Hi! I'm usually a lurker on this site, but I just wanted to share a story from my childhood, from when I was about 9 in primary school. (This is all completely true, by the way, although the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or not so innocent, rather!!)

My mother used to work nights, and on the subsequent day, my mother's friend would look after me after school until my father got home from work. This friend had a daughter, Emma, who was a year older than me, and had the cutest face, and the wonderful large dark soft eyes, but she was quite stuck up and often didn't talk to me.

One day, this friend had to go to work, so Steph, the baby sitter was looking after Emma and me. Steph was completely gorgeous, and really made an impression on me: she was 15, had curly blonde hair and wore large hoopy gold earrings, and a bit too much make-up. She was quite busty, too, and often fidgeted with her bra, which seemed to be a bit too small for her. Steph's friend Becky was there on that day too. I don't think she was 'officially' baby-sitting; I think Becky and Steph were just hanging-out together.

Some time that afternoon the two older girls decided they wanted to go shopping, so the four of us got the bus into town despite my protests. We dragged round and round clothes shops, which the three girls seemed to find fascinating. As I became more and more bored, and my feet ached more and more, I started to need to pee. I complained to Steph many times over that I needed a toilet, but she kept saying we wouldn't be much longer and asked me just to hold on.

Finally the shopping was over, and we were waiting for the bus, but by this time I was quite desperate. I think Steph was feeling quite guilty, so she pointed to a deserted small alley between two small shops, and said, "Why don't you go over there and do it?" I was too nervous though, so I kept refusing.

After what seemed like an age, the bus still hadn't arrived, and Steph was becoming more frustrated with the situation, so she announced to me, "come on, you've got to go to the toilet, and then you'll feel much better." With that, she led me into the alley, and I didn't have much choice in the matter - I didn't protest though, as I really did want to go to the toilet. Becky came as well, as Steph and Becky were like inseparable twins, but Emma was instructed to stay by the bus stop and look out for the bus.

We walked maybe ten or twenty yards down the alley, and we stopped. I turned and faced the wall, and I was going to do the deed, but I noticed that Emma was craning her neck round the corner of the alley, trying to watch closely, without being seen. However, Becky noticed Emma's interest, and giggled. I hesitated for a good long while, and eventually Becky said, "It's no good, you're going to have to help him, or we'll never get out of here!"

Steph seemed to be in agreement, so she said to me, "come on, I'll help you". She turned me around, so that I was facing away from the wall, and knelt down in front of me. Gingerly, she un-fastened my grey trousers, opened the fly, and gently tugged them down to around my ankles. With hardly a pause, she deftly gripped my white cotton briefs at either side and with a small tug, pulled them down to the ground as well. Steph seemed quite businesslike, but Becky stood smirking as I stood there completely exposed.

When happened next I just couldn't believe - Emma had given up all pretence of watching in secret, and was openly staring from the end of the alley, and Becky actually beckoned her over! She looked a bit embarrassed and flushed to have been found out, but she walked over all the same, and sheepishly stood next to Becky and watched the proceedings.

Steph now knelt at my side, and completely unabashed held up my dick, pointing it almost directly at Emma and Becky. I blushed bright red, of course, and couldn't pee. Steph was chewing gum while she patiently held my dick up. She kept saying helpful comments like, "come on, don't worry, there's nothing to be embarrassed about!" I began to realise that I would never get out of this situation until I peed, so I tried to relax myself and do it. The fact that I could see into the top of Steph's tight t-shirt didn't help matters much, but at that tender age somehow I managed to put those thoughts out of my mind and relaxed enough to do the business. At first, only a few dribbles came out, and I seized up again, which caused some slight amusement for Emma. But gradually, I relaxed once more, and when I did, I peed a complete torrent in a fairly high arc, and it felt *sooo* good! Mid-pee, Becky said, "Aw, he's *so* cute," which I'll never forget till my dying day. At th! e end of my pee, Steph shook my dick to get rid of the last dribbles of water, did up my clothes, and we headed off to the bus stop. Emma asked me if I felt better now, and I answered that it felt really great.

At the time of this incident, I half enjoyed it, but was half in shock: however, I think it set something up within me, because now, I really enjoy peeing for any woman who will appreciate it!

