Mela. You ask if anyone was ever told to go in their underpants as a kid.

This happened to me when I was about 9 back in 1962. Mum who was then about 40 and I had been visiting relatives and had got the train home. It would have been about 9.30pm. The train didnt have a toilet and when we got to the small suburban station the Ladies Toilet there was closed. Both of us had been farting and we both needed a motion, no doubt as we had eaten dinner with my aunt and the natural need to defecate some time after a meal had kicked in. I said to Mum "Mummy I need a jobbie" she repled "Yes Judy, so do I but there isnt a toilet nearby, we'll have to hold it in till we get home". We hadnt gone far when I felt the insistant pressure in my back passage and knew I couldnt hold it in. As usually happens I also needed a wee wee and dribbled the gusset of my knickers. "Mummy I dont think I can hold it in any longer" I said. She smiled a wry smile and said, "Neither can I, well just have to do it in our knickers wont we!" (It was a built up area so nowhere to go ! behind a wall or bushes). We both stood still and surrendered to the inevitable. Now neither of us had the runs or anything so our turds were solid. Also in those days the 1960s we both wore white cotton interlock briefs with elastic through the leg bands which were then the fashion for women and girls in the UK), which held all the poo safely in the seat. I felt my jobbie slide out making a bulge in the seat of my knicks and I also saw Mum go red in the face and heard a sort of crackling, squelching sound which I realised was her jobbie squashing up in the seat of her knickers. The deed done we waddled back home not upset but actually giggling to each other about what we had just done, wetting and pooing our knickers! When we got home, Dad was on night shift so we were alone in the house and able to go into the bathroom. We slipped off our skirts and could see the results of our "accidents" a bulge in my knickers and a far larger lumpy bulge in Mum's bigger pair, the gusset! s soaked where we had peed them. We stepped out of them and got into the shower to clean together, washing out our soiled knicks and getting changed into our nightclothes it being by then time for bed. Needless to say we said nothing about this to my Dad or anyone else the following day. This is the first time I have told this story outside of the family.

Since then I have had the occasional poo accident in my knickers, some as a kid and teenager, a few as an adult. My mother, now an old but active lady of 80, never made any nasty scene about it as it was just part of life. Likewise I didnt take a hard line with my 2 daughters when they had an accident in their panties and as a grandmother myself now I treat my grandchildren with kindness on the occasions they have been taken short. I find the actions of the mother described in the earlier story horrendous and incredible and totally out of order.

BTW for those interested like many middle aged women I only have a motion every other day and pass a nice big jobbie or two when I do go, nice fat solid turds of about 10 to 12 inches long. I had no problem letting my daughters come in to the toilet when they were kids and likewise it doesnt bother me if my grandchildren come into the toilet when "Nanny is doing a big jobbie". Love to you all!

hello all,
This is my first post. I am a 8th grader in huntsville alabama. The other day i felt this awsome urge for a wet load at school. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. Once I got there i ran in a stall and ploped my beeautiful cheerleader ass down. There was a explosion of wet poop from my stretched ass. I was on my tiptoes and had taken my pants shirt and bra off. So i was sitting there butt naked pushing out this extramely wet poo and feeling awful. Then all of a sudden some one bust in the bathroom. I was almost done so i held what i had left to hear what this person was going to do. She ran in the stall next to mine and took all her clothes of and plopped down on the toilet i peeped under to see if i knew who it was and i did it was this fat cheerleader named ryan. She had her hand on the floor and started grunting like uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there was an explosion of shit and i heard her wimpering like she was crying. I asked if she was ok and she sai! d no that she had diarrah and felt awful. She kept on pushing out wet poo when the cheerleading sponser came in and asked who was in here and is everything was ok i said yeah this is candace and i just had to shit but ryan started bawling and opened the stall door. The sponcer walked in a started rubbing ryans ????. I wiped left the stall as i as leaving the bathroom i saw ryan sitting there with the stall door open and her boobs and ???? being massaged by our cheerleading sponser.

Congratulations to Steve and Louise on their engagement!

Muggs: It's amazing how you get yourself in your situations with the young ladies. They're certainly lucky to have a good friend like you. I only had one buddy dumping experience with a boy before I got married to Gary, and it was with my best friend Carrie's brother Ben, and he bailed out because he couldn't stand the smell.

Buzzy: That was an interesting experience you had at the gym the other morning, with all the guys dumping. At my office, the data entry firm that just moved in last month has their employees on a fixed shift, so everyone takes their breaks and lunches at the same time, as well as going home. The restrooms are hectic at exactly the same times every day, especially the ladies room, because the majority of the data entry operators are female. The landlords have even scheduled the custodians to come in and clean up the restrooms after the crowds. By now the ladies in our office know the times to avoid using the ladies room or to go to another ladies room in the building.

Robby: That was some story about your assistant on the toilet, especially the part about her being red as a beet in trying to push out the poop. I take it you are a writer? I think writers are the unsung heroes in entertainment, especially in TV. That was also a great story that your cousin Annie told about you.

Carmalita: Hola! Que pasa? I loved your "coming of age" story about giving Juan and the other guys a good show. The big day for you and Jake is coming up!

Quick hellos to Kim & Scott, Althea, Jeff A., Rizzo, RJogger & Kathy, Ephermal and everyone else.

I have no new story at this time. I must be on my quiet cycle.

bobby- I like your story from earlier in the week
Tim- I also liked the story about your friend

