Good mornin'everyone!Hey,GRUNTLY,I'm flatterd that i qualified with my "here and now "poop story in your awards-Yes,that was fun to do-wish i had a lap-top so i could do it more often-thanks for the mention!
Hey,CARMELITA,I took your great story about your gang poop to the gym with me this a.m-Got there early and I didn't have to poop yet,so I started my routines and about 20 mins later i felt the first hint of an inpending BM,so I went down to the toilets and stopped at my locker and got your story and went to a stall and got undressed and I noticed at first it was quiet-i was the only one there,so I sat on the bowl and started to read your story as I felt my rectum starting to fill up-I didn't poop at all yesterday,so it felt like a good one was on it's way as i was reading your story,i let out a long,loud pre-poop felt great as i felt the poop heading toward my doming anus.I wanted to push,but i resisted and just relaxed and read your story and as i'm reading about your friend Angie doing her thing,i let out another small fart as the turd started out my butt-it felt pretty firm as it grew and grew and i looked between my legs and saw it was touching the water in the! bowl as it was still pushing out my anus and i decided to stop it and hold it there as i read on about the oriental girl Nu and at that point a guy came into the next stall and sat down and as he was sitting,he was letting out a hissing fart and as soon as his butt hit the bowl,I heard a groan of relief and what sounded like the crackling of a very long poop-this guy really had to go!it sounded great as i was sitting there with this poop hanging out my butt and reading about Patsy pooping,needless to say,this was fun!Then as this guy in the next stall started wiping I felt another cramp and the poop started to move and it still kept coming and coming and then tapered off and fell into the bowl without a sound and I looked in the bowl and saw what looked like almost 2 feet of poop warpped around the bowl almost 2 times!This was one of the biggest turds i've done in awhile and the best part was holding it there as i read Carmelita's great story!Then I read about you,Carmelita ! as you did your thing and did that 30 incher as i sat there reading another guy came into the toilets across from me and sat down and did an explosive "coffee dump" and then it sounded like the first part was real loose and then it sounded like the poops were more formed and then he did what sounded like balls and mush at the same time-sort of like a reverse poop.Then I had to go again as I read about 'Melita pooing i let out some soft stuff that again was formed well,but soft and it sounded like THHHHHHHhhhhhht-fart Thhhhhiiit plop plop plop plop as it fell into the bowl sort of like a soft ice cream machine ending with 2 wet farts and some squgglies and I knew I was done as this guy is still across from me just sitting there farting alot and reading his morning paper-i was done with pooing and the story too-This was a really good dump-I rarely skip a day,but when I do,the next poop is a good one and this one was really a good load as i looked in the bowl as i wiped(which was! a bit messy)I saw the 1 really long turd wrapped around the bowl and inside of that was a bunch of 4-6 inch soft ones that would have been really long if it had held together and a bunch of squgglies-I had to flush 2X and as i was leaving the stalls were starting to get busy and I heard all kinds of dumping going on as i headed for the showers-sounded like some of the guys were letting go-This was a fun poop-I never brought one of the forum stories to the gym to read,i uaually bring a newspaper to read.I usually read the forum stories ay home on my own bowl,but this was interesting-i may read some of the other stories I have from JANE,RJOGGER,CARMELITA of course and a few others to the gym with me to read as i poop and read the stories and listen to all the guys dumping along with me.Good stuff-hey some of you guys should try this!then i showered and finished my routines and came home to tell you guys my fun morning!later BYE