I once had to go to the bathroom really bad. I was on a bus at the time
so I got off and ran to the nearest store. I asked if I could go but the man said, paying custumers only.I then tried to buy a small box of candy.fifty cents, he I bought it and he told me how to get to the bathroom. I got in and saw a totaly dirty bathroom.I thought what to do. and then a dirty thought came to mind. I went on the floor and it felt great. I washed up and walked out mubling 50 cents my ass.

Does anyone take pictures of their BMs?

Hi, to all of you who are embarassed and hold it in, dont feel bad. I am in my thirties and a male who is to shy to shit unless I am alone. Last week I was on a date with a nice lookin younger girl and had to go, I was in agony holding it in until I took her home. So women arent the only ones to shy to go in public.

To Bobby: I liked that story. That must have been really embarssing for you. I bet you wish you couldn't have "dumped" while on the toilet

I've seen some of the posts about dreaming of poopin'. I've had a couple of dreams about this as well. A long time ago, I had a dream that I was in a large room with benches that had holes cut out of them, like in an outhouse. It was empty except for one guy sitting on the toilet. I decided to pick a hole in the middle of the room and dropped my pant and started to take a dump. The other guy got up and left the room. As soon as he left, alot of people started coming into the room, moving around and talking, as if I wasn't even there. Both guys and girls. A couple of them decided to take a dump as well. That's all I remember.

Another time I dreamt that I was inside a house that was being built. There was a toilet installed that had no walls around it. I had to crap really bad, so I dropped my pants and started dumping. Just then, all of the construction workers came in and were walking around. They knew me and started kidding with me about crapping out in the open.

I haven't had time to post for a couple of weeks now, but I thought I'd share another childhood poop accident. After my semi-intentional accident on the way home from school early in first grade I had been careful not to poop in my pants again, although I was still peeing in them on a regular basis. Then, just before Spring break, disaster struck.

I was sitting in my chair in the classroom listening to the teacher read us a story. The rumblings in my ???? told me that I would have to poop soon, and I was lifting one butt cheek and letting puffy little farts to relieve the pressure. The farts were coming more frequently and the pressure was increasing, but it was only a few minutes to recess and I was sure I could wait. Then, suddenly, as I raised up to let another fart, my bowels gave a might contraction and a huge turd slipped out into my panties. I was still in shock and sitting on one cheek when another contraction pushed out another big one. Now I had a problem! I had pooped my pants in class and I knew everyone was going to tease me about it. So I decided not to say anything and hope that nobody would notice, and that I could slip into the rest room on the way to recess to clean up. That worked for a very short time, then the teacher noticed the smell. "I think someone may have had an accident, so everybody pl! ease check your pants," she said. I went through the same motions as everyone else, putting my hand to my butt and pretending not to find anything. When nobody owned up, she started walking up and down the aisles sniffing the air to see where the smell was the strongest. I was sitting in the fourth aisle about at the middle, and as she got closer I could tell that she was zeroing in on the source - me! As she started walking down the aisle toward me, I knew my time was about up, but I was still hoping to get away with it. Then, just as she approached my desk, I very noisily released yet another huge turd into my pants. I was busted! "Lisa, would you like to come to the nurse's office with me?" As I slowly rose to my feet to go clean up and change, I knew that I had had it. Sure enough, by the time I got changed and went out to the playground for recess, I had been nicknamed "Poopsie." The name stuck with me until I moved into another school in fifth grade.

hi everyone,

has been so long since i have last postedn but heck i have been so busy and i am also going to announce my retirement from the toilet forum as im going to live with my sister in the country and with that im giving up my p.c. and all the office involments of my career in advertising and im going to the country to work on her farm and hopefully live some kind of life thats more nature related if that doesn't sound weak or tacky.
I have so enjoyed everyone on here and the wonderful detailed and sometimes humurous stories have taken me to the fair so many times, so good to speak to real sound people who arent shy about the toilet and indeed offer such heart felt genuine advice, something i shall never forget, my short visit here has been very memorable and im so glad i discover this website but now it has come time to piss on the fire as such he he he.
I'd like to say a warm goodbye to absolutely everyone and ive so enjoyed the sticky situations and have loved the stories on deliberate panty peeing, something i will love to the day i die but can i say a special goodbye to Carmalita, i have loved all ur stories and havent went 5 mins without interest and entertainment since i discovered ur stories and congratulations on getting married and i wish u all the luck and happiness in the future, stay cool hon and keep up the mighty dumps xxx

