I am a married middle-aged Indian lady who generally wear sarees.
Indian ladies are very shy when it comes to visiting public toilets & try to wait till they reach home. In this process, quite a few end up having accidents in their sarees. I am going to narrate a personal traumatic experience I was travelling from Poona to Satara by bus to visit my parents, a 3 h long journey & had a very heavy lunch before setting out After about half an hour, my stomach started rumbling & I started praying to God to let me reach home safely Soon the bus stopped at a small town By this time I could no longer wait till I got home & simply had to get down & visit the loo which was very dirty & very crowded. I thought the better of it & decided to go back to the bus Even that short a walk was very painful. As soon as I reached the steps of the bus, the 1st step up caused my muscles to give way & I defecated into my panties Alarmed, I got dowm trying to stop the continuing sensation but to no avail. Soon the load became bigge! r & seeped into my sari. By this time I was near my seat & implored my co-passenger who luckily was a woman to give me the window seat She agreed & understood what had happened because of the overpowering smell & my tearful face By now, the semi-solid shit had started dropping down to the bus floor& my sari was stained completely brown It was the most horible feeling to be seated in such a shameful position On the way I experienced another dreadful attack & again voided myself into my sari, so much so that my panties gave way & tore. I almost died of shame but the lady next to me was very kind & offered to reach me home. By the time we reached Satara, it was evening & I was the last to leave the bus but I am sure that quite a few must have seen what had happened We went home in an autorickshaw The driver too understood what had happened & grumbled about his seat bewing ruined I had to give him an extra-large tip to stop him from saying a! nything further When I reached home I was lucky that my father was not around & quickly ran to the bahtroom ALmost an hour after scrubbing myself thoruoghly, I felt better but the stains on my mind will stay forever

You mudt encourage Indian women to right more & share their experiences about such accidents which they must have had in plenty I know of several myself But more about that next timr Right now I am too ashamed to continue Goodbye

I asked my boyfriend to come into the bathroom while I peed and pooped and he said that was disgusting and sick. Then he told his friends and it got around in my office and now everybody thinks I am a sick weirdo and they won't associate with me at all. They won't even talk to me unless they have to.

Hey everyone, hope everyone had a good week! I have really been full of it lately!!! Every day at school this week I have had to take massive dumps. I do not know what I am doing different but something is up, probably relates to that time of the month! Today I went during lunch as usual, and I could feel it was going to be big again. I had been ripping some SBDs all morning and felt very bloated. I wore my jeans today which are kinda tight so that didn't help any. Anyway I made my way into the girls room just after eating a quick sandwich. I went into the first stall but it was very full from somebody's huge dump, and I mean huge! I went into the second one and locked the door. I farted as I dropped my jeans and panties to my ankles. I sat down and farted a few more times as my first monster began to slide out. I couldn't believe how big it felt today. In the silence I could hear my butthole crackle open. I instinctevly opened my legs kinda wide as this turd slow! ly worked its way out. I grunted and pushed a little but this thing had its own agenda. As usual my eyes watered. Finally it broke off and fell into the bowl with a dull splash that gave my vagina a shower! This monster continued to squeeze out over the next few minutes, it broke off two more times, each piece was about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide and they all floated. I finally sat there with no poop coming out but after I pushed a little I ripped a very loud fart which was followed by 4 hard "golf balls". I felt I still needed to go, so I gave a hard push and a loud grunt, and I could feel another log wanting out, and I could feel it was very big, my hole stretched what had to be 3 inches wide, I felt like I was splitting open. I strained aloud twice and another girl that had came into the next stall asked if I was okay, between grunts I said yea that I was just majorly constipated, she said she could relate. I pushed hard some more and finally got it out with a ! loud splash. It was a little bigger than a baseball! About 4 inches long and almost 3 wide! Man it hurt, but I felt sooo much better. The girl next to me said that it sounded like I dropped a bowling ball into the water, it certainly felt like it. I sat there for a few minutes to let my poor anus close back up! I didn't have to wipe but 2 times and despite several flushes I still couldn't get my big piece to go down, I hope the janitor has more success! Later everybody!!!!!

Jeff A: Hi ho and welcome back! Glad to hear from you again. Sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you get well soon.

