Billy and Kevin L
Someone asked how often we poop. My little brothers, Jeremy (3 1/2) and Josh (almost 5) poop 3 or 4 times most days. They usually poop after every meal, although sometimes they skip poops. Sometimes they do not go for a day or two. The two of us poop usually twice a day. Last year usually we pooped after breakfast at home, but usually we wait until we get to school. Kev si in 4th grade. THere are bathrooms in the back, so usually the kids poop and pee together during breaks or after lunch or recess. I am in 5th grade. We have to use a shared bathroom. There are 3 toilet but no stalls. Everyone in our school is very open about pooping and peeing, so I do not mind at all. Usually Ken poops with me and someone else. Both usually have to poop after lunch, usually after school, but sometimes during school. Sometimes we have to poop after dinner too. And sometimes we go a day or without pooping. We have a little potty in the bathroom that we used wshen we were younger. SOmetimes we ! still use it if we are playing games or we have to go in the mroning. That way, more people can poop at one time and we get done faster. We also poop a lot outdoors, especailly in the summer. We have a cabin in the woods about 1 hour away. We poop a lot out doors there. Our mom taught us to go, so it is ok with her. We also have two older brothers. Mike usually poops once a day, first thing in the morning. If we have to pee when we get up (usually we just wait until after breakfast so our older brothers can shower and stuff while we eat), we either have to wait for him to finish (we had to do this this morning) or pee in the potty. Anyway, usually Mike pushes out two or 3 7 or 8 in logs. He takes the longest to go, usually about 10 minutes. Tom, our oldest brother, usually poops once every other day. Usually he goes after school. He is like Kev and me and our little brothers, usually done in about 1 minute. Usually he passes one 12 to 14 in log and then 3 more 7-8 in logs. OUr! dad usually goes once or twice a day. He usually goes mid morning. On Satrudays when he is not working, he often stops for a few mintues and either goes in for a poop or if we are in the woods, does a poop there. A lot of times, he poops in the afternoon or evening too. Our mom usually poops in the afternoon. A lot fo times, she will come when we are pooping in the afternoon and poop or pee with us. But she is careful not to show any of her private parts. Our bathroom is on the way to their bedroom, and the bathroom is in there. So I guess she saves time.

MALITA -- Hola, darling, sorry I missed you on my last posting! The "sugar in the bowl," eh? Now I'm blushing -- you're never less than kindness itself. Hey, that was a mighty dump with Lucinda -- and I must say what a strangely beautiful image you painted of her relieving herself and feeding her baby at the same time. It's certainly a demonstration that nature is always with us, no matter how civilization tries to distance itself from the earth.

I had a strange experience last night, that y'all might be interested in. I woke at 3.50 with a persistent urge to sit on the loo. This is odd for me, I often take a big wee during the night but rarely ever open my bowels at that time. I went through, sat down and tried... Nothing.

It was odd, but my rectum felt bloated, as if there was a truly monstrous poo in there. Perhaps something left over from when I was ill several weeks back, and which might be a real fight to expell. I reached behind and felt around my anus, and it seemed there was a lot of pressure there. I wiped, but only mucus had come. I tried again, nothing, just the persistent fullness. I had a good wee as well, but it felt odd coming out, as if there was pressure on my bladder from an unusual direction.

By this point I was feeling desperate and a bit scared. I got up, turned around and squatted, holding the toilet seat for balance, and strained to try to start it in that position. Still nothing. I stood up and relaxed a bit, rubbed my ???? and moved around a little, then squatted and tried hard to open myself on the floor.

Still nothing! I sat down again and wondered what to do... Maybe I should be slipping an enemax up my bum and hoping for the best? But the bloated feeling subsided a bit and I thought I'd go back to bed and maybe have more luck later. Just as I was doing a last tidy-up wet-wipe, I released an absolutely booming fart! That was the problem -- a bolus of air was trapped in my lower colon. I must have been lying in a twisted position and what should have been a natural emission of air became obstructed and created a voiding urge.

I had a small, easy, natural poo later in the morning, and I've been farting softly all day!

Well, I hope that doesn't happen too often!

