today at this club at school my freiend went for a poo so iwent just after him and saw he had left skidmarks so i had a poo in that toilet ontop

Kara M.
Cool site! I'm so glad to find a place where people are so honest. Ive been reading through the posts the past few days and wouls like to contribute. I'm a 15 yearold female in case your wondering. I like this kind of stuff alot and have no problem sharing. I had a good poop today after school. I could feel the urge to go on my way home. As soon i got home i went to the downstairs toilet pulled my pants down and sat. I peed and pooped and it felt good.

hey guys does anyone enjoy pooping standing straight up? I started trying it a few days ago. had two really good attempts. the first didn't work as well because my poop was the soft kind so it made my but really dirty and it took eight wipes or so to get it clean. the decond time my stools were firm and i really had to push and strain to get the turds out they must have been an inch and a half or more around if the hadn't broken to peices upon comming out the whole turd length would have been a foot and a half! i used to have to strain all of the time. because i was constipated all the time. and to make matters worse i only felt the urge to go every 3 days or so. when i was little my mom worried about me since i had those habits from day one. she used to have to stick supositories up my but to make me go. and when i did go i overflowed an entire diper. it's kinda cool the way it feels comming out when you go standing the way it just slides thrrough both cheeks and t! hen goes plop in the bowl. th eonly bad thing is depending on your height and the force that it its the water with you may get splashed on your tushy.
to carmalita:
wow i absolutly loved your bachlorete party. man for girls peeing on newspaper and then having a poop contest. just curious where in the house did you do it and how hard was it to clean up?
to brilly and kev:
cool poop stories have you guys ever stopped up a toilet from going one on top of the other in the pot?
well more later

I'm new to this site but have been reading the posts for about a week. I finally have a story of my own to share that took place this past Sunday:

My husband and I were getting ready for church when I suddenly felt a strong urge to poop.....even though we've been married a couple of years we've never seen each other on the toilet. I excused myself from the breakfast table and headed into the bathroom followed by our dog....sometimes she'll go in the bathroom and sit next to us when using the toilet...not sure where she picked that habit up from. Since the dog was in there I left the door open a crack so she could get out if need be, I pulled down my black slacks and pale green panties to my knees and sat down, I let out a small fart first followed by a river of pee.......I must have peed a good 2 minutes!!! The dog decides shes had enough and pushes open the door and leaves, the door is open pretty wide now and I'm still dribbling out pee so can't get up to shut it. After about 5 minutes my husband walks by and peeks in the open door to find me seated on the toilet and says "Sorry, Laura I didn't know you were sti! ll in here." His face was beet red and I thought that was the cutest thing....I wasn't embarrassed at all that he was looking at me and I even invited him in to watch me poop. He blushed and thought I was crazy at first but after some coaxing decided why not.

We were talking and I leaned forward and started to strain......he asked if I wanted privacy and I said, "No darling just hold my hand while I push." He did and after some good grunts my poop fell into the bowl with a loud SPLAT!!!!!! I was a bit sweaty and tired from this monster I just pushed out and my husband held my hand the whole time and even asked if he could wipe me...I said oh yes that would be great. We both took a look at what I had poop must have been a 12 incher!!!! He says: "My goodness, Laura how long have you been saving that thing?" After he carefully wiped me I pulled up my panties and slacks, we washed our hands and headed out the door for church. What an experience!!!!...I think this just added some more fun to our marriage!!! I can't wait to poop for him again and hope he'll do the same for me. We both had large grins on our faces during the entire church service...we saw a few friends of ours who kept looking at us, curious as t! o what we were smiling about....if only they knew.

Peace All Laura :o)

i have figured out a way to see my gf, and gauge her familiarity with such matters. i will get her to my house when no one else is around, then take all the toilet paper, kleenex, and such out of the bathroom. I wait until she has to go to the bathroom, wait a minutes, then say, hey, is there any toilet paper in there?
she'll say no
and i'll say, would you like me to bring some into you?
yes, she'll say
i'll bring in a sheet or two, and hopefully that won't be enough, if she had a bm, so i'll have to come back with more... but, if done properly, i could see her poo, or wipe... if she let's me

