Kara M.
I was at the mall today with my friend Valerie. I usually have to pee like 5 times a day but today I had to go constantly. I'm not exacyly sure what it was but I had to go 5 times while we were at the mall alone. After lunch I had to pee again so me and Valerie went to the nearest restroom. I took a stall and Val took the one next to me. I set about doing my peeing. I could hear Val sighing. She was going poop. She pushed out a peice of doodoo which went splop! then she peed a bunch and wiped herself. This was interesting because she doesn't very often poop in public.

Hey, I have a somewhat interesting story for seems that alot of other people here are toilet shy also. I have no problem talking about my bodily functions with others, and I don't have a fear of going in front of others, but when there is anyone else around I lock up...I just can't go.

So anyway, today after church, I went home with my girlfriend sam. We messed around for a little while, and all the while I felt like I was going to have to poop, but I didn't want to go over there, because I knew it would be tough. I usually can poop really fast, and be done in under a minute, but it's not like that at her house. Anyway, I felt the urge to pee pretty strongly, and I was about to get up and go to the bathroom when sam told me to hold on while she went. Now, I knew she only had to pee, and by this time I really had to pee and pooping at her house was going to be unavoidable...even though I was really desperate I made her go first, because I knew I'd be awhile and I didn't want her to have an accident, so after she had gone, I went in. The door to her bathroom is a sliding one..and it doesn't close right...the bottom of the door isn't atached right, so it hangs open. Right outside this door is a laundry room, which leads directly into the kitchen. Any! one sitting at the kitchen table has a perfect view of the person's legs on the toilet. Anyway, I sat there and tried and tried and tried to pee, but to no avail. Finally, the pain in my stomach was so bad, I couldn't hold it. But I thought it was gonna be kinda loose, and I didn't wanna make that much noise, so I wrapped my hand in toilet paper and pooped in it and then lowered it down to the toilet...when I thought I was done, I could still feel a lot more poop up there, but try as I might, I couldn't get it out, or any more pee. So I gave up, wiped, and flushed, and came out of the bathroom. Right after this, we went walking around her neighborhood for this band fundrasier thing that she's doing. We'd told her parents we'd be gone about an hour, and after half an hour, sam said she was tired, and ready to quit...but she kinda still wanted to go on with more houses. Now I was getting desperate to pee again, and I felt like if I made any sudden movement I'd poop my pants. So I told her we should just go home. She said "Ok, if you want too it's fine" I said "Yeah, I need to." She said "Why?" I said "I really gotta go to the bathroom" She said "Charlie, why didn't you finish before?" She knows I have trouble peeing around people, but she didn't know about pooping. "I couldn't" I said. "It's hard for me to poop when there are other people around.." She said "Aww, you're potty shy! That's so cute.." lol, anyway, we got back to her house, and she went to go show her dad what she had sold, but she told me to go on and go poop. I told her to stay out of the room for awhile. "Why?" She asked. "so I can go!" I told her. She laughed and said ok...this time I was finally able to pee with noone in the kitchen. But when I pushed, only a little poop came out. I could feel a truckload of it in me, but I still only managed to get a little out. About that time, sam came into the laundry room. She's never talked to me while I was in the bathroom before, so I was a little surprised when she said "Sorry, I know I came back a little early" At first I thought she didn't know I was in there, because she kept coming toward the bathroom. "I'm still in here, ya know" I said. I kinda looked through the door and she looked at me for a sec, then she started putting some clothes in the drier. We talked for a minute, and then she said "Ok, I'm going so you can finish." Then she turned out the light and left. I tried some more, but I couldn't get out any more poop. I finally gave up and wiped and flushed. My urge to poop subsided, and we watched a movie until 10:00 and then she and her mom took me home.

Well, anyway, some of you may remember me posting about this girl before. I told her about my interest, and she doesn't mind if her going potty turns me on a little. We've always been pretty open about toilet stuff, but today was a little different. I'm hoping maybe she'll get to the point where she'll come in with me, just so I can have some company. I like the closeness involved in that.'s late, better go to bed. Well, hope this doesn't get removed, and hope everyone enjoys this. Oh, and I'd appreciate any advice about what to do about my toilet shyness. Thanks


Billy and Kevin L.
Tonight, we came back from the cabin. We ate dinner at home (dad got pizza). Neither me nor Kev pooped before we left the whole day. Josh pooped at church and I don;t think Jeremy pooped. The four of us plus cousin Billy and cousin Mike were riding in mom's car. Our older brothers were riding with dad.

About 30 minutes into the ride, Josh said he had to poop. It was raining cats and dogs and there was thunder and lightning. Mom said that it is too dangerous to go outside, so we can either wait until we get home or go in the bedpan. Mom always keeps a bedpan & toilet paper for just such emergencies. I helped Josh get on the bedpan. He starts to pee and then starts grunting. Josh and Jeremy was in the back row of the car and we were in the middle seat. Josh poope for about 10 minutes. It was one of those poops where little turds came out. Jeremy said he had to go. I told he had to hurry, because it was my turn next. He hopped on and farted like 3 times real loud. Then he pooped out four big logs. He wiped. I got the bedpan, sat on it and let it rip. I started to poop. My log hit the bottom of the bed pan and wouldn;t go any further. I had to stand up for hte resto fo it to come out. As I stood up, the rest came out and it landed in the bed pan. It broke in two near the! end that came out last. I pooped out about 4 more logs and then some mushy stuff. It only took about two minutes. Abvout 30 minutes later, Kev ahd to go. He pooped out a ton of mushy stuff. Billy said he might as well go. He said he did not go today either. So he went. He pushed out another huge log. As he was pooping hte pile from us and from him go so high that he had to stand up too. He pooped about 5 logs and then some mushy stuff. When we got home, mom asked me to empty the bedpan in the woods. THe woods are only about 5 feet from the drive way. The thing weight about 10 pounds. Me and billy went out back and emptied it. we went inside for some snacks. I told them I had to poo again. Kev said he did. Billy and Josh and Jermey came too. I sat down and passed some mushy stuff. I had to wipe a lot and there was streak marks on my underwear. Kev sat down too. He pooped up another storm. Mom came in to get the towels in the hamper to wash them. She looked at Kev's udnerwear a! nd said you'd better give them to me. There were a lot of streak marks. Jeremy said, you better take Billy's too. I said they're ok. She said no streak marks? I siad jsut a few. She made me go into my room and change them. It only took about 10 seconds. THen she asked me to check on Josh and Jeremy. Josh ahd to poop again. He had a few steak marks. Jeremy just peed. He didn't have any. But I wiped their butts jsut ot be sure.