My most embarrassing moment of my entire life happened when I was 13 yr old and in 7th grade. Me and my little brother and some friends went to a haunted house a couple of days before Halloween, my brother was 10 and in the 4th grade, a couple of friends where with us, my friend who was my age and his brother who was 9 and a friend of his who was 7. Me and my friend had been teasing the younger guys "don't get scared, don't get to scared like a baby" frankly we didn't want them along but of course our parents had a different plan. Now let me say this is not your little kids haunted house this is one of those haunted houses that makes adults run out screaming. We headed in and at first it was nothing special, movie monsters and such, it got more scary as you went along with headless people and monsters chasing you, and we where all running and screaming before long. It was very dark as we made are way to the end someone grabbed me by the collar and pulled me back, I looked ! up to see a man with a disfigured face with chainsaw (it looked real but it probably wasn't) he lifted me off the ground and waved the chainsaw in my face, I remember being more scared then I had ever been in my life, I had a very strange sensation come over me, I had never felt the sensation before, and I didn't know what it was, I got away my friends had already gotten out, I stopped just before the exit to catch my breath when it hit me, did I mess in my pants? I slowly put my hand back and felt, yep and wasn't a little ether I emptied everything I had into my briefs. I was only glad I didn’t wet my pants that would have been more noticeable; maybe they wouldn't figure it out. We started walking home, Brian the 7yr old was in the back, and I guess smelt it and saw the bulge at my bottom, and said hey look Steve pooped his pants, I felt a cold panic come over me, they know. Pooping in my pants was bad enough but being 13 and pooping in my pants if front of my 10 yr old broth! er and a 7 yr old first grader, I could have died. Needless to say it was a long walk home, a very long walk home! My brother kept saying that I pooped my pants, and my friend said maybe next time we can bring some diapers. They made sure every kid in the neighborhood and school knew, and I had to be dragged to school the next day kicking and screaming. It took a year to get over it, and I assure you my brother never let me forget it, and I also can say I never made anymore remarks about my brother being younger or being the baby of the family. My mom was angry but I didn't get in trouble because my dad thought it was funny.

Here's another story It happened also when I was 13 about 3 months after the Halloween incident, I staying at a friend's house, and we had this huge pizza dinner, then we went upstairs to go to sleep. Well, we couldn't sleep, so we went back downstairs and watched a couple movies by then it was about 2, so we then returned up to his room and just passed out in the beds. I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach-ache, but thought nothing of it and went back to bed I woke up normally and got up, was going to go get a shower, when my friend Randy said, "Hey Steve…uh, you must have shit in your bed.” I looked around, and lo and behold! My briefs were now a brown color and packed full of shit. And the thing was, his were too, it was probably because we had both eaten up until when we went to sleep, so I suppose that's why we woke up with messy underwear. Anyway, it was an accident! But we got away with it by washing the sheets and taking showers and throwing away the ! dirty undies before anyone got home. I was over visiting while his parents were away on a vacation

With October, the month of Hallooween and other scary things coming up i was wondering if anyone has ever been so scared that they pooped or peed their pants or if they have ever seen or heard about someone having an accident from fright. I can personally think of two such instances. The first happened when I was 8 I was at summer camp and the counselors were telling scary stories about child eating monsters that haunted the woods. When it was time for bed I had to poop and pee. I peed right outside the cabin with the rest of the guys but to poop I'd have to walk down a dark monster infested path to the bathroom. i was too scared to do it so I tried to hold. I woke uo at 2 AM and really had to go but I was too scared. i finally worked up enough nerve to go when suddenly I heard an owl hoot. It scared me so bad that i pooped my pants. So what i ended up doing is waking the counselor up and having him escort me to the bathroom and help me clean up. Serves him right f! or scaring me. The second happened when I was 14 and i took my 12 year old sister to a haunted house. In the middle of it she got so scared that she pooped and peed her pants. I heard her scream and jump an then she started crying. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I caught a whiff of her. She told me what happened so we went home(by bike which is very difficult to do in poopy panties according to sis) and she got cleaned up. My mom and dad found out but they thought it was funny.

girl in the 5th grade: It happened. So what? I wet myself in 7th grade. I thought I could hold it all afternoon. I thought wrong. The teacher and my classmates told me anytime you have to: GO! Do not wait. This teacher was good about that. She would not deny you the right to the toilet. I learned that and I took advantage many times. I did my first elementary school bowel movement at that school. This goes for anyone on this forum. GO! If you must and when you can.

Mela: I had a fourth grade teacher who was good for telling kids to go in their pants. He did not like you to leave his classroom. We left when we we had to.

Mina: I like to move my bowels often. I used to be good for three times a day. In high school, I used to evacuate after each major meal. As an adult, my eating habits got sloppy.

Hello again everyone. A few days ago my twin brother, Kaillou, reminded me of an incident he saw when we went to McDonald's after one of my hockey games. We had taken our little cousin Jeff with us, so naturally we sat at one of the tables outside so we could watch him play on the playground. There were three other kids there, a girl and two boys, all looking to be under the age of six. The girl, who looked to be about four or five, was playing with the boys in the ballpit, when she suddenly said "I have to go poopoo!" and quickly climbed out. One of the little boys followed her and asked her why she climbed out. She looked at him and repeated what she had said before. Jeff came back to the table and wanted more soda so I went in to go get some. While I was refilling his cup a lady sitting by the window said "Oh my god!" and quickly got up to go outside. I finished getting Jeff's soda and went outside to go give it to him. I noticed that the lady was trying to get the girl's s! hoes on so she could take her back inside. Once they left, Kaillou turned to me and said that when I left, the girl was near the slide on the playground when she crouched down and began pushing. He said that she was beginning to poop in her pants when she suddenly decided to pull down her shorts and underwear. He said that the girl didn't look desperate, but seemed to think that just going right there would be more convenient for her. So Kai continued to tell me that the lady ran out when she was what the little girl was doing and was trying to get her inside so they could use the bathroom. It was a good thing the girl didn't relieve herself on the playground because it would've taken them a while to clean and sanitize the area.

Hola mi amigos!

