Outhouse Scott: Yeah, those were all great scenes! I'd like to add the following:
"Head Over Heels" with Freddie Prinze. He plays a dude who is being investigated by 4 cute chicks. They get into his apartment while he is out. He returns and they hide behind the shower curtain in his bathroom. Not knowing they are there, he decides to take a dump. We see him sit on the crapper and the farting and plopping sounds are great and the stink overcomes the 4 hiding chicks. The movie sucks, but this is a great scene for toilet fans.
"The Brothers McMullen." Three brothers are involved. In one scene, the eldest deliberately walks in on the youngest while he is taking a shit. The youngest one protests, but his older brother tells him to give a mercy flush. He then tells him about his romantic troubles. At the end, the elder brother reminds the crapping brother to wipe himself.
"Final Destinations." Two young dudes (one played by Devon Sawa) are at the Airport waiting for a flight to Paris. They decide to go for a shit together to avoid using the plane toilets for that purpose. We see an aerial view of them shitting on adjacent crappers.
"Kiss me, Guido." Here a hunky young straight Italian dude rooms with a gay dude. The straight dude has to take a shit. We see him putting TP on the seat and sitting down, but unfortunately no good sound effects.
"The Basketball Diaries." Here the coach searches the restroom and walks in on the Mark Wahlberg character who is taking a shit. The dude protests, but the coach remarks that it smells like something has died in there.
There are others, but perhaps others can add for now. American Pie still has, as you say, one of the best shitting scenes because we see a lot and there are great farting and plopping sounds. I wonder if movies will ever go further than that?

Some Guy
Scott- I would probably replace Rumble in the Bronx with Operation: Condor. Although the woman in "Rumble in the Bronx" takes a while and it is more questionable about whether she's peeing or pooping, in "Operation: Condor" you can actually hear the sound of the lady's urine hitting the toilet. Good desperation scene. Plus the fighting was better. But that's why I like Jackie Chan: he kicks ass, and has had several women toilet scenes. I can't remember what other movies of his had female toilet scenes at the moment.

Traveling Guy
MONICA - From Muenchen, eh? One of my favorite places. You're so right, the relief you feel when you finally pee after holding it for a long time on the road is exquisite! One thing I like about your part of the world is that if you really have to go, you don't need to hold it until you get to a gas station or restaurant. You can just find some trees or bushes along the side of the road and no one else thinks twice about it. In fact, I'm surprised you didn't do just that. Maybe the weather was too cold or the traffic backup on the motorway made it difficult. Do you have any good Oktoberfest toilet stories for us? When all those fun-loving Bavarians let the beer flow, there always have to be some pee stories. Do tell, please.

Enjoy the weekend, all! I'm loving your posts.

DEL-I am 16, I don't know why it is so hard to hold in my poop. Maybe you should try it once its not that bad if it is solid.

Yesterday I pooped in my pants when I was watching a movie with my brother. I was ready for bed and so I was wearing a t-shirt and my briefs while I watched the movie, about half way through the film I knew I needed to go poop, I was lying on the floor in front of the TV and my older brother was sat on the sofa. A few minutes later my poo started coming out into my briefs so I squeezed my butt together and some broke off into my briefs and I managed to keep the rest in but after about 5 minutes it started coming out again and I did the whole lot in my briefs, the light was off luckily as otherwise my brother would have noticed a bulge in my briefs, at the end of the film I got up quickly and went to the bathroom and emptied my briefs into the toilet, then went back into the living room, my brother had turned the lights on now as the movie had finished. He asked me to get the video out of the VCR and as I did he noticed a brown stain on my briefs and pointed it out to me, ! he said, what have you done to your briefs I said I don't know I probably didn't wipe my butt properly or something, he said I ought to change them because if mom saw me wearing them she probably wouldn't be impressed. He said that he never gets stains that big from not wiping properly which is true, as I have seen the stains in his pants from where he leaves them when he takes them off.

Diane- New York
Hiya guys. Sorry I’ve been out for a while, but I have been going through many personal tragedies. I lost my mother, all my sisters, brothers, my husband, and sister in-law Maranello when the WTC collapsed. These past couple of weeks have been unbearable but I will persevere and keep striving on. Life is tough and I’m a tough person.