College Guy: A few years ago when I was a part-time graduate student pursuing my MBA, I was at the business school library, which had unisex, single-occupancy bathrooms on each end. There were study tables adjacent to the bathrooms. I was at a cubicle studying when I was hit with a sudden urge to poop. I was walking gingerly to the bathroom and paused to hold my butt cheeks together as I got to the door. Unfortunately, there were quite a few people studying nearby, so if they had stared at the right moment, it would have been obvious what I was about to do. I had a major dump, flushing a few times while I was seated. Interestingly, there was a can of air freshener handy, so I used it before I left the bathroom. As I emerged, I noticed a couple of guys looking towards me, and as we made eye contact, they quickly looked down.

Back to the present, the other night Gary and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. One of the dishes we had was Shrimp Imperial, which had a lot of steamed broccoli. The next morning we got up early and went to IHOP for breakfast, where I had a generous helping of buttermilk pancakes. That would turn out to be a lethal combination. I had a busy day, especially in the afternoon when I made a site visit for a client. That was the last task for the day, so I planned to go home after I was done. As I wrapped up my meeting, the urge to poop which had been building since early afternoon intensified, so I had to use the ladies room.

As I entered, I noticed a strong poop smell as someone flushed the toilet. It was the receptionist of the office I just visited. She smiled at me, and I said it was my turn as I went into a stall. I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and panties and sat. I peed for a bit, then I started to push out poop. The first two pieces were a little hard and required a little push. After I pushed out the second piece, I immediately followed it with a series of thick but soft pieces of poop, one right after the other. Soon I was done and wiped several times. I got up and saw a brown mass of poop at the bottom with several little pieces floating on the water. I flushed the toilet and saw a little residue on the bottom of the bowl.

I decided to go back to the office because I was given several notebooks during my visit. I also had to make another visit to the bathroom. After I dropped off my things at my office, I went to the ladies room. I sat and started to push out a series of long thick soft pieces of poop. This went on for several minutes, and I flushed the toilet twice while seated. Finally I was done and left behind a strong poop smell. I felt much better after that.

Kara M
Today I was eating lunch with some friends at school. My friend Tori and I needed to go to the bathroom so we went to the restroom. There was a girl who was pooping in there so we took the stalls to the right of hwr. We both only had to pee. I did my usual about 20 seconds of peeing and wiped myself and flushed. Tori was still peeing and it lasted for over 2 minutes! I've never peed that much before. I asked what that was about and she said she hadn't gotten a chance to pee yet that day.

Stacy B.: Welcome to the forum. See the last pages for our philosophy. I tried suppositories. I hated them. I prefer the natural way. Good food with fiber and water. I rarely used the school toilet for bowel movements until high school. Never until 7th and 8th. They were emergencies. I used to keep my pals company in the toilet. I'll tell you more later.

hi i know i don't post much but i was wondering if any of yall know any commercials where women have diarrhea in them. perhaps some from years ago? hope some reads this bye for now.

Traveling Guy
After seeeing RJOGGER's and DIANE's comments about running, I decided to add something I recently saw. First, though, I add my belated but sincere condolences and prayers, Diane, to those already expressed.

When I walk to work, which is often these days, my path usually takes me along the semi-wooded edge of a large university campus and by an athletic field that was used on a recent weekend as the starting and ending point for a cross-country track meet. On Monday morning, I noticed that a pair of porta-potties rented by the track event organizers, to handle the runners' and spectators' needs, was still there. I had to pee (morning coffee does that to me, especially when it's brisk outdoors), so I decided to take advantage. Wow! Inside the "hopper" was a huge pile of crap, much higher than you would expect to see after two days of only moderate use. After I finished peeing I checked out the adjacent porta-pot. Same thing. It reminded me of the words of a female who used to post here a lot - or was it you, Diane? - who said of running and pooping: "You either go before the race, or you go during the race."

Lizzy (college gal)
Hey fellow posters! I'm back at school now and things have quieted down a little since the back to school rush so I figured I'd make a post. Since I couldn't think of anything interesting enough for you all I thought I'd try something new. I kept a 5 day diary of my dumping habits. Think of it as a learning experience ^_^! Enjoy.

