Linda GS
Hi everyone..I'm back for a bit and I have little time to just let me get to it.

Kendal and Drew(heh)
Kisses and hugs I hope you're both fine. Thanks for the lovely hair I'm now sporting.LOL

Glad you're slowly getting over your poop shyness. Actaully it helps if you relax and go in without a care.. don't know why but it sorta comes out easier..wel for some..for me somtimes I gotta put a lot of effort into it. I guess enviornment helps my house we leave the door open and no one pays mind...still in a relaxed place like that I smetimes have problems but thats cause I got huge popps that want out of such a tiny girl like me. = Another way to loosen up is to talk about your pooping here.. it maybe hard but hey no one sees you really poop and in away here no one will make fun. Somehow if this were a real place I'd imagine people gathering around open toilets and chatting and gossiping the way they do when they gather around a watercoller at work. Hee hee.Well myabe not SO open.... maybe a covered place with a few toilets next to each other so Kendal and I can have a moment or to to talk girl talk and"do what we gotta"

Got a story for all and little time to write it in so here goes. Got home from school as my aunt picked me up..god I was dying for a pee and a poop.. but the pee was trying to get out first. I sat in the car trying my best to keep it togther. My aunt drove so slow and chated with me..I just nodded and sometimes said Uh huh. Finally we got home and my aunt wnated to talk more..god I was dying. Finally she noticed I was hopping about and she asked if I was okay. I whimpered to her if it was okay for me to go sit on the potty cause i really had to go. She sorta blushed and said sorry go ahead. So I ran lifting up my uniform skirt as I ran down the hall.(I just know I mooned my poor aunt as I was pulling down my Hello Kitty pampies before I even reached the door)I landed on the toilet with a thud and out came PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and and even louded AHHHHHHHHHHH! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH from my mouth. I sat and relaxed, brushed my hair back and settled in for a slow poop. It felt good as it came out slowly and with little pushing..guess it was just ready to come out.(It kinda was poking out already)Yow out of time..I'll finish up later..I promise.

My story continued...

I sat there smoothing my uniform skirt aroud my lap(I dare you to see something..i just dare you.) As my poop made it's way out. Suddenly my aunt pops her head in.(Stupid me in my rush I left the door wide open) My poop stopped and remained suspended in mid air. My aunt said she was sorry that she made me wait..and that she heard my loud peeing from the hall. I said it was okay. Well she apologized and well something odd happened... I started relaxing hearing my aunt talk so nicely to me that.. my poop started to come out.. with little embarrassment. My aunt's face turned red as KAPLUNK was heard and I sighed in relief. She said sorry I thought you were done. I smiled and said almost.. but you can stay and chat with me if you like. And so we did..and I let out 4 more deep plops. odd thing is.. now me and aunt are closer than before and I even talked to her while she pooped today. Odd huh? Oh well. I got more to tell but i can't get to a PC so much so I'll post more next ti! you all.

Love to Kendal and Drew. pssst Drew.. your cousins getting very lazy in her describing her poops as they happen. Maybe you beter post for her next time. Hee hee

This is in response to the nameless poster from 10/21/01 - I have heard similar stories from people who have quit smoking about not be able to have normal BM's right after, althought I can't speak from first hand experience since I was never a smoker. Long before I knew her, a former girl friend used to always take a cigarette on the toilet with her when she had to shit. I recall her telling me that she was bound up for days right after quitting and it took a while for her system to right itself. Fortunately, she stuck with it and didn't go back to smoking. Hang in there and you will make it too, and WITHOUT going back to the deadly habit. I would also be interested in hearing stories from others about their experiences while smoking on the toilet, and if they had similar difficulties when trying to quit.