Well on to better news my two friends Tina and Alex moved in my house (with such a large house It, doesn’t make sense having 1 person living in it doesn’t it?). And these two have been having some pretty interesting poop adventures. Well anyway here it goes.

On Wednesday night, Alex and Tina were cooking a large meal that consisted of, rice chicken, beans, ham, and macaroni. When they were both cooking, I decided to go on a drive to cool my nerves. I was gone for about 3 hours driving nowhere. When I came back took my keys from my wallet and opened the door I nearly went dad. The smell was unimaginably horrible (You’ve got to smell it to believe it). So I walk in and demanded what the hell was that Smell! They both come in the kitchen Farting up a storm apologizing as I asked where the food was. They said they both had a feast. I said “Where did you put all that food? You two couldn’t have possibly eaten that much?” I was wrong. Not a crumb. By the time I got in it was 11:13pm. I was tired and depressed so I went to bed. Well about 11:45 I felt like taking a relaxing bath. So I went in the bathroom and I found Alex and Tina on the pot having a buddy dump. I said sorry guys didn’t know anyone was in here. I’ll! take my bath upstairs. Tina said its ok Dina (I don’t know why she likes to call me Dina. My name is Diane) take it in here. We wanna talk to you. So I agreed and prepared my bath. I switched on my radio to listen to the news so I wouldn’t get bored. I took of my robe and went. I was about to drift of to Sleep when I was awaken by a very loud fart. I open my left eye. And I see Tina pushing down hard. Then I hear another loud fart. Then a plop. Then Alex cut loose with a huge wet bubbly fart. And a turd of her own. Well, the time was 12:05 when I herd nothing but Turds dropping and dropping and dropping. Then I am disturbed by another wave of farts. Then Tina asked me How come I haven’t taken a shit yet. I replied don’t need to, I have a large capacity digestive system and can go 4 days without a number 1(well that’s if I don’t dip into the drinks) and 4 weeks without a shit. I’ve trained myself to have excellent control over my body. Then I see Tina wipi ng first, then Alex following just the same. They called me over to see this. I was so tired I rolled over the top to the toilet. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! What was this? My toilet was full. With unbelievably sized turds. There were 5 of them at least 25 inches. And 15 7-8 inchers. My toilet was full. I have one of those super powerful toilet flush things that flushes twice (very expensive and costly to operate but worth it) . Tina pushed it and the large ones were just sucked away. The 2nd flush took care of the smaller one easily. There was a shit load of skid marks. So Tina took a brush and Clorox and some comet and scrubbed it and flushed leaving behind very clean porcelain. After I finished my bath. They both asked if I wanted to play charades with them. I said are you mad! At this time? Its 2:02am and I got to go to work today for 6:00am. You know the deal, economy sucks, I’m losing money left and right. Thanks but no thanks I told them. ! And that was the end of my night or morning what ever you consider it.

Moderator- I’m getting a 404 not found when I try access the most recent link. A broken link or something?

Well its nice talking to you guys again and please everybody, take good care of yourselves please.


Hi everyone I went out in ahurry the other saturdayearly and when I got back mid morning who does the laundry got mad at me because of my loose mini sklirt I was wearing had a split up the back showing my my white knickers right at the back.
The sklit was meant to be at the side.
She said she would teach me and order my knickers off and got a pair orf dirty ones out the hamper wear I had badly browned up the seat indide.
She made me put them on inside out and the slit of the dress was still at the back and forced me to go out to the shops with her.
When I got back I was horrified how you could see the brown of my knickers on show to everyone and the looks I got had not been any wonder. When we got back I got a thrashing in front of my uncle

Hi, Laura:

I really-enjoyed your story, about your husband, and yourself,and you allowing him the high-honor and privilege, of watching you poop. How blessed he is, for being able to experience that! Can you give us a physical-description of yourself, as well as of him? Also, can you describe the dump you took in this story in detail. I mean, what color was the turd, how bad did it smell, what was the texture, how many wipes did it take, etc. How did it feel, coming-out, and what did you eat, that you think produced this "monster"?