Billy and Kevin L.
Last night, Kev was getting ready for his shower. I just got out and was drying myself. Jeremy was brushing his teeth. Josh was sitting on the toilet pooping and Kev was on the little potty. A friend of my brother's brother Mike's was studying with him. She is like 16 and real cute. She said she needed to go to the bathroom. Kev finished wiping and got up. He dropped a big load, four pretty big turds. I was about to tell her to use the guest bathroom when she sat on the little potty. She said she uses her little brother's when her sisters on the toilet. Kev got in the shower, I brushed my teeth while she went. She peed for about 30 sec. Then she farted real loud and you could hear some crackling noise. I said are you ok? She said yeah. Jeremy went to bed. I told Josh I would be back in a minute, went to our bedroom, put on my PJs and came in to help him. JOsh was finished when I came back in. She was squatting over the potty, but still going. He had one of those poops when you! pass little turds like one every 30 seconds. On the bottom of the toilet there like 100 little turds. He wiped like 5 times and said check me. I had him bend over and his butt hole was clean. He brushed his teeth and went to bed. My brother's friend got up and washed her hands. I said do you feel better? She said yeah, that was a big one. She said she goes once every 5 days or so. I looked at the potty and said, well at least when you go, you really go. She said yeah. She got on the big toilet, wiped herself. THen she emptied the container into the toilet and flushed. Mike came in to see how she is doing. When he saw her emptying the turds, he said that I should do that. She said that they were her poops and it is not a big deal. He said, wow, usually the 7 of us (we are 7 brothers total) don't poop that much out in the morning. She smiled and siad when I have to go I have to go. It went strait down, but left a lot of streak marks. It look like she dropped about 5 turds, 12 i! n long. And the turds were so much that they came above the level of the seat on the little potty, which must be why she was squatting rather than sitting. She washed her hands after josh btushed his teeth. Mike sat down on the toilet while Kev brushed his teeth after his shower. Kev said to Mike if you get married, you will need one of those high flush toilets, if you know what I mean. Mike said, she does drop a load. I waited for Kev to get ready while Josh and Jeremy went to bed. Mom and dad came in to tuck them in while Kev got dressed. Mike's girlfriend came in and looked at Mike on the toilet and said, come on Mike, we have history to do. HE said, give me a couple of minutes. She left and went back to the study were they were working. We went back to the playroom because we had about 1/2 hour before we had to go to bed. Mom went to talk to Mike abut have female guests in our bathroom while we are showing and stuff. I heard her say that female guests have to use the gues! t bathroom. When we went to bed, Mike's turds were there. I had to poop, so I pooped out 3 little turds. Kev had to go again and dropped two small turds. Then Josh came in. He had to poop too. He was dropping more of those little turds. We washed our hands and went to bed. He came in in about 3 minutes after washing his hands. I think he forgot to wipe his butt, because when he got ready for school this morning, there were a lot of streak marks on his PJs.


Today i was in my math class wich is around 11:00 so only a part of the way through my day, when i felt the need to crap, and i knew that i just couldn't wait till the end of the day. So i decided that i would go in my lunch period which was next. So when lunch came around i decided that i would go in the begining of the period and then just come in late, and tell my freinds that i was just doing research or somthing. Cuz it's kinda emmbarrassing and i didn't want anyone to know. So anyway i went in and the seat was to gross to sit on, oh and for some odd reason the bathrooms don't any doors on stalls(that will be important later). so back to the no sitting thing. because i couldn't sit i decide that the only way to do it would be to take off my pants and strattle the seat bend over and let it out. I kindda had the bad feeling that it was gunna be diharea but i kknew i had to let it out. so anyway i started doing that. and the diharea just shot out. i just glanced behind me! , and saw that it was all over the walls, and very little in the toliet. I decided hell it was alread really messy so why not complet the job. so i gave one more hard push, and it shot out but there was only a little bit left in there, and i could feel that the stream was getting closer and closer to my legs (Garose right) so i had to push harder and harder. In this proces i was pushing so hard that my bladder just let loose, and the pee ran all over the floor and down my legs. I was so suprised by all this that i forgot to keep pushing, so the diharea was also running down my legs. At this point i was standing i a pile of kinda chunkey diharea piss concotion ( i will also remind you it was all down my legs) So to say the least i was frozzen with suprise, and my heart was just thumping in my cheast like you would not belive. I was just about to start cleaning up this huge mess on the floor and on me. Then i heard all of my freinds come in(probably to do there make up. At this! point i just froze hopeing that no one would come over. To say the least it reaked ass in there. So my freind Ashly (she's acctually kinda a slut)but anyway she told laura to go check what reaked so bad. So there i was standing in diharea and piss straddling the tolite and my best just sees me like that, and starts laghing, so then the rest of my freinds came over, and saw me. So i started to blush and i was all sweaty. So there they stood laghing and shaking there heads for like 5 minutes, and there i stood just standing there not doing anything, uhhhh i don't know what i was doing. As if that wasn't bad enough about 2 minutes after they left the bell rang. So i ended up smelling like crap piss and BO and looking pretty bad, and i had to walk into my next class 10 minutes late. This is when my teacher said "what happend to you did you shit your pants" and the whole class started laughing. All i can say is that this was the woest day of my 14 years and i am glad that it is ov! er. (tommarow will be the second worst).

