dly, "Creak….SNAP" Aunt Sally just got up and went into her tent and I was the only other one who knew why.

Ah, CARMALITA what a lovely story of spy versus spy, with odorific and bowel emptying results. You truly are a gem. Your story, like the one earlier for Jake, was a first rate "poop-tease."

FAT WOMAN, your "poopus interruptus" story about your mom was most titillating, I await the final outcome. I would be proud to accompany you to the bathroom to sit on the edge of the tub and chat during your defecatory struggles. I always thought that big people made big movements, but others have weighed in here on the forum with evidence to suggest that large movements may be endemic throughout the female population. However, I have to admit that before 360 pound Carol and I went our separate ways, she did invite me into her toilet one time while she took a massive dump. There is something about big women seated regally on the commode that is so very special and I'm sure you are no exception. I can see myself moping your sweaty brow during an arduous grunting session, or rubbing your massive ???? to help you relax, likewise your lower back above your wholesome buttocks. Then as a partner in the intimacy of your fecal delivery into the toilet, inspecting your daily! offering and complimenting you before flushing it away. Carol had this same power over me. One night when Carol's parents were away she invited me over, she told me it was urgent and she had a surprise for me. I drove up and she met me at the door in a huge black see-through negligee with yards of material flimsy material covered her massive frame, the best that Lane-Bryant had to offer. Her blond hair was up in a bun, she had her make-up on and her blue eyes fairly sparkled. Soon a pained look came over her face and she groaned, "You made it just in time…I haven't gone for three days and I probably had a quart of prune juice since breakfast. I needed to be with someone I could trust and share the moment."

With that she took me by the hand and led me with her heavy tread into the bathroom at the end of the hall and seated her large frame heavily with an UMMPHH on the commode. She had candles lit all around the room and the lights turned off and as my eyes adjusted to the soft glow I could see her seated marshmallow body enveloping the toilet. Her black negligee was bunched about her waist. She smiled at my interest and BARRROOOOMMMMM, let go a huge fart into the bowl…it had to fairly ripple the toilet water below her ample bottom. I was afraid of a methane explosion, but she so completely covered the toilet with her size that nothing could escape until she got up, then I wasn't so sure. She motioned for me to sit on the edge of the tub as she BIIRRROOOOUUPPPPED another fart. She said, "Gruntly, hon, I've been reading the book Hawaii, in which said that the Royal Hawaiian Queen in the past, the Alii Nui, was fed five large meals a day because they wanted her fat. The ! Queen weighed over 400 pounds and stood six foot three." When she got older young maidens had to come in to knead her belly to help her with her digestion. Would you please knead my belly for me?" With that she lifted up her black negligee to below her size triple E boobs exposing her expansive belly. With my history of interest in female bathroom activities, was I to say no way? No way. I got down on my knees in front of her and my hands mooshed into her belly fat, unfortunately she spread her legs so I could get at her ???? better as she sat regally on the commode, pretending to be the Alii-Nui and the trapped gasses under her rear rushed out hammering my flared nostrils with a pre-poop odor. I almost gagged, but hung in there and began to knead her ample abdomen between the vee of her thighs and under her boobs. We are taking about an area three feet wide and eighteen inches high. She sighed as my fingers worked away and I moved the flesh around with the palms of ! my hands. Then way down deep I felt her tighten up and UUMMMMM to try and get something started that would give her some relief. I began to push and knead harder and Carol strained again, blowing a monstrous echoing wet fart. "Oh I felt something give with that one," and she began tensing and grunting quickly UGH, UMMN, UNNHH, UNNH to get her hole to release the offending turdal lump. I started kneading faster, my arms were getting tired and her belly was getting sweaty. Carol squinted her eyes and really concentrated and GRRRRUUUNNNTTTED. She stopped and panted and said, "Almost there Gruntly old boy," She renewed her efforts and we were rewarded with a loud PLOP into the toilet bowl. She told me to wait and she had to get some toilet paper to wipe her bum hole which had taken a direct hit from the toilet water back splash. I peeked into the toilet and saw a large floater in the candle-lit dimness. Carol flushed and said she thought she could make it on her own. Sh! e crossed her fat arms across her heavy thighs and went up on her tip toes. Beads of sweat had come out on her forehead, I kissed her and told her I was there if she needed me and retreated to the edge of the tub. Carol said, "Thanks kiddo" and bore down in a mighty heave that got a crackling turd going. I reached over and patted that part of her left butt cheek hanging below the commode seat and offered words of encouragement and thought about the massive turd that was coming out of her. "OH yess, Gruntly babe, this IS IT UUNNNHHHHNNNHH" The air was absolutely odoriferous by now, but "Queen" Carol having a legendary movement. She flushed again and now the prune juice made it nasty and wet PASH, PASH, FIILLOOUUP…BILLAAAAAAPPPPP it was coming in waves now and Carol said, "Whoa…this was more than I bargained for, Gruntly, sorry UNNNHHHH" I told her to get it all out.