My constipated mother. Some years ago her enema was broken. She went into the bathroom and started to strain. I could hear her straing from 2 rooms away. She strained very hard then came out saying that she could not go. She then went back in and strained even harder. Finaly she inserted a preperation H suppository up her rectum. In the morning she went into the bathroom and beared down and I could hear her move her bowels

Hi, Jeff A. Although I seldom post anymore, since I no longer buddy dump with my friends (Alex, Eric, and Jodi) back east, I still like to read the forum. I am so sorry to hear about the death of your daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Steph

Today i had another imbaresing accident i been farting all morning before school.I usualy poop before school but i didn't have to so i just went to school.I was ripping some loud one's in all my classes
and makeing everyone laugh(i did get yelled at by one teacher tough)
well i was in my math class and I felt my bowels startin to move and
a poop pushin it's way toward my briefs.I was sittin in the back of the class with a couple friends when matt lift's his right leg and rip's a juicy one we all started crackin up!!!Well that started it while i was laughin a log started pushin it's way out.So I raised my hand and asked if i could go to the bathroom and he said i figure if i just push alittle into my briefs i'll be able to hold it till class is over then i can dump it out,so I lift my but off the seat and push.....well big mistake!!!!!I rip a loud fart then crackling sounds as all my POOP GO"S INTO MY PANTS!!!!! Everyone starts crackin up so I sit back down hoping that people will just think it was a fart...."no sutch luck" josh who is sitting behind me say's WOW Bobby just pooped his pants i just saw his jeans buldge and he's sittin on it!!!! well the class is goin crazy laughing and my face is bright red. the techer tell's me to go to the nurse.She made me sit till my mom came to pick me up

Outhouse Scott
Hey everyone. Had a rather embarrassing experience over the weekend. I was in Manhattan with some friends and we were eating dessert in this trendy deli. Well, I had to take a major crap (I've been constipated the last few days), so I went to the back of the deli to the restroom. They just have one unisex with a single toilet. I knocked, it was empty and I went in. I locked the door, wiped off the pee spotted seat (why do most guys revert back to four years old when they pee in a public toilet?), pulled down my pants and boxers and sat down.

I started pushing, and I really had to push! I groaned and grimaced and finally a tremendous log started working its way out. I had gotten it about halfway out of my ass (my hands pressed against the wall and sink for "leverage") when the door opened. In walked this gorgeous girl who could have been a model or an actress. She was looking toward the outside, still talking to her friends as she entered. What could I do? My pants were around my ankles, I had a massive log hanging out of my ass, I wasn't really in a position to pull up my pants and stand. I just sat there, waiting for her to inevitably look my way.

She stepped further in and I said, "Uh, hello?"

She darted her eyes toward me and gasped. "Oh my God! Oh, sir, Oh I'm so sorry, sir. Jesus. I'm really sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry!" Something like that, anyway. She closed the door. I sat there for a minute, then pushed the reat of my dump out. A few more pushes and a couple of pebbles popped out. I wiped and flushed and pulled up my pants. I wahsed my hands, very apprehensive about going outside.

I opened the door, expecting the whole place top be pointing and laughing. Instead, the woman was standing right outside the door. She looked at me, her face beet red and apologized all over herself again. She was far more embarrassed than I was (I thought it was pretty funny) and I just told her don't worry about it, it happens.

She asked me if I could stand outside the door til she was done since obviously the lock didn't work, and I said sure. She went in, peed I guess, and came out. She apologized profusely again and I gave her a little hug and said, hey, I'm not embarrassed so don't you be. She and I went back to our respective tables. I told my friends what happened and she told her friends what happened. They giggled and looked at me, and I just waved back and smiled.

They left before my friends and I did. As they walked past, the woman who walked in on me said sorry again, and I said no problem. Her friend patted my shoulder and told me I was a real sport.

I thought it was pretty funny, they my heart did jump into my throat when she first opened the door! I guess I'm still alittle self conscious!

Best to all.


Hello everyone!
I haven't posted for ages, I've been busy but it's just that I haven't had anything worth posting.
However, I have been keeping up-to-date with reading the posts...

Today, I was quite surprised to see a reference to toilets on prime-time TV:
In Neighbours on BBC1, a mixed party from the high school have gone on a camping trip. After a while, one of the students (Flick Scully) asks the teacher (Evan Hancock) where the toilets are. He hands her an army-style folding spade and a roll of TP and tells her to find a suitable bush to "go" behind. Protesting a little, she sets off...with Evan warning her to beware of spiders and insects, etc!
The Principal (Susan Kennedy) asks Evan if maybe the girls could use the toilets inside the huts. He says "No - that would be sexual discrimination!"

