Andrew has been showing me his growing collection of ladies on the toilet. It only amounts to four !! And he hasn't let me see three of the films because there is either too much sex, or they are so gruesome I would probably have nightmares !

So, Eyes Wide Shut. Nicole Kidman. She is wearing a lovely long dress which is split up one side. When you see her on the toilet, she has the dress bunched up on one side of her, and you can see her lovely long legs with her panties about half way down them. No toilet noises, but she stands to wipe ( obviously only a wee ). I can't believe her husband doesn't look when he walks in, even when she asks him if she looks alright !!

From Dusk til Dawn. Juliette Lewis helps to hide away two robbers who are hiding in the bathroom with her, behind the shower curtain. When some border patrol policemen come onto the caravan, they make her open the bathroom door. Then the policeman pulls it wide open revealing her sitting on the toilet ! The first shot is a close up. She has her shirt pulled around her and her hands clasped together on top of her legs. You can see her frilly cotton panties high up her legs to make it obvious that she is sitting on the toilet. However, when the movie goes back to the policeman, who stares, and then begins to look her up and down, the next scene, you get a bigger picture and can see her jeans pulled down just revealing her knees, and her frilly panties are further down her legs than before. So I think the close up and the longer shot were obviously done at seperate times ! Again there are no noises, but then there wouldn't be, because she is only pretending to be on the to! ilet to save the robbers ! It's a really funny scene as she tells the policeman off for looking at her saying " Do you mind ! Shut the F****** door, please" ! The policeman says "Excuse me" with a wicked smirk on his face, and then proceeds to pull the door closed again, but very slowly, so he can keep looking her up and down all the time. You see a last glimpse of her on the toilet as the door is being shut. Then while she is still sitting on the toilet, there is an upper body side shot of her as she looks at one of the robbers, who raises his eyebrows and pulls a face which is one of total approval at what she has just done to save him. Or perhaps he is really enjoying the view as well !!

Lolita: There is one little scene ( again the only thing that Andrew has let me see ! ) where Lolita is cleaning her teeth with the bathroom door wide open where Humbert can see everything from his room. You hear her spit out the toothpaste. And then you see his calm, staring face, while in the background you can hear a wonderful hiss of her weeing, followed by a sprinkly tinkling as the pressure subsides. Then the camara goes to the bathroom, but all you can see is the end of one of her knees as she sits on the toilet, and some of her dress she is wearing. You can see and hear her pulling off a very long length of toilet paper, and then scrunching it up ready to wipe herself, but you don't see anything else after that. You know she is on the toilet because you can hear the lovely wee sounds. I think it would have been better still if you could have seen her panties on the end of her knee. With the bit of dress you can see above her knee, she could have been just sitting! anywhere, still dressed !!

Lawn Dogs: The film I have seen all of ! Devon, the little girl, climbs onto her Dad's jeep. Then from inside the jeep, you see her legs drop down in front of the windscreen, and then her hands appear pulling down her panties right down to her ankles. Then you get a side view of her sitting on the edge of the roof positioning herself and then concentrating hard. You find out what she is concentrating over when you then get a front view looking down at the screen between her lower legs and you see this stream of wee flooding down the glass. I bet she got her panties wet, just like I did when I did the same thing myself, but on my Uncle's car !!!

I just thought seeing as there are quite a lot of people writing about toilet scenes, I would just add the ones I have seen myself, with a good description so people can judge whether it is worth their while to go out and rent the films, or buy them even. Andrew's lucky. He's got all his copies off the tele !!

Because Andrew is now waiting to do his homework, I had better go. So just time to send lots of hugs and kisses to Uncle Rizzo, Aunty PV, Robby & Annie and my dear Linda GS.

PS Lots of hugs and kisses too for Ellie and Little Lou. I'm so sad that you have gone away again.

