Patsy and Renee
Hello to you all.
Steve: Hey, thanks for liking the way I pee. I'm not into guys at all, but there are some that I respect a lot. Most of them on this forum. You are one of them. I'd have no problem with letting you watch me take a nice, juicy squirt. Most people who are into bathroom fun always wanna watch me take a big shit. When I was 14, there was this white guy who'd come into the neighborhood and offer me $50 to take a crap for him under the bleachers at the high school. So, being an ambitious kid, I'd grab the fifty, slide my pants down and lay a big log in the dirt. I always thought he was so weird, but oh well. He never harmed me, just wanted to watch me poop.
Sunday morning I had to piss bad. After Carmalita got up and logged on to this site, we all read over her shoulder. The new girl Angie, got really hot reading some of these stories. The girls stayed over because we all got pretty drunk on Carmalita's drinks which she calls "Four wheel drive margaritas." It's a recipe from hell. Renee was busy passing out the orange juice and aspirin Sunday morning.
I had a full bladder. Dragging my tired ass into the bathroom I pulled down my panties needing to rip some water in a big way, then I squatted in the tub. I let out this super loud fart. Then, I felt the water needing to come out. I held it for a bit longer til I thought I was gonna burst. I was shaking, but feeling good. Right when my pussy felt like it was going to explode, Renee came in. She lifted up her long T shirt, stretched her underpants down and started plopping turds into the toilet right away. The smell was ultra yucky, but she was gorgeous. She smiled at me, plopped another fat turd and said "Yer pussy is quivering hon, you better let that water out." I released, let my hole open up and sprayed hot piss like crazy. I peed so hard and so fast and for so long it was unbelievable. Renee was already wiping her ass by the time I started slowing down. I squatted and dribbled last drops feeling so good. After I peed, I sat down for a nice long turd. I patted my thig! hs for Renee to sit on my lap and she did. We held each other for a long time, it was great.
To Kim and Scott: Yes I think you're hot girl! I always get wide eyed reading your stories. You crap out some big ones. Renee likes your stories too. She wants to see the birthing of a Kim log in person! Wish you coulda been at our party!
Carmalita just took a big shit. I could hear her grunting in there. I'll bet there's a bunch of dead flies on the floor!
PV: Ooo girlfriend, bring on that beach pee and poop! I'm a waitin' girl! You tell your Patrice all about your business in that gulley okay?
Anyway, lots of love from all of us, especailly to Rjogger and Kathy, Rizzo and PV, and others.

Hellowe everybody!

Wow, Saturday night was a blast! Tesa and her friends sure were fun. Nu is a pretty little thing and Angie is pretty hot too. Both are nice ladies with a good sense of humor. Angie fell in love with Carmalita, not sexually, but because of her humor and charm. Malita can charm the ears off an elephant that's for sure. I didn't have any of her drinks, but I could see how fast everybody was getting bombed on them, including miss Patrice who woke up from hell. She said that her mouth tasted like a catbox. Anyway, it's a madhouse around here right now. We're getting ready for Malita's family to arrive. It's going to be a latino invasion, and I'm happy because I love them all so much. Especially her mother Carman.
Big hellowes to RJOGGER and Kathy, Steve and Louise, Ring Stretcher, Buzzy, Jane, Rizzo, PV, and I hope I didn't foreget anyboyd. Gruntly Bogwell: We think you're a good writer and should stay. I've really enjoyed the babysitter stories.

Bye y'all,
Renee and Patsy

Twice Shy
Craps during a card game

This happened during my annual trip to Las Vegas over the weekend. I got up early one morning, which is my favorite time to hit the casino for some blackjack with the folks who've been up all night. Now normally I'm doing other things in my living quarters by the time my load of crap calls forth for its full expression. This time, however, I had gone almost straight from bed in my room at Caesars Palace to the gaming action, where I checked in with the floor supervisor to be rated. Well, there's no fooling the great and onward Movement that is one's tract in action, so there came a point in the game where I pretty well knew it was time to make do with the closest public john, while the dealer did a shuffle. Bathroom breaks during blackjack supposedly work in the favor of a player, since the house counts all the time you spend at the table, even if it's while you park your chips and attend to that human duty that is understood. I have never needed to poo while playing! at a gaming table, though, so I knew I couldn't be meticulous in my procedure. I briskly made my way down the rows of slot machines and into the can, where there were few other persons on account of the time of day. I suspect those drawers from my suitcase with the prominent skid marks were the ones involved that morning, when I was so interested in being in on the next hand that the hygienic process had to be curtailed. I did win a fair amount of money on that trip, though, and got comp-ed pretty well. In a way, I like doing my high-volume first morning dumps in public johns when I'm at a resort or on a cruise ship, since the housekeeper would note the artistry on the bottom of the bowl otherwise.

