Traveling Guy
ERIN - Hi! You don't recognize me by name, but I used to post here a lot. Just haven't had much time lately. (I'll bet some of the regulars here are surprised to see. Hello, all!)

I know exactly what you mean about being shy to poop at home. I had four siblings, plus my parents, and only one bathroom and I was just like you - afraid that someone would hear me or walk in on me. I tried to find moments when nobody would see me going into the bathroom and then hope they wouldn't hear me flush or see me coming out, either. I've tried to figure out why some of us are are like that and others are not. In my case, my mom was an extremely modest person, including about toilet matters, so maybe that's what affected me. (My dad wasn't so closed about it.) When I look back on it now, it seems so silly, even though it wasn't then. I mean, who can you be closer to than your family, except maybe a bf or gf or your spouse?

I think the answer for you is outside your house. I went away to school when I was 18 and that's when things started to change for me. I didn't have any choice but to use restrooms with stalls and have a crap next to other guys who were doing the same thing. To be honest, though, when I felt a monster dump coming on, I looked for a restroom where I could be alone. Little by little, I started to realize that taking a dump is no big deal. Everybody does is. It's as natural as eating, just not as public, at least not in our culture. (See some of my old posts about communal dumping in Peru.)

Here's what I'd like you to try: find a convenient place near your house that has a nice restroom, maybe a public building or a store or a school where you won't attract any attention. Decide that you're going to take a good dump there sometime, and then do it. Pay no attention at all to anyone who's there or anyone who comes in, even if she takes the stall next to you. It's your body, your dump, your moment. Just close your eyes and think about you and do your thing. Pee and poop and enjoy it! When you leave, walk out with your head up high and pay no attention to anyone else while you wash up, except maybe to smile or say "hello," if the moment calls for it.

Then go back and do it again another day, and then again and again. The more you do this, the easier it will be and you'll start to see that there's nothing to be shy about. You'll find yourself loosening up. You aren't doing anything everyone else doesn't do, too.

When you get comfortable doing that, start using the bathroom at home with that same, easy matter-of-factness. You dress at home, eat, sleep, shower, watch TV and you aren't shy about those things. Now you won't be shy about pooping either. No reason to be.

I think all of the above will get you over being shy about peeing in public, too. But if not, you can find help on the web by entering "pee shyness" into a search engine and looking for a good professional site.

I can pee or poop now just about anywhere, anytime. It's all a question of attitude, of coming to realize that's it's a part of everyday life for us all. Will you try this for me, please, Erin? Be patient, but be determined. After all, it's not like you're trying to climb Mt. Everest. Good luck!. If you need encouragement, you have lots of friends here.

Here's a tip for you posters who find yourselves having to poop while exploring a town you haven't been to before, especially you Erin who like your privacy. The other day I was in Savannah, GA., walking aroundn enjoying the Oktoberfest. The walk got a big one started and I felt the urge pretty urgently. Not wanting to use the porta-potties, I noticed the Hyatt Hotel above River St. and walked in. My friend and I ordered some iced tea and I =went into the clean, quiet marble walled men's room, found my stall, dropped trou and sat comfortably down. Man oh man, farts really do echo in a marble-walled toilet stall! I let a couple of home runs, peed copiously and just let my turd start its way out. I tried to push very light;y. I have been constipated lately and found pushing hard to be counter-productive. it probably strains the bowels anyway. I just enjoyed the feeling of my foot-long one slowly easing its way out and dropping silently into the toilet. Felt great.

Lately you seem to be having a lot of diahrria like poops. Maybe you need a check-up. You may have some sort of bug (partasite) in your intestines which might not be good for you. I'd check it out. Lab could run a test on a stool sample. Firm is better.