goodbye all u have all been so lovely will never forget u all

much love and farewell from the short time poster

Susanne xxxx

Sick boy
I took a shit last night that could only be described in one word loud! I want to thank everyone who posted the movies with toilet scenes I rented caged heat good toilet scene but a little short the sound effects were good though. The only toilet movie I have ever seen is Porky's 2 it is a teacher old and un attractive but a toilet scene is a toilet scene am I right? And I know it is very late but I would'nt feel right if I did'nt extend my condolences to those who lost loved ones in the WTC attack. If it were me I don't think I would have the strength to continue posting here or even go online at all. I like to think those who perished will have their revenge!

Hey everyone, remember me??!!?? I have not posted in several weeks, I've been so busy with school things, oh well that's life! I have had many fantastic dumps since I last posted, most all of them at school. Yesterday I made my usual trip to the girls room during my lunch break. I had to take a big shit yesterday. I felt the need to go before I even left home in the morning, so over the next five hours it only got worse. I went into the restroom just as the lunch break began, so there were lots of girls in there. Luckily, I went right into a stall and without having to wait! I was wearing my short, tight jean shorts and red thong (both of which my boyfriend likes!!!) which were lowered to my ankles almost immediately. I ripped four or five farts which brought some laughs from those that heard me! My butt was full of poop yesterday, my asshole soon strectched open after my farts to allow the first of many turds to come out. I was somewhat constipated, I had to grunt ! and s! train alot but the poop came without problem. My first turd was about 25 inches long, it was hard and knobby. I dropped six "golf balls" each with a splash. I heard a girl say to another girl that "it sounds like someone is taking a good one." Even after this, my hole still felt very full. I pushed a little and felt the tip of a monster wanting out! I sat for about 15 minutes hoping it would work its way out but no luck. I finally grunted loudly and pushed as hard as I could, finally I could feel it moving out. God it hurt! My poor ass felt as if it was going to rip open. I couldn't help but to groan as it slid out of me. After about 10 minutes it fell out. I could feel my butt hole still gaping open. My turd was about 19 or so inches long and probably 3.5 inches wide. I dont poop like this often but it does happen sometimes like yesterday. I sat for another 10 or so minutes before leaving. It's kinda funny too, my big log couldn't be flushed so it was left for! someone else t! o enjoy! Tomorrow I know I'll poop again and I'm planning to do it at my boyfriends house. I want so bad to go in front of him. We did it once before but he was too embarassed to look, I know I wouldn't embarassed to look at him. Maybe I'll convince him to look this time. Happy pooping!!!!!!!!!!

Traveling Guy
ERIN - Hey, that's the way! It sounds like you're getting less and less self-conscious and that's helping you to relax. Keep up the practice. Little by little you'll be able to go wherever and whenever you want and not think twice about it. We're all with you here.

MARSHALL (Denzel look alike) - You are definitely the man today with your advice to Xoz. Sharing elimination makes for a very special bond. I'm with you and MOIRA and all the others here - Dump him, XOZ! What a cad, telling eveyone about your tender invitation. You really risked something with that guy to do that. I think he might be afraid of intimacy, underneath it all. A gf once offered me the same opportunity, but I was too shy back then to take her up on it. I certainly didn't slam her for it, though. It's true - lots of us guys here would love to take you up on such an offer. You'l soon find one who will, and I'll bet he'll be a nicer guy in the bargain, too.

SMOKELESS - I've read that nicotine can have a very strong effect on bowel motion in some people, so I'm not surprised about those who suffer constipation when they give it up. But you're so right - smoking is proven to be harmful in so many ways, and the intestines can be stimulated in so many healthy ways - good diet, etc. That's the way to go, IMHO.

Hello all,

I've found that coffee is a sure cure for constipation. Well I drink alot of coffee so I never have any problems with constipation.
Actually when I was younger I was obsessed with making sure to shit at least once a day. It became a ritual to be observed at all costs. Nowadays it dosent bother me. Maybe its the coffee drinking.

