Sarah S and Meghan(Robby's daughters)
Hi everyone,
Meghan and I are here visiting Dad. Our school isn't that far from home. It takes only 40 minutes to drive. It is really convenient especially now that Annie will be here. Meghan is standing over me making sure I don't embarrass her. Dad is at the office. We don't have a story that rocks today. I want to tell you that Meghan and I usually have to wee and poo (as Annie calls it) in the morning. I guess it is the food we've eaten the night before. We do eat alot but we work out everyday, too. We have seen and helped each other in the toilet throughout our lives. There is no privacy with us. Meghan usually sits first. She farts really loud. It is sonic boom time. She strains and drops her load very fast;Plop, plop, plop! She is rarely constipated. On the other hand I sometimes wait and have to have help. I am hunched over and grunting to beat the band! Sometimes I think I am birthing a cow! Meghan gets a big kick out of this performance. She just holds her nose and makes rud! e noises. I sometimes drop a piece as long as 13". It really hurts. Well, we will have to come up with some other stories. Take care, Sarah S and Meghan.

KENDAL: Thank you for your sweet words. Thank you for being our friend. (Meghan)- Hi, Kendal! I am 19 and in my first year in college. I have enjoyed your adventures with Andrew and your friends. I am still a little confused and embarrased about the whole thing. I read about your time at your friends this weekend. I think it is funny. I think I will come around. Sarah and I have seen each other on the bowl but I get a little bothered when Dad or anyone else sees me. You have a wonderful family. One that will support you for the rest of your life. Love and a big hug, Sarah S and Meghan.

ANDREW: (Meghan)- Hi to you! You sound like a real neat guy. I am trying to picture you. As I said to Kendal, I have enjoyed your stories and your complete love and support of your cousin. BTW, do you know if the stores over there have the Honda super blackbird panties in older sizes? They sound awesome! I don't know if I would want a man to see me on the toilet. My Dad has, of course, but that is different. I am trying to understand all of this. Hope to talk to you, often. Sarah is trying to push me off the chair! (Sarah)- Got her off! Hi, there! I am blushing now!! What a nice thing to say to a girl! I've been out with several guys but a few of them are real jerks. Annie wants me to meet a nice Brit.
I'll see. Oh, yes, please help us with the British lingo. Some of it passes us by. Take care. Love and a big hug, Sarah S and Meghan

JANE: We just read your comment to Dad. Thank you! We are not wonderful, just tolerated,LOL! We enjoy your stories! Love, Sarah S and Meghan

RIZZO: (Meghan)- I haven't said hello yet. I think you are a wonderful man and so caring to my father and cousin. My mother loved classical music. As you know Dad sang. She and Annie would love to stand in the bath and pee! I would just get embarrassed and walk off. I am trying to understand all of this. I am sorry that you are in pain. Hope you are getting better. Sarah- I wanted to say that story about the man putting his willie back in his pants and wetting himself is great. Even Meghan laughed. I wish to add my well wishes for your quick recovery. Love and a big hug, Sarah S and Meghan

To all of the other friends of Dad(Robby)and Annie: Take care and a hug, Sarah S and Meghan.

A good friend of mine had complained of constipation one afternoon. He looked really miserable. Being a good friend and considering the fact I love to see his muscular body nude, I offered to help him. I took a tube of K-Y jelly out and had him lie on side on my bed. I began my massaging his anus with my index finger and K-Y. He groaned. We have always made silly remarks to each other about being gay, never seriously. I noticed that he had developed an erection as he continued to groan. I decided not pay any attention and kept working the hard turd mass in his rectum. I figured the erection was a normal response from such stimulation of the anal/rectum area. I had spread a towel under him and suggested he try giving a push to evacuate. He pushed and the mass was visible at his anus, but wouldn't budge. I put my lubed finger back into his rectum and pulled out a mass of turd. I thought he would cry with pain. Then he was able to push out a log the size of a small tree trunk.! He was crying in pain and asked me to massage his anus some more. I did and even leaned over and patted his sweaty forehead with a damp washcloth. He thanked me and I kissed him on the forehead. I helped him get cleaned up and we layed together for awhile. He continued thanking me. I warned him he should let himself get so bunged again. Neither one of us are gay, though we are the very best of friends and this situation has definitely brought us closer together. I think more guys should be less inhibited about sharing situations like this one and not brand guys who care about each other as friends as gay. Guys, let me know what you think.