You sound like a lovely young lady. I was a lot like you
when I was a young man. My family was VERY closed about
bathroom issues. I NEVER pooped in public bathrooms, only the
familiar ones at home when everyone was gone. Once my brother
walked in on me and I almost died of embarrassment. I'd like to talk
to you more about your shyness and help you through it so that you
can be more comfortable and healthy. One thing you might try is
going to a crowded place like a mall where there are a bunch of
stalls and try pooping there when the nearest person is two stalls
away from you and will never see you again. Just try taking that step
for a while and let me know how it goes. Until then, before you
sleep at night, try counting my lucky stars.


A little saTURDay action. Two ladies sat next to me at the
brick unisex today. They both came in for a nice phrishing pee. I
waited for the second one, the lady with the prettiest sounding voice
before I started plopping off my own load. Silence came from next
door as she listened intently. After I was done, I started a long stream
of pee, during which she exited. Later, I came back and sat again to
barely miss a third lady having a poo. She loudly announced to her
waiting husband that her side was out of paper and she couldn't go.
Next time, I'll make sure they are both fully stocked. Also, a new
developement on the circular bathrooms. The exotic side that faces the
pool of course was closed for winter, but now the men's side facing
away from the pool is also closed. The ladies, looks like its closed, but
it is actually unlocked. I used it last week for a pee but since it is now
pretty abandoned, it will be a while before I can get into any unusual
situations there. Well, it looks like bye for now, everyone have fun and
don't let the ghosts and goblins get you!

squirt man
I was in sixth grade and takeing a test when i felt a stomch cramp and could not get to the teacher until i finished so i tryd to hold it till i was done but as much i tryd to i could not and the teacher was not in the classroom so i thought if i let some farts lose the cramps would go away but they did not then all of the sudden i could feel wetnes in my pants as it turnd out to be a large amount of dookey. P.S This site is the greates

ROBBY & ANNIE: That's very clever how you can log onto the internet and read and post stories while you're travelling ! I'm glad you were able to read what was my first post at this site when I told the story about seeing Andrew poo for the first time. I don't know that I told it any differently a few days ago. So perhaps the moderator decided something else was wrong with my post. Sometimes I think Andrew and I get posts deleted because of how old we are. We don't think we say anything that others here have not been allowed to say. But then the moderator has to be careful. None of us would like this site closed because someone complained about us children for telling the truth, that someone else thinks is wrong because we're kids !! You have a really lovely family. I'm sorry that what has happened to me made the girls cry. Like them, I was closer to my Dad, and especially after what Mum put Andrew and me through when she accused us of, well, something that children sho! uldn't do with one another, and something that Andrew and I would never dream of doing together ! I won't say more about it so I don't lose this post as well. Going back to your post, I liked the story from when you were 14 and 13 ! Andrew and I don't poo together because we have different constitutions. He poos in the morning and I poo around tea-time. Now, that said, on to my story from the weekend ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