Just then her parents came home early, calling out "Carol, where are you hon?" Carol stiffened, "Get in the tub and pull the curtain, Gruntly…NOW" Carol hissed under her breath and I just did get there when her mother knocked on the door… "You in there and she opened the door. "Whoa, what's this?" her mom said when she saw the candles, then "Goodness Carol, are you in trouble with your bowels and what are these candles?" Carol told her she was constipated and bored which explained the candles because she thought she would be on the toilet a while and had drunk too much prune juice which explained the smell. Her mother said, "You poor dear," and sat on the edge of the tub, HER large cheeks (heaviness ran in the family) pushing in the closed shower curtain making me cringe. Carol released another wave of wet poop with all sorts of bathroom noises from her rear end. "Is there anything I can get you,?" her mother asked. "No Ma, I'll be all right, once this prune juic! e gets through me." BAAAAPPPPASH, BRIIPP Carol flushed again. Finally her mother said she and her father were going to bed, but to call her if she needed her. The fumes were totally ripe by now as her mother shut the door. Carol took another 20 minutes while I stayed behind the curtain in case her mother came back. I did peek out the curtain at the far end of the tub to watch Carol wipe her large bottom. She raised herself off the toilet and bent way forward and her had came from between her legs under her to get at her hole, made easier buy the fact that she had pulled her right cheek aside with her other hand. The first pass was pretty ripe and messy, but the paper got cleaner each time until she was satisfied. Then half an hour later she sneaked me out of the house, kissing me good night and thanking me for helping her out and apologizing for my almost getting caught and I went off into the night taking deep breaths of air after being cooped up in Carol's bathroom f! or an hour and a half.

LOUISE -- Hi dear, sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to the site... I know what you mean about being so tense and excited that you have an accident, and if you're in your wedding dress that would be a definite low point of the celebration. You'll be okay on the day, though there are always last-minute dramas... Migraines from stress, little things like that! Just close your eyes and think of Spain -- when things get on top of you, visualize being bare in the sun and sending an arc about eight feet out on front, then things will be back in perspective! Complicated, but hardly impossible, not for a woman who can do that! Grin!!! (And hugs and a congratulatory smooch for Steve too!)

RIZZO -- you'd be amazed at those beach adventures, up close -- I remember the time I was sitting on a rock with my feet in the water, streaming away happily, not thirty feet from a guy who had no idea -- fun, fun, fun! I've been thinking maybe this summer I might be a lot more direct about it, actually squat and make it obvious what I'm doing to those who have no idea a women can do it standing. It's a thought!

KENDAL -- Echoing Louise, your Ellie is absolutely welcome to join the WSPC! You know, when we all go to the pool Louise uses, there'll be enough of us to completely line that urinal from end to end! From you at the youngest to Louise's mom at the deliciously mature end of the spectrum -- all of us pressure-cleaning the steel! What an image it brings to mind! (Hugs for my angel! Blush, blush, I can see it from here!)

ANNIE -- Many thanks, and a blush to my cheeks too -- your kind words are received with gratitude!

