Todd R.
Hey Everyone,
I really enjoy your stories and comments. It is great to have a site like this, and it is nice to know that there are more people in the world who like to disscuss it. I have read a lot of stories that women like to pee standing up, girls why is this? I do the opposite I like to be like a girl and sit while I pee. I also like to read while sitting on the toilet! Are there any other people who like to do the same thing? Let's keep in touch and I will be visiting often, casue I really really like it here and you people made it that way so a huge thanks.

JEFF A - Oh hi guy. You know I am so happy that you are all right, but
then I am so sad that your daughter was killed in New York. Oh no.
Oh no. What did she do to those evil people? Nothing! I will tell
Steve you have written a letter. I know he will like that, and it will
make him happy, but he will not be happy when he learns you lost your
daughter. He respects you a lot and I do too, you know, and he will
want to spend a minute in silence thinking of you and your daughter.
I bet it did not help your heart to hear such bad news. I do hope you
are a bit better now.
Well I want to try and cheer you up just a little bit. I know you do
deserve that for saying such nice things about me.
I had a shit when I came home from work tonight. I felt a full bum
coming on earlier but I decided to save it until later. I came in
from work and just looked here to see who had written letters. Well
when I saw yours I thought I would have a shit specially for you.
I went to the bedroom and I took off my grey jacket, my white blouse,
my short black skirt and my small white knickers. I took my shoes off
last. Without anything on now I went into the bathroom and I hovered
my bum over the bowl. I felt real full, and I started pushing. Well I
felt my bumhole open up and it stretched around my turd that was
sticking out. I looked at it in the mirror. I bet you would have liked
to have seen that, Jeff. Well I pushed a bit more and it was a 6 incher
that splashed in the water. Well there was another one the same sort
of size that just like popped out and splashed in. Well now I needed to
have a good wee as well, so I lowered my bum a little bit to be sure I
would not wet the floor (or flood the bathroom like Steve says LOL)
and then I let rip a big hissy yellow piss stream onto the front of
the bowl. It lasted over a minute and I bet Steve would have liked it.
I finished doing that then I wiped my pussy first and then my bum.
I keep my bum free of hair the last few years because it is easier to
clean and Steve likes it like that. So if you were looking up at me
you would see my bald bumhole winking at you and in front you would
see my long lipped puss with my blonde stripe.
I hope you enjoyed that, Jeff. Best Wishes. xxxxx

JULIE - Hi! I will tell Steve you have written!

PV - Hahahahaha. Yeah, you must have missed a post! I wrote about
that about 4 pages back. I bet you will like it!
I am interested how your poos are always so different to how mine are.
Mine are usually solid not slurry.



Jumpz. Enjoying bodily functions is perfectly natural and there's nothing unnatural orv perverse about it. After all, we all have to go!

RJogger & Kathy. I enjoyed the post from Kathy about her monster dump in 1965. My guess is that's one of the biggest she's ever done. By the way, have Kathy or Anne ever had any really big accidents (in either sense of the word) whilst you've known them? By the way, I hope Kathy's mum soon gets over her knee operation.

Diane NY. Thanks for your reply. I understand what you're trying to say but I think you ought to go more regularly all the same. You may be able to hang on for several days at a time but it's not really healthy or good for you. It's a good idea to 'go' in both senses regularly.


I have been a daily reader at this forum for years and would like to report on toddlers' behaviour when it comes to watching others...which is a topic very infrequently covered here.
My three-year daughter Michèle always insists following me to the bathroom. She would raise both the lid and the toilet sit, when raise her head to watch me pee, flush when I am done and put down both the lid and toilet seta.
As one can see, very service-oriented.

I am wondering whether she is just trying to be helpful or if this heralds in interest in watching others go, which so far had been confined to me only.

Although I do not post much, I still follow everybody's stories.
I was interested in reading a post from BRIDGET (cheers...) on another site and can tell you Bridget that I support the idea of "male bowlcams" since there is a market out there for females.