Kara M: Welcome to the forum. We are all friends under the microprocessor. We welcome; we do not judge. That is because we all go to the bathroom. Who does not? If so, they are in trouble. Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however and why, whether sitting, standing, squatting, dress up, skirt up, or pants down. At 15, 16 and 17, I elevated going to the toilet as an art. See my earlier posts.

I like this cover girl. Simple dress up, panties at thighs, no slip. My nieces and cousins ask me why I wear a slip. My mother and grandmother raised me that way.

Outhouse Scott: There was a movie, "Incubus". A 17y/o? about went to a theater bathroom one of my favorite places. While sitting on the toilet with her cheerleader skirt up and her panties down, the girl was brutalized by a "monster".

I am very interested in references to women pooping on TV shows. On Survivor last year, there was one episode where several of the players (including the lovely Lisabeth) got the runs. There was one scene where Lisabeth obviously had to go bad and was walking real funny toward the latrine.

My question is this. I have never watched Big Brother or Real World. Both of these shows involve men and women living together in a large house. Can anyone who watches these shows tell me if there have been any poop-related scenes involving women? By poop-related, I mean scenes where women are talking about pooping or saying that they have to poop or scenes showing women running to the bathroom, etc.

Does anyone know of any other reality-type shows where women have been showing talking about pooping or having to poop?

Annie, Robbie, Rizzo, Curious and All: Thanks for your warm welcome...this site is just awesome!!!!!!

It seems Sundays are my best pooping days right before church. I think this has to do with our big dinner Saturday night....since both my husband and I work all week, Saturdays I like to cook a huge Mexican meal consisting of refried beans, chicken soft tacos and corn, stewed tomatoes and rice with extra spices.....of course I have tortilla chips and salsa as an appetizer.

Curious: Here is a description of me....I have short, shoulder length dark brown hair, blue eyes and a light complexion. I'm 5'7 and trim.
My Husband is Latino and has dark brown hair, brown eyes and is 5'9 and very well built. We are both in our middle 30s and have no children yet only our dog, maxie who is like our little baby.

This past Sunday my husband, John and I decided to go online before breakfast and I showed him this site and my post from last first he was a bit surprised but then he said "you know I could get used to this!!!" so stay tuned he may post as well....I have yet to see him poop for me he's still shy about that...any ideas?

Well back to my story.......after breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast I had this urge in my gut that said....get to the toilet fast!!!! I excused myself from the table and John said "you need my help, darling?" I said "of course" (grinning from ear to ear). We hurried to the bathroom and kept the door open for maxie to come in and out. John lifted the lid for me and I hiked up my white nightgown and pulled down my pale pink panties to my knees and sat down with my hands in my lap. I sat in silence for about a minute or so before I let out a soft fart (pfffttt) and then began to tinkle ever so gently. John sat and watched me with total awe....he didn't utter a word and I was enjoying the silence and listening to nothing but my natural body functions.
After a couple of minutes I let out another fart and leaned further forward and began to strain...GRRRRRR, UHHHHHHH..........John took my hand and said "It's alright, Laura just grab my hand tightly and push as hard as you can....he was looking behind me to see if my poop was emerging yet and it was.....he could see the head of a monster turd coming out. He kept encouraging me to push harder and harder...I was getting pretty sweaty at this point and had to stop and take a breather. John just rubbed my ???? for a while as I leaned back to rest......I assured him after a few more good pushes my turd will be out...I go through this every Sunday just about so I'm used to this but it's so nice to have my partner share this wonderful experience with me.

After 5 minutes I was ready to get this monster out.......I leaned forward, grasped John's hand tight and pushed and pushed...we could both hear the crackling sounds of my poop and then suddenly a huge KERSLOOP!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh what a relief!!!! I peed a bit and sat back to rest again........then I leaned forward and John wiped me but we both looked at what I had done first.....the turd was about 12 inches long, and fat on both smelled pretty ripe too and covered the entire toilet hole...I was so worried it wouldn't make it when I flushed. It took 8 wipes to get me all clean since it was a sticky one too.....those are a pain!!!!!!!!!! Then I flushed pulled up my panties and let down my nightie and we both went over to wash our hands.....we had an hour before having to get ready for church so we crawled into bed and held each other for a while....maxie came and plopped on the bed too.

I love weekends!!!!!!! I only hope one day I'll see my beloved on the toilet soon...that would make my week but I don't want to pressure him.

Peace Laura :o)

I was in a Wal-Mart this evening and an overwhelming urge to shit came upon me. Lately I've been eating spicy food and having an unusual diet creating huge clouds of foul gas. I farted in the store and a group of people noticed it and held their breath. I headed off to the restroom and took the end stall in which the toilet already contained a shit and lots of paper. I dumped on top of this mess a huge amount of soft smelly stuff and then wiped 12 times. The toilet was entirely full of shit and paper to a level above the seat. I pulled up my pants and flushed, stepping quickly away. From a distance of 10 feet, I watched as the shit and paper spewed from the bowl covering the floor! I got the hell out of there quickly. Some poor bum had a lot of cleaning up to do!