Eagerly-awaiting your reply:


I did not really want to poo myself yesterday as I had a long way to drive but road works caused a 20 mile tailback on the A1 near Peterborough. I thought I might just make it to a hotel I lnow that hads toilets that you can just use without having to buy anything and they are always clean. Well I got the car park and that was all I could manage. I could hang on to my pee but the shit had to drop and drop it did- heavy and stiff. I pulled my cks as tight up to my botom as I could to stop the load swinging and made my way to the toilet. Walking down the corridor in front of me was another bloke about my age and he was holding a hand on his bottom. We went in together and stood at the urinal side by side. He said he was too late for the cubicle as he had messed himself and I laughed and said - me too. I guessed he was wearing boxers by the way he kept his hand on his bottom and I could see they were white because the amount showing over the top of his trousers. He said! it was just as well he only had to get to his room on the first floor and asked me if I wanted to go up with him to clean up. I went. It was a great room with a good shower and we undressed carefully tipped our poo down the pan out of our pants and put them in a soapy sink of hot water. We were both very obviously excited by what we had done and so went to shower together and clean each other up and then I think I have to pull a shower curtain around the rest of what we did to keep the moderator from blushing!

JEFF A - Please write to us. Steve and I are a bit worried about you.
Steve asked me to say something to you because he can not get time over
this weekend to write. I miss you too! Love Louise xxxxx

PATSY - Hi girl! Thank you for writing a letter to Steve, he will like
your peeing story a lot. He is just so busy right now but I will see
he reads it. I bet he likes how you used to crap for that guy as well.
I liked your story too. Steve bets you are competition for me as a
champion pisser! Well have you ever measured how much you can piss in
one go? The most I have measured is 1.2 litres but maybe I can do a
bit more than that.

CARMALITA - Hi!!!! Next time I send a letter to you, you will be a
married woman!!! I was wondering why Steve said to me one night that
he liked my sandy stripe! Now I know what he meant (blush). Hey when you
and Jake are married, will you still be telling Steve about your weeing
in the bathtub? And your stripe too? giggle

RENEE - Look after Carmalita the night before! Jake will look after her
the next night!

KENDAL - Hi! No nobody can beat my mum at weeing. Not possible. Well I
will have to have another go because I made a mess of trying last time.
LOL If we have divisions in the WSPC then my mum is the Premiership
champion you know. Different urinals to stand at for the different
divisions LOL.
No we are all one big group in the WSPC with no ranking and stuff. All
that is needed is to have stood for a wee and enjoyed it. Just one
long urinal!

JULIE - Hi!! I will tell Steve you have written to him and yeah, he is
gorgeous. He is my height 5 feet 9 but he is really physically fit,
just nice muscle tone and definition with good shoulders and nice firm
6 pack and bum. He goes on about my figure but I must talk about how nice
he is too. A lot of good looking guys really fancy themselves but he is
just like, really nice, you know? It is all that Kung Fu training he does.
My single friends wish they could meet men just like him, and I feel
really lucky.
Hey I sometimes get to see guys pee in the street but it like, often
from the back, you know? I was with Steve once when we went round a
street corner and I saw this guy weeing against the wall. I could see
the end of his dick and his jet squirting out. I see most of my
peeing guys on the beaches in Spain. Hehehe I was just thinking of
the time in Spain when I held Steve's dick right up so he did this
big arc right into the air. LOL it made two girls walking near giggle.
Hey on the beach with my mum and sister when we were kids, we just
needed to go. I bet you would have been able to do it even in broad
daylight like that. It was exciting and daring!
Hehehehehe I am just thinking about your mum answering the door with
her knickers down because she was just going for a wee. It makes me
giggle a bit more because I am thinking as well about how Steve walked
into our bathroom once when my mum had no knickers on and was having
a standing wee into our toilet. He was embarrassed because he had not
seen my mum with no clothes on back then. She has a really good figure
and looks really young. Love Louise x

ANNIE - Welcome to the WSPC! Stand with us! LOL
Hey I am still laughing at how you squirted on Robby like that!