Cheers all,


Good mornin'all-hey,nice pic of a pretty oriental girl squatted over a pot-
TO UPSTATE DAVE-I too used to tape record my dumps for amusement and later I taped them for an old girlfriend and she used to mail me the tape back with her BM on it-we did this for about 6 months and it was fun,them this nurse girlfriend of mine then videotaped her BM's for me and that was great.I also used to videotape mine for her too-it was kinda fun
Had s great dump at the gym yesterday a.m.-Sat nite I went out with some friends to a Japanese place to eat and I didn't poop sat morning for some reason,so I haden't pooed in 2 days and when I got to the gym,I just felt kinda full,but no real urge to poo,but I knew it was coming soon,so I went to the toilets and it wasn't too busy.There were 2guys in the stalls and one was wiping and the other was in the middle of a loose dump and I took a stall and got undressed and sat down and waited to poop.Somtimes I really enjoy sitting there waiting for my rectum to fill up as I feel the cramps start.So,as i'm sitting there feeling the cramps start,a couple of guys come in and do some serious pooing-sounded like a coffe-dump-lots of gas and loose stuff.Then a guy came into the next stall and sta down and let out 2 long,dry farts and then just exploded in the bowl and then he did something a bit odd-he then got up off the bowl and turned around and peed-he didn't wipe or anything.T! hen after the peed he sat down again and let out a small fart and did some more mushy stuff and at this point I started to let out some long,dry farts of my own as I felt my load starting to come down.Man i was really letting out some gas as this guys finally wiped and left.Then i let out another long fart and towards the end of the fart it was cut off and the turds started to push out my anus and I just relaxed as they came out slowly at first and they would fall out about 3-4 inches and fall into the bowl and it sounded like plop,plop,plop,Thhhhhiittt plop,plop,plop and it was like small sausages with a few balls in between.I hardly had to push at all-it was a great feeling poop and as I was letting this stuff out another guy came into the bowl across from me with a paper and sat down with the door not closed all the way and I could see him sitting down and jsut as he started to open the paper to read he let out a long fart and I could see the relief on his face as he did it! .I couldn't see anything cause his legs were closed as he leaned the paper on them and then I heard his dump which sounded like well formed turds,but it sounded lik they were very long cause i could hear the crackling going on for what seemed endless( I'd say a good 10-15 seconds)as he just turned the pages on the paper and then I had to poop myself and let out another wet fart and the inner most part of my BM started to make it's exit and it was soft,but I haden't gone in 2 days and I too let out a pretty good amount of poop to with some more gas and at this point I glanced over at the guy across from me and as I'm letting all thsi stuff come out as he too was still doing his ropes of poop too,he looks over his paper at me and our eyes met and I kinda just shrugged and smiled and he smiled and said"Hey ,i know how you feel,I just barely made it to the bowl myself,I almost knocked one of the trainers over coming down here" and we both laughed and then I had to poop some more ! and let out another load of soft turds and at this point,he is wiping and just as he is getting up he says"Thank god I made it-Soulds like you had to rush too huh?"I said " well I haven't gone in 2 days and I usually go every day" and he said"Wow,no wonder you are sitiing hthere so long " and we both chuckled and he said" See ya,enjoy your quality time" and I just waved as he walked by and I felt almost dodne as I pushed out some squgglies and some mucus and then I finally felt done.Yes this was a really good dump as I looked in the bowl and saw the tatal gamut of poops-a bunch of turds about 4-5 inches long and a few balls and 2 piles of mush.It was quite a load and I felt great and wiped quite a bit cause it was kinda messy and flushed 2x to get it all down amd showered and went to do my routines-it was great when i skip a day to poop cause i know it's going to be a bowl buster when I go after 2 days and this was one of those-Say hi to RJOGGER & KATHY,JANE,PENNY<CARME! LITA,RENEE<KIM & SCOTT and all the rest-later BYE

Jamie aka Sun Devil
Hello everyone!!
It is really nice to be back again! I would like to pay a special hello to KIM and SCOTT, thanks again for exchanging your incredible log production stories. I am truly amazed that you can still produce those incredible logs!
CARMELITA- It is great to have you back! Your spying story is worth noting as well. I only wish sometimes that I produce such beautiful large logs as you. Jake is lucky man to have someone like you because you are very sweet and kind and have a such a wonderful way of pooping in front of him, and producing such tremoundsly beautiful and large turds! Thank you for being so kind to me in here!
To all the "new" individuals, your stories are great and love hearing them from large poop productions to your outdoor stories and buddy dumping!