Outhouse Scott
Hey all.

Had a near perfect dump today.

I was getting ready for work when the urge to crap hit me. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat on the toilet. It took a little push to get started, but then it came out pretty steadily. A nice, big, thick log pushed its way out, and fell quietly into the water. Felt great. No farting, not even an odor. I ripped off a few sheets of paper and wiped. The paper was squeaky clean! Flushed it down and pulled up my pants. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's a pleasant, memorable experience.

Just had to share that.


Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I just finished reading this mornings posts.() Welcome to Liz B I hope you post more stories. Tim that was a great post. Gruntly Bogwell,Please check back in if you can,possibly as a guest expert commentater. You will be missed. Yvonne if you got to go go. Parking lots are used more often then you may think. There have been a lot of posts here with many parking lot stories.

I was waiting for a bus one day. I had just missed it so I had an hour wait for the next one. Two girls came in and sat down on the bech next to me. They looked like they were 12 or 13 years old. Iwas 15 at this time. The one girl with blonde hair was kind of squirming around while she was siting there. I decieded to pass the time pulled out a smoke and lit up. The blonde asked me if I had an extra. I said sure and gave her one.

Well we started to talk and her name was Brenda and her friend was Carrie. We continued to talk. Ten minutes had passed and Brenda was fidgeting more. I asked her if she was ok. She said she had to pee really bad but did not want to miss the bus. I told her that the bus would not be here for another 30 minutes. She had plenty of time to go.

She asked me for another cigarette and would I come with her to stand guard. Her friend Carrie had gone to the store a couple of blocks down to get something to snack on. Well there was a large parkig lot behind us so we walked back a couple of rows. Brenda scooted between two cars asked me for a light and then pulled her pants down to her ankles and squated. Her pee started with a strong narrow stream. It hit the blacktop with a slashing force. She peed that way for 30 seconds or so.

Brendas stream slowed down and she then asked if I had anything she could use to wipe herself. I had a couple of extra napkins in my back pocket left from lunch so I gave her one. Her pee stoped dribbling out and she wiped herself. She left quite a puddle of pee between the two cars. We went back to the bus stop and waited for Carrie and the bus. I will post the second part of this tommorow.

Rich and Kathy (RJOGGER and Wife)
Oh, Boy!, A day off, and what a day. Kathy is at work, our daughter and her 2 boys are at work / daycare, her older brother, his wife and son are out for the day, so I have the house to myself. I got in a great run this morning, cleaned up the yard, and now I get to indulge in a favorite past time. There were some more great stories, although the posts seem to be coming in bursts; nothing for a day or two, then wham!, a freight train load comes in!

Carmalita - Oh dear Seniorita, your one last story before your wedding was another beauty. Your descriptions of your pooping adventure, and those of your pals are the best. Again, Kathy and I send our love and best wishes to you and Jake.
Renee and Patsy - Hey, what's up girls? Our replies to you got trashed with a post that we sent, so Kathy and I just want to say hello, and we hope that everything is OK. We also want to thank you for saying hello to us. Nice story about you two, with Patsy peeing, and Renee dropping a big load, then Renee sitting on Patsy's lap, while she pooped. I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall! Be well, we love you girls, and we hope to hear some more of your great pooping and peeing adventures soon.
Laura - What you and your husband just did, is something that Kathy and I have engaged in for many more years that I care to count. We have been watching each other on the toilet and wiping each other since we were dating. It got to the point that we had 2 toilets installed in our master bath, just so we could be with each other during "bathroom" time. As you and your husband learned, watching and wiping each other can be a very pleasurable experience. Hopefully, you will have more of the same, and share them with us.

Hellos also to Kim and Scott, Jane, Buzzy, Jeff A, Rizzo, Muggs, and Robbie and Annie.

Wednesday morning I was treated to the sight of a beautiful, young (about 35), lady runner pooping in the woods. First, I am going to digress from that for a moment and tell you about Thursday AM. Kathy and longtime friend Anne (she has been the subject of a few of our posts) went out Wednesday night, to this saloon that they and some girlfriends hit about once a month. God knows what they eat and drink, but when I got home from bowling Wednesday night, Kathy was a little tipsy (she was NOT driving), and she was also, well, let's just leave it at that! Thursday morning, I got up, stretched and went into the head to crap. I was wiping, when my better half wandered in, sat on the other bowl, and started plopping out the noisiest, smelliest shit ever. Kathy's poop usually makes soft crackles, but this load exploded with loud crackles and pops. " I made the mistake of eating chile at Jack's". Oh boy, she had the Alehouse's chile, and red meat and beans are a bad combination fo! r my wife. She crackled out another, said it really stung, then told me that all of the girls, her included, had also eaten fresh cayenne salsa. Great! After another couple of minutes, I got her some medicated pads, as she wanted to wipe herself. When she was finished, she told me that her asshole was on fire, and she drew a hot bath for herself. So I went out running.