OUTHOUSE SCOTT -- in answer to your second point, I basically close the door these days because I have no wish to offend others, or provide them any experience they would find unpleasant. I seem to be very comfortable using the toilet wide open now, though I've not had company in the "buddy" sense of the term yet.

Back soon,


Top of the morning to everyone!

My home is just crammed with humanity. Annie, her twins, my daughters!!
It is a madhouse. I will start first today. This is daring story.
Annie was visting me here in the states and she and I went for a swim at the local YMCA(Young Mens Christian Association) pool. There were not a lot of people in the pool at the time. The only woman was Annie. We had been there about an hour and Annie whispered she had to go to the loo. I said fine. She gave me a motion with her finger to come with her. I shook my head, NO. I told her we could get in trouble. But, alas, she has always been one for adventure. I followed her in and we made sure that no one was in the stalls. She took off her bathing suite and sat down. She started to wee a gusher and I thought that was it. Then she hunched over and got on her tiptoes. She strained and then let out a booming fart!! It must have shook the building. She grunted and I heard the crackling of a motion coming out. She stained and It plopped in the pan. She straighted up and sighed. Then her eyes got big and she doubled up and pushed out some liquid poo. It was just about this time ! the door to the dressing room opened and some women came in. I dived into an adjoining stall, pulled off my suit and sat down. I heard Annie trying to strain and laugh at the same time. She was just sufficated with laughter over my predicament. Well, she pushed out 2 more logs, wiped herself and finally the other women left for the pool. We stepped out of the stalls I told her I was heading for the men's locker room. That is another story.

KENDAL: I really enjoyed the story of your first (Wee) time with Andrew. You surely had me beat in age. I don't know why women are more daring than men in this department. My daughter,Meghan,just said she could tell me. GUTS! says she!! HAHA! Annie, my daughters, and her twins are all around the computer,now. Please tell us about the first time you saw Andrew poo. He said you would if I would ask you nicely. Annie and I are here to support you. Drat, she hasn't told me her suprise, yet. Take care, my dear!! Much love from Robby

AMDREW: How are you, my friend. Thank you for the story of Kendal's first poo with you. I was excited about seeing Annie on the pan for the first time. I was emabarrased and ashamed like you were. Women are more daring than men in that department. At least that is what my daughter Meghan just told me. Keep on with the reports from Devon and good luck in your endeavors.
Much love from Robby

RIZZO: Just a note to say hi. My home is crowded. Family here and there and only 2 loos in the whole place!! Hope you and your family are tip top!! Love from Robby

CARMALITA: HOLA!! I just LOVED the spy story. I can just see Juan passed out from the smell,LOL!!!! Keep the stories coming!!
Love from Robby

RJOGGER and Wife (Rich and Kathy)
It has been, to be blunt, pure hell for the last month and a half. First, my boys and I do an emergency package for one client, then that God awful disaster strikes. That put us into crisis mode at one client, and we were double shifting until things stabilized. Well, things have calmed down, and I have resumed a somewhat normal schedule. I am even running again, and I may even do a 10K race next Saturday. I see that my lovely wife has been posting and replying in my absence. I also see that she also feels that I drive her crazy with my "17 year old" prankster mentality. Oh well, some things never change.
So I get on this site and what do I see? A pretty little Asian maid squatting over her commode, with a nice load of doo doo in the water. Great! Now, for some hellos.