ANNIE -- Yes indeed, 13 in one trip to the beach, mostly subtle, though some were fairly outrageous. I'm aiming to start dumping at the beach this summer! hey, that was a wonderful account of you showing Robby how it's done with a delightful opening in the dunes. I guess it goes back to the oldfashioned nonsense about women being obliged to be modest in all things, but women are far from bashful when asserting themselves. Feels good, eh?! Oh, and I'm sure we would be more than delighted for you to take part in a distance contest!

KENDAL -- We could have four divisions in the WSPC league, and maybe internationals! GRIN! The Annual General Meeting would be a major event in a hotel someplace, with a massed peeing line-up to determine club champions. Hey, it would be a weeing tournament! Sigh -- feeling a bit silly here -- and why not, darling, it's fun!

THE CARMALITA GANG -- PATSY, hi grrl! That was a hefty piece of work in the tub, and a lovely hug on the pot after, I envy you gals! Be assured, I'll post the good news as soon as it happens, and the weather will be at beach warmth in the very near future! MALITA -- You said: "The only difference is, I'd be watching your face. With the people I love, I tend to want to look them in the eyes." Well, mine are thinking of passing a little fluid of their own, as that line speaks volumes. Thank you, my dear friend. It is wonderful to be appreciated, and to be welcome in such intimate ways. And please convey a hug from me to Jake too, for his wonderful comments -- I'm quite overcome here!

MARGE -- I'm so glad you're getting results, those positives are the most valuable things in the whole process! What else can you do? Pee standing up in the shower, while the water is running comfortably just let your bladder go, it's easy. And as you feel more confident, you can use your fingers to open your lips a bit and direct your stream for a bit of fun. You can pee in the bathroom sink too, and how about in a container? These are all good ways to break the patterns. Keep an icecream container someplace far from the bathroom and fill it when you're home alone -- just the strangeness of doing it in places that are very unusual serves to further break the cycle. You're doing well -- keep at it!

Cheers to all,


Robby and Annie
Hi Folks,
Well, Robby's post didn't make it and I have asked him to write it again. It is true and a scream!

(Robby)- Well, here goes! I was in London singing and Susan(my wife) and the girls came with me. Alan, Annie, and their tribe came to London to see the production. They came to the hotel and we all went to eat. We were back in the suite and Susan suddenly whispered something to Annie and the girls,(Annie's and mine). Well, they all paraded to the loo. They shut and door and I said to Alan;"This, I've got to see." We crept to the door. We heard laughing on the other side. I pushed open the door and there was a sight to see. Annie and Susan were in the shower weeing up a storm. Two girls had their jeans and knickers down and were hanging their bums over the side of the tub! They were blushing and weeing at the same time. The smallest two of the girls (they were in their teens at the time) were back-to-back on the pan and both were weeing and straining. Now we just stood there with our mouths open. The girls on the pan suddenly grunted and pushed out two logs. This was going ! on while all the other hell was braking loose. Susan and Annie howled with laughter and Alan and I applauded! Oh yes, the boys were in shock! They couldn't believe it.
The next night they applauded me and I shall never forget that or the buddy wee/dump of all time. At least in our family! I hope this gets in.

KENDAL: We didn't mind that we told the story to your wonderful online sister. It is a great story. You are so wonderful to Andrew. I never combed Annie's hair or she mine. That is a nice touch. Give our love to Andrew. Love, Annie and Robby

Annie and I have to run!! We will post more tomorrow!

HELLOS TO: Rich and Kathy, Rizzo, PV, Jane, Erin, Steve and Louise, Carmalita and all of the other posters. Cheers and Love, Annie and Robby

Just a short note. We couldn't access the recent back posts so we thought that Robby's post about the ladies loo bonding didn't make it. Today we finally accessed the recent posts and the original was there. The story is in here twice. Sorry about that, Mr. Moderator. We are on the run(Not the runs,LOL) so we will post later. Cheers and love to all. Robby and Annie

Hi everyone!!