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post. It feels good to have support. Just reading the posts here makes me feel better. A couple of you asked questions so I gues I'll answer them.

somekindofchick-I drink lots of water till the point where I have no control. It's not as hard for me to pee.

CJ-I don't fart in front of my family. I do the same things you do to avoid that sort of thing.

I just got through having a bad constipated poop. I havn't gone in several days and it took a half hour to do. It feels much better having that out of me. The next time I need to poop I'm going to try and not hold it and just do it when I need to.

One more time during the school year. I was allowed to stop and play in the park after school until my mom come to pick me up, then I was to go home. One day I was walking home and noticed that I had to poop. I could have easily made it home, but the lure of the park was there, so I decided to stop and play and just poop my pants if it came to that. So I played on the swings and slides until a single soft little turd slipped out. The second one was bigger and I was starting to feel uncomfortable with poop in my pant, so I decided to go home and finish the job on the toilet. I started to walk out of the park and down the street, but the pressure in my abdomen was too much. My ten-year-old mind decided that since I had already officially pooped my pants, the damage was done and why not just finish the job in my pants right on the spot? So I stopped walking, spread my legs apart a little, and pushed. Big mistake! I hadn't pooped my pants since I was six, and had ! forgotten wh! at the experience was like. I must have pooped out two pounds! I was wearing shorts and the weight of the poop was so great that they were sagging almost to my knees and I had to hold the waistband with my hand to keep them from coming off! Then I discovered how difficult it is to walk with a load in your pants. I finally staggered all the way home and up the stairs to the door. When my mom saw what had happened she made me go straight into the basement bathroom next to the laundry room and clean myself up, then rinse my underwears and pants out in the toilet before putting them in the washer. She took me to my room and spank me. Then she took me to the bathroom and make me go to the shower,she gave me shower( I was so embarassed). Then she grounded my for the evening and put me on diapers 5 months because it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't stopped too long to play. After that experience I pooped my pants on purpose again couple more times even in school poop my pants purp! ose. I think I stop pooping my pants on purpose when I was 15 years old

I enjoy your stories I am 16 a male and in high school. I am not much in pooping in my pants although I have never tried it. If you changed in the shower room after gym class you would think someone would have noticed the odor of poop or saw you changing it would be hard to miss at least someone seeing you in the locker room. Two questions if I might be so bold------how old are you and why is it so hard to hold in your poop? I have posted here several times not recently under the name of DEL. Keep your posts coming I enjoying reading them who knows I may try pooping in my under pants at school one day.-DEL

To CJ,

I havve pooped into my hand before and one time,I didnt know how badly io needed to go and a wave of poo spilled out of my hands,ITS WARM!