Mon. 10/15 (October 15th) 7:30 am

Woke up early to take my shower before everyone else as usual at 5:30 cause I can take a while in there. Didnít have to crap then, just peed while the water got warm. Then right before I had to leave for my 8 am class I finally got that urge in my ???? that says its time to take my morning dump. I sat on the pot and gave a nice hard grunt to get it started. It was an easy one, the hard turd slid right out of me with no more effort on my part. The poop was dark brown, knobby, and about 5 inches long, kind of fat too. Very clean dump, hardly any wiping needed. Felt good.

6:50 pm

Yep, I had to go in once again to drop some more friends off at the pool. Nothing too dramatic, right after dinner I had to pee and I knew I had a slight urge to poop, which I was ignoring because it was so small. When I sat on the throne to pee I strained really hard and let go of three little pooplets. Pop, pop, pop.

Tues. 10/16 8:40 am

My late class day, donít have to be there till 11 ^_^. Got up at 8:30 to get in the shower and had a slight urge to have a bowel movement. Went in the bathroom and sat down with only my t-shirt on and started pushing softly. I soon realized I had to go worse than I thought when I felt my ring fill with the start of a soft log. I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head as that smooth soft turd gave my anus a soft massage, but boy did it smell. After it fell into the water with a soft splash the tip came out not too much later. Looked between my legs at the little monster, it was dark brown with a greenish tint to it. It was actually smooth and soft on one side and hard and knobby on the other (not the way youíre thinking probably, the texture was different from top to bottom like chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream), weird huh? Another 5 incher. Pretty clean though.

Wed. 10/17 1:25 pm

God I just took the biggest dump. I have class from 7 am to 1 on Wednesdays and Iíve been holding it all day long. Came back to my room and made myself suffer a little longer as I put my clothes in the washing machine, when I came back up from the laundry room I swear I was undoing my shorts as I walked down the hall to my room I couldnít wait any longer. I rushed into the bathroom, pulled my shorts and panties down to my knees and sat down leaning way forward, my butt almost off of the seat. My log started with no effort seconds later. Plop, plop, floooomp. The hard tip fell out of me then the soft log of crap quickly ran past my anal opening with the most wonderful crackling sound. Yeah, I moaned a little. So what? Took me like 7 wads of paper to get clean and it smelled up the whole room though.

Thurs. 10/18

I didnít have to poop aaaallll day long. Sorry guys ^_^!

Fri. 10/19 8:45 am

Had another 7 am class today so I was out the door long before I could get the ďurgeĒ. Luckily the English teacher let us out of class early today because I was really starting to feel it about mid-period. I was feeling the cramps in my ???? and I was really gassy (I just hope no one could hear the air gurgling around in my stomach cause I was trying really hard to hold it in). As I walked back to my building you better believe I was letting all that gas go! Occasionally I could smell it; it was the kind where you can tell the person has to go bad just by the smell. When I got back to my room I was shocked that my roommate was there cause sheís usually gone at this time of day, must have sent a shock to my bowels cause I kind of lost the urge for a little while so I sat at my computer and surfed the net for a while. About 20 minutes later it was back at full force so I didnít hesitate to go to the toilet. After I pulled down my shorts and panties and sat down a har! d log started coming out within seconds. It was the kind where itís a bunch of hard nuggets stuck together so it was coming apart as it emerged and was making little plink, plink sounds. Soon though it was coming out all as one piece and it was actually stretching my hole so far it hurt just the tiniest bit. After I had finished dropping my 2 days worth of waste and peeing I stood up to wipe. All I could see was a pile of dark brown turdlets lying at the bottom of the bowl. It was pretty clean though no poop smears on the paper just a little greenish colored mucous. I had the most pleasant empty feeling deep in my ???? after it was all over though and it didnít even smell too bad.

P.S. My new roommate loves grape kool-aid so I end up drinking it also. It turns your poop green, just in case anyone wanted to know...

Stephen G.
Last Sunday we drove through Burger King and my girlfriend got a frozen black cherry drink. Well, on Monday when she was on the can having a shit (which she looks incredibly sexy doing) she said "come here i'm pooping green!!!" Sure enough, in the bowl were her bright green turds. Has anyone else had simiar experiences after eating or drinking things???

