Stacy B.
Hi, I'm a 32 year old mixed-race female, 5'5" with brown hair and eyes. My mother is white, my father is black; people who don't know my background often mistake me for being "Hispanic."

I was very shy and hesitant about going "kuh-kuh" [the informal word I used, and sometimes still use, to describe a bowel movement] from the time I was toilet trained until I was about 8 or 9. When sitting on the toilet to pee, something which I never had trouble doing, I would often forcefully hold in my kuh-kuh.

This resulted in a lot of stomach aches, since my intestines got "backed up," for lack of a better description. I ended up in a viscious cycle of finally having to push out very long and painful stool about once or twice a week.

There was one time, when I was around 6, when my ???? hurt so badly that my mother told me she was going to stick something up my bum to "force" me to go. I, of course, protested this but there was really nothing I could do about it. She gave me some glycerin laxative suppositories. I remember letting out a lot of very soft and smelly kuh-kuh. My mom came in to check in on me and told me she loved me and didn't want me to hurt myself. She wiped my bum a lot and we then both washed our hands after the toilet flushed.

I started to finally go when I had to, at least at home, when I was in the 2nd grade. I never really liked going kuh-kuh in school, but in the 6th grade, I had a best friend named Tamika. We often went into the bathroom together and I noticed that Tamika would go kuh-kuh when she had to and I would just hold it in. One day I had to go and Tamika and I went down to the bathroom. That day Tamika only had to pee but I had to pee and kuh-kuh. Tamika finished peeing and then flushed and left her stall. I told her I was going kuh-kuh and she said "that's cool, we'll talk while you finish up." The roles were reversed; usually I was the one washing my hands after peeing while Tamika was finishing moving her bowels and then wiping herself up. We'd always chat in the bathroom, though.

By the 9th grade, I would do whatever I had to do in school without paying much mind. I still prefer my privacy when going to the bathroom, but I think I have overcome many of my inhibitions.

Michelle from Lousiana
Erin- Why don't you eat some prunes and white rice. It really helps out a lot.

TTT: there are no restrooms in the Washington Metro. WMATA learned from New York, that restrooms breed crime and they are murder to keep clean. WMATA wants people to use their subway and get out, not hang around and eventually live there.

Igo to a school(co-ed)which is paid for by the French government but I'm Irish on my dads side and French on my moms, I'm sixteen. Yesterday when I had to to the girls room really bad,I went with my best frend. I had held in because of gym practice. There were several others there ahead of me and I had to wait there was a lot of giggling, farting and pooping sounds from the three stalls, when one came open,I quickly pulled my tights and panties down and passed a gasy fart, which made others laugh and say WHOA! that was some Boomer!another girl called out Big time! it was really loud but no one could see me. Then something wierd happen, I peed and couldn't do anything else,I started to rise and I farted again and the urge to shit made my poop shoot out of me while Iwas raised up and it landed on the seat and slid down and that caused me to shiver and I passed two more but I could'n sit down because I was afraid of getting it on my skirt. I wiped really carefully and had to wipe! off the seat befor flushing it all away. Is it common for farts to block you up like that? i tried to wisper what happen to my best friend while wasing my hands but it was so stinky in the room by then she just wanted to leave quickly.

College Guy
Well, I haven't posted for quite a long time, so I thought I would. First, I thought I would describe myself. I'm 6'0", 155 lbs, clean shaved, light brown hair, dark brown eyes.

The last time I posted here was approximately a year ago. Anyway, this happened to me yesterday, so I thought I would post. I happened to be studying in the library during the time, but, before I was studying, I went for a jog, worked out, showered, then I went to the library. Anyway, within 30 to 40 minutes of studying, I started getting these terrible stomach cramps. For a second, I thought I was coming down w/ a stomach bug, but, as time went on, I knew that I was going to have diarrhea. Well, after the last cramp hit, I made a mad dash to the toilet. Now, you've got to picture this, the only bathroom in the library is a unisex toilet. So, I ran, and luckilly no one was in there. Well, I had the a bad case of the runs, which, was in fact very audible. I was approximately in there for about 15 minutes letting out wave after wave of audible diarrhea. Now, next to the bathroom, there is a table w/ chairs for students to study/work, etc. As I left the bathroom, t! he most embarrassing thing could have happened. My girlfriend was studying there at that table the whole time. The only thing I could think of was "oh no, she heard me while I was in the bathroom" As I walked out, she said hello, etc. I was talking to her for a while, but, she had to study, and I did as well. I never brought up the bathroom incident, and I don't plan to either. Just a question to both males and females. Has a situation like this ever occured to you? And also, for the ladies, does this situation bother you when you happen to know the person who was on the toilet w/ terrible diarrhea? The reason I'm writing this is because it's just so embarrassing for me, I don't want her to remember this, especially if she heard me while I was having diarrhea. You can probably see why I am so embarrassed. In fact, since yesterday, I've been hoping that I don't see her around campus. Just because of this embarrassing incident. Is this normal, or should I just forge! t about it??