Iím back!! I have a story to tell about when we went for a trip to the rocky mts. We were in the car when my grandma said she needed a pee really bad. My mom said she would stop as soon as she got the chance. A little later she said she dripped a bit. My mom told me to help take of her pantihose. I took them off and tried to get her panties off but they were stuck so I coulnt even know why. We saw a rest area and stopped. Right away my grandma opened the door and started to pee standing up. Pee was draining through her panties and down her legs. I quickly grabbed up her dress so to not get it wet. She made a big puddle on the parking lot when nobody was around. Then we heard a car come, so we quickly gave her a wipe and put down her dress. We walked towards the bathrooms when the car came there. We all walked into the ladies room, my mom, grandma, grandpa and me(8). We saw it was very dirty so we checked the mens room. It was also dirty. We all had to pee and poop really bad s o we all did on the floor in the mens room. We first helped my grandma take of her panties, in order to do that we had to take her dress off and take off her whole body shaper. After everything was off she was totally naked. She squatted down and started to poop, I noticed she had diahrea too, pee was dripping out of her old grey vagina. We gave her tp when she was done and I had to go bad to so I lifted my skirt and squatted down (I took my panties off in the car) I started to pee first and then let out four smaller turds on the ground. I wiped my vagina and anus nicely with tp. I stood up and let down my skirt. Since I wasnít wearing panties I asked if my mom could see my vagina with my skirt only coming half way down my thigh. She said no. My grandma still standing naked and my mom half undressed there were two ladies and a man that came in, they had the same plan as us, The man was my grandpa. My mom meanwhile started to poop in the middle of the room. A strong jet of pee ! also shot out of her vagina. While mom was relieving herself I put my grandmas dress back on her and cleaned her pee and diahrea off of her vagina and legs. My grandpa was going to wait until the ladies left, but he couldnít hold it any longer. He pulled his penis out of his pants and peed against the wall. Later he squatted and pooped on his pee puddle. My mom was done and put her dress back on without wiping because we were out of tp. My grandpa shook the drips off his penis and put his pants back on also without wiping. We were now all done our stuff, and then the ladies started theirs. We stuck around to see them peeing. They seemed drunk, and decided to have a peeing contest. They both totally undressed themselves and spread there legs, leaned back a little, spread the lips of their vaginas and both shot out a big arch of pee. One girl hit the wall and the other didnít. They shot about 5 metres. It was cool to see. We all left before we could see them pooping. When we go! t back to the car we put my grandmas pee soaked body fitter in the trunk and my mom and grandpa both wiped there bums with some kleenex in the parking lot. We then got in the car and drove away.

Could be a touch of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Many things other than what you eat can affect the problem. Have sinus problems? Every time you snif and swallow, whatever is affecting your sinus can then affect you the rest of the way through. Stress is also a major factor.
Lactose intolerance is a common cause of IBS and maybe the easiest to adjust to but, it is far from the only cause. Worse, few doctors are well informed on the issue. (though all MDs will disagree) I've had the problem, fairly serious, for years. I've figured out many of the triggers of what causes my problems but, it is the combination of the that is the key. Though I often know when my bowels are likely to act up, I can only make a reasonable guess at how bad, and sometimes I still get caught completely by suprise.
Those are stories I'm still debating whether or not to share. Accidents at the wrong time and/or place can cause serious problems, like getting fired, being a social outcast, and even legal problems. A lifetime of this has its effects on you. The stories here are mostly all on the lite side and yes I do have a few like that, but though I'm considered quite well adjusted for someone who has occasional accidents, it is a problem I would be far happier doing without.

Hey everybody, what's up? It has been a long time since I've posted, mostly because I don't have any good stories.

The only one I can think of as of now is a short pee story. Years ago, I was on the highway with family. We got into deadlock traffic, and I had to pee really bad. Since there were too many cars to be going in the forest on the side of the road, I had to pee in a cup, and then pour it into the woods.

Just another question: Does anyone have any tips on how to produce gigantic, huge turds? I just can't seem to do it. I don't eat much because I'm dieting, which could be part of it, but is it what you eat that causes big turds, or how much you eat? I know someone probably mentioned fiber, but are there other things? I was just wondering if anyone knew.

hard turd guy
Has any one ever watched Ren & Stimpy? Have you seen the one when they snuck in that house withb the 2 babies? Did you see that awesome turd the Stimpy pushed out. Man!!!! How did he do dat'?!