Now, that's a good educational trip for you - introducing all those students to the pleasures of outdoor toilet activities!
I suppose it'd be asking too much for them to actually show someone in the act - even if it was only from a distance to make it sort-of suitable for family viewing!

KENDAL - I don't know if you remember, but some time ago I said I would like to see my mate's mum pee outdoors. You said I should ask her..
As yet I haven't, but I have told her that I've got a challenge/dare for her!

Bye for now,

Si :)

To Jeff A,
Since the attack on the WTC I had a bad feeling at the back of my mind that your absence from the forum was connected with those events in some way. I was also a little worried that your heart condition could have had something to do with it, and then I learned from Louise last week that I was right on both counts.
I think I will struggle a little to express to you how dismayed I was, and still am, to hear that your daughter's life was stolen from her as well as those of so many others.
You, and your wife, must be absolutely devastated.
Can I just say that Louise and I reach out to you both from across the Atlantic with our deepest condolences and sympathies.

To Kendal,
Interesting viewing Andrew has. I must remember to see those films next time they are on the television, if only for the toilet scenes! I have seen Lawn Dogs, of course, but none of the others.

To Julie,
Ha ha, yes, I suppose my mind has usually followed the same single track, so yes, I do have to imagine with great interest your bare legs with the short skirt riding up. Ah, but then, when I am invited into the toilets with you, and into the stall itself so that I can have a good view of you sitting on the toilet with your knickers down and wee stream bursting forth, I reckon I am luckier than those guys, right? I am of course, only there to guard you. Of course.
I see Louise has written about the fun and games we had with her friends on Saturday night. You would probably have enjoyed being with us, as Louise took my penis out of my trousers so her friends could watch her point it around as I urinated (she's another one of those girls my mother warned me about when I was a boy).
I'd already had my fun just before my fiancee did that. Invited to remove the knickers of 3 absolutely gorgeous young ladies, who am I to refuse? I must admit to being a little concerned that in Jackie's case, she was so desperate to urinate that by being in front of her as I pulled down her underwear I risked having my trousers drenched if she lost control. In fact, it was only too obvious that she was relieved when she finally let go against the wall. It was an awesome gusher - as Louise said, it was a stream of hosepipe proportions.
I liked the latest wee you told us about. Nice job!

To PV and Julie,
Sorry for not coming up with the goods yet on the toilet party story. The delivery date keeps slipping on this one, but I think in due course you will better understand why.

Bye for now,


JEFF A - Maybe Steve will write if he gets home soon enough but he
wanted me to say we are thinking of you. He was very sad for you on
Friday night. Your daughter must have been very young and I know you
must have loved her very much. It made me cry when I read your letter
again. Love Louise xxx

SARAH S - Hi! Well thank you for reading my letters. If they are good
to read then writing them is really worth it. Yeah, peeing standing up
is easy, some women think it can not be done and think it will not
come out at all or it will run down their legs. Well that is wrong.
Hey, do you just pee into the toilet or do you like doing it in the
shower and other interesting places? When we have time, I go with Steve
to the swimming pool, and I like standing with him at this long wall
urinal so we can have a nice wee together. It is fun to do.
Love Louise xx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Special hello to you two!

LUCY - Hey, if there were urinals in the ladies at work you would not
be able to stop me from using them. I would really love it. I would
like to be an example because I think urinals should be there in ladies
toilets. I bet there will be sometime you think it will be all right
to have a little wee in one, right?

XOZ - Hey that was a bit mean of your boyfriend! What happens like
that in a relationship is a bit private isn't it? He should not have
gone telling all sort of tales like that. Dump him!

JULIE - Hi! Read about our Saturday night!