Anyway, that's it for now. Have a good one!

Also one day i went into that same bathroom and i wanted to go in my favorite stall but that one was occuiped so i went to the next one then this black guy came out and i didn't hear the toilet flush. I went in there and saw all this poop in there and it was dark brown and really soft. I think the toilet didn't flush for somereason but it eventully flushed

Ring Stretcher
Last night I was watching Road Rules and they showed a squat toilet! It was nothing more than a hole in the ground with a hose in back to wipe with. How do people with injuries use them?

LOGGER: Thanks for liking my stories. I'd let you watch my hole open up real wide with a big fat one slowly jerking out.

KIM and SCOTT: Cool story!

ERIN: How big was your poop when it finally passed out of you? That must have taken alot of effort? Poor thing!

Today I pooped out a large fat log (no lumps-surprise!) that felt so incredible as each centimeter passed my dialated, trembling ring. I moaned loudly in pleasure, gritted my teeth and pushed super hard. It "floomped" out of me and splashed cool water up on my ass. It felt so good I wanted another one, but was empty. My log was about 10 inches long and 3.5 inches thick and not too hard. Maybe tomorrow I can pass another one. I can't wait!

Hey Jumpz,

I'm from singapore too! Actually ive been reading this forum for a long time cos i find it really interesting but ive never ever posted before. this is the first time im posting, and im only doing so cos i thought it was really surprising to find someone else from singapore reading and posting on this forum.
Yeah I totally know what u mean regarding how damn conservative everything is here in singapore. Any sign of deviancy tends to be frowned upon.
I personally see no reason to preclude myself from indulging in any form of eroticism whatsoever which may present itself to me as long as consent is given and its not done in public and no one gets killed.
Which means that other than necrophilia, child porn and rape, I don't regard anything as deviant or wrong. I think its ridiculous that Singaporeans are so freakin prudish.
However given the ridiculous nature of our fellow citizens I usually refrain from making my views known.
So....its nice to know of someone else living here who has somewhat more rational values.
Anyway...I'm male, chinese, in my 20s.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. First of all to Diane-N.Y I want to pass along my condolences to you. Welcome back to TTT. Pete (US) that was kind of a neat offbeat lecture. Try checking around here on the net for toilet history and check back in if you find anything interesting.

Ok let me go on with part 2 of the bus stop story. Brenda and I got back to the bus stop and sat down on the bench. A few minutes later Carrie came back from the store with a couple of sodas. We still had a little over 1/2 hour to go for the bus. The three of us talked to pass the time. Brenda said she had to go again. Carrie had to go also. I thought this time those two will go by themselves so I did not get up when they started to leave.

Brenda said come on its ok,besides I want another smoke. So I follwed those two back to the spot were Brenda had peed earlier. Carrie gave Brenda a funny look and shook her head with a smile. She went up to the front of the car and pulled down her pants and squated. I could see her legs and stream hitting the pavement. She was peeing quite hard because it to was splashing around as it hit the pavement.

Brenda at this point pulled her pants down and was squating in front of me. She let out a brrapp. Slowly a tannish colored turd emerged from her butt hole. She would push then stop and relax. On every push her turd would move. She had pushed about 7 inches out and took another break. Carrie had now stoped peeing and said she would meet us back at the bus stop. Carrie had created a small lake of pee in front of the car. Brenda started back on finishing her poop. All the time while she had taken her break it hung there in the air. She gave a few more pushes which 3 more inches came out. One final push it droped out with a thud to the pavement. She did a little dribble type pee on it. Took the napkin from me and wiped her hole. She pulled up her pants and we walked back to the bus stop and we all caught the bus 10 minutes later.