Robby and Annie
Good morning, all!
I am sitting at the computer trying to do some writing. I thought I would take a break and see what was going on with my friends at the The Toilet. Annie is at the college getting loose ends tied up before she heads back to England. This our story for today. I was over in London singing. Annie, Alan, Susan and I were together. We had the kids along since this was a holiday for the schools. This is when most of them were in their mid-teens. The adults all were comfortable with seeing each other in the loo. The kids,especially the girls, had a problem with this. We were staying at the Royal Gardens Hotel. One evening Annie and her crowd were over and we were just having a jolly time. Susan whispered something to Annie and the girls. Mind you, we had a total of 4 girls. All of them went to the loo. I turned to Alan and said;"This, I've got to see!" Well, we crept to the door. There was giggling and laughing on the other side. Alan just told me to open the bloody door! Well, ! my friends, Annie and Susan were in the shower, naked, weeing standing up (cudos to you PV). Two of the girls had their jeans and knickers down and were weeing on the side of the tub. The other two were seated back-to-back on the bowl. All of the girls were blushing to beat the band but they were smiling. The two on the bowl suddenly pushed and out came two small logs. This was the buddy wee/dump of all time. Alan I just stood in the door and applauded. Annie's boys just stood there in shock! I wish I had had a camera. We left them and one of Annie's girls later told me she couldn't believe they had just done that. Susan and I laughed about that for years. The next night I was earning my money from ENO(English National Opera) and they returned the favor and applauded me. I will never forget that.

KATE: Welcome to the forum. That can be embarrassing. I am glad your brother was understanding. Cheers from Robby and Annie

DEAR RIZZO: Thank you my dear friend for your words of kindness. Yes, Annie and I hope to be a part of this for many years to come. We value you as a true friend. I thought your story was hoot! I can see the old bugger looking around to see if any of his elegant friends were in the neighborhood. She didn't seem to be too bothered. Well, Annie probably will want to post later. Take care, my dear friend! Love from Robby and Annie.

GRUNTLY: I totally agree that Carmalita and her gang should get the Golden Gruntly for best stories. They are the limit and are wild to boot!
Annie and I really enjoy your stories. Cheers from Robby and Annie

JANE: Hope you are doing well. Annie will probably add something later.
Love from Annie and Robby

STEVE AND LOUISE: I hope you never find out what revenge Louise could dish out. I found out and I know to be careful when there is a dark loo.
Take care, my friends. Cheers from Robby and Annie

PV: 13 wees!! I know that Annie will want to respond to this. I hope you can take your first dump in the gulley. Have fun! BTW, Annie probably will have a nude beach story. She and Alan took them in from time-to-time. Take care, Love from Robby and Annie.

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Carmalita, Pat, Renee, Andrew and Kendal and all of the other posters here.

Well, I have to get back to work! Cheers to all!! Robby

RIZZO - Hi guy! Oh you like the idea of me standing behind the curtain
do you? Yeah Steve says I am a little bit of a tease LOL. Well it may
be you would like it a lot better without the curtain and give you a
better look???
It was a good story you wrote about the afro-asian woman who weed behind
that bike you lucky man. Yeah she was a dribbler like Steve calls them.
Steve would say he that she must have a narrow little urethra and can
not get a lot of pressure. I saw that a time or two in Spain when the
wee is just like it is doing little trickles. I am not like that as
you know LOL! Hehehehe how funny it would have been if you had just
reached out your car window to hand her a cleenex to wipe with!

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi! No Steve and I are not married yet, we think we
want June next year because we hope at least for some nice weather.
Well I would do it tomorrow you know but we want to give people a
chance to make time to come and all that.
Yes I have a little story from Spain that I will tell at the bottom of
my letter and I bet you will enjoy it.

JULIE - Hi! I have had a few funny times like you had with Judy. There
is this Spanish looking girl where I work, and she does like weeing
with the cubicle door open, and she is like me, she does not sit down
to wee, she hovers her bum over the toilet! Hey I hope you like the
story I am going to write at the end of this letter. I like writing a
story at the end of my letters if I have a good one to tell.