LINDA GS: I'm dedicating this story to you my dear on-line sister ! I did say in my post which didn't make it how my friend Kirsty and my new friend Charlotte were coming to stay. Well, they arrived on Friday night, and we all had a great time ! Especially Saturday morning when Aunty and Uncle had left early to go shopping while we were all still in bed. Well, Andrew was the first to get up, and that was only because he needed his morning poo. And do you know what, he very kindly came and knocked on my door so that us 4 girls could watch if we wanted ! I say 4 because when we all crowded into the bathroom, Andrew asked if Linda was here as well !! Kirsty and I both laughed, but we had to explain that one to Charlotte who didn't understand. Also, Charlotte was especially allowed at the front for a grandstand view because she hadn't seen a boy go before having only 3 sisters ! Andrew kindly warned her that she may need to hold her nose, but she said that nothing could ! small worse than her Dad's poos !! Little did she know !!! Andrew pulled down his PJ bottoms and let them fall to his ankles, and sat down on the toilet, holding down his willie to keep his wee inside. Charlotte just couldn't stop giggling ! Well it was her first time I suppose ! And then all of us burst out laughing when he made a very explosive trump with a poo that shot into the toilet like a bullet ! There was then silence from his rear end while his wee kicked in and trickled down the inside of the toilet bowl. But as soon as he was done with that, he took a deep breath, and we all saw his ???? push and there was another cracking trump followed by a cascade of plopping ! Plop-plop-plop....trump..plop...plop. Then silence for a few seconds and then.. trump.. plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop !! Kirsty and I already had our night dresses over our noses ( just like you would have done, Linda ), but Charlotte, having said what she had said about her Dad, didn'! t bother. We could all see her turning a bit purple while she held her breath, and then green when she did finally breath, and much to our amusement, she gave in, pulling up her night dress over her nose as well ! And then she made us all really laugh when she said, "my Dad is very bad. None of us can use the toilet for at least an hour after he has been". And then she peered at Andrew and said "But as for you..... you're bum's positively evil" !!! By now all three of us were getting so desperate for a wee ( You as well !!! ) that because we were laughing so much, we all had to hold ourselves between our legs !! In the end, I was forced to go in the bath, and had a very good stand-up wee in there which really impressed Charlotte, who then decided she would do that as well. I explained to her what to do, and she made a pretty good first attempt, although there was a fair bit of wee running down one of her legs at one point ! Even so, Andrew was most impressed and gave her a! resounding round of applause, as well as as a good hand full of toilet roll to wipe her wet leg with ! He then wiped himself ( lots of toilet roll after all that soft poo ! ). We all had a look at what he had done, and yuk ! He had exploded poo all over the inside of the bowl. We had to flush the toilet four times so he could clean it with the loo brush while disinfecting the brush with the loo water at the same time ( Aunty has a special block of something in the water tank ). While Kirsty went to the toilet, I nipped back to my room for something. When I got back, Kirsty was in mid whizz, a very loud splashy tinkle just as normal for her ! Then it was your turn Linda. I handed Andrew the brush I had just fetched, and we all left you two to it ! A little while later you appeared positively glowing, not a hair out of place while the other three of us looked like we had been dragged through a hedge backwards !! Hope you liked the story my dearest friend. Also hope that C! ousin and Elena and Lynda and Kendal are all well. Lots of love from Kendal xxxxx (XOSXOS)

MUGGS: Just for you ! It would have been about mid morning when Charlotte announced that she needed a poo now. She then very slyly grinned at Andrew and told him she was ready to re-pay the compliment ! Kirsty and I teased her, saying "I see, so we're not invited then. Private party only hey ?!". Charlotte went red then, but Andrew told her to take no notice, and that he would be truely honoured if she would let him come to the toilet with her ( He's a right smooth talker !!). We all went anyway. Andrew had a wee first, impressing Charlotte with his super-dooper ability to aim his wee at any spot she chose ( inside the toilet that is ! ) Then given that Charlotte was going to poo, Kirsty and I said we would go next. Charlotte told us both to hurry up so she wouldn't poo her panties ! After hearing that, I'm sure Andrew got very excited, but he had to be a little patient ! Anyway, hearing Charlotte say she was in a hurry, Kirsty and I looked at one another and grinned! , and we were thinking exactly the same thing ! So I pulled my jeans and panties right down to my ankles and sat on the toilet, and Kirsty did the same and sat on my knee. Charlotte couldn't believe this, that we could sit and wee together like that. Later in the day, she had a go herself with me, although it was only us girls then because by then Aunty and Uncle were home, so Andrew couldn't come ( hehehe ! ). Anyway, back to the other story. I was the last to finish weeing, so Kirsty had already wiped (popping her paper down between my legs) and got dressed again before my last drips, and then I was done too ! I got off the toilet, and now it was Charlotte's stage. However, even though she was in a hurry, she flushed the loo first ! We all looked at her and she said "Don't want your wee splashing my bum"! Well, if Andrew wasn't excited yet, he would be by now at the anticipation of some bum-splashing poos. Mind you, Kirsty and I have several times now been party to Char! lotte's pooing, and even Kirsty has had to admit that there is someone else now who can make louder noises than she does !! Charlotte pulled down her jeans below her knees, and then her panties seperately below her knees as well. This time, Kirsty and I made sure that it was Andrew with the grandstand view ! We also told her to wait until the toilet had stopped being noisy while it filled up with water again. Now, Kirsty and I had already noticed how Charlotte sits on the toilet with her knees quite wide apart, which keeps her panties stretched just below her knees so they don't fall down her legs. But all previous occasions, we have been wearing our school skirts which hides things away ! Andrew later told me that he had been able to see all of Charlotte's poos between her legs as she had them ! And what a site that must have been for him, because they all made monster splashes, all four of them !! It was also over quite quickly, because she wees and poos both together. ! So there you are Mr MUGGS. A story for you. Love from Kendal x

