Hello to all you dear friends!

My computer is giving me the most erratic updates, missing complete pages. I just found out when I tried from the office computer, which works with another server, that I had missed Kendal’s weekend story, Traveling Guys’s suggestions fro Erin and Annie and Robby’s story among others!

Yesterday my wife bought a packet of dried figs I have heard called “Honey Drops”, because they are so sweet. I cannot resist them, my wife has to tear the packet out of my hands in order to prevent me from eating the lot at one sitting. This morning the result was a marked increase in all feelings linked to my morning dump: more pressure building up inside earlier than usual, having to hold it in conciously while going to the bathroom even before having finished my second cup of coffee, having to get my pants down extra quickly, and then releasing a double length soft log at twice the usual speed! Whoah! I can recommend it to those of you who would like to increase the pleasure of dropping a sizeable turd!

Plunging Plop Guy, are you reading? I haven’t heard from you a while. How’s your health?

Hi Jane, I’m happy you liked my story about the girl on the boat’s head. Yes, sailing can be a lot of fun. Sorry I’m so late in answering. I have less time for the computer at the moment, so that I now download several days of posts at once, and then try to read them whenever an opportunity arises, and type my answers on a floppy disk for later use. Sometimes I miss some posts, and have to go back. I like your stories, you do have to go urgently sometimes! Sombody suggested that you might be LI. It could be a possibility. Check how different foods correlate with your output at your rear end. It might give you a clue why your bowels are erratic. It could be stress too, you know. Take care dear, love from Rizzo.

Dear Kim and Scott, for the reason given above, I only very recently came across your story of that fantastic performance of Kim’s on the bathroom counter top! It sounds as if it were your stage, so here comes another, if belated, round of applause! I always enjoy your posts. And you always have a tape measure at the ready too! Cheers to the two of you from Rizzo!

Julie dear, I’m sorry your latest relationship did not work out for you. For your next chance, I’ll tell you how my girlfriend (my wife today) broke the ice when it came to peeing together. She was still living at home with her parents, so, to be on our own, we had to go out. Once we drove to some nearby woodlands for an afternoon walk after tea. I stopped the car and we got out. The first thing she did after getting out of the car was to say that she needed to rid herself of the tea, that she wanted to pee, and which she proceeded to do right there and then in front of me. She looked at me with her trusting blue eyes while she squatted in front of me and everything was just fine. BTW it was only several weeks later that we had sex.
It has happened to me too that I accidentally went into the ladies’ toilets. I used to park in subterranean garages and often used the toilets there for a pee. The door to the ladies’ in those places was on the right, the door to the gents on the left. Once I happened to use a car park belonging to another franchise. The toilet doors were both open, so the symbols on the doors were not visible from my angle of approach. I walked into the one on the left as usual, and looked for the urinals. There weren’t any. Funny, I thought, I’ll just use a cubicle, which I did. Then realisation hit me (sometimes I’m a bit scatter-brained as you already know). Could this be the ladies’? I looked around and saw a waste bin with a pedal for opening the lid. Stepping on that I beheld a bin half full of used sanitary pads. Ooops! Carefully looking around and straining my ears I made it outside again without anyone noticing, the place being deserted. Uff! Pretty pale pink knickers of yours ! BTW (grin!). Take care, love from Rizzo. PS, just discovered your story about you and Judy! I hope you succeed in getting her to join in!

Hi Renee, Hi Patsy, so you liked my boat story! Thank you! Yeah, I would certainly like to meet you too, talk about horses for a change, or boats or whatever, but I have to admit that we live a bit far apart. We shall meet here, which is not bad at all! It has its drawbacks, however, there’s no way I can have a taste of Carmalita’s Mexican food and discover the results the following day! Carmalita being an excellent cook I find a very important. It is good for her married life and good for digestion (massacre Mexican recipes, eh)! That’s a certain way to keep hold of a man: be a good cook! I am speaking from experience. My wife not only being beautiful has turned out to be an excellent cook, improving her skills over the years! Jake is a very lucky man!! Take care, and love to the lot of you over there from Rizzo over here
Nitecruzr, that was one party! Great story too! Any more Sheri-stories?