Billy and Kevin L.
Someone asked how old we are. I am 10 and Kev is 9. We poop and pee in front of our mother and dad all the time. If mom has to come into the bathroom to put in towels while we are pooping, she comes right in. Our parents pee and poop in front of us too. If dad has to poop and mom in their bathroom, he comes right in. If we are taking a shower or brushing our teeth or something, he sits right down. And if we are hiking in the woods or something, and someone has to poop, we just drop our pants and let turds out. We and our friends are real open about this. We figure we don't have any strange body parts and we all have to poop. SO we have nothing to be embarrassed about.

We have a friend, chris, who was shy about pooping in front of others. His mother had to go back to her home because her grandmother was sick and his dad had to go to some meeting. So he stayed with us for a couple of days. He came over in the morning to dump his stuff off in the room. He had a bag with clothes and stuff. We put in the room and took off for school. I was had to poop, but Mike was on the toilet. So I waited until I got to school. That night, I had to poop after dinner again. So did Josh and Jeremy and Chris. I went into the bathroom and sat down. Josh and Jeremy came in. Chris came in a minute later. Josh and Jeremy said they were next. Chris said he would go to the guest bathroom. The next morning, I had to poop and couldn't wiat to get to school. So when Mike was done pooping, I sat. Chris said how can you poop in front of everyone? I said, drop your pants and sit down. Then I farted real loud and made a loud plopping sound. I said it is no big deal. Ever! yone does it. Even you. He said, yeah, and I am going to do it in the guest bathroom. Last night, cousin Billy came for dinner. Billy and me and Josh all had to poop after school. The weather was nice out so we wanted to get outside quit. cousin billy sat down on the toilet and josh used the little potty. Billy was done in a minute, and I sat down. Chris came in for a pee. He said is it ok if he waits there until we are done. I said, sure. We were talking about soccer and school and stuff. When josh was finished, I helped clean him. He is 3 1/2 and is bad at wiping. Then I wiped myself and chris peed when i was done. After dinner, I had to go again and so did kev and chris. We were playing video games. I said I am going to the bathroom, and everyone came. We kept talking while we were going. I went, then chris, then kev. Josh and jermey needed a pee. After breakfast this morning, I needed a poop and so did chris. I went when mike was done, and then chris. I said I thought you ! wanted more privacy. He said it is ok. I see that it is not big deal. After lunch, I had to poop again at school. I sat on the handicapped toilet and chris came in. He sat down ont he toilet next to me. He usually goes into the nurse's office for a poop. I said, what are you doing here? DOn;t you usually go int he nurse's office. Yeah, but it is more fun talking and stuff while you poop than going alone.

Hey Gopwoller

I DID see "Chains of Love", but there wasn't much bathroom stuff. Apparently they weren't really chained the whole time -- everyone was allowed to be unchained to use the bathroom -- and they all got an hour to themselves in the morning to use the bathroom and shower.

There WAS one minor little farting incident, though. This girl was in the hot tub with the four guys chained to her, and she evidently farted. One of the guys made a real big deal about how he could see the bubbles coming out of her bathing suit. He said it a couple of times and she got a little offended about how men are so turned on by toilet matters. Still, it was interesting that they didn't edit out the discussion. It was pretty obvious from the discussion and her own words that she had farted in the hot tub.

I am wondering if there have ever been female poop references on "America's Favorite Home Videos". I remember the one show where a bride was taking her vows and suddenly had to leave to go to the bathroom. There was no mention of whether it was pee or poop, though. Has there ever been a episode of the show where a woman clearly had a need to poop or where a woman is shown on the toilet?

