To Erin, I was exactly the way you are about
pooping when I was a teen. I had 3 siblings
and 1 bathroom and I was afraid to poop when
anyone was home for fear the would hear everything
even though our bathroom was off a hallway and
not in direct line with any other room.
Finally I got wise and figured out how to poop
in complete comfort with anyone and everyone home:
when I had to poop I would go in the bathroom and
lock the door, of course, and take toilet paper
and spread it on the floor and poop on that and
when finished just wipe and flush the whole mess
away. Worked like a dream for me for the rest of
the years I lived at home. As for the smell, I'd just
open the window and not worry about it too much.
Give this a try and let us know how it works out.
Best of luck to you.
Oh, BTW - I still won't poop in a public restroom
even thought I'm now 30 years old!! I don't think I
will ever get past that one!

Sick Boy
Erin: what you are doing is very un healthy the only suggestion I can give on how to loosen up is just come to realize that this is something that everyone has a biological need to do are any of your 6 siblings ashamed of using the toilet at your house? probably not than why should you be? another piece of advice I can give you is alot of people have fears about something or another. For example I used to be scared of getting hit in Football all I could do is just go out and take hits until I wasn't scared anymore. So what you'll have to do is just use the toilet untill you are not embarassed anymore the first few times you may be red in the face and wish you could end it quick but you will get over it quickly! I hope this advice is helpful good luck

I have found this site in the last couple of weeks and I think it is great. Some of the tales of pooping are great. I cannot say that what I have just done is an accident! I have been glued to the screen and just could not be bothered to go. I just lifted my bum off the chair and I have filled my briefs with a medium sticky load which I have sat back down on. It will have to wait while I read a few more. Will write again soon about some other poops. I do not have so many acidents but I just enjoy a good dump in my pants, particularly if I think it might be stiff. Anyone else out there enjoy pooping and do it on purpose?

erin when you take yoru shower take a crap

Kendal & and Drew
Heh sorry none of us have been on lately. Linda has had to move in with her aunt to attend school. Many of you MAY have heard that around the time of the attcks on Sept.11.. a barge hit the bridge between Padre Island and Port Isabel. No this had NOTHING to do with terroist attcks.. but it left us cut of from the mainland.. thanks to ferries we have been getting along sorta fine.. but well things will be a mess for a while..sorry about that.

Wow girl..I thought I had it bad at that age. I know what you're going through. I had that problem.. plus I had a younger cousin living with my family and me who has a huge peeping tom he'd have had our own Gruntly adopt him as his younger brother.and I was almost always the victim. What you need to do is relax..I know how hard it is.. but everyone does it.. in your family as well..lock the door and just have a sit..and relax. Take a book something to entertain yourself shoot or do like me and get a walkman..something to get your mind off and get you lose enough to do what you gotta'll be hard at first the end you'll feel a lot better(No pun intended) me.. it wasn't easy for me.. and now..I share a bathroom with my husband and his cousin.Take it slow and you'll see. if all else falis... go run and errand and find a private bathroom to use( Do I sound like I've done this before?)

We went to a canoe marathon on Saturday. The start was at a dam and nnedless to say no facilities at all. Very nice pooing in the trees with both sexes all around. The usual pre race nerves prevailed with lots of wet poo large quantities too..

DONNIE M.............................

Response to Marge: about pee shy
I know that I was pee shy all my school years and even standing at a urinal ready to let go, another guy would step to the one besides me and I vould just freeze and could not go till he got done first and left.
A few times I had to just leave and pretend Id peed and wait till after the next class or when I could go, maybe in a stall.
I gues though that for girls, you all have to go in a stall. What you do is to totally blank out everything around you. Even hold your ears if you have to. You are not there, you are home, you are in private. Like "to hell with everyone and everything". You just relax and let go. Relax, thats the key, block out everything and relax and push if you have to. A few times like this and you wont have that trouble any more.Can you imagine, I was in the army. There were latrine buildings that had like 40 toilets in a row about 2 feet apart. The army could care less about how you felt pooping in front of others. If you hadda go, you would go eventually in your pants or someplace. So even peeing, they had a long metal trough all the guys lined up and just took out
Willy and peed. No one cared. No one was looking at your ween And so what? thats the attitude you got to take. When you go camping out in the woods, or outdoors sometime and got to poop or pee you will find a place to go or do it in your shorts. So what-you find a place thats suitable and you do it, thats it.
But do like I said, block out everything and everyone and just do it.

Donnie..............I hope this helps.......

James (canada)
I felt sorry for my girlfriend the other day : she was really sick (had diarrhea and throwing up), so we were both sitting on the couch, and suddenly she ran to the bathroom with her hand over her mouth. I followed her into the bathroom and held her hair back as she puked. Then she yanked her pants off really fast, and turned around to poop. It was really, really watery : it was kinda disgusting. But then she had to puke again so she turned around to puke and had to finish pooping on the bathroom floor. She was so embarrassed that she was crying, and i felt so sorry for her. Id probably rather clean up puke on the floor rather than diarrhea.