Thank you so much, PV and Donnie M. and all the others that have given me support. I feel now that others have beaten being pee shy so I can too. The idea of blanking out your mind or thinking of something else is a good one. I tried that unsuccessfully. I kept going back to thinking after a few minutes that I had to go really bad and couldn't. So I tried something new as PV said: showering and peeing in the bathtub--something I was told never to do when I was a child. So through the evening I didn't go to the bathroom. I had a full bladder when I went in for my bedtime shower. I sat on the toilet, ran the water so no one could hear, pretended to pee and flushed. (Sometimes my mother listens at the door.) I got into the warm shower, soaped and got all wet. I squatted down and began to pee at once. (I pretended my mother was still listening and could'nt hear anything.) I have done this several times--all successes. I try to go in school during lunch hour (I can hold 4 hours ! OK.) But blanking out my mine and still worrying that someone will hear me or not, shuts me up tight. What is a good next step after practicing in the shower? It is too cold here in the NW now to try in the yard. Love, Marge.

Hola mi amigos,

Hopefully I can get one more post in before the wedding! I'm nervous, but happy. Jake seems to be doing fine. He's been smiling like crazy all week.
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: NO!!! Now don't make me cry before my wedding! Please don't leave here, I love you too much! What will I do without your great literary offerings on the topic which pleases many of us so much? My heart sank at the statement of your leaving. Thank you for such a wonderful award. I'm not sure I'm worthy of it though. Had I been there for your troublesome poop, (and had I not been engaged or attached), I would have sat on your lap facing you, bare and brown, my mouth inches away from yours whispering you to pass something for me. My crotch against your ???? might surely loosen you up. If not, we'd have had fun at least!
RJOGGER AND KATHY: I'm so sorry your post got dumped. Some of mine get the axe too. Oh well.
I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful and beautiful things you've said to me and mine, and before my big day, I just wanted to let you know how much I love you both.
ANNIE AND ROBBY: Thanks for the good wishes and beautiful thoughts. I'll be wearing my Mother's wedding dress.
BUZZY: I only wish I could send you a video!
Whatever you do Gruntly, please know that I love you, and wish you wouldn't leave.
JANE: Thanks hon for the good wishes! I'm about as ready as I can be!
Yes, it was a fun party. Tesa's girl Nu is really, really cute, and Angie was just plain hot! It would have been fun having you. You'd have won the pee contest more than likely! Your picturing of me watching you poop was pretty much accurate. The only difference is, I'd be watching your face. With the people I love, I tend to want to look them in the eyes. I'd love that perfume of yours and those soft little grunts. You're such a treasure my friend. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Jake reads your posts. He reads everyone's here. He says to tell you that he thinks you're a "real together woman" and he thinks highly of you.
RIZZO: Ahh, muchas gracias mi amigo for two delightful compliments. Though I doubt anyone would want to make a film out our family life. I am a good cook when it comes to Mexican. I guess it just comes natural to me. Cool story about the honey squatting to do her pee. Nice outfit she was wearing too. I love her boldness of peeing right near the busy street. It reminds me of Renee when she was younger and wilder. I have often peed just like she did, like a shower head. I don't know why it does that. Sometimes I'll have a real heavy stream in back, then a light spray in front. Weird huh? Before I go Rizzo, I just wanted to say that you are the sweetest man, and I wish the world was full of Rizzos!
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: One more thing before I leave. I would consider it honor if you'd accompany me to the potty this morning. Carmalita has to poop a big one. It's warm in our bathroom, and I'm afraid that I'm not wearing a stitch. As I set my little bottom down on the seat, I can feel my ???? muscles taut, flexing with each abdominal push. Smallish breasts, firm and pointing south wait with anticipatory glee for that moment when relief is near. I see you, handsome and enduring, waiting patiently with that childish, yet voyeuristic gleam in your eye watching and waiting. As I clutch the brown flesh of my thighs, I can feel the poop coming. Oooooh, it's a big one too. Here we go....ssssssspppplllfffffffffff-kkrkkrkklllll...oh, that bad boy is coming out now. I'm sorry hon, but it's pretty awful smelling. The big ones feel so good coming out. Even my toes are tingling. This turd just wouldn't wait. It's almost out Gruntly...oh yeah--K-PLUUMMMP! Here comes more....ummmm, soft! softies, one....two.....three....and four....ahhhhhhhhhh....Better plug your nose baby, I still have a gallon of pee that needs to squirt out. Oh yeah, the stream is very thick and feels great! Hear that splash? Well, my little V is very drippy, would you mind wiping me? Thanks for being with me, I really appreciate it. I'll buy you some candy later for being such a good boy. Once again, please don't leave Gruntly. I enjoy your stories so much.