Take care!

Jamie aka Sun Devil

Hmm. There seems to be at least two other posters by the name of Steve. Hopefully it will not become too confusing.

To Jane,
Thanks for your words of congratulation. Your posts consistently convey an endorsement of married life, and I know the same will be true for Louise and I.

To Adrian,
Thanks to you also for your good wishes. We do appreciate them very much indeed.

To Robby,
I don't recall your name, but Louise does and she says she has written to you some time in the past, so thanks for your congratulations.

To Carmalita,
Ha ha, yes, I do like your black stripe. You will, of course, understand that in my position I have to like pale, sandy coloured stripes even more. You are quite right, it would be very nice to hear more from both Renee and Patsy. If Patsy produces a heavy flood each time she urinates, then we certainly want to hear about that! Great stuff.
About the closet story - what a view there must have been. Perhaps you should sell tickets and put on shows!
Oh, by the way, we will be thinking of you on the 14th! Enjoy your day!

To Ephermal,
Hello to you, sweetheart. You did indeed post your congratulations to Louise and I, but to receive them again is doubly nice. You are like Louise at the moment in that you are producing small, spherical turds. I don't think there is any harm in that - I think the body has spells of wanting to do things slightly differently from time to time. Louise has spells of producing 10 inch logs, and then there are those other times, such as the present, when she gets the tendency to make golf ball sized lumps. She is quite healthy (she is an absolute picture of
health), and she feels no worse off for the variety of productions. I understand you have not been feeling well, and I expect your reduced turd productivity is directly related to your reduced input. When you recover from feeling off-colour, you will most likely find your productivity increases.

To Kim and Scott,
Hi there. Louise will indeed be a beautiful bride, and our best regards to you both.
There are still a number of beach peeing stories from Spain that we would like to tell you. Please look out for them, I'm sure you will find them enjoyable. Louise and I have better co-ordination now as to which of us is to tell which stories. I believe there were some interesting episodes from last year that were not actually told by either of us, so this year we are aiming to avoid such mistakes.

To PV,
Haha, yes, I've told Louise that she will be just fine on the day. She is looking forward to it so much that to make her wait for over 8 months seems a little cruel somehow. As you and I share an appreciation of the comedy classic Steptoe & Son, I thought I would mention that yesterday, there was a showing of that excellent episode "Upstairs Downstairs Upstairs Downstairs", where Albert is flat on his bad back in bed, constantly wanting to be waited on hand and foot by poor Harold. Remember that one?
You will remember the scene where Albert needs the toilet - Harold says he will get a milk bottle, and Albert tells him it will be no good. Harold finishes up carrying Albert down to the pokey outdoor lavatory out in the yard, plonks him down on the toilet and stands outside
by the door.
There is the comment from Albert, "this is very embarrassing for me, Harold".
"It ain't doing me no favours, either!" comes the quick reply. Classic stuff!
Of course, Albert miraculously, and accidentally, succeeds in clicking his back into shape again, and takes advantage of Harold's good nature. Only for so long, though!

There is a little tale from the weekend that I just have to tell you. Unfortunately I'll have to ask you to wait until Wednesday at the earliest. Louise invited her mother, her sister, and her close friends Jackie and Emma around to our home on Saturday night to celebrate our engagement, and it turned into something of a toilet party again. To do it any justice, I need to spend more time on writing it up than I have available, so watch this space!
Oh, and thanks for the smooch! I enjoyed that!

Bye for now,


Does anyone know if the HBO series "Real Sex" has ever talked about women pooping? I remember one episiode where peeing was discussed a little, but I don't remember if female pooping was ever discussed. It seems like a natural topic for the show, doesn't it?

Are there any other shows where pooping by females is discussed/

That woman is gonna pee or poop in a bucket in the kitchen......I like that!

To steve: I liked your story about being in the haunted house. Did you even feel your self pooping? Or we're you so scared you couldn't feel a thing?