Robby and Annie
Hi, folks,
I am a little tired this evening. It has been a busy day. My day was made much better in coming home and seeing my lovely girls. Sarah told me she and Meghan wrote to you today. I can't wait to see it. Annie is ready to come back. She is ready to go back to school. Isn't that something! I have a sea story again. On one of our yearly trips over to England Alan had the boat all ready. This time the girls and 2 of their kids were with us. This made for a tight ship. The loo was continually busy. On this trip one of my daughters got sick. She stayed in the cabin most of the time. The loo was just off her bed. She was in and our and we could hear her throwing up or having a wet poo! Susan stayed with her as much as possible. One evening all hell broke lose. Annie and Susan had to poo at once. They ran down to the loo and yes, my daughter(I think it was Meghan), was on the bowl ripping chunks at warp speed. Well, Annie said she couldn't wait and grabbed a bucket, sat on it and g! runted UUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNU!! Susan,meanwhile, said; "Screw it, I'm going up stairs. She proceeds to hang her arse over the side with Sarah, one of Annie's kids, and I holding her for support. It was sunny and a mite windy. I held her head down while she grunted. Sarah held her arse up so she wouldn't fall and the other person held on to one of her arms. A monster log started inching its way out of bum. She howled and grunted for all it was worth. Mind you, while this was going on, we could hear the moaning of Meghan and the loud farting and grunting of Annie down the cabin. It seemed they were having a contest to see which one grunted the loudest. Sue finally dropped that beast and some liquid poo and pee came out after it. She said;"I am through, let me up". We helped her up and she wiped herself. Sarah looked over the side and screamed;"Oh my god! Its terrible". I looked and the mess was going away from the boat. About this time Annie came out the hole and emptied t! he bucket. It smelled up the place for hours. I went down to see how Meghan was doing and she had gotten off the seat and back into bed. Where were the others at this time. Alan had gone to the other end of the boat and pretended that all was well. I tell you; I wish I had brought a tape recorder and taped that fart/grunt fest. It was something!!

KENDAL: Thank you for your kind words to my daughters. They think the world of you. Meghan wanted to know what you looked like and I told her that I remembered Andrew saying that you looked like Micha Barton. Is this correct? I told her to rent the movie "Lawn Dogs". Also, thank you so much for regaling us with your wonderful escapades at Charlottes. I am glad you have more loo buddies. I knew the feeling when the dad came in and saw you. You were a complete lady about it. Also, congratulations on your "big poo".
That was a compliment! We didn't mean to nag you about the story. Take care, my dear! Lots of Love and hug from Robby and Annie.

ANDREW: Thank you for welcoming my daughters. Meghan was wondering;"what does he look like, what does he look like"? I told her to just use her imagination for now. They both think very fondly of you. Well, I know the story wasn't for me but I really enjoyed the telling of the unveiling of Kendal's new Honda super blackbird blue pampies. She is a bit of a tease, haha! I miss Annie and look for her back next Wednesday. Take care, my dear friend! Lots of love from Robby and Annie.

JANE: Thank you in bunches for your kind words in welcoming my daughters. They are finally understanding about a part of my late wife's relationship with me and my relationship with Annie. Love, Robby and Annie

DEAR RIZZO: I hope you are better my dear friend. We are thinking about you! Love, Robby and Annie.

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Steve and Louise, Scott and Kim, Laura, Jeff A, Carmalita and Jake, Pat and Renee, Erin, LindaGS, Linda, Mindy, RJOGGER and Kathy, DianeNY, Ephermal, and welcome to David and Niki!

