,
I have an amazing story to tell. Yestersay when I was palying golf, I felt I needed to take a major dump. So I had drove my golf cart over to the porta-potties, took my magazine in there and sat in the toilet. While sitting on the toilet and reading I noticed that I never had locked the door. Before I could do anything, this really good looking girl opened the door and walked in backwards and then locked the door. She turned around and said,"Oh I am so sorry, I didn't think that there wasn't anybody in here". I said " Don't worry about it. Can you stay in here with me?" She said that would be fine because she had to take a huge dump too. She also made a comment that I was a bathroom reader. She said that she loves to read in the bathroom. After I was done, I watched her take her dump. I am glad that this happened because we are now going out as a couple. She is excitied and so am I, I like to call this as "Love at first Shit" I forgot to mention that her name is Diana and ! we both want to know is this, Does anybody else like to read while sitting on the toilet? If so what kind of material do you read? Keep us posted and we will keep you posted. Bye for now and we really enjoy your stories.


Well done -- especally going in the shower, with your Mom present, that would have been no easy task. Don't worry about experiencing an involuntary closure in that busy, noisy bathroom, it happens to everyone. But how I know what it feels like when you're desperate for relief and your urethra just won't play the game. Eight hours total -- that's dreadful. Don't worry, you'll beat this, you're already on the right road, and having fun in the process. That's a big plus!

Have a nice one for me!


i have a story readers here might be intressted in.
this summer i watched a tvshow where celebrities talk about their time in schoolform where you addent while you are about 16-19 years. they have a chans to tell some story they have picked themself and play diffrents games and so on. anyway, this particullar evening there was a woman who is very famous in my country who attended this show. she is pretty young, late twenties id guess. very beautiful woman id say! blond, pretty curves. and i couldnt belive my ears when i saw the commercial for the show earlier on the day: her store from her teens was about a accident. by the way this show have quite many observers.
she was living with her boyfriend in our capital when she needed to do an kiddney xray for some reason. to prepare herself she had to take laxatives. i have to say that this woman is famous for a reason, she is very good at talking and joking and its easy to like her, even from the livningroom. so keep in mind she speeks this story with lots of details and compasion infront of the cameras and spotlights, very brave indeed. so however she took the wrong dose, because she read wrong on the fraktion delimeter and the laxative became ten times stronger. she claimed she had skratchmarks on her thighs because she had to go to the toilet so fast and so often. she joked some more about it but i cant recall that. however she was about to apply for a jobb that day so she considered staying home, but decided to go anyway. when she arrived at the company some kind of employee meet her there and said "hi" she then feelt a huge "vrooom!" in her stomach and she knew what was up. then she! feelt "it all" come out with a "schwooosh" and everybody laughed. during the end of the story she stood upp and gesiculated with her hands over the belly. she said she was very humilated and the story was over.

thanks for me

Hi friends of the Toilet!

Last week I was not quite myself with a hurting right shoulder. It was a more than a nuisance, because over here in Europe cars are still sold with manual gear shifts and I wasn’t able to use ours. Thursday was concert day. Beethoven’s violin concerto in D-major. My wife was the chauffeur. After the concert I noticed a very large puddle with two tissues next to it in an alley near where the car was parked. A sighting of a female buddy pee in public missed!

JULIE,dear, a you can see, I am NOT always in the right place at the right time!!!!! But I have often what you call “dippy moments”. Hugs!

Dear SARAH S., please excuse me for answering your kind message in a rather brusque manner. (All that stuff about yucky cheese. It could be your favourite food as far as I know!) You are a very sweet young lady, and I wish you all the best for your success in law school. And now I have just read that I confused you with your sister when it came to holding your dad’s hand whilst he was sat on the potty! I would love to play a trio with you and Meghan! Love from Rizzo.

Robby, thank you for your kind words! Great story about Annie pooing in the open to accompany them too! At least we can keep in touch here. I started to post here December last, and I thought the whole thing a hoot! What a lark! Until a little eleven year old girl called Heather, who spent her life in a wheel chair and who had shared her most intimate moments with all of us, was involved in a car accident (end of January) and severely hurt. She died from her injuries about a week later. I would never have believed that such an incident would affect me as much as that one did. Then Kendal came to my attention and I felt I ought to say something to her sometimes. Well I ended up becoming her uncle elect after she had chosen PV to be her aunt, and I am now enjoying myself, feeling that I am allowed to share in the responsibility for her well being. This a very short resume. Kendal’s fate reads like Greek drama, PV and I taking the part of the chorus (sp?).
Love from Rizzo.

KIM and SCOTT, I found your story of breaking in the new bathroom! Yeah, with mum and dad away, Kim and Scott do play!!!! Great story too!! Cheers.

And to my dear niece KENDAL, I can add, that it is possible again for me to give you the full two-armed hug, scratchy, stubbly or smooth depending on the time of day!
I had not commented yet on your night with Andrew at your old home, because I find that rather sad, a weepy subject, even if it involved a wee on knees. But maybe you needed to say good bye to that part of your childhood.….
But now you have had more cheerful things to talk about! Your weekend at Charlotte’s was really good to read, quite hilarious, in fact! I liked the bit about her dad trying to sort you girls out on the toilet, whilst you yourself were pooing away enthroned on the pot! He didn’t succeed of course! He, he! But you enjoyed his embarrassment…….and his pleasure at seeing you! Naah! Don’t deny it!!!
I also think it is very good of your aunty and uncle to keep you surrounded by your friends during weekends and holidays. It keeps your mind on happy moments, he,he! Therefore I take my hat off to them! No, you do not need to tell them that of course! Keep it to yourself. So here’s your hug, as stubbly as your hair brush, and laced with love, from your Uncle Rizzo!

LAWN DOGS KID, hey, that story about you Kendal, Kate and Emily, all three girls wearing Honda Super Blackbird blue panties, – there seems to be something fascinating about bikes - and showing these to you in a most teasing manner, blue bottoms galore, is just what I needed for the weekend! Thank you so much for such a treat, my dear friend! Your description was sooo good, it was almost as if I had been with you! Better still, because if I would have really been there, tact would have forbidden me to even consider taking a peep! (I’m just kidding!) I would always have had to read about your bathroom activities on this forum, even if your parents would have had me invited to stay! (All theory, of course.) The way you described Kendal in her sky blue dress sitting on the bowl, one hand free to hold yours, certainly completes the image to make her your princess!! Yes, and Kate has come a long way too, hasn’t she? You and Kendal have certainly changed her attitude to toilet! y things. Good for her and good for you too!
I’m always looking forward to reading from you, you have no idea how often my thoughts stray to you and Kendal. And thanks for wishing my wife well. She seems to be better, but is still bunged up, has difficulty pooing since the cold that set off the cystitis, and will have to have an echo graph done on Monday. There’s always a cancer scare in the background, our own sword of Damocles. So here’s a hug to you too, dear Andrew, love to you from Rizzo.

Marge, dear, you are making good progress thanks to PV. Do not be dispirited if you have a set back. If others in the bathroom disturb you, cover your ears with your hands and imagine the moments when you could go in the shower. And I think that maybe your mum came into the bathroom while you were having a shower because she too needed the background noise of running water to be able to go!! Keep up the effort, love from Rizzo!

ERIN, you too are beginning to break the vicious circle! It is normal for the urge for a poo to come over you when it is most inconvenient. Come time and you will be able to plan when to go! Keep up trying, go when you have to go, don’t postpone it for “later”. Listen to PV. Hugs, Rizzo

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