Now, for Wednesday. I was about 4 miles into a 7 miler, when I noticed this lady running up ahead. I was closing on her, but I was still some distance behind. After another several hundred yards, I had closed the gap some more, when she turned right and went into the woods. This spot that she entered is near one of our favorite dump sites, so I slowed, and went behind this large rock that somewhat protects, but does not hide the area. I watched as she put down her water bottle, lowered her blue running pants and panties and squatted. I quickly got a glimpse of her undersides, which revealed a very pink skinned anus that was already starting to dome outward. I watched as she easily pushed out a light brown poop, that looked about almost 2" thick. It made no noise as it exited, and after about 18" had passed, it fell to the ground. Her hole contracted, then domed and another, smaller poop exited, followed by a third. Then she peed, and I mean she really peed. This went on fo! r about a minute and a half, stopped, then her anus domed and she passed another poop, and this repeated 3 more times! I saw her reach into her jacket, pull out some tissues and clean her hole, but it only took 2 wipes. A couple of dabs at her vaginal area, and she stood up, pulled up her pants, grabbed her bottle and was off. When the coast was clear, I stepped out from behind the rock and went for a look. I was impressed by the pile this girl had left. The first turd was indeed about 18" by 2" and was soft but well formed. The other 6 poops were each about 4" by 1.5", again well formed and piled neatly on the big one. There was a puddle of pee that was sinking into the dirt, but it must have been forceful, as there were still some bubbles on the ground. I am, even at my advanced age, still amazed at the healthy bowel and bladder output that athletic women produce, and this lady's product was no exception. I admired it, then took off for the rest of my run.

Now back to Thursday, late afternoon. I get home and hear Kathy and Anne conversing, near the master bedroom. I go in, and see the 2 of them, sitting on the toilets, wiping themselves. Then the smell hit. They must have dumped another Wednesday night load. Anne looked at me and said "Hi sweetie, how's the fragrance?", then she and Kathy laughed. I left returned with a Lysol can, and said, "That answer your question?". The girls finished wiping, stood up, turned around, hurled their moons at me, and Kathy said, "Clean enough for you love?". Then they flushed, pulled up their drawers, washed and left. There were skids in both bowls, I sprayed to relieve the stench, then I went to tell both of them that they should pose more often on the toilet, as it seems to fit them to a tee. That brought laughs, playful slaps, and remarks that maybe they will pose more often on the toilet together. Hmmm, that's given me more ideas. Well, I hope that when my old lady reads this that she t! akes it all in stride.

Until next time, So long, Folks

Hi everyone

LUCY: I liked your story about needing a wee on your way home. That drink you had sounds dangerous. Is that the first time you have weed standing? I know what you mean about going on the train, the guard or someone was bound to turn up the minute you started to pee!

LOUISE: Hi there! Obviously I need to be on the beach in Spain to see all the guys - it seems where I live the girls are happy to be seen but not the guys. Not Fair! I laughed at the bit where Steve walked in on your Mum. Must have been really embarrasing for him at the time if he had not seen her naked before. Was she embarrased - I can just imagine if a boyfriend of mine walked in on Mum having a wee - She wouldn't know where to put herself. It's one thing to wee in front of me, but around other people, Mum's really shy. Your're right about the other day. Just imagine if I had been someone else on the doorstep and Mum was stood there with her knickers down!

I'm having an interesting day so far. It all started when I got to work. To paint the picture, I have an important client coming to the office later this morning so I'm wearing my dark blue suit, navy tights, white blouse etc. Anyway, the skirt is rather short coming to a bit above mid thigh, hence the tights. About 10 minutes ago, I needed a wee, and my client is due in shortly, so I thought it better to go. Well i went into the stall, pulled up my skirt and lowered my tights and knickers (plain white Steve not exciting I'm afraid! - something to do with the time of month...). I had a wee and then heard the inter office intercom calling me to reception - obviously my client was early!

In my haste to finish my wee and get out the toilet and greet the client, I managed to snag my tights when I hitched them up. Absolutely typical! I pulled my skirt down, but the run was rapidly progressing down my legs and looked terrible. I was faced with no option but to take my tights off. Typically I managed not to have a spare pair - yes I know us girls are supposed to but...

It wouldn't have been too bad, but the skirt was one of my shorter ones, and whilst it's possible to get away without tights, I would have been better with black knickers underneath. I shall have to keep my legs tightly crossed for the rest of the day now. Anyway, I digress... I straightened myself up and put my shoes back on and went to reception only to find my client had not arrived, it was simply a parcel which had been delivered for me. You can imagine I was not amused. Anyway, I must sign off before my client actually does arrive.

Love Julie.x


Hi Everybody, I just got in from being out of town. Been away 12 days got alot of catching up to do on here(reading all the old posts) Then i'll post some stories that i have to share

To Billy and Kevin L: I liked that story about you guys being in the bathroom pooping and that kid was still in there pooping when the fire alarm went off. I always wondered what would happen if someone is in that situation. I thought it was funny that every one was clapping when he came out.

To steve: I liked your story about when you crapped your pants while watching a movie and your bro said something. I also liked the story about you and your friend having to shit after school. By any chance did your friend watch you poop??

To Tyler: I liked all those movies you mentioned about pooping sceens with guys. Maybe if i think of it i will rent some of those movies. Are they all new movies? or older ones?

To james: I liked your story about you meeting another guy who had also pooed him self

To Plunging Plop Guy: Sounds like you and me are in the same shoes...i've been gone almost 2 weeks too, got alot of catching up to do

To Mark B: Thats intresting. I haven't done that in a while

To the unammed poster: Re pooping your pants on purpose, i found your story intresting. Thats not so good if you got punished

To steve: I liked your story about your friend who had to poop but he couldn't hold it and pooped his pants

To Ben in Iowa: I enjoyed your story about having to poop while at Wal-Mart. You mentioned how some guy covered the seat with TP, I thought Wal-Mart provides seat covers. And did you cover your seat? I do sometimes.

To Chris: That sounds Embarassing! I can't imagine being on a pay phone near the restrooms and seeing all that. I could see seeing his pants underwear down but not all that. But maybe that stall was made weird or something.

To hard turd guy: I've let out one of those types of turds but i can't remember last time i had one that huge that it hurt that bad

To Steve: I liked that story about pooping your self? Is it me or what, do you poop your pants alot??