Hi, what about in the morning, I was taking a clouded train as ususal.
I felt that someting I needed to goto toilet to push out poop. Then,
I got off the train and went to the ladies room at the train station.
However, there were long cue.... Oh no... I can't wait.. my stomack
started to ache..this is usual every morning colon movement but I had to
go into the toilet and pushed out....Then, I went outside of the station and Hotel near the station. However, there were all occupied.
Next, I went to the cafe, finally i found the place I can save my life.
If somebody has such kind of experience, like airplane, train or bus
Let's share the information and how do we protect and control the
uregent matter. This is helathy phenomenon but I need toilet everywere that I can use when I want to use but difficult to find. especially in
the morning. It's general thign but...

You know Erin, you just gotta think about it, as "what would they care about me pooping?" Its a natural thing, everyone does it, and some people are excited by it. Just think of it as an activity that you gotta do, and try it once while everyone is around, and see what happens. If it is a bad experience, then what can I say? Just try and know I support you 100% !

Ever since I was old enough to ride my bike to a near by park, I don't ever remember pooping at home. Or if I did, i made sure that no one was home or coming home soon. I found it's best for me to find a store somewhere with nice clean restooms that don't get used much. I have always had two or three stores that I would go to to poop. Most large stores have a main bathroom and another smaller one hiding in a corner somewhere that doesn't get used much. Even if somene does come in while you're pooping, they usually come in for a quick pee and exit quickly. Then you can resume business. I have found that people in public won't make stupid comments to you whereas at home, noone will leave you alone or they walk in on you right at the climax of the whole thing. At least people in public don't have any idea who you are or what you are doing, nor do they usually care in the least.

To Erin, try pooping in your bedroom, or using a plastic bag.

Hard Turd Guy- There have been a lot of instances when I passed extremely painful turds. The kind which feel like they have jagged, sharp edges which lacerate your anus and make tears spring to your eyes. Those are the worst!!!
Erin- I can fully sympathise with the situation you're going through. I too, am fascinated with seeing people on the toilet yet I've always been secretive about my own bathroom habits. I also never poop in public washrooms and only pee if I really can't hold it. Even at home, I used to poop with the shower running if someone in my family was in the next room.
Ring Stretcher- I ususally remain seated when I wipe myself. Even then, a drop of pee might trickle down my leg afterwards...
Billy & Kevin L- I can pretty much be certain that my butt is clean when there are no more poop stains on the paper so I just keep wiping myself until there are no more traces left...
Carol- I really enjoyed your difficult pooping session with Keith!!!

Erin: You can not be afraid to go to the toilet. I was squeamish about going at school until 10th grade. I could not wait one day. I had to move my bowels and I was glad I did. And that was the start. Holding back is the worst thing ever. You are building toxins dangerous to your body. I was afraid to have a bowel movement in a strange house. But, I had to break down. Either was injure myself internally or mess my pants. Neither were options. See my earlier posts.

I went to a wild party about 20 years ago. This was the first party like it that I went to after I got my first new car, one that had a sunroof. The sunroof became a key element of the later part of this experience.

This was a summer night party, in the downtown section of Richmond VA, in an old Victorian style house with of course only 1 bathroom. It was an old house with high ceilings and narrow halls. There was a lot of beer and stronger stuff, and I was drinking as much as anybody else. About 3/4 of the kitchen space (counter and refrigerator) was occupied by beer, wine, or liquor.

50 or so young adults, post college age and up, and just 1 bathroom.

About 3 or 4 hours into the party, the line to the bathroom was substantial. Some guys took to peeing out the front window, from the upper hall, onto the porch roof, until the cops stopped by for the first (but not the last) time that evening.

With everybody needing to pee having to queue up for the bathroom (no windows or front yard bushes were used after the cops told us off), the line to the bathroom became steadily longer. Some more adventurous partiers (including me) discovered that, while waiting to use the bathroom, it was possible to climb 10 or 15 feet up the walls of the hall, feet against 1 wall and back against the other.

After a couple of visits to the bathroom, some of the women started to join the guys in climbing up the wall. And soon we started carrying our beverages up with us, and would perch drinking 10 or 15 minutes until the line below shortened.

One time as I was up there, one of the young women ahead of me started giggling. I heard what I first thought was her pouring her beer onto the floor below as she slipped towards the floor. And then I realised that her hands were busy supporting her going back down the wall, and the "beer" was dripping from her pants and not from her empty bottle.

She giggled again, as she reached the hall floor, her turn having come up, and slipped into the bathroom to clean herself up. Perched up the wall just above the bathroom door, and to the right of the open transom (the younger ones here who post here, and have never seen a transom, need to know that it is a window, 1 - 2 feet high and the width of the typical interior door, placed just above the interior door to provide ventilation when the door itself was closed), I had an excellent view of the young lady in question on the toilet thru the open transom.

She had, apparently, hardly peed at all in the hall, as she let a tremendous torrent of pee into the bowl. My guess would be a pint to a quart. As I watched I became somewhat intrigued as I realised that she had not bothered to pull down her pants, just sat down on the seat with her pants still on.

She staggered to her feet, flushed, and I slid down the wall and hit the floor (and not too lightly), just as she opened the door. She giggled again as she opened the door, sort of staggered against me as I staggered in, and lightly rubbed against me.