Hi Carmalita, your stories get wilder! More erotic too! Your pooping contest game with Angie and Nu, Tesa, Renee and Patsy is another highlight! Just great!!! Love to you all from Rizzo.

Annie and Robby, that story of you two going on top of each other in the dark loo is a hoot! You have certainly found the right place here among us all! You do even better than just fit in! I see in you lovely friends for a long time, I hope. It doesn’t matter where you live, you are just a few keystrokes away, but that you, Annie, are moving to be near your dear cousin for your doctorate promises more hilarious stories, as you tickle (don’t take that too literally) the old memories out of each other!
Wish you both happy times! Love from Rizzo.

Hello Andrew and Kendal!! Your bathroom antics with Kirsty and Charlotte (Andrew beware!) when the grown ups are out of the way was just superb. You really are a wild gang! Cheers to you all and a very special hug, alas not scratchy (it was scratchy on Sunday evening) for my dear niece Kendal from her Uncle Rizzo.

Now there has been some talk lately about panties as blue as some motor bikes, which has brought to my memory a little episode involving the colour of blue and a bike. In this case the bike was not blue but black, an ancient BMW 500 R. I parked my car next to it in one of the many parking bays lining a busy street. Between the parking bays - each big enough to fit about six cars at right angles to the street - and separating these from one another were flower beds with lilies and a poplar tree. So I backed my car in next to this old motor bike and looked at it with white lilies for a background. The shop with articles for my boat on the opposite side of the street had closed for lunch, and I still had fifteen minutes to go before it reopened for the afternoon business. So I lay back in my seat, lowered the window on my side all the way and dozed a bit. After what seemed only a few moments a large sedan backed in on my off side to park. The driver who climbed out of the car! was a stout man of African origin in a pale gray and very elegant suit, although a bit wrinkled at the back from an obviously long drive. His wife, of paler complexion, could have been Afro-Asian. She was a beauty, tall and slim, wearing a sky blue tight skirt and matching top with dark blue buttons and collar to show off her slim waist. She had her shoulder length hair curled out over her shoulders and wore two-tone blue high heeled shoes to match. For a moment I looked from under my eyelids at them conversing in front of their car, when suddenly I overheard her exclaiming in a clearly audible voice which carried across the din of traffic: “I want to do a pee-pee right here!” He obviously tried to dissuade her, I couln’t hear what he said, but she turned her back on him and walked in my direction! I sank down in my seat, pretended to be fast asleep, and tried to make myself invisible, but squinting out sideways to the flowerbeds behind the motor bike, where she was heading ! after having passed right in front of my car. The man in the gray suit followed her gesticulating in exasperation. Then he planted himself squarely between her and the busy street to shield her from view. Was she going to attempt to pee among the lilies, I thought? She tried. But after carefully testing the consistency of the earth with her foot she stood back and looked around fumbling the hem of her skirt on both sides with the tips of her fingers. Oh my! She could not but notice me now! She was just behind the bike from my view point. Less than ten feet away! My reaction was to squeeze my eyes shut, but only for a moment. She hadn’t even realised that there was somebody in the car right next to her! Probably fighting the urge for relief was calling all her attention. Now things happened very quickly. Turning to face her companion and presenting herself to me in profile, she quickly hiked up her skirt, eased down her tights to just above her knees, then her panties which tur! ned out to be pale blue and lacy, and thus gave me a short glimpse of a triangle of very black and curly pubic hair. She shuffled back a bit and then squatted behind the front wheel of the bike. I could still see the top of her head. But through the thin spokes of the wheel her shapely bum and the curve of her light brown thighs were clearly visible. I didn’t see the start of her wee, she seemd to have already started as she lowered herself, because the first drops fell on the ground when she was still pulling her panties down her thighs! Her stream was unusual to my limited experience. It consisted of five, six or more little parallel streams without any pressure behind them, like a shower head with a feeble rate of water flow! No hiss whatsoever! Just a growing puddle around her shoes! After about half a minute of this her stream dribbled to a stop. “I need a tissue!” I jumped and could just restrain myself from opening the glove compartment to hand her some cleenex tissue! s. “You should have thought about that before we left, I don’t have any. And I’m certainly not going to give you my pressed handkerchief to wipe yoursel with!” Nasty guy, I thought. If he weren’t there, I’d help her. So I just kept quiet. She started to bounce her bum on her heels to shake off some drips no doubt, then stood up and began to pull up and rearrange her various layers of clothing. “OK, Lets go!” she said giving her skirt a last tug. “It’s about time! You should have waited until we got to the meeting! It’s only across the street!” “No way! I almost peed in your car, if you want to know!” And they were off on their way to the pedestrian crossing just a few yards away. I looked at my watch. Time for me to get going too.