UNCLE RIZZO: Hope you're doing ok, and I'm looking forward to a very scratchy hug soon please ! Hope you enjoyed what we got upto this weekend as well ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

AUNTY PV: Hope you enjoyed the stories too ! Charlotte is such a good sport, and made such a good go at stand-up weeing. I hope she'll be in the WSPC soon ! I also hope that you are able to help poor Marge ! Kirsty feels for her as well, having been quite similar, until she met me ! And now look at her, even going with Andrew there !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

STEVE: I liked you calling me an expert ! But I'm not sure I am. I only showed Emily once. And now she is better than me at stand-up weeing !!

RJOGGER and Wife
To Carmalita, Renee, Patsy, Kim and Scott, Jane, Buzzy and Rizzo:
Late last Thursday (the 4th), Kathy and I tried to send replies to all of you, along with a story. Apparently, the moderators found something wrong with it and it never made its way to the site. We just want to briefly say that we both read and enjoyed all of your wonderful poop and pee stories, and we want to thank you all for your wonderful replies and caring comments. We love you all.

OK, since this a pee and poop site, we will get on with it, and maybe this time we will get it right. This past Saturday, there was a local 10K race, and yes, the old man ran in it. Kathy does not race, so she came along for support. I had gotten up at 06:30, went into the head, took my assigned seat, and proceeded to pass a king sized log, that we later measured at 2' long and over 2.5" wide. To say the least, it was a good pre-race dump. While I was sitting there peeing, Kathy came in, pulled up the other toilet cover, took off her panties and squatted over the bowl with her backside towards me. She then proceeded to pee a vigorous stream of yellow, as I squeezed out 2 more smaller poops. I had the best seat in the house, as I watched my beautiful wife pee. When she finished peeing and wiping, she came over to me, told me to spread my legs and the she sat between them. "What are you going to do, crap between my legs?', I asked. My wife just smiled, said "Nope!, sat on m! y legs and cut this loud, juicy and smelly fart. She immediately got up, as I went to playfully swat her on the ass, laughed hard and said "That's for good luck today". She talks about me being a prankster, HA! Then I told her that I was finished, and she wiped my butt. That felt really good, and I washed up and went to have my pre-race meal. I had no sooner finished, than I had to shit again, not as much as the first, but enough that I felt really empty. I guess the pre-race willies hit me sooner this time. Shortly there after, we went to the race, I checked in, and walked around a little, looking for Noreen and Larry. Kathy tugged me on the arm, said she now had to crap and that she was going into the woods. I said that I would join her, and she said I should wait for Noreen and Larry. "Don't worry, Noreen will find us, she always does. I think that she also has your scouting instincts, hon", I replied. Sure enough as soon as we got into a "private" area, who waltzes in but ! Noreen, Larry, Noreen's doctor friend Mary, and Mary's younger sister Ellen, who is also an MD. "Hi guys, are we all ready for a nice morning poop?, Noreen said with a giggle. Kathy had already squatted, I could see her hole expanding as