UNCLE RIZZO: My dear Uncle, I hope your shoulder and arm are getting better now. xxxxxxxxxxx. That was a shower of kisses all over them to make them feel better ! I wish I could be with you to look after you. Then if you needed the toilet, I could help you do the bits you have difficulty with. I would have my eyes shut of course ! But only if you promised I could listen !!! Sorry, I've probably made you go all red with embarrassment now, just like I did Charlotte's Dad ! By the way, Andrew hasn't told you all the story about Kate yet. When I read what he had written just now, I asked him why he left that bit out. He said he was getting very tired because it was well past midnight while he was writing, and he had already written a lot, so he said he would save it for later. I won't spoil what happened ! He says he might find time to post it tomorrow. Right now, I'm allowed just a few minutes before he settles down to catch up on his school work. ( Loud sigh... back to sc! hool on Monday, worst luck. But then I'll be back with Kirsty and Charlotte again !! Hurray ! ). xxxxxxxx More kisses for your poorly arm ! Lots of love from Kendal x ( that one was for your lips, and a very big smooth hug as well ! )

LINDA GS: If I'm not very good at describing my own poos at the moment, how about Andrew's this morning ?! Do you fancy a peep into what happened ?! Well, uncover your eyes my dear friend, and no sniggering ! He was still in his PJs, and walked into the bathroom while I was sat doing a wee, PPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, drip, drip ! It was a big one from being in bed all night !! ( But still nowhere near as big as your wee ! ) He stood in front of me waiting, and then took hold of his willie before letting out a really good trump. He explained he took hold of it to make sure he didn't wee on me by accident while he did his trump ! I told him he could have waited to trump while I finished my wee. Aren't boys gross, Linda ?! Anyway, the smelly trump was enough to speed up my wee and get finished so I could seek the sanctuary of hiding my nose inside my night shirt ! He then dropped his PJs down! to his ankles and said "This one is for Linda GS" ( you lucky girl ! ), and he proceeded to have an enormous wee, which you could hear running wildly down the inside of the toilet. Every so often he let out a little trump, but no poo at that point. It was unusual, because Andrew's poos always happen before his wee normally, well, the first wave of pooing anyway ! But this time, just splatter, splatter, splatter as he held his willie down between his legs ! Then as his wee stopped, and I could see his face concentrate on the next part of the job, there was another very small trump followed by some crackling noises and then KERLUMP, Plop.... PLOP, plop. He smiled as he got his breath back. You're a lucky girl LINDA GS, you got to see one of the occasions when he has a hard poo rather than soft mushy stuff he always has with me !! But then, deep breath, plop...plop..plop, plop,plop,plop. Plop, plop,plop,plop,plop,plop,plop ! ( I spoke too soon ! Normal pooing resumed, in! cluding the terrible pong !! ) I tutted and wagged my head at him from inside my night shirt. He just howled with laughter. But there was no more poo. Right then my dear on-line sister, its safe. You can take your nose out from inside your sweatshirt ! Andrew says he hoped you didn't look where you shouldn't, seeing as he doesn't wear skirts that he can smooth over his lap !! He's a cheeky boy ! He sends extra special XOSs to you, and he hopes you enjoyed the show. Lots of love my friend, from Kendal xxxxx.

JULIE - Hi girl! Well yeah I do think I am very lucky. I mean I know
there was a bit of competition for him. If we are out at night he gets
quite a lot of girls looking at him, and my friends who know him well
now wish they could get a guy just like him because he is a really nice
guy. Hey I bet when you find one like him you will find him when you
do not expect to.
I was really good with him last Saturday. I will let you and PV in on
a little secret. Jackie and Emma and me, we thought we would do
something special to put a smile on his face, and Jackie nearly did it
too well because she nearly burst before she got to the alley. It was
good letting Steve pull all our g strings off. Jackie could not wait,
she just let rip when she could. Well I am happy we got our correct
g strings back when Steve was holding them for us! LOL

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Special hello! Hey read my little story from Spain
at the bottom of my letter!