PV - Hi! If you do not find the running and weeing letter then I will
have to send it again. I think it did get on here but it must be a
few pages back now.
On Saturday night we went out for a little while with my friends
Jackie and Emma. Well Steve was very tired because he had been at work
all day but I bet he liked being with us, because we had a good wee on
the way home. I was really desperate and so were Jackie and Emma.
Jackie was really near wetting herself but we got there into the alley.
We had very short skirts on (except Steve, he is not like that LOL),
and Steve lifted Jackie's skirt and took her g-string off for her so
she did not have an accident (he said why else would he do it LOL)
and then he took mine and Emma's off as well. Well he stood holding
our bags and g-string and watched us. We stood about 4 feet from the
alley wall and lifted up our skirts. Well Jackie did a HUGE gush that
made Steve say "wow". She was like a hosepipe, and well Emma and me,
we also did gushers on the wall because we were aiming at it like
Jackie was. Well you should have seen the look on Jackie's face while
she was doing it. It was like she was getting a lot of pleasure out of
it, you know? She can wee for England too you know. She made this
really big puddle and it might have been bigger than mine. Emma's
puddle was big too but she did not wee as long as Jackie and me.
When we finished we looked at the g-strings to see whose they were.
It was funny because Emma put mine on first and then I knew the ones
I had were not mine so we swapped back again!
Then I took out Steve's dick so that Emma and Jackie could watch him
have a wee. I did not aim him at the wall but Jackie and Emma just
stood in front and to the side a bit so they could see very well.
He did not really do too much but my friends thought it looked good
and cute. It was a giggle when I shook him dry. LOL


Hi Everyone

A quick post today just to keep you all upto date with my latest antics! I went out on Saturday night with a couple of friends - ok, yes I was out on the pull! As such I was dressed accordingly in my favourite little black skirt, lilac top, and knee high black boots.

We went to a theme pub in the town nearby to where I live and had a few drinks. After a while, needless to say, I needed a wee so I excused myself and went off to the ladies. As always there was the inevitable queue, the always seems to be there, when you've been holding it in for a while and really need to wee now! I finally reached the front of the queue and got into a stall. I quickly pulled up my skirt and lowered my white knickers to my knees and started to wee. I was gushing out for what seemed ages, even though I'd only had a couple of drinks! What it is to have a weak bladder... I finally finished and wiped before pulling up my knickers and heading back into the pub.

Anyway, I'll skip over the next hour or so, but suffice to say, I did attract a male! and time passed... It soon got to closing time and I was rather drunk to say the least and found myself with this guy called Adrian wanting to know if I would like to share a cab home (we had discovered in the course of the evening that we lived fairly near each other). Next thing I remember is being outside and a cab arriving, and as I got in I felt my bladder telling me that I really should have had a wee before leaving the pub. Fortunately home wasn't far away (about a 10 minute ride) so I got in with Adrian gave the cab driver my address and soon we were on our way.

You have to remember that I was embarrasingly drunk by now and in the back of the cab Adrian put his arm on my leg, which I suppose was fair enough, trouble was it just reminded me that I needed a wee and I started to fidget around as much as my tight skirt would allow and stay decent. As the cab was pulling into my road, I had started to drip a bit in my knickers so my main focus was getting inside for a wee. We got to my house, and needless to say Adrian wanted some kind of reward for taking me home (no not that, just a kiss). I relented, but then as we were standing at the end of my drive he started to slide his hand up my skirt. Well that in itself was not on and I pulled away from him, but worse than that it didn't help my already full bladder and I nearly peed everywhere.

All I remember then was Adrian giving me his number and I literally ran into the house. As soon as the front door was shut I lifted my skirt and went straight into the bathroom, I was so desperate I didn't pull my knickers down and just wee'd straight through them. GOodness knows what Adrian thought of me. Needless to say I haven't rung him. How embarassing though!

Love Julie.x

Hey everyone, you guys feel like friends already. haha.

Life sucks! I'm in the midst of exams, and it's turning my "bathroom schedule" upside down. I get more conscious about shitting, or not-shitting, to be exact, cuz the last thing I want is to get the urge or have an accident in the exam hall. Fortunately, exams have been uneventful so far. Has any1 had any accidents during exams? I juz dont feel like going to the toilet at 6am in the morning, but I have to leave for school soon after, which is a damm 1.5hours away! Juz had a Shitty paper this morning, (pun, well, i didnt mean it), and to think I slept only 1.5hours for it! I'm having a cracking headache, n I feel horrible! Haven't even had any shits today.