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Still having loading up problems on my computer, and have missed some, so apologies for not having given condolences sooner to you, DIANE, NEW YORK.
I didn't catch the details, so wish you love and courage as you adjust to your loss. I'm sure all of us here share in that, as I've seen several posts addressed to you. I know it sounds easy to say but Peace be with you and all your friends and family and let's all hope that after all this, all the governments can get together and work towards a solution where nothing like what happened can ever happen again.

JUMPZ, Welcome and glad to see you share so much of what I like!
With me, I love to hear guys in the toilet but there's a lot of men and women who share an interest in hearing both! Glad you get the chance to hear those sounds where you are so don't let the ultraconservative attitudes of where you live get you down!

JIM, Interesting account of guys enjoying using the toilet in company after some initial shyness! I often read of similar cases of guys shitting together and making friendly comments and joking together, but I always wonder if any particular comments stick in the mind of those present. Can you remember any comments made when someone's just dropped a big loud plop and is anything said when the guy next to you is wiping his arse only inches away?
Any details like that would be very interesting, and glad you had the chance of such intimate company in the toilet!

PETE, US, Sounds like a fascinating lecture you attended about toilets. Had the person written a book on the subject, and if so, have you any details?

ROBBY, I lked that hilarious scene you described with the girl trying to stifle her giggling behind the shower curtain as you pretended to the guy not to know where she was! Real farce, and deserving of being part of a TV comedy or a film. It would be great to have a toilet themed comedy on TV; I think it would be accepted in the near future on British TV, as long as it wasn't too bold for viewers of rather delicate sensitivities!
Quite a long time ago on ITV there was a comedy series about a public convenience called "In for a Penny" but from what I can just remember, there were no distinct allusions to shitting, just a rather bland comedy about the people working as attendants and cleaners.
Why not try and write a sketch based on what you described?
I've wondered about writing a screenplay if I had the talent, and including in it a detailed scene of someone that many of us could relate to who discovers one day how interested he becomes in listening at the bathroom door. It could open people's minds to a new taboo area and get them thinking!

BRYIAN, I too had a toilet dream last night! This one wasn't just about an exposed toilet with me on it wondering if anyone might see me; this one was one of two actually in a restaurant towards the back of the dining area, but still within view of others!
I sat on it and was aware I could be seen, so perhaps future toilet dreams will be more interesting!

Catching up on recent posts, I read about a boy of 13 who still has his arse wiped by his parents, and who sometimes watch him while he's on the toilet.
Naturally, several people responded and expressed surprise and concern for his dignity etc, but I can imagine that without enough peer awareness, or comparison with others, that would not seem strange to him, and if he hadn't discussed it with us here, may have continued accepting it as perfectly normal for years to come.
Just imagine the possibility that at the age of 18 he's still watched on the toilet by parents anxious to monitor how he's doing and ready to wipe his bottom.
It reminded me of the boy in one of the much earlier posts who was toiletphobic, and could only go on TP on the floor near the toilet, and at the age of 16 became fascinated with the hitherto unknown world of sitting on toilets, and started using public ones.
At first, very anxious about using them, he gradually became very attracted to using them, and was keen to be seen sitting on one by others, although still a bit shy of this new dimension in his life.
Perhaps, a strong sense of a rite of passage being achieved that at the age of 16 he was proving himself to be a man and doing what other young men do.
This would all suggest that what we grow up accepting as the norm however unusual to others, can be perfectly acceptable, but there is the possibility that when we find out what others do, it becomes a tremendous attraction to want to emulate your peers and adults, so I'd be fascinated to know how the guy who is still attended to in the toilet tries to assert his independence, and may in a different way from the guy who was previously "toiletphobic" become extra keen on some aspect of using the toilet.
Whilst I was neither watched on the toilet until 13 or frightened to sit on one until 16, I grew up regarding it as a very adult thing, and longed for the day I was big enough to cover the seat!

Recently, travelling by train, I used the toilet on board for a wee on three occasions. Each of the trains had the same type toilet, which I'd not noticed before.
A rather shallow bowl with no water in, but a plug that would be directly under the arse of someone shitting.
To flush, a pressed button releases the plug to allow the stuff out and a small amount of water trickles into the toilet.
No water trap to drown the turds, not enough to get rid of whatever didn't actually land on the plug, and the probability of a real stink as it all waits in the bowl to be "flushed" away!
Glad I only weed in it!

