Liz B.
This is my first post. One day I was walking home from work, and I felt a sudden urge to take a shit. I really needed to go bad at once. I got home, and my 2 roomates were both taking up the 2 bathrooms in our house. I really, really had to go, so i went in the front yard cuz no one was around. Later, my roomates and I were going out, and they saw the poo poo in the front yard, because I forgot to clean it up! WHOOOPS! I told them it was probably a dog, but I sure learned from that!

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all doing fine. Thanks for some comments on my story. There some nice new ones here as well...
RIZZO: Cool stories from you as well; to your question: the girl was climbing onto my lab and then was half squatting between my legs. I am very tall and she was quite small and tender built, so it just about worked in the restrains of the bus. I think it was on the one hand to give her some kind of shelter and also importantly something to hold on to, while the bus was moving. Well, anyway, that's what I thought at the time...
Later I found out that she really liked doing weird stuff like that. After that event we dated for about half a year. Her name was Debbie. She was really cool in that respect and I have got some wild, wonderful memories with her, I never shared with anybody before, not even, or especially not my wife...
One time we were housesitting her parents home. I was woken up in the morning by the urge to use the toilet for a pee and a dump. I went to the bathroom still naked and sat on the bowl half asleep. I relaxed and started relieving myself. Just when I had a thick long sausage hanging halfway out of my butt, Debbie came into the bathroom. My turd immediately stopped moving. She was also naked with her eyes barely open. She commented about the smell in a funny way and came towards me and gave me kiss. Then she asked if I could qickly get up and let her pee. I said I was sorry but I was in the middle of passing one. She grinned and said, "ok, just as well". Then climbed on top of my legs, facing me this time and told me to open them up and move my balls out of the way. I was so puzzled and admittedly curious that I just did what she requested. She then moved really close towards me until her pussy was above the toilet and started to let out a strong stream into the space betwee! n my legs. She stressed her relieve with a big sigh. She passed a fart to go along with the enchanting hissing and tinkling, which made her giggle. Although I got again a few sprinkels, she had a really good aim. We were face to face and she had this cheeky grin, looking in my eyes, saying nothing but we both enjoyed the moment. After she finished she got up and whipped her pussy. She dumped the paper in the toilet behind me (I was leaning foreward again) and probably caught a glimpse of the fat thing that finally started to move again. Then she added: "Looks like you got a big job to complete, sorry to interupt you, I'll let you finish in peace now". In the moment she said that, my turd dropped out and landed with a big splash in the water follewed by a loud fart. We both laughed and she left shortly after. With the door in her hand she bend foreward pointing her butt in my direction and passed another little fart with lots of giggling. After she left I finished my pile while! still grinning and shaking my head laughing. Now this girl looked very innocent, when you met her but she had some wicked ideas, I can tell you....

Best wishes to all
from Tim

steve - Another cool story. How many of your friends poop themselves?

James -I've done many wet poops in my briefs for the same reason. How old are you?

Kara M.
I've noticed that some people like to tell a little about how they look so I guess I will too. I'm am a skinny girl with a light frame, 5'5", fair skin, short brown hair and blue eyes. I went to school today as usual and after lunch I needed to poop. I waited until I got to class (it was drama then and was about to start) and told the teacher I needed to go. She said I could after she had started something which was fine.
After she was done I left the class and went down the hall to the restrooms. There was nobody in there when I got there so I took the middle stall. I pulled down my pants and sat. A girl came in there for a quick pee while I was in the midst of peeing and pooping. I did two good sized peices of doodoo.

Hey all!

I know it’s been a long time since I posted here. My last post (also my first) was back on page 527, although as far as what filename that is I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you. I’ve been lurking here on occasion since, but I never posted again because I didn’t have anything useful to say! Felt sorta stupid about that. Anyway I finally have another story to tell – but I see I’ve arrived just in time for Gruntly Bogwell’s retirement! What a sad day this is! Gruntly, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say we’re really gonna miss you here. But thanks for posting so many great stories – I think I’ll go back through the archive from page 1 and create a “Gruntly Bogwell Compendium” of sorts. Hey, if you do get a chance to drop in every so often, please do! Oh yeah, and thanks for recognizing me for having the “best diarrhea story”. :) Those are my favorite kind!