SUSAN: I'm so sorry hon, I forgot to answer you last time. Thanks for what you said about us, and our household, it was a lovely thought. We do watch out for each other and are a very close knit family here. I think the same thing holds true for you. I loved your touching story with your boyfriend, it was very sweet. Isn't it great to take care of someone after a hard pooping session? It is good to love people.
FAT WOMAN: Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I love your stories, especially this latest one about watching your mom. So, you have troubles pooping because you're heavy? I think back muscles also have a lot to do with that. But if you're okay with your pooping sessions, then don't worry about it! I know some easy back strengthening exercises that work great for heavy and tall people that you can do at home. By strengthening your back, you also strengthen your ???? muscles which will help. Try this: lie on the floor on your back, then using your stomach muscles only, try to press your low back to the floor. Press and hold for about 10 seconds at a time to start. If you do about 10, or 15 of these a day, you should notice a difference (hopefully!) I'm no expert. Anyway, you're such a sweetie, and here's a big kiss for you! Heavy women are gorgeous and I like your stories. Tell more!
STEVE: Aaah, so you like my black stripe huh? Yes, Renee is quite a stunner as you say. She reminds us, and many people of Gwyneth Paltrow, only with lots of freckles. Patsy also is very attractive. I should tell Patsy to post her pee stories, man she pees forever and looks so hot when she goes.
LOUISE: Ooooh, Spain sounds fun! And you got to see a man peeing? I'll bet Steve enjoyed the lovely mujer peeing with her butt toward him. Once again, I'm so happy for you two.
COPROLOGIST: Funny, but after all of Tesa's prison stories, I've tried pooping sitting on the bare porcelain many times. It's really not that bad at all, and it does make the poop come out a little differently. I find that I have to lean forward for balance because I'm afraid of falling in! I'm so small. I tried it the other day and it was easy. Tesa told me about a time in her cell when she took a huge shit and a long turd stuck to the porcelain. Her turd was so big it wouldn't flush, so she had to break it by hand. Yuuucckk! Anyway, I've also found that my turds stick to the porcelain too. I think it's because of the direction my butt is aimed.
MUGGS: Patsy and Renee say hi, and say: tell Amy about us here!

I'd met some friends at the community center where I volunteer, and went over to their apartment yesterday morning. The woman's name is Lucinda and she's about my age and has two boys, one of which is a newborn. Lucinda is very attractive with long, shiny black hair and dark eyes. Anyway, I was telling her a story about the center one evening and we got interrupted when more friends arrived. After a round of introductions and holas, I went to find her. Arriving at a closed bathroom door, I knocked, then heard her voice from inside telling me to enter. Cautiously, I opened the door and came in quickly. She was on the toilet, her pants and panties bunched up on her thighs, breast feeding her baby. Lucinda's english is a little rough yet, but she speaks pretty good. She smiled and said to me "I have to take poop and pee, sorry." She didn't have to tell me, because the first thing I noticed was the smell. She was pretty ripe. It was beautiful though, the gentle sucking of he! r son at her breast, and the soft residual notes of pee dribbling into the water. She grunted very softly and I heard a nice succession of turds spilling into the toilet.
plop-plop-plop-plop-plop. "You have such a beautiful baby," I said. Lucinda looked up and smiled, thanking me. "He very hungry today," she said. I heard some slop-crackles, a 'pfffff' and the sound of more turds hitting the water. Sweet smell rose from her thighs, and Lucinda shrugged and said "Sorry." "Don't be sorry hon," I began "When you gotta go, you gotta go." The baby, still nursing was awkward for her, but I watched her wipe herself in such a ladylike fashion, cradling her baby with one arm. When finished, she giggled at me and said "Is stinks." After that I asked if I could go. Lucinda nodded with a smile, and sat on the edge of the bathtub while her young Horacito fed from her ???? breast. I was wearing jeans, black strap slides and a yellow short sleeve blouse with ruffle cap sleeves. My hair was long and straight, flowing over my back with thick, black bangs dancing on my forehead. I was also wearing a black thong because I really like the way butt floss fe! els with jeans. Sliding them down to my knees I sat. First, I peed, long and hard. My stream was furious, thundering into the bowl. The water tickled my vagina as it pulsed out, warm and slightly scented. I guess I'd been holding it for longer than I thought. Final drips concluded a badly needed pee. I looked over at Lucinda who was staring down at her child. I said "Uh...oh.." she laughed and asked "You have to make poop too?" Nodding, I smiled back, biting my lower lip, then opening my mouth wide. A girlish grunt, soft and warm emerged from my throat. "uhh..." Then came the sweet music: SSPLIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-crkl....sprkkl...thhhppppppp...unhh....ccrkklllkkrrllll... I raised my butt off the seat a little, straightened my back, then braced my thighs with my hands. My turd made some sound, but the damned thing was so big it was hurting coming out. Another puff grunt-uhhh-more straining, and when I looked up from my effort, Lucinda was staring right into my eyes with sympa! thy. "It won't come out?" she asked. "Nnnn...stubbornhhhh...," I grunted. I thrusted with my ????, back arched, ass off the seat, smallish breasts pointing straight ahead. This was an awful shit. Finally, the tip emerged. I lifted my ass a little more, struggling with the turd like two brown peaches spitting out a seed. Lucinda dipped her head down to watch it come out and said "Aye, Carmalita! Is huge one!" Then she began laughing, which in turn made me giggle. With one last latina blast, I pushed that fat turd out of me and it K- ????ED into the bowl very loudly. Soft turds came squeezing out rapidly, plopping and ploooping as they piled on top of one another. Fortunately, my poop didn't smell too bad. I'd say it was a 4 on the old stink-o-meter. Lucinda's dump smelled much worse actually. I began wiping, very slowly, getting all that sticky brown frosting out of the gentle crevice of my butt. My vagina began dripping again with little trickles of unfinished pee. The tri! ckles became a slight stream as I began a second squirt. When finished, I had to wad up some toilet paper, and sit there, pressing it against my lips until the dripping stopped. That really was a serious pee I did. The water was an ochre color, with one tremendous log curled in the bowl, and several soft ploppies in a pile on top. Man, that dump felt soooooooo goood. We both watched cautiously as my Godzilla turd swirled around the toilet being stubborn. The first flush took all the soft shit and paper, but left the monster still surviving. I flushed again, and it finally weakened and slipped down the hole. We flushed a third time just to be safe.

My day was brightened later in the evening when I accompanied Jake to the bathroom. He took a rather large, man sized dump. He still gets embarrassed when his turds splash, or make exit noise. It only excites me. I rubbed his thighs, then ran my fingers through his hair. One plop, then another told me that my man was taking a good, healthy shit. He crapped maybe 10 good turds. Afterward, I wiped him very thoroughly. It was cool!
Adios mi amigos!