This was not the last time I would encounter this young lady, though it was the last time I saw her during several subsequent bathroom visits.

On my subsequent visits to the bathroom, I noticed that I was not the only guy enjoying the hallway experience. Even though there were after all two sections of hallway next to the bathroom door (one on each
side), it became extremely hard to get a favored "seat" up the wall, as some guys took to staying up the wall even after their turn in the line had arrived.

About 2:00 in the morning, realising that I did, unfortunately, have to go to work the next "day" (half a dozen hours away!), I decided that I had stayed long enough, and that the longer I stayed the drunker I was
getting. I knew I was of course not in any shape to drive, but decided nonetheless to get outside and sit in my car.

Thus ends the first part of this experience (to be continued).


As I preceded to (somewhat unsteadily) leave the party at 3:00 (being one of the few to depart so soon), I headed to the kitchen to retrieve my (empty) beer cooler. There in the kitchen, I found Sheri (she who had given me the bathroom show) also preparing to leave. Learning that she lived somewhat in the direction of my distant apartment (it was at least west of the city in the same direction of her place), I persuaded her to accept a ride home with me.

Sheri was no more sober than me (what a surprise).

We strolled the block or so to my car, rather unsteadily. Climbed into my car, I in the drivers seat and she in the passengers, I started the engine and quickly opened the sunroof for ventilation.

Both realising, in a responsible way, that neither of us were in any possible shape to be driving, I then turned off the engine. Slipping a favorite tape into the tape player, we leaned back in our seats and enjoyed the discordant stereo of the car tape player accompanied by the din of the not too distant party. And then we each drifted off to sleep (yes, passed out).

I woke to the somewhat puzzling question "Sir, have you been drinking?". I hastily realised that the question was coming from a very stern city policeman, upon his fourth or fifth visit to the party site. I admitted
that I had indeed been drinking (this was not at all a secret), and that I had left in order to sober up.

The policeman pointed out that, should I sit any longer in the drivers seat, I would be citeable for DUI (Driving Under The Influence), and "suggested" that I move immediately to the back seat. I did so, thanking him for his tolerance of the situation, and he left (after he recorded the usual information about me and the car), warning that he would be watching me for some time.

Sheri stirred awake, and drunkenly said some crude (but very funny) remark about the cops. Then swung open the passengers door, turned to the right, and sat rather hastily down upon the door frame. She started to pee again, and again in great volume, into the grass below, and onto the car floor. Realising that we would be waiting in the car for some time (I just knew that the cop was sitting just around the corner waiting for me to try to drive home too early), I opened my door, walked around the car, and joined her. After we both enjoyably emptied ourselves, we closed the car doors, and crawled into the back seat together. What followed I leave to your imagination.

After a couple hours of enjoyment, she and I decided that I was sober enough to drive (at least, my triple vision had steadied to 1 1/2 vision), and we proceeded home. Of course the cop had stayed nowhere nearby, as he knew that I (and several other partiers) had had the Fear Of God from his visits, and had no doubt headed for the nearest coffee and doughnuts hangout to laugh with his coworkers.

I had to sit on newspapers, when driving the car, for several days later. And, even though I took the car to a full service wash that week, it was several weeks before the enticing aroma of our pee (from hers and my wet pants) totally vanished from the back seat.

I had several more memorable experiences with Sheri, though we did not remain together much more than a year. But they will be remembered later.

Erin. I think the important thing is to remember that everyone has to go, whether for #1 or #2. Everyone, that is from the Queen (or the President) to the lowliest person in the land. It's the greatest social leveller there is. There's nothing exceptional about a particular individual having to 'go' and I'm sure no-one else in your household thinks twice about it when you go to the loo. I think you will overcome your difficulty in time - I certainly hope that you will. In the meantime, have you considered discussing your difficulty with a caring professional such as your doctor or vicar/minister? I certainly think it would be worth doing.

marge. Some of what I've already said is equally applicable to you. It's not a good idea to hold your water all day. I think you will outgrow your shyness about using public facilities in the course of time. In the meantime your doctor may be able to help.

Carol. I enjoyed your story. Sounds as though you were well and truly bunged up. Have you ever considered taking olive oil on a regular basis to keep yourself regular and functioning? If you're prone to getting bunged up, it might be worth doing. I was hoping that you'd provide some more detailed information regarding the alleged accidents which you say the Queen and Mrs Thatcher had in the past. Could you elaborate on them? Thanks.

Hola mi amigos!

