Bobby-heres another story about messing my pants at school

This is the story of my embarrassing poop accident that happened to me in 8th grade. At the time I was eating cornflakes with bran, which causes big bms as everyone knows. This incident changed that particular habit. I was in history class and noticed that I was in big need of doing a bowel movement. I asked to use the restroom and was permitted to do so. I walked to the restroom on that floor only to discover that the custodian had forgotten to unlock the bathroom door. I decided to go back to class and hold it in. As I sat in my seat I was holding back from letting go and moving my bowels. As I sat there I had an incredible sensation to use the bathroom and I again asked the teacher to use the restroom. He said no because I had already been excused. Soon after I had sat back down in my seat I farted and it started to poke out in to my briefs so I just let it out because there was nothing i I could do. I was wearing white khaki pants and the load was huge it was solid and! I was sitting in it so it would definitely showed. I thought to myself that I had better go up to the teacher and tell him. He said that I should go to the nurse. As I went back to my seat to grab my books and leave, I didn't even hear anybody say anything or laugh or anything because I was so embarrassed. I thought that it would be less embarrassing if I grabbed my stuff in my locker and go home instead of having my mom come with a change of pants. When I walked out of the room the bell rang and everybody was in the hallway and the whole entire school would later find out that Steve had shit himself. I went to my locker and left the school, I went home and took a shower and cleaned. My white pants were totally stained all brown and my briefs that were white were destroyed and now brown. So I threw them out. It was bad that I was in the eighth grade and totally pooped in my pants in front of everyone.

Sick boy
Hey I was diagnosed with hemmroids today doctor suggested i establish a time to go every day how does one do that my whole life i just went when i had to any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My computer was broken and was in the shop.

Bobby - Sorry about your accidents. Its cool your friend did it too.

steve - Cool story about what happen to you in school.

I havn't had any accidents lately. But I'll post as soon as I do.

Another glorious morning here in NY-I think this will be the last warm day cause a cold front is coming thru tonite and it's going to get down into the 40's-well it was fun while it lasted-i love indian summer,i'll miss it.Anyway,nice pic on the masthead of what looks like Marial (sp)Hemingway on the bowl-nice!TO JACKIE B-When i wipe,i push out my anus and insert the paper slightly and i rarely get skid marks.I think the key for me anyway is pushing out the anus as I wipe-That's how I wipe
Took what may be my last woods dump this a.m.and i biked out and by the time I got out there,i really had to go bad and i'm walking briskly thru the woods and found a spot and i was walking with my cheeks slightly clenched with some strong cramps and found what looked like an empty 10 gal bucket which held pool chlorine and quickly got undressed and as soon as i sat on the bucket my anus just opened up and exploded with all this shredded wheat stuff that also got all over the sides of the bucket-it was messy and then i took a break cause it was over in about 5 seconds and looked at all the mush in the bucket-it looked like cow dung-i think it was from some coffee I drunk before when i was at 7-11 and ran into a friend and he offered to buy me a cup and I couldn't say no and that's whet made me poop like that-I rarely drink coffee inless i have to go somewheee and i want to poop so i don't have to go later,that's what i drink and it really makes me go!After about 10 mins o! f standing there enjoying the morning air,i felt another cramp and once againf i straddled the bucket and let out an long wet fart and let out some more soft stuff which then turned into real watery poop and lots of farts-it was kinda messy to day the least,but felt good to let out cause i had to go so bad.then i felt done and had to wipe for about 5 mins cause it was real messy.Then I looked at the bucket and it was about one third full and it was just mush(a real coffee dump)Then biked back and right away jumped into the shower and here i am posting-I'm going to miss those morning dumps out in the wild-this year was so much fun-my only regret is that I didn't run into some of you out there-like RJOGGER & KATHY and their entourage-DIANE,JANE and CARMELITA and her gang of lady poopers!Later BYE

Althea: I have stepped up my activity in the last couple years. Gary and I have set up a home gym, and we work out several days a week. I like walking and jogging on the treadmill, and Gary likes to pump iron. We're not as hardcore as Kim and Scott but keep in shape enough to handle our very busy work schedules. We may take up golf next year.