Billy & Kevin L.
This afternoon we have a soccer game. The game was moved up a 1/2 hour, so we went to our dad's office to tell him. We were going to a friends near his office (it is only 4 blocks away). WHen we got there, I needed to go poop. We usually wait for dad in the longe until he is done with the patient. The is bathroom that we can use. As we were walking, Betty, one of the nurses, was walking into the bathroom with a magazine. Usually when she goes in with a magazine, she is there about 15 minutes. And you don't want to go in there for another 15. Nancy said that we would have to wait about 10 minutes for dad. Jeremy said he needed to go to the bathroom. Kev said he did too. So we went to the patients bathroom in the waiting room. There are two toilets and a urinal. I asked dad why there are two toilets, and he said sometimes in the winter when there is more diarrhea, the kids and parents have to poop a lot. Anyway, as we were walking in, Ken, the kid who usually poops next to me in! the morning was walkign in real fast. He went into the first stall and sat down. The door on the first stall is missing. The hinge broke, and they are getting a new one. I did not see him in the bathroom at all in the last 4 or 5 days. Kev went to the 2nd stall, which is the one with the handicapped toilet. The toilets are the new ones, with only like 2 cups of water in the bottom. HE sat down and left the door open. KEv left the door on the second door open. He pooped about 3 big logs and then a little pile of mushy poop. He wiped. I said my turn and sat down. I kept hearing Ken pooping. I said, Ken, where have you been? I have not seen you for a while. He said that he did not go for about 5 days. THen his ???? hurt. He came in to see my father, and he gave him an enema. I guess it was working. I could hear a lot of crackling sounds from his side. While I was pooping, Jeremy said he couldn't wait. Ken said, sorry, but this enema is still working. I could still hear the crac! kling sound. So I said, come here. Then I said put your pants and underwear down. I was pooping away, with little turds still coming out. I moved my butt back on the toilet and had Jeremy sit in front of me. The guy said, do you want go home and I can change you? He said, ok. Jeremy started to poop. I heard 3 turds fall out on front on the toilet. Then he grunted, and I hard some mushy stuff fall. He said all done and got up. I was done pooping, so I wiped him, then wiped myself. He said I have to pee. I had to pee too. I did not want to pee on my brothers butt. So we both went up to the toilet. We aimed at his poop. He was short for the toilet, so I lifted the seat and stood him on the rim of the toilet. Between the two of us, cleaned the front of the toilet where his poop was. Then we flushed. There was a lot of poop there, but it went right down the drain. Ken said was wiping. He said, look here. We went over there, and I could not beleive how much poop there was. There wer! e about 5 12 in logs and a bunch of loose stuff. I said, you have been holding htat in for days. He siad, yes. He flushed it. About 1/2 went down the hole. It took two more flushes, but there were still a lot of steak marks. We all washed our hands. Then as we were walking out of the bathroom, dad was coming in. He looked at Ken and said how are you feeling. Ken said much better. He siad did you go? he said, yeah, look in the toielt. And that is after the 3rd flush. He said ok. We said the game is at 12:30, not 1:00. he said, ok, I have to go. Betty is in the other bathroom, and you know what that means. Ok, we are giong to bobs for some games and we will see you at the game. He said, ken go to your room and I will be there in about a minute. He then went to pee. We left for bob;s.


I just wanted to share an experience that I had today, w/ the rest of you. I was in church today (as most Christians were, when our Pastor related an experience w/ us, that God helped him w/. He said that last Sunday, he experienced a bout w/ food-poisoning. I thought "Well, that's well and good, I dont' expect you to say that you had diarrhea". Well, guess what? He admitted to vomiting, and having-diarrhea! I was so-shocked. I mean, I am a guy, myself, but our church does have ladies too, you know. One of which was the pastor's wife, which means that he is married. Sooo, I guess that that is why he did not give a dang, if he openly-admitted to having-diarrhea! This guy would be-considered quite-attractive, by a majority of women. Picture Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), from General Hospital, or a brunette Matthew McConaughey, which is the same-difference, and you have got an idea about what his face looks like. Now, if any of you ladies can picture either of the! se two celebs straining, and having diarrhea, that is probably-painful, does it turn you on? Forgive me, but I can't help but wonder how many of the ladies in the church, who heard him admit to his diarrhea, got, secretly, turned-on, and visualized it in their heads, and wished that they were his wife, @ that point in time. Just had to get this off my chest, because I think that admitting to this sort of thing, in church, whether you are the pastor, or just a member, or are married or single, is just going a bit too-far. Any of you agree/disagree, or are turned on, @ all, by this? If so, please share your thoughts/feelings w/ the rest of us. Especially, in times like these, it is always great to have a little fun, just like we all, @ least seem to, on this forum.


Hi there, i just thought it was time I filled you in on my worktime buddy dumping, at the office where I work I've developed a strong friendship over the last six months with Charlene. We understand each other and we tell each other everything. We are both regular morning dumpers and often accompany each other to the restrooms to unload each morning. Neither of us can normally go before our first morning coffee but after we've had that then its just a matter of time. This morning was a usual example, we hadn't dumped together for a while but after a coffee Charlene called and said to meet her in the restroom in a couple of minutes, I really needed a dump that had been building all morning. I went in (our bathroom has three stalls) one was occupied, I took a peep through the crack in the door to see it was Charlene in full stream straining her morning log out of her well toned cheeks. I said hi and told her how much i needed to unload, I took the stall next to her and sat down.! Charlene was straining but said it was a huge shit on the way, I too had to strain to get my dump moving. Charlene's first dump plopped loudly into the water then followed by several more. I was still straining but the turd started to poke out. Charlene finished her dump, a good healthy smell filled the restroom, then she let out a cry of dismay, her stall was out of paper, she asked if I could pass some over the stall to her, I was still in mid dump and there wasn't much paper left in my stall anyway. Charlene stood up, hitched up her skirt and waddled round into the third stall, again no paper, I told her to come into my stall and share the little I had. She entered just as I dropped my first large smelly turd, she said that was a big one, I said there's a couple more up there where they came from. Charlene wiped her arse with a couple of sheets leaving me with two, she dropped the soiled paper between my legs, I dropped two more large logs are Charlene watched me, I wiped ! my arse but didn't have enough paper, I had to use my finger and then wash well.

I want to here about stories of others dumping when the paper has run out, what did you do and did you shout for help?

Really busy these days. Thankfully feeling much much better (thank you to those of you (I think it was Louise) who wished me well) and hello to Steve (congrats to you guys if I haven't said it, my memory is shot these days).