Hello everyone, I really like this forum, I've never seen so many poopers and peers! I am another female in school, I know I've seen several others my age post here. Since I spend most of my time in school I also relieve myself there quite often, I probably shit at school about 3-4 times per week and I ususally pee at the end of every class. I am 5'4", really thin with blonde hair and blue eyes. I had a bad experience with going to the bathroom last school year. Lucklily I dont go to that school anymore. I was in an afternoon class and had to poop really really bad. I asked the teacher If I could go to the girls room and she said no. It made me mad that someone told me I could'nt go. I told her that she had better let me go or she was going to have a pile of shit to clean up. Before I could stop myself from saying it, it was too late. She got this really pissed look on her face and gave me a referral to the principal. I knew I was in for it. On my way to the offic! e I stopped and took my dump even though I was told to go to the office without using the restroom, it was a good poop and took about 10 minutes, I figured my butt would need the relief. The asst. principal was not happy to see me since I was always in the office for tardies, (which were almost always due to me being in the bathroom!) She was very mad at "my use of the English language" and gave me two choices for punishment, either a month of Saturday detention or 6 pops. I was not happy with either choice but I wanted to get it over with so I chose the pops. I remember I was wearing shorts and asked If I could change into some jeans I had in my car. She said no, that I should have thought about that beforehand. I had to bend over and grab my ankles. Each pop was loud and hard, I thought my butt would explode before I got all 6. I guess I learned my lesson but I still don't think it is fair to not be able to go when you need to??!!??

Well, I'm finally comfortable with it...I called sam tonight while doing some homework, and when I was finished, I had to poop. I told her I had to go, and I was about to ask if it was ok if I kept talking to her, and she said "Ok, just go on with me on the phone, I don't mind" I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's already seen my on the toilet accidently anyway. We're finally getting back to what it was like before I told her about my interest. We weren't even this open before....right after I told her, she tried to be open about it, but I could tell it was I think it's just natural again. We can talk about anything now, again. Lol....anyway...that's the first time I've been using the bathroom while talking to someone on the phone...I don't know, I guess tonight just felt good, because I know that I would've locked up if I'd been talking to anyone else...but I knew she really didn't mind, so I could just let go. It's a great feeling..!, sorry for the corny moment. Anyway...c y'all later, I'll keep you updated on everything that happens, if anyone actually cares.

charlie :)

Fat Woman
Well, as promised, here is the continuation of my mom's monumental weekend dump. Sorry for the delay. I will copy and paste the original part of the story and then go on from there.