Carmalita - A hearty hello to you, Seniorita, it has been a long time since we spoke. How are you and the gang, is everything OK? Thank you so much for your concern, and kind words, they are most appreciated. Kathy was kind enough to print out your latest adventures, and I read each one 3 times, when I had a few minutes to do what I wanted. As always, your stories were a real turn on, and I just got to read (on-line!) your "spying" adventure, when you were 13. What can I say, it was a knockout, like you, and that young fella must have gotten the treat of his young life. SO October 14th is the magic day? I'll bet that you and Jake are very excited. Here's hoping that we here from you and the girls soon. As always, Kathy and I send our love. Be well, Seniorita.
Renee - Hi cowgirl, how are you? I hear that you are quite heavy with child these days. I hope that all is well, and I hope to hear from you soon. Love Ya.
Patsy - Hello to the shy one. I read, with great delight, the bucket adventure that you and Carmalita had. That was a very interesting and funny story. Kathy and I poop together often, but we do have the twin heads in our master bath. However, we have used buckets on occasion, and it is a trip. Take care Patsy, we hope to hear from you soon.
Muggs - It is nice to hear from you young man. I see that your "girls" have been putting on some shows for you lately. The post with the 3 girls dumping on the lawn was awesome, and it reminded me of the time, many years ago, when Kathy and her girlfriend Jean did the same on the edge of the woods and back yard of my parents' house. I had quite a mess to clean up, otherwise I would have caught hell from my old man.
So you got to wipe Amy's cute little butt? AWESOME! I wiped Kathy's butt for the first time when I was 17, and it is something that I do to this day. Feel better, Muggs, Kathy sends her regards also. We are looking forward to your next adventure.
Jane - How are you, Jane? I have also read all of your stories and enjoyed them very much. You are a very interesting gal, who I think has some real adventures in the toilet. Am I correct in saying that maybe you are somewhat lactose intolerant? Our "little" daughter-in-law (No. 2 son's wife) produces stools similar to yours, especially after consuming dairy, so I was curious if you have the same problem. So you are interested in the high fiber diet that Kathy and I follow? Believe me it really works, and it keeps thing flowing very smoothly. If you give it a try, please let us know how it works for you.
Buzzy - Hey neighbor, glad to see that you are alive and well! I liked your latest adventure, and Kathy says that you are one of her favorite posters out here. Too bad your latest with Donna didn't make it, but we look forward to your next one. Take good care, Buzzy.
Rizzo - Boatman, how the hell are you? I see that you hopscotched over Europe this summer by car. That sounded like fun. Kathy has always been intrigued by your stories, and we both look forward to more of the same. Yes my wife has a variety of "Mohawk" Stares, and they do keep me in line. Of course with a prankster like me in the house, I get quite a few of them, especially since the grand children visit often. I do have to control myself, and if I don't, the Mohawk Stare gets the job done.
Jeff A- How are you Jeff, long time no hear.
Kim and Scott - And how are you 2 fine youngsters? Kim, Kathy printed out the "Janitor" story that you recently wrote. What can I say, it was just awesome. Oh to have been a fly on the wall! We hope to hear from you again soon.