Bye,bye, Rizzo

Gruntly Bogwell
CARMALITA (this one's for you, for your kindness and encouragement)…I just took my first constipated poop , since I began writing to this forum. I had forgotten how humbling this can be. Granted my poops have not been as large or long as many who have posted here, but they have at least passed without too much trouble, thanks to my poop friendly diet no doubt. Usually, I have been able to open my hole with a minimum of strain and think about some of the great poop stories posted here particularly yours, my brown-skinned friend with the golden grunt stories, as I let nature take its course and enjoyed the experience. But a couple of days ago, I noticed my leavings were the plop, plip, plop kind of turd balls that came out like laying eggs, in this case dark brown turds that tended to float and swirled around when I flushed, like they were racing on a short track. I didn't think anything about it…but the next day after breakfast I felt that familiar urge in the lower abdome! n and back passage, I went to the bathroom and lowered my tan slacks and white jockey briefs, flipped up the back my cranberry red polo shirt and felt my skinny ass ease into the commode seat hole. I looked down at my slightly paunchy belly as it protruded toward my pubic patch above my slightly parted legs and began to grunt…but nothing came out. Whoa, what's this I thought? And bore down again…my back passage said a shit was ready, but my hole would hear none of it. What would Carmalita do, I thought to myself. I spread my legs wider, my pants and briefs slid down to my ankles, rumpling my white athletic socks above my reddish-brown deck shoes…my equipment dangled above the water in the toilet as I leaned forward and renewed my effort. My face turned red and I was forced to squint my eyes to get the anal-clogging turd into position for a hole stretching squeeze. I straightened up panting from the effort and felt a little light headed from the effort. I took some deep! breaths to recover, then leaned forward and bore down again, feeling my white butt shift out of the toilet seat ring and PLIP a very small turdlet nipped out of my nether hole and hit the waiting water below. Then my hole began to open under the tension of my hefty GRUUUNNNTTT…I could feel a turd at the breach, but it hung there just inside my hole…so near yet so far…I could feel one part of the turd disturbing one of my hemorrhoids making it ache and got me to wondering if it was going to bust out with the grunting effort. Just then a high pitched BREEEEEEEEeeeeee fart screamed past the trapped turd…I sat back again without success, my nostrils flaring from the effort. I took off my shoes, socks, pants and briefs and tossed them over by the shower. Half-naked now, I put my feet back by the toilet on either side and went for it…GRUUNNNTTTTTT…slowly my anal orifice opened and a few turdlets from the turd pack fell out PLIP…PLOP… UNNNGGGHHHH…oh the stretch of my hole, it wa! s trying to get around the turd and smaller ones were falling from the gaping nether opening. AT LAST the right combination of tension and hole stretch caused the 1.5 incher by four inches to tumble out POHLOOMP …my hole hung open as I peered between my open legs and saw the turd which was very dark brown at the knobby tip turning to a lighter medium brown at the back. The dam was broken and softer longer medium brown offerings slid into the breach and were added to the funky mess in the bowl. Ahhh…the comfort, the relief, the feeling of emptying ones bowels. I squirted some hand lotion on to the toilet paper and wiped my tender and pulsating grunter until I was clean. Then re-dressed and went off to start the day with that lightness of step that only a good pooh can bring.

CARMALITA, FAT WOMAN and all you other aficionados of my stories, I appreciate your support and encouragement on this forum. It has allowed me to plumb the depths of my fascination with observing others move their bowels. I feel the time has come to poop off into the sunset, as it were. So I am announcing my retirement from the forum as a regular poster…I hope you cyber-buddy dumpers out there have enjoyed my stories as much as I have writing them. I have enjoyed, more than you can know the holefelt poohs you have described. So I'm going to hand out some GRUNTLY AWARDS.