So, a couple quick comments: since I was on such strong medicine, I've been feeling terribly constipated (very common for me...unfortunately I get that way too easily), but I tried the trick of sitting on the toilet rim rather than seat that someone here suggested (I live in a house of all girls and I had just cleaned the bathroom) when feeling the slightest urge to poop (for the past week all this has resulted in is tiny little balls about the size of a ping-pong ball and only 2-3 at a time about 1 every day or 2. So, I tried sitting that way and thankfully last night I had a nice log, though small (about 3/4 in thick by 6 in and 3 colors) and today the same thing but it came out sooooo easily in 3 seconds (one color plus corn that I ate Wed night) and I'm feeling much better. I haven't been eating so well either lately because of not feeling well. Sorry, this is terribly's like 3am.

Anyway, I worked this huge black-tie fancy-schmancy event at work and the student supervisors (me included, I'm 2nd in charge) had walkie-talkies. I was talking to my big boss (adult) and he was complaining about stuff that I wanted to shove over to my direct supervisor (the one just above me, he's a grad student). So, we're discussing this over walkie-talkie in a building full of 500 people (very crowded and loud so I had the volume way up) and we couldn't find my direct supervisor by sight, so we asked where he was. He said "In the bathroom" and we kept going back and forth about business stuff for 5 minutes. The big boss was like "I'll go in there and drag him out of the stall." That would have been hilarious...but anyway as we're still trying to take care of the problem the direct supervisor was like "I'll just be a couple more minutes." obvious did he make what he was doing. COuldn't hear anything over the walkie-talkie though.

Oh, FIL--when I worked at an overnight camp, I was trying to coordinate stuff with other counselors and I went to find one of the male counselors who was having cabin-time where we had done the campfire. So, I walked to the campfire site and as I'm approaching I hear shreiking and realize that these 15 12-year-olds plus their counselor are "putting out the fire" just like you did. I later walked in on them (I was "on-duty" for their cabin that night) doing something much much worse...I feel scarred for life...

Anyway, I need sleep.

Hello....just got in from another party. its 2:30 am. I really need to quit drinking. its getting less and less fun and bad stuff always happens. I was one of the last 6 or 7 people at mack's house and while they were in the house i was walking out to pee in the woods when i heard rustling and saw just what i expected....2 girls walking out in the trees. The moon was BRIGHT and they walked into a clearing out of the trees and began to undo belts...i was so well hidden it was perfect. i watched these 16-17 year old girls from some other school pull their pants down and begin to piss really loudly...i was drunk so i couldnt really hear them talking ....i heard the pissing though. I then saw something begin to poke put of one of the girls' butts. A blonde girl was pooping. This log looked to start solid then burst into a load of soft poop which resounded in a really loud soggy fart. The other brunette girl didnt have to after she peed and began to pull her pants up....the pooping! girl just squatted there and farted a little. Then she puled her pants up and left....thats it.

Im curious....whats the largest BM any woman has had who posts to this forum??

Im not feeling too well so this is short.

Did Any one happen to see the "Man Show" on Comedy Central last night?? There was this black woman on there and she was on the toilet. She sat for a few minutes and talked but you didn't hear any sound effects. Then she gets up and you see what apears to be several logs of poop in the bowl and it is really a chocolate hostest tasty cake. They had the white etching on them so you could tell. At first i thought it was Saturday Night live but it wasn't. Thats it

firsty RIZZO,

thanx for all ur good advice hon, i so appreciate u taking time out for me, its good to know someone shares a few minutes of their times to pass on advice, thanx so much for it.

Also Buzzy,

thank u also for ur advice on the standing when peeing, the site is very amusing and shows some good tips lol but i think my vagina is a little too far back to pee out wards like a man and even when i do try i end up soaking my legs lol but thanx all the same.

Lastly Carmalita,

so good to hear u had the much needed relief u were waiting for and it was quite a smelly batch 2 by the sounds of it! i wish u many more smelly poops and hope u keep sharing them online as u have been doing, ive often said how much i love ur stories, always so extreme and full of motions so much so that i almost fell the things u do lol so kepp up the good work

right im off shopping today, shall be interesting to hear the cubicle action in the toilets and ill fill u guys in next time im on

must dash i think my turtles head needs removing lol

by all Susanne

Hi all,
I have been reading your stories for a little while now and I have to say they are great!
This site brought back a lot of good memories about pooping and pissing incidents I had or witnessed mostly when I was younger especially in my collage years. I am in my late 30's now, situated in buisness and married with kids. Thinking back about the wilder collage years is good fun and I would like to post a story from when I was studying in England:
One night I went out with this girl to a party in London. We were from the same collage out of town and we had to take a long journey back on the night bus. First we had to take one bus into Trafalgar square and then another one out of town into Kent where our campus was. We were both completely drunk as we both had many pints and of course the urge to use a loo came pretty soon. It hit me on the first bus journey and I was convinced that I quickly had to find a corner as soon as we arrived at Trafalgar square. The urge was very strong and I just kept wishing silently that the damn bus would move faster. I could tell that the girl had the same problem as she was also moving around a lot. We both tried to keep our mind busy by flirting and kissing, but I guess none of us was really able to concentrate.
Finally the bus arrived and we quickly got of in desperate search for an alley or whatever. Then it happened: The other bus we had to take was already there and ready to leave. We both knew it would be hours for another one, as it was in the middle of the night. So with painfully full bladders we paniced and jumped onto a really crowded bus. We found some seats upstairs and knew we were trapped. We knew that the journey was going to take more than an hour and that if we got of anywhere else we would have to wait for ages for another bus. We both did not say a word about it, but pain and desperation was written in our faces. She was close to tears and I took her in my arm and stroke her while we both had to hold our legs tightly together. It was awful...