Finally, I've been told to increase my psyllium husk dosage, and that the gut can take a while to adjust to a new regime.
It's quite common to have relapses at first, apparently, and the fact I sometimes go really well shows I'm on the right path.

Peace and Health to Everyone! P P G

David and Niki
Hi everyone!

We are a couple from Germany and we love this forum!

I am a 30 year old male, tall and with dark blonde, short hair; my girlfriend Niki is a very sexy, 26 year old lady with long, curly, red hair and a very female, beautiful body.

We both love to watch the other one peeing or even pooping but mostly when it is not on the toilet but rather somewhere outside. It is so great fun. So we especially like those stories of people relieving themselves in other places.

Rjogger is certainly a name that springs to mind for some nice stories. We also very much like the recent stories of Tim, especially the one on the bus. Very cool!
Niki also sometimes likes to sit on my lap for a playful wee and I love it! The first time we did this was on a nudist beach. I sat on a rock and she sat on my lap and we were starring out onto the sea. Suddenly she told me to spread my legs a bit and then she let out a stream onto the rock, running into the sand beneath us. I also started to pee "freehand" as I had my hands on her hips. I still shot out nearly horizontally and our streams nearly met. Cool fun, we were both really turned on by...

But one of the coolest stories I would like to share with you , with Niki's permission, happened this summer. Niki is still a bit shy about posting, as she thinks her English is not good enough, so she wants me to write. Maybe I can persuade her anoter time.

So we where spending a week at my parents place, who were on holidays. They have got a really nice house with a big garden which is completely cut off from outside views. So we love it, as it allows you to run around naked in the garden and do all sort of things!
As little kids, me and my siblings were always allowed to play naked in the little pool and we just peed in the bushes (me and my brother) or on the lawn (my sister) when we needed to. One time my sister even dropped a turd next to the pool. My mom simply told her not to do that again as we were raised really openly and she made no fuzz. Maybe it's those memories that lets me enjoy stuff like this so much now. Anyway back to the story.
We had some nice sunny and really hot days during that week so we just spent the days naked in the garden. We drank a lot as it was hot and enjoyed watching each other watering the plants when the need came. Niki is practising on a standing up pee and this was perfect training camp. Unfortunataly she does not feel ready yet for the toilet at home or even a urinal, which is her aim (in every sense of the word). I am looking forward to that one, I'll keep ypu posted...
On Saturday afternoon, I sat in the garden in a gardenchair and read and she was on the phone to her mum. She came out and sat on my legs and kept talking. First I felt a bit disturbed as I could not continue my read. Then she laid back, leaning onto me and just let her mom talk. She spread her vagina with her free hand and shot out an impressive stream onto the lawn between our legs. Then she moved a bit foreward and stretched her butt out.
It was unbelievable but really awesome, a juicy turd started moving out of her hole. And all this while she was still on the phone to her mom!
She turned round and grinned broadly to see if I was watching. Oh yes, I was!!! She put the her hand over the receiver to cover up her silent grunting. The turd fell into the grass and an "aaah" of relieve slipped her. Her mom heard it as she had just taken her hand away and asked if she was alright. She stumbled in a supressed voice that she was but just realized she urgently had to go to the toilet. So they qickly said goodby. I was laughing and said, I can't believe how cheeky you are. She also laughed and answered, that she knew how much I loved it. I could only agree. She handed me the phone and told me stop laughing as I was shaking and disturbing her concentration. Then she pooped out four more juicy, short thick logs and peed a bit more, all collecting in front of my chair. I must really love her as I often even enjoy the smell of her dumps. Niki got up and looked at her pile with cheeky satisfaction. Finished, she said. Did the gentleman like the show? Oh, yes! D! oes he mind cleaning up after his lady? Not at all. Good, she grinned. She gave me a kiss and then went inside to clean herself and have a shower. I picked her pile up with some household paper and dumped it in the loo. Then I follewed her in the shower...