Annie is gone with the girls shopping. They didn't want me to come along, wink, wink! They are up to celebrate with their "old man". Annie told me she wanted to post tomorrow (Sunday). I can't see it before it is in the forum. This is my story for today. As we have said, Annie and I went to the same school in England. One morning we were up getting ready and her mum was in the kitchen and her father was reading the Times. I was in the tub and Annie came running in, pulled her PJs down and slammed her bum on the seat. Her face got read and she strained and grunted. I had never heard such animal sounds. GRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO. My god, it sounded like a werewolf. I asked if I could help and she just glared at me. I know an animal that is in pain is an animal crazed. Well, she got this determined look on her face and bent over nearly to the floor! Her arse was sticking up in the air and I could see it all. The monster log slowly exited her bum. As i! t inched out, she huffed and puffed. She did a final werewolf imitation; uuuuuuhhh,uuuuuuh, uuuuuuh,uuuuuuuhhhhhaaaawwwww! The piece finally dropped. It was the longest thing I had ever seen drop from a human being. She peed and peed. By that time I had gotten out of the tub and had toweled off. She was sitting there shaking and then pushed 3 smaller pieces out. I was holding her hand and she asked me to wipe her. I took the tissue and wiped her very carefully. She finally sighed and kissed me on the forehead. We both went to our rooms and got dressed. When we got to the table her father wanted to know what all the noise was about. We just looked at each other and Annie told him she and I were doing animal imitations for the school play. He and her mum just nodded and shrugged. I nearly couldn't keep my face straight. It was a hoot!

LOUISE: I really enjoyed that story!! I KNOW Annie will want to respond. Running while peeing. I have done that before but only in desperation. Give my regards to Steve. Cheers from Robby

SCOTT AND KIM: We have always enjoyed your adventures. You, Kim, will have something in common with Annie because she poops some real whoppers sometimes. Both Annie and I will enjoy swapping adventures with you. Cheers from Robby

JULIE: WE have enjoyed your stories, too. Annie will respond, too.
Cheers from Robby.

I will let Annie finish this tomorrow! HELLOS TO: Kendal and Andrew, Rizzo, PV, Jane, Rich and Kathy, Erin, and all of the other posters. Hello, my friends,

I am taking a break from preparations for Robby's birthday party. He and the girls are at church. Since this is a special day I will tell a story that is special to me. I may need a hanky for this.
It was early 1999 and Robby's wife had just passed away. I was still staying with Robby and the girls to support them. His father had gone back to his home. Robby and I were sifting through the legal papers and other things of Susan's. We came upon a picture of us when we were teenagers. It was a silly thing but Robby looked at me and I knew that look. I said; "come on, lets have a go". He smiled and nodded his head. Mind you, we hadn't done any loo bonding for a long time. I went first. I sat on the bowl and began to wee. Robby just sat on the edge of the tub and held my hand. I then farted a hugh one and felt a log inch out of my bum. Robby applauded and said;"come on,gal"! It finally fell into the bowl with a big PLOP! I pushed again and several small ones came out. I gave the tissue to Robby and he wiped me. It was his turn. He sat and grunted UUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! He farted and it was a smeller. I just about fainted. He laughed and put his head on my shoulder. He pus! hed and pushed. A series of small balls fell out plop,plop,plop, plop! He sat and told me how special this was! Whew! Hanky time! Well, he let me wipe him. We walked out and spent the rest of the afternoon remembering our toilet and other adventures we had with Susan. It was a very special moment. One that would repeat itself 5 months later when my husband suddenly died. Well, I dont'want to get too mushy, here. This will probably be my last post until I return the 31th of October. Please be nice to dear Robby. He will regale you with more adventures. Cheers and Love from Annie

Louise and Steve: That was a wonderful story you told about you and your mum. I have never weed and ran at the same time unless it was out of desperation. I must try it sometime. Glad you two are fine. I will be back, soon! Love from Annie!

Laura: Welcome to the forum. Isn't it wonderful to keep that little secret to yourselves? Robby and I hope this leads to many more times in the loo!!
Cheers from Annie.