Nothing new to report on...No new stories. I haven't pooped in like several days i guess. This might be my last post for a few weeks(im gonna be away)

Robby and Annie
Hi everyone,
We wanted to write this post together. The kids are out until this afternoon. We had a most meaningful experience yesterday. The kids were out of town and Robby and I were sitting around watching American football. The night before I had the wonderful experience of watching Robby finish his performance in a play. He was brilliant! Well, we were watching the telly and I said that I had to go to the loo. Robby said he did, too. He got a twinkle in his eye and said;"shall we do one for old times sake?" I took his hand and we walked to the loo. I started first. I took off my shorts and sat down. Robby sat on the edge of the tub and held my hand. I peed a bunch and then I grunted. A large piece started to crack out of my bum. I strained and farted. I looked into Robby's hazel eyes and he was so concerned. He encouraged me and I kept pushing. A log came tumbling out of my arse and plopped into the pan. All-in-all, 8 humongeous logs came out of my tush. I wiped myself at least 6! times. The smell was horrid. Robby just smiled and laughed.
(Robby)- When Annie got off the seat, I pulled off my sweats and sat down. I had to go very badly and two pieces came out straight away. I then peed a gallon. All this time Annie was rubbing my stomach and talking to me in that sweet voice of hers. She said"you can do it". I then bent over and let out a ripper of a fart! Annie laughed and I told her to hold my hand. I looked into that beautiful face. We talked about family and our kids. I thought I was through so I took some paper and wiped myself. As we were going out of the door, Annie suddenly stopped and started weeping. I asked her what was the matter and she told me this was one of the most beautiful moments with me she had experienced in years. I was in tears and we hugged each other and I guess all of the joy and pain we had experienced together in the last 3 years came flooding back. We spent the rest of the afternoon just holding on to each other and recounting stories from our youth and concern about our childre! n. We cried buckets but it was a joyful experience. One I will never forget. Annie is sitting next to me with tears flooding down her cheeks. (Annie)- Robby is so dear and this loo bonding was a complete surprise and joy. I think this may start our toilet experiences again. You are never too old for this!

Adrian: Thank you for your welcome. I guess you misunderstood. I live in the U.K. and am visiting Robby in the U.S. I am also over here on business. By-the-way, British food always makes me have large jobbies. I do some real pan busters. Take care, love, Annie

We both want to say special hellos and love to Kendal, Andrew, Rizzo, Jane, Louise and Steve, PV, and Carmarlita. If we have left anyone out, please accept our hello and apologies. Regards to the rest of the posters. We enjoy all of the stories.


Billy & Kevin L.
This morning, when we got up, there was no electicity. Apparently, some drunk knocked a pole down on the road. I guess I had to a lot to drink last night, because I had to take a wicked piss. I got up at about 7:15 and went into the bathroom. Kev and Jeremy followed me in. We all peed a storm. THere was a pile of little brown things. It was a some bran cereal that Josh took last night. He did not like them, so he put them into the toilet. It looked like little turds. Kev adn me washed our hands. Jeremy was done in about 10 seconds and wiped. He dropped 3 little turds and farted. Our older brother Mike came in a sat down. He looked in the toilet, and said what's this? We told him.

After breakfast, we went in to brush our teeth. Tom was getting up and there was enough water to wash hands and brush teeth, but not enough to shower. So he peed on Mike turds and brused his teeth. He wore a hat to school. He took a shower after soccer last night, so he was ok.