Jake's friends gave him a bachelor party last night (Saturday) and Renee and Patsy gave me a "pooping bachelorette party." Tesa and her new girlfriend came over with a third girl. Tesa's hooked up with this cute vietnamese girl who has some cool pooping videos of her and her friend.
RING STRETCHER: It was so good to hear from you. That was a very horrible sounding dump. Maybe you should try laxatives on occasion. I felt so sorry for you. I'd have cuddled up with you (if you'd let me that is), put a hot water bottle on your ????, and helped relax you for a big one. I'd also be there ready with a gooped up finger if necessary. Take care hon.
SUSANNE: Hi girl! I have to admit that your latest story was pretty hot! I would never give you a dirty look for giving the bathroom such a wonderful female perfume. I really loved everything you told about yourself. What do you look like? I have gotten some pretty mean looks a few times myself. I asked Jake once if that ever happened to him. He just said "guys don't usually look at each other in the men's room." I love your intake description too! Donuts, coffee and that sweet little butt of yours parked on a toilet.
JANE: You are the sweetest lady. I'm remembering those lovely descriptions of yourself and would love to see you passing some serious poop. That ladies room dump of yours was so cool! 3 mediums, some soft serve, more plops, then more soft stinky stuff. You're hot girl! Here's a kiss for you Jane.
ERIN: Welcome hon! Hmmm, interesting problem. I can't really offer advice, but maybe some tips. You might try turning your trips to the pottie into something exciting, rather than necessary. If you could work out fantasies in your head, then maybe you'd start looking forward to your poops. You said that you're interested in bathroom stuff. Does that mean you get excitement from it? I sure do. Maybe you could try pretending that secretly, a really hot guy has been following you and can secretly spy on you. Imagine yourself performing for him. You can then concentrate on being hot and have a beautifully exciting dump all to yourself. I think if you make a good game out of it, you'll be able to loosen up tremedously. I believe that if you make a game out of it, fantasize, and have some fun with your poops, you'll start to look forward to them, and even start doing them in public. My friend Tesa, who you'll read about today, was in prison for a few years and both male and fema! le guards could watch her pooping everyday. Fantasy is how she survived it. Let me know if it works okay?
BUZZY: I swear Buzz, you are the cutest guy ever! I'll bet you drop some healthy logs. I've been reading about your manly poops and they're awesome. Especially those two in the woods.
ANNIE: Hi sweetie, I hope you are having fun in Texas. That's where Renee and Patsy are from. I'm from New Mexico myself. Laptops sure are conveniant. I'm glad you can stay in touch with us on the road.
ROBBY: Well! You have a birthday on the 14th huh? Happy birthday sugar!!! You are a honey, and I want you to have a great day. I'm glad you find humor in my stories, we all have a pretty wild sense of humor here.
KIM AND SCOTT: Yes Jake is a hottie alright! He's grown a goatee, and with his dark eyes and killer smile, he's awesome. I can tell that my girlfriends all have silent crushes on him. They watch him like crazy, and smile. Renee and Patsy, and me of course, get a lot of enjoyment from your stories. I'd love to meet you someday. You do some major movements there, gorgeous! I wish you could have been at my party, you'd have won hands down!
STEVE: I'm glad you like Patsy's peeing. She is pretty hot. She pees a hard stream, but dosen't care too much for standing up to pee. She'll squat in the tub, or outdoors. She admires you and Louise, and I'm sure that if we knew each other, Patsy would let you watch her pee in the tub. It's a treat, trust me! I don't know much about flow rate, but her stream is about as thick as a pencil. She also makes faces of ecstasy when she pees. It's not intentional, she just feels the relief and it's awesome! But truthfully, it was Louise and PV who encouraged me and Renee to pee standing.
PV: The Carmalita gang, huh? Renee and Patsy read your post with me and liked that name. Patsy says to tell you that you are "one exciting female!" Must be the red hair, and those wild pee stories you've got. She and Renee still love the one where you peed at the beach. I only wish I could be there to smell that lovely PV aroma from the poops you were going to do for us. Do you grunt a lot, especially when you pass your big ones? I am sending you another dozen email roses!
LOUISE: There's just something about watching men pee that just does it for me. It always has. Your talking about holding Steve's dick for him just drives me up the wall! I can only imagine what it does for him, having a blonde beauty (with a sandy colored stripe hee-hee) holding it for him. I love to watch Jake when he pees. Sometimes he lets me hold it for him. He dosen't hold onto his, but lets it hang down on its own.
JAMIE: Thank you for being such a sweetheart. My turds have always been long, which is why they tend to clog. What happens is when the toilet is flushed, my turds are so long that they fold. However, Saturday night I crapped a turd that coiled around, but had to be a good 30" long. Seriously! I'm just a little poop factory! Oh honey!!! Be sure to tell me all about your new lady okay? I want to hear that story about how she'll poop and pee for you! I'll bet she's very sweet, and I am very happy for you. Let me know what she looks like and everything, okay? I think you're a very sweet man. Here's a kiss for you too.