After a few stops and about 20 min the bus had cleared out a lot but there were still a few people on the upper level...most anoyingly a group of three drunken teenagers who where really noisy. Suddenly they became more quiet. First we thought they had fallen asleep as they luckily sat more towards the front and we were the last ones at the back, except for a young black guy, who had fallen asleep a few rows in front of us. Then we heard hissing and splattering noises and although we could not see it clearly, we figuered out that they were pissing on the floor. Everybody else just pretended not to notice, as they did not want any trouble.
We both moaned and started holding ourselves between our legs because these sounds made us realize that all we wanted was doing the same. Suddenly she whispered she was sorry but she was going to wet her pants soon anyway and therefore also the floor and asked if it was ok with me to help her with a piss. I mumbled sure, what do I have to do? She said just guard me sitting still. Then she took of her knickers under her dress and climbed between my legs. She sat on the edge of the bus seat between my spread open legs and pulled her dress up so I could see her butt. She shoved her hips forward half squatting half sitting on the edge of the seat using my legs to hold onto while the bus was throwing her around. I also tried to help her by holding her losely on the hips to stop her from falling over. Then she spread her legs and after a moment of concentration she started pissing. First some dribbles which soon became a strong stream and got close to waterfall. I tried not to l! ook too obviously but the sight was too spectacular not too blink. I was already a bit hard because of the pressure in my bladder and this certainly did not help. I could not see her pussy but the stream shooting out between her legs was clearly visible over her shoulder. The bus was moving fast and she was thrown around a bit, but once the gates where open she just could not control it anymore. I could not blame her but she was pissing on our shoes and we both got wet legs. But I did not mind that much as we were both drunk and desperate. The sound of her flooding the floor was quite loud and some people looked round but only shook their heads and did not say anything. The boys from the front, who pissed there earlier, starred and giggeled. I shouted at them to mind their own buisness and luckily they turned aroung laughing as I am quite a tall, strong looking guy.... It took her minutes too finish and she moaned in relief. She started dribbling and again pressing out another! gusher a few times and then she was finally done. She quickly pulled down her dress and climed out of between my legs. She apologized about the mess and said that I must be dying to go as well while she was puttin on her knickers again.
I was in a really desperate situation as my bladder was nearly bursting but I could not just piss as I still was a bit errected. So I leaned forward holding my crotch with one hand and resting my head on my arm on the seat in front of me. I tryed to relax and after a little while I felt like being able to go. I unzipped and took my penis out pointing it on the floor in front of me. I was still leaning forward with my head on my arm so I could concentrate better. I remember seeing her puddle still floating around on the floor and smelling the piss. Finally my body relaxed and a strong piss-jet shot out of my penis onto the floor. It splattered onto my legs and the empty seat in front of us but it did not mater anymore, as my friend had soaked everything already. My bladder was so cramped and in pain that it took about a minute till I started to feel relief. Then it was to good to be described. I just pissed and pissed with warm showers of relieve going through my body not ! only as I was splattering more on my jeans. At some point I just leaned back, as nothing mattered anymore, and let it flow still aiming on the floor. Suddenly my friend, who had watched bemused and interested, reached for my right hand, which was holding my penis. She gently guided it upwards so my stream shot at the back of the other seat in an high arch. We grinned at each other but then I just aimed at the floor again as I wanted to enjoy the rest of the piss in peace and not play around ( I have been a better sport on other occassions...) With half closed eyes I dribbled and squirted and and a few more streams had to be pushed out. Finally empty! With a deep sigh I shock off and zipped up.
We grinned again at each other and kissed and altough we were sitting in a huge puddle of piss we felt wonderful beyond believe.
This happened nearly twenty years ago but I hardly forgot any detail as , altough some desperate situation followed and preceeded it and I am not that proud of messing up the bus, it was definately one of the best pisses of my live, both seeing and doing it.

Keep those nice stories coming in

Best wishes


Two poo sightings from my weekend away. Yesterday I was walking in Wales, on my way down a mountain. Although I had seen few people on the way up, the route down was busy, just ahead of me were a large family group. The quiet was broken by the cry of "don't tread in the poo!" I though nothing off it, there had been piles off sheep dropings all the way up, until I heard "look out, human poo".

Sure enough, right in the middle of the 'path' was a pile of wet poo, topped with some TP. Some unfortunate walker had trodden in it, leaving smears off poo all over the place. As the 'path' at this point went over large boulders, needing use of both feet and hands, it was pretty difficult to avoid putting your hand on a poo coated rock.

Now I enjoy pee and poo stories as much as anyone, and I recognise that the person who left this plie may have been very desperate, but I think they were pretty selfish leaving their pile where they did. They only had to move off the path and could have used the gaps between the boulders as a natural toilet bowl.

Today I stopped off in a town on the route home. Walking down an alley out of the car park I came across a pair of white boxers/knickers (the reason I couldn't be sure which will become clear) overflowing with soft poo. There was so much, only a little white cloth was visible. They had just been left in the middle of the alley. I wonder if the person who left them was heading for the toilets in the car park (only about 30 yards away) but just didn't make it. Anyway, returning to the car park half an hour later they had gone. Had someone taken them as a trophy I wonder?

Steve & Louise. Congratulations on your engagement! All my best wishes to you both.

Annie. Hope your stay in the UK is an enjoyable one. I liked your post. How about letting us know if you have any big motions whilst over here? I'd be interested to know if British food has had an effect on your output.

Carol. I liked your post. Had any more big motions lately? I was intrigued to read what you put about the Queen and Margaret Thatcher both having accidents whilst undertaking public engagements. If you (or anyone else) knows about any of the details I'd be interested to hear about them. Personally I'd have thought major public figures like that would have been kept regular with laxatives to ensure that things like that didn't happen - or were unlikely to say the least. Still I guess it can happen to anyone. Having to go to the loo is a great social leveller and I find it very reassuring to know that the Queen and the Prime Minister both have to 'go' every day - several times a day. Although I've never been able to verify it, I think another poster once said that George V always advised his sons to go to the loo in both senses of the word before embarking on any major public engagements.

Carmalita. Thanks for your reply. I understand that twice a day may be normal for you. However it's important that you don't worry if you miss doing anything for a day or two. It's pefectly normal and is sometimes the body's response to a change in diet or environmental factors. Certainly you shouldn't worry if you miss a couple of days.

steve - That was a cool story. At least you didn't get put on punishment.

To Upstate Dave
I join your thanks to the many posters who shared their feelings with those of us in the NYC area about our recent tragedy. As one who was close enough to see it all I can say that watching it happen was worse than any TV replay.
To get to your question:
Don't know about funny, but I also made tape recordings of my poop sessions when I was in my teens, starting from age 13. I did that a lot, with toilet sessions as you describe. But occasionally I'd spread some paper on the floor. When I upgraded my system to make it stereo I'd put one mike directly behind my ass as close as possible and another near the floor to capture the plops as my poop dropped out. I could hear the crackle of my emerging turds as well as my pushes and grunts to squeeze them out. I thought it was a hoot. I never shared them with anyone. I had no idea then that there were kindred souls out there.