Speaking of which, I’ve got another one for you all. Before I start, however, some of you might be wondering if I’ve yet had a chance to visit my Asian wife, Chun, while she uses the toilet. Unfortunately no – she is so amazingly shy – but I’ve at least been able to discover that she doesn’t seem to have anything inherantly against it. Several times while she’s been sick to her stomach, I’ve called through the bathroom door to ask if she needs any help. She’s always declined, but recently she mentioned with a smile that she thinks it’s “so incredibly sweet” of me to ask if she wants me to help her out in the bathroom. So perhaps that’s a prelude to something more…I’ll just have to see how the situation plays out.

Oh hey, Carmalita, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING!! See what I get for not coming here often enough. :) Have fun on your honeymoon!! I also want to thank you for posting that recent story about you and your girlfriends, including Nu, the Vietnamese girl…I had to smile when you described how incredibly soft and silky her bottom was, because my wife Chun has the exact same kind of phenomenally soft bottom. :) Perhaps it’s a characteristic of Asian women. Anyway, please tell Nu she is welcome to post here if she likes! All of us here enjoy meeting new people!

Okay, so, on to my story. I work at this small office where everybody’s kinda situated in one big room, in a labyrinth of cubicles. We have one unisex restroom in the back, which makes for some interesting encounters I can assure you. I sit next to this Asian woman named Misa, who is in her early thirties, sorta tall with a very fair complexion and short black hair, and is about the only person I know who is more shy than my wife. Even when Misa has a cold, she will run to the bathroom every time she has to blow her nose. She seems to want to be as well-kempt, neat and proper as she can be at all times.

Well, the other day Misa was out sick…I heard somebody mention she had the stomach infection that’s been going around. Nasty, I thought. I hope she feels better soon. Much to my surprise, the next day, Misa was back in the office. I figured she would have been out at least two days, given the nasty things I’ve heard about this particular virus or whatever it is. I wonder if she’s still sick? I thought to myself. God bless her if she is. She’ll have a hell of a time managing her bowels in this office. Well, apparently, Misa was still sick. All morning long she would jump up seemingly at random and quick-step back to the unisex restroom, then spend maybe fifteen minutes in there at a time. The poor girl really should have taken another day off…but maybe she was out of sick days; who knows.

Around 1:30 I happened to venture back to the restroom for a mid-afternoon dump. There are only three stalls in there, which is okay for an organization of our size, but it makes for somewhat “close quarters” during personal moments if you get my meaning. Anyhow I was a bit backed up that afternoon, and I figured I was gonna be in there for a while. I was just getting comfortable when I heard the restroom door open up, and the sound of Misa’s flip-flops quickly coming across the tile. The walls and doors of these stalls are kinda on the high side, so I clearly saw Misa’s feet buzz past my stall – and lo and behold, she went in the stall next to me. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, I guess.

Well, Misa seemed to be desperate to get her pants down. I heard her fumbling with her belt, then her white slacks dropped to her feet (which I could see under the wall, if I kinda leaned over to the right). Then down came a pair of bright-red lycra half-backs, and the sound of Misa’s butt hitting the seat. Already there was a crackling sound building to a crescendo, and in seconds I heard: ssslliicckkFLOOMP as Misa dropped a load of wet stuff into the bowl. “Guhh,” she gasped, breathing heavily. She began to pee, still breathing hard, and shuffled her feet a little bit.

At this point I was pretty excited, to say the least. Did she even realize I was there? Poor Misa was probably in too much pain to notice me, I thought. Obviously, I didn’t want to embarrass her by saying “Hi, you okay?” because given how shy she is, I knew she would hate that. So I just kept my mouth shut. Misa seemed to be in more pain now, probably suffering from a stomach cramp. “Unnnhhh,” she moaned, unleashing a long, noisy fart. Then, coming just seconds after the gurgling sound of her upset stomach, a wash of sludgy diarrhea poured from her bowels. “Innnhhh,” whimpered Misa, sniffling congestedly as though she were in tears. I heard her belly growling again, and then the sound of Misa fumbling to hit the flush lever. Her toilet flushed, but it didn’t do that much to disguise the sound of a long, drawn-out fart that quickly filled with liquid and turned to a fountain of diarrhea. “Ummmhhh,” moaned Misa while she passed her loose bowels.