I live in Munich, Germany. Last Sunday I was travelling by car back from Italy with my female friend. We didn´t visit the toilet for some time when suddenly there was an accident on th motorway and traffic through the Alps moved very slowly. We almost reached the city of Innsbruck when we both felt the need to pee urgently. I almost peed my panties and told my friend that we have to do very soon. Finally we were able to move out of traffic and reach a gas station. My friend immediately told me that she had to go to the toilet very urgently and ran towards the ladies room. Meanwhile I filled the tank while I was in sheer agony. My bladder was bursting. When the tank was full my friend came back from the toilet. After paying the fuel, I quickly ran to the toilet, shut the door, quickly lifted my long skirt, lowered my panties and let it flow. It was tremendous. Pee was splashing into the toilet in a very strong stream. I remembered that I had hold my pee for almost 8 hours and m! y bladder was terrbily full. I peed for excatly three minutes, then I wiped, flushed and lowered my skirt. Never in my life I had peed longer, and the relief in my bladder was wonderful.

old perv
Did anyone see the channel 4 (UK) programme "Lost" earlier this week? The idea of the programme is that people are dropped in some unknown part of the world and have to find their way back home. This week the teams were dropped in the deserts of Mali. We see Nina, an attractive dark-skinned lady being thrown about in the back of a 4 x 4, holding her stomach and looking unwell. "This is knocking the shit out of me; literally" she says. We then are then treated to a full screen shot of her in a high squat, gradually pulling up her jeans. "More diahorrea" she mutters.
I love reality TV. It certainly brought a smile to the face of this sad old perv.

Just a quick post before school !

AUNTY PV: Could anyone ever beat Louise's Mum ?!! Well, I suppose if the WSPC starts to get too big, we could always divide it up into sections, such as the longest wee, or the most powerful wee, or the "who can wee the furthest" competition. It might become so competitive that we could have divisions with promotions and relegations !!! Love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: We certainly were a wild bunch last weekend, but only on that Saturday morning where Andrew was concerned ! Charlotte is a gem. She is just so happy to try things out. In the afternoon when she tried to copy the sit on knees wee that Kirsty and I had, she sat on my knee, and we nearly had an accident because her wee shot forwards alot and accidently went on the toilet seat, and a little on the floor, but not enough to notice !! Oh, and Andrew doesn't need to beware. Charlotte already has a boyfriend ! She was just using Andrew for experience. Boy, is her boyfriend in for an interesting time !! As for my panties, well, Kate is on to it for me. I hope to own some Honda Super Blackbird Blue panties in the not too distant future for Andrew to see sometime when we go to the toilet together ! Have an extremely smooth hug from me !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

JANE: Its so nice that you remember Andrew and me. I hope that the reason you won't be able to post for a while is because you are doing something really lovely with your time, like a short break or something ! Love from Kendal x

ROBBY & ANNIE & CHILDREN: Your latest story reminds me of some very funny ones that Uncle Rizzo has told about toilets on boats ! And Andrew is very pleased to hear that he isn't the only one with a smelly bottom ! I don't know about gas masks. I find hiding my nose in whatever clothing I'm wearing is just about sufficient from stopping me being sick on his worst occasions. Actually, this morning, his poo was one of the nicest I've been witness to, but I hope you don't mind if I save that story for my dear on-line sister. Love from Kendal xx

LINDA GS, ELENA & COUSIN: I'm so sorry to hear that Linda has had to go away. I hope it won't turn out to be permanent. After the times I was forced to be away and thankfully have been able to come home again, I don't think I could bear it if Linda goes away for good now. Please, please tell her how much Andrew and I are missing her, and that we are including her in all our toilet thoughts. I know she probably can't read this right now, but when Andrew had his poo this morning, it turned out to be a hard one, with just five good plops and hardly any smell ! He rested his chin on my ???? while he plopped away, and I gave his hair a good comb while he pretended it was Linda doing the combing ! Roll on American school holidays, when hopefully my dear friend can come home again. Lots of love to you all, especially baby Lynda and Kendal. Love from Kendal xxx ( and Andrew sends extra special smoochies to Linda ! ). I really hope she gets to catch up on all the posts so! metime.