Okay, here's the scoop on the poop of the bachelorette party! What an international mix: 1 african american, a scandinavian, 2 latinas, 1 vietnamese, and a hot Texan! Yes, Tesa and Nu (her new vietnames gf) came over Saturday night. They also brought another friend, a blonde girl named Angie who was awfully sexy. She had really nice thighs and butt. Nu, is not a shy girl which was way cool! We decided to get down with some newspaper on the floor action. We made a game of it. First, everyone had to pee. The most amount of pee to come out announced the winner who got to poop first. But-the winner also had to dispose of everyone's poop pile. It was fun!!! Believe it or not, Patsy, who has a bladder like a fire hose, lost the contest to the new girl Angie. Man, that girl pissed into a sun tea jar and filled the bottom! She said she always pisses a fountain. Her vagina was topped with neatly trimmed black hair, with a tattoo just above the pubic hair that reads in beautiful ! scrolled writing: "Good stuff"
So, since she won, it was her turn to poop first. We watched as she slid her blue jeans and white thong down to her ankles. Her long blonde hair hung down, parted in the middle, and she reached up to pull it back, behind her ears and over her shoulders. Angie was indeed a heartbreaker and licked her upper lip slowly before she began grunting. Her grunts were soft and after a few seconds there was loud crackling and pops. The crackling went on for a long time. I said "I can hear poop trying to squeeze out." Angie smiled and kept pushing. The crackling got louder, and faster when finally, a brown tip emerged. She grunted softly through her nose then said "Oh it's a big one too..." Then, one huge turd as big around as a soup can squeezed out of her, plopping onto the newspaper. It was probably about 12" long. The smell was pretty wicked and the turd was long and firm, beautifully formed, and very exciting to watch as it pressed out. We all hooted an! d clapped at the size of it. Angie stood up to look at it, her tattooed pussy and round, athletic ass were delightful. It was a monster turd, and as for thickness, it was the biggest of the evening. She squatted back down over her masterpiece as I was the first one ready to wipe her.
Nu was a pretty little thing with light skin, and almond eyes and a nice figure. Her delicate vietnamese features were so pretty. She was wearing green drawstring pants, and a white tank top and levi jacket. Pulling the pants down, she revealed a forest of black pubic hair, and squatted into position. One pop, and some crackles, gave way to some girlish grunts, and out came a string of sausages that made a very nice pile on the newspaper. One turd got stuck and hung out of her little butt for a few moments. She wiggled, but to no avail. Finally, it plopped on top of the pile. "Oooooooohhh," she grunted softly. Everybody took a turn to wipe her. (That was another rule). When I wiped her, it was amazing how soft her butt was. It was just like silk! She enjoyed the group wiping tremendously!
Next, it was Renee's turn, but since it was hard for her to squat, she politely declined the contest. We all understood, but she promised to make drinks for everyone (except herself) instead.
Tesa was the third pooper. She was very lovely, her hair thick and black was gathered at the back, with long curls streaming down the side of her latina face. Her dark skin matched mine, and her smile was deadly. Tesa is still a bit chunky, not fat, but nicely padded, with big boobs and a rounded butt. She looked like she was in misery as she strained and pushed. Nu was lying on the floor next to her, watching the action up close. Finally, Tesa's butt opened up, and a log began inching out. It was fat, man it was fat, as thick as my wrist! It crackled, and spliffed, and inched out slowly until it became so heavy it thumped onto the newspaper. What a loaf! She pressed again, grunted like mad and squeezed out a few more droppings. Beautiful! Angie's turd was still bigger though.
When Patsy's turn came, she was a bit shy about it all. Wearing black tights and a heavy white T-shirt she was gorgeous! We watched her slide her drawers and panties down along the mahogany crescent of her voluptuous ass, then squat with her knees together. Patsy let out a real long, crackling fart and a few drops of pee. Her logs were soft, smelly, and plentiful. It was a pile pretty much like Nu's. Then, her eyes closed, her lips parted gently and she whispered to herself "Oh, c'mon..." while another crackler squeezed out. When we took our wiping turns, we all busted out in laughter as Renee came in with a mop and said to Patsy "Okay baby, bend over and let mama clean up." Patsy laughed too and said "My ass ain't that big y'know!"
For the occassion, I wore a black slip dress, very sheer and form fitting. Pulling the skirt up around my waist, I stretched my black panties down to my thighs with my other hand. When I squatted, I could feel the turd already coming. It took no effort to pump it out. Renee was my official commentator and said "Oh yeah! It's a 2 incher hon. Push, c'mon, pump it out!" Clenching my teeth and grunting, I pushed out a very, very long rope of turd which didn't break, but began coiling onto the newspaper. The girls were whistling and clapping while I strained, and the poop just kept coming! I glanced over at Nu, whose eyes were just glowing as she stared at me. With a final push, the thing finally squeezed out. I'd have to guess it to be maybe 30" long if it were straight.
As a follow up to the fun and excitement, Jake came home around 10:30. His party wasn't so fun, so he ducked out while everyone got drunk and had a stripper come over. Nu put in her video for us to watch. Wooooo-weeee it was hotttt! A lot of it was her crapping outside and in front of various guys. Like I said, she's not shy at all! Angie was also on the video and she did some very hot poops! I could tell that she and Nu both really enjoyed having Jake watch the video with us. They kept looking at him a lot during peak moments.
Anyway, it was fun to see Tesa again, and meet her new honey Nu, and Angie, who's very sweet with a good sense of humor. She blends right in with us. Nu said she would like to post something here, so that's something for you all to look forward to! Trust me, she's hot! She and Angie both might write. They don't have a computer, so I'll let them do it from here when they visit again.
I'm getting pre-wedding jitters now, hoping everything goes okay!!! My family will be arriving here on Friday night. Kisses to Rizzo, RJOGGER, and the gorgeous Kathy.