BEST FOREIGN POOP STORY: The guy from India who watched his aunt in the woods.
RUNNER UP: The guy with the constipated wife on the ski trip to Austria.

BEST POOP BY A FAT PERSON STORY: Fat Woman's Midnight poop with the other constipated fat lady in the downstairs hotel restroom.
1st RUNNER UP: Fat Woman's description of the trials and tribulations of being a fat pooper.

BEST PEEPING POOP (Excluding mine of course): The guy who peeped under the bathroom door on his best friend's wife who tried to distract him by having him fix the washer in the basement, while she did a hefty grunt. He snuck back up the stairs to peep and could only see from her butt down, but what a show.
1st RUNNER UP: The janitor who peeped over the partition to see the babe in the yellow dress he had always wanted to meet letting out a big one.
2nd RUNNER UP: The guy who sneaked into the women's restroom at the library and saw the Japanese girl cutting loose a hefty one.
3rd RUNNER UP: Fat Woman peeping on her large mother when she was a girl.

BEST CHEERLEADER POOP STORY: The one reported by the girl who heard four or five cheerleaders come in to the multi-stall restroom for a pee, but one started pooping and the others sounded on her. The author was caught between cussing out the snobs or comfort the crying pooping cheerleader who was making the whole place funky.

BEST HERE AND NOW POOP STORY: Buzzy, typing on the remote keyboard as he pooped.

BEST COLLEGE POOP STORY: The one where the coeds were just getting used to each other the first week and the awkwardness of that all stalls full poop.

BEST SUPPORTIVE COUPLE POOPS: Three-way tie - George and Moira, Nicole and her husband, and Kim & Scott.

BEST POOP TEASE STORY: Two from Carmalita, one for Jake and one for the thirteen year old kid in New Mexico.

BEST DIARREAH STORY: The Japanese guy who was inspired to write about his wife's troubles after reading my story of peeping on the Vietnamese beauty doing the Asian squat.
RUNNER UP: Coprologist

BEST AFRICAN-AMERICAN POOP STORY: The guy who videoed his big ass girlfriend, who took a monster shit at a friends house.

However, the GOLDEN GRUNTLY AWARD for the BEST ALL AROUND POOP STORIES goes to…May I have the envelope please…thank you rip, tear, slip out the card…Smiles every one smiles…CARMALITA!!!!!!

This one small Latino lady has set the standard for description of women's bowel movements, both hers and those of her dear friends, not to mention the ladies at the recreation center with the door less stalls. Incomparable, indescribable and beautiful, you are the one and only. Well done, thanks for the memories and thanks for letting us in to the private world of grunting women behind closed doors!

Good bye, good night and happy grunting one and all. Gruntly

Robby and Annie
Hello to all!!
Hope we don't wear out our welcome!

DEAR RIZZO: (Annie)- This story is just for you! Robby and Susan(his wife) were over for a holiday visit. Alan(my husband) had the boat ready and we set out for a day of fun. In the afternoon the wind started blowing harder. We were struggling to keep the boat steady. Robby said he was going down to the loo. Susan also said she would follow. About 5 minutes later I went down to start lunch. The boat suddenly lurched and a crash came from the loo! The door flew open and Robby sailed out of the loo! Alan and Susan came running down and there was Robby with his arse open to the elements. He struggled to get up and and we started to howl. It was so hilarious to see this poor man trying to stand up and waddle back to the bowl. (Robby)- I was in such a state in that loo. The boat was pitching and I was sliding around the bowl. I slid off just as a thick log plunged out of my bum. Thank God it hit the bowl before I slid off. Then the boat lurched. I arched forward and crashed tro! ugh the door. There I was with my bum sticking up in the air and these "kind" people were hooting up a storm. I struggled to my feet and took my bum and dignity back to the loo. It stunk so bad in there Susan had to hang her bum over the side to wee. Annie and I tried to steady her and her wee was blowing ever which way. It was a sight to see!! Robby and I also love "Das Lied"! Who did you hear? Robby sang opera for 25 years before going into writing and producing. Take care, Love from Robby and Annie!! BTW, great advice on the knickers for Kendal!