This morning, Kathy and I met Noreen and Larry for a run, the first time we have done that in quite some time. It was quite cool and overcast this Sunday in the Hudson Valley, with some splashes of Autumn color in the woods. After the usual greetings, the 4 of us started out on what would be a 6 mile run, a little shorter and slower than usual, but the girls were both nursing sore ankles, so we took it easy. About half way thru the run, I felt a slight rumbling but ignored it. Both Kathy and I did not do a pre-run dump, so the inevitable was coming. Considering that my wife and I had eaten Cajun Chicken Pizza, with a load of vegetables and salad Saturday night, the potential for explosive, burning evacuations was indeed possible. After another half mile, I told Larry that I had to dump pretty badly, and he said that he had to go to. He turned to his wife, said we were going to "detour', got a knowing smile, and we all ducked into the nearest clearing. After making sure the! coast was clear, Larry and I dropped our shorts in front of our wives, and squatted. "You guys had better hurry, because I have to go too", Kathy said. "Me too" was Noreen's reply, which was accompanied by the 2 girls giggling. I just waived at the girls with my back turned. I pushed ever so slightly, and sure enough, as my pink asshole opened wide, a thick burning log started out. It crackled, picked up momentum, then it slid out to the ground and landed with a thud. Immediately, several softer, poops flew out, and my asshole was on fire. As I peed, I looked over at Larry, who was still squeezing out his log, and Kathy said "Hot enough for you Rick"? I nodded as my old lady told Noreen what we had for dinner, and I heard her say "Oh you had Nick's Pizza last night? Larry and I had that a few weeks ago, and he was burning the next day". I heard the girls giggle again, then Larry said "Right, but I had to ice your asshole down the next morning after you shit your brains out". ! With that Noreen came over to her husband, put her hand on his shoulder, and jokingly said "You're not supposed to tell anyone"! She is the biggest tease, always saying things to get it going, then protesting in a joking fashion. With that said, Larry and I were done, then the girls said they would wipe us. "Be careful Noreen, Rick's hole is on fire, don't burn yourself", my wife said. So Kathy wiped Larry, and Noreen cleaned up my mess. She is as good as Kathy, and the wet wipes really cooled my flaming butt. When the girls finished, Larry and I stood up, hitched our shorts and moved back. Then Kathy stood next to Larry's ample pile, Noreen stood to the side of the large logs I deposited, the girls lowered their shorts and squatted. My petite, dark wife and Larry's tall, fair skinned wife made a nice contrast, as we observed their spread cheeks. Kathy started pushing out a chocolate colored log that crackled, and fell curled on the ground. She let out a load "OOOHHH", as it m! ust have burned her anus. "That smarted", was all she said, as she started peeing. Noreen, on the other hand, was having trouble getting started. She grunted loudly twice, then said in exasperation "Come on"! Slowly a knobby turd emerged, and stopped. Noreen grunted again, her hole expanded and her poop started to move, got softer and fell. "Ohh, that was too hard, I've got to get back to my normal routine", Noreen said as she peed. Kathy had passed another couple of small poops, and as Noreen finished peeing, the girls asked us to clean them. Larry and I were only too willing to oblige, so we took turns wiping the others spouses butt hole. The smell from the four piles of crap was reeking, as all four of us had evacuated some pretty rank poop. After we cleaned our wives cute asses, Larry and I piled leaves and twigs on top of the mess. The four of us completed our run , and we planned to meet Tuesday morning to keep training for the upcoming race. Over all, it was a good ear! ly Autumn outdoor poop session. With Winter around the corner, we are going to try and get our share of outdoor adventures in before the weather turns cold.

Until next time, take care everyo

To fil: I enjoyed your story...i usally don't enjoy peeing stories but that one was cool. So all those kids put the fire out by peeing in it? Is that true? Thats what i understand from your story. It was cool

To Nicholas: I liked your story. I thought it was funny that your friend was dreaming about peeing. You should have told your friend not to be embarssed cause everyone pees.

To donnamazza: Yeah i heard about that. I don't watch Yes Dear but Monday night i happened to made a phone call to a friend and she was watching it and was telling me about the toilet tranining part. It seemd funny.

I had a bad stomach ache the other day then the next night i go to bed and i woke up at 2am and i had diahreah. I pooped like 2 times(That was friday) then today(sat.) i woke up early and i was sitting here at the computer and i felt an urge(loose) but it went away

Dear Mela,
I have pooped in my pants so many times when I was young and I have felt very bad.

Donnie M.

Re: Susans posting about the teacher that screamed at her and was cleaing her up with a washcloth and all her poo and that.
I think, about that time, Id take the pooped panties and pulled them over her head. Of course I know a student isnt about to do that, but that how I feel about stuff that a so called "teacher" thinks they have a right to do. Nonsense. Teachers dont have the authority to clean a kids butt or anything else. I think my self shes a nutcase and shouldnt be teaching anyone anything.
In th schools here at home, teachers are not allowed to touch a student with regards to removing clothing or anything connected to toileting. Period.
I hope this story was from a long time ago or fiction, cause Id relay this story to the principal and of course parents. Then this is a case of abuse and having the class involved in this is wrong. It could result in legal action. Stuff like this dont happen today in schools in the USA.
Ive been in a classroom when a few of my classmates had an accident, mostly all wetting because they felt they could hold on till a break. A couple had a poo accident from having a bug or food they ate. The teachers were always just as embarassed and concerned and kind to the kid, and nothing much was made of it. A few words buzzed around for a day or two and it was gone.
That teacher is a sadist, and idiot, and has a mental problem. So If this was recent, Id report it and let the hammer fall where it should.