Robby and Annie(Cousin)
Hi Everyone!
(Annie)- I know this is off subject but I told Robby the secret I had saved for him. As of November 1st, I will be moving to the U.S. to finish my Doctorate degree. I will study at a universtiy near Robby. This was the reason I was over here. Robby is so thrilled. I had told the girls before they left. The term of study will be 2 to 3 years. I will stay with Robby during that time. Before my fellow Brits start yelling, I will still be a British citizen! I will have a study visa for at least 3 years. My son and daughter will take care of the house near Manchester and my other daughter will take care of the flat I have in London. She is starting a job there in late October. I am thrilled to death. I look forward to corresponding with all of you for some time to come! I will let Robby contribute, now!
(Robby)- I am thrilled to pieces. I will be in and out since my profession takes me all over the country. Annie wrote some stories of our loo exploits. She can remember better than I can,LOL! Here is the first. When I was staying with her family in England, the loo was in the back of the house. It was real dark back there and this made for some hilarious adventures. One morning early I had to wee and take a dump. I dragged myself out of bed and walked to the loo with my eyes barely open. It was dreadfully dark in there. I didn't turn on the light. I dropped my "Y" fronts, aimed my willie, and started weeing! Mind you, I was still half asleep. As I started I heard a yell; "What the bloody hell are you doing!!?" I opened my eyes and there was Annie sitting on the bowl. She had the most pained look on her face. Then I heard a log plop into the pan. She cursed my name as my wee cascaded down her legs. I stopped and said I was sorry. She wiped and ordered me to sit down. I need! ed to anyway. I sat and pushed. I large piece started to exit my arse. As the log dropped into the bowl, Annie turned around, raised her nightie, and let a torrent of wee on my chest and legs. I tried to get up but she sat on my legs and kept on weeing. She got up and said; "How did you like that, you swine?" I returned the compliment;"Fine, you daft cow!" She stared at me and started laughing. Then I joined! The situation was so ridiculous! She was soaked and I was soaked. I wiped, got up and gave her a big hug! We washed ourselves,cleaned up the loo,and went back to bed. To this day we can't remember that without howling!!

To Kendal and Andrew, Rizzo, Jane, Steve and Louise, PV, Carmalita, Pat, Renee, Erin and all of the other posters, Cheers and Love from Robby and Annie!!!!

One time I was taking a shower, and someone knocked, my sister had to go really bad, i let her in and she took a tremendously big shit. I was watching it from the shower without doors, That was the first that i saw my sister go. Later I saw three BIG logs in the toilet, she didnt flush because it makes the shower really hot.

Billy & Kevin L.
Yesterday we went to the cabin after our soccer game. Our whole family was at the game and we took off from there. We stopped for lunch about 15 after we took off. About 30 minutes from the cabin, Mike had to poop again. He had diarrhea in the morning. We stopped the car. Me and Kev needed a poop too, so we all went. Mike got right to business. He dropped his pants and underwear. A few soft tuds came out. While he was getting to business, we got to business too. We dropped our pants and start to poop. We both had a normal poop, about 3 or 4 turds. Mike's butt then exploded. It looked like he was peeing brown from his butt hole. Once we got to the cabin, we went and played soccer with my cousin billy and some of the kids up there. Mike and Tom usually play games or whatever on their own, but they joined us. Three times MIke left for a poop. Except for the liquid poop, he said he felt fine. One of those times, Tom and me and cousin billy came for their afternoon poop. Kev and Jo! sh and a few other kids need a pee too. Tom made a huge poop. He usually poops only every other day. He pooped a turd that was like 2 feet roled up. THen he pooped like 4 more turds on top of that that were 8 or 10". Me and Billy pooped out big turds Too on top of hte pile. Then everyone peed on the pile. Finally, Mike said, I have something better. Then he pooped diarrhea. He had corn from the night before (so did I). It looked funny coming out like that.

Dear Erin - Lots of people here will want to help you. A lot of us have been through the same thing or know friends who have. First of all it will help you if you spend more time sitting on various toilets - at school, in stores, restaurants, at the mall, and at home when you get a chance! Relax, read, listen to a portable CD or something or just listen to others going! It's not good to hold it and get constipated. Drink plenty of water so that you will get a lot of practice. I've had girlfriends that have been shy about making tinkling noises. In those cases I used the bathroom when they were around, leaving the door open and making a LOUD tinkling noise. Also I would go and sit on the toilet and read when they were over, eventually having them see me there and later going to the bathroom together! Hard to imagine from your perspective, but this is a problem that will get better as you get older.

There's really not much going on these days. I had a nice easy poop last night. I live in a house with some of my friends and none of us make a big deal. We were looking at some stuff online and I just wandered away into the bathroom to do my thing and then wandered back and no one said anything; they never do. I was at my friend's dorm the other day and she's in a suite with 2 bathrooms. When I was using one of them just for a pee I realized you could hear the toilet flush (not sure if you could hear anything else because the toilet was flushing was I went in) from the suite above hers. Then, after I came out, she had finshed doing the task she was working on and announced that she was going to use the bathroom (at this time we were just hanging out reading to oursleves having already finished the work we needed to do together). You could hear her pee sprinkling and echoing even from across the room.