My mother who tips the scales at 300 lbs, is the same, and I remember many occasions spying on her thru the keyhole when I was growing up. I remember an occasion when I was around 17, so she was about 40 and just as heavy then. She had ensconced her majestic butt on the toilet for what I call her "weekend dumps." My dad had gone fishing and my sisters were out shopping. I think she liked to wait till everybody was gone because she likes her privacy. Unlike me she is embarrassed about her bowel habits, the grunting, her huge ass engulfing the seat. So she always picked discreet times to go, like late at night, where often I would be awakened by the straining sounds and muttering under her breath. that weekend, I guess she thought the coast was clear beacuse I was getting over the flu and! had been napping in my room. but the sound of her newspaper flapping her hand and her thundering footsteps awakened me and I knew immediately what was happening. I crept out of bed and dow! n the hall to the bathroomn door, which was firmly locked. I bent down and peered thru the keyhole to see my mother just in the process of seating herself. She grimaced as she placed both hands on her knees and sat down carefully with an "UMPH." her underwear was stretched taut around her ankles, and she held the paper across her lap. All was quiet as she read patiently, waiting for things to get moving. She farted gently a couple times, but that was it for abotu 3 min. Then she gasped softly, and threw the paper on the floor, where it fluttered loudly. Quickly she got into her "grunting position", huge thighs spread wide apart, hands firmly gripping her enormous buttcheeks. "MMMM!! UUGGH!"
I watched as the pockets of cellulite on her thighs and butt jiggled with her effort. "UHHH! MMMM! AHHHH!' She continued her straining for a good ten minutes before anything was produced. This was typical of my mother to be constipated, unlike myself. I heard a large log being expelled and then the creak of the seat as my mother sat back, panting heavily. Her huge belly heaved and she wiped her forehead with some toilet paper. After she had rested a while, she slowly placed her hands on her buttcheeks again and grunted cautiously, quietly. "Mmmm! Mmmm!" Soft breathy grunts that were almost more intense than the loud ones. "Mmmm...mmmm...." In the midst of this, the phone in the hall rang. My mother muttered to herself and attempted to rise, by grabbing onto the towel rack. but she was too exhausted and failed on her first try. Renewing her efforts, she grunted slightly and succeeded in getting to her feet. I dashed silently into the doorway of my room. After all, my mom th! ought I was asleep. Peeking around my doorframe, I watched as she gingerly exited the bathroom, hiking her dress up tp her belly so as not to soil it on her dirty butt. Her massive behind swayed majestically as she lumbered to the phone. "Hello?" she panted into the receiver. And wouldn't you know after all her exertions that it was a WRONG NUMBER? I stifled a giggle as my mom turned around and padded back to the bathroom. "At least let me finish the rest of my bowel movement in peace," she grumbled. My mom even in private always gave bodily functions their corret terms, never poo or caca, etc. She shut the door and I resumed my peeking post. She reseated herself on the throne, emitting a wincing grunt at the contact of the seat with her butt, for doubtless it was sore. Perhaps the exercise of going to the phone and back had got things moving, for I heard her utter in a strained voice: "!UUUGGHH!" She grunted and grunted as she rocked back and forth, h! er hands almost disappearing into her fat buttcheeks as she gripped them as hard as she could. "UUUNNNNNNN! OHH! UGGGHHHHH! OOOOPH!" Several tense minutes passed of this and I started worrying she would pass out from the strain. But no, at the climax her anus opened and out fell all that had caused her such trouble. After sitting there getting over her ordeal, she wiped herself, grunting in pain at her tender ass. I couldn't believe my ears she muttered to herself "Hmmph! Still not finished! I'll to try to finish tonight!" That's right, my mother would often have what I call "installment poops" where she would deposit one massive dump at different intervals. My mother had (and still does) such an enormous appetite that basically her body is full of poo all the time and consequently she ALWAYS has to go. Due to embarrassment about this, and the amount of time she spends on the toilet, she saves the rest for later, hoping that no one will suspect how much she actually poops. But! from an early age I have figured her out. This weekend was no different. That evening I was feeling better and was watching TV with my mom while eating soup on a tray. Suddenly my mother excused herself and grabbed the newspaper. I decided one peep a day was enough, so I didn't eavesdrop. But I was surprised when I glanced at the clock and saw how much time had passed. She had been ther for over an hour! And earlier that day, her session had lastedf 30 min.! I decided to check on her so I crept softly to the bathroom door. I heard the muffled grunting echoing from within. "Mom? Are you ok?" I had surprised her mid-grunt. "MMM-Fine!" she said, her voice filled with strain. "I'll be soon as...pant pant, Uggh!....I can!" I hesitated, then decided to open the door, peeking my head around. "Are you sure?" Shamelessly I watched her jiggling butt and thighs, her dumpy legs spread wide. My bold action and invasion of privacy visibly angered my mother. Her face darken! ed with fury and strain. "Young lady!...UUUMPH!!!...How dare you!...MMMM!!...Close the door and leave me....UGGGH! have a bowel movement...(now she was REALLY straining)...IN ....PRIVATE....UGHHHH!!!" I slammed the door and so only heard that last grunt instead of seeing it. But maybe I'd seen enough that day.

STEVE -I liked the story about u poopin ur pants cuz ur bro. wouldn't get out of the shower and the one were u were 13 at the huanted house and pooped ur pants when that guy grabbed u!!!

Aboy -how come u haven't posted in a while???