CARMALITA - Only 4 days to go!!! I hope you have a lovely day.
I am like you, I love to see men weeing, it is lovely. Hey did I ever
tell you about how when I am with Steve in the bath I sometimes hold
his dick up so he can wee a fountain? It is really good to do when he
really wants to go and he gets a good stream going. It is good as well
if he goes hard and then he can just do a very slow squirt up that
lasts for ages. You know I will see if we can do that tonight.
I am a little bit annoyed at myself because I did not aim Steve's dick
for him very often when we were in Spain. It is a lot of fun, you
should try it with your Jake! Love Louise xx

PV - Hi!! Yeah I know I have seen things about nude weddings but it
is like, not for us really LOL. Well thank you, I hope I do look nice
for him. We are still thinking about what we want to do exactly and
where we want it and all that. You know I would like it soon but we
want friends to come. Steve has a Kung Fu friend or two from overseas
who he wants to be here.
Oh yeah I saw my letter got mixed in with another one. That was unlucky
and it where I was writing to Robby and Annie, because they had asked
if there were any stories about my mum and my sister. I think a bit
at the start got missed off, because I was wrote about how my mum
taught my sister to wee standing by doing it in the bath. LOL my sister
first tried it and weed on the taps. It was funny!

I bet this story will make people laugh.
When we were in Spain, near one of the beaches there was this shower
set up where you could wash off sand stuck to you.
Well my mum dared me that I could not run and wee at the same time
and I thought I could. So I dared mum that she could not do it. We
drank a lot of water so we would both be bursting to go. It was early
in the day and the beach was still nearly empty. Steve was with us too
but he did not want to wee yet. Well I walked away about 40 feet and
I stood and I was really really needing to go, so I let rip and when
I got a stream and a lot more when running down my legs I jogged towards
Steve and my mum, still weeing hard. I did giggle a lot because Steve
it was like a big storm of yellow raindrops running towards him. I
got my legs really wet and my pussy and my bum were just soaking wet
with wee! It was a lot of fun though. When I was running I kept stopping
and then starting again and it was very hard to do. When I reached Steve
and mum, I just stood in a wide horse stance and finished a real
feelgood wee.
Well my mum had been sitting down watching me and when she got up she
pissed a quick squirt of wee by accident. She went where I had stood
and she lost her control before she was ready and started pissing
herself. Well she did the running and it was funny to watch her because
it was like Steve said it was, there was all her wee splashing about in
big drops around her legs. When she arrived at us she didn't do what I
did but she stood with her legs tight together so she had a lot of wee
going down her legs but there was a little sprinkle as well at the
front. I bet Kendal's friend Emily's sister Kate would think we were
really rude! You know it was really hard to do because I kept feeling like
I wanted to hold it in while I ran but I think we did well really.
It was a real giggle for us. Well, we wanted to wash the wee off our
legs, so Steve went with us to wear this shower thing was. Steve helped us
wash because he is a gentleman but he stopped when a girl came up and
waited for the shower because maybe she could have thought he was
doing something naughty. Well all the shower water made Steve want to
wee, so he held his dick and had a good long piss. That girl kept
looking at him while he was doing it, I bet she liked what she saw! LOL


I have just sat down for ages posting a couple of football poo accidents. I did a sudden wet fart and felt I needed to run to the loo because I do not really like doing wet poos in my briefs - two things happened - I lost the work off the screen and I did a wet and runny plop in my pants because I did not make it! I have cleaned up - now I have my own place I have no need to be embarrassed unlike when I was a kid and at least my laundry is down to me! As I said in my posting the other day it is rare to have a true accident nowadays but a wet fart is always a true accident. I shall do one of my football stories now. I play in a local team that is not too bothered for the most part about underwear cleanliness. We are all in our mid twenties and mostly single so that is probably why. We got to about half time the other Sunday when I realized that I probably would not get the end of the match without a pee and a poo. The pee was no problem because quite a few of the team p! ee in their pants when playing so I just got on and peed. Some way through the second half some poo began to slip into my pants and I knew I had lost it and then I was heavily tackled, went down and just did the whole lot in my briefs. It was stiff and the excitement made me a bit that way as well as I played with a load of poo bouncing around in my pants. I avoided the shower at the end and went straight home. I don't think anyone noticed and I did not want them to but looking back on that it was a really exciting and enjoyable plop.