After her latest watery evacuation, things got pretty quiet, except for an occasional gurgle from Misa’s runny stomach. At length I heard her sigh forlornly. The toilet paper next door rattled in its holder for a few seconds, then was torn off. Misa blew her nose copiously, sighed again, blew a second time, and then flushed the toilet. As she flushed for the second time, I realized that the restroom was really starting to smell pretty foul at this point. I figured Misa was probably finished by now – and I was right, because the toilet paper roll started to rattle again, and then Misa’s feet shuffled away from the toilet a little bit. She slowly and carefully wiped about seven times, based on the number of times I heard her tearing off more tissue. During her wipes it looked almost like she would kinda bow her legs a little bit – guess she was kinda sticking her bottom out while she cleaned up. The toilet flushed a third time, and then Misa reached down for her panties and ! slacks, and started to get dressed.

So by now I was figuring I’d better finish up myself, or I would be the one getting strange looks when I got back to my desk. So I start bearing down as quietly as I can, trying to get this stubborn lump of crap out of my system. Next door, Misa’s stall door opened up and she walked out, apparently having not noticed me (or cared that I was there) the whole time. Just as I was about to drop a pretty large load, Misa’s feet stopped right in front of my stall door. Immediately I froze up. Did she just now notice I was there? Was she pissed that I’d sat there quietly the whole time? And if so, what was I supposed to do – I was trying to take a legitimate dump as well, after all. Misa sorta stood there for a moment, turned a little bit, and then with a moan of dismay, she went rushing back to the stall next to me. The door slammed, her red panties came down, and her butt hit the seat. PPPPPPISSSH. Explosive diarrhea unloaded from Misa’s bowels in one big, wet load. “Gaannhhhh,! ” Misa gasped in a strained voice, as though she had been holding her breath until that moment.

By this point I was pretty amazed at what was going on right next to me. There I was, sitting with a big solid log hanging out of my rear, totally transfixed by Misa’s uncontrollable bathroom habits. Misa unloaded again, her diarrhea turning into a fizzle of a fart at the end. She flushed. As the toilet finished refilling, there was no sound for a few moments, as both Misa and I just sat in silence. I heard a few small drops of crap hitting the water next door. After a few moments Misa reached down and pulled her panties up off the floor, but remained seated. She sighed. About a minute later, I heard her stand up, and start to unravel some more toilet paper. Suddenly, after a few seconds of the tissue rack rattling, I heard an ominous tearing sound – rhhhiikkkk. I’ve heard that enough times to know what it means: the toilet paper roll was empty.

“Owwhhh!” Misa sighed angrily from next door. Yep. She was out of tissue. I heard her wipe her sludgy tush slowly with the tissue she had, but given that her poop had been really wet and runny, I knew she wasn’t gonna be able to “recycle” the same handful of tissue. What’s she gonna do? I wondered. And then I heard Misa’s voice say, “Hello?” followed by a knock on the common wall between our two stalls! “Excuse me,” Misa whimpered, her voice thick with embarrassment, “do you have extra tissue roll?”

“Um..” I replied, my stock response whenever I haven’t got a clue what to say. Finally, not knowing what else to do, I unhitched the roll of toilet paper from my rack and put my hand under the stall wall, offering it to her. “Here you go,” I said sheepishly.

“Thanks,” Misa responded quickly, taking the roll and quickly unraveling a generous handful. While she busily wiped herself, I sat there blinking my eyes, thinking something along the lines of: Whoa, that was cool. Then, as Misa started to dress herself, I decided I’d better get back to my own business. I leaned over and started to push, until the big log of crap I had dangling from my rear finally dropped into the toilet with a loud SPLOOSH. What a relief. I got up and started to flush the toilet when I realized that I had given Misa – who was now on her way out of the restroom – all the toilet paper I had! I started to protest, but didn’t know what to say. And in three seconds, I was alone in the restroom.

To make a long story short, after a few moments of feeling a bit pathetic, I hiked up my boxers and slacks and quickly darted into the stall Misa had vacated to finish my work. As I dropped my pants back down and grabbed the toilet paper roll from where Misa had left it on top of the toilet tank, I noticed that Misa had left the toilet in kind of a mess – the water was tinged with brown, and full of powderly-like sediment from her last load of diarrhea. Looked like the toilet had been a little too full to clear completely, I thought. It was somewhat amusing, given Misa’s obsession with being so neat and tidy all the time. It certainly gave me a smile. I flushed her toilet again before I left. I for one don’t much care for walking in on a dirty stall.