winnie the pee
Saw the lovely Penny Smith on breakfast TV this morning (Thursday uk). She was showing off her very attractive legs and they were talking about the new "Wonderbum" tights. Sadly, she didn't show us her magnificent arse, but I couldn't get the thought out of my mind all day!
A couple of years ago she gave an interview in a daily paper, and most of the discussion was about what she ate (she loves her food), and how she keeps fit. She was quoted as saying her digestion was very "robust", which I understood as meaning she has good regular bowels. She also said she thought she would lose weight when in India, but she didnt (ie she didnt get the "squits") and her stomach was "cast iron", which I took to mean she carried on producing good solid dumps.
Anyone else here thought of Penny as a producer of "panbusters"?

James- I liked your story it is like a story I posted about a month ago.

Here are two stories about my friends having accidents

I was in school and I it was my last lesson, I felt the slight need to poop but wasn't worried as it was my last lesson and I would then be going home, I had to fart a couple time during my last lesson to relieve the pressure a bit. At the end of the lesson I thought that I would poop when I got home, as I didn't really want to go at school. Me and two friends were walking home and as we walked passed the sports ground two of my other friends were there and they asked if we wanted to come over for a kick around with the football which we did, after about half an hour I really needed to poop so I said to my friends that I would have to go home for, and so off I went and one friend came with me who lived near by. When we were walking home my friend said to me he was glad I was going as he was going to have to go anyway cause he need a dump, so I told him that the reason I had to leave was the same. When we got to his house his mom was out so I said he could come around to my! house and use the toilet there. He had farted a couple times and had to pulled his pants out of his butt a couple times. We got to my house and by now I had almost done it in my briefs so when I got in I said hi to my mom and dashed up to the bathroom, I pulled down my pants and my blue briefs just in time, I had a few skid marks in my briefs but nothing to bad, once the last log had dropped I quickly pulled my briefs up leaving my pants off as i was going to change them and walked out the bathroom so Graham could go. I walked into my bedroom and told Graham that the bathroom was free and he could go. I was expecting him to dash in there but he just said ok I will go in a min, I said to him I thought he was in a hurry but he said he wasn't, anyway he did go soon afterwards and when he came out he said that he felt better but he had to go home and change his briefs, he said he had done a little a bit early and made some stains in his briefs but then my mom came in and offered ! him to stay for dinner. So he agreed and so I leant him a pair of my briefs and he took his off and left them on the floor, they were quite skid marked but he didn't seem to care and just left them there. Anyway two days later we were in gym at school and he was getting change and I noticed that he was still wearing the briefs I had leant him, I said to him, I thought you were going to give me those back when you have washed them not wear them again, and he said that he hadn't changed them yet, he said he doesn't change them for 3 days unless he messes them, I thought that was quite long, I change my briefs every other day, unless for some reason I am away from home and can't, he said it felt better farting in somebody else’s underpants later that day when he let a long loud one go. Also I told him that his briefs were still on my floor if he wanted to come and pick them up at some time but he said to leave them there incase he needed them at another time for whatever reason s! o I put them in the wash at home for him. When my mom washed them she asked who's they were and why she was washing them so I told her that Graham had dropped them out of his bag when he was round so I thought I would get them washed before I give them back for him

It was my birthday and my parents were taking me and my friend Peter to Disney World of Adventure as a birthday treat and Peter was staying over the night. Anyway when we got back from the theme park it was late so me and Peter decided to go to bed, as Peter was getting changed he let out a loud fart which of course made me look across in his direction, as I did so I saw a massive brown stain running down the outside of his briefs which he was wearing, I didn't say anything about it so not to embarrass him, but then I think he suddenly remembered about his accident and must have realized I had seen the stains, as he started to explain what had happened. He said when we got to the theme park, which was a two hour drive from my home, he needed to poop but was to embarrassed to say and just hoped we would pass a toilet on the way to our first ride, the first ride we went on was the vampire ride and he didn't see any toilets on the way, while we were in the line apparently he ! started going then and by the time we got to the ride he had finished, but this meant he had to sit in it, it was fortunate for him is was solid, or appeared that way. He went round with it all day in his pants and nobody noticed. He said he would change them when he got home the next day when he got home. It is quite amazing what you can get away with, I have never been caught a load in my pants either except once or twice. Once when I was younger I was caught with heavily skid marked briefs on by a friend when I was staying at his house, but it was nothing unusual at that age everybody had them.