Reading your stories helped though, at least made me feel a little better. Sorry guys, don't mean to turn it into a whinning session.

Indian Lady: Sorry to hear about your experience, but I hope stumbling onto this website, and knowing of the presence of this bunch of weird people including me, makes u feel better. The rickshaw guy was really unsympathique!

Nietzsche: What does your nick mean anyway? Well, I would be surprised, even midly shocked, if your ex-gf did say yes to what would seem a "sinful(haha!)" request. How did you manage to get your "strictly platonic" female friend to tell you about her loo thingy anyway? And, why the stress Strictly platonic? hee. It's cool if you have a gf, seems 3/4 of the people in this world are so luckily attached anyway. pooh! And yeah, I definitely do Not want my husband(I wonder everyday what he's gonna look like, haha), to be so uptight about using the toilet. maybe we should get together. haha

TAKE CARE all my friends, hope you are having a much better week than I am!

Robby and(Annie)
Hello everyone,
Yesterday I had a talk with the girls and they asked questions about their mother, Annie, and I. They wanted to know the stories about our loo bonding and why we did it. It was a wonderful conversation. Meghan is still bothered but she said she thought she understood. I think she feels that it is gross for two old farts to have their wees and poos together. Sarah just told me she thought it was special but she couldn't see herself watching her male cousins take a dump. They have gone back to school. BTW, Meghan is 5'8" and around 125lbs. She has dark brown hair. Sarah is a healthy 122, I think. They will kill me when they read this, haha! I just got finished reading Sarah's first post. It surprised the hell out of me. I could just see both of them in that situation. I would not want to be in their way!! Their loo is not that big. She was so sweet. Well, enough of that. On with the story. This includes Susan. About 12 years ago Annie, Alan, Susan and I went on a cruise. W! e left all of the kids with my parents. Alan had reserved two of the best cabins. Its nice for a cousin to marry a man with money,LOL!! One night we all piled in the tub in their suite. We called it a buddy rub! We were all splashing about. Susan suddenly dashes out of the tub and runs for the loo. The toilet was at the end of the room and we could see her. She shouted;"I just had to shit". She started weeing and then a hugh fart exploded from her arse. BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Alan just turned the reddest I had ever seen him. Susan was straining and Annie and I shouted encouragment;"PUSH,PUSH,PUSH"!! We heard the crackling of a monster log. It dropped into the bowl. The smell was getting a little
rank. Susan wiped and got back into the tub. Annie came out after her. She sat down and a series of short little farts exited her bum. Alan yelled;"O my god, you, too?" Annie said;"Yes, and shut the hell up". She strained and raised her arse off the seat. A snake of a log slowly came out of her hole. About this time there was a knock at the door. Susan shouted for whoever it was to come on in. Alan was in a state of shock. He had ordered champagne for us. The steward came around the corner, surveyed the scene, and uttered;"I'm sorry!" Susan and I started howling with laughter. Annie couldn't hold still and started laughing, too. She was moving so much her monster turd kept swinging back and forth. Alan just put his hands on his head. The steward's mouth was down to the floor. The more this played out, the more we laughed and Annie's turd kept swinging back and forth. The steward finally left the champagne and got out of there. Annie dropped the monster into the bowl. She c! ame back to the tub and we all, especially Alan, got roaring drunk that evening. It was something else.

ERIN: I am glad that you are getting a little more comfortable with your BM habits. The fact you weren't bothered by anyone did help. Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie

JANE: That was a a marvelous story. Stacy must have been a great buddy for a good dump! Give our regards to Gary. Take care! Robby and Annie

LINDA: On this forum you won't be unpopular or friendless. It was a nice story. Welcome! Cheers from Robby and Annie.

RJOGGER(RICH) AND KATHY: What a wonderful story. Susan always out did me in the size department. She produced some real monster dumps. She was 5'4" and around 115. I wondered where she stored all of that! We both enjoy you pTake care, Robby and Annie.