I had another accident today it was the most imbarresing one so far. I was on the bus comein home from the mall with a frind of mine Justin he's 13. It was about 5 minutes into the trip when i got a bad need to poop I told my friend that i really had to poop and it came on all of a sudden. he's say's to me so u got a turtle head pokeing out and he starts cracking up and makeing farting and pooping noises with his mouth, witch he said loud enough for the 5 kid's at the back of the bus too hear ,they were about 14 or 15 and were luaghin. me and my friend were standin because there were no seat's left on the bus.I say to my friend that my stomach hurts cuz i have to go so bad and he say try to fart to releave some pressure, So i push alittle I fart and Next thing i know poop starts pushin into my briefs 1 big solid log then 2 more.One of the 5 kid's says hey look that kid's poopin in his pants i can see a bulgde forming. everyone starts crackin up including my friend. it was! kind stinky as the hole bus was lookin at me i thought i was gonna die i wa soo imbaresed.
Me and my friend got off the bus at our stop and started walkin to my house my mom was out and we were gonna play some video games. well it's about a 15 min walk to my house when i hear Justin fart he stop's walking then loud crackling sounds then he starts walkin again i ask if he pooped his pants he said he did and was still pooping i could see a big buldge in the back of his jeans. I told him it was ok and that i'd give him a pair off my brief's to wear after we cleaned up. we walk by a beanch and he dared me to sit and squish it so i did and he did so too, we both started laughin both walked back to my house with load's in our pants. When we got home we pulled down our jeans and show eachother ur undies both were heavily skidded and buldging with solid poop

Ring Stretcher
Aloha Everyone!

Haven't had a movement so far today but hopefully I can blast a big one out soon!

I noticed whenever I urinate standing up (if I'm wet from the shower or pool) I see several columns of piss, lik about 5! Why would that be?

Also, could the reason some people struggle so much to poop be because their poop weighs alot and their muscle have to work hard to move a heavy weight? I hear some people really grunting hard in restrooms but if they don't flush and I happen to see it and it doesn't look large or wide, maybe it's heavy. Wouldn't birthing a 9 LB baby be harder than a 7 pounder?

Adrian - I'm a pretty disorganized person and I'm often in too much of a hurry to go to the loo before I leave the house or work or whatever. I quite often end up having to relieve myself outside though not usually quite as openly as in the supermarket car park on that occasion. I've been caught in the act quite a few times though.

I remember when I was in 5th grade and I had an accident in my pants. We were at recess and I had to poop but I just kept playing. By the time recess was over I had to so bad I had to sit down and hold it but it didn't work and I filled my pants with shit. I tried to clean it out the best I could but it wasn't good enough. I went to my class and the teacher was like "whats that smell" and I knew it was me and everyone figured it out and the teacher told me to leave the class and everyone laughed. It was a bad experience.

College Guy: You mustn't be embarrassed thet your g/f heard you in the bathroom while you had diarrhea. It's absolutely certain that she's had diarrhea at some time and will understand how horrible it is. I bet, if she heard you, she was concerned for you when she saw you come out of the bathroom. Had you said something like "thew, that was bad. I must have eaten/drunk something bad", she would probably have been very loving and there would be no embarrassment.

Some camp memories

My grandson's return from two weeks away at summer camp earlier this year prompts me to write this; a memory of my childhood.

It was summer; I was thirteen...and I was on my eigth day of a two week stay at a sleep-over camp run by my town's youth club. As was typical for me through my pre-teen and teen-age years; I was always movements usually being very hard; very large...and very difficult for me to push out. As such; my intestines were probably carrying a full load when I arrived at camp...very poorly prepared for the two weeks to follow.

You can find me enduring my typical "after lunch" stomache ache. I was miserable; not having had a BM since I'd gotten there; 8 days ago.

I was leaning my belly against a railing; day-dreaming as I felt something mighty large edging it's way toward my anus. I wasn't pushing...and I wasn't holding back...I was just allowing the thing to move on it's own.

Right then; my dreaming was interrupted by a man's voice; "must be mighty uncomfortable; eh?" I looked over to see Benny; a camp leader, and the father of my best friend Josh.

"Huh"? I asked...

"No shit for a week...must be mighty uncofortable for you"...he said as he walked over to me.

Benny was a great guy...his son Josh and I were in-seperable friends...and I enjoyed the attention he always paid to me. This time...I hadn't a clue; however; as to how he knew...or why he chose to bring it up.

Before I could answer...or perhaps to dispute the accuracy of his dead-on accurate statement...he added "your belly looks like a football". I glanced down; all of a sudden that cotton tie on my swimsuit seemed uncomfortably snug. I mumbled something about the bathrooms being way too smelly and dirty for me...but that I'd get to going soon.

Benny knelt down in front of me...un-tied the bowstring on my suit...and pulled it down just a bit in the front; allowing my belly to expand. While talking to me...his eyes were on mine...but his fingers kept poking prodding and probing my distended belly.