Since I didn’t want Misa to feel embarrassed, after I left the restroom I decided to go visit another coworker to check up on something, then I left the office via the back door, circled around and came in the front (near where Misa and I sit), making it look like I’d just gotten back from an errand or lunch hour or something. As I went to my cube, Misa smiled at me and said hello as she always does. I greeted her right back. All the while I had our “restroom encounter” in the back of my mind. And it once again reminded me that I want to keep bugging my beautiful wife Chun to let me keep her company when she goes to the toilet! One of these days I will succeed. :) I’m just too soft to pester Chunni (that’s my nickname for her) into something she doesn’t want, so I’ve been taking it slowly. Due patience always reaps the best rewards.

Thanks all,


Pooping Bob
I was pooping and my girlfriend runs in the door and says she has to dump really bad. I told her I was in here. She said scoot back. I scooted back and she sat down and exploded this massive turd into the toilet. She sat there 30 minutes pooping.

Hi folks. Thanks for all who were concerned about my health, particularly wapiya and Michelle from Louisiana. However, it's not quite as bad as some had feared. I've been normal in my pooping for the last few weeks. I do have a doctor's appointment coming up in a couple of weeks and will be tested for LI and IBS. I'll let you know what are the results.

Kendal: I wish I were on vacation, but it's been very busy at work. Not as stressful as most times, but still lots of work.

Yesterday morning I had a little urge to poop and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and pushed out a medium-sized piece of poop. Then all of a sudden a rush of women came in and took all of the stalls. I looked at the time and figured out it was that firm from the customer service phone bank on break. As I was pushing out a few normal pieces of poop, I heard flushing from all directions as well as people constantly shuffling in and out of the stalls. After a few minutes the women cleared out of the ladies room. I didn't take long to poop but sat there for a couple of minutes wondering what it's like to work at that firm.

Later that afternoon I went back to the ladies room to pee. As I entered, I saw a girl enter a stall. It was the same girl who had visited her mother Anita, a co-worker, the other day. She wore her cheerleading uniform then and was wearing the uniform again because there was a game that night. I saw her red cheer panties around her ankles. I took the stall next to hers and peed. As I sat, I heard plopping sounds, one right after another, like a dripping faucet. She was also grunting a little bit. I wiped, got up and flushed, and went to wash my hands, and she kept dropping pieces of poop with no let up. I was drying my hands when I heard her grunt loudly and plopped several pieces of poop into the toilet. I was about to leave when she yelled from behind the stall, "Do you smell my poop?" I answered, "I'm afraid so, honey." She said sorry and flushed the toilet. I asked, "Are you all right?" She said, "Yeah, I will be." I exited the ladies room as I heard a c! ouple more plops.

Quick hellos to everyone.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Carmalita & Jake I hope you have a great wedding and a fun honeymoon. Somekindofchick I have pooped standing. Your right sometimes you do have to watch out for the splash. That water can be cold in the morning! Laura my wife and I have been enjoying each others company for 25 years and still have fun with it. Kate that was a good story about your trip. Everyone take care.

Ring Stretcher
LAURA: That was a cute story about you and your husband in the bathroom while you grunted out a monster log. Betcha you felt lighter after that one!

CARMALITA: You're engaged! Congrats!! Who is the lucky man? Keep up with the cool pooping stories, girl!

My turds are reducing in length but they just keep getting fatter and fatter! Yesterday I sat my trembling gorgeous ass down and grunted out a fat log in about 1 minute. Despite being very solid and medium brown it stunk like diarrhea. A 10 on Carmalita's stink-o-meter scale! Maybe it was the candy corn I had been scarfing down all day.

The day before I produced a 10 inch monster made up golf ball size turds, two across and medium brown. The turd didn't smell much but I could feel every ball as it passed my stretched, trembling ring. I kept moaning as it slowly slid out of me and went Kersplonk! in the toilet bowl.

Right now I feel the urge to pass another ring stretching monster. It feels like a freight train is pushing on my hole. And my butthole is still sore from passing these wide torpedoes. When I sit down it feels like they are gonna be impossibly wide to pass but they do.

Hello all!
To Monika: Nice story. Do you have any more that are similar?
Patsy: I liked your story about the 4 wheel drive margueritas. Do they often have that effect?
Not much else to contribute... Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Gina- I feel sorry for you

Fat Woman
I certainly hope that you will reconsider leaving this forum. You are almost the only reason I read and post here. PLEASE continue to post your stories about women and their bowel movements, fat or thin, young or old. I'm sorry I never finished my story but I had huge problems with my server and had no internet access for several weeks. If you would like me to finsh it, let me know and I will be happy to. Please don't leave!!