Stacy B.: That was a good story about your office pooping session. I especially like your use of the words kuh-kuh and dookie. I don't usually engage in small talk when I am in the ladies room, but during the summer I did that a lot with Carol and Rachel. We sort of bonded because of the mischief our summer intern Christine caused.

Speaking of Christine, she e-mailed me for the first time since she got back to school. She said she has a tough course this semester, but she is having a wonderful time with her boyfriend Scott. She also mentioned her roommate does poops that would give me a run for my money.

Robby: You have two wonderful daughters. I liked Sarah's story about she and Meghan buddy dumping after having a pizza. That reminded me of one time when my best friends Carrie and Sara had a similar incident after having greasy pizza and took turns having the runs. This happened when we were undergraduates and shared an apartment. I went home that weekend and got back that Sunday night to find the bathroom, especially the toilet, a disaster.

Nothing exciting happening poopwise lately. Yesterday I went to the ladies room, went into a stall, pulled down my pants and panties, sat, plop, plop, plop, wiped, flushed, washed, and was done. Pretty much typical for the last few days.

Quick hellos to Althea, Jeff A., Kim & Scott, Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Robby & Annie, Buzzy, Carmalita & Jake, Renee & Patsy, and all the rest.


Been there done that. Where I've gone back to school it's mid-terms and finals. My major, pre-med, is one of the most stressful in the school and yes, mid-terms and finals are hell. I've found that both bladder and bowel problems are not uncommon and there have been a few accidents at school, though usually with no one but a close friend or two learning what happened. When high grade point is mandatory, you've just got out of one, two and a half hour test and are rushing to not be late to the next, you've been set up for possible disaster. During our second year anatomy class one classmate was in the position of turning in the exam uncompleted an have to repeat the class next time it was offered or accept the likely accident by staying . The last part of the exam required rotating through 37 different microscope stations, 90 seconds per microscope, and having to identify what was on the slide. Halfway through there was a muffled curse, an extremely wet pair of jea! ns, and a huge puddle on the floor. Another time at the semester review prior to the final my lab partner felt that she couldn't afford miss any of the review and would have to wait till class was over. Fifteen minutes before the end I noticed her flinch, stiffen, then start to look around in near panick. Asking if something was wrong I learned she had just done a major dump in her pants. I told her to relax, we were in the back by the autoclave which always smelled very foul anyway and that at the end of class I'd stay right behind her to block view, it was soaking through, and give her a ride home. No one else need know.
As to your first post, I don't think you are perverted. That implies harmful behavior. We are all probably obsessed to some extent or another but not perverted.
Maybe this is a good time for my first story of an accident I had, at school. It was necessary for me to be at school shortly after 6am to have a chance of finding a parking place. In the mornings it usually takes 2 to 3 hours for my bowels to get active to the point that it is time for a movement, and seldom at a time when it is convienant, and so the stage is set for and accident I'll call Crime & Punishment.
The Crime: when I got out of my car I knew I better hurry since the need to go was urgent and getting more so by the minute. I also was not yet fully awake at the time. I dropped my books at my first class, Abnormal Psycology-(fitting), and huried down the hall to the bathroom. I got inside, started down the stalls looking for one with no feet. Only one pair of feet were present, but they stopped me in my tracks, there was something wrong about the size and style of the shoes. Then she stepped out of the stall. Boy was she suprised to see me. After a couple of 'Oh god did I blow it', statements I rushed out and to the correct bathroom next door.
The Punishment: no sooner did I get in the door it all came out in a rush. Soft, wet, and sufficient volume that I knew if I pulled them down to try to clean up I'd have shit all over everything rather than just in my shorts. Back to class to grab my books. Thank God the only classmate there at the time was the one from the wrong bathroom. I pulled out the paper that was due that day, asked her if she would turn it in for me and headed home. A few weeks later I learned she had figured out what happened when we were supposed to join up with a classmate to discuss one section of the book and then present what we thought of it later in a class discussion. My class mate found me, and said she could think of no better person to join up with. The topic; adults who urinate and defecate at inappropriate times and places. Ah, well?!?