We took Josh and Jeremy to preschool. If they have to poop, they like to stop at our school and use the bathroom. THe bathroom has 3 toilets and the middle one is high (handicapped). Josh and jermemy both needed a poop. They went. Jeremy finished what he started at home. He dropped like 10 little turds and farted. Josh added about 6 bigger turds. Kev said he could not wait, so he dropped like 6 big turds, about 8 in. A lot for a kid his size. When we went to wash, there was no water. We took them to preschool and washed our hands. Between the first and second periords, I had to go poop. I told the 2nd period teacher that I need a poo and that I would be about 2 minutes late. She is pretty cool about letting us in late if she knows where we are. She said can you wait? THere is no water. I said, yeah, if you don't mind me going in my pants. She said you better go. When I got to the bathroom, Ken was coming behind me. He usually takes the first toilet and I take the middle hi! gh one. In ken;s toilet, it loooked like about 3 kids pooped. There was a few turds and some toilet paper in like 3 layers. In the far toilet, there wsa more poop and paper. I guess more kdis pooped there. No one pooped in my toilet since Kev. I sat down. A bigger kid in 8th grade came in. He seemed embarressed. We said, it is ok. We poop every day. He said smiled a little and then started to pee. When he was done, he muttered something about not being able to wait, and then sat down. I didn't go at all yesterday, so I let out a lot of big turds, like kev. The 8th grader farted loudly and then said oh no. He exploded. He was shooting out liquid poop. He almost cried. I said it's ok. It happens to all of us. He thanks. He started to wipe. ken and me were done, so we started to wipe. Then he said oh no again. He exploded again for about 20 seconds. He wiped and got up. I was done then too. I got up. His liquid poop was nasty and filed the bowl about 1/2 way. We heard the girls r! oom toilets going, so I flushed mine. All the turds went strait down. Ken flushed his. Same thing. The 8th grader flushed his. It clugged up and some water splashed out and almost hit him. Then the toilet flooded. He jumped back. Diarhea stuff and regular turds came over the bowl. We all went ot the sinks and washed our hands. The princpal came in and said oh crap. What happened here? The 8th grader said it was not him, he had diarrhea. Must the kids who went before him. The principal said are you feeling ok? He said, yeah. The princpal said, don't worry, THis will be easy to clean up and fix and left. The 8th grader said, no wonder you sit on the high toilet. At least whent ehre is a flood, you won't get wet.

It was raining after school, so we went home to play. I had to make another dukee. Josh and Jeremy were home too. I went in to go. Josh was on the toilet. He siad wipe me. I said, get done and let sit. i sat down and wiped him. The poop from Mike and Josh and the cereal was still there. It was smelling pretty bad so I flushed when I was done. I passed 3 turds and some gas. The turds were pretty big, about 8 in.

To the 8TH GRADE CHEARLEADER of Huntsville, Alabama:
I really enjoyed your story....that was very interesting. Could you give us a description of yourself? Do you believe in squatting in public restrooms? Hope you have more great stories.


Johnny Smith
Pooping is cool. When i poop i make a weird sound and my butt feels funny.

aboy- why don't you post a story

Today I am writing about something that happened yesterday. I was out with my cousin and we both had accidents. It all started at breakfast we both ate a lot of food probably too much. Then we went for a 8-mile bike ride. Now where I live there isn’t a public bathroom on every corner. I knew I should have gone before I left but I was in a hurry. So after the first couple miles I felt the need to pee so we stopped and peed. We were in an area where there weren’t people around so we didn’t have to worry. After the next mile we come to a spot in trail where it went into a 3-mile park. As so as we got in the park I felt a poop coming on. So I told my cousin that needed to go poop he said he had to go since we left but didn’t want to say anything. So I asked him what we should do. He said we should try to get to our destination. After the next mile he stopped and said that he really had to go and right after that I heard a muffled fart followed by a cracking sound. My cousin ! was messing his undies. By that time my need for a poop was extreme. So I said that I really had to go. He said he messed his pants why don’t I. I said no. But just as I said that I lost my grip and pooped my briefs. When we finally got to our destination we changed because we had brought clothes with us. We also threw out our undies.

Hi to all!

Haven’t heard from you JEFF A. for quite a while. I’m thinking of that heart condition of of yours….. Are you OK?

Special hellos to Kim and Scott, PV, Steve and Louise, Penny and Linda (when are you posting again?), Buzzy, Austin, Julie, Jane, Carol, Susanne, Silke and to Gruntly Bogwell with a superb story.