Jamie aka Sun Devil
Hello everyone!
KIM and SCOTT- Thank you for being so sweet to me. Your stories are incredible!
CARMELITA- That pooping bachelorette party!! Wow!! Would have loved to have seen you push out that 30 inch turd, my god sweetie, what a hot story! To answer your question about the girl I met, when I poo and pee, she wants to sit on my lap and hold "my thingie" and when she pees and poos, I will sit on the edge of the bathtub and hold her hand and caress her while she craps. We love talking about it, and of course those things lead to more wonderful events. Would love to witness one of your gigantic turds, however long, thick it is. I am very happy for you about your engagement and upcoming wedding, nobody deserves it more than you. All of my love for a successful weekend both during and after the wedding. Lay a beautiful long thick turd for me. Hopefully someday, I can witness it in person.

Smiles to all


kim and scott
hello all!
TO RINGSTRETCHER-hello girl.nice to see your posting again. your boyfriend is a lucky man to get to see you bang out your huge freight train logs! be well
TO JAMIE-hello. thats great that you have a lady willing to pee and dump in front of you! share some stories please.what does she look like?
TO JULIE,EPHERMAL.ROBBY AND ANNIE-hello. love all your posts.dont be afraid to talk to us too!scott and I are very friendly people!
MINDY-hello girl. lets hear more stories please!
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-love your stories. more please.
TO CARMALITA-hello girl. you are sooo sweet its almost a fault.thanks for your invite to your festivities.I tell you if I came over with my man scott we would strip off all our clothes and do a very sexy buddy dump in front for all to see.believe me! for you girl I would make sure I squeeze out an enormous,hugely thick, horse sized log that you wouldnt soon forget. scott and I also send you and jake many cyber red roses with love for your wedding!!!be well
TO PATSY-hello there. about that lovely blond girl that you knew in high school that I reminded you of...I was just wondering!1. did she enjoy having huge logs and make sexy sounds when doing so?? 2.did she love to show them off to you,her boyfriend and other friends?was she a friend to you? I was just curious patsy.I must say that you,renee and tesa are very nice. I am glad to know you all on this forum. REALLY!
TO RJOGGER AND WIFE KATHY-scott and I love your stories. they are sooo fun to read. keep em are such a sweet couple!
TO STEVE AND LOUISE-hello there. scott and I also send you cyber red roses in celebration of your wedding in a well.
TO PV-hello there girl! love ya. whats new with you!
I have one story to tell you. when I was around 12 years old. I went over to my female friends house to play softball on the street. when I was playing I felt an enormous,solid motion coming on.since I was at bat I couldnt do anything about it now. BUT luckily then I got a good pitch to hit and quickly hit a monster home run that flew way over a girls head and rolled all the way down the street.this girl was playing me deep too! I love playing ball and can hit the softball really far!!.it was great that I hit a home run so I could just run around the bases and not stop since I had to squeeze out a whopping log soon. Once I rounded the basesI slapped my girlfriends hand in celebration and asked my friend if I could use her toilet. she said yes. her parents where gone at the time too. so it was doubly ok.(even though they would of let me use it anyway) I then thanked my friend and entered her house. her front door was unlocked(my friends family often did this. it was a saf! e neighborhood) I then quickly went into the bathroom and closed the door.It was summertime as I was wearing a white stretch top,white short shorts and white sneakers.underneath I wore white panties and a bra that barely contained my ever-rapidly growing bosom in place.Since I love to shit nude I quickly took off all my clothes and sat on the bowl. I then took a deep breath and pushed real hard as my ring and pink butt-cheeks quivered excitedly and stretched out real wide as an enormous,brown log made its way slowly out of my ass. I pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and my ring expanded wider.I then took a one last final breath and blasted out an enormous log from my quivering pink butt. I then wiped my ass. threw my tissue in the toilet,put on my clothes and left the bathroom to rejoin my pals. later that day my girlfriend called me up and said with a friendly laugh that I had forgotten to flush my mighty turd down and that she and her mother had a dickens of a ! time flushing it all down.(this was all before the days when I left my logs in the bowl for all to admire!)I did not measure my log but my friend got a foot long brown ruler and tried to measure it. my log was longer then the ruler.when my friend had my log all measured it was 16 1/2 inches long. nearly 3 inches friend said she ahd her mother had hardly seen a log so huge in all their lives.I apologized for not flushing but my friend said it was ok. she and her mom got a big kick over my monsterous log!I still have this friend today and she says my boyfriend scott is lucky to have a lovely girl like me get naked and shoot out my massive logs in front of him!I guess that shes right. well hoped you liked the story all! be well. love,kim and scott