Steve--"Someday my prince will come..." Yes, I know, I won't settle for a frog nor will I settle for "just" a prince. Mine needs to be my Prince Charming. I'm so idealistic and optimistic and young enough for this to be permissible. One day...

ERIN -- (Lovely name!) You have all my sympathies, darling, I remember being a little that way when I was younger, though I had a much quieter house. How can you loosen up? Oh, dear, it's such a hard point. If you're anxious, you must stop being anxious to escape the effects, but knowing you have to probably makes you more anxious. It's a vicious circle.

The fear of being walked in on is a serious thing, how well I know... You're suffering a condition called "Avoidant Paruresis," which is the inability to pass urine in all but the most secluded, closeted (no pun intended!) conditions. Except with you, it has extended to incorporate moving your bowels as well. It's no joke, and you need to do something about it, because this incessant holding is making you ill.

My advice? Your bathroom doors must have locks if your family is uptight about bodily functions -- use them. At 16 you're a young woman, and complete privacy is your right if you desire it -- it's that simple. If as a young member of your family the others don't believe you deserve privacy, then it's your right to insist, and any social worker will back you up on this.

However, this may invite a family confrontation of sorts, and the way to avoid that is to shed the anxiety and be able to use the bathroom irrespective of the possibility of interruptions. I know this sounds impossible, but it can be done. As regulars on this forum know, I have defeated the same condition over the last three years, after a lifetime of suffering. First you must recognize the problem, face it squarely, and retrain your automatic reflexes to enable you to go. It can't really be encapsulated in a paragraph or two, but I'd be delighted to go into it with you, and indeed this is for MARGE as well (thank you for getting in touch, dear, it's my sincere pleasure to help both you young ladies together. I can barely imagine holding my urine for 8 or 9 hours, I held for 9 hours only once in my life and it was excruciating... These days I'd have no problem going, but then -- terrible. To do it regularly, well it will stretch your bladder, but that's not the point. It's! not even safe, really...) Rest assured -- beating it can be done, and you can enjoy an absolutely normal, comfortable lifestyle.

It's all about "reflex arcs," which are automatic reactions that happen faster than you can think about them, and are much more powerful than conscious effort. At first glance they appear insurmountable, but they aren't. The key to retraining them is to have a positive experience, which then is remembered and applies to the next time you need to go, and one positive reinforces the next, and so on. How do you get that first one?

It starts in the mind, and it has to do with overcoming fear. Some people are afraid, not to pass water, but of the social consequences of other people knowing about it. It's society's fault, in an age when toilet matters were not "out of sight, out of mind" it wouldn't happen. Discovering that there were other people who not only were able to relieve themselves without drama, but who positively delighted in it, was the first step. I chatted with lots of nice folks on the internet and they gave me lots of advice -- advice it's my pleasure to give you now.

You can beat "bashful bladder" by sheer force of will. If you're afraid, think about something -- anything -- to take your mind off the problem, and as soon as you're not thinking about it, you'll pass water easily. That in itself is a victory, it's proof that you can do it. For myself, I discovered that women can urinate standing up like a man, and learning to do that was a major help, it changed all the parameters, thus old reflex arcs, all that fear, did not apply quite the same way. Today I amaze myself with the ease of going, including my naughty habit of using men'srooms to help myself to the urinals! I LOVE having a wee! And that's half the battle, the fun of the action and the opportunities, and all the ways to do it.

You can try some unusual things -- whatever it takes to change the circumstances and thus break the old pattern. Do you pee in the bath or shower? Do that! With a vengeance -- and enjoy it! Some things I did were to squat on my bathroom floor, and on the back lawn after dark, things which obviously require an assurance of privacy. But they were "different," and that was the key. Before I had been practicing the standing pish for more than a few weeks I had made my first urinal raid, and things started to turn around massively for me.

Please let me know if anything I've said here strikes a chord, and I'll go on in my next post for you. This applies to defaecating as surely as urinating, so take heart both!

All my best,


And briefly --

STEVE -- Yes, I do know my Steptoe and Son -- intimately! :-) I'm afraid I don't know the other show you mentioned, but here's another with a strong lavatory-humor content -- "Nearest and Dearest." Remember that one? There are a few corkers as I recall!

ANNIE (& ROBBY) -- you are the sweetest pair -- thank you so much for your kind words!


Hi you all,

Not much to report except a few pees from the aft deck of my boat while anchored in sheltered waters behind a little island. The tidal stream carried away the bubbles caused by my pee hitting the water.