LAWN DOGS KID, so you won’t tire of my advice? Good! Here’s some more. Some points for you to ponder when preparing the chat with Kate you have in mind. Let me sum up in short what happened in Kate and Emily’s bathroom. Emily had saved a good poo for you and Kendal to see being done. She saw Kate and invited her to come in. Kate gathered up her courage and entered the bathroom. Then Kendal sat on the toilet and managed to poo some on top of Emily’s production, thereby giving a running commentary, which was hilarious! (I love her stile of writing, her exquisite feeling for detail!) Then you had a wee on top of all that. For which you unbuckled your jeans and lowered them together with your underpants, “them horrible lime green ones”. Whilst Kendal and Emily were interested in your peeing away tp and skid marks from the porcelain (isn’t it great fun to use your pee stream as a tool?), Kate was mesmerized by your posterior – by your bared bottom! She, a girl on the threshold ! to womanhood, prudish when it comes to bathroom matters, is suddenly confronted by the sight of the bare buttocks of a young man! A peeing young man to boot! Andrew, what many women look at when they appraise a man is his bum! Hips narrower than the shoulders and buttocks muscular and rounded to form a perky bottom are a sight that pleases most girls and women! The sight of yours plus the accompanying circumstances have certainly jolted Kates emotions, left her feelings in a turmoil. I bet the sight your bared backside will remain imprinted in her memory for the rest of her life! All bums to come will be measured against yours! Taking into consideration that the most important male person in her life is her dad, who I take to be a very kind and considerate person judging from your posts, you are possibly the first young man to make a significant and favourable impression on her. Just bear that in mind. I think you are experienced enough to handle the upcoming situation. Anyw! ay, you living a good distance away will dampen her feelings for you somewhat, I suppose. Now about the colour of Kate’s knickers which you compared to that of a certain motorbike. From this I deduce that you must be crazy about bikes! You probably dream of mounting one of those gleaming machines one day, to feel the purring vibrations of a powerful engine and to unleash those “horses” with a gentle twist of your wrist, making the promise come true of an exhilarating ride along winding country roads set in a beautiful panorama! I imagine you to have leafed through piles of bike magazines too. I could give you some very sound advice on the subject, which I have gathered partly from my own, if limited, experience, but mostly from the lifelong experience of a good friend and dedicated mechanic, who gave such advice to one of our sons. But alas, it is off topic. So, my dear friend, give your mum a hint about a pair of lurid blue Honda CBR 1100 XX coloured knickers for Kendal, lov! e from Rizzo. Give Kendal a very big hug please!

Dear ANNIE, your story of you and Robby when you were both crapping away simultaneously, one on the toilet, the other in the bath tub and dad coming in to say “carry on”, was a hoot! I’m already looking forward to more of your stories!
A toast to you too! Five children! You must have a treasure trove of stories in your memory! And thanks for your kind words. I’m glad to have met you here! Yes, we are very proud of how well our boys (26 and 23) have done so far - as any parents would be. I won’t say any more about them, it would sound like I were bragging. Cheers to you and Robby!

FAT WOMAN, I have been reading your stories, and the one about you watching your mother perched on the toilet straining away is just great!

TIM, your pee desperation in the bus together with your friend and how you relieved yourselves is fun to read. A real pee story of great category! I only wonder why the girl with you had to climb on to your knees to wee. I imagine that must have been some difficult manoeuvre in the confines of the seating of a bus. Then the floods of pee from you and the others who had gone as well must have swept back and forth on the floor! Three cheers to you!

CARMALITA dear, you are too kind! I have a special bottle of champagne ready for the 14th! For a toast to you and Jake! Love to you both from Rizzo!

So here is another of my boat stories involving toilet action.
This episode happened on board the sail boat, where once a crew member had had an accident by exploding the discharge hose of the toilet while trying to pump it out.