Now, Tim how do you like my ladies boldnes? I think she is the coolest. I love her so much!

Best wishes to all, aslo from Niki

Robby( and Annie)
Dear all,
Annie called me this morning and told me a loo adventure that involves her eldest daughter. It is a scream but I will get Annie tell it when she gets back.

JEFF A: We haven't spoken but I have heard wonderful things about you. I am sorry to hear about your loss and your medical problems. Please take care! Hope to hear from you more often. Cheers from Robby and Annie

SCOTT AND KIM: I have relatives all over New Jersey. I always stay with a family when I have business in New York City. I have one in Montclair. Annie told me she had a monster morning dump. It plugged the loo. I wish I could have been there. Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie.

PV: Have you gone to the beach, yet? Let us know. BTW, Annie said she weed in the shower this morning. She is practicing for the WSPC. Drat, I wish I was there. Cheers from Robby and Annie

KENDAL: It's wonderful to hear from you, dear. I am glad Andrew is screening your movies. Hope to hear stories from your visit with Charlotte. Take care, Lots of love from Robby and Annie

RICH(RJOGGER) and KATHY: I hope Kathy's mum is ok. My mum had that exact surgery. Looking forward to more of your adventures. Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie.

STEVE AND LOUISE: I can just see Louise, Annie, Kendal, PV, and others weeing and singing. A marvelous chorus line. It would beat anything that is done at the last night of the Proms in London!!! I wish I could have seen Annie's poo this morning. She said it was amazing! Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie.

RIZZO: I am glad to hear that your wife is doing better. I will pass on the news to Annie. It's not the same without hearing someone weeing, pooping, or anything in this house. Oh, well. The girls will be in tonight. They have two days off from school. Take care, my dear friend. Love from Robby and Annie.

GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Your story is magnificent!! Why do you have to leave? Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie

Welcome to the new posters!! Cheers from Robby and Annie

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: DianeNY, LindaGS, Elena, Pat and Renee, SENORA Carmalita and Jake, Laura, Althea, Jane. Cheers and love from Robby and Annie.

I met my fiancee while she was here in Houston for awhile staying w/ friends. She is originally from Birmingham, Alabama and went back there for awhile to see her family, then her mom married this total asshole of a stepdad and he has sent her to Job Corps in Gadsden, Alabama. I know that she and I will see each other again, though. My underarms are sensitive for some reason and when I wear deoderant a long rash develops, especially under my right underarm. So, last night while I was in the shower, I grabbed my dick and pointed it in that direction and pissed all over my right armpit. The rash is still there but not nearly so bad and it didn't itch after that. I'm also very particular about my ass being clean so if I don't take a shower right after shitting, I'll sit on the countertop with my ass in the sink and wash thouroughly with soap and water then dry it with a towel. One way to help with this is to elevate your feet while sitting on the crapper with your knees to! your chest, this will help by making sure you don't pinch one off by accident and will make your load come out easier. I also take enemas once or twice a month as per the some of the advice I've seen on this board. The Little John can be ordered from certain websites on the internet, just go to any search engine and put that in and it should come up. Well, I'm off to call my woman.


Good afternoon to all dear friends of th Toilet!

JEFF A. I am so glad to see that you are back again, but very sad about the awful news of your daughter not being with you any more. I believe that the worst that can happen to anyone is losing a child. I send you my sincere condolences and I will include your daughter in my thoughts when I play that Largo by Bach, which I still do from time to time in memory of those we have lost. Take care, love from Rizzo.

COLLEGE GUY, we all have to go, so does your girl friend. The choice is now yours: either you do not mention your attack of the runs, and because she knows – she probably overheard you- she will respect this a sign of you wanting to keep it private; or you mention it to her, and if I were you I would tell the simple truth, that you had a stomach upset which left you very embarrassed because of the noises. She will understand! If not, well, there are more girls on this planet. I hope my advice does not sound too drastic. May you be successful, Rizzo

GRUNTLY BOGWELL, Hooooray1! An encore from you, and what a lovely one it is too! Thank you! Three cheers from Rizzo!