Thanks for everything mi amigos! I'll talk to you all when we get back from our honeymoon!


Outhouse Scott
Hey, everyone!

Here's my ten favorite bathroom scenes in movies. I'd be interested to hear what other people think, and maybe hear about some sscenes I've never seen.

1. DUMB AND DUMBER Call me immature and sophomoric, but seeing Jeff Daniels on the pot with his eyes bugging out as he shits his guts out after being slipped a laxative mickey by Jim Carrey had me buckled over laughing my ass off. I think it's the first time I've seen a bathroom joke where you saw a person pull down their pants, sit down and heard not only farting but splashing, too.

2. PSYCHO III A great, shocking scene from an underrated movie. A girl enters a bathroom and sits on the toilet. The seat is up and she shreiks. She puts the seat down and pees. Then Norman Bates comes in and slits her throat and stabs her in the stomach. She falls off the toilet with her shorts still around her ankles. Reminds you of just how vulnerable you are while going to the bathroom.

3. AMERICAN PIE Another laxative induced comedy scene. A kid who's petrified of taking a dump at school is given a laxative and has no choice but use the school bathroom. He's tricked into going into the girls room and attempts to hold it when three girls enter. He can't hold it, and winds up dumping a motherload while the girls listen in disgust. Why are girls so grossed out by bowel movements?

4. DETROIT ROCK CITY Three guys are hiding in the girls room at school. A girl enters and they hide in a stall, all crouching on one toilet. The girl enters the next stall, pulls down her underpants and sits. She pees and takes a dump. The guys, trying not to laugh, lose their balance and fall, bringing the entire row of stalls down with them and leaving the girl exposed on the toilet. Pretty funny.

5. ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA A guy purposely leaves the bathroom door unlocked while he's taking a dump so that the girl he likes will walk in on him. She comes in and talks to him, then he gets up and tries to kiss her. She tells him she's got to crap too and sits on the toilet. She tells him to get out. And he does. Awesome movie regardless, but the bathroom scene is a little bonus. (If you're going to watch this one, make sure to see the unedited 4 hour version--the short version sucks)

6. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III & PART V Doesn't make sense to count these seperate. In PART III a guy sits on the toilet and we hear farting and splashing. He hears a noise coming from a closet gets up and checks it out. He opens the closet door and gets a meat cleaver in the chest. In PART V a guy is having a chronic case of the shits in a really gross outhouse. His girlfriend starts shaking the outhouse, making fun of his bowel troubles. He gets mad and tells her he's going to teach her a lesson, but when he opens the door her throat has been slashed. He retreats back into the outhouse, and a huge spear bursts through, impaling him to the wall. What's interesting about both of these scenes is that neither guy wipes his ass.

7. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. A family has been kidnapped by two bandits and ordered to drive to Mexico. When they get to the boarder, the badnits hide in the bathroom, and take the daughter (Juliette Lewis) with them. When an investigator enters the trailer and hears noise coming from the bathroom, he opens the door and sees the daughter with her pants and underpants down on the toilet. She tells him to close the door and he does. She looks over and the lead bandit (George Clooney) nods approvingly.

8. TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN Twpo of them in this movie. A woman who's being kept prisoner by a guy has to pee and enters the bathroom and sits on the toilet. The guy follows her. He turns the water on to relax her, but she yells at him and can't pee until he finally leaves the room. Later, her sister sits on the toilet and pees, then wipes herself.

9. HOLLOW MAN This movie sucks big time, but it has one decent toilet shot, in which a woman enters the bathroom and goes to sit on the toilet, when she realizes that the invisible guy might be in there. She puts on her heat vision glasses (which, of course, everyone carries around with them all the time, right?) and sees that she's alone. She pulls down her pants and pees. This doesn't really make sense, though, because it appears to be a unisex bathroom with no stalls and no lock on the door, so a guy could walk in on her anyway.

10. RUMBLE IN THE BRONX Jackie Chan and this woman are arguing. She goes into the bathroom and sits on the toilet. While in there, some punks knock down the house. She's left sitting on the toilet, exposed to Jackie and the entire street. She gets up and starts screaming without bothering to pull up her pants.

Anyone agree with those scenes? Disagree? Any good scenes I didn't mention? Let me know!


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