PPS: I shouldn't forget Mr Plunging Plop Guy either. I bet you enjoyed reading about Charlotte's very big plopping !!!!

kim and scott
TO RICH AND KATHY-hello. thanks for liking our latest post. scott and I loved your latest too about kathys huge log! keep the great posts coming.
TO LOGGER-hello. nice to hear from you again. thanks for liking our posts.and yes I love to crank out my monster logs especially when I am sitting on my boyfriend scotts lap. ohhh what fun that is!! be well.
TO ROBBY AND ANNIE-hello. thanks for liking our post. I heard you have visited new jersey? thats where scott and I live!

TO DIANE-hello diane. scott and I are sooo sorry about you terrible family loss again and I am sorry I said melissas name was michelle. I knew it was something like that. may good be always with you!plus my mustang is doing fine.Its a lot like you! a sexy hardbody! be well diane I know that you will pull through! love kim and scott.
TO PATSY-hello there. I asked you this before but that pretty blond girl that you knew in school that passed those monster logs that I reminded you of. 1. did she enjoy having huge logs? 2. did she love showing off her logs to you,her boyfriend and other friends? 3.was she popular in school and where you friends with her? just curious!be well
TO RENEE-how are you girl?. how is your baby coming along! scott and I know that you will make a great mommy! be well.
TO JEFF A.-hello jeff. we miss you on this site. please post again soon telling us that you are ok. we all need to know.well so long all. more stories later!

DIANE - You are welcome. If I lost my Steve in anything like that I
bet I would go crazy. It is like Steve said, you are really strong
for writing like that and we are happy you are still here with us.
Love Louise xx

ROBBY - Hi guy! Steve wipes my bum for me as well when I've had a shit.
He likes it. Oh and guess what, if I get the chance to at night before
we go to bed and we have our wee together, I wipe his dick for him.
Well I think it is good for him, isn't it? I bet most of guys just
like, shake it, and think that's it, it is dry?
LOL I am thinking about standing next to Annie like Steve said,
weeing and singing Rule Britannia! Hehe.
Love Louise xx

JULIE - Hahahahaha yeah I did a stupid rthing like that with some
tights once. I just hate ladders. Once I replaced my tights in
an afternoon and I do not know what happened to the old pair at work.
I think maybe a guy in the office kept them as a souvenir or something
but nobody said anything about it!
Haha Steve was blushing after first seeing my mum having her standing
wee. He was like really nervy when he went for a wee himself because
he thought maybe she would walk in on him. Hahahahaha. Then another
night when he had been showering and had nothing on she came to say
hello to him when he was having a wee and she surprised him. My mum
liked winding him up like that, it was funny.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! Well I think what was really nice about Spain was
that we were just like, really relaxed and we did not have to rush
about anywhere and we could just take it easy. It was just nice and
peaceful. When we wanted to pee we could just do it in the sea or on
the beach and it was different this time because my mum was with us.
It was funny watching Steve pick my mum up once so she could have a
wee like that. Steve said in his letter tonight that my mum held his
dick twice when he had a pee. I forgot about that, she did do it when
not many people were about, and she liked using him to wet the side
of a tree. I wish I had a picture of that!
With my mum being about, we could not do some things as much as we did
the other years, but sometimes we did when she left us alone for a bit
on the beach because she was really good about not wanting to spoil
our holiday by getting in the way. Well we would have been all right
anyway but she wanted it like that.

PV - Hi! Did you like my story about us running and weeing? Have you
weed in any nice urinals lately? I wish I could go places and like,
raid some men's toilets but there have been a lot more attacks where
we live and really I do not feel too safe on my own, I need Steve to
be with me for adventures. He is working a lot just now and I can not
really ask him to go out as well because he is very tired when he comes
home. Then he has his classes to take too. Last week I went out with
some girlfriends, with Steve and his best friend to look out for us
but not being too near just so we could talk without them hearing.
I was sure I would not need a wee when outside in an alley or somewhere
because I would not want to embarrass him, and like it is now I do not
feel too safe weeing outside if I am not with him.