RIZZO - Hey I liked you boat story. You know I laughed like a drain
when I read about the poor guy getting his stuff robbed by the gulls
and putting his peeing dick back in his pants and wetting them through!
I kept laughing for ages. LOL
Hey I bet if it had been a bigger audience when I weed on the wall
with my two friends you would have been right at the front wouldn't
you? It is a bit of a shame to have such a show for just one lovely
guy! Love Louise xx

KENDAL - Hi girl! Do not worry, I will let Steve look up Juliette Lewis
on the web. Andrew has a real good time in the toilet with you all
didn't he? Do you think he would be scared of coming into the bathroom
with me and my friends? LOL

JEFF A - Hi guy! I wanted to tell you I do my first Aikido test next
week and I feel a bit nervy about it. Steve was keeping it a bit secret
so not to pressure me, but he has changed his mind and he wants you
to know. I bet on Tuesday I will be so nervy I do a barrel load of
liquid poo! I will tell you how my shitting was before the test.
Love ya. Louise xxxxxx

PV - Hi girl! Yeah, handbags are a little bit of a problem when you
need a wee and I do like to sort of sling it around with the strap on
my shoulder and the bag around the back if I can, and yeah, it can put
you off if you let it slip forward. It is a help when I have Steve
there with me because he can just look after my bag for me, then I
can just wee without worry.
It was really good standing in front of the wall and washing it last
Saturday night. It was a real giggle, and you know I bet Jackie really
really really enjoyed it by the look she had on her face when she
had her wee. Steve just said 'wow'!
If you can not find our running and weeing story I will send it again.
You are right about drinking the extra fluid, it is very healthy, but
why is it not making you wee a lot??? LOL
Hey is your Karate style Shotokan or Wadu Ryu? I hope my spelling is
right! I learn about this stuff from Steve, so he was telling me the
differences between his Kung Fu and your Karate.
My ankle is all right now, it is feeling good. I hope I do not get the
liquid poos on Tuesday!!!

I just have a quick Spain story to tell. Well we were just coming off
the beach and just going up this path with some little trees at the
side. There was this boy about 10 years old who was holding his dick
with his right hand while he weed. He was not doing it on a tree like
I bet most boys do but he was just doing it on the path so it all ran
down in this long trickle. LOL There was this little bubbly pool at
the end of his trickle that me and mum looked at and giggled at when
we walked up past it. An older girl with that lad I think she was his
sister not his girlfriend was holding his left hand and watching him
wee. Well I think she was really interested by it because she was
really watching. Their dad came over the hill and held his dick and
weed hard on one of the trees. Well the girl then went to look at
her dad doing it. It may be that she did that because her dad was
weeing harder or her brother had just finished. Well her brother I bet
liked mum and me and I bet you know how I knew! Well he was a bit shy
I think, and he was trying to hide how his dick was. Steve was behind
us and saw all this and well it was funny realy but I felt sorry for
the young lad.



Sunday, October 28, 2001

For all the people asking about email addresses, chat, pictures etc., please read the FAQ.

Could people post more accident stories, with lots of details, and also stories about deliberately pooping/peeing in unusual places, like on the floor?

try eating lots of vegetables they will give you dark green stools also green apple drinks will do the same
congrats on "just doing it" when you hade to keep up the work and soon you'll have no trouble at all.
i usually just clean the outside (if what you mean by outside is between the two cheeks)
does anyone think it would be fun to put on a tight pair of undies and then poop in them on purpose just to see how far you can make them bulge. sorta like the picture in the masthead. (i do wish they would change that side of it once in a while.)
on to a story:
it always happened in elementary school that i would hold my pee in all day. every time i woud mention this to my mother she would tell me that it wasn't good to do that. (now mind you i was never repremanded or anything) so one day i did and once i got off the bus and i had to go really badly. i could bearly make it home. no sooner did i hit my property i ran behind the workshop and lowered my panties and squated for a long pee. i bearly got them down in time. luckilly no one was home so i wasn't caught.
well that's all for now studies call me.


I remember once going to a female friend of mine's house one afternoon.
As we sitting on the couch watching T.V. she got up, turned to me and said, "I have to poop." I was quite surprised thinking that females usually do not announce this openly like men do. She went into the bathroom. She then said "Now don't look." I could then hear her pants go down. I then heard about 3-4 loud "ploops" and splashing. She quietly strained as each one came out. I then heard her use the toilet paper, pull her pants back up, and flush. She walked out and sat back down next to me. To this day I don't know if she did that on purpose to turn me on or just really had to go and did not care that I was there.