Has anyone ever heard a female celebrity fart on live TV? So much TV is done live that you'd think it would have to happen sooner or later..

Rich and Kathy (RJOGGER and Wife)
Yesterday and today, Kathy and I read some great stories here. We have a few comments, and not much time for anything else. My son and I bowl tonight and Kathy is going out with Anne (Uh-Oh!). So on with it.

Penny - Nice little tidbit about the canoe marathon. It is nice to see you back
Gruntley Bogwell - The Gruntley Awards? What an idea! But that should be no surprise, as you seem to have some of the best pooping stories here yourself. I don't think that you would get any argument for the BEST ALL AROUND POOP STORIES, as Carmalita always has outstanding stories.
Robbie and Annie - Kathy and I are glad that you liked our last story. You folks also seem to have some adventures, as evidenced by your last post.
Buzzy - I met Noreen when I was out for morning run, about 24 and ˝ years ago. It was by chance, but over the years she and Larry and Kathy and I have become quite friendly. As for the pre-run pooping, this is a ritual that some of us practice, mostly with friends, but sometimes strangers join us. As for wiping the gals, well, let's just say that is a treat that Larry and I really enjoy. Take care neighbor, we hope to hear another of your great stories soon.
Jane - Hello to you, I hope that your GI tract has calmed down, and that everything has returned to "normal" for you.
Carmalita - WOW!, what a story about your bachelorette poop party! Imagine, all of you beautiful girls, squatting over newspaper and plopping out loads. And what loads! I can just imagine the sight all of that poop made, not to mention the smell. It's too bad Renee couldn't contribute poop wise, but I see that she got her usual funny commentary in. Now, about your big weekend: those jitters will go away, and everything will be fine. Kathy and I just want to send you and Jake our heartiest congratulations and best wishes. Just think, the next time we speak you will be Seniora Carmalita. We love ya, sweetie, the best to you and Jake.

Hellos also to Renee, Patsy (you girls seemed to have fun the other night!), Muggs, Jeff A (where are you old friend?) Kim and Scott and Rizzo.

We gotta run, tomorrow I hope to post about the blonde lady jogger that I saw pooping in the woods this morning. Bye everybody!

Hello everyone
First a few hellos;
RIZZO: Hi there stranger! I loved your story about going into the ladies - good to know I'm not the only dippy one here! Bet you were glad that you didn't get caught in there! On the matter of the girl peeing next to the bike, tell me this. How come you guys always seem to be in just the right place at the right time. I never get to see guys having a pee in the street. That's just not fair!
STEVE: Hello there gorgeous! How is my favourite toilet guard? I'm so glad you liked my pink knickers. You know I only make such a thing of them because you like them so much. I can see that a girl just isn't safe round a guy like you! I know that Louise loves to tease you. I would love to hear about more of your 'lucky sightings' they are always the best stories, although I do feel a bit sorry for those poor girls who got caught short!
LOUISE: Hi there! I liked hearing about your wee on the beach with your Mum and Sister. I don't think I would be brave enough to do something like that in broad daylight. I'm still the shy one you know!

Last night, I went round to see my Mum after work on my way home. I had rung from the office to say I was dropping in, just to say hi, so I guess she knew I'd be there at about 6.30pm. Anyway, I knocked on the door and eventually Mum answered looking a bit flustered, and the first thing she said was that she was glad it was me! I must have looked a bit confused, so I went in and she closed the door. It turned out she was just about to have a wee. Mum lifted her skirt a bit and I could see her knickers and tights were still round her knees! Well that started me off in a fit of giggles!

Mum went back into the bathroom pulled her skirt back up and sat down to have her wee which I had rudely interupted. Good thing it was me tho, otherwise Mum would have been in an embarrasing state. The ultimate caught with your pants down!!!!