Now I'll share some stories that happened while i was away...I went down south. I was at this resort the whole time and There was one occasion when i saw these young guys went into the bathroom and the one guy 18ish is peeing and the taller guy about 20-23 had to poop he went really fast.
Then I was at this tourist atraction and i had to pee after lunch and there was a boy about 7 years old taking a shit in the first stall, i walked in the one next to him to "blow my nose" and i saw some shit in the toilet, i would assume another kid had pooped and left that. Maybe it was his cousin or brother. Then on the way home yesterday from being away we stopped at this big shopping district and i had to pee really badly so i walked in and went the first stall to pee and there was a 5. y.o on the toilet in the next stall. I saw his older brother(around 7-8) sorta watching out after him(i sorta thought about Billy and Kevin L when i saw them) So i peed and flushed and i took my time coming out of there by washing my hands. I saw the 5 yr old and the 8 y.o come out of the stall then i walked back over to the stall he was in after those boys left(i think 1 guy was at the sink) and i went to that stall. I knew they didn't flush or wash up and there was this huge light bro! wn log and another smaller 4" one in the bowl about 8-10 inches. I was amazed a boy that size could produce that. Also i saw no toilet paper in the bowl so something tells me he didn't wipe cause he can't do it by him self and his brother didn't help him. Then i acted like i was peeing and i flushed and i didn't think his log would go down. Then i came out and went on with my business. I have some other stories but i'll tell them tomorrow....or another time(see i want this to be posted cause my next story may not be posted). Bye and sorry this is so long(it's 2 weeks of cathing up on the posts)

Reading some posts here, I see that some folks are all embarrassed about taking a shit while others are around. For me the best cure for this false modesty was being in the military in Nam. I was there with a bunch of other young guys. The bathroom just had two open rows of shitters without stalls (about 5 per row) facing each other. At first it was a bit of a surprise to be sitting next to other guys taking a shit. Guys would just look down at the ground or straight ahead and kept silent. Also, guys were careful about leaving an open toilet between themselves and the next guy. After a while, it just became natural. Guys would joke around and talk to each other while shitting and if the restroom was real busy like after breakfast, all seats would be occupied and you would be about 12 inches away from dudes on either side of you with guys facing you from the toilets in the opposite row. I've always enjoyed taking a good dump. The guys all knew each other and eventuall! y the morning dump became just like any other social occasion with guys shooting the breeze and kidding around. There were no TP dispensers and we would just pass the rolls from guy to guy as needed. Also, there were Vietnamese women (mamma-sans) who would clean the restroom at any time. It was real funny when they would tell the guys on the shitters to lift their feet so they could mop the floor. You soon find that the needs of nature banish all sense of modesty and you get used to it all. So don't be bashful about shitting in public when others are around!

I have been lurking here occasionally but have no good stories. I been real busy with other things. I want to give my condolences to Diane from NY on her loss of family related to the WTC bombing. These will be trying times for our country.

That was a good list of movie bathroom scenes. Here are some you missed:

Labyrinth of Passion -- This movie by far as the best female poop scene I have ever seen. A female receptionist takes a laxative to cure her constipation. As she's talking on the phone, she suddenly says: "I have to go now. The laxative is starting to work." She starts to head towards the first floor bathroom but people keep interrupting her with questions and she keeps saying: "Let me pass." Finally, there is one person between her and the bathroom, but she doesn't make it. You hear a really wet fart sound, and then the camera shows some runny shit on the ground between her shoes. It's the only non-porno film I have ever seen which actually shows a woman's shit.

Caged heat -- Probably the first movie which showed a woman sitting on a toilet make very clear pee and poop sounds

Homage -- a pretty woman is in the bathroom taking a shit when a peeping Tom handy man pretends to work on the window from the outside, but is really watching her. She tells him not to look, but he makes a big deal about how she should get up earlier and take her morning dump at 8:00 like everyone else. There are no sound effects, but the conversation clearly indicates that she is shitting.

Car Wash -- a woman is sitting on a toilet and a guy spies on her through the window. A child then goes into the bathroom and comments on the smell, which shows she had to be shitting.

Love Crimes -- This movie has the best pee scene I have ever seen. A woman has been kidnapped and is being tortured by her captor. Suddenly she gets away from him and goes behind a chair and crouches. All of a sudden you see a very realistic looking stream of pee coming down between her legs from behind the chair. It's pretty awesome.

Other good female toilet scenes you missed are in Twenty-One, Something Wild, Groove Tube, Leaving Las Vegas and Senseless.

Also, in the genre of female fart movies, one of the best is Class of Nuke 'em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid. A high school girl farts several times throughout the movie, and almost everyone is accompanied by a closeup of her ass. Honorable Mention goes to Zapped, Party Animal and Princess Academy.

LazyTexan, you asked about peeing in the shower. I'm male, 18, and I have just about every day and sometimes twice a day since I was about 10. I would really have to concentrate NOT to pee in the shower, it's almost automatic, as soon as that warm water hits me, I HAVE to let it flow. If I take a dump in the toilet in the morning, I'll usually pee some in the toilet too, but even then I still pee some in the shower. My dumping schedule by the way is not too regular but I prefer to go right before I shower either at home or school so I can get really clean cause I used to HATE skidmarks in my briefs, and even though I wear boxers now, or sometimes nothing if I'm wearing jeans, I'm pretty much a clean fanatic.

I take a shower at home almost every morning and of course since I'm alone I don't worry too much about where the stream goes since it will all get rinsed down the drain. Sometimes if I'm feeling horny I'll piss on myself and maybe do some other things in the shower too :-), like I say it all goes down the drain. When I shower at school after gym with other guys around, I pee into my hand while I'm soaping up under the shower, no one can tell. I probably take 12 showers a week average, and I pee every time. I must not like peeing in toilets, cause after dark when no one can see, I'll pee out my bedroom window, it's on the second floor, and I pee out a dormer window onto the roof which leads to a gutter. Can't do that in daytime, cause my bedroom faces the street. I'll probably have to change my habits when I go to college next year, taking a whizz out a 10th floor dorm window might not be kool :-).