Morning to all-been trying to post the last few days,but i keep being knocked off-i think it's cause it's the busy part of the day(the morning)I should get optimum on line-Anyway,some responses-
TO DIANE (NY)-So sorry to hear about your loss-my heart goes out to you and yours-I think if and when we get BIn Ladin,we should bring him back and bring him down to ground zero and let the firemen and cops string him up!!I too go to NYC often and it sure does look strange with no towers which i had been in several times-again sooo sorry,but it's great to have you back on here and BTW nice car you have along with a cool story meeting that woman in the toilet-I sure would still like to buddy poop with you sometime!Godd to see you back!
TO RJOGGER-Hey neighbor-good stuff with the lady pooing in the woods the other day-I would have loved to see that!Also good story with the wife pooing along with her buddy in the twin toilets!we should get together for a woods buddy dump with all the gang-Good stuff!
TO JANE-Nice story pooing in your mini skirt-I would have liked to have seen that-I always enjoy your stories and I like the way you poop too!my kind of lady!
Things for me have been uneventful for the most part on the pooing front-had a few really nice days here in the N.E.and did some woods dumps that were fun,but not much to report except I have to poop right now as i often do when i'm posting and reading the forum so i'm going to go to the bowl with some of all your stories that I printed and read then as i unload-I'm going to take some of them to the gym too when i poop there and I can read them and enjoy the sounds of all the other guys pooing along with me-Good stuff,all BYE

Gruntly Bogwell
How does one say no to a woman who dedicates a poop-in-the-nude to a shadowy cyber-figure of a man she has never met, but shares this wonderment at the sights, sounds and smells of the grunted turd? Fat woman, we are waiting with titillated interest in the continuation of your viewing of your mother's poo-letting session. I believe she had her large legs spread and was in mid-grunt, when you were distracted by an untimely caller to your abode. Thank you to all you aficionados who posted words of encouragement for me to return to the forum. CARMALITA, you are such a dear sweet thing, regardless of the fact that your hefty toilet-filler was a bit ripe. Your description of your toileting was virtual music to my cyber-senses and your words a salve to my ego, not to mention the monster buzz it gave me. So much so that I had to return the forum to send you a wedding present story. I would love to hear if you happened to have had to take a pre-wedding nervous poop, in your wedd! ing finery before you went down the aisle. I have always been fascinated by the thought of a bride marching down the aisle smiling at all the guests, with her hole still twitching after having taken a large pulsating nervous poop in the toilet off the bridal dressing area. The bride looking so demure and sweet after having done the naked butt rumble on the commode surrounded by mounds of white wedding dress fabric. My wife was constipated as we left on our honeymoon to Mexico from ignoring her intestinal needs in all the confusion before the wedding. It took four days for her bowels to get back on track including my soapy finger up her hole one morning to help get her going again. Sort of an Acapulco acupuncture, performed with loving care with large, light brown and odoriferous results. May Jake be as sweet to you, in your hour of need, if the situation arises.

Kyosuke, your excellent story about your diarrheic co-worker was most stimulating, so here's one that I know you will appreciate, except that it deals with hole stretching constipation. I was in Yokohama…wait I have to poop! Like now…so hang on…I'll be right back. OH, yes, sweet relief, my hole is still warm from the 14 incher I just let fly, it fairly rippled my brown eye as it rushed past, befouling the air with a poo-garlic smell created by the digestion of last night's lasagna. That was one of those poohs we live for, no straining, just the butt contacting the cool toilet seat and the hole opening with for a grand poo on parade from the underside of the bum…. Where was I, oh yes, Yokohama, where I engaged the services of a young lady of the horizontal profession at one of the local bars on my birthday. I had almost forgotten about this story, until Kyosuke related his secret buddy dump with his co-worker in the uni-sex restroom…oh to be so lucky…I'd never get any! work done…its bad enough hearing the click of heels on the tile of the women's room down the hall and sometimes I am rewarded with a resounding uncontrolled fart noise, that drives me up the wall. One day my ???? boss did a gurgly wet fart shortly after entering the ladies necessary room, now I can't talk to her without thinking of her blowing that one. But, I digress…I took my new found Japanese friend to this small and intimate Japanese hotel, I had discovered by accident on a previous voyage to the land of the Rising Sun, only on this occasion, it turned out to be a "rising moon" that I saw. Keiko, was small and very pretty, with big, black, but definitely oriental eyes, long silky black hair and an oval face, with a cute nose. She was wearing a petite sack dress that had big blue irises on a white back ground. For me it was love at first sight, and as I believe in karma, we had to have had a connection in a past life-time.