Kim and Scott: I enjoy every one of your stories. I am glad someone, other than I, can push out monster logs!! It can hurt sometimes but It is a great relief to get it out!! Cheers from Annie and Robby

Kendal and Andrew: That was a marvelous story about Andrew's morning poo. I am glad it was sedate and simple. As Robby said, I have never combed his hair while he was on the bowl. That is a nice touch. I will be back in the forum on the 31st of October. I will be in England for about 2 weeks. It is my country and while I will be elated to be with Robby here in the U.S., I will miss the UK. Take care and give Robby a "grrrrr" when he needs it! Much love from Annie.

Monika: Welcome to the forum. That was a long time to hold your wee. It was a great story. Keep them coming. Cheers from Annie and Robby

HELLOS AND AU REVOIR to: Jane, dear Rizzo, PV, Senora Carmalita, Pat and Renee and Rich and Kathy. To all others on this forum, too! I shall return!! CHEERS FROM ANNIE

Vox Anus
Then there was the time when I did more than fart, I did a follow-through. For the uninitiated who have no conception of
what a follow-through is, please let me explain.

Sometimes when you fart, you let pooh through, because you are a bit loose or straining just that bit too hard. It
normally comes out in the form of diarrhoea, and is very messy and a damnable nuisance when it happens. You can always
tell because you feel something wet and sticky in you bum crack, like lumpy gravy. So you find a quiet spot to investigate,
like a toilet cubicle, assuming one is handy. You drop your trousers, this is very important. Then your worst fears are

So you use up tons of bog roll trying to clean it up, and then realise that rubbing cloth with bum wipe just makes it
break up into little powdery pieces that stick there and make a nasty mark, so accentuating the problem by drawing
attention to it, and making it look worse.

A word of warning, do not put a little pad of toilet paper in the gusset of your drawers, in the vain hope that it will
protext your pants from your dirty, filthy old bum hole. Not only does the paper move around, however well you place it,
but the chemicals in the loo paper can irritate your anus and make it hurt like mad, a proverbial pain in the bum.

Yes, follow-throughs are one of those things you can just do without. What could be worse? Well, I'll tell you. I was
just coming through the gate onto the path at my house when I felt a trickle of warmness and stickiness come out my
bum. So I beetled indoors and had a look in the toilet, expecting a hell of a mess. Imagine my surprise when I wiped behind
expecting poop but instead it was blood! Now that was worrying, because any bleeding from the rectum can indicate a
serious problem. What had happened was that a bubble of blood had burst just instead, having built up from a fissure or
haemmarhoid that lay dormant in there biding its time. There was very little trouble after that, and I went to the doctor,
because you should always seek medical help for something like this. The doctor said that it was alright, that it would
clear up in a couple of weeks on its own, and that I was lucky, because the blood was bright red (i.e. new or fresh). If
it was dark, or old, it indicates cancer. Phew! Well there you go, I got off lightly that time.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone and glad to be back!

Just been away for 2 weeks and today have had a good long read through and catching up on all the posts.

As the day before I left, I wasn't feeling too good, and felt apprehensive about being on holiday with strange and problemmatical bowel habits; today I'm able to report perfect health as regards going to the toilet!
While I was away, I had some difficult days, eg. taking a very long time on the toilet trying to go and not producing much and feeling sore and uncomfortable afterwards, but several times, today included, I had the urge to shit, sat on the toilet, and within a short time, was pushing out really big soft easy turds, and felt relieved, comfortable, empty and with a fairly clean anus! Great! To be able to do impressive turds with no pain during or after, and know I've done for the day!
So, what's missing? A loud satisfying plop! Anyway, it looks at last like after so long, something's going right with my gut, and so it must be that the psyllium husks dosage is having its effect.
Some days, my turds really surprised me in their appearance; large, light coloured, shaped differently from what I can remember doing before, but today's were classic large turds that I'd be glad to show off, so things are really looking up.

MATTHEW mentioned taking psyllium husks also, and that it takes a lot of TP to wipe up after. Well, with me, I've been needing to use a lot less TP after my shits when they've been really big and soft, so it looks like it all depends on the individual again.