Robby (and Annie)
Hello fellow toilet friends,
I guess my last post didn't get in. I didn't have a story. Oh,well.
Annie called and she is so busy getting everything in order to come back.

This is is the story for today. Annie and I were walking home from school and she was walking hunched over. She was obviously uncomfortable. She said;"I haven't had a poo all day". I suggested she step off the road. She said she could wait. We kept on walking and she suddenly put her hand on her bum and told me she HAD to go NOW! She walked over to a clump of bushes, pulled her uniform dress up, pulled down her knickers, and squatted. There wasn't that much traffic in the area. She weed a bucket full. Then she ordered me to hold her skirt up and she raised her arse. She strained and grunted;UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNN!! A large snake of a log started coming out of her bum. She strained again. Her face was so red that I thought she was going to go to pieces. The monster finally came out and dropped to the ground. It had to have been 14" long and wide. Then smaller pieces started dropping out in rapid succession. There had to have been 5 or 6. All of this time I w! as holding her dress up, encouraging her, and guarding the area. She let out a massive fart that I could feel. She sighed, wiped, and pulled up her knickers. We looked at the pile. It was enormous. Like a cow pile!! She kissed me and we continued walking home. This girl can still drop large loads. It is amazing!!

STACY B: Great story! It is something we all have to do! Thanks for sharing. Cheers from Robby and Annie.

LISA: Adults and students can be dreadfully cruel. I enjoyed your story. Cheers from Robby (and Annie).

Suzanne: All the best to you in your new venture! Take care, Robby and (Annie).

DEAR RIZZO: I am really sorry to hear that you are in pain and distress. Hope the healing process is progressing. I will let Annie know. BTW, it was Sarah S, my eldest, who held my hand when I was on the bowl. Meghan still can't figure it all out. I am not pressuring her at all. Sarah called and we had another talk. She is very understanding about it now. Thank you for responding to her post. I KNOW this forum has helped her. I am so glad I found it. Annie and I love sharing our experiences with you and now with our children. My daughters were also surpised that their mother and I had simular experiences. I told them that couples can share anything if they are of one mind. Oh yes, I can't stand pizza, either. Those girls can eat anything!! It is something else. The story about the seagull bothering the weeing man was OUTSTANDING! I really enjoyed it. I hope that Sarah can get to this forum regularly. I don't think Meghan will. We'll see. I have missed our dear Kendal and A! ndrew. I guess school has them snowed under. Take care and get well my dear friend. Love, Robby(and Annie).

PV: Hope you are enjoying the beach! I certainly do hope you can drop a whopper of a depthcharge, soon. Cheers and a hug, Robby and (Annie)

LOUISE AND STEVE: A real special hello and hug to you two! Love, Robby and (Annie)

DEAR KENDAL, ANDREW, and LINDA GS: Hope you are alright and doing well in school. Looking forward to hearing from you!! Lots of love, and a big hug, Robby and (Annie).

SARAH S: I really enjoyed your first post, my dear. You and Meghan are my treasures. Hope you are settled back in school. Thank you for understanding. A big hug and a kiss from your "ole Dad" and your wild cousin! Dad and Annie!

SPECIAL HELLOS AND HUGS TO: Rjogger(Rich) and Kathy, Carmalita and Jake, Erin, DianeNY, Linda, Scott and Kim, Jane, Laura, Jeff A, Mindy, Pat and Renee and all the other posters.

Hello everybody ! Sorry I've been away for a bit, but as you know, I went to stay with my friend Charlotte last weekend, and then on Monday, my step sisters Kate and Emily came to stay. They went home this afternoon. Andrew says he might post something tonight after I've gone to bed ! ( I wonder why he wants me in bed first ?! ).