'Nietzsche' is a 19th century German philosopher. Besides a morbid interest in other people's bodily functions, I also like reading philosophy. Yeah the female friend I mentioned is platonic but I guess shitting isn't something she deems overly private to the extent that it can't be included in conversations, as long as visually, I don't actually get to see it happen! Talking about us getting's really funny don't u think! Hypothetically, imagine if we did get together, and someone asked me, 'by the way, how'd u meet your gf?'
What am I supposed to say, "I met her at a forum on shitting because the 2 of us both happen to take a morbid interest in defecation."?! We'd have to think of some official excuse to give everyone. Funny thought. any1way, goo7d lu8ck regard8ing you2r e9xams !3!
till next time

enjoyed your post I am wondering how old you might be as you sound rather young. I have never pooped in my briefs but I have passed a few silent farts in the classroom. It is always cool when everyone looks around wondering who did it others do it to so it is hard to pinpoint who the gulity party might be.Thanks again keep the posts coming.
DEL age 16

Hello all!

Stupid me slipped and fell when jumping from the boat on to the floating pontoon in the rain, and carrying my heavy tool case. Didn’t feel a thing, but on Saturday I found that the tool case had fallen on my right foot (it turned purple) and that I had pulled a muscle in my right shoulder. Infra red light on my shoulder plus “Deep Heat” seemed to help. On Sunday I could lift my arm again, but yesterday evening it got worse. Could only sleep with a massive dose of pain killers. Today I had quite a time working my pants down, wiping my bum, washing it with water afterwards and then pulling up my pants and jeans using only the left arm. I cannot even jiggle my right arm without the pain taking my breath away! And this time heat makes my shoulder feel worse, therefore I keep it cool. So it’s painkillers again for me to be able to type here!

DAVID and NIKI, you two are really cool! Great story of Niki phoning her mother, sitting on your knees and peeing and pooping like that! She is certainly a promising candidate for membership in the WSPC, already showing advanced skills! He, he! I do hope to read more from you two!

GINA, It always angers and makes me sad at the same time when I read such things as you have had to endure. I hope you manage to slip by such unfair treatment in future..

JAY, that was an excellent story of yours about how you overcame constipation at camp!

FAT WOMAN, oh my! What a marvellous account of your mother on the throne!

LINDA, dear, I hope you will find this forum full of friends. Post some stories and you will be very popular too! Cheer up!

STEVE and LOUISE, Wow! What marvellous pees against a wall after Steve was permitted to take off knickers of three!!!! Gorgeous ladies and hold theior bags.

SARAH S. I do hope Meghan does not go ballistic when she reads your story! Poor you! I have read many posts where pizzas cause more or less severe explosions on the loo! I don’t even venture into a pizza restaurant, the smell makes me feel sick! It is because I cannot stand cheese! To me it is one of the most yuckiest things, on a par with dog shit writhing with worms! But enough of that. Yes, I love music, classical music mostly but not exclusively. The score of the Largo in G by Bach I have mentioned – I do not know the BWV number - is actually written in C-clef for violoncello. As I play the flute, I play it either in A (just read the notes as they are, imagining three sharps) or in G, but obviously an octave higher. It would be more fitting to this forum if someone could fart a tune. Don’t laugh, it has been done! I once read about a cabaret artist capable of farting melodiously! I do hope to read more from you, if you can find the time, love from Rizzo.

Dear ROBBY, your daughter Meghan helping you on the toilet might already be the result of the influence this forum has on many of us. It makes us better people, don’t you think?

Special hellos to PV, Renee and Patsy, Jeff A., Moira, Austin (long time, what’s up?), Upstate Dave, Outhouse Scott, Adrian, Carol, Jane, and so on and so forth to all whom I have missed, but who are dear friends all the same! I am looking forward to the return of Doña Carmalita and Jake.

Now here is an episode I remember, and which I wrote (with the left hand) with JULIE in mind as a little compensation for all the sightings of peeing men she has missed. I can imagine that KENDAL as well as others might enjoy it too!