Must go now, things to do people to see etc.
Love Julie.x

Annie(Robby's Cousin)
Hi Friends,
I am back from the university and have everything in order. I will return to England on the 15th. This will give me time to tie up loose ends there. My first seminar here is November 5th. I will miss you all for just two weeks here. Robby has all of my stories. That story he told was just a scream. Ladies, if you have never experienced a wee together or a buddy dump let me tell that you are missing something wonderful. Susan and I had so much fun. I think the girls secretly loved it. Susan and I buddied in the loo many times. We were like sisters.

PV: Thank you for including me the Ladies standup wee society. A weeing for distance contest sounds delicious!! Also, as Robby told you Alan and I used to occasionally frequent nude beaches. This was the first time I saw Alan poop. We had been married about 3 months. We were sunning ourselves and Alan suddenly looked worried and said he had to poop. Well, I told him just go behind a dune and dig a hole. He said he couldn't do it so I took him by the hand and led him to the spot. I dug the hole and said;"Now you can squat". He still said he couldn't and I just said;"Oh bloody hell" and squatted myself. I farted and pushed out a series of small pieces and then weed a stream. I wiped, stood up and pointed to the hole. He looked around and squatted. He pushed and pushed. I gave him encouragement and he let out a long log and some liquid mess. I gave him some tissue and said;"Now there, that wasn't so bad after all". He gave a sigh of relief and kissed me. I won't say what we d! id after that. I would be breaking the rules of the forum. Why do women have to show the men the way? Hahaha, Robby just gave me a well known signal I won't share. Now on to you! You did 13 wees on the beach! WOW! It suprises me that you haven't had a dump on the beach. Good luck, Gal. Let us know how it was. Take care, Love from Annie

DEAR RIZZO: I found that story of yours a ripper!! Robby would have opened the door and wiped her himself, LOL!!! Again, thank you for your dear, sweet words. I am looking forward with much anticipation to being here. I won't forget the "Land of Hope and Glory"! I will be living with Robby. He has a 3 bedroom home with a den/office and 2 and a half baths so we will have room. Actually Robby will be gone days and sometimes weeks at a time. I won't like that. He knows his neighbors and they told him they would look after me. His daughters pledged that they will come home some weekends from school. There is a lake near Robby's home so maybe he and I can rent a boat and go sailing sometime. Take care my dear man. Love from Annie

STEVE AND LOUISE: I want to tell you, that I wanted to fart on that rascal Robby but I couldn't. Always check the loo before you sit, LOL! Love to you both, Annie

MR. GRUNTLY: Your experiences are always cracking fun. I agree with you and Robby about Carmalita and her gang! All the best from Annie

KENDAL AND ANDREW: Hello, you two. Have you had anymore loo experiences with Charlotte, Kirsty, Kate, and Emily? How is your brother, Thomas? I am heading back to England Sunday but I will be back, soon. Take care, my dears! Lots of love from Annie!

SPECIAL LOVE AND HELLOS TO: Carmalita, Pat, Renee,
Erin and Jane.

John T
Hi-this is a pretty cool room- thanks to the guy in the lycos chatroom who linked this site. I havnt ever sat beside a girl when she is going to the toilet like most of you have in here, but I have sceen my mom going a couple of times.
The last time I saw her was in the summer. I was sleeping in because i was off school on my hols and I got up and went into the bathroom to take a leak when I opened the bathroom door there was my mum sitting on the toilet with her trousers and panties at her ankles she was reading the SKY magazine and the smell was Pretty bad. She just snapped at me "CLOSE THE DOOR NOW" and I said sorry and left. I dont know why but I kept thinking about it for ages after and just thought of seeing her again.

firstly Grunty Bogwell,

As a fairly new poster here i havent read all ur stories right back to the start but ive read some of ur stories and i have so enjoyed the details and sympathise for ur limited movements, i shall miss ur regular stories and i hope u find happiness wherever u shall venture to good luck in the future.


wow baby! i have just read ur extended story about ur group pooping, its the best yet by far! ur stories are always great but hell this time u have really made a masterpiece, the details of the lucious butts and vaginas are second to none and also the expressions and sheer detail of it all was once again like i was there myself so top marks for that 1 hun so good to read it and hope u have many more stories to give us all baby. U asked what i look like well i have brown hair with blue/green eyes average face 5ft 11 tall and wear a size 12 with fairly large breasts and a round middle sized ass.

not much to post now but when i take a shit later ill fill ya all in

love u all Susanne xxx

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