The hotel had polished wooden steps that led into a small vestibule, where we removed our shoes and were given white cotton footies. The corridor of the hotel down the short lacquered knotty-pine wooden steps past the front desk was, get this…an indoor pond! The whole thing was an indoor Japanese garden with colored lights in the trees and under the water. We had to step on flat stepping stones set just above the surface of the water as we followed a lady in a white kimono, with red maple leaves on it to our room. The room was set up on stilts above the pond and surrounded by rice-paper walls, with the typical small brown frames. Then up the lacquered steps she slid the door back and we entered a small living room, with a low table, with a cutout sp[ace for feet underneath. Keiko's eyes widened with amazement…the bedroom with its low bed covered by the comforter was up lacquered wood steps to the left…and it was suspended above a miniature Japanese garden with a smal! l stream running through it. The toilet was to the right of this miniature garden under the bedroom, it happened to by an American-type commode, not the typical Japanese squat toilet. So you could sit on the toilet and contemplate the garden under the lofted bedroom. The Japanese bath was further in past the toilet, the tub was deep so you could get water up to your neck and surrounded by natural rock. So when you turned on the faucet handles the water cascaded out of this hole in the rocks like a waterfall into the tub. May I say here that I would have loved to be relaxing in the tub of hot water watching while any of you ladies who visit this forum taking care of business on the toilet, then joining me in the bath after a healthy turd letting. Fat woman, it might have been a bit of squeeze but I'm sure we could have worked around your mounds of femininity.

The room came with matching lounging kimonos, pale green, with a darker green bamboo reeds and leaves pattern on them. I was in the tub first letting the water run down and fill it up. Keiko sat on the toilet with the her kimono gathered around her having a long gurgling pee. I was watching her lovely face, when I noticed a slight narrowing of the eyes and a slight blush come over her face as she apparently squeezed her lower intestine to engage a poop. She didn't have any success, so she wiped her dark, silky pubic area and took off her kimono to get in the bath. It was then that I saw it, her large three pronged Caesarian scar, that pointed like a big arrow at her pubic patch, each cut line was at least an inch wide, had to be the worst piece of surgery in the history of Japan. She tried to hide it with her hands as she stepped into the tub. I just took her in my arms and told her that it was OK, she cried a bit at this tenderness. I'll leave the rest to your ima! gination. After the bath we went into the living room and Keiko ordered sushi, tempura and hot sake, which another woman in a flowered kimono came in and fixed by our table. After this sumptuous supper we climbed the stairs and got under the covers of the down comforter and again your imagination is free to wander.

Sometime later I awoke to the sounds of whimpering coming form down below, Keiko was not in bed, so I put on my kimono and went to look for her. As I got to the bottom of the stairs a fetid smell was permeating the room and I looked under the lofted bedroom past the miniature Japanese garden and saw Keiko hunched over on the toilet her black hair hanging down past her knees with her kimono all around her. She was sobbing and making pitiful little grunting sounds so as not to wake me up. I went into the bathroom and put my hand on her shoulder, said softly "gomenisai" (excuse me) asking her if she were all right. She pulled up the side of the pale green kimono, revealing her porcelain left haunch that curved delicately around to her ???? bottom, and then leaned up on her right haunch, a red "seated-too-long" curved toilet seat line arched across her bottom and then I saw a nasty looking reddish brown caked turd trapped in her dark-brown hole and sticking out three inch! es. She lowered herself back on to the seat and looked up at me with those big dark eyes, imploring me to help. You all know I was only to glad to lend a helping hand. I went back into the living room, to get the bottle of cooking oil, the lady tempura chef had left there, while Keiko uttered a long, painful NNNGGGGHHHHHAAAAHHH trying to dislodge the turd. She was shaking with the effort when I returned, put my arm around her and brushed the hanging down hair back and told her what I was going to do. I had her take off her kimono, she shivered and moaned a bit. I had her lean way forward so that her pert little breasts with the dark nipples were pressed onto the tops of her knees and her hands were holding her ankles. This bent her forward so that her rounded bottom came up and I could get at the offending fecal thing sticking out of her slightly everted bum hole. Her anus was already showing a puffiness from the strain and effort of Keiko sitting alone on the toilet a! nd struggling in the semi-darkness.