It had been a quiet and uneventful but relaxing morning sail in our seventeen foot dinghy. (It was before we had aquired a larger boat). We sailed to pick up our mooring buoy just off the club building. Down came the sails. I was unhanking the jib on the foredeck, when a little motor boat with a weekend angler on board came put-putting between all the moored vessels to pick up his buoy, maybe twenty meters away. He must have caught something, because he was being followed by a dozen hungry seagulls wheeling above his boat. As soon as he was tied up and his outboard engine stopped, he tore off his long, black, shiny over-coat and threw it down on to the floor boards. He stretched his arms, ran his fingers through his ginger hair, faced out to sea and unbuttoned his fly. Into his trousers his right hairy hand plunged, groped around for a few seconds and emerged again pulling at his willie. He looked down his front steadied himself, thrust his hips forward and let out a jet! of pee to form a glittering arc over the side of the boat and into the sea. As soon as his aim was stabilized, he tilted his head back, shut his eyes and mouthed “Aaaaahhh!” Standing and facing out to sea with both his hands clasped in front he could have made the impression of someone in silent prayer thankful for a good catch. This went on for quite a while, until one of the more audacious gulls ventured to dive down into the little boat, and to reappear, wings flapping frantically, and carrying off a morsel in its beak, which must have been a piece of bait. “Go away!” The man roared, letting go of his willie with one hand to wave his arm wildly at the departing seagull. His pale yellow arc waved jerkily from the effort. Another gull tried to approach from the other side. Quickly shifting his grip from one hand to the other he girated his body and swung his free arm at the gull. “D... birds!” This series of violent movements made the boat rock alarmingly. He now faced a spl! it second decision: to fall into the sea or to regain his balance, cost what it may. The decision fell in favour of the latter. He only just managed to dampen the rocking motion of the boat by stretching out both arms and girating them wildly, bending his torso backwards, then again rapidly forwards, movement which resulted in his still peeing willie to disappear back into his clothing! The golden arc was abruptly cut off. Down came the hands, felt around for a second, and then our fisherman looked down with an expression of utter disbelief and disgust. He pulled his unbuttoned fly open wide with his left and plunged his right hand into the aperture. A second later he had regained a grip on his member, pointed it towards the side of the boat and released a high jet of yellow watery ribbon. 0Only a few seconds more and the arc of pee subsided and dribbled to a stop. Two more squirts and a good shake, and the performance was over. Except that by now a dark damp patch ws spreadi! ng all over the front of the man’s pale grey trousers and down one leg to beyond his knee. He glanced down again, stuck out his bum to pull his willie back into his clothing, and procceded to button up his fly trying hard to use only the tips of his fingers, all the while uttering a string of expletives, which, if they could have killed, would have made all seagulls within sight drop dead out of the sky!
My wife had bagged the mainsail in the meantime, and had not seen what was going on a little way off in front of us. Then the club launch chugged towards us to pick us up. Passing by our fisherman, the club launch driver called out “Want a lift now, or shall I come to pick you up later?” The thus accosted turned away in order not to let my wife see his wet front and replied “No, not now. Take those good people ashore first.” Wherupon he resorted to clearing up his gear and keeping his front turned toward the sun, for drying out, no doubt.

Bye to all of you, Rizzo

PS: Here’s my smooth (sorry, just shaved) but only one-armed hug to my dear niece KENDAL. Love to you and Andrew from Rizzo!

JULIE - Hi girl! Well it was a desperate Saturday night you had. It
may be you were desperate for a wee at the same we were. Hey so you
needed to run into your house so you could have a wee. Did you like
the guy you pulled? If you did why not give him a call? Well if you
thought he was a bit fresh when he started to slide his hand up your
skirt then maybe you will not want to see him again, but if you still
think he is nice why not?
One night when we had been out as a group, our team captain at netball
weed into plants at the end of her drive when she was with a new
boyfriend. LOL She was desperate as well and when she got out of the
cab with him she could not wait so she got her knickers to the side and
bent over and just let rip backwards into the plants. I was still in
the cab with 2 other girls and her man looked shocked! LOL Well next
match she said she hoped none of her neighbours saw what she did. LOL



Ray. M
To Lyall:
In the movie "Held Up" starring Jamie Foxx, there's a seen right at the beginning of the movie with him and his fictional beautiful wife(played by Nia Long) where they are riding in the car in the Arizona desert and Nia tells Jaime she has to poop. They speed down the road to this baseball field where there is a porta-potty. Nia jumps out the car doubled over with one hand on her butt only to find it was a storage closet. She's really desperate and wimpers and squeezes her butt even more. So a guy at the baseball field tells her that there's a convienient store about 2 miles away. Nia runs to the car and so does Jaime. Once they get to the store, Nia runs inside the store doubled over and Jaime tells her that he sees something poking out the back of her butt(she was wearing a dress). She squeezes her butt real hard and makes it to the bathroom without pooping on herself too bad.