CARMALITA: HOLA! my dear! We both thank you for your kind words. A dumping contest at a bachelorette party. We think it is a hoot. The story is priceless!! Annie and I are still laughing. The day is approaching! We know you will be a beautiful bride!! Take care, Love from Annie and Robby.

DEAR KENDAL: (Annie)- It is always great to hear from you. There will be no more weepy things in our posts to you. We just wanted to get the right info on what has happened to you. It is funny that Robby and I have had toilet habits at nearly the same time. Mostly they are in the morning. I have revived tea time at Robby's home. The girls think it is great. They think it is so refined! The two stories from you are fabulous. I can just see you and your friends holding your noses from Andrew's smell. Robby has had some real "gassers", too. It is also great you have a new friend, Charlotte and are sharing your loo habits. Here is a short story just for you and Andrew. Robby and I were 16 and 15. I was over on one of my visits in the summer. I had a new boyfriend and that is all I could talk about. Robby was tired of my gushing about him. He sort of cut me off and wandered off. A few minutes later I heard the familiar sounds of Robby's fart. I rushed to the loo and he was bend! ing over and straining. I guess I sounded like a cheerleader as I rubbed his ???? and shouted "push it all out, push it all out, alllllll out"!! He did and a wave of small pieces dropped into the bowl! PLOP, plop, plop, plop. Then he grunted, UUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUU! A fart shook the bowl; BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It was amazing. I was still rubbing his ???? and my other hand was covering my nose. It smelled horrid in there. He finally pushed out 3 large logs and a mess of liquid poo. He then wiped and wiped! He sighed with relief. I asked him what in the name of pete had he eaten. The whole section of the house smelled. No amount of lysol would do. I thought about asking my Dad to buy me a gas mask,LOL!! Well, there it is. Give our love to dear Andrew. And you, my dear; do take care! Much love from Annie and Robby!

PV: (Annie) Thank you for your kind words. Even Robby is blushing!! As I have told you I think weeing standing up is wonderful for a woman. I am no expert but I have weed in the shower numerous times. Love from Annie and Robby.

ERIN: WE hope that the advice from these kind, wonderful people will help you. Let us know. Cheers from Annie and Robby

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hope everything is fine with you both! When is the wedding? Has it already happened? Sorry, we forget sometimes. BTW, any more stories from Spain? Cheers from Annie and Robby.

RJOGGER: Robby and I have really enjoyed your stories. Keep them coming! Cheers from Robby and Annie!

To Ephermal,
Ah yes, there's nothing wrong with being idealistic, as long as you are realistic as well. Sure, there may well be a 'prince charming' for you, but give the 'mere' ordinary princes a chance too. Don't look too hard either - sometimes the best people are those you encounter by accident.
Sounds like your dorm would be one I could grow to like! If the sounds from the toilets come through loud and clear, it must count as a positive distraction.

To Erin,
I've read your post in which you describe your problem. I've also read PV's reply. Take her advice - she knows what she is talking about.
Best of luck from Steve and Louise.

To Kendal,
Hello there! Ah, so Emily is a natural talent in the field of standing to pee. This just means you will have to practice more to bring yourself up to the same level of proficiency. In every skill there will be some with an aptitude such as Emily. If you don't consider yourself to be an expert now, convince yourself that you soon will be!
Perhaps there is some physical variation or maybe it is her flow rate that currently gives her the edge over you.

To Robby and Annie,
I found your lavatorial stumblings in the dark to be hugely entertaining. I don't know what sort of revenge Louise would take if I was careless enough to urinate on her legs like you did Annie's. Ha ha. The consequences don't bear thinking about.

To Julie,
Ah, it seems my reputation as a toilet guard is spreading among your business friends. Excellent! I have no problem with that at all, as I get to see Judy's white cotton knickers as well. Of course I like to know about your own knickers as well, it all helps me to draw the picture in my head. I very much enjoyed your weeing, as you both did by the sound of it, but Judy's dumping was a bonus. As for the giggling, Louise can be that way. I must remember to tell you about that. If I don't remember to do so this week, please remind me.
Your tight, black, short skirt and the pink knickers go together very well. Louise likes that kind of combination, and I've just remembered a particular occasion when she had a wee sitting on the toilet at home while dressed like that. Well, of course she had her knickers down to her knees, and her skirt was up around her waist, you understand. She had just returned from work one summer day, and was bursting, so it was a quite noisy piss indeed.
From your toilet guard, Steve.