Milk Dud

Great-story. You don't sound like you are, originally, from the US. Mind telling us what country you immigrated-from? Sounds to me like Germany, France, or a Spanish-speaking country. Correct me, if I am wrong. Would you ever let your husband wipe you? Has he ever done that? Also, can you describe the crap you took in this story. I mean, piece by piece. Color, size, texture, etc. We would appreciate-it. It appears that you have left a little too much to the imagination on this one.

Milk Dud

Thursday, October 11, 2001

I am new to this site but I have a story to tell. My household is fairly loose, so one day I was in the shower while my brother was going to the bathroom. I cleaned my hair and my brother was still there. I felt that I needed to fart so I tried to sneak it out. I was just getting the water back to temperature so I was bent over. I gave a little bit of pressure and all of a sudden a big explosion of diahrea shot out of my ass. It was all over the shower wall, draining on the floor and running down my little beaver. It was coming down my legs, it was kind of weird but also kinda cool, I right away tried to wash it away, but then I heard my brother flush and right then peeked into the curtain and said “nice fart”, then he noticed the shit all over the shower and my body. I could see he was alittle disgusted, he could see on my expression that I was really embarrased. He said” don’t worry, I wont tell”. He took another quik glance and closed the curtain. I figured, everything is d! irty already so I bent down, spread my legs and let out all the diahrea. Now even more was running down my vagina and my legs. I then spread my vaginal lips and peed all over my diahrea. It was a good expierence. After I cleaned up the mess and got out of the shower, dried off, and put on my panties and bra. Then I wnet downstairs and told my brother what happened. We laughed about it later on.

hey erin just try to to go when you are out it really is a bad idea to hold in your poop and pee for so long. just out of curiosity what happens when the doctor wants you to pee in a cup? can you do it then or do you still have trouble? seriuosly take the advice of others on this forum and talk to your docter about this. i hope you are able to overcome it.

Me, Myself and Iguanas
Anyone else here got parents who get angry if you leave skid marks/don't flush?

Billy and Kevin L.
Last night, we had soccer and got really stinky. Josh and Jeremy came to practice with us. They really dirty. They brought trucks and stuff and were playing in the dirt. At practice, whatever we ate made us really fart. We and Josh and Jeremy were farting through dinner and then after dinner before our baths. About 8:00 mom came and said it was time for us to get ready for bed. Josh and Jeremy wanted to take a bath. They got into the bathroom. Mike came in with a magazine and sat down. Jeremy said he needed to go. I told him to go in the potty. He said that he would wait. Mike was on the toilet about five minutes. He wiped and got up. Jeremy and Josh was farting with their butts under water. I sat down on the toilet for a poop just before Josh and Jeremy finished up. Jeremy let out a loud fart. Then he and josh were done. They wanted to stay in the bathtub while I showered. I said ok. Kev came in and took my place on the toilet when I was done. I opened up the drain in the tub! , checked the temperature and then turned on the shower. I got in the shower and started to wash. Josh farted again and said oopsie. I said what is the matter. I looked down at the water and there was a turd floating in the foam. I said, Josh, did you do this? He said, yeah, sorry. It was about 4" long, but only about 1/2 in around. Then Josh said oh no. He farted again, squatted and 3 more turds came out. When the water went all the way down, a turd was in the drain. I asked Josh if he needed to poop, and he said, not any more. I ask Jeremy and he said he was going to wait until the morning. I finished showering. We dried and brushed out teeth. Kev got ready to shower. The turd broke up and went down the drain.