Satisfied with what he was able to feel inside of me ...he gave me a swat on my ass and led me up the hill to the Leaders cabin. "Go in there and grab yourself some privacy"..... "get it taken care of...I'll keep anyone from walking in on you"; he said as he took a "Commander" position on one of the chairs on the porch.

"Um...OK"; I mumbled...feeling pain from my colon as I walked up the steps. I found the bathroom; pulled my trunks down over my ankles...and sat on the clean but cold seat. I sat there for what seemed a long long time. I had pulled my turd back up when Benny walked up...and I almost thought I'd lost the urge. But; sure enough...again I felt the nasty stuff moving down again. If my colon could talk; I bet it would have screamed... "Jay...PLEASE PLEASE open your back door so I can get this monster out...PLEASE PLEASE don't try to stuff any more food in here!" I'd done a good job of keeping my "back door" closed for a long long time.

I'd been in this situation many times I knew what I was facing and what I needed to do. But; I was to find that I was much worse than I'd ever been before...My colon had stretched so far that my log seemed impossible to push through. I kept pushing...just a bit at a time...until it finally got to the point of no return...I couldn't pull it I had to bite the bullet and get the thing out.

I waited a few more minutes...and then bore down and pushed harder. The pain became nearly unbearable...the turd was getting even wider still; it was agonizing for me. I was sure I was going to injure myself.

But; finally...the thing slid out and landed in the toilet with a dull thud and a splash that soaked my sore butt-hole. I was wimpering with pain that very slowly started to subside.

I finally stood up and looked into the bowl. I'd never done anything that big before. It was streaked with a bit of bright red blood...and looked like hundreds of marble sized peices sort of stuck together.

I was embarassed that Benny would come in and see I tried to flush. I knew it would never flush down; but I yanked the handle anyway. Nothing. No flush; no noise; no clogged toilet. It seemed like the handle was just not connected to anything. I tried again...Nothing.

I wiped my ass; (when shit is that hard...there's no need to wipe...:)..pulled up my trunks and went outside. Benny was still sitting on the chair. "You do OK" ? I said " it out...but I couldn't flush".

"Hehehe...that big; eh" was Benny's reply...obviously thinking that I meant that I tried to flush...but couldn't get the thing down.

Before I could explain; Benny called me over and had me sit down at the table. He made me drink three full glasses of "mountain water", as he called it. He stayed with me until I had downed all three. He gently explained to me that because of how long it had been since I'd gone...that there was still a lot more still inside of me in my upper intestines...and used the display of my still-distended belly as evidence. He instructed me that under no circumstances was I to avoid sitting on the toilet (smelly or not) if I felt another urge to go. "You want to he want to feel good"; he said quietly and authoritatively...all the while looking into my eyes. He predicted (accurately as you will see) that even though I had just done the biggest shit of my short life...that I would need to go again soon.

Well; "soon" came next morning after breakfast. I was walking back from the mess hall...when my colon announced it's fresh cargo. Fortunately my bunk-mates were not around...and I found the toilets un-occupied. I sat down...pushed a little...and was amazed at what was happening. My turd was formed enough to feel great coming through...but soft enough to come out easily. I stood up to see a cool "coiler turd"...wrapped around the bowl. It was huge and long...and I needed to wipe a lot to get cleaned up.

I left in a hurry to catch up with everyone else at the lake...we had a swimming competition at 11:00 AM. I ended up tying with Josh in the enduro swim...and we both got our picture taken on the dock as we emerged from the swim.

Josh and I did an over the shoulder arm-interlock ...our fav pose for pics...I held my belly in...and in the pic both Josh's and my belly looked flat as can be... It was a great shot...also showing off our little "packages" visible through the wet-clinging swimsuits. I got a copy to give to my Mom when I got home...and I have it here in front of me as I write this.

I should also take this opportunity to thank Ben for being the father that I never had. When he spoke to me...he always looked me in the eye...and it was episodes like this one (there were hundreds) where I could feel his love for me.

I wasn't the only constipated kid at camp...wanna share your story?