To Patsy,
Hi there! Thanks for the compliments - Louise is indeed gorgeous, as I'm sure you are yourself.
Sure, give the pee measurement a try. You might find you like it. My fiancee needs the competition from other girls - soon she will have recovered sufficiently to resume her netball activities, and no doubt she will take the 'distance' championship from her mother.
If you do have more pee stories to tell, yes please, I would really like to hear them.
Take care now.

To Diane - New York,
Yes, it is indeed mind-boggling. Some people attach little or no value to life, and putting aside everything else, there can be no excuse for a _deliberate_ massacre of innocent non-combatants.
As I have already said, there are times I wish I could spend a little time 'entertaining' the people who ordered it to happen. It wouldn't bring anyone back - nothing can, and that is so tragic, but I do feel some justice is owed to the victims.
Best wishes from me, and also on behalf of Louise.

Your request for the buddy wee/dump story is noted and put in my pending tray. I take it you mean the one also involving Louise's two closest friends at our house? Yes, I think several people are waiting for that one, but I want to be sure I have enough time available to write it up to a standard I personally feel is acceptable to me. I don't want to omit any descriptive detail, you understand. I'm sure you will find it entertaining when it does appear, which will hopefully be at the weekend, but as I say, no promises.
Ha ha, I can just imagine Louise and Annie standing together singing and pissing together. Definitely in the top division of the WSPC. What a mental image that is. I like it!

To Julie,
Yes, you are right, it was embarrassing to walk in on Louise's mother at the time. Let's put it this way, you are not supposed to be confronted with the sight of your girlfriend's bare bottom and legs spread wide, a torrent of urine blasting into the toilet bowl, are you? She looked around at me but obviously didn't mind, and I thought she might walk in on me later that evening, as she is quite the joker as you may gather from her running/weeing idea on the beach in Spain. It wouldn't bother me now, of course, as I saw her urinating so many times in Spain that I lost count. She watched me as well, and she even aimed my penis for me on a couple of occasions, so there's no problem with shyness or embarrassment any more.
Ha ha, I'm sure the parcel that had arrived for you greatly appreciated you avoiding being distracted with a full bladder by having a wee first.
Was it a male client you met? If so, I'm sure he must have appreciated your bare legs. I'd say it's likely you have legs lovely enough to pull that off. Hmm, let me dwell on that short blue skirt with white knickers and bare legs for a moment.... nice.
I must remember to dig out some of those old stories of sightings for you.
Take care, and be good. Remember I'm there to guard you in the toilet, and to provide further assistance where required. ;)

To PV,
Hello, sweetheart.
Talking about ladies measuring urine flow rate with Patsy earlier, have you ever measured yours in the way I've described? Asking about urine flow rate would probably not make it as a chat-up line if I were approaching you that way, would it? Not really the sort of thing you can ask someone you don't know, but I can't help but be curious enough to ask some of the ladies I frequently converse with on the site.
There hasn't been a great deal of new slants on weeing to tell you about of late, but please be sure to read the forthcoming account of what happened when Louise's mother, her sister, and her friends Jackie and Emma invaded the house. I have a feeling you will enjoy it!

Now over to Louise...

Bye for now,


Hi all!
ROBBIE & ANNIE: Thanks for saying you like my posts - always nice to be appreciated. I have been reading some of your posts too!

ALTHEA: Hi there! I was amused to hear about your wearing slips due to having been bought up that way. I was the same and always wore a slip under my skirt until I was about 18. I often still wear them especially if the skirt is unlined. My Mum, never goes without a slip. I know its a bit off topic, but just caught my attention. Keep the posts coming!

STEVE: Girls like me?? What is that supposed to mean my dear? My Mother warned me against Guys like you who are generally only after one thing and it usually involves a girls knickers. If I may be permitted a brief digresion (my post is to follow below) yesterday is a casing point. When I snagged my tights after my wee, as my skirt was really short, I had guys eyeing up my legs for the rest of the day. It was just like being back at school. Everytime I sat down or crossed my legs there was some guy nearby trying to sneak a look up my skirt. What is it with guys doing that? Anyway enough digression...