Can any one here share their experience of using a squat-style (like the japanese or turkish one) for the first time?

Hey Marge, when you said you measured your pee, what kind of cup did you use and how did you pee into it? Also did your family keep it in the bathroom so everyone could use it for that purpose or are you the only one.
Another question for everyone: Who all pees in the shower and enjoys the feeling of just being able to let it go and not having to aim or anything or worry about it going everywhere and don't lie.


I'm usually into peeing and pooping isnt really my thing. But today I had a pooping experience which will probably be interesting to a lot of you so I am going to tell it.

Tonight we had a pie for dinner with onions, beef, corn and peas in it. I don't really like onions and there were heaps in it but I just ate it anyway to keep my mum happy. However, about three hours after dinner I all of a sudden got burning cramps down below and knew I had to get to a toilet quickly.

I just sat down and poop started exploding out of me. They felt like failry hard chunks coming out of me but when I looked into the toilet afterwards, it looked like complete liquid, and there was liquid poop splashed up onto the sides of the white toilet. Does this ever happen to anyone else? It also happened to me last time we had the same pie. I think its the onions coz I dont eat them except for in this pie.

And the smell of my poop! It was one of the most terrible I have ever experienced. When I think about it it makes me feel sick!

I downloaded a good song about pee the other day! Do you know the song "It wasn't me" By Shaggy? Well, it's that song but with the words changed...instead of "It wasn't me" its "she gotta pee" and the rest is really funny. You should search for it and download it.

And here's another story for you. This one was much more enjoyable for me because it was to do with pee!

I was at school and I drank about half a bottle of powerade (one of those special fluid replacing energy drinks). I should know not to drink this stuff because every time I do I get a sudden, desperate urge to pee. Anyway, I was on the train on the way home when I got this urge to pee. I was wriggling around in my chair and it was so bad I nearly had tears in my eyes.

However I was still about half an hour from home. And there was no question of getting off, peeing and catching the next train home because I had arranged to go out somewhere and I was only just going to be on time.

About 3 stops before mine, everyone in the carriage got off and I was left alone so I started bending over and holding onto myself because noone could see me. By this time I was seriously thinking about pulling up my skirt and peeing through my panties onto the floor of the train. But we have regular security going through the trains and knowing my luck a guard would probably appear just at the time when I started and couldnt stop peeing.

So I held on for dear life, breathing heavily and holding myself hard. Finally it was my stop and I got up to get off. I had to walk very carefully so as not to start peeing into my panties. I had to take tiny steps when I got off the train and the people from the other carriages all overtook me.

I searched frantically for a public restroom at the station but because its a small station there isnt one. So I had to drive home for ten minutes with my hand not leaving my crotch.

When I got home I jumped out of the car and ran for the house and relief...however this was a mistake because as soon as I started running I couldnt help myself from starting to pee as well...

luckily I was wearing a skirt and not pants and I could quickly slip off my shoes so I didnt get them wet. I stood there peeing for what seemed like an hour but was only really about 5 seconds, before I could finally get it under control. My skirt was a little wet and my panties were soaked but other than that I was OK. I got out some tissues and wiped off the excess pee so I didnt dribble on the floor in the house, went inside to finish my pee. But my dad was inside and had seen me.

He asked me what I was doing and I told him I spilt some water from my water bottle on my legs and I didnt want to get the carpet wet. He said "oh OK" as if that explained it but I think he knew what really happened but he didnt want to embarrass me.

I went to the toilet, cleaned up and threw the wet panties in the bin.
I promised myself I would never again drink powerade.

i was on my way to see my freinds when i got this sudden urge to go pee
so i thought i would wait until i got to my friends but before i could go to the bathroom i had already started to pee my pants when i got to my friends house i had just about peed my pants completely

Hi Karla:

Welcome. You said it felt good to pee and poop. Did you ever let
it just to poop come out by itself without a push? I really like that
feeling - how about you?


Loved your story about sharing your pooping with your husband. Sharing
this can really be a turn-on for people like us who are curious and
like this sort of thing. My wife and I share peeking, etc., and it
is a lot of fun.