HighSkoolSenior, I too used to pee from the first floor. Just as in your case it would have meant going down creaky wooden stairs to go to the bathroom at night, waking my parents. So I resorted to peeing out of the window. Now the window was small and higher up than normal. There was a folding table fixed to the wall below the window. I used to get up on to the table and kneel in front of the open window and pee from there. To avoid the last squirts from dribbling on to the window pane, I used ot fold an old exercise book to form a tube and pee through that for added range. Of course I had to remove two or three wet pages every time, the exercise book becoming thinner from day to day, until I needed another one. Old magazines worked too, but later I used a large empty glass jar of pickles to pee in, and then pour that out of the window. This only happened in Summer during the holidays. It was probably due to my drinking copious amounts of water which tasted so fresh, not ! the chlorinated water of our winter residence.

Hello KENDAL, dear niece, so you are off to Charlotte’s for the weekend! Are you two going to “toilet train” her siblings? I bet you are!! About all those films; yes I have seen Eyes Wide Shut, but not Lawn Dogs. Where I live the videos have titles translated or even given completely different titles in the local language, so that the films are often unrecognizable! Then some are even dubbed, which certainly does not improve them. Imagine a Western with John Wayne dubbed in French. It is a hoot! The best dubbed film I have ever come across was the Jungle Book in Brazilian. That was even better than the original!
But I digress. The best female pee scene ws the one I have described in an old post. I did not see the title of the film, because I had been zapping through the thirty odd channels. I just happened to see a ouple in an hotel room. She in bed, he getting dressed. It was all in French. She gets up and we see her wearing vest an panties. She takes hold of a chair and places it with its backrest against the washbasin in the room. Then she gets up on the chair, turns round and sits on the top of the back rest. The chair cannot topple, because it is leaning against the sink. Her bum is now perched over the sink while she faces the camera. We see her pulling her panties off her bum towards the camera, that is, down her thighs. With that perspective you can only see her from the front, boobs to knees. A splattering tinkle starts. That is when I finally realised what was going on. All the time the conversation continues. The tinkling goes on and on until it dies down. She then work! s her panties back up and gets off the chair. All in all, it is a neat way to pee in a sink. I wish I new the title of the film. Tell Andrew, that I think he is right. Far better than toilet scenes in films is the real thing! Or just read some stories here. Well, so long, it is afternoon and I give you a mildly scratchy, but big hug! Fond love from your uncle Rizzo.

Peace to all, from Rizzo

Cool sighting yesterday. I went to the local taco shop for lunch and saw a UPS truck parked outside. I went straight to the restroom to wash my hands and walked in on the UPS delivery driver sitting on the toilet. He was the extremely good-looking guy who always delivers in the neighborhood. He's about 5'9" tall, dark brown hair, dark eyes, very white teeth, tight body, tanned. Probably about 28 y.o. A real good-looking guy. He just looked up as I walked in and smiled. I told him I needed to use the sink and he said "go for it". The sink is located next to the toilet, so I was able to catch a few side glimpses of him on the can. His thigh muscles were tight, and he had a tan line where he wears his shorts. His brown shorts were around his ankles and he was wearing white briefs, also around his ankles. BVD's, I think. He kept looking down, and I could just barely hear his turds crackling. No plop noises. I dried my hands and looked back as I was leaving. He had straightened up ! to reach for the paper, exposing his cock and pubic hair.

I ordered my food and was waiting for it as he came out a few minutes later. He ordered and sat down on the other side of the room to wait. We both left at the same time, and he smiled and said "later" as we walked out. Nice sighting!

A warm hello to Nietzsche and every1 here,
I noticed there are more hellos and msg to ask after each other than stories here these days! I think it's a weird way of making friends, but I hope to "get to know" you guys better. I have been spending a lot of time at home these days, so I'll definitely be here often!