she squeezed out a long turd she grunted, it fell, then she turned to Noreen and said "Rick went already, he couldn't hold it". "Larry did the same, I guess these old guys just don't have anymore capacity", was Noreen's reply. Larry and I smiled and shook our heads, and Noreen, with a laugh, lowered her drawers and squatted next to Kathy. "Got room for us?", Mary asked, and both Kathy and Noreen nodded, as Mary and Ellen also squatted. They have both seen Larry and me poop, so it was no big deal for he and I to hang around. Besides, in addition to watching Kathy and Noreen, we wanted to see the MDs dump. By this time Noreen was pushing out her log, a nicely formed yet somewhat soft light brown job that slithered and swooshed to the ground. As ! soon as it fell, she peed, and Kathy started squeezing out some smaller poops. Our looking was interrupted as Mary farted loudly, said "Excuse me", with a laugh, and started to pee. Her sister giggled, as the rest of us did, then she and Ellen took turns passing soft poop that crackled as it exited through their light brown anal openings. Noreen and Kathy were quite finished by now, so being the good pranksters, I mean Husbands, that we are, Larry and I had the pleasure of wiping our wives' shapely asses. That is always a treat, and it is something I never tire of. Mary watched attentively as Larry and I went about our work, then she said to Kathy, "That looks cool, can I rent your husband?". My wife smiled and nodded affirmatively, so I took the wipes and went over to where Mary was squatting. Larry then went to my right and we took turns pulling out wipes and cleaning both Mary's and Ellen's anal areas. It took some cleaning, because they had both dropped a good load of soft! poop and were quite soiled, not to mention the smell, which was pretty ripe. When we finished, the ladies thanked us, and Mary complimented us on how gentle we had been. "Hey, I've had lady doctors play with my ass, so now I got to return the favor", I said. Noreen howled, Larry doubled over, Mary and Ellen laughed, and Kathy laughed, came over to me, playfully smacked my arm and exclaimed "Richard, you never learn"! No, I guess I don't and I probably never will. It's just more fun to be a smart ass and a prankster. With that, we began to leave for the starting line, Larry and I last. We wanted to get one last look at the 4 female poop piles, and some poop piles they were. Kathy had crapped an 18" long wide one, and some smaller ones. Noreen's was a light brown curl job, with two smaller pieces stuck in it like little rocks. The 2 doctors had of course plopped soft stuff all over, in all 4 quite impressive lady loads. So anyway, Larry and I ran the Senior's division, Noreen a! nd the 2 docs ran the Ladies 40 and over, and we all made it thru without incident. It did rain briefly at the 4 mile mark, so Kathy put a blanket on me at the finish line, as the temperature had dropped. While we were cooling down and replenishing our fluids, we all jabbered about the race, but the topic of course turned to the pre-race dumps that we all had managed earlier. What can I say, here were 6 college educated "adults", some with PHDs, and we were more interested in bodily functions than anything else. I guess that some things will never change.
Until next time, Kathy and I will say so long, take care everyone.

Anybody know of any poop stories involving female celebrities?