To PV,
Things are a little hectic at the moment, so I am finding myself with less and less time. I give you a pledge to write up more from Spain when time allows - there are still some interesting little episodes to tell!
I'm afraid 'Nearest and Dearest' isn't a show I'm familiar with. Obviously 'Only Fools and Horses' hasn't reached Australia. I can't see why, unless it is felt that it is so peculiarly Brit that it will not be fully understood elsewhere.
Louise threw her leg over the sink last night, and then proceeded to urinate heavily into it. It has been quite a while now since I last saw her do that, but it is one hell of an event to witness. Of course I wiped her when she was done, and well, what could we do after that but
the obvious?

Bye for now,


James i liked your story

I was at school the today, it was last lesson and I had just got changed into my gym clothes, I was wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts, the shiny short of material and you could see my light blue boxerbriefs through them. I normally wear white briefs with my shorts but I only had my one pair of undies left. I have like ten pairs of briefs and only one pair of boxerbriefs that were a gift that I rarely wear but I had to because the rest of my undies were dirty. We all went out on to the field, the first thing we were told to do is run round the track twice after we did some warm up exercises. When I was doing the exercises my need for the toilet, which I had earlier but went away, came back, I started running round the track. Every time I moved I could feel poop moving closer and closer to my undies, then I thought I felt the poop coming out so I squeezed my butt together and grabbed the back of my shorts to check that none had came out. I couldn't feel any in my boxe! rbriefs but as I carried on running further I felt poop sliding out again, by the time I stopped it I had done quite a bit of poop in my undies, but it seemed solid, also when my poo came out some wee must have leaked out as I had a dark blue patch showing through on the front of my shorts. When I finished running and stood with my classmates I kept my hand over the front of my shorts so people didn’t notice I had a wet patch. The teacher started talking to us but somebody else was talking at the same time, she asked who was talking when she was but nobody answered so we were all made to do 10 press ups. After that she told everybody to divide into two groups and start playing basketball but she asked me to stay back for a moment and I didn’t know why. When everybody had gone she said to me did I need to use the toilet. I actually didn’t any more as I had done enough in my underpants, so I said no, I was still holding my hands over my wet patch so wondered why she thought I ne! eded the toilet, she asked me I was sure and that I could go if I wanted to, but I said no again. She then said I could go and start playing basketball so off I went. Near the end of the lesson we went inside to watch a video on basketball tactics, which went fine and I sat at the front and could smell my poop a little bit, Matthew, my cousin, who was sat next be me asked if I had farted or something, I said, I thought you had and nothing else was said otherwise we would have go told off for talking over the video. At the end of the video as we left the class the teacher stopped me again and accused me of lying to her as she said it looks like I did need the toilet as the front of my shorts are a little wet. She said I should have gone when she said and not to be embarrassed, I agreed and walked off and got changed, I was pleased that she hadn’t noticed I had pooped my pants. When I walked home with Matthew I stopped as the rest of the poop was coming out, as I did a little mo! re I farted at the same time. Matthew said was that just a fart or have you pooped your self again, I said a little poop may had come out. When I got home I scrapped the poop out of my underpants into the toilet and put on another pair of pants, not clean, as my mom might wonder why I had worn an extra pair of undies in the week, I put on a pair that only had a few skid marks in that I had taken off the day before. I threw out the pair of boxerbriefs.