SPECIAL HELLOS AND HUGS TO: Kendal(looking forward to stories from Charlotte's) and Andrew, Scott and Kim, Rizzo, Laura, SENORA Carmalita and Jake, Steve and Louise, PV, LindaGS, DianeNY, Julie, Renee and Patsy. All of the other posters. Cheers from Robby and Annie

Hello all. I havent posted for some time now but I have been reading this Forum. A few recent postings urge me to respond.

Xoz, it amazes me that a great number of the men who post here would give a fortune for a woman who is happy for them to accompany her to the toilet when she has a motion, yet your boyfriend, (I trust by now your EX-boyfriend), not only is against this idea but tells all your workmates to your great disadvantage. I hope you have ditched him if he cannot keep a confidence. Reading this Forum over the years it is usually the other way round. The boy or man wants to see his girlfriend having a motion but she is opposed to the idea. I hope you find another boyfriend who is sympathetic. As watching a woman defecate seems to be a big turn on for many males I dont think you will have too much trouble but next time be careful and get to know your man first. Perhaps a way to break the ice would be to tell your new bloke that you are a bit constipated and ask him to come in to the toilet with you and rub your ???? and take it from there depending on his response which would either! be revulsion, indifference, or if you are lucky, delight and arousal. You could also try leaving the toilet door open when you have a motion and he is around or even going into the bathroom when he is showering, shaving or whatever, sitting on the pan and doing your poo and watching his response. If you havent already done so, get a more sympathetic and trustworthy partner. Let us know how you get on.

Fat woman, great story but you leave out some important details. As your ???? mother did such poos you must have seen her turds as Im sure that they would often have stuck in the pan owing to their large size. What were they like? Long and fat? Short lumps like elephant turds? Were they lumpy or smooth or a combination depending whether it was the first jobbie in her installment bowel movement or a later softer one. What colour were they? I know that lots of the readers here would like to know as would I.

Talking about fat women doing big dumps in instalments, I have had this myself when I have been constipated, doing a big hard jobbie at one sitting, feeling there was more up there to come down and then a few hours later passing another big jobbie but this time an easier, smoother long fat formed sausage type jobbie. Recently my fat friend Donna was staying over with me. George was away on a site visit to a customer's premises, while Donna's partner and significant other was on a training course. Donna as I have said is a bit like the late Mama Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas, (I dont suppose many of the younger readers will remember that 1960s group). Anyway, she is tall and ???? and weighs in at about the same as Fat Woman's Mother these days, nearly 300 pounds, (21 stone). Now Donna produces some huge turds and this visit was a tour de force or should that be a "Turd de force". This time she didnt do anything on the Saturday although she accompanied me to the t! oilet as she and I have done with each other since we were teenagers at school. I passed a nice big 14 incher, what our friend Tony calls a "Classic Girls Jobbie" , 2.5 inches fat, mid brown, shaped like a naval gun shell and a bit knobbly. It didnt make any KER-SPLOONK! type sounds as it was a beacher. Donna rubbed my ???? as she has done in the past. I asked Donna if she wanted to Buddy Dump with me but she said she didnt need right now. On the Sunday after breakfast Donna told me that she needed a motion and we both went into the toilet. She hitched up her tent like dress and pulled her large white Sloggi Maxi Briefs down and sat on the pan. Her big bum (butt) covered the pan completely. She farted very loudly, a booming fart then a deluge of urine cascaded loudly into the pan as she pisses like a horse. Her wee wee finished she farted again then took a deep breath and went NNN! OO! NNN! AH! I rubbed and gently pushed her ???? ????. The fecal smell wafted up between her! fat legs and I could hear the crackling as it came out as Donna continued to go NNN! OH! OO! I urged her to try hard and do a nice big one, a racing certainty as I knew, then Donna gave an loud AH! and it dropped into the pan with a thud ratrher than a splash. She got her breath back and got up off the toilet seat. We both looked at the huge fat lumpy dark brown jobbie lying in the pan. It was 14 inches long and 3 inches fat at its widest point, of a similar shape to the one I had done the day before. We knew it wouldnt flush, mine had taken 4 pulls on the cistern handle then a bucket of water thrown down to despatch, so I later removed Donna's mega poo to a plastic bucket using a rubber glove and put it in the compost maker in the garden. As I understand it, the friendly bacteria and the beetles and other insects in the compost will soon break it down and it will add to the compost for the garden. I have used this method to dispose of the panbusters that George and I do whe! n even the powerful flush in our toilet and our large old style pan cannot handle them. I said to Donna, "I bet you feel a lot better for that!" but she replied, "I can feel there's more up there but it wont come down yet!" She wiped her bum pulled up her knicks and came out. About 3 hours later she said she needed another motion. This time she had no sooner sat on the pan and started to do he wee wee when she said, "Ah this one is easier, its starting to come out" As she sat there her wee wee seemed to stop tinkling and I guessed that it was running down the big jobbie as it came out, a phenomenon I have often encountered myself. Donna stood up slightly, saying "Its already touching the bottom of the pan, Ill have to stand up to get it all out in a oner" As she did so I could see this fat, smooth but solid formed jobbie still coming out of her. At last it tapered to an end and slipped into the pan with no sound. It was toffee brown in colour, smooth, about 2.5 inches thick a! nd curved. It was the length of this jobbie which was so interesting. We later measured it and it was 20 inches from start to finish. Again I had to fish it out and dispose if it in the compost maker. This was obviously the stool which was being held back behind the big harder constipated lump she had passed a few hours before. A good example of an Instalment Motion.