Robby and Annie(cousin)
Top of the morning to Everyone!!
We are back! It was a wonderful holiday. We hit the beach but it was a bit chilly!. The kids really loved the cameraderie! They are back to school and the girls are a little upset because the University of Texas lost yesterday. (Annie)- I don't get into this frenzy of American football. My sons do, though! There is an interesting story attached to this. When we arrived home the loos were busy. Robby just happened to walk by the downstairs loo and heard the most raucious fart! He said it resounded about the whole house. He knocked on the door and one of his daughters moaned and said she was all stopped up! He asked if he could help. She said;"Thats ok, NO, NO! He went to get me and told me to see if I could help. Well, I opened the door and she was perched on the seat with her head down and her feet up straining with all of her might! I sat down on the floor and started rubbing her ????. She just moaned and suddenly said;"O my God!" Then a fart that was beyond comprehensio! n ripped out! Let me see; bbbBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! It lasted at least 30 seconds! Then a torrent of liquid poo sailed out of her arse. She put her head on my shoulder and said she just could see this in print,hehehe! Well, she started pushing and another wave started and it was a real smeller. I nearly needed a gas mask. She said she was sorry and and I told her to keep pushing. Her eyes got real big and she cried; UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHOWWWWWWWW! A real cracker came tumbling out of her rear. It had to be 12 to 15 inches long. It was wide,too! She was sweating and pushed a few more smaller pieces out. I left her to wipe and when she came out she asked me if Robby and I had a simular experience and I told her, yes. She looked at me and said; "Awesome". I think she is finally understanding part of the bond we have. She gave Robby and I a hug and a kiss. Now it is Robby's turn.
(Robby)- This is a short one. Our families were on a camping holiday and Annie and I were left to play. Suddenly Annie got up, grabbed her butt and ran into the woods. By the time I had reached her she had pulled down her shorts and a log as big as a tree was exiting her arse. She was huffing and puffing. She asked me if I had something to do and I pulled off my jeans and squatted beside her. You should have seen us moaning and pushing. Our logs dropped simultaneously. It was like a ballet,LOL! Annie pushed out 3 more whoppers and I, 2 more. This was a buddy dump at its best. She gave out toilet paper and we wiped, kissed, and wandered off to swim. We were 18 and 17 at the time. She was and still is a beautiful lady. Cheer from Robby!
(Annie)- Now I am blushing, teehee!

JANE: That was a marvelous pooping story. Had you not gone for a few days? (Annie)- I often have big dumps at work. I am in the loo for awhile. Keep them coming and take care! Love from Robby and Annie

ERIN: (Annie)-Welcome to the forum. It is a shame that you have trouble using the loo when someones about. Both Robby and I had the same problem until we started watching each other. I think the secret is to relax and not care about who is in the house. Just concentrate on your wee or dump. I have 5 children and we had 2 loos. No one could have much privacy in the house when we had to go. We just went! All I can tell you is to try it once. Put your mind at ease and blank out all other things. Robby's and my family weren't open to this, either. All this problem can do is to make you more ill and more physical problems will come. Also, is there someone; a friend, another adult, your doctor, that you could talk to? This would help, too. Good luck, my dear and let me know you are doing. Love from Annie and Robby.

RING STRETCHER: Sorry you had a bad, painful dump. Robby ahd I have had several of these in the past. The last two Robby wasn't there to comfort me. BTW, I sit to wipe. It is easier for me. Good luck. Cheers from Annie and Robby

BUZZY: That was a great outdoor pooping story. Robby and I have seen piles like that when we pooped in the woods. Also some interesting conversations can come from pooping with someone. RIGHT? Cheers from Annie and Robby.

CAROL: Isn't it great to have someone there to push and rub your ????! It is for me!! Cheers from Annie

PV: (Annie)- Hi,Gal! I have weed many times standing up. The first time was when I showed Robby that girls can wee standing up,too!! That showed him, the brat,LOL!! I still do it and it is better in some cases. Take care! Cheers and Love from Annie and Robby

KENDAL AND ANDREW: (Annie)- The girls and my sons told Robby and I to keep them informed about you two. Hope things are well with you!
Much love from Annie and Robby.

Special hellos to Rizzo, Steve and Louise, Carmalita, Renee and Pat.
Cheers and Love from Annie and Robby.

Streetwise- I play a lot of pool or snooker at a local bar. Two days ago during a game I had to go for a pee and while I standing at the urinal a middle aged women walked in to clean the floor. She said sorry and walked straight back out but didn't seem embarrassed.

Hello again!

Stupidly I pressed the submit button before I'd finished! So here is the conclusion to Friday's events!

For some reason I had got the giggles when Judy dropped a number 2. I'm not sure why really, as when you think about it, it's not the funniest thing in the world! It's probably a good thing I had gone first otherwise, knowing me, I would probably have wet myself laughing! Eventually we both calmed down and Judy was able to finish her poo! She wiped herself a couple of times and then pulled her knickers back up and lowered her skirt.