RJogger. Despite the lack of a name at the head of it, I recognised who your post came from! I liked your account of finding Kathy and Anne. Did you get see how much either of them had done before they flushed? I'd be interested to know.

Yvonne. Weeing in a carpark like you did is always a high risk strategy in the sense that people might see you. I certainly wouldn't recommend it. However, when you've got to go, you've got to go! Perhaps in future a sensible precaution might be to make sure you have a bucket and a large blanket in the car so that you can attend to urgent calls of nature discreetly if they occur. I know it's rather a personal question but do you go to the loo as a precaution before leaving home to go anywhere or do you leave things entirely to chance? Personally I'd advise paying a visit (preferably to go in both senses) before leaving home.

Diane-New York. I was sorry to hear about your bereavement with the destruction of WTC. Losing one loved one must be bad enough, but losing several even worse. I will try to remember you in my prayers.
So far as your story's concerned, I enjoyed it. I'm not surprised Tina and her friend spent such a long time on the loo after eating such an enormous meal. What goes in, must eventually come out! I was rather disturbed though by your comment that you can last for several days without doing #1 and weeks without going for #2. This is neither healthy nor wise. How it is that you don't have to do #1 several times a day is beyond my understanding. As for #2, I'd have thought you'd have done a panful even if you only went once or twice a week. It's important to look after yourself and I'd strongly advise going much more often for the good of your health.

KIRRI -- "she who does the laundry" has some serious issues. It was hardly your intention to go out with your mini skewed 90 degrees, and you showed your panties by accident -- to embarress you in public, then follow it with a physical beating in the presence of a male was tantamount to abuse. Folks on this forum know I'm a sticker-upper for young folks who get the rough end of their elders' temper, and this is no exception.

DIANE -- good God, words fail. There is nothing I can say except that I would pull the hole in on top of me and die on the spot if that happened to me. God save you and keep you,


Well, i just found this board, kool! I'm not into poop very much, but I am way into pee. I am a senior in high school, I'm 17, and I still wet my pants! Usually on purpose and when I am alone, but i have had a few accidents too, like in my Jeep when I get caught in a traffic jam. I just don't have very good control, especially when I'm sitting. I keep a jar in the Jeep to pee in, but sometimes I can't use it because I've taken the doors off the Jeep, and if there's a car next to me stuck in traffic, I can't just whip it out, and 3 times in the last year I had to just wet into my jeans or shorts and hoped nobody noticed, which they didn't. Except one of those times I had a friend in the car with me, but he swore never to tell anyone. It's pretty embarrassing because 17 is a little too old to wet your pants (lol) but I have to admit it felt pretty good. Each time it's happened I managed to get home and sneak in the back door without being seen. Good thing cause I can't ! imagine what Mom would say!

I peed my pants in school pretty often as a little kid, too shy to ask to be excused I guess, and once even in the 7th grade, but that was the last time, until last week! Yep, here's the headline: HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR, 17, WETS PANTS IN PHYSICS CLASS. Well, it wasn't really a headline, thank God, cause I'm pretty sure nobody saw what happened. It was the last class of the day, and I had been trying to hold it all day, cause I like the feeling, and cause I wanted to "show off" to other guys with a monster 60 second whizz at the urinals after class, but I guess I miscalculated. With 15 minutes left in the class I had my legs pressed together, and my left hand squeezing, but I felt myself about to lose it, and sure enough I did. I didn't look down, but I could feel the warm wet spot growing. I managed to shut it off, but I think it was 6 or 8 inches across. I decided to stay at my desk with my wet lap hidden while everyone else left. They took so long that another hot ! spurt came out as I was pretending to rearrange my bookbag. Thank God I had a pair of gym shorts in there!

After everyone finally left, I managed to get to the restroom, holding my bookbag in front, and went to a stall, and still peed for almost a minute! Now, the tricky part was changing. I had to take off my running shoes so I could get my jeans and my boxers off so I could put on my gym shorts. There are no doors on the stalls, and when I was bare ass naked except my tee shirt and white sox, a friend of mine came in, and he was like "What are you DOING, dude??" and I told him I was just changing into shorts because I was hot in my Jeep. He looked at me like I was crazy (which I am), cause it was like 50 degrees outside. But he never saw my wet jeans, so it doesn't matter what he thinks. I put my wet jeans and boxers in my bookbag, I'm sure that made my homework smell great, lol.

Hope some more peeps here post stories about guys who are desperate to pee or who wet their pants! Later!

To Diane - New York,
Hi. I'm sure I speak for every regular poster in being glad that you are safe and well. However, Louise and I were very sad to read of the loss of so many people so close to you. Louise (she is sitting beside me) and I would like to offer our deepest condolences. I must say I greatly admire your mental toughness - as you say, life goes on, but you should not have had to suffer this. Nobody should. Our thoughts are with you.

To Patsy,
Hello there, and thanks for the compliments - you are too kind. Likewise, you have my respect. I found your latest peeing story very entertaining, and thanks for saying you would allow me to watch. I'm sure it must be quite a spectacle.
As Louise said, it would be interesting to measure your urine flow rate. The best method I know for carrying this out is to use an empty bucket in which to initially capture the urine as you urinate, and then to transfer it to another marked container that can be used for measurement of volume.
Try this...
Initially start urinating in the bath. When you are at full blast, hold the bucket in place between your legs so you can catch your stream while you continue urinating for a period of 20 seconds. Then withdraw the bucket. Of course finish your wee in the bath if you wish. Transfer your urine to the measuring container and check the volume you have produced. Simply divide the volume in millilitres by 20, and then you have your peak flow rate. Louise's peak flow rate was around 38ml per second when we measured it. Mine was a pathetic 17ml per second. Give it a go, I would be interested to hear how you compare.