I squirted cooking oil form the bottle I had retrieved all around her nether hole and the close in part of the fetid turd…worrying about the smell was not an option in her hour of need. I then wrapped toilet paper around the two inch wide reddish brown poo-beast and began to tug slightly, Keiko started Oooh, Oooh, Ooohing as I increased the pull…it really was a recalcitrant turd…so I soaked the upper end and her hole again, the oil dripping into the toilet, and began tugging some more, while Keiko gave out with a might grunt. The offal offering began to move with a SPRIIIICCKKKK…..IIICCCKKK and let go easing out to a twelve inch tapered lump which quickly fell into the toilet with a hiss, dropping out of my hand and leaving Keiko shaken and shivering. I put her kimono around her and she slid back on to the toilet. I loaded up another piece of toilet paper with cooking oil and cleaned her tender hole thoroughly. Then I flushed the monster away, it whacked against the ! side of the bowl as it resisted being sent on its way and carried my exhausted little friend back up to the bedroom and tucked her under the comforter.

Later, I felt her slid out of bed and saw her tip-toe down the stairs and head for the bathroom. I asked her if she needed help and she said she didn't think so. However, I couldn't help peeping on this Japanese beauty, and being the snake that I am, I slithered out of the bed and halfway down the four stairs to the living room and peeked under the bedroom. I could see over the miniature garden with the stream running through to the toilet, but Keiko wasn't seating herself, she had instead climbed on the seat and had gone into an oriental squat, her feet in the white cotton footies wedged onto either side of the toilet seat. In this position I could only see from her belly down and her kimono hung down on either side framing her thighs and dark silky pubic patch. Her dark-brown bum-hole, still glistening from the cooking oil I had used when I had wiped her, soon opened up after a short grunt on Keiko's part and she began to empty her bowels more completely, with lon! g reddish-brown softer poo issuing forth. A rancid odor rolled across above the garden to my upturned nostrils. The first offering tapered off and Keiko blew a couple of hole fluttering farts, before another poo-chain started out. Her bowels now freed from the monster, allowed her to enjoyed the relief, Keiko sighed and ah'ed loudly. Sprickle, crickle, crackle it came, the odor getting riper all the time. The poo size reduced and the chains became more ragged and gassy, getting quite watery toward the spluttery end, before she used six wipes to clean her little brown-eye. She washed her hands and came tripping back to bed and snuggled up to me. Looking at me like I was her hero, and whispered "arigato" (thank you) unaware of my peeping on her, but quite interested in my turgidity.

The next morning, we had breakfast, with hot green tea. The tea stimulated my lower abdomen and I went into the toilet and sat on the commode lifting up my kimono as I did. Keiko kept peeking up from the table to see what I was about. I grunted a bit then the gates opened and some hefty turds eased out with a PLOUP, PLOP, PLUP, before Keiko couldn't stand it any more and came into the toilet and put her arms around me and hugged me while I still had the last poo-log hanging from my bottom. It fell off with a PLOOPP. Keiko insisted on wiping me and I left my hole in her charge and she did a thoroughly soft cleanup. We took another bath together I paid her fee for the evening and threw in a generous tip and we left the hotel. I arranged to see her that night at the bar, but she didn't show and my ship sailed at midnight. I never saw her again and I still miss her so much after all these years, my beautiful little, scarred, lady of the evening.

Sayonara one and all, may all your poos be healthy ones. Gruntly

Hi, everyone! I'm still here lurking sometimes, but my life is just
too turbulent these days to post much. Maybe after I take the steps I
need to I can straighten it out and post more often...

Kim: Thanks for remembering me. It was very appreciated. And yet another
GREAT episode, breaking in your new toilet IN STYLE!!!! Keep those massive log stories coming!


a childhood memory

i was sleeping over at my sisters she had 5 girl friend over to spend the night i was 15 they were 12-14 all had sleeping bags but 1 i volunteered to share mine she said ok first we took a dip in my sisters pool naked for real then we went to bed and watched a movie we all slept in the nude i think i must have drank 2 liters that night well we got zipped up later i woke up and really had too pee but i didn't want to wake up the girl i was sleepig with so i held it later i foun out that i had peed all over her she said she did not care so when we got up we both took a shower together.