Hello everyone, I am finally making another post. I have been so busy with school, my boyfriend and other things that I hardly ever find time to sit down and write. I still enjoy reading everyone else's posts and really like all of the new posters! In case ya'll don't remember me too well I am a big school pooper. I am an 18 year old high school senior. I have red hair, glasses, not very tan but I've been called very attractive and cute. I am about 5'8" and 120 lbs green eyes. I hate talking about myself like this but I just want to describe me to you! I usually poop everyday at school during lunch but yesterday I had to go really bad kinda earlier. I actually could have gone before I left home but I like going at school better, besides I don't stink up my restroom at home that way! Anyway it was about 10am and I was sitting in class beginning to really squirm at the pressure buiding up. I was sitting behind my boyfriend and told him I was going to have to go poop. ! I teased him by telling him this because he likes to watch me go when we are not at school, I figure he'll pay me back later though! Since we were having a study day I asked the teacher If I could go to the restroom. She said yes and gave me the hall pass. I figured I would be gone a long time so I took my books with me. I dropped off my books at my locker before heading to the girls room. I was stopped by the hall monitor and had to show him my pass. I also teased him by saying I was headed to the girls room for a major poop session, he blushed as I walked on. I don't use the restroom I was headed for too often, except for the occassional pee between class. I usually use the big one in the commons area downstairs during lunch for shitting. My school is still pretty new and all the restrooms are big and clean. My school is two story and T shaped with restrooms for guys and girls at the end of each wing plus the big one in the commons area, so I guess that is 7 rest! rooms total plus those in the gym. The restroom I went into had 7 stalls. It was empty when I went in. As I stopped to wash my hand another girl came in and went into the last stall. I went into a middle one and locked the door behind me. I could hear the other girl begin to poop. She was straining and grunting and sounded like she was trying to get done quick. I was planning on taking my time. I had to lower the seat since it had been lifted by the janitor to clean I guess. I lowered my gym shorts that I had been wearing to my ankles and lowered my panties down to my ankles as well (they were red yesterday). I sat down onto the cold seat and enjoyed the feeling of my butt cheeks being pulled open as I sank way down into the bowl. I farted almost immediately and peed a little too. With the toilet seat having done its job of pulling my cheeks open I could hear my hole crackle a little as I pushed a little. I could tell I had a big turd wanting out as my anus mounde! d outward. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as it SLOWLY began to squeeze out on its own. My fart had made my stall reek a little but that's just part of the game! The other girl was done by now as was leaving the restroom as my poop still pushed out. I opened my legs a little to look down, I could just see my poop begin to touch the toilet water a few inches below my gaping butt. It was brown and very knobby. I again closed my watering eyes and clenched my teeth. After about 5 painful minutes it slipped into the water. It was about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. I ended up dropping about 3 more medium sized logs before being done. I had taken about 30 minutes and went back to class just before the next class began. I guess everyone else knew that I had pooped since I had been gone so long! Anyway take care all, see you later!!!!!

Outhouse Scott - Your forgetting the brilliant Leaving Las vegas where the actress is in a bedroom with Nichlos Cage. She stands up and is pulling down her pants as she walks towards the toilet (on suite) she sits on the toilet and pees for 30 seconds , pulls off some toilet paper , dries herself and walks into the room again........brilliant

sir poops alot
Does anyone know the name of the sex in the city episode where the girls discuss farting in front of a boyfriend? These are now available on video, and I like to rent that episode. ps Horrible movie, good toilet scene: CarWash, that 1970"s disco classic. A girl is seen sitting on the toilet reading a magazine, and a guy scares her by looking thru a window with a mask on.

Billy and Kevin L.
After the incident with Helen the other day when she came in while we were pooping and showering, mom told us that we shouldn't let older girls into the bathroom (little kids are ok but we have to keep the door open). We told her she came in and sat down without asking or warning. Mom said she knew that, but that she was just reminding us.

So last afternoon, the weather was real nice. Mom said I could have a few friends for dinner, so cousin Billy, his little brother, Mike, Dave and Joe came over. We came home, and dropped off our stuff. Joe had to poop. We said that he should wait until we got to soccer field where we were going to play, but he said he could not wait. He went into the bathroom sat down, farted, pooped one or two logs, wiped and was done. It was like a minute. He washed his hand and we were on our way. We played soccer for about an hour, then we ran into the woods. We were playing hind and seek. While we were playing, I was it. Everyone hid. I found Joe pooping again. I tagged him. He pooped three more logs and then wiped. We went and played soccer for a little while longer. Then we played soccer for about 1/2 hour. THen it was time to go home for dinner. I had to pee, so I said I was going to go the bathroom before we got home. I figured it is getting cold, so I won't be able to pee and poo! p outside as much soon. Most of us had to pee, so almost everyone peed. Ken had to poop, so he pooped. Those of us who were going to eat with us came home. the others went to their home. When we got home, it was about 10 minutes to eat. Mom asked us to wash our hands before dinner, which we did. Helen came over for dinner and to do homework with Mike.