Bobby-Nice story sorry you pooped your pants

Let me tell you a story about when I was in the seventh grade. I was sitting in my double block (double period) math class. I didn't take my morning shit and now I was starting to feel the effects of breakfast. My math teacher is very nice, so when I asked her to go to the bathroom, she let me. So I went, but when I got in there, there was someone in the stall taking his own shit. So, I ran to the nearest bathroom. When I got in there was shit on the toilet seat so then my only chance was the bathroom on the other side of school. I decided to run as fast as I could so the math teacher wouldn't be wondering what I was doing. On the way poop started pushing out, so I slowed down, and managed to get it back in. But I took so long getting there, that when I was getting near it, the poop was already coming out. Every step I took, the more it came out. I felt it touch my briefs and my pants started extending outwards into a bulge. It had all come out before I got there. The unif! orms were khaki pants with a white polo shirt, so the bulge stained the pants brown and it was a pretty noticeable bulge. I continued on to the bathroom since I still had to pee, but when I finished pooping my pants I started peeing in my pants before I could get there. I then walked to the administration office to call my mom to pick me up. I told my mom what had happened. When my mom got there, she forced me to get my stuff in the classroom. (The pee stain went all the way down to the bottom of my pants). When I entered the class, some bursted out laughing and some looked at me in disgust. By the next week, everyone knew about it, including high schoolers I didn't even know.

Bobby-even though I got to leave to go to the bathroom I still pooped my pants so don't feel so bad

LOUISE (& STEVE) -- hi you wonderful poeple! Wow! Whata fantastic spectacle, three gorgeous young women doing a wall from four feet out! Ah, that wonderful female muzzle velocity -- it's not fair, is it?! We got the physics working for us! Hee-heeeeee! It must have been a delectable experience to launch those streams and paint the wall, especially with such appreciative company! Yes, Steve, it's a great boon to have a chap hold one's bag -- for myself I find I need to hang a bag carefully around toward the back, as if it slips and sways forward it can put my aim off. Most often I use a sling-type backpack for odds and ends when I'm out casual shopping or at college (now I've semi-retired the old briefcase...) but a handbag is uniform with nice casuals or formals and it's an extra skill all its own. There, guys, how many of you have ever considered juggling an extra factor like that when you unzip and take a squirt?!

I've not found that running story yet -- I'll take another look, don't worry yet!

No fabulous wees lately, but plenty of ordinary ones, I'm drinking extra fluid in a pre-summer get-in-shape initiative.

One interesting experience, last weekend I had dinner with the family, a major round of chicken, sweetcorn, roast potatoes -- it was great! The next day I passed a few marbles only, and was expecting a monster dump the day after, but it was fairly normal... 12" and 1.25" at the leading end... Darn., what does it take for me to drop a depthcharge??!!


Your friend and fellow WSPC founding member,


PS: Special hellos and hugs to Annie (& Robbie), Kim & Scott, Kendal and Andrew, Renee & Patsy, Malita & Jake, Jeff A, Moira & George, Erin, Marge, and everyone else!!!