RJOGGER and Wife
It is getting pretty busy on this site. Once again, Kathy and I want thank the Moderator(s) for posting a story that we sent on Oct. 4th and got lost. It made it today, Oct 17th. Oh yes, that is a nice picture of a girl with a NICE load in the head!

We are in a hurry to go visit Kathy's Mom at the hospital (she had knee replacement surgery), so we will send some quick replies and be off.

Diane NY - It is so good to hear from you Diane, especially after all that you have been through. What happened to you is too much tragedy for one person. OK, let me try to answer your questions: Running 7 miles is nothing new to me, as I have been running since I turned 26. I needed something to do after I quit smoking, and running fit the bill. I started at .5 miles and worked myself up 6 to 10 miles daily. As I ran more, I noticed that I was indeed pooping more, and it was more regular and voluminous. Somewhere, I read that vigorous aerobic activity forces magnesium into the intestinal tract, and being a natural laxative, that will cause more movement of the bowels. Also, Kathy and I consume about 35 or so grams of fiber daily, with a lot of H2O. That will also keep things flowing. Now, for the lady runner: I observed her in clear view, as I kept poking my head out from behind the rock. She indeed did quite an impressive dump, along with a vigorous pee. I hope that answ! ers the running questions. About the 2 toilets, it was an idea that we got from friends. Kathy and I have enjoyed watching each other on the pot, since about a month or so into our relationship. The "potties" give some time together, as we both usually dump in the early AM. It is also not unusual for Kathy and one of her girlfriends to conduct "business", with the door open, in the master bath; and I often get a view and the opportunity to wipe. Last, the 'Vettes are fine, the classic and ZR-1 are being garaged for the winter, and the '01 Red Monster is still eating Mustangs for lunch (apologies to Kim). Diane, you take good care, Kathy and I send our love.

Robby - Oh yeah, Mexican can be a real burner, but food is no fun unless it burns twice! (HA!). Kathy and Anne really stunk it out that afternoon, but that is nothing new. They have been friends since age 5, and they have shared "toilet" time since they were little. When we were dating, it was not unusual for me to find them in the basement lavatory of Kathy's Parents' house, with one on the bowl, and the other waiting. Neither one minded if I watched, just as long as I could deal with the odor. Hell, they still do that on occasion today.
The lady runner put on quite a show for me, even though she didn't know it. It was just an early morning treat that made this old man sit up and take notice. This young gal pooped up a storm, enough so that the guys would be envious. Take care Robby, speak to you folks soon.

OK, some quick hellos to the usual crew, Carmalita, Renee, Patsy, Jane, Kim and Scott, Rizzo, Buzzy, Muggs and Jeff A. e sen our greetings and our love to you all.

We will be back sometime soon, hopefully with another poop story.

Bye, everyone.

Donny and Highskoolsenior It thought I was the only one who peed out there second floor bedroom window. The bedrooms in my house were on the second floor, but the bathrooms were om the first floor so if you needed to pee in the middle of the night you had to go down stairs and by my parents and you would wake them either going by or flushing, so it was easier to go out the window. In the summer it was fine, but in the winter it was amazing no-one looked up to see a yellow streak on the side of the house. Keep those stories cumming.

LazyTexan, I'm also 18, str8, white, and from the South (near Atlanta), and like to pee just about anywhere other than in toilets. We are similar in so many ways but the big difference is u have a fiancee, wow, I'm not ready for that! Maybe after 4 years of college and 3 or 4 of grad school and starting a business, hmmm, maybe your grandchildren and my children will become friends, haha. I'll have to try that "Little John" pilot's bottle u mentioned. Two years ago I was laid up with a broken leg, and was given a pretty fancy plastic urinal with an "anti-reflux" device meaning the pee woudn't come back on u even if u were holding the bottle horizontally which I often did in bed, especially since I usually got hard when I used it, lol, I would be lying on my back peeing toward my chin, but not a drop spilled. Don't know what happened to that thing, I'll see if I can find it.