Donnie M

Upstate Dave, I can do you one better. When I was 12, I did the same thing, taped myself taking a dump. And my 10 yr old brother was in the bathroom with me doing a running commentary. (He used to let me watch him dump too.) I've got the mike on a little cord holding it under my butt and I do a couple of grunts just starting to get this log out of me, first a couple of little marbles plink into the water, then I dropped the mike in the water! Listening to the tape after was hilarious because all of a sudden you heard water dripping and two boys laughing hilariously. My brother taps the mike and says "folks can you still hear me? the mike just fell into the toilet" Cue more hysterical preteen male laughing.

Anyways, the mike still gave plenty of good service after this; lucky it was my own tape recorder. My brother and still talk about this and laugh just as hard. Sort of like, "can you believe we did that?!"
cya, Daniel

Monday, October 01, 2001

Hi,has anyone been told or asked to go in your pants as a child?

I love to poop! In fact, I poop like twice a day! Does anybody poop more often than me?

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. First thing this morning I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who have helped in their own way for the New York city disaster. I as a New Yorker greatly appreciate all the support that all the people in the U.S and the other countries of the world have given to the city and the people of the city that have been effected by this. Thank You.

I have a question for everyone here that posts on this forum. What is the funniest thing you have done while you were peeing or pooping? The funniest thing that I did when I was 12yrs old was tape record myself while I was taking a poop.

I had a small tape recorder and put the mike down inside the bowl. You could hear the crackling as my poop slowly came out. Then you could hear the flump with an echo to it as my poop hit the water but without a splashing sound. Then I started to pee wich hit the bowl above the water line. That has its own sound.

I played it back for my friends and asked them to guess what the sound was. Nobody could figure it out. They kept playing the tape over and over. Everyone asked me to tell them so I finally relented. Most reactions were of great laughter. A few said I was weird but they laughed too. Everyone take care and have fun keep the posts comming.

Billy & Kevin L
Last night, we had a soccer game. We had an early dinner. After dinner, we all went. When we got to the game I needed to pee. Kev and Dad and Jeremy had to go too. Dad got the bathroom first. There were two toilets, and no stalls. He sat right down. Jeremy sat down too. Jeremy was done in about 1 minute and dropped 3 long turds. He went to dad to clean his butt. Then Kev sat down. He dropped 3 bigger turds. While he was pooping, the soccer coach from the other team came in. He said to us the family that poops together stays together. Everyone started to laugh. When Kev was done, I went up and peed. By this time dad was done. He pooped out about 40 little turds. We all went to wash our hands when the other coach sat down. He plopping away and really stinking up the place.

In answer to many requests for more pee stories, I am writing my first post here about a true story that happened when I was in high school.
My cousin, who was 15 (I was 14), and I belonged to the Boy Scouts. Because we had achieved first class, we were picked to lead some of the younger boys to help them with their out-of-door merit badge. This involved an all day hike in the woods, building a fire in a safe clearing, cooking lunch, purifying water from a nearby steam, and if necessary, deposing of our personal waste without polluting the stream or the environment. My cousin suggested to me that we lead a pissing exercise by the whole troup to put out the fire we built safely. So he told me in order to have a real bladder full that he and I needed to save up our pee from the night before and restrain ourselves from peeing in the morning. We would do the morning part of the hike without peeing. I was always a pee holder so I agreed that it would be cool to do that. Also we should persuade any of the kids not to pee during the first part of the hike. We would carry cans of coke--enough for two can's full for ea! ch hiker in the morning and two more for each at lunch time. (There were 8 kids along. So you can figure how much coke we need.) We would not tell any one about our full bladders. We would also drink two cans of coke and two more at lunch time. By the time we got to the clearing for lunch and built the fire to roast hot dogs and to eat berries from the woods (strawberries and blackberries). Finally we roasted marshmellows for desert and consumed our last can of coke--48 ounces worth. Some of the kids said they needed to piss. We asked them to wait longer. (We had been in the woods about 4 hours. My cousin and I had held our piss for about 15 hours by then. I finally annouced that we needed to put the fire out and anyone who needed to pee could help us do just that. (My cousin and I were dying to pee. But in those days we had tremendous control.) All the kids agreed. One said no one would look. So we gathered around the fire. I was at one end of the circle. My cousin was at the! other. My cousin began to pee a gusher. The kids joined in. Then I started my strong stream. I glanced at my watch. One by one the kids ended their pee. My cousin had been pissing now for a minute and I for 45 seconds. He went on and on until he reached the 3 minute mark and then tapered off. I was still peeing and attained a 3 1/2 minutes record. The kids applauded. I was terrifically relieved but my bladder ached for the rest of the day. But I held the rest of my pee until I got home about 5 hours later. The kids had learned a lot about hiking in the woods and especially about thoroughly putting out any fires.