Stay Happy and Healthy..Jay

Hey,all-nice pic on the masthead of a blonde woman looking in the bowl at her business which looked like a pretty good poop!Benn enjoying some really good stuff on here lately-
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-nice story about you in japan with your friend Keiko,you lucky guy,you!Wish I could see a pretty oriental girl poop sometime BTW I had to laugh when I read about you doing your morning poop cause I too had Lasagna last nite for dinner and i let it out this a.m. at the gym and yes it was one of those whereI just sat on the bowl and I had to go pretty good cause I worked out and let it build up and then trotted downstairs to the stalls which were moderately busy with 3 guys unloading some loose loads and I took a stall and got undressed and sat down with a long hissing fart as i was sitting and as soon as I was seated with no pushing,a long firm turd started slowly out my very domed anus and I wanted to push but I didn't and just let gravity do the work and just as the turd was touching the water line it sped up and what followed it was a lot of soft stuff plop,plp,plop,ploping into the bowl pretty quick.I really enjoy the kind of dump where it starts out ! real firm and when it gets softer and explodes in the bowl it feels soo relieving.Anyway I looked in the bowl and saw 1 long turd and it was connected directly to a bunch of soft stuff and a small pile of pudding-yes i ate a lot of the lasagna and I guess this was the result and as I'm sitting there another guy came into the next stall and did what sounded like the same kindo of dump I just did only he let out a terrificly loud fart followed by a moan and some grunting and a good load-I notice her at the gym a lot of guys are pretty audible with a lot of moaning and grunting as they poo,i myself try to keep it down although sometimes i do it softly-somehow I feel a bit embarrased to do it her at the gym-at home I do it pretty loudly ,but not in public,but thses other guys sometimes really let it out pretty good and they don't seem to care who hears it anong with all the farts and poop noises too!.Then as i'm sitting there another cramp hit me as this guy in the next stall is ! doing some more pooing and I let it fly with another round of soft stuff and again it started out slow and sped up to end in a semi-liquid explosion that hit the back of the bowl and ending with a long wet fart followed by some squgglies and a long bit of mucus that hung out my anus and I finally had to wipe it off and clean up-it was a messy wipe too,but I pooed the total gamut this morning i'll tell you-all kinds of poo was in the bowl and boy it was one of those really good feeling poops to unload here at the gym too!Lasagne makes me really poop too,GRUNTLY,I was glad to see I wasn't alone with my Lasagna poop.Then I had to shower right away and headed home-That was fun!Good stuff,all BYE

Hello to all,

To Kim and Scott: That girl in high school was a cheerleader. We weren't close friends, but she was very sexy. She'd make lots of what I call "ucky" sounds like farting and those spitting sounds a poop makes coming out. She was one of those who was very cute and always stunk the worst. Her name was Sandra and almost never flushed a toilet. Her turds were quite massive, much like the ones I picture coming from that lovely butt of yours. I remember her because she reminds me of your own descriptions. Honey, you'd like the new girl Angie. Now she's somebody that reminds me of you too.

RJOGGER and Kathy: Rick, dude you're alright. You must be in really good shape. I used to run a lot too, and lift weights. I'm also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Too bad I wasn't around when that asshole punched Malita in the face for not giving him an enema. I wouldn't be afraid to take him on at all! Hon, you are so cool, and we just love you and Kathy in this house! Anyway, I just think that since you're in such good shape, maybe that's why you're capable of doing such big monster dumps out there in the woods.
Kathy: Honey, I think you are sooooo cute! Whenever you write, I always read it twice. You've written enough things to keep you in my dreams girl!

Okay, Renee's super doodie from her cutie booty! First of all, Renee's booty is as fine as flowers in the springtime! So, she had to go poopie awful bad and says "Hon, I want you with me cause it's gonna be a big one." so I followed her in the bathroom. I helped her on to the toilet because my baby girl's getting all big in the ????! Carmalita had fixed her some specialty food before she left, and put it in the fridge. I make jokes about Carmalita's Mexican food, but in reality, it's awesome!!! She learned how to cook from her mother who used to cook in a Mexican restaurant. The only reason it hits me hard is becuase I eat so damn much of it! So, on the potty, Renee pees super hard, then grunts, adn two giant turds fell out of her. They were so big and smelled pretty strong too. When she got up she left two elepant turds in the bowl. It was so cool.
See yall later!

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