Gruntly Bogwell
OK fellow travelers on the loco "motion" cyber-train…here's a triple whammy for you…the next summer after my Vickie experience we had a family reunion camp-in at the traditional remote spot on a small lake in the mountains. By remote I mean we had to go into the forest behind the lakeside camp-site and dig latrines for when nature called. The family had been using the area for years and had built up some nice tenting sites by the lake, but latrines were the modus-pooperandi. About the third day just before my 16th birthday, I left the camp after breakfast to hike up the old logging trail which was our access to the remote area to find my cousins who had already taken off. But, my orange juice and hefty breakfast, coupled with getting my bowels on mountain time all hit at the same time…so I turned off the dirt road and headed back to the path that led back to the latrine. (For an earlier adventure of mine when I was 14 years old, see my Tales from the Latrine trilogy aroun! d 500 pages ago) I made my way to the latrine, which was in a clearing with thick brush around. The only thing was that there were two old, abandon, but covered latrines nearby the freshly dug one for our family. They consisted of a log nailed and lashed between two trees, as did ours except ours was made from a fresh cut log and a new deep pit to take a dump into. The dirt from the hole was piled up behind our latrine so that the user could use a provided stick to pull dirt down over the top of their leavings to cut down on flies and funk. Ours hadn't been used much since we had just started our week of camping and the log between the trees, whose bark had been scraped off to provide a smooth place to rest ones ass during the pooing process, was moist with cool morning dew (NOT pee) as I pulled down my jeans and white briefs and eased my skinny ass on to it. My green plaid long sleeve shirt flapped over my ass as I leaned forward put my hand between my legs and pushed ! my penis backward to direct its stream of warm yellow urine into the latrine pit, it splashed into the dirt at the bottom of the pit with steam rising off it in the cool mountain air, then my hole fluttered with a smelly poo-starter fart. I looked up into the canopy of the trees and breathed in the latrine smell and forest dampness pine scent and looked at the fleecy white clouds floating past the tree tops against the azure blue sky, while I bore down with a heavy sigh…my hole stretched and a fairly large carrot worked its way out, then as I sat up holding on to the log for support, the effort became easier and I could feel the healthy peristalsis of a colon emptying poo. My turd FLUMPED into the pit, medium brown 1inch by 14 inches tapering to a point and it was steaming like my recently ended pee stream. I lifted the large inverted tin can that covered the toilet paper on a stick, that my uncle always placed with in reach, the can protecting the paper from the rain, but ! the paper still picked up mountain moisture. The paper was cool against my warm asshole which recoiled from my touch. I shoved it into my crack and scrubbed my 16 year-old hole clean, letting the paper flutter down into the pit. Another wipe and I was clean…I pulled up my jockey briefs and jeans, tucked in my green plaid wool shirt and used the latrine stick to pull some dirt over my leavings in the pit. Then I started down the latrine path to find my cousins with that lightness of step that only a healthy poo can give you. Suddenly, I heard female voices coming toward me, knowing instantly what was about to happen I dashed off the path and circled around behind the family latrine and secreted myself in the bushes on the rise directly behind it. No sooner, was I in place than three of my aunts came into the little clearing. Aunt Sally was tall and a bit skinny, but with a well rounded rump, curly medium blond hair, blue eyes and a pointed nose…she was also a bitch and my least favorite aunt. She had on tight jeans, a white tee shirt and a red-plaid shirt. Next came Aunt Jill was the army nurse I had peeped on through the bathroom door jamb slit back home in a summer or so before (see my previous post). She had short brown hair and brown eyes and was well-built all-over, with an ample bottom. She has on a forest green travel outfit with pants and top matching,. The top had short sleeves. Last came Aunt Betty, who was short and rounded off, she had short straight black hair and blue eyes, a r! eal pretty face, and was my favorite aunt, because of her great laugh and humor. She had on tan slacks a pink blouse and a black cardigan sweater. All were in their early 40's. Aunt Sally hurried to the first abandon latrine, which hadn't been used in a long time and had no pit under it, it was about 15 feet away from the current family latrine and at right angles to it. She said, "Dibs on this one, I've GOT to unload!" This made Aunt Jill giggle and Aunt Betty laugh out loud. Aunt Betty went across the clearing to the second abandoned latrine, with no pit under it as well…it was at a forty-five degree angle to the family latrine and about 20 feet away. Aunt Jill came to the latrine directly in front of me and busied herself, as did Aunt Betty with getting their pants down and seating them selves on their respective logs. Aunt Sally was already seated and grunting loudly, I could see her profile, head and shoulders and scrunched down jeans, with pink panties on one si! de of tree, and her bare ass sticking out behind the closest tree to which her latrine log was attached. She was peeing and poong a light brown long mushy one onto the ground underneath her well rounded ass…pee and poo were mixing in a wet steamy pile. "Oh YES…thought I wasn't going to make it," she noted, "UMMMUUUMMPPH…Nothing like a big shit to start the day." "I'll say," said Aunt Betty, laughing and seating herself…I couldn't see much of her, because the closest tree of her latrine blocked her from view, but because it was at a forty-five degree angle I could see her very rounded bottom quite nicely, sticking out below her black sweater and hanging over the filled in latrine pit. But the absolute best view was of Aunt Jill, who slid down her forest-green pants and white cotton briefs and eased her well-appointed creamy white ass on to the latrine log and out over the pit where I had recently taken my dump. Remember, she was the one who liked to adjust her clothing be! fore settling in for a session on the toilet. This time was no different, she gathered her panties and lowered pants and adjusted them over the top of her knees. Straightened the back of the forest green blouse of her travel suit above her ass crack and began a long splattery pee into the pit. Aunt Betty was doing the same all over the ground behind her butt…she grunted and farted loudly, then farted out a dark brown round turd which hit the ground and rolled back into the leaves, "Whoa…standby to repel boarders," she laughed turning around to look at her turd, her blue eyes twinkling. Aunt Sally who was busy producing a few moist Hershey kisses for the pile under her hanging ass said, "Betty you are so gross." Betty laughed louder and Aunt Jill, through with adjusting