Has anyone else got the giggles whilst in the toilet or is it just me being dippy?


Ring Stretcher
I've been really constipated lately and passed a big, fat one last night that took lots of effort. Jeez, my turds are getting so fat lately! Pooping is like giving birth anymore for me, so maybe I need to change my diet. If they get any wider they will be physically impossible to pass.
A few weeks ago I clogged a toilet at a friends house and nearly broke it after passing one of my super-duper turds that was thick as a Coke can. I had to use a plunger for over an hour to unclog it, haha, and the toilet almost overflowed three times, withing an inch of the rim.

Buzzy--good story about dumping in front of the guy who wanted water. I could never poop in front of a complete stranger out in the open.

KIM and CARMALITA--keep up the stories fellow big poopers!

GOOD NEWS-there's a new treatment for CROHN'S DISEASE! For those unaware of what it is, it is a disease where the intestines are inflamed and it causes chronic and severe diarrhea, stomach pain/cramps, fatigue, weight loss and weakness. Some people have the diarrhea so bad they can't ever leave their homes! Victims often have higher than normal suicide rates due to the symptons and the life they have to live. There is no known cause for this disease.

g up in the bath and did this big stream to the other
end. Then when my sister was in the bath, she copied mum because she
had taught her how to do it, and because she was standing right in the
middle of the baths, she pissed all over the taps! It was funny
because mum stood right back when she had been demonstrating it.
Oh and there is this one when my mum took us away on holiday when I
was 15 and my sister was 11. I bet it was when I had a quiet shit
into the sea, the same day. Well, my mum and my sister both needed to
have a wee. They were both wearing bikinis like me. My sister was
just starting to grow her breasts and pubic hair, and there were not
a lot of people near us. Well there was nobody near us and so my mum
told my sister to squat and take her pants down. I was near them in
front, and my mum squatted next to my sister. I thought they looked
funny really because my mum had her big yellow stream squirting out
of her blonde bush, and my sister just had a little bit of blonde fuzz
and she really let rip her yellow stream from her pussy as well.
Well my sister did have a big wee in front of Steve, but he wants to
tell you about that.

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Yeah, Steve is right. I have seen a lot of nasty
toilets in clubs and bars. One girl came out of a cubicle once and
there was a massive log stuck in it. She was only small as well!
Then there is the piss on the front of the seat that I see a lot of.
Once I found a used contraceptive in one of the bowls.
No, I like to just hover my bum over the bowl or stand properly. I
know the bowls get cleaned but there are some girls who like to make
them dirty.

JULIE - Hey, sorry about your break up. If you need Steve to cheer you
up, you can borrow him to be your toilet guard. But bring him back in
one piece!
I nearly accidentally went in a gents' room once. I just stopped myself
in time. LOL if I had gone in I would have been really tempted to use
the urinals! You know I haven't done that for a long time, I have been
too busy to think about it. I know Steve has another little story to
tell you, and I will remind him.
Hey, do you like what I wrote about my mum and my sister?
Love Louise xx

RING STRETCHER - Well if I hover above the bowl when I piss then I stay
hovering to wipe. If I sit then I often get up and hover to wipe. If
I do a standing piss then I am standing anyway and so I wipe standing.
I do not really know myself if more girls wipe sitting or standing.
I bet it is a bit of both really. I bet it will give Steve a bit to
think about if I ask him what he thinks.