Buzzy all-Some really good stoies here-
TO KATHY(rjogger's wife)Hey,neighber,how's things with you and the ol' man?Loking foward to more good stories from you folks.BTW,I posted a good story the other day (9/25)About Donna and I out in the woods awhile back that was lots of fun,but it NEVER got posted-why, I don't know.Maybe the powers that be will give me a hint why,but I think you and the old mam would have enjoyed it-haden't seen her in quite awhile and we finally commected and had a good time as we buddy pooed out in the morning air-oh well,i guess it just wasn't my lucky day or Father Mulcaihy scanned the post and dumped it-who knows-( hey,moderators,give me a hint,i always try to be careful with content-at least i think so!)looking forward to hearing some more stuff from you folks!!
Hey,whats with the girl on the masthead-it looks like an indian girl with a football jersey(number 00) just kneeling on a bed-pretty girl,but what's the story?
Did a nice dump yesterday the gym-felt it coming on as I was driving to the gym(haven't pooped ther in awhile)Got there at 8 a.m and went right to the bowls,but had to wait-it was real busy.As i was standing there,i heard all kinds of dumping was great,the guy in front of me just barely made it to the bowl as he stood there waiting,he was squrming and looking real uncomfortable and when he finally went into a stall,he jus exploded as he was sitting down as I was going into the stall next to him as he groaned in relief,i took down my shorts and sat on the bowl and passed a big pre-poop fart that reverberated in the stall and I just relaxed as my anus domed out and 2 snakes fell out into the bowl rather quickly-it was a great relief cause i had been standing there for about 5 mins waiting for a stall and had to go pretty bad.Then I sat there listining to all the a.m. BM's.there are 8 stalls-4 on each side and they were all full and as I sat there waiting to! finish up,ther were a lot of what sounded like coffee-induced poops-a lot of loose dumps with a lot of farting going on.2 guys came in and were talking to each other about their job as they both entered stalls next to each other and they both did some serious pooing as they continued to talk to each other in grunts as they pooed away.Then I had to dump again and as this guy in the next stall was letting out his load I farted again and dumped along with him as we both did a lot of soft stuff ending with a lot of farts-i was quiet,but this guys was grunting away as he do his morning poop-thank god this bathroom was really good ventilation,cause the smell wasn't that bad and i'm sure it could have been really overpowering if it wasn't for the 2 ceiling fans in the corner working away and they are quiet fans too,so you can stall hear all the pooing going on.Then I heard this gy come into the stall next to mine and just lift up the seat as if he was going to pee,but he pulled dow! n his shorts and straddled the bowl as i heard him pass a lot of gas and it sounded a bit strange as he was squatting and then I heard the turds splashing into the water in quick successon-I gusee he didn't want to sit on the bowl.It was interesting to hear that.Then I felt done as i wiped and it was a messy wipe too-my BM was rather loose and as i wiped i could hear other guys pooing away with the changing of the guard-then showered and went to do my exercising-that was kinda fun-haden't done that in quite a bit-well now that the weather is getting cooler,i'll be here more often-say hey to all! more stuff,ladies! BYE

Debbie: another thing. When I was a little girl, my mother never denied me the chance to use the toilet. She did her damnest to get me to the toilet when needed.