To Marge,
I'm glad to hear how well you are doing. The results so far are very good, and what's more, you are enjoying yourself urinating. That is excellent. Just be patient, and keep practicing as it takes time for your brain to rewire itself properly. I told you PV knows what she is talking about!

To Robby and Annie,
Wow! That was one top group wee/dump that you people all had together. I'm struggling a little to find time to write up the story a little gathering of Louise's friends and family that turned into anorther toilet party. I think yours rather puts it in the shade, but I think ours still needs telling for the benefit of those who appreciate being close to beautiful women who could piss for England.
Ha ha, yes, running while peeing. Only Louise's mother could think of trying such a thing. It was quite interesting to watch, and basically they were soaked in urine from the genitals downwards. It kept them giggling for some time afterwards.

To Julie,
Hi, sweetheart! Yes, I know you do mention your knickers rather a lot. My mother warned me about girls like you! Speaking of Louise and her teasing, there is a story I have not told. When I get time, I will, and I think you will probably like it.
On the subject of the 'lucky sightings', I've posted a few such incidents before you came to this site. I will try to cast my mind back, and just for you, I might tell them again.
I remember when I first started posting to the site that I mentioned those few times when Louise has wet herself when we have been out together at night. Probably the best one was when the passing taxi cab sounded its horn, startled a desperate Louise, and the shock caused her to very noisily flood her knickers and drench the long white dress she had on. Good thing it was a warm night!

To Kim and Scott,
Ha ha, good story from when you were 12. You've been a large log producer for a long time now. All a question of scale, of course, as when you were 12, you were still a growing girl as you pointed out! Also, thanks for your cyber red roses! Louise and I do appreciate your good wishes, and look forward to some more Spanish tales from us. We are short on time at the moment, so I hope you will be patient with us.
Take care now.

To PV,
Hi there, hope you are well. I have stuff to tell you in due course!

Bye for now,


ROBBY - Hi! Tell Annie I liked her nude beach story! LOL Was it the
first time Annie had a wee in front of Alan?

MARGE - Oh yahoo! Weeing while thinking that maybe your mum could hear
you. I think that is great!

PV - I do not have any real time to write any story tonight because
Steve and I have to go out, but well I just had my wee sitting down
on the toilet while he watched me. He wiped my puss like a gent, and
I held his willy for him while he had his wee. You know I think it is
easier for me to aim myself standing than I can aim his willy for him.


To Mark B - the guy on the tube - it was real for sure - that was a true accident and a good turn on for me. Half the joy was his trousers being tight and being able to see the outline of his pants and shirt and every little push prior to the big bulge. Once seen never forgotten

Hi Everyone,
Well, I took my dear cousin to the airport this morning. She is flying to New Jersey to see her mum and then on to the UK. Frankly, I am nervous with all of this war going on but she said everything wiil be ok. I had a marvelous birthday yesterday. There were a lot of people here. I was so touched as I read Annie's story. Yes, I had to use a hanky. I will include Annie in these posts as she has given her permission. It was 1970 and I had just gotten back from basic training. Annie was dating Alan at the time and she was over here visiting and had brought Alan along. Early one morning I had to go to the loo for my usual dump. I saw that the door was closed. I knocked and Annie answered in half a moan and a growl. She told me to come in. We were nervous because my parents and Alan didn't know about our loo bonding. I sat on the floor and rubbed her ????. She had already pushed out two whoppers and the third one was on the way. It snaked out of her bum and plopped into the b! owl with thud. She wiped and let me sit down. She stroked my hair as I weed and grunted. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Alan. Annie whispered;"Oh shit, what do we do"? I motioned for her to get into the shower. She pulled the drapes shut. I told Alan I was in here. He told me he had to poo fast. I was in mid-dump and said for him to come in. He was clearly embarrased and I finished quickly let him sit down. Now, Annie was still in the shower and here we all were in the loo at the same time. I left but stood by the door. Alan moaned and pushed out some liquid mess. It really stunk up the joint and that was remarkable because it smelled like a sewer when I got finished. I heard Annie stifle a laugh and I started chuckling. I guess Alan didn't hear because he was in so much distress. He released some more smelly poo and then wiped. He said thank you and asked where Annie was. I told him she probably had to go to the woodshed! At this Annie just couldn't help it. ! She let out a hoot and started weeing in the shower. Her night dress was soaked. Alan couldn't believe it all. His eyes were big as headlights. Later we sat him down and told him that this was all an accident and please
don't say anything to my parents or hers. A year later he was married to her. He then heard the real reason for that "accident". The story about their first poo together is in a post to PV. I went on to serve our country and came home to marry Susan.

PV: Hi gal! Actually it was Alan who had to be taught to poo on the beach. Don't worry, Annie has told me she had to tell me what to do many a time. Hope your adventures at the beach go well. Have a merry dump and wee!! Take care, Love from Robby and Annie.

LOUISE: Annie is so pleased to be included in your standup society. I told her I should be included, too, since I stand up to wee. She just told me to "bugger off",LOL!! As we have said, we enjoy your stories and speaking to you and Steve! Take care, Cheers and Love from Robby and Annie.

DIANE-NY: What a devastating situation. Annie and I wish to convey our condolences to you. Your friends Tina and Alex sound like they are giving a lot of support! Your story was wonderful. I know you will have the support of many people on this forum. Take care, Robby and Annie

JANE: Glad you got a chance to write. The story about the cheerleader was marvelous. You must have a very active loo with all of those ladies coming in and out. Hope you get your tests and if you don't mind Annie and I would like to know how they came out. Take care, Cheers from Robby and Annie.