HARD TURD GUY, It's great to work on a hard knobbly turd and be able to keep pushing and pulling it back in until you decide to drop it in the pan with an almighty splash- AS LONG as it doesn't hurt or make you sore afterwards or cause piles or make you feel like the bowel's sticking out. I've had similar problems with even small but constipated turds, so to avoid having a rough time on the toilet, but too loose a motion, it seems the best plan is to monitor exactly what you're eating, and gradually modify your diet but don't go overboard on too much fibre like it seems I did!
Hope you soon get to produce exactly the type of shit you want to do, and that you feel comfortable and healthy. Make sure you drink enough water, and not too much fluid that has dehydrating qualities such as tea, coffee or alcohol.
Let's know how you get on.

JACOB G. Hi there! I too used to record myself on the toilet in my late teens, and was very careful to keep the tapes safe, but always felt uneasy about mislaying them! There were several I did that I was really proud of and would listen to them while on the toilet and wishing for some aural inspiration!
At the time I had no idea there might be others with similar interests so it was a rather lonely pursuit.
I have thought of taking a cassette recorder with me to public toilets, but wouldn't want the hassle of editing out all the unwanted sounds and the long silences.
I like the idea of these recorders that are activated by sounds, but that would mean that all the interesting sounds happening in a toilet, would be missed, if preceeded by silence and the actual plop sound was what activated it.
I remember seeing in an adult comic in Britain, ads for tapes of people farting, so there may be tapes of people shitting, but I'd want to know what sort of person I'm listening to!

MIKE, great encounter with those friendly young military guys in the toilet and with you being able to see the action and hear the loud
plops and see one of them wiping his arse. Wish I'd been there in the queue to have a good shit myself and have an interested observer!
Another example of what I call Toilet Heaven!

BRAD, I always hope to be able to push a door open with some fit guy on the toilet, but have you ever had someone open the door and see you on the toilet at precisely the moment you drop a loud plop? I bet you enjoy it if you do as would I! It certainly reminds anyone what you're doing as well as possibly impressing them with the sound!
I'd love to hear all about the times when you've been seen and heard and enjoyed embarrassing or impressing another guy as you sit there with thigh muscles covering the toilet as you drop one or do a loud fart!

LAWN DOGS KID, Hi! Sorry you that the girls held their noses and laughed when watching, hearing and smelling you on the toilet!
Watching a young guy on the toilet should be done with respect, admiration and excitement, so hope you didn't feel a figure of fun, although I know Kendal appreciated and enjoyed being in there with you and she's very forunate to know when to expect you to do your shit.
You certainly drop a lot of individual turds by all accounts! Great to have a lot of plops per session! My average when I'm in really good working order seems to be about 15 plops per session, but rarely do I hear as many as that when I hear other guys in toilets.

Someone was saying about having dropped such a big turd in someone's toilet, that she tried for ages to break it up with the toilet brush.
I would suggest that a knife would be a good thing to have behind the toilet for this purpose in one's own bathroom, as long as care was always taken after to wipe it and disinfect it after use, but an old knife would be the best way of reducing the size of a large turd and much more efficient than a toilet brush.

While I was away on holiday, at one place I had to use a public toilet where there is a cashier in a booth outside and the ladies' and gents' toilets are either side.
With a charge of 20p to enter, there aren't too many people using them, but I heard 3 guys using, in turn, one of the 2 cubicles as I was in the other. One thing I really liked was that it was SO quiet in there, that you'd be able to hear the crackling sound of turds inching their way out if the guy next door was having that sort of shit, there being no urinal flushing or other noises to spoil things.
I did hear a young guy about 25 sit on the toilet, and after about 2 minutes, one loud plop followed by a long pause, with just a fart at the end. Not a great toilet for very loud plops, although I did get my arse splashed a few times so hope he did as well, but I enjoyed sitting on the toilet he'd been warming with his arse straight after he'd gone and it was a great sensation!

That's it for today, All best wishes for happy healthy toileting! P P G

Hello dear friends of the toilet!

Gruntly Bogwell, your stories are of the best here. I find it such a pity that you intend to stop posting and I consider that a big loss for us all. You must have very strong reasons for your decision, because I always had the impression that writing your stories gave you as much, if not more enjoyment than the experience itself! Like a wine taster swilling a mouthful around his mouth, you seemd to have rolled your thoughts around in your mind, thereby carefully choosing your words for a most amusing effect. I just love your stories! I should seek them all, print them, and bind them as “A Collection of Short Stories for the Bathroom Bookshelf” by Gruntly Bogwell. Just to keep loo-goers happy. I wish you luck and all the best. Cheers from Rizzo.