Today I am better attired and have a pair of thicker navy tights and black knickers under my slightly longer navy skirt. No shows today! However, I have to admit I hate wearing tights, if only because they are very tedious when I go to the toilet. I've been out all day and just got into the office and the first thing I did was go for a wee. I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and then carefully pulled down my tights and knickers to my knees and sat. I hadn't been all day so I wee'd for about 30 seconds or more. When I eventually stopped I wiped my pussy and pulled my knickers up and then carefully pulled up my tights. Once they were up and still in one piece I lowered my skirt and flushed before going up to my desk to write to you all!

Love Julie.x

Hello Toileteers!

I have managed to download and read some of the posts in the evenings and have now some answers accumulated on a floppy disk.
My special thanks to all who have wished my wife well.

Dear DIANE from NewYork, I was shocked to read about the most difficult times you are going through after having lost your family. Please accept my most sincere condolences.
I think that you are wise to keep some company in your too large house. Visit us here from time to time to fight depressive thoughts. I, for one, always like your stories. Take care and love from Rizzo.

To KYOSUKE! That was a most wonderful story of yours! Absolutely super how you describe poor Misa’s multiple diarrhetic discharges! I still remember your other story about how your sweet wife Chun tried so hard to keep her dignity although she suffered from an upset stomach. I hope that she will let you help her on the toilet one day. And of course I am looking forward to another of your fabulous contributions here!

LUCY, great pee desperation story of yours on the train! Especially the end, when you were so close to relief and your bladder released a good lengthy squirt, and then how you handled the situation! I hope to read more from you!

KIM and SCOTT, I have been reading about a fabulous buddy dump by you and Scott, but I have to find it yet. Your question why I travel so much. Answer: it has to do with the family. We consider ourselves Europeans not bound to any country here. Our sons moved, so we helped them transport their stuff, set up their new apartments etc. This all happened across borders. Then I combine such trips with business visits, I am agent to various suppliers of machinery. This year involved more travel than usual, and because we took our dog with us, we used the car. And last but not least, I gather material for stories here :-)

TIM, that was quite a story about your friend Debbie! Thanks a lot! I enjoyed it very much, especially Debbie’s departing comment in the form a little cheeky fart! Any more Debbie stories?

RJOGGER and Kathy, reading your jogging reports makes me wonder if I shouldn’t try this sport too. Of course I would do it for the sightings, hehehe! No, joke aside, my wife is not for jogging, never was, and I would only do something we could do together. Like sailing. But she has taken up cycling with a group of women about her age. They may let me join some day, and I believe that such activity would provide “material” for stories here!! I’ll have to get a bike with a seat that is not agony to sit on. Anyway, great stories of yours!! And you keep them coming too! Cheers to you and Kathy from Rizzo!

LAWN DOGS KID, hadn’t heard from you for a while, and I was wondering if sixth form work is becoming more time consuming. It is always a treat to read your accounts about those outrageous toilet escapades of yours! Charlotte sure does fit in! I still grin to myself when I review your wild Bathroom-Saturday-Morning with Kendal’s friends. And soon Kendal will be sporting those blue (now I won’t repeat the name of that bike every time) panties to flash them at you! Keep up the fun stories, love from Rizzo. And give Kendal a big hug from me, even if it turns out to be a smoothie! Almost as smooth as Thomas’s bum, although I doubt he would enjoy being held upside down for a test!

PETE, interesting remarks about toilets world wide. If that book does appear on the shelves one day, will you let me/us know? And about military latrines, I quite agree with you, that they can be fun to use, as I once wrote in an old post of mine.

JUMPZ, Jusr read our posts. Do you still think you are a pervert? I certainly do not! There are many here who think and feel and are fascinated by the same things as you are. I enjoyed reading about your loo encounters! Please keep posting!