It had been a lovely afternoon sail with guests on board. Apart from us five man crew, we had three girls on board, two tall gangly blondes and petite brunette with her hair tied in a pony tail. Our skipper had decided to anchor downstream of the marina, because we as students were on a tight budget and did not want to spend money paying berthing fees. It was a students’ sailing club boat. The weather had been changing, the sky clouded over and a fine grey drizzle began to set in. We all crowded down below into the cosy main saloon, where we lit the paraffin (kerosene) lamp and the “cook” aka “galley slave” started to make tea laced with rum for us all. We were soon all sitting around the gimballed - but fixed in port – table, on the L-shaped settee on one side and on a straight upholstered settee berth opposite, tea mugs in hand, plate with fruit cake in front of us. Soon the first one of us went forward to the ship’s head (toilet) for a pee. There was no door to the fo’! c’sle, only a curtain of thin material which could be pulled across the passage to “block” the view, which it hardly did. The toilet bowl was mounted to the port side of the hull only about ten feet away from the main saloon, so that a user sitting on it faced the opposite side of the boat. Forward of the toilet was where the bagged sails, eleven in all, were stored. Then one of the girls went to use the head. She of course, pulled the curtain across (we men didn’t care much about such trivia as closing the curtain). After she came back she looked at her watch and announced, that someone should take her ashore in the dinghy, because she had to take the bus home, her parents were waiting for her for some family dinner. One of us accompanied her outside to row her ashore. We knew that it would take well over half an hour because of the tidal stream, which made rowing a loaded dinghy against the current quite a bit of hard work thereby only moving slowly to the desired destinati! on. Coming back aided by the tide would be easy. The other girls decided to wait until the tide would have turned later in the evening. We, the crew would sleep on board.
After quite a while the dinghy came back and its painter (rope) tied to a stern cleat (metal T-shaped piece for attaching ropes). As the late afternoon progressed into the evening, all of us had been to the toilet for a pee or more, except for one of the girls, the pretty brunette with the pony tail. She became quiet, not participating in the animated bantering and conversation any more. “Are you feeling allright? If you are sea sick, would you like to go up into the fresh air?” She blushed fiercely and said in a tiny voice “I think I need the bathroom”. “Well, go right ahead! It’s all yours! Shall we show you again how it works?” “No, I know how to work it.” She appeared so embarrassed! She finally told us why: every time somebody went forward, they could be dimly seen and all noises heard, even if the curtain were drawn! Because it had by now become quite gloomy forward, one had to take a torch (flash light), the thin material of the curtain became “see through”. “Aw,! come on dear! Look, you place the torch on one of the sail bags here so that the beam of light is directed at the curtain. See? Can you see anything from the saloon now?” The curtain became a backlit bright whitish pink surface and nothing behind it could be seen . “And to drown out any sounds, we are all going to sing as long as you are in there! Go on! Don’t have an accident on the settee!” So she went forward, placed the light carefully on the sailbag as instructed thereby directing its beam of light towards us and pulled the curtain shut. Moments later we gasped in surprise! “Come on! Start with the first song! Rolling home!” We started to sing lustily, bright eyed, all of us including the other girl staring at the curtain. We were treated to an exquisite pantomime, an animated shadow show of the girl projected on to the “screen” because she was between the light and the curtain! We could not see her whole figure, but from her shoulders to her knees her shadow was perfec! tly focussed. Because she undressed facing the curtain, we could see the sihouette of her arms pushing her shadow jeans down out of sight, her shadow panties following with a wiggle of her hips letting a triangle of light, fuzzy at the top, cast a silhouette of the gap between her thighs, then it was she in profile lowering herself carefully on to the toilet seat, bending forward, pushing her pony tail over her shoulder, straightening up again, arching her back, then folding her arms across her ???? and bending foward and so on, while we sang our heads off! She kept us singing for almost half an hour, oblivious of the fact that it was us who were being entertained and not she, until we had to repeat our songs because otherwise we would have run out of them. Our repertoire was limited. Finally, pulling the curtain aside, she emerged from the head and we all clapped heartily. She blushed furiously and whispered something to the other girl. Apparently she had been unable to pump! out (flush) the toilet. Our skipper went to investigate. He immediately came back, “Er, I think we shall need some tools like a shovel or a stick. I do not think a plunger is enough, and anyway we haven’t got one.” Three of us crowded forward. There in the middle of the toilet bowl, sticking up vertically, seemingly well jammed into the outlet and surrounded by a moat of pee with floating wads of toilet paper, was an enourmous, knobbly, dark brown turd, thick at its base and tapered to a point at its top. We all admired it and wondered how such a petite girl could have produced such a monstrous log! (Today I know better thanks to Kim). With the aid of some newspaper and a bucket, the turd was extracted and dispatched over the side of the boat to the embarrassment of its producer of such a work of fecal art. It was an evening on board to be remembered!