Best wishes to all from myself and George.

Monday, October 22, 2001

Last night I had another bad, constipated bowel movement. But today I had to go again so I just went in to the bathroom and did it. It didn't take me very long and wasn't painful or difficult at all. It felt good and nobody bothered me while I was in there. I was kind of worried about someone hearing me but I think I'm starting to change so I wasn't that worried afterwards.

Jeff A: Oh my gosh! I was reading very quickly and didn't realize that you lost your daughter. I am so sorry! Please forgive me. Of course, Gary and I send our deep condolences to you and your family on your loss. Our prayers are with you.

Lizzy (College gal): So good to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing your diary with us. If this forum had existed when I was in college, I would have posted a diary entry, too, and it would have been very interesting at times.

Is it just my imagination, or do cheerleaders tend to make bigger than average poops? Kim and Althea, our resident cheerleaders, can probably attest to that. My older sister Beth hung out with the cheerleaders in high school, some of whom came over to our house on occasion. I remember one time when one of them took a major dump in our bathroom and I walked in on her while she was sitting on the toilet. In fact, she was in the middle of pushing out a wave of soft poop.

Another time in college I was in a sociology class and one of my study partners for the class was on the school cheerleading squad. Her name was Stacy. We spent a few late nights in the library studying and would occasionally go to the ladies room together. In fact, it was one of my favorite places on campus to have a dump, and I had chronicled many of those adventures here (way back in the late 200s and 300s of this forum). One time Stacy would have a major pooping session, then another time I would have the major dump. One time we both pooped together and almost matched each other plop by plop, wave by wave, and flush by flush. As an aside, Stacy said she had an accident in her blue cheer panties once right before a basketball game but didn't have a spare pair. She happened to have a pair of white briefs and put them on for the game. She said the game was televised and she was caught on camera dismounting from her partner after a stunt and her white panties were ! in full view.

Quick hellos to Buzzy, Althea, Kim & Scott, Robby & Annie, RJogger & Kathy, Rizzo, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, Ephermal, Renee & Patsy, and everyone else. I'm looking forward to hearing stories of Carmalita & Jake's honeymoon.

My name is linda and I am a 14 year old unpopular, friendless female. one time I was in school and I really felt like like I needed to poop so I asked my teacher if i could go and he said yes. I went into one of the stalls, pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down. I let out a few long, loud, smelly farts then the poop began to crackle out. about 10 big chunks came out followed by lots of farts. The girls in the other stalls were laughing at me. Then more gassey poop came out, plop,plop,plop,splash,splash,splash. Finally it was all gone and the whole bathroom smelled like hell.