LINDA: I'm sorry you describe yourself as friendless. Well Andrew and I will talk to you when ever you visit this forum. You won't be short of friends here. You'll have to think of some way of distinguishing yourself. There are other Lindas here as well. Perhaps add an initial to the end of your name ? My Cousin Andrew and I liked your first story. He quite often does a few trumps with his poos as well. Love from Kendal.

SIMON: I remember you. You're the one who caused me to severely embarrass myself when I didn't understand your expression "standing to attention" ! Well, I am an innocent 11 year old ! I saw that neighbours episode as well. I bet, just like my cousin, that you would have followed Flick Scully so you could watch her do her business !! Good luck with getting your mate's mum to wee outside for you. Have you given up on the idea of asking her to sit on your knee to wee ? Love from Kendal.

LUCY: Oooohhhhh, now fancy that ! Urinals in the girls toilet. Now what would Aunty PV and Louise give to try those out ! I'm with you. I'd love to have a go but would be too afraid of being caught. Have you got a good friend who could keep a watch out while you tried ? Love from Kendal.

STEVE: Glad my descriptions have wetted your appetite to watch those films ! Actually, since then, Andrew has descovered that you can easily see pictures of the From Dusk till Dawn film on the internet. He says that if you use your search engine to search "Juliette Lewis" you will easily find the pictures of her sitting on the toilet wearing her lacy panties ! Thats if Louise will let you !! Lots of love from Kendal x

UNCLE RIZZO: That was such a good story about the man whose willie went back inside his trousers so he weed himself !! I thought for one horrible moment you were going to say that the seagull pecked it, thinking it was a fish or a worm or something ! But weeing in his trousers was much funnier ! Psst, I've got my Honda Super Black bird Knickers !! I think Andrew will tell you about that later ! Lots of love and a smooth hug from Kendal xxx

JANE: Linda GS cheerleads. And look at the massive wees and poos she has !!! LOve from Kendal x

SARAH S: How lovely to see you posting here. Andrew and I were thrilled !! And thank you for all those nice things you said about us. We think that your family are just the best as well ! I really liked your story about holding your Dad's hand. As you know, I can never do that now, but then I've got Andrew. My cousin is the world's best hand holder, whether I'm sitting on the toilet, or if I'm walking down the road with him. And he never lets go when his mates give him stick about that ! I hope you'll post again one day, when you have time. In the meantime, Andrew and I will happily receive your messages via Robby. Lots of love from Kendal x

LINDA GS: My very bestest on-line sister ! You're home, or are you still at your Aunties ? Gosh, so much seems to have happened since we were able to last speak. I loved your chat with Erin. I particularly enjoyed the idea of side by side toilets so that you and I can go together and chat. That would be brill !! And what a good story about needing that huge wee and poop. Andrew printed it off for me, and he had to do it landscape style so your very long description of your wee would print in full, because you couldn't see the SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH bit on the screen !!! I don't think it's at all odd that you and your Aunt are closer because she heard you poo. And it was so nice to see that she let you go talk with her while she pooped as well !! Don't go letting her brush your hair though, thats Andrew's job !!! ( sorry, Drew's job !!!!). I've missed you so much my dear friend. I hope it won't be so long next time. Oh, and I'm sure Andrew will be more than happy to de! scribe one of my poops for you, seeing as I haven't been giving you enough description recently !! Love you loads my friend. Lots of love from Kendal xxxxx ( Also to your Aunt )
PS Also to Cousin and Elena and baby Lynda and Kendal xxx