Hi,all-been busy with work and haven't had a chance to post,but have benn reading the forum all the time and i noticed the font of the post has changed-it's bigger and easier to read which is good,but i also noticed that days go by with no new stuff-software problems,i guess.Anyway the weather here in the N.E.had been super and i've been pooing in the woods just about every morning,but nothing exciting to report except mon morning i biked out and had to go pretty bad and found a big log and i decided to straddle it and dump my load in the log and i did 2 long snakes that sat on top of the log and it was fun to do-(2 logs on a log)If anyone saw this they must have wondered who did that!Then the previous sun morning,i was sitting on another log just starting my dump letting out some farts when this jogger walked down the path by me and saw me and said"hey,good morning,good to see you again" and he laughed and I realised that it was this jogger guy i ran into a couple of weeks ag! o and i said"Hey there and once again you catch me at a weird moment-good thing you're not the cops" and we both laughed and he said'hey got some spare toilet paper?"and I said " sure'as I let out a tight sounding fart and he said"Oh go ahead,i'll join you if it's OK"and he started to get undressed andi just decided to poop and let out the 1st part of my load and as he's getting ready to find a spot he looks over at my butt and sees me with a poo tail and says"It's fun to dump out here isn't it?"I said "I do it all the time" and then he finds s spot about 10 feet away from me and takes off his jockeys and leaves his top on and squats down and right away he lets out a real long firm turd that starts out slowly and speeds up til it got a bit loose and exploded with soft stuff and a lot of farts and I too am pushing out some of part 2 of my dump which was also soft with some gas and it was really cool to see this guy letting out some serious poop as i was pooing along and I could! tell we were both enjoying the moment,checking each other's progress,but it didn't feel or get weird.Then he was done and started to wipe and I said"wow that was fast" and he said" I really had to go pretty bad and when I have to go like that,it's over pretty quick and at that point he looked over at me and said"Oh looks like you're stuck " and i realised that he saw thet tail end of my BM which was a long string of mucus hanging out my butt and he was right cause I pushed and pushed and it was stick,so I had to get some TP and wipe it off and whenI did that i said"yeah sometimes it gets stuck there-that's how i know i'm done too" and I started to clean up and he was still wiping when he all of a sudden said" oops,not yet" and squatted down with his back to me and I saw his anus dome out and out came a lot of loose stuff real fast and then he said"OK,now i'm done" and started once again to wipe and I was starting to get dressed and said" well,I'm off,got to get to work" and h! e said as he was still squatted and wiping "Yeah me too,hey thanks for the toilet paper and maybe we'll see each other again"and I waved and went on my way and when I walked about 50 feet or so I turned around to see if he left and he was still squatted there so maybe he wasn't done yet,but i just made my way back home.That was fun,I could tell we both enjoyed that poo and that's all I have to say -had some pretty good moments this summer with some buddy poopers-it was fun to let out my load as he was doing the same thing-fun stuffBTW RJOGGER really enjoyed your morning poop with KATHY as she sat on the bowl-I like the 2 toilet thing in the bathroom-that's so cool-love your stuff guys!later! BYE

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

It seems my computer's working fine now; the other day I waited 10 minutes and couldn't get further than a few paragraphs of the page I was trying to read.

I'm not too good, just recovering from a severe haemorrhoid that totally dominated me for 2 days, but since seeing the doctor and getting some cream to apply, feeling much beter.
I'd always thought cream to be almost useless when applying to the anus, but this time, even though I'm quite squeamish about such things, I could feel the 'roid and must have applied enough of the cream to start noticing its effects. The idea is to anaesthetise the pain, and shrink the 'roid, and since then have been able to move around more normally and comfortably.
It's very strange to get the urge to shit, sit on the toilet and avoid pushing, which has been my method the last few days not wishing to aggravate things again. I've been on 3 times today, letting the soft and medium to large turds drop out of their own accord, and might have to go again later. I'd love to be able to push it all out and get it done for the day, but at least, it's getting done with no pain or discomfort.
Perhaps I might need or benefit from having it removed, as I don't overdo the straining and a lot of people have a lot more constipated times in the toilet than I do.

SAN D, That guy you met in the toilet sounded great! To stand so close as you did as he sat there was another great experience for you. A pity there were no loud plops to hear dropping in the toilet but mine lately have been flopping rather than plopping due to the stool softener/bulking agent, so I look forward to plopping again soon.

JAY, That was a very kind, supportive and wise man you met at the youth camp. That turd you dropped sounded a real painful whopper and I'm always amazed that the body can not only store so much in the gut, but form the shit into such a large turd. I'm certainly glad you weren't suffering with 'roids at the time- that would have been hell!
I've not seen nor done one of those turds with lots of knobbly bits for a long time and wonder why they stick together like that.
Anyway, he told you what to expect from holding on too long, and the importance of water, and glad you felt better, and your stomach much lighter!

BRYIAN, I've now had another toilet dream- I was in full view of people in the street, as the toilet was on the pavement! I was sitting on it after another guy, and was quite turned on and was embarrassed not about being seen on the toilet, but about my apparent "excitement"!