PV - Hi! LOL I can just imagine a nude wedding! Oh no, what a strange
wedding album I would have. LOL No I need to make my mind up about
what kind of dress I want.
I will have a wee in our sink tonight and give Steve something nice
to look at. I bet he will like it!
Butt gaskets? Do you mean those funny clear plastic bag like ring
things I have seen? I have seen them but I can not remember just



Robby and Annie
Just a short post to:
Kendal: We were reading old posts and found out about the passing of your mum. We are so sorry to hear that. Also, we were thrilled to hear about your new brother, Thomas. We were corrected: Kate and Emily are your new step-sisters. I know that makes you happy. I think we are caught up on your family situation. We wanted to be right. Andrew and Kendal: Annie will tell me and you her secret tomorrow (Monday). She will post it along with another cracking story. I am tired waiting for her to spill the beans,LOL! Take care, Love, Robby and Annie

Hi all!
STEVE: If I didn't know you better my dear I'd be very worried about your fetish for my knickers. Remember you're engaged now!!! You do seem to have a thing about being in the right place at the right time so to speak don't you!

Those of you who have read some of my previous posts will recall that I have a customer (I work as a sales rep for an IT company) called Judy who I first met a few weeks ago and I was concerned about her 'actions' towards me. Anyway, to clear that up I was totally wrong - she is married with 2 kids. However, now I know her better I have since found she is 'one of us' and is very open about going to the toilet.

I have visited her company about 3 times now, and it is a standing joke that when I'm there I always need a wee. Friday was no exception. Business concluded and Judy looked at me and just said "wee right?". I nodded and burst out laughing. As we are almost 'friends' (in a business sense), we both went into the ladies. As we went I started telling Judy about this site - who knows she may post herself. She is one of these people that is very open about such things.

I went into a stall and decided, bearing in mind the conversation not to bother shutting the door. As I thought Judy was not at all concerned and whilst she didn't follow me in, she simply perched on the basins opposite. I proceeded to pull up my tight black skirt and lowered my black tights and cream lace knickers to my knees. I sat down and started to wee with Judy watching and continued telling her about this site. yes Steve I have told her about you! I finished my wee and wiped myself before pulling up my tights and knickers and lowering my skirt. I flushed and made way for Judy who wanted to go. Ok so she could have gone in the next stall but that's not as much fun!

I washed my hands as she went in the stall and then took up residence perched on the basins like she did. It probably wasn't very lady like in such a short skirt, but then again she had just seen me with my knickers down so what the heck! Anyway, as Steve will no doubt agree, my pink knickers show through nicely under that skirt! Judy then lifted her knee length blue skirt and the white slip which was underneath. She didn't have any tights on, so just pulled down her white cotton knickers (very boring I thought) and sat with her legs quite wide to wee. After a few seconds of weeing, she then looked at me and giggled. The tell tale "plop" gave it all away! honestly we must have looked like a couple of school girls giggling away!

gerry-good story, I don't engage in farting contests for the reason that I might do what you did

aboy-i have only been caught once or twice

On saturday I was out walking in the country near my house with my friend Jake, who is 15. While we were crossing a field he asked me if we would reach home soon, because he needed to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he wanted to pee, although I knew he meant poop because he could have peed at anytime. No, he said he needed to take a dump. We were crossing a big field at the time. Then he said he would have to go as soon as we reached the hedge at the side of the field, as he wouldn’t be able to wait any longer. He said that he had meant to go before we left, but was in a hurry. He said that he hadn’t been to the toilet for days. We were still quite a way from the hedge when he told me again that he couldn’t wait, and was really trying to hold it in. He was walking in front of me. Suddenly he stopped, and let out a long groan. I realized he was pooping in his pants.
‘I’ve pooped in my pants’, he said, obviously shocked. ‘I need to do more’ he went on. I’m trying hard to hold it in’. I told him to just do it, and that was better than trying to hold it in. I saw a bulge appear in the back of his jeans. When we reached the hedge, he went and pulled his jeans down. His white briefs were bulging out at the back, and a long piece of poop was pushing down below the edge of his briefs. He took his shoes off, and pulled his briefs down. Some poop was still squeezing out of his bum. His briefs were full of poo. He took them off and left them. He wiped his ass with a hanky and pulled his jeans up. We went home

Monday, October 08, 2001

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