ROBBY ( & ANNIE ): Seeing as you've made it well known that you want to here about my weekend with Charlotte, here you are ! It was just like Charlotte has said. No one closed the door except her Dad ! I even got to see her Mum on the toilet. Just so you know, Charlotte is the oldest girl. She is 11 like me, and then there's Rachel, 9. Next is Helen who is 5 and just started school this summer, and finally, Laura is only 2, but she will be 3 next week ! Charlotte and I weren't able to try anything extreme because her Mum and Dad were in all the time. But as you can imagine, the toilet was in full swing for a lot of the time. Charlotte and I went together all the time I was there. We were joined once by Rachel, who went first, a very big wee, but then left the bathroom straight after ! Helen had several wees which I saw because Charlotte and Rachel's room is dead opposite the toilet. But the cutest had to be little Laura. When she needed to go, she is fiercely inde! pendent that she can do it herself ! She pulls her panties down to her ankles and then drags her little bottom up onto the toilet seat, where she then leans forward to keep her balance, and grins at you the whole time ! One time she had her little legs kicking backwards and forwards, and the length of time she was taking, it was clearly a poo. Eventually, after 2 minutes, there was a goodly plop and a giggle as she exclaimed "I just pooed" !! I was only there the one night, but made sure that I got into the swing of things, leaving the door open ! I must have had four wees, and then it came to my poo time. Well, Charlotte came with me, and then as if I was some radio beacon, Helen and Laura were in there as well. Only Rachel didn't come in. In fact, she seems quite disinterested in toilet activities, although she leaves the door open as well. I didn't see her poo. But Helen had a poo right after me ! Anyway, the real story was my poo ! After I let my wee out ( PSSSSSSSSS! SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH, Linda GS, it wasn't a long one !!), I told the company present that I would now be trying for a poo. Charlotte just grinned, but Helen, and especially Laura were thrilled ! Laura was so thrilled she just couldn't stop giggling, and then Helen started, and before long, we were all laughing our heads of ! Laura has such as infectious giggle, you just laugh at her laughing. Anyway, the huge noise being made was enough for Charlottes Dad to come upstairs to see what was going on, and see he did ! Me, on the toilet !! He went very red before apologising, and then making the little girls go out and leave me in peace, leaving Charlotte with me. After successfully shuffling them away he turned to close the door, and smiled as he looked at me again. For some reason it reminded me of that From Dusk till Dawn film, where the policeman looks at Juliette Lewis on the toilet. The only difference was that Charlotte's dad looking was not the same. It was a nice grin,! and he didn't peep round the door all the time he was shutting it behind him. But I did make him go very red again when my poo suddenly decided to plop, very loudly, in the toilet ! He went back down stairs, and as soon as he was gone, two little faces were immediately back in the bathroom. This time, there was lots of fingers in front of lips and shushings ! In the renewed presence of Helen and Laura, I made one flopper, and then another good plop, which made Laura pipe up "Ohhhhh, that was a big one" ! I was very proud to have my little poos described as "a big one". As soon as I wiped, Helen pulled down her pants and sat on the seat, and proceeded with a few gasps and pantings to produce half a dozen poos of assorted sizes and plop noises ! Laura then had to try again as well, but after five minutes, decided she didn't want to poo after all. As for Charlotte, well I was treated to a private session just before we went to bed. Four short, but very fat and loud poos. An! d just as Andrew described in an earlier post, I could see them all coming out of her between her legs ! I don't know why Charlotte sits with her legs open like that. Her mother didn't, and none of her sisters do. Anyway, Hopefully I might get to see Rachel poo another time when I go to stay !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

Hugs and kisses to Aunty PV as well xxxxxxx

David and Niki
Hi everybody!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome from some people. How cool, especially it was all from posters, we both also really like to read from. Thanks again!

Rjogger and Kathy: As far as we gather it, you a few years older than us and married for a long time. I hope we are right there. We always hope that we can be in the same situation like you in a few years time. You are a great inspiration. We migth even start some running after all...