Alli: I was in high school in my junior year. After cheerleading practice, my buddy Debbie who was in one of my posts and I went to the school toilet. Debbie cut one at the end of practice. She said she needed no one to tell her to go. I had to go also. We took adjoining stalls and lowered our black nylon cheerleader briefs to our ankles. Debbie let out this loud wet gassy fart, "BLUB!" And then I heard a series of plops, too many to count. I evacuated 3 pieces of doo-doo. They were 6 six inches each and I urinated for 10 seconds. I told my friend how the girls had the nerve to talk about me. Meanwhile, Debbie was evacuating wave after wave. She said, "Althea, this is a trip." Meanwhile, I cleaned my vagina and anus good then pulled up my briefs under my cheerleader uniform skirt and flushed. Debbie said she was not finished until she released a final wave. Then she wiped herself with three good bunches of paper. She did not flush. When she left the stall door open, the bo! wl was filled thick with soft creamy brown/green doo-doo.

Outlaw Star: In high school, we used to smoke in the bathroom. Well, one day I went in for a smoke. We had this young assistant principal. She did not care. But, we respected her. She was already in a stall. Her gold nylon panties were at her shins. I heard this loud "kersplosh, fart". She said, "oh, that felt good." Then she wiped herself quick. She stood on tip-toe, hitched her hose garter, let down her dress and slip and flushed. She came out with a smile and said, "Enjoy your smoke."

I'm 15 years old, and recently I was on a cartrip with my mother. It was a three hours trip, and after one hour's drive, my mum complained about pains in her bowels. I could even hear her bowels rolling, and she told me that she felt an extreme urge to poop in her bowels and would have diarreah very soon. She was figeting in her seat and tried to conentrate on driving, but she put one of her hands constantly on her belly. A few miuntes later mum was crying that she couldn't hold it any longer. We were driving along a riverside when she quickly pulled over the car, jumped out and ran down the slope to the river where she could at least not be seen by other cars driving by. I saw my mum quickly squat down, rip off her pants and having terrible waves of diarreah. Wave after wave came out of her, and she was crying how bad she feels while squatting for at least 20 minutes. When she was done she asked me to bring her some kleenex from the car to wipe. She used at least 15 sheets of! kleenex to wipe her butt. We continued our trip, and 10 minutes later my mum started crying again that she had to go again. She could hold it for five more minutes when we stopped at a gas station, and my mum desperately made a mad dash to the ladies' room. I followed her as I had to pee myself. I was in the adjacent stall and heard my mum letting out torrents of wet diarreah. By this time she was soaking and told me to get out as she wanted to have some privacy. I waited in the car for her, she had pooped for about half an hour. On the way home mum had to pull over two more times at the side of the road. When we were almost home my mum explained me that she had to use the toilet once more terribly bad. She told me she would run to the restroom as soon as we got there, which she did. When I crossed the hall I still heard my mum pooping on the toilet like if water came out of her. She was sick all day and the following night. I was terribly sorry for her.

hey everyone! i really enjoy the posts. im a 20 yr old college student. ive been going out with my girlfriend for quite some time now and thus far we've had a pretty 'normal' relationship which is good i guess, but ive been looking to take things in a new direction. i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions of any ways that i can slyly bring up toilet activities to kind of see if she's interested or not. i'd like to do this without totally grossing her out if she wasnt interested. i dont think ive met any girl who's ever seemed to be into it, but evidently, there are some out there! please let me know. i would love it.

My friend Jake and I went camping a couple of weeks ago with his parents and little sister. Jake and I shared one tent. Since it was pretty warm out, we just slept on air mattress instead of in our sleeping bags. In the middle of the night, I got woken up by a wet feeling. I grabbed my flashlight and turned it on. Sure enough, there was this puddle forming on the air mattress, and Jake, who was sleeping on his side facing the middle had created it, since the front of his briefs were wet. So I woke him up, which took forever. When he finally woke up, I told that he just whizzed. He was all embarrassed, and said he was dreaming about peeing, and had not done this in a long time. So we put his towel down to clean up and went back to sleep. It dried by morning, so we did not tell anybody.

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