her clothes and peeing, said "Oh, Sally don't be so judgmental," her voice rising at the end as she strained to relieve her uncomfortable colon…I had a good look and her dark brown nether hole, suspended ove! r the latrine pit as it pooched to emit a greenish-brown turd end. I was really getting into this phenomenal sight that I felt I had missed a couple of summers back at home when all I saw was a floater and skid marks after I looked into the toilet after peeping through the bathroom door jamb slit on her big straining poo session. Aunt Jill was starting to breathe heavily to get the turd started…when there came a groaning creak and a snap from Aunt Sally's latrine…the latrine log she was seated on had given way and Aunt Sally had landed in her own pile of pee and poop. Aunt Jill sucked her turd back into her rectum and jumped off the latrine log, Aunt Sally was hollering and cussing and Aunt Betty started to laugh, but curt it short and waddled off her latrine seat tugging up her yellow panties and tan slacks. her butt jiggled as she shuffled over to help Sally who was struggling to get up. Aunt Jill's nice butt bounced as she went over to Aunt Sally's location, pulling up ! her pants so she could move. Together they got Aunt Sally on her feet. She was crying and mad and her butt cheeks were smeared with poop and it was into her butt crack. Aunt Jill came back over and grabbed the toilet paper roll from her latrine and rushed back over to Aunt Sally, told her to bend over and began to wipe her up…I had a good view because her ass was pointed my way. Aunt Betty was up by her shoulders bending over and asking her if she was all right. Jill kept working and throwing the paper in a pile. Betty buttoned and sipped up and went back to the campsite and brought back a canteen of water. Sally asked her if she had told anyone and Betty assured her that she hadn't. They escorted Sally over to the family latrine, her feet shuffling along and giving me a great view of her blondish curly pubic region. They turned her around and seated her on the log…her butt really was messy…I almost broke out laughing. Jill started pouring cold water over her ass and ! wiping away the poo stains, while Sally bitched about the cold water…her dirty hole bucking at the coldness. It took half a roll of paper to get her cleaned up and just as they did, Sally said, "Hold it, I'm not through yet," and a light brown raggedy poo chain exited her grunter and fell into the latrine pit. Then she had to wipe three more times to get her hole clean before she relinquished her seat to Aunt Jill. Aunt Betty had already gone back to her latrine and tested the log. Before re-seating herself saying , "Maybe now WE can get back to business!" She began to UNNHHH and UMMM loudly and soon she had a 15 inch long medium brown fat poo log hanging underneath her between her generously rounded cheeks, while she gasped for some air, then bore down again…UNNGGGGHH and a "Whew" as her poo grew another 3 inches and tapered off as her bum hole closed behind it. Her turd fell out and over with a FLUMMP, kicking up a little dust as it did so. Aunt Jill wasn't so fortunate, her bowels apparently had locked up with all the excitement. Aunt Sally, the ungrateful bitch, was hammering the two seated with the exposed buttocks about not telling about her accident and then she said she had to get back to camp to get cleaned up. "OK, OK so go already and leave poor Jill alone, Sally," Betty sighed and popped out a three-inch turd with little effort. Aunt Jill just sat their then made her hole strain and dome in and out as Aunt Sally disappeared back down the path. She sighed and told Aunt Betty she wasn't having much success…I on the other hand was enjoying the show from ten feet away in the bushes…I felt sorry for Aunt Jill, but couldn't negate the buzz I got from watching my Aunt's attempt to unburden her bowels right in front of me. Aunt Betty wiped up and got off her latrine log and tugged up her yellow undies while facing Jill giving me a front view of her round belly and black pubic patch as she adjusted her pant! ies. Aunt Jill strained really hard, MMMnnggHHHH, to no avail. Of the three women, Jill had brought her purse, she leaned way over off the log to pick it up from where she had set it against one of the latrine log support trees. I could see her brown patch in front of her anal opening as she did this. She returned her ass to the latrine log and set the purse in her lap. Aunt Betty came over and said, "Is there anything I can do Jill, with a concerned lookl on her face. A long funky fart escaped from Aunt Jill and a slight breeze blew it in my direction, as she said, "No Betty I'm just getting some Vaseline to grease things up." This made Aunt Betty laugh and she moved in closer and pat her on the shoulder. Aunt Jill said, "I always carry something in case I get bunged up when we are on maneuvers, I almost had my poop moving, when Sally fell in her own shit." Aunt Betty laughed again and confided that she almost shit herself, first from the scary sound, then from seei! ng Sally wallowing in her poop, but she had to get over and try to help her. Aunt Jill reached around underneath herself and stuck a Vaseline-laden finger, up her butt hole and massaged it in and out and around, before removing and wiping it. She settled herself, adjusted her clothing again and with Aunt Betty standing over her with a worried look on her face, began to grunt and strain and soon had success and boy did she! Once she got the greenish-brown turd head out and the two and a half inch bulge, in her poo log out, the rest came slowly and grandly out of her bottom hovering over the latrine pit. Its foul and fetid odor assaulted my nostrils, which were already flared from what I was seeing. "Oh Betty, it feels soooo… good to get rid of this one," Aunt Jill breathed heavily and bore down again. My eyes focused on the creeping movement of her dark brown anal ring as it stretched to accommodate the fecal mass. Finally, the worst was past and she had produced a 16 i! nch poo long two inches wide and it tapered and fell away into the depths of the poo pit. "UMMMPPHHHHaaaahhh" went Aunt Jill…then a succession of smaller turds only four and three inches followed in succession. Aunt Jill arched her back and let them go, FLUUMP, FLIMMP, fluump, flummp with associated farts and trapped gas helping them on their way. She sighed heavily and began wiping up her puffy looking hole. Aunt Betty said, "Thank goodness, you had me worried for a minute." "Thanks, Betty…I really feel better now." She got off the log, pulled her white panties up over her bum, followed buy her green travel suit pants. Then, she turned around got the stick and began the chore of scraping dirt over her large offering saying, "The boys may have to dig another latrine…I' don't know if this one is going to make it a week." They walked off laughing. I began to breathe again and stumbled off to find my cousins. Later that night around the family campfire, Aunt Sally was holding forth with one of her political theories that no one else shared…Aunt Betty winked at Aunt Jill and said lou

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