It took me a while to clean up last night after having a poop whilst reading this page. Today I am going to a meeting in London so suppose I shall have to keep my pants clean. I might have a discreet pee on the train coming home. I have not had many true accidents on public transport but I did once have a real one when I was in the car with my mum and a good mate. We were both about 15/16 at the time. We had been stuck in traffic on the M1 for about 2 hours and I was desperate. I did several squirts of pee and I could see my jeans were getting stained with wet. My mate was wanting to go as well and was holding himself and looking as if he was about to cry. I could feel a turd pressing into my pants and I knew it was time for a confession and I told my mum how bad it was. She said to me to get in the back of the car with my mate and put the plastic boot liner over the seat and then to poo and enjoy it! Neither of us had any choice. As I was getting the plastic piss wa! s running doen the legs of my jeans and I just stood by the car and let my poo go. The first two turds were heavy and stiff and coiled up in the crutch of my briefs and the last thrust was sloppy and wet and I hastily got in the car and sat on it. I was so relieved to get rid of it I just laughed and mum said I looked better! Then Ken began to piss and it squirted through the front of his jeans in a little fountain and then he farted and lifted his bottom off the seat and I knew he had plopped. It made me feel quite excited and I noticed that Ken looked that way as well. When we got to my place mum sent us to the shower and we helped one another clean up and Ken borrowed some of my clothes whilst his dried. It was one of the best accidents I have ever had.
I find that accidents are not always very nice which is why they are accidents. I once had an accident in the street whilst wearing boxers and my turds slipped out of my trousers and stuck on my shoes and some girls saw and all jeered at me. That was an accident!
When I was at college I began to have non-accidents - nice controlled plops at my convenience. I enjoy that. I also like to check out what state other guys underpants are in and it supprises me just how dirty a lot of good clean looking blokes pants are. I play football, cricket and I belong to a running club and a lot of the guys have real bad stains on the back of their pants and shirts and often real large yellow areas. No on ever seems to bother trying to hide them and they just hang them up for all to see. What amazes me is that they must have sometimes dropped some poo in their pants for them to be as dirty as they are, and their trousers must have been wet when the yellow stains cover the areas that they do.
When I found this page I was amazed just how many girls plop in their knickers. I went to a school for boys so it has come as a shock to me that all those lovely girls walking down the street probably have panties bursting full of poo.
Before I get too excited I must set off for work. Keep the stories coming and I shall post some more if anyone is interested.

I was in the bath last night enjoying a luxurious soak when my boyfriend tapped nervously on the door and asked if I was going to be long. Well I’d only just got comfy, so I asked him to come in and do what he had to do. His bowels are not great – he’s either constipated or loose, or full of wind, and he has suffered from piles recently. It’s stress that causes all this, we’ve tried to regulate his diet and that works to an extent. However, he does need extra care and attention so making him wait to use the toilet is not an option.

He came into the bathroom and said he needed to poo. I told him to go right ahead if he didn’t mind, I surely didn’t. He dropped his trousers and underpants and sat on the loo with his hands clasped in front of him and his head down. I could tell this was hurting him. He did his pre-poop trump and sighed, and I heard a feint crackle then a little plop. He didn’t look happy and I asked him was it ok. ‘It’s burning me’, he said. ‘I think my piles have come down with it’. I told him not to push, just relax and rub his ????. He tried rubbing his ???? but it’s not the same as someone else doing it, so I grabbed a towel and got out of the bath and went over to him. I kneeled by the toilet and rubbed his swollen belly gently. He closed his eyes and leaned back, I tucked his penis down because there was a droplet on the end of it, and as he relaxed his anus a lovely long fart hissed out. ‘There, is that better?’ I asked him, and he nodded and started to bear down. H! is motion was filling is rectum now, and I told him to lean forward and let me do his back. I looked between his cheeks and sticky black poo was all around his anus, and his piles were protruding, but not as bad as I’ve seen them.

I moved my hands down to his cheeks and separated them and his next push produced a thick, sticky rope of poo that smelled very strong indeed. No wonder it was burning him. He groaned and sighed as it snaked out of him, and it flumped into the toilet, streaking the sides of the bowl on the way in. He said he’d emptied himself so I gently removed most of the feces from his bottom with some tissue, there was a little lump of poo sticking to his hairs and I picked it off with the tp. He was by no means clean though, so I invited him into my bath. I helped him out of his clothes and flushed the toilet, then when he was in the water I had him kneel up while I carefully cleaned his soiled bottom. He was very sore. His piles weren’t too bad, they eased back up him without much effort. By now the water was getting cold so we didn’t stay in it too long, then I found him some clean underwear and we went downstairs to watch tv.

LOUISE -- I think Aussie butt gaskets are paper... I was tempted to investigate, but the holder was empty! On nude weddings, they do happen! (Not that you'd want to show the album around outside your naturist's club! Ahem...) I'm sure you'll be a bride so gorgeous we'll all be envious for years! Oh, looks like there was a posting error, part of your message got tacked onto the start of Ring Stretcher's... I loved your description of you and your Mom weeing at the beach when you and your sister were kids!