My wife is feeling better. She was examined and the doctor found that her pain in the abdomen came from two lumps of compacted fecal matter in the colon! It is not quite clear yet what originated the fever. Possibly a kidney infection because of a pain there and some vestiges of blood in her urine. No more cystitis. No bacteria. The antibiotic had knocked those out. Now my wife doesn’t have a bm every day, but usually every other day, and she had found things normal. Even so, a hidden type of constipation had done the damage. So an enema was prescribed. I offered to stay home and help, but my wife said she would be OK. She managed quite well; said that a string of hard lumps were ejected. Now she is supposed to take lactose twice daily to keep things moving. And move they did. Yesterday evening during the news on TV she rushed to the loo, didn’t even bother to close the door. A sound like heavy canvas being rent asunder echoed down the corridor. That was just a preliminar! y fart. A second blast followed and then a third, which changed its sound to that of splattering liquid followed by a moan. Then silence, the sound of wiping, a rush of water and she was back. I could clearly hear her ???? gurgling when she lowered herself on to the sofa, and soon she was off to the loo again for an identical performance as before. After four or five such trots to the loo, things in her ???? quietened down a bit. She had already been contemplating wearing disposable diapers for the night! Well she managed to do without.

So, bye-bye, and peaceful toilet sessions to all from Rizzo.

STEVE & LOUISE -- Always such a pleasure to hear from you with the magnificent goings-on (and comings-off!) in England! What's this about weeing while running? Have I missed a post somewhere??? I've managed to wee while walking, but running is something else again!

DIANE NY -- You know, I am still as stunned and saddened to know of Maranello's loss as I was when Melissa died. There is no justice, no honor, no sense or reality in this terrible thing, and I feel that very wonderful people have been robbed from the world by lunatic circumstances. These are women I have corresponded with, laughed with and sympathized with, and now ... they're gone. And so many, many more. You're so strong, I admire you're ability to cope so much. To lose so many is beyond terrible. Please accept my heart-felt hugs from across the world.

I feel I must add my thoughts to other concerned folk who have said that to train your bowels and bladder to go so very long between relief is far from healthy. Yes, it's possible, but surely there are alternatives? The world is designed for people to urinate several times per day, even if they don't necessarily defaecate as well -- there must be a toilet somewhere you could use, despite being incredibly busy...?

JULIE -- I really smiled at your post about snagging your tights in the loo and ending up removing them. I love to wear midi-length skirts, and it's a nuisance when the ol' tights give up the ghost, especially if they're new. And to find you were hurrying for no reason -- frustration!!! Try stay-ups, stockings without need of suspenders. They're great for a hovering wee or a stand-up front-shoot type. Just adjust your panties and go, then snap them back into place, smooth your skirt and you're off.

I've had some unusual motions lately -- one that started off rather constipated with a thickish wedge of about 11", but which soon after softened up and became a slurry... I pooped for what seemed ages, and before I was anywhere near done I found to my amazement the pile of soft turds was actually standing 2" out of the water! I kept dropping more for a while, and despite it disolving into the water the pile never did submerge. The smell was pretty ripe, Our beloved Senora Malita would have enjoyed it!

I went for a walk today and was bursting for a wee when I got back -- I had two huge wees less than thirty minutes apart without even taking a drink...