Wetteenboy, I've never peed my pants in skool, well except for a little squirt or two, but I've come soooo close, u know, hand in the pocket as u walk toward the head. I will pee myself sometimes when no one can tell, like walking along the beach in a swimsuit which is already wet, or once, in my jeans when I got caught in a rainstorm with no umbrella or poncho, that felt so good, must have been a quart! Kept me warm in a cold rain, well for a while anyway. Also while washing my car (wish I had a Jeep too), I always get wet anyway so what the hell.

Donny, the azalea bush right beside the rainspout under my window is dying, but I blame it on my dog. He smells my pee there, I guess, so he adds his. Mom always asks, why does he always have to go there? LOL, poor azalea!

Bryian, I got my own shower too, and I bet a record setting amount of pee has gone down the drain, probably helps keep it open since it'a acid, never have to use Drano, lol. Yeah, bout 12 showers a week on average, more in the summer. Almost every morning in my own shower, plus at skool after gym 3 times a week, plus after I get sweaty throwing frisbees or cutting the grass, or before going out, or whatever. Maybe my skin will wrinkle up like a prune from all that water, cause I like to take looooong showers when I can, and like I say sometimes take care of some things in addition to pee while I'm there (in my private shower, not at skool!). Mom sometimes asks what are you DOING in there? I'll never tell, hehehe.

Well, guess us peefreaks should turn the board back over to the poopfreaks, lol. Later, maybe. Or not.

Greetings all,

This is my first trip to any bulletin board, let along one about this topic! What an awesome site! I didn't know there were as many people around that are interested in this subject! I thought I was one sick, sick puppy!

My brother and I used to both go to the toilet together. We'd stand on either sides of the bowl, and pee our little hearts content. After the bowl was filled with yellow golden liquid, we'd then shake, and flush!

When away camping, we would often shower together, sharing the soap, shampoo etc, and even there we'd have a little competition in the shower, to see who could aim, and fire directly down the shower drain waste!

Another time, we were showering in adjacent cubicles, when I noticed a stream of liquid yellow following from his cubicle into mine. I later asked hi mif he was having a pee in the shower, and he said that he couldn't help it! I assured him that that wasn't a problem, as I had also had a massive pee in the shower (amongst other activities)too.

I have never ever brought myself to try and taste my own pee, except by using my finger to wipe the tip of my penis dry, and lick that. As for trying a glass of my pee, I haven't brought myself to do that yet!

Anyway guys and gals (I really enjoy reading about girl stories! - although the guy ones are fantastic too!), better go - Take Care...

Jeff A
I realize it's been a long time since I've posted, and I’m sorry for such delays. I've been in the hospital again, having had some health issues again lately.
For Diane in New York: I am so dreadfully sorry about your family. I lost my daughter too, and the pain is unbelievable. I feel like the best part of me is gone forever now. My prayers are with you. There really are no words to express my feelings, all I can do is send my best wishes.
I'll quickly try to answer as many people as I can. Jane, Kim and Scott, RJOGGER and Kathy, Steve and Louise, thanks for thinking about me. I'm happy to be using a computer that loads the back pages quickly. I've read everyone's stories, and they're all wonderful.
Gruntly Bogwell: This forum would suffer a terrible loss without you. You are one of the better storytellers, with a great gift. Maybe you could drop a few paragraphs every now and then, huh?
Rizzo: It's always good to read your uplifting posts. I’ll always think of you sailing, enjoying the finer things in life as well as being one of them.
Louise: You’re such a charmer, and I know you’re as lovely as you sound which is why Steve deserves to have someone like you. Thanks for the wonderful things you wrote to and for me. I read them, with vivid interest I might add.
RJOGGER and Kathy: Hello my friends, how I've missed talking to you. Kathy, I'm one of your fans, and love your stuff. I picture you as a knockout lady, which I know you are. Rick, you stay cool guy, you're one of the best, and I've loved the stories from you. You're a real inspiration to me.
Carmalita: You precious girl, congratulations on your wedding day. Big hellos to Jake, Renee and Patsy who have beautiful hearts.
Kim and Scott: Kim, keep blasting those big ones. You are really a treasure, someone who makes me happy whenever I see your name appear.
Jane: My good lady friend, your stories are so pleasureable, reflecting the person that I’ve always believed you are. I always read your posts with enthusiasm and look forward to more. You are truly a wonderful woman.
Until next time, take care and treasure those who are close to you. I'll try to post more often, but still need some time.

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