First to Kendal, my dear niece! Her’s your stubbly hug for the day! But just a moment, I want you to stand on a chair to be about level with me this time; I’m just over six foot one. The second smallest of our family. Now that you are on an equal level, more or less, you will find me tanned, stubbly and salty after a weekend’s sail! How’s that feel?
Of course you can choose the colour of your knickers yourself! That way you make sure the colour is right. Be they Honda-blue, Yamaha-blue (the XT “thumper”) or gentian-blue! Apart from discussing the different hues of blue, I want to congratulate you and Andrew for the way you are motivating Kate to overcome her prudishness about bathroom matters. Andrew is really showing to have a talent for diplomacy and conflict management! Excellent work! Top marks!
How is your ability for a standing wee progressing? Are you ready for the medal I'm designing? (grin) I can imagine that it is not easy to practice, because ideally you need a shower booth, but a bath tub with a shower courtain will do. Try not to get caught. As long as you and Andrew keep these things to yourselves, it should be allright. Try not to give your aunty any reason for her to feel obliged to intervene. I bet she knows that there’s something afoot in bathrroom matters; never underestimate a mother’s intuition! Can’t wait to read about your next bathroom exploits! More stubbly hugs for good measure and fondest love from your Uncle Rizzo!

Hi Louise! I bet you would have volunteered to go next to the head behind the backlit curtain, and then have given us a show to be remembered!!! You beautiful great tease! Yes, sailing can be fun. It can also be scary, exciting, soothing for the nerves, cold, miserable, hot, a lark! Well, sailing, or better to say, voyaging under sail is one of the last true adventures left to man apart from climbing high mountains, diving into the deep, potholing or going into outer space! I chose sailing! And it provides toilet adventures too, as you can see from my past posts! I have some more up my sleeve for later. Bye, love from Rizzo.

Hi Carmalita, you lovely girl! So the last week as a single has begun! And it still left you some time to write that absolute corker of a story about your threesome babe-bonding antics in the bathroom! Wow, you surprise me every time! If you don’t turn out to be a writer one day, who will? Your very special family life could be the stuff novels and films of the future will be made of! Just great!! Keep up the fun, give beautiful Renee and lovely Patsy a hug from me, love to you and Jake from Rizzo.

Dear Annie, so you like to sail too! Ha! You must have some stories to tell about boats too! Toilets on board can be erratic in their functions! There is another poster here who has provided us with several good stories about potty related problems on boats: Austin. You say that Meghan was in tears when she read about the death of Kendal’s dad. Well she was not the only one. It happened that two or three days after reading Andrew’s post I had tickets for a concert for “Das Lied der Erde” by Gustav Mahler. It hit the mood exactly. I know some American musicians from the orchestra who said that even they were choking and in tears because it was so sad and so well sung.
Looking forward to your posts, love from Rizzo.

Hello PV, glad to read that my suggestion to get rid of farts has found your approval. The method has helped me often. Before I had to have my appendix out I could even relax so much in the low position, that my sphincter remained open! I could feel the cool air entering my hole! Then shut off and press out an enormous fart! It's a pity I can't do that any more. Take care, here's a hug for you, bye, bye. Rizzo.

Good morning to all. Well its fall here in upstate N.Y. We have had a couple of brisk days in a row. I like it though. I took one of my "big" shits this morning. This one was close to 20 inches long. It was dark brown and 3 in in diameter at the front but taperd down to a nice point at the end. It stuck out above the water line in the bowl. I had to plunge it down while the toilet was flushing. Every thing after that was ok.

When I was younger we often went to a small state park not to far from our home. There was a picnic area and a small beach area to swim in. The swimming area was created by a dam across the creek. The water was crystal clear but always very cold. I was 12 at this time and I was in the water swimming and enjoying myself.

I noticed that Brenda and Susan a couple of my niebors daughters had shown up so I swam over to say hello. Both girls said hi to me and I asked were Mike thier brother was. They told me he was at practice and thier dad was going down to pick him up in awhile. In fact at that time Mikes dad asked if I could watch the two girls he was going down to pick up Mike. I told him ok.

He left and we countinued to swim. After being in the water for a half hour we all got out. We dried off and decided to hike some of the trails. We follwed the one by the creek down to the dam. The water was not flowing hard down the chute so we could not ride the water. We took a different trail back towards the picnic area. On the way back I let out a loud brapping fart. Both girls laughed. I said I had to shit. Brenda and Susan said go ahead but both girls said they had to pee.

So the three of us steped off the trailinto the brush. We found a spot and I pulled down my trunks and squated. Slowoy a big turd came out of my hole. It crackled as it came out. It moved steadily but slowly. It reached 15inches in leangth. then broke off. Then a small 4in chunk came out and landed on the ground whith the first piece. I stood up turnded around and then peed all over it. I was done.

Susan looked at it and said that one was a big one. Brenda said well your not full of it anymore. Susan slid her bottom down and she peed all over my log. She peed for 25 seconds or so then she stood up and pulled her bottom back up and smiled with relief. Brenda stood over the same spot and pulled her bottom down and squated. She started a dribble type pee stream. At the same time a turd emerged from her rear hole. Her pee now was running off her poop as it slowly gained in length. Hers was a light tan but very chuncky in apearence. She pooped out an 8 incher. She peed all the time as her poop came out. Her poop fell on mine. She let out a brief hard gush of pee after she was done pooping. She finished and pulled her bottom back up. All three kind of admired our work. We left went back to the beach and went swiming again while we waited for Mike and his dad to show up.


Really-loved your story, about the "gooey" poop! Would you mind telling us what you had to eat, that turned into this "gooey" poop?



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