Rizzo: Niki loved your latest story. She really likes to watch a guy making a good arch. I guess a few woman would agree that it would only be fair to sometimes have a picture of a man on the site. I seem to recall that it might have been discussed before. Anyway so all we can do for the ladies at the moment is keep some of those stories also coming in.
This why Niki asked me to post this time, how I returned the favour of her really cool show in the garden:
The same night we went for a nice lunch with some friends and both drank a lot. I had quite a few beers and by the time the evening came to an end I skipped one or two rounds to the men's room. When I really had to go I whispered into Niki's ear that I was bursting to pee and asked if I should go to the loo or if she wanted to leave soon. She gave me a big smile and a kiss as she right away knew what I meant. We paid and said goodby and started our walk home. On our way out Niki asked if she could find a nice spot for me and I whispered back, sure that's what the game is about. I could tell from her smile she loved it. We went outside and walked through the streets in the direction of my parents house looking for a suitable place. It's about a fourty minute walk and we were nearly half way and still there were too many people around. I started thinking that the idea was not so good after all as my craving to empty my bladder had gotten really bad. We walked by my old s! chool and I pointed the building out to her. Excellent, she smiled and let me by the hand into the direction. I was hesitating a bit as I knew, if things were the same as in my days, it would be a busy place on a saturday night, but on the other hand I was at a point were any place seemed more or less suitable. When we entered the yard of course a group of the usual suspects had gathered in one corner further away getting pissed on canned beer. We estimated that they were pretty harmless though and we walked up one of the concrete fire staircases (it's an old seventies school building). Niki let me to the very top and we checked if we were more or less undisturbed. Luckily nobody, apart from the young boys at the other end of the yard, was around. Cool place, Niki stated with satisfaction. She positioned me on top of a row of stairs (a bit further down where we were sheltered by a concrete wall). I stood there with my legs apart and my hands in my pockets as I know she likes t! o hold me. She deftly opened my zipper and got my penis out and held it. With an indiscribable feeling of relief I started to shoot out a high and long arch. Finally! I reached the bottom of the stairs and was running for a long time before the pressure became less and the stream developed into a little waterfall running down the stairs. Woah, sir, good piss, came Niki's frank comment. It took a long time to let out this substancial amount and I have to admit that it felt very cool to stand there and just let go, while my wonderful woman held my penis with one hand and stroke my bum and my back with the other. And above all I gave my lady a sight she really enjoyed, which I could sense at the time and have been told afterwards. After I finished the last dribble I got a good shake and everything was put back in position. We kissed and Niki announced that she needed also a pee and she would like to try for a standing up one. I took her knickers off for her and stood closely beh! ind her giving her a hug fom behind and held up her dress that way. We both spread our legs really wide and she opened her pussy with her fingers and let go. She let out a good gusher which ran partly down the staircase and unfortunatly also a bit down her legs. It was still a wonderful sight. Niki was a bit frustrated about not fully being in control. I kissed her for comfort and after she finished I whiped her pussy and her legs with the sleeve of my sweatshirt as we had nothing else. Niki forces me to write down that this shows what a sweet boyfriend I am, well I honestly did not mind that much. I guess many guys here would agree that this is the least one can do for such a cool lady. Anyway we went downstairs tiptoeing through our own puddle, giggling of course. We crossed the yard and caught the attention of the group of guys who were yelling some harmless stuff at us. They were around sixteen and were shouting if we had had sex upstairs. We just grinned. One of them try! ed to be really shocking and provoking: He stood on concrete flower cubicle and unzipped and took his penis out. He shouted, watch this lady, and let out a good stream aiming at some bicycle stands some meters away. Of course, Niki grinned and said in a loud voice, ok, and went a bit closer dragging me behind at her hand. She stopped a few meters away from him and took a good look. I mean, we were all drunk. The guys face dropped obviously but as we all know, it's hard to stop in midstream. After a few seconds Niki said, nice but nothing in comparism to my boyfriend, then I dragged her away. His mates were pissing themselves with laughter. Well I guessed he asked for it and, although my sweetheart still claims it was nothing in comparism to my performance, I assume a rather cute sixteen year old giving her good view was not a bad treat either. Niki just laughs now. We rounded of the evening with another glass at home and before we went to bed, Niki had some more fun, holding m! e while I was watering my mom's roses (good thing she will never read tis site) and I was treated to the view her doing a more succesful standing up pee in the same direction.
Hope the friends of pooping stories are not disapointed this time. I promise we have got many more to tell and would like to if you like them.