ANNIE -- Yay! Another stand-up gal! There's so many more of us around than ever before, it gives me hope that in the near future, maybe inside the next generation, town planners will actually start to put proper urinals in ladies' rooms.

KENDAL -- Charlotte is indeed a genuine trooper! Her first attempt was excellent, more successful than the socially-defied fumblings of a lady who has never heard of it before, yet has a lot of years of sitting behind her (pun!) I'm wondering what the WSPC will look like when we have seven, eight, even more of us, lined up for official distance-trials (my money is still on Louise's Mom)! You're blossoming, my darling neice, and it's wonderful to be here with you!

RIZZO -- Yes indeed, your "windage and elevation" (!) pose is great. I've not practiced yet, so I can't say whether I'll be able to match your feat of letting your rectal canal relax and open up... But it'll be fun to try!

MALITA -- WHAT A PARTY! That was some babe-bonding, and Tesa's new gf sounds absolutely dee-lish! The group-poop was a stunner, and the collective wipe was really sweet. How I'd love to have been there and deposited a couple of nice 12-inchers on the paper for you, then felt your delightful touch tidying me up!

You said:

"The Carmalita gang, huh? Renee and Patsy read your post with me and liked that name. Patsy says to tell you that you are "one exciting female!" Must be the red hair, and those wild pee stories you've got. She and Renee still love the one where you peed at the beach. I only wish I could be there to smell that lovely PV aroma from the poops you were going to do for us. Do you grunt a lot, especially when you pass your big ones? I am sending you another dozen email roses!"

Well, please tell Patsy I think she's one hot, darling woman herself!

I pooped twice in the day, dedicating both to The Carmalita Gang, and pictured your babe-bonding as I slipped them free. I even visualized you squatting before me, holding my knees and looking at the focus of attention as I performed! Actually I don't make a sound! Maybe a slight outletting of breath, but I tend to hold my breath so my bowels can push against my diaphragm for leverage! But you'd catch a sweet female perfume -- normally my turds don't smell too bad, and my farts are positively savoury!

I'll mount those email roses in an arc around the screen to remind me of the hottest tamale north of the border!

The year is warming up, I'll be off to the nude beach again before long. My record is 13 wees, so I'll be aiming to break it, and to take a dump in the gully! My first ever outdoor opening -- it's gotta happen!

Cheers to you all, wonderful people!


Hey.all-just have some time for some responses-
TO RING STRETCHER-I could never poo in front of strangers eigher,til the last 2 years or so by going in the woods-it seems like most folks are pretty cool about it and esp this year i seem to enjoy pooing with other people-sometimes they even poop along(buddy-poop)or i go it alone-it kinda cool to see some folks reaction and most of the time it's pretty positive-it seems like a lot of people get interested and actually watch you do it and it's fun to do-this summer was a good one-can't wait til next summer!
TO RJOGGER & KATHY-MAN,where do you meet these people!Good story,I'm so envious!I would love to meet a few women like that and enjoy the view and BTW I agree with you that very educated people are very open about BM's-All the folks I met are smart open minded folks that seem to really enjoy pooing and watching others poop-it's very interesting in a way,isn't it?Super story!
TO CARMELITA-WOW!! I loved your United Nations gang poop!Now that was super-Of course i printed the whole thing and Tomorrow morning when I have to dump i'm going to take it with me to the bowl and read every sentance as i dump my load along with you ladies-in fact i'l probably keep this one for future use too! GREAT story-i truelly loved it!SEND ME A VIDEO!Well i'm outta here,got to go to work!Glad you guys enjoyed my woods poop-I certainly did! BYE

Tuesday, October 10, 2001

Ring Stretcher
CAROL: excellent story about passing the big bolus! I know the feeling, girl. It feels like a freight train is trying to come out of your ass. It's amazing how big they can get and how our rings can stretch to accomodate them. Watching one emerge is like watching a birth, haha. They sota do "crown" if you know what I mean.

Allison C.
My favorite activity is letting my boyfriend, J-dog, watch me sit on the pot, and fart and poop, and have a jolly good old time!

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