Princess Kitty
Oh bop! One night I had a nasty case of diarrhea and I had to take a green chewable mint pill and rub ointment on myself. When I was littler, I had a babysitter, and one day after Mama picking me up, she had a book in the car for me called Everyone Poops. Have you read that before????????

What a gross forum lol. Has any one found that quitting smoking can make passing a bm impossible. I quit last week and it has been an iregular week to say the least impossible for the first 2 days so had to cheat on the wednessday with a few drags as i had to stay at my bf for the night and the last thing I wanted was to be stuck.

Ring Stretcher
MINDY: Man, that was some bowel movement you had! I know the feeling when you think your ass is going to split. But the relief you feel as the last inch slides out is worth the effort, haha. Is that the largest one you've passed?

Yesterday I passed a turd that looked like a Brachs mmilk chocolate nut cluster. OUCH! No bleeding, though.

One time at band camp I was afraid to poop in a public restroom. This was before I got over my fear. No matter where I went on campus or at what hour somebody always came in! On the third day I almost got started but somebody came in. My ring had just opened up when she came in. On the day we went home, the 5th day, my ass started leaking fecal juices! Yuck! Fortunately there was no detectable smell on the bus ride home but when I got there I had to toss my stained panties out in the trash and take a 45 minute long crap with lots of grunting, crackling, sighing, intensive straining and moaning. What came out of me was beyond description.

To Ring Stretcher: I just want to make a comment. Did you really go to "Band Camp"?? That line all sounds too familar, Like from Both American Pie movies. Just wanted to ask about that.

To steve: I liked that story about that accident you had last week. Wasn't there a bathroom on the bus, so that you could go? But then you might have been made fun of especially if there are kids on the bus.

To the unnamed poster: There is a movie called 100 Girls and this one college kid is talking and then he says to his roomate you always marvel over the size of your dumps and the roomate is seen on the bathroom floor looking in the bowl.

No new stories today

Stacy B.
Hi Althea; yes, I have read your posts. That one time when I was around 6 was the only time I had a laxative suppository stuck up my butt. Come to think of it, that was the only time I took a laxative. As I wrote before, I was able to move my bowels comfortably (psychologically and physically) around the time I turned 8.

Let me give everyone an idea of what my "normal" bowel movements are like. I woke up at around 9 am (yes, it's Saturday!) and got up and moseyed around. I felt like I had to go kuh-kuh at about 10:30. I was still in my "sleeping shorts" and a t-shirt. I went into the bathroom and pulled down my shorts and light blue panties. I started to pee, as I usually do. I felt some gas in my lower intestines, so I let out a couple of farts while I was peeing. After I finished peeing, I got ready to push out my first dookie. I then sat there for a couple of minutes and let out another dookie.

At that point I felt emptied out so I got up to wipe my vagina and bum. One dookie was about 7 inches long and the other was 4 inches. My guess would be that I pushed out the longer one first since it took a couple of seconds more to move that one. I had to wipe my bum four times. I usually take a wad of toilet paper for each wipe.

I then flushed my "creation" down the drain and went to wash my hands. When I'm at home or in a private bathroom, I never pull up my panties/pants/skirt until AFTER I wash my hands. I don't want my smelly, toilet paper stained hands to touch my clothes. Of course, this is not feasible in a public bathroom :-(

greetings to Jumpz and everyone,

I'm not actually working yet...I'm still an undergraduate. Let's see...I really can't think of any instances where I've been lucky enough to observe anyone of the opposite sex performing bodily functions.
I definitely have been in situations where members of the same sex were shitting in adjacent cubicles, but thats not a turn on for me at all.
Anyway, I once did actually ask my ex-gf (who's also Singaporean) whether I could watch her pissing or shitting. Not surprisingly, she rejected the idea! She didn't really make a big fuss over it, although she probably thought it was weird. It's tragic. I'd definitely not want my future wife to be so uptight about these things.
I have another close female friend, strictly platonic, who's quite open with me about her toilet habits. As in, she talks about it freely. I tried to get her to perform in front of me too, but the suggestion was dismissed. Shucks!
Till next time.

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