This happened when I was about 15 years old. I was at a department store one night when I had to poop. There were 2 stalls in the bathroom and I went into the nearest one. As I was sitting there with my pants and underwear down to my ankles, I heard the door open. I then heard a female voice. She was appearantly looking for her son. She called his name but I was the only one sitting there. She then walked out. After I got done wiping my butt and getting dressed I walked out of the bathroom. There was the female standing right outside the door. She gave me this look like she knew it was me she saw with my pants pulled down. She didn't say anything but gave me a smile. I have to admit that turned me on knowing that a lady saw my pants down around my ankles like that and knew that I was pooping.

Lawn Dogs Kid
SARAH S: What a pleasent surprise it was to find you had posted here, and the story about you and Meghan was pretty good too ! Mind you, the bit about holding your Dad's hand has certainly struck a chord with Kendal, for obvious reasons. Oh, now, you'll make me blush ! I'm sure you'll find an even nicer boyfriend than me when you're ready to have one. Believe me, its no hardship at all to be nice and kind to Kendal. You and your sister take care now. Love from Andrew.

ROBBY & ANNIE: Well now, I'm pleased that the relationship Kendal and I have with one another reminds you of the relationship you two had, still have no doubt ! Kendal wrote a little earlier than me. So I'm sure by now she will have filled you in with what happened at Charlotte's. Seems there was a myriad of activity from what Kendal told me. I'm looking forward to reading what she has written just as much as you, I'm sure ! Take care. Love from Andrew.

RIZZO: Well, my friend, I'm sure you're bursting to find out what happened while Kate and Emily were here visiting ! They went home this afternoon with their Dad who came to pick them up. He brought Thomas with him. Gosh, the way my Mum reacted, you'd think she was after having another baby !! And no, I didn't change his nappy !!! Now, as for Kate, well I can exclusively reveal ( courtesy of Kendal's promise to me that she wouldn't say anything in her post ! ) that Kate is well and truely over her toilet shyness, with everyone ! Immediately after their arrival and we were on our own again ( at least until Mum and Dad got back from work ) she weed in front of all of us 2 times in less than an hour. The first time was a real gusher of a wee that whistled and hissed for well over half a minute or more. She sat on the toilet with her jeans pulled below her knees and her panties just above her knees. She was quite red letting me watch for the first time, but she was wearin! g a long t-shirt which she was able to hide away her modesty with. Now what happened an hour later was quite a conspiracy. Both Kate and Emily had got changed after their long journey, and I just knew something was going on from the way the girls huddled together, whispering and giggling and looking at me, and then whispering and giggling again ! The upshot was an invite to the toilet again. This time I went first, and put on a magnificent display of precision peeing, even if I do say so myself !! This time Kate made sure she had a grandstand view of the entire proceedings rather than a back view of just my bottom ! Then she took her turn. She was now wearing a nice shortish skirt, and as she flipped it up to take down her panties, the glorious blue of those Honda knickers hit me right in the eye ! They really are a breath taking colour. She made me turn round while she pulled them down, and then once she had sat down, I was allowed to look again because she was able to f! lap the front of her skirt down between her legs protecting her modesty again. She only had a little wee, that took a long time to start now that she wasn't desperate. But she managed in the end ! Again, I turned away while she wiped, but I was allowed one last glimpse of those blue panties before she pulled her skirt back down again. Now it was Emily's turn. She was wearing trousers, and unlike her sister, she doesn't care what I see ! Down came the trousers, and then she stood there with her hands on her hips, trying her best not to laugh as I stood mesmerised by the sight of identical blue panties. Having made the desired impact, the panties came down, and Emily managed a rather good wee considering it was less than an hour since she had last been as well ! Then came the fate a complit ( my French isn't the best ! ). My dearest Kendal's turn. I knew from the look on her face that it was poo time for her, and I settling myself into an appropriate appreciative mood, as I ! sat down, cross legged in front of the toilet, and waited for the show to begin. Kendal had changed as well, into one of her nicest dresses, a lovely sky blue colour that goes so well with her blonde hair. As she began to pull up the dress, I heard both Kate and Emily begin to snigger behind my back. I turned to see what they were up to, and was promptly told off for not paying attention to Kendal ! Kendal, head on one side, Hands on hips, with a mock stern face, said "Right. If you're paying attention now, I'll start again" ! As the skirt was once more lifted up, again Emily sniggered ! This time, I thought I'd put up with it. Kendal obviously wanted my full attention ! As the hem of the dress reached the top of her legs, the sky blue was completely taken over by Honda Super Blackbird Blue ! There was no losing my attention now as she slid those panties half way down her legs, and settled her bottom on the toilet seat ! Once comfy, she gathered her dress into one hand t! o hold high above her ????, and then offered me her other hand to hold. I don't know why, but I got up onto my knees and took hold of her hand, and then held onto the side of her ???? with my free hand. Her ???? quivered as she tried to get over the ticklish feeling, but so long as I don't move my hand, she's ok. Love to you Rizzo, from Andrew.