To CollegeGuy, I think it's v.normal that you should be embarrassed, I havent had similar experience, but don't worry. perhaps in a few mths time, you would even be able to joke and laugh about it!
To JeffA, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I can't imagine your loss, since I only hear from the news. But that such a historical building WTC is lost, is v.sad!
To Niet: hey fellow Singaporean, nice to meet u 2. C'mon, really NO stories at all to share? ;) are you working already? Perhaps some office poop stories? It's more fun when you contribute too, like I was delighted when I got a msg dedicated to me. Hee!

I think reading this site has some effects, in that I'm more conscious when I poop these days, and I would remember many of you guys' stories!

I very rarely post on the board but figured that what happened to me today would interest some of you.

I had to take a friend to the airport. Normally an hours ride away up the M1 motorway just outside London.
We met at his place and he had prepared quite a large lunch. I usually make do with a sandwich.
Anyway two things combined to give me a real problem. We had only been going about ten minutes when I began to get stomach cramps. Then the motorway ground to a halt because there had been an accident.
We must have been crawling along for at least 45 minutes and by the time we had got past the hold-up I was in desparate need of the toilet with still another 30 minutes to go.
This is because I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes when I have had a big meal I get the runs. I've had one or two heavy skid marks in my underpants before now but nothing too serious.
By the time we got to the airport I was in a right state and could hardly concentrate on driving.
The idea had been to drop him off at a set down point and then come straight home. But needing the toilet so badly I planned to drop him off and then park the car to go and use the facilities.
At one stage he asked if I was okay and I told him I had stomach pains. But I couldn't tell him just how close I was to dumping in my briefs.
I got out of the car to get the luggage for him and it was then I felt my white cotton pants clinging to me and realised it was already too late
Then as I went to get back into the driver's seat I felt a sudden much stronger cramp and all I could do was stand there filling my underwear.
It was certainly the worst accident I have had as an adult.
All I could do was grab by anorak and fold it up to put on the seat. As I sat down I felt the hot mush spreading under by balls.
On the way home I did some more and by the time I reached the house I was in such a mess. In the bathroom I found that some of the poo had slipped out from the leg band of my briefs and had gone into my trousers. Everything is now in the washing machine!
Anyone else been caught out like this in traffic and been forced to mess themselves.

Second post. I really enjoy this site! Just thought of another peeing story.

I was asleep with my partner one night. I cannot recall if we had been drinking or not, but there is a possibility we were! We had bedded down for the night on our queen size bed, and both nodded off to sleep. I awoke around 2:00am (from memory) to the feeling of a damp bed. Being late summer (in Australia), I merely thought that we had sweated a lot. I also thought that the "damp spot" was immediately under myself. I kind of rolled over and went back to sleep.

In the morning, we both awoke to bedsheets saturate in pee. Obviously either or both of us had the need to go in the middle of the night, and I guess - WE DID!

My partner felt a bit out of sorts, but it didn't worry me, if anything it was a kind of turn-on. Sounds sick, doesn't it. There was pee all over the bed - everywhere! We obviously had to change the sheet!

Look after you!

STEVE & LOUISE -- Hi! I think I must have missed your running/weeing post, I'll have to search back for it, it must be a beauty! My mind boggles at the spectacle of Louise and delicious Mom in full flight across a nude beach, fountaining! :-) Yes, I have attacked some urinals lately -- I did one at that mall where the doors are around a corner and thus concealed from the main thoroughfare -- went into the gents' and it was empty so I stepped up on the platform and weed on the steel wall. The amazing thing is that there's a motion sensor built in somewhere, the urinal flushes itself as you step up to it, and again when you move away, so it's always perfectly clean!

Poop report -- I did another massive dump today, a chunk, two 11-inchers, then a few chunks more, and it deteriorated into a torret of soft-serve with rectal cramps. I pooped twice inside 30 miutes, but the first time I again built a mound of poo right out of the water! The smell? I could distinctly smell onion, from dinner the previous night!

And on a very different note --

JEFF A -- Oh, God, I'm so sorry -- you lost your daughter. Will the horror of this thing never fade? It's touching so may people in terrible reality. All my sympathy, Jeff, I mean it... And the same to Diane.

Hugs to all,


Friday, October 19, 2001

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