Robby(and Annie)
Hi Friends,
I am at this computer everyday. Writing is part of my job. If you get tired of me just say so. I got a call from Annie. She has arrived in the UK and is tired. She will start getting her business done tomorrow. Her kids are thrilled to see her. This is the story for today. Annie had been married to Alan for about a year. I was in England singing again. I stayed with them for a few days. The loo was in the back and had a small window. Annie had put a drape over it. One morning, just like clock work, both of us had to use the loo. Alan was in the bedroom getting ready for work. Annie motioned me to come along. BTW, Alan knew by now about our loo escapades. Annie hiked up her night dress and sat down. She weed a bunch then got red in the face. A fart that would have torn down the house came out of her arse. It was the loudest thing. She told me to rub her ????. While I was helping her she looked up at the window and smiled. I turned around and there was Alan peeking in the ! window at his wife on the bowl and his cousin by marriage sitting there looking stupid and rubbing his wife's ????. She bent over, strained and dropped horse log. It was humongeous. It had to be 15". She laughed and waved to Alan and I called out for him to come in. He turned beet red and fled the window. Annie and I started to hoot. She was laughing so hard she pushed out 2 more logs and farted; BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I had to push the door open to let some of the smell escape. She wiped and I got on the bowl. I strained. Annie started rubbing my ???? and kissed me on the forehead. At that time Alan stuck his head around the corner and saw us. He just blushed and said;"O MY GOD"!! and ran off. Annie started screaming with laughter and I did, too. She started weeing on the floor and because my willie wasn't in the bowl I weed on the bowl, the floor, and on Annie. We couldn't help it. The expression on his face was priceless. The disgust!! I couldn't poo so I got up and w! ith our night clothes soaked with pee, we stumbled out into the hall and fell to the floor laughing. We eventually showered and got clean clothes on. For days afterwards Alan would blush when any of us had to go to the loo. I guess the poor man wondered what he had gotten himself into. Well, finally he came around and he and Annie had a marvelous marriage and numerous loo bonding experiences. I still laugh when I think about this experience.

ERIN: I am so sorry you are still having problems with your loo shyness. I am glad that you finally had a good poo. You might get some advice about your constipation problem. Also, the fact that your family bothers you when you are on the pot makes you even more nervous and hesitant. I hope you can talk with someone about this. There are friends on this forum that probably could help you. I'm sorry that I can't be more help. I will ask Annie about this. She will be back, soon
Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie.

JANE: What a story. I can see why Gary got excited! This happened many times with Susan and I. I hope it will be a regular experience with you and Gary!! Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie.

TTT: I really enjoyed your story. Keep it up.

RICH AND KATHY: That was a story, Kathy! Annie will have to tell you stories of when she would clog the bowl. I wasn't privy to many of these. A lot of them happened when she was at work. My wife Susan used to loo bond with her girlfriends and then come home and regale me with the escapades. I always got excited and then there was the bedroom for us, too! Take care, you two!! Cheers from Robby and Annie.

DIANE-NY: Annie sends her love and support. We both are here for you. I am glad you liked our story. We have had some wild experiences. I can empathize with you about your bathroom problems. I lived many years in New York City and rode the subway and trains everyday. I know how careful you need to be in those cars. I tried to go before I left.
You know, it is something that you can meet someone in the loo and then have lunch with them. I think that is wonderful. I have always said that the "bad" reputation of New Yorkers is a MYTH. Take care, my dear! Cheers and love from Robby and Annie!

ANDREW AND KENDAL: Hello my friend! Good to hear from you again. Yes, Annie will be back, soon. She did give me permission to speak to you myself, LOL!! I KNOW Kendal will have some marvelous experiences to share when she returns from Charlotte's. Hope she shares some with us. Hope everything is tip top with you. Annie is trying to find those Honda Super panties, too! I don't know if they come in adult sizes. She will see. If she does I will demand she wear them when she goes to the loo! I also have seen "Eyes Wide Shut". Nicole does look nice on the bowl. I have never heard anyone ask "How do I look" while sitting on the seat, either. As you have said the rest of the film isn't good for an 11 year old or an adult, for that matter. Annie sends her love to both of you. Take care!! Love from Robby!

RIZZO: Hope your wife's cystitis is better. Annie is in the Home Country. She is getting all of the loose ends tied up. She is also looking for a pair of those Honda Super panties. We'll see.
Annie sends her love. Take care, my dear friend. Love from Robby

LAURA: Hope John is loosening up. Take care and have fun! Cheers from Robby and Annie.

PAT and RENEE: Hi gals! Hope you can share some stories of those marvelous monster dumps!! Looking forward to Carmalita and Jake's return! Cheers and love from Robby and Annie!

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Scott and Kim, LindaGS, Elena, Mindy, Monika, SENORA Carmalita and Jake, PV, Althea, and all of the rest of the posters!!

Thursday, October 18, 2001

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