After dinner, it was too dark out to play. So we went to our den. Joe and Dave are in my class, and we had to find some info on the internet. Kev and Dave and cousin Billy were playing video games. The little kids were playing with their toys. After about 1/2 hour, I had to poop. I told Joe and Dave that I was going to the bathroom. I was hungry, so I thought I would get a snack, so I asked kev if they wanted me to get some snacks. Billy and Mike said they had to go to the bathroom, so they would get it themselves. I said ok. I went into the bathroom and sat down. In the toilet was one long turd and about 4 little turds and two peices of paper. Probably my brother Mike. Joe and Dave both came down. Dave had to poop. He said can I use the little potty? I said, sure, but you have to empty it. Dave said ok. He sat down on the little potty. There was a little pile of poop in it. Helem, my brother's friend came to the bathroom. She said she had to go. I said you have to use the! guest bathroom. She said Tom was in there. I said you have to wait. Then I closed the door. Kev and Dave came in. When she saw us, Helen please let me go, I can't wait. I said mom said you either have to wait or use the guest bathroom. I closed the door again. The door was still a little open, but not that much. She couldn't see us. Kev saw Dave on the little potty. He said, Dave is just learning to poop by himself. Dave stood up to wipe. He dropped about 6 turds, about 4 in. long. I was done too. I was wiping. I dropped about 8 turds, 4 in. long. Kev had to poop, so he sat on the toilet. The rest of us just had to pee. Kev took about 1 minute. He dropped 1 long log and about 4 small ones and wiped. THen we all peed in the toilet at once. Helen heard us. SHe said what are you doing? I said we are peeing now. THen Dave emptied the little toilet thing into the big toilet thing, cleaned it out with toilet paper and flushed.

Helen went in as soon as we left. We stayed by the door for a minute. He heard a loud fart and some crackling and maoning noises. We got our snacks and went back to work and play.

The other day I was queuing to pay for my stuff at the supermarket and desperately needed to pee. Eventually I got through but if I went into the loo where was I going to leave my shopping trolley. So I hurried back to the car; after I’d put by shopping in the boot I wasn’t sure whether I could make it back to the loos in the store without wetting myself and I was in a hurry. There was no-one about so I decided just to pee by the car. I was wearing a skirt so I just dropped my panties and squatted. As luck would have it just as I was letting out an enourmous gush of pee people started coming past including a couple of families with kids. Some sort of ignored me but one or two people had a good look including a boy of about ten who stood and stared. From where he was I think he could probably see my vagina spraying out pee. It was pretty embarassing; I just hope I gave him a good biology lesson.

Markus, you might try Phyllium and Lecithin which can be found at any health food store.It comes in powdered and capsule form. These are stuff to build up the fiber in your system and creates firmer and larger turds. They are perfectly safe and natural.

chile, and red meat and beans are a bad combination fo! r my wife. She crackled out another, said it really stung, then told me that all of the girls, her included, had also eaten fresh cayenne salsa. Great! After another couple of minutes, I got her some medicated pads, as she wanted to wipe herself. When she was finished, she told me that her asshole was on fire, and she drew a hot bath for herself. So I went out running.

Now, for Wednesday. I was about 4 miles into a 7 miler, when I noticed this lady running up ahead. I was closing on her, but I was still some distance behind. After another several hundred yards, I had closed the gap some more, when she turned right and went into the woods. This spot that she entered is near one of our favorite dump sites, so I slowed, and went behind this large rock that somewhat protects, but does not hide the area. I watched as she put down her water bottle, lowered her blue running pants and panties and squatted. I quickly got a glimpse of her undersides, which revealed a very pink skinned anus that was already starting to dome outward. I watched as she easily pushed out a light brown poop, that looked about almost 2" thick. It made no noise as it exited, and after about 18" had passed, it fell to the ground. Her hole contracted, then domed and another, smaller poop exited, followed by a third. Then she peed, and I mean she really peed. This went on fo! r about a minute and a half, stopped, then her anus domed and she passed another poop, and this repeated 3 more times! I saw her reach into her jacket, pull out some tissues and clean her hole, but it only took 2 wipes. A couple of dabs at her vaginal area, and she stood up, pulled up her pants, grabbed her bottle and was off. When the coast was clear, I stepped out from behind the rock and went for a look. I was impressed by the pile this girl had left. The first turd was indeed about 18" by 2" and was soft but well formed. The other 6 poops were each about 4" by 1.5", again well formed and piled neatly on the big one. There was a puddle of pee that was sinking into the dirt, but it must have been forceful, as there were still some bubbles on the ground. I am, even at my advanced age, still amazed at the healthy bowel and bladder output that athletic women produce, and this lady's product was no exception. I admired it, then took off for the rest of my run.