All night, we were farting. Usually when I am farting a lot and poop, I stop farting. But not last night. This morning, we went on a field trip to an Indian museum. When we got to the indian museum, we had to take a huge poop. I farted a ton while I was pooping. That ended my farting. Josh, Kev and Jeremy took a poop in the morning before school. That ended their farting. At least at dinner, it was a quieter meal.


I have the same problem you do, and here's how I solve it. When I poop in the morning, I run the water in the shower at full blast as I go. It drowns out all noises, and it's hard to even hear the toilet flush. After I flush, I just get in the shower. Works like a charm. When I have to go at night, I wait until everyone else is asleep. Also, I go at the library a lot and in various dept. stores, etc.

One question: do you ever accidentally fart in front of your family? I work very hard to avoid that, and when I do have to fart, I go somewhere in the house where I can be alone and I put the fan on first.

Someone suggested putting tp on the floor and going on top of that. That works okay as long as the poop is fairly solid -- problem is if you have loose poops or the runs, it can be very messy to do that. Something else to try if your poop is solid is wrap a bunch of tp around your hand so that it is all covered, and then reach under your ass and poop into your hand. You can then gently lower it into the bowl. One neat thing about that that you'd never expect is that poop is warm! It's body temperature.

Curious: I don't recall specifically what I ate that day to cause that last pooping episode. I haven't pinpointed any specific food or combinations of food that have been causing my major pooping sessions for the last year or so, because those foods don't always have the same effect each time. It may not make sense, but that's the way it is.

Luc: I wouldn't characterize my pooping sessions as diarrhea. Using the scale, I'd say it was a consistency rating of 3. Except for that last episode, I've been consistently passing firm, solid and small loads for the past few weeks. If I thought I was having major problems, yes I would have it checked out. Thanks for your help, Luc.

Erin: It seems everyone is weighing in on your fear of pooping. I had a fear of pooping in public restrooms when I was your age. I didn't have the same problem peeing, and I was comfortable peeing or pooping at home. I was the middle of three sisters. It took a couple of near-accidents, but I eventually overcame my fear. Your problem seems to be so severe that you may need professional help. Maybe you should talk to a counselor at school or your parents. PV has some good advice. In any case, I hope you can soon overcome your anxieties.

Carmalita: The big day is coming. I hope you and Jake have a wonderful and beautiful wedding day. Hi also to Renee and Patsy.

Jeff A.: What's up? Haven't heard from you in a while. Lots of us are waiting to hear from you. I hope all is well.

Quick hellos to Buzzy, Robby & Annie, Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Ephermal, Althea, Kim & Scott, Muggs, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, and everyone else. I may not be able to post again until next week.

Hi Erin, I'm Tyler and I'm a 19 year old male. This is my first post, although I've been reading the posts for a while.

We seem to have a lot in common when it comes to our crapping habits. I set aside a "crapping time" every day; I make it a point to wake up in the middle of the night, usually around 2 in the morning. I quietly (since everyone else in my house, my parents and older brother, is usually sleeping) walk to the bathroom, lock the door, and then get down to business. I usually let out a stream of pee and then begin to crap. I will sometimes turn on the sink if I have to fart and/or push out a gooey crap; that way, I'm sure nobody can hear me, even though it is the "wee" hours (no pun intended).