LINDA GS: Right, seeing as you're not getting enough description of Kendal's toileting, the rest of the story is just for you my dear on-line cousin ! Kendal was several seconds starting, but her wee began with a steady trickle that increased into a short hiss before returning to a lovely tinkle that lasted about 10 seconds. So, trickle,trickle, trickle, hhhhhhsssssssssssssssssssssssssss, trickle,trickle tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle, drip drip drip......drip ! Then, quite unusally for Kendal, as I felt her ???? push against my hand, she made a quite tuneful trump that lasted for four or five seconds, which made us all laugh. Now fully relaxed, I felt her begin her poo, as her little ???? seemed to strain and push against my hand again. And then it went all soft, and as I stared into her eyes, she was smiling that smile which says "Right, get listening, I'm about to make my first plop" ! I say plop, it was a barely heard flop actually, followed by more tru! mping, not tuneful, just blowey, little ones between the poos she made. A second very quiet flop. Then her poo must have stopped moving, because I felt her ???? strain under my hand again, and this time it kept pushing and straining until she made a third and final louder plop. Only then did it relax, and Kendal gave a loud pant AHHHHHHHHHHHH ! "Right, that's your lot folks" ! she said, and Emily clapped ! So there you go Linda ! Hope that was more descriptive for you, although after your last story, I doubt anyone could be more descriptive, or better at it than you are. It was just like I was there with you ( combing your hair, of course, and not at all attempting to see anything hidden by your uniform skirt so carefully smoothed over your lap !!! ). Well babe, I shall definitely crown you with a tiarra as the princess of desperation stories. I'm just sorry we're not able to talk so often now. By the way, Kendal says she'll lend you a pair of the Honda blue pampies for ne! xt time you take me with you. That is so long as they aren't hidden away under your smoothed down skirt !! Anyway, take care babe, and I hope you continue to enjoy more lovely intimate moments with your Aunt. Lots of smoochies from Andrew XOSXOS.
PS Even the very beautiful hair you're sporting at the moment will need to be nurtured and cared for. I'm freeeeeee ..........

Hi to PV and other friends: I have been doing pretty well with my pee shyness. I even was able to pee in the shower with my mother using the toilet at the same time. (I think she had more trouble going than I did.) I went shopping last Saturday with my best friend. I told her about my problem. After being at the mall for 3 hours we both had to go pretty bad. We went into the ladies. I went into the end stall and she was next to me. We were very quiet. Suddenly she began to gush away. Then I opened up and peed for a long time. Afterward she said to me that wasn't too bad was it. I replied you'll never know how good. On Monday at school I had to pee really bad after lunch. I had been there for 5 hours. I went to the bathroom, sat down in the stall. A lot of girls were coming and going. I was shut up tight and no matter what I couldn't pee a drop. Again I got home 3 hours later in terrible pain and bursting. So I am still frustrated, but will keep trying.

Martin: If I were present then, ahem, I would be staring too, definitely! Heez, that's typical female nature, thats why we are so interested in watching the other sex in the bathroom.
Plunging Plop guy: hey, going through some vulnerable moments huh? ;) hope you are on the mend, and be patient! :0)


Steve-thanks for shareing that story it's good to know i'm not the onley one who had accidents at school.

Del-I'm 14

Bryian-ya it was wicked embaressing. about the other time when i was on the bus and my friend pooped his pants when we got off, ya i think he did it on purpose to make me feel better.