Nothing else to report or share at the moment, but more than ever, I'm appreciating the importance of good health in the toilet and wish the best to everyone. P P G

Hi there, thanks for remembering me - it's always nice to talk to new people here. I was intrigued by your methods of peeing whilst standing through the help of tissue! I would like to hear more about your accidents - I've had my fair few too!

Just for you, in a mad moment this morning, I decided to wear my short blue skirt again only this time I have a nicer pair of white lace knickers underneath. I did at one point even consider no knickers, but decided that would have been too risky even for me! If all the guys in my office get an eyeful today then it's all your fault my dear!
I laughed at your antics at the weekend - honestly you shouldn't go around pulling girls knickers down! Did you read about my weekend. I could have done with you taking me home - then you could pulled my knickers down so I could wee as I know you would have done a good job of guarding me from view. If I can ever help you hold your penis, then please let me know!

You're such a lucky girl to have a guy like Steve. Just lately I seem to be failing on the guy front.

I've just been for a #2 which prompted me to write. I'm at work at the minute so I went into the ladies and took the first stall. There was someone in the next stall as I could her weeing. I pulled up my skirt and lowered my white lace knickers to my knees and sat down. After a while I could feel my poo coming out. For some reason it was a bit loose although there is no reason that I know of. I dropped about 3 bits and then had a wee. It took me quite a while to wipe myself and I heard the girl next door flush and exit her stall.
The only problem was that it was rather smelly - just my luck that someone else would be about! I finished wiping pulled up my knickers and put my skirt down before flushing and going to wash my hands. The other girl turned out to be someone I didn't know so I just smiled at her and quickly washed my hands and left whilst she was still attending to her makeup.

Wednesday, October 25, 2001

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Just simply no BM's of any real note.
Well... Actually, there was one day back in September (before the 11th) where I had one BM that gave me pause.
As usual, I take a look at my movements after I'm done. That day there was a mass of bright-white material at the end of a good sized stool. To this day I still don't know what it was or what I ate that could have produced it.

The only thing of note this month has been last Thurday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Those days I had 3 solid movements every day. One in the morning, just after I got up, and then one in the afternoon & evening. If you saw that diary of my BM's I posted this past summer, you'll realize that I'm an afternoon guy almost exclusively, once a day or every other day.
The movements during that period were quite enjoyable though I still found myself sitting on the loo wondering, "What the heck is going on??"
To Un-named married middle-aged Indian lady -
I occasionally see television images of Indian public transit buses, packed to the brim with people. (I assume they're long-haul rural buses, not the inner-city transit.) I imagine it's very difficult to stop such a bus on a long trip to let a passenger relieve themself & judging by their looks, it seems very doubtful they've got a toilet anywhere on it.
How is it handled where you are for long trip bus rides? Do you just have to hold it until you arrive or do have dedicated sites where passengers can get off, stretch their legs and relieve themselves if they must.

BTW. Do you know how perceptions of bodily functions have changed in the Indian sub-continent (if that's where you are) since the British came & left? You, obviously, won't know from personal experince what they were like before colonial days, but you might have some insightful knowledge you could share with the rest of us.

One time I went to spy on my mom going to the bathroom. I went over and looked through the keyhole and saw her pull down her jeans and underwear exposing her big, jiggly, ass. She sat it down on the toilet and began to fart many times, then I heard her poop begin to crackle out of her ass hole. big chunks kept coming out with a splashing sound about seven big ones followed by another long series of smelly farts. The more poop came out I was amazed at how much poop she had, then again she was rather ???? and ate alot of food. then she pulled up her pants and flushed.

There have been some messages here lately talking about female poop scenes in movies. Does anyone know of any current TV shows with female poop references? The last one I remember was the "Yes Dear" from last year where the mother told her child "Mommy has to poop real bad". Has anyone seen any current TV shows with references to women pooping?

Marshall (Denzel lookalike)
What up, yall:

YO, Xoz, ditch that loser-boyfriend that you've got, and get a "real man". One who will appreciate you, the way that I appreciate my girlfriend, Lisa. I am sure that this guy secretly does want to see you perform, it is just that, for whatever-reason, he wants to act like he doesn't. I mean, most, if not all guys would jump @ the chance! I don't know what I did, before the first time that I was able to actually see one of my girlfriends do this for me! It is the "consummating" part of a relationship, man. More than sex.



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