My bowel movements are usually on the soft and smelly side. After I am done going, I flush what I just passed down the toilet. I then spray a little Glade powder (it's an Air Freshener spray for those who aren't familiar with American products) before quietly pulling some toilet paper off to wipe my butt. I normally have to wipe 4 to 6 times after taking a crap. I then flush again and sometimes a third time, making sure there are NO poo marks left on the toilet rim. I then spray some more Glade, trying to mask what is usually a very strong smell. I wash my hands thoroughly after that.

I know taking a crap is a normal thing and nothing to be ashamed about, but I'm bashful about it. That's just how it is. I hardly ever, make that never, use public bathrooms (say at college, where I am a commuting Sophomore).

Erin, I know exactly how it is to be bunged up. Last week, I foolishly skipped a "session" and paid for it the next day. I was able to pass my bowels, but it was very hard and painful; it felt like passing hard, coarse bread through my anus. I would say just make it a point to always wake up when everyone else is in bed, and crap in peace. Just want to let you know you are not alone and that your feelings are not crazy. Hope to hear from you - Tyler.

I'm gonna get beaten up for this but.. you can always say you're going to take a shower and while the water is runing loudly.. have a sit on the potty and do what you've gotta. Elena did that for a LONG time.. if I said WHY I know.. wlel none of you would ever see me again. Please let us know if things work for the'll see people here will worry and try to help out.

james; I too like to shit in my pants I usually do it in the car on the way home and blame the fact I was caught in traffic.

One day I was on my way home and dumped in my pants I was wearing very tight jeans and in kind of spread right up around my balls. Then the worst thing happened I was pulled over by some cops doing routine traffic surveys. Needless to say they did not detain me long. Might try that again in futue.

Candy and Todd
Hey Everyone,
We would like to say that we really enjoy your stories and send out our sympathies to those who have uncomfortable ones.

Before I (Candy) tell our story, I would like to tell a little thing about our bathroom in our home. We have a master bathroom, which is our only bathroom in the house. We have two toilets in our bathroom and they sit side by side to each other. My husaband and I really enjoy going to the bathroom together.

Okay here is the story. Last Monday I had came home from work and I was a little tired so I decided to watch a little TV. While watching TV, I felt like I needed to take a long poop. So I went into the master bath, pulled down my pants sat on the toilet and started reading Glamour Magazine, I will also read Redbook and the newspaper. For My husband he reads Newsweek or the newspaper. Anyway a few seconds later my husband came in and sat on his toilet and started reading Newsweek. We had very little conversation because we had worked all day and were tired. While I was on the toilet reading, I ripped the hugest fart alive and then my husband said "Are you okay" I said "Now I am". After that I took the longest and fattest dump ever in my whole life. I don't know how or what made me do that but I did. When I was done I took the long pee too, so I cleaned my vagina and the backside. When I was done I put my magazine back on the rack and walked out and looked at the clock and ! it said 4:30 pm, I was in there for a half and hour, and my husband was still in there. Normally we only stay in there to read for 15 min, but not 1/2 of an hour. It was a wierd day. Does anyone else like to read while sitting on the toilet? Keep us posted okay, later for now.

Michelle from Louisiana
Lately you seem to be having a lot of diahrria like poops. Maybe you need a check-up. You may have some sort of bug (partasite) in your intestines which might not be good for you. I'd check it out. Lab could run a test on a stool sample.

Maybe you are drinking too much water. Having constipation is better.

your name Lumpy
I'm a male, living in the U.S. I just found this site. It is um, well, very interesting. *blush*
I can contribute a little, wondering if others have a similar situation. When I have a BM, I rarely can get clean enough with paper. After an hour or so, my butt starts to burn. I go back to the toilet and re-wipe. I have to do this 3 or 4 times over 3 or 4 hours and am still left with red, itchy rear.
When I can, I deal with it two ways. I either bathe after a BM, or sitting on the edge of the bathtub, use the handheld shower sprayer to clean my bottom. Both work fine, but are not always options.

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