Lucy: We really enjoyed your story. Take care, Robby and Annie

Mindy: I know when I was in school it was rather embarrassing to go back to class when everyone knew you took a dump. Sorry it was a painful one. Take care, Robby and Annie.

Dear RIZZO: Annie wants me to tell you she will be looking for those Honda knickers when she gets over to the UK. Also I want a boat with cups over the side so a lady can place her bum there safely when she needs to wee. Maybe with a seat belt,LOL! I am in an empty house, now! It is TOO quiet. I am having some neighbors over tonight, though. Both of us hope your wife's cystitis is better. We are thinking about you both. I can think of many baritones that could have sung "das lied" beautifully. It is a grand work. Take care, my dear friend! Love, Robby and Annie.

DEAR KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hello, my dear friends. How have you been? The house was so frantic that we couldn't have a morning wee/poo together. Annie wanted to. Oh well! Have you had any more loo adventures with Andrew, your friend Charlotte and your step-sisters? Annie said she will be looking for those blue Honda knickers. Take care, Much love, Robby and Annie.

GRUNTLY: We just want to say it will be a loss without you in here. Take care. Cheers from Robby and Annie.

Special hellos to: Rich and Kathy, Scott and Kim, SENORA Carmalita, Pat and Renee, LindaGS and Elena!! Cheers to all from Robby and Annie

Aboy- thanks for the complement about my story

Today I had an accident while I was reading online. I was reading and I felt like I had to poop. So I said to my self that I would get up in 10 minutes. After about five minutes I felt a fart coming on so I farted. Only it wasnít a fart it was solid poop. So I got up trying not to poop and went to the bathroom only my brother was in it taking a shower. So I said get out of the shower he said no. Just he said that I started to poop again so I said get out because I have to poop very bad. Little did he know I was pooping right then. Finally he said he would get out but by then I was already done. When he came out he got a whiff of my poop and he asked if I had pooped myself. I said no that i had only farted which was a lie but I didnít want my 15 year-old brother want to know that his 16 year-old brother just pooped my undies. So I went in the bathroom emptied my briefs, which werenít damaged to badly because the poop was solid. So all I had to do was wipe them out with wet ! wipes. I didnít put them back on I got a new pair of briefs on and I wash the old ones in the laundry.

Gals do you wipe when you're finished going to the bathroom

kim and scott
hello all!
TO DIANE from new york-hello diane. scott and I are very sorry you lost so much family when the world trade centers collapsed thats really terrible. scotts and my thoughts are with you and with the other families who lost loved ones in these terrible in god and he will guide you through this dear. be well.p.s -wasnt marenello the sister of your friend -michelle the bodybuilder?
TO ROBBY AND ANNIE-hello there. love your stories.thanks for the nice message back to us.
TO RIZZO-hello. thanks for liking my posts.and if you dont mind me asking what do you do that you travel so much?be well.
TO LOUISE AND STEVE-hello my friends. Is there anything you especially loved when you went to spain this time?In just plain sightseeing or peeing or dumping? did you see anything different this time around?.just curious .be well.
TO JOHN (VT) AND LOGGER-hello you guys. I hope that you are still out there enjoying my stories and other peoples stories!.be well.
I have one story to tell. days ago my parents had my bathroom totally redone!I got a new toilet,faucet and sink,shower and bath- the works.
when the bathroom was redone. I couldnt wait to have one of my massive logs in the toilet.doing this would really break my toilet in!haha. when my father had to go out on business,he took my mom with him. this left the house all to myself so I decided to call my boyfriend scott over.when scott came over in his blue sweats I led the way to my basement wearing my pink stretch top and pink thong bottoms. I had a pink headband around my head of long, golden blonde hairand was barefoot.when we got into the basement we lifted weights for two hours.after this we were very hungry so I fixed us a nice big chicken dinner. after we ate I felt an enormous motion coming on strong and told scott about it. scott smiled at me and told me he had to have a log too! I said "ok lets go upstairs to my bathroom and buddy dump on my new toilet seat".scott was so enthusiastic he picked me up off my feet and carried me upstairs all the way to the bathroom.when we got to the bathroom scott put me d! own.we quickly stripped nude as scott then sat on the bowl first while I sat on his lap,facing away from him.scott held me steady by the waist and held me tight as I put both hands on the back of my legs,bending both knees up to my chin. I like to crash out logs this way alot. I then started to push as my ring and butt-cheeks quivered excitedly and opened up real wide as a massive turd started to come out of my ass!I then looked down and saw scotts log growing bigger and bigger out of his ass also!"ooohhh baby! your log is sooo huge!" I cooed to scott as I saw his log and mine grow real big."dont be silly kimmie your log is a lot larger!" scott said with a laugh as I then heard scott goan as his great big log went slamming into the bowl with a big splash.scott got a major hard-on from doing this! I still had work to do in squeezing out my own log as I took a deep breath and squeezed real hard as my pussy quivered excitedly, ass throbbed mightily,and boobs wobbled greatly as! I exploded an enormous log from my quivering pink butt-hole into the bowl."WOW kimmie look at that enormous log you just passed!" scott said excitedly. and before I could say anything scott got the measuring tape and measured his log at 15 1/2 inches long. 2 1/2 inches thick. and my log at 19 1/2 inches long 3 inches thick.scott then let me wipe his ass as I let him return the favor as I knelt on the bathroom countertop kneeling and wiggling my ass at him as he wiped me clean too.we then tossed the used tissue in the bowl and flushed. scott and I then took a shower together . after this we put on our clothes and drove to a movie. hoped you liked the story. love,kim and scott.

Monday, October 15, 2001

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