Bye to you all, Rizzo

kim and scott
hello all! last weekend my boyfriend scott came to pick me up in his car. he was wearing a red shirt,blue jeans and had black shoes on his feet.. I got into his car wearing a yellow stretch top,black spandex pants and yellow high heeled shoes. scott was taking me to breakfast at this pancake house.once we got there I ordered scrambled eggs,sausage,toast,and orange juice while scott ordered waffles,sausage, and orange juice.when the food came we ate heartily. when we were done I felt an enormous,solid motion coming on strong and told scott about it. when we got back into his car I told scott I can have a log in front of him at my house since my parents were gone at the time. scott readily agreed. he loves to see me have a huge log in the buff in front of him. when we got home an idea hit me. I told scott my idea as we got some old newspapers and put them on the bathroom floor.I then sat on the huge bathroom countertop facing scott. I then put both hands on the back of my legs,r! aising both legs up,bending my knees to my chin.I like to push out logs like this sometimes.I then took a deep breath and started to push. Immedietly my ring and ass quivered excitedly as a massive brown log started to appear out of my ass. I pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger and my ring kept on stretching wider! "ooohhh!" I moaned in pure pleasure as my log grew even bigger. I moaned again squeezing really hard as my big log grew to a gigantic size."Wow kimmie. look at that huge log your squeezing out of your ass!" scott said excitedly as I pushed even harder .as my powerful log jumped furiously forwards towards a very wide eyes scott! boy! did I really have to shit folks!haha.I then wiggled my log from side to side teasing scott. while I was doing this my whole body automatically went into a massive shudder that rocked my whole body with great pleasure! "OMIGOD!" I moaned in delight as I blasted out a gigantic torpedo onto the newspapered bathroom floor. scott a! nd I both admired my log for a while before scott got the measuring tape and measured my log at 24 inches long. 3 inches thick.this was one super sausage folks served up by kim and not some pancake house!haha. scott then picked up the paper with my log on top and dumped my log into the bowl. I then wiped my ass and tossed my soiled paper into the bowl and flushed.I then put on my clothes(scott had his clothes always on)scott and I then went to the movies. hoped you enjoyed the story. love,kim and scott.
TO CARMALITA_hello girl. love your stories.and I know that you will make a beautiful bride to handome groom jake! be well.
TO MUGGS-hello. love your stories. my largest log so far is 28 inches long.3 inches thick.
TO RJOGGER and WIFE-hello rich and your stories. thanks for liking ours too! you are such a sweet couple!! .be well all!

Tuesday, October 02, 2001


I'm 16 years old. I have brown hair down to my butt, brown eyes and tan skin.

My accident history (as far as I can remember)

When I was 7 I took my mom's warning of "Don't come out of your room 'til I say" too seriously and peed in my white-flowery shorts.

When I was 9 I couldn't get my overalls undone at school and, since I had been constipated for 3 days had the biggest poop of my life in my overalls.

When I was 13 I had to have my appendix taken out and they told me if I didn't pee within 8 hours of surgery they would have to drain me with a catheter. When the nurse came in with the catheter I peed myself out of fear.

Last year I got the stomach flu and I woke up in the middle of the night and my stomach was hurting terribly. I was too tired and weak to get out of bed and I ended up having a major liquid poop accident in my Pajamas.

Mela - I have a few stories, I'll tell one today and the rest tomorrow.

When I was 8 I went on a long road trip with my parents and about an hour before we got to our motel I had to pee and poop. I told my parents bt my dad said he wasn't stopping anymore until we got to the motel. After listening to me whine for about 20 minutes my mom told me just to go in my pants a little to relieve the pressure. I thought it would be too much of a hassle to go a little and then stop so I fully emptied my bladder and then pushed 2 medium sized poops into my shorts.

Does anyone have any stories of going in your pants on purpose as a child either because you didn't want to get up and go or because you knew you wouldn't make it anyway?

More stories next time, and if you want more details on one of the incidents above I'd be glad to tell them in more detail.


It seems for Me that everytime I drink My morning cup of coffee, I have a B M afterwords. I don't know what is in the coffee in particular that generates My bowels to move? I wonder if their are any other People whom share My same type of experience?

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