All the best wishes
from David

Also all the best and hi to all
from Niki

Friday, October 26, 2001

Kara M
Those black slurpee things from burger king really do make your poop green. I drank one of those yesterday and today I sitting on the toilet at school pooping and when I got up my doodoo was bright green. It was so cool! Does anybody know about some other things that make you poop weird colors?

When I was a little kid and I was first going to school I didn't like to go to the bathroom while I was at school. Then one day I needed to go really bad and I ended up pissing my pants. The teacher maded my mom come and get me and my mom was very angry at me for not going when I needed to. I decided just to go to the bathrrom whne I needed to in order to avoid these king of embarassments. I now usually go to pee twice at school.

Stacy B.
Here is a story about my poop this morning, for what it's worth. I was at work and at about 11:10 I felt the need to use the bathroom. I hadn't gone kuh-kuh since yesterday (Monday) morning before I left the house, a period of about 29 hours; pretty typical.

I work in a small office building which has restrooms with a bank of stalls (and urinals for the men's room, I assume); these are public restrooms, for use by people who work in the building and for people visiting. Just as I was going into the ladies' room, I heard the toilet flush and out came my friend Jillian. Jillian works in an office across the hall and we've become close friends. She's 27 with blonde hair and blue eyes and a nice, athletic shape. This really isn't germane to anything but some people are interested in that stuff.

Jillian and I engaged in some small talk as she washed her hands and I went into a stall. I started peeing and immediately let out a loud fart which literally popped my ears. I said, "oooh, excuse me." Jillian said no problem and that's something "we all need to do." Now, the bathroom didn't smell at this point so I assumed Jillian came in just to pee, but she and I have pooped together in the past, so she seems pretty comfortable with her bodily functions.

Jillian finished up and said "see you later." I was then in the middle of pushing out my first dookie. I then pushed a second one within 15 seconds after that. I sat there for a couple of minutes and then crackled out a third dookie. Whew! I felt a little more in me, so I waited for a couple of more minutes and then let out two more dookies, again within 15-20 seconds of each other. I continued sitting there just to be sure, but a couple of minutes more had past and I felt done.

I got up and man, the entire toilet bowl was filled with firm dookies which reeked up the place! Just to be on the safe side I flushed the toilet before wiping, something I understand a lot of people also do. I dried off my vagina and then had to wipe my bum 8 times; I flushed again after the fourth wipe. As I said before, I like to use wads of toilet paper when I have to wipe.

I pulled up my panties and designer jeans and then left my stall and went out to wash my hands. Nothing special, nothing to be embarrassed about; as my girl Jillian said to me a few minutes before, it's just "something we all need to do."

Jackie B.
I have a question for everyone. When you wipe your anus afer taking a crap, do you just wipe the surface of the anus, or do you stick the paper inside your hole and try to clean inside? I find that when I try to clean inside, I use tons of paper and can never quite get it clean. When I just clean the surface, it only takes a few wipes and it's usually enough to get me through the day without skid marks. How many people here actually try to clean inside the anus instead of just the surface? And how far in do you go?

Has anyone heard stories about female celebrities peeing on themselves?

Linda GS: How old are you now? I like your story about your after-school jobbie. I used to have the same experiences in grammar school. I did not like make jobbie at school. So, I held it in until I got home. I walked home or took the city bus. Five plops and a long piss? That was my average. You are a healthy kid. In my early years of elementary school, I could hold back all day long, easy. It was a relief to get home and sit on the toilet.

Jane: We cheerleaders, tennis players, athletes, etc. have huge bowel movements because we are extremely active.

Linda: I am sorry you are unpopular. I was not popular at times when I was your age. But, I made nice new friends as I went along. Some I met in the bathroom at school. The girls who made fun of you probably make more noise than you. If not, they should be constipated 1000x. If I were your age and your schoolmate, you would be my friend.

Julie: You have taste in your clothes and underwear.

I'll tell you guys more. It is late.

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