Hello Kendal, my dear niece! Thanks a million for your smoothest of hugs! That was a real treat for me, and saved my weekend! Because I’m on assignment until late in the days to come, won’t be able to read here much for the next couple of days, and on top of it all, my dear wife is ill (cystitis, it hurts, high fever, antibiotics, drinking a lot of special herb tea, peeing more than plenty), so it will my turn to take ccare of the household. I can do that, no problem. Anyway, I think she is getting better already. It is sweet of Kate to arrange for your special Honda Super Blackbird blue panties. With those you need never to be embarrassed if they show!!! So here’s my hug (a bit scratchy, I’ve been up since seven in the morning, and it’s Saturday evening) and a cuddle to keep you happy, love from your Uncle Rizzo.

High Annie and Robbie! Thanks for your sea story about Robby flying off the loo. I bet you all laughed! So did I! And then Susan trying to wee over the side too. The trouble with weeing over the side is that you should do this on the lee side, or you pee will be blown against your bum and all the way up your back! But even on the down wind side eddies of wind can be hazardous. On my boat the loo is mounted on the starboard side, so when sitting on it (no standing pees allowed, but kneeling is ok) you face the wash basin mounted opposite. It is not possible to use the head with the door open, because the door from the main cabin opens to close the potty from sight, like a cupboard. The “passage” from the head to the fore cabin is open, no door (I haven’t made one yet, probably never will). There’s a shower curtain though, which can be drawn across the “door” opening. So a conversation between somebody lying in a forward bunk with another person on the loo is easy. In a sea! way you can hold on to two wooden handholds when perched on the bowl, to prevent yoursself from flying off. However, water in the bowl, with or without your contributions, tends to splash up against your bum in such conditions. It is truly adventurous! For peeing over the side my boat has been called a “ladies’ boat” by my wife, because of the bulwarks and side decks all round with a wide teak cap rail to sit on. Face amidships, hold on to the handrail on the coachroof and shove your bum out under the lifelines to let your thighs rest on the comfy teak rail, then pull the stops! It would be possible to seat six to each side for a buddy multi-pee session!!! Alas, I have not witnessed that yet. Only single or double female wees.
You asked who the singers were to “DasLied ..” . I cannot say, have to see if I can find the program. I can only say that I have a recording with a tenor and a mezzo soprano voice. What we heard was a baritone instead of a mezzo soprano, and he was truly wonderful to hear. One of the best, I was told.
This might give you a clue.
Take care, enjoy yourselves, love from Rizzo.

Gina, that was truly an awful experience, but writing about it here must surely make you feel better! I just hope that the girls who laughed at you realise, that it could be one of them in the same predicament next time! They probably laughed because they were so glad that it wasn’t them, not because they wanted to make fun of you (I hope). Keep up posting! Take care!

Laura, that just shows how “toilet bonding” can spice up a marriage! I do not know if marriage counsellors suggest such a thing, but I think that they should, don’t you? Cheers!

OK folks, have a good one! Cheers to all from Rizzo

Mark B
Hi Everyone.
I don't get to read this site very often these days. Lots of good stories recently.

Adam - I loved your story from a month or two ago (page 702) about a guy on the tube (London Underground) pooing in his pants right in front of you at eye level. I use the tube regularly and people are often crowded very close together. Do you think he did it deliberatley or was it a complete accident? I bet he didn't know he was doing it right in front of somebody who appreciated what he was doing.

Bryian - When I was a teenager (a long time ago) I used to sometimes watch my behind in a mirror when I did a poo. It was a big turn-on, especially when the hole suddenly opened up and a big poo would push out. I used to sometimes put off going to the toilet so I could save it up and do a bigger one when I really had to. It was also exiting trying to hold it in and to put off going. But I never put it off too long and never accidentally did it in my pants.
I wrote about this before on this site a year or two ago.


Sunday, October 14, 2001

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