I didn't have an acident today but i'll post more story's soon

Guido (The mustache)
Hey, Paizanos:

I wish that my new-wife would lemme see her take a dump! She refuses to. Then again, I have never come out and actually told her, directly, that I wanted to. She has teased me, before, and told me to come into the bathroom w/ her, when she had to pee, and she then, quickly, made me understand that she was just-kidding. Then, came the time before we were about to make out, and she had to go into the bathroom, about five minutes before, to, apparently, do her business. She didn't tell me exactly what she was going to do, but I could figure it out. She left the water running the whole time that she was in there, just to drown out any of the beautiful-music that she would have made. She told me to wait, about ten feet from the door, which I, of course, violated. Not like she could tell though, she locked the door, before she went in. When will I get to hold her hand, as she grunts out her turds, the same way that John and Laura, on this forum get to enjoy-doing?! Only time will tell.

Later, Paisanos

Guido (The mustache)

Jackie B. - I usually wipe the surface. I get the odd skidmark in my y-fronts, but they don't bother me. In fact, I usually try to guess when it happened; "Oh yeah! It must of been just after I got to work." or "I was in a hurry to see that movie, but I had 5 minutes to play with. I should have stayed in the theater's public toilet a bit longer and done a better job." or "Where did this come from!? I didn't see any residue in any of my wipes today." and so on.
I consider 'digging in' only if it was an especially messey movement... When my usual wiping routine isn't quite doing the job.

Hey everybody,
Exams and stress makes u hungry more than usual, but totally messes up your bathroom habits. I think I'm getting a little constipated. darn. I'm eating fruits, eating well, but I'm not clearing my system well. I don't take coffee, so it's frustrating.
Hi Nietzsche!
Now I feel a little bimbo-tic, cuz to be frank, I thought your nick is some followup, from that irritating J-pop wave. That it should be a philosopher! And quite a renowed and fantastic one, I guess, since you are using his nick. Now, that is ignorance! haha (sorry)
Actually, when I mentioned "get together", I didn't mean in a b-g-r way, juz to meet up. *blushes* hee, but I've been racking my very overworked and depleted cells otherwise known as brains, and I dont see any means beyond this posting back and fro, to communicate with ya. It's kind of fun actually.
I also noticed you have a very good command of English, or to put it rude, bombastic English. ;)Are you in law? or mass com? cuz I remember you said you are an undergraduate. And why do u have so many numbers between wishing me luck? Is it suppose to bring an extra dose of luck, or is it a code? Sorry, I can be kind of daft sometimes! Okie, Take care.

To the site owner: Sorry my post is more of an irrelavant nature, but I didn't have any interesting bathroom stories recently (other than the lack of it!), and it didn't seem as though any of you guys, except Nietzsche, is interested in what I ever post anyway. Oh well, nevermind. Take care everybody =)

I've tried posting twice in the past week and my computer has crashed before I could finish, so I'm going to make this short to hopefully get it up without crashing.

I wanted to offer condolences to Diane and Jeff A. Although personally not affected by a loss of a loved one, my whole outlook has changed since the 11th. It's beyond words.

Anyway, I've been very busy and stressed out lately. I've noticed that I'm a pooping machine for the past two weeks: very soft smelly and quick poops long and thin (1/4 to 1/2 inch and the longest was just over a foot) and always my normal color of brown plus a much lighter color. I usually poop every 2 days or so, no consistent routine, but lately I've been going 3,4 even 5 times a day and huge quantities. I haven't changed my eating patterns at all either! I just wonder why this has changed so much cause I'm usually more on the constipated end. I've also been getting a very pressing urge and have to go NOW! type thing. It's been soft and mushy, but pretty well formed, only liquidy once.

Just wondering if anyone had any insight on this.

Going to post now so it will get up and not crash (fingers crossed)

Hello to everyone!

To Buzzy: Great story about the buddy dump in the woods. I have a hard time taking a dump in the woods. I have to sit with my back against a tree or hold on to a tree on front of me, I should try sitting on a log. What do you find is the best way? I wish I could get you my e-mail address so we can talk about dumps. Do you know a way? I will be looking for more of your posts.

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