Now back to Thursday, late afternoon. I get home and hear Kathy and Anne conversing, near the master bedroom. I go in, and see the 2 of them, sitting on the toilets, wiping themselves. Then the smell hit. They must have dumped another Wednesday night load. Anne looked at me and said "Hi sweetie, how's the fragrance?", then she and Kathy laughed. I left returned with a Lysol can, and said, "That answer your question?". The girls finished wiping, stood up, turned around, hurled their moons at me, and Kathy said, "Clean enough for you love?". Then they flushed, pulled up their drawers, washed and left. There were skids in both bowls, I sprayed to relieve the stench, then I went to tell both of them that they should pose more often on the toilet, as it seems to fit them to a tee. That brought laughs, playful slaps, and remarks that maybe they will pose more often on the toilet together. Hmmm, that's given me more ideas. Well, I hope that when my old lady reads this that she t! akes it all in stride.

Until next time, So long, Folks

Billy and Kevin L.
Yesterday at school, I had to poop after lunch. I went into the bathroom and kev came in too. Kev sat on the handicapped toilet and I sat on the far toilet. We both were having one of those poops where there are a ton of tiny turds that takes about 5 minutes to come out. After we started, a real young mother came in with her son who was about 4. She said there was a long line in the girls room and jeffrey real needed to pee. We said go ahead. He went up to one of the urinals and peed. We have the urinals that go down to the floor so he was able to pee. She said she needed to go too. Would it be ok if she went? We said go ahead. She sat down on the only open toilet and started to pee. Three boys came in. One siad to us are you almost done? THe other two went to urinals and started to pee. The lady farted real loud and then started pooping. The little boy said are you pooping? She smiled and said yes. We were done pooping and wiping. We finished wiping and flushed. The boy who n! eeded a poop sat down on the far toilet. The lady was done wiping. She got up as we were leaving. She dropped a log that was about 2 feet long. Just as we were washing our hands, the fire alarm went off. The principal came in to find out who was in the bathroom. We went out to where our classes. The principal ask me to tell the teacher of the kid on the toilet that he is on the toilet because he is in the class next to mine. We had to wait until the fire company got to the school before we could go in. It was only about 5 minutes. The principal reported that in only 2 minutes everyone was accounted for and outside except one person in the bathroom. Then the boy came out and everyone started to clap becuase everyone knew he was on the toilet. He bowed and said sorry, but when you got to go, you go to go. Everyone laughed.

DEL-I am 16, I don't know why it is so hard to hold in my poop. Maybe you should try it once its not that bad if it is solid.

Yesterday I pooped in my pants when I was watching a movie with my brother. I was ready for bed and so I was wearing a t-shirt and my briefs while I watched the movie, about half way through the film I knew I needed to go poop, I was lying on the floor in front of the TV and my older brother was sat on the sofa. A few minutes later my poo started coming out into my briefs so I squeezed my butt together and some broke off into my briefs and I managed to keep the rest in but after about 5 minutes it started coming out again and I did the whole lot in my briefs, the light was off luckily as otherwise my brother would have noticed a bulge in my briefs, at the end of the film I got up quickly and went to the bathroom and emptied my briefs into the toilet, then went back into the living room, my brother had turned the lights on now as the movie had finished. He asked me to get the video out of the VCR and as I did he noticed a brown stain on my briefs and pointed it out to me, ! he said, what have you done to your briefs I said I don't know I probably didn't wipe my butt properly or something, he said I ought to change them because if mom saw me wearing them she probably wouldn't be impressed. He said that he never gets stains that big from not wiping properly which is true, as I have seen the stains in his pants from where he leaves them when he takes them off.

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